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2023.06.04 00:03 montesmoke [WTS] Geissele MK8 9.3 with BA 10.3 300blk barrel and G$ national match trigger

Time stamp-
Trigger- 200
$360 Fde geissele MK8 with a Ballistic advantage 10.3 300blk barrel. Gas tube and block included A standard bird cage can be added if needed. Both in good shape light salt, under 500 rounds shot. I am not including the DA MD ( I need it)
I am not including a geissele barrel nut wrench, if you need one we can work something out.
Package deal, may break up later or if two people are interested in the items. Comment below if you are interested.
Dibs rule over PM
Shipping included not G&S
PP only
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2023.06.04 00:03 fruitytrollroll [WTS] 11.5” A2 upper, JPC cumberbund, P07 night sights

PP F&F or Venmo only. No G&S! No Notes!
Retro 11.5” upper. Parts: —RRA complete A2 upper—Non-F-Marked front sight base with sling swivel and shaved bayonet lug (clone correct)—6 hole handguard with heat shield (clone correct)—Griffin Armament 11.5” HEDP barrel, 223 Wylde, 1/8 twist, 416R steel, 5R button rifling, hand lapped, suppressor-optimized gas port—Trajectory arms did the FSB install and polished feed ramps—No muzzle device, bcg, or ch—Less than 200 rounds. A few tiny scuffs on the delta ring and receiver, otherwise like new. Functions flawlessly with or without suppressor, gassing is perfect. ($550)
Crye JPC 2 cumberbund multicam SM/MD. Never worn. Missing the shock cord. Comes with 2 bands with hook and loop ends. ($25)
CZ P07 night sights. JagerWerks took them off when my slide was milled. Manufactured 2019. ($20)
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2023.06.04 00:01 living-fast-dieyoung manga title

looking for a manga where the mc dies of some illness & wakes up in another world & it’s some sort of rpg game and he’s a leader of a ruined nation in a forest & all the people who look at him can only see a black mass & there are some dark elves, a insect chick & some kids that are twins. Sorry I can’t really remember the important story details thanks for any help.
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2023.06.04 00:01 50M13L53 Ok

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2023.06.03 23:53 EndingPop Had my MD yesterday and a close friend sent me this to cheer me up!

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2023.06.03 23:52 ATCS_bot_9930_2842 If you eat at Chick-fil-A, you are terrible.

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2023.06.03 23:49 Jason_dawg About how long are the boss fights supposed to be?

Finally was able to kill the druid chick with a grueling battle of avoiding lightning/tornados and slowly chipping away at life and it seemed pretty unforgiving. My finally run with the kill clocked in at 10:57 which is probably longer than any fight i've had in an arpg so I'm wondering if they did just jump the difficulty up or am I doing something horribly wrong? Currently lvl 17 with a frenzy/ww barb build, attack power 251, armor 857, life 280
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2023.06.03 23:48 Frixsik Node Workload Calculator

I made a simple sheet that you can edit to check the efficiency of newly reworked Giant workers. If you find any error in the formula, lemme know. Enjoy!
The sheet:
Patch Notes (May 31, 2023):
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2023.06.03 23:45 kitsune_surprise Broody chicken

I have a prairie bluebell that is broody. I've tried closing the coop door so she can't get back in when she's in the run, picked her up out of the box and put her in the run so she would eat, let her walk around outside the run, and tried to have wind blown on her vent. I can't put fertilized eggs under her as my city only allows 6 chicks. I thought about separating her from the flock but I'm not sure how or what that would do. Any advice is welcomed.
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2023.06.03 23:45 dubaiwaslit 40 days baby

Started a new business yesterday
Made out with a billion chicks on vacay
No smasherino tho but all good I like how I’m retaining 😉😉
Lots of attention from girls, especially taken ones it’s weird
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2023.06.03 23:43 Full_Assistance5695 DNB Medicine vs drop at 12.7k rank?

