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MushroomGrowers is a supportive community of amateurs and professionals from around the world collaborating on mushroom cultivation.

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2023.03.20 20:27 sjwilli I've gone down the rabbit hole and need help back out.

I'm paralyzed by indecision.
Gradually trying to get more gear that is lighter than my current set-up and my next purchase is a backpack.
My next trip is an 8-day hike through the Uinta Highline Trail. We're doing it without resupply so I need to be able to carry that much food.
My BIGGEST wants is that it can carry everything I need, is lightweight, and is COMFORTABLE.
I have spent days and days and days reading reviews, parusing forums and watching youtube videos and I am torn between:
  1. The Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60L
    1. I like the pockets and organization. I really like that there's a spot for a hydration pack - I know that this is an ultralight thread, but I personally like a hydration pack (and maybe a water bottle in a shoulder strap pocket)
  2. Durston Kakwa 55
    1. This one also is very well thought out. Reviews say it's comfortable. I think this is the one I would go to if it had a dedicated sleeve for a hydration pack. It has a port for the drinking tube, but no system on the shoulder straps to keep the tubing where I want it.
  3. REI Flash Pack 55L
    1. A little heavier, but cheaper and more accessible. It makes me feel comfortable that I can go to a store and try the thing on. It makes me nervous that I can't check the fit of the cottage brands. Should I just go the cheaper route for now as I'm easing into the world of UL?
  4. Osprey Exos 55L
    1. I've mostly talked myself out of this, it apparently squeaks on the trail which would drive me batty. My other bags are Osprey and I've liked them.

Someone please, for the love of John Muir, make this decision easier for me. I am leaning heavily towards one of the first two.
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2023.03.20 20:26 tepidreptid Diablo 4 - Takeaways from a Varied Group

