Hawaii five o how many seasons

Na Mo'olelo 'O Hawai'i Nei

2016.12.02 05:45 Pulelehua Na Mo'olelo 'O Hawai'i Nei

Na Mo'olelo 'O Hawai'i Nei.

2011.11.15 01:09 r/rupaulsdragrace

Do you have what it takes? Only those with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent will make it to the top! Start your engines...and may the best drag queen win! Dedicated to everyone's favorite drag queen tv show.

2013.05.09 03:05 kestaa ZR5K

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2023.04.01 22:37 ericswalle Rust prevention

I have a rid o rust 30 gallon siphon system installed. My pump is 1 1/2 HP and the ppm is 3. I currently can only get sprinklerite no rust concentrated though. Does anyone know about how many gallons to add to the tank? Both sites aren't clear on this. Thanks
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2023.04.01 22:31 PWHerman89 Has anyone ever figured out the Repeating Man in the cell?

Has anyone ever come up with a theory about the meaning behind the bloodied up repeating man in the sheriff’s station jail cell in Season 3? Nothing ever click for me, no matter how many times I watch it!
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2023.04.01 22:29 SkyKotya House-Ruling the Souls-Like: Help needed with seeking actions or events tied to the end of the combat round, opposed to character's initiative position.

TLDR: are there any actions or events in D&D/Pathfinder that are tied to the end of the combat round, as opposed to the end of the character's turn on the next round? (which equals to 1 round duration)
Being inspired by a certain souls-like, probably as many others before me, I've decided that I'd like to try running something along those lines. Apart from the setting which would obviously include characters dying and respawning again and again, I'd like to test a few houserules aimed at making combat feel more "souls-like". Main idea is introducing the "stance-breaking" mechanic, that would render charactecreature vulnerable for short amount of time, usually a round. Although basic "take damage, roll STFortitude save" would work, I'm thinking about something more sophisticated, like introducing a Stance Pool akin to HP. Once it reaches zero, character suffers the penalties of stance-break. Therefore, having taken some Stance Damage character might risk being stance-broken going on the offensive, or can play it safe by backing off, while allowing the enemy to reset as well.
I'm aware that it might look like "why would you add a second HP bar?" type of thing, but that's why I'd like to test it. So far I feel like this model has the potential to shift the decision-making of the combat, and I'd like to try how it actually works out. My players are open to housreules and really enthusiastic, so no players will have been harmed in the process of testing.
However, there's a problem. In souls-like games recovery of stance happens with simple animation after you get hit. Closest thing I came up with -- replenishing Stance Points every round. This creates the dynamic of "spamming the enemy with attacks before his turn", which works in the normal D&D as well -- you don't want to get hit by boss, obviously. But if Stance Pool is replenished every turn, then character has no ways to affect it besides "don't get hit". I was thinking that Total Defense (3.5e/PF1e action) that grants +4AC by taking your Standard Action might replenish the Stance, but it makes no sense if at the beginning/end of the turn stance is replenished automatically.
As follows from the title/TLDR, I'm thinking that replenishing stance at the end of the combat round is *great*. It adds a curious downside to having the most initiative: yes, you act first, but you can get hit the most until your next action. And this encourages to use "delay turn" actions to spam the boss with attack at the right moment. Basically, my question comes down to this: are there any actions or events that are specifically tied to the end of the combat round? Most of the things with duration run out on *your* turn N rounds later, but that doesn't exactly work for me. I mean, if there are no such actions, that's a hint that maybe I need to alter the system. But if there are -- then why not do the same?
Thanks for reading all the above, I hope it was at least interesting! I'm open to any suggestions, not necessarily limited to the question itself. Maybe someone already had a positive experience running D&D-like-souls-like!
you don't have the right, O you don't have the right!
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2023.04.01 22:29 rluen The Essential 100 according to ChatGPT

I tried to make ChatGPT create its version of the 1001 albums, for some reason it stopped at the 47ish line and when I tried in sections it repeated many releases. making a 1001 list would take more time that I thought so here are the 100 top albums according to ChatGPT today (2023/04/01). How do you feel about it, only two Beatles, and no Abbey Road.
1 The Beatles - "Revolver" -1966
2 Bob Dylan - "Highway 61 Revisited" -1965
3 The Beach Boys - "Pet Sounds" -1966
4 The Rolling Stones - "Exile on Main St." -1972
5 Pink Floyd - "The Dark Side of the Moon" -1973
6 The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Are You Experienced" -1967
7 The Velvet Underground - "The Velvet Underground & Nico" -1967
8 Led Zeppelin - "Led Zeppelin IV" -1971
9 Nirvana - "Nevermind" -1991
10 Radiohead - "OK Computer" -1997
11 Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue" -1959
12 John Coltrane - "A Love Supreme" -1965
13 Charles Mingus - "The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady" -1963
14 Aretha Franklin - "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You" -1967
15 James Brown - "Live at the Apollo" -1963
16 Stevie Wonder - "Songs in the Key of Life" -1976
17 Michael Jackson - "Thriller" -1982
18 Prince - "Purple Rain" -1984
19 The Clash - "London Calling" -1979
20 David Bowie - "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" -1972
21 The Smiths - "The Queen is Dead" -1986
22 Joy Division - "Unknown Pleasures" -1979
23 The Cure - "Disintegration" -1989
24 Public Enemy - "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" -1988
25 Wu-Tang Clan - "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" -1993
26 Dr. Dre - "The Chronic" -1992
27 N.W.A. - "Straight Outta Compton" -1988
28 Black Sabbath - "Paranoid" -1970
29 Deep Purple - "Machine Head" -1972
30 AC/DC - "Back in Black" -1980
31 Metallica - "Master of Puppets" -1986
32 Guns N' Roses - "Appetite for Destruction" -1987
33 Fleetwood Mac - "Rumours" -1977
34 The Eagles - "Hotel California" -1976
35 Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Exodus" -1977
36 Steely Dan - "Aja" -1977
37 Joni Mitchell - "Blue" -1971
38 Carole King - "Tapestry" -1971
39 Neil Young - "Harvest" -1972
40 Van Morrison - "Moondance" -1970
41 The Doors - "The Doors" -1967
42 Jefferson Airplane - "Surrealistic Pillow" -1967
43 The Who - "Who's Next" -1971
44 Queen - "A Night at the Opera" -1975
45 Elton John - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" -1973
46 Fleetwood Mac - "Tusk" -1979
47 Prince - "Sign o' the Times" -1987
48 The Police - "Synchronicity" -1983
49 U2 - "The Joshua Tree" -1987
50 Radiohead - "Kid A" -2000
51 Arcade Fire - "Funeral" -2004
52 Sufjan Stevens - "Illinois" -2005
53 Kendrick Lamar - "To Pimp a Butterfly" -2015
54 Kanye West - "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" -2010
55 Beyoncé - "Lemonade" -2016
56 Taylor Swift - "1989" -2014
57 Frank Ocean - "Blonde" -2016
58 Outkast - "Aquemini" -1998
59 The Roots - "Things Fall Apart" -1999
60 Beastie Boys - "Paul's Boutique" -1989
61 Run-DMC - "Raising Hell" -1986
62 Blondie - "Parallel Lines" -1978
63 Patti Smith - "Horses" -1975
64 Lou Reed - "Transformer" -1972
65 Iggy Pop - "Lust for Life" -1977
66 Pixies - "Doolittle" -1989
67 Sonic Youth - "Daydream Nation" -1988
68 My Bloody Valentine - "Loveless" -1991
69 The Stone Roses - "The Stone Roses" -1989
70 The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Psychocandy" -1985
71 Oasis - "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" -1995
72 The Verve - "Urban Hymns" -1997
73 Massive Attack - "Blue Lines" -1991
74 Portishead - "Dummy" -1994
75 DJ Shadow - "Endtroducing....." -1996
76 Daft Punk - "Discovery" -2001
77 LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver" -2007
78 Vampire Weekend - "Modern Vampires of the City" -2013
79 Arctic Monkeys - "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" -2006
80 Tame Impala - "Currents" -2015
81 Pink Floyd - "Animals" -1977
82 The Rolling Stones - "Beggars Banquet" -1968
83 The Beatles - "Please Please Me" -1963
84 The Velvet Underground - "White Light/White Heat" -1968
85 David Bowie - "Station to Station" -1976
86 Talking Heads - "Remain in Light" -1980
87 Joy Division - "Unknown Pleasures" -1979
88 The Cure - "Disintegration" -1989
89 Depeche Mode - "Violator" -1990
90 New Order - "Power, Corruption & Lies" -1983
91 The Smiths - "The Queen Is Dead" -1986
92 R.E.M. - "Automatic for the People" -1992
93 Nirvana - "MTV Unplugged in New York" -1994
94 Pearl Jam - "Ten" -1991
95 Soundgarden - "Superunknown" -1994
96 Metallica - "Master of Puppets" -1986
97 Black Sabbath - "Paranoid" -1970
98 AC/DC - "Back in Black" -1980
99 Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast" -1982
100 Slayer - "Reign in Blood" -1986
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2023.04.01 22:28 LoganZillmerPhoto Longest scoreless inning streak to start season?

Does anyone what the longest scoreless streak to start a season is? What team and what year, how many innings?
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2023.04.01 22:25 mushrumgirl13 Paris and Rory's friendship

Hi, I'm new. This is the third time I am rewatching GG and I come here with this topic. Does it annoys someone else how Rory doesn't appreciate Paris friendship? I mean, she doesn't even acknowledge it when her new friends ask her about Paris, like is always someone she knows and went school to but I think she never says is her friend. I know Paris isn't the best friend in the world and has some issues, but neither is Rory and I think they developed a special relationship through the seasons, especially when Paris has been for Rory on many occasions. I don't know, is something that's been bothering me, especially now watching season 7, in some episodes Paris is saying nice things about Rory and her friendship, for example when she goes and confronts Olivia for not talking back to Rory.
Hope this is understandable since english is not my first language :D
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2023.04.01 22:25 NecessaryBoxer187 AITA? Yes...Yes I Was and I'd Do it Again: An Assholes Golden Defense

AITA? Yes...Yes I Was and I'd Do it Again: An Assholes Golden Defense
TL:DR Former players ruined a game I ran before the 5-6th session for me...but I decide to throw my campaign away, became an asshole and turned it into a sandbox for crazy encounters, some nonpermanent worldbuilding and tweaking new/existing npc ideas to see what can work and what doesn't, and gave zero cares about whether the players had fun or not, and had lots of fun doing so until it eventually ran its course!
P.S. I don't advocate for doing this at all. If you are a DM and your group is bad or ruined the game you initially wanted to run for the group, just leave. Don't waste time trying to experiment with concepts or things you found on a thread or subreddit just because you were bored and didn't want to waste time planning your own actual shit for these people(thanks Obsidian). And definitely don't try to fuck over or insult the players because you were feeling petty, even when its really really really funny as hell to see a man child cry like a toddler about not making a high DC Arcana check on a stupid little orb of nothing :)
I am currently in the middle of running three lovely games, two having passed the year and a half mark (60 sessions for one and nearing 40 for another), and one short campaign that has been going for 3 months straight without a single week off! It has been wonderful and I am proud to say that out of the 7 games I've ran, five of them have either ended amazingly, or are still active with no issues whatsoever. 5/7 is a pretty solid batting average as a DM in a gaming community full of constant chaos.

Even during the experiment I got a little frustrated and vented more than a few times. Luckily game 3(now 2) is well over a year now and still going strong!
The two games that didn't go well ended because of either petty drama between players that resulted in me ending a 80+ session game earlier than I would've liked. Or in this case we are about to get into, a group of inconsiderate people who wanted instant gratification and everything handed to them with no effort because they said so. A group that would bully someone out of a game, a group that would give a DM no real reason to want to play. I thought I could try to salvage something at the beginning, but by Session 6 I was prepared to end the game, But I got a wonderful, albeit, terrible idea. How long can I fuck around in this campaign, give them impossible tasks, and make them fail at everything(they already did that on their own but...),give them NPC's that insulted them or overpowered them constantly before I get bored? Or they finally leave? I knew it was going to be crazy but I did it anyway just to see what I could get away with.
So I became the asshole, I read up on what DM's did and didn't do and found small threads from the internet and comments from videos that I could use to help me with this. I had brought in a third group to make up for this group being so trash as well. After several months of doing these wild things in game and having some fun here and there at their expense, I was having a lot of fun being an asshole that I've heard about so often with these kinds of games and enjoyed turning a shit-show of bad players into my favorite experiment for my own shits and giggles. I stole ideas I didn't care about just to see how it would run in certain events. I made things harder for them by putting them against some heavy enemies. Made the "plot" more confusing so they could wonder around with nothing but their whims to chase something well out of their league. Insulted their lack of intelligence in regard to said whims using NPC's or monsters. Led and kept them in a single location because I didn't want to actually give them a world and much much more.
Using all of the negative and making it into a place to practice certain voices, create interesting ideas and tweak various encounters for future games. My improvisational skills have improved because of this, since I didn't have to prep for this trash group. I was definitely wrong for this, but I didn't care. This is an Assholes perspective on how things can go. My friends told me to just leave rather than suffer but...I wanted to be a petty bastard for once in my life and suffer I did not do :).
The game was going to be completely different with the group starting out as a field unit for an archmage that would send them on small quests throughout the world, traveling from continent to continent, that would eventually tie into world level events well off in the future. But it did not get to that point, and rather than giving them a chance to ruin that setup for me and perhaps more worthy players, I hid it away and changed the entire campaign to have some fun.

