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2023.03.20 22:40 Other-Barry-1 Any takers to buy this murder house for £400k?

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2023.03.20 22:40 Pristine_Stick_4276 What do most people overestimate or underestimate about you?

What style of design do you think is the perfect match for you when it comes to houses?
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2023.03.20 22:40 No_Privacy_Anymore Hindenburg rebuttal

As we have gotten more new members recently I periodically get questions about the short report. While we have discussed that in many ways over the last year+ the discuss is spread out in various comments. I thought it would be helpful to have a summary rebuttal which I might pin at the top.
I will edit this post over time to add supporting links for each rebuttal port as needed.
Here was the short report from the tail end of "peak SPAC" days.
1. PCT is an ESG-themed SPAC. – That obviously means it is a fraud.
2. The SPAC sponsor makes money regardless because it is a SPAC. This deal was from from Roth Capital which has a bad reputation for a variety of reasons.
3. Founding CEO has not had success with past companies – No mention of the new CEO since that transition didn’t happen. No mention that Mike Otworth was able to successfully raise a huge amount of capital, including the $250 million muni-bond that made Ironton possible.
4. The technology – Why didn’t the company keep it in house or license to a major company.
5. Ability to source feedstock at attractive pricing – I believe the last 2 years have addressed almost all of the concerns about the ability to source low-cost feedstock. They acquired new contracts for Ironton in 3 weeks after Ravago bailed out. They are oversubscribed for the first 2 lines at Augusta. The European plant is 125% subscribed for feedstock on the first line. Detailed budget numbers for Ironton show they are meeting or beating the SPAC presentation estimates for feedstock costs. The company also made additional capital investments to improve the design to be able to handle higher levels of PE in the feedstock.
6. Claims that customers are unwilling to pay a premium in bulk. The current economics were shown with an expected sales price of $1.10 / lb. Customers are accepting the “Feedstock +” pricing model and signing new 20-year agreements. End user pricing does not appear to be a problem. Talco plastics was skeptical of the profit margins, but the company has just reiterated the expected margins for a steady-state Ironton. That plant will be the most expensive they ever build so future plants are likely to be even more profitable.
  1. Greenwashing - The report makes various claims of “greenwashing” and says this is all a shame to fool investors. I believe the fact that P&G included Dustin in their January meetings in Davos shows you this isn’t greenwashing. P&G is counting on having this material as part of their supply chain. The company has signed a JV agreement with SK geo centric after this report. They have new board members from Milliken Chemical. They have an HOA with Mitsui. They won a competition for a prime piece of real estate at a port in Belgium. They signed a major supply agreement with Berry Global. These are not the kinds of things you would see for a “green washing” exercise. They are gearing up for massive amounts of expansion on a global basis.
For those of you paying attention on Twitter, the shorts have a creeping thesis as past accusations don't hold water. What else have they thrown out or ignored?
  1. The Ravago contract cancellation must mean something was wrong! Oops, they forgot to mention the company got replacement contracts in ~3 weeks. The new sales agreement should generate more than $2 million additional revenue per year and uses the need Feedstock + pricing.
  2. The company has now received one NOL from the FDA and has a letter of intent for a wider range of feedstocks that should eventually turn into an NOL.
  3. The company will lose the right to Augusta location because they didn't close financing in 2022 when the funding market blew up. Note: the company would have liked to raise debt earlier before interest rates soared but they needed more documentation for the exact August design before they could go to market and financial conditions had changed. Solution: pay a modest option fee of $25,000 / month and wait until Ironton is online to raise debt.
  4. The company defaulted. They are going to have to give the bondholders an equity stake. The bond holders are going to try to repossess...yadda yadda yadda. They are going to have to do an equity raise and dilute shareholders again. Ooops. That was wrong also.
  5. The facility at Winter Garden will never open because of local opposition. This is unfortunately because they have some local support but clearly they are going to do a prep site at Augusta. They will have some location in Florida where they can sort plastic before shipping it longer distances.
As Dustin said on the last call, the company now controls its own destiny. They need to get Ironton up and running safely. That will resolve all outstanding questions and the share price will begin to reflect the growth and profit opportunity here. As a community we should also work on a shared valuation model with our own forecasts of revenue and profits. No need to rely on investment banks for something we do on our own. The company made it super simple with the numbers they provided on the recent slides.
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2023.03.20 22:39 wshxii Grayscale Postpones Date For ETHPoW Review And Sales Decision

