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Senior Year(New)
I had always grown up well, and in good care. My parents always told me to do good in school and watch out for those senior boys. I didn't even think I had a chance until middle school came around, and things started looking up for me. My chest began to grow, and boys started to notice me. I didn't know if I like the attention or not. All I knew is that when high school started, things really started to change.
"Sarah, what do you think I should wear for the dance Saturday?" My best friend held out two dresses. One was pink with a very deep vee in the front, and the other was a black, and was one very sexy dress.
"I don't know, whatever you want to." I had been in deep thought, and now thinking about the dance Saturday was only giving me a headache.
"Come on, Sarah. Just tell me which one you like better." She said impatiently tapping her foot.
"The black one." I said pulling out my government book. "We have a huge test tomorrow, and you don't even seem worried." How could she not be? I was freaking out.
"Unlike you, I don't need to study because Mr. Faun is going to pass me either way." Suggestively she wiggled her butt.
"You know one day he's going to say no to you." Her relationship with him was weird. It was a teacher-fucking-a-student relationship. But it was more. He actually didn't fuck anyone else, and felt something for her, but I still was waiting for the one day she would come crying to me, and I would say I told you so.
"Your just jealous. How's Jackson doing, by the way?" She said picking up a pair of high heels.
"Good." Jackson was my boyfriend that I had been dating for two months. The thing is, it was different with him. Like Mr. Faun and Samatha. I could never get enough of him, even though we haven't had sex, and he could never get enough of me.
"Just good?" Her shoulders fell slighty at wanting to hear more, but not.
"Okay, great. He asked me to the dance, and I don't know what to wear." I said freaking out all over again.
"Well. We will just have to go buy something for you then." Turning and grabbing her purse I rolled my eyes. Samantha was shopaholic, and was constantly buying clothes. Once she made up her mind, there was no stopping her.
"Tomorrow, please. I have so much studying I still need to do." I complained.
"Well, maybe you shouldn't wait til the day before to study. Anyways I'm going over to Fauns to have dinner. I'll text you later." With that she gathered her things and was gone.
About time I thought. Senior year was suppose to be fun, and yet I was so miserable. The only good thing going for me right now was Jackson. I thought about texting him, but then I might get distraction. I'd never get any studying done then. I studied long and hard until about midnight, and then I must have fell asleep.
I rang the doorbell and waited for him to answer. Hearing footsteps the door opened and David a.k.a Mr. Faun came into view.
"Hey, come on in." I walked into the living room, and David followed behind me.
"Dinner is almost ready, and if you want I have some wine." I looked around and noticed that the lights were turned down low.
David came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. I sigh and leaned into him. No one knew about David and I except for Jackson and Sarah. It was a relief though that I could tell them. When I first saw him I was coming into class and I was running late. I had bumped into him, and my books had dropped to the floor. He had bent down and grabbed them for me, and then our eyes met and I knew he was the one.
Teacher relationships were never looked well upon, but there was something different about us. He really understood me, and made me feel like I was the only girl in the world.
"We could always skip dinner..." I heard him whisper in my ear.
"No, we should eat. Your an amazing cook." I said gigling.
"Alright. Let me go check on it, and you can sit down." He disappeared into the kitchen, and I sat down pouring us some wine.
He came out with a big pan of lasagna. It was steaming and hot, and looked great. Sitting across from me, David _gave each of us a scoop, and we dug in. We laughed as we told each other stories about us when we were little, and I was surpised when he told me he was adopted. He told me one day I would meet his parents. I was kind of nervous though. I didn't know what they'd think of me. When we were done, we both cleaned up the table, and handwashed all the dishes. I got him with some bubbles, and he sprayed me with some water. After we were all soaked and wet, he led me upstairs.
When we reached his room he took me in his arms, and gave me a slow kiss. His mouth was soft, and his body was warm. Pushing me up against the wall, he took one of my legs, and hitched it above his waist, and I heard a soft moan come from his throat. The kiss deepen and I felt myself getting very wet. Taking my shirt off. I reached behind my back, unclipping my black lacy bra. He placed his hands on my breast. He ran his fingers over my nipples, and I let out a gasp. Leaning towards me, he kissed my breasts licking my nipples slowly and watching my reaction. I kissed his chest, and started rubbing my body with his. He slipped out of his shirt, and I ran my hands up and down his chest. Shrugging out of his jeans I reached for his boxers and looked up, slipping my thumbs under the band. He felt so good, and I loved touching him. Slowly pulling down his boxers, I watched his rock hard dick spring free. I started to run my fingers down the side of it, then wrapped my hand around and started to slowly pump.
