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A place for anything concerning the Magic Duels series. Since this is more of a casual Magic experience I felt it deserves it's own more casual focused subreddit. If you wish to find some fellow redditors to duel with on your favorite platform or wish to discuss deck builds this is the place to do it.

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This was the official support community for RPANStudio users, a desktop application built on top of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) that allowed you to stream directly to RPAN.

2023.03.29 02:16 anon1guana I think I’m aro

Been mulling it over for a little bit now,.. and I’m pretty sure I’m aro. I’ve known and been pretty forward about being a sex-negative asexual for about 6ish years now, but I always figured I experienced romantic attraction. Now I’m realising I’m probably aro, more specifically resonating with cupioromantic because I love the idea of being in a relationship, of finding your “it” person, but relationships irl are just… too ‘blah’ you know. And I think about people I’ve been in romantic relationship with,… and they’re people I’ve all loved and doted on platonically, and then they confessed feelings for me so I just kind of assumed that would be the next step because I enjoy the person so much that I must experience romantic attraction to them. But like beyond hugging and maybe a cuddle here and there,.. the rest of the emotional relationship is like… ah ew no let’s skip that part. And it always ends with the other party being like “why are you so emotionally distant” and “sometimes it feels like you don’t even like me” and of course I like the person but now it’s becoming more obvious that the way I define “like” and the way the rest of the world is seems to be pretty to be pretty different.
And then I think about my platonic relationships with my two closest friends, people who I feel I love the most in the world, and it genuinely feels like I’m not capable of loving someone in another way than the way I platonically love my best friends. And so now that I’m realising ‘oh I guess I’m not feeling romantic attraction’ my brain has been like ‘wait so if this isn’t the norm then wtf are other people experiencing? 👀👀’ the human consciousness is so weird. I know people like kissing or what ever but you’re telling me people fantasise about that ish? Wild. Anyways guess I’m aroace lol
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2023.03.29 02:16 dirtyharrison Waiting for eligibility - work to do in the meantime?

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2023.03.29 02:16 Sad_Trouble887 Should I take the senior rule or wait for another opportunity?

I currently work for a huge company within my region in a junior role at 34 an hour , the pro is a barely do any work lol almost my whole day so free sometimes. Con I feel like I’m not Putting my education and potential to full use.
Now, after speaking to my team and working in this role for 1.5 years, I feel as though I am overqualified for the position as I’m the only one who has a degree in prior experience in the field.
Recently, the company posted for a senior advisor in the exact same type of role (41 -52) per hour. This one requires the degree and 3 years which I have.
Pro more money and career advancement , con I might be getting myself into ALOT that I’m not used to lol in my current role the most I have to do is pick up a phone twice a day but in this new role it requires net working with a lot of other directors , VPs constant zooms and in person.
Should I stay were I am and wait for another opportunity or just do it and challenge myself?
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2023.03.29 02:16 nciejsm Fear of Violating Therapist's Boundaries

I am always fearing that I am going to violate a boundary in the therapeutic relationship. Why is this?
My therapist has never stated I have violated a boundary and has encouraged me to reach out when needed. I really appreciate their availability, but it equally makes me panic.
When discussing communication outside of session, they stated they were fine with any messaging about current struggles, etc. & just to know that they may not always respond quickly or sometimes wait to discuss my message in therapy. And, obviously, do not message in immediate crisis, call, and if they are unable to answer, call a hotline or another safe person. I have not taken up the calling opportunity because I am still feeling like it's a boundary violation or too much even when I am logically aware I am experiencing a crisis.
I always ask qst.s about boundaries such as what a communication's frequency, duration, quantity, circumstance is appropriate. Further, I research therapeutic boundaries incessantly.
I feel I adhere to boundaries very well. Still, I have this crippling anxiety that I will rupture a boundary like sending an email that is too long or sending a message at an inappropriate time. I am grateful my therapist has these lighter boundaries around communication outside of session, but I believe they have done it this way because I have illustrated boundary adherence, always asked if something would near a boundary, and 100% struggle with vulnerability.
Still, I want an excessively detailed boundary list, but feel I am crazy for that. I want specific times in which I can send messages and word count maximums. I believe this stems from a fear of rejection and my experience of maternal transference in the therapeutic relationship, but I still find I am unable to shake this fear.
Any tips or advice on how to address and alleviate this anxiety?
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2023.03.29 02:15 grandma-knees my (20f) boyfriend (25m) went to the wrong movie theatre and made me feel bad about it