This was my 1st attempt at neet pg that too while doing somewhat hectic internship. I know I can do better. Just want to know is it worth it? Is doing md/dnb medicine from a good college worth 1 year? Please be honest.
If you were in my position what would you have done?
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2023.06.03 23:41 its4thosesubs (reddit/kik) catfish me as whomever youd like

Title mostly says it all, catfish me as a MILF, or any one you want (celeb or know them irl). also down for anyone willing to be TS or futa, kinda in that mood too. also would love an asian chick. so just pick anybody you want idc, I just wanna have a good time. please make sure to send pics too. i’ll even take a cute femboy! i reallllly just need to cum, havent been able to all day
kik is just4funsometimes (this is preferable!) or if i get on my pc i can use reddit chat or something, DM me about it (or preferably get right into it!)
also i usually dislike sharing myself unless i’m fully comfortable so try to refrain from asking if that’s alright
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2023.06.03 23:37 Shurmaster Computer Science MD recommendation

Computer Science MD recommendations?
Hey all.
I recently graduated from Programming and Applications (Which had the same courses as Computer Science but without Theory of Computing and Op Sys) and after working for around a year I'm interested in continuing my degree and working towards a master degree with a Software Engineer MD.
Any recommendations on which University to apply to? Any suggestions on what other Masters to look into? Any suggestions on how I should approach the missing courses from my degree?
If it helps, I'm from Panama, Panama. However I'd be more than willing to relocate if necessary.
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2023.06.03 23:37 Primary_Wish660 What was the best era for RDW in Standard on Arena?

When I returned to MTG Arena a few weeks ago, I instantly made the new RDW variant to start ranking back up, as I hit Mythic with the one available when Kaldheim was released.
The current one is decent, the prowess on Swiftspear, returning instant spells and chicks from graveyard, Feldon for digging, etc... But I feel even after the bans, it's weaker overall.
And holy shit do I miss Embercleave, that was just the best - watching opponent's weigh up whether you had it or not was fun. Robber of the Rich pulling lands and spells, that creature that spawned tokens on the opponent's side that did damage to them...
I feel like that one was stronger, but I am probably biased towards that deck - they were the cards I first learned and first hit Mythic with. Of course, the RDW during Kaldheim mostly used Theros and Eldraine cards, but the Frost Bite and Faceless Haven peaked it I feel.
So I'm interested in what set people think the peak of RDW was on Arena? I wasn't around for much of Strixhaven, has there been better RDW than the Kadlheim version, or was it even better during Eldraine with the cards available in Standard then, before things rotated out and Kadlheim was released?
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2023.06.03 23:32 jlb1981 Happy Pride Month

For this year's Pride Month, we wish to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to the LGBTs who work so hard for us all to be successful. To show our appreciation, we are announcing the following activities for the month of June:
June 5, 8:00am: KICKOFF. We will have Greg Jones, EVP of Finance and gay, give opening remarks about the contributions of LGBTs over the years.
June 7: Trisha is bringing a rainbow cake to the break room. Everyone is invited to have a slice and "spill the tea" during the lunch hour! Don't forget sprinkles!
June 9, 3:00pm: Deb Wallace will show you how to set up a barbecue pit at home, just in time for summer! She will also share general home improvement tips and anecdotes.
June 13, 10:00am: PRONOUN CRAFTS. This is a fun, interactive session where we will all learn each other's preferred pronouns and will create paper placards to keep in our cubicles. Bring your favorite colored marker!
June 16: National Talk Like A Drag Queen Day! Be ready to "sashay" to the quarterly financial review meeting and "serve"! Trust us when we say: You better work!
June 21, 5:00pm-9:00pm: PRIDE MONTH FAMILY DINNER AND SOCIAL. Come have great food and a great time with the LGBTs! This is a family-friendly dinner (sponsored by our #1 valued partner Chick-Fil-A), so you can bring your whole family with peace of mind! Attendance is mandatory; written doctors' excuses will be required for any absences
June 24, 7:00pm: MOVIE NIGHT. We have rented out the Regal Cinema downtown for a Double Feature! We will be seeing Philadelphia and Boys Don't Cry back to back; show a Pride Flag at the concession stand and get a free pack of Skittles!
June 26: BACK, BACK, BACK AGAIN! Beginning on June 26th, we will be enforcing mandatory return-to-work policies for all employees, no exceptions. Your LGBT coworkers have missed you and want to see you again! (not on Zoom)
June 30, 3:00pm: THANKS! As a token of their gratitude, the LGBTs will be giving a special "thank you" presentation to the allies who have championed their cause all month! The entire executive team will be lauded for their efforts and... could a celebratory dinner later in the evening at Mangiani's be in the works? We'll just have to see what our fabulous coworkers decide to do for us!
Thanks everyone, and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!
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2023.06.03 23:32 gallifreyansunset Did not grow up around...

