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2023.06.07 23:52 ipo0od PC tripped circuit breaker twice in different rooms

I originally had an issue with my PC restarting itself every time I played video games (it would restart 15-20 minutes in. Usually playing intense games like Diablo IV and Hitman 3). It would even get to a point where I was stuck in a restart loop.
I ended up wiping everything from my computer and reinstalled windows. During reinstallation my circuit breaker tripped. I didn’t think it was a big issue until I moved my PC to another room and it tripped again. What might be the issue? I’m starting to think it’s more of a hardware issue than software.
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2023.06.07 23:52 vicenormalcrafts Officially got a new position with 50% more pay. Beyond elated.

The role is at one the major certification and education vendors as a Cloud Innovation Architect, so I am going to be working on open source cloud technology and implementing them into everyday solutions. My dream job.
Beyond excited. I’m coming from being a Pre-Sales Solutions Architect at a major S3 vendor.
Never had to do help desk, but I worked out a roadmap, optimized my resume and applied like hell.
Advocate for yourselves. You can do it.
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2023.06.07 23:51 GuyWhoHatesReddit_ Is there a problem with my sd card?

I haven't played in my 3ds in some months now, but recently i got back to it and it just didn't turn on, i put my sd card in my computer and the card had something like 1.8 GB and had an abcd.iso file, i used testdisk and changed the number of cylinders or something like that to 255 and removed the sd card and put it again in the pc and it got back to normal and my 3ds turned on, but i am still worried, can anyone tell me if my sd card is good or will it happen again? Thanks and sorry for any english errors im Brazillian
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2023.06.07 23:51 Acanthaceae69 NordVPN $5 HBO MAX $5 Hulu Netflix Disney Plus IPTV Paramount+ Google Drive $2 ESPN+ Deezer MalwareBytes ExpressVPN RealityKings Brazzers OnlyFans $2 Pornhub $5 (Doesn't Downgrade) Mofos WTF Pass Fakehub Blacked redditbay Google Pay, Credit/Debit cards/ Binance, All Crypto

OFFER: You'll get free IPTV (for PC) for any purchase
On the shop you'll always have unlimited warranty/replacements on your purchase.
Please feel free to DM me 24/7 with any questions, requests or clarifications you'd like me to make on the products.
Google Pay/Debit & credit cards, crypto accepted. BTC,ETH,LTC,BCH,USDT, BNB,Shiba,Ape,Dai,Tron
Access the full product list in the store link below
Access the shop by clicking here
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2023.06.07 23:51 lostmymind17 Support for WQHD on PC?

Will they add resolution support WQHD on PC??. using 3440 x 1440 it's ok playing on on a wide display but would be better full screenn
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2023.06.07 23:50 LuminousDragon I asked ChatGPT the effects of reddit restricting access to its API.

I was curious to see what chatgpt would say about this issue. I asked the version that does NOT have access to the web or any recent information about reddit, so it was not influenced by any ongoing discussion.
If Reddit decided to disallow the use of their API, several consequences could follow:
Third-party Apps and Services Would Be Impacted: Many third-party applications, bots, and services that rely on Reddit's API to pull data and perform actions would cease to function. This includes popular apps that use the API for users to browse and interact with Reddit, data analysis tools, automatic posting services, and so on.
No More Reddit Integration: Websites and apps which integrate Reddit content through the API will not be able to do so. This means that services that rely on Reddit data for content aggregation, comment integration, or social media analysis would lose access to Reddit as a source of data.
Reduced Flexibility for Users: Users who use Reddit via third-party applications (because of added features, alternative layouts, etc.) may have to return to using the official Reddit website or the Reddit app. This might decrease their overall experience, depending on the quality of the official platforms.
Reduced Innovation: The API allows developers to create new applications and tools that offer different ways to interact with Reddit content, driving innovation and enhancing the Reddit community. If Reddit closed off their API, it could stifle this kind of development.
Potential Community Backlash: The developer community and many users could respond negatively to such a move, as it would be seen as a restrictive measure, potentially leading to a loss of users and/or community goodwill.
Less Analysis of Reddit Data: Researchers, marketers, journalists, etc. who use the Reddit API to analyze trends, sentiments, and other patterns in the Reddit data would lose an important tool. This could limit understanding of online social dynamics, trending topics, public opinions, and other phenomena.
It's important to note that APIs are a fundamental part of the modern web. They allow different software applications to interact and share data, leading to a more interconnected and robust digital ecosystem. Shutting down an API, especially for a platform as large and influential as Reddit, could have significant ripple effects.
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2023.06.07 23:50 mekbots Game crashes (Freezes permanently) seemingly randomly, looking for a fix/advice

