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2023.03.20 20:43 Background-Quantity4 I’m Not Sure What Formula Works Best For My Expected Output

I have currently tried vlookups, hlookups, I’ve tried match functions also and I want to avoid if/and/or statements… I can’t seem to wrap my head around this problem.
Basically all I want to do is if a customer orders 4 hats with a logo that contains 4000 stitches, it would output $2.00 because it falls within 1-5 for QTY of Hats and 3001-5000 for stitch count. And I need it to work for different scenarios. I am at a complete loss, please help! Thanks.
The image of my table will be in the comments.
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2023.03.20 20:43 etyu104 1 bed / 1 bath lease takeover $1560

1 Bed 1 Bath - Apartment
Seeking someone to take over our lease from May 1 - Nov 30 with option to renew. Rent is $1560 (compared to current listing price of $1820) and does not include utilities. Renewal rate is $1670
The Edison is a luxury apartment built in 2021. This large 1B/1Bath is located only 10mins from Epic and 20mins from downtown. Includes dishwasher and in unit washer and dryer. Corner unit with large patio that gets great sunlight. 1 garage parking spot with storage and unlimited parking in lot. Community amenities include large dog park, gym, pool, and clubhouse. Pet friendly. Excellent property managers that host monthly events and remove snow within 24hours.
Great property but moving away for school
Please feel free to reach out with any questions! :)
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2023.03.20 20:43 SinoBot Chinese-led team claims physics breakthrough: Generation of powerful electron beam could could rewrite Einstein theory on photoelectric effect "we don't have any theory for this, currently, so it is a miraculous breakthrough in that sense"

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2023.03.20 20:43 selfdepricat Advice on help PO

Hey, friends! Hoping for some advice on setting up PO help.
I’m scheduled for a MMO consisting of a tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of flanks, and breast lift and augmentation on May 1.
My husband will be unable to take any time off work besides the actual surgery day. We have no friends or family in the area (we just moved to a new state mid-February). I’m a SAHM to two boys, ages 3 and 2.
With all that in mind, I’m trying to figure out PO care for not only myself, but my children.
My mom has generously offered to fly out to help, but she can only stay for a week. And with a day of travel each way, that’s basically 5 days.
I have a babysitter I’m currently interviewing, and she has said she is free all of May. But I don’t know her well, and it’s hard to put 100% faith in a 24-year-old that I’ve met a few times to show up when I need her (this is not a knock on her—she seems lovely. I’m just being honest).
So what would you do? How long do you think I need someone for before I can take care of myself and my kids. They both can go to daycare from 9am-noon on weekdays. My husband gets home ~5:00pm.
Just a lot of uncertainty right now that is making me stress. I want to have a concrete plan on place ASAP. I hope you can understand. And I hope you can help!
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2023.03.20 20:43 Darlingsdarling24 Help needed against those chaos space marines! Tldr at the end

Hello my fellow dark Lords! I recently got into the more competitive side of the hobby and started to build two armies. One for me and one for my brother. We are currently playing 1k matches to learn the models bit by bit and mot get overwhelmed. Its working pretty good so far with minimal errors on either side.
Funny thing is, the chaos space marines was me, while he played my drukhari’s. After I did my research with the csm I absolutely clapped this boy, it wasn’t even funny. The problem now is, that I am unsure if he could even win with his army so we switched it up but really need help.
I always only played drukhari in 2k Lists and they always were straight out of the internet, I just don’t know how to build with them. Always were a csm player so building a (atleast somewhat) viable list is pretty easy for me. The drukhari on the other hand are a pain in the ass.
The biggest threats in my list were a 5 man squad of possessed, 10 man squad fully kitted out termies and a lord discordant with auto wound chainglaive, backed up with an master of possession and his cursed earth.
His list contained archon, drazhar, 10x Wracks, 2x5 incubi, 10x hellion, 1x Ravager and 2x Raider
So I come here to ask for help so this boy can ravage my poor corrupted soul and dance as I bleed out. I want to feel a challenge, I really do to have fun.
(List should be in 1k but 1.5k is okay too. He is ready for the next step)
Tldr: I want my brother to have a really good 1k list against csm so he can wreck me (or atleast be able to)
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2023.03.20 20:43 Top_Friend_5284 Seeking some info and legal guidance urgently.

