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At fault 3rd party offered a like-for-like car hire for my fully loaded bmw 5 series, but enterprise turned up with a poverty spec Audi Q2. What are my rights?

2023.05.30 21:44 ImanKensley At fault 3rd party offered a like-for-like car hire for my fully loaded bmw 5 series, but enterprise turned up with a poverty spec Audi Q2. What are my rights?

I am in England.
I decided to get my car repaired via 3rd party as they've admitted fault and so I can avoid the whole Credit Hire thing and keep costs low rather than artificially inflated. But they keep on failing to keep their end of the bargain. For repairs, they offered to pick up my car and drop it back once repaired. But the Approved garage BMW dealer called me asking to drive over for estimates. Then said they can't do pick ups and drop offs. I decided to go ahead anyway as I'd like to get it repaired with BMW.
Then I drop my car off at the BMW dealer, but Enterprise turned up with a poverty spec Audi Q2. I've arranged this with Enterprise 2 weeks in advance and was promise a similar premium car, 5 series, E class, or Audi A6. My BMW 5 series has adaptive cruise control, lane assist, 360 camera, etc. The only request I had was the car was similarly premium category, and at a minimum was Automatic, had Front and Rear parking sensors, and Adaptive Cruise Control as I used them the most. The Audi Q2 I've been provided doesn't have adaptive cruise control and it's so compact that it's very cramp with 2 child seats, and isn't comfortable at all for long distances - very firm and bouncy, plus body roll.
I spoke to the Enterprise person at drop off and they said sorry they didn't have any other cars and will contact me some day if any come in. I then called the 3rd party insurance and they said that's strange as that's a lower hire car category. They will call the Enterprise area manager and get back to me. So far no one has gotten back to me.
Am I just stuck with this crappy car hire? How can they not provide a like for like car when I've already informed them of my repair drop off date 2 weeks in advance? Now I'm also worried if i actually do get any warranty like they promised by repairing via 3rd party? Is there an ombudsman I can contact?
Just feel like they keep on offering a ton of false promises. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 21:38 NickB155 [Question] Help finding my new daily

[Question] Help finding my new daily
hi All
I have had my daily driver for over 10 years (2 of the same watch) and Im struggling hard to replace it with the right thing to replace its daily status. Im hoping the wealth of knowledge here can guide me into something I might be missing. Note, I live about 4 hrs away from any major dealers in NY so try ons are limited.
it is a Moved Gentry 84 N2 1890 (pictures added) the lime on this one has ben replaced w a diamond bc it fell out lol.
Why I need new: Its quartz and not as reliable as id like (lacks water resist) and I hate battery changing
What I like: Popular = Love the size and fits under cuff, the overall wearability/style & the bracelet clasp is perfect
What I've tried:
Tank Francaise - too "chubby"
Breitling Chronomat - hate the bracelet
IWC Big P - too big
Santos - Loved it but so hyped imo
Octo Roma - 41mm was too big and the 38mm is discontinued and strap is not swappable but I loved everything else about it
I currently own a Tank MC and a Seamaster Professional
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2023.05.30 21:27 mydogisonfirehelp tickets go on sale this friday

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2023.05.30 21:14 CapnFantastic Found some old treasures today.

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2023.05.30 20:50 CACAOALOE Can anyone identify these crickets? Boise ID

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2023.05.30 20:46 Remrac Help with choosing models

Howdy yall. Its time for a new ride and I am looking hard at Audi's. Right now driving a MB GLE400 and im going to give that to the wife and get something else. Ive been looking at S5 sportbacks, A6's, and my local dealer has a SQ5 also. Is the A6 sporty enough with the V6 comparing to the S5? Is it much bigger? Seems like id be getting the same engine in any of these models but I wonder if it all comes down to preference or if anyone has any words of wisdom or thoughts for me. Looking used around the $45 - $50k range.
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2023.05.30 20:21 IDontEatDill Cube Kathmandu sizing

