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A new game in development, 7 Days 2 Die is a game about a third world war that wipes the human race and leaves the survivors with an unknown virus that turns them into zombies, with a mix of DayZ, Minecraft and RPG this game puts you straight into the hot seat, how will you survive?

2023.03.28 21:31 Sphinxer553 Docked ship fuel anomalies - Case Report [Cont. Discussion on Docking Port "Bug"]

Before I begin this is long, I will provide pictures in a separate post.
The problem. Two ships dock, all the fuel disappears The current theory. Docking causes the problem.
The critique, the problem is uncommon to rare, other factors maybe ignored.
This study. The two ships previously presented in pictoral display.
Original Design Structure 1. "Fuel Supply Station". A three H2 "Sphere",four pylon ship with 4 large Nerva thrusters on the large hydrogen tanks at the ends of pylon. The axis of the ship has numerous MP, Fuel, Stability, . . . .along the axis of the ship. Extensive use of struts to keep ship stable. Large number of RCS thrusters scattered about the ends.
Original Design Structure 2. "Resupply ship with an docking port adapter" A two large H2 tank (375)/large Nerva. A separator and a large docking port separate the fuel section from a large lander module on top and "things" (adapters, MP tanks, looks like stabilizer, and a large docking port.
Concerns on the original design. Theory based on old KSP. The part snap capability associates two points, the root point and the nascent addition. Each point has two values resistance to compression and expansion (force). The second value is resistance to torque. if we imagine a line, one going from the snap point to some point on the attached part we can mount that first point on an immovable plane. The line is movable, depending where on the part a force is applied there is a torque generated that is resisted by the connection between the two parts. In general smaller diameter parts have lower resistance values than higher diameter parts as those torque values are assigned by game developers. So if you are building a section of ship, say a fuel station, with xlarge hydrogen tanks the section will be tall and the toque forces that add up down the ship become tremendous. With many parts there are many places to bend, with many segments the ship will flex liks a fishing pole. Segmental flexibility of the whole in KSP is a function of segments. The conflict in engineering, stability very increased functionality. Stability in launch means that functional parts get stacked on top of each other, however the stacking of parts eventually leads to flex. In KSP certain parts are not available in xlarge and so if these are at the bottom of the stack they cause more flex. The early KSP solution, EAS4 struts. Unfortunately the EAS4 strut comes from a time when the largest parts were size 2 tanks, and we are in the era of size four tanks.
Modern Solutions. Use of truss structures with appropriate diameters to connect with other structures. While this may seem to add to the number of segments it can dramatically reduce segments and dramatically reduce the EAS4 count needed. How to do this is take appropriate cylindrical truss, get an attachement point adapter, center it on the top of the truss without snapping. place (snap) your large stabilizers, batteries, Jacuzzi, rotating wet bar and hot dog stand, MP tanks on the attachment point or each other. Then use the rotate/translocate tool to slide the functionalities into the truss segment. Then snap the truss segment to whatever parts (eg. [TBD]). By doing this you eliminate the need for dozens of struts lowering the part count.
New Design and design issues.
Structure 2. These parts core of the ship. XLarge Cylindrical truss segment (root), Xlarge docking port, Xlarge separator, 2 stacked Xlarge H2 tanks (HF-T-500), and large Nerva engine (LV-SV Swerve).
On the root side near top four small stabilizer fins with no authority in which two (in opposition) have beams as standouts for mounting docking lights, antenna, accent lights, etc. The roots contain the large command pod, med MP tank, and an inverted size 3 to 2 methalox tank with a large docking port on it. The tank is EAS4 x 8 to the root. The root is the core of the adapter, with an xlarge docking port and the large docking port detaching as a separate entity from the Hydrogen tanks and Swerva. On the adjacent H2 tank, 2/3 down and inside the tank is a large reaction wheel stabilizer. It was placed at the ships center of gravity. On the H2 tank with attached engine, at the top 4 TT38X radial separators with attached (4, 1 per each) HF-T-125 hydrogen tanks, each of these had two one either side stacked for a total stack of 5 on each TT38X. These were added to balance out liftoff acceleration and provide addition field. There were 1 VE1-NR placed on the trusses (Normal and H2) at each axis position on the top and bottom most parts of the holo-truss structure, there were 2 placed pointed forward and two aft.
Problems with structure 2. Launch vehicle (not described) almost immediately had fuel transfer problems.
- Fuel transfers sometimes failed even though 'Out" button on transfer GUI showed purple. - Misreporting fuel levels in tanks that auto-corrected after separation. - Tanks emptied often showed up after returned back to the RT candidate side as full. - The Resource Manager stopped working/loading when rocket entered Muner orbit.
Additional issues. -group separation of TT38X resulted in 1. Only one TT38X separating, which took off like a rocket even though it had neither engine or fuel. 2. Faux distruction of the vessel, which was reaquired in the tracking center. After this the TT38X that could not be separated. -regaining command the engines immediately activated with 40% power. -Map view showed AN and DN inverted. Checked ships orientation, was correct, so Map viewer made a sign error. Had to flipped the ship to orient south correct for a -1.3' Node. Docking (see below) - It took several attempts to capture docking port on #1 and set as target.
Conclusions about vessel 2. Intrinsic issues dealing with fuel use and transfer. Problems with separators after docking (although not tested before docking). So problems with TT38X and anamolous behavior on separation.
Structure 1. I tried to match the combined functionalities but in fewer parts, instead of several MP tanks I chose the largest MP tank. The various fuel tanks were combined into two, More docking ports were added of various sizes. The engine pylons were shortened for better stability. The main axis is rooted in a large command pod. On top is a medium cargo bay (short) and a medium docking port. Underneath a Xlarge H2 cyinder, large truss cylinder, Xlarge H2 cyinder, large truss cylinder, Xlarge H2 cyinder, Short XLarge methalox tank, 4-3 sdapter methalox tank, and Swerve engine. The large command pod had 4 small triangle base pointing upward, with 4 forward RCS VE1-NR. The First [TBD] tank had 3 VE1-NR at the mid line oriented in the 4 axis direction. The First Truss had a xlarge MP tank (spherical) inside. And 4 largest solar panel on the four apparent verticle truss segments in the trust (45' to major axis) The second Truss had four reaction wheel stabilizer and 5 large batteries inside. The 4 Pylons on the cylindrical methalox tank were shortened and fattened MPS-500 "transition" with no authority (fins) and terminated in an HF-T-500 tank. Each tank terminated in a Swerve engine and the tank was bound to the axis with 2 @ 2 EAS4 on top and bottom. There was a tube (cone) on top that transitioned on xsmall transitions for Port Jr. and antenna (2) or transitioned for small circular truss for mounting Docking Port and 2 lengths of small cargo bay the fused with second truss. The 4 docking ports all faced outward and were coplanar in the tangent along main axis with the Center of Gravity at launch (full fuel).
Problems with structure 1. None. The launch structure (not shown) performed beautifully and was dropped in LKO before munar burn. No problems with resource manager. But remember this ship has only 5 separators, 4 on the SF S2-33 and 1 on the main section Methaolox (one split 4 Mammoth-II). However, once again, when entering Munar orbit i lost the resource manager, and did not reappear until I switched vessels.
Docking performance. Perfect, the docking went perfectly despite the fact that only one ship was targeting the other and I was manually (by eye) adjusting docking (RCS was used) on the other vessel. I place the ship in north south orientation.
Docking performance vessel 2. Because of the Map view, plane intersection inversion my N/S alignement was off, vessel two was in control. It approached #1 and was minimum almost due north of the ship, off by about 200 meters along the axis. I turned the vessel south (switched from target mode after killing differential velocity) and burned south at 3 m/s when I was on the equitorial with respect to #1 I targeted the ship and burned an additional 3 m/s (speed = 4.3) as #2 drifted behind #1 I captured its docking port and (250 meter) all differential velocity was removed and a targeted burn of 1 m/s was applied. Course corrections to the docking axis were made manually around 125 to 75 meters. The ship was rolled so that the equipment boom would was rotated 45' with respect to number#1 nacelles. The ship was slowed to 0.5 m/s and additional corrections were made. within 10 meters the ship was slowed to 0.3 m/s and green and white circles were superpose. Docking was perfect.
Post Docking performance. Initially I tried to transfer fuel from the saddle tanks on #2 to the main ship, which worked, and then trash those tanks. As noted above this was problematic. So, then I transferred all the fuel to the #1s tanks. This worked well. The separator on #2 was manually activated and the two ships separated, no further problems were observed.
Analysis. What is the primary cause of the problems. I stongly suggest that something about the fuel transport is the problem. Given the fact that this vessel had so many problems along the way up. There is something about ship number 2 that is corrupting core aspects of the game, including the fuel reporting, the fuel manager and the Mapview. I do not know what the problems are but I do know that problems manifest in the TT38X radial separator as the only part with a known failure.
Is the docking port the problem. Ship #2 was not separated from its docking port until in orbit, there were fuel problems before orbit. There were problems before launch boosters were separated and self-corrected after separation. This is indicative of a logical limitation in processing fuel status and movement. By reducing the number of tanks the logic was able to correctly calculate the exact amount of fuel left in each of the active tanks. Moreover I am only privy to my launch phases not the previous iterations.
Suspected problems that resulted in Docking Port related fuel loss in the previous interations of this type of pairing. - poor design of vitual ship with size-2 and below strategies being used on size 3-4 ship. - Excessive use of struts driving up EAS4 counts. - Excessive numbers of segments in the main axis - Excessively long pylons to the engine nacelles. The fact that the TT38X failure after docking may indicate that the game engine is performing close to its limits (logical analysis of docking) and that the previous iteration was above those limits and docking simply triggered a failure that might have occurred in some other system if the order of events differed.
Recommendation, reduce the part count in large vessels by building better. Some combination of docking ports and separators may cause spurious anomalies after docking.
Discussion. Again we are faced once again with a false dichotomy. X causes Y or X does not cause Y.
But the real argument is that X triggered Y under a certain set of circumstances. Things that trigger are not the cause. [A virus can trigger a disease, but a food stuff may be a cause among many triggers, and even the food stuff might require another chemical (like psuedoallergens) to cause foodstuff to reach circulation.] The docking port is within a chain of events where its the poster child of merging all the idiosyncracies of two ships together, either one of those ships, like #2, might have had esoteric problem before they merge. I will continue to study ship #2 with the presupposition that it caused problems with the fuel manager. In addition the resources either ship require supercede the logical ability for the game engine to manage when merged.
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2023.03.28 19:39 digitalghost-dev My 3rd data project, with Airflow, Docker, Postgres, and Looker Studio

My 3rd data project, with Airflow, Docker, Postgres, and Looker Studio
I've just completed my 3rd data project to help me understand how to work with Airflow and running services in Docker.


  • GitHub Repository
  • Looker Studio Visualization - not a great experience on mobile, Air Quality page doesn't seem to load.
  • Documentation - tried my best with this, will need to run through it again and proof read.
  • Discord Server Invite - feel free to join to see the bot in action. There is only one channel and it's locked down so not much do in here but thought I would add it in case someone was curious. The bot will query the database and look for the highest current_temp and will send a message with the city name and the temperature in celsius.


  • A docker-compose.yml file runs Airflow, Postgres, and Redis in Docker containers.
  • Python scripts reach out to different data sources to extract, transform and load the data into a Postgres database, orchestrated through Airflow on various schedules.
  • Using Airflow operators, data is moved from Postgres to Google Cloud Storage then to BigQuery where the data is visualized with Looker Studio.
  • A Discord Airflow operator is used to send a daily message to a server with current weather stats.