Multiplayer - 0/4 Very Negative: Here we are at last. The bottom of the barrel. Almost every aspect of setting up multiplayer was anoying. even more creatures. That being said, the creature variance is about the same as III's was, and that feels like something that could have been easily adjusted. Particular compliments were given to the creepiness of certain designs (the cked out of the server even once during the beta, which undoubtedly has an effect on my reaction to it. I know many people were not so lucky.
For context, I'm a long time Diablo vet, going all the way back to Hellfire. I've seen most of the game's variations, and I've spent a lot of time playing most of them (Hellfire being the least, but that was mostly due to sharing a family computer). I was borderline obsessed with II as a teen, and played ad nauseam. That being said, I may have spent even more time playing III, which is no small feat, due to the ease that consoles provided for a multiplayer experience with my family members.
In spite of III's issues, I have pretty warm feelings towards it, largely for the gaming experiences I was finally able to share with my siblings, and in particular, my father, from whom I was somewhat estranged when it debuted in 2012. Having once been a staunch proponent of Diablo as an solo pursuit, I now fondly anticipate more of a merging between the best of II and III. If you're of the opinion that III had no merit whatsoever, this review probably won't be for you.
Also, so as not to come off like an echo chamber, I enlisted three family members to give me their opinions, and am mostly listing opinions that were a consensus for a majority of the players.
Their experience levels are as follows:
Brother 1: Intro to series - Diablo II (mostly watching me), ran seasons (solo and multi) in III all the way up to the new year. Played all of II's remaster. Purely console player. (currently building a gaming PC)
Brother 2: Intro to series - Diablo III. Played on/off for a decade, mostly in multiplayer settings. Played some of IIs remaster. Social gamer. Purely console, no desire to change.
Father: Intro to series - Diablo III. Old school gamer. Refused to play II due to religious misunderstanding. Grinder extraordinaire. Played more hours of Diablo III (solo and multi) than all three sons. Now prefers console to PC.
So, with all that in mind, here are my/our takeaways.
-- The Great --
Overall Tone/Graphics - 3/4 Very Positive: One member of the group didn't initially care for the darker tone/look of the game, but warmed up to it a bit. The other three were all very pleased with it. Specific points of praise went to the little details in the graphics (some areas are particularly well-rendered) and the score, which has the perfect tinge of lilting melancholy and foreboding intrigue imho. Being able to see the movement of hair on individual wargs was impressive. And, as one player put it, there's something delightfully squelchy about creatures and gore in the game. The return of more of a light horror element is really rewarding and aids immersion in a way that III didn't. What's more, is that it really holds up on a variety of devices. Two players were using older monitors, one was using a new television, and another was using a projector, and the graphics and colors really didn't suffer a great deal of variance, which may be due to the darker hues. (Personally, I highly recommend playing the game on a quality projector. Immersive is a word that doesn't do it justice.)
Combat Feel - 4/4 Very Positive: It's hard to critique a hack-and-slash dungeon runner for overly-repetitive combat, so I tend to avoid focusing on that element. This game is unlikely to ever go the way of Dark Souls, so if that's what you're looking for, you may just be seeking disappointment. However, feel is something that can be critiqued, and it's something that's particularly notable when combat is somewhat repetitive by nature. All four players agreed that the mechanics felt 'weightier' than III, and a bit less on cruise control. Mini-bosses have more variance in engagement, and change tactics slightly based on damage markers. III was notable for really only doing this with more significant bosses, and the difference is noticeable. The cap on potions and the dodge mechanics force more attention to the fights by default. All four players agreed that the addition of more dodges (or a shorter cool-down) would be desirable, particularly in solo play. In many ways I was reminded more of II, and that's a good thing.
Skill Tree - 3/4 Positive: While it's not the Path of Exile tree that I think we were all privately hoping for, it still feels like an improvement. It's much easier to look at each individual skill than it was in the previous format, though the long, winding route can be annoying to scroll up and down. All four players have played POE, so they weren't 'wowed' by it, but the groupings did feel more relevant and connected than in the III wheel format. It would be nice to have a summary screen that shows what you have equipped and the effects of each (with the trait additions/levels of each as well). It definitely forces more planning based on weapon choice, with the option to select skills that work for all weapon types as well. It also allows for more straightforward builds, rather than the more general once players were forced to make because of the way III's tree unlocked things. Also, the ability to respec the full tree at any time got a universally positive response.
Shops/Improvements/Crafting - 4/4 Very Positive: One of the most positive responses was to the ability to upgrade equipment at the Blacksmith. I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we're clinging to an under-leveled legendary weapon/piece of equipment due to its effect, and the ability to upgrade it so that it maintains usefulness for a little longer is a big deal. Overall, players felt that the shops actually offered useful products for once, and that the prices were set at a good balance without being extortionary. The addition of potion crafting was also met with good cheer. That was a nice throwback to II, and a mechanic that was sorely missing.
Mounts(!) - 4/4 Positive: While the confinement to Act 1 kept us from knowing their full extent of usefulness, this was just something that wins on cool points alone. All of the players liked it as an idea, and in the event that a lengthy distance needs to be traveled without the aid of portals, this could be pretty handy. There's still no sprinting in Diablo, so this looks like a cool way around that. Granted, none of us could really try them out, but it's something to be excited about after all that trecking about. Hopefully this is something that we'll get to try in the next beta.
--The Contested--
Dungeon Layout - 2/4 Contested: While there seemed to be some slight improvement on design, this felt like the most neglected element of the game. Two players argued that more specific builds might make create less variance, and the other two maintained that a happy medium should still be achievable, and that this felt like a copy-paste of level design from III. This game has always been about the dungeons, after all. They deserve special attention. (It should be noted that most of the players felt that the above-world layout had actually improved somewhat)
Menu/Map/Quest/Equipment Layout - 0/4 Console vs. PC Contestation: Yes, 0/4 were in favor of most of the menu-related layout changes. However, all four players are console-based, and I suspect things that feel more clunky on console feel better on PC. 3 of the 4 players also played most of their hours on III, on console, so the wheel layout of III was their 1st experience with these layouts. I'm chalking this up to medium preference. And while I'm also in the minority of having really liked the wheel in III, I understand that it was not beloved by PC users. That being said, the equipment menu's obvious II styling feels like going backwards, rather than forwards. Also, the quest menu is incredibly clunky, and should not share the same screen as the map. All four players were irritated by gems sharing equipment space with weapons and armor.
Creature Variance/Density - 2/4 Contested: Density feels more preference based. Two players were fine with the current destiny, two wanted even more creatures. That being said, the creature variance is about the same as III's was, and that feels like something that could have been easily adjusted. Particular compliments were given to the creepiness of certain designs (the Spider Host is nightmare fuel, so thanks for that devs), but seeing that degree of creativity in design does make a player long for more. I feel like the devs really could have leaned into this with their desired emphasis on a darker, gorier Diablo. Then again, only seeing 1 Act worth of creatures gave all four players pause in over-committing to this critique for now.
--The Bad--
Wayfinding - 1/4 Negative: To the dissenting player's point, way-finding has always been bad in Diablo. That's kind of the point. D1 was entirely about dungeons, the above-world has gradually been creeping into importance over years, and player discovery is half the fun of the game. Still, the desire to see where a player has been on the map was universal, and the map is itself a little clunky. Being able to pin locations for clans was mentioned positively.
Clans - 1/4 Negative/Unsure: It's hard to fully explore every aspect of a beta in only three days, if you also have work and children, but while three players were in favor of this mechanic, a lot of it felt clunky as well, particularly when trying to utilize the multiplayer element of the game. None of the players felt certain that it wasn't user error, but 3 of the 4 players are very tech literate and them having to ask themselves that question points to a certain degree of non-user issue by default. To be fair, the Clans element feels like it has a lot of positive potential, but it won't matter if people become incredibly frustrated just trying to suss out how it works.
Trading Items - 0/4 Negative: Every player was frustrated by this mechanic. Not only is it hard to find in the first place, it's a pain to figure out once you get there, and there's no tutorial explanation either. This feels like it was deliberately buried by the devs, and kneecapped to boot. Hell, it appears that players are barred from trading legendary items altogether. While I understand the desire to curtail certain undesirable trade-related activities, for the average player just trying to trade things back and forth withing their own group, this is incredibly vexing.
Multiplayer - 0/4 Very Negative: Here we are at last. The bottom of the barrel. Almost every aspect of setting up multiplayer was annoying, but nothing drew more negative reactions than having to deal with other players butting in to your play. From having other players spam you with part invites, to over-leveled players swooping into the middle of your fights, all four players were having ptsd flashbacks to Fallout 76 (which is about as bad an omen for multiplayer as I've encountered in my gaming life), with one player saying that it reminded them of WOW, in the worst ways. It was a resoundingly negative reaction from 4 relatively social gamers. However, understanding that some players will like that form of multiplayer, all four players would be satisfied with a setting option to play only with friends.
All in all, all four player gave the Diablo 4 beta an overall positive rating. However, all players felt that even if most of these areas are tightened up, the rating for this game will end up revolving around the multiplayer functions of this entry, which also appear to still need the most work.
Let me know what you think!
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2023.03.20 20:25 DeidaraSanji Well, they said I should publish my Scientific Article on ''okbuddyrintard'' instead of ''fatestaynight'' so here I am, presenting you; ''Why Illyasviel Von Einzbern is the ideal Fate/StayNight woman for the continuation of the lineage. I explain scientifically in the light of Evolutionary Biology.'

