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Like tumblr, but even worse.

2017.11.21 19:13 Like tumblr, but even worse.

Fellow neckbeards, school girls, desperate housewives and people who haven't felt the touch of the opposite sex in years: THIS SUB IS FOR YOU. Do you like Emilia? Do you think she's cute? Do you feel the urge to post about her everywhere and have you run out of subs to do so? Does the same go for Kit Harrington? KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

2012.10.01 01:05 MisssBadgerEnt For the love of lawn gnomes

For all of us who love lawn gnomes! Whether it's keeping them in our yards, repainting them, or finding hilarious ones - share your pictures of gnomes!

2023.06.07 15:30 chayos Custom Alterations

Hi - looking for any recs for a seamstress or tailor who will customize a dress for me? Recently bought a dress and would love to change the neckline and sleeves, but unfortunately I have no idea how to sew. I’m not just looking for alterations and hemming, but someone who can refashion a dress for me.
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2023.06.07 15:30 ashenfoxz My (now ex) girlfriend broke up with me on a study abroad trip and is talking with someone else on the trip

honestly, I wasn’t the best partner in the relationship and definitely set myself up to be broken up with. I neglected her needs because i could barely take care of myself. it just stings more that she’s already moved on and is talking to someone else. i should say i do believe she has every right to take care of herself but i just need help on how to take care of myself going through the breakup.
full context: i’m on a study abroad in amman, jordan 🇯🇴 and my ex-gf is also on the trip and broke up with me on the trip as i was already not meeting her needs in a relationship although she met someone to talk to and be affectionate with. at some point she decided to break up with me on the trip although before she did she was already being affectionate with this other person in front of me and told me it was flirting and apologized. honestly i trust her feelings and believe that she just really needed the care from someone because she had been going through a lot, but now i’m single and lost someone who i did genuinely love so much and it’s pretty hard to distract myself in jordan. im still learning arabic and i’m very introverted so meeting people is hard, and all the other people on the trip are essentially taken or not my type. i don’t really know exactly how to distract myself from the loss.
so far, i’ve been trying to be more social, push myself out of my comfort zone, and listen to music which is a very comforting and calming thing for me, but i’ll still see her and the other person and i’ll start hurting again.
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2023.06.07 15:30 Dexkey I have an isekai idea

Where there is a taxi(reaper) who drives a train from world to world and he picks up people who are getting reincarnated. There are three people who protect it known as the fates (but of course action oriented they help the people cross. The protagonist though actually has a fulfilling life in his past life and doesn’t want to get isekaied so he fights the fates but there are others that come and go and the heroine of the story falls in love with protag but she also has a fulfilling life from her world. So they have to decide who actually gets isekaied.
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2023.06.07 15:30 who_thefuck_am_I My(19m) best friend (20f) suddenly stopped talking to me, what do I do?

Me(19) and my friend (20) This happened a month or two ago but it still hurts me and idk what went wrong. I had a best friend at my college and we used to hang out together always after college. She was an amazing person. She had listen to me rant and i have heard her everytime. Including giving her a hug once (i don't really like skinship that much). So everything was going fine and we went on tour with other friends and from the day we came back she has only ignored me. She used to talk to me everytime we see. But then she only talks to people even strangers past me or near me and treat me like some ghost or someone who doesn't exist . It really hurts as i don't have many friends who are close. When conforted after trying so much she said she doesn't consider me as a friend which hurt even more and I'm less than even a stranger. But is totally fine with others.
( I don't have any romantic interest towards her or vice versa and nothing happened in that tour as well..)
Any advice or insight would be helpful it's been eating from inside for too long
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 15:29 MadarDope gora loda

First off, typical story - 3rd grade IPU engineering college, I won't say there were no girls in the college but the only ones were either with rich guys' groups who 24/7 went to Zara to shop or stayed within their own groups and never talk to anyone else outside of the group. Most of the rich groups moved to the US with all their daddy's khet money and we were left alone with nothing. I was sick of hanging out with my loser groups and the conversation topics were either 'we are not getting girls' or 'kya hi hoga life me'. Typical frustrated post-teenage life.
3rd year of my college I had my 'YouTube' phase where I was sick of academics because I knew the RoI was 0 as compared to slogging my ass off during the JEE times, and I was learning random skills off YT to impress people (painting, video editing etc.). I came across the PUA subculture, people who used to approach girls on the streets and get dates. Of course you mean well while doing that, I mean even the videos said that if you get rejected just leave the girl better than you find her, made complete sense. I saw videos, over videos, over videos. Now most of them were shot in cities like Miami, Budapest, Rome and what not. Having been there, if you're not getting any girls you're a sore loser in a place like Budapest honestly but I was like 'Ugh I want this life so bad'. I started hitting the gym hard, let go of most of my loser porn-addict friends and started on a 'self development' journey
First off I started talking to girls in bars where I noticed that I needed to get a good personality to talk to girls, and even then they'll reject you very harshly if you're not really handsome. I'm talking model-like. Having a skin care routine, being able to make people laugh every turn. Most of it was extremely painful since the rejections make you feel like you have 0 self worth, but I was determined to get this part of my life sorted.
Then I found these 'groups' of people who used to go out regularly. Again, I want to say that most of the people in these groups will leave the girls alone once they reject them. I'm not saying not to keep your guard up, but there's a grey area where they all mean well and after a rejection or two they'll go away. These groups would go out regularly to bars together, trying to learn with each other. I was a part, I was happy because these people had a goal. Some of them actually got girlfriends out of approaching regularly going to places like Gurgaon Cyber City or malls etc. Approaching on the streets or the metro was a big no-no, but some of the guys still did it. There were also sometimes reports of guys getting arrested/beaten up in Select city walk where some guys were being really creepy so we decided to let go of the place and break association with such people.
I wish I could tell you I had the same success, I had horrible social anxiety. I realized I had a long way to go, and beat myself up every step of the way, I was sick and tired of all the rejections and taking hit after hit to my self esteem. I felt like I was ugly, and started feeling depressed.
Once randomly in a park I wanted to strike a conversation with someone, who looked like she was quite sad. I went over and asked 'All good with you?'. Suddenly her dad came and I walked back, he straight up started slapping me. 11 more guys came and started saying 'Ladki chedta hai?' I wanted to explain to them that I had all my best intentions in mind but...
I could never forget that experience. I was traumatized and vowed never to even think of girls ever again. I focused on my studies and at someone's advice started learning languages. I learnt French in school so I went forward with it, completed my C1 at the biggest French teaching institution in Delhi. Fast forward? I got an amazing job and was given a visa to Paris
In Paris I made friends with these latino guys who used to go to bars and clubs regularly. Hell with them even on streets I used to notice they flirted a LOT. Due to my trauma I used to push myself back but in some cases they were such good wingmen that they made me feel comfortable inside the groups. I cherish each and every experience I got with all of them, and yes the approaching WORKS in a western country like a charm. I got my self esteem back and Delhi felt like a bad memory I never want to get back.
What's the solution? Either work real hard and move to a country where the approach culture is accepted, or just respect your culture and the fact that we're not there yet and it will take years for us to get open minded and trustful enough to achieve the same. And get a latino wingman, you will thank me later.
If you ask my current situation I am doing very well in life, I learnt French (C1) and moved to France and used my engineering skills to get myself a coding job. I have a British girlfriend who lives with me and we cook amazing food together, I met her being a 'creep' in a bar. Go figure.
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2023.06.07 15:28 Sam_The_Goblin_Child I finally own every guitar hero wii game!

