Cool math cat in japan

If you're in Japan or not in Japan and haven't yet been to...

2011.10.18 08:57 If you're in Japan or not in Japan and haven't yet been to...

If you're in Japan and haven't yet been to [really cool place], you should go. If you're not in Japan and haven't been to [really cool place] in Japan, you should go.

2009.09.25 03:22 shibuya246 Tokyo

For all things in and around Tokyo for residents.

2008.03.24 02:19 Computer Science: Theory and Application

Computer Science Theory and Application. We share and discuss any content that computer scientists find interesting. People from all walks of life welcome, including hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics.

2023.03.20 20:31 swagner1471 Recommendations for weirdest things to do in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka)

Hey all, my partner and I are traveling to Japan for three weeks this September. I have traveled to Japan before and loved it. Now we’re looking for unusual, weird, wild or just amazing experiences, restaurants, hotels, events,etc. whatever you may recommend! Would love to hear your feedback and recommendations. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 20:30 Maisie_Millaa Hey guys, have you heard about the gw2efficiency holiday calendar? It's a great opportunity to win some serious gold - there's a prize pool of 98,378 gold up for grabs! Make sure to check it out and enter for your chance to win. Happy holidays and good luck!

Hey fellow Guild Wars 2 players! It's that time of year again, and guess what? We're back with our 8th annual holiday calendar on!
Head over to to check it out and start winning prizes every day, with a total prize pool of 98378 gold! That's right, you heard us!
The best part? Everyone can enter with just their account name - no API key or gw2efficiency account needed. Although, we suggest you make one anyway because we have some pretty cool features!
Just make sure you check back every day to enter for the daily prizes, and don't forget to enter for the big ones at the very bottom of the page! This lottery was generously sponsored by Overflow Trading Company, so make sure to show them some love on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.
And here's the kicker: the lottery is available for both EU and US servers since there are no trade restrictions! But, participation with alt accounts is limited to three. So, don't try to cheat the system because we can automatically detect alts.
Winners will be chosen randomly, but make sure to answer (via whisper or in-game mail) within 72 hours of winning, or else we'll have to reroll. And last but not least, have a splendid holiday season and good luck to all who participate!
Oh, and one small note: if you've recently changed your account name and it looks like you're not being entered, just delete your API key and generate a new one. It's just a caching issue on our end.
As always, feel free to give us suggestions or ask any questions about gw2efficiency. Cheers!
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2023.03.20 20:30 Kalibos40 Congratulations to me! I finished Pool 3 just in time for this token shop announcement.... Am I [email protected]#%^&?

Looking over the notes I realize I'm going to be missing out on a LOT of collectors tokens, two to three Series 5 cards worth, at least. If my math isn't off, it's somewhere in the range of 15,000 to 18,000 tokens I simply won't be awarded (for doing the same thing as someone that comes in after the patch) and new players will be able to catch up to me faster than I could catch up to players previously, narrowing the gap and further diminishing my efforts.
It also doesn't seem like they're speeding up the acquisition rate for people already P3 complete. So, now, not only am I going to be behind the curve versus someone who has never cracked cache, there's really no incentive for me to keep playing towards S4 & S5 acquisition.
Or, did I just miss something huge in the post and am not understanding how this all works?
I'm wishing for the latter, but I'm not hopeful.
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2023.03.20 20:29 AllInKwame Previous Owner of Car+Pressing Charges

Hi All,
Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.
I purchased a car back in Oct 2021 due to ULEZ changes, via Facebook marketplace.
The owner of the car confirmed that the car was CAT free.
I didn't insure the car straight away as it wasnt in use at the time (insured car in Jan 2022), this was when i realised the car was CAT N. AS you can imagine the insurance was higher than i expected but i thought id take the hit (should've addressed it then i know :( I am currently doing my renewal for the vehicle and was unable to get a policy due to the CAT. I dont remember the details of the previous owner and they ignore me on FB (told me to F off then ghosted. Is there a way to find out the details of previous owner, as i would like to take them to court?
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2023.03.20 20:29 MultiverseOfSanity [Pokemon] Pokémon don't reproduce via sex, it's a non-physical process