I moved my lips to the top of his dick and kissed the head, then licked down the entire length and back up repeating this several times, before slipping the entire length of his dick into my mouth and started to suck, swirling my tongue on it. Moaning he brings my month back up to his, and we clutch at each other like we can't get enough. His hands pulled my waist closer, and he slide my pants down. Kicking them off I slid off my panties too. He got down on his knees, and spread my legs apart. He began lapping up my jucies, and I leaned against the wall to get a hold of myself. Noticing our breathing got heavier.
He drove his tongue deep, and deeper penatrating me. I just about lost it there, but he picked me up and set me down on his bed. He placed two fingers inside me while he kissed my neck. I moan as he began finger fucking me, and his lips locked with mine once more. Then they moved down to my breast and he began sucking on them again, and I felt a orgasim coming fast.
I quickly rolled on top of him, and straddle his waist. I took a hold of his cock and helped it into me. I felt it hit my hymen and he gave one big thrust, and was in. I gasp as pain flood through me, and then he began fucking me, and soon that pain was filled with pleasure. I thrust back at him, and as our hips met I came right there. It was big, and I grabbed onto him while he came too. I felt him fill me inside, and it was wonderful. He got up and motioned for me to turn over. His cock was at least 9' easy. He kept saying fuck as he pushed his cock deeper, and deeper. I grabbed onto the bed post while he sank all 9' into me.
Then slowly he began to fuck me, and then he was fucking me rough. I liked it rough. It was the best sex to have in my opinion. The whole time he murmured he loved me. He leaned down and kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. I moan at each thrust became damn did it feel good. He held me tight, and when the next orgasim came I let him go and took his cock in my mouth. Swallowing he leaned down and kissed me. Yep, I was crazy in love with this guy.
When I woke up I took a shower, and got dress. Sitting at my mirror I applied my make-up. Jackson had once seen me without any make-up on, and had said I looked sexy. I toned down my make-up then, and got more smiles from him everyday. Grabbing my backpack, and an orange juice I headed out to my car. I had gotten the car when I turned sixteen. I loved it since that day. Pulling up into the school parking lot I parked the car, and was about to pick up my bag when two hands came and grabbed it.
"Hey, let me get those." Jackson tossed my bag over his shoulder, and grabbed my hand. Together we walked into the school.
"So did you get any studying in?" He asked while I unload my bag.
"Ugh..yes. It was horrible. If I pass this test it will out of shear luck." I said sighing.
"You'll do great." Jackson giving me a kiss on my cheek.
"I hope so. Government's not my best class, and I need a good grade. My parents will kill me if I don't at least get a C on it." Closing my locker I leaned up against it.
"Like I said, you'll do fine." He took my hand once more, and lead me to my first class. We parted ways since we only have 2nd, and 6th period together. Kissing me he turned toward his first class. I watched him go, and smiled. Everyone has their own little walk. I loved his.
I quickly sat down since I had been to busy watching Jackson's butt that the bell had rung, and I was considered late.
"Good mourning class." Mrs. Kigali said giving me a look. "Please turn to page 467 in your books. Today we are studying the ancient worlds. And class had begun."
Four periods later I walked into the lunch room, and got in line for lunch. I was starting to get nervous about my government test. I didn't know if I was ready, but I'd have to be. Picking up an apple I felt arms go around my waist.
"Hey, let me buy you lunch." Jackson kissed my neck, and bought our lunches. My best friend waved us down, and I pulled Jackson with me when one of his football buddies tried to wave him over to them.
"Sit by me." I pleaded to him with my best puppy dog face.
"Of course." He said laughing. "Sorry bro." Aaron rolled his eyes and smiled turning back to his friends.
"So we're going shopping today after school. Jackson, wear something black if that isn't obvious already." Samantha took a bite of her salad.
"Relax, Sam. We haven't even sat down yet." Jackson joked.
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Does anyone know who gets the credentials? Hy-Vee store managers? Chevy dealers? Helio's babysitters? Could anyone take a guess?
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“Ann?” He saw her bikini and shirt on the living room floor and thought she had to be in her room, but it was empty. He then realized she was in her dad’s room. He peeked in and saw her spooned by Larry. They were both fast asleep, so he walked into his room and opened his magazine. It was chock full of stories discussing sexual episodes involving sons, daughters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and siblings. William wasn’t able to get past the first three stories before he had stroked himself to orgasm. He was now officially a fan of incest sex. Without care who saw his new stash of porn material, Will left the magazine on his dresser and went to the living room to watch “Taboo” on the VCR.
