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2023.03.20 23:17 CMHammer1996 Conflicted on whether to submit smoking charge

Host here. Need input on what other hosts have done in this situation. To set the scenario, I had a 3 day rental that just got back. Bouncie tracker data was giving me constant alerts of vehicle abuse and extreme driving, and the renter went excessively over the mileage. They also “lost” one of my window rain guards, presumably it came off from their excessive speeding. All that being said, it was not the smoothest rental. Admittedly the car did come back in good shape cosmetically (except for pet hair inside, different story).
Renter did admit to being a smoker but promised they wouldn’t in the car. After getting it back the first thing I noticed was a definite SLIGHT cigarette smell. Not as strong as I’ve had with past rentals, but 100% there. I looked and there were in fact a small amount of ash crumbs under the seat and on top of the steering wheel column. My reason for posting is about 18 hours later the smell is mostly gone, and I’m wondering if the ash/ smell could have come from the persons clothes after climbing back in the car from a smoke. And that could explain the smell. I don’t ever want to file a false claim, and honestly in this scenario I probably wouldn’t even consider filing a claim about the slight smoke smell if all the other issues hadn’t of happened.
To recap:
  1. slight smoke smell, mostly gone 18 hours later
  2. There 100% presence of ashes under seat and on steering wheel column.
  3. pet hair in front seats
  4. un-full fuel tank at return
  5. felony level driving infractions recorded during trip
  6. went over trip mileage
  7. lost a rain guard from my car
Would you guys pursue a smoking fee in this scenario, all things considered?
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2023.03.20 23:16 j0shdab0ss Helping My Mom Decide What Works Best For Her in Retirement

So... my mom is about to retire in a couple of months (school teacher), and unfortunately she hasn't planned well for it. A lot of external circumstances contributed to this, and she basically has nothing saved other than a few thousand in an emergency fund.
Being a school teacher in Texas, she has been contributing to a pension for the last 38 years. Now she needs to decide whether she wants to take a standard annuity or a PLSO (partial lump sum option). I'm trying to help her with this and weigh out the pros/cons of each.
Option 1: Standard annuity- $5,651.87
Option 2: Beneficiary gets half the annuity for life- $5,025.64 (half of this to beneficiary)
Option 3: Partial Lump Sum ( $67,822.44 12 months, $135,644.88 24 months, $203,467.32 36 months)
Reduced Annuity ( $5,140.38 12 months, $4,628.88 24 months, $4,116.82 36 months)
No cost of living adjustments.
38 years is a long time to work in a system and contribute to a pension, and I would hate if something happened to her and all that money is just gone. This is why I want her to consider the largest PLSO. She is onboard with the idea of leaving a little nest egg behind. However, she has a very low risk tolerance/comfort level with investing.
We met with her financial advisor through her school that works for Voya (she also has her 403b with them), and he proposed that my mom rollover the 36-month PLSO into a fixed annuity (3% return). The principal amount she would have able invest would be ~$250,000 (PLSO, sick days, and money she already has in the 403b). I am onboard with the fixed annuity, but I've heard you should be leery of insurance companies and them pushing their products. I've also read not so great things on here about Voya. However, I want my mom to have a “safe and secure income floor” for her entire retirement, and this seems like it could be a good option to hedge against market volatility.
Annuity details: Voya Fixed Plus Account II (4568)
Another option thrown out by the financial advisor was to allocate a portion of funds into a balanced fund to expose some of that money to higher gains. He recommended T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation.
I am ultimately trying to determine whether a PLSO is suitable for my mom's particular situation, and if the 3% annuity makes sense. Do you agree with moving a portion of the funds to a balanced fund? Is this a joke/rip-off? Should she take the $250,000 and invest it some other way? Maybe she should just say screw it and take the standard annuity and not deal with any of this? Interested to hear y'alls thoughts.
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2023.03.20 23:15 LeosXD Bro replied "kyu" when i said don't do dhatura 💀

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2023.03.20 23:14 random_hockey 28[M4F] Oregon - Just your average guy looking for the start of something

Hello there :) first off let me say I hope that this finds you healthy and safe :)
Well a little about me you ask I assume, lets see what I can dream up. I am a currently working on my weight with some success, I am about 270 lbs, but clocking in at 6'1. I live in the Pacific north west so I am very much on the pale side :P
I like to think of myself as a giant dork who would prefer to keep things lighthearted and fun, but can be serious when the situation calls for it. I love to be sarcastic and you should assume most of what comes out my mouth is sarcasm (still waiting on reddit to make that sarcasm font)
I love all things sports, my favorite being hockey, I can and will chat your ear off about if you give me the chance. I also love following college football and a few other sports. I played soccer trough high school and use to be on a snowboarding team. I have not been to the mountain in years but miss it a lot.
I like to play video game with my friends. I play a lot of random sports games, your normal shooters and what not. My friends play DBD and Phasmaphobia on a regular basis and are always looking for a 4th.
I am very ADD so I will always have an audio book ( I listen to mainly LITRPGs and SCI-FI) or I will have some random show going in the back ground (Think Scrubs, HIMYM, Thats 70s show) Or whatever movie is currently peaking my interest.
I am going to school right now part time to work on a degree in mechanical engineering. I love to know how things work, not exactly sure what I want to do with it yet. I go part time because I work full time and a little.
I could go on and on, but that would kill all the mystery :P I hope to hear from you :)
Have a great day :).
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2023.03.20 23:14 random_hockey 28[M4F] Oregon - Just your average guy looking for the start of something

