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2023.03.20 22:27 WhitneyJames Hi, I just received this text from our realtor. For context, our home is on the market and we live out of state. (So we can’t be there, and trust him with the sale of our home) Am I right in being just bothered and upset by this message from my realtor?

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2023.03.20 22:27 Jaggedfeathers AITA for asking my dad about his lies about my real family?

Hi, I'm an18 year old female and I live with my adoptive dad.
My dad adopted me when my parents abandoned me, I don't remember why and I have always had trouble remembering why and any details about my real parents. My adoptive dad is actually my uncle and my parents apparently had no problem handing me over.
My dad has always told me about my parents, talking about the horrible things they used to do to me, like locking me in the trunk of their car and driving me around with a seatbelt and I started to despise them for it, I don't remember it but I wanted to believe my dad. But some days ago my big sister has tried reaching out to me, telling me that she has a room available if I want to live with her and go to college, which I'm not allowed to. My sister is 31 and I told her I'd rather live with my dad and that she abandoned me like our parents did, and that she was always their favorite. She acted shocked and told me that's not what happened, she then started talking about all these things that just confused me. That our parents were forced to sign over custody to him because otherwise I would've been placed in foster care, my parents have done some odd things.
This made me start questioning my dad and he shut me down, saying things that made my sister look really bad. It made me feel bad for even asking him and he hasn't talked to me for a few days now, I desperately want him back and I feel horrible without him. We used to have these cuddle sessions where we would sit on the couch and hug and cuddle. I want his love but he won't give it to me anymore. I don't know what to do. Please help me, I don't have any friends and I don't go to school, I was homeschooled all my life, my dad was the only one I ever had.
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2023.03.20 22:27 MiamisLastCapitalist Comicstorian wants to know why people hated Cantwell's run. Shall we let him know? :-) (Link in comments.)

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2023.03.20 22:27 RedLabelIB I (31F) have absolutely had enough of my best friend/Ex Girlfriend (54F)

I’ve posted a few posts since this is all started. If you want to go back and read them for some context.
So after I stuck up for myself, we just stopped talking. I came into work every day and just ignored her. We kept up appearances so other people in the office didn’t know we aren’t okay - but we just stopped talking unless we absolutely had to. I started to feel better once I knew it was all over and she was just leaving me to it.
A little bit of context - I’m having a really hard time at the moment in my personal life. My mum and stepdad split up last year and are in the process of selling the house I currently live in - so I have been scrambling to find my own place as well as dealing with my mum who is stressing me out, it’s constant arguments and stress at home so it’s just a lot for me to deal with as well as trying to buy my own place. Anyway, I have bought my apartment and I’ve been going through the process for the last 6 months. There’s been so much stress and humps on the road - I’ve been struggling and this has all had a big effect on my mental health. I got given a possible completion date of 27th March. So I’ve booked 3 weeks off so I can get moved in, paint and get situated etc. everyone at work has been asking for updates on my house so I made sure I text my ex so that if anyone mentioned me and the house she already knew and didn’t look like an idiot not knowing what her “best friends” house situation was. The text from me was this:
I’m just reminding you that I’m not in on Monday. I booked all those random Mondays off to give myself 2 days rest. And I’ve got from 27th booked as possible moving out date so booked 3 weeks.
Her reply was:
I’ll do your messages don’t worry. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it.
That was a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I decided to remind her just Incase she forgot. I sent this:
** I’m off again tomorrow just reminding you. And then I’m off next week for 3 weeks.**
Her reply:
Hope the move goes well. And I hope you’ll both be very happy x
So I am under the impression here that she knows I’m moving in on 27th and that I’m off for 3 weeks. As the message said, I was off work today and I was going for the final viewing at my new place. As I’m sitting in my car waiting to go in I get this message:
** (colleagues name) just told me you are moving in on the 27th. I felt foolish saying I didn’t know anything about it. We are now at the end of the road - completely. There is no point sending the odd text occasionally, so Goodbye and good luck.**
I completely flipped out because I DID tell her. I’m sick to death of these random messages from her out of the blue with accusatory tones. We ended up arguing through messages for around an hour with her saying I’m a hypocrite etc. and then when she decided she’d had enough of the arguing she told me to stop messaging her, like it was me who started it.
This woman has made me ill. Buying my first home is supposed to be exciting and this whole experience has been clouded by her upsetting me and making me feel bad.
I’m so tired.
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2023.03.20 22:27 bm_00 [FS] [US-NJ] Expansion Cards, Laptop(s)& Docking Station, Manuals, SCSI Cable, Fan Grills, DDR3, Custom Monitor