my boyfriend (25m) and i (20f) have been together for around 1.5 years. he has never been on time for anything. he was even late to my grandpas funeral.
last night, we were meant to go to a special screening for a favourite director of his, and he went to the wrong cinema. i bought the tickets in january. i made it clear where we were going, and even said so on the phone as he was driving. i had been waiting for half an hour (the movie had definitely started) when he said he had a theatre 40 minutes away.
i sat in a park crying until he got there. i was debating whether or not to still go even though we had missed an hour.
i was then made to feel like i had done something wrong. i told him i was over it and it was just a movie at the end of the day. he then gave ME the cold shoulder for the rest of the evening as we sat down for dinner. we both had long days. he had come from work and i had run a lot of errands.
is there something wrong with my brain? why did i feel the need to comfort him so badly when HE was the one who messed up?
please reddit, help me confront him and make sure i'm not a push over anymore.
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2023.03.29 02:15 Kilimanjarooooo Best deal on the steam deck

I want to pick up a steam deck here in the near future and just want to see what’s the best deal out there to get one, I’m new to the steam deck, anything to be careful of ? Is it impressive for the compact, mobile aspect of it ?
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2023.03.29 02:15 macmac360 condoms for 2-3 months or 15-20 ejaculations?

Just got the snip today, no scalpel no metal clips, everything went about as good as it could according to my doctor. Some pain during the procedure but not terrible. Now sitting watching movies with ice on my nuts.
Question, the after care pamphlet (and my doctor) said keep using condoms for 2-3 months until I get tested, OR 15-20 ejaculations.
What if I just rub one out daily for the next 15-20 days to "flush my pipes". Will that work? Do they base the 2-3 months on the average that people have sex? Could I theoretically jack all my sperm out in a few weeks instead of waiting months?
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2023.03.29 02:15 Ingvarthebald I just got my catalytic converter stolen for the second time in six months.

Im so tired, guys. I drive a toyota prius and live in Chicago, I live in a pretty decent area and dont even park in isolated areas, but even so. My damn insurance rates are gonna skyrocket, if they dont cancel my service outright. Im gonna have to wait another month or so for the garage to get the parts in from the dealer. And all this right after I became unemployed from my store closing down. Its rough out there.
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2023.03.29 02:15 lamentzeta What am I supposed to rebuild? I need to rebuild the Seasons I missed, not completed. CODM's a real joke.

What am I supposed to rebuild? I need to rebuild the Seasons I missed, not completed. CODM's a real joke.
Wheres 2020, what am I supposed to rebuild? Already completed those Gay ass Seasons. This is gotta'be a joke, CODM needs to go flub themselves.
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2023.03.29 02:14 bezaidgetpaid Opinions on day/swing trading a crypto you hold long term

I come from a stock trading background and i see most of you are on HODL mode. I get that long term is good and what not, but your addicted to the charts anyway why not swing trade while you wait? With stop losses you limit your losses, and even if…you are day trading a crypto you already wanna hold who cares if the value crashes it would have anyway if you held it? Im not hating im generally asking why i see so many diamond hands but not many swing/day traders on here. It increases liquidity which is good for crypto and can make you a profit. If you continually bought the dip and sold higher on bitcoin over the last year you woulda made a lot more as oppose to if you bought it once and held it.
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2023.03.29 02:14 DaftPanic9 21M - USA -Introverted Gamer/Music Lover. And Possible Alien. (I have my suspicions..👽)

People from North America Only - Must be 19-23 Years Old (gender don't matter)
Hi friend I haven't met yet! I'm a 21 year old dude from the West Coast who loves Music, Games, Art, Working Out, & Nature! (Nature includes animals 🦜)
I'm a pretty introverted guy due to my ADHD and Anxiety, so I don't really have friends irl (which is why I'm here), but I'm trying to be more sociable. Please try your best to hold a conversation (PLEZ). I have waaaay too many one-sided conversations on here... I hope to become really good long-term friends that can voice-chat & talk about whatever with each other at some point 🙂. Maybe even hang out if we somehow happen to live in the same place.
If you wanna game with me maybe 👉🏼👈🏼, I mainly play on PC, but I also just got a PS5, so lmk! Some games I'm really into are:
It's a pretty short list, but I'm open to playing other things if you convince me, lol.
And then I'm really into music, and these are my favorite genres:
Send me one of your favorite songs when you message me! Maybe we could exchange playlists 😈 lip bite.
But anyways, what're you waiting for?? Shoot me a DM! ..right now. {・ᴥ・} ノ🔪
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2023.03.29 02:14 WhatTheTech Need advice about concrete pad near tree