Everything written in this scientific article is irrefutable scientific information.
First of all, as you know, Illyasviel Von Einzbern is 18 years old, 1.33 meters tall, and 34 kilograms. The ideal age for healthy reproduction. Her physique is below the ideal height/weight ratio for an 18-year-old (as you know, the ideal female height is 1.48). Although it is strange that she is only 1.33 despite the fact that her father was 1.75 and her mother 1.58, this is not a great loss. Her short stature makes it easier for her to hide from predators and escape in case of danger. It also makes it harder for it to attract the attention of predators and increases her chances of survival in the wild.
Being 18 YEARS OLD, 1.33 meters tall, and weighing 34 kilograms is not her only advantage. Her small footprint and light weight make Illya portable and easy to carry. Taking advantage of her short stature, she can take public transportation without using a public transportation card. Her short stature also means that her clothing costs will be lower than usual.
Illya has a fit and shapely physique, as we can see from the official artwork. The width of her pelvis, although it may seem very narrow due to her relatively small physique, is actually the ideal size for her physique and there is little danger of complications in pregnancy of 1 or 2 babies.
Illya has some social and mental difficulties, having grown up in social isolation, surrounded only by servants. However, she can overcome these difficulties with a regular exchange of physical and emotional love and a healthy partner.
Illya is a citizen of Germany. This ensures that her partner and her future children will be citizens of one of the most prosperous, socially secure, and globally respected countries in the world. Germany is also a member of the European Union and NATO. These privileges allow her to travel visa-free to many countries around the world and protect her from Communist expansionism.
Illya comes from a noble family of magus, which gives her partner and her future children a second reason to live in prosperity and wealth.
Illya, as we know, has an extremely high libido (also due to her social isolation). This allows her to have sexual intercourse much more frequently than a normal female individual, and thanks to her physique, she can easily get into different positions in which her chances of getting pregnant increase. This helps to increase the chances of conception.
Illya is a powerful sorceress and has a robust mana system. We know that magical powers and mana are genetically passed on to future generations. This gives future generations not only magical powers but also gives them a great advantage in self-defense and in working in different professions that not everyone can do.
Illya has servants who will obey every command of the Einzbern family. With these servants, you can spread your genetic heritage faster.
Illya is such an ideal woman that even years later, the Illya Route still hasn't come into the game. The reason for this is that Illya's genetic and social privileges prevent her from writing a story that's bumpy and exciting.
And most importantly, if you marry Illya, you will become a relative of Emiya Kiritsugu. Could there be a greater honor than that? Unlikely.
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2023.03.20 20:25 taxesarecool Help on itemized deduction recoveries

Help on itemized deduction recoveries
I'm helping a friend with their taxes and running into a potential itemized deduction recovery issue. This person filed MFJ in 2021 and is now filing single for 2022. They itemized in 2021 due to high mortgage interest, but my friend now rents and is claiming standard deduction for 2022. However, they received a 1099G for their state tax refund of about $2,700. So normally, while they itemized in 2021 (see attached screenshot), this state tax refund would not be taxable in 2022 per the State and Local Income Tax Refund Worksheet located in the Schedule 1 Instructions as the amount of SALT (~$19k) is greater than the allowed amount of SALT ($10k). Basically, if the delta is greater than the state tax refund, it is not taxable. But b/c of the filing status change, I am supposed to following the Itemized Deduction Recoveries language in Publication 525 due to the status change exception (#9).
This whole section is a bit confusing, but when I complete Worksheet 2a (which is a computation for Worksheet 2, lines 1a and 1b), the same formula still applies where if the nondeductible amount of SALT is greater than my state tax refund, Worksheet 2a tells me to STOP and non of my refunds are taxable.
Is that all there is to this? I never calculated any sort of recovery amount, so wanted to check to see if I missed anything.
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2023.03.20 20:24 Flight_Radar_24 Is this a glitch? Lufthansa never flies to YWG

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2023.03.20 20:24 UnknownCrusader 2 and a half years gone in an instant

First of all apologies if my English isn't the best as it isn't my native language. Secondly idk why I am writing this. I just need to vent I guess and this seems as the right place to do it. I have never been so blindsided in my life as by this breakup. A week and a half later and I'm still in shock and awe because of it.
So for the last 2 and a half years I had been in an amazing relationship with this wonderfull girl. From the beginning of this relationship she always had this plan of traveling to the other side of the world to visit New-Zealand. She has alot of family living there that she wanted to meet and she also wanted to make a big trip all by herself. So after 2 and a half years she finally decided that it was time for her trip. She saved up enough money so she could go there for around 2 and a half months. I was happy for her. This was something she always talked to me about. It was also something we talked about together in the context of the relationship. And we both decided that this trip would have no impact on what we had together. The last couple of days that she was back home I organized all kinds of fun things to do. We visited a couple of museums we hadn't had the chance to visit, we went on a couple of date nights and I even organized a suprise farewell party with all her friends and our mutual friends. And she seemed happy with it, she seemed to love it... She seemed to love me. Day after the suprise party was the last day that I would see her because I had to work. So I couldn't wave her goodbye at the airport. The farewell was emotional. She couldn't stop crying and almost begged me to skip work so I could stay for a little while longer with her. But I couldn't. Then it was finally time for her to go. I was surely gonna miss her alot but I felt confident. I thought that the relationship was strong enough and that it would last.
While she was gone she started to contact me less and less. We still spoke but eventually it was every other day, then it turned into multiple days no messages. We talked about it and she claimed it was because she was so busy and the 12 hour time difference didn't help either. And honestly I understand she has a busy schedule there and the internet connection isn't always that good. But I believed she still loved me. She even uploaded on her polarsteps (social media travel blog app thing) that some guy tried to flirt with her but that his moves were in vain because she has the best boyfriend in the world waiting for her at home. Two weeks later she messages me that we need to call. 'No problem' I thought, maybe she finally had a window of time to speak with me. What I didn't expect was that she wanted to call to break up with me. Apparently she had started to doubt our relationship in the month that she had been away. Also she apparently talked with people around her in New Zealand who helped her come to the conclusion that breaking up with me is the best. These people she knew at the time of the breakup for two weeks max. And as icing on the cake she claims that she has had doubts before she went on her trip. After all the fun things we did, all the love she showed me and the love I showed her, after never ever complaining to me or showing doubts she breaks up with me and claims that she has been having doubts for a while.
I don't know what to do anymore. I have always been kind of a melancholic type of person but I have never felt as bad as I have for these past days. Everything hurts, all I feel is sadness, emptiness and this burning question of why? Why did she break up with me? Why did she show me so much love if she was having doubts? Why didn't she bring it up earlier. We have always been honest with eachother (or so i thought). And how in the right mind did she think it was okay to break up with me in this way. I have been going strong to not message her. I have made an arrangement to meet with her when she returns home to talk it through in person. But I am scared. A big part of me wants her back and I'm afraid that I will only get hurt during the talk. Then there is the other side of me that just wants answers to the questions I have. As of writing this I have to wait 34 days for her to return home and I have never looked toward the future with so much reluctance and melancholy.
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2023.03.20 20:23 wormlullaby How much would you charge or offer?

