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2023.03.24 06:21 Spare-Shine-151 How much CAT percentile cutoff does TAPMI demand?

How much CAT percentile cutoff does TAPMI demand?

![img](8krl6zqggmpa1 " TAPMI Manipal, one of the most preferred management institutes in India, accepts scores of CAT, XAT and GMAT for admission to all the PGDM programmes. Candidates should have completed their graduation in any discipline. The institute also considers the academic profile and work experience (after graduation) of the candidates before shortlisting them for written ability test (WAT), Personal Interview (PI) and Group Discussion (GD) round. Their shortlisting criteria depends on the profile and entrance exam score and the Final admission selection Criteria depends on other key components apart from entrance exam score. The CAT percentile for TAMPI is 85 percentile. P.S. If you want to strengthen your preparation and improve your CAT scores, you can refer to the website of Physics Wallah and IMS. The mock tests of Physics Wallah is very effective and accurate. ")
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2023.03.24 06:20 joshuaiscoo155 why am I like this

I've spent most of my life staying home and avoiding socializing with people, I've had lots of friends before and still do but I never really considered them real friends, they were just people I would only talk to at school. I have an online friend group who I've been friends with for years but deep down I I've always known that's not enough. I've spent my life staying home because I'm unmotivated and quite frankly lazy, so I never went out of my way to do things with friends. When I was in 7th grade I met a girl who I'll refer to as "G". Her and I became close and to this day we're still best friends. She for the longest time was the only true friend I've had. Now that I've explained a lot of background information I can get to the point. I've always struggled with social interactions and picking up on social cues. I have a problem of interrupting people because I really bad memory and so I try to say what I have to say before I forget. I can also be kinda annoying because I talk a lot, my mind alwyas feels like its racing and I speak my mind but I tend to bounce topics a lot and get off topic easily because of this. This year I became good friends with 3 other people in my class and 2 of them live within walking distance. The two hang out a lot and I've mentioned before I wanted to hang out with them when they hang out before and A (one of the friends) said he'd invite me sometime. Now with these friends I consider real friends because we hang out a lot outside of school and just this spring break we went to an amusement park together and it was a lot of fun, but earlier G was excited to tell me something and told me that A and J (the other friend that lives close) invited her to go walking with them. I was very disappointed because I mentioned before I wanted hang out before but instead they asked my best friend who isn't even apart of the friend group. Already it stung a bit but the real gut punch was the reason they did invite me. G told me why they didn't invite me and made me promise I didn't tell the group. She told me what they said and they said I talk a lot about myself and only talk about topics I enjoy such as my favorite artist NF and a game I really like Brawlhalla, and that it's difficult to hold a conversation with me because I only talk about those things. I mean I talk about those two a lot but I talk about other things, but I guess I do talk about them a lot it's just I don't have a very interesting life and those are really the only interesting things in it. They also said I tend to dictate the conversation and that I don't really let them talk. I felt really hurt, I've been cheated on before and I didn't even hurt this much. Am I really that bad of a person to talk too? Also if they had these issues why didn't they tell? How am I supposed to improve if I don't even know there's a problem. I won't lie tho, it's not like they're wrong and that's what's even more upsetting. Why am I so difficult to talk to? Sorry for the long rant I just needed to get this out of my system.
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2023.03.24 06:19 heycanwediscuss I feel like I forgot how to mask

The pandemic broke me. I was staring at a wall and notneating for days on end and then I threw myself into my passion and working out and traveling and went back to achool . I learned a lot about myself and I'm still learning but does anyone else just not know how to anymore. Before I could be an extrovert, witty all that jazz and the I'd retreat home. Now I feel like I talk too quick ,ramble and can't make eye contact. I just want to interact with the world via a phone and computer and stay in my apartment and do everything 3rd party amd wrap up I'm an weighted blanket.
I started a business, and lack of masking has gunned things up. an I'll try explaining things and asking what their linits thoughgs are etc. Maybe it's compounding, maybe I want to see other people say they're going through the same thing. Idk, maybe it's the new release of undiagnosed in black community. All I know is appearance everything is hyper detailed yet all over the place. I just can't be around people anymore. I can't make eye contact I can't stay on topic. End rant
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2023.03.24 06:19 QasimAliMalik What made your mom or dad completely change into a different person?