The subject tells my problems. I'm a 186cm tall 104kg guy. Cube webpage points me to L size frame, but could be XL. The on-line bike shop that I am about to use points to XL size or at the top segment of L...What's right? It's over 3k€ bike, so I'd rather not buy a wrong size bike.
I currently have a Trek MTB with 54cm frame size, but I don't think that can be used as a reference for a hybrid bike. Especially when the manufacturer is different too.
The biggest dilemma is that we don't have Cube dealers anywhere near, so I can't just go and test one in real life. One sports shops lists Cubes as their brand, but they're constantly just out of stock...
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2023.05.30 18:54 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ID Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Greenleaf
HealthMarkets Insurance Agent Huston
ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITIES LLC Leasing Consultant - Boutique Sites Boise
Boise Centre Information Technology (IT) Manager Boise
Western Integrated Tech Business Development Specialist Boise
Badger Building Center Yard Operations Bonners Ferry
Nwestco, LLC Car Washer Caldwell
Nwestco, LLC Automotive Washer Caldwell
Nwestco, LLC Service Technician Caldwell
Badger Building Center Stock Associate Coeur D Alene
Bronze Buffalo Ranch at Teton Springs Banquet & Event Attendant Driggs
Cascadia Services, LLC IT Field Resource Eagle
Best Built Builders Supply Floor Customer Service Grangeville
Lignetics Inc. Packaging Operator - Graveyard Shift KOOTENAI
Cascadia Services, LLC LPN Lapwai
Cascadia Services, LLC LPN Lewiston
Cascadia Services, LLC Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Lewiston
ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITIES LLC Real Estate Agent - Apartments Meridian
Boise Centre Operations Supervisor (FT) Meridian
Badger Building Center Replenisher Post Falls
Badger Building Center Stock Associate Post Falls
Badger Building Center Yard Operations Post Falls
Badger Building Center Replenisher Sagle
Badger Building Center Floor Customer Service Sagle
Badger Building Center Retail Stock Person Sagle
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in id. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 17:42 Healthy_Disaster8946 Sedan vs. SUV, Honda vs. Toyota

So I currently have a 2004 Honda Civic @ almost 250K miles, which is on its last legs. I work from home so I don't drive much, but when I do, I usually take weekend trips or drive into the city about 15 miles out one-way. It seems like buying new is a better value than buying used or leasing right now. Ideally I'd like to find something within the next month but it's probably a bit unrealistic.
What I really want is a 2023 RAV4 XLE in Lunar Rock, which are super hard to find ofc. I can really only afford this if I get a special APR (some dealers had for Memorial Day, hoping 4th of July deals will be similar).. I did find one in transit for probably ~$35K that was available but the dealership has some bad reviews and seems a bit shady, so decided to pass (🥲).
I don't really need an SUV, so I thought a '23 Civic or Corolla would be more affordable/practical, plus I could eventually trade in if I felt compelled to do so. If I don't, then I could continue on for years with a reliable car. Buuut it looks like it's going to be just as hard and in a lot of cases, almost as expensive as a RAV4. I would prefer gas, an automatic transmission, FWD, and a blind-spot monitor (if I get an SUV). And I'm more stuck on color than I'd like to admit lol.
At this point I have taken in so much info in such a short period of time that I am in analysis paralysis lol. I know with the market right now, I will more than likely have to compromise something, but I'm not sure what aspects to compromise for this amount of money, lol. I was also thinking of signing up for CarEdge's coaching. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 17:27 SomeDisciple_14 Philosophy of a Beard