Hello there :) first off let me say I hope that this finds you healthy and safe :)
Well a little about me you ask I assume, lets see what I can dream up. I am a currently working on my weight with some success, I am about 270 lbs, but clocking in at 6'1. I live in the Pacific north west so I am very much on the pale side :P
I like to think of myself as a giant dork who would prefer to keep things lighthearted and fun, but can be serious when the situation calls for it. I love to be sarcastic and you should assume most of what comes out my mouth is sarcasm (still waiting on reddit to make that sarcasm font)
I love all things sports, my favorite being hockey, I can and will chat your ear off about if you give me the chance. I also love following college football and a few other sports. I played soccer trough high school and use to be on a snowboarding team. I have not been to the mountain in years but miss it a lot.
I like to play video game with my friends. I play a lot of random sports games, your normal shooters and what not. My friends play DBD and Phasmaphobia on a regular basis and are always looking for a 4th.
I am very ADD so I will always have an audio book ( I listen to mainly LITRPGs and SCI-FI) or I will have some random show going in the back ground (Think Scrubs, HIMYM, Thats 70s show) Or whatever movie is currently peaking my interest.
I am going to school right now part time to work on a degree in mechanical engineering. I love to know how things work, not exactly sure what I want to do with it yet. I go part time because I work full time and a little.
I could go on and on, but that would kill all the mystery :P I hope to hear from you :)
Have a great day :).
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2023.03.20 23:14 Mother-Whale I'm (36F) not sure my husband (42M) and I love each other anymore

I (36F) have been married to my husband (42M) for 8 years. We have been together almost 12 years. Two years ago we had a baby, a wonderful and very loved son.
I have so many emotions swirling around that I might ramble but I'd love feedback.
During my pregnancy, as I got more tired, I began realizing I would ask my husband for something and he'd decline - example, cream soda became my major late pregnancy craving and I asked my husband one night (7pm?) to go to a CVS up the street (3 minute drive) for cream soda. He said no, no big deal because he'd been at work all day and he's tired but something stuck in my head that specific time and so I sort of became more aware. After birth, husband would tell me just to "wake him up if I needed him" and I sort of excused it because he works long hours at a high stress job but the truth was I needed him like all the time. My brain didn't work the same way anymore, my whole life had changed and I felt really alone.
I think it's safe to say since our son's birth some resentment has grown between my husband and I. He resents that I don't have sex often enough and he resents when I ask him to "adjust his schedule for you" meaning us, his family. I resent that he brings up past incidents to use against me in fights. I resent that he doesn't put his phone down or look at me once during a conversation about how he hurt my feelings multiple times this week. Ringing in my ears all week has been the phrase "what is wrong with you?" uttered while we were listening to a podcast and I suggested capitalism is broken. He will excuse things like that away by saying it's a joke.
He also resents that I won't have more children, "now that we can." For background, I was told I was infertile, and years later we got this awesome little dude. It has been very challenging for me and I have voiced that I don't think I could, safely, have another child. Specifically I am saying I can't have another infant AND a toddler while I'm alone so much - we don't have family in our state and only a few friends all with their own obligations, and my husband's hours mean some days he's awake before my alarm and I'm in bed before he's home. My husband thinks the solution to that is to put our son in daycare. He thinks me telling him that emotionally I could not handle it is me telling him I don't want to do it.
I feel heartbroken because for 12 years I have supported and encouraged his difficult and exhausting career path without asking for much, but now I think also without advocating for myself either. I have not been a perfect spouse and I can be an unkind person too but I make such an effort.
I need feedback because I don't want to share this with people I know, I feel ashamed and sad and scared. Thanks, reddit.
TLDR: I think I've been a doormat for my husband and he's been treating me with more hostility and I'm emotionally drained and need some feedback.
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2023.03.20 23:14 MaxD49 42[M4F] #Paris, France. What would it take to convince you to take a risk on unprotected sex with me?

Sex without condoms just feels better, right? And more than that, sex without condoms when we know it's a risky time of the month. Sex without any barriers between us. The feel of my hard cock in your hot, wet pussy. The feel of boring your lip as I ask you if it's safe to cum inside you and you say "no", as you wrap your legs around me.
When did you last have a creampie without any protection? Risk it all to amplify that moment of pleasure. What would it take for you to take that risk with me? Knowing how dangerous it is to let me cum inside of you. I'm not your boyfriend or your husband, but are you going to complain when I slide the condom off?
Maybe we've drunk a little too much wine at the expensive, candle lit restaurant. Maybe the hot sun and warm sand of an exotic holiday has relaxed our bodies and our inhibitions. Or maybe we've just met at a party, your boyfriend somewhere downstairs as our bodies move in time to the throbbing bass.
I'd do anything to feel that rush right now. Let's make it happen.
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2023.03.20 23:14 Idiot_Sandwich12 I think my father is punishing me