The guy at the Pokémon daycare tells you that no one is quite sure how eggs are made. Many have interpreted this to be an adult being coy about explaining the birds and the bees to a child in a game made for children. But this theory says it's not. It's a non-physical process that remains a mystery to non-Pokemon (idk, maybe in-universe scientists might know, but let's continue).
We have stuff like the small cat Skitty can breed with a big whale, Wailord. If Pokémon reproduction involved sex as we understand it, this would be a rather odd act.
Pokémon eggs are also huge. A Togepi egg would be half the size of a Togetic. Ouch. On that note, we also never see pregnant Pokémon or Pokémon carrying the egg in them. Well, except for Chansey, but that egg isn't for reproduction. The eggs just kind of appear.
Now, you still need a male and a female of a given species. But that could be more of an energetic thing. In some cases, it kinda has to be, because where would the dick even be on something like a Magnemite?!
So yeah, Pokémon reproduce via magic, not by bumping bits.
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2023.03.20 20:29 flyingwhales10 Thinking About Buying But...

I had a couple questions. I've heard bad things about this game but I have seen some videos that interest me. I played a lot of Elden Ring (still do) and my main focus is PvP. The combat and PvP looks pretty cool and satisfying but it looks like a massive player drop in a short amount of time. I just had a couple questions.
A) What is your opinion on the PvP?
B) Is there end game pvp content?
C) I never played anything from these devs before, any pointers/tips?
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2023.03.20 20:29 Livid_Ad9063 All we can do is try.

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2023.03.20 20:29 carbonated_coconut administering liquid meds

administering liquid meds
Hi all! Just looking for a bit of advice on giving meds to my boy.
He gets .25ml of phenobarbital every 12hrs. He used to be on the tablets, and we would pop one inside a single-serve feeder for him to have around 7.30 AM so that we didn't need to worry about getting up to do it every morning.
I don't know if there's any way we can put the liquid in the single-serve feeder, so I'm curious what everyone else does for cats that have timed liquid meds? I'm worried if I soak a treat with the dose that the meds will evaporate overnight and basically be ineffective in the morning.
Does anyone have any tips, or should I just get used to doing it every morning anyways.
Photo for tax. His name is Zeus.
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2023.03.20 20:29 DecentGlucose no but what is the answer to number 4?

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2023.03.20 20:29 Normal-Educator-6717 I don’t know what to do anymore.

I don’t know where else to go or what else to do but I’m so tired of the country I live it. All my rights are being taken away like I’m a afab non binary black queer person and it feeling more and more like everyone wants me dead or separated from other like I have a the plague and I don’t even know if I wanna live in the stupid world it’s so exhausting I can’t deal with it all anymore. I just wanna love someone so deeply that they do the same I just want to live my truth is that to much to ask for like do I matter so little that you just don’t care about me, about us, as human beings?! Like what else do these people want, other than my skin color or who I sleep with (like it’s their business) is really the hill y’all wanna die on I’m just a person with friends and a family I love playing video games and binge watching tv shows, I love cats and dogs and I want to own a bird, I wanna travel and see the world but idk maybe that’s not enough to be human I guess🤷🏽
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2023.03.20 20:29 DrunkBearBattle Beta, I really liked it, couple issues