About a year ago, my younger sibling had my parents buy legends of rock, and a guitar. She only ended up playing it for a week, and soon after I picked it up and haven’t put it down sense. I absolutely love this game, and when I started dating my boyfriend, I got him into it as well, almost as much as me. And officially we together have every guitar hero game for the wii (with the exception of dj hero and dj hero 2). Shout out to my lovely mom who finished off my collection with GH5 for my birthday. Next time I see my boyfriend, I’ll be sure to take a picture of them all together
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2023.06.07 15:28 Ionlywantyourmoney Seasons 5 - 8 is unnecessarily hated.

I noticed that a lot of tvdu fans like to hate on other fans who enjoy season 5-8. But why. There's never a good reason to be mean to someone just because they like somethin and you don't. I personally love season 5-8 they r my favorite seasons. Qetsiyah is my favorite tvdu character. We also get silas. We had katherine being a bad ass and manipulating everyone as the bad bitch she is. I liked the traveler unique ways of doing magic. Season 6 we get Kai and olivia, honestly I think season 3 and 6 had the best fight scenes in the whole show. But that's just my opinion. 7 we get heretics, phoenix stone, a supernatural huntress. And 8 katherine comes back. And I know ya'll hate sybil and cade But sybil is a bad bitch in my book idc what ya'll say. So is rayna she also a baddie. What I'm trying to say is that there is so much to love. I honestly think people be hating seasons 5-8 just to hate. Oh I almost forgot about the otherside collapsing plot. Loved that too. I stand season 5-8. This is just my opinion and you can have yours as long as you don't be like other people in this sub and try to shame other people who have different opinions.
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2023.06.07 15:28 Ten_Letters_ First time writing a scene in English as a German speaker

Guten Tag,
my native language is German and I am currently writing a book in my mother tongue. It is going good so far, I am about 270 pages into my first draft.
From time to time I like to write short stories or little scenes that aren't part of my book and are just inspired by the moment. I am mainly reading English literature, though, so the inspiration naturally comes in that language.
This morning I wrote the following scene. I would like to know if it sounds any natural to you or if my English is somewhat weird.
Feel free to comment on my style, grammar or use of words if you find the time. Or just read it.
The Scene:
To an extent, I very much liked the general idea of it. The idea of folks, your ancestors, watching over you while you are alive, and they are not anymore. Watching you grow up, fall in love and divorce, fail and succeed. Watching your every step. Just as birds watch their offspring not to fall out of the nest, the parental sparrows taking turns gathering food, your grandparents might have their benevolent eyes on your daily fate.
Except unlike bird parents in a nest, an angel-like mentor, somewhere up in the clouds, does not protect you from any harm. Grandmother watching over you or not, you are getting divorced anyway. This train of thought lead me to other questions: With the rule being that every living person has a unique person resting in not-so-much-peace and watching over them, there must be exceptions to these circumstances. We thank them if we have a lucky day, but say, what happens if we lose a limb in a freak accident? What do our heavenly supervisors think of that, how do they react? Do they cry out in agony, watching their grandson lose his right leg, eventually ending his ambitious struggle for a career in professional hockey? Or do they remain in omniscient indifference with a mild smile on their face, knowing that ultimately all will work out in a positive outcome, all guided by divine providence? And if they do cry out instead, who listens to their cries? Does the celestial community comfort them or tell them to shut up? It all did not make much sense to me.
Engrossed in this suddenly metaphysical state of mind, I did not notice the sun had already risen somewhat outside, greeting the world a first ‘good morning’. Now, the ochre-colored walls of which I had called home for the last three days, gave a dazzling impression of what lay beneath it. And what was beneath it, hadn’t become any less striking than it had been the weeks before. I moved from my down feather bed to the entrance of my tent, untied a small part of the door, and peeked through, my eyes being blinded once more. I blinked a few times and with my sight finally somewhat adapted, I had a good look. Just like the sun, life had already risen in the camp.
Two camels were being led over the great dune across the central camp place, carrying what appeared to be water barrels to our camp, presumably using the last precious minutes of the day not being full-sun. Their big hoofs left paths in the sand of the dune, which were even visible from my tent at least a couple hundred meters away. In front of the small caravan, just next to the shade-providing palm tree, two servants negotiated something in a language I could not recognize, much less understand. Their custodian – or at least that’s what he seemed to be, from his remarkably-colorful leather hat – stood beside them, scribbling something on a folded map. In the periphery, I made out two soldiers patrolling the perimeter, with coats and muskets and all.
I turned away from the door, turned away from the busy scene. The sun may have risen, and so did the people, however, I was not ready to, not yet. I crawled back to my bed, taking the letter with me that lay on the tiny desk I was provided with, and leaned against a big down pillow. I had read the message the night before. It was a message from Justine, my recently divorced ex-wife. To say it was a message was an exaggeration though, as messages tend to contain information worth reading. It was merely an excuse of a letter, essentially a type of paper which had ink blots on it that coincidentally formed somewhat comprehensible sentences. A million monkeys on a million typewriters crossed my mind.
The night before, when I first read it, I was too tired from the day’s work to comprehend any of it. Now that I read it again, I knew my bad mood was not without a reason at all. “Hope you travel safely”, she wrote. “Make it back to our fort soon” and “watch out for the dehydrating sun” were other parts of it. Watch out for the sun in the hot desert, huh, I thought. If that’s not important advice. To top it all, her text ended in “Regards”. How quickly can one man be degraded from beloved husband to remote business acquaintance? I must have broken the record in that category.
I reached for my can of beer. No chance, it was empty, explaining my premature sleep last night. In lack of liquid substitute, I instead took out a cigarette out of the desk drawer, opened the tiny slit I had cut in the fabric of my tent as a means of improvised exhaust hood and lit the stub.
I knew the smoke coming out of the top of my tent would be visible to anyone. I knew the captain would be angry with me. No blame on him, after all, I smoked what should have been part of his merchandise goods and simultaneously created a fire hazard. There would be dispute about it, no question. He would yell at me, and I would make a half-assed joke about me only performing the ancient art of smoke signals. He would not laugh, his face only redden even beyond its alcohol-induced rouge. But what could I do. I was a divorced man; I needed my consolation. Besides, if they wanted to make it alive through the desert, they would need me. Reason enough to tolerate my eccentric manners, if you ask me.
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2023.06.07 15:27 sad_old_boy Almost 39 and feel like I'm done