Am I overreacting?
I (18F) live with my mother (42F). I've always had a strained relationship with my father (43M), due to past abuse and his severe narcissism. My parents are divorced.
I was not able to apply to university this year due to life circumstances and terrible mental health. I am diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder and complex PTSD, as well as OCD. Unfortunately, my father does not believe in mental health at all. He also is not in favor of using antibiotics. (I had dysentery a few years ago and he refused to allow me medical help. In the end I got to the doctor on my own accord and was put on strong antibiotics, a liquid diet of soup and water for a week and told to rest.) As a narcissist, not even aa medical diagnosis can convince him he's wrong. He thinks I'm 100% fine, since any indication that I'm not fine will set him off and turn into verbal abuse. Thus, I have not expressed myself in any way to him for a few years now.
On to the current problem. I don't have a driver's license yet. I've already applied for it this month. My mother struggles financially, and my father refuses to help me since it would mean indirectly helping my mother. He pays a minimum amount for me to survive and has recently bought me a car (which I am grateful for), although it took some convincing before he let me use it, since he's deathly afraid of the car helping my mother out. :/
Note: My mother does not have her own car due to financial struggle. Considering this, she also does not have a job. Explanation below. She is however, in the process of trying to organize a job where she can have a lift club.
My country is very unsafe. Public transport is terrifying, as we've had multiple shootings, gang fights and lethal arguments happening onboard. Walking is not safe either. My country has/had the highest rape percentage worldwide (I haven't checked the numbers recently, so it could've changed). Still, my point stands. Until I can apply for college next year, I want to find a part time job. However, considering that my mother isn't allowed to drive my car, I don't have my license yet and public transport is not an option, I'm stuck. My father is furious and won't accept my reasoning, even though he can't give me an alternative option either. He is angry and thinks I laze around the house all day (again, what am I supposed to do?). I do what I can, by researching college fields I'm interested in and comparing salaries, responsibilities and skills of the positions I'll qualify for. But there's only so much thinking to be done before you know what you want to do. Literally all I need is a license so that I can attend an interview.
Sorry, this has been long. My father has a history of punishing his children in... Harsh ways. When my sister argued with his girlfriend, my father sold her horse. When my brother scored a goal in his school sport, my father yelled at him about all the mistakes he made. Sometimes the thing we so isn't even considered wrong to the general public.
His birthday is the 22nd of March. This past weekend he had a celebration at his house with all the kids... Except me. Even their partners were there. I can't help but feel like he's punishing me, but asking him isn't an option. I feel rejected. Am I overreacting? How do I handle this? Am I wrong?
TLDR: I feel like my father is rejecting and punishing me, but I don't know if I'm reading too much into things.
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2023.03.20 23:13 FatatFza Help me build a backstory for my Chronurgy Wizard

Hey everyone! Im currently trying to build a character for our next campaign which will be Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen. Im going to play a young female wizard and i was really interested in the chronurgy wizard with being able to control time and such. Our dm allowed a started feat and i gave her Lucky since i can flavor it to be more of a "go back in time a few seconds to change things". As for a bit of her character and what i built so far:
Her name is Arlie Everbrave and she is an orphaned Elf raised by a kender family all her life in a town inhabited only by kender folk so all her life she simply believed she was a tall kender lol She is not really aware of how she ended up with her current family so her real heritage is unknown to her. She is extremely skittish, jumpy, shy and literally the opposite of her surname and whenever she gets incredibly anxious or scarred, she suffers from a stutter. She has a magical floating rock for a familiar named "Jumbo" because a rock was the only friend she could make since she was always mocked by other kender kids for being so "large" comparatively to all kender folk (when she's in reality an elf) so she made herself a pet rock which became alive later on through her magic. She learned magic from her grandmother who recently died. In dragonlance, lore-wise any spell casting is forbidden unless you join the Academy so she is sent there to the academy to join it, she however fails the trials miserably and even dies in it, waking up as a Reborn. According to the dm something brought her back, but i am as a player not aware what.
Currently though, im just trying to see how i can link her whole time and chronurgy control to something more creative. I've got suggestions from my friend of her being from another timeline or something hence her being orphaned in THIS timeline or more so i even thought maybe she was a powerful wizard/lich once who messed up a very crazy spell that ultimately sent them through time, erasing their memory and turning them back all the way when they were actually alive before even becoming a lich and just a clean-slate baby before they even were this powerful lich or something.
Idk, im just spit-bawling ideas here. Anything comes in minds for you guys?
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2023.03.20 23:12 leftisttiddie ex in the same friend group

