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2023.03.29 02:34 Cheatography Network+ 6.1. IPv4 Cheat Sheet by Aelphi #education #engineering #network #ip #subnet

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2023.03.29 02:33 wickedways1150 Remote Data Enrty Jobs

I'm 100% convinced that remote data entry positions do not exist period. I've literally applied to 100s of them over the past 6 months. I have used every conceivable job board as well. So far 100% have been scams. I just avoid these now. Remote jobs are out there but NEVER data entry jobs that pay 30.00 per hour. So avoid ALL of these obviously.
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2023.03.29 02:33 HoffTheLibrarian Continue watching for TV series, instead of individual episodes (Series icon vs individual episode)

This is a random general improvement request for the app.
When a tv show is watched, and paused, the individual episode exists in "Continue Watching" until you finish the ep. However, if you finish the episode and log out, there is no quick way to reaccess the series once you return. If you watch a series on Netflix, the series icon remains in the "Continue Watching," so you can access it quickly when you use the app again. It should be this way on Vudu too.
It's not a chore to re-access the tv series itself, but if you've viewed the series once already, each episode shows some progress, and it sometimes takes a while to figure out where you left off. It would be nice if Vudu made this improvement.
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2023.03.29 02:33 bribellalee Love how this show connects my generation with my parent’s generation

This comes from a personal place but I really appreciate HBO for taking an old show, and instead of remaking it, they brought it to life in a whole new way.
During COVID parents starting watching the OG Perry Mason every night. Two episodes would come on nightly and they would watch it religiously since no sports or new TV shows were coming out (and they do not understand streaming lol.) They watched it so much my dad basically memorized what happened in each episode.
Flash forward to this show coming out later during COVID. I love almost all HBO shows and I love crime/suspense stories. I watched this with my parents and it’s nice to have something to connect over. My mom enjoyed the new series right off the bat but I think it took my dad some getting used to since it’s not really anything like the original Perry. However, my dad gets VERY excited when they introduce a character from the OG show like when Hamilton Burger popped up. I know this was a random post but just wanted to give this show a shout out!
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2023.03.29 02:33 chasetyler23 Just bought my first chess book, was this a good choice?

Just bought my first chess book, was this a good choice?
I love all the resources that the internet has for studying online, but I just cant look at a screen for that long, so I decided to get a book. There wasn’t many good options, but I picked the one that looked best. Do you think that this one would be a good first book for me?
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2023.03.29 02:33 SteveisCh33zy Why I think this battle is completely one sided.