Data Sources

This project uses two APIs and web scrapes some tables from Wikipedia. All the city data derives from choosing the 50 most populated cities in the world according to MacroTrends.
  • City Weather - (updated hourly) with Weatherstack API - costs $10 a month for 50,000 calls.
    • Current temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed
  • City Air Quality - (updated hourly) with OpenWeatherMap API
    • CO, NO2, O2, SO2, PM2.5, PM10
  • City population
  • Country statistics
    • Fertility rates, homicide rates, Human Development Index, unemployments rates


Setting up Airflow was pretty painless with the predefined docker-compose.yml file found here. I did have to modify the original file a bit to allow containers to talk to each other on my host machine.
Speaking of host machines, all of this is running on my desktop.
Looker Studio is okay... it's free so I guess I can't complain too much but the experience for viewers on mobile is pretty bad.
The visualizations I made in Looker Studio are elementary at best but my goal wasn't to build the prettiest dashboard. I will continue to update it though in the future.
submitted by digitalghost-dev to dataengineering [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 18:15 peaceman14 Humans don't do magic Chapter 6: The begining of the end


Across the seas separating the dwarven Alpine from the lush beaches of california, The green forests stretched off into the horizon covering the rolling hills and towering mountains in a blanket of green,slowly fading away to reveal grey rock and white snow as the mountains stretched higher and higher into the clouds. The howl of the wind was all that could be heard from these mountains.Distant screeching of jet engines and howl of artillery shells and rockets quickly replaced the calm rustling of leaves and quiet chirping of birds.In an instant, the white capped mountains of the Dwarven alpine were covered in a blanket of fire, beginning the long grind of the mountains into the ground
Enhanced by dwarven magic, perfected by experience and technology accumulated from years of warfare, the human arsenal had no shortage of explosives. The tall mountains stretching high into the clouds will soon find themselves flattened given the time, just as the Dwarven Archmage had flattened the Tibetan mountain range almost a year ago, humanity will now return the favour. It will take time but soon the dwarves will find themselves cornered, but for now the bombardment served to ensure that no dwarven force would be able to cross the sea and reinforce the patches of resistance forces hiding underground in human territory.
Underneath these towering chunks of rock, The Dwarven city of Ganzir sprawled outwards across a rocky plateau,surrounded by an abyss that led directly to the planet’s mantle, High above the city distant rumbling gently shook the stone roof. The dwarves would be safe from all human attacks for now but they knew it is only a matter of time before the humans would find some way of circumventing their underwise air tight defence. Smoke stacks spewing black smog, churning out new equipment for the dwarven war effort, electrical cables stretched haphazardly from them reaching every building providing them with the lifeblood of any sufficiently industrialised civilization with the help of primitive coal generators stolen from the humans. Within this city. A dwarf by the name of Hallthrim was running up the steps of a towering stone palace, a loud creaking echoed throughout its massive halls,as the dwarf signalled the large stone doors to be opened, inside tall dwarven statues stood, holding gigantic braziers which served as the halls sole light sources. Its decorated pillars stretch up towards the tall ceiling, strolling into the chamber Hallthrim walked up the red carpeted floor towards a second reinforced stone door. Which opened to reveal a single empty stone throne overlooking a long wooden table, filled with paper maps, and stone figurines, around which 5 dwarves clad in shining enchanted armour, their hammers, swords and spears, literally glowing in their holsters.1 was sat at the head of the table clad in fur robes and a gold crown with 2 sat on either side of the table, 1 had was clad in shining white the other was clad in polished black. Both bearing a different insignia on their shoulders. On the table itself in the place of several empty chairs were the helmets of several dwarves, laden with shrapnel and bullet holes, placed on their respective parts of the table. The room quite similarly to the last one was silent. The atmosphere was grim, the 3 dwarves stared at the paper map on the table, as another stone figurine that had been silently moving across a part of the map marked as the Neptune Sea, crumbled into rubble before their very eyes with 7 more stationed in what was marked the Ironside highlands following suit.
“ How the hel did this happen!” One of the generals yelled his head in his hands as he watched his division literally crumble before his very eyes, “ A Year ago these insect’s barbaric weapons could barely scratch us!” he yelled
“ Its all because of Baldur! If only that damn idiot hadn’t gotten himself killed.” The dwarf clad in black, with the insignia of a red gryphon slammed the table with his fist.
“ Calm down Treant, none of us could have predicted the humans would have been able to take him down” The dwarf in white bearing the insignia of a golden dragon answered, as yet another similar dragon figurine on the board crumbled.
“Yea, but what shall we do now, Halvar?”
“I…I know not.” He said, his face looking down onto the board in defeat “Forgive me my lord, we have failed you.”
The dwarf at the head of the table sat forward, “ It is alright, the humans have yet to figure out how to properly enter our lands. Let us retreat what we can on the surface and shore up our defences, underground. Lure them into our element.”
“ That is an excellent idea my lord. We shall execute this at once.”
“ I’m sorry to interrupt my lords..but I have a request from the Elven mage we had harboured known as Eva.” Hallthrim interrupted. “ She claims she is on the verge of something big.She just needs a little more time”
“ We have no time for more of her outlandish claims of the power of ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’……we have invested far too much into her ‘endeavours’ and have received far too little. We had given her everything she had claimed she needed, human databases, human analysis equipment, even the giant metal ring thing that she wanted so badly we had stolen for her yet she has yielded no results.”Halvar yelled, before being interrupted by a distant rumble, followed dust falling from the ceiling
“ Alright, fine, I will pay her a visit and we’ll decide from what she has got so far.” Halvar
“ Thank you my lord.” Hallthrim said before running back out of the war room.
“And in other news, celebrations are erupting across freshly liberated Europe and America as liberation forces have now pushed the remnants of the dwarves off all human lands… Yes you heard that correctly, viewers. Earth is now officially back under human control” A news reporter’s voice reverberated through the speakers of the holodesk in front of Jean, inside a well furnished victorian era style office.Muffled cheers and celebrations of troops and civilians alike could be heard from both outside her door as well as in the streets below as long separated families are finally after 4 years of constant reunited within the Terran capital. The once grim and smog filled industrial zones of the core human territories,was now entirely unrecognisable as multi-colored fireworks lit up the night sky, and the humm of heavy machinery, as well as the typical chatter of the human workforce had been replaced entirely with cheers and pops of fresh champagne bottle being opened. Most of these fresh bottles had text written on their fronts in dwarven tongue,many still held contempt for the dwarves for the enslavement of many of their friends and family, as such they had no quarrel with using the captured dwarven supplies for our own recreational needs. The air itself had a nice lavender scent to it, the once smog filled air completely cleansed of its pollution, thanks to the help of what were once Elven high ranking officers and concentration camp wardens who now with the help of a little invasive surgery and corrective neural implants now ‘willingly’ used their magical abilities to better give back to the human community.
The news report was playing in an open tab next to multiple tabs of wordy military reports and civilian reports, which Jean flipped through disinterestedly with her left hand, whilst taking a sip of her wine with her right. The Orcs had easily capitulated following the neutralisation of their Arcmage, They might have had our access to our military technology but without their Arcmage, they had no idea how to use them in combat, as such many of their tanks ended up dying in a cavalry charge at our more superior tanks and anti-tank infantry squads. Their air force was quickly crippled as the Orcs had no idea what stealth or radar actually meant. Which meant that even with access to advanced stealth jets like the F22 and Su57, many were easily shot down when their pilots engaged our air superiority fighters in head to head combat resembling primitive dogfights of WW2. Or even worse tried to do gun strafing runs on anti-aircraft batteries in open plains with clear skies. Once their human equipment ran out the Orcish tribes quickly agreed to our terms of surrender. They apparently had no problem turning on the Dwarves once we promised them that they could use them as livestock instead of us.
The dwarves however are another problem, though we have pushed them off our lands,finishing them off proves another issue,The dwarven underground tunnel network is immense,and ever changing. Cramped ever shifting underground tunnels prevent us from even beginning to find an entrance to their cities. Not to mention the fact that the earth itself on dwarven ground seems to have an appetite for literally swallowing any heavy equipment that landed on their beaches. Jean had thus ordered a pause to the offensive, having liberated almost all of the human population from their concentration camps and all of our lands. There was simply no reason to even continue with a ground invasion of Dwarven lands. Thus she had given her men a well earned break,for after this week. High command will order a high intensity bombing of dwarven lands, the lights of which this world and even humanity itself has never seen.
Thinking on this, she swiped through another report, a seemingly routine logistical report of the newly liberated CERN. These reports were ordered to be taken by her in order to take account on what human technologies were stolen by the dwarves so as to be able to create effective counters to them should the dwarves decide to employ them, thus Jean would usually overlook reports on the civilian sector, but this one was interesting everything had been accounted for except for the large hadron collider, an obsolete piece of research equipment that was supposed to discover new quantum particles.That had since been turned into a tourist exhibit in the early 2050s. Now why would the Dwarves want that, of all the equipment in cern and all the military industrial complexes they had access to, they decided to take the one thing that was effectively useless? She had vigilantly read through all the logistical reports, fearing that our hydrogen centrifuges, nuclear reactor cores, or even calcutrons would be found missing but they were all there. Instead the dwarves took a tourist attraction? She leaned back into her office chair and stared at the ceiling overhead for a few moments, before getting up from her chair and walking towards her office window.
The celebrations continued to echo through the hallway outside her office as well as in the streets below. She looked out above the squat military factories into the well lit streets and towering skyscrapers of the residential districts,which stretched high into the skies, fireworks launching from their roofs.
For this first time in 3 years, the threat of extinction has been lifted, For the first time, soldiers and pilots have the chance to stand down, and for the first time, our missile silos and artillery pieces that line the grand wall in the distance lay silent.Silently watching over the large sprawling cityscape and industrial sprawl below. 3 long years of war, death and misery had finally seemed to pay off. The Elves and Orcs have been defeated and the Dwarves are on the brink of joining them soon. She breathed in the lavender scented air, through her open window the skies were clear and the full moon shone bright in the night sky, “Maybe I’m overthinking this.” She muttered to herself, it is likely the Dwarves simply did not understand how we manufacture and create our nuclear weapons and went for the flashiest and most alien looking thing present.
“ Marshall!” a voice shouted from the street below, it was one the members of high command, currently shitfaced, with a bottle of Dwarven brew in his hand surrounded by other members of command all equally wasted. “ When are yer joining us.”
Jean looked down and smiled, “ I’ll be there in a bit!” She called.
“ Your working too hard Ma’am come on down and enjoy yourself a bit, we know your part robot but it can’t hurt to live a little.” Another officer shouted
“ Yea! Science assistant Kim here suggested that we test the capabilities of the cyber-liver we installed. ”The ballistics division head added
“ What? I did not say that!..” She shouted playfully punching Frederick in the shoulder,
Jean looked down endearingly at her celebrating team, it had been forever since she last had a proper celebration. Walking back into her office, she closed her holoprojector before leaving, to join the celebrating crowd below. She was sure she was just overthinking this.
Meanwhile, in the lush green jungles of the Elven Archipelago, A mix of white concrete and clear glass skyscrapers had been built alongside the towering trees of the thriving Elven megapolis. Inside one of these massive trees, Marshall Jean was taking a tour, accompanied by Fredrick who was now walking with the aid of a black cane. His cybernetics was making a slow recovery after the encounter with the Orcish Archmage had nearly fried half his brain. A few power armoured guards accompanied the 2 as a security detail and led by an Elf known as Professor Greenstead.The newly appointed Governor and liaison between the human government and their newly acquired Elven colonies. Having been head of an Elven group known by the Elves as the Human Rights Activists,her group had worked alongside captured or separated human military forces to help break out and save many human lives from Arcane experimentation and concentration camps. At the price of being branded heretics by her own government, in the end when the war had ended, the human expeditionary force had found her and her group hidden deep in the jungles of the fringe islands within a small camouflage town which housed thousands of rescued humans. So as a recognition of their actions she was appointed the new governor of the Elven Colonies and her closest officers were appointed as high ranking administrative staff.
