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2010.02.06 11:15 pksahu007 Laughter Yoga

Online Laughter Yoga support group. Laughter exercises flood the brain with happy chemicals allowing for a natural high to be achieved with little effort. Laughter yoga is a fun and easy way to improve your health and wellbeing. Combining traditional yogic breathing techniques and laughter exercises, we bring more oxygen into the body, energising and improving the body systems.

2019.06.18 21:17 fitonapp FitOnApp

FitOn is a new digital fitness app that is redefining the workout experience by creating the ultimate platform for group fitness - anytime, anywhere. It offers instant access to premium group fitness classes - from cardio to strength to dance - all from world-class trainers in the comfort of your home. This community is for the discussion of fitness, nutrition, and wellness...and of course FitOn! FitOn is the #1 "actually" free fitness app. Download today:

2023.06.07 14:39 KevinsChili22 24M super bored at work come entertain me??

Bored at work today boss is out so I won’t have anything to do. Let’s entertain each other :)
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants? Prepared to get whooped tho ;)
I like to play video games, workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. Harry Potter and Star Wars are my favorites. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
Share some of your interests with me or goals for the year!
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations!
Also, if anyone is from or near Ohio DM me it would be cool to make some friends nearby!
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2023.06.07 14:30 DenseSociety4626 TestRX

Unlock your potential and achieve your fitness goals with TestRX 💪🏼 Our natural testosterone booster is designed to increase muscle mass, boost energy levels, and improve overall performance. 🏋️‍♂️ With a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, TestRX can help you take your workouts to the next level. Don't settle for average results, try TestRX today and unleash your inner athlete! 🥇 #TestRX #UnlockYourPotential #FitnessGoals
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2023.06.07 14:15 KevinsChili22 24M bored at work let’s[chat]? Maybe we’ll become friends :)

Bored at work today boss is out so I won’t have anything to do. Let’s entertain each other :)
I’m down to talk about whatever tbh I’m a pretty open book. Also down to play iMessage games if anyone wants?
I like to play video games, workout, go hiking, hangout with friends and watch tv/movies. Harry Potter and Star Wars are my favorites. I’m kinda introverted so a lot of times I prefer to just chill at home lol.
Share some of your interests with me or goals for the year!
I’m going on an international trip next year so give me recommendations!
Also, if anyone is from or near Ohio DM me it would be cool to make some friends nearby!
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2023.06.07 14:00 UnnecessarilyHipster Wellness Wednesday

Hello everyone,
Today is Wellness Wednesday!
Please feel free to post any articles, papers, or blog posts that helped you during your PhD career. Self promotion is allowed!
Have a blog post you wrote/read that might help others?
Post it!
Found a workout routine or a book to help relax?
Post it!
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2023.06.07 13:26 Hf20221 Today’s workout was hardcore.

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2023.06.07 13:24 Dano_44 Today's Workout Stack.

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2023.06.07 12:30 MineOk4051 Day 08

Being sick and trying to stop p and fapping is the worst, all alone at home with nothing but your thoughts. I need to get better soon so I can do something else like workout to keep my mind away from this😩 Still doing the OF girls search but not viewing pics thing🤦🏽‍♂️ My urges are really strong today. Gotta keep them in check. One Day At A Time.
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2023.06.07 11:46 Glittering_Key9128 Anyone wanna mic over Zara add my discord slideR182#5447

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2023.06.07 09:55 TheHealthAndWellness Quick and Effective 15-Minute Home Workouts: Maximizing Fitness in Minimal Time

In today's fast-paced world, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. Busy schedules, long work hours, and family commitments often leave little room for lengthy gym sessions or outdoor workouts. But what if we told you that you could achieve significant fitness gains in just 15 minutes? Yes, you heard it right! Quick and effective 15-minute home workouts are the solution to staying fit and active, even with the busiest of lifestyles. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits and share some tips on how to make the most out of these time-efficient workouts. Read More
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2023.06.07 09:02 nim007sum Please Help! Manager level employee making lewd and comic comments about my appearance and life outside of work