With all of the recent events that have taken place, a common theory throughout the community is a potential Garp vs Blackbeard showdown. I believe this fight is a complete landslide in favor of Garp, even at his old age, and I'll explain why.
Blackbeard is consistently the most overhyped character in the series for me. People make up feats for him justifying that it would make sense "narratively." Although this is true, it hasn't been confirmed at all. Until then, I won't hop on the Blackbeard hype train. I'm not calling him a fraud, but I don't think he has the potential of being the end villain until everything surrounding him is confirmed. I won't be using any anti feats or BIQ statements.
I'll start by going over Blackbeard's feats, strengths, and weaknesses. Blackbeard is in possession of the strongest paramecia, and a top logia fruit. This in itself makes him a top tier. he has the ability to nullify devil fruits, and tilt the world at the same time. He's clashed with Buddha Sengoku pre-timeskip (assuming he did some amount of training with the fruits over timeskip this is a feat), he's clashed with Marco, even beating him, making him minimum YC1 level, he kept up speed wise with Ace, making him not lacking in speed, and tanked a quake bubble to the dome from Marineford WB. During his fight with Ace, he also nearly broke his neck from a single punch, and Rayleigh also stated that he couldn't defeat Blackbeard at his current state, and Rayleigh kept up with/clashed with Kizaru, making Blackbeard minimum Admiral level. (Idk if this counts but he also has Kuzan under him, a formal admiral, so I guess this somewhat attributes to him). Now for his weaknesses. His yami yami no mi makes him incredibly less durable, absorbing excess damage from every attack. In all his fights, we've only seen him take hits once or twice, and they seem to do incredible numbers on him. he does make up with his endurance, but against Yonko level characters, his endurance won't last him the entire fight. he also extremely lacks in Haki, only being stated to use basic Arm and Obs. it's strange to believe he doesn't have Conq, but until it's stated or confirmed, this is a massive minus. With all of the other Yonko level characters having both awakened devil fruits (not all), and advanced Arm, Obs, and Conq, Blackbeard simply can't compete. Kaido stated Haki is what transcends all in this world, and Blackbeard lacks that.
Now Garp. Garp is been shown to destroy mountains for warmup, perception blitz Marco, who's speed is relative to queens, who kept up with pre awakening Sanji, making Garp a monster in strength and speed. Being a non-fruit user, his durability is insane. Now Haki. Garp can only be assumed to have advanced Arm, maybe advanced Obs but that's a stretch. He alongside Roger was able to bring down Rocks D Xebec, an easily pirate king level character, and him doing that without atleast advanced Arm is ridiculous. I know this is assuming, but he's been shown to be prolific with Haki.
Now why I think this fight is so one-sided. Blackbeard's entire battle style revolves around the character he's fighting being heavily reliant on the strengths of their devil fruit. Every fight he's had to date has been against characters with poor haki usage, who rely heavily on their fruits. Marco, Ace, Boa, and Old WB (Old WB didn't use any haki and used only his fruit). The gura gura no mi enhances Blackbeard's physical capabilities ten fold. He has the fruit that can destroy the world. Being lenient, I will say that Blackbeard's physical strength with his fruit out scales that of current Garp, but not by a wide margin. Garp's speed still far surpasses that of Blackbeard's, along with Garp's durability, and Haki. Blackbeard out-haxes Garp on paper, but not when you take into consideration Garp himself. He isn't a fruit user, therefore making the yami yami no mi pretty much useless, he's a walking tank, lowering the effects of the gura gura no mi and Blackbeard's strength, and he is a much better Haki user than Blackbeard. Overall, with Garp's strength and his attributes lining of up against Blackbeard's perfectly, and Blackbeard's lack of Haki, I take Garp over Blackbeard everytime.
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2023.03.29 02:33 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 is rumored to feature a more robust online multiplayer experience

GTA 6 is rumored to feature a more robust online multiplayer experience than any other game in the series. Fans are hoping for a game that allows for even more player interaction and cooperation, with new modes and features that make it easy to connect with other players around the world.
GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪
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2023.03.29 02:33 Sure-Apartment-308 75% Off Foldable Wireless Charger, Veernoo 3 in1 Fast Wireless Charger Station for AirPods Pro/2 Apple Iwatch7/ 6/SE/5/4/3/2/1,iPhone 14/13/12/11 Series/XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus 8k

75% Off Foldable Wireless Charger, Veernoo 3 in1 Fast Wireless Charger Station for AirPods Pro/2 Apple Iwatch7/ 6/SE/5/4/3/2/1,iPhone 14/13/12/11 Series/XS MAX/XXS/X/8/8 Plus 8k submitted by Sure-Apartment-308 to AmazonPromoCodesOH [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 02:33 zeeboskull What path to take? Was one of the Cyber sheep but now questioning it.

Quick background: 40 years old, mid life career change and decided to go for Cyber ( currently working on Associates, have A+ , going for Net + this month and Sec+ within next 8 months). Background of messing with pc's some but no expert and 6 months of not doing a damn thing at a MSP . Pentest / ethical hacker is what gets me hot and happy but I wouldnt even classify myself as script kiddy due to lack of experience.
So with the flood of folk wanting to get into cyber security and facing the reality of there is a whole lot of better candidates than me, what other options are out there? How did you find your knack? I want to use skills that I know interest me, OSINT is something that I have used for years , even though I did not know OSINT was actually a thing until recently. Basically research and trying to get into places I shouldnt be is what gets my attention. Are there any careers that I should look in to that somewhat align with my interests? Digital forensics would be cool, but have not seen any jobs in my area.
Sorry for the somewhat rather general post but I am just reaching out to see what other options are out there that I may not know about .
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2023.03.29 02:32 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Online Heists: Could They Be Even More Complex?

