Hidden path to the haligtree location

Find the Sniper

2014.10.08 01:00 1sagas1 Find the Sniper

The well camouflaged hiding in plain sight.

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Hidden WoW is a branch-off from the main wow subreddit intended to feature all things secret or less-known in the World of Warcaft. Found a cool piece of lore hidden in-game somewhere or a clever reference? Spot a unique NPC with a funny name or tread the beaten path to a neat locale? Share it here.

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We are here to appreciate the awesome majesty and incredibly cool aspects of nature. 🔥

2023.06.08 01:06 Mga2483 Private Bedroom in 4BR/2B near Andrew Square for 1175/month

Hi everyone, I'm going to be subletting my room from July 1 to August 31. The room is the biggest in the house and has a window-AC unit. There are three other roommates, and two bathrooms. The apartment is located on the first floor and has a backyard.
The apartment is both close to JFK/U-Mass and Andrew Square. South Bay Shopping Center (Target, Stop&Shop, Chipotle) is also minutes away.
The $1175/month does not include utilities, that cost will be shared evenly with the three other roommates.
The apartment has in-unit laundry and a dishwasher.
I will be leaving a bedframe, a clothing organizer, a movable closet, as well as a table and two chairs.
Please PM me if you're interested. Willing to be flexible on price and do a video tour on FT.
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2023.06.08 01:05 Lord_Cronos On June 12th r/userexperience will go dark for at least 48 hours in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps and impact accessibility.

What's going on?

Starting on July 1st, Reddit has decided to impose exorbitant charges on third-party app developers (Relay, Reddit is Fun, Boost, Apollo, Baconreader, Sync, Narwhal, etc.) to utilize their API. This decision has far-reaching consequences that not only price third party app developers out of operation but also affect the experience of moderators and users alike, including impacting accessibility. The lack of function in Reddit's official app is far from a complete solution for moderators, and left many users dissatisfied with their experience as well.
​In response to this situation, userexperience is joining with many other subreddits in a coordinated effort. We believe that unity is essential in driving change and advocating for the rights of app developers, users with disabilities, and for the overall user experience. To amplify our message and demonstrate the strength of our concerns, barring any significant positive changes in Reddit's plans,

userexperience will be participating in a blackout starting on June 12th, lasting at least 48 hours.

During this blackout period, the subreddit will be set to private, rendering it inaccessible to all users. This collective action is intended to raise awareness and urge Reddit to reconsider their API policy changes. Our primary goal is to initiate a productive dialogue with Reddit, leading to a reversal of recent decisions and a path forward for third party app developers.
We understand that this blackout may cause temporary inconvenience to our community, and for that, we apologize. However, we firmly believe that this short-term disruption will bring long-term benefits for every user. By standing together with other subreddit communities, we hope to send a clear message to Reddit and foster a meaningful conversation about the future of their API policies.

In the meantime, we encourage you to let Reddit know that you disagree with their planned changes

​There are a few ways you can express your concerns:
​We appreciate your understanding, support, and active participation in this important endeavor. It is through the strength and dedication of our community that we can strive for a better Reddit experience for everyone involved.

More Information:

(For mods of other subreddits who will be participating, if you need it feel free to copy this message entire or in part to your subreddit.)
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2023.06.08 01:05 Zestyclose_Back_4228 if you give me some thoughts, i appreciate it.

hello im 23 male. Im from turkey. Im gonna try to cut it short. My english is bad so excuse me :)
2 years ago i was with my girlfriend and i could not maintain my erection. Then i have gone 3 urologists to ask what was my problem. They all did the blood test, hormone test and stuff you know.
Everything was fine. My testosterone was 9.9 (ng/dl i guess, i could not remember well) which my doc said it was super high.I have gone different medical departments ( neurosurgery, rheumatology. orthopedics, endocrinology, cardiology.) after urologists because i thought it was something physical. The reason of my thought was that i was doing powerlifting and my lifts were very heavy (130 kg bench press, 220 kilogram deadlift etc.) so i thought i did some damage to my nerves or my spine etc. After approximately a year of journey of my hospital visits i have diagnosed Ankylosing spondilit as a result of many images of MRI and x-ray. So i got reciped with some drugs and pills. But the thing is that im still 0 libido guy. I used to have high libido that i would have tried to hide my erections in public so many times. Then i have gone for penile doppler test. It worked and my penis got erected but the problem was it stayed like 10 hours straight. Did not go soft for a single second. Then i went for the emergency and there was a nurse. She drain blood from my penis. It has been another year and total of 2 years i have not done anything sexual. The problem is that i dont have the urge to do. During this time i tried to research myself in web tho. So i came across with a thing called porn induced erectile dysfunction. Then i quit my porn addiction and i have not watched more or less 9 months. Some mornings i get so hard erection when i wake up but some morning i get not that hard. Its like %50, %60. I still dont have urge to do any sexual thing. BTW in this 2 years, i have gone 2 different psychologists. They give me some antidepresants and cialis. Still not working. Nowadays i get morning erections but still no urge. What is ur dear opinion about my situation ? If u can give me some path to walk on, i would appreciate it. Thank you.

