Cavity vs stain

Bearded BattleBears [J3B]

2013.07.17 06:58 blazingkin Bearded BattleBears [J3B]

Bearded Battlebears [J3B] Corporation in EVE Online.

2023.03.28 21:28 fatherandyriley Judge Dredd (2000AD) vs Stain (MHA)

It's judge jury and executioner up against the hero killer. I'm assuming both have their standard equipment so Stain has his sword and knives while Dredd has his lawgiver, daystick, boot knife and scattergun. Does the location (Hosu city or Mega City 1) or Dredd having his lawmaster motorcycle or not have a big impact?
What would the two think of each other and how would a conversation go? I think it would be quite interesting considering how wildly different their ideologies are especially since Stain thinks of himself as a vigilante while Dredd treats vigilantes like any other criminal.
P.S. Only just finished watching the Stain arc of MHA so if your response has spoilers for anything after that please hide them.
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