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2009.10.17 21:55 queerness How old is this milk?


2015.07.26 23:57 letsalldiscover How old is that penny?

How old is that penny?

2023.02.19 00:44 ASICmachine How realistic is a 95% Nodes Attack on Bitcoin? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2023.02.18 22:49 Master-Valuable246 Ed Sheeran Wonderwall How does he sing it?

How does Ed sing it ?
Like it feels like he is straining his throat at certain points
how can i get a same sound as he does ??
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2023.02.18 21:20 cryptoflipo I have 3 board one of which has a bad MOSFIT? Controller/board fan always on

I have 3 board one of which has a bad MOSFIT? Controlleboard fan always on
Seems I burned out my Mosfit. I have three machines all configured the same. One of them however, the controller fan never stops. I can’t see that anything is burned and I am certain my wiring and firmware is all the same. Does anything look off here? how about the circled area I think there should be some numbers on that chip and perhaps it’s been burned off?
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2023.02.18 21:08 LifeCracker How Super Nintendo World Is a Game-Changer for Universal Studios

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2023.02.18 20:52 laurenemerson [Health & Wellness] Go Play in the Dirt Episode 19 - Digestive Wellness SFW

[Health & Wellness] Go Play in the Dirt Episode 19 - Digestive Wellness SFW
iTunes Spotify Buzzsprout
Gut health is foundational to our overall health. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest.
My guest today is Morgan Lewis, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and believer in wellness. She utilizes holistic nutrition and lifestyle support for women experiencing IBS and digestive issues. Morgan shares how she navigated chronic gut issues, bloating, an IBS diagnosis, and a recent Lyme diagnosis. Morgan shares her expertise on digestive wellness so we can understand how our body works from north to south. Morgan & I have very similar journeys in navigating chronic gut issues, getting to the root cause and how we both used diet and lifestyle to support our gut back to health.
Tune in to learn how to support your gut and reclaim your health.
In this Episode, You’ll Discover:
  • The importance of counting colors, not calories
  • Significance of getting tested and knowing the right diagnosis (step 1 of your healing journey)
  • Getting to the root cause of your health issues
  • Common causes & symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • What causes the reduction of stomach acid
  • How to support your stomach acid
  • Why chewing is key for optimal digestion
  • You can’t out-supplement a bad diet
  • Channeling your big kid energy as part of your holistic health goals
  • What being a solo entrepreneur is really like
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2023.02.18 20:25 LeastIndependent1653 Progress for 2023 Week 7: February 12-February 18