After I told him about this group and explained what I was going to do. He immediately changed his mind about joining up. He was not flexible enough for these players lmao

So initially, I wasn't going to respond to a post that was circulating a few days ago(or the one made months ago that made me chuckle quite a bit when I first saw it, then forgot about til now) but I was told by a current player about this post that coincidentally sounded a little like a campaign I ran, or rather a campaign that turned into a "danger room" where I could try wacky shit and develop encounters and npc's without the pressure of pleasing those players. A wild idea, but when one of the people that used to be in your server is making up some very interesting things and adding some hilarious lies to their story, the urge to set the record straight and provide some insight is in order. Especially when that person is not exactly a reliable storyteller...You can't single handedly run four...yes FOUR players away and act all high and mighty.
But to be frank I didn't like most of this group at all, when the DM starts fucking around to have fun with such a boring(this 10x over), impatient and frankly shitty group, that you can barely fake like you like them, you have a serious problem as a group. I definitely deserve an Oscar Nomination at the very least for my performance as a "caring and friendly DM" but here's a description of the "golden disaster "party I suppose
  • Young girl, new to the game but a sweetheart. Played a interesting young sorcerer, but due to some events caused by a combination of poor actions from her party members,she became one note extremely fast. Now some of it was because I decided to be an asshole, but mostly because she was a new player and she was hyperfocused on one thing for her entire time in the group. Left for school. Not a bad player...just there. First player that I made cry, was kind of funny.
  • Young and cheerful girl, that got bullied out of the group(mostly by 1 player). Played a disabled bard in a wheelchair. Got laughed at a lot by some of the group and they didn't let her do anything. Anything she wanted to do got shut down because, "you aren't good enough" "thats a bad idea" "well I can do that so..." "you dont need that spell" "your character should do this" etc...l still feel bad for her. Rather than "kicking" her from the group, I outright told her to leave since this was in the middle of me being an asshole and I legit felt bad for her since she wasn't a bad player or person. Hopefully she's doing better in her current game now!
She got a small win over the shit player before she left though. Kudos
  • Friendly and smart guy, that was the target of some interesting words(by 1 player, same as above) Was a good dude, left right before the session where, I spiritually left the group. Played a ranger that was in a same-sex relationship with a backstory npc. Before they even got a chance to really tap into their character they were uncomfortable with one particular player at the table. The way the asshole talked to this player, and their existence gave them and I and the player above red flags. I introduced an NPC that was non-binary and they used They/Them pronouns, and the one shit player would constantly mis-gender them, over and over and over. A number of other things with the shit player made this one leave early on. A real shame, and I wish I put my foot down and dropped the other player on the spot.
The mis-gendering shit of player made the reddit post I'm responding to btw

Homophobic remarks as well. This player we discussed is who you guys decided to group up with? I expected the artist to be a follower, but the rest of you? Not a good look at all lol.
  • Yikes, anyway...Artsy, meme-heavy, foreign person, probably the most boring person in game and out tbh, their art skill was the only real reason for their prescence in the server. They were a follower in the truest form. Their characters were literally blank slates with no threads. Now if I cared about the game or them I would've tried hard to make something worthwhile with them, as it can be done and I'm currently doing it now with great success with a player doing the amnesiac angle. But this players characters were not that. They were both absolute shit so I just threw shit together at them. Was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything, so it made them an easy target for making anything I wanted to happen. They weren't going to do anything anyway so it made it more fun for me to watch them limp around like an idiot. Another player thought that they were cheating at one point but I didn't think they were capable of that, but I didn't care for real. One of the earlier targets of my experiment, I let their first character(if you could call him that) die, brought them back to standing with a stupid Kenku they kidnapped(heroes huh) named buttercup for laughter, I then killed buttercup, only to then kill their boring character again minutes later. This happened when they as a group went to attack a rumored goblinoid horde...at Level 3...and thought they could win, with no planning, or smarts, or patience, or realistic expectations...they thought this was a video game or an anime where they could power through with the power of friendship. Their second character was the same, literally a nonfactor, much like the player.

Harsh, but it's the honest truth
  • Bubbly friendly girl in her twenties probably. Was ok, no real opinion here, probably the best rp in the group but that's not a very high bar when you look at the competition that stuck around long enough. No real problems with them except that their mic picked up them swallowing spit all the time(oof). That mic was solid as hell. Anyways, I actually would've took this player seriously if they were in a different situation. Really don't have much to say, other than if she wasn't in the group, it meant that this player below wouldn't be in the group...and that was my biggest regret. She is the main reason I don't take duos or existing groups for my games as one person might be amazing, and the other...
  • Condescending, intolerant, narrowminded, abrasive, know it all, homophobic, racist, person. Sounds enticing doesn't it? I really had to fake every interaction I had with this dude, because he was a disgusting person. This guy was an immediate problem that should've have had an immediate solution. I gave this person a chance only because I liked his buddy's application a lot. Big mistake! They played a chronurgy wizard(you know where this is going) that was a short stereotypical(pretty racist) Arabian inspired pain to deal with and they wanted to time warp the world or whatever to his whim because of some gang shit that happened in his backstory. It was really stupid if you read the whole backstory too. Nothing like hearing "I like being a short exotic sand-person in a world of magic" despite this dude being from the UK. He would constantly backseat the other players("thats not what I'd do") backseat myself(which was funny, especially after session 7 or the "crow master" as I checked out then), metagamed like crazy, murderhobo tendencies, forced his way into scenes to take the spotlight away, joked about how it was racist that they were being targeted in fights, or how it would be funny if the party culturally appropriated certain cultures. Would change his backstory to benefit him so he could succeed no matter what, changed ability scores and skills, as well as powergame powergame powergame. I noticed this all in the first 5 SESSIONS, and it got worse and worse, even when I was purposefully shitting on the game. Those screenshots of the players complaining about someone, or players being bullies, was because of this jackass. Two players quit because of him. One player outright refused to join because of him(apparently they were in a game with him before, lucky guy), a former player of mine I had to warn about playing on Saturdays because of him, and I was definitely encouraged to commit to being an asshole...because of him. This player had the attitude of a Level 20 without any sort of merit or accomplishments, in-game or out of game. So anytime he wanted to do anything I wrecked it. Whatever he did, it didn't work, it didn't respond, it went away, it disappeared, it broke apart, it knocked him unconscious, it took health away permanently, knocked him into another realm, whatever it was, if he was involved, it backfired or failed miserably at some point. I legit had the DC of this little orb so high that it was silly just to see how he would react. It was originally meant to be used to tie into their long and pretentious backstory. Once I gave the game up it then had no real purpose to exist other than to piss him off and I made up something completely unrelated to the orb, that I found on YouTube to see how far it would go. This player is not as smart as he thinks he is so it went on for a long time as he got nowhere near the DC I originally set. Eventually he succeeded, because I had come up with an amazing twist made for him! And what did he get for succeeding after months and months of failure? Absolutely nothing :). Fuck this guy and hopefully none of you get him as a DM or a player on Roll20...because as a player? They were the worst that I've had by far. BAR NONE. Out of 7 groups, 4 long-term games, 3 short adventures and 30+ players...they were easily the worst.
  • Lastly a player with a great character concept that did nothing with it. A mage hunter in a party full of mages, seems like quite the chance for some dope ass RP? Nahh you gave this player way too much credit. I pretty much abandoned this player completely and felt just fine about it as it made no difference. Out of game they were fine, in game they were just a country accent wrapped around a bumbling idiot in a cool mask and that was it. They rolled horribly often, and I'm very serious when I say it. They were the epitome of the Wil Wheaton Dice Curse. They couldn't be awesome no matter what they did, so they became known as incompetent, despite their best efforts. Any mystique about being a badass mage hunter went out the window, and sometimes they played along with it. Often tagged along with the player above and that just ruined their character even further, by proxy. I can't really ruin a character if they ruin it themselves? They didn't even give me an opportunity to even try lol, how can I ruin something already ruined? That's redundant. They eventually brought a new character in and I completely forgot what they even were, right before the experiment ended.
No matter what they did, they failed miserably. It was actually amazing. Did they accept that? Nope blame the DM for the failure not themselves. This was a common thing for them. Unlucky player, but they weren't good enough to play into it. Note how the shit player rolled a nat 20, probably rerolled with Chronal Shift because they had to succeed at everything. If I rolled a Nat 20 for the guard's perception check he would've claimed I was cheating or fudging. What an idiot.

  • I did bring two more players in at the end, because I got bored again and wanted to see If I could do a reset. I was going to kick just about everyone and try and start over fresh with a new campaign that I could actually give a damn about. I brought these new players in to see if they could inspire me, but I tapped out like a session or two later and ended the game, because they did not lol. I don't remember much about them other than a drake warden flavored into a genie warden that was interesting, and a druid with no backstory that reminded me of Bambi. After the last session with this group I took a few days off setting up a new short campaign on roll20 and invited the replacements on in. Two of the players left passionate messages and dipped, and right after that I swiftly deleted them. Soon, kicks from the server were sent after a nice message where I pretty much detailed what I've been using them for and that I was no longer interested in their services. Brought the new players in and went back to focusing on the actual games I ran, that had wonderful players/characters and sessions with substance and care put into them.

But it thankfully and eventually came to an end. But before this post ends, lets address some of these hilarious claims from a certain post with some *mostly* lighthearted responses and screenshots, because we don't like little liars that tell one side of the story right?

  1. The "fudging rolls and cheating"
  • So this is hilarious because I as a DM believe that a dice tells the story no matter what is rolled, so I have never cheated a group so they fail or helped them succeed on something to give them or me a desired outcome. It's all in the situation and the encounter, and the I've always let the dice and the decisions decide, never myself. But when you get accused of something you are adamantly against, even at the peak of being an asshole, you have to defend yourself, and what better way than screenshots of said games with my rolls. Because I knew, even back then that a scorned group or a player at some point would try I have receipts. Initially this was just to quickly post in the discord so that everyone in the server could see, that I'm not a liar, but now Reddit can see.
  • The thing with me is that I just happen to roll REALLY WELL most of the time. As a player and a DM I've historically rolled well. Publicly and privately, sorry to disappoint you. It's not my fault that as a group you all have a terrible strategy, terrible rolls, and a terrible attitude about not getting your way every single time. This isn't a video game you can "Speed Run" through, despite your worst efforts. If I "fudged the rolls" and gave you everything on a silver platter it would be just as stupid. And the whole metagaming and changing the monsters stats thing. I don't believe in using the stats all the time as it leads to metagaming players trying to cheat the game, so I homebrew or tweak monsters to prevent that. I have a macro on roll20 that lets me roll the health for every monster so with the same group of enemies, some have more health than others, and some are weaker than others. Some bosses have phases where something would happen after a certain health threshold. It's not cheating, it's just a different kind of encounter. All my groups know this, but you all seem to conveniently forget when it suits your little "horror story" But here are some of the many screenshots below to show that I don't fudge/cheat or change a damn thing.

I keep a screenshot handy for these occasions. I rolled two Nat 20's back to back and it was crazy. It made a relatively tame encounter more memorable because one Sahuagin became an immediate threat because of the dice. From one of my campaigns.

So many crits happened in this session alone, from me and the players it was insane. No fudging or lying necessary. These players in this seperate game succeed/fail and they enjoy it, the ones that were a part of the shit campaign would cry. Good thing I keep screenshots.

Player in another campaign I run rolled good to hit on a Sentinel attack(he rolled extra damage by accident) I then followed up with a natural 20 bite for a ghoul. I don't fake these, every last one of my rolls are legit. and for the rolls I get that seem a little \"unbelievable\" I screenshot them to prove dumbasses wrong.

I screenshot my failures often, just incase a scorned shit-show of a party decides to lie about me. Was an epic moment in the fight against the Medusa in one of my games.

Look a named NPC in another group of mine, who failed a wisdom save with ADVANTAGE and died! I save the ones where I fail very often, because I don't want anyone to think I felt pity on the party. I didn't save them or pull no shenanigans, he died and his thread was over. No fudging of any dice or lying about rolls. This makes the story more fun.

This player was on single digit health and was about to be attacked by a \"brain with legs\" They had just missed and I was rolling super well that night. If I hit they were going to die, but I \"magically\" rolled a natural 1 and missed instead. It was followed by the party killing it and escaping in an epic set piece that's still talked about to this day. I screenshotted this and posted it in the discord as proof and they lost their minds.
Nat 20 on a con save to stop someone from escaping or pulling whatever bullshit they think I pull. It is me rolling a digital dice...and rolling well! Not my fault you have no luck, skill or strategy in anything. I'm not gonna hand you the win because you whine or cry about it. Even when I'm experimenting on you idiots and making my own fun, I'm not gonna cheat while doing it. You want to go after something big, then you better bring it, otherwise accept that if you don't roll well...you will lose? Even when I'm taking the game serious for my current players, you will lose if you punch above your station.
Ahh here's one where the rogue of the group rolled another Natural 1. They did this often and it turned their character into a joke despite their best efforts. You can't blame me for you rolling poorly, that's not how this works. But they did, and did it often. Now granted at this point of the game I was already in asshole mode so it didn't matter but still. Also Note how \"that guy\" got a natural 20 on his roll. If I rolled a Nat 20 on the guards perception check, he would've bitched and complained, that I was lying or something. I screenshot it all.
I have hundreds of screenshots from messages, supposed "cheated" rolls, edited sheets, deleted comments etc. that would shine a great light on the types of players I dealt with and much more. Balls in their court though.