just for some clarification, this person (17M) and I (17F) never dated so he technically isn’t my ex, but i’ve mentioned him in the title as so to make the situation more understandable.
We started off as friends but soon found out we both had a lot in common and ended up developing feelings for each other. He had made this clear to our friends long back and i knew about this. But one day, when i finally confessed to him he turned me down saying he wanted time and expected me to wait for him. Things after that all went south and the rest is history. We ended things on a pretty rocky note and found ourselves in a position where we basically started hating each other. However, my friends being closer to me saw and understood how he was being an asshole to me and started hating him too. Now, a few months later, things have died down for the better and that hatred doesn’t exist between us anymore. We certainly can’t go back to how things were before, but we don’t necessarily want to kill each other either. My friends are now okay with him too. However, i still have feelings for him. I had a phase for a while where i was trashing him infront of our friends whenever i got the chance. That makes me feel like i manipulated my friends into hating him but also somewhere i know what he did wasn’t the best either. As hating on him even when it wasn’t necessary helped me move on from him. But now that everything’s okay, idk how to move on and deal with my emotions. I don’t want to go back to trash talking behind his back because i want to be better than that. But i also don’t know how to avoid him and get rid of these feelings. What should i do? tl;dr: i was in a situationship with a guy who is in the same friend group as me. Safe to say he was in the wrong and was the reason why we stopped talking. However he is a good friend so i don’t want my friends to keep hating on him anymore. At the same time, i don’t know how to move on from him when he’s around all the time because i still do have feelings. what do i do
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2023.03.20 23:12 rogthnor SH2: Do I have the timeline of the letters right?

1990 (three years before the events of the game): Maria writes her letter to James. Gives it to Rachel to give to him after her death. Maria writes letter to Laura. Gives to Rachel to give to Larau on her 8th birthday.
Some time after (in the same year) she goes to stay with James once last time (while she still can). James kills her.
1993: 1 week prior to James' arrival, Laura turns 8. Gets letter that Maria wrote (from Rachel). Unaware that Maria died (as far as Laura is aware Maria was discharged from the hospital) Laura sets out for Silent Hill.
Shortly before game start, Rachel (who has not heard from Maria in three years and feels safe assuming she is dead) sends Maria's letter to James.
James has psychotic break, refusing to read second half of the letter (and presumably any details explaining where it came from) and believes letter was sent by his wife. Travels to silent hill to find her.
Is that all correct?
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2023.03.20 23:11 Gneedshelp I need help because I truly feel this is my last chance to get out. TW: talks of mental illness, SA and abuse.