This is my current job but I'm having my yearly review done and don't want to low-ball myself.
Location: Twin Cities, MN (I live 20 minutes from NF)
Cost of Living: 15.1% above national average (Minimum wage is $10.59/hr.)
Length of Employment: From 6 months old to present day. NF would also prefer me to be long-term but will reduce in 1.5 years due to special education (half day) pre-school enrollment.
Number and Age(s) of Child(ren): 1 child; 22 month old girl and occasionally 4 year old brother.
Weekly Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7:00am to 4:30pm; averaging 38 hours per week.
Pay: Legal Payroll Service.
Duties: My duties have expanded by at least 80% as she and her needs have grown. - Occupational (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) 3-4 hours per day. (most of what we do during her wake hours) - Specialized training for assistive equipment (cough assist, stander, gait trainer, etc.-used multiple times per day) - Medication administration throughout the day. - Formula preparation (made in big batches) - Gastrojejunstomy/GJ tube administration, cleaning, venting, and general maintenance. - Sensory play 3+ days per week, library storytime twice per week, children's museums, etc. - I am there for 1 in-home PT session per week and a bi-weekly meeting with in-home nurse. (these are both alone and am given questions to ask from MB, DB, and GB) - General hygiene maintenance (brush teeth, diapers, baths as needed, laundry, etc. - Cleaning: bottles, bowls, spoons, toys, assistive technology and equipment, play spaces, storage spaces for any care care equipment, etc. - Organizing: consistent organization of care equipment and adjustments to new equipment (new shipment each week or so) - Accompanying NP/GB to doctor's appointments, OT, PT, Early education meetings, etc. when it's within my scheduled hours (I also went with to a surgery when it was necessary)
More Information: - This is my first NF. - Child has a rare genetic disorder and no references to refer to proper care. (no reliable studies and only 10 cases in the world. NP and I were unaware of this until 2 months after I accepted this job) - She is close to a 5-6 month old physically and 10 months cognitively. - Goes to Physical Therapy 3 times per week and Occupational Therapy 2 times per week. Will be starting Speech Therapy soon. - MB is at office all day. (Friday is her flex day and is home but will go into office when needed and I will come in for a half day if grandma is here) Also used to nanny while in college. - DB is WFH, but travels often, but never gets involved with NK, besides a wave/hug/kiss when he comes out for lunch, unless I directly ask for help. - Grandma (GB) lives with family on & off and is there for backup care. (does get pretty involved throughout the day) - Their 4 year old boy is sometimes home from preschool. I get paid extra if alone with him but not if GB/DB is there to take care of him. 4Y likes to hang out with me so I end up caring for him a lot even with grandma or DB
Benefits: - Can eat anything I want in their home. - They bought me some extra shirts for whenever she throws up on me. (I know it's not a lot but we're going to discuss this in detail later this week)
About Me: - I'm 21 years old and a full-time college student to be an Occupational Therapist. - I've been working in childcare for over 3 years; including infant up to teen swim instructing and tutoring from kindergarten to 3rd grade. I also babysat and worked for families during summer break in high school. - This is my primary income and I currently make $20.00/hr. I did receive a $1.00 raise up to that amount last year. - My "contract" is a Google Spreadsheet as of right now (I know it's bad and I gave them the Nanny Counsel contract to look at and discuss)
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2023.03.20 20:18 sleepyyLuna Advice for work?

Right now I'm in the process of getting accommodations under the ADA for my job, to help with my adhd/ mental health. My accommodation needs will request scheduling accommodations. Techinically i would switching to part time taking mondays off. . But my boss says for the business needs the only part time shifts available are Saturday Sunday 2-10:30 pm while I work 6am-2pm Friday through Monday. I've worked the same schedule for 3 months now and I need to take Mondays off. It's extremely hard to for me to adjust to that drastic of a schedule/shift change and time wise. Do my needs for these types of accommodations come first or does my jobs? I would assume mine, but in really uncertain as requesting g this type of stuff and being my advocate is a first.
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2023.03.20 20:17 Thunder_Crown Top 11 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

YouTube is the top platform for avid travelers to showcase their love for exploration and adventure. Let these 11 travel YouTubers inspire you to book a flight and get out there!
In the past decade, living the nomadic lifestyle has exploded in popularity, and travel bloggers that are looking to stand out have flocked to YouTube to vlog about their travels instead. The video-based platform is the largest of its kind, a massive search engine owned by Google that offers travelers the chance to monetize their content as they grow their audience.
With so many unique people, places, and perspectives in the world, it's no wonder these content creators have chosen to take the more visual route of sharing their experiences with the world. Videos give these explorers the opportunity to showcase their personality and to relay information that resonates and connects with viewers more than your average blog post could ever do.
Vlogging makes travel personal. There's something about speaking directly to an audience, looking them in the eyes, and taking them along with you on your travels that gets wanderlusters hooked.
If you aren't able to travel but need a little inspiration, you can simply head over to a travel vlogger's YouTube channel and watch them take on the world. With the ability to live vicariously through these YouTube personalities at the touch of a play button, the joy and magic of world travel becomes widespread.
A boring workweek in the office can be escaped when you see through the eyes of a travel vlogger. Not only has technology made visuals that much more stunning to marvel at, but creators have given their channels a life of their own. With engaging storytelling, fresh creativity, clever editing, and informative details, YouTube vloggers and creators can share their expertise and teach aspiring or soon-to-be travelers how to navigate the unfamiliar.
With so much travel-related content existing on YouTube today, it can be hard to sift through the thousands upon thousands of Youtube travel channels to find who produces the best travel video blogs.
Quality and consistency are what make a YouTube channel stand out from the crowd, along with a unique perspective that creates an engaging experience for the viewer. It's important for the best travel YouTubers to inspire, inform, and to create content that gets the mind racing with possibilities.
Ready to embrace the spirit of travel? Grab your comfiest pillow and some snacks as you watch these travel YouTubers take the world by storm! We took the best travel channels on YouTube and narrowed it down to this list of top travel YouTubers to follow in 2022.
Check them out, find your feet, and start planning that trip you've always dreamed of.