748 ELO to start
746 ELO to finish
Openings Studied: Caro-Kann; mainly the Panov Attack, Main Line, Tartakower Variation, Spassky Variation, Hillbilly Attack and Gurgenidze Counterattack
Games: 11
Record: 5-5-1
Best Game: 1. b4 Nc6 2. b5 Ne5 3. Bb2 d6 4. e4 b6 5. Be2 Bb7 6. d3 Qd7 7. a4 a5 8. d4 Bxe4 9. dxe5 Bxg2 10. Bf3 Bxf3 11. Nxf3 e6 12. Ra3 Be7 13. Rd3 Nh6 14. Rg1 O-O 15. exd6 Bxd6 16. Rxg7+ Kh8 17. Rxf7+ Kg8 18. Rxd7 Bxh2 19. Nxh2 Rae8 20. Rd8 e5 21. Rxe8 Rxe8 22. Rd8 Rf8 23. Bxe5 Nf7 24. Qg4+ Ng5 25. Qxg5+ Kf7 26. Qf6+ Kg8 27. Qxf8# 1-0
Other Best Game: 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. Nf3 e6 5. Bg5 f6 6. Be3 Nd7 7. Nc3 fxe5 8. Nxe5 Ndf6 9. Qd2 Qb6 10. O-O-O Ne7 11. Bd3 Bxd3 12. Qxd3 Nf5 13. Bg5 Be7 14. Na4 Qb5 15. Qc3 Qxa4 16. b3 Qa3+ 17. Qb2 O-O 18. Bd2 Nxd4 19. Bc3 Ne2+ 20. Kb1 Nxc3+ 21. Qxc3 Ne4 22. Qh3 Nxf2 23. Qxe6+ Kh8 24. Rhf1 Nxd1 25. Rf7 Nc3+ 26. Ka1 Qc1# 0-1
Worst Game: 1. b4 e5 2. Bb2 Nc6 $6 3. b5 Nd4 4. e3 Nxb5 $2 5. Bxb5 c6 6. Be2 d6 7. Nf3 Nf6 8. O-O Be7 9. d4 Qb6 10. Bc3 $6 Bg4 $6 11. Nfd2 $6 Bxe2 12. Qxe2 Nd5 $6 13. e4 $6 Nxc3 14. Nxc3 exd4 15. Nc4 $6 Qb4 $6 16. Qd3 $4 dxc3 $9 17. Rab1 Qc5 $1 18. Rxb7 d5 $6 19. Qh3 $4 O-O $9 20. Ne5 $1 dxe4 $6 21. Nd7 $1 Qd6 $2 22. Nxf8 Rxf8 23. Rfb1 $9 Qd2 $4 24. Rb8 $9 Bd8 $9 25. g4 $4 f5 $9 26. g5 $4 Qxg5+ $9 27. Qg3 Qxg3+ 28. hxg3 a5 $2 29. a4 $6 Kf7 30. R1b7+ Kg8 $2 31. Kg2 $6 g5 $6 32. Kh3 $2 h6 $9 33. g4 $6 f4 34. Rd7 Bf6 35. Rxf8+ $1 Kxf8 36. Rd6 Kf7 37. Rxc6 e3 $2 38. fxe3 fxe3 $6 39. Rc7+ $2 Ke6 40. Rxc3 $4 e2 $9 41. Re3+ Kf7 $2 42. Rxe2 $1 Kg6 43. Re6 Kf7 44. Ra6 Bc3 45. Ra7+ $6 Kf6 46. Rc7 Bb4 47. c4 $6 Ke5 48. c5 Kd5 49. Rh7 $2 Bxc5 50. Rxh6 $1 Kc4 51. Rh5 $2 Be7 $6 52. Rh7 Bf6 $6 53. Rc7+ $2 Kb4 54. Rb7+ Kxa4 55. Rb6 Bc3 56. Rg6 Bd2 57. Kg3 Kb4 58. Kf2 a4 59. Ke2 Bf4 60. Kf3 Bc1 61. Rb6+ Ka5 62. Rb1 Bd2 63. Rd1 Bc3 64. Ke4 Kb4 65. Kf5 a3 66. Kxg5 Kb3 67. Kf4 Kc2 68. Ra1 $4 Bxa1 $1 69. g5 a2 70. g6 Bb2 71. Kf5 a1=Q 72. Kg5 Qa5+ 73. Kh6 Qf5 74. Kh7 Bf6 75. Kh6 $6 Qg5+ $9 {

Game may have continued...} (75... Qg5+ 76. Kh7 Bc3 77. Kg8 Qxg6+ 78. Kf8 Bb4# {-M3}) 0-1
Other Worst Game: 1. e4 Nc6 2. d4 a6 3. d5 Na7 4. Nc3 b5 5. Nf3 Bb7 6. Bf4 g6 $6 7. Bd3 $6 Bg7 8. a4 Bxc3+ $2 9. bxc3 c6 10. axb5 Nxb5 $6 11. c4 Nd6 12. O-O cxd5 13. c5 $4 Nb5 $9 14. exd5 Bxd5 $2 15. Ne5 $9 Nf6 $6 16. c4 $1 d6 17. cxd5 dxe5 18. Bxe5 Qxd5 $2 19. Bxf6 $9 exf6 $2 20. Re1+ $9 Kf8 21. Rc1 $2 Rc8 22. Be4 Qxd1 23. Rcxd1 $6 Rxc5 24. Rd8+ $2 Kg7 $1 25. Rxh8 Kxh8 26. Bb7 a5 27. Re8+ Kg7 28. Ra8 $4 Nd6 $9 29. Bf3 $4 g5 $9 30. g4 h6 31. Kg2 Nc4 32. Be2 $6 Nd2 $6 33. Kg3 $6 Ne4+ 34. Kf3 Nc3 35. Bd3 Re5 36. Bc2 a4 $2 37. Bd3 $9 Rd5 38. Bc4 $6 Rc5 $6 39. Bd3 Rd5 40. Bc4 $2 Re5 $9 41. Ra7 $1 f5 42. Rxf7+ Kg6 43. Bd3 $4 a3 $9 44. gxf5+ $4 Kh5 $9 45. f6 a2 46. Ra7 $1 Re1 $2 47. f7 a1=Q 48. Rxa1 Rxa1 49. f8=Q Nd5 {