Hey all, We just had a new deck installed and plan to put a concrete pad in for a hot tub. When planning, we incororated the tree, but didn't think about the possible effects on the tree from adding concrete so close.
TREE: Hickory, roughly 30-40 feet (estimate).
BEFORE: We previously had a flagstone patio along the one side of the tree, which connected to a slightly raised deck where the new one is. The new deck is longer, so the older one was farther from the tree.
AFTER: The new deck gets much closer to the tree and we added stairs that stick out more.
We want to put a concrete pad in the area shown in the picture. The red lines are roughly the (curved) edge of the previous flagstone patio. Note that the stones were previously sealed together (but have been cracked since we bought it, so some moisture was likely getting through).
ADVICE? If we put a concrete pad that's slightly closer to the tree, plus having the deck and closer with the stairs there, will the tree be doomed? Or will it still get enough watenutrients from the rest of the space?
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2023.03.29 02:14 kevsterkevster Honeymoon camping trip back in 2019 , somewhere in upstate NY can’t remember but man, can’t wait for camping weather!

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2023.03.29 02:14 Mexthedragon Interim Security Clearance Granted

I am posting this to encourage other people who might be waiting for their interim security clearance
02/02/2023 : Offer accepted from Defense Contractor
02/24/2023: EQIP submitted
03/08/2023: EQIP sent back to me for correction. Corrected and sent back the same day
03/14/2023: EQIP resubmitted by Defense Contractor
03/28/2023: Interim Security Clearance Granted
Sidenote: I am a dual citizen who was born outside the US except for that I have a very clean record. I hope this helps encourage someone as they wait for their interim security clearance.
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2023.03.29 02:14 jacomoncal Finally got my unlock code!

Exactly 30 days after filing the fcc complaint for my unlock code, AT&T has finally provided it to me.
If you have a locked AT&T duo and have been waiting for an unlock code do the fcc complaint that another user posted here a little while back, it works!
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2023.03.29 02:14 Artistic-Sugar-6037 Is there any hope after a bad first date

So I (25M) met this amazing girl(24F) on a dating app and got her phone number on our second match when I decided to just use my own sense of humor. We started texting and all was going good we had plenty of things in common and had a nice little bonding moment by sharing our favorite type of music with each other. Occasionally I would throw in a flirty text but she did not respond in a flirty way so I didn’t think anything of it since she said she liked to take things slow. I asked her out on a date a few days after texting since everything was going so well she said yes but we did not go out on our first date until the third week due to life. The week leading up to the date was just very stressful for me and I should have just rescheduled the date but I wanted to just finally meet this girl. Now it’s the night of our date and on my way there I was just saying to myself I have a feeling this is going go terribly wrong, I got there first and waited for her to arrive. She arrived and came up to me and hugged me and I was just absolutely floored by how stunning she was in person, the type of girl you see at a airport and never forget about kinda stunning. We walk inside and start our first activity for the night which was ice skating, I paid even though she offered to split it. We didn’t skate for long since we both weren’t very good at it and we couldn’t really talk once they started playing music. So far the night is going pretty good but I could tell she was very nervous, we ended up going to the arcade and at this point I could feel myself shutting down from all the negativity that was on my mind. We get to the arcade and I was trying my best to be present but something just wasn’t letting me open up. We started playing the games and I could tell she was having a great time by the way she was giggling non stop. I was getting really frustrated with myself because I couldn’t pull myself out of this rut I was in, I wasn’t even walking next to her I would just lead and she would follow. We ended up taking a break from the games and sat down at the bar and I was trying my best to get myself to open up and speak to this beautiful girl that wanted to be there with me but I just couldn’t, she ended up taking the lead and started to ask me questions and I was giving her the most basic terrible answers possible, at this point I was just screaming inside because I had this girl in front of me that checked off all the boxes for me and I was just being a terrible person I couldn’t even look her into her eyes and hold eye contact. I could tell she was getting fed up with me by her body language and lack of effort, now we were just sitting in silence and she asks what time the arcade closed and my dumbass says we can leave if you’re ready too. We’re leaving the arcade and Im just feeling so ashamed and disgusted with myself that I treated this wonderful person so terribly, we hug and say our goodbyes and head our separate ways. She ended up texting me the next day thanking me saying she enjoyed our time together but she did not see a romantical connection happening between us, I responded to her thanking her as well and that I respect her decision. 2 days go by and it’s just not sitting right with me with how I treated this girl, I ended up texting her and explaining myself and apologizing for how I was acting and politely asked her for a second chance to show her who I truly am. To my surprise she responded telling me she’s sorry even though she had a great time together she could only see this turning into friendship, I told her I respected her decision and haven’t reached out since.
Did I ruin my chances by not showing her who I truly am? Do just take my loss like a man and move on? Or do I just wait some time and try to rekindle something because I don’t think I will find someone quite as great as her for a while
And for some more context I’ve gone on a lot of dates in multiple states and put this girls miles ahead of others and it’s rather hard for me to find someone I’m this genuinely interested in
Any feedback and advice is appreciated
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2023.03.29 02:13 Claudius321 Real talk about William

