Appliances used near me

Senpaiiii! *chomp*

2013.12.21 02:57 jesset77 Senpaiiii! *chomp*

We must collect all of the images or gif animations (potentially modified and captioned for anime goodness) of Sharks acting Tsundere, because we can. D:

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2023.04.01 22:26 Tmv279 The 144,000??

Can someone please tell me how JW's explain/defend Revelation 14:3-4 "and no one was able to master that song except the 144,000, who have been bought from the earth. These are the ones who did not defile themselves with women; in fact, they are virgins"
That sounds pretty clear to me. And while I'm sure there are some of them who are/were virgins, every one that claims to be part of this hand picked group by God, that I've ever known, was married. So I'm curious to know which scriptures they use to ignore this very cut and dry requirement.
Thank you to anyone who can provide me with answers to this. It's much appreciated!!! 😊
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2023.04.01 22:26 jfrizz Practice in NHL 21 for 23

I recently started playing NHL 23 and I am terrible. I’m trying to work on my skills in free skate and by watching videos but I am still getting my ass kicked online. A friend lent me NHL 21 to use the practice mode, I’m curious if the gameplay mechanics are similar enough that it will carry over to 23.
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2023.04.01 22:26 GloriousRenaissance Habits and intentions carry over to your dreams.

Some context

For the last months (6 consistently) I've been performing a routine, which I still keep perfecting, adapting, changing and adjusting.
One thing I've noticed is that gradually but increasingly it's leaning towards simplicity.
Just incorporated the Tibetan Rites to my routine. Haven't yet decided about the schedule for these, been doing them daily at different times of day and when the menace of wet dreams feels near. So far so good.
Keep that in mind, a transmutation practice in your (my) Semen Retention journey is a Game Changer (if you're not doing any already; I had one before but it turned out to be not as effective as the Rites).
For several months now, the main and (chronologically) first fragment of my morning routine consists of a small 'waking up' ritual without fail:
First it was 20 then recently it's 30 burpees just right after waking up, no thoughts given. The first rays of 'waking consciousness' hit my awareness, grab my workout outfit, on to crack some burpees. Immediately after that, a 10 min run. Rarely there's a glass of water before any of that happens.
That's not my workout routine, which actually happens mainly in the early afternoon, or sometimes at mid-morning, after work performed, as some kind of 'de-stressor'. The pure purpose of those burpees and 10 min run is to wake up.
Anyways, the interesting part is this:

Conscious influences Unconscious and in a looped vice-versa

Two nights ago:
I had a dream where I was barely waking up, and felt groggy and sleepy as fuck (yeah, in the dream). My eyelids felt sticky and heavy and couldn't even completely see what was around me.
I wanted to feel awake and energized, so almost automatically I decided to perform my burpees! I cracked my burpees in a row, counting them, engaging my muscles, breathing rhythmically, the whole thing! And I gradually felt more awake and energized, my eyelids gradually normalized and my mind got sharper. All this was a DREAM! haha.
It wasn't a lucid dream, tho. I actually woke up later and thought boy that was weird...
Last night:
I had a dry dream (erotically themed dream, but no release).
When the erotic stuff started to happen, I immediately thought oh shit I'm getting horny, and immediately went to focus my attention on my physical and my breath, and performed the Sixth Rite! Effectively getting rid of the horniness, getting a stronghold of my body and energy, and therefore avoiding the unwanted release.
Ha. That makes me smile...
The other day a fellow retainer commented on how EVERYTHING gets impressed in our consciousness and subconsciousness, he was talking about how these apparently irrelevant memories started to pop up in his field of awareness out of nothing... like that one time after kinder garden mom bought me a chocolate donut, it was a sunny spring day, birds chirped, all the smells and colours, the pristine vibe, et cetera... Sometimes it can be also traumatic stuff, tho.
He reflected on the fact that everything we experience, and therefore everything we deliberately think, do and indulge in, have at least a degree of effect in our consciousness, subconsciousness, memory.

So, the takeaways (or TL;DR)

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2023.04.01 22:26 emaxxman Slight vibration (passenger front) when accelerating

2010 Acura TSX, 4 cycl, 177K miles, auto trans
I've noticed a slight vibration when accelerating. It's noticeable to me because I've driven the car for 12+ years and know every creak it has. No one else notices it. It's not really noticeable when below 50 mph but when accelerating between 50 mph and 65 mph, I can feel it around the front passenger wheel. Seems to be gone by 70 mph. Also seems to be more intense when accelerating uphill. If I'm maintaining speed in the 50 to 60 mph range, I don't feel anything.
The tires were new at about 160K in 2021. I work from home so I could go a week without driving it. I might drive about 3K a year. My son is using the car now for work (as of Feb.)
Let's assume that the tire is properly balanced. Could it have developed a flat spot on the tire from all the sitting (especially in the winter?)
Is there something mechanical with the drive system that I should have checked?
I recently (January) had the oil/trans fluid/front brakes done. My mechanic (non-dealer) did a safety check on the car at that point and didn't see anything.
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2023.04.01 22:25 TheMoneyIsMine89 Copyright infringement wedding video

Hey there,
So I own a wedding video company and today I received a letter from a law group about copyright infringement on one of my wedding videos that I made a few years ago. I used 20 seconds of a theme song from a somewhat popular movie.
They gave me 2 options. “Provide a music license for that song” (which I don’t have) or option 2, “remove the wedding video from the internet and then call them to arrange a settlement for the prior pay for the prior unauthorized usage.”
I’m worried they are going to sue me for thousands and I’m just wondering what I should do. I have already removed the video from the internet. I’ve been making wedding videos for over a decade and never used anything unlicensed except for this one small portion of a film.
Who do I contact? Am I in big trouble? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.01 22:25 Subby13 Just looking to essentially have 6 Boss pedals in front of me on an HX Effects

I just want the 6 buttons in front of me at gigs to activate:
  1. DS-1 - Distortion
  2. DD3-T - Digital Delay
  3. The Looper function
  4. BD-2 - Blues Driver
  5. AC-3 - Acoustic Sim
  6. OC-5 Octave Pedal
I'll do a deeper dive into the board and it's functions in the near future, but for some upcoming gigs this is what I'd need. I'm a little lost on how to just take the copies of these pedals and make them the 6 functions in front of me. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.04.01 22:25 arcofdoves333 Girlfriend of a sex addict feeling shattered and zero self esteem from this