Hi, if anyone could please help me understand or fix my game crashing, I'd really appreciate it, thanks. I hope this is the right sub and everything you need to know is here, if not just ask me and I'll try provide.
I've been playing with the same mods more or less for the past year, stopping and resuming playing the same save intermittently. The game has always worked fine and as intended aside from an annoying freeze/crash that happens without a pattern (or at least one I've noticed). A lot of the time I can play fine for 10 minutes or so, but sometimes it happens within a minute of loading my save. I don't think it's ever happened while in menus, and it seems to only happen when outside (I think anyway). Just to clarify; the crash is a screen freeze, the only audio to continue is music/ambience which just loops indefinitely, and even after an hour of waiting, the game doesn't resume so I have to force close the application.
I've just been playing around this for months with a new habit of constantly quick saving but I'm finally sick of the crashing. I've tried to understand the error log, reading the reports in the final seconds before the crash, but I can't figure anything out really.
Here is a link to a Google Doc with my mod list. (I can't access Pastebin for some reason)
Here is a link to a copy of the crash log on Google Drive. - The last logs are just 'VM is Thawing...', 'VM is Freezing...', 'VM is Frozen', and 'Saving Game...'. The final log is the thawing one.
My PC specs are:
Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide me.
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2023.06.07 23:50 Acamobk Just dropped a new song on SoundCloud and YT check it out if you lookin for a new artist✅📌💚

Just dropped a new song on SoundCloud and YT check it out if you lookin for a new artist✅📌💚 submitted by Acamobk to undergroundhiphop [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:50 Thiago_Hunsecker Tilt for drag/herald

The level of players currently in WR seems to have gone down by 200%. The game has always had this troll problem to an even more absurd degree. It seems that mobile players are much dumber and more impatient than PC players, it's impressive.
What happens most now is tilt player leaving The game because of dragon loss or failed fight for objective. I know this greatly affects how the game plays out at the beggining, but it definitely doesn't mean defeat. For those reading this, please don't give up on the game even if you lose all the heralds and the two starting dragons. If you keep a cool head, you can load the game yourself (Especially if there's a jungle player or ad carry).
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2023.06.07 23:49 Chilltyy Building a supercomputer for machine learning

Hello! I am more of a programming/software guy rather than hardware, so when it comes to building a PC im a bit out in the dark. I want to build a 'supercomputer' for my machine learning projects. I want this PC to be a top-quality one that will last for at least up to a decade.
I already have 3 RTX A5000s, aswell as a 1200W PSU. Then I also need to buy the rest (which is of course compatible with these GPUs). I would like the rest to be not much more than 2-3000 dollars, but feel free to suggest something that is slightly more expensive aswell. RAM and CPU is a high priority.
Thank you so much for any advice/suggestions!
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2023.06.07 23:49 geek_teck بدائل VirtualBox لتشغيل جهاز افتراضي على الكمبيوتر الخاص بك