This is probably going to be all over the place, but thank you if you can get through that.
As I understand now I grew up very naive and a lot of people took a lot of advantage from me. And for today I seem to be a total failure at every aspect of my life.
I suppose I was a but autistic as a kid (though I never had a proper diagnosis), so I never fully understood my classmates or people in general. But I was really good at almost every discipline at school (I have all A certificate and I was one of the best graduates of my school).
Though my father very often found a reason that I should be punished. Corporally. He often left me all black and blue, but under the clothes, because his parents and my mother (and he himself) were very respected people in education and medical system of my town. This is also was one of the reason that I couldn't behave improperly anywhere, because a lot of people knew who my parents were and could tell them if I did anywhere anything wrong. I was also teased at school, because I was studying for almost all As (as it was kinda easy for me), but were not very social. I didn't get the jokes very often and was very cumbersome and naive and easy to make laugh at. But I couldn't make a fight to defend myself, because they instantly took me to principal, besause I was a child of a teacher. And it meant more abusing or beating at home.
Together with corporal punishment he verbally and mentally abused me very often asking me questions that I had to answer like "how should I punish you for this" and it always should've been beating me and any other option would lead to a question "do you think this would be enough for that misbehavior?" and the right answer should be "no, it's not enough", but of course I didn't want to say that. But I couldn't leave until he gets the right answer and I'd get beaten up by his belt. And we could spend literally half a day like that. Like I could get home from school at 2 pm and if he was at home he could do it till the late evening. And I remember that awfully heavy atmosphere at home.
When I was 10 I was sexually assaulted by a stranger in the elevator of our home, who threatened me with a knife if I make a sound or try to do anything. This man was never found. I don't think I still feel anything about that. It wasn't that scary as going back home and it stopped my father's abuse for some time. But I thought that I couldn't get away because it felt like everybody everywhere knew my somebody from family. Of course now I understand that it's wrong, but it took me long to really understand that.
But I had a lot of energy. I literally couldn't shut up during classes as I knew all the answers almost instantly and didn't understand why it is hard for the others, so it didn't help to build good relationship with my classmates either. But I couldn't defend myself.
I lost my only friend who got fed up that I decided to play video games when he came to visit me. Right now I understand that it was my dependent behavior that manifested early as a video games escapism. Now I'm thinking that it was also weird, because I clearly remember spending hours at his house watching him playing his games. So probably I could solve it. Or probably he was looking for an excuse to make some distance with me as I have progressively got very weird in my teen age, so he probably started feeling very awkward and didn't know how to speak to me as I was interested only in music and girls. And because I was not popular at all, I was fully into music. He was not at all. He was an easy fellow. Pretty simple, but a good and nice person I have to say. Against him I don't hold any grudge.
Since childhood I was passionate about music. Rock, metal - that was my thing. Pantera especially :)
But of course my parents were against me making music. Each time I started playing or practicing guitar my father came to tell me to go wash dishes or wash the floor or whatever. They've heard that IT becomes the new big thing so they sent me to the technical university. The one that it not far from home, because suddenly SUDDENLY they were sure I was not ready to live by myself in the university dormitory. I obeyed again.
Anyway I socialized better in the university. I got into a student group of really nice people with the same intellectual level with me and they were really very very kind. Sometimes I spent days not seeing my parents. My father stopped beating me till black and blue, though there still were cuffs and slaps and punches and he loved to kick my things and take my guitar or my computer from me or disable my music system for weeks, so I "would study better" or whatever.
It stopped one day when I took a chair and told him that if he didn't leave my room right know I'd hit him with that chair. He's a six feet tall former sportsman. But I'm actually became taller than him. I was 19 or 20 back than. But it didn't actually change a lot. He stopped going physical, but continued to mentally abuse me. And I think I was either stupid or too used to that kind of treatment.
I remember him explaining they had very little money back then, he was struggling with having a job and I was constantly failing them and he wanted to make a good person out of me. He said he did it, because he had to as a parent. And it was unpleasant for him, but I constantly made him do it. It started I think in the end of the kindergarten when I started secretly taking toys to home.
When I was 20 I met my future wife at a punk gig. Fun thing was that she turned out to not liking music much. At least as much as I did. Her mother is narcissistic and she shares a lot of narcissistic traits and ways of behavior herself, though she is not a full-blown narc our relations were very toxic and unfortunately they still are. Now it is obvious to me that my love for her appeared because in a sense she wast like my father to me and I wanted to recreate it subconciously. I had to go through some therapy to understand that. And now we're almost 19 years together and we have a daughter, she's 7 and I love her very much. I try to protect her as much as I can and though I found that I'm very much like my father in many aspects, I always remember about that to not let myself act without unconciously, so I've never raised my hand on her and I almost always talk if something goes wrong. I try to spend as much time as I can with her. She loves dinosaurs, all things about space and a lot of girly things that is fun to play too. I feel like I'm partially reliving my own childhood with her. But we constantly fight with my wife. Like every day. And it scares my daughter. And it kills me. And it kills me that I can't part ways with my wife, because I try to create loving environment at home for my daughter. Even my wife jokes that I am the mom in our family.
But now I have problems with work myself. Remember I went to the university? I had to quit it. My brilliant brain eventually collapsed. I started experiencing brain fog (or my brain became completely silent when I needed it) and a terrible attention disorder and I still do to this days. For years I was drinking a lot (like a lot), smoking, playing videogames, while still being highly functional. I'm not a closed person, I'm pretty open and look positive for the most part. Many people describe me as very empathetic and charismatic. I did some scientific work in my university, than I worked in IT while playing gigs with several bands in different genres and doing session work as a guitar player and arranger. Now I'm working in advertising and I was kinda successful in creative and production departments till recent times. But I always felt awful inside and it became worse. Was it my relationship with my wife, was it my childhood thing, was it any other factors, I don't know. Probably everything took its toll on me. All I know is that I don't have the same energy as before, I don't have aims or things I love. Well technically they exist, but nothing excites me anymore. Though I love spending time with my daughter and mindlessly noodling guitar or piano from time to time.