The corridor around them had a homely feel, but yet mystical. The walls were made of oak bark while the floors were polished stone brick. Many smaller wooden doors flanked the Marshall’s entourage, with Elves, clad in blue robes running up and down the corridors with scrolls in hand. Leading the Marshall down the corridor was a tall elf,with red hair. She was clad in green robes and walked with a certain spring in her step. Her aura was extremely energetic and lively, as she introduced the Marshall and the Director to the facility.
After a short walk the entourage came across a large open wooden door, which opened up to a massive clearing, a wooden spiral staircase, sprawled both up and down as far as the eye could see, leaving quite a large empty space in the centre of the stairwell, where a steel bridge led to an elevator that was being built in the centre of the stairwell. Around it many wooden platforms floated up and down with Elven scholars riding upon them, their arms filled with scrolls, accompanied by human scientists. Human scientists walked alongside the Elven mages up and down the spiral staircase, rushing to their respective labs or arcane chambers and classrooms.
“And now that you are familiar with the dorms, here is the central staircase. Each level of the tree has been specialised to a different field of arcane discovery, with a new level expansion being dedicated to the field of combining the Human Physics research with Elven Water magics. That is if your grace would allow us that honour that is.`` The Elf spoke,
“ Thank you Professor Greenstead, and, please do call me Marshall. We humans are not governed by the imperial system.” The Marshall replied to the lively professor.
“ Ahh of course! You humans are governed after a ‘Merry to crazy’ right?” Greenstead smiled.
“ A Meritocracy professor.” Frederick corrected
“ Yes! A government where the ruling class is decided by the academic or military achievements of the individual, Rather than bloodlines. Maybe if we Elves had that kind of sense we could have avoided the war altogether.” The professor said, her smile disappearing for a second as she led the group down a level through a glass auto door and into another smaller corridor. Instantly the environment was a far cry from what it was,natural wooden bark was quickly replaced with concrete and glass, the plank wood floor was replaced with that of white sterile ceramic tiles. To the left and right large glass windows peered into labs filled with a mix of Elven magical equipment and human electronics, stone runic tablets stood next to human electronic ones, while Elven spell scrolls sat upon keyboards in front of flatscreens or holo displays. Large biovats stood upon floors inscribed with arcane circles. Inside Human Scientist, worked alongside Orcish warlocks, and Elven Mages to further their understanding of all their respective fields, “Anyway, here we are at the Aracnoscience level.” The professor said as she introduced them to the labs which surround them. “ Thanks to the approval and funding from you Mr Fredrick, we have made tremendous breakthroughs in multiple fields, the labs you see here are dedicated to life magic or as you humans like to call it, biology.” She said as their group walked down the corridor. “ Ahh, its no problem professor, Though I am sorry we had to put that chip in your head in order to do this. It's just… the safety of our own people has to come first, you know having no magic and all that.”
“It's no problem at all, director, as long as it does not hinder our abilities ‘most’ of us are ok with it.”
“ Ah, that's great to know and all, professor, but why exactly have you called us here?” Marshall Jean interrupted as they continued to walk down the rows of laboratories and libraries.
“ Oh Oh, I’m glad you asked Marshall, its because of this.” She said as they reached the end of the corridor stopping before a large stone door, carved with runes and engravings. She gently knocked on the stone door, causing it to slowly creak open. Greeting them behind the right side of the doorframe, was a human scientist in a white lab coat,holding an electronic table. Her long blonde hair tied in a bun. To her right was a slightly taller red haired Elf clad in white robes and holding a wooden tablet in her hand, and to her left a towering green muscular Orc warlock with black hair clad in a similar white lab coat which looked like it’s buttons were about to burst should the Orc decide to flex and holding a 2 metre long wooden staff tipped with the skull of an oxen. “ These are the researchers that are responsible for the breakthrough.” Professor Greenstead said gesturing towards the team of 3, whilst stepping into the poorly lit stone antichamber. A large transparent glass tank was placed in the centre of the room, The stone circle around it was inscribed with various symbols compromising Elven script. In front of the tank was the cloned bodies of the 3 archmages, Dwarf, Elf and Orc, Each of the bodies was placed in the centre of an Orcish Arcane symbol. Their skulls were cut open and their cloned brains were removed and placed at their feet, facing the tank with an array of electrodes covering each brain, their wires linking them to the tank.The tank itself had Dwarven Rune carved into the base reading absorb. Inside the tank was a sort of brain, it was suspended in the air by wires hanging from the roof of the tank which then stretched down the back of the tank into the base, on closer inspection, the brain was not organic, it looked like a brain from afar but instead of the grey squishy biomass, it was made of warm black steel. The back of the room was a large table filled to the brim with human computers, Elven wooden tablets, and scrolls as well as Orcish bone charms.
“ Hello, It is…an hon…a pleasure to meet with you, Marshall, I am lead scientist Amelia. These are my colleagues Guranak and Windstrider.” She said introducing herself and her colleagues.
“ Please the honour is mine,do explain to me wha.. What exactly am I looking at right now”
“ YES!” Amelia’s face lit up, a little similar to Fredrick when he had first introduced his breakthrough in enchantment.
“ We have, after extensive…very extensive… research and effort, created an artificial blank slate,a mind capable of absorbing the souls of the archmage without their memories and in turn wield, their magical abilities as well.” She explained gesturing to the tank. As she led the group around the circle. “ However, what you are seeing is simply a testbed we had set up to test whether what kinds of minds could take that kind of magic. Guranak and Windstrider will explain the rest” She said, passing the explanation on to her colleagues as the group approached the large table at the back of the room.
“ Souls, and memory are very hard to separate, so we use elven life magic to leave memory in body while Orcish soul magic absorbs the soul.” Guranak began
“ Yes indeed, however the mana released from separating 2 fundamental parts of life from one another will squash any human, Elven, Orc or Dwarven mind, it has even proven too much from some of the ‘syn-tee.thick’ minds you humans have made. Thus we have made use of your new found mastery of dwarven enchantments to help resist this mana explosion.” Windstrider continued
“However since according to Guranak, and Windstrider our clones don’t technically have the proper souls, we would require the use of the original bodies and brains of the Archmages to create one capable of wielding the full might of these 3 formidable foes.” Amelia completed.
“ So your telling me, this thing would allow the user to use the power of all 3 archmages.”
“Yea.” Amelia answered, Meanwhile Fredrick was just staring at the tank in awe, his mouth agape.
“ Holy crap, you guys actually did it, my guys have been working on this for years t o no avail and you guys finally did it.” Frederick smiled, a wide grin appearing on his face. “ The possibilities behind this are endless.”
“ I don’t know, is there a possibility this thing might go rogue?” Marshall Jean asked
Amelia let out a worried sigh, “ Yes we thought of that, and that is why we need to ask you for one more thing….” She said, looking away for a second. “ We need a human host, more specifically, you. We need you to host it. ”
“ Wait, wait ,wait…” Frederick turned away from the tank. “ You want the Marshall to host this.”
“ I mean why not, Being the only human to ever merge with another mind and survive, The Marshall would be the best candidate to host this thing.”
“ Hmm, I see, and what are the chances of failure.”
“ Unknown, we have not had the chance of merging the testbed to a human host and we do not know what that might do to the person’s personality, or even soul for that matter.”
“ Then we cannot pro…”
“ I’ll do it.” Jean interrupted.
“What? We don’t know what it could do to you. You might go insane, die, or worse.”
“ I’ll do it, Fredrick, this… this thing would be the key to ending the war once and for all.”
“ Marshall, I cannot allow the Jeopardisation of humanity’s greatest asset.”
“ Please, for once just trust me.”
Frederick looked at the Marshall in the eyes before turning to look at the machine
“ Alright, but I will be overseeing the process.”
“ YES! Alright!” Amelia jumped into the air, cheering.
“ You will not regret this, Ma am. I am confident this will work.”
A few day later, in a lab in the human capital in the same facility that turned the tide of the war, the facility that gave humanity the power to save itself from extinction. Jean was hooked up to the synthetic brain, the cloned dwarven brain that had once resided on the nape of her neck was now removed, replaced with sprawling cables linking her directly to a glass tank with the synthetic brain. It was set up the same as seen before in the Human-Elven labs, except the 3 bodies were in different stages of decay as opposed to the fresh ones before. Their brains were still fresh though as they had been kept as fresh as possible to provide the blueprints for their clones. Frederick stood in front of Jean, who was lying on an inclined bed. Amelia and her team were watching the 2 from a glass viewing window above them.
“ Are you ready for this Jean?”
“ Ready as I’ll ever be.”
“ Alright, this is going to hurt.” He said, signalling a thumbs up to the team above. Instantly, an arc of electricity surged through the tank, its runes began to glow, as did the Orcish symbols and the Elvish circle. The bodies and the brains began to hover upward as electricity in the form of lightning came from the base of the tank, and arcane energies alike flowed from the circle and the texts through them. Soon the brains began to disintegrate its fragments flowing into the tank through the base of the tank, through the dwarven runes, their biological mass being absorbed by the runes and converted into an electrical signal which was sent directly to the mechanical brain which now surged with power. Jean screamed in pain and agony as this happened, the power of the synthetic mind being passed onto her own, sending every single pain receptor left in her body into overload. Passing out from the pain soon after, The lights began to flicker and soon after the bodies began disintegrating as well, their biomass quickly turned to ashes before exploding, coating the entire room in ash. The pulses of electricity slowed and the runes all began to slowly dim. Once the pulses stopped and the runes went dark. The room fell silent, the humm of the overhead lighting the only thing making a sound. “ Jean?” Frederick whispered as he slowly walked over to her. Jean let out a loud gasp as she shot upright. A muffled cheer could be heard from the viewing room above.
“ Oh thank god.” Frederick said, “ How do you feel.”
“ Amazing!” She said unplugging herself from the synthetic mind. She felt powerful, unlike the power she had before with the dwarf, one of pure rage. This time she felt in control, but she did see the world completely differently. She could see the blood flowing through Fredrick’s veins, she could see his soul, a bright blue glow just above his brainstem.Its a shame she couldn’t have any of the memories absorbed, having been corrupted by memes and all. Though She could still feel the air move in and out of his lungs as he breathed. Similarly she saw this through the one way glass of the viewing deck. Every air current, or movement she could see. Similarly, the earth underneath her didn’t even feel properly solid anymore. She felt it move and slide above the mantle of the planet, even ever so slightly. It felt like clay that she could just… A boulder was immediately lifted from the ground, tearing through the ceramic tile from and slamming through the ceiling tearing a hole all the way to the roof before being flung into the sky and off into the horizon.
“Damn.” she said staring at the roof. “ Oops” we let out a weak smile. Frederick was staring at the ceiling with his mouth agape, “holy shit… it worked” he muttered, before looking back at the Marshall. “Now that you have their magic, what will be our next move?” He asked recomposing himself.
“ I think…it's time we put an end to this Once and For all.”
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2023.03.28 13:16 HydraDev48 Filtering issue/error

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2023.03.28 11:42 sewercleaningstaten Sewer Cleaning Pros Staten Island

Sewer Cleaning Staten Island NY is a full-service drain company specializing in residential & commercial sewer cleaning, repair & replacement. From simple clogs to more complex problems, we have the experience & knowledge to get the job done right. We use only the latest technology & state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your experience with us is nothing less than perfect.
Address: 486 Leverett Ave, Staten Island, NY 10308, United States
Phone: 1-718-450-5051
Website: https://sewercleaning-statenisland.com/
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2023.03.28 11:31 RainViewerCreator At the beginning of the 20th century, the school of Norwegian scientists introduced the concepts of “air mass”, “front”, “cyclone”, and “anticyclone” in weather forecasting.