Edit: My daily pills are
1- Lustral (antidepresant)
2-Salozopryn (Anky. Spon.)
3-Creatine, Pea protein powder, Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Zinc, B12. ( my supplemantion usage for sport.) ( Can any of this cause libido reduce ?)

Edit2: Should i go for kegel exercise ?
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2023.06.08 01:05 DruncleKyle Am I missing something

On the new update I have down the story up to the forgotten creating tears in the valley. I know I have the fairy godmothers friendship quests but is that it for now? Do I need to just wait or is there a hidden quest that I need to find? Any answers would be appreciated
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2023.06.08 01:04 Plumbeller Electrify your metabolism

Electrify your metabolism back to teenage levels by eating one-half teaspoon of this with ice water and burning fat like you're still in high school. Every adult human always has about 30 billion fat cells. It's not the number of cells that increases but their size that matters. Amazingly, they can balloon up to many times their average size and become very large. In 2008 researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found something unique. Even if you have expensive surgeries, your body regains the exact number of cells to return to the pre-set amount! But then, in 2021, researchers uncovered a way to actually dissolve them. They discovered a bizarre fat dissolving Nepalese ice method that turbo-charges metabolism and melts fat by fixing a recently found "root cause" of arm, butt, and hip fat. It's more powerful than exercise, even when sleeping. It's more potent at burning butt, arm, and neck fat than any fad diet. Multiple TV and radio shows featured it recently, calling it a booty fat buster! What's more incredible is that this 5-second alpine ice method had been hidden for centuries by a small number of families in the remote Himalayan mountans. Try it for yourself by clicking the blue watch now button. If you're like me you eat healthy all day, spinach, chicken, and broccoli. You try all the diets, keto, paleo, and vegan. You're hungry. You're tired. But every morning, your weight never changes. Until you try this ancient ice water method that has nothing to do with dieting or exercise and is revitalizing confidence across the world. Michael Huxley, age 56, dissolved 59 lbs with this Nepalese ice method. At age 62 from Omaha, Janet dissolved 39 lbs of fat with this 5-second ice method. And once I saw the fat melt away for me too, I had to share it with you. It has worked so incredibly well that the greedy CEOs in the weight loss industry are scrambling to keep this life-altering breakthrough hidden, to protect their obscene profits. And no, this has nothing to do with meds, surgery, or exercise programs and it works for everyone. I urge you to stop everything you’re doing and click the blue watch now button to watch a short, free, special video explaining how to quickly dissolve fat with this incredible alpine ice water method. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’d bet your metabolism challenges are about to change. Click watch now before it’s too late!
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2023.06.08 01:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - 'Hidden' no more: Coastal Commission OKs new public path to Malibu beach LA Times

[Local] - 'Hidden' no more: Coastal Commission OKs new public path to Malibu beach LA Times submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]


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2023.06.08 01:04 pacotetaco Got a call saying I might get written up. I don't think I am accountable.

Almost a month ago I scanned a registered package as attempted, note left and returned it to the office. I honestly can't remember where I left it but they called me today and said it was scanned as arrived at the location the next day. Since they can't find it they say I'm accountable for it. But I did everything I was instructed to do, can I be written up or held accountable for it?
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2023.06.08 01:04 ThrowRA19392837 I(26m) might be a rebound in this situation with my gf(23f), what actions can I pay attention to concretely conclude this?