Few more items. Worth a try.
Expansion Cards:
US Robotics Sportster 0484 $3 ISA. 56 kbps modem
Adaptec AHA-2940AU SCSI Controller $7 PCI. Bracket is bent & missing screw
Nvidia Riva STB Velocity 128 $15 Includes Dell driver disk
3Com 3C905-TX Ethernet $3 PCI
Hauppauge 2250 PCIE Tuner $15 PCIE. Full height bracket. Dual ATSC, NTSC, QAM tuners. FM.
Computer Stuff:
HP Probook 640 G1 Motherboard $25 Stopped booting one day. Not sure what's wrong. Includes I5-4200M & Charger jack. Can include speakers & display cable.
HP 2012 120 watt (A7E36) docking station Free Model A7E36. 120 watt. Functional, just missing power button board & cover. Will turn on with laptop power button.
Dell Latitude E7240 $30 Laptop won't charge battery. Will not boot off just charger. Fully works if battery charged in different laptop. No ram, SSD, Wifi card, or charger. Has scratches, chips, peeling trim. Extra palm rest assembly included, but has broken cables. I7 model.
Custom Portable monitor $55 1920 x 720. LCD & driver in custom wood housing. Non-touch. HDMI. Under 24hrs use. Rotates horizontal & vertical. Tilts. Can be powered of high current USB. Includes AC adaptor & remote. Great for a Temperature monitor screen.
CRT Monitor manual Free Complete. Rip on front. for MAG monitor.
CRT Monitor manual Free Complete. Sony
HP Officejet 500 Documentation Free Driver disk, manual, special offer booklet
Fan Grills Free
SCSI Cable Free 4 drive/5 plug. One connector broken. Wire for last connector broken but spliced. 2 Connectors still good.
Video/Baby Monitor System $25 Under 2hr total use. 2-way audio, Night vision, zoom, panning, & tilt. No Wifi or Bluetooth.
6 GB DDR3 $7 Non matching. 1 x4GB. 1 x 2GB
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2023.03.20 22:27 mczilliqaface Is XSGD a potential mass-useable stablecoin?

Got a question for the zil team: In worst case scenario and all the US$ stablecoins fail, how does xsgd scale? and could it be a stablecoin which everyone is going to use? I don't know the technical details on this, so maybe I'm asking a dumb question. But in case of a stablecoin collapse, zil could profit hugely from this if people switch over to xsgd on masse. Also, is it disclosed somewhere what zilliqa uses as backing for it's xsgd and is it backed 100%?
Backstory: Binance phases out busd. Usdt is too big to fail, but can't really trust them. which makes usdc the only 'trustworthy' big stablecoin. Allthough with the US banks being in a sticky situation, that could turn quite fast, like we seen last week. In case more banks go under and usdc+usdt lose alot of liquidity, people will have somewhere to go. Could xsgd carry all this?
Offcouse in the worst-worst case scenario and the dollar falls because of the banking crisis, the signapore dollar will also collapse because alot of the signaporean reserves are in US$. So this question is in case the stablecoins fail because of banking crisis, but the dollar survives.
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2023.03.20 22:27 uvreactive What issues other than AC do 10th gens have?