Hey, my name is Cory. That's my real name. I don't care I give it out like most OPs. I've been doxxed before. I know the rigamarole. This saga isn't about that. This is about some shitty neighbors who are neckbeards/incels/niceguys or whatever the difference is nowadays and how I learnt from them about making obsessive chicks ghost me. It's about how I ascertained the ability to repulse even legbeards.
Now, for our cast. I am obviously Cory, a guy in his late 20s who lives with his grandmother because he has a neurodegenerative disorder like his grandfather, or his grandmother's late ex-husband. My family doesn't want me living alone because I could die in my sleep and I want to take care of my grandmother. Win-win?
Bert is our first neckbeard. I don't know why I'm calling him Bert, but I need a name. Our second neckbeard is Ernie just because it fits well with Bert some reason. Lastly, our legbeard will be named Kelly because, again, need a name.
So let's dive into things.
One evening, being the light sleeper that I am, I was awoken to the sounds of screaming. I checked the clock. It was only 8PM. I downstairs and talked to my grandma and she said she didn't hear anything. She was awake the whole time, so I presumed the screaming was just me making things up. Turns out the elderly widow living caddycorner to us passed away. We found out two days later.
Weeks went by and her family sold the house. The buyer rented it out. They rented it out to none other than Bert and Ernie, who seemed around my age. Bert and Ernie were quiet at first, making as much nose as anyone does settling in. Then I noticed the oddities. When I'm off work I usually go out for frequent cigarette breaks. I usually during the day and stay up late.
On one of my 2AM smoke breaks I spotted the duo with their guns getting into their rusty Ford truck. Odd, I thought, but I wasn't too shocked as we live near the woods. This happened at least once a week, but I payed it no scrutiny other than rubbernecking.
One day after a trip, I'd come home with something special. It was a Russian Mosin Nagant in pristine condition - something that was made in WW2, never entered the hands of a commie, and probably just sat in some old dude's safe after coming to the US. The neighbor across the street is into guns so I figured I would show him before I wiped it down.
This is important to note: my neighbor are friends. We have a relationship where he teaches me car stuff and helps me with car problems for cheap. I help him with gun stuff and get him sub-MSRP guns in return (all legally, of course). When I was showing him my gun, in come Bert and Ernie from next door to him.
All of a sudden, my friend's dog start barking. They did not like Bert and Ernie. His dogs LOVED everyone in the neighborhood.
Bert: "Nice garbage rod."
I do believe he was being sarcastic as Mosins are often called garbage rods.
Bert: "Do you have any other guns?"
Ernie: "I just got an AK-47!"
Me: "Oh, what kind?"
Ernie: "It's a RAS-47. That thing is a fucking beast! Holy shit."
For those of you who aren't in the know, a RAS-47 is not an AK-47. It's based off the AKM and is one of the worst civilian AK pattern rifles on the market. It has a weak, cast metal trunnion and they are prone to shatter. Anyway...
Me: "Anyway, I gotta get this inside."
I gesture neighbor to hand me the gun back. He gets the jist.
Neighbor: "Yeah, I gotta get back to work. Let me know when you can take a look at that pistol."
Me: "Will do."
I wave and go inside, ignoring what Bert and Ernie say.
That very night, I'm approached by Bert while I'm smoking. I was on my meds, and if you don't know how neurosuppressants feel imagine having all the vertigo and discombobulation of being drunk, but none of the euphoria. I was smoking because it helps me sleep.
Now, I was on these meds so this conversation doesn't stick as well to my memory.
Bert: "Hey, man, you remember me from earlier."
Me: "Hm... yeah?"
Bert: "Is it cool if I bum a cig? I'll pay you."
He did have a dollar in his hand, but I halted him. I handed him a smoke.
Me: "Pay it forward."
Bert: "So you like guns? So do me and my roommate."
Me: "Yeah, I used to be an arms dealer and have degrees to train people and am a bit of an armorer and... I'm sorry if I make no sense. I'm medicated like an old man right now."
Bert: "You think you can get us automatic weapons?"
Me: "No. Even when I was I couldn't. An arms dealer. I don't think the site had them. Davidson's..."
Bert: "That's gay. Fucking ATF being J*wed as fuck."
Me: "Yeah... go to a gun store if you want something ordered. What's your favorite piece?"
Bert: "Probably my AR. I built it myself!"
He then proceeded to pull out his phone and show me a picture of an AR-15 with an anime girl on it. I think it was Rem from Re:Zero. It was at least some blue-haired waifu broad.
Bert: "How about you?"
Me: "Probably my AK. I fixed her up myself to be more accurate than most semis out-of-the-box."
I showed him a picture of my gun. It was a refurbished WASR-10, a Romanian AK, with a new muzzle and furniture. Everything else - mechanical and cosmetic - was fixed by me. I like to brag about fixing up a hunk of rust. Let me have this. I turned $400 into $1600!
Bert: "Heh, good luck hitting anything with that."
Me: "I've went through training with that thing and passed."
Bert: "Well, then where'd you get your training from?"
By this point, I was done smoking my first. I'd just lit another cigarette because I was intrigued. Even when medicated I was attracted to metaphorical fires in the parking lots of hell.
Me: "It's from [Company Name]. They're ex-SWAT, train SWAT, and have something to do with the American College of Surgeons."
Bert: "Can you train us?"
Me: "For money. I'm always down to go shooting."
Bert: "What do we need?"
Me: "I dunno guy... I'll remember in the morning. Good night."
I was seriously slurring my speech now. I pinched the cherry off my cigarette and shood Bert away from me.
I went inside and slept peacefully.
I know this part is all exposition, but soon we'll get into the meat of the story. That comes up next - when I go shooting with the neckbeards and meet the legbeard.
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2023.05.30 17:15 dago_mcj Son of a retired Ford worker