Top 11 travel YouTubers to follow in 2022

1. Sailing La Vagabonde

These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience. Elayna and Riley are living every traveler's wildest fantasy, to live on a boat, smelling the salty ocean air, and sailing into the sunset as each day comes to a close. They even sail with their new baby, Lenny!
The seafaring couple uploads new videos every Monday that include helpful information for those who are looking to start sailing too! After traveling over 50,000 nautical miles, they have the experience and the know-how to get aspiring sailors out there riding the waves and fulfilling their goal of traveling the world by sea.
Check out Elayna and Riley's website to learn more.

2. Fearless and Far

If you're looking for a taste of the bizarre and extreme sides of travel, Mike Corey is your man. Mike is always on the hunt for weird and unheard-of world travel experiences that spark that sense of adventure in his viewers. He has vlogged about his time at the Exploding Hammer Festival in Mexico, experienced a Kambo Cleanse ritual in Amazonia, and so much more.
Mike is incredibly creative and has amazing skills when it comes to shooting and editing videos. The way he tells a story is not only engaging, but really fun to watch! His YouTube channel is a brilliant smorgasbord of crazy experiences that stretches the imagination and piques curiosity one might have about a certain destination. "Fearless" is the perfect word to describe Mike and his travels!
Check out Mike's website to learn more.
  1. Dave and Deb
    This adventure couple has traveled to over 100 countries on every continent and lives by the motto "adventure is for everyone." They have been married for twenty years and were looking for something more out of life when they decided to create The Planet D. Forbes has named them one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world! In 2008, they started turning their passion for travel into their full-time job.
Dave and Deb share an inspiring message — that you don't have to be rich, adventure-enthusiasts, fit as a fiddle, or a young millennial to travel the world! They love diving into all sorts of unique experiences, and are a valuable source of information for anyone looking to incorporate adventure into their life on a more consistent basis.

4. Drew Binsky

After studying abroad in Prague in 2012, Drew caught the travel bug and hasn't slowed down since. He taught English in Korea and upon leaving in 2015, he used his travel blog and social media to propel him around the world. Today, he has traveled to over 150 countries and has been supported by countless big names such as Lonely Planet, GoPro, Elite Daily, and Huffington Post. He's even a 2x Guinness World Record holder!
He's on a mission to visit every country on earth, and uploads videos of his ongoing journey. Check out his blog and videos for more on the best ways to save money while traveling the world and to hear all his crazy travel stories he has amassed over the years.

5. The Bucket List Family

The Gee family describes themselves as "just your 'average' family working from all around the world as Family Travel Journalists." Of course, when they say "average", they are playing on the idea that an average family is settled down in a nice home, married with kids, and working a normal job to pay the bills. This adventure-fueled family decided they weren't done exploring the world and discovering what life had in store for them, so they opted to skip the whole "settling down" stereotype.
In 2015, they took a huge leap and sold everything in the name of travel and are thankful every day that they were brave enough to do so. Since then, they have explored the globe with their three small children and are having a blast!
Check out the Gee family's website to learn more about this anything-but-average wholesome little family.

6. Travel Yourself

Cailin O'Neil is a Canadian solo travel blogger who creates travel videos detailing the good and bad sides of travel. She loves embarking on new trips and her content is always packed with positive energy! The experience versus the destination is her main focus, and she has a blast trying the various different foods in each country she visits.
The useful tidbits of information and "City in a Minute" videos that she shares about the popular destinations she explores is really helpful to her viewers. Take a look at her travel YouTube channel to see how to get around a certain destination and to learn about the ins and outs of solo travel.
Check out Cailin's website to learn more.

7. Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a travel vlogger whose passion for seeing the world translates into everything he does. From the way he talks about landing somewhere new to the quality and efforts he puts into his videos — this guy lives to travel. With this passion, he strives to motivate people to follow their own desires to see the world. He's big on getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying life to the fullest.
His rightfully dubbed viewership, "Team Get Lost", is becoming a quickly growing community of equally passionate travelers who watch Christian's videos to ignite their wanderlust. Follow his YouTube travel videos and you'll discover a world of possibilities you hadn't thought about before.
Check out Christian's website to learn more.

8. Hopscotch the Globe

Kristen and Siya are pros at globetrotting and post tons of helpful content on their YouTube channel for adventurers to learn and grow from. They make traveling with a newborn look like a breeze! You'll find that their channel is a gold mine full of endless resources on how to embrace the minimalist travel mindset and travel light, eco-friendly, zero waste, and more.
They have such interesting ideas for content that they are able to flesh out and present in creative and engaging ways. There's a realness to their brand that inspires viewers to perfect their travel habits and to think outside of the box about how to travel on a budget. Check them out to have a few laughs and to prepare for your next trip!
Check out Kirsten and Siya's website to learn more.