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2023.03.20 22:39 FusionToad Worth jumping on this deal or wait for another sale? Might be handy sometime, but I don't need it. Free tool would be a spare driver.

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2023.03.20 22:39 Poblins 'Tina: Taking One For The Team' by Paul Garland is on sale for just $0.99 (US only) on Amazon for today only. Get your copy now.

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2023.03.20 22:39 rmo55c New gaming laptop... Zephyrus v flow. Need help!

Hey all. Trying to narrow down best use for me.
I currently run Elden Ring and titles similar to that. I want a laptop that does the following: Has no stuttering or noticeable fps drop when gaming I also will use it to plug via hdmi to my 4k TV for modded gaming on my big screen. This part is big for me. I have a ps5 but like portability and being able to plug into any TV in the house. I do travel a fair amount and don't want to go too big or too heavy, especially when I'm stuck on a plane. Battery life should be usable for up to a couple hours if possible
I initially bought an x16 flow with Nvidia 3060 and 6 gb of vram. It cost around 2k. It's awesome but I think I'm hitting that vram max pretty easily and seeing some stuttering and fps drops.
So now I'm down to these two...
2022 x16 flow but with the Nvidia 3070 ti and 8 gb vram. Amd ryzen 9 6900. 32 gb memory. This is a 2 in 1 which could be helpful on flights for watching shows, etc. Price is 2700.
2022 zephyrus m16 with 3080 ti and 16 gb vram. Intel i9-12900h. 32 gb memory. Not a 2 in 1 but not sure I will ultimately need that. Price is 3000.
I want this to be future proof for at least a few years or more so I am leaning towards the m16 with 16 gb vram. Given the 2560 x 1600 resolution on both of these, I'm not sure if 8 gb vram would cover long term. And even more so if I hdmi port to a 4k tv.
I also hear that the m16 can be hot and noisy but not sure if it's much different than the x16. And once again... guessing battery will be similar on both.
Thoughts ?
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2023.03.20 22:39 Loud_Veterinarian873 Buying a home/saving/ADHD - I would like advice

I need some advice and I appreciate I am in a lucky position but I'm lost as to what to do.
I got into £40k worth of debt in my mid twenties for various reasons and finally clawed my way out by 30 so my value for money has now completely changed for the better.
I now have a good job and have saved £50k and am wondering at 35 is it time to buy a house (I really want a home as I never thought I would be able).
I am living in a flat with my partner of 5 years which he owns with a friend however he is not able to sell due to the house price and the relationship with his friend (I also don't think he wants to move out) but I want to make a home.
I have ADHD so often feel like I don't have my own space to decompress
We're in London and I wondered if anyone has any thoughts as I can't buy to let and have thought about buying in London but worried if I move out it may be the end of our relationship but I feel it's my only choice?
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2023.03.20 22:38 AbsolutelyMaybeNot Hue bulbs automation randomly not working - may be related to sensor?