  1. The Self Insert DMPC OP NPC's or the main guys I used to insult them in-game
  • The first lovely guy was meant to be a simple NPC to introduce one of my groups to their current Sponsor and then disappear. And he did...for that other group, but when the Golden Drakes(stupid name) ruined the game for me, I decided to bring him and a few other NPC's to essentially insult, undermine, overpower and belittle the party at every chance I got. It was absolutely fun fucking with them over and over. But unfortunately, the "gun guy" never got any real screen time in any other games after this? Weird huh? It was almost as if I brought him over to this game specifically to be a "self-insert" for how I actually felt about their group, as well as test the character before taking traits of him for a future campaign worth a damn years later. This guy was there to annoy a group that wanted to rush through the world(at a low level mind you) thinking they were more important than they actually were. Forget the slow rise of heroes dealing with small scale things, becoming heroes worth respect and glory, lets "SPEED RUN" to the powerful cult with eyes and ears everywhere in a city, instead of taking it slow and building ourselves up and then blame the DM when we lose! That'll show him! I had to bring him everywhere I could just to pile on the hilarity and the contempt I had for them at that point. While I was at it I kept them at said city just to add to it as well. They really could of killed this guy if they wanted to but they spent more time complaining or sputtering about the game, adding to the fun for me when he would magically reappear and disappear, because noone thought to counterspell it lol. Or he would be in the middle of doing nothing and they just had to go follow him lol. It was easy as fuck to manipulate them into following him for no reason. They chased him for no reason as he had no purpose other than to insult and infuriate the party. It was glorious. Magically detecting the area isn't how you find someone who rolled high on stealth without magic or finding something that isn't currently doing magic in a well hidden place, but I thought that was obvious enough for a supposed SEASONED PLAYEDM to know. Clearly I was wrong, my bad for having the tiniest bit of loose faith in you.
  • In all seriousness, this NPC hasn't appeared in any games since this group has been kicked away(a long while ago btw) and I don't have any plans for him to be in any. He has been mentioned by the one other game he was in(for two sessions wow lol) as a potential ally once or twice, but he's so far away from being involved and out of my plans that it's not going to happen. The three games claim is cheeky though(that how you brits say it?) As a certain god of fate and the moon would say would say...Eventually everything connects and Every lie will unravel. Oh btw he's not an "aptly named" god of visions that "randomly gives visions", you can still creep on the WorldAnvil like I know you all still do and see his actual domains and subdomains you dumb fucks.) Seems like a lot of misremembering or some false statements were said? It needs an update though anyway. I might make a god of Visions now.

  1. Npc's not dying or them not having an impact in the world.
  • This is a very easy response...because you didn't matter anymore. You were never heroes, nor attempted to be. That was before I stopped caring. AFter a certain point my fun was all that mattered, no amount of things you did or didn't do would change that. My world is shared between the campaigns and every action can effect the world on a large or minor scale...except for this group. Everything they did was literally a nonfactor because I didn't care about them. If an NPC died or got away it was mostly because of their terrible planning and the dice not going their way, but a few instances of "sure sure you got them!" didn't effect anything at all. In the campaigns that mattered if they accomplished something, it changed the setting. I'm not sorry about that at all. You all were just a moderately fun test. Simple and plain. Oh and you were never leaving the city and much like the DC 38 check, I was going to enjoy milking every last bit of it that I could. The online resources I used so I didn't have to plan much for your games definitely made it so I could do it for a long time if I wanted to. I do have a resource that collects all of the things together like a wiki page using WorldAnvil, and none of the stuff they did mattered, so of course it's not canon in the world. We can play make believe and act like I was throwing you a bone so you wouldn't feel left out of course, but none of your characters mattered and you only have yourselves to blame.

So was I an asshole? Absolutely, do I feel bad? Nope not at all. Among that post I saw there were more lies that I could debunk with a quick screenshot or two, but I think this was enough fun for me. The games that I run now that this era has passed have been a wonder to run and be a part of and the world I've created continues to grow because of it! My batting average isn't perfect, hell the one game that ended poorly was because I was a first time DM with a lot to learn and I actually cared about that one. But this one that ended up bad...lmaoo come on. I gave zero fucks about this "lost campaign" and as soon as I finish this post I will forget about it again.

I do take criticisms well from players I actually care about. They thought that I wasn't doing enough encounters early on to do more persuasion checks. They were right and I learned to highlight this particular skill of his! They are still playing with me a year and a half later!

Good Moments!

Fun Times!

Great Memories!
That is all I got to give as it is now in the past. The asshole experiment where I threw random things at a bad group to give myself some fun went rather well for a while, but its beneath me now. I'm not perfect and that phase is over with. I learned a lot, dabbled in the dark side a bit, and now the world I've created with my friends and future friends can thrive without fail.
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2023.04.01 22:23 StillaCentristin2021 ‘Delay,‘Delay, delay, delay’: How Trump could push his trial into the heart of campaign season delay, delay’: How Trump could push his trial into the heart of campaign season

‘Delay, delay, delay’: How Trump could push his trial into the heart of campaign season

The ink on Donald Trump’s indictment has hardly had time to dry, but already there’s a widespread expectation that the former president will turn to a time-honored Trumpian strategy: delay.
By dragging out the proceedings between the indictment and his trial, Trump could push the trial deep into the 2024 presidential campaign — with Trump expected to be the top contender for the Republican nomination.
Trump has spent decades refining tactics for prolonging his legal fights as his lawyers attempt to out-wait and outlast the patience of his adversaries. Though a criminal indictment presents him with a different set of options — and obstacles — than his many previous bouts in civil court, there is still a substantial menu for him to choose from.
“If they’re doing their job, they’re going to do everything they can to delay, delay, delay, delay,” said Catherine Christian, a 30-year veteran of the Manhattan district attorney’s office who is now a defense attorney. “Every single motion they can think of. That’s what they’re going to file.”
More at the link at the top of this post...
One might think a candidate for POTUS would put the country through their own personal garbage; but we have seen that tRump only thinks of himself and NEVER the country.
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2023.04.01 22:23 hlektrak thoughts on mistress’ story??

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2023.04.01 22:23 IPutMyHandInABlender Coincidence - Chapter Two: Voyage

– Short note for old readers: I originally wrote without the intent of expanding this universe, but as I saw your responses and edited my story, I realized how ridiculous it would be not to continue a story with such potential. Secondly, if you see something that does not make sense, let me know because I will try and fix it. Anyway, enjoy the reading, I plan on adding more, and no, the gravity was not 9.8 G’s – whoops.
Chapter One
Following first contact, many questions were raised, and plenty of concerns came to rise. Why are there humans on an undocumented planet in a completely different sector of space? What are they doing there, and what is our relation? How will this affect us? For starters, Ceyor is what they call their homeworld, translated to mean dirt, or soil. The planet has nine continents, each having many different biomes and cultures, and also is covered in 59% water with an axis tilt of 18.3°. The planet had no major seasons because of this tilt, typically maintaining a comfortable temperature year round and allowing spontaneous development and agricultural output. This only sparked more questions, because a climate as merciful as theirs should mean they had a head start. Unless, they never began there in the first place.
Regarding other concerns, the Republic of Saint Eden, a large continental superpower on their planet, had their lead researcher, Ryuemnumo – better known as Numo – selected to help us perform biological studies regarding the differences between Earth humans and Ceyor humans. Having been administered the vaccine and showing no negative side effects from it, it was determined that the vaccine was safe to use with both human populations. However, the fact that both our populations were humans in the first place was held with hushed lips, and it was only known among head researchers, officials, and military leaders. Before starting a panic, we had to have something to calm the riots, and so, we began our testing to determine if we truly were the same species.
Comparing the blood cell’s nuclei in Earth humans, which we began referring to as Terrans, and those from Ceyor as the Fanayugi, it was seen that although extremely similar, we were different in some ways. For example, our sweat glands secreted different compositions of salt and fat, and Terrans were more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases than the Fanayugi. That being said, we had slightly longer traditional lifespans than them, but supplementaries and technological advancements had rendered aging negligible to the vast majority of human populations. Some populations still experienced the inconveniences of mortality and were very similar to the Fanayugi in terms of technological advancement and status, but this was not of the same context, as they chose this lifestyle for themselves in isolation. Upon realizing that there were small differences between our species in things such as skin and blood, we requested to scan the brain of one of their researchers for any abnormalities to ours. We found none, but it was worth a shot either way.
The most difficult part of interacting with another human civilization is understanding their cultural background and the context in which they speak. Unfortunately, we did not have hundreds of years to play catch up with the Fanayugi and their traditions, because it would not take a lot to let the cat out the bag. After all, the best kept secrets are the those in which all that know are dead, or only one person remains to know the story, and we have hundreds of researchers, military leaders, and governing factions who know about our secret already. The best way to reduce the damage from such a discovery to the public would be to never interact with each other ever again, but that was not an option either. Too much was unknown, too much had to be known, and I was too damn curious to let this go, as were my coworkers. It was because of these reasons that on August 14th, 2561 of the Second Decamillenium, we announced the discovery of the Fanayugi – and their conditions – to the public domain.
Immediately after the announcement of the Fanayugi, many religions came forth to assert that their god was real. Christians claimed that this was proof of God the Father, as we are made in his image. Buddhists claimed that they were reincarnated beings from our planets, serving out their lives on Ceyor for good karma. Sufi’s, missionaries, and monks all asked to be given the opportunity to spread their scripture to the Fanayugi natives upon their homeworld. Considering the Fanayugi had religions of their own, it held to no real influence over them, but the prospect was interesting in itself. Many of their religions resembled those that originated on Earth, such as the Abrahamic religions, or Buddhism and Daoism. Only one stood out like a sore thumb: Secneretism. Secneretists believed space in itself was god, not the celestial bodies or some divine being, but truly the emptiness between them. This was atypical because of how much their beliefs varied from ours and even other Fanayugi religions. Furthermore, their holy texts were very vague in most parts, as opposed to the specific events in other texts. But only in most parts.
While many scriptures of the Fanayugi ancients texts tend to relay close details as to what is assumed to have happened, Secneretism’s holy book – the Cslykgalo – is akin more so to the structure of a philosophy. This prompted many of our scholars to study their scripture, and to our shock, we found mentions of a planetoid we had documented before. One verse within describes a planet in our databases to such perfection – even mentioning specific landmarks and potential coordinates – to the point that this was no coincidence. Someone had been on this planet – someone had been on the Scum of Red, Escoria de Roja. And whoever that was, came to Ceyor. It was not us, we knew that much, because we had never explored into the sector the Fanayugi inhabit, and no Terran would dare visit the Scum. The rumor spread like wildfire among researchers regarding the search for alien life, until finally, I requested a formal investigation on the subject funded by the Scientific Affairs High Court. A month went by before we gained approval by from them, and our expedition was authorized one medium scout vessel with one full science crew, flight crew, and by sincere request by me, one Secneretist priest to the hellworld, the Scum of Red.
Escoria de Roja is a tragedy among the Terrans, having been a promising garden planet rich in ore. Its original name was Calm, named after the luscious gardens that formed in the ruins of Mexico City following the great nuclear holocaust on Earth. We graciously accepted it as one of our jewels upon the crown of humanity, a great world that brought hope into the soul of man – but we were mistaken. Beneath the valiant waves of Calm was a raging heart of anger, and thus, a second tragedy occurred. On February 11th, 2719 of the First Decamillenium, the core of Calm went berserk, causing mass tidal events and seismic activity. Seven billion were lost, and all the wildlife that once inhabited the planet succumbed to the cold grip of the reaper. All was lost, and so it was renamed The Scum of Red, for taking the lives of billions without reason. Since then, the planet has been treated as a graveyard, a sanctuary for the dead. It was a silent reminder of our welcome in the galaxy – we are visitors – no more, no less.
Arriving at the research station, I departed to the lounge with Gemini to await for our researcher certifications to be approved, and our passports to be signed to join the rest of the crew. After a painstakingly long hour of waiting for our approval and small talk, we were finally permitted to take on the mystery and search the planet. We went up to the front desk, asked for what port our ship was docked at, and made our way deeper into the station.
“They said port W19, right?” I looked dumbly at Gemini, my poor junior researcher who had the misfortune of being assigned to me.
Gemini, being in a particularly good mood, gladly assisted me, “They said it three times, Calcifer.” I knew they said it three times, but not everyone can remember the little things, because sometimes it takes everything to remember the big things. It is also fun to deprive of my colleagues' patience. We continued down the hall to a gantry system which prompted us the choice of which port to take us to, in which I selected port W19 on the touchpad, and the shuttle asked us to take a seat. We took a seat as the gantry accelerated, and launched our shuttle out of the station to dock us on the other side of the station by the ship bays. I turned my head to gaze at the research station outside my window, appreciating the scale of such a thing.
The research station we were assigned to was more so a small outpost than a research station. It had a diameter of four kilometers, and had three large docking bays on the star facing side of the station, which took up most of the space it inhabited. The shuttle made its way around the station before coming up onto an airlock which resembled that of an ancient vault. The large steel doors shuttered open, silently rolling outwards to allow the shuttle to latch onto another gantry system. The airlock then finished its cycle and the shuttle came to a complete stop, opening the doors for us to leave. Gemini and I exited through the shuttle doors, making a left turn down a hallway lined by a glass wall. The large scout vessel – if you could call a half kilometer long starship that – was docked in the bay, which we could see just outside the thick tempered glass. The frame of the vessel was sleek and powerful, exerting its elegant armored ridges toppled with heavy lancing coilguns and heavy assault cannons – in case we found ourselves in trouble, of course. It had a knife-shaped figure, and had atmospheric capabilities to conduct our investigation on the planet. Overall, the ship was very much so capable for her task to the point where it seemed insulting for such a mission.
As I gazed upon the vessel, a voice from behind me snuck up, “Beautiful, isn’t she?” I turned around to see the captain of the vessel, who would help us throughout our voyage. The captain had rich red hair and was a little stubby, but made up for it with strength. I promptly answered his question.
“She is. Has a nice figure, pretty guns, and some really handy equipment onboard from what I have heard. All I don’t know is her name.”
“It says it right there, on the side.” Gemini felt the need to interrupt my conversation, pointing at the clear letters littered about the vessel's starboard side. I shot her a disapproving look, and she met mine with a blank, emotionless stare. Quite frankly, I could not tell which one of us was the senior researcher right now, so I broke my gaze to rekindle talk with the captain.
“Well, what's her name anyway? I want to hear it from you, captain.”
The captain had a proud look on his face, like one would have towards a successful daughter, “This is my baby, Bountiful Hunt of Artemis. A real handful sometimes, but you can not overlook her advantages. And you don’t have to call me captain, Calcifer. I am Ruaridh.” He protruded his arm out for me to shake, which I accepted. The three of us then went back to examining the vessel, carefully savoring its geometry and color. She had a golden stripe from bow to stern with white to accommodate symmetrically upon each side of it. Blue accents hinted on the ends of the vessel highlighted the ship even more, giving a piece of eye candy to appreciate in front of me.
I had a few questions still locked within my mind, however, “Ruaridh, does she have a ship-bound AI by any chance?” I turned my attention to the captain to indicate I was listening for an answer.
He met my gaze and answered, “Yes, she does. His name is Apollo, her brother in mythology, and now her brother in steel. He has his quirks, but I am sure you will come to like him.” It was good that an AI was onboard, because they often could make connections between dots of information in a time frame no human could ever compete with. Really, this mission would be impossible without one, so it is unsurprising that our vessel is equipped with one.
Gemini ushered us back on task, “We should probably head aboard around now. Departure is in two hours, and I want to feel comfortable when I go to bed tonight.” She made eye contact with both of us to ascertain the importance, forcing me and the captain to fold.
I failed to resist poking the bear, “Alright, cranky, let's get going then.” Foul eyes glared daggers into my soul as we made haste to the gangway aboard the exploration craft. Ruaridh went ahead of us and had the scanning device detect a microchip inside his finger for access into the ship, causing the airlock door to fly open, allowing us entry onboard the craft. Gemini and I made our way to our dorms to adjust our sleeping quarters and get ourselves settled for the journey afterward, seeing that we would be here for at least a week. Next, we went into the equipment storage and made sure all necessary equipment was stocked in case any was missed upon inspection. We met much of the flight crew while preparing the craft, and made short greetings with them as we all toiled about the starship. Upon the conclusion that all was set, we made our way back to our dorms to await roll call. Twenty or so minutes passed until we were called into the cafeteria to count heads and announce the mission status. Gemini and I sat down at a table in the back corner and waited patiently for the crew to arrive.
Once everyone had gathered and marked themselves as present for roll call, Ruaridh made his way to the front where everyone could see him in an open spot, and began a speech, “I have been on many voyages in my time, explored many planets, and traveled across the stars. I have seen the dunes of Latuan, the rainforests of Gaia, and the oceans of Poseidon.” He paused to let the moment sink in before continuing, “But none of those are going to prepare you for the dangers we will encounter on this planet. Escoria de Roja,” Poison built up in his voice at the name, “The Scum of Red, is not a garden planet. The heat will not forgive you, the rocks will not forgive you – and god forbid – the angels will not forgive you. Not on this hellscape, because it is against you. And it is because it will not forgive you, that you must respect the landscape and seek not its attention. Volcanoes litter the surface, spewing their toxic fumes into a soupy and hot atmosphere, cooking all who dare enter its vicinity and gaze upon its rocks. The planet is rich in ore, and poor in health, and we are going to search it relentlessly for whatever it is that may reside there. As the captain of the Bountiful Hunt of Artemis, I pledge that we will emerge victorious from the planet – that we will conquer the Scum of Red in the name of human advancement, and to take the first steps to reclaiming what is rightfully ours!.” The echoes of his words reverberated in the ship, and the crew cheered for their captain, burning with an unseen motive. Ruaridh finished, “You are dismissed. Get to your stations and prepare for departure.”
Gemini gave her regards and left with the rest of the crew, making her way to her dormitory, but one oddly dressed human stood away from the rest. He was draped in a red half cape from his neck, and his pants were a puffy white lined with gold. He was bald, stocky, and stood out around the rest of the crew. It was clear that he was the secneretist priest I had asked to accompany us for his familiarity in the teachings, and I was excited to meet him; however, before I could greet him, he approached me.
His stride exuded confidence with each step before he began to talk, “I take it that you are Calcifer.”
I was slightly surprised, but given the circumstances, it really was not that hard to guess from his perspective. I replied in short, “It is nice to meet you, Huhcol Quyraoja.
“There is no need for such formalities. We are allies.”
I was perturbed by such a denial of status, “Then what should I call you?”
“Just call me Quyraoja. Raoja for short.” The priest was surprisingly mellow.
“You are sure that is alright?” I skeptically continued.
Raoja insisted on this practice, “Yes, it is fine. I do not get offended so easily, so be not concerned with my feelings.” I reluctantly agreed and spurred on another topic.
“I have been wondering, Raoja, do you have any thoughts on visiting the Scum of Red? I understand that it is important to -”
“Do not call it that.” His voice was stern, but not angry.
I apologized and restated the thoughts in my head, “I’m sorry. We have been calling it that ages, I am sure it is insulting to call it that from your perspective. What I wanted to say is that the Scu – the planet – is mentioned multiple times in your scripture, the Cslykgalo. What importance does it retain?”
Raoja though about it for a second and then proceeded to answer my question, “The planet is said to be sacred. Not much is known about the planet except that it supposedly contains a key of some sort, and even then, we do not know what it unlocks. All we know is that it is of great significance, and the key was left for us to find.”
I inquired some more, “Do you have any pointers you can think of to start at?”
“Many landmarks described in the Cslykgalo may hold some significance to finding it. I am unsure of where they are, but you can guide me to them to study.” Raoja folded his arms and waited for my response.
“It seems simple. I look forward to working with you,” I reached my arm out to shake his hand. He stared at it awkwardly for a moment, but then his eyes went wide and he put his own out to meet mine. We shook on it and he rebounded my words.
“I look forward to our travels, Calcifer. I will meet you in the stasis chambers when we are called.” Raoja made his way down the hall to a ladder that took him down a couple levels. I took a walk down to a small observatory across the ship to await our departure. The vessel’s intercoms went on, and Ruaridh announced our imminent leave. A moment later, the vessel began moving, and the stars outside began to shift their position from my eyes as we gradually gained speed. I looked towards our heading and understood for the first time:
This voyage might just change everything.
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2023.04.01 22:21 PresidentWerewolf Black Panther #36: To the Moon, featuring the Amazing Spider-Man