I figured I'd share my story.
As you can see from the title, I'm the son of a retired Ford worker. My dad worked 38 years and worked hard and did well. Throughout my lifetime we were always very appreciative and pleased with the Ford a plan for employees and z plan for retirees.
But this year is different, I normally drive all my cars into the ground and I'm finally at that point. My dad passed away but my stepmom is still with us, although has dementia. Came to learn that my step brother who has power of attorney is able to obtain a pin for me to use the Ford z plan.
So in the meantime I go to my trusted Ford dealership (have been amazing with service) and I'm quoted a price for a mid-tier Ford explorer. But the salesman keeps giving me this really weird kurt response every time I ask about the hybrids, and that they are flat out unavailable.
Ultimately, the z-plan discount tops out at a markdown of $2,500 from what the dealer pays for the vehicle. It's in the contractual agreement that's there is no haggling when a discount plan is applied. And this is where things start to go downhill and I'm not exactly pleased with the reviews I'm seeing for the explorer.
So for s***'s and giggles I build a Toyota Highlander to match my desired Explorer specification on the website and I'm really shocked at the price. It's exactly the same as the Explorer after the discount.
I may be loyal to Ford because of the benefits I've been able to reap from my dad's long employment with them. But my father didn't raise a moron either. If the cost is the same between the two and one product is clearly better in quality, I know what the right decision is.
The experience at the popular and outspoken Toyota dealership in my area was great! I ended up dealing with the owner of the dealership initially and totally by chance. We talked and laughed and I shared my stories I mentioned above and he was glad to accommodate.
Throughout this experience, I came to learn that the availability for a new order hybrid is on a little bit of a backorder because of supply issues. So be it, I decide not to get a hybrid now. But the explanation I received at the Toyota dealership totally makes sense for the matter with Ford as well being a supply issue impacting all manufacturers. But the sales guy at Ford gave me no information and kept cutting the conversation short. I really appreciate how they treated me like an intelligent person at the Toyota dealership and not talking down to me.
So I explained my situation and there wasn't a great urgency for the Highlander to come in my current car 2011 Fusion runs exceptionally well but suffers from the common well known problem of having a glass jaw (front bumper always gets ripped to shreds because of its low profile).
So as soon as they found something that fits my needs they would let me know after having made a deposit.
In the meantime, I shared this experience with some of my friends who were just as shocked that I didn't by default get a Ford. One even tried arguing with me that the higher price in the explorer was because " well it's just bigger in size than the Highlander". Politely, I said oh that probably explains it. But I did my due diligence later. The difference in storage area with all three rows up, two rows up, and one row up I don't think ever resulted in more than two cubic feet of a difference. I'm sorry. No I'm not paying $2,000 more for two more cubic feet of space in the back in exchange for an SUV that is hard pressed to last past 150,000 mi and not suffer from something crazy like an internal coolant leak that has an engine recall (example: my 2018 Ford Edge).
So now I wait for my Highlander XLE 2.4L AWD in any color that is not black or green, 4 captains chairs, with any softex interior that's not black and upgraded 12" screen.
Now on to the important question. How long do I have to wait?!?!?
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2023.05.30 17:06 48lawsofpower777 I have extra charges on my contract - what can / should I do now?