It's possible that GTA 6 could introduce even more complex online heists than those in GTA 5. Rockstar Games has a track record of improving upon previous features and mechanics with each new installment of the series.
Online heists were first introduced in GTA Online, and they allowed players to team up and plan and execute elaborate heists. They required coordination and communication between players, and players could take on different roles within the heist, such as the driver or the hacker.
In GTA 5, there were five main heists, each with its own set of planning stages and objectives. However, some players felt that the heists could have been more complex and challenging.
It's possible that GTA 6 could introduce new elements to heists, such as more intricate planning stages, new objectives, and a greater variety of heist locations. Rockstar Games could also explore new ways to challenge players, such as introducing random events or obstacles during the heist that force players to think on their feet and adjust their plans on the fly.
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2023.03.29 02:32 StepwiseUndrape574 Fans petition for GTA 6 to include pets and animals in gameplay

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series have launched a petition requesting that Rockstar Games include pets and animals in the gameplay of the highly anticipated GTA 6. The petition, which has garnered thousands of signatures, argues that the addition of animals would add a new level of realism and immersion to the game, as well as provide new opportunities for gameplay mechanics and storylines.
Some fans have suggested that players could train and care for their pets, while others have suggested the addition of wild animals such as bears and mountain lions that could pose a danger to players. Despite the popularity of the petition, it remains to be seen whether Rockstar Games will take this suggestion on board.
In the meantime, those looking for ways to enhance their gameplay experience can turn to GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪, who offers a range of mods and accounts that can add new features and improve the overall experience of playing GTA V. With the release of GTA 6 still unknown, there's never been a better time to revisit the world of Grand Theft Auto V.
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2023.03.29 02:32 SubmarinerAirman Need help with a simple (but new to me) fiber run.

A client wants to connect two buildings about 1500 feet (457 meters) apart. They have a trench between them already for power that is still open. Bandwidth needs aren't too crazy, it's just a couple of computers/phones, half a dozen cameras, and some other miscellaneous sensors. Gigabit would be plenty.

  1. Would you use direct burial fiber, or run it in conduit?
  2. If in conduit, will I be able to pull 1500ft run in one shot, or will I need to have a pullbox or two in between? It's almost perfectly straight between the two buildings, so a couple of sweep 90s on each end and a gentle curve in the middle would do it.
  3. Do you have a go-to product "kit" that you use for this type of project? I know I need a media converter on both ends, and some cable (which I will likely have custom made to length since I don't own a splicer or any other fiber tools).

Currently looking at three options (with my limited experience):

1. Running the fiber in conduit for ~$2300

2. Or the same, but with direct burial for ~$1000

3. Or should I just run a pair of Ubiquiti radios for a couple hundred bucks?
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2023.03.29 02:32 Least_Gift3375 Z790-E Gaming Wifi 4x16gb DDR5 + XMP

Wondering if anyone has gone with this configuration. I've read about DDR5 being unstable at factory overclock if more than 2 slots are used, wondering if there has been any maturity in the space.
Right now, I've got 2x16gb G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6400 CL32 Memory with XMP enabled. Granted my primary function for this machine is gaming, I am getting a bit close for comfort to that memory limit, particularly when meddling in VMs.
This is my configuration ASUS Z790-E Gaming Wifi Core i7 13700k 2x16 DDR5 6400 CL32 XFX 7900XTX Merc 310 (24gb)
I'm debating if I should either
A. Buy 2 more 16gb identical sticks for a total of 4x16gb B. Go for a 2x32gb config. I'm well outside the return window for my 2x16 so I'll be stuck with these unless I can find someone who wants them (I'm awful at selling stuff)
If I go with option A, will I be able to run XMP? Or will I be forced to manual overclock? I've seen enough benchmarks to know faster RAM certainly can help with performance, and I'd hate to trash the 6,400mhz and go with whatever the stock speed is.
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2023.03.29 02:32 abacce MODY 5 / HNF1B Mutation Thread