First I want to state I am writing this on behalf of a friend who is legally blind. He has a daughter who is 35. he served 4 years in prison on 11 years sentence. He got released in 2003, he was told he owed about $6800 with interest at the highest rate. He has been paying child support ever since in the amount of $385. He recently called to find out how much he owes and they told him about $49,000. if you do the math, without interest he has made a total payment of $92,400 in 20 years, which comes out to +$24400 over the amount he supposedly owed. If you add the interest he would have paid even more( i am not sure about the exact amount of the interest rate). He currently resides in California but his case is from Texas.
I personally do not have kids and I am not aware of the laws concerning child support. We have tried contacting Legal aid but its going take months just to get in the door. Therefore, I am posting here for any relevant information, or the next steps he needs to take. By the way he is also a veteran, he just turned 63 years old. Thank you for your time and I hope you a pleasant day!
I will provide more details as needed.
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2023.03.20 20:43 D_king07 Laptop recommendation. [India]

Hi, I'm currently looking to buy a mid level laptop mainly for gaming purposes. Any recommendations on what to buy? Currently looking to buy either one of the following but I'm open to more recommendation:
(1) MSI Pulse GL66, Intel 12th Gen. i9-12900H, 40CM QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop/Windows 11 Home/NVIDIA RTX 3060, 12UEK-898IN
(2) MSI Crosshair 15, Intel 12th Gen. i7-12700H, 40CM QHD 165Hz Gaming Laptop (16GB/1TB NVMe SSD/ Windows 11 Home/NVIDIA RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6/Black/2.47Kg), 12UGZ-1012IN
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2023.03.20 20:43 PunkStarsNotHere Working a younger dog?

I'm currently saving up for a new prospect as unforunately I do not see my current prospect as a viable option as a SD. My whole plan was to train my SD before I attend university however seems like that now isn't going to be the case.
If everything goes well, when I am ready to go to university in september, my new prospect would be around 6-8 months old. My university is okay with me bringing a dog who is still in training to school with me. However I'm not entirely confident and comfortable working a dog younger than 18 months old in non-pet friendly spaces.
My current idea is to work my current dog until the new prospect is ready to come with me at the minimum of 15 months old. However knowing my dog the honeymoon period will probably only last for so long. I cannot take another gap year as my family will not allow it. I'm unsure of any other option aside from having someone with me at school the entire time.
Those of you who do so, what's it like? Do you reccomend it? and what steps have you taken to ensure animal welfare and good SD standards are maintained.
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2023.03.20 20:43 DreamStageRP Join Today!!! Dreamstage RP- Newly Wiped QBCore GTA V RP server. For information on how to join, use our discord link below

We are a QBCore based semi-serious RP server with a realistic economy looking to expand our numbers. We have citizens from all timezones (US, EU, GMT, and AU). We have a very active, dedicated, and responsive staff team. We are streamer, e-girl, and LGBTQ+ friendly. We offer a range of custom import vehicles with new features each month! Also including the capability for custom tattoos
Everyone starts with a free apartment at the location of your choosing. You will have an ID, Drivers License, phone, and $20,000 in the bank to get you going.
We have current spaces available for street gangs, cartels, and motorcycle clubs that we are looking to fill. Gang requirements are a minimum of three members, maximum of 10. Features capabilities for custom hideouts, clothes, tattoos, etc. Gangs have access to unlock the ability to craft custom weapons. Fight amongst other gangs for the territory and ability to control a drug route.
We are looking to find owners for Bahama Mama Nightclub, Frey’s Bakery, KitKat Icecream Parlor, Blazeit Weedshop, and Henhouse bar. If you have any other business idea you would like to bring to the city we are open to making your passion come to life!
We have current player owned businesses that are looking for employees like restaurants, strip club, nightclub, mechanic shop, and tuning shop.
We have city jobs to make money as well such as construction worker, mail carrier, trash collector, or package handler. Don’t like working alone? These jobs feature being able to do them with groups of people!
We are actively hiring for whitelisted positions for Real estate, EMS, and PD with the capability of moving up in ranks (including high command). No experience necessary, we will provide training.
Our food businesses need fresh ingredients and rely on those who enjoy activities like farming, fishing, and hunting to gather and sell them. These activities can be done by anyone as an additional source of income.
With a wide range of custom criminal activities from robberies, car boosting, drug dealing and much more, we offer a range of illegal ways to make money.
Free time
Functioning skills system for driving, shooting, strength, stamina, and lung capacity. Heat to the gym or shooting range to work on these skills!
Camping store featuring items with a functioning camping script for those who like to step away from the city and enjoy nature.
To relax head over to Nikki Beach, casino, the drive-in movie theater, Maze bank arena, or family park to take a nice break.
Family Life
We have a functioning sex and pregnancy script with the capability to bring in custom peds for kids! Also featuring a new OB/pediatrician RP and functioning nursery items to decorate your house with!
Take your kids to one of the playgrounds, or join us at the drive in for a family movie night!
You must be over the age of 18, have a working headset, and be able to communicate in english. For more information on how to join head on over to our discord:
Any questions feel free to reach out!
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2023.03.20 20:43 crozby Physique/Week 12/Male

Well, not a great week. Few trips to the gym mostly due to going out of town on Wed for the sake of March Madness which of course was paired with lots of alcohol and unhealthy eating. Add on top of that getting a stomach bug that lasted Sat through today and I just don't feel great. Looking to get back into the gym tonight for something easy just to keep the routine in place. Got a couple of nice weather days coming up and hoping to get a few runs in outside.
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2023.03.20 20:43 ketchupblackberry Ski Jacket Helly Hansen Sale

You may check the link for Ski Jacket Helly Hansen Sale. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.03.20 20:43 Bromeo-and-Juliet New job opportunity, what would you do?