My real father died when I was 4. When I was 5, my mother met and married a new man named Tom.
Very quickly, Tom and I formed a deep bond, and by all accounts, he was (and still is) my dad. I was a “daddies girl” all through my childhood and into my teens. My mother was more of the disciplinarian in our home, but my dad was always a pushover. I could get away with murder…. as long as mom didn’t find out! I loved my dad more than anything… he was my confidant, my protector, and my favorite person.
When I was 16, my parents divorced and both moved to separate cities, 3 hours apart. I rarely got to see my dad after that, mainly due to distance, but also because I was 16 and just got my license and was off on my own, having fun. It was during this time that my dad became involved with a new woman who had 2 daughters from her previous marriage, aged 5 & 7. Unfortunately, their lives had been very tumultuous, as their father was a violently abusive alcoholic, and both girls had major behavioral issues, which didn’t become a problem until a couple of years after my dad and their mother married.
The oldest girl (Christina) was about 9 when she started fighting at school. We’re talking full blown fist fights with boys and other girls, where blood was spilled. It was pretty serious. Then she started acting out at home, and beating up the younger daughter, breaking windows, throwing heavy objects at the walls and doors… she even took a razor knife to her bedroom carpet, shredding it down to the subflooring. As the years went on, the anger and destruction only got worse. The younger daughter also began showing the same signs of destruction, but she was sneakier and got away with a lot more than we ever knew.
By the time Christina was 12, she and he sister weren’t allowed to be in the same room together because it always turned into a brawl, where things got broken and people or pets got hurt. My dad had to replace windows in the living room 6 times in 2 years… he replaced the TV 4 times, replaced the front door 3 times, replaced sections of drywall throughout the house repeatedly… the house was always in a deconstructed state. He even had to put locks on his bedroom door because both girls would just go in and take whatever they wanted without asking.
The worst part was that my dad’s wife wouldn’t let him discipline those girls. She had seen their real father beat the living daylights out of them, and swore it would never happen again…no man would lay a finger on her girls, ever again. And they knew it. Both girls learned very quickly that they could get away with anything, and never receive a punishment. When my dad did set rules, his wife just negated them. This went on until Christina left at age 17. She got into drugs and started hanging out with a bad crowd. Eventually she got herself caught up in a life of addiction, prostitution and homelessness. When she did come home for visits, she always stole things… money, jewelry, my dads new truck… which was later found burnt to a crisp in a ditch. Actually, that was just the first time… Christina stole my dads truck 3 times, each time selling the truck for drugs.
There are about 20 years of devastation that was caused by Christina and her younger sister, Pam. Both of them pushed my dad’s even temper to the limit, but he wasn’t allowed to say a word. He just had to live with the abuse and devastation.
Because of all the years where my dad had to be silent while watching his home and possessions be destroyed by self-entitled, spoiled brats, my dad became a different person. Long gone is the calm, laid back guy that made a joke out of everything and laughed frequently. In his place is a beaten-down, husk of a man that has no say in his own home. He’s usually grumpy and rarely jokes about anything. And though the 2 girls are long moved out… Christina died of an overdose in 2019, and Pam has 2 kids of her own and has been married 4 times, he still has no say in his own home.
In the last 5 years, my step-mother has taken on 3 other children from drug addicted mothers who couldn’t care for them, (ages 18 mo - 3 years when she got them 5 years ago). My dad is retired now, but he will never get to enjoy his golden years because he’s stuck raising other people’s children, without being able to be a true parent. He isn’t allowed to have a say about anything.
I honestly have a hard time calling home to speak to him anymore… he’s just not the same dad I knew and loved. And it truly pisses me off, because my dad was the best dad in the whole wide world.
Writer: JustGina
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2023.03.24 06:17 Logical_Breakfast184 A poem by ATOM

My little concrete heart, they say it was harder to see you break into pieces for their simplest torture.
I thought i was harsh enough to you by holding my sanity for the strain you caused in a short time, but you did not even begin your act.
The thoughts of having you as mine was one-of-a-kind feeling, which you tore apart but you made me laugh at this barbaric scene.
I never loved you enough to feel you as one half of me as you say because the love was never present, accident led to this frustration.
Dead seems to be closer than what my dead mates mentioned in one of my nightmares, "Together till death do us apart" was your notorious lie.
And yet i am happy for your help that made me realize, we are not meant to love each other in this life and in the next.
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2023.03.24 06:17 adarshparkHeights22 Adarsh Park Heights – Premium 2 & 3 BHK Flats