Hello to everyone in this sub, I have always been a silent reader. I wish I could write every single thing about my previous/ongoing (?) relationship but I truly can’t, there’s too much history and too much to tell but I guess ill give it my best shot. English isn’t my first language, Im sorry if my grammar isn’t the best.
My emotionally and psychologically abusive ex (M25) has been in and out of my (23F) life now for 6 years. We started dating when I was 17 and he was 19, he was my first boyfriend.
To be honest, right now it feels like Im literally choosing him out of fear. Im tired of disappointing people around me (close family and friends) and myself for letting him in EVERY SINGLE TIME he wants to and never knowing my worth just to say NO (I just feel like I can’t say no to him).
So Im here, in the only subreddit I feel truly understands me, asking for help.
My ex and I met a long time ago and we were friends way before we actually dated. To give you some context about myself, I have always felt like im a very unstable person, (AKA the “irrational impulsive friend”). I have previous childhood trauma that is related to abandonment issues and previous SA that have turned me into a very volatile person (now, being diagnosed as borderline at my 23 years of age, I finally understand the reason why).
But back then when I was 17 and this whole ordeal started, I had no idea why I was the way I was.
When we started dating it wasn’t magical or perfect I just simply idealized him as that, which is even worse. But to be honest, the emotional torment has always been there.
I have always feared him (he has never hit me or been physically aggressive), he is a very angry person, and so very early on in our relationship we came to a point where I just felt like I needed to do exactly as he said so he wouldn’t leave me. He knew this, so he used it in multiple occasions to get what he wanted, knowing I was completely afraid of being without him.
He was very controlling in the first years of our relationship, extremely possessive and jealous, to the point were he wouldn’t let me have male friends or would get mad at me if I liked a male picture on social media. We fought a lot and he was extremely manipulative, always turning the conversation on its way to blame me, and making me apologize even in times were I had done absolutely nothing wrong. He would block me, ignore me and hang up my calls when we fought (which made my abandonment issues even worse). I can truly say it always made me feel insane, like I needed to record him and show him the things he said so he wouldn’t turn them on me. Our fights were completely exhausting mentally, they were really explosive. He would do a lot of name calling, blame shifting and then he would just ice me out. I would ALWAYS cry my eyes out in these fights, beg and plead until he turned a switch and then he would hug me, kiss me and then tell me he loved me and that everything was okay. This was extremely damaging because I don’t know if I became addicted to getting back his love in a way were it felt like I needed to earn it. And these are JUST the first things he did. I feel like since I was so young it created an idea in my mind that relationships were this way, I loved him like the love of my life and wanted to marry him without a doubt in my mind. With him, my BPD just went out of the window in terms of stability.
I lost myself in this relationship. I became HIS girlfriend and I wasn’t even my own self. I had no idea what I was or who I wanted to be without him. I became very submissive, I would just take the name calling, the blame shifting and the explosive fights because losing him was worse than the abuse. LOTS of things happened between the years but I truly can’t even type it out, it exhausts me so much. While all of this was happening, I was still growing up. Graduating high school, getting into med school, studying hard, meeting new people. Slowly, I realized that the more responsibilities life threw at me, the harder it became for me to live my own life (f*ck you BPD). Since I have a lot of trauma from my childhood and early teenage years, adult life became extremely hard for me, tasks that were easy for everyone around me like being independent or living alone were almost imposible for me. During these years I developed a very severe eating disorder and later on I started having problems with substance abuse (especially alcohol). I say all this because I know I wasn’t the perfect partner, I was filled with internal struggles and issues I didn’t even recognize and had a debilitating mental illness that I didn’t even know, so being with me, obviously, wasn’t very easy. I shielded myself in this relationship as my “safe” place, because honestly, it was the only constant thing I kept having in my life, and it made me completely attached to him.
Because of my BPD, I split a lot, it is the worst symptom of my borderline personality disorder, this makes me an extreme perfectionist and the burden I put on my own shoulders on being the BEST, PERFECT, woman is truly unbearable. Through these years I have caught myself needing him to validate me since he would always leave when I was in my worst (broke up with me once in the ICU and the second time in the hospital). But he would always come back when he started seeing me do better, or look better (gaining weight etc etc), and I ALWAYS took him back. I felt like when he left I was worth nothing, and every time he came back I was perfect again. TLDR version: He did a lot of shit, I did a lot of shit and took a lot of shit, the relationship was extremely unstable. You get it.
So I guess I will start with the reason I am posting this.
We have broken up more than 6 times, he ALWAYS does the breaking up and I would ALWAYS beg him to stay. Sometimes he would stay, other times he would just kick me out of his life and then slowly reappear months later. Since everyone in my life started noticing this behavior, they tried to make me realize that I wasn’t myself when he came back, I would push them away, leave them behind (family included) but when he left, although I was in pain, I would slowly find a way back to myself. Until he would come back again. This made it really exhausting for the people around me to support me, even though they have never left.
This brings us all to October of 2022, the last time we had our big breakup. He did something truly awful and I, for the first time, felt like I didn’t have the strength to forgive him. So I went no contact. I stopped reaching out, I stopped answering his calls or messages even though he was apologizing. I felt like the anger was letting me leave this chapter of my life behind. It felt like I wanted to DIE, I hated every second of it, I wanted him in my life but I tried to keep myself distracted. I started rekindling my relationships, going to therapy constantly (I had started already, but I feel like until he left my life I didn’t even realize I didn’t want him in my life), taking my meds and finding a love for medicine and surgery that had left me almost since my BPD got really bad (2019). It wasn’t perfect, (Im trying really hard not to split right now) but it was better.
On November 2022 I met someone. Yes I know, not the best thing ever, but I truly feel like meeting him (26M) made me realize I was settling for absolutely NOTHING, not even the bear minimum. Many things have happened, and he has understood every step of the way. From the get go he was amazing, and he still is amazing with me. He is patient and doesn’t want me to change a thing about myself. He truly has helped me a LOT ever since I met him and I feel like I have found a person that is teaching me what I deserve. Not only that, he has helped me see some patterns in myself when I shut away because of fear, and he has helped me become more communicative and assert my position in a relationship like I never have before. He respects my needs and wants, he has read about BPD and tried to help me in every way. So I truly do not understand why, the more he tries to be there, the more I push him away.
My ex and I didn’t talk until December 2022 when I left our city to finish my last year of medical school. It was really hard, living alone (I have roommates but they aren’t usually here) and that was when it got really bad, missing him was unbearable to the point that when he came back just to speak, I fell into his arms. AGAIN. We talked for a while until eventually he pushed me away again, but this time, it didn’t hurt as bad. We stopped talking until February 2023 and that brings me to today.
He’s back, shocker, promising things he never has before, saying all the right things I want to hear: Im sorry I left you, I will never do it again, I can help you heal, I love you, I want to marry you, I want life my life to be with you, no one makes me feel this way etc etc. He’s says he’s here for the long run, and for good. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6 YEARS I didn’t immediately say yes. I know in my heart of hearts I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK, but it is SO hard for me to say no. He has me completely manipulated and programmed to being there for him, EVEN when I have met someone that I truly feel doesn’t deserve absolutely anything that is going on. Even if nothing has truly happened. It feels like a magnet is pulling me back to him, and it is really hard to pull away.
So, I need help, I need to find the strength to kick him out for good, now that there is no anger, now that he is being perfect, now.
I need to find the strength to live the life I want. I need to stop fearing him and start fearing the life I am getting into if I keep choosing him.
So please, anyone, just lend me a hand, and help me find the strength. This trauma bond is very strong. You are all so powerful and have motivated me in sleepless nights, I know I can do this. I just feel like I need to push myself to do it.
Anyways,… Thank you for reading… And If you are in the same place that I am… We can do this.
Love, G
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2023.03.20 23:11 fixationed I have events I need to be at 2 Saturday nights in a block or not to block those days?