Hello! I was recently diagnosed with diabetes MODY 5 and have felt very lonely since it is so rare. My diabetologist and family practitioner are clearly overwhelmed with the disease and seem to know little. So far I have been reading into papers and contacting MODY 5 patients, professors, and researchers in different countries to gather information and learn more. I want to share my experience and some relevant information so that you can relate, understand the disease, and discuss disease management with your doctor better. Please always discuss diet, supplement, and medication changes with your doctor! I advise to ask for a copy of your blood work and test results to collect them in a binder and bring them to your appointments with specialists. Feel free to correct me or add anything relevant from your own experience. Since genetic testing is becoming more available, I expect there to be more diagnosed cases in the future. I hope this can become a space for us MODY 5s.
What is monogenic diabetes (MODY)? Maturity onset diabetes of the young is a form of diabetes caused by a genetic mutation on one gene. So far there are 14 described types of MODY, some more and some less common than MODY 5. MODY patients typically do not have antibodies type 1 and LADA patients would have and are diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, around 25 and usually below 35. Many MODY patients are misdiagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.
What is MODY 5? Mody 5 is a form of monogenic diabetes, also called renal cysts and diabetes syndrome. It is caused by mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. This usually triggers a multi-system condition which can cause organs to develop incorrectly before and after birth. People with the exact same mutation or deletion can have different symptoms. Affected parents have a 50% chance of passing the mutation to their children, however, many HNF1B mutations occur spontaneously without a family history. SYMPTOMS The most common symptoms are Kidney Disease and Diabetes. Many are diagnosed with diabetes while young, around 25 and younger than 35. Small kidney cysts which do not increase over time, missing kidneys, and other abnormalities are possible. The urogenital tract can be affected: a heart-shaped or bicornuate uterus or vaginal/sperm/testicle/vas deferens anomalies are possible. Abnormal liver function, early onset gout, elevated uric acid in the blood, missing a part of the pancreas (pancreatic hypoplasia), electrolyte abnormalities, proteinuria, and a lack of digestive enzymes (pancreatic exocrine dysfunction) are common. In the case of a deletion of the 17q12 chromosome, there can be neurological symptoms like autism or cognitive impairment. It is not uncommon for fetuses affected by the mutation to be miscarried. Early development of hyperparathyroidism may be a previously unrecognized feature of HNF1B-associated disease. Relatively high levels of parathyroid hormone are common.
"Dysfunction of β-cells results in reduced insulin secretion, which is likely to be a consequence of pancreatic hypoplasia. Decreased insulin secretion in utero leads to intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight. Patients with HNF1B mutations have reduced insulin sensitivity to endogenous glucose production but peripheral insulin sensitivity is normal. This situation results in hyperinsulinaemia and associated dyslipidaemia, with raised levels of triglycerides and reduced levels of high-density lipoprotein. (...) Pancreatic exocrine hypersecretion has also been observed in affected individuals, and could be a compensatory mechanism for diminished pancreatic volume." (Clissoid et al.)
DIAGNOSIS is done through genetic testing for mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. Genetic testing for various forms of MODY (14 are known) can be done by specialized labs. Doctors should refer you after having excluded Type 1 diabetes & LADA (no antibodies) and Type 2. If you are below the age of 35, diabetic, not obese, perhaps you even eat well and exercise- and have no type 1 antibodies- you are a candidate for MODY. Ask your doctor about genetic testing. Insulin resistance is reported in some MODY 5 patients.
TREATMENT Older literature tends to push insulin as the preferred treatment option, I suspect this is due to the gravity of the cases that were first tested, reported, and studied. With increasingly available genetic testing and more doctors aware of the disease, milder cases (like mine) are detected. Some MODY 5 diabetics try to stay off insulin as long as possible and are treated with metformin or other oral medication. Sulfonylurea has been described as ineffective in literature. Sometimes a combination is used. A Professor for diabetes and metabolism research I corresponded with wrote to me:
According to the latest data, there is a possibility that diabetes can be treated with newer drugs, e.g. GLP-1 analogs instead of insulin.
Some MODY 5 diabetics take supplementation for Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Some MODY 5 patients have too much calcium. Some MODY patients need digestive enzymes because of low fecal elastase levels. Screening for endometrial, & prostate cancer, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, and clear cell ovarian cancer should be considered (Clissoid et al.).