Adarsh Park Heights Apartments is a premium 2 & 3 BHK Apartments. This project offers spacious homes close to reputable schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. The builder, Adarsh Developers is a leading name in the Bangalore Real Estate sector. It has been proven that they are capable of delivering quality projects on time and within budget.
Adarsh Park Heights Apartments, one of the latest residential townships in Gunjur by Adarsh Developers, offers premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments. These abodes are designed by world-renowned architects and feature classical interiors and exteriors that spell luxury in every home. The project is situated in a premium neighborhood, surrounded by lush greenery, and offers state-of-the-art amenities. It is also conveniently located close to renowned schools and hospitals.
Adarsh Developers has been a reputed name in the real estate industry since its inception in 1988. The builder group is known for its innovative and positive approach toward the development of the real estate. It has contributed to the skylines of Bangalore’s suburbs by building numerous significant developments.
Located in Gunjur, Bangalore, this luxury apartment complex provides quality homes that are designed to enhance your lifestyle and well-being. It is optimized to maximize the potential of your living space, allowing you to live in luxurious surroundings that are surrounded by gorgeous greens.
It also has a wide range of amenities that are designed to make your life more comfortable. A gym, swimming pool, children’s play area, multi-purpose hall, and cafe are just some of the features that you can find here.
Adarsh Park Heights is a luxurious residential complex that was built by the Adarsh Group. It offers premium 2 & 3 BHK apartments that are designed to meet the needs of your lifestyle and provide you with the best possible environment.
If you are looking for luxurious homes in a gated community, Adarsh Park Heights Apartments could be a perfect choice. Its spacious apartments are aesthetically designed by renowned architects to provide a comfortable, secure, and peaceful lifestyle.
These apartments are well-connected to several reputable schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Its location also provides excellent connectivity to Whitefield, Marathahalli, and Sarjapur Outer Ring Road. Adarsh Developers is a well-known and proven builder group in Bangalore. They have developed a lot of high-quality residential projects over the years.
They have built a good reputation by providing homes with exceptional amenities and delivering projects on time. They have a long saga of satisfied clients and this has helped them become one of the most trusted names in Bangalore’s real estate industry.
These apartments are perfect for those who want to live in a gated community with a beautiful green view. They have been designed by world-class architects and landscape designers. As well as the natural light, they are also equipped with plenty of ventilation and natural light.
The apartments at Adarsh Park Heights are well-equipped with everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle. You can enjoy the luxury of a gym, a swimming pool, sports courts, and more! These spacious and well-designed apartments provide the perfect place to raise a family.
Located at Gunjur in East Bangalore, Adarsh Park Heights is a premium residential enclave that is spread over 21 acres. It offers aesthetically designed 2 and 3-BHK apartments with luxurious amenities.
This upcoming housing society is conveniently located near Krupanidhi Residential PU College, prominent companies, and educational institutions. It is also surrounded by shopping destinations, tech parks, and other civic facilities.
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2023.03.24 06:16 Montauket Who has Alsace / Colmar suggestions.

I have 4-5 days to live it up in Alsace this July and I’m wondering if anyone has some recommendations for wine and food in both Colmar and Strasbourg.
As of now I’m leaning towards Albert Mann, Zind Humbrecht, perhaps Dopff, and maybe 1 more. My wife and I REALLY don’t want to rent a car but prefer taxi/Uber.
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2023.03.24 06:15 nana_had_a_fall Ash’s friends IRL