Repost as there was a glitch in last attempt
I’ve been with my gf for 6 months. She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years around May /June 2022. His name was Adam. She proceeded to date someone named Mike as a rebound (these are her own words) until around September 2022.
We met online in December and we are long distance. I see her for one week once a month. I’ve met her family and they adore me. We are both middle eastern and dating is usually for the long term. She’s stated she’s truly in love with me, that I’ve treated her better than everyone else she’s met and she’s made efforts to send gifts, be thoughtful and verbally/physically show appreciation. She FaceTimes me every single night and she voluntarily shared her location with me. She has not posted me on social media yet but she plans to in a week when I see her again.
My gut feeling, which could be due to paranoia, is ringing alarms and waving the red flags based off her previous relationship with Mike. She directly said she saw no future with him and that she was just with him to move on from Adam. Once she realized he took the relationship very seriously, she broke it off.
My gf still has her ex Adam on social media. Her likes her pictures, posts stories about how his heart is broken and he clearly is referring to her. She’s literally showed me these things and told me about them. I asked her why she wouldn’t consider removing him and she stated that she doesn’t see a reason to remove him. She still likes his pictures and it seems like she might still have some feelings there.. she has a hidden folder she’s showed me with hundreds of pictures of them together. I asked her if she would delete them and she said yes. She told me she deleted all pics from 2022 but there are so many that she doesn’t have time to sit and delete which I understand.
My head is spinning because on one hand she says she’s deeply into me and she talks about our future but on the other hand I’m seeing these red flags or maybe I’m just being paranoid? Please help me. I feel as though if he comes back around one day she will drop me for him. I am not feeling as though I lack anything, I’m accomplished and attractive and she always tells me I’m the best she’s ever had but these red flags torment me. conclude this?
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2023.06.08 01:03 TiredGengar Low grade fever and night sweats for over a year. Is that normal?

28F, 5'3", 130lbs, asian, currently on Venlafaxine 150mg, Trazodone 75mg, no smoking or drinking, occasional edible (last had half a year ago)
Hi all, I've had a persistent low grade fever roughly around 99.8~100.5 F accompanied by night sweats for a little over a year now. My temperature fluctuates throughout the day but it hasn't ever gone higher than 101 F. In regards to the night sweats, the room temperature doesn't seem to play a factor as I've slept in different locations (hotel rooms, visiting parent's home, etc) and the problem persists.
I have no other health complications or issues. My bloodwork came back normal, and my doctor checked my thyroid levels but it also came back normal. No other symptoms and no weight loss or gain. I've also had these issues before I ever started my medication. I'm not sure if maybe it's just normal that I am warmer than others or if I should push the issue with my doctor. Thank you very much in advance!
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2023.06.08 01:03 Ryugar The Alchemical work, Stone, and is Phosphorus the Key element?

I wanted to discuss my theories on this whole mystery behind the alchemical work, the philosphores stone, and why urine always seems to be brought up. The idea that urine is the starting point seems both silly but also makes a weird kind of sense.... the whole idea that urine is like a filtered extract "liquid gold" that we process from what we eat/drink. I always see it mentioned with just vague comments on what you are supposed to do with this urine. I also think phosphorus being found and identified first by an alchemist in urine is a pretty cool and interesting fact. Also, for the philosopher stone... things like a kidney stone being like a crystal or pearl like substance that calcifies and forms in our bladder (and sometimes so large it gets stuck in there). So our body in a sense is actually like a transforming agent that produces a stone/crystal/pearl. It could be possible there is something to extract from it.

I have probably thought way too much about this.... but I often thought Phosphorus was one of the key elements that is supposed to be worked on. It is found in ATP, the basic energy molecule in our body. Phosphorus is a greek name which means "light bearer", and has ties to the name lucifer in latin, as well as the "morning star" being the planet Venus which is the brightest star in the night sky. There are also interesting simlarities in the names of phosphorus and sulfur, pho-sefora and sulfur is either sefora or sul-fora. Another naming similaritie between "phosphorus" and "philosopher". Sulfur and Brimstone has an obvious tie to hell. I am not christian and don't pay much attention to the whole "heaven hell" and various sins, but the idea of this "lucifer" as a fallen angel, perhaps there is some hidden symbolism here about trying to purify this element, or "remove the sin" from this element. Sulfur being like the fallen angel, while Phosporus is either before the corruption, or a purified version. Sulfur the element is also important in the body, as it creates an important bond the sulfur bridges in dna, and sunlight (aka God in this metaphor) sunlight will actually break the sulfur bridges and can break the bonds of these dna protein structures which can sometimes be good but also bad as it is how things like skin cancer are formed. But I find it funny and interesting that sunlight can effect sulfur like that.

Back to Phosphorus.... it has various stages or forms it can take, depending on how it is extracted and heated. The colors are white (or yellow) > red (or scarlet) > violet purple > black. It actually reminds me of alchemy and the different stages like albedo, citrine, rubedo, and negredo. Which is another interesting correlation. Each colophase has a different chemical structure and everything too, which you can look at in the wiki link I have below. Some of the phases are hard to achieve and need to be prepared carefully and at certain temperatures. IF I had to take a guess at which phase is the possible goal, it would prob be the Violet color as it seems to be rare and difficult to achieve as it needs a specific temp to achieve that state.