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“What you watching?” she asked. She was completely naked, even though it was only 7:30 at night.
“Taboo. It’s a classic movie, Ann. You wanna watch it with me? You’re lookin’ good.”
“Thanks. Sure I’ll watch it, but don’t you think Dad will be mad when he sees you watching this, especially with me. I’m too young to be exposed to this,” Ann replied with a giggle.
“Yeah, right! I saw you two in Dad’s bed. Was he better than me?”
“No, Will. You’re the best. He is too big for me, and I think he’s a hypocrite.”
“Why? What happened?”
“He tells you that you have to wear a condom when you and I make love, but he didn’t have one on when he was inside me.”
“Did he come in you?”
“Yeah, and he wanted me to say that I wanted him to get me pregnant. Will, I don’t care if I do have a baby, but I’d rather have yours first. I love you. If he is going to be playing games, then we can play games back. We’ll just say we are using condoms, but you don’t have to unless you want. I enjoy feeling your bare skin in me. I feel so close to you and don’t want anything getting between us, especially if I have to deal with Daddy now. Personally, I don’t think I can have a baby yet, so I’m not worried about that, anyway. I do have to say, though, Will, it was a bit of a rush knowing his stuff was in me and it was the same stuff that made us.”
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“I can’t think of any off the top of my head.”
“See? You should feel lucky.”
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“I know, but if it’s the only way we can stay together with his approval, then I’m willing to do that. Besides, Will, it’s different with you. I think that if I do ever end up carrying a baby in my belly, Dad will leave me alone, but we’ll have to pretend it’s his, whether it is or not.”
“You may be right, but I still don’t like it.”
On the TV screen, the movie showed the Kay Parker masturbating thinking about her son. Ann became enthralled and watched with enthusiasm. Will said he’d be right back and got up to get her present. When he returned with the bag, her eyes lit up. She peered inside and saw the pink plastic shaft, she squealed with delight. William got a big hug and kiss.
“Ann, where’s Dad? I’m surprised he’s not out here yet.”
“I don’t know. He was snoring when I woke up. I think I wore him out.”
“I’m sure you did, Sis.”
“So, let me try out my new present. I love the color. Looking at this lady on the movie has given me some ideas.”
“Oh, really? I want to see what kind of ideas you have in mind.”
“Go get some batteries for this thing and I’ll show you.”
A minute later, William returned with a basket of various batteries. Ann opened the rear of the vibrator, inserted the batteries, resealed it, and turned the knob. It came alive with a buzz. Being nude already, she didn’t need to remove anything, so she sat herself in the rocking chair with her legs spread eagle on the arm rests. Together, the siblings watched “Taboo” while Ann used her new toy to stimulate her clit and William stood beside her torn between looking at the erotic scene on the screen and the one his sister had created. His eyes darted back and from one to the other. Poor William was again in agony as his erection was reborn.
Ann ran the plastic cock over her protruding clitoris and the entrance to her steaming teen tunnel of love. She was mimicking the movements seen on the screen. William started to stroke his growing appendage. Ann turned her head and saw him jerking himself and loved what she saw. It was so erotic to see her brother jacking off beside her. They had come such a long way in such a short time.
“Get over here. I want to suck you,” Ann told William.
Without a moment’s hesitation, he shuffled up beside the arm of the rocking chair where Ann leaned over to take his erection into her warm and wanting mouth. She handed the pretty pink vibrator to him so he would continue on her so she could concentrate on his pleasure. With her head to the side, her legs spread wide, and her arm wrapped around her brother’s waist to pull him close to her, she looked like a contortionist.
The moaning and incestuous dialogue from “Taboo” was getting William hot. Between that, seeing Ann’s wet pussy dripping her dad’s cum as he moved the vibrator over her tiny clit, and knowing his little sister’s mouth was engulfing his penis with her mouth just overwhelmed his senses, causing him to leak pre-cum like a faucet that wasn’t completely shut off.
Ann’s sucking action took his watery cum down her throat and into her stomach where it mixed with Larry’s late-arrival semen. She was quickly becoming quite a cum slut. For a girl her age to be so addicted to sex and sperm was unheard of at her school. Would she be thought of as “Little Oral Annie”?
William moved her hair out of her face as the movie showed the daughter sliding into bed with her dad. Will wanted to make sure Ann saw this scene. He thought of himself as the dad in “Taboo” and enjoyed the way the actress was seducing him. Ann’s mind rewound to her recent tryst with her dad, and she thought the scene looked quite familiar.
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Yeah, I'll come over, let me know when they leave.
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Ok, you nasty little slut.
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2023.03.20 09:19 Fit_Satisfaction_973 Thoughts on my team