I have a couple of outdoor Hue bulbs set on an automation and they have always acted really oddly and wondering if anyone has a fix or any suggestions.
They are automated to come on at Sunset and off at 11pm to a dimmed scene. They also have an outdoor sensor attached which is set to turn the lights to bright for 2 mins then return to previous scene. Randomly they will either not turn on with the automation, or begin to turn on and then next time I look they will be off. I have an outdoor camera so have been looking at them, and initially thought it may be because of the sensor being activated during the ‘fade in’ function time is bugging them, but even with the fade turned off it sometimes happens. Occasionally one light bulb might be on, and the other off. I’ve tried putting them on the same automation, and on separate automations, and nothing seems to work. They seem super unreliable. I also have a Hue light at the back of the house that has always worked perfectly as automated. Any tips?
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2023.03.20 22:38 ChetHolmgrenSings What justifies home valuations doubling, tripling, even quadrupling every matter of years in LA?

I love HGTV and things of that nature and for years now I've found myself just browsing homes on real estate websites. Just something to do for fun.
In LA particularly, I've noticed houses I'd seen in the past listed again at multiple times the cost the current owners purchased with little to no changes that I can remember. Is there really no defense against this sort of behavior?
Just happened to be doing my usual browsing of dream homes and I noticed a house around $7m that looked very familiar to me. I googled the address and just in 2017 it was sold at $3m. From the listing pictures in 2017 nothing has changed but the paint and counter tops. Another house, that's in Venice is for sale for around $8m and it sold for 1.5m ten years ago. This is actually insane.
Who is actually responsible for this, greedy home owners, realtors, rich foreigners or government officials? Why are homes an investment vehicle/lottery ticket and not something to simply live in/raise a family in this city?
I can't help but laugh at home owners whining about homelessness outside their million + dollar homes when seeing nonsense like this. It's truly unbelievable.
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2023.03.20 22:38 i_look_good_in_black In my never-ending quest to be a pain in the ass to landlords: I offer you this: The entire Kamernet ad database of rooms for march 20, 2023 with all the rooms priced recalculated to demonstrate how much the landlords overcharge. Useful if you want to find a potential bargain in the market chaos

In my never-ending quest to be a pain in the ass to landlords: I offer you this: The entire Kamernet ad database of rooms for march 20, 2023 with all the rooms priced recalculated to demonstrate how much the landlords overcharge. Useful if you want to find a potential bargain in the market chaos
Hi future students
Finding accommodation is no easy feat but finding affordable accommodation is impossible!
Due to the housing shortage in NL, many landlords are exploiting the situation to ask outrageous amounts for small rooms, like those on Kamernet. Rents in the Netherlands for rooms and small apartments is actually regulated and can be appealed after signing or in the case of temporary contracts, up to six months after the contract becomes permanent.
Knowing which rooms are overpriced and by how much is very valuable knowledge when looking and to help you, I have calculated the max legal rent prices of 1000 ads on Kamernet right now all over NL.
You can find the dataset in a pretty color coded spreadsheet here along with a simple calculator to check the max legal rent price of a room (whether it is an ad or a room your currently rent) to see what the approximate max legal rent price is.
Disclaimer: this calculator is just an approximation and the ads you see with yellow highlighting are based on incomplete information in the ad (some ads left out a lot of information)
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2023.03.20 22:38 desolate-highway 5:30pm 3/20/23- did anyone else hear this?

There was suddenly a deafening roar that lasted for about three minutes coming from the sky, i think, with no definitive source of the sound anywhere. I was actually afraid a plane was about to crash into my yard with how loud it was, and it sounded like a very large plane engine, but no plane to be seen. I've never had a plane fly so close that I could hear it from my house so this was very abnormal. It got progressively louder and then quickly got quieter as if heading away. I can still hear it very faintly in the distance, no explosion sounds (yet). All my animals are wigging out. Anyone else hear it?
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2023.03.20 22:38 Viviprollyhigh I (F18) desperately want to move to another state but my bf (M19) says its not a great time