I bought a car yesterday... Reviewing my contract today, I see $2,100 in fees like $1100 in "commission" and $997 for "Darcars Assurance" which I told them I didn't even want. The salesman said they were throwing it in for free, but clearly charged for it... What can I do at this point? If I call them out on this - could the dealer write a refund check? It's only $2000 - but of principle, I'd like to cancel and buy from another dealer.
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2023.05.30 16:45 ahtoxa1183 2023 Tiger 900 GT Pro Starting Issues and Q about 12-minute reset.

Before I call the dealer, I figured I'd ask here.
Current issue: Hesitates when starting cold. It almost starts on the first press, but fails. Starts fine second press.
This has started after I completed the 12-minute tune. The reason I did the 12 minute tune, was because I was having issues hot starting at elevation. So I did the 12 minute relearn in my garage. Now, the cold starting issue crept up when trying to start in my garage, but the hot start issue seems to be resolved.
Does it take some time for the ECU to 'learn' starting fuel mix or is there something else happening here? Since the reset, I've done 2-3 full-cold starts.
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2023.05.30 16:34 Allanon124 To know geography.

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2023.05.30 15:32 DrVonSmashy [Brazil] Recommend a 4x4 car/pickup truck; also, how old is too old?

I've moved to somewhat-rural Brazil and am looking at getting an affordable 4x4. I don't drive daily, it's for weekly/monthly supermarket runs and road trips to unpaved national parks. I also move relatively often, so it's handy if it's big enough to haul a bunch of crap so I don't need to rent a van for every move. I've only ever owned motorcycles (though I've rented a bunch of cars over the years for shorter trips).
Brazil is a little limited in what vehicles are on sale, especially for AWD, and the pricing varies enormously between brands due to taxes (imports vs. assembled domestically vs. produced domestically). I'm looking at older vehicles since cost is the major factor - my Harley is from 2009 and never had significant issues. I've searched for 2011 or newer and only look at sub-180,000 KM (~110,000 miles), but dropping to 2008 with the same mileage drops the asking price by ~20% - how old is too old?
The best deals appear to be for the Ford Ranger and Chevy S10. Japanese options are a bit more expensive (Nissan Frontier, Mitsubishi L200, and the Toyota Hilux is almost a luxury car). I do like the Fiat Toro but it's a newer model and therefore more expensive.
Moving away from pickups, the Jeep Renegade can also be had relatively cheap, Ford Ecosport even cheaper, but then I get far less hauling space. Could be talked into it if I need to get a vehicle younger than 2013. Being smaller, I suppose they'd get better fuel economy and be more convenient in traffic or bad weather on dirt tracks.
Comfort and reliability are important. Relative fuel economy is a nice-to-have. I'd love to do my own maintenance like I do with motorcycles, but I guess then my only option would be a Willys Jeep, which would be hilarious but useless. Don't care about features beyond 4 wheels and air conditioning. Budget for any Brazilians reading would be ideally 50,000 BRL, can stretch to 60,000 if I must.
Which of the above would you recommend? How important is age for relatively low-mileage 4x4s?
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2023.05.30 14:28 Sad_Bridge_4984 Why is unpaid full time work a thing?