So I got a life, you know, but seems like couldn't escape anything. Like I was downward spiraling all this years just trying not to notice that.
During the pandemic years I quit drinking and smoking (boy, was it hard) and somehow lost interest in playing video games. I started doing sports and gradually started feeling better. But unfortunately I underwent vascular surgery and had to stop for half a year and absolutely lost the momentum. All I'm doing now is watching memes and youtube. I became terrible at my job, because I can't handle it anymore. The projects I was doing is at the end now, but I just can't get myself together to look for a new ones. And I have a mortgage to pay and it's a big sum every month.
My brain becomes silent more and more often so I started hating doing what I do. I can't be creative anymore. I hate myself. I hate my past. I hate what my family became. I'm afraid we can fuck up my daughter's future, because that is the relationship of constant fighting she sees every day. And the most terrible thing is that I found out recently that I'm in constant fear that from minute to minute my father will come home and beat the shit out of me. Can you imagine? Like WTF, seriously?
And what is the most terrible thing that makes me angry is that I don't hate my father. I love him and I know that for years I tried to make him like me. Funny thing that my mother said that she feels guilty for what happened, but now I feel only anger for what she said. She did nothing and often she started the thing with acting sad that I embarass her in school with my behavior, so my father got another reason to beat the shit out of me.
Right now she does nothing with my daughter (like doesn't call her or text her or whatever) and from time to time says that she feels guilt for that. Seems like that's her way of life: not doing what is needed to and saying that she feels guilt about that, than continue to do nothing. And I love her too. And when I meet my parents we all pretend like nothing has ever happened. I just don't participate in conversations mostly. Drinking helped in the past, but I'm not doing that anymore so I mostly keep silent at their home and detach myself in my thoughts unless somebody asks something. And I also hate that I was trying to speak with them when I was drunk and pretend that nothing has ever happened to. It feels awful and I feel no respect for myself for that.
Yet I don't hate anyone. I would like to fix relationship with my wife, I feel bad for my parents as they have their own history with their parents. But why should I understand and feel for everybody so they would continue their life like it's ok? That said starting a mess in the family may influence my daughter's life and I don't want that. I feel trapped.
The problem is that in a month I'll have no money for the next mortgage payment. But I have no energy to look for a new project to do and do it. And I have no time and money for psychotherapy. I did so much to continue my life for so many years. I just can't anymore. Recently I started experience health issues, especially after contacting COVID-19. So seems like a full house: no money, no job, no health, no love, no friends, no support, no energy, no brain. I'm not s****dal by any means. I just want to lay on a bed and do nothing forever. And I want to do it for years already actually, I just kept getting myself together, because of my daughter. But right now I feel I just literally can't anymore on every level: mental, physical or whatever.
There are more things that make it harder for me now, but I try to not make is so much over the place. And my wife doesn't want discuss it or help me, she says that I'm often get depressed and she's tired of that. That time I managed to talk to her openly she said: "Go to psychiatrist, they'll prescript you some drugs and you'll be fine". But what drugs? I've been through some shit, of course I feel sad and depressed and my constant inability to influence any of these things made feel even worse. Of course I can numb myself with prescriptive drugs, but what's the difference with the alcohol then? I don't think that there are drugs that help people to solve issues between each other or open their ears, make them respectful and wise enough to think about consequences of what they say or do.
This is the first time I tell the story of my life, so I'm sorry if this is too long to read. I just can't. I try to think things through and it seems now like I could've run away from home in the childhood, I could end my relations with my wife before we had a child, though I can't imagine not having my daughter. But what was I thinking before? I also understand Like who cares if you're smart and what is the point of having 140+ IQ and not being able to distinguish people who is good for you from those who is bad for you.
If was a cool flex for my parents to have a smart child. It is a cool flex for my wife to have a smart husband. But to me it is like a curse. I'm no smarter than anybody else. I don't even understand what is it. I can't even solve my own issues. But people around me tell me how smart and articulate I am and it creates nothing, but expectations that I don't want to fulfill.
What if I fill for divorce, because we can't come to an agreement on literally anything. Previously I was doing things her way, because it wasn't a big deal and I wanted her to smile. Then I found out that she thinks that I'm entitled to live the way she wants, to do things the way she wants, to pay for everything she wants and if I say I can't for example swap our car to something new and better right now, then I'm doing not enough money unlike husbands of her friends. Like WTF? Yes we talked through a lot, but there were so many things said and done, that I'm not even sure I want to continue with her. On the other hand if I divorce, we definitely won't come to agreement on our daughter and I'm afraid she'll make her think that I abandoned them both.
What if I call to my parents or meet them and ask all these questions about my childhood. I know my mom will start talking about how guilty she feels and whatever. And my father will try to avoid talking. Or even if he would say that he was young and stupid and didn't know what he was doing and he feels sorry for that, I don't think it would help me. And making him suffer won't help either.
It is just unfair living like this. Sometimes I read stories of other people and think "Okay, they've seemed to go through something worse than myself and still be able to proceed with their lives". But nothing actually works anymore. Again I'm not s****dal, but it is like willing to freeze, you know. Something like that.
I don't know if I have a question. I just can't cope with all this. I was writing this post for two days and don't even have the energy to read it through myself.
P.S. Excuse me for possible mistakes, English is a foreign language for me.
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2023.06.07 15:27 Icy_Confidence9304 I need advice from the wise BMW redditors lol

