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2023.03.29 02:59 mavajo Am I the only person that would love to see a First Person RPG MechWarrior?

Man, I feel like this is the MechWarrior high that I've been chasing my entire life. I love the mech combat itself, but I've always wanted a game that can capture the RPG element of the BattleTech universe.
In every MechWarrior game, either the game is on rails (MW2, MW3, MW4) or it feels like the Inner Sphere is nothing more than a fancy UI for a random mission generator (BattleTech, MechWarrior 5). It just makes this universe feel so lifeless.
Would love a game where you're in the universe. Instead of clicking "Travel" and then getting hit with a loading screen, I punch in the destination to my nav computer and I can watch the trip take place outside my ship's know, if I wanna sit there for hours. Or I can just skip ahead to my destination once I'm done running around in my ship to handle repairs, do some refits, make some upgrades to the medbay, browse MercNet to see any interesting contracts nearby, scout the map out to see any nearby worlds with Mech factories, manage the morale of my crew, etc.
I wanna feel like a Mercenary commander for the first time. Don't just make the Inner Sphere a map on my UI - make it feel like we're really operating in and affecting the Inner Sphere and its activities. Make reputation matter - being enemies with factions or having rivalries with Merc units should have major impacts on our careers.
Don't make salvage some passive game mechanic. Make me actively call for salvage crews while I'm mid-mission to get that choice Stalker 3FB that I just managed to leg. Oh, shit, what? My Salvage Craft can only carry up to 60 tons? Probably should upgrade my Salvage Crew too - they're decent at stripping a 'mech for parts, but they take forever to salvage a whole chassis. And damn, that's right, I'm still just using that Technician in my Mech Bay - I never hired a Mech Bay Engineer that's qualified to rehab salvaged Assault 'mechs.
OK, looks like I've got some more work to do before I'm ready to salvage one of those big boys.
Of course, I gotta upgrade my dropship too. Running out of space for more 'mechs. And if I get a bigger dropship, it'd be nice to add an additional Mech Repair Bay - would allow me refit a couple 'mechs at the same time. Damn, gonna need to hire another Engineer to operate that Mech Bay though. And at some point I'm gonna wanna bring on a Chief Engineer to oversee this Mech Bay crew and really increase performance. I hear some Chief Engineers can increase the performance of your 'mechs.
One day I may even have my own Mercenary Base. I hear if you get in good with one of the major Houses, they'll sometimes give you land on one of their planets. Or you can try to buy some land on one of the smaller planets, or even try to stake out a claim in the Periphery - of course out there, it's often better to take what you want by force.
Keep in mind though, if you have a base, it can get attacked. Location matters. But if the worst happens, haul butt back to your base to defend it.
Damn. I would love a MechWarrior game like that. And I think a game like that could get some wide popularity. Wouldn't even be that hard to use that framework to make a cool persistent PvP environment with hundreds of players. Just some clever use of isolated environments, etc.
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2023.03.29 02:59 Coniption1118 New vape battery, new high?!

I've been using an o.pen 2.0 since I started vaping about a year ago. I figured a battery is a battery, no big deal.
After visiting a new dispensary, I saw LOADS of vape batteries and tanks and other accessories on display (and none of them were o.pen--not to knock them because I do like the pen and it has a nifty lifetime warranty).
After some discussion with the guy at the shop, I ended up getting a SteamCloud EVOD pen, which has higher voltages than the o.pen, along with the option to add a bunch of different tanks and stuff.
I've found that my highs with the new pen are hitting me (almost) as good as the first time! Of course, I'm taking advantage of the higher voltages, but even at lower voltages, I still get pretty fucked up. 🫠
Has anyone noticed this with vape pens? If so, any recommendations for 510 cartridges? I'm very happy with my SteamCloud, but like to hear others' favorites, too.
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2023.03.29 02:59 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Modded Accounts for Sale 60% OFF today: //Instant delivery 💵💵