Hello everyone, I’m stuck at making a decision and I wanted to hear other people’s opinions. Sorry if it reads terribly.
25 year old engaged male on a deployment overseas with the military. No major bills other than my car payment.
Back home I currently work for one of the top 100 fortune 500 companies but doing manual labor making about $22.50/hr. I have amazing benefits atleast from what I know. They will pay 100% tuition to nearly any school, 40 hrs sick, 80 hrs vacation. Retirement. Tons of other benefits. I work 36 hrs a week but get paid for 40. 3 day work week, 12 hrs back to back to back. Hour long drive to work at 4 am, hour long drive back at 6pm. It's rough. My coworkers are cut throat, and will brag about ruining other peoples lives. There is a lot of room for growth in the company, but it’s currently a very toxic work environment. I'm constantly stressed and do not enjoy it. But the job itself is very easy and not physically demanding.
I have a federal opportunity with my unit back home. $25/hr with guaranteed raises but little room for growth. Decent benefits as far as I know, and about the same hour long drive to work. 4 day work week. Some days are 10 hours long but a lot of days if there isn't much work they just do a half day. Still get paid the full day. Extremely healthy work environment but a bit more physically taxing. The biggest problem is that I lose my amazing Tricare healthcare and will have to go with blue cross blue shield which will cost nearly 5x as much, and will have a deductible unlike Tricare, which is amazing.
If i stay with my current position, I could milk my 100% tuition, go to college and get a degree in 4-5 years, while also getting an extra 4 hours off work each week as a benefit to going to school full time, and use my GI bill from the military to also pay me while going to school. Not sure how much that would get me but I know it would be nice.
Maybe the answer is obvious to you, but I'm stuck. Do I stay somewhere and ultimately be unhappy with my job position for the next 4 years possibly? Or do I go somewhere I know I will actually enjoy being? I'm open to any and all criticism/advice/questions/complaints.
Thanks for reading
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2023.03.20 20:42 Calculusisforchumps Ultium 48A Hardwire Charger Installed (non-Qmerit)

Ultium 48A Hardwire Charger Installed (non-Qmerit)
2023 Bolt EUV Premier, Ultium PowerUp charger hardwired on 60A circuit
Cleaning the garage is next on my list...

The quote coming in from Qmerit was ridiculously high (detached garage, kinda trickly electrical run outdoors), so I asked the electrician who did the panel and service upgrade previously. They quoted me for LESS than the Qmerit price after the discount, so they got the work. I bought the charger locally (Chicago IL USA) through the Chevrolet Parts website. I found the part and searched for the cheapest dealer that wasn't too far of a drive. $599 MSRP, dealer selling for $510, and $75 of reward points to use up. With tax, out the door for under $500 for the charger. Electrical work was just a tad over $2,000.

Charger seems a little overkill - heavy, large heatsink, thick cable - but love the faster charging rate.

The connectivity is currently pretty useless, but I guess GM could always add new features in the future. /s
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2023.03.20 20:42 Kaileybug395 [mtf4f] 18+ long term roleplay

So the basis of the story is:
We're roommates in college and we've been friends for our whole lives and we both secretly like each other but I have another secret I thought I was hiding from you...I'm trans (mtf) and you've known and try to subtlety help me become more comfortable with being my self and coming out to you and through this we become closer and start a relationship
If you don't know subtlety helping me is both emotional support and things like leaving a pack of training bras on my bed for me (and you noticing that I did not give them to you or say anything) when your painting your nails you offer to do my toes. When you're doing your makeup for something ask if i want to try some on. And things like that. Until finally it leads up to a big college party were both invited to any I say I don't want to go because I don't have anything to wear. You pull me into your room and gently get me to confess stating all the things we've done together and dressing me up fully going to the party as a couple.
It's a first person story that is semi real time but can also be changed if needed for the story and can go of of current things (ie. you currently being at work ect..)
A couple of obvious rules
  1. 18+ because I'm 21
  2. ...that's it
dm me for more info if interested and to do discord trade to do the rp hope to see you soon
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2023.03.20 20:42 clint_east Alternatives to Mint Mobile?