I played a Rogue. Sorc seemed to be face roll. Barb just didn't feel like playing it. PS5
I really enjoyed it, story was fun, cut scenes were nice and interesting. I liked a lot of the content, the side quest, finding all different material, stories, dungeons, events, statues, new towns, etc in a open world felt really fun. I actually enjoyed seeing random people showing up at events, made it feel more impactful working with others, but not so much where you show up to an event and 35 people are waiting and it feels hard to even participate.
Loot, was pretty cool. You can definitely feel significant increases with legendary gear. I ended with a full set and had salvaged many prior and got a bunch of super useful rogue specific perks extracted from some. I hope the actual game isn't this loot heavy. I played veteran and did all side quest I could find, discovered all the area, did all the story quest, and most of the dungeons once, some twice if I was sent back. So, I did a fair bit of farming. But I felt too powerful for the level, I am thinking they wanted everything tested, so the drop rate might have been higher. But I could basically jump in anywhere and mash buttons at the end. In the middle and start of finishing most of the content, I was a little more strategic with my actions, and it felt needed in a lot of scenarios. I think it will be fine if the drop rates are reduced a bit. With rares and a couple legendaries you don't feel rediculous, but feel noticable differences with good perks.
The combat/movement was mostly smooth. I got caught on some invisible walls in dungeons. Got stuck in a chest once. The shadow step skill for rogue's, I love it, I had perks where it recharged on kill and had an extra recharge, I was flying all over ganking. This skill sometimes sends you into rooms so far off screen, it may throw you into a dangerous spot when you weren't trying to. Idk if it's meant that way, it's an awesome skill, but sometimes it locks into enemies super far away and sends you. Other then that, I mostly went shadow build, it felt super satisfying especially with the last two talents I got. Might be my main, but I'ma try Necro and Druid next week if I can.
Sound... Had some issues. All the audio in areas and dungeons and scenes, were all great. I had no issues, some spots in conversation or something minor it seems the audio was not added yet, but most was great. Combat Audio.... By the time me and a friend both were 25 just clearing stuff and had like all legendaries, we basically could just keep moving and attacking, as you should, but in a lot of dungeons/events with lots of mobs. The audio was completely robotic, I know it wasn't our connections because our voice through PS party chat was fine. But, the sound was like 100s of screaming and dying robots. Id just yell, The Robots are attacking!! I had to generally lower master volume and chat mix more towards chat then game. Other then that issue, the sound was fantastic!
I liked a lot of the cosmetics. Gear, dungeons, skills, transmog, salvaged cosmetics, etc.
Other complaints Party system was buggy. Took forever to get it to work, ended up making a clan and joining it. Then it worked fine.
Like 3 errors but I am surprised it wasn't more...
Found chest I couldn't open, and yes I had keys on me as well, but they just wouldn't open. No button option.
I feel like mounts would have been nice... Some areas/dungeons are not close even in act 1. It's not terrible, but would be nice.
Bigger inventory.... Like, these got filled constantly, but I also am pretty sure they had to increased the loot rate so more things could be tested.
Dungeons, some feel almost the same. Like for some of you said two dungeons I wouldn't be able to explain much of a difference. But I also was thinking, this is act 1 of 6, I hope they increase in boss difficulty and have new mechanics. I'd bet they do, but I will not assume. But that also gives people little reason to come back to this first area, but we'll see.
Que, 4 minutes first day, an hour the next, then each then after that, couple minutes or so. Not as and as I'd expect and the last couple times I went on basically no que.
I liked it, it's not done, and I hope the endgame is more. But I can't base a game on the first of 6 acts, and some of the other areas look massive. I am excited to say the least. See you all in hell!
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2023.03.20 20:28 h-i-j-k-elemenopee Wie siehts bei euch mit Impfungen aus?

Österreich ist ja medial (statistisch weiß ich es nicht und möchte es deshalb nicht beurteilen) doch ein Land der Teebeutelschwinger und Impfgegner (geworden?). Jetzt würde mich mal aber *abseits* von Corona interessieren, wies bei euch so mit Impfungen ausschaut.
Gehts ihr immer alles sofort auffrischen wenns fällig ist oder davor? Oder überseht ihr auch mal Impfungen und seids dann die Nachhol-Fraktion? Oder pfeift ihr komplett aufs impfen? Seids ihr als Kinder geimpft worden?
Ich will hier jetzt keine großangelegte Studie machen, mich interessierts einfach. Damit ich nicht wie ein Voyeur wirk, lass ich zuerst die Naden runter: Ich bin gegen alles geimpft, was in AUT als Impfsstoff zugelassen ist (weil ich viel in der dritten Welt herumgurke also auch Dinge wie Japan B Enzephalitis, Tollwut, Gelbfieber, andere exotische Sachen). Ich lasse dementsprechend auch immer alles auffrischen und hab meinen Impfpass im Blick. Aber warum? Ich hab ehrlichgsagt keine Ahnung. Ich bin so erzogen worden, das Impfungen einfach gemacht werden und Punkt. Ich hinterfrag auch keine Impfstoffe. Das ist vermutlich nicht immer schlau und ich hatte auch schon mit scheiß Nebenwirkungen zu kämpfen, aber ich bin trotzdem froh zu wissen, dass ich manche Krankheiten nur so vielleicht überleben kann.
Würde mich sehr interessieren wie ihr das so handhabt!
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2023.03.20 20:28 rainbowroadgenius69 Here are my notes for Math A&I SL