Phosphor is interesting too as it is what causes the glow in fluroescent/phosporescent organisms. There is this quote from the wiki:
""Since its discovery, phosphors and phosphorescence were used loosely to describe substances that shine in the dark without burning. Although the term phosphorescence is derived from phosphorus, the reaction that gives phosphorus its glow is properly called chemiluminescence (glowing due to a cold chemical reaction), not phosphorescence (re-emitting light that previously fell onto a substance and excited it).[31]""

I remember reading in alchemy about monks sitting in a dark room and told to find the fire that burns in the dark (or something vague and mysterious like that), and phosphors will glow or shine in the dark without burning.... so a cold fire not a hot one, that glows from within and not just reflecting or reemitting a light from an outside source. Do humans have an aura? Do we emit some kind of bioilluminesence? Can we change or alter this glow, and gain some benefit from it? All very interesting point to think and ponder about IMO.

All very interesting points that to me seem to suggest a possible greater purpose for this element Phosphorus. Only thing is that if extracted from urine, I am sure you would only be able to get a small amount of the salt extract. So you would need alot of urine, or get it from other sources which is why I thought of something like cows which probably already are a source to refilter and reuse farm animal waste for fertilizer and manure. The wiki says phosphorus was mainly found thru urine, bone ash, and bird guana..... all basically waste products that can be reused to get a useful element for things like fertilizer. One mans waste/trash is another mans treasure right? Also could be seen as another example of "purifying the sin", with sin being just waste products of humans or animals. It is like the cycle of life, the cycle of resources, and getting the prima materia or whatever from what we excrete and reusing it for our benefit.... turning this waste/death into energy/life.

Anyways, any thoughts? Here is the wiki link for anyone interested to read up more about this. I would love to hear some actual opinions on this, with real discussion and not just vague answers.
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2023.06.08 01:03 thetrenchmistake Powerful creator search tool that doesn’t suck, plus easily batchable and mass email/invite sending abilities: does something like this even exist?

Hi! New to the group, came here to ask about any recommendations or thoughts on influencer management software tools that are out there.
I am an Influencer Manager for a small but growing startup clothing brand. Currently using Aspire for our ambassadoinfluencer efforts. I mostly like it and it is powerful, but the one thing that is lacking for me is the search tool. It has filters, but since it only tracks people who have been added into Aspire, it doesn’t have a ton of results whenever I search anything, and that’s usually putting 1-2 filters on max like location being in the US.
Recently, I have gotten some pushback from one of my coworkers who thinks we haven’t done enough outreach. This person thinks we should get a different tool that enables us to reach out to 500-1,000 new influencer leads per week, using a semi-automated mass-send feature that this unicorn of a tool would also have.
My question is, does anyone know of an influencer management software tool that has a GREAT search component in addition to an easy way to send mass emails or DMs to communicate with these leads? Ideally not Grin 😂 I haven’t had a demo with Grin in a while, I know it’s powerful. I don’t remember what their search component is like, though.
And if anyone has any thoughts on the 500-1,000 outreach emails/DMs sent per week idea, that would be great. I’m not sure that’s what I envision for this program, and being that I’m the one person dedicated to Influencer marketing, I think things could get overwhelming even if it is “automated” at the beginning.
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2023.06.08 01:03 tanvirmahmood_49 What is the correct answer?

What is the correct answer?
Correct Answer: B
This question is from DMs 100 waterfall video.I am not convinced with the answer that he gave to support it.
Can anyone please explain why B is correct and D is not?
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2023.06.08 01:03 Strider_GER [PC] [Early-Mid 2000s] Railway/Economy Building Game

Platform: PC
Genre: Simulation/Strategy
Estimated year of Release: Early-Mid 2000s
Graphics/Art Style: Realistic
Notable characters: None
Notable Gameplay Mechanics: Being able to "Ride along" with all vehicles in the game.
Other Details: It was a game where one could build a Logistics Company up from zero. You could start in the late 1800s/Early 1900s and the game would go up to the modern times.
One could Build Traintracks but also use Roads to Connect various Locations like Lumbermills, Mines and all kinds of Industrial complexes.
I do not know if the game was international or if it was a local product (Germany).
I hope you Guys can help me find this one.
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2023.06.08 01:03 oldshatterhand06 I got the road building addiction but am I only limited to the pavers spawned by the game? Or can I construct some myself?