I am currently on the 3 month promo for new customers. I like the service but I will need to change to a monthly plan because I have a cell phone insurance with my credit card (Chase Freedom Flex) that requires the “monthly bill to be paid with the card”.
Can you people suggest a prepaid alternative on the T-Mobile network? I have an iPhone 12 and use below 15GB of data per month. Hotspot would be a nice to have. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 20:42 Pretty_Ganache_3152 Finding places that no longer exist

How do you go about locating modern day equivalencies for places that don't exist anymore? For example the vast majority of my dad's family is from "The Palatinate" which roughly corresponds to Baden-Wurttumberg, Germany, I've figured that out okay. But I'm currently looking at a Moravian record with Anspachishen, Germany as the listed birth place. That doesn't seem to exist anymore...any tips on figuring this one out?
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2023.03.20 20:42 Marie-thebaguettes Designing an “indoor catio” and looking for tips!

My cat is wired really weirdly. She’s the reason all of my current houseplants live in terrariums or are coated in a peppermint oil spray. She will even eat fake plants!!! Literally like dollar store fake plants. It’s a nightmare.
Though I love terrariums, I’m tired of imprisoning all my plants, and have opted for a compromise between plant-lover and plant-killer: an indoor catio: in an area with the most windows, I will build a makeshift walk-in “closet” that has a cat-friendly garden and lots of enrichment furniture/toys.
I’ve already got some cat-friendly grass seeds to test out: oat and alfalfa.
I’m looking for suggestions of plants that will grow well indoors (with only grow lights during the long, dark winters), and plants that are safe for my cat to chew on.
My dream plant is Actinidia polygama, silver vine/matatabi from Japan, but every time I look for the plant, I get options for fake “seeds” (it needs propagation) or for edible versions of the plant 😩. It would be perfect cause it’s as resilient (or maybe more?) as pothos!
So what plants would you recommend for my strangely herbivorous obligate carnivore? Or do you have any cool design ideas for the “indoor catio”?
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2023.03.20 20:42 captainsretreatsusa Travel Nurse Housing in Colorado Travel Nurse Rentals - Captainsretreats

Travel Nurse Housing in Colorado Travel Nurse Rentals - Captainsretreats
Find the perfect furnished finder travel nurse housing for you with Captainsretreats. Captainsretreats is currently working with premier facilities across Travel Nurse Housing in Colorado, which is a compact state. Captains Retreats is here to help you find the perfect travel nurse rentals assignment. Fully furnished and ideal for short-term and long-term fully furnished rentals. Find the best Monthly Furnished Rentals and apartment rentals in the top neighborhoods and book your short-term or long-term accommodation. Captainsretreats offers travel nurse housing sites available for monthly short-term rental.
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2023.03.20 20:42 Sea-Independent4602 Cap out pay

Come April 17th 2023 I will have been at kroger for 4 years and am currently making the starting wage, $14/hr. Does anyone know when I will be capped out in pay, and what the pay will be for cap out? Thanks.
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2023.03.20 20:42 Eswift33 Assistance with putting together my "tech stack"

So a little background first. I'm in capital equipment selling to private-sector medical. I am a one-man-army, lead-gen to install and even some training. I'm the ONLY p-club rep in the company that has no help. No team. No jr reps / "SDR" etc.
I am dropping the ball on a lot of follow up and my long-term pipeline is just languishing. It's frustrating that I'm missing opportunities with current clients simply because I do not have an efficient means to keep in touch and monitor it. We have SF but it's fairly basic, we don't have any of the geo plugins and no capability to text and sync a lot of our touches. We do have outlook integration but that seems more a hassle than an asset.
Currently have Calendly set up for online booking with geographical calendars based on my travel.
HOW doe's one put together a "tech stack" based on needs? There's tons of stuff out there and it seems like zapier can tie a lot of it together but I basically need to be able to speak to a human and tell them exactly what I need to accomplish and be recommended the best combination of tools.
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2023.03.20 20:42 mlumb Dragging pages from unfiled not allowed

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has an explanation or resolution?
I am prevented from dragging pages out of Personal\"Unfiled Notes" to other Notebooks. I am running the current OneNote for Desktop version Microsoft® OneNote® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2302 Build 16.0.16130.20298) 32-bit .
I tend to do mass imports into Unfiled and then move them from there to their respective Notebooks and Sections. I can right click and Move, just when I try and drag I get a red "No" symbol. I can drag out of ANY other section or notebook.
Thoughts? Ideas?
Thank You
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2023.03.20 20:42 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Frontline Workers

You may check the link for Helly Hansen Frontline Workers. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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