Another post reminded me of this, so figured I'd share with the group.
This man clearly didn't grow up around putting shit away. Did a grocery run and unloaded groceries? Bags all over the floor. Made himself a sandwich? All the ingredients left on the counter. Received a package from Amazon? You guessed it, all the packaging just sits in the middle of the room until I put it away. The list goes on, but you get the picture. There aren't many things that enrage me, but this ...oh, this makes me seethe and contemplate bodily harm. Like I don't have enough to do, cleaning up after three very creative and active little monsters! I have to keep putting away shit he leaves all over the place...ugh...
And if you're wondering whether I've mentioned this to him, you bet I have! In so many different ways! I tried pointing out that it's difficult to get things done when there's clutter that needs to be cleared prior to starting, I've mentioned it in the process of cleaning up said clutter, I've asked him directly, I've even done the whole "it's so much easier to keep the house clean when we make sure to put our shit away" discussions, during which he dutifully nods and says he completely agrees with the sentiment and then goes right back to leaving shit all over the place.
Should cut him some slack though, as he clearly didn't grow up around putting shit away.... his parents visited recently and FIL does THE SAME F$#@ING THING!
Thanks for reading my rant...back to putting empty boxes into the recycling bin.
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2023.06.03 23:30 Contactunderground Dr. Jacques Vallee is Skeptical of the ET Explanation for UFOs: Contact Experiencers Should Study his Detailed Investigations. Joseph Burkes MD 2023.

Dr. Jacques Vallee is Skeptical of the ET Explanation for UFOs: Contact Experiencers Should Study his Detailed Investigations.
Joseph Burkes MD 2023.
“There is probably no more influential thinker in the study of UFOs than the French astronomer and computer scientist Jacques Vallee.”
Thus, starts this excellent short documentary linked above, Jacques Vallee, UFOs and the Case against Extraterrestrial Origins produced by Think Anomalous in 2022. Dr. Jacques Vallee early in his career was a proponent of the ET Hypothesis (ETH) as explanation for UFOs. However, after years of speaking to UFO witnesses and discussing the cases with an informal group of scientists that he called “The Invisible College”, Vallee concluded the following: the proposition that UFOs were controlled by ET beings was too simplistic.
In my opinion, contact experiencers and activists should also be skeptical of the ET explanation for UFOs and the non-human beings associated with them. This is especially so given the larger society is starting to acknowledge the reality and importance of what are now called UAP. Although the current emphasis is on sighting reports, eventually societal discussions will not be able to ignore the stories of contact and communications with the non-human intelligences associated with flying saucers.
As one who supports the staging of Human Initiated Contact Events (HICE) popularly known as CE-5s, it is crucially important that contact activists have at their disposal the most accurate assessments of what is truly going on. The thoughtful analyses of a brilliant thinker such as Dr. Jacques Vallee should guide our investigations into UFOs and associated paranormal phenomena. These have been called “The Contact Modalities.” This is term coined by author Rey Hernandez, who believes that UFOs, out of body, and near-death experiences as well as other paranormal events should be studied as related phenomena characterized by manipulations of spacetime within a matrix of consciousness. In my judgment, by having a nuanced and sophisticated approach to flying saucers, contact and disclosure activists will be able to share their knowledge most effectively with the larger society.
An important factor that contributed to Vallee rejecting the ET Hypothesis is that encounters were associated with a multitude of what are considered paranormal phenomena like poltergeists and apparitions. Many of the reports included many absurd elements and behaviors exhibited by the “ufonauts” that Vallee deemed were not consistent with their being highly advanced ET visitors with sophisticated technologies. The seemingly nonsensical behaviors of the so-called aliens seemed so contrived that he suspected they were designed to display certain images. Those visual displays were associated with profound psychological transformations in many witnesses and over time have had an effect of society in general.
In the documentary, producer Jason Charboneau lists Vallee’s reasons for challenging the ET Hypothesis. These appeared in an article Vallee published in 1990 in The Journal of Scientific Exploration.
“First: he argued that there were far more landings and contacts than would be necessary for an interplanetary survey or surveillance operation. By his and others estimates there must have been 3 million UFO landings around the world in the last 20 years, an impossibly large number.
Second: UFOs and ufonauts rarely flew away or walked off. When they left, often they simply vanished blinked out of existence or slowly faded away. This suggests that the craft and occupants were more like projections than physical things.
Third: the bodies, actions, and the abilities of the ufonauts do not suggest an extraterrestrial or evolutionary origin. Often the aliens were identical to humans, spoke our languages and were perfectly capable of breathing our air and walking in our gravity.
Fourth: Vallee noted that most of the ufonauts revelations, especially those concerning their origins were nonsense and almost entirely different from one another. Ufonauts claimed to be from just about everywhere in the universe and frequently gave directions or offered maps that made no logical sense such as the two-dimensional star map shown to Betty Hill.
Fifth: finally, Vallee argued that the data collected from cases of so-called alien abduction were unreliable and again involved highly unlikely scenarios. For example, abductees frequently describe highly invasive and painful medical procedures in order to achieve tasks that even doctors in the 1980s could have done with minimal discomfort.”
The Think Anomalous team has produced many excellent short documentaries and I encourage everyone to view and share widely this important resource.
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2023.06.03 23:29 Inside_Beat5984 from academic dismissal to law school admit - there is hope!