I have been in a relationship with an older professional man for nearly a year, inseparable for most of that, we've gone on international vacations, I see his kids every week when they come over, he pushed to meet my parents during the holidays and took me on vacation during Christmas after encouraging to cancel the one I had planned for myself, paid for my student health insurance just because, is responsible for a lot of the essentials in the house and happily picks up the bills for those while I'm in school (we try to have a more balanced financial relationship but he is years ahead of me career-wise and insists). I am not entirely financially dependent on him. I do want this relationship to work out - we get along and our friends/families are interconnected at this point. Besides this problem, we are happy.
He invited me to live with him because he is close to my University and I agreed a few months back because I live in a very expensive town (so much so our grad students are striking because we can't afford to live here...) and am in a competitive high stakes program at my University. He always wants me around: right after class ends, every weekend, etc - we spend a lot of time together doing typical couples activities. I don't know when he would physically cheat.
The problem: this man is so kind but I think is struggling w/ sex addiction. From about 2 months of dating he proposed monogamy. I've bent over backwards to entertain all of his fantasies and go to swingers events (where he doesn't actually interact with anyone...), he gawks at other women in front of me AND his children when we're out, and most recently I got the curiosity to check on Adult Friend Finder which is bottom barrel only to find the profile I was looking for quite quickly because his profile is unique for where we live. Old pictures of him inside of another woman. Not a paid account (and he has talked about using this for hookups in the past way before we ever knew each other - so it's not like I didn't know it didn't exist) but am shocked that he is active there.
His profile listed verbatim his original dating profile from when we met and his picture is him inside of another woman from a few years ago. It was active yesterday... while he is on a once in a lifetime trip with his teen children in a remote area of California.... and he was online on Adult Friend Finder (garbage website but I had the urge to check there since he has a history of going onto these sites to "look" despite having a young, kinky + submissive, and ALWAYS game girlfriend who initiates every day...)
I'm just at my wit's end. We are happy and satisfied when we're together and he always is all over me and reminds me that he loves me, we have a vacation planned in a few months with his kids who have grown close to me. He is coming abroad with me over the summer on my research trip. We take each other to doctor's appointments.
But the minute I'm not home he jumps on these websites to "look" (masturbate and who knows what else he's done offline). How does he even have time? I live here after giving up my apartment in a town where I cannot find a new one in time for the next academic period next month. I can't leave my program. I don't have family here. Working just to meet people for support is not really an option because my academic and research schedules already take up too much time. Because I've spent most of the year with him, I have made no real friends who could be potential roommates.
I am just distracted and my self esteem is shattered. This was supposed to be a fun and no strings attached relationship and grew into what I thought was what we both wanted. I advocated for that at the start and he’s continued to push and push for our relationship. How can I be so stupid?
To the users on here: I understand and see that this is not something you willingly do, so I hope my anger and distress isn't interpreted as condescending or anything similar. I am here for perspective, Is there any chance he is just addicted to the "hunt" and excitement of looking for women? (I am somewhat okay with that? I would want my man to still appreciate other women).
Is there any chance that this is just browsing/curiosity/ a way of masturbating? Why look at women locally instead of just using porn/reddit? We are almost never apart (his choice) other than when I'm in class for a few hours during the day. Is this just browsing or do you actually find ways to meet in person? :(
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2023.04.01 22:25 United_Seat3491 Dual Boot Win10 and Linux

Hey guys, i'm on my way to have my first linux experience (on bare metal) but i can't ditch windows right now, so i need to dual boot. The problem is that i can't decide wich distro i wanna use. Testing on VM'S, i got the most of linux with Arch based distros, like EndeavourOS and Manjaro, but since they are rolling releases (correct me if i'm wrong) maybe it's not ideal to dual boot them for a first experience, since it can be pretty hard to troubleshoot if something breaks with a update. I was thinking to try and install fedora, since its seems more stable, but my experience with it on a VM was not good. The distro needs to be decent at gaming if possible, and i am also accepting tips on how to maintain a healthy dual booted system. And yes, i think i have all my preps done: UEFI mode enabled, disk formated do GPT and etc. Thank you all on advance !
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2023.04.01 22:25 Willing-Day-6409 This girl(22f) at my office looks at me(20M).

Hello, this will be your another cliche "she give me looks what should I do?" story but I can't help it, I'm confused as hell.
So, it started with when I joined this office 4 months back. To give you a basic picture of myself, I'm a really shy and under confident guy. I have been going through hair fall for last two years which made me look a little bald and this has taken a really high toll on my confidence. I don't particular think I look bad but my hair condition takes the confidence away.
So, it has been a really long time since I have gotten any attention but when I joined here there is this girl that I found really beautiful but didn't gave much thought to it as I knew I'll never have a chance with her. But after a few days I started noticing that she has been looking at me. Earlier I used to ignore it, but as time passed I also noticed that she sits at a place to make it visible to me(I know stupid but I count), and try to stay around me(as she knows so many people on the floor so most of my team members are her friend). I have noticed only these things yet. Also she helps me whenever I ask as she is a senior.
Actually I usually don't get much opportunity to talk with her and we usually have different timings so we don't stay together for long on floor. Also she has so many male friends who are clearly more good looking than me which makes me really confuse about all this. It has already been more than 4 months and I still notice that she looks at me and all things I mentioned and now I have also started making eye contact with her a little. But I really don't want to come out as a joker out of it.
What would you guys recommend me to do.
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2023.04.01 22:25 theabomb99 Anyone Have any Unique Stormpike Decks?

I've been seeing Vanndar Stormspike more & more in Wild lately, probably mostly in Druid, but a few other decks. Wondered if anyone has any interesting builds with him.
Is there a great card in particular to tutor him with? Blanking on that. Thanks
Here's my Stormpike Reno C'Thun Hunter brew lmao. Got great, but fun & not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Stormpike Reno

Class: Hunter

Format: Wild

1x (2) Dun Baldar Bunker

1x (2) Emergency Maneuvers

1x (2) Explosive Trap

1x (2) Freezing Trap

1x (2) Furious Howl

1x (2) Ice Trap

1x (2) Pressure Plate

1x (2) Rat Trap

1x (3) Deadly Shot

1x (3) Harpoon Gun

1x (3) Stag Charge

1x (3) Wild Spirits

1x (4) Piercing Shot

1x (4) Rinling's Rifle

1x (4) Spring the Trap

1x (4) Vanndar Stormpike

1x (5) Antique Healbot

1x (5) Loatheb

1x (5) Taelan Fordring

1x (5) The Rat King

1x (6) Beaststalker Tavish

1x (6) Deathstalker Rexxar

1x (6) Reno Jackson

1x (6) Veranus

1x (7) Dinotamer Brann

1x (7) Hydralodon

1x (7) Lor'themar Theron

1x (7) Mutanus the Devourer

1x (8) Varian, King of Stormwind

1x (10) C'Thun, the Shattered


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

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2023.04.01 22:25 Hishamy99 I'm done with this shit game, giving away my account to someone.