I keep going back and forth. I don't want to deal with the stress of being gone those nights and seeming unprofessional for it, but I also don't want to miss out on bookings where I am available anytime besides those nights since I know weekends are often needed. If I'm upfront about it and only accept a request where the animals can be left alone during that time is it fine? Or would it be better to play it safe and just be unavailable, hoping I get bookings that don't include Saturdays? I don't have anything coming up the next few weeks so am a little worried this will stop me from getting requests.
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2023.03.20 23:11 PhotographVirtual590 How to see what someone is doing on their phone

You may have encountered a situation in your or someone else's life and you want to determine your loyalty to others. This is why people increasingly need to know how to monitor their partners without their knowledge. ----------- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Tracker Cell Phone Spy Email Tracker Social Media Monitoring Hack Android Hack iPhone SMS Tracker Call Tracker Employee Monitoring Software Keylogger Software Parenting Hacks Messaging Apps Track Phone Monitor Android Spy WhatsApp Snapchat Monitoring Facebook Monitoring WhatsApp Spy
How to Spy on Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing
What does it mean to spy on someone’s cell phone? Have you ever tried spying on someone’s cell phone? Do you know how to spy someone's phone without them knowing for free? Certainly, you must have tried to spy on someone’s cell phone at some point in your lives. There could be several reasons for you to try that.
You may want to spy on someone’s cell phone but the fear of getting caught may cause hindrance in your way. However, what if we tell you that you can spy on someone’s cell phone without having the fear of getting caught? Yes, let’s talk about the method that allows you to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing. Also, let us know how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing.
There are so many reasons that lead to this approach. You might want to know what your kids are doing on the phone, with whom are they talking and what type of conversations are they having. Information like this is very important to gather when you realize how much dangers are there on social media for the kids. But, sometimes kids are stubborn enough to not to let it happen so in that case you need a spy phone software that can help you with secretly monitoring them.[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

In this post, we will be throwing light on the method that teaches us how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free. Using this method, you will be able to secretly spy on someone’s cell phone and have insight into their cell phone activity without having the fear of getting caught.
Spy on Someone’s Phone Secretly
People usually intend to spy on someone’s phone activity only during emergencies or when they want to make sure their loved ones stay safe. Your children and partners are the most important people in your life whose safety matters to you.
You would never want your loved ones to feel unsafe on the internet and would not want them to get involved in inappropriate activities online. But since it is practically impossible for you to be around them all the time as you are busy working and earning money for them, you end up worrying about your loved ones, thinking whether or not they are safe online.
Instead of stressing about the safety of your loved ones on the internet, you should adopt a method that can help you monitor their online activity and see if they are facing any trouble on the internet. The method should make you learn how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free. This will help you free yourself from unnecessary stress so you can focus on your work without having to worry about their safety. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]m)
Monitoring your children’s cell phone activity with the help of a spy phone app may seem unsafe to many parents as they fear their children will detect the presence of an app installed on their phone. Once they find out about the app, their trust on the parents will get broken and they will feel offended.
Parents may not want to ham their children intentionally but once children find out about the monitoring app, they may feel hurt. This could be one of the reasons why most parents fear from using a cell phone monitoring app.
The best way is to use a good spy phone software that can keep your monitoring secretive and your kids can never find out. The more you know about their activities, the better you can do to protect them. However, the fear of making them feel betrayed never gets old and sometimes kids respond to this very harshly. So, make sure that you are know what you are doing and you have solid grounds to do it.
Having said that, let us assure you that your child won’t be able to find out about hackgecko team on their cell phone because the app stays hidden on their phone and cannot be detected by them under any circumstance. With the help of hackgecko team, you can spy on someone’s device without having the fear of getting caught. The app will also let you learn how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free.
How to Spy on Someone's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free
hackgecko team lets you spy on someone’s cell phone without them knowing. The app also teaches you how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free. This monitoring app remains 100% hidden and undetectable on the target person’s cell phone. This is the reason why the majority of parents are turning towards hackgecko team because the app stays hidden on their child’s cell phone.
By downloading and installing the app on your child’s phone, you will experience no harm to their device as the app is completely safe and secure to use. You can use this monitoring app for various reasons. For instance, if you want to track your child’s whereabouts or want to have information about their web browsing activity, you can install this app on their cell phone.
To develop more trust on this app, you can read the user reviews on the Google Play Store and Apple store and also read all about the app on its official website. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
If you do not feel satisfied with the service of this app, you can uninstall the app and claim for your money. However, if you do feel satisfied with the service, you can continue using the app. After the app is installed on the target’s cell phone, you need to hide the app’s icon from the Application list of their cell phone.
For this, you need to get hands on their cell phone, especially if they are using an Android phone. For iOS devices, no physical access to the target phone is required. You just need their iTunes credentials to monitor their cell phone. So if you are wondering how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone then you can consider using hackgecko team
After hiding the app’s icon on your target’s Android phone, you can sit and relax because your target person won’t be able to detect the app on their cell phone. Using your account credentials, you can log into your online dashboard from where you can remotely track someone’s cell phone activity.
We would like to conclude by saying that hackgecko team is really helpful for parents because it helps them protect their children on the internet. Moreover, it helps people ensure they are not being cheated on by their partners.
Parents can use this monitoring app without their children knowing anything about it. With this app, they can learn how to spy someone's phone without them knowing for free. This way, children won’t be able to lose trust in their parents and won’t misunderstand them. Telling your kids about the monitoring app will offend them because most kids do not want their parents to invade their privacy.
So, it’s better if you keep the monitoring app a secret from them and continue to spy on their cell phone activity without them knowing. It doesn’t matter if you are at work or home because hackgecko team lets you spy on your child’s cell phone from anywhere and at any time.
This is the biggest relief about using good spy phone software that you are never blind to whatever they are doing. You will always know what they are doing no matter where you are. Also, you don’t need to be hovering over their heads to know what they are doing. A simple app can make your life easier and help you protect everyone you love.
In a world where online threats have become prevalent, we need to stick to solutions that can help our loved ones feel safe on the internet. Your loved ones need to feel safe not only in the offline world but online as well. We hope now you know how to spy someone's phone without them knowing for free.
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 23:10 TorturedManiac01 does my friends therapist have good intentions?