يُمكن أن تكون تطبيقات المُحاكاة الافتراضية مُفيدة للغاية إذا كنت تحتاج إلى الوصول إلى نظام تشغيل إضافي على الكمبيوتر الخاص بك دون التعامل مع متاعب نظام التمهيد المزدوج أو الحاجة إلى الوصول إلى جهاز آخر.
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2023.06.07 23:48 dakfu_ [US-CA] [H] KAT Lucky Jade, Drop MITO XDA, PBTfans Deep Sea Predator, Cerakey Crazed Blanks, Vex's Nixie Cherry MX, Inovokeys Black Sesame, Wuque Onions, Gazzew U4TX, Chosfox x JWK DD/Jingle, Planck Drop Rev 6 [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Hello mm - big sale on barely used caps, switches, and board! Prices include shipping and g&s. Local to 94132. Shipping to CONUS and bundles will be preferred. Please comment before PM and confirm your country location.
All prices are OBO : )
Item Description Price
KAT Lucky Jade (Alphas, 60s Icon Mods, and Novelties) Purchased directly from zfrontier. Mounted once, like new with no shine. $140 shipped (all kits)
Drop MITO XDA Canvas (1800 kit) Never mounted, no shine $70 shipped
PBTfans Deep Sea Predator (Hiragana Kit, 40's kit) Lightly used, no shine $130 shipped (all kits)
Cerakey Crazed Blanks Only opened to inspect, never mounted $150 shipped
ePBT BoW Hangul (Hangul & Latin Alpha, Hangul Alphas, Hangul Mods, 40's kit) Used for >3 days, no shine $130 shipped (all kits)

Item Description Price
x90 Vex's Nixie Cherry MX Diamond Polished + Lubed; 63.5g TX springs; never mounted $150 shipped
x70 Inovokeys Black Sesame v1 lubed and filmed, some desoldered $40 shipped
x54 Wuque Onions lubed, some desoldered $35 shipped
x50 Gazzew U4TX x39 Lubed; x11 stock $35 shipped
x55 Chosfox x JWK DD/Jingle Stock; never mounted $30 shipped
Item Description Price
Planck Drop Rev 6 spray painted French Beige, flashed with Vial, comes with alu and custom pc plate, stupidfish plate and case foam, and shell travel case $90 shipped

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2023.06.07 23:48 beastczzz Legit ba ang mga laptop sa fb market place for macbook?

Gusto ko bumili ng macbook 14 inch kaya lang nakikita ko sa market place na mas mura sya ng 30 to 40% compare apple store.
So safe ba bilin yon?
Gagamitin ko kasi for my personal laptop upskilling etc.
And syempre para mag heal ang inner child hahahahahahaha i was looking to mac nung college pa ako sadly wala pambili.
Meron din naman ako PC and work laptop Worth it kaya? katamad din kasi pag PC lalo pag mag upskill napupunta agad kay steam hahahaha
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2023.06.07 23:48 Ben5544477 Are job titles meant to explain what you do for a job? Or is doing work at your job unrelated to your job title normal?

Say my job title at work is Software Quality Engineer. However, at my job I basically do web development all the time. Is that strange? Or are there a lot of people in similar situations? Also, do recruiters and hiring managers assume things about the work someone does just based off of job titles? For example, would a hiring manager who wants to hire a web developer just dismiss a resume with the current job title "Software Quality Engineer"?
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2023.06.07 23:48 Acamobk Just dropped a new track on SoundCloud if you looking for new music/artists check it out🧡‼️👽

Just dropped a new track on SoundCloud if you looking for new music/artists check it out🧡‼️👽 submitted by Acamobk to SoundCloudHipHop [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:47 gsoul93 I’m trying to like it…

Hello fellow dark souls nerds. I’d like to start out by saying I love FromSoftware, they are by far my favorite game developer. I’ve beaten all the soulsbornekiroring games except DS2 and Demons Souls (I haven’t done blood borne dlc either cause I don’t have PlayStation and my friend I played it with didn’t have it) I’ve even gotten all trophies for Sekiro and pretty close to getting all the trophies for the first dark souls. Suffice it to say I don’t mind difficulty and the thing I love most about all there games is how fair the difficulty is. With that being said I’ve started my play through of dark souls 2 (avoided it cause everyone always said it was the worst one, but I’ve been hearing more positive things recently so I thought I might as well), I’ve gotten to Iron Keep and I just have to rant a bit. This game by far feels like it’s trying to be hard the most. Why do I have to spend souls to level up a stat so I can roll properly, why does drinking estus take 3 fucking seconds, why do I not have access to my full health bar all the time, why are there so many fucking ganks. It just feels like every thing they could do to make it inconvenient to progress they did. Overall I’d say I’m enjoying myself the least I ever have with these games. I’m still having fun, sometimes the ganks are a nice challenge and overall I dig the atmosphere and exploration, I just wish there wasn’t 20 fucking enemies around every corner. Also I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the bosses so far although I have hope they’ll get better in the end game. Lost Sinner has been by far the standout so far and even he was kinda a pushover. Smelter demon is showing promise though (only been able to fight him once so far though cause there’s 15 enemies I have to kill if I want to make it safely). Sorry for the ramble I just want to know if I’m justified or just a scrub.
P.S. I’m playing Scholar of the First Sin edition ik it’s different than the original and am wondering if base dark souls 2 is better about enemy placement?
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2023.06.07 23:47 RedBlizzar M20 [FRIENDSHIP] need a new friend? Look no further!