9. Wolter's World

If honest travel advice is what you're looking for, you'll find it on the travel YouTube channel Wolter's World! Mark and Jocelyn and their two kiddos have been all over the world, vlogging about their experiences along the way so that other travelers can watch their content and be more prepared for their upcoming trips. They offer practical tips and guidance about world travel, without the fluff.
Tired of seeing travel YouTubers produce exciting videos without any valuable information in it, Wolter's World set out to create a travel channel that tells it like it is. You'll see the ups and downs that they experience throughout their journey, educating their audience on what matters most — the experience.
Check out Mark and Jocelyn's website to learn more.

10. Hey Nadine

Nadine is a fun-loving travel vlogger who documents her adventures around the world. Her travel YouTube channel has videos with tips, hacks, packing guides, and destination advice on all of the many countries she's visited within the past six years. She always finds a way to make her videos funny and relatable, which makes her a blast to learn from.
The energy that emanates from Nadine's storytelling abilities is infectious and she inspires young travelers everywhere to find creative ways to find adventure. Her viewers trust her authoritative voice when it comes to anything travel-related, so you can bet her content is loaded with relevant and beneficial travel information!
Check out Nadine's website to learn more.

11. Kara and Nate

This married travel duo from Nashville, Tennessee have been traveling the world for over two years, uploading a whopping six videos a week to their travel YouTube channel. They hope to travel to 100 countries by 2020! You can find everything on their channel from destination secrets to dealing with getting sick on the road. If you can believe it, they have over 500 videos on their channel and have grown their audience so quickly for beginning their life of travel just a few years ago.
On their website, you'll find their videos are categorized by country to make it easier for their viewers to find relevant information for their own trip planning. Kara and Nate are well on their way to 100 countries, so make sure you don't miss the videos they'll post when they hit their goal!
Check out Kara and Nate's website to learn more
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2023.03.20 20:16 MuslimManTalal Day 4/21 was a really nice calm day

Didn’t do much but I did the following things
1- I fasted today since I missed one day of fasting last Ramadan due to travelling
2- Attended a crash course about IoT conducted by the computer engineering department in my uni, was really informative and fun
3- Finally finished the first chapter of the computer engineering course
4- Currently doing a business assignment with my team, almost done with it, wish us luck you guys
I’m exhausted, I really need to get more sleeping time in my schedule
submitted by MuslimManTalal to selfimprovement [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:15 blossomed-indarkness Upcoming honeymoon #2 after no sex in 4 years; should I now go back to work in same building as AP?

Our story is a bit different from most. I (48 F) and my BS (63 M) have been married for 28 years. For 3 years I had an PA and EA with my work mate. I knew my BS may have suspected something was off but I continued to gaslight him during this time. It got to the point that I couldn’t keep lying to him and the guilt was eating at me. So I broke it off with AP, and confessed to my husband. But my AP took revenge by texting my husband explcit photos of us together and mocking my husband through texts until my BS blocked him. I was never shown these texts but my husband told me one of the comments he said was, “I made a good whre out of your life partner.” So I assume whatever else he said were along these lines.
My husband has a history of depression and anxiety and almost committed su*cide after receiving this. I only found out because I found the baggy of pills he was going to take and confronted him. That’s when he told me about the texts. He promised me he wouldn’t go that route again and hasn’t.
My sister also received texts from AP revealing our affair along with derogatory comments about me. I still don’t know how AP got their numbers. I assume he went in my phone one day without my knowledge and took them. So then my family knew and ostracized me. In the weeks to follow, I could tell non-family of our small town knew as well. I’m not sure who told them- maybe family, maybe AP. But this isolated me from most people I used to be able to count on. Some of my friends cut me off and others I distanced myself from because I did not want to face them seeing me different, which I now regret. D-day was 4 years ago.
It was around the Covid lockdowns when this happened so I started working from home under the same company. In the last 4 years, I’ve stayed home and done all I could to to mend what I’ve broken. I could tell this broke my husband… During the 3 years of my affair, I became distant and my BS and I only had sex about once a month. I’ll admit that even before this, I was distant and we didn’t have much intimacy. I chalked it up as low libido. But I was sad, insecure, and desired self-validation which led to the affair. And I had started to take my innocently passionate and loving husband for granted.
So for four years I’ve been working from home. I’ve held it off, but now my bosses are demanding I come back in person or lose this job. We live in a rural town in the mountains. I’ve checked and the nearest job opening that’s hiring is about 5 hours away which is impractical. I know my husband has liked me at home because it makes him feel secure. But I’d honestly welcome going back to work in person because for a while now, staying at home so much has been taxing. I’m introverted by nature and I don’t mind my own company. But I’m so weary of it. It’s just been my husband and I for the longest (we have a grown son that’s moved out. But we will adopt a kid soon, hopefully). And I feel like I’m suffocating. We do extra curriculars together in and outside of the house about 3x a week so I do get out. I have very few people in my life still. My sister and mother began talking to me a more. But I’d like to make more human connection. I enjoy my job and I miss going out to work.
So what should I do? Do I continue with this job and ask for different work hours than ex-AP? AP works in the same building but has changed to a night shift since the affair which makes this easier. With different hours I won’t see him. Or do I find another online job-opening and continue to stay home?
Oh yeah, and we haven’t had PIV sex for the entire four years. We did in the weeks following d-day. But my BS kicked me out of our room a bit after that. And I’ve been living in the spare room ever since. After a while, he would allow me inside the room for non-piv sex, no oral. And in the 4 times total we’ve tried PIV sex, he always stops midway and says he can’t do this. I know this level of self-control has been hard for him because he’s always had a high-libido. but he’s always been a level-headed and honorable man. So we stopped trying and here we are. I assume it might be tied to whatever AP showed or told him which he has scarcely talked about. 2 weeks ago, he’s allowed me back in our bedroom to stay. And I’m so grateful for it.
He finally told me months ago that apart from the emotional turmoil and mind movies, he discontinued these types of intimacy because he wanted to test me to see if I was really for him. He wanted to see if I would give up on reconciliation or lessen my effort in our relationship. And he says he finally feels ready to “restore my conjugal rights” because he trusts me more and feels safer with me now. I know he is still struggling with the pain. But we are in IC and MC has helped.
So we planned a pretty extravagant (for us) birthday party for him next weekend. It will be an intimate lunch party at our home with family and then a dinner-dance birthday shindig at a nice hotel with (mostly his) friends and joint family. But it really serves to be our secret recommitment/second honeymoon as no one knows we’ve been sex-free the last couple of years. He’s planned that after the party, we will retire to our hotel room the next couple of days and re-consummate our marriage. It sounds sweet and I’m really looking forward to it. But I’m afraid this sexual intimacy may unwillingly bring up internal feelings of rejection and humiliation for him (tips on how to help him with this during sexual intimacy is appreciated). And he seems at peace and says he’s really looking forward to it. He told me that for a while now he’s honestly been really desiring to make love with me again. But he forced himself to hold off to continue to test me, and monitor if I remain faithful, communicative and loving towards him. He says I've “passed the test” and he’s ready to give himself to me again… He’s even outlined terms to this. He’s politely made known to me that he would like to make love and recieve oral at least 2 times a week. But honestly he would like more sexual intimacy per week if I’m up to it. I happily agreed.
I know he still loves me. He has always been one to love with all his heart, especially me. I know I destroyed the sacredness between us and the innocence of our union. And now he’s told me that he’s afraid that when he accepts me completely and we start having sex again, I’ll turn on him and show him less attention and true respect. He’s afraid I’ll revert to not valuing him as much as I should and take him for granted again.
Pertaining to me going back to work in person, he says he allows it. But as to how he feels about it, I’ll have to ask him after our honeymoon #2. I know there’s a part of him that feels jealousy and fear at having me go back. But he’s said the decision is up to me. So in light of our present circumstances, how should I navigate this situation? I’d really appreciate the perspective of BS’ on this matter. Further insight on everything and my BS is truly welcomed and appreciated! I’d like further understanding from the eyes of a BS.
TLDR; Upcoming recommitment/honeymoon-birthday celebration after 4 years of no PIV sex. Is it okay so work in person where AP works (with different work hours) after 4 years of working from home in the wake of our new beginning?
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2023.03.20 20:15 FrozenSandwichHater Is the cheapest/fastest way to CPA, the best?