Game may have continued...} (49... Nd5 50. Qf5 Ra4 51. Qg6+ Kh4 52. Qxh6# {+M2}) 1-0
For the majority of the week, I studied the Caro-Kann opening and took a look at the several variations it had. I am particularly interested in the Panov Attack and the Gurgenidze Counterattack, and have been looking deeper into the latter to see how the four possible continuations work. As far as I've seen it, most of the Grandmaster games turn into the Tartakower Variation of the Main Line with a 3...b5 4. a3 mixed in, but there are also some Spassky variations mixed in, so I need to learn these more in-depth if I want to try my hand at the Gurgenidze Counterattack. I definitely don't know enough about the Panov Attack to do anything with it at this time, but its prospects excite me.
I played my first game this week on Friday, and my noob brain just went into overdrive, because I committed several blunders in every one of my first few games. I had thought that looking at several Grandmaster games would help me understand developing better, but I suppose I was too eager to attack, and got overconfident. Once I dialed it back and really focused on developing and not blundering, things went for the better. I'm still struggling a lot with very aggressive players, so that tells me that I don't understand developing enough.
My biggest problem this whole week was not knowing when to trade. I don't understand when it's good to trade equally and when it's not. It's not something that needs to be done automatically, is it? I know there's a checklist for Checks-Captures-Threats that helps newer people, and I've been using that a bit recently, but I have no idea what questions to ask myself to assess equal trading prospects. I'm truly stumped on this one.
I want to tell myself that I'm just stupid and that since I did all of that studying and am still losing to such a massive degree, that there's no hope for me; realistically, though, I lost through a combination of overconfidence and not enough practice. This next week, I need to focus on these things, in this order:
  1. Not blundering. I'm not good enough yet to avoid committing several of these to make up for everyone else's playing.
  2. Assessing trades. I'm really bad at this.
  3. Continuing to study the Caro-Kann opening.
  4. Figuring out a black opening for when D4 is played instead of E4. I like the Caro-Kann for an E4 opening, and haven't studied any opening for 1. E4.
  5. Finding any opening for White that's not the Polish. I've tried playing the King's Pawn opening this week, and I'm very bad at it.
Overall, I've been shown how utterly terrible I am, but I'm not ready to give up quite yet. I need to really practice the fundamentals this next week so they can be ingrained into my psyche for when I am ready for the next step. I don't know if I'll be able to reach 800 ELO, but I'll give it my best. My goal is still 1000 ELO by the end of the year, but I don't believe that's realistic anymore. I'll aim for 800 ELO instead.
I wish you all a very good Week 8!
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2023.02.18 19:59 faviam I need help to solve this quadratic equation exercise

The exercise asks me what value "p" must have in the equation so that the subtraction of its solutions is equal to 1
x ^ 2 - (2p - 1) * x + p ^ 2 = 0
I know how to solve the problem, but I would like to see another way to solve it, please help me.
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2023.02.18 19:50 shelfenter Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 (Full Course)

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2023.02.18 19:31 Shojikina_otoko Write me a sherlock holmes story