For context regarding story I recently met the Junk Dealer. Will I get some kind of new equipment later in the game that would allow me to construct pavers on the paths I uncover? Or am I stuck with the ones I find in the world?
submitted by oldshatterhand06 to DeathStranding [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 01:03 atom626262 Joint employer questions

I work in California for a breakfast franchise at two locations. One owned by the father(location A) who is on his deathbed one owned by his daughter.(B). The daughter oversees all day-to-day operations of restaurant a and b. When FedEx lost restaurant A paychecks it was the daughter who showed up and signed her name to the replacement checks Even though she technically was not the owner. The general manager of restaurant A and b would sit down together and decide where I was needed and what hours I would work at what store. When there was a conflict it was restaurant b the one I was originally hired at that could veto restaurant A's schedule to fit its needs. The daughter could work both locations. The general managers have been interchangeable over the years. I work 8 hours a day at one and 8 at the other for 4 years. Does this meet the criteria to be a joint employer or is there other criteria that must be met.
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2023.06.08 01:03 UnDead_Ted Daily Word of God Wednesday, June 7th 2023

Daily Word of God Wednesday, June 7th 2023


A Beacon-Light

But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. — Mark 3:29
Few words in the Bible have caused more anxiety and fear than these. Learned men do not agree in their idea as to what it is to blaspheme against the Holy Ghost. But not matter about the exact meaning of the words; they stand here as a warning against a terrible danger. They are like a red light hung over a perilous rock. While we may not know just what constitutes the sin, it certainly is our duty to keep as far from its edge as possible.
And surely all wilful and determined resistance to the influence of the Holy Spirit is a step toward this point of awful peril. This utterance of our Lord should lead us to treat with the utmost reverence every appeal, persuasion, or bidding of the Holy Ghost, never to resist, but always to yield to his every influence. We have no other Friend in this world who can guide us home. If we drive him away from us for ever, we shall be left in the darkness of eternal night. How long we may continue to reject Him and not go beyond the line that marks the limit of hope, we know not; but the very thought that there is such a line somewhere ought to startle us into instant acceptance of the offered guidance.
Oh, where is this mysterious line That crosses every path,— The hidden boundary between God’s patience and his wrath?
How far may we go in sin? How long will God forbear? Where does hope end, and where begin The confines of despair?
An answer from the skies is sent: “Ye that from God depart, While it is called Today, repent, And harden not your heart.”
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2023.06.08 01:03 winteragain8 annotate.nvim: Set and restore notes tied to lines of code

I'd like to share my first real attempt at a Neovim plugin and hopefully get feedback and help on how whether this is something others would be interested in and how to improve it. annotate.nvim is a plugin that allows you set/edit brief notes that are tied to lines in your code. It uses Neovim's extended marks for tracking the location of your notes and kkharji's sqlite.lua plugin to allow you to restore the annotations when you restart Neovim. I'd been experimenting with using scratch buffers to hold notes while working to avoid my habit of cluttering code with comments, but this felt limited. When I saw this plugin I wanted to see if I could combine the ideas to get something more on-demand.
The code is still in rough shape and I'm definitely missing things, but I think the core intended functionality is there. My main goal is to get feedback from more experienced plugin authors on how to optimize and clean things up. Feel free to open issues or give me feedback here. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 01:03 keithmckeever Making Veterans Great Again

Making Veterans Great Again
Marine Corps Veteran Joshua Mach, who shares with us his personal experience and valuable insights on several topics related to self-improvement and mental health. Joshua offers advice for people in the active military and emphasizes the importance of focusing on the core issue and staying positive. He talks about finding the path that works for you and how you have to care about yourself to fix yourself. Joshua also stresses the importance of having a structured routine and how it can improve overall well-being.
Joshua discusses the differences between leadership and teamwork, and the importance of talking about your struggles. He shares his personal journey with mental health and how he has learned to spread love and positivity. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about self-improvement, mental health, and the importance of positivity.

Watch the Full Interview with Josh:

Josh and Keith discuss the following...
  • Advice for people in the active military.
  • Focus on the core issue and stay positive.
  • Finding the path that works for you.
  • You have to care about yourself to fix yourself.
  • The importance of having a structured routine.
  • Leadership vs. teamwork.
  • Talking about your struggles.
  • Spreading the love.
  • Positive affirmations and how they work.

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Veterans Crisis Line: 988 Press 1 or Text 838255
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