Hi Everyone!
I faced a situation at work today that I tried to overlook since mid-day but it has affected my ability to perform work during the day and is now keeping me up with a great deal of emotional dilemma keeping me up and anxious later than usual.
I, 30+ yo single male, work for a well reputed company in the bay area, California. We have a team of about 15 people that work closely together. Some of them are managers and have people reporting to them, while others are ICs, senior ICs and so on. I'm not a manager, but work at a reputable position within this team, having made contributions across multiple projects in parallel.
I have recently faced a lot of hostility from a female coworker 'X', who was recently transitioned into a manager position. I do not report to her, but we do have a common senior manager 'D'. The senior manager knows this person from beyond her time with this team. My manager and 'D' are great friends outside of work as well and my manager reports into 'D' as well.
I have received comments from this person 'X' along the lines of spending all my life at office and not having anything to do outside of work, about getting a girlfriend etc in the recent past. Sometimes these have happened in situations where other employees were present too, like over lunch, and they were encouraged by 'X' to make similar another employee 'S', now never misses a chance to make the comment about me spending my entire time at work even to new employees and another time during lunch, the joke about me not leaving office was carried so far that I had to explicitly clarify to a senior IC 'A' on my direct team that this was not the case and had to lay down my entire day's routine.
'X' has also made suggestions to 'D' to enact policies that inhibit voluntary contribution and discussions during team meetings and they have received really bad reviews by other team members around these. I tend to contribute very actively before these suggestions being brought up. I have since felt slightly insecure about expressing my views and tend to ask the presenter later after the meetings.
Except for the above fiasco with meetings, I have always taken these comments lightly because I'm not insecure about not having a life outside work (not true, as I find time to workout 4-5 times during the work-week for about 1.5-2 hours each time, cook amazing food almost daily which I really like doing and hang out with friends sometimes during the week and definitely on weekends) and not being in a relationship does not bother me as much as well, because I have tried and I'm to blame for them not working out on many occasions.
Today something really nasty happened though. I came out of a meeting with 'A' and an intern and wanted to get some info from 'S' about something he owns. 'S' was chatting with 'X', and since this was a quick question we had and their discussion didn't appear work related, I asked 'S' something on the lines of him wanting us to rescue him from the chat? Somehow 'X' found this to be a good excuse to pass a remark "Hey! what have you done to your (pause, while pointing to my face)... hair and beard?"
I suffer from diffused MPB and its beyond rescue now. I also have a double chin and keep a beard most times. This past weekend I trimmed my beard, maybe too close, because I was feeling really hot and humid with it. With that I also trimmed the sides of my head to hide the lack of hair on top of my head. I also recently bought a new pair of prescription glasses which are larger because they give me a better field of view.
I tried to water down the situation by saying something like, 'I accidentally didn't put the guard on my trimmer securely' and tried to change the topic to what we wanted to ask 'S'. 'X' didn't want to stop though. She started asking others, namely employees 'S' and 'A' about my 'new look'. To which 'S' started by saying 'it's very different.' 'X' wanted to get more, so she kept goading them. 'A' then said 'it looks along the lines of a slightly scary character.' 'X' corrected him by saying, 'it's not like scary, it's "laughable".' I just didn't know how to handle this now. I tried to walk away, but then another employee 'V' walked in as she shared the office space with 'S'. Upon this 'X' asked 'V' 'if she wants to join in as we're making fun of 'N'(me)?' 'V' was standing across 'X' and I couldn't see/hear her response. To make the situation a little more amicable I said something on the lines of 'join in, this is the team happy hour and we're doing the activity all of us love, which is making fun of me.' 'X' still led the situation like a true leader she has recently been appointed as and said that 'this new look doesn't suit me' and that 'there should be hair at least in one place on my face.' This sort of triggered my insecurities around the MPB and double chin etc. I felt embarrassed beyond control and laughingly said that 'while I really appreciate them finding time to make comments about my appearance, the truth is that I really don't care.' With that I walked away and into my office, sipped some water and tried to focus on my tasks.
I was kept busy for several hours after this, while helping a coworker debug some issues, wrap up my tasks for the day and also help another work-friend with his course assignments. Since then, my mind has been free and I just can't stop thinking about this incidence today at work. Some of the possible ways to address this as I have thought of are:
1). Address this with 'D' and my manager. This would involve me discussing my personal insecurities with them which I don't think I'd be able to do. Also my manager and 'D' are friend and 'D' and 'X' are too. Also all of them are in management positions and have known each other for many more years, so I'm not sure if they'd be biased towards protecting 'X' and mellowing this down. These comments are being passed by 'X' repeatedly and I'm afraid addressing this with such close managers might increase hostilities from the management towards me.
2). Involve the skip level manager 'R' of 'X' in above. Again I will have to address my personal insecurities, this time with 'R' as well, who I'm not at all comfortable with in doing so. Most probably 'R' would anyway delegate this to 'D' and it would reduce to 1). then.
3). Our employer provides an employee resource center to address these issues with. Because most of the times the gender roles in such complaints are reversed, I'm afraid how this will pan out with them. Also, most of their resolutions are along the lines of reprimanding employees and either nothing follows or one of the employees is asked to move teams. I'm afraid if the solution is just a reprimand, I might face hostilities from 'D' and 'X' and possibly my manager too. If the solution is to move teams, I'm afraid I'll be asked to move as 'X' is in a manager position and it would be easier to move an IC around. I really like working with my current team and manager and it would be taxing for me to move as well. Also as mentioned above 'D' might have outright biases towards keeping 'X'.
Please help me out!!
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2023.06.07 07:43 Money_Ad_588 My Rhabdo Story