The Case of the Missing Cello
Sherlock Holmes sat at his desk, tapping his fingers impatiently. It had been a slow week, and he was itching for a new case to solve. Just then, there was a knock at the door.
"Come in," he called out.
In walked a young woman, her eyes red from crying. "Mr. Holmes," she said, "my cello has been stolen, and I need your help to find it."
Holmes raised an eyebrow. "A cello, you say?"
"Yes, my prized possession. It was stolen from my apartment last night, and the police haven't been able to do anything."
"Very well," said Holmes. "Tell me everything you can about the instrument."
The woman proceeded to give him a detailed description of the cello, including its unique markings and the case it was stored in. Holmes listened intently, taking notes and asking questions.
"Interesting," he mused when she finished. "I think I may have a lead on your cello."
He stood up and gestured for the woman to follow him. They made their way to a nearby pawnshop, where Holmes strode straight up to the counter.
"I believe you have something that belongs to my client," he said, eyeing the pawnbroker suspiciously.
The pawnbroker shrugged. "I don't know what you're talking about."
Holmes didn't miss a beat. "You're lying," he said. "The cello is hidden under your counter, and I can prove it."
With that, he reached down and produced the missing instrument, much to the woman's relief.
"How did you know?" she asked, marveling at Holmes' deduction skills.
"It was all in the details," he replied. "Your cello had a unique scratch on the back, and when the pawnbroker denied having it, he scratched his own back nervously. A dead giveaway."
The woman was overjoyed to have her cello back, and she thanked Holmes profusely. As they left the pawnshop, she turned to him and said, "You truly are a master detective, Mr. Holmes."
Holmes merely smiled. "It's all in the details," he said. "All in the details."
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2023.02.18 19:01 blowlock Playing With Fire - Ultimate Dating Blueprint 2.0 (Complete Program)

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2023.02.18 18:31 IcyDevelopment0 Been on my mind for a long time...

So, I'm not very open with others about how I feel. I'm an introverted type who prefers to deal with his problems alone and tend to not bother other people about it. About 5-6 months ago I went through some of the worst times of my life, I guess, and as a result my grades dropped, my social life upended and I lost my scholarship. In August 2022, I was heading back to uni at Hong Kong. I study Computer Science with a few of my friends, from home and others from different parts of my country. I had turned in my guitar to a friend of mine who was supposed to stay back in Uni from Feb to Aug 2022, but he had left earlier. I didn't stay in my uni's student residence so I had to give it to someone who could store it there when I headed back home due to certain COVID concerns. When I returned, I couldn't find my guitar, I thought someone else must've had it in process of some exchange. My friend, whom I had entrusted my guitar to, had to head back to India later on as well. He gave it to another friend who kept it till June-ish and gave it to a senior's friend, mistakenly thinking it was his. That senior was a good friend of mine. He and I got close back in India during the weird COVID situation. However, when he was given the guitar by his friend, the senior (my friend) told that it wasn't his. What followed shocked me: He suggested instead to break the guitar into pieces. The thing is, I didn't know about this at all, even when I had confronted them. They told me it was definitely not my guitar, and made up stories to cover up the truth. When I traced back the source of this act, which was a recording they had made of destroying my guitar, I was broken. I couldn't believe it, it broke me literally. My own friends had done this, whether knowingly or unknowingly. It was my first guitar that my father gifted to me. While I processed these events, I planned a meeting with my friend (the senior). When I met him, he expressively told me how sorry he was for destroying my guitar and he hadn't known it was mine.
Although that entire group who had destroyed my guitar were part of the Indian Student Association (members of the cabinet, infact), they hadn't asked on any groups if anyone knew whose guitar they had gotten a hold of. While, I really tried being good and sympathetic, trying to understand things from his perspective as he had gone through a break-up and his work-like wasn't looking too good, things quickly turned. When I had called the others involved in the incident, including which was another one of my best friends from my hometown, who kept trying to convince me that the issue wasn't a big deal and that it was 'just a guitar', to talk about the damages and cost of repaying me back (as it seemed logical to me and what my family had asked me to do after hearing about this). They weren't thrilled either. When the topic of repayment came up, the people involved fought me on the repayment, forcing me to instead accept a 'guitar' they were offering as a replacement. Instead, when I asked my friend (the senior, who caused this), he blamed it on me and told me that it was my fault this happened and out of my carelessness that my guitar was destroyed. He also went on to say that had he known any better, he would've kept the guitar case as well or sold the guitar too. All of this just broke me in that moment. Everything came tumbling down, I didn't know who my friends were. I felt very betrayed and broken.
I sank into a weird mania of depression while keeping myself afloat. I also had a scholarship criteria to uphold, GPA-wise and I was already on my warning semester where if I didn't get my GPA up, I would lose my scholarship. Well, guess what ?! After fucking slogging through the last semester and fighting tears, loneliness and isolation, I lost my scholarship. I feel even worst. It's like this pit isn't even ending. All my friends just watched as I got fucked right in front of them and got royally screwed, while my parents had to spectate a failing wreck in front of them, who's just been crumbling and been living day-to-day in a University far from home with just 1-2 friends in reality. I've gotten more closed off, I don't wake up on time and I oversleep. I don't seem to be able to get myself out of bed, and I had no idea why. I just kept focussing on staying alive man, and it's so fucking tough. I'm desperately trying to just seek guidance but I can't seem to. It feels like alot of people are against me because this incident did made people choose sides and conveniently, the very friends I considered close left me in the dust.
This semester is much tougher, my GPA dropped and I need to get it 0.3 points higher to fulfill my criteria. It's also affected my company interviews and job applications. I just seem to keep blaming myself and thinking of myself as a loser. I've been slogging day in and out to work on coding projects, study. workout and keep in track with classes but I struggle, and it hurts. I feel so alone. The very people who helped and possibly fucking saved me from the aftermath of my previous breakup are now complete strangers. Its not that I'm alone that sucks, I've been alone my whole life, especially with my father too not being around for a while in my life, its the loneliness. It's the possibility that what if I'm the poison, or if I'm the issue. I feel like I've developed some form of depression. I'm just very glad to anyone reading this and to the person taking time out of their day to read this.
PS I have the fucking guitar clip, they sent it to me and I watched it. I think I can really explain what your heart being ripped out of your chest feels like.
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2023.02.18 17:57 Archite_Animations Ranked Rant