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2023.03.29 02:58 texianviking 32 [M4F] Texas -- looking for a companion for the (figurative) road

about myself: to get it out of the way im very much a classical geek. pretty big history buff with the degree to prove it. i love animals (well most of them at any rate). like any good Texian, i got myself a long little doggie (she is a chiweenie). i like a lot of different music but not much thats current. ive been making dad jokes my whole life long.
what im looking for: not going to rush things but im looking for that classic sort of love, ending in marriage and growing old together and all that. kids. i like women of principle with a kind heart. a good sense of humour or at least the ability to put up with the puns is certainly appreciated :V
would prefer to move to discord for chatting
deal breakers: im open minded but im heathen so im sorry if thats a deal-breaker for you. i dont date smokers
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2023.03.29 02:58 texianviking 32 [M4F] Texas -- looking for a companion for the (figurative) road

about myself: to get it out of the way im very much a classical geek. pretty big history buff with the degree to prove it. i love animals (well most of them at any rate). like any good Texian, i got myself a long little doggie (she is a chiweenie). i like a lot of different music but not much thats current. ive been making dad jokes my whole life long.
what im looking for: not going to rush things but im looking for that classic sort of love, ending in marriage and growing old together and all that. kids. i like women of principle with a kind heart. a good sense of humour or at least the ability to put up with the puns is certainly appreciated :V
would prefer to move to discord for chatting
deal breakers: im open minded but im heathen so im sorry if thats a deal-breaker for you. i dont date smokers
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2023.03.29 02:58 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Online Modded vehicles for sale #3

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2023.03.29 02:58 MOMMYSPANKER Shanks knows what is going to happen up to the end of One Piece. (Potential Spoilers.)

So hear me out potential spoilers.
Shanks knows what is going to happen from the beginning of One Piece to the end.
He sailed with Roger to Laugh Tale. Roger said they were too early. How did he know? Does the rest of his crew know? Did Rayleigh know?
I think on Laugh Tale there is a memory bubble like the one Kuma made of egg head island. That contains the void century history as well as the future of how things will play out. Roger was too early and didn’t have what was required to make what needs to happen, happen. So he entrusts this information to the crew. Shanks sets out to look for the Gomu devil fruit because he knows it will give birth to the sun god. He finds it and travels to the south blue like the fortune said.
It may not be specific it could have just said head south.
He knows that the person who is supposed to eat the fruit is there. Finally after hanging out for a few years Luffy happened upon the fruit. And shanks was like “ well I guess it’s fate. “ Shanks may have known he needed to sacrifice his arm to ensure the future was set into motion.
Soon after loosing his arm he sets sail. Knowing that Luffy had to form his own crew. That is why he didn’t just take Luffy with him.
Supporting info.
Shanks doesn’t seem to act until just the right time.
He stoped Kaido from crashing marineford during the battle of the best.
He showed up to stop things after Luffy received his injury enduring he looks they way he is supposed too.
He said it’s finally time to claim the one piece. Like why didn’t he just go get it in the first place. Obviously he knows where Laugh Tale is.
I’m just saying shanks knows more than we ever thought. And he is waiting because he knows when to act because Roger was too early.
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2023.03.29 02:58 _iambeyoncealways I got upset over a hypothetical comment my girlfriend made, any advice? TLDR at bottom