The need for more accurate forecasts was due to historical events, specifically World War I, when the military began using aircraft. Then Norwegian weather forecasters were actively studying the structure of the atmosphere and dangerous natural phenomena associated with it. As a result, they discovered such “synoptic objects” as air masses and weather fronts, whose movement is closely related to atmospheric vortices, high and low-pressure zones, cyclones, and anticyclones.
The approaching of a weather front is associated with weather changes and dangerous phenomena due to the interaction of two different air masses, warm and cold. The detection of atmospheric fronts is one of the main tasks of weather forecasters, but despite this, there are still no models that independently predict weather fronts. However, it is still possible to get warnings about dangerous weather conditions that the fronts can cause.
Get more details about different front types and their formation in RainViewer's latest blog post: https://www.rainviewer.com/blog/what-is-a-weather-front.html
p.s.: With the RainViewer app, you can get timely alerts about heavy rains, storms, and hurricanes, extreme heat, or low temperatures. The Severe Weather Alerts functionality delivers warnings from local weather agencies directly to your smartphone and shows these weather events on a map. Please do not ignore these warnings and stay safe: https://www.rainviewer.com/get.html?utm_source=rd
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2023.03.28 10:03 vaasuki1359 What are the components of digital marketing

What are the components of digital marketing?
Marketing techniques have changed. Businesses are relying more and more on digital marketing than merely sticking with traditional strategies. The value of digital marketing is found in its low cost and wide range of options for linking with potential clients all around the world. The use of social media, email, and content marketing all help to increase brand awareness and inform customers about your goods and services. The need for digital marketing specialists will rise along with the necessity of having an online presence for firms. Because of the large number of professional options in digital marketing, one's career can advance rapidly. One can enroll in an institute that offers Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai in order to learn and develop a career in digital marketing.
Below listed are the 3 components of Digital Marketing
Lead Generation:
Creating and implementing a lead generation plan that attracts the appropriate customers to your company is the first step in digital marketing. Choosing the most effective message, targeting, and communication tactics for your target market is what matters most. There are various methods to do this, from SEO to social advertisements.
Lead Capturing:
Make sure your digital presence is designed to generate conversions once you've drawn the correct viewers to your content. After all, if those people don't convert, the traffic you generated throughout the lead generation phase was pointless.
Lead Nurturing:
In order to bring your hard-earned leads closer to your business and influence them to make a purchase, you must provide them with relevant, insightful material throughout the lead nurturing phase.
Above are the most beneficial components of digital marketing. Learning these skills can be very helpful to one’s business or career development. One can enroll in an institute that offers the best digital marketing courses in Chennai with a placement assistance. One such institute that everyone can consider is Digital Academy 360. It is a platform where learners may advance their careers or businesses to become authorities in the fields of their choice. For all of your educational demands, they provide a solution. In their quest to make learning an enriching experience, they have employed evolving technology to protect learners.
Courses offered:
They provide Post Graduate Programs in Data Science & Analytics with Python, UI/UX & Design Thinking, and Digital Marketing & Analytics.
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A secure and rewarding profession may be obtained by selecting the best Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai. The future holds tremendous opportunities for the digital marketing sector, which has the potential to generate a large number of employment openings.
Digital Academy 360 Digital Marketing Course and Training Institute in Chennai
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2023.03.28 09:54 Addicted_Buddha Good news for Indian Pixel enthusiasts!

I was just trying to track a service request I created few days back and I stumbled upon this. This is a list of Walk-in centers for Google device repair. For those who don't know, Earlier google had partnered with a service provider named B2x. There was only one service center for the whole country which had pathetic after warranty support and very costly repairs, faulty terms & conditions and very lengthy process.
Now it appears as google has partnered with f1 info solutions, who have more than 20 service centers. I'd say it's a very good move by google and they are gearing up for the next pixel releases as India can be a very large market for them.
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2023.03.28 04:58 smalltimesysadmin Turning off SMBv1 broke CA and 802.1x

TLDR: I turned off SMBv1 on my domain controllers, which somehow broke computer certificates, which broke 802.1x, but I have no clue why
Background: I have 2012R2 domain controllers (I know I need to update) with a Windows CA server that is issuing computer certs to client devices. Windows NPS runs 802.1x authentication using the computer certs for auth. None of the aforementioned services share an operating system; each service has their own VM(s).
So, in the late 2010s when disabling SMBv1 was a priority because of then-recent vulnerabilities, I disabled SMBv1 on all my clients and servers, but apparently not my domain controllers. If I remember correctly, I tried disabling it on the DCs too, but that broke GPO, so I reverted. Back then, I wasn't running 802.1x, but the CA server was there. Last week, I run a vulnerability scanning tool against my AD, which reveals that SMBv1 is enabled on the DCs. Ugh, gotta fix that...
I read up on disabling SMBv1 on domain controllers, and the guides suggested enabling auditing for it and waiting to see what the logs show what is trying to use it. Turns out, I had already done that years ago, and the logs showed only my recent vulnerability scanning. So, disabling SMBv1 should be simple...but it wasn't. Shortly after I disable SMBv1 on all the DCs by removing the Windows feature, I start getting reports that users aren't able to connect to the protected wifi, then users can't auth hardwired either.
I check the NPS server logs, and find that auth is failing with 1 of 2 errors: either the certificate is invalid, or "Authentication failed due to a user credentials mismatch. Either the user name provided does not map to an existing user account or the password was incorrect." The only thing that was changed was disabling SMBv1, so I rushed to re-add the feature to all of the DCs, but that didn't seem to help things, at least for a while. After banging my head against the wall for 3-ish hours, clients started to slowly successfully authenticate. Now, 95% of authentications are working again, except for a few that error out with the "does not map to an existing user account" error in the radius event viewer.
Now, none of this makes sense to me. Windows CA, as far as I know, has nothing to do with SMB, much less v1. Neither does NPS. So, what happened that disabling an archaic and insecure protocol caused the world to crumble? Those event logs have been collecting data for years and the only entries were directly from things I purposefully initiated. I'm so annoyed with myself for creating such a huge outage for my users and a massive headache for myself, but I don't know what I could have done better.
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2023.03.28 01:32 Sunsh0t The nerf to molly passive and the state of siege

Hey everyone, I’m Sun/Sunshot from the guild R.E.D on global server and am writing this following a disappointing patch from a siege perspective. For reference, I’ve been playing top siege for several years now and credit myself as being a pretty strong offense player - holding a 96% wr last season with most of my losses being drunk siege into some g2 guild. I adore the game-mode and my friends and guildies that I’ve made through it are a large part of why I still play. I know that the views I express here are shared by many other siege players but of course can’t claim to speak for everyone and am open to discussion in the comments.
Generally speaking, siege is pretty neglected by Com2us and I’m aware that what I’m discussing is only a small part of the problem. Top players often beg for shorter tower timers, for instance. Matchmaking allowing you to pull the same guild over and over again and the points system being so close together that in early season you can drop from rank 10 to g1 are also clear design flaws on Com2us’s end. The combination of 2v1s and close proximity of points makes the week before tourney chaos too - how, for instance, did my guild end one season rank 1 and the next rank 48 with an improved roster. I think that this neglect is odd given the importance of the game-mode:
  1. Monetary perspective for com2us - many of the biggest whales in the game are siege players - if you want 5 mirinaes, 7 leos etc it’s not happening f2p. The pressure from feeling like you need to keep up with your guild also incentivises people to spend more
  2. Siege also keeps many people playing the game. It gives people something twice a week to prepare for and most importantly creates communities which players become too attached to to quit sw. This also of course leads to more revenue in the long run.
I’m sure that com2us recognise this and I doubt that they’d even have tourney skins etc if they didn’t but I think without the perspective of having played competitive siege it’s difficult for them to determine what exactly is wrong with the game-mode. At times too, it feels like the top 10 siege community is an isolated bubble of its own within the game. We saw for instance recently the viewer voted nat 4 tier list on Jewbagel’s channel - probably a decent reflection of the average player’s opinions - opinions that are laughably bad to any tryhard siege player when some of the strongest offense units in the game are in C and D tier. This in turn makes balancing siege incredibly difficult with metas being dramatically different even between low g3 and high g3 (let alone g1), especially with the need to consider the rta ramifications of the changes. This brings me to the main thing that I wanted to discuss, which is the nerf to molly and how it exacerbates one of siege’s largest issues - the continuous increase in offense WRs and the reduction in viable defense options.
Molly’s nerf:
Most people will be aware of how molly was nerfed. Essentially the glancing part of her passive no longer works on herself, making her no longer viable on siege defense due to the widespread nature of single target snipe teams. Before, a player could be clever and attempt to trap this sort of team through running a heavy -dark ,triple hp, tick 6 molly in hopes that 1 bethony arrow would glance and she’d barely survive and heal up on nem. This would usually lead to a loss for the offense as Odin would fail to stack or Cov/Claire etc would be forced to risk the 15%. You also of course had the 2.25% chance of a double glance in which case the def would instantly win. This trap along with various swift traps that guilds tried (rakan, sagar, LM etc) gave the potential for the def to still win in the face of strong offense units like bethony.
This also allowed for creativity for the def theory crafter and the feeling that you were one step ahead of the offense player, winning due to a well crafted team rather than simply bullshit rng. Now this trap only works if paired with manon as single target snipe teams into molly defs don’t even require bethony any more and all attempts at making a 4* def with molly will get endlessly farmed by cov, taru, copper etc.
Even though molly is way less used on def nowadays than she once was, I think it’s understandable that people are happy that her lengthy reign has come to an end. The same could be said though about manon finally being a unit that checks bolv mo long/ lusha Arnold types of comps which have dominated forever, but instead of complaining about these offenses, people complained instead about one of the few things stopping them. My issue basically lies with the fact that this nerf has come in a long chain of com2us making offense easier and easier while in turn making fewer and fewer def units viable. I think fewer people would take issue with this if they had also nerfed some offense units, besides from neph who’s still a free win anyways.
Kinki getting continually less viable:
I feel like a strong example of this phenomenon is the continuous weakening of kinki as a def option. On release, kinki was a difficult unit to deal with on defense across all ranks. This was a good thing, however, and forced players to innovate, making units such as hanra, chacha and Logan staples of any siege player’s box when they were previously unused. Instead of rewarding innovation, com2us instead nerfed kinki multiple times, buffed half the units in the game to guarantee crit, made Mimirr HoH and made it way easier to get dupe tesas. Some of these were certainly net positives for the game, but all combined dramatically reduced the viability of one of the few counters to lushen and single target snipe.
The role of monte (and fei to a lesser extent)
I also find it interesting that com2us would chose to nerf molly rather than monte, if they wanted to tone down Nat 4 siege and assume that this has more to do with her impact in rta as well as siege. Monte is easily the strongest siege def ld4 at the moment with a kit that does basically everything and only shit base stats keeping him in line. That being said, monte like LM or kinki before him has forced players to expand their boxes and to theorycraft, which in turn has lead to def innovation - think despair monte, fat -water monte, swift monte with vio eshir etc.
Ultimately, there is a counter to every defense and players being forced to innovate and build weird tech is where much of the fun of the gamemode is derived from, rather than com2us simply nerfing the problematic unit. The issue is that this same level of innovation can rarely take place in terms of defense as there are simply too many overtuned counters in the game that rule out the vast majority of units from being viable def options. Instead def innovation revolves around traps but with offense units like windy that you can really trap, you’re forced to come up with a new defense entirely rather than theorycrafting different ways to build the same defense. I remember my Odin bethony losing to a swift Dominic pushing back my Bastet in world guild war and thinking of how clever and unexpected of a trap that was. With oppressive offense units we get fewer moments like this with potential to outsmart the opponent and the gamemode becomes less fun and increasingly rng heavy.
The oppressive strength of counters:
For fear of this getting too long, I’m not going to touch on every single offense unit that I think needs a nerf. In a similar sense to certain units having heavy draft pressure in rta, many siege counters eliminate the viability of possible defense combinations completely. I strongly believe that units like songseol that counter something very specific and force the offense player to expand their box in a creative way are far more healthy for the game than a unit like windy that counters an entire element.
Windy needs to go - every season anyone that’s every tried to design a map complains about him. They can double rakan’s multipliers and he’ll still be bad on defense as long as windy exists. The same thing is true for 95% of the fire units in the game. You can’t have fire units on def because of windy but can’t just have watewind/ld units in most circumstances because you’ll get lushened. This is where molly/kinki become so important. He’s just a terribly designed unit but I get the feeling that com2us would rather make some defense viable fire ignore def unit (maybe even ezio) to counter him than give him the nerf that he deserves.
This is potentially a less popular opinion, but I also think that Covenant’s s3 multiplier needs to be nerfed to where he’s difficult to use without atk buff. This would further open up defense options by preventing the use of 2 very oppressive offense archetypes - dog rat gun and mihyang/susano booster cov, while still allowing him to be viable in single target snipe teams, dog bird gun, cov Bastet lushen, Jamire homie cov etc. Viva owners can just use Claire instead too. Julie and Lushen will never get touched due to pve implications and I doubt racuni and tesa would due to rta, but it’s pretty clear that without even mentioning 2A’s, there are some really oppressive easily obtainable options. This isn’t to say that I think they should all be nerfed or that I want only p2w offenses to be viable (I’ll discuss those too) but it’s more that I think com2us should be of the mindset that they should want players to innovate and find units like songseol that are good into a specific def archetype rather than abuse the same few units that counter half the defs in the game.
This is of course not only an issue with f2p counters. Given how long the game has been around, people are starting to have an increased number of premium dupes, which worsens this problem. I don’t think they should or ever will start gutting mirinae, bolverk, Leo, feng, bethony etc but they certainly shouldn’t let all of these units exist in the state that they do while continuously nerfing def options at the same time. As fun as a lot of these units are to use and as easy and quick as they make siege for us, I think it’s probably time to acknowledge that they need to be met with equally oppressive defense options.
Of course, I don’t know entirely how this patch will play out, and I’m thankful that manon, monte etc at least exist so that defs aren’t in a completely dire state with the molly nerf. That being said, I really hope that com2us are more open to the idea of nerfing siege offense units in the future and balancing offense against defense along similar lines to balancing turn 2 with respect to turn 1 in rta.
TLDR: Com2us continually allow siege offense to grow stronger while nerfing def units, damaging the fun and competitive nature of the game mode.
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2023.03.28 00:29 chazkaze For Tom and The Flank