This is the last time I buy anything from EA, I'm so done with this game, the passes and AI are so bad its making the game very very very very very very very very very very very unenjoyable to me, this is one of the worst games I've ever played, and I've played a lot of games, comment what you love the most about turtles and I'll choose someone and dm you.
Division 6, Team rating 89+ lot of players in my club which I wanted to use in SBC, but not doing that now.
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2023.04.01 22:25 areswritez [M4A] Run Away [Fairy King Speaker] [Captive Listener] [Slight Yandere] [Sadodere] [Stuck in a Forest] [Evil Fairy]

Deep in the woods, people say, a magical creature lies. A fairy. This fairy was known to cause both blessings and curses to whoever stumbles upon them. There were stories of this fairy granting wishes to women who wish to have children. There were stories of this fairy stealing names, leaving his victim to wander around the Earth clueless fools.

These stories are the single reason nobody refuses to trek close. Not even your crackhead classmates dare to touch the place because of the stories. And always felt something was wrong. Every time you stare into the deep darkness, you shiver.

But one night, out of curiosity or foolishness, you decide to go to the woods for a midnight walk.

Never did you return that night.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello, this is a revised version of a now deleted draft. So if this is familiar that's the reason. Content Warning: The dude here is really creepy and a slimy yandere basically, so if themes like that disturb you or your target audience you might not want to pick this up. Other than that, the usual usage is alright with me. (revisions, gender flipping, monetization are all yes). Have fun reading and please leave comments or critiques im very open to them.


(SFX: howl hooting)

The woods were much darker if you were inside, you realized. You walk, slowly. Ducking at random tree branches with sharp edges that with one wrong move can end you in an instant.

You shiver, placing your hands inside the pocket of your jacket sleeves. It has become much colder now. You don't exactly know whether its caused going deeper into the woods or because it was much later in the night. You realize you should probably head back at this point, but there was a part of you that didn't.

There was a part of you that was reluctant. Alone in your apartment, nothing but a plant on your windowsill to keep you company. It reminded you just how big a room is when you were alone.

You got pulled out of your thoughts by the sound of laughing.

Deep. Maniacal. Laughing.

Sweat began to drip down your forehead. You froze, looking around the dark, dark forest.

Fairy: You're too far from the city, aren't you, human?

You twist your head from side to side, trying to find the voice.

Fairy: A long way from home. In a dark scary forest.

Fairy (mocking): Your parents must be worried. Probably looking at those black little magic things your kind calls a phone to call those little men in blue.

The fairy begins to laugh.

(You: Show yourself!)

Fairy: Show myself? (*cackles*) And why should I, little human?

(SFX: thumping sound, grass crunching*)

You look around trying to see any movements in the dark, but you could not see.

Fairy: You are nothing but a pesky little mortal weakling. What makes you think, I should follow your commands? Neigh, what makes you think you have the slightest authority to even speak in my presence?

Fairy: Tsk, tsk, you look so frightened now. Did you finally realize your mistake now, little human?

He laughs. The sound of something walking closer and closer to you echoes.

Fairy: I have forgotten the thrill of hunting humans. My, it feels so (*blissful sigh*) euphoric. It makes the hair on my arms just stand thinking about it. The way your face flushes, your eyes go wide, and your knees shake. And when you plead, oh you plead so prettily. You, humans, always plead with so much emotion and tremor into your voices. I get chills down my spine just thinking about it!

Fairy: And oh, it gets even more delicious when you try to run. The way your heart beats faster and faster. I can almost dance to it. The way sweat trickles down your neck. Your blood rushing to your cheeks painting your face so red. Oh! Such a pretty, pretty red.

You begin to run back in the direction you came. The fairy laughs.

Fairy: Yes! Yes! Run! Human! Run! Run as far as you can!

You continue to run for hours and hours. You feel like you're going in circles.

A hand grips your shoulders stopping you. You begin to scream and fight, but the sound of laughter sends chills down your spine making you halt.

Fairy (*sing songs*): I caught you. My, my that was such a fun chase.

His long sharp finger trails the lines on your neck.

Fairy: Your heart is pumping so fast. (*pleased hum*). My how wonderful the sound is.

Fairy: Hold still. I want to look at you.

Something stands in front of you. You try to move, but you're frozen. Rooted.

Someone holds your chin. A hand that smells like roses.

Fairy: So pretty. Even prettier with your cheeks so red and flushed. (*giggles*)

Fairy: If I didn't know any better I would've easily mistook you for a nymph. No, no, that's too high of a compliment. Probably just a pixie or a servant fairy.

You begin to cry.

(You: Please, please, don'-)

Fairy: Shh, shh, hush, human. I'm looking at you now. Shut up and hold still until I tell you.

A hand caresses your chin, wiping away a stray tear.

Fairy: Hmm, you know what, cry more.

You halt your breath.

Fairy: Didn't you hear what I said, human? Cry more.

Out of fear, you began to sob.

Fairy: Yes, yes, just like that. You look beautiful like this. Like a tragic artwork. It takes my breath away.

The figure sits on the ground.

Fairy: Hmm, what's your name, pretty human?

(You: Please, please just let me go.)

Fairy: Tsk. I'm asking for a name not a plea. Name. What is your name?

You bite your tongue. Holding back the urge to follow his command. You've heard the tales you aren't stupid. Giving your name is giving your life, your will, and your whole being away.

He begins to laugh again.

Fairy: You trying to combat my magic won't work. It's useless. Although highly amusing.

Fairy: You are nothing but a human. Compared to my magic, you are nothing but a cockroach. A small cockroach that runs away as a big scary cat chases after you. There's no use to your fighting. You're just making this more pleasurable for me to watch.

Your lips uncurl and your name slips out of your tongue. He was right. You were weaker in the end.

Fairy: See. Shh. shh, you did so good, human. Thank you for sharing your name. In return, I shall share a little bit of information.

Fairy: By now you might have guessed that I am a fairy. Specifically I am the prince of this kingdom, this domain. And you see as a prince, I am in charge of looking out for my kingdom. My people's wellbeing and peace are first. No matter what I do to preserve it. So when a human like yourself, dumb, curious, and reckless enters here. Well I have no choice but to get rid of it.

You start to cry again.

Fairy: Shh don't cry just yet. I haven't even finished what I was saying yet. Hush. Shut up, now.

Fairy: As I was saying before I got interrupted, I am in charge of your life now. Whether that means ending it or preserving it. It is upto me and only me.

He chuckles.

Fairy: And us fairies do have an eye for pretty and shiny little things. And my aren't you just a pretty human. A beauty such as yourself only comes once in a while and it will be too bad to waste it.

Fairy: Hmm, in all this talking, I only realize I have yet to see your eyes. Come now, won't you open your eyes for me?

You try to rebel against it, but...but you could no longer. Not when your name has already been forfeited.