My boyfriend “Daniel” is saying he doesn’t wanna move states until a few years however I’m so depressed and just desperately wanna leave. I want to end everything and staying here is making it worse. Im not even suggesting we leave like tomorrow but he’s not looking at houses and telling me to stop. I want a plan for the next year not 2-4 years like he’s suggesting. I haven’t told him how suicidal i feel and how this place makes it worse for me. Im worried about what I’ll do to myself when he’s not here. I’m not working right now because I quit my job and since I (medically) can’t drive I’m trying to work with my boyfriend but they haven’t accepted my application. I honestly don’t want to work there in fact I know I’ll practically hate it as its all mechanical hands on stuff. Im too scared to walk down the street we live on as I’ve gotten jumped before and have severe anxiety. Theres nothing for me here. I don’t have any friends anymore and the only family is my mother and sister but my mother will be moving down south in 2 years and which is closer to some of the places where I wanna move. I could be homeless in another state for a while and get something started there until he’s ready but i don’t wanna loose the last person beside my mom that loves me and I love.
Tdrl: my bf doesn’t wanna move states for a few years but I need to leave town for my mental health asap.
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2023.03.20 22:37 EndPrize9729 Solana coinflip site FOR SALE

Anyone looking for a Solana coinflip site to buy? If interested, send me a DM and I can show you the site and how much it has made in total when it was still running.
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2023.03.20 22:37 Tiny-Taro1562 Should i try reconciliating with my ex or should i move on?

Basically me(18m) and my ex who i will be calling "A.N" (18f) were together for about 7 months and we broke up at the end of february, it was a mutual since we understood that it would not work out at that specific moment for a long list of reasons and we tried to be ok with it.
Some weeks later by talking to her best friend which i will call "I.S" i found out she "cheated on me", she didn't actually do it but i discovered that some days after our breakup she was already talking to her friend about other guy that she "liked" (they have been in a long distance relationship before, we live in the southernmost part of the country and this guy lives more than 4500 kilometers far from us, so my ex knows they will never be in an actual relationship and she explained to me that she just gets back with him as a way to cope with the fact that she will never have an actual relationship to work with anyone because of her stric family and her traumas, that they will never work out and both know it, it's almost like they use eachother as a distraction).
My ex found out about these texts because she and her best friend have each other's instagram accounts on their phones, so one day i was talking to her and she just told me that she knew what we were talking about and that i knew what she was doing, she then told me that she tried to use that as a way to cope with the breakup, and that she didn't told me the truth because she didn't want to hurt me and that she was so bad that she couldn't stop crying and even thought of killing herself when she discovered i knew all that because she couldn't deal with the guilt, i told her i forgave her because i didn't want to feel any resentment towards her because i kind of understood why she did that, but that my forgiveness didn't absent her from the fault she had, she agreed with me and said that the best she could do is distance herself from our friend group, then she proceeded to unfollow all of us in social media, leave all of our group chats and completely avoid us at school.
We are a 4 friends group, consisting of me, my ex, I.S and her boyfriend who is my best friend which i will call S.A, for the first days after what happened A.N just avoided us completely, which of course affected the friendship of the whole group, while i was still friends with both I.S and S.A, they were the ones who helped me go through all of the breakup giving me advice and stuff like that. Some weeks passed, and to summarize, A.N is friends with us again, we put her back on our group chats, we talk to her everyday at school and i followed her on insta again but she didn't follow back, but we have long friendly conversations from time to time.
Last friday we only had two classes at school so we left very earlier and had the entire morning and afternoon free, so came to my house, I.S and S.A left us alone in my room on purpose to see if something would happen between us and to be honest i thought it would be pretty awkward but it wasn't, we sit together in my bed and watched videos on her phone together, i wrapped my arm around her thinking she would try to avoid it but no, she accepted it and i laid my head on her shoulder for a long time until I.S and S.A were back and we all sat on the bed to watch a movie.
The point here is, in person it seems like everything is ok, A.N laughs at my jokes, smiles a lot to me, offers to buy me stuff, i caught her looking at me in class multiple times, the thing that happened in my bed is an example, we were basically cuddling and that's not a thing friends do without some intention behind, and this kinda confuses me, she doesn't seem interested in getting back together but neither does she refuses my advances. I ocasionally have conversations with S.A about it and i told him that i think we could get back together eventually but it would take some months of rebonding because it's been at least two weeks since everything happened and both of us are dealing with it in our way, but i do not discard the possibility, i also told him i could just be deceiving myself into believing all of that, he didn't deny both of the possibilities so i wanted a third opinion on this matter.
Should i keep being friends with her, give her time, and maybe in the future try to see if we can get back together, or should i cut some contact with her for both of us to move on? The second possibility is good for me but i'm not sure if it would work, we see eachother literally everyday and i'm afraid that cutting some contact would just make stuff awkward and leave us both in a bad situation since we are friendly again.
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2023.03.20 22:37 Saint_Circa My Friend Went Missing Because Of Me . . .