Last night my girlfriend and I were talking in bed before we go to sleep like we usually do. And she said she wondered what I’d look like dressed up as an “instagram baddie.” The thing that sparked this thought for her was her rubbing my ass which is fairly curvy, like said “insta baddies.” But I’m no Kim K, I’m not very toned, I have a tummy and cellulite. And everyone knows these “insta baddies” are built like modern models, with perfect curves but no fat. Perfect face and makeup (even though it’s probably facetuned), tight/revealing clothing (sexy but I’d only wear something like that in like, Vegas) and long hair.
I asked her to elaborate and she said “you know, big hoop earrings, a ton of lip gloss (which I rarely wear because she doesn’t like kissing me with it on), fake eyelashes (which I never wear), cool sneakers (I have one old pair), long, high ponytail usually with extensions (my hair is shoulder length), etc.” then she searched “insta baddies” and showed me an example. I mean, I know what they look like.
But imagine your partner showing you a pic of a super hot, perfect-looking baddie and saying they want to see you dress like that “just for fun” because it would “tickle their heart.”
Like she wasn’t seriously suggesting it, but she didn’t hide that she wouldn’t actually mind me dressing like that sometimes. It was hypothetical, but also like, “unless….? 👀”
I asked if she thinks I ever try to dress like that now. She said “be forreal.” That stung because I do, like most girls out there, try to look like an “Insta baddie” when I go out. But she said my style is very American, suburban, and white. And it didn’t sound like that was a good thing to her (she’s black btw).
I have been trying to upgrade my style (and she has helped with that) but obviously it takes time. I’ve also gained some relationship weight and have been breaking out a lot lately so I’ve been extra insecure for the past couple months and I have communicated this very clearly. And she’s amazing when it comes to those things, making me feel like she loves my body which is immediately what she did after she noticed I was upset. But this was more about style.
I told her that most of the things I do to my style are to impress her. Like she likes smoky eyes, so I do more smoky eyes than usual. I do my hair the way she likes it whenever I can. I DO try to look like a “baddie” not just for her but for myself since it’s like, the typical beauty standard for women nowadays. And I know what’s flattering and what’s not for the most part, and what I’m comfortable with doing and not comfortable doing. So to hear that she thinks I never dress like that hurt too because I’ve definitely tried, to my best capability.
And I can’t put on just anything and immediately look like a baddie because I’m not built that way. So it does make me feel insecure about my body, too, not just my style.
Anyway I’ve been a wreck last night and this morning and she apologized and obviously regrets saying it. But I’m just scared that like, if my insecurity was a hole in the ground, this just dug it deeper. She said what she said and I can’t unhear it. Anyone have advice?
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2023.03.29 02:58 HorseHungLatin0 Hung throbbing Latino been pent up all day with a massive load that needs to be let out. Looking for someone to catfish me as any girl/porn star they like. Real or fictional. Come help me empty and drain this thick 9 inch cock for you🍆💦💦. Big ass/pawgs+++.My Kik is hunglatino116

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2023.03.29 02:58 Hallow_frog My friend and I had a true sot moment the other day

So I was on a galleon with 3 friend s and we were planning to stack fotd. Along the way we ran into a solo sloop who was friendly, so we messed around for a bit. Me and one other friend decided to go on a little adventure on their ship and we went to fight a skelly gally in the distance while our galleon went the other way to fotd. So we pull up and it’s going well, up until the water starts to turn a stage of inky black. Oh shit. So we, a 3 person sloop, were fighting a skelly gally and a kraken at the same time, in a storm. And did I mention that we had about 20 wood and zero cannonballs between us? So my friend and I wanted to stick it out even though if we died we had no way of getting back. so for a good 20 minutes, I was bailing as the water in our ship reached second floor in seconds. My friend died a couple times, but I revived him. One time I thought we sank as I saw the waves lap over the deck as I lay dying on the stairs, but they bucketed just in time and I was revived. We couldn’t last much longer with absolutely no bottom deck, so we had to make a risky play. Our solo sloop friend took the rowboat over to the island and got us 29 more wood, wich lasted us for the entirety of 5 minutes. Things were getting tough, my friend got sucked off their ship and almost died, but made it. We had to try something. My friend boarded the skelly gally, fought his way down while we struggled not to sink, and made it to the top deck of the gally with a storage crate with 40 wood. I couldn’t let this go in vain, so I threw my last blunder bomb at the skellys and jumped over, leaving only the sloop guy to bail. I revived my friend and he brought the crate over, which eventually saved us as we repaired and killed the kraken and skelly ship. After that incredible stroke of luck, our friend had to leave so we swam to an island with the loot(a ritual skull we wanted to use for fotd), found a rowboat, and rowed our way halfway across the ocean to help our friends at fotd. Pretty crazy session, we ended up getting about 500k in the end.
TLDR: fought a kraken and a skelly gally on a sloop with no wood while we were at least 80% underwater at all times, lived to tell the tale.
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2023.03.29 02:58 0LuckTenno This is an excellent point.