Fairy: There (*sharp intake of breathe*) my they are so beautiful. So shiny and beautiful
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2023.04.01 22:25 shiverfan2424 I received multiple bricked PIPIs from this community

And for what? For having the audacity in another post to suggest that a move like en passant is not forced than continuing to brick my PIPI for doing checkmate instead, and to make a not functioning
I literally don’t know what to say or how to respond to this. I’m besides myself. Even if you don’t agree with my new response I just dropped, it’s insane to me that multiple people would take to threats of violence over using DuckDuckGo instead of Google.
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2023.04.01 22:25 thawingSumTendies Simplii Financial Referral - $50 Referral Bonus for Bank Account/Line of Credit + Potential $400 sign-up bonus or $100 for Approved Mortgage 🇨🇦🍁 :D

For Canadians only 🇨🇦
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Simplii is a subsidiary of CIBC. This means with your debit card, you can deposit or withdraw from any CIBC ATM.
Click through the referral link:
For No Fee Chequing Account or High Interest Savings Account: make a deposit of at least $100 within six months after account opening and maintain a minimum account balance of $100 for at least 30 days.
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When all of the requirements are met, within 15 business days, the referral bonus would be deposited.
Use this link to get started :D
$100 Mortgage Approval Bonus
Provide the referral code: 0009280674 to a Simplii Financial mortgage specialist or broker when applying for a mortgage and must fund your mortgage within 120 days of submitting your application to get started.
If approved and all requirements are met, by the end of the 2nd calendar month (roughly 60 days) - after initial mortgage funding, the referral bonus will be deposited.
Referral code: 0009280674
Global Money Transfer
Current promo: enter code GMTEVENT and receive from $50-up to $300 (depending on amount sent, more details on Simplii page) on your first global money transfer. Offer runs until October 31, 2023.
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As of March 7, you can now send to Alipay as well.
Simplii Foreign Cash Order
Order a foreign cash order of at least $100 within 30 days of receiving the referral email and get $25 bonus:
**In case my email is required for any of the referrals, please message me :)
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2023.04.01 22:25 Striking-Context7834 Comparing Ellie's and Abby's response to loss

I thought it was interesting how Abby used the death of her father as an opportunity to get stronger. The main reason for this was because she wanted to get ready for Joel. Abby literally becomes bigger and stronger, and more specifically a cold and hardened survivor.
Ellie on the other hand can't seem to find any way to cope with her loss of Joel. In contrast to Abby, she gets (physically) weaker and skinnier. Her last few journal entries make her look downright suicidal:
Interesting to note that she crossed out "stares" and replaced it with "smiles" when she talks about Joel. Her memories with Joel stand in contrast to Seattle. It's always bright, vibrant and beautiful when she pictures her past with him before she is ultimately thrust back into reality.
The Farm opens a year later with Ellie holding Joels watch before she is interrupted by JJ waking up. This is on the same page the player is forced to look at on the Farm. It's been over a year since Seattle but Ellie still can't get over his loss. She talks about light in this poem and its interesting because that one line is crossed out. Because she didn't lose it, it was taken from her. Joel was her light. Even if she tried hating him, she knew he would always be there, just a few steps away until she one day would be ready to reconcile. And she was. But it was too late. The poem above shows she sees no hope or joy in her future. Not even Dina or JJ can bring her out that headspace.
I think Ellie can't cope even after all this time because she knows how broken and hurt Joel was and she can relate to that pain. She understood that night on the porch just how much she meant to him and all she wanted was to forgive him and for him to know she forgave him because she loved him the same way.
I wish he had gotten more insight on Abby's thoughts but unfortunately, she has no journal so it's all a bit too ambiguous for me.
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2023.04.01 22:25 NecessaryBoxer187 AITA? Yes...Yes I Was and I'd Do it Again: An Assholes Golden Defense

AITA? Yes...Yes I Was and I'd Do it Again: An Assholes Golden Defense
TL:DR Former players ruined a game I ran before the 5-6th session for me...but I decide to throw my campaign away, became an asshole and turned it into a sandbox for crazy encounters, some nonpermanent worldbuilding and tweaking new/existing npc ideas to see what can work and what doesn't, and gave zero cares about whether the players had fun or not, and had lots of fun doing so until it eventually ran its course!
P.S. I don't advocate for doing this at all. If you are a DM and your group is bad or ruined the game you initially wanted to run for the group, just leave. Don't waste time trying to experiment with concepts or things you found on a thread or subreddit just because you were bored and didn't want to waste time planning your own actual shit for these people(thanks Obsidian). And definitely don't try to fuck over or insult the players because you were feeling petty, even when its really really really funny as hell to see a man child cry like a toddler about not making a high DC Arcana check on a stupid little orb of nothing :)
I am currently in the middle of running three lovely games, two having passed the year and a half mark (60 sessions for one and nearing 40 for another), and one short campaign that has been going for 3 months straight without a single week off! It has been wonderful and I am proud to say that out of the 7 games I've ran, five of them have either ended amazingly, or are still active with no issues whatsoever. 5/7 is a pretty solid batting average as a DM in a gaming community full of constant chaos.

Even during the experiment I got a little frustrated and vented more than a few times. Luckily game 3(now 2) is well over a year now and still going strong!
The two games that didn't go well ended because of either petty drama between players that resulted in me ending a 80+ session game earlier than I would've liked. Or in this case we are about to get into, a group of inconsiderate people who wanted instant gratification and everything handed to them with no effort because they said so. A group that would bully someone out of a game, a group that would give a DM no real reason to want to play. I thought I could try to salvage something at the beginning, but by Session 6 I was prepared to end the game, But I got a wonderful, albeit, terrible idea. How long can I fuck around in this campaign, give them impossible tasks, and make them fail at everything(they already did that on their own but...),give them NPC's that insulted them or overpowered them constantly before I get bored? Or they finally leave? I knew it was going to be crazy but I did it anyway just to see what I could get away with.
So I became the asshole, I read up on what DM's did and didn't do and found small threads from the internet and comments from videos that I could use to help me with this. I had brought in a third group to make up for this group being so trash as well. After several months of doing these wild things in game and having some fun here and there at their expense, I was having a lot of fun being an asshole that I've heard about so often with these kinds of games and enjoyed turning a shit-show of bad players into my favorite experiment for my own shits and giggles. I stole ideas I didn't care about just to see how it would run in certain events. I made things harder for them by putting them against some heavy enemies. Made the "plot" more confusing so they could wonder around with nothing but their whims to chase something well out of their league. Insulted their lack of intelligence in regard to said whims using NPC's or monsters. Led and kept them in a single location because I didn't want to actually give them a world and much much more.
Using all of the negative and making it into a place to practice certain voices, create interesting ideas and tweak various encounters for future games. My improvisational skills have improved because of this, since I didn't have to prep for this trash group. I was definitely wrong for this, but I didn't care. This is an Assholes perspective on how things can go. My friends told me to just leave rather than suffer but...I wanted to be a petty bastard for once in my life and suffer I did not do :).
The game was going to be completely different with the group starting out as a field unit for an archmage that would send them on small quests throughout the world, traveling from continent to continent, that would eventually tie into world level events well off in the future. But it did not get to that point, and rather than giving them a chance to ruin that setup for me and perhaps more worthy players, I hid it away and changed the entire campaign to have some fun.