I am deciding between two options for my accounting education: state university and Western Governors University. Both would be 100% online. I'm a career changer, there are a shit ton of industry jobs around me. My plan is to graduate with my BS, get an accounting job, complete a MS in accounting and study for my CPA exams. After 1-2 years working in accounting locally, I'd like to move to a larger city where there are big PA firms and try to get a position under a CPA to do my 1000hrs of work to qualify for certifications, if my first accounting job doesn't fit the bill.
State University - 100% online. I have to retake 8 gen eds because they just hit 10 years old. It will take me three years to be CPA eligible.
Western Governors University - 100% online. They accept all my gen eds, and I'm able to take some core business courses quick and cheap through Sophia and Study.com. I will be CPA eligible in just over one year. All these credits are kosher according to the Colorado CPA board.
WGU is totally legit and counts for my state's CPA reqs. I'd be doing either option online, WGU is cheaper and much faster.
Is the cheapest/fastest way to CPA the one I should take?
I already did the whole dorm/frat/drunk college thing, I want to earn my degree so I can get a job in accounting and move on with my life.
I really can't see much advantage in going the State U route. More people have worked at the B4 from WGU than my State U, at least according to linkedin. Going the State U route feels like an inefficient use of my time.
submitted by FrozenSandwichHater to Accounting [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:14 jvqb EU 261 compensation question.

My family (6 of us from the US) is flying British airways SJC-LHR-ATH-LHR-SJC. On the return journey the flight ATH-LHR scheduled for 10:25 on 2 April got canceled (on the 19 of Dec) and rescheduled for 13:25 on the same date to arrive 15:20.
My second flight was rescheduled from LHR-SJC at 15:00 to 15:15 but the flight from Athens doesn't arrive until after that flight leaves.
I logged onto the website and it says I have to change my return flight. Looks like the next flight out to SJC is 3 April at 15:00.
Is BA on the hook for EU 261 compensation? Is there someone to contact before the flight? Anything I should do or not do to get the compensation if I'm eligible?
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2023.03.20 20:14 ace_cube Transportation from El Paso to Juarez Airport?

Anyone know any good taxi recommendations for getting from EP to the Juarez airport? I checked with Transborde but they only have scheduled routes that don’t work with our flight times. Anything helps!
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2023.03.20 20:10 Rickh_90 [QCrit] THE PEARL OF OMNIPOTENCE - Dark Fantasy (112k, Attempt 3)