I really do wonder about Ashley’s school/college friends IRL. We all google our former classmates we have lost touch with, or else stay informed about them through following their socials- many of her school mates follow her- including one ex boyfriend that I know of- before I was blocked I took an interest in checking the likes and interactions with her posts and found it very telling how nobody from her school ever liked or interacted with her content. That she’s got a subreddit with her name on it AND a parody tiktok dedicated to snark/call outs yet NONE of them have ever stepped in to defend her, I find odd tbh. If my mate from school was legitimately being “misunderstood” and was legitimately being “bullied”- as Ash loves to claim- I sure as SHIT would step in to defend. And yet- crickets. She gets defended by a few but theyre all CI folks, theyre all online “friends” she has gathered the last few years since her malingering began. It seems evident that her old friends really have just given up on her. Her friend Miranda- one of two friends she has made a post about in the over 1.5 years ive followed her (the other one was a pic of a woman at a coffee shop maybe a year ago who is now a practicing nurse) is an actual IRL friend from school and the only time I have seen her interact with Ashleys’ insta is when Ash posted about being sorrowful about not being able to hike mountains and M commented something like- just establish what you CAN do and do it- and reading that made me feel there was a slight level of annoyance from the friend- like a “get on with it FFS” Mates stick together and defend each other- especially girlfriends- online included- yet the fact that we have seen absolutely nobody coming in to “defend” her is extremely telling. Even IF she has grown apart from her former IRL friends, they still follower her. Even IF theyre cringing at her content-you’d imagine at least some of them would come forward if the pushback against her was unwarranted, if she were in fact being “mercilessly bulled and harassed” UNLESS they actually all just cant stand her- which appears to be the only explanation for this. Seems to me she’s made herself a full-blown pariah to her former real friends- but I wager that its not just her insufferable online BS- I reckon that she’s lost her friends because shes actually a terrible friend- not just a munchie, embarrassing online idiot, but an actual malignant person who has proven to be a personality that nobody who knows her IRL wants to deal with. And I find that quite exceptional. Thoughts?
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2023.03.24 06:14 Frosty-Dragonfruit80 Money troubles

Hey guys. I’m struggling financially atm big time. Last year I had to take over 4 months off and was in hospital for 3 months due to a very severe episode. I’ve returned to work since then but part time, and I can’t seem to catch up on the costs of living with my income. The craziest thing is that I’m a doctor (registrar- speciality training) and I still don’t make enough to live. My partner is supporting me as much as possible but he’s struggling too. I feel so ashamed and defeated. I can’t work more currently as I only just increased my hours and the stress and fatigue is full on right now. I have no parental support or other supports. After graduating med school I finally had financial freedom and was doing well. My relapse last year has cost me more than my health and it’s a real struggle to go back living week to week and paycheck to paycheck- I’ve been poor my entire life apart from when I first graduated. Is anyone else in the same boat and if so how do you come to terms with it? The situation makes me feel like I’m a failure and I feel really embarrassed. Hope everyone is doing ok and thanks to this sub.
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2023.03.24 06:12 Shshsjdisk Flyer put up in my apartment complex which has 40-50 units which all owned by the same entity (my own rent is set to increase 20%). There should be strict regulations on for-profit companies operating rental properties and greater renter rights.

Flyer put up in my apartment complex which has 40-50 units which all owned by the same entity (my own rent is set to increase 20%). There should be strict regulations on for-profit companies operating rental properties and greater renter rights. submitted by Shshsjdisk to australia [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:11 DaxLap 2023 Dynasty Rookie Rankings 1QB

Spent a long time creating a top 10 for this year's rookie class for single QB and figured I might as well post it here to get some thoughts. I have the 1.03, 1.04, 1.09, and 1.10 motivating me to get this as right as possible. Going to post a new one after NFL draft
These rankings are for a league with 1QB, PPR, start 10
2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings
  1. Bijan Robinson
Not much needs to be said here. Easy 1.01
  1. Jaxon Smith-Njigba
I have been day dreaming about JSN on my fantasy roster for a what feels like forever. At 6 foot and a half, 196 pounds Njigba is similar to that Justin Jefferson/Garrett Wilson build that has seen tremendous success early on in NFL careers. Happy to take him at 1.02
  1. Jahmyr Gibbs
Can't go wrong taking Gibbs here or at 2. He has a good mix of high floor and high ceiling with a real argument to be taken over Smith-Njigba. Gibbs' weight is a concern at 196 pounds but I don't view it as a weakness. Christian McCaffrey weighed in at 202 pounds at the combine and has been realtively healthy for the position. I can't see the top 3 picks changing regardless of landing spot.
  1. Zach Charbonnet
This is where the draft starts if you ask me. There are probably 3 different guys who could be taken with this pick. I chose to go with Charbonnet because of his 3-down back build standing at 6' 1" 220 pounds. I was also impressed with his 40 time of 4.53. Charbonnet got better each year he played and is one of the most NFL ready players in this draft. If he goes to a team without a #1 back he is an easy pick here.
  1. Jordan Addison
Trying to rank Jordan Addison has taken more hours of my life than I am proud to admit. On one hand, his sophomore season at Pittsburgh was one of the best seasons in college football history earning him the Biletnikoff award over guys like Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave, Jameson Williams, and even the player ranked at #2. He has a great route tree, soft hands, and elite body control. I am not worried about the underwhelming season stats at USC as he was great before his injury mid-season. What does worry me is his size. Outside of Devonta Smith, there aren't a lot of guys at 6' 170 pounds in the NFL. Jerry Jeudy looks tiny on the field but even he's an inch taller and 23 pounds heavier than Addison. With that being said if his ceiling is Devonta Smith, 1.05 seems right.
  1. Zay Flowers
I think the amount of draft capital spent on Zay will be very telling. The main knock you can have on Zay is his height but he is within 2 pounds of measuring exactly the same as Antonio Brown did in 2010. Steve Smith has frequently been right when it comes to evaluating college receivers and his comp was Jaylen Waddle. I'm not saying he is Jaylen Waddle who is much fastequicker but there are parts of Zay's game that remind me of Waddle.
  1. Quentin Johnston
Johnston has all the measurables you look for in an X wide receiver. Him choosing not to run the combine makes me a little bit worried because a good 40 time could have solidified himself as the first WR taken in the NFL draft. This is a boom or bust type of player with his ceiling and floor being the further apart of anyone in this draft for me.
  1. Anthony Richardson
Admittedly for a 10 team 1 QB league, this is hard to justify. But, I see a lot of Justin Fields in him with a higher rushing upside and lower passing ability. Richardson could break fantasy football if he goes to a team that plays to his strengths like the ravens did for Lamar Jackson. There is a clear tier drop for me after Quentin Johnston and think AR15 goes well at the top of a new one.
  1. Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer is going to an amazing TE in the NFL. With that being said, is he going to be amazing as a fantasy football TE too? Many have pointed out that he blocks too much to be a dynasty asset taken this high. While that is fair, he had similar offensive production to Dalton Kincaid the previous two seasons. Kincaid is known as being the TE in this class with the highest receiving upside. Tight ends are a position of need for many teams in dynasty making him worth the late first round pick.