Just learned about the common AC issues in 10th gens today from this sub! We bought a 2018 Civic LX last year and absolutely love it so far, but what else should I be on the lookout for going wrong? I would love this car to last me at least 10-15 more years 🙏
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2023.03.20 22:27 richieprd Question about Uber in Anchorage

Good afternoon dear Alaskan families. Me and my partner with just moved to Anchorage, Alaska. We haven’t had time to settle down and get a car. This weekend we want to go to Girdwood from Anchorage.
The question is, is it possible for us to Uber from Anchorage to Girdwood on Saturday and Uber back from Girdwood to Anchorage on Sunday afternoon. I am be able to book rights Uber app, but I’m not sure if any drivers would except the ride.
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2023.03.20 22:27 ReiAyanamiIsBestGirl Do you think it’s hard to breathe in either Rapture or Columbia

Rapture is deep under the ocean where pressure is intense and also people smoke a lot there. Columbia is high above the clouds where there’s thin atmosphere and people also smoke there, but to a lesser degree than they do in Rapture.
Rapture is probably pressurized but even then I don’t know how good Arcadia is for ventilating cigarette smoke.
Columbia though, no wonder the people there are like that. They’re all loopy from the thin atmosphere!
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2023.03.20 22:26 awesomeaustinv2 Here's my project car/daily driver/only car I own, a 1966 Thunderbird. It has had speed parts installed, in the sense that it is now capable of speeds. Interior is taken apart to undo sketchy wiring done by a previous owner, and the horn goes off randomly for reasons I do not know.

Here's my project cadaily driveonly car I own, a 1966 Thunderbird. It has had speed parts installed, in the sense that it is now capable of speeds. Interior is taken apart to undo sketchy wiring done by a previous owner, and the horn goes off randomly for reasons I do not know. submitted by awesomeaustinv2 to projectcar [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:26 TGX2189 Wanting to Start my Own Business

Hey all,
I have been IT adjacent in my careers over the past 8 years or so, primarily in the tech space dealing with software. A few years ago, I started doing certs here and there specific to IT, web design, and SQL. So I am a bit all over the place, however hardware, networking, and PC building have been a hobby of mine for years. I live in a semi-rural area with limited home / small business IT offerings and really think I could carve out some business.
There are 2 main pieces I am missing; experience and business knowledge. I can troubleshoot and solve system issues, make recommendations, ect no problem, however I have not done this professionally outside of helping a few friend and family members who own small shops, or for at home issues. (internet, wiring, diagnosing issues)
As for the business side, I have nothing. I have professionally been working with enterprise SaaS integration scoping and implementation, so only minimally exposed to the sales side. As far as IT, a few books mention work orders and things like that, but nothing on like, actually starting a business, a business plan, or how to map out start up expenses.
I have been thinking on this for a few years now, and really want to get the order of operations correct, or at least have all the variables in front of me to evaluate if this si something actually worth perusing. I have my personal motivations for wanting to get out of tech, but just don't know the best place to start.
Any advice is welcomed, or personal experiences as well. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:26 rafletcher 🎉 Breaking the Bank - 2023 Trends You Can't Afford to Miss This Year 🎉

Hey Wedditors,
Curious what trends you're tired of seeing, and what you're really liking. From all of the IG posts and mood boards the ones we found are below.
🎓 The Big Idea - Layering in one or more of these trends can add one more tool to help plan your day.

🤌 Below are a few wedding trends you can't afford to miss this year!