Preimplantation genetic testing is available in many countries to those affected who do not want to pass on the mutation.
TRANSPLANTS Patients with both kidney failure and diabetes can request a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant. Clissoid et Al. describe 3 cases in which this was successful and led to not needing insulin. After a transplant, they should avoid tacrolimus and reduce corticosteroids. I am unsure if a stem cell or beta cell islet transplant could heal the diabetes part of MODY 5 in the future but strongly suspect it could. Since the beta cells are described as dysfunctional or there simply aren't enough due to pancreas hypoplasia (underdevelopment), transplanting beta cells might be promising. I am waiting for further research.
ME: Elevated sugar levels since I am 23, perhaps before. Frequent stomach pain as a teenager. Frequent mysterious leg pain since childhood. Acid reflux and issues with the cardia muscle in my stomach. Low birth weight likely due to reduced insulin production in uterus. ULTRASOUNDS Several gynecologists never noticed my arcuate uterus. My pancreas was not visible on ultrasound. An angiogram I did for other reasons showed the pancreas but defects were hardly visible. Kidneys looked fine. MRI My kidneys appear miraculously normal and free of cysts, which is fairly rare with this mutation. My uterus is arcuate. I have cysts on my ovaries, likely unrelated to the mutation. The pancreas is lacking its dorsal part. An MRI can only give you limited information about the functionality of organs. BLOOD WORK I produce little insulin (5.1) and my C-Peptide is low (1.0). I am not insulin resistant (HOMA <1). My HbA1C goes up to 6.6. Fasting glucose up to 160 if normal or 200 if stressed. During the glucose tolerance test, my glucose went up to 300 and then down to 70. The more carbs I eat, the higher it spikes and the lower it drops. If I don't eat (almost) any carbs my sugar will be constantly too high but below 200. Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Uric acid, and creatinine are too high. GFR as low as 65 (bad kidney function), went up to 116 with radical diet adjustment. With a Keto diet (and a lot of vegetables) for 6 weeks most of those normalized except cholesterol and sugar, which still improved. The tiredness however did not improve and the leg pain worsened. Magnesium 0.7 mmol/l, potassium, sodium normal. Calcium 2.4 mmol/l after diet. Good iron, normal range ferritin. Red cell distribution is low. Started magnesium supplementation based on reports of patients needing more than the regular amount. Stomach pain and diarrhea from magnesium oxide 400mg x2. Trying lower doses (400mg x 1 ) of magnesium glycinate, which is reported to be the one best absorbed by the body. The amounts refer to the elementary/pure magnesium contained. FAMILY: Grandfather and other relatives are said to have had impaired kidneys but they lived long lives. My father has been a misdiagnosed diabetic for decades and has kidney cysts with impaired kidney function. He has issues digesting fats and low iron (ferritin). He is missing a part of his pancreas. He has trouble digesting food and his liver function is troubled. Light anomalies in the urogenital tract (sperm not as mobile, urinary tract obstructed). He has calcification on the pancreas and has suffered a heart attack. The antrum of his stomach is thickened and the cardia muscle which closes the stomach is not working properly, leading to reflux. He was diagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 or unknown depending on the doctor. My aunt could not conceive and is said to have light kidney problems, she does not want to be tested. My mother lost a child before me, I suspect he had the mutation but got unlucky with the way it expressed (phenotype).
Non-exhaustive CHECK-UP list for MODY 5 patients to discuss with your doctor: If Type 1 not previously excluded: IA2-Antibodies, GAD Antibodies (in case you are lucky enough to have 2 diabetes types simultaneously) HOMA Index, HbA1c, and fasting blood sugar Oral Glucose Test Insulin production and C-Peptide Ultrasound of kidneys, digestive tract, uterus, pancreas, liver MRI of the abdomen and pelvis: esp. kidneys, pancreas and genital area PTH Fecal Elastase Electrolytes: Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium Vitamins: D, B12 Ferritin and Iron Liver enzymes Uric acid, creatinine, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, GFR, hemoglobin, hematocrit
Clissold, R. L., Hamilton, A. J., Hattersley, A. T., Ellard, S., & Bingham, C. (2015). HNF1B-associated renal and extra-renal disease-an expanding clinical spectrum. Nature reviews. Nephrology, 11(2), 102–112. (I have access if you need it)
Gambella A, Kalantari S, Cadamuro M, Quaglia M, Delvecchio M, Fabris L, Pinon M. The Landscape of HNF1B Deficiency: A Syndrome Not Yet Fully Explored. Cells. 2023; 12(2):307.
Facebook Group:
Podcast episode with Jennifer (fellow MODY 5) :
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2023.03.29 02:32 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 to feature improved graphics and gameplay mechanics