  1. Tank Bigsby
This is the start of a group of RBs that are really hard to predict how they translate to fantasy football points. I put Tank as the RB4 because there is a lot to like in his game. He is 6', 210 pounds and ran track in college which is why most people, including himself, were disappointed with his 4.56 40 yard dash. Tank was confident he was faster than that and proved it running a 4.45 at Auburn's pro day. Tank is a compact runner with a rare blend of balance, agility, and instincts making him worth the 1.10
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2023.03.24 06:11 pnwteaturtle Good Grief. $25/hr no benefits or $23/hr with some ancillary benefits in a HCOL area.

I've been getting bombed the last few days with job recruiters on behalf of T Moble looking for a paralegal to work on internal subpoena responses and litigation support. Requires 3 years of experience. The avarage 800 sqft apartment in the city where the job is located is $2400 a month. The recruiter puts the pay as $25/hr no benefits or $23/hr with some ancillary benefits and medical. A person would have to live like 100 miles away to afford an apartment if they worked at this job.
For some additional context, the starting McDonalds pay here is $22 hr.
I was going to sort of rage respond to the first recruiter, but before I could decide if I would or not, a bunch of other random recruiters started bombing me about the same job. They each include varying amount of details about the job.
Wtf is going on here?
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2023.03.24 06:11 mrthrowawaymcgoo AITA for cheaping out on my nieces birthday gift?

I (33m) work in sales department in a company so it's not like i make six figure but it's enough for me. my parent's house is just 1 block away from my aunts home so we would regularly see eachother and sometimes would stay at other's house if parents were busy or out. and because of that i was really close to my cousin (39f). Well when i went to college i found out that my cousin and her husband's apartment was close to my campus. 15 minute walk. so sometimes i would just crash in their apartment or sometimes would eat at their place if i was short on cash. and they didn't mind. and sometimes i would just go there to play with my nephew who was then 6 years old. he and I became really close and I basically became a fun uncle. fast forward to this year my nephew became 15 in january. so for his birthday i gave him a macbook air m1 as a gift since he's into video editing and stuff like that. last week my niece (my own brother's daughter) became 18. so for her birthday i decided to give her one of those wooden artboxes. remind you that i haven't talked to my brother in months and we aren't really that close. after the birthday party I left, next day i get a phone call from my sil about the gift. I asked what's wrong with it. she says it's nothing. so, i said "alright, talk to you later" since i was at work. after i got home my brother called. he asked why did I cheap out on my own niece. (mind you that those boxes cost from 100-1000 bucks. the one i bought was 170usd) i told him i don't understand. he asked why I gave my cousin's son macbook and my "own" niece some stupid artbox. I told him i thought his daughter was into art since the last time i went to their house her room was filled with paintings and posters. he said she isn't into it and if I would consider getting her something " valuable" to gift that would actually benefit her. I said a gift is a gift and his daughter should be grateful. he wanted to argue but i hung up. next day bunch of my other cousins and my mom messaged why i cheaped out on my "own" niece where as I gifted my cousins son a macbook. my mom said I should've thought about it before and gifted her something expensive like what i've done for my cousin's son. my dad doesn't really care and stayed out of it. now i don't know if it was inconsiderate of me and I should've done something similar and could've easily avoid this drama. am i the asshole for cheaping out on my niece's birthday gift?
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2023.03.24 06:11 vintagecity01 Top Steps to Finding the Best Office Space in Union County