  1. Trend #1: Microweddings 🎊 Gone are the days of inviting everyone and their grandma to your wedding. Couples are opting for smaller, more intimate affairs, with guest lists under 50 people. Microweddings can not only budget-friendly but also allow you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love with those who mean the most. Plus, with fewer guests, you can splurge on the details that make your day extra special. 📸 Check out this stunning microwedding setup on Instagram
  2. Trend #2: Sustainable Celebrations 🌿 Eco-conscious weddings are all the rage, with couples finding creative ways to minimize their carbon footprint. From digital invitations to locally-sourced food and flowers, sustainability is the new black. And the best part? Going green often means saving green! Many sustainable options are wallet-friendly and can help you cut costs without sacrificing style. Instead of going to a huge banquet hall, using local vendors can unlock pockets of your town for memorable days. 🌱 Get inspired by this beautiful eco-friendly wedding on Pinterest
  3. Trend #3: Mix-and-Match Bridesmaid Dresses 👗 Say goodbye to cookie-cutter bridal parties! More and more couples are embracing individuality by letting bridesmaids choose their own dresses within a specific color palette. This trend not only adds visual interest to your wedding photos but also allows your bridesmaids to choose something they feel comfortable in - and might even wear again. 👯 Feast your eyes on this gorgeous mix-and-match bridal party on Instagram
  4. Trend #4: DIY Décor 🎨 With the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, couples are getting crafty and creating their own wedding decorations. From table centerpieces to personalized signs, the possibilities are endless. Not only can DIY projects save you money, but they also add a unique and personal touch to your big day. Plus, they're a great way to bond with your wedding party during the planning process. ✨ Falling Snow could be a vibe Snow Daddy
  5. Trend #5: Weekday Weddings 📅 Why limit yourself to a Saturday wedding when you can save a bundle by opting for a weekday celebration? Venues and vendors often offer discounted rates for weekday events, making it a budget-friendly alternative. And don't worry about your guests - if you give them plenty of notice, they'll be more than happy to take a day off to celebrate your love. 💸 Here's a Twitter thread discussing weddings these days

tl;dr - Trends are cool and all as long as it fits with what you want. So use or ignore these as you see fit.

- The Bent Knee

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2023.03.20 22:26 sonotahipster89 34 [F4M] USA-MST looking for a man who is really, really ready to settle down and be a partner.

No point in wasting time, I'm a blunt person. I want to be absolutely transparent and clear about who I am and what I'm looking for, because I have nothing to lose.
To start off with I have children. If thats not for you, I get it, but I have them so yes. Second, I want to find my forever person. I am not interested in casual dating, hookups, sexting buddies, friends, people who live outside the US. I am 34. I am 5'11" curvy but not fat. Pretty face, brown hair, blue eyes. I'm white. As far as you, I'm fine with all races, I don't mind if you're shorter than me, age I'm not picky but 28+ would be my preference. I care far more about connection and ability to communicate than looks. Chemistry is important but I don't have a type. I'm not as fit as I want to be, if you are and want to be my cheerleader great, if you have a few extra pounds cool, but I can fit in 1 airplane seat and would prefer if you can too.
I'm a single mom, I work full time and go to school. I do ok for myself. What I'm really looking for is someone to share life with. I think life is hard and having good people surrounding you makes all the difference. I have good friends and family I'm just missing that special someone.
I met someone amazing on here a few months ago and I thought they were going to be the one, but my best friend accuses me of putting more effort into relationships than I expect in return and she was right. I need someone who is grown and is ready for a relationship. Not someone who is separated or currently getting divorced or someone who feels like they might be ready to meet the one but is not sure if you are on the fence that's fine and I respect that but as I said my end goal is marriage (or a long term relationship). Not looking to chat for 4 months and then nothing. I feel like this is coming across a little hostile and I apologize for that but I just want to be clear with my intentions and desires.
I live in the MST time zone and if you do too that is amazing but I'm open to long distance within the US granted you are open for either me or you relocating and you think you can handle the communication and keep it going from a long distance. I am pretty independent I don't need to talk to you every second of the day, I don't believe in Sharing location, I don't have social media other than reddit. So if you're interested we can chat there and if we click I'll give you my number.
I'm going to put a bunch of random things that I love or don't love down here and if anything resonates with you send me a message if not I wish you the best of luck everyone deserves to find their person. Never settle.
I love true crime, people watching, YouTube shorts. Trying new restaurants. I love museums and it's my goal to go on a tour of creepy places in the United States or even the world. The Lizzie Borden house, Alcatraz.
Shows that I think are funny are Brooklyn nine-nine, the office, parks and rec, what we do in the shadows, animal control.
Politically I'm very moderate and if you are very passionate on either side I don't think that's going to work. I think everyone is entitled to live how they want and all politicians suck.
Religiously I'm agnostic and I'm open to the possibility that there is a God but I don't no for sure but I enjoy learning about other religions and beliefs.
I think I'm pretty good at holding a conversation I think I'm funny and sarcastic, I think I really understand what it means to be a partner for another person. I want 50/50 both of us all in both of us working for the same goals.
If you read this and are still somehow interested please send me a message. If you send a picture with your response that is always great because it saves us from the awkward I'm not into you you're not into me later on. If you send a picture and I like what I see and you say I will respond with a face picture and we can go from there.
I never like how my posts turn out but I'm just going to post this because it's real and honest and if you are serious about finding your person and you're not going to lose interest after 3 months, then send me a message. Worst thing that could happen is we don't click and we go back to where we started best case we both find someone.
I don't care if you're a blue collar worker or if you have an advanced degree, but be self-sufficient, please don't live with your parents or not have a car or have a significant amount of debt or no job. I know what I bring to the table and I expect someone to match what I bring.
Sexual I consider myself very open (in a committed monogamous relationship that is) but we'll go more into that later. If you're a little kinky even better. I'm a switch.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Flapper_of_Jacks Own a Shadow for Home Defense