Black Panther
Volume 3: Beyond the Horizon
Issue #36: To the Moon, featuring the Amazing Spider-Man
Written by u/PresidentWerewolf
Edited by u/FrostFireFive & u/DarkLordJurasus
Previous Issue

“You don’t have much time.” Shuri paced the width of the downed Wakandan transport and back again, stopping for a moment to stare out the jagged hole in its flank. Behind her, the hazy bulb of light on the horizon, perhaps Chicago, perhaps a smaller, closer city, drove the twinkling stars away.
“I have to bring you home. That is my duty, but then you show me this,” she said, gesturing to the Vibranium Atlas displayed on the cracked screen. As they looked at it, it began to flicker.
“We need to download that,” Ross said. “Main power is failing.”
T’Challa was already on it. As he tapped buttons in sequence, the Atlas faded and was replaced by a progress bar that swiftly filled from left to right.
“See? And we didn’t even have to ‘sweat it out’ at ninety-nine percent like in your American action movies.”
As he said that, the lights went dead around them, and the computer blinked off.
“American action movies are what prepared me for all of this,” Ross laughed. “I’ve been on the road with Chuck Norris of Wakanda for the last year.”


“I am still somewhat weakened, but I am regaining strength quickly,” T’Challa said. “Okoye may not be so lucky, as she is not empowered by the herb.”
Okoye huffed an obscenely annoyed breath. “Losing half my blood brought me down to your level!”
T’Challa laughed. It was a good sound that put the rest of the crew at ease. It put him at ease as well. Even Shuri cracked a half-smile, though it didn’t last long.
“The Council knows that we have tracked you. They may believe that it took some time to catch you, but they won’t believe that you got away for good. They will be expecting us home within twenty-four hours.”
“And yet, we will not be going home, and they will believe that we got away for good,” T’Challa said.
Shuri’s eyebrows went up with interest. “So you have a plan.”
“I had a plan. Once the Atlas was complete, I was going to return to Wakanda and convince the Council to track down any significant stores of Vibranium that existed outside our borders. Now, however…”
“You are preoccupied with the line that extends…” Shuri thought about her words carefully. “Off the map.”
“Hence the new plan,” T’Challa said. “We are going to find it.”
Shuri blinked, taken aback. “Find it?”
T’Challa nodded, his eyes gleaming. “We are going to find it.”
“What…what about,” Shuri was now searching for words. “What about Nakia?”
She hit upon the hardest one first. T’Challa flinched, but replied, “I have done nothing but fail that woman. I can’t imagine she even wants to see me.”
“That’s not true,” Shuri said.
“She shouldn’t want to. It is better to give her space for now.”
“Mm,” Shuri said. She gave a hard glance at Okoye, who kept a calm, defiant face. “All right then. What if it goes to the Moon? The Council won’t give you a shuttle.”
T’Challa shook his head. “It is not on the Moon, or even near it. It reaches far, far past our orbit, our moon, even our solar system. Not even Wakanda has a shuttle that can take me that far.”
“Well then, how are you going to go out there?” Shuri asked.
“Uh, she has a point,” Ross said, while Okoye nodded.
“A friend of mine has such a ship,” T’Challa said simply.
“Who?” Ross asked. “You don’t mean Reed Richards?”
“I do.”
“You think he’s just going to give us his spaceship?”
“Of course not,” T’Challa said. “We are going to steal it.”
Nobody seemed to like that idea very much.
“Are you insane?” Okoye said, berating him. “You know what that man is capable of.”
“I don’t actually know what Richards is capable of,” Ross said, “but that scares me even more.”
Shuri shook her head firmly. “You’ll never get it out of there. Doesn’t he have all of his…technology in orbit anyway?”
“Not all of it,” T’Challa said. “The Badoon ship he used to travel the cosmos…not only has Reed restored it to working order, it is in the hangar at the Baxter Building.”
Ross whistled through his teeth. “Look, T’Challa. I said I’d go through anything with you, right?”
T’Challa nodded. “You have acted with great loyalty and bravery, Agent Ross.”
Ross took a deep breath. “You should know, this isn’t any different. If you say we’re storming the Baxter Building, then that’s what we’re doing.”
Okoye nodded. “We are pledged to even your most suicidal of half-baked schemes.”
Ross almost patted her on the shoulder, and then he thought better of it. He looked at T’Challa. “Just tell us you have a really good plan.”


The next morning: New York City
Sun streamed across the vast floor of the Baxter Building’s hangar, a hundred and twenty stories above the streets. The wind whipped up here, the air cold with a bite, but Susan Storm didn’t feel it. Protected by a partial bubble of invisible force, she lounged on a patio chair in shorts and a buttoned shirt, her hair flowing freely and brushing the ground as she leaned back. A half-finished mimosa sat on the ground, just within reach. A biotech journal lay open on her stomach.
“Hey, Sis?” Johnny Storm, her younger brother, called out from the exit to the main building. His voice echoed within the hangar, but it was almost lost to the wind before it reached Sue.
“Hm?” she sat up, shielding her eyes from the sun.
Johnny walked halfway out to her. “Sorry to bother you. Uh, just looking for…”
Sue sighed. “What? Do the kids need something?”
“No, HERBIE has the kids.”
“Well then what is it?”
“Kinda lost a…”
What, Johnny?”
Johnny laughed weakly and scratched his head. “A brunette.”
Sue sat up. “Another one?”
“Well, they get up in the morning, and they want to leave,” Johnny said defensively, “or they don’t, but HERBIE scares them, and Reed didn’t put exit directions up like he’s supposed to. It’s a fire hazard, Sue. That’s what it is.”
Sue put her magazine down on the ground and stood up. “Okay, where did you last see her?”
Johnny started to turn red.
“Are you twelve? You know, this wouldn’t happen if you would just walk them out.”
“Well! Well…” Johnny’s mouth worked as he searched for words. “I just…um…wait. What’s that?”
Sue turned around, sighing again in annoyance, but she stopped when she saw it, too. There was an extra shadow on the hangar floor, shaped like another aircraft…There was something hovering above the hangar!
“Johnny, hit the alarm.” As she said it, several figures dropped from above on the hangar floor. They landed easily, four of them, silently, their dark profiles making them seem like mere shadows themselves.
One of them stepped forward, halfway out of the light so that his features could be seen.
“T’Challa?” Johnny said.
T’Challa pointed. “Steal it! Steal the ship! Steal it before they catch us!” The rest of his group ran for one of the vehicles in the hangar.
“What the actual hell!” Johnny yelled. He immediately burst into flame, and blasted off after them. The sudden burst of hot air blew hard against Sue, making her hair fly up and causing her to stumble back.
“Gah! Johnny,” she coughed. When she looked up, T’Challa’s team had already flown out over the city, and Johnny had gone after them. But it didn’t make sense. “Why would T’Challa steal the Fantasticar?”