So, if you are putting up near Essex, you can look out for Essex County office spaces for rent at the Vintage City Office Suites. They have the best facilities and even have the best reviews. You can check them out on their website. Their cost starts from $399 per month. Now that is cheap! You can even check out individual office space in Union County!
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2023.03.24 06:11 Kawauso-Kenzen Looking for a side job to take up while apparently its actually harder to come up with a good subject to research than I thought... please let me know if you're in the Unova region and need any help with something!

Looking for a side job to take up while apparently its actually harder to come up with a good subject to research than I thought... please let me know if you're in the Unova region and need any help with something! submitted by Kawauso-Kenzen to PokeMedia [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:11 7edi I have an idea for Christian dating as a whole, and it's not an app

So this is a comment of mine from an earlier post. I'm posting it as a standalone to get your views. I believe churches and church leadership needs to be more intentional about connecting their single people with each other. "Of course we go to church first for the word and salvation. BUT we also go for fellowship. An important aspect of this fellowship is ALSO single people meeting each other. If we, as a church, are very serious about letting church folks marry each other and not be unequally yoked with the world, pastors must begin to encourage after-church hangouts for singles. Make it a THING. Throw in some hot chocolate and baked things. You may even fry certain things. Make it delicious. [Make this week's a throwback theme]. Some throwback worship songs in the background from the Don Moen era. Guys, I'm trying to start a creative brainstorming session here.
I mean which other group (apart from nigh clubs) gets to meet every weekend? That's right! Church. So, put Tinder aside, give your young or single people a weekly opportunity to perhaps speed-date on Saturdays [or Sundays after church] (a knowing-me-knowing-you session).
I get so irritated when I hear about Singles Summits without the actual opportunity for singles to actually interact. It's only a married speakepreacher addressing the singles without "unleashing" them upon each other. LOL. Do you have any idea how many people would start godly relationships out of that, when ordinarily they would never have such opportunities?
Deprive single church folk of these types of creative interaction and they're only left with tinder, night clubs, bumble, and sad subreddits... It's true."
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2023.03.24 06:11 Interesting-Humor-91 Ilegal Eviction Now Homeless! Need advice

Ive found myself in a horrible situation. Ive been illegally evicited for no reason. My landlord would call me at 1/2 am and if i didnt answer i would wake up to a message saying she wants me out the property that very minute. I had no rent arrears or anything but she would turn nasty when i set boundaries and say she should only contact me when the rent is due.
I had been living in the flat for over a month, paid 2 months rent to date and a deposit. I have a verbal tenancy agreement and all the utilities are in my name. I was at work on Friday and sub-landlord had one of her episodes and said i should leave the property immediately. I asked what the problem is or if there is a issue i should be aware about but she said she just wants me out. When i came home i found that my flat door had been broken open. I suspected it was the sub-landlord so to avoid any verbal or physical alterations i left the flat without saying a word and called the police.
Whilst waiting for the police i noticed the sub-landlord was removing my belongings from the flat so i intervened. I then tried to put all my belongings back into my flat but the sub-landlord was blocking the door and physically preventing me from entering the property. Whilst i was trying to enter, she then called the police and made a false allegation that i am assaulting her then she began hitting me in the face repeatedly after the call. I tried to protect myself and restrain her from hitting me further but in the struggle we both fell to the ground. Members of the public witnessed both of us on the floor then intervened. Police came and arrested me for ABH because the sub-landlord broke her nail. They totally disregarded the fact that i was the one that called them to protect me and the mark on my face from being assulted. This was very disheartening as i had called them to protect me but instead they arrested me
I have been released on bail and my conditons are im not allowed to return to my flat so i am now homeless. I cant believe the police assisted an illegal eviction and have made me homelesss. I spoke to the council and they said they cant do anything im not a priority need.
I have spoke with shelter regarding my rights and they gave good advice and said even though i didnt have a written tenancy agreement, the sub-landlord has ended her tenancy agreement and the tenancy was lawful or unlawful i am still an assured tenant and have a right to the property.
The issue is my bail condition is am not allowed to my flat and the head landlord has found out what has gone on and has since removed my belongings and changed the locks although i am the legal occupier and the rent is not due until 2 weeks. I dont know what to do im currently homeless havent showered since ive been evicted living in my friends van. Everything was going well now my life has turned upside down.
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2023.03.24 06:10 CryoChamber10 I have 3 easy legal questions.