I want to talk about ranked and the absolute atrocious state that it's in at the moment. When I started playing ranked, the first 3 to 5 matches were pretty balanced. The teams had a similar skill gap, the difficulty was fair, and the people on my team actually played the objective. Now, flash forward a few matches, the game just turns into an absolute pain in the back for me. My new team now consists of bronze players that care about nothing but kills and their K:D (even mock you for trying to play the objective), all of them are bronze while fighting an opposite team that consists of silver and gold players, rage quit when they aren't doing well at the start of the match, and overall cause a very toxic and annoying atmosphere. Meanwhile, the enemy team is full of people using mics and call outs, they use the best gear and loadouts, and seem to have order and a goal.
Some people will probably tell me in the comments, "It's just one match, the next one will be better".
Here is the thing though... I played 7 matches in a row, and every single one of them I lost... remember... 7 IN A ROW! I'm not sure if this is SBMM or something else, but it definitely needs to be fixed.
I also quickly want to talk about the rewards and how pathetic they are (in my opinion). Looking at them, they feel very weak and generic. For example, the camo that you earn for 100 wins, is a red, black, and white camo that looks like something you can earn in the battlepass or as a gun camo challenge. Like c'mon IW, 100 wins and we can't even get a skin that's reactive or very well detailed?
Overall, I'm pretty disappointed in Ranked. The only reason I can find to keep playing this is solely for the amount of xp you earn, and EVEN THEN, IW nerfed the amount of xp you earn in a battle pass, making you play over 70 HOURS to unlock all 100 tiers.
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2023.02.18 17:52 wildlife_warriorhino Help! I get to attached to quickly