After I told him about this group and explained what I was going to do. He immediately changed his mind about joining up. He was not flexible enough for these players lmao

So initially, I wasn't going to respond to a post that was circulating a few days ago(or the one made months ago that made me chuckle quite a bit when I first saw it, then forgot about til now) but I was told by a current player about this post that coincidentally sounded a little like a campaign I ran, or rather a campaign that turned into a "danger room" where I could try wacky shit and develop encounters and npc's without the pressure of pleasing those players. A wild idea, but when one of the people that used to be in your server is making up some very interesting things and adding some hilarious lies to their story, the urge to set the record straight and provide some insight is in order. Especially when that person is not exactly a reliable storyteller...You can't single handedly run four...yes FOUR players away and act all high and mighty.
But to be frank I didn't like most of this group at all, when the DM starts fucking around to have fun with such a boring(this 10x over), impatient and frankly shitty group, that you can barely fake like you like them, you have a serious problem as a group. I definitely deserve an Oscar Nomination at the very least for my performance as a "caring and friendly DM" but here's a description of the "golden disaster "party I suppose
  • Young girl, new to the game but a sweetheart. Played a interesting young sorcerer, but due to some events caused by a combination of poor actions from her party members,she became one note extremely fast. Now some of it was because I decided to be an asshole, but mostly because she was a new player and she was hyperfocused on one thing for her entire time in the group. Left for school. Not a bad player...just there. First player that I made cry, was kind of funny.
  • Young and cheerful girl, that got bullied out of the group(mostly by 1 player). Played a disabled bard in a wheelchair. Got laughed at a lot by some of the group and they didn't let her do anything. Anything she wanted to do got shut down because, "you aren't good enough" "thats a bad idea" "well I can do that so..." "you dont need that spell" "your character should do this" etc...l still feel bad for her. Rather than "kicking" her from the group, I outright told her to leave since this was in the middle of me being an asshole and I legit felt bad for her since she wasn't a bad player or person. Hopefully she's doing better in her current game now!
She got a small win over the shit player before she left though. Kudos
  • Friendly and smart guy, that was the target of some interesting words(by 1 player, same as above) Was a good dude, left right before the session where, I spiritually left the group. Played a ranger that was in a same-sex relationship with a backstory npc. Before they even got a chance to really tap into their character they were uncomfortable with one particular player at the table. The way the asshole talked to this player, and their existence gave them and I and the player above red flags. I introduced an NPC that was non-binary and they used They/Them pronouns, and the one shit player would constantly mis-gender them, over and over and over. A number of other things with the shit player made this one leave early on. A real shame, and I wish I put my foot down and dropped the other player on the spot.
The mis-gendering shit of player made the reddit post I'm responding to btw

Homophobic remarks as well. This player we discussed is who you guys decided to group up with? I expected the artist to be a follower, but the rest of you? Not a good look at all lol.
  • Yikes, anyway...Artsy, meme-heavy, foreign person, probably the most boring person in game and out tbh, their art skill was the only real reason for their prescence in the server. They were a follower in the truest form. Their characters were literally blank slates with no threads. Now if I cared about the game or them I would've tried hard to make something worthwhile with them, as it can be done and I'm currently doing it now with great success with a player doing the amnesiac angle. But this players characters were not that. They were both absolute shit so I just threw shit together at them. Was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything, so it made them an easy target for making anything I wanted to happen. They weren't going to do anything anyway so it made it more fun for me to watch them limp around like an idiot. Another player thought that they were cheating at one point but I didn't think they were capable of that, but I didn't care for real. One of the earlier targets of my experiment, I let their first character(if you could call him that) die, brought them back to standing with a stupid Kenku they kidnapped(heroes huh) named buttercup for laughter, I then killed buttercup, only to then kill their boring character again minutes later. This happened when they as a group went to attack a rumored goblinoid Level 3...and thought they could win, with no planning, or smarts, or patience, or realistic expectations...they thought this was a video game or an anime where they could power through with the power of friendship. Their second character was the same, literally a nonfactor, much like the player.

Harsh, but it's the honest truth
  • Bubbly friendly girl in her twenties probably. Was ok, no real opinion here, probably the best rp in the group but that's not a very high bar when you look at the competition that stuck around long enough. No real problems with them except that their mic picked up them swallowing spit all the time(oof). That mic was solid as hell. Anyways, I actually would've took this player seriously if they were in a different situation. Really don't have much to say, other than if she wasn't in the group, it meant that this player below wouldn't be in the group...and that was my biggest regret. She is the main reason I don't take duos or existing groups for my games as one person might be amazing, and the other...
  • Condescending, intolerant, narrowminded, abrasive, know it all, homophobic, racist, person. Sounds enticing doesn't it? I really had to fake every interaction I had with this dude, because he was a disgusting person. This guy was an immediate problem that should've have had an immediate solution. I gave this person a chance only because I liked his buddy's application a lot. Big mistake! They played a chronurgy wizard(you know where this is going) that was a short stereotypical(pretty racist) Arabian inspired pain to deal with and they wanted to time warp the world or whatever to his whim because of some gang shit that happened in his backstory. It was really stupid if you read the whole backstory too. Nothing like hearing "I like being a short exotic sand-person in a world of magic" despite this dude being from the UK. He would constantly backseat the other players("thats not what I'd do") backseat myself(which was funny, especially after session 7 or the "crow master" as I checked out then), metagamed like crazy, murderhobo tendencies, forced his way into scenes to take the spotlight away, joked about how it was racist that they were being targeted in fights, or how it would be funny if the party culturally appropriated certain cultures. Would change his backstory to benefit him so he could succeed no matter what, changed ability scores and skills, as well as powergame powergame powergame. I noticed this all in the first 5 SESSIONS, and it got worse and worse, even when I was purposefully shitting on the game. Those screenshots of the players complaining about someone, or players being bullies, was because of this jackass. Two players quit because of him. One player outright refused to join because of him(apparently they were in a game with him before, lucky guy), a former player of mine I had to warn about playing on Saturdays because of him, and I was definitely encouraged to commit to being an asshole...because of him. This player had the attitude of a Level 20 without any sort of merit or accomplishments, in-game or out of game. So anytime he wanted to do anything I wrecked it. Whatever he did, it didn't work, it didn't respond, it went away, it disappeared, it broke apart, it knocked him unconscious, it took health away permanently, knocked him into another realm, whatever it was, if he was involved, it backfired or failed miserably at some point. I legit had the DC of this little orb so high that it was silly just to see how he would react. It was originally meant to be used to tie into their long and pretentious backstory. Once I gave the game up it then had no real purpose to exist other than to piss him off and I made up something completely unrelated to the orb, that I found on YouTube to see how far it would go. This player is not as smart as he thinks he is so it went on for a long time as he got nowhere near the DC I originally set. Eventually he succeeded, because I had come up with an amazing twist made for him! And what did he get for succeeding after months and months of failure? Absolutely nothing :). Fuck this guy and hopefully none of you get him as a DM or a player on Roll20...because as a player? They were the worst that I've had by far. BAR NONE. Out of 7 groups, 4 long-term games, 3 short adventures and 30+ players...they were easily the worst.
  • Lastly a player with a great character concept that did nothing with it. A mage hunter in a party full of mages, seems like quite the chance for some dope ass RP? Nahh you gave this player way too much credit. I pretty much abandoned this player completely and felt just fine about it as it made no difference. Out of game they were fine, in game they were just a country accent wrapped around a bumbling idiot in a cool mask and that was it. They rolled horribly often, and I'm very serious when I say it. They were the epitome of the Wil Wheaton Dice Curse. They couldn't be awesome no matter what they did, so they became known as incompetent, despite their best efforts. Any mystique about being a badass mage hunter went out the window, and sometimes they played along with it. Often tagged along with the player above and that just ruined their character even further, by proxy. I can't really ruin a character if they ruin it themselves? They didn't even give me an opportunity to even try lol, how can I ruin something already ruined? That's redundant. They eventually brought a new character in and I completely forgot what they even were, right before the experiment ended.
No matter what they did, they failed miserably. It was actually amazing. Did they accept that? Nope blame the DM for the failure not themselves. This was a common thing for them. Unlucky player, but they weren't good enough to play into it. Note how the shit player rolled a nat 20, probably rerolled with Chronal Shift because they had to succeed at everything. If I rolled a Nat 20 for the guard's perception check he would've claimed I was cheating or fudging. What an idiot.