Sorry for my shit writing and grammar as I write this, it is a long story and too much to re-read.
Since this cycle of admissions to any type of grad school is coming to a close I wanted to share a positive story for those in the depths of unease, hopelessness, and especially to those who may see their previous academic career as a hindrance to their future.
I was academically dismissed from my BSc program in a Top 5 university in Canada after being on academic probation after my second year and officially dismissed in my third year. The reason for my piss-poor grades? High anxiety, poor time management, inability to overcome test anxiety and ebbs and flows in my mental health - all this is in hindsight. I did not know how to manage coming out of high school and being on my own.
After I was dismissed I told no one, the academic withdrawal weighed heavily on me the entire time. I was overwhelmed by loneliness, guilt, sadness, self-loathing, anger and hopelessness.
I didn't want anyone to know I was dismissed, so I upgraded my high school marks and applied into a trade school, where my previous academic achievements (or lack there of) would give me a chance at a career.
Once I finished my program at the trade school and found work, I decided to see if there was any way to finish a bachelors degree. Any degree would do, my ego and heart needed the boost and it hurt to leave this task incomplete.
I enrolled in a local university through an open studies program and frankly explained my reasoning for my academic dismissal and how I found new strategies for my academic success. After a semester in open studies, I was admitted into an actual Bachelors program, this time in business! I was elated to have a chance to attempt finish any type of bachelor's degree and after a couple of years of working and school I was done, and I just graduated with honours this year.
So where does law school come in? Frankly. I didn't think I had a chance in hell for any type of grad school. i just wanted to finish this degree and cross the arbitrary finish line I set for myself. I just wanted to finish what I started.
I don't know what prompted me to try for a graduate program, knowing my academic history I was 99.99% sure I would not get into anything. Who would ever let an academic dismissal into their institution for a graduate program? Crazy.
But I was a little curious what my LSAT score would be, I've heard about this test so often. I had the disposable income to afford the test, so I gave it a shot. My score? not great but not bad. It was enough for me to continue my delusional thinking that maybe I could apply for law school? I took the test, might as well apply. TBH I never sought out Law as a career path, but the mindset was "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

However, to soften the emotional devastation of disappointment again, I applied to only 2 schools: my former alma mater (that I was dismissed from) and another "easier" law school in Canada (not that any of them are easy - the forums just made it sound easier due to less rigid requirements and GPA/LSAT entrance scores) just before their deadlines.
Guess what? I was accepted.
The funnier thing? It is a full circle moment, because I was not accepted to the "easier" choice - the one I was holding the tiniest flicker of hope for. Instead it was to my alma mater. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen.
This upcoming fall I will be attending Law school at the exact same school I was academically dismissed from 8 years ago.
Long story short - don't give up on those grad school dreams, whatever they may be, a pHD, a masters, a JD, MD or anything in between. Let that little flicker of hope guide you and don't let your ego stamp you down. It is so easy to give up on yourself after repeated failures, especially embarrassing ones, but your hard work will pay off.
Don't let the anxiety and disappointment bring you down or stop you from trying again. A little good karma came my way, and I hope it comes to someone out there reading this very long winded post. This is a long cycle and a long journey, but it gets better. I hope I can spark a little hope in someone who is reading this.
TLDR: Was academically dismissed from a great university in Canada after 3rd year - worked hard for a second chance, finished degree elsewhere and was admitted to Law School at the same school I was dismissed from. There is hope! You can do it!
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2023.06.03 23:29 According-Highway144 🫡 Glaceon Vstar secured