I have a FBO 2017 F32 with 90k miles and I have been really wanting a F97 x3m. I finally convinced my wife to let me get it cause we have a 6 month old and "we need the room" even though she has a Jeep. The market by me seems to be insanely inflated. 2020 is going for like 50-60k. That seems pretty inflated right?
I asked for advice from my good friends who are also BMW fan boys and i got mixed reviews. Half of them said your not promised tomorrow get what you want. Half of them said that they feel like care is insanely inflated due to very little supply.

Also anyone who has a F97 please let me know how it is. I will be test driving one soon but id like to hear some reviews lol cause i am a very impulse buyer and will just pull trigger moment i test drive.
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2023.06.07 15:27 MiaIsOut Who am I?

Heyo! I'm Mia, known online as Hyprst. You might know me as the person who ported those Murder Drones vroid models to VRChat.
So basically, I made an oopsie. I got blammed off reddit. But I'm back!
That's all I wanted to say!
(i'm trans btw and i go by she/her pronouns)
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2023.06.07 15:26 Augustina496 Theory about where the Zonai come from. Spoilers from the whole game!

I think they may be the result of some weird merging of dragons and Frox.
Before I go on, I don’t think it’s as simple as Dragon parent and Frox parent = Zonai baby. I think it may be evolutionary, the result of many thousands of years of gradual influence combined with magic.
The first clue are the Zonai’s three eyes. Two regular ones and a third that only seems to open when their doing some big magic. This third eye is obviously special and sets them apart. They use it as a motif on all their designs and on the constructs. The single eye is everywhere. The Shikah and Yiga even adopt it later as their clan emblems, probably directly taking it from the Zonai. It makes sense if they are the Zonai’s “chosen” people (which I think comes from Ocarina of time). They’re privy to key technology, magic and information courtesy of the Hyrulian royal line, hence they wear their emblem.
The single eye, to me, reads as that of the Frox, who are all cyclops. The steward constructs, especially, look like Frox. The green colour that’s used in the Zonai colour scheme is that of a small Frox’s skin. The Zonai themselves even have similar colouration to Frox.
The Frox exclusively dwell in the depths, the place where Zonaite comes from. This ore provides energy to their devices and (I don’t think it’s a massive stretch), allows them the power to raise their islands into the sky. The Zonai clearly had a big presence in the depths, evidenced by all their mines and the fact they use the Brightbloom seeds (an essential resource for depths exploration), as a major cultural symbol.
So that’s the case for Frox. Why Dragons?
One of the the major themes of TotK is the meeting of Sky and Depths. I got a big shock when I realised that the dragons could fly into the depths. Even though the Upheaval is a recent occurrence, the dragons don’t seem unfamiliar with chasms at all, almost like they’d been there before. It’s a guess, but it may be that a proto-Zonai Frox creature might have followed a dragon skyward from the depths.
Dragons are another huge influence on Zonai design and culture. Dragons are everywhere in their ruins and shrines. It’s possible that their desire to live in the sky is in an attempt to imitate dragons.
Zonai themselves even have some dragon like qualities. I remember a lot of comments on the teaser trailer comparing Rauru to a dragon. Their hair glows in the same way as the dragons and their skin even has scale-like patterns in places.
But the biggest and most obvious evidence is the so called “Secret Stones”. These actually have the power to turn a mortal into a dragon. I don’t think it’s a massive stretch to think that the stones came from dragons in the first place. It’s possible, (and this theory is a bit wild), that the stones may be a bodypart or vital organ from a dragon. The Zonai may have been bequeathed the stones by dragons or (grimly) they harvested them from dragons that they slew.
Finally, I wanted to mention their shape. We now know the title “Tears of the Kingdom” doesn’t refer to the secret stones like we thought from the trailer, but instead refers to Zelda’s literal tears that she leaves around Hyrule for Link to find. So the stones aren’t tears. But, their shape reminded me, weirdly, of the Shin Megami Tensei. There’s weird set of persona in the series called Mitama that have that same teacomma shape. Wikipedia told me that Mitama are souls of the dead in Shinto. Tear shaped souls then immediately made me think the re-inclusion of Poe in this game was more than just a callback. What if the Secret Stones are Dragon Poe?!
My theory’s getting wild here but I just had to share. This game is SO intricate and there are so many clues I haven’t found. I can’t wait to have my mind blown by all the theories.
Please do correct me or add to things in the comments.
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2023.06.07 15:25 Salt-Elk7341 I (20M) have feelings for someone(F22) else that treats me better but I still love my partner (F19) Is it time to move on?