This is a PDF of my math notes for math applications and interpretations. I believe it is very complete and everything there is correct, in case there is anything wrong or missing, please let me know.
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2023.03.20 20:28 Diegocesaretti GptMate for Google Assistant

GptMate for Google Assistant
Demostración de una automatización que procesa los comandos en la API de GPT antes de enviarlos a Google Assistant, primero le hablo a Google Assistant tradicional y la segunda vez el pedido es procesado por ChatGpt y convertido en una orden útil , coherente eh inteligente que es interpretada por Google Assistant.
La frase es "El gato lleno la casa de pelos", cómo pueden ver Google Assistant solo devuelve una búsqueda Web mientras que GptMate devuelve una acción coherente y útil.
Asi podría ser la integración de Bard en Google Home / Google Assistant.
Demonstration of an automation that processes commands in the GPT API before sending them to Google Assistant, first I talk to Google Assistant traditional and the second time the order is processed by ChatGpt and converted into a useful , coherent and intelligent order that is interpreted by Google Assistant.
The phrase is “The cat filled the house with hairs”, as you can see Google Assistant only returns a Web search while GptMate returns a coherent and useful action.
A similar thing thing could ve implementos by Bard in Google Home / Google Assistant.
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2023.03.20 20:28 sort_of_sleepy Hello! Just found this sub, figured I'd share.

Hello! Just found this sub and figured I'd submit some horr... well no, more like dumb as hell stories in my job hunting experience.
To give some background(important as some of this ties into the following stories):
Ok! Here we go
  1. I once tried to apply to a startup that sounded like a great fit. They even had an office in Tokyo which was also something that made me want to apply(I love Japan, would have loved to possibly transfer in the future). However I didn't even make it to an interview for one of the most insane reasons... in that I "appeared" to not do a lot of coding... even though they had links to my code
  2. I applied to a well known Ad / Product agency back around.. I believe at this point somewhere around 2018-2019. Position being offered sounded like a good fit; they also follow me on social media so I figured that could be a slight uptick in my favor(anything helps right?). Despite having my CV, LinkedIn and links to my code repositories, they thought I only had enough experience to qualify as an intern, not to mention that I basically had to ask repeatedly before they told me(a major gripe I have with a lot of HR people)
  3. One time I was asked to do a React exercise on HackerRank. For those of you that may not have done something like this, basically, you just have to re-create something according to a set of instructions. It's a pain in the ass but at the very least, it's not some dumb algorithm challenge and something you could conceivably be doing on the job. I complete the challenge, everything worked EXACTLY as instructed but, as you might have guessed, I still failed and missed out on an interview. Why? I failed because I couldn't get all the unit tests to pass, I believe I missed two cases. Unit testing is not something I have a lot of experience with and I was working locally so I figured I'd try screen capturing my code showing that things were working as instructed but the company still went "nope!"
More recently a company reached out to me out of the blue and seemed to seriously be considering me for a front-end web position. It wasn't the most exciting of prospects but it's a job and I could use the paycheck so I said, sure, let's chat.
After reviewing my CV(again?), they came back to me and basically said, ".. oh we don't think you're the right fit as it seems like you focus on doing interactive installations".
While being briefly pleasantly surprised at the response(I would like to be doing more creative things ultimately), I wrote back asking if they would like to look again and explained that they had somehow mid-interpreted my experience.
I also pointed them to specific resources that would help them make a better evaluation(which were all listed and explicitly stated to begin with by the way, not to mention my CV also explicitly stated I was professionally, a front-end web developer).
They responded by essentially saying "nope, we're good!" 😡
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I have many many, MANY other gripes with tech recruiting but that's probably enough for now.
Anyways, best of luck to anyone out there still looking, especially with all the layoffs happening; don't let the rejections get you down, we all go through it at some point. (including me right now)
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2023.03.20 20:28 Peach_1345 "LOVESTRUCK" Comeback Goals

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2023.03.20 20:28 fap_fap_fap_fapper [Socialists] Was Japan's rise after WW2 the result of imperialism?