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2023.06.03 23:26 inf_pln Mid-year topster. Top 100 (in order) for 2023 these are all my recommended albums for the year (6/10+) so far. Out of 200 total 2023 albums listened. As always, rate/hate/rec whatever you want. Also celebrating passing the 10,000 albums mark.

Mid-year topster. Top 100 (in order) for 2023 these are all my recommended albums for the year (6/10+) so far. Out of 200 total 2023 albums listened. As always, rate/hate/rec whatever you want. Also celebrating passing the 10,000 albums mark. submitted by inf_pln to Topster [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 23:25 jklm1234 In laws

My in-laws are just so fucking annoying and weird. At least they aren’t malicious but they are terrible houseguests and it just sucks being around them.
FIL wears a sweat band around his head and a mesh vest with the pockets stuffed with items—in public. He drinks 1 coffee per hour. He takes DayQuil when he feels tired. He’s partially deaf but won’t wear his hearing aids, and mumbles. English is also his second language. Communication is extremely difficult. He’s rough with the kids and has made my 2 year old cry twice in one evening so far. He doesn’t like tacos but is okay with fajitas and any other Mexican food. Whatever food we have at home is not okay with him and he eats enough for 3-4 people. He microwaved bread this morning instead of toasting it. He decided to take the hard boiled eggs we had with breakfast and mash them in a bowl and drown them at mayo at the table. He then requested we cut him an onion and ate it with raw onion. He literally never pushes in his chair or cleans up after himself. He is constantly taking photos and it takes him forever while people on the sidewalk are visibly annoyed and having to walk around him or wait for him. And because he’s deaf he doesn’t hear people asking him to move. He won’t drink anything cold. He drinks lukewarm water from the recently boiled tea kettle and room temp soda from the pantry. It’s 80 degrees here. And the kicker: he refuses to sleep in the guest bed. Every time he has visited, it has been an issue. Last time, the bed was too hard— I got a quilted pad. Then he wanted the air mattress, but he also doesn’t like it. Then he wants to sleep on the sofa. This time we told him that after having a second child, there is no where to put the air mattress. Then I asked if I could put more padding on the bed for him. He said it would be okay, he would sleep in the bed. We told him that my 2 year old is sick and often needs a parent to sleep downstairs on the couch to be nearby when he cries, so please don’t sleep on the couch. The man fucking slept on the couch. Turns out he isn’t comfortable sharing a bed with his wife. The bed is comfortable btw. I slept on it for a month when the ceiling in our bedroom had a leak. Every other houseguest has said it’s fine. Like, WTF?! I’ve never heard of a guest refusing to sleep in the guest room and making such a big deal of it when they’re only here for 2 nights. Plus he slept on my white throw pillows, which are now a bit yellow and greasy. And I can’t wash them. I told my husband they need to get a hotel next time and he said it wasn’t fair that my parents get to stay here, but my parents behave like normal guests. I’m just so annoyed.
MIL is also messy and refuses to push in her chair. She only drinks wine with club soda mixed in it. Bell peppers are too spicy for her. She makes insulting comments. Like she mentioned that her children were spoon fed until they were able to eat with a spoon themselves because eating with your hands is for savages. I’m from South Asia. We eat with our hands all the time. Then my 8 month old grabbed my phone. Screen off and locked. And she mentioned how I always give the kids a screen to distract them. I don’t. She’s still better than him.
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2023.06.03 23:24 gravlift Kid/family gaming Laptop USA suggestion under $500

No. 14-15 seems right
Roblox, Minecraft, Stardew
Build quality. No touchscreen or anything else here needed.
Computer to be used by family, but primary use will be for games by 8 year old, so refurbished or non-fragile. Also want to run Ableton to record music.
Started looking at these:
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