A while back this guy that knows me via a mutual friend sent me a DM on insta and we started talking. Stuff got real deep and we connected and there was really a bond.
This continued for about a week that we text every day when it just stopped, nothing happened really that could set it off just stopped. Probably 3 weeks of me beating myself up inside I texted him to find out how he is doing because I really fallen in love with him. We probably exchanged 4 messages and then it also just stopped. Week after that we added each other on Snapchat and I get daily streaks from him but no conversation really happens. It's been a few weeks of this and I keep trying to get into conversation but it then just stops again.
I don't know what to do I am still so in love with him but he basically just ghosts me.
At this point I want to send him a message shitting on him and tell him he is an asshole.
What do I do help!
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2023.02.18 17:40 AugustineCancelPlan [TOMT][Movie]Help please! I'm looking for the name of this 2000s or 2010s thriller movie

A mother and her two sons move to a new town in this movie. We know that the children's father died (I can't remember very well, maybe he just disappeared). One of the boys is in elementary or middle school age and the other is in high school. The boy in high school starts working at a fast food restaurant and makes friends. There is a strange old house in town. Rumors about the house are swirling around. A grumpy old man lives in this house and the high school kids (including the newly moved kid) are dealing with this house, but I can't remember the details here. Towards the end of the movie, these kids manage to enter the house. The house is rather strange and empty. One room of the house is decorated like a classroom and there are mannequins used as students. While they continue to spend time at home, they find a man in chains and decide to save the man. It turns out that this chained man is the son of the grumpy man. He started homeschooling because he hurt other students at school and then I guess his parents locked him in completely because he killed her brother or sister. While the kids are trying to break his chain without knowing who the man is, the chained man suddenly pulls the chain and causes the hand of the kid holding the chain to be injured. Later, the chained man chases after the children and a chase ensues in the house. In the movie's finale, the newly moved boy's brother kills one of his brother's friends out of the blue (I'm not sure). Thus, only the newly moved child survives. On their way home with his little brother, he gets angry with him and says something like, "You can't control yourself, you did it again. Because of you, we'll have to move again. Luckily, we don't have to carry the body, it was very difficult to deal with my father's body." We learn that the little brother also has a killing urge like the chained man and killed their father, and the movie ends.
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2023.02.18 17:22 freespin7770 Haktuts Spin Link

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2023.02.18 17:14 SovietSunrise Navigation System Automatic Map Zoom-In?

A little background: I had a 2017 Subaru Impreza that had been rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and totaled. Insurance is battling it out (what's there to battle out, gimme my fookin' money to buy another car!!!) and I'm stuck with my dong in my hand waiting for a car. Insurance is paying for rental cars & I've had them in 2-week cycles. My newest one is a Mazda 3. I think it's a great car, very peppy, fun to drive, good mileage, good heater (it's cold in Texas this week).
However, for the love of Pete, every time I zoom out on the nav system to get a bigger view, it zooms right back in to 300 or 500 feet, usually within around 10 seconds (I've timed it). What the heck is this and how do I keep it to JUST WHAT I SET IT AT without readjusting? It's really annoying, Mazda.
All in all, though, I'm enjoying the car! Not every rental car has a navigation system!
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2023.02.18 17:07 Leading-Swing2057 Usb keyboard and mouse won't work after exiting bios.

I got an old intel pc with windows xp and my usb keyboard and mouse won't work after exiting bios. QuestX, intel motherboard (doesnt say which specific model it is but itd brown it has 2 ram slots and its around 205-10)bios version 0401, windows xp professional.
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2023.02.18 17:00 Work2Tuff 14 year old German Shepherd with pneumonia got worse suddenly after improving, why?