The Fantasticar, though seemingly not much more than a platform with seats on it, was as agile as any aircraft. In many ways, it was superior. Inertial dampeners made sharp corners easy and smoothed the bumps out during hard acceleration. As the Fantasticar looped and slid between the skyscrapers of New York, evading the Human Torch, it acted more like a dragonfly than the clunky box it appeared to be.
Shuri looked back at the furious orange flame dogging them. “I am going to give you credit and assume this was part of your plan.”
The Human Torch flung a huge fireball at them, but T’Challa swerved to dodge it easily. It went straight up into the air and exploded in a ball of smoke and light.
Okoye looked like she was having less fun than anyone. Indeed, anyone who really knew her could tell that the rough ride, combined with her recent injuries, was making her sick as a dog. T’Challa shot her a concerned look, but she waved him away.
“I’m sure space travel will be much easier,” she said, wheezing a laugh.
“Speaking of,” Shuri said. “How do you make this thing go into space? It does not look like a spaceship.”
T’Challa opened his mouth to speak, but just then there was a bump that shook the entire Fantasticar. They all looked around to find the source. No one had joined them. Johnny was still cursing them out from behind.
There was suddenly drag in the controls. They were losing speed. T’Challa banked and the ship was sluggish. “Shuri, take the controls,” T’Challa said, as he magnetized his boots and gloves.
Before she even grabbed the stick, T’Challa had already secured his helmet, swung over the side, and latched on to the bottom of the Fantasticar. He hung there with both feet and one hand, the wind and inverted view threatening vertigo, but he shook it off. There were giant spiderwebs all over the bottom of the Fantasticar. He wasn’t alone down there.
“Uh, how are you doing that?” asked Spider-Man. He was standing on the bottom of the vehicle as well, but on the balls of his feet, almost casually, as if they were meeting on the sidewalk. Well, he had tempted fate, and fate had taken the bait. Planning a heist over the New York skyline in the middle of the morning had attracted exactly who he feared it would.
T’Challa growled and freed his other hand.
Spider-Man crossed his arms and tilted his head slightly. “Listen pal, if we can just be honest for a second. I know a heist when I see one.” The Fantasticar swerved hard, and a jet of flame blew through the air beneath them. T’Challa could feel the heat through his suit.
Spider-Man didn’t seem bothered at all. “Hoo boy,” he said, clapping his hands together. “How long before one of those ends up taking out some innocent falafel stand? You know, I know the Human Torch. Well, I mean, I don’t actually know him, but I see him on TV all the time, you know–actually, half the girls in the city know him better than I do. Okay, that kind of sounds like I’m slut-shaming. Him! Not the girls.” Spider-Man put out a hand defensively, explaining himself. “I’m slut-shaming Johnny. I mean, I’m just saying that I thought this was a paparazzi thing, and then I realized that Johnny was the one chasing you, and I thought, geez I hope the girl he’s with is okay. Is she up top? Is she the the muscly-looking…” he did a little body-building pose, “that one?”
“What are you doing down here?” There was a sudden burst of light and heat as the Human Torch joined them. The Fantasticar started to swerve again as Shuri tried to tell where he was.
Spider-Man pointed at Johnny. “Hey! You!” He cleared his throat. “You’re the fantastic guy with…the Torch!”
“The Human TorchI Are you with this guy?”
Spider-Man shook his head. “No way! I think he stole this…uh…flying car.”
“Yeah, he stole the Fantasticar!” Johnny replied.
“Fantasticar! That’s such a cool name.”
“Nah, it’s lame. But he can’t steal it.” The two of them shared a glance.
“Superhero team up?” Spider-Man said.
Johnny nodded with a huge grin. “Superhero team up! Let’s get him–hey, where’d he go?”
As both of the young heroes looked around wildly, T’Challa cut off the rest of the webbing and returned to the top of the Fantasticar. He grabbed the controls from Shuri.
“Hang on!” he yelled, and he yanked the stick. The Fantasticar hit a hard bank that turned into a tight spiral. It was a move that would have been deadly for any conventional aircraft, but Reed Richards’s design was a generation ahead of anything conventional. He spied the Torch spinning away behind them as they dove for the ground, and at the last second, he pulled them back up, shooting for the sky. Four seconds later, they cleared the tops of the skyscrapers and blasted into the open air. T’Challa breathed a sigh of relief. There was no way the Spider was still clinging to the bottom.
“This thing is incredible,” Spider-Man said from behind him. “Well…fantastic? I guess that’s the pun. What kind of EM field is keeping you guys in your seats?”
T’Challa turned without warning and struck with blinding speed, swiping with hard strength for a gouge across Spider-Man’s chest. The hero moved an instant before T’Challa struck, and the swipe missed by a hair’s width.
Spider-Man responded with a quick jab of his own, and T’Challa was almost off balance enough to take it on the chin. He just managed to dodge to the side, and he pivoted away, taking a defensive stance.
Spider-Man took a quick look at his fist. “That usually works. You’re not just some thug, are you?” Shuri and Okoye both stood at that. “Hey! Hey, just kidding,” he said, waving his hands in front of him. “I know you’re King T’Challa.” He leaned in a little. “By the way, do you have diplomatic immunity?”


Back in the hangar, Agent Ross watched as Susan Storm stood at the end of the launch platform and looked out over the city. He waited until she finally went back into the main building, and then he emerged from his hiding place and located the Badoon space cruiser. He moved quickly, running to one side to find the controls to unlock the moorings for the ship, disconnect the power, hydraulic, and fuel lines, and figure out how to taxi it to the launch platform.
Most of that was done by small helper bots, and Ross was able to move quickly through all of the computer systems because of T’Challa’s information. A year ago, the Black Panther had performed something of a stress test on Reed Richards’s security. He had broken through and given Reed instructions on how to improve, but not before downloading the bulk of the orbital lab’s files and installing his own backdoor into the system.
T’Challa had shrugged when telling them about it, like that kind of thing was no big deal. “If he really listened to what I told him, he would have found it.”
“Hard to lecture him about it now,” Ross muttered to himself. He tapped at his datapad, and was still a little shocked when it managed to connect with the cruiser’s system. Another tap, and the hatch opened.
“This guy thinks of everything,” Ross said, and he moved to climb into the cruiser.
“Hello, Agent Ross,” said a female voice, directly into his ear.
“Jesus!” Ross yelped as he jumped. He knew exactly who it was. It was her, the Invisible Woman. She was right next to him.
“Language, please. I grew up going to Sunday school, you know.”
“Yes, ma’am. Sorry.” That sounded bad. Might as well have called her mommy. Ross waited for the bump on the head, to wake up in a jail cell.
Sorry, T’Challa, he thought.
“Normally, I would turn an intruder over to the police. If Ben or Johnny didn’t get to them first, that is,” she said with a soft chuckle. She was speaking right into his ear, her breath giving him chills down his neck.
“Okay,” Ross said. “That sounds fair.” He let his free hand drift down near the data pad. Two taps would activate the floodlights. It might give him enough time to take off, or distract her. He could knock her out if he caught her off guard–
HIs entire body froze. He was suddenly wrapped in a forcefield the exact shape of his body.
“Let’s not get jumpy,” Sue said. “Normally, I would hand you over to the police, but you are right, Agent Ross. T’Challa really does think of everything. Take the ship and go.”
The force field vanished. “Really?” Ross said.
Sue kissed Ross on the cheek, just a peck. The chill intensified down his spine. “Just fill up the tank before you bring it back,” she said, and then she was gone.


The intelligence was true. T’Challa had scarcely believed it at first, but this Spider-Man really did have an extra sense. He dodged most of T’Challa’s blows easily, moving only after an attack was committed but with plenty of time to spare. What blows did land felt like he had punched a statue. He was superhumanly fast, and while T’Challa had managed to avoid his blows in return, his strength was clearly far, far beyond that of a normal human. Or a Black Panther, for that matter.
The only advantage T’Challa had was that he was fighting a novice. Spider-Man was clearly a young man, and his fighting experience was shallow. At the same age, T’Challa had nearly conquered the Feast of the Heart. This would essentially be a stalemate until one of them landed a solid blow.
The Human Torch still followed them. Shuri did her best with a small shield to deflect the flame he shot at them while Okoye tried to outfly him, but neither of them were going to succeed forever. The Torch just never ran out of flame, or clever insults, to hurl at them. T’Challa almost chuckled when he called them a “Saturday-Night-Live-mid-February-musical-guest-looking-bunch-of-scrubs.” Very creative for several minutes into a tirade like that.
On the top of the Fantasticar, the inertial dampeners kept them all from flying off, so T’Challa was able to fight with his full agility. He pressed as hard as he could, coming at Spider-Man with jabs and claw-tipped strikes. He did not want to seriously injure the young hero, but he knew he couldn't play defense. Spider-Man, in turn, acted like he was having a laugh.
“It’s a good thing Johnny and I are doing a team up,” he said, and then he called over his shoulder. “Can I call you Johnny?”
Spider-Man shrugged. “I mean, without Johnny it would be three on one. Three on two is a lot better. You’re a great fighter. I’ve never fought anyone like you, really. Even though the ol’ Spidey sense is keeping me safe–” he spun to avoid a nasty kick from T’Challa and hopped back, “I have to watch out for you.”
A real fighter would have grabbed that kick and punished him for missing. T’Challa snarled and pushed forward, using a complicated series of blows designed to confuse, well, a person without a Spidey sense, but it worked well enough.
“Hey!” Spider-Man laughed, “can’t even get my webs off. If I get flung off and have to swing back up here, so help me.”
“Does he ever shut up?” Okoye asked over her shoulder.
“Hey! I’m starting to think that you’re not actually Johnny’s girlfriend.”
Okoye rounded to charge at him. “I’m no–”
Webbing hit her in the mouth and stuck her hand to the control panel. “There we go! I got a shot off after all.”
Okoye’s eyes were murderous as she fought against the webbing. Well, it was probably for the best that she was tied up, now.
Manhattan wasn’t exactly an enormous landmass, and the Fantsticar was capable of some impressive speed. Neither Spider-Man nor the Torch seemed to have noticed that they had essentially circled the city three times since the chase began. T’Challa had been waiting, trying to hold on until Agent Ross arrived.
He saw the Badoon ship in the distance, so sleek and oddly angular, as it descended towards them. Fifteen, twenty seconds, and they would be close enough.
Spider-Man noticed the shadow first, and then the Torch. They both backed off their attacks and looked up at the approaching ship.
“Hey wait, you stole that too?” Johnny exclaimed.
“What did they steal?”
“A spaceship! They stole our spaceship!” Spider-Man turned to T’Challa. “I thought you just stole their car.”
“I’m giving back the car,” T’Challa replied. “Sorry for this.”
“Sorry for wh–” Spider-Man began, before T’Challa hit him with the Umsiki wexesha.
T’Challa had been holding it back, knowing that if it worked, it would probably work only once. The two-step attack, the second hidden within a superhuman reaction time of the first, landed. Spider-Man stepped back from the fist, but the darting elbow caught him hard in the shoulder, knocking him aside. To T’Challa, it felt like he smashed his elbow into a brick wall.
He moved with Spider-Man’s momentum, pushing past him, and he grabbed his wrist. He aimed the web shooter and pressed the exact spot where he had seen the teen press to activate it a moment before. A stream of webbing shot out and wrapped out the Human Torch’s middle. His flame went out suddenly, and he started to fall.
“Hey!” Spider-Man exclaimed, and he yanked his hand back, lashing out with the other. T’Challa caught it on his own shoulder, and he was knocked back across the platform of the Fantasticar. Spider-Man advanced quickly, moving to end it, but then he realized what had happened. He glanced over the side of the ship.
“A king playing dirty,” he said. “Well now I’ve seen it all,” and he leaped over the side to save Johnny.
T’Challa struggled to his feet, and he cut Okoye free. Ross was close enough now. Shuri joined him, and T’Challa saw how sweaty she was from the heat of the flames. Soot smudged her skin and clothes.
He brought the Fantasticar down to a low speed and then waited for Okoye and Shuri to hop over onto the cruiser. They were still so high over the city, and both of them were exhausted, but neither showed a hint of fear or hesitation. T’Challa set the controls for the Fantasticar to return home, and then he boarded the spaceship as well. Ross took them up as soon as the hatch was closed. The city, the island, and the continent all receded, until they were well above the clouds, high enough that they could see the neon-blue curve of the Earth.


“Okay, so as far as team ups go, that wasn’t the best,” Spider-Man said. He lowered Johnny gently to the ground and started to tear the webbing off of him.
“Stand back,” Johnny said. With a burst of flame, he incinerated all of the webbing covering his body. “And no, it didn’t go well. Next time, let me fight the Black Panther and you can fight the girls.”
“I mean…” Spidey said, shrugging, and then his shoulders drooped. “I can’t believe he actually got me. What was that he hit me with?”
“Dunno,” Johnny said, brushing off web-ash from his clothes. “That guy has like a million tricks. He almost beat up my Skrull girlfrie–I mean, my friend, who is a Skrull, and who is a girl. Sometimes.”
“What’s a Skrull?”
From far down the street, police sirens began to blare. The two young men perked up.
“Sounds like a bank robbery,” Johnny said.
Spider-Man extended a fist. “Uh…team up, take two?”
Johnny bumped the fist quickly. “Race you there. Flame on!”