Hey everyone
Here is a little about me,
My name is Marcus i am 20 and I come from the United Kingdom, I'm a pretty big gamer and I play on Xbox/pc I play a wide variety of games, MW2, Roblox, Minecraft, Fifa, Battlefield, DoS2 and a personal favourite Rocket League! (I'm awful at it) if any of these interests you please just hmu I'm more than happy to play with you!
I have quite a large array of hobbies some of my favourites are; Space, I love the mystery of it 🎇 Socialising, I love getting to know and meet new people! Driving the country and Highlands are some of my favourite to explore Travelling, I love an adventure Just ask and I'll be happy to share more hobbies!
I'm quite haply to share pictures of myself once we have spoken for awhile just let me know!
Tell me something interesting or a fun fact!
Anyone can message me I don't discriminate please just send me a message!
I hope we can speak soon!
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2023.06.07 23:47 NlightNFotis 30M - Senior Software Engineer - Happy to mentor/pair up for programming

I am a senior software engineer, working on software verification (C++, Rust).
My background is Computer Science, and I have experience with a diverse range of programming languages (I've worked on almost all of what are considered "mainstream" programming languages). In Computer Science, my specialisation has traditionally been PLT (Programming Language Theory) and Systems (Operating Systems/Compilers/etc) but I'm looking to expand into graphics, ML and distributed systems.
I am happy to mentor junior programmers, be it straight out of uni or current students or even people just starting with programming. I am also happy to just help people with DSA (brushing up on those myself atm).
I am based in the U.K, so I would prefer to work with people around my timezone, but if you're flexible, we could make it work regardless of timezone.
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2023.06.07 23:47 Acamobk Just dropped a new track on SoundCloud if you looking for new music/artists check it out🧡‼️👽

Just dropped a new track on SoundCloud if you looking for new music/artists check it out🧡‼️👽 submitted by Acamobk to PromoteYourMusic [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:46 FaZeRigby Are projects as relevant for IT jobs as they are for software development jobs?

Do you still put those on your resume if you apply for an IT role? What’s an example of an IT relevant project?
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2023.06.07 23:46 Daios_x There is no way

So I was watching byf's recap of lightfall because duh and I noticed something: So... This golden age, "Atlantis" of sort, Advanced civilization had a protocol to stow away all of its citizens in a virtual reality in case of an invasion. In a system called "The cloud arc" which was linked to the veil. Wich if cut off would kill all of them.... They had a protocol to keep people "safe" from an invasion that linked everyone to the most likely thing someone would invade for, which would cauce everyone to die if that thing was taken??? That is like if the middle east said: oh no, the usa is invading, quick everyone store large barrels of oil in your house to keep you safe.... Am I understanding that correctly? Doesn't that seem, moronic at best? Did they not watch Star Wars? Can someone confirm or deny if I'm understanding this correctly because I just stopped my workout for this. I feel like Vegeta in tfs right after Napa waited for krillins turn
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2023.06.07 23:46 puddlethefish M28 - Smart/nerdy women, what do you want to see on a dating profile?

For context:
I’m a 28 y/o software engineer, grew up coding, met my first gf on an MMO, made a bunch of games, wrote my own smartwatch OS, play Valorant— stuff like that.
Broke up with my gf of ~4 years, trying to get back into it. I work remotely now, so I can’t make friends through work.
I also just moved from CA -> NJ, so I’m kind of screwed and feel I have to rely on dating apps.
I know there’s more to a person than hobbies, but it’s fun to have similar interests.
So, giga nerds, what are you actually looking for on a dating profile? Specific examples from dudes who attract women with geeky interests is also good.
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