My GSD was diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the week. The first day she had a nearly 105 degree temperature and would barely move. I was able to get it back down to normal and with antibiotics she was slowly improving by eating more and getting her strength back . I wake up this morning and she is the same as the first day as if she never even had any antibiotics. Why would this happen? Is it possible the antibiotics stopped working overnight? Should I just keep giving her the medicine she was prescribed. I don’t want her admitted to the ER. They would have to put her in an isolation ward and she’s old for her breed as it is.
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2023.02.18 16:23 tedx-005 Questions digital-native brands should ask ChatGPT asap

Note: This is a post from 📷 Christopher Lochhead - who run the #1 business newsletter on Substack (Category Pirate - check it out if you haven't, best newsletter I ever subscribed) and here's his advice for brands. Thought you might want to check it out:
01. Brand:
•Should I buy (your brand)? •Tell me about (your brand)? •Is (your brand) a good place to work? •What are the criticisms of (your brand)? •What competitor product should I buy instead (your brand)?
02. Category:
•Is (your category) growing? •Who's the leader in (your category)? •What problems does (your category) solve? •What is the best product in (your category)? •Who is (your category) type of product made for? •Rather than buying (your category) what else could I buy?
These types of questions (and many others about your category and brand) will give you critical market signal 🚦 And GPT could become the #1 digital source of marketing signals in the future. Now is the time to get a baseline for where you and your category stand on ChatGPT.
Of course, we do not know how the algorithm works or what sub-set of Internet data it is being trained on. And there is no such category as "SEO for ChatGPT" yet. (just wait)
But it is probably not a stretch to assume that ChatGPT is trying to aggregate information from top-ranking websites and data sources.
So, if you've already done a great job of building a powerful, positive, high-ranking category and brand in the digital world broadly (and on Google specifically) you'll likely be pleased with your GPT results. If not, you've probably got a lot of work to do bolstering your digital reputation. ---
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2023.02.18 16:14 DeButtes WiFi adapter disappeared after windows update

Here's some general info: OS: Windows 11 version 22H2 (KB4023057) - system says it's up-to-date Laptop system: ASUS ROG Strix G713RW w/ AMD Ryzen 7 6800H and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070ti
Problem intro: I bought this laptop with windows 11 already installed in December last year. I was advised to immediately turn off the auto update feature as the os was fairly new and some bugs were to be expected. Yesterday however, I decided to update the OS thinking it's the right thing to do.
Problem statement: When I started up the laptop today I was unable to connect to the WiFi. (Which had never been a problem)
I connected the laptop via ethernet and started trouble shooting:
1) restarted router and ensured the router is not an issue 2) opened settings > network & internet > it does not show WLAN option 3) opened CMD prompt > netsh WLAN Show drivers > "There is no wireless interface on the system" 4) thinking it would be a driver issue I downloaded the software "Driver Easy" and updated every single driver. 5) tried running ncpa.cpl > only shows my ethernet status. No WiFi. 6) checked the device manager under network adapter it shows > Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE Family Controller (all drivers up to date), and various WAN Miniports. Nothing else. 7) tried running services.msc > I found a service called "WLAN AutoConfig" but it's already running. 8) Reset all network adapters to factory settings via settings
Have been trying to solve this for the past 3+ hours and I don't know what else to do. I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to computers and I'm mostly following trouble shooting guides online.
My current guess would be that after the update it no longer recognizes wireless "card?!" inside the laptop. I don't know how to make the computer find it? Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this?
Any help would be immensely appreciated!
P.s. yes factory reset and simply "never run an update" is a possibility I guess. Although there is a lot of data I need to save first. But ideally I would just like the product to work as intended.
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2023.02.18 15:33 DiscountRadiant3455 How accurate is Khan academy for digital SAT

Also, does anyone know where I can find more practice tests for digital. I know the college board released four but are there more out there? Does Khan academy have equivalents that match the real tests? Advise would be great!!
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2023.02.18 15:30 kd030303 💖 Donation Based Readings 💖

Hello! My name is Katherine and I have been doing readings consistently for 2 years now. I would love to help you with any questions that you need the answer to ! My readings are always as detailed as possible and I'm open for a conversation after the reading if you just need someone to talk to and make you feel better :)
Here are some of the readings that I offer, but I can answer other questions as well, as long it's nothing related to; death, illegal or health matters :
-Love readings ( Someone's feelings/intentions towards you, what action they might take and etc.), week ahead, meet your spiritual guides, career readings, what spirit wants you to know, future lover, how to find love, self-love reading and etc.
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