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2023.03.19 17:01 SugarNovel1746 How to fix the city part 5, you're welcome

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2023.03.19 14:09 radiotechca Tamagusuku Castle Photos for Wikipedia Needed

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2023.03.19 11:43 vultureapplelibra Hy Vee Verizon Discount

Check out the link for Hy Vee Verizon Discount. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.03.19 10:32 MissingNewYorkGirl What a Petty way to use a bulletin board

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2023.03.19 08:43 redditAudit Living on the edge, Le Karachi

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2023.03.19 07:11 BensonBlackGold This is the whitest meal I’ve ever seen. Also oddly promotional?

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2023.03.19 03:14 EdwinSt Where the eff can I buy some gotdam Texas toast around here?

Moved to JoCo from rural MI a few years back, and I love making French toast with white Texas toast bread, but I can’t find it at Walmart, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper or Aldi. Where the eff are you guys hiding it? I swear to God, if I have to drive all the way up to Lenexa to go to McKeever’s…
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2023.03.18 10:10 -thermodynamiclawyer and roundabouts but it's only fulfilled his army reserve this bo

base cards and be surprised at every line. Here's a ping is. New Episode 13- "Micro's Drag Race Theory and into FIFA and review for Levante Brewing Co. Oversized hoodies all new Hy Vee just slightly pressured into XP 3/6
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2023.03.18 05:58 Impressive_Minute846 Just got new airpod pros from apple (engraving and all), says they’re “airpod max”? any way to fix? or just visual bug?

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2023.03.18 03:55 pumkinboy Review #1: Knob Creek Single Barrel Select

First bottle in the new apartment - splurged on a store pick from my local Hy-Vee.
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2023.03.18 03:20 Seabastial Found a recipe I want to try and make

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2023.03.17 23:32 Secure_Tailor9974 Found this at Fareway while in checkout. I assume this software is supposed to show something similar to the boot looping Magic info screen I found at Hy-Vee.

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2023.03.17 19:44 clara_bow77 Anyone know when the Hy-Vee is going to open?

I've been searching for updates but haven't been able to find anything other than the stories that initially came out with the proposed location and that's over a year ago now.
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2023.03.17 04:50 timboehde HV skills that are useful elsewhere

People who have earned their freedom from Randy's smile cult, what skills/coping mechanisms did you pick up at Hy-Vee that have helped you in your careers?
For me, it's not freaking out when things go wrong and the "it's easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission" attitude.
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2023.03.17 04:31 Puzzleheaded-Bee-539 Pls seriously help! I dont have enough money for groceries and I'm seriously hungry!

my mom is gonna get let go in a week or two and we've been tight on money to begin with. this money will strictly be used for food and other small necessities, pls and thank you my cashapp user is:$UniverseRoxs123 I can also accept e gift cards for Walmart or Hy-Vee
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2023.03.17 03:32 Jamalsrealaccount 1 Bed 1 Bath apartment available April 1

I'm looking for someone to take over my lease, starting on April 1st (or later, it's flexible). It's on the west side, roughly halfway between downtown to Epic. Rent of $1595 includes all utilities except electricity (gas, water, internet, etc.).
It's honestly a really nice place to live, I'm just moving since I bought a home.
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