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I am tired of all the people just turning their brain off and arguing they're right.
I just saw a post regarding the recent episode and how useless kobeni is, comparing her to sakura.
I wanna preface this post by saying I AM NOT A KOBENI STAN. Look my pfp. Makima is God, the rest are trash(except for reze). Which should say something about what kind of characters I like. I made this to validate what I saw and understood, because apparently a lot of people think the opposite.
To summarize the argument I made in the post, Kobeni wasn't useless. Useless means doing nothing that would affect the situation and contributing nothing to the outcome. Kobeni did NEITHER.By being an annoying bitch persistent on killing Denji, she made Aki protect Denji, revealing Aki's feelings of comradery towards Denji, and forcing Denji to act and fight. That's good writing.
If we were to talk about anyone being useless to their situation, it would be Arai, Power, and Himeno.
  1. ARAI: Had panic attack (understandable) and tried to calm Kobeni down. When the eternity devil presented itself, proposing the contract, he told Denji they would be able to escape using that. After that, he went along with everyone's decision.
  2. POWER: Was a total asshole and a dumdum (understandable) and ate all the food and annoyed all the characters. Taunting Kobeni, Denji, and Arai. When the eternity devil appeared, she did the same thing and wanted to kill Denji too for fun ig. Was not helpful at all aside from stopping Aki's bleeding.
  3. HIMENO: Lots of exposition regarding her and Aki's past as well as explaining the mechanics of devil contracts. When the devil appeared, she was rationally thinking about why would the devil want Denji. Used her ghost hands to damage the devil, agitating it instead. In the end, when Aki proposed he could kill the devil using the curse devil's spike katana, Himeno actively prohibited him from doing so. Saying she would let Denji die instead.
Now for the useful ones.
  1. AKI: Scouted the area, remained calm and collected (real g shit) when the devil appeared, he thought rationally asking why would the devil want Denji. Attempts to kil it with kon and fails. Went against the idea of feeding Denji to the devil. Proposed the usage of curse devil's spike katana, saying it could probably kill the devil. (We do not know this yet but it could after seeing what it did to katana man) Blocked the stab coming from kobeni. (twice)
  2. KOBENI: Had a panic attack, went hysterical, got tired and slept, after waking up got paranoid again (ALL OF WHICH IS UNDERSTANDABLE) Tried to kill Arai. When the devil appeared she heard about the contract, agreeing to the proposition of killing Denji. Multiple attempts at killing Denji. Finally, when Himeno decides to kill Denji while stopping Aki from using his sword, she went and tried to stab Denji. Got Aki instead (unlucky)
Now for the Main character. DENJI. this is heavily questionable because since he's the protagonist, we definitely be going to see him kick ass. Its like luffy doing shit-but-fuck at the beginning and then waking the fuck up to finish the story. It is given that Denji will be the one dealing the finishing blow.
However, if we are talking about usefulness in their situation, Denji-kun doesn't really fit the category.
For one, when they were trapped, Denji looks unfazed and bored. No sense of urgency or threat to him. (understandable) But thenhe goes to sleep for GOD knows how long. Instead of actively trying to resolve the issue like Aki, he just rests. And then when the devil appeared and asks for his life, he refuses, like any sane person/protagonist would do. The devil goes nuts. The floor gets flipped and he just stares. Up until this point when he is backed into a corner does he invite the idea of fighting it brute force.
He does nothing not because he knows he can't contribute shit but because there is no threat against his life. That's how Denji operates and I get it. He doesn't act until Aki gets stabbed protecting him. Only then does he unleash the dawg in him.
Kobeni is annoying, but she isn't a coward. A coward wouldn't do shit and just run away. Kobeni actually tried to kill Denji without knowing he could turn into a devil hybrid. This is how I know people aren't watching the same show.
Kobeni was on the other side of the door when the devil proposed his contract. She heard the devil and thus tried to kill Denji, seeing as it was the only way (for her) she sees that could let them escape the trap. This first attempt fails and after this was the deliberation of Aki not agreeing the to devil's contract to which Himeno goes along with. Aki and Himeno knew they could do it and escape the trap but didn't, choosing to let Denji live which just prolongs their situation.
Sure, Kobeni had to jump the gun, but you could also argue if it wasn't for her, Denji wouldn't fight the eternity devil.People acting like all Kobeni was the worst thing that could happen. After she's knocked out, look what happened. Didn't get anywhere. And I'm not saying she's acting level headed but considering the information she's given, she did what she thought would get them out of that situation. People are just annoyed because she stabbed Aki, which I was too when I first read it. But stabbing Denji not knowing he's a devil hybrid is fucking nuts, which drives the point of Kishibe.
She's not a coward, nor useless, and she didn't get in the way of anyone. In fact, Aki and Himeno got in her way of killing Denji. (three times) She didn't slow anyone down because none of them have a plan besides Aki. Which himeno stopped. If anything, Himeno slowed down Aki's plan.
Lastly, I get why people dislike Kobeni in this episode. She's frantically panicking, hysterical, screaming like a bitch, acting like a mad dog, refusing to take the blame for her actions. But let's be really objective here. She ain't useless like sakura, she didn't get in the way of anyone (it was literally the opposite), she didn't slow anyone down (because no one had a plan other than Aki), and more importantly, she is not a coward (she tried to stab Denji twice and even tried to stab Arai face to face) If that's a coward, I'll be damned.
TL;DR: Kobeni is better than sakura, not the other way around.
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2022.09.29 16:26 _OwOtaku_ I'm giving my crush a frog hoodie that doesn't fit me (Post about my crush)

He is so cool omg. He plays electric guitar and listens to punk and nu metal. His favorite band is KoRn. He got me into the manga Chainsaw Man and that's how we started talking. We met because of tabletop club. He has long hair and he's really cute. Also he doesn't mind that I'm chubby and he thinks I'm cute gekfdngksnglesgj. His name's Wyatt. This is a really big deal for me to like someone like this because my boyfriend killed himself in April and it's been really hard for me to love anyone since then but I really think this is it and this is gonna be where I learn to love again and aggg wyatt is really cool. his discord pfp is the scene in chainsaw man where the eyepatch girl (I can't remember her name) kisses denji and he's super cool and he also likes Green Day and I like Green Day. I wanna hold his hand so baddddddd. I wanna like sleep on his chest or like lay my head down on his lap while we're sitting under a tree and we both fall asleep like that. He's gonna hang out with me after tabletop club today and he's walking home with me and that's when I'm gonna give him the frog hoodie. His voice is really nice too. He's really quiet and preserved and I'm really loud and hyper which is a cute mix I think. He's so cool.
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