  • I did bring two more players in at the end, because I got bored again and wanted to see If I could do a reset. I was going to kick just about everyone and try and start over fresh with a new campaign that I could actually give a damn about. I brought these new players in to see if they could inspire me, but I tapped out like a session or two later and ended the game, because they did not lol. I don't remember much about them other than a drake warden flavored into a genie warden that was interesting, and a druid with no backstory that reminded me of Bambi. After the last session with this group I took a few days off setting up a new short campaign on roll20 and invited the replacements on in. Two of the players left passionate messages and dipped, and right after that I swiftly deleted them. Soon, kicks from the server were sent after a nice message where I pretty much detailed what I've been using them for and that I was no longer interested in their services. Brought the new players in and went back to focusing on the actual games I ran, that had wonderful players/characters and sessions with substance and care put into them.

But it thankfully and eventually came to an end. But before this post ends, lets address some of these hilarious claims from a certain post with some *mostly* lighthearted responses and screenshots, because we don't like little liars that tell one side of the story right?

  1. The "fudging rolls and cheating"
  • So this is hilarious because I as a DM believe that a dice tells the story no matter what is rolled, so I have never cheated a group so they fail or helped them succeed on something to give them or me a desired outcome. It's all in the situation and the encounter, and the I've always let the dice and the decisions decide, never myself. But when you get accused of something you are adamantly against, even at the peak of being an asshole, you have to defend yourself, and what better way than screenshots of said games with my rolls. Because I knew, even back then that a scorned group or a player at some point would try I have receipts. Initially this was just to quickly post in the discord so that everyone in the server could see, that I'm not a liar, but now Reddit can see.
  • The thing with me is that I just happen to roll REALLY WELL most of the time. As a player and a DM I've historically rolled well. Publicly and privately, sorry to disappoint you. It's not my fault that as a group you all have a terrible strategy, terrible rolls, and a terrible attitude about not getting your way every single time. This isn't a video game you can "Speed Run" through, despite your worst efforts. If I "fudged the rolls" and gave you everything on a silver platter it would be just as stupid. And the whole metagaming and changing the monsters stats thing. I don't believe in using the stats all the time as it leads to metagaming players trying to cheat the game, so I homebrew or tweak monsters to prevent that. I have a macro on roll20 that lets me roll the health for every monster so with the same group of enemies, some have more health than others, and some are weaker than others. Some bosses have phases where something would happen after a certain health threshold. It's not cheating, it's just a different kind of encounter. All my groups know this, but you all seem to conveniently forget when it suits your little "horror story" But here are some of the many screenshots below to show that I don't fudge/cheat or change a damn thing.

I keep a screenshot handy for these occasions. I rolled two Nat 20's back to back and it was crazy. It made a relatively tame encounter more memorable because one Sahuagin became an immediate threat because of the dice. From one of my campaigns.

So many crits happened in this session alone, from me and the players it was insane. No fudging or lying necessary. These players in this seperate game succeed/fail and they enjoy it, the ones that were a part of the shit campaign would cry. Good thing I keep screenshots.

Player in another campaign I run rolled good to hit on a Sentinel attack(he rolled extra damage by accident) I then followed up with a natural 20 bite for a ghoul. I don't fake these, every last one of my rolls are legit. and for the rolls I get that seem a little \"unbelievable\" I screenshot them to prove dumbasses wrong.

I screenshot my failures often, just incase a scorned shit-show of a party decides to lie about me. Was an epic moment in the fight against the Medusa in one of my games.

Look a named NPC in another group of mine, who failed a wisdom save with ADVANTAGE and died! I save the ones where I fail very often, because I don't want anyone to think I felt pity on the party. I didn't save them or pull no shenanigans, he died and his thread was over. No fudging of any dice or lying about rolls. This makes the story more fun.

This player was on single digit health and was about to be attacked by a \"brain with legs\" They had just missed and I was rolling super well that night. If I hit they were going to die, but I \"magically\" rolled a natural 1 and missed instead. It was followed by the party killing it and escaping in an epic set piece that's still talked about to this day. I screenshotted this and posted it in the discord as proof and they lost their minds.
Nat 20 on a con save to stop someone from escaping or pulling whatever bullshit they think I pull. It is me rolling a digital dice...and rolling well! Not my fault you have no luck, skill or strategy in anything. I'm not gonna hand you the win because you whine or cry about it. Even when I'm experimenting on you idiots and making my own fun, I'm not gonna cheat while doing it. You want to go after something big, then you better bring it, otherwise accept that if you don't roll will lose? Even when I'm taking the game serious for my current players, you will lose if you punch above your station.
Ahh here's one where the rogue of the group rolled another Natural 1. They did this often and it turned their character into a joke despite their best efforts. You can't blame me for you rolling poorly, that's not how this works. But they did, and did it often. Now granted at this point of the game I was already in asshole mode so it didn't matter but still. Also Note how \"that guy\" got a natural 20 on his roll. If I rolled a Nat 20 on the guards perception check, he would've bitched and complained, that I was lying or something. I screenshot it all.
I have hundreds of screenshots from messages, supposed "cheated" rolls, edited sheets, deleted comments etc. that would shine a great light on the types of players I dealt with and much more. Balls in their court though.