Hello everyone,
I(singlet) have a friend who has DID. Hes a really great person and we are very close, I only wish him the best. He has a therapist who he says he enjoys talking to. He had a mental breakdown and agreed to be hospitalized, but the therapist sent him to really bad institution where the staff there was not transparent. I told him to ask his therapist why he was sent there and he said that they didnt know it was bad. This sounds like a lame ass excuse to me. Isn't the therapists job to make sure the institution is safe and helpful for the patient? my friend defends the therapist but I find it suspicious and they should have done a better job. Tbh I could be projecting because Ive had a bad experience with therapy myself. I just want to help my friend he deserves the best. Thoughts?
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2023.03.20 23:10 Mangalorien How to unblock a site from Norton Safe Web?

I'm using Norton and have activated the Safe Web function, which is generally quite good. However, there is a specific site that I consider safe and that I visit often, but which Safe Web warns from visiting. Each time I visit it I get the mandatory Dangerous Webpage Blocked message, and can then manually click "Continue to the site". This is quite annoying and I'm hoping there is a way to bypass this by for example adding an exception for specific sites. I haven't found any way of doing this. Any good ideas?
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2023.03.20 23:09 microwavedeggroll Weight loss (TW)

How do you come to terms with the fact that you actually need to lose weight after recovering from anorexia and how do you safely do that? I've been physically recovered for a few years and I've been gaining weight since and am now pretty over weight and this has been hell to accept. The mental side of the disorder is still very much with me so trying to go about losing weight is sooo hard. It's like hard enough to accept the fact that I DO need to lose weight and even harder to do without mental breakdowns and wanting to relapse. I've heard that when you have anorexia you CANT ever safely go on a diet and try to lose weight but I NEED to so how do I do it?
I'm not overweight enough for it to affect my health or anything. I look normal but I want to get it under control before it does become a medical issue and being bigger with an anorexic mindset is miserable. I just have no idea how to safely lose weight.
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2023.03.20 23:09 mondaygoddess Have you been attacked by a dog? And has it affected the way you are around them?

My older brother had a Saint Bernard. He had rescued this dog from his ex coworker, who would brag about keeping it chained in basement/flashing raw meat in its face for it’s one meal of the day and making it get riled up before eating. The dog was roughly 3 years old at time of incident.
My brother at this point had the dog for about a year, and he was taught proper ways of living, love. My brothers son was a toddler and the dog was always nice around him.
The day of the incident I was chilling with him all morning, cuddling on the couch, petting him, etc. was sweet and had no red flags. The dog had known me the entire year, with no issues.
During lunch time I walk into the kitchen, and he was standing center of the room. He never showed signs of aggression to us, but the way he stood there felt off to me so I walked with space between us and pretended I didn’t see him so he wouldn’t feel insecure. As the side of my body is halfway past him he started mauling me. Keep in mind, I’m 5’1 115lb. This dog was around 200lb, and when he stood up on his hind legs he was much taller than me. He put his paws on my shoulders and almost brought me to the ground while chewing my face and scream barking.
Blood gushing everywhere. Sister in law starts screaming bloody murder and grabs me sprinting out of the house.
I have a scar now along my upper nasal bone(punctured hole through entire bone) and you can feel under the skin how messed up my bone is. Cant smell to this day. A piece of his tooth is still in my nose too, I was too scared to be reopened after being awake for the procedure, plus adrenaline was gone, and seeing the skin pulled up above my face I did not want to experience it again.
I don’t hate dogs, though I have some issues trusting them. I don’t think I’ll ever look at them the same way, and I’m having trouble looking at them as pets. My heart wants to look at them cutely, and my brain knows most are harmless. but I can’t stop seeing them like “animals.”
Has anybody who has been attacked, been able to heal and look at them the same way again? Do you have any advice?
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2023.03.20 23:08 Most_Sprinkles4874 ❤️

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2023.03.20 23:08 MelonSloth [PC][2010] Looking for an old MMO that may have a private server