How I see it.
You - The Point Guard, QB, person who leads the directions of The Flank. The Boss. The life of the party. Absolutely need to mediate but loves the carnage which the community loves. I honestly wish you would talk more. It’s just unfortunate you got others that talk a little too much.
Ben - Your partner in crime. Constantly disrespected, it’s honestly sad. Makes people that don’t play CoD not want to watch because it’s almost like a “if you ain’t been here, you shouldn’t be talking” and this is about a VIDEO GAME, like bro what? Imma be honest it don’t take that much to understand it on a pro level, it’s just your gameplay might not be pro level, but your mind is.
Parasite - The brains of the whole show imo. Chris is a genuine genius of a player when it comes to CoD and I always love seeing it when Tom backs him up in his point as two great minds come together, it’s truly great to see. Probably the most knowledgeable when it comes to the current climate and stat of the league, game, and map/modes.
Aches - He is a hater and always has the most off takes. HOWEVER, THIS IS NEEDED. There was no Stephen a without Skip Bayless. You need someone to have a different opinion when it comes to tops like teams and the state of the league, etc. The memes keep the CoD scene relatable for viewers new to cod. He always argues with everyone which keeps the debates watchable for everyone. Even if you don’t like his takes or don’t like his points that he has. His hating and takes are absolutely needed. If everyone all agreed the show would be simply boring.
Thoughts on my analysis?
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2023.03.27 20:39 arch_202 2023-03-27 - Stream Summary Thread

This is a automatic summary bot in beta.
I have always liked the idea of having a summary of each stream, since i'm not always able to watch the whole stream and the VODs are a committment to watch in entirity.
The way this works: the script watches 3 minutes of the stream at a time, and transcribes the audio for the segment. It then runs each transcript through an LLM to have it generate a summary. It then creates a post (with this boilerplate initial summary text) and adds the summary for the first segment of the stream. It will then wait 15 minutes, then watch another 3 minutes of the stream, and update the post with a new summary.
Some issues i'm having so far: the transcripts are not speaker aware, so sometimes the summaries are a bit... flawed. I'd like to use speaker diarization to label Hasan's speach vs any content they're reacting to, but i'm new to programming what i'm finding is that is not an easy task. The other issue is finding the right way to prompt the LLM to get the summaries to sound appropriate/helpful. I haven't found a consistent way to prompt it to assign correct speaker lables, so sometimes the "reaction" content is attributed incorrectly to Hasan or vice versa. I think I have it now so that it just summarizes what is being discussed without attributing sentiment one way or another, but it's a work-in-progress.
Anyway, if this is an unwelcome post please let me know and I can take it down. Please don't ban me! I'll update this post with periodic summaries of topics covered.
11:36AM - 11:39AM PDT: They are discussing a story about a foreign agent for China, the importance of installing a mobile safety fence around pools to keep puppies safe, Google Maps showing a shooting near them, and a meme for a blast off. They also ask for a crime video from Sunny V2 and the "Stupidest Criminals of All Time".
11:54AM - 11:57AM PDT: They are discussing the San Bernardino shooting, which was committed by a couple, and the I Hate Mondays girl, Brenda Spencer. The speaker is critical of Matt Walsh for implying that only men commit cruel and violent acts, and mentions that there is no precedent for this kind of violence from trans women. They also discuss the shirt Hasan is wearing, which is from an Australian brand called Xanarob, and is about 10 years old. They then discuss the fire department's response to active shooter incidents, which includes a rescue task force.
12:13PM - 12:16PM PDT: They are discussing the University of Alabama Huntsville shooting in the 1980s, where a woman named Brenda shot and killed three people and injured eight children. They are also discussing a GOP congressman who was accused of lying on his resume and using $25,000 of funds for a child burial garden. Lastly, they are discussing the prevalence of mass shootings in America, noting that nothing is unique in this regard.
12:32PM - 12:35PM PDT: They are discussing the need for better treatment of prisoners and the root causes of crime. Poverty is identified as a major factor in creating a cycle of crime and the need for stricter gun laws is highlighted. It is also noted that harsher punishments are not necessarily the best deterrent for crime and that certain crimes, such as those related to antisocial personality disorder, may not be fully eradicated.
12:50PM - 12:53PM PDT: They are discussing the January 6th insurrection and how it has caused the Republican Party infrastructure to no longer support Astro turf protests in the same way it did. They also note that there is a shortage of flex fit hat wearing bearded guys due to the lack of outrage cycle and the focus on trans people's rights and children's genitalia.
01:09PM - 01:12PM PDT: They are discussing the need to use every tool in the fight for justice, and the power of legislative aides and grassroots activists to permeate the force field of lobbyists and moneyed interests. They are also discussing the Republican strategy of using culture wars and wedge issues to campaign against Democrats, and the need for Democrats to respond effectively.
01:27PM - 01:30PM PDT: They are discussing how identity politics can be used as a form of bait to get people angry, and how this is not an effective way of addressing real black grievances. They argue that the real conversation should be about material restitution for the harms done to black people in the country.
01:46PM - 01:49PM PDT: They are discussing American culture, racism, and how it is weaponized by liberals and reactionaries. They then move on to discussing fascism and how it is rooted in delusion. Lastly, they discuss the deepening turmoil in Israel over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's move to limit the independence of the country's Supreme Court, which has led to weeks of protests.
02:05PM - 02:08PM PDT: They are discussing the likelihood of Palestinians getting their land back and the possibility of an independent Kurdish state. It is unlikely that Palestinians will get their land back, but an independent Kurdish state would be more likely, though it would be difficult due to the reactions of countries in the region. Hasanabi does not support a two-state solution, but instead is a one-stater.
02:23PM - 02:26PM PDT: They are discussing how the Erdogan regime and Israel both employ oppressive tactics against their respective populations. In particular, Erdogan has been known to use violence to suppress Kurdish populations, while Israel has been known to oppress Palestinians. They argue that many liberal citizens of Israel are beginning to recognize the mistreatment of Palestinians and are speaking out against it, but not out of concern for Palestinians, but out of concern for their own safety and security.
02:42PM - 02:45PM PDT: They are discussing the Israeli government's decision to delay a reform to weaken Israel's Supreme Court, which has resulted in massive protests across the country. They also discuss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to grant convicted terror criminal Itamar Ben Gavir a private militia, which is being referred to as a 'national guard'.
03:00PM - 03:03PM PDT: They are discussing the leader of the Otsma Yehudit, or Jewish Power Party, which was formed following the outlawing of Ka'ach. This leader is joined by the new finance minister Bezalel Smotrich, who is leader of the religious Zionist party. Smotrich is known for his controversial views.
03:19PM - 03:22PM PDT: They are discussing the Mega Strike in Germany, where two powerful unions are combining their forces to bring the country to a standstill. This has caused disruption to transportation, with planes, trains, ferries, buses, and trams all being cancelled. The unions are demanding pay increases of 10.5% and 12%, which is a high demand. The BBC is being criticized for taking a right-wing stance against labor movements.
03:37PM - 03:40PM PDT: They are discussing the ongoing strikes and protests in France, which have caused blockages in waste processing plants, violent confrontations between environmental protesters and riot police, and a tenth day of strikes and protests planned for the 28th of March. Fundraising to help the strikers has been successful, with over 4 million euros collected through donations. The American bias towards the Hong Kong protests is also discussed.
03:56PM - 03:59PM PDT: They are discussing the differences between France and the United States of America, including infrastructure and labor conditions. The speaker expresses that France has better infrastructure and Japan has worse labor conditions than the United States. The speaker also suggests that working more hours is not an issue.
04:15PM - 04:18PM PDT: They are discussing the idea of a company-controlled town, where the families living there must produce a product for the company. This is seen as a step backwards and there is concern that people in the community could become indentured servants with no way to leave. Additionally, it is noted that people on work visas could be laid off and have to leave the country in a month. Right wingers are criticized for not learning about working conditions in the 1800s and for wanting to return to that system.
04:33PM - 04:36PM PDT: They are discussing the accusations made against Jonathan Majors, with some people believing the victim and others questioning the recanting of the written testimony. They are also discussing how Marvel may be protecting their main villain, and the possibility of recasting their franchise if the accusations are true.
04:52PM - 04:55PM PDT: They are discussing the misgendering of a trans man by news outlets. It is suggested that this misgendering is unintentional, as many news outlets have a policy to not misgender people. The name of the perpetrator has been released, but it is believed to be a dead name. Fox News is criticized for its anti-trans propaganda.
05:10PM - 05:13PM PDT: They are discussing the latest and greatest news regarding trans rights and how being transphobic is a mental illness. They also talk about the gender of a particular individual, suggesting that they are a trans man. They encourage the viewer to subscribe to the channel for free.
05:29PM - 05:32PM PDT: They are discussing the concept of "full-terf ascension," which is the idea of becoming trans without realizing it. They suggest that transvestigation of oneself is the only way to determine if one is trans, and the only way to overcome this is to not be transphobic.
05:48PM - 05:51PM PDT: They are discussing how colonial superpowers have kept certain nations behind and the consequences of this, including higher child mortality and lower life expectancy. They also discuss how modernization in China has driven down birth rates and not translated to an equally strong economy for everyone. They note that many have not benefited from the modernization, especially in rural areas, and the argument of China collapsing is a funny one.
06:07PM - 06:10PM PDT: They are discussing Logan Paul, a preteen who began making videos and uploading them to YouTube. He and his younger brother, Jake, started a couple joint channels, Zoosh and L dog and J slice, and Logan eventually launched his own channel, Logan Paul. Logan became popular by creating six second clips on Vine and had over 40 million active users by August 2013. He currently has 23 million subscribers.
06:26PM - 06:29PM PDT: They are discussing how Hassan Abiy's life has changed since 2017, including his fashion, hairline, and salary. They also talk about Logan Paul, modern medicine, and the effect of money.
06:44PM - 06:47PM PDT: They are discussing a YouTuber who caused a controversy by making a video in a forest. Despite the scandal, the YouTuber was still successful and tried to make an attempt to give the spotlight to people with a closer connection to the subject. However, he made headlines again for tasering a rat corpse and made fun of his reputation as a controversial YouTuber in a bizarre Fox News interview. He was struggling with his finances and was scared of the beginning of the end. The speaker is critical of the YouTuber's immaturity and believes it will take a while for him to rebuild his reputation.
07:03PM - 07:06PM PDT: They are discussing the situation where Mike allegedly killed someone and advertised Zinkdoink. Chat is trying to make Mike out to be a bad guy and justify their bias. Ethan asked him about Zinkdoink and the conversation moved on.
07:22PM - 07:25PM PDT: They are discussing Logan Paul's attitude and how it needs to shift in order to be more acceptable. They also discuss Crypto Zoo's launch day which resulted in people who paid with Ethereum being unable to open the eggs they had purchased.
07:41PM - 07:44PM PDT: They are discussing how right-wing extremists reacted to a mass shooting committed by a trans man, preventing the streamer from playing video games.
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2023.03.27 20:02 kaatalystic seed suggestions for creative mode ?