They landed the cruiser near Shuri’s transport. All of the Wakandan soldiers came out to admire the alien ship. The hatch opened, and Shuri stood looking down on them.
“It is hard…to be the Black Panther,” she said to T’Challa. “It is harder being your sister.”
T’Challa squeezed her arm, and then he pulled her in for a hug. “I know. I am a difficult sibling.”
“And son,” she said into his shoulder.
“And king,” he chuckled. He stepped back and handed her a data pad. “The Atlas is loaded onto this. You know something has to be done here on Earth.”
Shuri shook her head. “I don’t even know where to begin. Start small, I guess.”
“You will manage,” T’Challa said. “The three of us will manage as well.”
“I don’t understand,” Shuri said. “I get that this is some kind of adventure, but there has to be more to it. No mere impulse would send you to the stars. You don’t know what’s out there.”
T’Challa hesitated. “There…is more. I won’t say now. I will say that there is a mystery surrounding Vibranium, one that I believe we should have tried to solve generations ago. A monster like Klaw, the attention of Bast, the spirits of the seven Kings…it is more than just a meteor, more than just Wakanda’s luck.”
“I…I trust you, T’Challa, but there is still a Wakanda to protect, a Wakanda to rule.”
“You don’t need me for that,” he said.
“Then, I guess there is nothing more to say,” Shuri said.
T’Challa smiled down at his sister. “There is a lifetime of things left to say. Gather your adventures, and I will gather mine, and we will trade over the fire when I return.”


The bridge of the Badoon ship was meant for a crew of about ten, but Reed Richards had rigged it so that three or four could easily handle all of its functions. Ross sat in the captain’s chair as he guided the ship up into orbit. T’Challa sat at a control panel and monitored the engines, atmosphere, and various energy levels. Okoye was monitoring communications.
“Susan Storm showed up,” Ross blurted out. The blue sky in the viewscreen faded to black.
“She did, and instead of stopping me, she just let me take the ship. I thought I was a goner.”
T’Challa laughed. “And you want to know why you are not a goner.”
“I do!”
“It is a simple matter,” T’Challa said. “I am a rogue head of state…or a head of a rogue state, depending who you ask. If I asked for their spaceship, the Fantastic Four might just give it to me, because they are my friends, but the U. S. Government would…”
“Pitch a fit?” Okoye said. “That is how the Americans say it?”
Ross nodded and pointed at her.
“Yes, pitch…a fit. Something like that. So, I have to be seen stealing it.”
“You arranged that ahead of time? How?”
T’Challa shook his head. “I arranged nothing ahead of time.”
“Wait, you didn’t know if Sue was going to flatten me when I tried to take the ship?”
“No, you did not know if she was going to flatten you,” Okoye said.
“I knew she would let you go,” T’Challa added.
“But how?”
“I already told you how. I told you the first time I spoke of this plan. They are my friends.”
“Huh,” Ross said simply. He started setting nav coordinates.
“Being my friend is a very serious matter,” T’Challa said, with a play of a grin on his lips.
Okoye looked back and forth between the two of them. “It is lunch time.”
Ross punched in a destination. “Lunch on the moon?”
T’Challa nodded. Inside, he was excited, bursting with anticipation, craving the adventure to come. Outside, he was as calm as he had been since…had there ever been a time he felt like this?
“Lunch on the moon.”

End of Volume 3: Beyond the Horizon
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2023.04.01 22:18 Informal_Park216 Adoptee tired of the Inner Conflict

I am an adoptee, just recently learning the borders of the "adoptee community" I wish I could get advice from someone with a perspective that is more understanding to why I would have such a serious inner conflict.
I was born in a formerly soviet country, to the US, to my "adoptive" family. I have a strong bond to my adoptive family, they are a priority to me in terms of caring how they may feel. My adoption bothered me as a child, I thought and suffered alone, understanding it's not an simple topic of discussion and it was never a priority in any one else's mind except my own. I immigrated out of the US as an adult and during the process I got all of the adoption paperwork from my parents. I got lucky that someone at a consulate slipped me confidential information of the name of the woman listed as my birthmother. I then had a lawyer who had an office in my birth country, find some information on the side of helping me with legal papers I needed. He gave me photos of my birth mom and siblings but said that "they didn't want contact." I ended up leaving it alone for a few years until I found a group on Facebook, for adoptees from my country, and, for mothers of my country looking for their children. The woman in charge of the group was kind enough to help me connect surprisingly quickly with a cousin.
Now, my cousin told me she was very shocked to hear from me, I am supposed to be dead. Apparently the hospital had told my BM that I was dead. I mentioned the group on face book, it is absolutely filled with endless stories of various children and mother's desperately trying to find the other. After some time I finally got ahold of my BM, and she confirmed that I had "died" and that the officials in the hospital and the government wouldn't show her my body, or give her a death certificate. It is like it didn't happen. My paperwork by chance gave me enough info to find her
I don't know the whole story just yet, we speak different languages and you can only get so much of an impression with messages and google translate. My confliction as of yet is that amongst the finding my birth family, my adoptive mom, but to me just my mom, entered hospice care. My mom has now passed away and I had kept my secret of finding my BM. I tried to speak to my dad about the new contact (he knew I was searching even though we never spoke about it directly) and he made it known that he didn't much care to know and that it didn't interest him. I know he is not keen on knowing, remembering that he shares the title of 'dad' with some stranger. He didn't react when I told him my Bio Father is dead, he said something to the terms of it shouldn't really matter to me.
My bio siblings are nice, it is difficult to start a relationship like siblinghood when you don't have any shared history or culture. Our parents were married, and there was a family in place. It wasn't what you think when you imagine the family giving up a child. I was a stolen and sold baby, and I made those people a lot of money. I want to protect my father from the truth of my history. But I also want to make a connection with my Bio Family before its too late.
How does one deal with such emotional things all alone? Who could even begin to give me advice on how to organize how I feel and think logically about the circumstance.
I feel Guilty, Angry, Frustrated, Grief, Happy, Desperate, and a lot of the time indifferent like it isn't actually about me.
I want to meet my bio mom soon. And I don't know how smart that is since I am emotionally an absolute wreck. I have gone through many other serious things during the time as this has all unfolded, if I listed out the life punches I have received one would have a full seasons worth of drama for a telenovela.
When should I think I am ready to tackle this? Where do I find someone with knowledge about situations like this?
Thank you
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2023.04.01 22:13 DrakeRyzer We heard you! Here's a creature and some new enhanced items!

We heard you! Here's a creature and some new enhanced items!

Penny for your thoughts? Good ヽ(o≧ω≦o)ノ Evening ゚.:。+゚

Months ago you all asked for more creatures and non-modification based enhanced items, we heard you and have been working in the background to achieve this.
With today's release, a work of blood, sweat, tears, and many a seagull attack. You will now be able to add powerful enhanced items to your games as well as a formidable creature to pit against your players! (・ω<)
If you have questions, concerns, or you notice a typo, post it here!

PDF link


Design Insights (more on the documents)

After months of discussion, playtesting, refining, and totally legitimate collaboration. really I just spent 2 hours making these. We have created items and a creature based on some of the most popular Star Wars projects out there! With songs such as "My Stick!" and "SEAGULLS! (Stop it Now)" and the infamous weapon created by George Lucas himself! (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑) wow!*✰


-"Is this a totally legitimate release and not just an April's Fools joke and will this be updated on the website?"
Yes! These are official items and an official creature that will stay as part of Official SW5e content for years to come! It will also be up on the website within the nearest parsec! as soon as we figure out how long that actually is. (^^)b


A long collaboration effort between myself, a tiny green man, a stick, and seagulls; all fueled by the power of bacon! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


If you find a typo, it's totally intentional. ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
-Renamed Swarm to Flock and the Move legendary action to "I Ran (So Far Away)" and Attack to "Seagulls... mmgh! Stop it now!"-added incapacited to Inhaling Screech (because why not)
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2023.04.01 22:10 Winged-White-Wolf My wet dream is to see the original version of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's is by far the most disappointing anime that I ever watched. It's also the reason why I got out of anime in general (the only one I still watch with pleasure is Wolf's Rain). It was very good only in the first two seasons. I swear, I've binge watched season 1 in a week. After the Dark Signers arc it went downhill.
Since season 3 there are no more mature themes, it's just filler and what is the plot anymore? A divorced old man? Three dumb androids that do nothing than just sit all day watching the protagonists? Then, there's the WRGP, with do gooders and characters who only appear a handful of times and then are forgotten.
Many of you know that the third season was originally going to be about Arcadia Movement, Yliaster's rival. It's obvious that Aki was going to be the main focus along with Divine (fuck Z-ONE! Divine forever!). Then, Yliaster was going to stay a cult like season 1 shown. If Bruno/Antinomy existed, he would have been connected with Yliaster in no way (since Antinomy is a Greek word, I suspect he was part if the Arcadia Movement).
I would have surely enjoyed it a lot, but, since reality can be very cruel, this anime started to taint me and I dropped it just before Team Unicorn.
Why did this change? The reasons why the original plans for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's were changed are unsure, so I won't write them here.
I'm going to repeat it: THIS is what Yu-Gi-Oh! should have been and it's also the reason why I got awy from almost all anime. I'm utterly disgusted by how much do gooders and sugarcoating gets thrown in the watcher's face and by that mentality that thinks everything must be sweetened and that bad things must be rejected and cancelled. Yu-Gi-Oh! has been sweetened and flattened up to make it more palatable to kids. It's a comprehensible marketing choice, but how much did it cost? Yu-Gi-Oh! has been castrated and privated of everything that made it interesting and deep. This is the anime that we deserved to watch, a story about friendship and autodetermination without too many do gooders and with characters that are either gentle or cruel.
What do you think? What's your advice?
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2023.04.01 22:08 4thGenTrombone The 2002 game and how it uses every boxer (and then some)

To be fair, I played the game before I got into the movies. But here's a thought that has been buzzing in my head for years - how many playable characters are actual contenders from the first five films? From a slightly hazy memory (haven't watched the saga in a while), I counted that fourteen of the nineteen are seen/mentioned. Other than Spider Rico, Apollo, Lang, Drago and Gunn, many briefly mentioned boxers make an appearance. Dipper Brown correctly appears in the Rocky I level. Big Yank Ball is accurately labelled as a Rocky III opponent, and Billy Snow whom Apollo mentions in II is said to be European champ - backed up by blue shorts with white trim. Kofi Langton, Tim Simms (Tommy Gunn's opponents under Rocky) and of course Union Cane are also present, although I'm not sure if the short colours are accurate.
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2023.04.01 22:07 semperfidelisnn0938 A Little Qanon Related Humor at My People's Expense