The next installment in the popular Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6, is expected to feature a host of improvements to its graphics and gameplay mechanics. Fans have long been clamoring for an update to the game's visuals, and it seems that Rockstar Games is delivering just that.
According to insiders, the game will take full advantage of the next generation of consoles, with stunning visuals and improved physics engines that will make the world of Grand Theft Auto feel more alive than ever before. The game is also expected to introduce new mechanics that will add depth and complexity to gameplay, giving players even more options and ways to interact with the game world.
Of course, for those looking to enhance their experience with previous games in the series, GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪 offers a variety of mods and accounts that can make playing GTA V even more fun and engaging. So whether you're eagerly anticipating the release of GTA 6 or still enjoying the previous game, there's never been a better time to dive into the world of Grand Theft Auto.
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2023.03.29 02:32 MartiniHenry_Enjoyer [A3][Recruiting][EU][Realism] 22SAS, A Squadron

[A3][Recruiting][EU][Realism] 22SAS, A Squadron
Who we are
We are a serious unit that bases it’s structure and operations off of the notorious Special Air Service, based in the UK, with a variation of nationalities within the actual unit. We are an international partner unit within JSOC, a community containing other like minded individuals and organizations.

A ground assault force of CAG and 22 step off to conduct a dawn raid to detain or kill our Ace of Diamond for the deployment.

Our unit focuses on providing a realistic and immersive experience, to the best of our ability, with campaigns that are fluid, meaning your actions and preparation for the task at hand matters, with lore to help immerse our players within the environment they are working in.
As per our realistic nature, we utilize mods like KAT Medical, ACE, and ACRE to add flavour and extra challenge to the operations we run. Both with our friends in JSOC and internally, we periodically run historically themed deployments or missions, such as the SCUD Hunting in the Iraqi desert or skirmishing in the Falklands, most recently we deployed to Norway in a "Cold War gone hot" scenario.
All candidates that join and pass the application process will learn the way we do CQB, and other base skills which will help not only here but in general ArmA.

Troopers from A SQN clear an extensive cave in the Hazar-Kot valley.

Practical problems require practical solutions. A gunner from 1SECTION engages militia outposts as the Squadron begins cave clearances.
There is no addressing by rank, ceremonies or any other such nonsense. Ranks are used for community structure and in-game leadership only.

Successful end-ex on our deployment with our partner CAG unit, and individuals from CIA SAC
- Be 16 years old (Exceptions are made on a case by case basis)
- Able to attend the mandatory operations on Sunday @ 1800/6 PM BST
- Be able to speak English
- Have a microphone
- Own a legal copy of Arma 3& Apex DLC
- Agree with Group Policy
- Last but not least, be willing to learn and possess the right attitude. We're all here to have fun and take on a challenge.
We play many other games together as a Community, not limited to Ready Or Not, Ground Branch, Hell Let Loose etc.
Discord Invite:
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2023.03.29 02:31 RamboBambiBambo Is anyone else annoyed that we can only make use of 7 of the 9 armor cores in Halo Infinite for the multiplayer?

Is anyone else annoyed that we can only make use of 7 of the 9 armor cores in Halo Infinite for the multiplayer?
  1. Mark VII Gen-3
  2. Mark V Beta Gen-1
  3. Rakshasa
  4. Mirage IIC
  5. Yoroi
  6. Eaglestrike
  7. Chimera
There are unfortunately two missing from this list that are still technically in the game files but are for some reason not available for use in the multiplayer.
Those two armors being the Mark VI Gen-3 armor core and the armor core worn by Spartan Laurette Agryna, which I like to refer to as the Mark VIII Beta or as the 'Killerbee' armor core in reference to her emblem.

For some reason, 343 Industries does not like allowing players wear the armor that Master Chief wears in their games. The closest we have gotten is the Mark VI Gen-2, the Mark IV, Mark V Alpha, and Mark V Delta armors of Halo 5... or the Mark VI MOD shoulders that were added to the Mark VII earlier this season.

Spartan Agryna's armor, which I currently refer to as the 'Mark VIII [B] Gen-3' or as 'Killerbee Gen-3', in reference to her insignia.
Yes, I get that one of the reasons that we cannot wear Master Chief's armor is the fact that the main character should look unique and unreplicatable. But in previous games they simply let players wear the armor and not match the color pallet of the main character.
Heck, Halo 5 let us wear the armor sets of all the other seven major characters in the game but we never 100% matched because we either didn't have the correct paintjob or lacked the unique exo-suit that Fireteam Osiris' members had underneath their armor sets. 343 still let players unlock and play in the Argus, Centurion, Copperhead, Helljumper, Hermes, Hunter, and Technician armor sets but denied us the ability to wear the Mark VI MOD of Master Chief.
And here we seem to have the same thing in Infinite. I was hoping to complete Halo Infinite on Legendary and unlock Chief's Mark VI, half-expecting the cosmetics of the Mark VII to be cross-core with the Mark VI because the armors were both Gen-3. Instead we received nothing as a legendary unlock.
And then we have Agryna. Her armor is unique to her for little-to-no reason. And we know it is playable in the multiplayer because during the Academy tutorial we have her as a bot on our team during the mock-match at the end of it all.
What gives?
It even makes no sense if I were from 343's more money-oriented standpoint. By allowing more armor cores you open up more options for items to be sold in the shop for more armor cores. People complained of a lack of content in the original two Seasons of Infinite. Well, a solution could've been to allow the use of the Mark VI and Agryna's armor cores in the multiplayer while also developing some bundles for them to rotate in the shop. Fans get more content and 343 gets more bundles to attempt to sell in the shop. How was this not implemented?