Hi, I have 3 easy legal questions. I just want some more perscpetive on this and advice.
  1. I used a fake utility bill to provide a proof of residnce for my free checkings account. I didn't defraud or steal or take a loan out from the bank. I only used the bank account to receive money from my jobs and cash out at ATMs. I'm in San Diego CA. What is the possible legal consequence of this? Can someone provide me with other cases which are exactly like mine (fake proof of residence, but not to defraud the bank)? I feel like I may get arrested soon and wish I could make it right.

  1. I want to grow a small amount of shrooms here in San Diego. If I'm caught, what is the exact punishment a judge would convict me with?
I've read the law that says its illegal (manufacturing a schedle 1 controlled substance), but I want to know what the actual sentencing results will be?
I don't have any prior arrests, first time offence, no intent to distribute or sell the shrooms, or transport them, just a small amount for personal use, no guns or minors in apartment, etc.

  1. I bought Bitcoin and sold it back to the Coinbase platform about 7 days after buying the BTC. I got a new phone number and email and have tried every day for weeks, calling in several times a day to get the exact days and prices I bought/sold BTC for. Customer support is unable to or cannot help me recover my account. So how do I report my bitcoin taxable event to the IRS?
I just bought $100 BTC, and sold it 7 days later, I didn't even make like $5, I might have even lost money in the process, so I'm not trying to launder untaxed millions here like the politions do. So basically I can't report on my BTC sale because I don't have the info to do so, and the customer support will not help me because I don't have access to my old account. What should I do?

What exactly should I expect for these 3 cases? Thanks!
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2023.03.24 06:09 Solus-Zuvys Day 54 my breakup and other thoughts

My ex fiancée (24f) broke up with me (28m) and it’s been 54 days since. She wanted to go spend her birthday with a “friend” even though I had plans for her birthday. Turns out it was some guy she’d been sneaking out in the middle of the night to see. During December, my mother was in the hospital and passed away. I was traveling a lot back and forth between home and where my family is (roughly 4 hours away). So that’s when they apparently started seeing each other behind my back. She’d hide it behind my back and still until this day says she didn’t cheat on me. I’m pretty sure they are together 24/7 and she maybe living with him. She claims they are just friends and I recently had to kicked her out of our apartment. I heard her say she craved his touch and talk to him about how much she was disgusted with mine. It was one night when I woke up and realized she had a chat open with him but was in the car so I could hear everything. I still did everything you normally shouldn’t, begged and pleaded. I moved back to my parents for a bit and let her have the apartment. I paid for everything during the engagement and left for a while to give her space. She’d repeatedly have the guy over so I moved back in and kicked her out. Therapy and friends have really helped keep me together. I went onto our Spotify and noticed the dude is making her loving playlist but she’s liking all these sad songs. Probably going through the guilt but every time I do reach out, she never replies. It all used to frustrate me and make me angry but now I’m at the point where I wanna help be the light in this dark world. I just want to say, I was having panic attacks, not sleeping, and would have to call my therapist when things got too much. I recently found BreakUps. I’m no longer alone in this now and I’m realizing I’m tricking myself into putting this person on a pedestal. It’s all thanks to you all. I’m no longer going to love someone who’s abused and manipulated me in multiple ways and no longer going to keep begging for them to take me back. I didn’t give up on us, they did. I’m rooting for you guys and I know I’ll maybe relapse back into thinking maybe we can work out but you’ve all really put things into prospective.
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2023.03.24 06:08 chaimeluv 19 year old sister is pregnant and I feel like it’s going to fall on my mom.