Does tabata just dislike the dude?
Im not gonna count the elf arc, because tabata probably made him a traitor long before the reveal.
In the spade arc, his entire fight got off screened, everybody forgot about him, he didn't get a cool fight moment, no giant tree to keep people from dying, drain mana, do crowd control, controlling the battlefield like he usually does, he got the devil heart schtick, but never got to do anything with unlike Yami, his contribution in the arc, is giving him some tree sword to Yami, because Yami needs a sword.
It's not about the "his magic is hard to draw" schtick anymore, I think it's just a shame, that he is hyped up to be something important, and yet he is given very little to show for it, and for people telling me to just wait and "let tabata cook", yeah let's just it's gonna be hard to fix his reputation, that is if he even tries.
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2023.03.29 02:13 drubin Looking for inspiration on steelmage inspired build.

So finishing up this league I was playing similar build to steelmage pathfinder impending doom build. I absolutely love it! But what I really found out that I enjoyed the most was the DEFENSES. I had like a million EHP I could tank almost anything. I would like to use this build as a shell for inspiration going in to next season. However id like to not use impending doom and find any other skill that I can plug into this defensive setup. (because I fear poison will be nerfed via curses). Also eternal damnation may be harder to obtain and I will need to find a new ammy.

Using this pOB as a husk if anybody wants some inspiration or to help push me in the right direction.

Build is a pathfinder that takes full use of the flask tech to get lots reduced mana on cast (making some spells free), as well as full phys to ele conversion for defense. Utilizing dqawnbreaker, loreweave, and taste of hate. To help get there. I was able to get up to 20mil poison dmg while being major tanky. But any other skill I try to fit in there other than poison I cant get the dps up over 1-2 million. There has to be another totem or tech that I can use to beef up the DPS.

Any help is welcome.
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2023.03.29 02:13 Mysterious-Advance73 Here are 3 Hypotetical Star Wars scripts an AI made. What do you think?

*Script 1*:
Cody slowly raised his head, desperately scanning the room. It was true—Obi-Wan had survived Order 66.
His jaw ached from being clenched together, tears blurring his vision. He had followed orders, and yet here Obi-Wan was, alive and well.
He wanted to turn away, to deny what he had done. Instead, he stayed, feeling the pain of his betrayal, unable to look away.
Cody's heart sank as he hung his head in shame. He had followed orders, but that had come at the cost of his honor and loyalty. He vowed to make it right, no matter the cost.
*Script 2*:
Captain Rex stood silent, blaster in hand. Tears streaming down his face as he realized what must be done. He had to execute Order 66 and... kill Ashoka Tano. He glanced at the hologram of Palpatine and gave a silent nod. Rex raised his blaster and aimed it at his former protege. He breathed deeply, blinked away the tears, and pulled the trigger. The blaster shot echoed in his mind as his heart broke in two. This was the heavy toll of duty, and Rex wouldn't forget it.
*Script 3*:
Cad Bane climbs a ladder to the upper level, where Boba Fett stands guard. Cad grins wickedly and draws his blaster.
CAD BANE: "Boba Fett."
Boba's visor turns to meet Cad's cold stare.
BOBA FETT: "What do you want, bounty hunter?"
CAD BANE: "The usual."
Cad opens fire on Boba. Boba dives for cover, but Cad keeps firing. Eventually, Boba is hit. As he collapses, Cad tips his hat and laughs.
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2023.03.29 02:13 Hanaiyy Finally ordered for the first time

Ordered Mac fix+ prep Can’t wait to receive and try it I’m so excited for it to arrive coz I was eyeing something worth buying for a really long time.
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2023.03.29 02:13 Zenfiniti Exile in a eth Kurast Shield with 38 AR?

Should I make an exile in a eth kurast shield or should I wait for another base?
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2023.03.29 02:13 ThisIsTheBookAcct What are rules (if any) about compensation if literally stuck at work? CO, USA

My SO works for a trade and the site right now is an apartment building. The gate to the parking area where they were told to park has gotten stuck twice now. Today he was waiting for over an hour after clock out time for the gate company to come open it. I guess this is a regular occurrence per the tenants, which is another rant.
Is this a situation where they would be required to pay? Feels like it but can’t find anything. Might be more of a should than a have to.
He has had to educate this company on other issues, such as asking people to work off the clock, so i don’t trust them to actively look up and follow any regs.
Edit: whoops, posted with my wrong acct. Question still stands.
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