Own a Shadow for home defense cause that's what the Assassins Guild intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "Qué Diablos?" As I grab my shadow, Eddie and my positive bonus. Blow an Amorphous sized hole in the first man. He's dead on the spot. Used my Executor on the second man, miss entirely because he super jumped, and it kills Fausts patient. I have to resort to 2.p->Invite Hell, "Problema de habilidad.", the disjoint shreds two men with the drill. The hitbox and active frames set off car alarms. Use oppose and rush the last terrified rapscallion. He bleeds out, waiting on the cops to arrive because the command grab takes so long. Just as the Assassins Guild intended.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Thatgreatfeeder Everything is going so perfectly for me feederism wise in life!

So idk why I’m posting this, I guess I just wanted to share and talk about how great everything is lining up for me and I’d be willing to talk about it if any one wants too, hi, I’m a 15M and to start off, my fat girl freind has been getting a lot bigger recently but also get to hand out with her more and I came out about my feederism and she likes it and agreed to let me start feeding her but also before I only got to see her for the start of school, a few classes and lunch+ hanging out occasionally but I also get to see her for 30 more min every day because I used have my mom drive me to school but she has gotten so big and fat that she is now to large to fit in or drive the car which is another amazing thing, the fact that she has gotten that MASSIVELY fat that she is too big for a car, and now I get to ride the bus with my gf and those buss seats are so small and she is so slathered that I’m just being pressing into the wall by her fat, it’s amazing. Thanks for reading if you stayed this long, I just felt like I needed to express how happy I am right now! Dm me if you want to talk!
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2023.03.20 22:26 Even_Sympathy_3055 ‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all

‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all
On Wednesday evening, March 8, employees received an e-mail about SVB's plan to sell shares to raise capital. Most saw the message as routine. The next morning, SVB's stock plummeted.
SVB collapsed on March 10 after a flood of deposits. On Friday, the bank's parent company filed for bankruptcy.
SVB's first office was opened in 1983, in San Jose. The area was the birthplace of Apple Inc, Oracle Corp. and Atari, but many established banks were wary of young companies with little operating history.
Over the years, deposits grew to nearly $40 billion at the end of 2015, up from about $14 billion at the end of 2010, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reports.
For context, did you know that SVB's rapid growth and its reliance on the private equity world caused its abrupt bankruptcy a week ago? It also put pressure on borrowers to keep most of their cash at SVB, which made some customers nervous.
As the tech industry grew in 2020 and 2021, SVB benefited and its shares soared. Management kept much of the money in longer-term government-backed mortgage bonds and Treasury debt, normally safe investments. However, when the Fed took action to curb inflation, management ignored the change and relied on internal risk models.
A bank's risk managers are supposed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, assess how the bank's balance sheet would hold up under stress, and otherwise protect the bank from harm.
"They were a mix of a real bank that could handle transactions and lend money, but they were also fun people to party with," said Jonathan Medved, an Israeli private equity investor who worked with SVB for more than 30 years.
SVB managers tried to improve the bank's finances by selling shares. The bank had stashed much of its money in long-term assets, such as mortgages and Treasury bonds, which it could not, or would not, sell immediately. Its values plummeted as rates rose.
The bank's asset-liability management committee had modeled the possible changes in interest rates and did not anticipate the increase, the person close to the bank said. SVB did not have a chief risk officer for most of the year, and the bank had reassigned responsibilities
“It was a baffling asset-liability mismatch,” said Mr. Wilcox, the former CEO.
The bank also had let expire interest-rate hedges, or protections, on its bond portfolio, leaving the bonds vulnerable to the declines as the rates rose.
Don't believe what they tell you, Silicon Valley Bank was a very conservative bank. Out of their ~200 billion in assets, very little (<0.5%) was venture debt lending. As you can see in their Q4 Balance Sheet, they had 15 billion in cash/cash like securities, about 120 billion investment securities and 70 billion in loans.
Within that 120 billion investment securities, it is almost entirely treasuries and Agency MBS/CMO and CMBS with a touch of muni bonds. You can't build a more conservative book if you tried. As these are all effective government securities as the GSEs are still in conservatorship under the treasury. For years US banks have been derisking and now most of their balance sheets consists of government or quasi government securites which have almost no default risks.
Now looking at the loan book, you can see the bulk of it is in global fund banking and investor dependent. Global Fund banking is an extremely safe segment, it consists of largely funding or bridging loans to venture capitalist making transactions. So for example if a VC wants to invest in company A, but they want to wait 2 months before drawing down from their LPs, they will go to SVB to get a credit line for this purpose. This is an extremely safe business model as Venture/PE Funding is contracted funding and there has been basically no defaults on these types of loans ever in history. Then you have private bank, which consisted of lending to rich people over collateralized through the value of their houses, which is also a pretty safe business model as their asset coverage typically exceeds 150% of the loan value.
So wtf is happening, this is a bank that is holding like 2/3 of its book in government papers and the rest in fairly safe lending. The speculative lending to early tech business represent <0.5% of the book.
The answer is the federal reserve, so leave us your comment.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Positive-Ad-7807 Travel Disruption Insurance (CC)?

Will remove if this isn’t within rules.
Booked two one-way tickets ($150 total - me and my wife). Transaction errantly went through 3 times. Called airline and they couldn’t resolved. Credit card easily processed a chargeback for 2 of the 3 transactions.
Come time to fly, I got a notification in the app that we had to check in at the counter. Got to the counter and they said my tickets were voided because of the chargeback. Wouldn’t even honour original price. Had to buy two new tickets for ($505 total; in addition to the $150 I had originally paid). Wouldn’t even accept my original credit card (Amex) so had to buy with Visa.
Amex has credited the original $150 (chargeback). Would any of this fall under CC trip interruption/cancellation insurance given they voided the ticket / had to buy for a premium?
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2023.03.20 22:26 freedayff Should I get the Capita BSOD?