I’m a 31 year old male, after my episode and doing a lot of research it all makes sense. A few months back, my wife and I tried out a cross-fit style gym, she ended up joining and getting a membership. I paid for a few single classes for me to see what it was all about. Long story short I am familiar with crossfit workouts but was not as normalized to them as my wife is. On Memorial Day I did the Murph workout, which now I know I did not train for or prepare for at all. I was not even going to do it at first, was just there to show support for my wife but I got talked into doing it and that was my mistake! Lol. My body was simply NOT ready for 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 squats. With 1 mile runs before and after. I was not properly hydrated either. The worst part is that not only did I finish the workout, but I obviously did everything to failure and for some reason was focusing on the eccentric, which now I know are the very recipe of Rhabdo.
When I finished the workout, I immediately threw up. Went home and for the rest of the day felt normal for the most part, with only “normal soreness” which I credited to the unusually intense workout. Day 2 my arms and chest started swelling, Day 3 my arms were so swollen that my range of motion was about 2/3 normal, I had aches and pretty bad pain when trying to stretch any of the affected muscles. Day 4 I noticed dark pee for the first time, a quick google search and I was off to the emergency room. After four days hospitalized and about 10 bags of IV liquids, they released me on Day 7. Today is Day 9. My urine has been clear for days and muscle symptoms have decreased by about 90%, my range of motion is almost back to normal, no pain other than soreness when trying to fully stretch affected muscles and swelling is gone.
I feel good and have been more purposeful about drinking water, and eating salty foods. I also have learned to respect my body more as well as take exercise and intense activities more seriously. I do understand that this is not over though and that I now need to be extra careful with any physical activity involving those muscle groups. I will try keep the thread posted (no pun intended)
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2023.06.07 07:00 AutoModerator Daily Whiteboard Thread - 07 Jun 2023

Come on in and tell us about your workout today.
What'd you do? How'd it feel? Any tips or tricks?
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2023.06.07 07:00 splat_bot Daily Workout and General Chat for Wednesday, 6/7/23

Use this post to discuss today's OTF workout or other general topics. Please add details about the workout or your own commentary and don't forget to upvote comments containing the workout details to help us keep key info at the top!
Most Recent Lift 45 & Tornado Templates
To find previous Daily Workout posts, look for recent submissions by u/splat_bot.
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2023.06.07 06:30 gamaem Unexplained muscle soreness/cramps