This is sort of a cut and dry case. I have a girlfriend and we have been together for about a year now. But things have gotten rough and she doesn’t treat me as good as she used too, I still love her and am still sexually attracted to her but there’s a coworker of mine who treats me good and has openly stated she has feelings for me.
This coworker also tends to grab my hand and hold it and I don’t really pull away because it makes me feel happy and wanted, along with myself having feelings for this person.
I have talked to other people about this and they all say my current partner got bored and it’s time to move on and possibly pursue a relationship with the coworker because she treats me better.
Decided to ask here for some unbiased opinions.
TL;DR: Coworker treats me better but I’m still sexually and emotionally attracted to current partner.
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2023.06.07 15:25 abetterrorygilmore copycat friend

I (21 F) met this new friend (20 F) last year in uni because we were sharing classes. We befriended two others Alice and Gina, both names are fake (21 F and 20 F) since all four of us were sharing classes. Let's call the toxic friend Claire. So, for context, I grew up in an upper-middle-class household, went to an all girls private school, summer trips, I rarely ever look at the price tag unless its a luxury purchase, and my family (distant relatives and aunts and uncles) is considered to be somewhat part of 'high society' in where I'm from, and I am very blessed to be brought up this way and I love to give and offer people little things (like paying for lunch or coffee, giving them snacks, small little gifts if they wanted something at the store, and they couldn't afford it). And I do that to keep on my grandfather and father's legacy of generosity. I attend a public but distinguished university while most my friends from high school go to a private university. Where I'm from, university is completely free, and the give you around 266$ USD monthly for four years. So, most people prefer attending public universities for these perks. Now, you could assume that many people from different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses attend this university since it is free and pays students.
Alice, Gina, and Claire all went to public schools, but Gina comes from an upper-middle-class family and is very similar to me when it comes to beliefs and connections. Alice's father is pretty famous, so you can assume that she's doing well for herself too, but her parents rarely pay for anything regarding her since she has many siblings. Claire on the other hand, comes from a lower-middle-class family (which none of us care about tbh), and according to her she's always 'broke'. Usually, Gina and I take care of the bill when we go out to eat or when we get coffee because we know about Claire and Alice's situation, and we don't want them to feel belittled.
Lately, Claire has been seeing me and Gina talk about similar experiences about visiting different countries, luxury items, fancy restaurants , etc.. I could feel Claire envy the friendship that was growing between me and Gina. Claire started talking about HER experience in traveling, yet, she mentioned that she has never traveled before. Another thing she kept talking about was how much she hated certain luxury brands because 'she doesn't like their leather' or 'it's too cheap'. None of us minded her new personality we just thought that she was trying to blend in; therefore, we tried avoiding these topics when we are around her.
Claire got a boyfriend (24 M) who is studying to become a pilot and lives in a small town. He boyfriend is a butthole. They have been on again off again since she was in high school (creepy dude dating a high schooler I know). He is only with her because of the sexual tension, and she is the only girl willing to do anything with him. All my social media accounts are private and I only accept people that I know. Recently, I got a DM on instagram from a fake account calling me beautiful and he would love to date me. I instantly blocked the account out of respect for my boyfriend, and I am assuming it is Claire's boyfriend because of what she told me the next day. Claire and I were walking towards our class and she said "Hey, my boyfriend thinks you look mid". The only way he would see how I look like is my instagram profile picture. I found it creepy tbh, but Claire kept telling our friend group about how her boyfriend thinks I look. I found that weird.
Personally, I have had friends who did the same things in the past, so I brushed it off. After that incident, Alice reaches out to me while we're on break and tells me that Claire is using my name on twitter spaces to meet people. Remember when I said my family is considered high society? The people Claire talked to knew who I was and my family is, yet she kept pretending to be me. She was talking about my trips during the summer, my obsession with F1, my exes, how 'sad I felt after my dad died', and many more details I haven't even mentioned to her nor are the correct (some stories about how I hooked up with girls when I was in high school, BUT IM STRAIGHT idc about anyone's sexuality, but THE LIES).
I pretended I didn't know just to see how far she would go in her little skit. I cut my hair and got layers, she did the same but she has curly hair so it always looks messy. I bought a new laptop, she wants to but couldn't afford the same one I bought, but bought a new one regardless. I bought an iPad, she did the same. I listen to certain artists, she started listening to them, I organize my schedule in un around my schedule (piano lessons, appointments, Grand Prix, and etc..) i and take classes with profs that like me and I've taken with before, but she copies my exact schedule and blames me for 'shitty classes' and 'shitty times'. I've been a F1 fan ever since I was a kid because of my father. I've been to multiple GPs with him and created amazing memories. She started watching F1 recently and only cheers for Carlos Sainz because "he's hot". I didn't mind it until she started talking about how she loved attending GPs as a kid. Gina was confused when Claire said that and asked her who her favorite driver was as a child, she answers "anyone in Ferrari", Gina asked if it was Logan Sergeant. and Claire says "yes! he's my favorite!" absolute silence after.
A few days ago, she missed the bus, and I offered to drive her back home, she refused because she lived a 40 min drive away from our uni. I kept telling her it was fine and I did not mind at all, and my aunt lives in the same area and I was planning on popping in for a visit anyway. I wasn't, but I didn't want her to feel bad for me dropping her off. She agreed. We get into my car (a Benz I've been driving ever since I was 17), and she starts complaining about how 'this is the cheapest car she has been in'. I nodded and smiled because I didn't want to comment on anything. The whole car ride was her talking about her luxurious trip during the break, which was all fake. When I dropped her off, her house was humble, and she mentioned that she still lived with her family and the house was rented. I never asked, but if you are going on extravagant and luxurious trips you could afford to own the house at least.
After that happened I went home and texted her about our group project that was due later that week she was the only one who didn't do her part. She said she'll do it later that night, I told her its okay just add it to the slides whenever she's done. At 2am, she keeps spamming the group project's group chat saying that she has stomach ache and cannot do the work (btw she's dramatic her stomach ache is caused by the food that she eats and multiple doctors told her that when I took her to the hospital). The students in the group project felt bad and told her to do her part later. She kept crying saying that she was too stressed and has more important things to take care of, but no one was getting the hint that she wanted someone to do her part. I emailed my professor telling her the whole story, and the professor replied saying that Claire will not be graded unless she does her end of the bargain. I read all Claire's texts and didn't reply because I was sick and tired of her act. Later, she tweets about how her 'friend is toxic and only cares about herself' all because I didn't text her 'Get well soon!! xx' like wtf.