I’m a 28 yo male. I’m the oldest out of 3, and I just got the news my 19 yo sister is pregnant. Shes pregnant by her bf of 5 years They are not married, both don’t have degrees and work retail jobs.
I write this post because I’ve see our mother go through so much. Alone, at that. Growing up with just my mother raising us, in a 2 bedroom apartment was tough. My mother and sister shared a bedroom/bed for 19 years. While my brother and I shared the other room. She never got a break, or had the things I wish she deserved. I saw my mom struggle, but she did all she could. My mother is now 61 years old.
Just 6 months ago my mom was finally able to purchase her first home. 4 bedrooms so everybody had enough space. (Me included when my gf and I visit from out of state) my mom finally got her break and I saw her happier than ever when they moved in. Well, my mom dropped the news about sisters pregnancy and I just have a bad feeling. She has been going to school part time online, while working fast food/retail. She’s never had to pay a bill, she’s never been around kids or even held a baby. My family is very inexperienced in life where it’s depressing. Being with my gf of 4 years I’ve realized how much my mom didn’t/wasn’t able to introduce us to much in life.
I’m sure this was unplanned but I feel like my mom is going to end up raising this baby while my sister has no idea what’s in store. I asked my sister if she’s excited to be a mom and she shrugged with “yea, I just won’t know what to do.” Her bf still lives with his mom. They can’t afford an apartment currently, they’ve talked about her bf moving in. Wtf.
It’s also hard being 28 still figuring my life out with my soon to be fiancée and having my 19 yo sister beat me to parenthood. I want to be excited, and I’m sure once the babies here I will be. I just don’t know what’s in store for my mom and them. Just when my mom gets settled in her new home, all this. I feel awful.
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2023.03.24 06:08 meluvcatssomuch I have nothing to remember you with

I have gotten rid of every single thing that remotely reminds me of you. I don’t even have pictures to look back on if I wanted to. I have nothing to mourn you anymore, just the memory of you and the pain that you’re gone. I am doing everything it takes to move on from you. I kept going to therapy, I started journaling, hanging out with friends, talking to family. I quit my job to focus on school. I still think about you every single day, I just don’t talk about it as much anymore. I still miss you a lot, I’ve started to remember the good memories of us too. I’m doing everything I can to avoid the painfulness of you until I’m more ready. I deleted Instagram, even Facebook. I park across the street to avoid the parking space where we broke up. I turn at certain streets to avoid your apartment because it’s too painful. Sometimes even hanging out with certain friends that I associate you with hurts a lot. I miss you so much. I miss you every single day. I know I hurt you a lot. I know I’m not in your life anymore and I know I’m nowhere near your best friend now. I’m really sorry for everything. You have no clue how many times I’ve wanted to talk to you and reach out and tell you how sorry I am, and how much I am still stupidly in love with you. I know you want nothing to do with me, and I don’t blame you at all. I am still accepting that we will never talk again. I am still accepting that I will fall in love with someone else again oen day, when I’m ready, and that you were not forever, no matter how much I wanted you to be. No matter how much deep down in my heat in my deepest thoughts, I still sometimes want you to be the end. I can’t keep on thinking like this, so I won’t. I’ve done everything right to move on from you. It’s been 2 months. I will be ok. Everything will be ok. There was a before you and I’ll be fine after you. I am so sorry for hurting you in the process. We both deserved better. I need to move on from you. It’ll be ok.
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2023.03.24 06:06 Swindled1Fuck Electrical contractor lied about completing job, what to do

Long story short, we have an invoice for a little over $12,000 to completely rewire the house, install a new 200 amp panel, and 60 amp subpanel in the detached garage, in addition to removing popcorn and painting ceiling.
Stupidly, we just about paid the entire amount over the life of the project, as our contractor kept telling us how he was losing money, broke, etc. When your house is torn apart and covered in dust and living in an airbnb it's kind of hard to have any leverage over the guy.
In any case, I tested the outlets, and went into the crawlspace. Nothing is rewired. 2 prong were swapped to 3 prong without a ground. The 200 amp panel was complete, but the garage 60 amp panel is not. The popcorn removal is done, albeit somewhat poorly.
My contractor is telling me now that's now what he meant by a rewire. Pretty hard to misinterpret the contract as he has a Facebook video at the start of the job admitting to what he is going to do the house, rewire, etc.
I think he underbid, lost his ass on the job, and scrimped by. He seemingly tried to fool me into not checking the work.
What the hell do I do now? The guy is broke. He's working under his partner's license I think as that's what on the permit for the panel. Do I go after him? My contractor?
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