  1. The Self Insert DMPC OP NPC's or the main guys I used to insult them in-game
  • The first lovely guy was meant to be a simple NPC to introduce one of my groups to their current Sponsor and then disappear. And he did...for that other group, but when the Golden Drakes(stupid name) ruined the game for me, I decided to bring him and a few other NPC's to essentially insult, undermine, overpower and belittle the party at every chance I got. It was absolutely fun fucking with them over and over. But unfortunately, the "gun guy" never got any real screen time in any other games after this? Weird huh? It was almost as if I brought him over to this game specifically to be a "self-insert" for how I actually felt about their group, as well as test the character before taking traits of him for a future campaign worth a damn years later. This guy was there to annoy a group that wanted to rush through the world(at a low level mind you) thinking they were more important than they actually were. Forget the slow rise of heroes dealing with small scale things, becoming heroes worth respect and glory, lets "SPEED RUN" to the powerful cult with eyes and ears everywhere in a city, instead of taking it slow and building ourselves up and then blame the DM when we lose! That'll show him! I had to bring him everywhere I could just to pile on the hilarity and the contempt I had for them at that point. While I was at it I kept them at said city just to add to it as well. They really could of killed this guy if they wanted to but they spent more time complaining or sputtering about the game, adding to the fun for me when he would magically reappear and disappear, because noone thought to counterspell it lol. Or he would be in the middle of doing nothing and they just had to go follow him lol. It was easy as fuck to manipulate them into following him for no reason. They chased him for no reason as he had no purpose other than to insult and infuriate the party. It was glorious. Magically detecting the area isn't how you find someone who rolled high on stealth without magic or finding something that isn't currently doing magic in a well hidden place, but I thought that was obvious enough for a supposed SEASONED PLAYEDM to know. Clearly I was wrong, my bad for having the tiniest bit of loose faith in you.
  • In all seriousness, this NPC hasn't appeared in any games since this group has been kicked away(a long while ago btw) and I don't have any plans for him to be in any. He has been mentioned by the one other game he was in(for two sessions wow lol) as a potential ally once or twice, but he's so far away from being involved and out of my plans that it's not going to happen. The three games claim is cheeky though(that how you brits say it?) As a certain god of fate and the moon would say would say...Eventually everything connects and Every lie will unravel. Oh btw he's not an "aptly named" god of visions that "randomly gives visions", you can still creep on the WorldAnvil like I know you all still do and see his actual domains and subdomains you dumb fucks.) Seems like a lot of misremembering or some false statements were said? It needs an update though anyway. I might make a god of Visions now.

  1. Npc's not dying or them not having an impact in the world.
  • This is a very easy response...because you didn't matter anymore. You were never heroes, nor attempted to be. That was before I stopped caring. AFter a certain point my fun was all that mattered, no amount of things you did or didn't do would change that. My world is shared between the campaigns and every action can effect the world on a large or minor scale...except for this group. Everything they did was literally a nonfactor because I didn't care about them. If an NPC died or got away it was mostly because of their terrible planning and the dice not going their way, but a few instances of "sure sure you got them!" didn't effect anything at all. In the campaigns that mattered if they accomplished something, it changed the setting. I'm not sorry about that at all. You all were just a moderately fun test. Simple and plain. Oh and you were never leaving the city and much like the DC 38 check, I was going to enjoy milking every last bit of it that I could. The online resources I used so I didn't have to plan much for your games definitely made it so I could do it for a long time if I wanted to. I do have a resource that collects all of the things together like a wiki page using WorldAnvil, and none of the stuff they did mattered, so of course it's not canon in the world. We can play make believe and act like I was throwing you a bone so you wouldn't feel left out of course, but none of your characters mattered and you only have yourselves to blame.

So was I an asshole? Absolutely, do I feel bad? Nope not at all. Among that post I saw there were more lies that I could debunk with a quick screenshot or two, but I think this was enough fun for me. The games that I run now that this era has passed have been a wonder to run and be a part of and the world I've created continues to grow because of it! My batting average isn't perfect, hell the one game that ended poorly was because I was a first time DM with a lot to learn and I actually cared about that one. But this one that ended up bad...lmaoo come on. I gave zero fucks about this "lost campaign" and as soon as I finish this post I will forget about it again.

I do take criticisms well from players I actually care about. They thought that I wasn't doing enough encounters early on to do more persuasion checks. They were right and I learned to highlight this particular skill of his! They are still playing with me a year and a half later!

Good Moments!

Fun Times!

Great Memories!
That is all I got to give as it is now in the past. The asshole experiment where I threw random things at a bad group to give myself some fun went rather well for a while, but its beneath me now. I'm not perfect and that phase is over with. I learned a lot, dabbled in the dark side a bit, and now the world I've created with my friends and future friends can thrive without fail.

TL:DR again - Former players ruined a game I ran before the 5-6th session for me...but I decide to throw my campaign away, became an asshole and turned it into a sandbox for crazy encounters, some nonpermanent worldbuilding and tweaking new/existing npc ideas to see what can work and what doesn't, and gave zero cares about whether the players had fun or not, and had lots of fun doing so until it eventually ran its course!
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2023.04.01 22:25 Holiday-Painter-1871 Questioning Popular Hero Advice

Hopefully the mods let this one through because I think there are some valid points to discuss regarding popular hero swap advice, and I haven't seen anyone bring this up yet. Let me know if I'm wrong though.
  1. Celehypo Priority
Popular advice states that if you don't have a fully ascended "bad" awakened hero like AEzizh or ATalene, then you should go down the list of celehypos to swap wukong or flora for. After Veithael, the next best celehypo is Canisa & Ruke.
However, I think there is a case to be made for ezizh as the next priority despite showing up in the challenger store. Ezizh, while no longer the campaign powerhouse he used to be, is still used extensively in energy cycle comps for PvP and Temporal Rift. He is also still used for his ultimate lockdown in both CR and TR to great effect.
CRuke is powerful for sure, and they have great uses in PVP and time rift, but as far as I am aware their use in CR is more limited, and they are never seen in TR. Plus, their PvP comps involve either more niche heros like tarnos or replace a hero in alna frontline. I'd say pretty comfortably that Ezizh is easier to slot into most teams and opens more possiblities for the average player.
Challenger store unlocks take an extremely long time to ascend - about a year per ascension if I recall. Athalia, Orthros, and Zolrath all have important uses in PvP, CR, Campaign, etc., so ascending Ezizh will likely not result in a "useless" challenger store selection for an extremely long time, especially because of twisted essence availability as well.
  1. Awakened vs Celehypo Tradeoff
At this point everyone knows a good Awk. Hero is more useful than a good Celehypo. However, how much is an awakened copy really worth? I personally got "lucky" and pulled 3 ATalene copies in tavern, plus the 1 free copy when she was released. If I swapped to receive, let's say, 4 copies of ABaden, is that more useful than 14 copies of a Celehypo from exchanging Wukong? I'd love to hear thoughts.
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2023.04.01 22:24 Wooden-Guard-8541 my ex needs to be punished

he was 7 years older than me. i was a minor and he over 20. he had another girlfriend the whole time. he left me at least once a werk, which resulted in me screaming and crying alone in my room and texting him begging to take me back. he wanted me to talk back to my parents about using my phone at night. he got really mad when i didn't answer him immediately and tell him beforehand why i couldn't text him. he used silent treatment to punish me for not doing everything he wanted to. he forbid me to wear "revealing" clothes (shorts, skirts, pants with holes on knees, tops etc.). the list goes on.
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2023.04.01 22:24 alyoshi_ Do I pay taxes on sports cards sales thought consignment service?