hi ! i want to practice building ( because I mostly just use tutorials ) and i’m looking for a seed that would satisfy my needs. i use Bedrock but from my understanding it doesn’t matter much from a biome perspective ?
ideally, i would enjoy having all ( or almost ) main biomes in proximity or close, given the palette changes. i don’t have any projects in mind. by main biomes, i mean : — forest and/or plains ( ideally both ) — jungle — pine forest OR taiga — snowy biome, mountains preferred — at least ONE mountain of any height/kind — desert — badlands — ocean or water — savannah
optional ( at least in proximity ) — dark forest — swamp — somewhere with a river — frozen ocean — lush cave — mangrove swamp — an island of any kind
by proximity — ideally, I could fit everything in 9 maps ( or less )
but alternatively, i am VERY OPEN to hearing about your personal favorite seeds for creative or building purposes !
anyway, just share the seed and i’ll use a seed viewer to look at it. thank you so much !
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2023.03.27 19:22 raredontstare Reddit helps brighten the day of a Holocaust Survivor.

I am NOT OP. Original post by deleted account on AskReddit
trigger warnings: holocaust

My stepdad's 87y.o. mother is a Holocaust survivor who spends her days mourning her lost family and friends. She has been very depressed lately and I was hoping some random strangers could send her some cards to brighten her day!
ORIGINAL POST - 14th November 2010
Anne was born in Poland. When she was 16 she was forced into the Warsaw ghetto where she spent the next 4 years. When the ghetto was closed, she was sent to 2 different concentration camps before she was liberated by the Russian army. Although 4 of her siblings survived, her parents, 2 sisters, grandparents, and many other relatives were killed. She and her siblings eventually came to the United States and made new lives for themselves. She married and had 3 children. Sadly, she lost her 27 year old daughter in a tragic accident. Anne is now 87…she can no longer drive due to poor vision and hearing and is feeling isolated and lonely at home. Much of her day is spent thinking about the past and mourning her lost family and friends. It would be so awesome if some wonderful strangers could fill her mailbox with letters of encouragement and love.
Thanks for considering this!
Edit: Just to clarify, the address above is my stepdad's business address and he and my mom will be checking out the cards before they give them to her. =p
Second Edit: Thanks so much everyone for the tremendous response on this post! I'm fairly sure we'll be getting more mail than we can handle so I removed the address and related info... We will be sure to post a follow-up ASAP! Thanks again! =)

UPDATE - 29th December 2010
All in all, we received 58 postcards, drawings, gifts, and letters from all over the world. Click here to check out the Google Map
Some of the most memorable include:
There were so many kind and wonderful sentiments expressed in the letters and cards...it brought tears to all of our eyes...truly incredible.
Anne was totally amazed, she couldn't believe complete strangers would care enough about her to send her these things. Anne never learned to write English very well, so she really couldn't reply the way she would have liked. She said to please thank everyone so much for their kindness and warm wishes.
This is what Reddit is all about, you guys are amazing. Thank you again from the bottom of my family's hearts.

Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.27 17:56 garygucci Thoughts on Expo/Fortress

Ive seen pros saying they dont want Expo over Fortress and teams wont even scrim LAT on it. Imo any team that wants to keep fortress DOES NOT want to win bad enough. How tf can you be willing to give the other team free round wins and give them basically a 50% chance to win? This shit is an absolute joke and these teams are honestly sad for that if theyre just banking on that map to bail them out. And think about the viewers, nobody wants to watch a spawn trap for a whole map, its boring.
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2023.03.27 17:28 WhiteleafArts Does anyone know why my views/impressions on any given video tank a few days after publishing?

For context, I’m a small channel who’s amassed just about 500 subs over the course of a few years, but i don’t post often so i don’t have a lot of returning viewers.
But, when i post a video, it’s very common for it to get ~500 views within the first 3 days or so, and then after that, it completely tanks. The impressions completely slow down to a crawl, so i know it’s not just my CTR. The impressions drop almost to zero.
And 90% of the views i do get are from YouTube recommendations, or browse features. So it’s not like people are LOOKING for my video, they just happen to stumble across it.
Any idea why my videos don’t maintain solid views or even impressions after the first few days? Why they just completely drop off the map?
Here are screenshots just so you get a better idea of what I’m saying: https://imgur.com/a/lwJSyrZ
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2023.03.27 17:07 Mr_Binghamton Isaac Anzaroot - Binghamton's #1 Slumlord

Isaac Anzaroot - Binghamton's #1 Slumlord
I have spent a fair amount of time gaining a better understanding of the scope of Isaac Anzaroot’s web of real estate. Given his recent mentions in the news (Iconic Building Deemed Unfit for Habitation & Masonic Temple Redevelopment Project Underway) I feel obligated to share my findings. As these findings are admittedly incomplete and may contain errors, I invite further input as I continue this investigation.
The general observed consensus is that Anzaroot, a Brooklyn-based developer with a network of properties in the Greater Binghamton Area, is not well liked. Neighbors report he is not a good steward of his properties, many of which fall under AJEM Group LLC and Monaco Construction. Contractors have unfavorable business dealings with him. Former business partners have severed ties. Anzaroot has continued to evict tenants from his properties for non-payment despite the eviction moratorium. He is pervasive in his refusal to make repairs upon request or uphold any semblance of regular property maintenance. One can only imagine the conditions that his tenants have to live in.
With the help of others, and the Broome County Parcel Mapper, a publicly accessible tool, we have found the following:
Map of Isaac Anzaroot Properties (link to interactive map above)
In 2018, Broome County & The Agency sold the EJ Victory building to Isaac for $250,000 when he promised to build a $50 million senior housing facility. Following the sale there was some examination into his web of real estate. Alas, the building sat for two years before he then sold it for $1.2M to a Syracuse based developer.
Despite what we've found, Isaac Anzaroot is still permitted to continue his operations in the Greater Binghamton Area. He continues to do business with the City and County. He continues to dictate the future of historic buildings. He continues to decay and deteriorate our neighborhoods. He continues to damage both the human and economic health of our community.
Anzaroot, though a detriment to our community in his own right, is a clear symptom of a much larger problem; our leadership's lack of action. We need meaningful measures put in place to address our housing crisis and to hold the predatory nature of a number of landlords in our area accountable. Repeated efforts and suggestions have been put forth by our community, the Broome County Safe Housing Task Force and by the CNY Fair Housing Analysis. Despite this exhaustive research, our leadership continues to fail to act on our behalf, instead choosing to favor the harmful actions of landlords such as Anzaroot through inaction.
If you would like to take action against Anzaroot and the pervasive slumlords throughout Binghamton, this is what I would encourage.
  • Share this information with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers etc. to raise awareness of the problem
  • Bring this info to your representatives and demand action. Legislators, City Council
  • If you have more information about Isaac Anzaroot that you'd like to share, or have questions - email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Updates 6/25:
  • Masonic Temple is listed for nearly $2 Million on 5/24. WBNF reported the listing 6/24. Most important thing to noted here is that earlier in May, Anzaroot had a statement that he was "really excited" about the project. Why the sudden change of heart? Was this part of the plan all along?
  • 24 Clarke Street, another AJEM Group LLC property is deemed unfit for habitation after a fire on 6/14. This is the second Anzaroot property in two months to be condemned. This is following repeated fires on 22 Clarke Street, also Anzaroot owned.
  • Galaxy Brewing Company files lawsuit against Isaac Anzaroot, Alan Anzaroot, AJEM Group LLC, and AJ Conrad Group LLC on 6/17 for $1.5 Million in damages. Discussed here. Documents link. This is related to the Titchener development project on Clinton St. that never got off the ground.
  • Lastly, the Urban League building on 45 Carroll St. has been listed for sale at $999,000 on 6/15/2021. This is following the purchase on 2/14/2020 for $270,000.
Updates 6/26:
  • 95 Court St. is listed for sale at $4 Million, WBNG article.
  • Following the Galaxy Brewing Lawsuit, our very own u/crackmethisnut has researched the history of legal battles surrounding Isaac and Alan Anzaroot. So far 25 lawsuits have been discovered. Primarily, battles between contractors/developers. Also, they've been inclined to sue local municipal tax assessors on 3 different occasions.
Update 7/5/21:
  • 191 Front St parcels listed for sale. $2,000,000. Purchased 8/21/2019 for $400,000. On 2/18/2020 it was announced that the there were plans to bring a $20M housing development to the site (article).
Update 7/13/21:
  • Binghamton Bridge publishes a letter from a concerned citizen about Anzaroot. References other failed projects. Suggests legal actions that might be an option.
Update 7/20/21:
  • Isaac threatens to demolish the 95 Court St. building because no one has offered to buy it yet (article) (discussion).
Update 7/22/21:
  • 95 Court St cannot be demolished given it's historic landmark status. (article)(discussion)
Update 8/3/21:
  • Former Vestal Nursing Home is listed for sale at $5.5 Million. Purchased for $120,000 in 2015. Lots of lofty promises were made. (more info)
Update 8/9/21:
  • Gallery "homeless" after being ordered out of downtown building. (article)
Update 9/16/21:
  • Jared Kraham names Isaac Anzaroot Binghamton's most notorious slumlord (video, source article)
Update 1/27/22:
Update 3/15/22:
  • City provides funding to YWCA to purchase 45 Carrol St. Previously housed the Urban League.
Update 3/21/22:
  • Multiple Anzaroot properties destroyed by arson. reddit post
Update 5/9/22:
Update 5/13/22:
Update 9/22/22: Some Anzaroot properties are in receivership being managed by Sall Associates.
Update 9/23/22: Afify files lawsuit against Anzaroots for lack of payment on mortgage.
Update 10/7/22: Plan to turn Vestal Nursing Home into Senior Housing still on
Update 1/10/23: Trial to being for man dubbed ‘most notorious slumlord’
Update 1/11/23: Anzaroot Trial - Pays $1750 fine
Update 2/20/23: Galaxy Brewing Property and Equipment for sale
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2023.03.27 12:50 mitrerapport ‘People will be disturbed’: Steve McQueen on airing his Grenfell film