“She’s a witch.”
“I think you said bitch wrong.”
It’s hard to laugh when you’re exhausted, but Marti was never not able to get one out of us. Between panted breaths we laughed. Tommy’s face growing red with anger and embarrassment at the joke at his expense.
“I’m serious!” He managed to blurt when the laughter finally died down enough to get a word in.
“So am I!”
Again, laughter erupted from the bottom of our thirteen year old hearts once more breaking the silence of the forest we were supposed to be hiding in if by chance the cops were actually called as a result of our impromptu prank just a few minutes prior.
Living in a small town meant a lot of boredom. Some kids had big problems like gang violence and drive-by shootings, drugs, and crippling poverty, and even though those problems existed for your typical small town Ohio kids, at least to some extent. Our biggest problem was always boredom.
As a matter of fact, every problem that every small town had ever had could probably be traced back to boredom in one way or another. Why is that guy doing heroin behind a Walmart? Because once upon a time he was sixteen and bored, so he stole some of grandmas pills. Why did the schools football teams locker building get burned down? Because some kid was bored and decided to ruin the football team’s stuff. Why are there a bunch of kids laughing in the middle of the forest just outside of town? Same reason, they were bored and decided to ding dong ditch the senile old lady down the street.
If I’d had known for half a second . . . If I’d even had a hint of foresight about how everything would’ve turned out for us then I’d have suggested something else. Anything else, but hindsight’s 20/20. Especially for young kids.
“Guys, I’m freakin serious. Okay?” Tommy doubled down. His fists now balled up. His voice breaking a little bit with the overwhelming irritability at the laughter. “Anyone who’s ever messed with Ms. Abernanthy has been cursed.”
“Come on man.” I said trying to diffuse Tommy’s anger a little bit. “There’s a lot of places in this world, beautiful places! Jamacia, Hawaii, Switzerland. All sorts of places a powerful witch could have a good ass life, and you think there’s one living in that little brown double wide on Sycamore street? In London Ohio?”
A few more chuckles amongst the group of friends before Tommy finally resigned his argument with an exasperated sigh. As we came around from our fits of laughter and jokes we began to realize that the sun was setting.
“Wow, what a surprise.” Charlie spoke up. “No one cares that their doorbell got rang! Looks like our outlaw days are done y’alls. Just in time for dinner too. Convenient full pardons are convenient!”
“No doubt.” I responded as the group made their way out of the forest and began to cut across the large meadow towards town. “Marti, you eating with us tonight? Dad says it’s fine.”
“Appreciate it dude, but mom says we’ve got plans tonight. We’ll steal your dads Marlboros some other time okay?”
More laughter as the friend group split ways and headed home . . .
Diiing Doong
At first when I heard the doorbell ring, I just sort of brushed it off. I’d thought that maybe it was just some part of a dream I’d been having or something. Even in my almost full sleep state I knew that no one in their right mind would be ringing our doorbell at three in the morning. As I adjusted my pillow and threw my head back down on it though I heard it again. Resonating throughout the otherwise silent house in a way that was almost maliciously haunting given the time of night.
Diing Doong
It hadn’t been my imagination. There was someone at the door. Before I could even get up however, I heard the gruff and commanding voice of my father as his heavy footsteps stammered groggily past my room.
“I swear to Christ if that’s one of your goofy friends.” He mumbled to himself as he staggered past my room in his barely lucid state.
Several moments later I heard the front door open. Followed by my father shouting in surprise as several loud bangs and clashes filled the house with a chaotic cacophony of sound.
I ran out as quickly as I could towards the front room of the house to see my fathers silhouette fumbling for the light switch. As he turned it on, and my eyes adjusted to the sudden flash of light. I could see that he was intently scanning the front room. His bright green eyes bouncing back and forth like a radar scanner. Laying on the ground around him was a broken ash tray and several books that must’ve gotten knocked off of the shelf they’d previously been resting on.
“What happened dad?”
Quickly he put his finger out in a sort of ‘stop talking’ gesture as his eyes remained transfixed on the room around him. After a few moments of nerve wracking silence, he finally responded.
“There’s a bat somewhere. Flew in when I opened the door.”
“Who rang the doorbell?”
As if remembering what it was the led us to the front room in the middle of the night in the first place my dad looked back over his shoulder to the wide open front door, and the dimly lit street beyond it. He peaked his head over the threshold and looked around for a moment before closing it.