I’ve had celiac for the past 15 years. For the most part, I am on a very strict diet and rarely slip up (accidentally).
Over the weekend, I accidentally ate an entirely meal which turned out to not have been gluten free. Felt very bloated within the next 24h, with other traditional symptoms. Since then I’ve been fine, except for unexplained weird muscle soreness/cramps.
I’ve been feeling soreness in my stomach. I normally train at the gym 3-4 times a week, after my workout today, my forearm muscles have been feeling super cramped, despite not having changed anything in my routine.
I’m curious as to whether this is something common with other people when they exposed to BIG quantities of gluten. It’s hard for me to say since it’s never happened before 😅
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2023.06.07 06:01 AutoModerator How was your workout today?

Use this thread to discuss how your workout went today! What are you thriving at and what are you struggling with? Looking for tips/advice on exercise or diet choices?
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2023.06.07 04:52 bbsomemoney I kept waiting to re-up until it was too late tonight, I feel immediate regret.

So I’ve been here… several times. Have quit for months, years, etc. Anyways life’s been a bitch lately and I fell back in, as I do. I decided today after a horrible workout that it was affecting me negatively. Eating too much at night, working out less, sleeping in too much or feeling outright tired every single day.
So I decided not to go to the dispensary tonight. As the time grew closer and closer to them closing I got hit with this weird sense of anxiety and I realized “Holy shit, this is bad, if I’m this anxious to stop after a couple weeks… I can’t keep going.” I don’t want to experience the horribleness of destroying tolerance to the point of not feeling high, the inability to sleep for 2 weeks, the lack of appetite, all of it.
I know if I keep going it’s only going to get worse from here. So here I am, day 1 take 50. Any words of encouragement from others in a similar boat I’d love to hear. I’m feeling quite blue at the moment.
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2023.06.07 04:15 Talks_in_circles Bug: Apple Watch overwrites weight on iPhone incorrectly (decimals)

For my workout today, I entered weights for one lift to two decimals on the iPhone app. However, weights only show to one decimal on the Apple Watch (rounded to nearest half pound), and when I recorded having completed a set on the watch, the weight on the iPhone was overwritten with the incorrectly-rounded-to-one-decimal weight shown on the watch.
The weight on the watch should either be presented to two decimals (when needed), or, at least, not incorrectly overwrite the weight on the iPhone app when I’ve made no change on the watch.
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2023.06.07 04:15 SaltyAqua77 What is the importance of consistency?

I know a lot of people are going to say test days are crucial. But I’ve fallen off the wagon so many times for taking days off and the people I look up to claim they never take a day off and that makes them mentally tough.
For the past 1.5 months I’ve been doing a 30 minute cycle and 45-60 minute hike (up then down). It’s been relatively easy to do every day and I’ve been highly motivated.
Two weeks ago I added weight lifting.
Today at hay motivation so gone. In my mind I actually feel like the cardio won’t cause a weight lose like it’s been doing.
I did my 30 minute cycle and instead of 15 mph I was only able to go 13 mph. It was a light workout but tiring:
Now I want to tell myself to do the hike and keep it consistent but there’s not motivation.
I’ve lost meaning. I will start my hike right now anyway but would love advice
I even told myself I don’t look horrible at this point and that I should stop trying to lose 2 lbs a week and just do 1 lb but again every time I took a break or slowed things down I gave up.
here’s the person I wanted to be: a person who does a hike to walks instead of just sitting on the couch for hours after work. But today I almost forgot that.
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2023.06.07 04:05 concretewalker Muscles stopped working?

I've(17) been working out for years now but recently i took a break due to mental health.
I did a super easy workout yesterday to try and get my head back in a better place, but today i haven't been able to even close my hand. It's not soreness, it's just that the muscle will not move and it's honestly making me feel more discouraged than ever.
i tried doing some at home pt to try and get my hand to work but i can't even pick up my water bottle.
I've never had this happen before, if anyone has any advice please let me know.
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2023.06.07 03:45 G0825 [Lombardi] On Kyle Shanahan - Nick Bosa: conversations... “How you doing?” “How’s the workout been going?” “How’s Florida?” “How’s the boat?” “You look tan.” “Legs still look big.” “What are you going to do today?” Bosa: “I’ll probably be in the weight room.”