‘People will be disturbed’: Steve McQueen on airing his Grenfell film
Exclusive: Director says it is finally time to screen haunting footage as community awaits inquiry findings
Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent Mon 27 Mar 2023 06.00 BST
The Oscar-winning film director Steve McQueen is to finally show his unflinching film of the burnt-out ruin of Grenfell Tower, which he hopes will help the push for justice before the sixth anniversary of the disaster.
The 24-minute film, Grenfell, was shot from a helicopter in December 2017, shortly before the charred tower in west London was wrapped in white plastic. Without words or music, McQueen’s camera relentlessly circles the council block, often at close quarters, allowing viewers to see into rooms where people died and white-suited forensic investigators sifting evidence.
The project, which has involved extensive consultation with the bereaved, survivors and neighbours, comes as the community waits for the findings of the public inquiry – which started almost five years ago – and to hear whether police will recommend criminal prosecutions that may bring about the jail terms many want.
“You must understand that the violence that was inflicted on that community was no joke,” McQueen said in an exclusive Guardian interview before the film is exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery, London, from 7 April to 10 May. “I didn’t want to let people off the hook. There are going to be people who are going to be a little bit disturbed. When you make art, anything half decent … there are certain people you will possibly offend. But that is how it is.”
The film can be harrowing. Its repetitive contemplation of the burnt-out block simmers with unspoken rage. It is also a politically charged reminder of the extreme destruction that still sits within the shrouded block while no person, nor company, has been punished for their role in the 72 deaths.
The film begins high above suburban fields, woodlands, sports pitches and avenues of interwar housing.
“I wanted to put the building in perspective of our everyday [life],” McQueen said. “It’s not isolated. That is important because you [the viewer] put it in the perspective of yourself.”
McQueen “sat on” the film after it was shot because “it couldn’t have been shown within three or four years [of the disaster].” But still not everyone will want to see it. One person whose relative died on an upper floor said they would not watch the whole film but supported its public display.
“It’s more for them to see [Grenfell] standing there, the way it is with the world going on around it,” they said.
Ed Daffarn, who escaped from his 16th-floor flat, said: “Sitting there looking at [the tower] captured the pure violence of what was meted out to us by the perpetrators. It has come at a good time. We need Grenfell in the public consciousness.”
McQueen grew up in his early years on the nearby White City estate and said he felt compelled to make the film as soon as he heard that officials planned to wrap the tower in the months after the 14 June 2017 blaze.
“It was almost like a race against time,” he said. “Once things are covered up, they are forgotten about, or it can be more convenient for people who want it to be forgotten about.”
He engaged community groups, including Grenfell United, and dropped leaflets through letterboxes. Some people were not yet ready to back his proposal, but they kept talking.
Eventually he took off in a helicopter from the north-west and flew towards the tower, directing the whole piece in a single shot.
Only birdsong, wind, cars and an aeroplane are heard. An emergency services siren breaks the peace, before the central London skyline appears. It is like poring over a map – a satisfying survey of an impressive civilisation. Then the charcoal black lattice of Grenfell appears and the soundtrack cuts to silence and the camera circles the tower for minute after minute. It is haunting and upsetting.
“It’s about the building and suspending it in time,” McQueen said. “And looking. Holding, holding, holding.”
Scraps of the cladding panels that burned like petrol are visible. Beams of sunlight hit the internal floors. In one flat sits a bathtub. Stacked in many flats are pink sacks filled with unidentified material. Absolute destruction fills the frame.
It is not a direct comparison, but McQueen brings up the decision made by Emmett Till’s mother that her 14-year-old son’s body should be displayed in an open casket, after he was lynched by racists in Mississippi in 1955. Mamie Till said “everybody needed to know what had happened”.
McQueen is certain of the causes of the Grenfell disaster.
“It was deliberate neglect,” he said. “It was no accident. There were so many people, so many companies, so many factors … It was all a deliberate act of neglect and, to a certain extent, greed.”
And the racial dynamic of what had happened to the majority ethnic minority people in the tower was immediately obvious him.
“You know the lay of the land, you know what the authorities are,” he said. “They are in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. People talk about what happened in [1959] when Kelso Cochrane, from Antigua, was murdered by the teddy boys [in the borough].”
The film comes as negotiations continue about what to do with the tower. Parts of the community are keen to keep at least some of the building as a reminder of the disaster and because it is effectively a burial ground. Others would prefer it to be demolished and replaced with a memorial such as a garden or museum. The film may prompt fresh appraisals of that dilemma.
Grenfell is just the latest of McQueen’s projects exploring festering injustices, from his Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave (2013) through to his Small Axe films (2020) for the BBC about the experience of London’s Caribbean immigrants. And he’s not going to get tired and stop.
“Tired? Oh my God no. It’s the reverse. It gives me energy. Justice gives me energy. Truth gives me energy … It needs to be shouted from the highest rooftops.”
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2023.03.27 09:41 TooDriven As a viewer, I am a bit split on Arabia

I know it's the OG tournament map. And it CAN produce amazing games that go into imp, with constant action.
However, I have to say it isn't my favorite as a main map for a tournament (eg in KotD. Obviously it will still be amazing and I'll watch it). There's just too much luck, randomness and little things that can decide the game.
Yes, that can result in a brilliant display of skill, but it can also be frustrating and disappointing as a viewer.
For example: a game is decided because player A microes his 5 archers a bit better and there's just no way to come back because the map is so open. Or: a tiny hole near a pond in a woodline results in 10 archers coming in, gg. Or: due to the openness of the map, the inability to wall, a castle age mangonel push just straight up wins. Or: player A has a bit better mechanics, so a BO5 ends 3-0 with 3 games over after 10 minutes (unlike closed maps where ACCM vs Yo can also take 2+ hours).
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2023.03.27 09:15 MicChiFRVR Build Contest #121 - Landscapes Revisited ($500 Prize Pool)

Build Contest #121 - Landscapes Revisited ($500 Prize Pool)
Hey everyone!
I'm proud to announce the one-hundred and twenty-first official building contest for Worlds FRVR. This contest is a bit different as we have decided to restrict the theme to only the landscapes themselves. This means that any man-made structures such as houses, buildings, etc. are not allowed to be built. As long as the submissions are otherwise related to landscapes, there is no limit to what can be created and submitted.
Enter now for a chance to win awesome prizes and glory!

Landscapes Revisited

  • 1st place: 250$, 200 Gems and Featured Level status
  • 2nd place: 125$, 100 Gems and Featured Level status
  • 3rd place: 75$, 100 Gems and Featured Level status
  • 4th place: 25$, 100 Gems and Featured Level status
  • 5th place: 25$, 100 Gems and Featured Level status
A PayPal account is required to accept the prize. The prizes will be transferred within 30 days of winning. The prize will only be paid to the submitter of the entry.

March 27th - April 9th


  • The completed map must be themed or else it will not be qualified for judging.
  • If any part of the map is found to have copied artwork from previous contest winners, it is instantly disqualified.
  • Any world type is allowed.
  • Once the world is submitted, you are allowed to make any kind of changes until the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, the world will be frozen and you will then be unable to edit your world.
  • The world must be public by the time it is submitted.
  • The name of the submission must match the name of the world ingame.
  • No texture packs will be used for judging.
  • All worlds must now be fully explored without enabling flight to viewers.
  • The artwork will be assessed and judged based on these specific criteria:
    • Playability (Easy to navigate, places to explore)
    • Quality of artwork (Level of detail, art style)
    • Originality (Creative interpretations of the theme)
  • If you need more worlds on your account, contact us through Discord or Reddit!
  • All rules and legal clauses can be found here.

Submissions will be made in this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOwrPSczvBEaUSOKA2DH_yGRUDwbcI-50FLLd7Nd-84WbXWw/viewform?usp=sf_link
Feel free to share your submission here on the official subreddit as a new post so that the whole community can admire it together!

If anyone has any questions or wants to try to find someone to team up with, feel free to post in the comments section of this thread or in our official Discord channel.
Don’t miss your chance to win great prizes, start creating by clicking the links below!
◆ Discord: https://discord.gg/WorldsFRVR
◆ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldsfrv
◆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldsfrvr
◆ Wiki: https://www.reddit.com/WorldsFRVwiki

Have fun!
MicChi Community Manager, Worlds FRVR
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2023.03.27 06:24 Environmental-Sir550 Computer shutting off

Has anyone had issues with lian li gpu and 24 pin strimers? My computer would just shut off as soon as I’d load up a match on cod or load the map on sons of the Forrest. I saw a kernal power 41 issue in the viewer so I took out both strimers and games are working perfectly fine except for some full screen stuff not really sure if it’s just my power supply spiking and that’s just to much load or a issue within the product.
submitted by Environmental-Sir550 to buildapc [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 03:18 Mr_Smigs Tales from the Game Table - Felt I could share my session notes as fiction