“No one . . . Some kids ding dong ditching maybe. Crazy ass teenagers, when do you guys even sleep nowadays?”
I laughed quietly at dad’s remark before looking around the front room to try and spot the bat.
“You’d think it’d be freaking out or something you know? Like, fluttering around and trying to find a way out?”
“Yeah . . . You’d think.”
A thorough search of the front room gradually turned into a thorough search of the entire house, but aside from the fallen books and ash tray in the front room there was nothing amiss. Just another normal small-town house in its small town neighborhood. Finally after about an hour and a half of searching my dad threw his arms up in defeat.
“Screw it, guess he’s staying. I gotta get ready for work anyways. Go back to bed kid, we’ll find it tomorrow. No one ever got killed by a stray bat.”
Although I wasn’t necessarily comfortable with the idea of sharing a house with a wild animal for the night. I knew he was right. It was almost four thirty in the morning now, and I was tired. Besides, if it’s afraid then it’ll probably just hide, and they sleep during the day so it shouldn’t be a huge issue . . . Hopefully.
“Alright, night dad. Have a good day at work.”
“Yeah. . . .”
I had just slipped into that sort of half realm between awake and asleep when I was abruptly brought back to consciousness by the doorbell ringing again. The red digital illumination of my alarm clock read 6:33am. I sighed to myself in annoyance and frustration as I turned over on my back to prepare to pull myself out of bed once again to try and discover who was ringing our doorbell again, and that’s when I saw her.
Suspended from the ceiling upside down was the darkened shadow of a person. Long tangled hair draped low and messy, almost touching the floor. From within the tangled mess of hair were two bright yellow eyes that burned through me like fire. As I screamed and clambered my way to the headboard of my bed to try and pathetically create some distance between myself and this horrible thing in my room the figure reached its arms out in a sort of ‘crucifix’ posture. From the aurora of its terrible yellow eyes I could see a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. I screamed again at the top of my lungs as the room filled itself with the mind numbing sound of the doorbell coming from the figures wide open mouth.
As the deafening noise trembled every ounce of my being the figure contorted its way off of the ceiling and plopped onto my bed in an awful and grotesque fashion. Even in my panicked state I couldn’t understand how it could’ve moved the way it did without breaking its neck and spine.
I tried to make a jump from my bed to the door, but I wasn’t quick enough. I got to the edge of the bed before I felt a tremendous weight pin me back on to the mattress and hold me down. Sitting on my chest was the figure. Those horrible eyes burrowing into my soul. That wicked mouth hanging open as if it were going to swallow me whole.
She’s a witch.
The memory of Tommy’s voice echoed in my head.
I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know if it was just the fear, and Tommy being the only name on my mind in that moment. I don’t know if I’m just a selfish coward. I just . . . Don’t know, but as that god awful thing sat on top of me. As her mouth and those evil yellow eyes drew closer and closer to my face I shouted at the top of my fear fueled lungs.
Suddenly, with no warning, and no possible way of occurring. The weight was off of my chest, and the figure was gone.
I don’t know how I managed to fall back asleep, maybe it was just the adrenaline dump that knocked me out, but before I knew it I was waking up to the image of my sun filled room.
After a lot of talking to myself. I had barely managed to convince myself that last nights events were just the result of a horrible dream. I had read somewhere that waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep could result in very lucid dreams. That, I decided. Was what caused that awful dream.
I felt an anchor drop into my stomach as the doorbell rang. Slowly I made my way to the front door and with a lot of hesitation finally managed to open it.
Standing at the other side of the door was Tommy’s mom. A look of obvious concern on her face.
“Did . . . Uhm, Did Tommy by chance come to your house last night? I’ve been to everyone’s house that he knows, and no one’s seen him. I don’t understand why he would just leave the house like that. Please. If you know something, please just tell me.”
They never found Tommy. Not even the faintest glimpse of a clue. Everyone eventually stopped looking for him after about a year. Everyone but his mom, she never stopped looking. She died last year. I heard she was staring expectantly at the hospital door the entire time. Waiting for her son to come walking through . . . The police say he either ran away, or was kidnapped and killed by some vagabond who had seen us in town the day prior.
I’m the only one who truly knows what happened to him, and I’ve never been able to tell anyone that It was all my fault.
Tommy was right.
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2023.03.20 22:37 jhnbsomerscz4gm Benefit Cosmetics Promo Code Reddit