I hope the moderators can see the value in a little humor, mostly at the expense of my Essex County, New Jersey upbringing in the Jewish faith. If you are a Catholic, consider what follows and perhaps, given the season, write "The Twelve Stations of the Indictment" or some such.
If you are the redditor who reported your concern for me the other day when I, expressing my extreme loneliness at having returned from prison to find in the world in such a state and my family succumbing to Q, please know I talked to someone at the VA and you may have saved my life that night. Thank you, kind friend.
This is a little long, but it's fun, especially if you grew up where I did.
Tell your Q you called 1.866.JUDAISM, in order to join the persecution of their savior along with us, and got the following:
Thank you for contacting Judaism. Due to an unusually high interest in our faith, due in part to the upcoming crucifixion of the Messiah of the Q's, our second in two millennia, no one is available to answer your call right now, but we want to thank you for your interest in Judaism, the monotheist's favorite faith and the only one with a people Chosen by G-d. Your questions, comments, and concerns are important to us, please continue to hold. Your call is number (THREE) in queue to be answered.
Please listen closely to the following options as our menu has changed.
For a dial by terrible, whiny, phlegmy sounding name directory, press one.
To report someone acting like a schlemiel, press two.
If you've accidentally taken a drink from a well you or a friend has poisoned, press three.
For the latest recipes for matzoh using the blood of Christian children, press four.
If you really think either you, Madonna, or most people who claim such things have any clue about Kabbalah, press five...and then go to Christian Hell.
If you wish to change tribes, or upgrade to Orthodox Platinum, which comes with a free subscription to our online magazine, "Hypochondriac? Shympochondriac! I'm Telling You, I'm Sick. Look, Right Here. Feel This Inflammation. You Tell Me. Is a Healthy Gland Supposed to Feel Like That? Hypochondriac...And Where Did You Get Your Degree, a Grass Hut in Nairobi Mister Big Shot Doctor?" press six.
If you've received a message telling you to invest in nasal spray manufacturers or if you can't tell when your girlfriend reaches completion, and you believe it was an error or would like to order a nailfile for her to drop, press seven.
If you, like I, took your girlfriend's toches last night and would like her to stop complaining about it because it was, after all, your birthday, please press eight to order some little shiksa because good Jewish girls really shouldn't be doing that sort of thing, for shame, Aaron, for shame...you disappoint me, I'm not angry. Okay? Not angry. Calm down. Breathe. Good. Okay? Look, you're so creative and you bring so much good into the world and I just know, because a mother knows these things, call it a sense, that you are going to do great things one day. Right now? After hearing this? I'm just disappointed. You should know better by now, bubee. Really. You should know better. That's the sort of things those Catholic girls do. Okay? Not your girlfriend. Nicole is from Livingston and her family is very active in Beth Am. You know what they call that town? Livingstein. Girls from a place like that with a family so active in the faith and the community don't do...well that. You know who would do that sort of thing? Meadow Soprano or that little friend of hers, Hunter. Meadow Soprano? She was on The Sopranos. The television show. No, it wasn't about a choir, Mister Weisenheimer. It was a show about mobsters. Like Mister Pinto and those boys of his, who are they fooling? Waste management. Yes, Aaron. He's a mobster. Everybody knows that. Everyone in that business is, oh but don't say anything to them because your sister does ballet with one of their cousins. Anyway, put down your phone for a second, wipe the dust off of that television, you know the thing your father and I still watch and the thing we paid thousands of dollars for so it could collect dust on the wall of your room like some Rembrandt at MOMA and watch it instead of looking for hours on end at little girls undressing and dancing on Tik Tak. Tik Tak. That app you're always looking at. Tik Tok? Are you sure? I've been calling it Tik Tak. No, I watched something about this and like five senators called it Tik Tak. Well, good. They should ban it. But we're off topic. Meadow Soprano was a girl played by Jamie Lynn Ziegler. No. Z-I-E...doesn't that thing have autocorrect? Use it. Okay. Anyway, Jamie was a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, she actually ended up on Broadway. I saw her once. Divine. No, I didn't take the PATH in. Because it smells, bubee. Like pee. We took a car service, why does it matter how we got there? Ugh. Not angry. Not angry. You just frustrate me sometimes with these questions. Anyway, saw her live. Orchestra seats. So much talent. Anyway, Meadow Soprano, or better yet, that little friend of hers, you could just tell by looking at them, that is the kind of girl you do something like that with. Okay? Not Nicole. Not anyone from JCC, not those girls you meet at camp, have fun, that's why we send you, but I don't need details, I'm your mother, I'm here if you want to talk about it or if you have any questions but, please, for my sake, ask your father or one of his brothers, but not Uncle Andy he couldn't handle that sort of thing right now, don't ask, or even Rabbi Krauss, he's not a priest after all, and, finally, bubee, none of the girls from synagogue. Nicole? She's one of us and we don't do that sort of thing. Ask your father. I know what he does with that so-called secretary of his and it's fine. Okay? He thinks I don't know but I know what with those outfits she's always wearing and all that makeup. She might as well hang a big, neon sign around her neck that says "Open for Business. Parking in Rear." That's right I know all about these things. But that's not why we're talking, now is it? Again. Not angry. Just disappointed. Now, come on, I went to Harold's. No, not that one, the good one in Teaneck. You should see the counters at that other one. Haven't been cleaned since Moses ate manna and quail there, right? Now let me make you something. You'll feel better after you eat, I promise.
If you've caught your death because you went out dressed like that, and in this, press nine.
If you no longer wish to receive emails and text alerts about days when we will crash planes into buildings, please go to www.melgibsonwasrightaboutus_mishpocha.com/zog. That's, www.melgibsonwasrightaboutus all as one word, then an underscore then mishpocha...as in the whole mishpocha will be attending seder except your brother but he sends his blessings and those from that wife of his and the little ones she's been blessed with, oh his oldest just got accepted at Julliard, I know, right, now if she would ever just finally grow out of that emo phase she's been in for what, a decade, but you had your phases too, even if you refuse to admit it now, I remember when your counselor called me from Camp Winola and told me you had bought a shirt with a picture of Che Guevara on it and were sitting around the fire singing the Adomalon in it, plus the fact that you didn't understand the irony of buying a communist t-shirt from a corporation then wasn't so bad because you were young and we all go through phases, it's part of growth, or so says Rabbi Krauss and he's so learned, it was embarrassing back then, yes, but not so embarrassing to me as it is now when you're still preaching that schlock to your friends in the Green Party while billing your clients $300 an hour, which is fair, in that trans-vaginal mesh class action because someone beat you to that goldmine with that contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, oh isn't that horrible, but it's good someone is going to hold them to account, we're so proud of you, anyway he sends his blessings from their place down in Freehold and you know him he never really followed the faith too closely, really puts the "ish" in Jewish, that one...Dot com, then a backslash and then the letters Z-O-G. Click on the unsubscribe button and then enter your email and mobile number. Please allow nine to eleven business days for your request to be processed.
Please continue to hold. Your estimated wait time is far less time than it's been since you called your mother and you know how she worries, you really should be better to her, she who gave you life and carried you in her womb for nine months with that back of hers. And don't forget, Mister three days late, oy, the labor pains she bore for you and now, you can't even take five minutes to call? You do whatever you think is right, okay? That's what you always do anyway.
To leave a message, please complain neurotically or cough for three minutes, you should really get that checked out, you sound terrible, or until you hear the tone.
Once again, we'd like to thank you for your interest in Judaism, our people, our traditions, and the wars we cause. Please continue to hold.
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2023.04.01 22:07 salmoapp Keto Weight Loss Plateau? Shake Things Up with These 5 Tips!

Are you stuck in a weight loss rut on your keto journey? It's a common issue for many people who hit a plateau and struggle to see progress. But don't give up just yet - our team has compiled five tips to help you shake things up and jumpstart your weight loss once again!
  1. Track your food intake: Sometimes we may not realize how much we're actually consuming, so keeping track of what you eat can help you identify areas where you can cut back.
  2. Mix up your macros: Try changing your macros to see if that makes a difference. For example, you could try increasing your protein intake and reducing your fat intake.
  3. Incorporate intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting can help reset your metabolism and kickstart weight loss. Try fasting for 16 hours a day and eating during an 8-hour window.
  4. Add in some exercise: Exercise can help burn calories and boost your metabolism. Even just a 20-minute walk or some light weightlifting can make a difference.
  5. Get enough sleep: Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and hinder weight loss progress. Make sure you're getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
Don't let a weight loss plateau discourage you from reaching your goals. Give these tips a try and see how they work for you. Remember, every body is different and it may take some trial and error to find what works best for you. Keep pushing forward, and you'll get there!
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2023.04.01 22:07 peanutpunk-2 Why Kid isn't a fraud [Tournament]

Why Kid isn't a fraud [Tournament]

Portrayal: From his first apperance Kid was set up to be a major player in the Great Pirate era. Not only is he the youngest Supernova after Luffy and Zoro (and according to Ace was already making a name for himself 4 years ago), but from reaching Sabaody all the way across the 2 year timeskip to Dressrosa, Kid had a higher bounty than all of the Supernovas including Luffy. Of course bounties don't equate to power levels exactly, but it's not like Oda gave Kid the highest bounty for no reason, after all in Oda's own words regarding the creation of the Supernovas "I imagined Eustass Kid would become an important character"
Feats: Unlike Luffy who's had many mentors over the series, Kid is self taught in haki and his abilities. Despite this he and Luffy are often comparable in feats up until Luffy learns advance forms of haki.
During the Timeskip without having any form of Advance haki Kid was able to injure one of the Sweet Commanders, worst case scenario he beat Snack who's YC4 and still puts pre-awakening Kid at YC3 level, meanwhile prior to Rayleigh's training Luffy would be Lucky to beat Hody Jones. Best case scenario Kid beat Smoothie as she's the one that guards the Poneyglyph's and this could put pre-awakening Kid at YC1 level, but I think what's more likely is that Kid beat Cracker and the injury mentioned was the scar over his eye. Of course this is speculation but as I said before even in the worst case scenario Kid without Advance Haki, Awakening and training is only one tier below Luffy before getting ACoO.
Most likely however they would be on the same tier, as when Kid and Luffy where both cuffed with Sea-stone in Udon, they where able to lift an equal amount of weight, and had comparable stamina and speed while delivering the cubes. On top of that Kid only had one arm putting him at a heavy disadvantage.
Explaining Anti-Feats: A lot of people use the argument "If Kid is strong how come he takes so many L's" Well if Kid without Awakening and advance haki is on the same level as G4 Luffy pre ACoO, then how could he have been expected to defeat Beckman, Kaido or Bullet.
And even with Awakening it's not like G5 Luffy with no advance haki is gonna put up a much better fight against Shanks than Kid did.
Particularly with the Shanks fight Kid was set up for failure, as many have said it seem's like Kid's own attack exploding contributed to his defeat, but even without that Shanks would've won with about (if not the exact same) amount of effort.
In Film Red (I know not canon) Shanks is able to not only keep up with Borsalino but outspeed him, if this does later get confirmed to be his canon speed then it's no wonder Kid wasn't able to defend in time. And despite what some people will comment, Killer did not jump in front of the attack, he "tried" to defend Kid when he saw Shanks approaching but clearly didn't make it in time as the panel shows.
It should also be noted that Shanks intended to use a powerful attack and finish Kid as quickly as possible as he himself said in regards to what would have happened otherwise "He's about to do some serious damage!".
Look at Shanks sweat and panic
The Big Mom fight: Here's a play by play of Kid vs BM so that I can present all the facts,
BM and Kid first engage each other on the roof, where every other member of the rooftop 5 is hit by BM's Indra on the first go other than Kid who manages to dodge the attacks until one them becomes sentient and turns to hit him.

The next time they engage is when Kid show's his BIQ by teaming with Law to get BM off the roof (a plan that was Kid's idea),
he creates a metal box for Law to trap Zeus in. He then lures BM with a weak attack so he can endure her own attack and send her straight up with Repel, giving Law a chance to send knock her off the Island.
He is then blasted by Hera's Fulgora and sent back into Onigashima,
but get's up almost instantly afterwards with minimum damage. Afterwards he is the first to find BM, slamming her head into the ground from behind. While he didn't do any noticeable damage in this time he was able to hold off BM solo for a chapter and a half before Law showed up, Afterwards the two of them fought her for another 7 chapters offscreen before Hawkins started interfering by transfering damage to Kid, including Stab wounds and head injuries. Despite this Kid continued to fight BM for a further 7 chapters, enduring attacks from both her and Hawkins including a Mama Raid and shortly after Hawkins defeat and Ikoku Sovereignty.
A handfull of panels later
Law then used to the chance to attack BM with Shock Wille and Kid damaged her further using Punk Crash. The damage of which must have been significant because she decided to sacrifice her lifespan to heal and power up afterwards.
The two of them then fought Bigger Mom for a further 7 chapters before beginning to succumb to their injuries, once Big Mom was distracted however, Law used his Shock Wille again, which hurt BM but she didn't stop going for them until Kid used his Punk Corna Dio.
Once again BM heals and tries to counter attack but is stopped by Kid using Assign and Punk Corna Dio once again, BM tries to counter with Misery but Law opens a hole up with Shock Wille once again and defeats Misery while Kid lands the final blow sending BM flying down the hole with Damned Punk.
In summary,
Kid with one arm was able to match Luffy with two
Without two years training from the Dark King he was able to injure a Sweet Commander
He's been set up as the most important Supernova after Luffy
He's one of the few people alive with CoC and hasn't even had a chance to show it off yet
He was not carried by Law in Wano and if anything was doing better, Law however is one the greatest support roles for a 2v1
He has underrated Durability, Endurance, BIQ & AP
Shanks wanted to finish Kid quick as possible because he was scared of the damage he could do to his crew
Kid is around as strong as G5 Luffy with no advance haki, and if he learns it soon then he'll catch up quick
Bonus pic of Kid pre-awakening using his BIQ to damage Kaido with crushing
Yet some people still think he loses to Pica
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2023.04.01 22:03 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/rangers roundup for the week of March 25 - March 31

Saturday, March 25 - Friday, March 31

Top videos

score comments title & link
314 26 comments [Celine Dion Play of the Game] Here is your Celine Dion Play of the Game -- The Kids Line
189 16 comments Throwback to one of my favorite Sam Rosen calls 😭
174 23 comments [Celine Dion Play of the Game] Here is your Celine Dion Play of the Game -- Good win and thank you Igor
94 9 comments I watch highlights on YouTube with a reduced playback speed and the drunken commentary is the cherry on top
89 5 comments Rangers Win 3-28-2023

Game thread comments

score comment
66 TheChelicopter said I feel like this team can both be swept in the first round or win the cup. Inconsistency in New York.
64 knobcheez said This is about the 20th time this season people are calling for GG to be fired. Once we win 2 games in a row half this sub will go back planning the Stanley Cup parade. Y'all need to drink a beer o...
41 floydiannyc said If they're not gonna show up, I'm not gonna show up. See you all in the playoffs! Fuck. Who am I kidding? See you fuckers Sunday.
37 juxtaposition21 said Least deserved point of the season and I think they care less than I do
37 Zero-jiggler said Gallant fucking pissed. Honestly the most emotion I’ve seen him show post game in a long time
35 AIC_333 said You guys can shit on gallant all you want. Some things are just basic hockey. Screening the goalie, shooting the puck, etc. I agree it feels like there’s no system in place and I don’t think Gallan...
33 Grouchy-Power-806 said Mika and Vlad were embarrassing on that gwg. I had second hand shame for them.
33 terithegreat said How the last 24 hours have made me feel after booking flights + hotel for the playoffs this week: 🤡
30 chickichuglette said Ryan Lindgren is the heart of this team. Rangers need him.
29 Robtachi said This team desperately needs Lindgren back.