Figured I'd get people's opinion on if they're good notes... basically I'm keeping record of the sessions from NPC members of the platoon who were there for the sessions... that way I'm not putting thoughts in my players heads in the flashbacks/reviews for each session...Let me know what ya'll think._______________________________________________
D-10 … Orbital Palace Sarai
“So… It’s a dunghole?.... Sir.” Leutenent Falkirk was still getting used to his new position on the command staff.
“Which is saying a lot, coming from a man whose home world is so toxic he grew up wearing a mask…” Commisar Karrik was a fairly stoic fellow, unphased by the young officers lack of decorum. Clearing his throat he continued the briefing…
“As I was explaining,” Karrik made a sweeping gesture across the strategium making the globe on the surface spin wildly. “Kroma III, is a former deathworld. Exterminatus of the mega-flora would risk damaging the raw promethum found on the planet. So the knight house Tardif, support the Unrelenting Duty, last of the warlord titans dropped planetside to burn the planet clear. Their burns make the habitable zone covered in ash storms most of the year.“ Palm to the surface, the globe stopped spinning. On the display the two major northern continents were each partially visible… a red trail tracing east-west along the tropic where they joined in a narrow land bridge. Karrik traced his finger along the line, emphasizing it to the other staff at the table.“This treeline is the hold out of the native plantlife. It takes a year for the Unrelenting Duty to march the length pushing it back with plasma burns while the knights clean up and scour the land. We can expect no support from the titans as they insure everything south of this line stays ash..”
With a harsh stab ,Karrik selected one of the red dots on the continent, zooming in to show an expanded view. The strategium screen split to show a dual top, and side cut-away view of the hive city turned mine. The deep bowl in the earth was shown, centered around a set of 8 Hellbore Pylons. Archaeo-tech of the lost age cutting kilometers into the crust, and serving as great geothermal pumps.
“The cities are capped with durasteel branching out from these core pylons. Winds on the ash plains are too strong to allow any building more than 8 meters to stand for long. Ash harvesters clear the cap on a regular basis. We will not be able to land directly in any city. “
Marking out zones northeast and southwest of the main bowl, he zoomed in to the gateways on the upper level.
“The six major cities cut 20 to 30 levels deep, accessible by 8 gateways around the city. The Lord Castellan has decided we will drop 2 battalions on either side of each city at the minor gateways to breach and make access. Once inside you will be supported by local PDF to then make contact. You will be restricted to planetside vox systems once you land and will have to assess the local comms network once you establish control.”
A cough to his left bright a tight lipped grimace to Karriks jaw as his gaze to Falkirk again. The boy was rapidly scrolling though his data slate and the words came out without thinking, “We’re always in contact with command, that’s standard operations.”
“No.” Karrik growled it more than spoke. “The ash storms will black out all vox for more than a few hundred kilometers. Orbital communications are blocked whenever there is a storm. On the opening drops, each city will fire a volley from their macro-lance batteries to clear the cloud cover before we come in, and to send data bursts to the orbital palace. Once the coverage wraps, you’ll be on your own until you can link up with command. The division astropath will similarly be hampered. We don’t know why, but warn them before the drop, Harris.” Karrik fixed his stare on Captain Harris. The grizzled sack of flesh tried to meet his look for a moment before making a quick nod and a big gesture of adding a note to his data slate. Why a man who openly hated anything to do with psykers was assigned the battalion’s wyrdvane detachment is anyone’s guess. They probably wouldn’t survive this deployment.
“What of the enemy? What kind of resistance will they present?” Again with Falkirk’s questioning. Karrik took a moment to remind himself, snapping at the Lord Castellan’s grandson is no way to start a deployment.
“Mono, Deux, Tretia, and Quard are all under the control of the local PDF. This will not be a hot landing. We are dealing with cultists, not a reinforced battalion with artillery support.”
That was it. That was the moment Karrik “volunteered” himself for this damnable position. Orgryn management on the spearhead battalion. “If it was a simple drop into allied territory, he wouldn’t mind taking the first drop ship down.” Since the forward breachers always had the ogryn, it gave a fine opportunity to show how those Alpha Dragoon command skills could be put to use.
The whimper to his side shook the commissar out of his thoughts. A valkyrie of scion troopers could drop at twice this speed from near orbit without a whisper of doubt, but the three bullgryn chained to the wall in the chimera couldn’t help but make noise. The division tech priest had suggested a electroprod, and now it seemed like a better idea than Karrik’s usual chainsword.
The second jolt threw him against the belts and set the brutes whimpering again. The airway was supposed to be clear. With a quick tap, Karrik brought up coms to hear the flight squad report.
It was silent.
Heavy landers aren’t known for their graceful touch downs, but bone rattling collisions with the ground are not the norm. In the main bay tanks were blessed by the techpriest and signaled to start. As the landing ramp began to lower, fog thick ash clouds forced their way in. Then the bombardment began. Shelling rocking the lander hard.
“FORWARD” The digitized voice of Theta-Gamma cracked over coms, spurring the front unit of battle tanks on. With the implacable grip of a servo claw, the tech priest pulled himself to ride atop the last of the hellhound scout tanks.
The landing ramp was jammed halfway down after the last barrage, but was no resistance to the heft of the Leman Russ trio at the lead of the column. Over the coms, a binaric prayer to the machine spirits for forgiveness mimicked the scream of the front ramp collapsing. Forward into the clouds pushed the parade of armoured transports.
“Artillery barrage, sir. They seem to have zeroed in on the LZ.” Bryce watched as the command bridge of the lander crumpled under the explosive punishment. “Air retraction is no longer possible.”
“Earthshakers!” It was rumored that Lieutenant Haddon’s support specialist could tell the forgeworld of a cannon just by the sound it made while firing. From the beating the lander was taking, it sounded like Faedra was right.
Karrik listened patiently, there was nothing else he could do. It would take time to extricate the whole column, and Haddon had mere seconds to make the decision. In his head, Karrik poured over the limited map they had been given by the governor. Shifting ash made the trench-mines south an option, but would leave them isolated. Pushing forward to the city meant the risk that the enemy artillery might continue pounding them. When did the enemy get artillery, that wasn’t in the reports.
“FORWARD! To the city!” Haddon’s command was unsurprising to say the least. Karrik could even hear his driver pushing his engine to keep up with the headlong rush. This Razak Mobile infantry took their title with zeal that would make imperial priests jealous. “First into the Fire” indeed.
The barrage continued as the column moved forward. Through the lasarray viewers, Karrik saw one of the rearguard sentinels take a direct hit. In the middle of its loping stride, the gangly walker’s cockpit detonated in a brilliant fireball. For a brief moment, Karrik could see the grim faces of his ogryn guards clear as daylight, then nothing but a wad of smoke and steel crashed to the ground.
Still, the Razak line pushed on. Earth and ash churning under the weight of steel treads. The column was planned to aim north to the road, then follow its ramp down into the city… with a clack of his jaw may have cracked a tooth, Karrik felt the chimera drop steeply. Ramp-be-damned as the battalion took the two meter drop at full clip to get entrenched out of fire.
The coms net picked up again, full of static, but Haddon’s commands coming over the vox. Pacing spread out to avoid mixed hits from shells, and the loss of two sentinel walkers reported. When the squad sergeant was hit, one of the others missed the turn off and had fled the column. He reported the barrage had stopped when the battalion made the road, but was still being reprimanded for his flight. Another pilot would be assigned who was more reliable.
Curious, Karrik released his restraints to open the top hatch and take the observer position. Greeted with a steel-grey sky that churned like the sea overhead, the weight of the situation locked in. Mono’s service highway was cut like a ramp into the earth leading down. Already it towered six meters or so on either side and barely wide enough for two tanks to ride side by side. Thick, rough, ash had settled on the walls and road. It dusted the tanks that left black pressed trails behind. Like a pencil on a sheet of vellum, they’ll know right where we went.
Not that there were any choices where to go now.
Ahead, the gates to the city, if they could be called that, began to loom. The great durasteel disk that was the roof of the city, came to a sharp end. Girders gapped with mesh stood bare to the elements. They spanned the width of the road channel in a criss-crossed web of construction making a rough arch two stories tall. White hard sodium style lamps ran the channel and either side of the arch making everything sharp, and gray. No doors stood to block the road as a hive-city would have, instead the dust and ash everywhere whipped back in long slow bursts. Karrik raised his arm to block the sudden wind as his ride got within the blast zone, feeling the warmth coming from the city push through his jacket. As the ash that had settled along the roof of the chimera blew away, he had to wonder if this was an intentional design of the city, or a happy accident of the thermals produced by the great steel beast.
With a jerk, the column came to a halt. Over the microbead in his helm, Haddon sent out the order to spread and disembark, there was trouble ahead the tanks couldn’t deal with.
In the dark of the gate, flashes of light started to repeat back and forth. Hearing the ogryn sigh as they pushed to get out the rear gate, Karrik fished for his monocular to get a better look.Theta-gamma, his red robes billowing in the breath of the city, had taken point with first squad. Faedra was rushing to the rear, setting the hellhounds on her flanks for rear watch. Even the Lieutenant and his squad were on watch at the front, giving Karrik excuse enough to dismount and bring his boys at a brisk trot to catch up.
The problem became clear as Karrik made it to the command squad. Some kind of improvised trip mines had been strung across the roadway just at the end of the entry ramp inside the city proper. From the top of the ramp, the ruins were visible, heavy damage crumbled and shattered every wall in sight. Rooftops burned still in the distance, and only the same awful, pale light of the city street lights gave any illumination under the durasteel cap. Again those flashes of light danced in the distance and Karrik brought up his monocular. Las-fire trace between buildings ahead toward the city center.
Raising his hand to grab the Lieutenant’s attention, Karrik was suddenly pushed aside…“And Lo, Do I Strike at the Heretic!” The quarter ton of muscle and bone that made Gregori the rightful bodyguard of company command, slammed forward into the rear of First Squad, knocking two men aside. There was a pause as everyone looked to where he was pointing, before thunder struck.
Fire and smoke poured from the ruins left of the road, the flash casting silhouettes thrown by ogryns frag grenade. With a whine, white hot pain lanced across Karrik’s vision before the goggles photo filters kicked in to protect him from the multilaser’s firing. Without warning, the command chimera opened a door in the ruins of the second floor revealing the remains of a surprised pair of snipers, leaving them to clatter down the wrecked wall to the floor below.
Then came the chaos. With a howl and a cry “For the Lord of Stars!” auto-gun fire pelted the First Squad, even disrupting Gama-Theta from his work dismantling the road mines.
“Maveriks! TO THE WINDOWS!” Again, Karrik was surprised by Haddon’s aggression. While brutes formed up around the commisar, locking shields, the surprised First Squad found their feet quickly pushing straight at the enemy. Wild las-fire suppressed the windows while mono-knives found flesh as soldiers chipped and bleeding from the hail of enemy fire called in response, “TO THE WALLS!”
Karrik watched as the warmachine of the imperium took their ambushers to task. Theta-Gamma followed the call and set the pace of the advance. Kackling in binary, the tech-priest’s servo claw punched through ferrocrete wall and cultists alike. Gore erupted from the warrior’s remains like a ration tube, trapped beneath a tank tread. Still the Maveriks fought on. Las fire ceased as they put men to the knife. Heavy fire from the leading battletanks shredded potential sniper positions to reveal naught but the dead. The viciousness of the attack set the enemy on their heel, many began to panic and try to flee while caught, and crushed by ogrun and man alike.
“Maveriks! Occupy and Defend!” Haddon’s call caught Karrik’s attention, the Lieutenant was watching the opposite side of the street now. With the cultists in route, Karrik saw a few last flashes of lasfire from the building while First Squad quickly reversed stances, taking cover behind the very walls they had just purified in heretic blood.
Following Hadron’s gaze to the other side of the street, Karrik finally pushed past the ogryn wall. There, half crouched, and slack jawed, stood men of the Kroma Light. “Whitecaps” the locals called them, according to reports. Now the Maveriks saw why. Where the Razak Mobile donned somber colors, black for the mourning of the 198th, green for the new beginning of the 199th, the Kroma Light was a parade of color. Polished gold pauldrons shining on sky blue jackets were accented with white webbing and almost luminescent kepi caps. The Kroma’s sergeant signaled his men to stand down with a wave of his sword, making them stand at attention, but not shoulder their weapons.
“Kroma Light?” Lieutenant Hadron had pulled his mask to be heard clearly, “We are the 199th Razak Mobile, your reinforcements. We need billeting, and a place to check our hardware.”
… D + 1.
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