Platform(s): PC
Estimated year of release: 2010
Graphics/art style: Isometric, 2D, Anime, Cartoony. Bright and colorful tropical themes in the early game area.
Notable characters: Playable Characters have an animal theme. Some examples, Bunnygirl with Boxing gloves, Sheepgirl with caster abilities, Tigerdude with a rifle that uses bullets.
Notable gameplay mechanics: Players have a machine that they use to dig up treasure
Other details: Very Grindy for levels and upgrades.
Has lots of premium items like mounts, costumes, and pets(p2w iirc).
Other locales in the game are Inside a pyramid, Aztec Ruins(If I'm not mistaken), and a forest area with a dungeon inside a tree.
Sound quality is unexpectedly good. Pleasant sounds for healing and casting, strong feedback sounds for melee combat.
Please let me know if you want anymore details I overlooked. I'll answer to the best of my ability.
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2023.03.20 23:08 Curious13l (20M) Curious about experimenting with a guy

So, as the title suggests, I’m a 20 year-old guy living in the UK, who is interested in experimenting with another guy. I should specify that I am a virgin, and consider myself to be on the Ace spectrum, as I have never felt genuine attraction to another person (certainly not romantic attraction). I have never dated or been intimate with another person, so I have zero experience in this department.
That being said, I have questioned my sexuality for years, specifically being gay, as I watch gay porn and browse gay subreddits often. However, outside of that, I have never been interested in a guy in my personal life. I find myself in a dilemma: I am curious about experimenting with my sexuality, do not have any interest in dating, but do not feel safe just hooking up with a guy on Grindr.
The ideal situation for me would be something akin to a ‘friends with benefits’ scenario, wherein I can befriend a guy and be upfront about my desire to experiment, with him being comfortable with the idea, and not expecting a romantic relationship to develop. I’m well aware this is wishful thinking, and the chances of it happening are slim.
I would appreciate advice from anyone who could offer some guidance as to how I can safely approach acting on my sexual curiosity.
Many thanks.
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2023.03.20 23:07 Deepthinker289 Review/summary of early draft of MSON with the infamous plot of Junior touching Janice when she was a kid

A poster on this subreddit posted a link to an earlier draft of a the script for Many Saints of Newark. I initially thought it was joke when he posted a subplot of Junior molesting Janice when she was a kid. I had to read it myself.
Well, the script appears to be clearly legitimate. It doesn’t actually say who wrote it on the cover page and I know the final draft is credited to both Chase and Lawrence Konner. I’m assuming this draft was fully written by Chase before Konner came aboard but I’m not entirely sure.
In any event, if you were disappointed by the film (I was as well but don’t think it’s as terrible as most people think), then this draft with this Junior subplot will make the final version look like the script for Chinatown. I don’t know if the genius Chase “lost it” in the intervening years between 2007 and 2019 when I think this script was written but the Junior subplot is so off the rails melodramatic and ridiculous considering we never had any hint of this in the actual series. It also occurs nearly when the script is finished in an awkward tonal change.
So here are highlight (or lowlights) if anyone is interested:
Early on one of Juniors goomars tells Livia that Junior doesn’t like to have sex (shades of Ralphie) and only likes to give oral.
Towards the end of the script, a 16 year old Janice drops acid and goes Dickie’s house to speak to “Aunt Joanne” (Dickie’s wife) but she’s gone and only Dickie is there. She’s extremely upset and Dickie gets her to tell him that dropping acid led to a flashback of when she was 8 and Junior, playing Santa Clause, touched her. Junior then told her if she ever told anyone he would “SLIT HER THROAT” (seriously, this script has to be read to be believed). She also says she told Livia back then but Livia slapped her and told her she was imagining things.
Dickie then goes to see Junior and puts a gun to his head and tells him to admit what he did or he’ll tell Johnny Boy. Junior then admits that not only did he molest Janice but that there were “others” that he molested. Junior said he stopped doing it in his 20’s after seeing a priest. He also says that was why he never got married and is scared of actual intercourse (again, you have to read this yourself to believe it). Dickie says he won’t tell Johnny Boy because he’ll kill Junior and the family will be destroyed. He tells him he must go back to the priests and tells him to stay away from baby Christopher.
Junior does confession with a priest and donates children’s shoes to orphanages to try to make it right. However, he has a dream (and per the script the dream was actually going to be a scene) of Dickie whispering something in Johnny’s ear (obviously Junior’s secret) and then Johnny shoving Junior in front of a subway train. Junior in fear for his life then contacts another gangster to hire the corrupt “cop” to kill Dickie. Dickie is then killed to keep his secret safe. The irony for me is that Junior’s motivation to kill Dickie actually makes a lot more sense than the thin reason in the actual final film.
At some point someone must have talked Chase out of this and they reconned to the rather stupid twist of Junior killing Dickie because he laughed at him about the fall. In any event Chase is a god to me and the Sopranos is the greatest film or television series in history as far as I’m concerned. That’s what makes this early draft so shocking. It’s like a movie of the week. So melodramatic and ridiculous and apparently meant to be shocking. I guess Chase got much older and lost his fastball but I just don’t understand his need to destroy the Junior character. There were no hints of this on the show and if anything Janice seemed to really respect Junior.
Anyway if anyone wants to read:
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