Top Remaining Posts

score comments title & link
751 279 comments [4yrs x $4.375 M] x - New York Rangers on Twitter: Chytil Extended 4 years
704 62 comments In 2009, the Rangers used their 19th pick in the draft to select this goofy-looking kid. 14 years later, Chris Kreider is now a top 5 all-time goal scorer in team history.
603 45 comments Boys 2 Men line getting it done.
522 16 comments Kid Line, ASSEMBLE!
478 53 comments I don't care if they are puttering around with walkers and dentures, this is and will always be known as "The Kid Line"
466 56 comments [NY Rangers] "My main focus was to stay here and be part of this team. I've said many times: I've been here since I was 18. I'm the player who I am because of them as well. Happy that I'm going to stay here."
452 54 comments They are coming…they are coming
405 48 comments The New York Rangers have clinched a playoff berth
389 78 comments No jersey content today, Mika got spayed so she’s in her recovery suit. She gets her Cinderella pillowcase and the Rangers clinch a playoff spot!
373 29 comments Sam Rosen liked my jersey
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2023.04.01 22:01 SweetBlasph3my Program Review: Bullmastiff

I jumped into the puppy party after running SBS through 2022 and started a two cycle wave of Bullmastiff base with a one week deload and max testing on new years eve. I’ve just finished a full cycle of 12 weeks, 3 cycles of base and 1 cycle of heavily modified peak.

Lift Starting TM (11/14/22) Ending Tm (12/31/22) % Increase Ending TM (4/1/23) % Increase
Squat 250 280 12% 296 (est.) 5.7%
Bench Press 225 225 0.0% 240 (est.) 6.7%
Deadlift 330 330 x 2 (est 340) 3.0% 335 (est.) -1.5%
OHP 125 130 4% 180 0%
Weight 170 175 2.9% 180 2.8%
35 years old, boring office job. Started lifting back in high school and was a serious swimmer. Didn’t make the college team and transitioned to triathlons for a bit and then transitioned to drinking and being fat. Had some off and on returns to the gym where I’d stay pretty consistent for a year or two then take a few years off loosing access to gym or weights. I did make a lot of life style adjustments when I got married and had kids and dropped from somewhere from 250ish pound down to the 170-185 range I stay in now. Mainly just from not eating junk and hanging out at bars all the time.
When the pandemic hit my brother in law offered to let me take his gym equipment home since he wasn’t using it and I’ve been pretty consistent with a weight set in my gym for the past 3 years.
My main goal is to get solidly in the 1,000 pound club and look good while doing it. I enjoy the naturally progression weightlifting gives and doing it consistently really helps my mental health and helps me balance out my life.
2022 Cycle:
I jumped on this program after finishing up a few cycles of SBS RTF and Hypertrophy combined because I saw all the great write ups on the program and Bromley offered it out for free. I overall really enjoy the program for how it pushes you. I cut the 2022 run early because my son and I thought it would be cool to max out new years eve and really track progress. Since he is somewhat new to weightlifting and has gains like crazy I also thought it would be good to get solid 1 rep maxes for him to use in the program.
2023 cycle:
I followed Bromley’s layout to the extent I could with limited home gym equipment and modified some suggestions as I went along. I also realized at some point I screwed up my spreadsheet and kept the 1% of max increasing between waves so there wasn’t a slight deload every 4th week. I did end up throwing in a 7th week deload because I was just feeling to broken. Here the lifts we did by day.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Squat Bench Press Deadlift Overhead Press
Sumo Deadlift Behind the Neck Press Incline Bench Press Dumbbell Fly's
EZ Bar Curl Hammer Curls Ab Wheel Wide Grip Bench
Front Squat Ab Wheel Power Clean Dumbbell Lat Raise
Leg Raises EZ Bar Triceps Ext. Hanging Knee Raise Ab Wheel
Good Morning Dumbbell Lat Raise Snatch Deadlift EZ Bar Triceps Ext
Ab Wheel Plank Weighted Pull-ups Reverse Barbell Curl
At the beginning of the program for the first month we also did two conditioning days that consisted of kettlebell swings and other various exercises with the kettlebell all designed to keep us moving and build working capacity. Except for the main lifts (S/B/D/O) everything was super-setted for time savings. Even with super setting the workouts dragged out and were long. Day 3 quickly became to draining so Snatch Deadlift and weight pull-ups were dropped and randomly added in either on the conditioning days when we were doing them or whenever we had a little extra time. We had some life things get in the way which involved moving someone in our family and painting their house as well as our own major project at our house.
Peak Wave:
I always get antsy when the volume drops too much and since I had nothing to prep for We decided to take an abbreviated peak cycle. This meant for Week 10, 11 and 12 our main sets went 5 sets of 3, 3 sets of 3 and then 1 set of 3, instead of stretching that out over the course of three weeks. As predicted, I started getting a little lazy and less dedicated. I know the peak and the drop in volume is there to help recovery, but it just doesn't get me as excited and jazzed up for the next workout. I’ll probably continue when doing programs just to keep ignoring the peak cycles and just start over again with new TM’s
I really enjoyed the program and the rep scheme, progressively overloading the main lifts while loading up the accessories via set increases really worked well for me. I found myself most looking forward to Day 1 with the squats and front squats. Those sets of front squats made me question my life choices many times. I am disappointed with my deadlift this week and was hoping to do better, but I think simply I had an off day and it’s a shame it was the final exam. I went 310 lbs. for 5 the week before so only getting 315 for 3 was a bummer.
What’s Next:
I’m taking a week off to run some drills and get my son to get back to squatting to depth. As his weight on squat increased, he started doing more quarter squats as opposed to a full squat. By the time I paid enough attention to notice it was a bit too late to force a change. Not wanting to argue with him about a drastic decrease in weight, we opted to finish the program at the higher weight then he should be at and focus in next week on depth and getting a real 1rm.
After that week break we’re going to run Building the Monolith for 6 weeks and then take a vacation. After vacation I’ll need to decide if I want to focus on hypertrophy or really push for some maxes at the end of the year. My squats have improved the best on Bullmastiff then the other programs I’ve done. I’m happy with the bench progress, but am cautious about what my 1 rep max really would be, I seem to have a mental block at 225. This has been the toughest training I’ve done for deadlift and I think mentally it’s been good to get comfortable preforming multiple reps higher to my max. I did get to the point in December where my deadlift test was all the weight, I own so can only use estimates until I can lock down some more plates locally.
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2023.04.01 22:01 AutoModerator [Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System
Download course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/content-mavericks-the-greatest-hits-content-system/
[Get] Content Mavericks – The Greatest Hits Content System

Who it’s for

Greatest Hits Content is best for you if you run a client-based business that sells a high ticket service, coaching, or consulting offer for $500 or more. If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:
  • Getting clients without needing to do manual cold email outreach
  • Acquiring a handful of clients who pay premium prices on a recurring basis
  • Working with clients who have more money than time
  • Executing a content strategy that works to acquire high ticket clients vs SEO traffic
  • Turning leads into clients so you never have to worry about losing one big client
  • Living month-to-month with unstable cashflow

What it helps you achieve

Greatest Hits Content will help you achieve the following in 30-90 days:
  • Build recurring revenue by adding 5-10 high paying, recurring clients to your business
  • Find the right content topics to attract larger clients who want your help
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  • Grow an audience you own and can contact anytime you need a new client
  • Take on a new client whenever you need by sending one email
  • Run small budget ads to your content to add new prospects to your email list daily
  • Get off the content creation hamster wheel by doing all of the above with 1-5 pieces of content (aka 1-5 “greatest hits”)

How it works

Greatest Hits Content is broken down into seven parts (with templates, email swipes, and examples you can model). Every part has an over-the-shoulder video training that is 30-90 minutes in length.

Part 1: Greatest Hits Content Survey

TL;DR: How to find content topics using a unique survey method.
  • The three questions you need to ask to find the best content topics.
  • The survey template we used to get 104 responses.
  • How to analyze the survey results and prioritize what content to create first.
  • How to check if the topics from your survey have organic traffic potential.
  • How to run this survey on social media if you don’t have an email list.

Part 2: AIDA Article Template

TL;DR: How to create slam dunk content every time with a proven writing template.
  • How to write the headline, outline, and body of your blog posts to hook in the right readers.
  • The writing template we use (based on the exact same template we used to attract the Head of Product Marketing at Amazon with one blog post).
  • Introduction and body copy formulas for the five blog post formats we’ve found that work the best to attract big clients.
  • Live examples of how to write content that gets clients and ranks on Google.
  • One resource you can use to outsource your content for less than $0.18 per word, if you don’t want to write it.

Part 3: Three Jabs Strategy

TL;DR: How to get over 10% of your traffic to convert into leads.
  • How to use “Utility Content Upgrades” to convert content-driven traffic into leads.
  • REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: The content conversion strategy we used on one blog to convert the blog’s traffic into 10,080 email leads per month.
  • How to track what individual pieces of content convert to clients the best, so you can double down on promoting your top converters.
  • How to make sure more of your emails hit your leads inbox so they see your offer (hint: Active Audience).
  • How to customize the experience for every visitor to your site so you get more conversions from your content.

Part 4: Red Packet Partnerships

TL;DR: How to get 100-1,000 leads in a day (without SEO or paid ads).
  • How to find partners who can add 100-1,000 leads to your business in one day, using your content and “guest emails”.
  • The free tool we use to add emails to our mailing list, when someone clicks a link inside one of our partner’s emails. No one teaches this.
  • How to track how many clients come from every partnership, so you can do more promos with partners who deliver high paying clients.
  • Three warm partner methods and three cold partner methods. Start with the warm partner methods for quick and easy partnership wins.
  • The exact partnership script we use to land win-win partnerships with big influencers we’ve never met before.

Part 5: $5 Hit Records

TL;DR: How to run small budget content distribution ads to get daily leads.
  • The one Google Analytics report you need to look at to see which of your content converts the best, so you can promote it in your ads.
  • A live demo of how to set up your ads inside the ad network with the exact conversion objective and settings you need to use.
  • The step-by-step standard operating procedure our team uses that you can follow or give to a team member to set up your ads for you.
  • A campaign planning template with ad copy, headlines, and blog post URLs so you can fill-in-the-blanks, then upload your ads into the ad network.
  • How we write ads that get shares and leads. I go over one of our highest converting ads with a 20% share-to-reaction ratio, and breakdown how to write one for yourself.

Part 6: Viral Content Upgrades

TL;DR: How to get strangers to share your content daily (without cold outreach).
  • What to do after someone opts-in to your email list so you get more traffic to your content without paying more for ads.
  • Content upgrades vs viral content upgrades. How, when, and where to use each of them to get maximum shares and leads from your content.
  • The free viral sharing tool we use to get people to share our blog posts. This is 25x more effective than the share bars you see on blogs nowadays.
  • How to leverage “credibility content” in your viral content upgrades to turn sharers into clients.
  • A live demo from blog post to social share so you can see how it all works how to set it all up.

Part 7: 900 Word Emails

TL;DR: How to get $500-$15,000 clients (without a phone call).
  • Four GOATs of email marketing who’ve driven millions of dollars from email. Here’s what I learnt from each of them to run 6-figure email campaigns.
  • How to use “presell content” to get the most qualified prospects in your audience to raise their hand that they want your help.
  • How to find the trigger points that get your clients to buy. Once you know these, you can keep using them in your emails to bring on new clients.
  • Word-for-word examples of how to write your emails, including how to word the call to action at the end of your email so people reply to your offer.
  • How to have a natural conversation with people over chat, so you can see if what you have to offer is a good fit for them, then bring them on as a client.
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2023.04.01 22:00 The_Cooler_Server [A3][Recruiting][US] The Cooler Server: A Relaxed Arma MilSim Community

The Cooler Server [TCS]
TCS Wants You!
TCS Website
TCS YouTube
About The Cooler Server
The Cooler Server is a laid-back military simulation community that aims to provide a more enjoyable alternative to traditional Arma milsim units. You won't find ranks, or power-hungry staff members. Instead, we'll show you that you can play tactically without sacrificing your pride with virtual pushups. Just laid back, structured gameplay in a fun and helpful environment.
Rather than locking you in to a role that you'll grow tired of in a few weeks, we give you the freedom to play whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like! While roles can be limited on an operation to operation basis, we'll try our best to offer a variety of options that keep you entertained and engaged.
We understand that time is a commodity that not everyone has, so our policy on attendance is flexible. New members are required to attend at least one op within the first 30 days of joining, however after that we don't have ANY attendance requirements. Can't make it this week? No big deal. Need to take a break from the game? That's fine too! While we might temporarily mark you as inactive on our website, we'll be here whenever you're ready to return.
While our community's sole purpose is to have fun, we like to implement real tactics and strategy during our operations. We also understand that shooting brainless AI can get tedious and boring, so our missions are hand-made every week by our seasoned mission makers. Our operations last around 2-3 hours and typically have 40-50 players on our Saturday Op Night.
New to the game? No problem! We've all been there, and we can understand how intimidating it is to play with a unit for the first time. Our staff is full of veteran Arma players who can explain the ins and outs of almost anything you'd want to learn. We also understand that your first operation might not go smoothly, so we'll be sure to pair you with a fire team full of helpful veterans to get you through the fight!
For your first operation with TCS, we ask that you show-up an hour early on either a Wednesday or Friday night, so we can walk you through some of our mods and recommended keybinds. If you can't make it, arrangements can be made with a TCS Staff Member. If this is your first time playing Arma, we are more than happy to teach you the basics of the game.
Submit an application and join our cult community!
Op times: [ Wednesday Friday Saturday ]
  • 06:00PM (1800) Pacific
  • 07:00PM (1900) Mountain
  • 08:00PM (2000) Central
  • 09:00PM (2100) Eastern
  • 01:00AM (0100) GMT
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