Honestly, I just what to know what to do, like, she's toxic towards me, and she's always copying me and pretending to be me. One idea I had was to call my lawyer and just sue her for pretending to be me, but I'll need some sort of proof. I just want to know what to do when it comes to her copying me, if I should drop her or not, and if I should, how do I drop her?

(pls ignore typos and punctuation mistakes I'm tired af)
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2023.06.07 15:25 em_baconmann High School Friend Appearing in Dreams.

I keep having dreams about a friend from highschool, who I haven't seen in a year. I graduated in 2021 so we haven't spent significant time together since then.
I don't keep a dream journal so there are some instances that I can't remember, but here is a back story of who this person is and then a reccurance of the dreams I can remember.
My friend: Josie and I were friends since 5th grade. We were very close through middle school and the beginning of highschool. Then, I made some bad choices and our friendship fell apart. By senior year we reformed a tentative friendship but she admitted we would never be as close as we were. I accepted that, as there were consequences to my actions. We still had inside jokes and talked about the movies we liked together. We were both pretty stubborn people so we would bicker a lot. We graduated and said goodbye on good terms. I've seen her while home over break a few times. I haven't seen her since last summer. Now over the past month she keeps appearing in my dreams.
Dream 1: She got hired at my job and moved into the apartment directly below mine. (This dream is the furthest away and the details are fuzzy)
Dream 2: We were running away (I don't know what from, perhaps our home town, that neither of us liked??) and got a hotel and just... hung out?
Dream 3: (I remember this one this most clearly) One of my profs commented on how I actually bought the textbook and I tried to explain why, saying that I had ADHD and that the paper textbook was easier to focus on. In my dream she was sitting at the desk next to me and disputed me, essentially implying that that wasn't a good reason.
None of these dreams seem connected except for Josie being in them.
Does anyone have any ideas on why these dreams are happening or what they mean?
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2023.06.07 15:25 Cheap_Carob_6860 The differences in our [34M] [28F] sex drives is becoming a deal breaker. What should we do?

I read and was told online that men in Muslim countries commonly have sex with other men due to sexual repression and gender segregation, where women are unavailable
I was also told the women in those situations don't have sex with other women anywhere near as commonly
This made me think that male sexuality depends almost solely on the sexual availability of women while female sexuality depends on so much more than the sexual availability of men
I asked my psychologist, parents and sister. They said that it would be a minority of men who would do that and that in most cases (like prisons) women do it with other women as often, even more. My psychologist said she worked in both men's and women's prisons and that the women do that with each other much more than the men do it
What do you think?
Because if it's not somewhat equal between men and women and if it is so one sided, then that puts me off men as a gender completely because it would show that women like men more, in a more well rounded way and that take sex away and men turn to men. So their attraction and interest in women is paper thin.
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2023.06.07 15:24 Trick-Two497 A pick from the Plus catalog

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum was one of my favorite books when I was growing up. It's a bit different from the movie. Paul Magrs has done a full cast adaptation of the book for Audible. I have mixed feelings about recommending this. I really did not like the person who played Dorothy in this adaptation. She doesn't have the vulnerability of the Dorothy we grew up watching onscreen as played by Judy Garland. But I'm not sure that will ruin this for a child. (Full disclosure: the movie gave me such bad nightmares that I wasn't allowed to watch it after the first time. Those flying monkeys!) So if you've got a child of a tender age who would be scared too much by the movie, they might really enjoy this adaptation until they get a bit older.
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2023.06.07 15:24 iamjoemarsh Housing/Mortgage advice, temp work contract

Apologies if this seems like a naive question, but:
My partner and I are looking to move (from Scotland to England). We're concerned that the pool of available mortgages is restricted by the fact that she has been offered a temporary (3 years) contract, on a lower salary, than she has currently. I am in full time employment (on a higher salary than my most recent previous position) but this situation is slightly complicated by the fact that I've only been working for my new employer for a month (and a week).
Would there be any... unsavoury legal repercussions if we were to apply for a mortgage on the basis of her current employment contract? I believe she will still technically be employed by her current employed, on a permanent basis, until around... August time.
Assuming we could secure a property and etc. in that time period, and she still had a valid active contract, is there any possibility that someone at the bank would put 2 and 2 together and think that, because we're moving so far away, she doesn't intend to stay in that job for long? And if they figured this out later, could they take any action concerning this?
For context, the contract my partner is taking is 3 years but with the high likelihood of this being extended. This seems to me to be "secure enough" (vague, I know) that the bank shouldn't worry too much about non-payment (especially from 2 people with good credit history who have paid their mortgage for 8+ years).
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2023.06.07 15:24 AgeZealousideal4450 Okay now that’s it’s over, let’s be nice about it.

I actually said to my partner from episode 8 onward that Aussie and Sam would be the only ones standing, only doubt being Xander and Yoly. Now let’s start:
Tiff - although I feel like I couldn’t really connect with her I think in a failed relationship both parties make mistakes and that’s what happened here. I genuinely think this was the best outcome for her, because hers and Mildred’s wasn’t a healthy relationship. Sending her positive vibes.
Mildred - Oh boy. I suppose she has been through a lot and I’m surprised at everything she was saying in the reunion, like that’s mad. I do feel she needs to focus on herself and positive things in her life, like her son as her relationship with Tiff was toxic. Best to her. Although I would say it’s troubling to hear he was violent, as someone who has been victim of violence by their girlfriend, it’s horrible and a very concerning red flag. Hope they can both heal.
Xander - the best choice she ever made. I don’t think Yoly and Vanessa were the best at the moment and she needs to focus on herself.
Mal - Glad she could see what the show reflected and grew conscious of standing for herself and making healthier choices. I mean Yoly telling her yes but still in love with someone else. Girl, no!
Yoly - I’m glad she’s working on herself as there were many actions and decisions made by her clearly wrong. I do hope she doesn’t give up on motherhood you could see her pain when she said maybe it wasn’t for her, hope she works on herself, gets back on her feet and fulfils her dreams.
Vanessa - just keep working Lord knows you need it and all the best.
Aussie and Sam - Genuinely happy for them. Many wouldn’t end up together in their positions but if they think it’s right horray I mean they seemed happy!
Lexi and Rae - I just knew it, I think their not suited Rae seemed she still had a lot to figure out and Lexi is very dominant of a personality for her. As for Lexi I didn’t really like her but I hope she can become a better partner and be happy in her next relationship.
In conclusion, therapy for everyone including the dogs. Also get a better host to handle live conflicts that was bs 🫠
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2023.06.07 15:24 SummerImaginary356 mom suggested i start "fasting" again.