Hello, I currently ride a Yes Typo 155 for switching/moguls and a Korua Cafe Racer 159 for carving/pow. I'm thinking of picking up a currently on sales Capita BSOD. To be honest, I want it simply for the graphics; the next year version is too ugly so it's now or never. My questions are:
#1 Should I even get it? Is there a niche it can fill between the Typo and the Cafe Racer?
#2 What size should I get? I'm 5'9, 165 lbs after dinner and boots 8 US.
I'm an advanced rider that likes carving hard on all conditions with both quick and drawn-out turns. When not carving, I like cruising, switching and going down moguls. Try to go powpow whenever I can, so maybe 5 times a year at best. Almost zero park tricks, though might do a few jumps here and there to get out of tight spots.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Shuttle5worth Think I overfilled my transmission fluid last night and today it leaked while driving on interstate.

Yesterday I topped off my tf and today while I was driving on interstate, my rpm was higher than normal and white smoke came out under hood. I immediately pulled in parking lot and saw red fluid on tire and under car so I knew it was the tf. I looked online and found that I most likely overfilled it and pressed built up causing it to leak. It said to drain the fluid and put new in which I did and my car is fine now but I'm wondering if it damaged anything and could it happen again?
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2023.03.20 22:26 sleeplessbearr Has anyone tried Ivermectin?

I've tried everything under the sun and have seen a bit of progress at around the 18 month mark.

One thing I have not tried is Ivermectin. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and seen any good results? How much were you taking and how frequently for how long.

Thanks guys! GL in the recovery. It's brutal. I'm still have troubling taking a deep breath at around the 18 month mark but have seen a bit of progress when I thought there would never be any.
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2023.03.20 22:26 throwRAha9zqx Taxes on former primary residence?

Throwaway account because people IRL discovered my main.
So during the peak of the housing boom we found a house that ticked all the boxes. I’m pretty sure we over paid but $1m mortgage at 6% interest later…. We got the house.
We still have the old house and started renting it out. Mortgage is about $2200 (sweet sweet 2% interest) and rent is $3800 so we are doing pretty well on that front. The house is worth somewhere between 900k and 1.2M (I know it’s wide but there are not any reasonable comps in the area and with how bananas west coast is, Redfin agents said it’s somewhere around there).
Either way our plan was to rent out the house until the mortgage was gone and then sell it which is probably about 8 years. I thought we got the 500k (married) exemption on capital gains since it was a primary residence but recently I was re-reading and it sounds like since it’s no longer our primary residence, we have to pay taxes on the whole thing when we sell!!
So if I sold it at 1.2M we have to pay 20% long term cap gains on the sale price? If that’s the case it would have been a better deal for us to just sell it immediately upon moving out, right? Since it would end up with likely zero capital gains tax on it when we sold.
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2023.03.20 22:26 justinmh Competitive Yahoo League - 2 openings

I’m looking for two active, knowledgeable managers to join a competitive gold-level 12 team dynasty/deep keep league. The league is in its fourth year. The available teams finished ninth and tenth last season, but the rosters are strong and ready to compete (see below).
Format is standard 5x5 season-long roto. Rosters are 27 players deep plus a "farm system" of up to 8 prospects or other inactive players. Managers are allowed to keep up to 20 players from their roster each season in a "keep forever" format. This will allow for roughly 150 rostered players to be turned over and entered into the draft pool, along with all available free agents, unclaimed prospects, international signees, etc. The league does not use maximum years, salaries, or any other type of keeper restriction.
The online draft is scheduled for Sunday March 26 at 2:00 PM CT. The draft order will be determined based on prior year standings and a "non-snaking" order will be used. Keeper selections and league dues ($10) are due ASAP. There is a $100 cash prize for first place and $20 for second place. We use LeagueSafe for dues and payouts.
Shoot me a message if you are interested. Only the best should apply!
Roster 1: Austin Riley, Alex Bregman, Riley Greene, Jasson Dominguez, Austin Martin, Jazz Chisholm, Pablo Lopez, Jesus Luzardo, Drew Rasmussen, and others
Roster 2: Yordan Alvarez, Brandon Drury, CJ Cron, Cody Bellinger, Noelvi Marte, Gerrit Cole, Kyle Wright, Shohei Ohtani (pitcher), Chris Sale, Michael Kopech, and others
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