[Lombardi] On Kyle Shanahan - Nick Bosa: conversations... “How you doing?” “How’s the workout been going?” “How’s Florida?” “How’s the boat?” “You look tan.” “Legs still look big.” “What are you going to do today?” Bosa: “I’ll probably be in the weight room.”
Here are a few selected portions of the story from The Athletic-
Perhaps ironically, one of Tuesday’s first points of discussion with Bosa was about how hard he finds it to occasionally not work out. The 25-year-old has forced himself into a few more recovery days this offseason in the interest of ensuring that he’s at optimal strength for the marathon that awaits this fall.
“I’m preparing myself for a long year, to be sure my body is going to be able to take on a load of 21 games,” Bosa said. “So I’ve been taking a little more time not forcing myself — taking those days when I need them — not forcing myself to push through if it’s April or May. If I push through something then, it’s pointless.”
Bosa said that, even before the 49ers signed Hargrave, defensive line coach Kris Kocurek would showcase the defensive tackle’s film in position meetings.
“Every time we watched him, Kris would rave about him,” Bosa said. “We think of him as one of the best interior guys in the league, especially rushing the passer. To have him on our side is going to be a huge addition for us.
“I feel people give him his due, but people don’t really know how good he is overall. He isn’t quite talked about in the Aaron Donald, Chris Jones, top echelon, but I think he played like that last year.”
As far as Wilks’ takeover of the defense, Bosa says that he left his weight room conversation with the coordinator confident that not much will change schematically for the 49ers’ D-line.
“He’s going to make some good improvements on the back end,” Bosa said of Wilks. “But I don’t really need to worry about that, as long as the quarterback holds the ball a little longer.”
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2023.06.07 03:00 SpecialEndeavor New runner! Tried the guided run but the workout didn’t track.

Hi everyone. I am not a runner but I’m trying to branch out. My goal is to be able to do a Tough Mudder next summer so I downloaded this app to help me get started.
I selected the 8 week 5k plan and did the very first guided run today, but it didn’t track it. I saw the map of what I had just ran, but there didn’t appear to be anywhere to go from there. I ended up selected the “stop” icon and it took me back to the plan screen, but it still says I have 0 workouts completed.
I gave it access to all of the apps it asked for (location & apple health) but I don’t really use the apple health app at all. I have a fitbit which unfortunately seems isn’t compatible with the Nike Club App.
Has anyone run into this? Was there something I did wrong? I’ve tried looking up reviews/tutorials but I’ve yet to come across a video of how the run ending and the app tracking the run.
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2023.06.07 02:45 anothermanoutoftime DDPY Live 06.06.2023 mini review- Slow + Steady /w Renee Hagen

It's Tuesday again, and we have a new live workout on the app this afternoon! I'm going to be straight with you guys- I've had a long and stressful couple of weeks, and I'm not up to my regular in depth review today. But I really liked this workout and am fully planning to hit it again, so I'll be back with a full length review of this one before long.
For now, this was a 35ish minute workout, marked as a blue diamond, which I'd say is pretty fair- much like Renee's previous workout, this is all basic stuff but well sequenced with lots of chances to dial in the DR and get the HR pumping. About 12 minutes of warmup, a lunge section with some "hug the tree" DR, a matwork section with some broken table and crunches, as well as a couple of other treats like a 30 second alligator- not the 50 seconds the person on stage suggested, Renee took mercy. Our own u/relentlessmamakat was up on stage as well, shout out!
Like I said, I really enjoyed this workout, and I'm very much looking forward to trying it again and writing up a more in depth review. It'd be a good half a step up from Energy- mostly similar positions but a little longer. I'm glad we got another Renee workout, I'd like to see her take on a stand up or below the belt workout- she really got the quads firing this time and I imagine she'd do well with one of those. Highly recommended, this was a lot of fun!
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