Here is the Benefit Cosmetics Promo Code Reddit
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So, if you’re looking for a way to save money on Benefit Cosmetics, visit the page and take advantage of the Benefit Cosmetics Promo Codes. You’ll be able to get the products you love at a discounted price.
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2023.03.20 22:37 essential_momentum Which offer would you accept? Please choose one and state why…

House listed at 600k been on the market for 5 days. It’s come down to two offers…
First offer:
600k purchase price 25% down Waived inspection No house to sell
Second offer:
620k purchase price 10% down Waived inspection Sold house but contingent on it closing
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2023.03.20 22:37 ConfectionOne6774 Why does my brother have alot of anger?

He doesn't work he often hits walls and he told me he's miserable, he does nothing to solve his misery he sit's and watch's television for 4-5 hours a day.
I don't live in the house, he was never abused as a child or bullied in school why does he have alot of anger?
He ended up in poverty, he didn't pay the internet bill, he felt angry that the internet went of this is a person that is past 25.
He doesn't have a pension he has never had a paid job, he doesn't have a printed cv he sit's and lives' on welfare I have never saw him bring his laptop down stairs and apply for work.
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2023.03.20 22:37 Low_Understanding525 Dance Hits Kx5, Kaskade & deadmau5 March 2023

1035 - Tiësto, Tate McRae .mp3
21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson) - Nathan Dawe, Ella Henderson .mp3
365 (Thr33 6ix 5ive) - HoneyLuv .mp3
Afraid To Feel - LF SYSTEM .mp3
All By Myself - Alok, Sigala, Ellie Goulding .mp3
All Or Nothing - Topic, HRVY .mp3
Apollo - Original Mix - Charlotte de Witte .mp3
B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - Edit - Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal .mp3
Bad Memories (feat. Elley Duhé & FAST BOY) - MEDUZA, James Carter, Elley Duhé, FAST BOY .mp3
Baianá - Bakermat .mp3
Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama) - Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama .mp3
Big City Life - Luude, Mattafix .mp3
Black Mascara. - RAYE .mp3
Children - Radio Edit - Deborah de Luca, Robert Miles .mp3
Chill Like That - Sunday Scaries, PiCKUPLiNES .mp3
Chromatic - Anti Up .mp3
Clap Your Hands - Kungs .mp3
Deep Down (feat. Never Dull) - Alok, Ella Eyre, Kenny Dope, Never Dull .mp3
Delilah (pull me out of this) - Fred again.. .mp3
Do It Better (feat. Zoe Wees) - Felix Jaehn, Zoe Wees .mp3
Don’t Let Me Let Go (with ILLENIUM & EVAN GIIA) - Dillon Francis, ILLENIUM, EVAN GIIA .mp3
Drugs From Amsterdam - Mau P .mp3