I posted this a few weeks ago but got no answers so I'm reposting.
In 2022 I sent some sports cards using a service called grading to consignment where I send in sports cards to be graded by a third party company (for a fee) and then listed for sale on ebay (consignment). I had many cards sold through ebay that way and the company that does it just keeps a running balance on your account for your consignment sales minus your grading fees. I have not taken out the money yet and I still have a positive balance even after the grading fees have been deducted. Am I supposed to pay taxes on the sale of each card that was sold in 2022 even though I haven't taken the money out yet? It would make sense that I should do it even though I haven't taken money out.
Also for tax purposes this is basically a hobby for me right now.
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2023.04.01 22:24 GRequiem44 Some Lyrics to Fire Emblem Engage’s Full JP Opening and How it Might Spoil the Fell Xenologue (Spoilers for the Xenologue/Late Game of the Main Story)

I was listening to the song for a long time and now I realized some lyrics making more sense after knowing about the DLC’s content. I’ll list the lyrics related to the Xenologue, then my interpretation/theory on what they mean.

‘You're the renewed love, the ancient scar, the highly praised youth. You're the shadow of the borrowed, shining again from a page seen in a dream. The omen we've been seeking. Do you remember the seven dozing flames, that swore to stay by your side even in times of defeat? Silver mementos, charging through. Flying high, answer our prayer right here. (Emblem, eternity) Courage, my friends, the moment when we'll wake up is like a reflection in the mirror, like twin wings. Reaching the edge of dawn, one last wish. A ruby that is not different. I’ll be with you for eternity. I'll be your strength up until the end. We'll see the day when we can stand side by side, just like that day, if you wish for that...’ and then the lyrics return to the chorus.
A few of the lines are a reference to an Emblem, but they also have dual meanings. The first four lines I think represents the Four Winds. The ‘renewed love’ represents Zephia/Zelestia and her love of her family, Griss/Gregory represents ‘the old scar’ and the pain it represents, and Marni/Madelyn is the ‘highly praised youth.’ Mauvier is the next described as ‘the shadow of the borrowed,’ possibly referring to him being similar to our Mauvier. The next could be a dual meaning of the Four Winds/Hounds being playable or that Mauvier is the sole constant with his personality unchanged, ’shining again’ in this Xenologue. The ‘omen we’ve been seeking’ is Alear’s ‘return’ to this Elyos and that Nel and Nil were seeking them.
The next few lines represents the Seven Bracelets that slept and how they’re still usable, when the Rings are stolen or have to be summoned again after Sombron uses the Rings’ power. Not exactly sure about the next few lines, but I see them as representing Nel and Nil summoning Alear to their world and that they are different from the Fell Dragons of our Elyos, since they are praying for help and not using invocations. This is probably why Emblem Tiki talked in the trailer, since Nel isn’t taking away her free will when summoning the Emblem. The next lines talk about the mirrored Elyos and the twin dragons being the first things you see in this Xenologue. ‘Reaching the edge of dawn, one last wish’ is probably the end goal of the Fell Dragons, a wish. ‘A ruby that is not different’ probably represents the Dragonstone in Nil’s chest and how it’s similar to Alear’s Dragonstone.
The remaining lines might represent the ending of the Xenologue/resolution to the conflict. With knowledge of Nil being a defect that are expected to not live long and the trailer showing Nel and Nil in a flashback CG, these lines come across as Nil desperately trying to be Nel’s equal and to be with her forever… but there’s another interpretation. Nel is betrayed by Nil and his wish to be her equal/with her forever, possibly he becomes the final boss (someone has to.) However, Nel forgives him after his defeat and will wait for the day they become equals, hence the ‘if you wish for that’ line. The song then returns to the chorus, representing that you return to the main story and will be able to use the Xenologue units in the main story. Considering the goal is seemingly for a wish, I expect the wish is either to give Nil another chance (because we beat him up too much) or the wish changes him to be equal to Nel/no longer a defect (Nil has low stats in the Xenologue, so the wish changing him to make him a good unit in the main story, makes sense.) Song lyrics can have multiple meanings, so what are your interpretation? Also, if some of the translations are off, please tell me, as I am only human.
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2023.04.01 22:24 secrethamster111 Fun with my voice

I work at a factory and need to use the paging system to announce things like when a line is starting up. I am also not out at work yet about being Trans. Last night was Trans visibility day and I am not visible yet, but I wanted to celebrate in my own little way so I paged once using my girls voice. A couple people who knew it was a page was for the line I was working on to start up asked me who I had do the page. I told them I let the new girl do the page and they bought it. I have a single friend at work who knows I am trans and they totally new it was me and teased me. Its kind of customary to finish the page with "thank you." but I said "UWU" in a way that sounded allot like Thank you. I did have one Co-worked say they though they heard an UWU and wanted to know who I got to do the page for me. I gave the line about it being the new girl which he accepted. I came clean though to him that it was me though cause he noticed the "UWU" He gave me a weird look and didn't seem to believe me at first because it "didn't sound anything like me." An extra note is that, I don't think we got a new girl, but we work in a big factory so no one doubted that there was one. I thought it was a little fun and funny so I would share. It was also a little affirming. I have been doing training for about 4 months now and it was hopeless at first, but even my self conscious self has to admit I have made a crazy amount of progress.
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2023.04.01 22:24 This-Art-3263 evil by melanie martinez

that song has been on repeat all day for me bc it sums up basically my old toxic relationship, and i think you guys would enjoy it too. when i dumped my ex for good, he threatened suicide (bc it always worked) and instead of returning, i called the cops on him and sent them to do a wellness check. he never threatened again. in october ‘22 (i had been dating my now partner since march ‘22 at this point) he texted me saying he viewed memories of me “fondly” i told him i appreciated it but that i was happy w my partner then i wished him well. he called me a narcissist and cursed me out a month ago, he texted my mom to get my attention bc i had changed my number. i was so angry i texted him, but it was again to tell me how much of a narcissist i was and how i “used him” meanwhile, i broke my leg at his house and he abandoned me in the hospital bc it was “too much” for him he never showed affection prior, never put effort and would constantly ignore me i’m the narcissist bc i found someone who loves me when you couldnt? this song encapsulated that feeling perfectly, and if there are others in my position, i think youd enjoy the song too.
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