Sorry for the rant. But does anyone else agree that players should have been able to unlock the Mark VI and Agryna's armor cores for the multiplayer?
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2023.03.29 02:31 hamborgir_02 How can I take care of my laptop

I have a computer that I absolutely love and I just don't want to lose it. This is the 3rd laptop that I had, the last one broke after 1 month, yes one month because of my stupidity. Anyways, now I'm trying my best not to lose it, especially since this was a gift and I absolutely love to use this pc. So, how can I take care of it and use it for the next 5-6 years or even longer?
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2023.03.29 02:31 Valuable-Ad-6107 Overwatered?

Using FFOF mixed with perlite using spray bottle to water every two-three days buddy’s saying they looked drowned. First time grower. Seeds were put in soil about 12 days ago. Just got the ph down finally yesterday so today would be first day with water at around 6-6.4 ph roughly
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2023.03.29 02:31 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 to have a revolutionary new storyline and characters 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪

Rockstar Games, the studio behind the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto franchise, has confirmed that the highly anticipated GTA 6 will have a revolutionary new storyline and characters. According to insiders, the game will take place in a new location and feature a fresh cast of characters, all with their own unique backstories and motivations.
Rumors are circulating that the game will take place in a fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a focus on the criminal underworld and the struggles of everyday people caught up in it. The game is said to tackle themes of corruption, poverty, and social inequality, with players able to choose their own path through the narrative.
While details about the storyline and characters are being kept tightly under wraps, fans are already speculating about who might be involved. Some are hoping to see the return of fan-favorite characters like Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA V, while others are looking forward to meeting brand new characters with their own unique personalities and abilities.
Regardless of what direction Rockstar takes with the story and characters in GTA 6, fans can expect the same level of high-quality gameplay and immersive open-world environments that the series is known for. The game is expected to be released on next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as PC.
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2023.03.29 02:30 MamaBritt0825 🌺🚨SPOILER🌺🚨

I have 6 devices to use. Click mine, I’ll confirm then click back! I really need 4 more on this one🌺
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2023.03.29 02:30 Business-Shelter3472 29 weeks with contractions

Hey guys trying to be as calm as possible right now but here is the story… so I’m due June 13th. I had a cervical cerclage on February 6th due to a short cervix I went home the next day and they put me on bed rest until my due date. However, my this past weekend, I started having cramps that were constant and were going up and down. on a 1-10 scale they were probably a 5-8 (worse at night for sure) so Monday morning 3/27 I emailed my doctor told them I’m having lots of cramping, baby is moving a lot but I don’t want him to be distressed what should I do? They called me to come in asap. So I did. The nurse practitioner checked for any indiction of infection from the cerclage as well as a possible UTI. No infection found. Then she used the monitors to measure baby heart rate and to see if I am having contractions. She watched it for 20 min and decided she wanted me to go to the hospital. So went home packed a bag, went straight to the hospital. I was in triage first thing in the labor delivery. The doctor on duty checked my cervix and my cerclage as well. Everything seemed fine to him. They wanted me to stay over night to try and stop the contractions since I’m only 28 weeks. So they move me to the high risk perinatal department and I do indomethacin every 6 hours until 9 am in the morning. They do a sonogram around 12pm and the doctor then evaluates it and says that the amniotic fluid is excessive and is restricting the babies growth. (He’s growing at a rate of 27 weeks opposed to 29) Now they want me to stay another night and take indomethacin every 6 hours still. If anyone has gone through anything similar on here for the love of god I am exhausted. I know my baby is too. This will be my second pregnancy with my first viable baby. I miscarried in 2020. I just want what is going to save my baby boy and keep him alive. Can anyone give me any type of advice or input on this situation because at this point I don’t know what to expect and who knows they might make me stay until I can deliver a stronger baby.
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