i first wanna say that i have no one besides my mom to talk about my ED struggles, so if i sound like im rambling, i apologize in advance.
in the two months of recovery ive been in, ive gained a lot of weight, and unfortunately i made the mistake of wearing my old clothes. they're tight on me now, and i commented my discomfort to my mom, and she suggested that i start skipping meals! i felt like i took a bullet to the heart. i mean, she knows that the whole reason i was miserable was because i was "fasting". for her to suggest that i start skipping meals again makes me think that starting recovery was pointless. i mean, to be honest, i didn't want to start recovery. i only did it for her and my dad's sake because they were freaking out over me looking like a skeleton.
that comment made my ED voice sound louder than ever. i was telling myself "okay, i guess i'll starve tomorrow then". but i don't want to. i don't want to be miserable again from starving myself. i don't want to feel weak and lose all the muscle ive regained. i want to have a healthy relationship with food.
maybe my mom only said that because she's afraid of me becoming overweight? it's important that i note that before i began "fasting" i was considered obese by BMI standards. she knew how badly i wanted to lose weight and "look skinny", so she probably thinks shes being helpful. im also certain that she thinks i don't have an eating disorder. she's one of those people who think mental illness is BS, and that every mental problem i have is just me acting like a teen (im 17...), it's a phase, i'll grow out of it. it doesn't help that i've been craving sugary food like a madman, and i told her, and she said that that's unhealthy, to eat fruit instead or drink water, i'll be like how i was pre-ED, overweight and a food junkie, etc. idk. i have a lot to say, but i have no friends or a therapist or whatever to talk to. ive been recovering solo and at home, and up until now everything is crashing down on me. it might hormones, as i literally started my period a day ago (after a year yay).
i just needed to ramble (;__; )
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2023.06.07 15:23 Leviathan_TD_94 Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

Good morning everyone.
For the past 11 years (and for the rest of her life) my wife has had a medical condition that requires her to regularly receive life-saving durable medical equipment (DME). Since her diagnosis 11 years ago, she has ordered her DME from the same company, they have billed her insurance, and she has never paid a dollar out of pocket or seen a bill. She has always had the same insurance provider, but occasionally gotten new insurance plans due to job changes, growing out of her mother’s insurance coverage, etc.
This past October 2022, she began another new job. She still has the same insurance provider, but needed to get a new plan. She pays more for this plan than she did for her previous plan, as she always opts for the best insurance plan. Since then, she has started receiving bills from this company for her DME. Her insurance should cover the DME, so we have been fighting these bills left and right, taken numerous sick days from work just to call her insurance, her specialist who prescribes the equipment, her pharmacy benefits office, and the DME company to try and figure out why we started getting bills with this new insurance plan. The initial bills (dated October ‘22 and November ‘22) have been unpaid for so long that her DME provider has now sent them to a collections agency. We have a week to pay them roughly $1,500, and they’re currently trying to stick us with another $1k bill.
Both my wife’s insurance provider and her specialists office have told us it is the DME providers fault. Apparently when my wife got her new insurance plan in October, her DME supplier was supposed to request a new prior authorization from her specialist’s office before sending the DME to us, but they never did and sent us the DME anyway. The DME provider also told my wife’s specialist’s office that they can’t and won’t bill her insurance. Apparently, the expectation now is that they bill us, we file a prescription reimbursement claim through her pharmacy benefits, they pay us, and we pay the DME provider, which is an insane amount of middleman work for us to do EVERY time we order from them.
Out of desperation, I called another DME supplier on a whim. I had them set up an account for my wife, run her insurance, and see how much it would cost for them to provide us with my wife’s DME. Lo and behold, just like it had been for the last eleven years, it was totally covered by insurance and would be shipped to us for free, which is exactly how it should be with her current DME supplier of the last 11 years. That said, we will be safe going forward, but what can we do about her original DME supplier that is wrongfully sending us bills, sending outstanding bills to collections, refusing to bill her insurance, and also failed to request a new prior authorization in October? Thank you for reading, and for your help.
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2023.06.07 15:23 thepakistaniprincess AITB for wearing a bikini?

Ok so I (F24) recently went on a vacation with some of my girlfriends. It was going to be a fun trip where we did a lot of fun things but when we got to our hotel I realized that I had left my swimsuit back at home. Now for most people it wouldn't necessarily be a problem but since I'm a Muslim woman it's kinda a big deal as I can't just go to the store and buy a modest swim suit, not to mention I'm the only Muslim woman in my friend group that wears a hijab and tries to be as modest in clothing as possible. Well one of my friends who is around the same size as me had a new bikini that she decided to give to me so I could enjoy the day at the beach. It wasn't the most modest bikini but it also wasn't. Totally revealing so I felt fine wearing it. We had fun and overall the vacation was a blast but when I got home I got a call from my mother (F50) who started berating me for wearing a bikini. She said that I was being immodest and that the only thing that I had done right was wear my hijab. I argued back saying that it was about the only thing I could do without ruining the vacation. We continued arguing back and forth and she said that I should have just stayed modest and stayed in the hotel or something as to not be immodest around other people. Now I'm starting to wonder if I am TA? Link to what the bikini looked like to potentially help out:\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3 EDIT: so it's harder to just not listen to my mother because I live with her and rely on her and my father for financial help currently.
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