Escape (feat. Hayla) - Kx5, deadmau5, Kaskade, Hayla .mp3
Everything Goes On - Porter Robinson, League of Legends .mp3
Ferrari - James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa .mp3
Forever And A Day - LP Giobbi, Caroline Byrne .mp3
Give It To Me - Full Vocal Mix - Matt Sassari .mp3
I FEEL LIKE DANCING - Hardwell .mp3
I Was Made For Lovin' You (feat. Nile Rodgers & House Gospel Choir) - Oliver Heldens, Nile Rodgers, House Gospel Choir .mp3
I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta, Bebe Rexha .mp3
In The Yuma (feat. Aatig) - Chris Lake, Aatig .mp3
Just Say - Coco & Breezy, Tara Carosielli .mp3
Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day) - Topic, A7S .mp3
KILL DEM - Jamie xx .mp3
Lay Low - Tiësto .mp3
Let You Go (feat. Kareen Lomax) - Diplo, TSHA, Kareen Lomax .mp3
Like Wooh Wooh - Radio Edit - Rnbstylerz .mp3
messy in heaven - venbee, goddard. .mp3

Serotonin Moonbeams - The Blessed Madonna .mp3
Stay the Night - Sigala, Talia Mar .mp3
Summer In New York - Sofi Tukker .mp3
Tell Me Why - MEDUZA Remix - Supermode, MEDUZA .mp3
The Drop (feat. Azteck) - Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, Azteck .mp3
The Sign - CamelPhat, Anyma .mp3
These Nights - Loud Luxury, KIDDO .mp3
Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) - Fred again.., Swedish House Mafia, Future .mp3
Twin Flame - KAYTRANADA, Anderson .Paak .mp3
Water - Bicep, Clara La San .mp3
What You Say - Young Marco .mp3
Where Are You Now - Lost Frequencies, Calum Scott .mp3
Where You Are - John Summit, Hayla .mp3
Woke Up in Love - Kygo, Gryffin, Calum Scott .mp3
Words (feat. Zara Larsson) - Alesso, Zara Larsson .mp3
World, Hold On - FISHER Rework - Bob Sinclar, Steve Edwards, FISHER .mp3
Worlds On Fire (with R3HAB & AuRa) - AFROJACK, R3HAB, AuRa .mp3
DOWNLOAD - beattechno.com
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2023.03.20 22:37 Astice_Pensante GOG's Spring Sale kicks off with a free game for everyone (03/20/2023)

GOG's big seasonal sale is now underway, and you know what that means. Link to article
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2023.03.20 22:37 Alternative_Rice_893 Timeless Tech Sales Tricks

10 sales "tricks" that will never go out of style:
  1. Give before you ask.
  2. Listen more, talk less.
  3. Ask for interest, not time.
  4. Praise your competition.
  5. Be transparent about pricing.
  6. Address common objections proactively.
  7. Explain why you reach out, and why now.
  8. Set clear expectations before every meeting.
  9. Tell stories about how you have helped others.
  10. Be open about your strengths and weaknesses.
Notice that none of these are "tricks" or "tactics".
They are the foundation of human to human interaction.
Sales skills are human skills.
Which ones did I miss?👇


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