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2023.03.29 02:58 SuperHotUKDeals Roku Express 4K HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player, Black £28.99 @ Amazon

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£28.99 - Amazon
Roku Express 4K HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player, Black
RRP £39 -26% £28.99
Brand Roku
Connectivity technology HDMI
Connector type Micro USB
Special feature Wireless Supported Internet services Netflix, YouTube
Controller type android
Form factor media player
Colour Black
Model name Express 4K
Item weight 45 Grams
About this item
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2023.03.29 02:58 Suspro70 Rock Chip Dump Truck HWY 99 Near Vancouver Landfill

Seeking witnesses for a dump truck travelling hwy 99 towards the tunnel around 8 am this morning (March 28th).
My car was pelted with rocks and has over 30 paint chips on the hood and windshield, I tried to look for the license plate but was unsuccessful. Please if you or anyone you know experienced this reckless dump truck with an unsecured load please PM me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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2023.03.29 02:58 Squaducator When is the best time to book car hire for a holiday?

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2023.03.29 02:58 mcfeelteamfive Last Gen Supersix Evo discounts

LBS is offering what feels like a great deal on the Cannondale Supersix Evo Rival AXS spec at $3799 — alloy wheels aren’t great but for someone making a jump from endurance geo Trek Domane to a racier geo, this seems like a pretty solid sale. I was originally considering the new Force AXS at $6500 but even accounting for new wheels it seems like I could get most of the way there for significantly cheaper by going for Gen 3.
I know some folks have hated the pressfit BB and reported creaking, but a bike maintenance friend I trust has given me his opinion that with regular maintenance they’re not really an issue unless you’re putting very serious enthusiast miles on them.
Anything I need to be wary of for the last gen SS Evo, or Rival in general?
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2023.03.29 02:57 AdEffective4849 Bank Approval Withdrawal

First time to buy my own car. We were already approved by the bank, signed the ADA, paid both reservation and DP(promo) to the dealership, was promised for the unit release in 3days until....we got a call from the agent saying na irereview dw yong approval by the bank. Nong narinig ko yon, parang gumuho yong mundo ko. Is it possible na iwwithdraw ng bank yong approval pag may nakitang miss sa checking nila before? Can I get a refund for my payments (reservation and DP?) Are there any other questions I haven't asked na importante? Naghahanap ng suggestions and possible na mangyayari. I would really appreciate anyone's input. God bless you.
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2023.03.29 02:57 sadboy_300 Bro this life sucks. I think I’m gonna kill my self and get it over with

I’m sorry to keep posting but I think this will be my last time. I can’t keep living on, smiling, pretending to be happy, or take the BS that comes with this life. I don’t remember the last time I was genuinely at peace or didn’t have a starving day, alone in my car, crying wishing I was dead. I don’t know who I’ll burden with me killing my self but maybe it’s for the best. I really hoped that I could push and fight to live but I was wrong. No matter what I’ll always feel like this. I’ll always suffer, and be a worthless nobody. Being homeless shredded my humanity from me, and I’m a shell of what I used to be. I hope my mom forgives me for this. I lived a terrible life so don’t feel sorry for me. I’m on my last, and just was tired of losing. I pray this life is kinder to you all and your kids. Farewell. That’s all. If someone wants to talk also, my DMs are open.
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2023.03.29 02:57 windycitytreat Asking for a raise when company is cutting budgets?

Any ideas or tips on how to go about asking for a raise during a hiring freeze/budget cuts?
I work in Tech, despite hitting record revenue numbers, we've scaled back our budget and halted hiring 6 months ago.
I do sales and have exceeded quota significantly and outperformed the rest of my team 2:1. Been with the company 2 years and have consistently over-performed. I make about $5-$10k less in salary than my colleagues (recent college grad when they hired me). I'd hate to leave because I enjoy my colleagues and my work.
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2023.03.29 02:57 firefly685 Garbage goalies ruining the game

Excited for a new franchise, tweaked sliders which included bumping up user goalie stats. First game against the Islanders (what an offensive juggernaut they are…) and they score 6 goals on 27 shots. Getting fed up with this bs.
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2023.03.29 02:57 iknowhaha 2 Chicago tickets 4/1

Close to front row tickets to the show at the Vic this Saturday at 7:30. Selling at big discount for $200 / person.
DM if interested!
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2023.03.29 02:57 East_Pickle_2833 Must need more money

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2023.03.29 02:57 moonstoneidol Help with making wheel wells bigger ?

Hi all, I'm working on a rock crawling SUV, and the tires I want to put on it are too big for the fenders. Is there any way I can make the wheel wells bigger without editing the mesh in Blender ? I tried it and I couldn't figure it out for the life of me 😭😭
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