Just for context: I'm a senior artist with 6+ years of experience in the industry I'm applying for, and 13+ years in a related industry, of graphic design.
I'm just wondering because I totally see why'd you ask for a free test for a job application who just got out of college or doesn't have work experience but shows potential, and you send a test.
But I just got a 'test' for a two-week full-time long artwork. This isn't really a test, it's more like an unpaid prototype.
Drug dealers do the sales concept well on a test. They know their product is so good, that by giving away a bit for free, they know the prospect will come back for more. I do not mind giving away 45mins of my time showcasing process on a live call with a relevant creative stakeholder, I know my product is good, sending me off on a one-week-long full-time schedule for free, to produce work that is already on my portfolio and has even been featured on creditable networks such as Behance? Its probably overkill
I told the recruiter this, but in nicer terms in an attempt to educate, and that I don't really do such scope for free, unsurprisingly, they were a bit taken off by my statement and they even went on to say that if I don't need the work and I have better-paying options than them as freelance (which is true) then they advised its probably good idea for me to stick to those.
Here's the thing: They admitted they don't know what they are talking about, they don't know about the work process, the artwork producing, the craft, what the work entails, they said that verbatim **'I don't know what or how long it takes to do it but if you're making money on freelance and that much for it, it's probably more than we can pay'**
If this person doesn't know about the craft, why are they recruiting for it? Dear me, it sounds like they have not taken the recruitment test themselves? It seems that they could benefit from it more than I would, as they're unfit for filtering candidates. I'd talk and take a free test in a 45min call with a creative stakeholder, but not with a recruiter who doesn't know anything.
This is NOT normal.I am salty, I don't need this job, I have better-paying clients and with more relevance in the industry than this one, but I'm salty for the poor guy or gal who is desperate and will bend over backward on this practice.
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2023.05.30 14:20 iskierkacest silver wolf or blade/kafka?

hi! i hope its okay to post this here, the mega thread seems to be for pull results but not questions
im wondering if it would be better to go for silver wolf and either blade or kafka, or if i should skip her to get blade and kafka both
im f2p and have seele as my main dps and would like at least one more dps for a second team. i think it would be good to have multiple damage dealers of different elements and paths bc of weakness break and since i build teams of healeshieldebuffedps id wait a bit longer to get silver wolf as a debuffer (so id get her during a rerun)
(i already have bailu so im not interested in luocha)
also, i probably wont have enough pulls to guarantee two characters, so if i have to choose between kafka and blade, who should i pick?
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2023.05.30 12:00 Signal_Constant_2023 Door electrics issue

Hi all, looking for several bits of advice.
I have a 2018 W177 (AMG Premium Line if relevant). Over the last few months I've had an issue where opening the door doesn't shut off the infotainment system and doesn't unlock all the doors/boot. This seems to be intermittent and doesn't change in response to anything I do in settings so I'm confident this is a physical issue and not software related. What I'd like to do is get the door panel off because one of my theories is that a couple of the plugs got knocked loose when I hit a bugger of a pothole earlier this year (the mirrors/heated seats button/mirror mounted indicators work fine so it's not *everything* electrical in the door). But then again it could be damaged wiring which is why it's so intermittent and why the times when it's working properly are getting few and far between. I know in isolation this isn't a big deal but my worry if whatever the cause is could get worse and start affecting more serious stuff. So my questions in no particular order are:
1) I know you need to remove 2 security screws to get into the door panel. Anyone know what type they are? I think it's T30/35/40 but can't seem to find out for sure and would rather know before buying anything in case I'm totally wrong.
2) Has anyone else had this? How did it work out for you?
3) Is there anything else I could check before taking it apart? I've gone through all the settings, reset MBUX and even poked around the dealer menu. I've tried cleaning what I think is the door sensor but I don't know what else there is.
4) I've never had to take a car to an electrical specialist before and my local one is quoting £70 an hour before parts/repairs. Is that ballpark what you'd expect?
Sorry if any of the above are dumb/obvious, this is a bit out of my wheel house.
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2023.05.30 10:19 TenPoundsOfBacon [REQ] ($400) - (#Boise, ID, USA), (Repayment $475 on 06/09/23), (Venmo)

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2023.05.30 08:09 zarababy2144 Advice on new car purchase

heya, so i’m purchasing a jeep 08 commander with the intent to do a 3.5” raise and wrap it - there was a service done on the car (by the dealership) with no repairs needed on the report - however when taken to an independent dealer by the dealership (i live interstate so they offered to take it somewhere independent from their dealership for my peace of mind).
a couple things came up:
both noted to say that’s a repair for the next service which isn’t due for another 6 months according to the dealership.
are these things they should be fixing before purchase or is it right in saying it won’t need repair for another 6 months? i’m a female so i know next to nothing about this stuff and any help would be appreciated :)
thanks !
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2023.05.30 07:49 flicter22 Upgrade to mercury 115 or 115 CT? See details