Not trying to flame other posts here, just found this exchange on the history of Japan very interesting:
Capitalist (followerof/):
Its GDP per capita was 300 in the 50s when it embraced markets. Its wealth and end of poverty came only after the end of imperialism, its total decimation in war - and - adopting markets and private enterprise.
Socialist (atlasreturns):
Japan embraced Capitalism before the 50s? You seem to follow this weird idea that Imperialism and Capitalism are exclusionary systems.
The key event and likely beginning of modern Japanese history is when the US forcefully opened Japan towards the global market which in return lead to the Meiji Restoration and Japans imperial Ambition. The key reason for Japans intervention in WW2 against the US were market embargoes. And Japan invaded Korea, China and Southern Asia to access more cheap resources for it‘s market.
And not only in Japan but also Europe or North America was Capitalism the driving force behind Imperialism. Because the imperial powers needed their colonies for cheap labor and raw resources in order to fuel their own economic growth.
Japan embraced capitalist policies only after WW2. Socialists are brainwashed into thinking capitalism and imperialism are the same thing. Socialism means believing everything evil in the world is capitalism. USSR also invaded many countries. I'm sure that will be twisted into being the fault of capitalism as well.
So... what happened in imperial Japan, which you're calling capitalism, led to $300 per capita GDP. Then, market policies, after the total end of imperialism led to rapid increase in GDP/capita to higher levels than even EU (and the near end of poverty). This success, socialists say, must not only be not linked to capitalist policies, but must be somehow credited to the past imperialism ("capitalism") which actually ended.
How is it not Capitalism? The age of Imperialism was purely motivated by the search for new markets and cheaper resources.
The Soviet Union also existed during the final days and end of Imperialism. And while much of it's actions could be considered imperialists the confrontation between the it and the US was primarily ideologically driven. But that's not really what I am talking about, you are 100 years ahead.
What we now as poverty exists because European and North American powers (plus Japan) pillaged the third and second world for it's labor and resources while leaving behind institutions that were inertly self-destructive. I mean just look at a world map, the reason borders in Africa are straight lines is not due to the inert love for geometry in those countries.
So yeah you can argue that Capitalism reduces poverty but it's also the reason that this poverty exists in the first place.
Don't stop! Continue the thread!!
I mean, can we get some more inputs? China is discussed often in similar debates, but not Japan.
Do socialists believe Japan's post-WW2 success is due to imperialism?
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2023.03.20 20:28 gracebee123 DIY bed. Types and thicknesses of foam?

Can anyone with knowledge school me on the types of foam and the densities? I’m trying to to diy copy the Puffy Lux Hybrid. What I’ve found so far is that it contains the following:
From the top down.. * Top layer: cooling gel infused foam (blue color) “highly adaptive memory foam” * Next layer: “gives mattress a plush feel” (light green) “dual cooling cloud foam/memory foam” * Next layer: transition foam. Thicker than 2 layers above. (White) “faster response polyfoam” * 7 inch pocketed coils surrounded by high density poly foam on all sides for edge support. Not sure if this foam adds a layer on top of the coils or not. * Grip base layer under coils to hold mattress in place.
Side cut photo of the layers of foam inside: photo
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2023.03.20 20:27 C4tdiscusserb01 Space game with a focus on getting between planets?

I’m looking for some kind of space game where the main focus is on getting between planets in unique ways. It would also be kind of cool if you could make colonies and stuff but that’s not required.
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2023.03.20 20:27 Interesting-Square30 Seeds arrived!

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2023.03.20 20:27 mbmccurdy [OC] NHL Playoff Chances

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