Hello I have a 2011 18 ft Bayliner 180 and I absolutely hate the 90hp two stroke on it. The vibration, loudness etc. I am.looking to upgrade and have two options within my budget.
So my problem here is risk (second hand purchase) + command thrust vs low risk purchase without CT. Obviously the dealer is just a safer bet but I would really like the bennies of the CT since I'm already worried about the 115 HP not being a huge upgrade. What would you all do here?
I'd love to go with a 150hp but it's just way too expensive and wouldn't be worth it. I also don't know if my boat is rated for it. I guess the only other option I haven't considered is asking the dealer if I could do a CT through them but prices are getting high already once I added in the labor with above.
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2023.05.30 06:14 mistas89 [REVIEW] Rimowa Classic Trunk Large and Never Still Backpack Large from Shelly

(I couldn't crosspost from another sub, so posted again)
In hand Luggage Pics
In Hand Backpack Pics
Factory photos Suitcase
Factory photos backpack
I have not been asked to give review in exchange for discounts, etc.
The suitcase HAS already 1 trip done, and that's why the covering is ripped a bit. It was clean when luggage arrived.
Seller: Shelly
Contact: +86 158 6839 8271
Catalogue for Shelly:
W2C/Payment: Pandabuy
I purchased through agent Pandabuy via the weidian links since I had multiple items I wanted to purchase and ship inside the luggage to avoid certain fees. Contact Shelly and she'll send you proper link to purchase if you want to go through Pandabuy.
Cost: 31" Classic $1150CNY ($168USD) Large Never Still $1600CNY ($230)
Shipping: to Canada would have been $230+ USD, but I shipped to Taiwan since I had family traveling.I split into 2 shipments, since suitcase itself is already at limit. If added to bag, it jumps to like $250+, but if shipped separately, total would have been $100. (Weight/size limit).
The two main suitcase dealers are Shelly and TS Pink. I have previously purchased one Rimowa Carry On suitcase from TS Pink. (wechat: turegirl8). I’ve taken mine on multiple trips and the quality is top notch and performs well. They are very thorough and had a wide selection of options. I’ve linked below for Pink.
I decided with Shelly this time because she had both items available to purchase immediately and cost slightly less than TS Pink was selling for. Albeit it was only approximately $50USD? difference.
I purchased these two items since I was on the market for a commuter bag for day-to-day activities and a larger suitcase since I plan on traveling on extended trips this upcoming summer.
Backpack is more expensive due to it being neweharder to rep. I was surprised. This is the same for seller Pink. Backpack was more expensive that the large luggage.
Service and/or Communication: 10/10
Seller very responsive to my inquiries of available options.
Accuracy: N/AThey seem like correct, but not sure since I haven't had a gen one in person before.
Quality: 9/10.
Smooth wheels. “Whisper” rolling. The classic suitcase has leather wrapped handles, and they are stiff to withstand use. The buckles are solid and it seals completely to prevent water leakage inside. Comes with a cover wrap.
I only rate it 9 is because It did come with a small ding that was not noticeable in QC pics until I saw it in person, since the pics only taken from front of suitcase. This may not be seller fault, as Pandabuy was the agent I went through and they only took pics from one side.
If using Pandabuy, please ask for QC pics of ALL sides. I know it wasn’t damaged from transit because the box was completely undamaged.
The case is aluminum alloy, so super strong. I punched it multiple times from all sides and it didn’t leave another dent.
Satisfaction: 10/10
It is strong, sturdy, no scratches inside or weird smells. The quality of straps and material is good.
Quality: 10/10
It’s the canvas version. Material is great to the touch, leather is nice and soft. Enough room for at 16” laptop. It can hold quite a few items and handles weight well. I love the straps as it is quite adjustable and wide enough it won’t cut into my armpits.
Satisfaction: 10/10
Again, enjoy it a lot. Will be using often.
You cannot go wrong with either Pink or Shelly. I’m unsure which seller I would purchase again from, you can decide for yourself. Pink costs slightly more, maybe because they have superior product? Or maybe because they’re more established? I’m not sure whatever people say these days.
Happy hunting!
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