Hi everybody! Thank you for taking the time to review my query letters and provide me with valuable feedback. I appreciate the time and effort you've put into giving me honest and constructive criticism.
Here are my attempts 1 2
I wanted to address some of the concerns you've raised regarding the anime-like tone of my query letter. While I can see how my initial portrayal of the story might have given that impression, I want to clarify that my story is not inspired by any anime, including Inuyasha.
I acknowledge that there may be similarities between some novels and animes, for instance, I could find similarities between A Song of Ice and Fire and Berserk, but I assure you that my story is an original concept that I've worked hard to create. While it's true that the story is meant to expand into multiple novels, I want to emphasize that it's not just a setup for a series, but also a story of its own with a conclusion. Furthermore, I'm committed to traditional publishing and believe that my story has the potential to be successful in the market. I understand that some of you may have recommended self-publishing, but I want to pursue the traditional route and work with a reputable publisher to bring my story to life.
Again, thank you for your feedback, and I hope this message clarifies any misunderstandings about my story's inspiration and goals.
Here's my query, this time is longer than the 400-word limit recommended, but I feel that I've better portrayed my story in this attempt. Please provide me with feedback.
Thank you in advance!
Dear [Agent's Name],
Aiden, one of the eight shard bearers, has unknowingly become the target of the Imperial King's executioner: a ruthless enforcer sent by the power-hungry Aurelian. The executioner's mission is to retrieve Aiden's shard of the Pearl of Omnipotence at any cost. Aurelian seeks to obtain this shard, for it would bring him one step closer to godhood and the power to burn down the world and bring forth a new one of his own design. After surviving the assassination attempt, Aiden sets out on a perilous journey to the dying nation of the North. He seeks refuge and revenge against the man responsible for the death of his family, as well as the potentially catastrophic consequences of Aurelian's ambitions.
But as Aiden journeys toward the North, Thembselwuth embarks on a treacherous path toward the heart of the apocalypse in the South. The Mightiest Imperial warrior, Thembselwuth, is consumed by a burning rage to avenge the brutal murder of his mother and fiancé by Thusk, one of the four cardinal demons that rule over the world. His father's preference for his brother Aurelian, due to his talents, only adds to his drive to prove himself worthy.
But as Thembselwuth and his team of skilled warriors, including the archbishop of a dark god, a dragon slayer, and the prince of the kingdom journey towards Thusk's iron fortress, he begins to accept his faults. His desire for peace and a family of his own now overpowers his need for revenge.
However, amidst the chaos of the battle, Thembselwuth has no choice but to fight until the very end. The journey is fraught with danger as they face not only Thusk's legion but also treacherous terrain and deadly traps. Failure would mean the annihilation of their kingdom, but success could mean its survival.
While Aiden's and Thembselwuth's stories do not directly intersect in this novel, a hidden bond connects them: they are half-brothers, sharing the same father unbeknownst to them. Their actions, as they both pursue their own goals, will ripple through the world around them and set the stage for the events that will unfold in the next book. The Pearl of Omnipotence is the first installment in a planned series, and readers can expect a larger, more intricate narrative that will build upon the groundwork laid in this book.
My 112,000-word dark fantasy novel is divided into two parallel narratives written in the third person omniscient point of view. The story takes inspiration from works such as "The Rage of Dragons" by Evan Winters and "Between Two Fires" by Christopher Buehlman and will resonate with readers who appreciate stories of perseverance and resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, as well as those who enjoy supernatural intrigue.
Thank you for considering my query,
[my name]
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2023.03.20 20:10 henryisyo18 3 albums of 2023 theory

We know Peggy says he is dropping 3 albums this year. Here is what I’ve gathered after much thought:
Album 1: Scaring the Hoes V1 with Danny. This one is confirmed there is no thought about it
Album 2: Solo album. I believe this will be not as ambitious as LP! or other big albums like it but will still be great (probable release in summer)
Album 3: Devon Hendryx remaster album. He has said he will be remastering the Hendryx albums. Idk if he would do all at once or one at a time. He would probably do Ghost Pop Tape first because it is the fan favorite (probable release late 2023)
Solo album and Hendryx remasters could be interchanged in release schedule, but besides that this is how I think he will do it. 2023 will be a great year for him :)
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2023.03.20 20:08 LiamOmorifan Why I like Sunburn

Sunburn (Sunny X Aubrey) Is A ship I feel a LOT of passion for and I feel like it's time to speak up on why I like it so much hence the memes you see me post here
I have many reasons one of them being that I feel like it's implied in the game that they have feelings for each other which is mentioned in such as


  1. Headspace Aubrey having such a huge crush on Omori which all happens in Sunny's dreams, again and again some people say that Sunny's feelings for Aubrey don't linger but in my opinion I doubt that's the case Since no matter the route nor what you do HS Aubrey's feelings for Omori will remain why would it be a remaining occurence if his feelings for Aubrey didn't linger.
  2. Proof of Sunny's crush before this lies in the rainy memory confirming it as Kids.
  3. Aubrey shows a lot of care for Sunny in the real world in her kel and hero tags she hits or acts forceful at them but Sunny? She just lightly nudges him or barely does any harm at all.
  4. Aubrey makes a huge effort to tell Sunny that she still cares about him and there are moments in game where she stares at him.
  5. There's even a part where she wants to tell sunny something but gets cut off and dismisses it is it too far fetched to say this could be her wanting to be close to him or maybe more than friends? Maybe. Maybe not

My bottom line being there are a lot of ways in game the feelings both way are hinted and I believe they could have a great dynamic/relationship together

(And NO I do NOT mean just girlboss and malewife.)

Also both of them had suffered a great deal in the game and I feel like them being together would be a great way to make them happy again.

Just not right after the truth though that'd be weird I'd say give them a year honestly after she forgives Sunny.

This ship is something I really love just like Heromari so I really hope you understand why I like it and please no hate if possible.

Thanks for listening I guess
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2023.03.20 20:07 BlueBlaze16 This Week in Fire Emblem: Heroes (March 21 - March 28)

The source for all this information is the most recent calendar and the most recent content update.
All events begin at the daily reset unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday 21st March

Arena Weekly Reset [1 streak orb]
Aether Raids Weekly Reset
Resonant Battles Weekly Reset
Allegiance Battles this week
No Arena Assault+ this week
Heroes with Stance Skills summoning banner

Wednesday 22nd March

A Hero Rises: 2023 summoning banner
A Hero Rises 2023 Reward

Thursday 23rd March

Summoner Duels S

Friday 24th March

Hall of Forms summoning banner
Hall of Forms

Saturday 25th March

Tibarn & Nailah's Battle summoning banner
Bound Hero Battle: Tibarn & Nailah
Rival Domains Weekly Reset [1 orb]

Sunday 26th March

Weekly Revival banners
Arena and Ordeals Quests

Monday 27th March

Regal Rabbits summoning banner

This week's F2P orbs courtesy of Someweirdo237 & Unexpected_Miso

Tue Mar 21: 6 orbs
Wed Mar 22: 5 orbs
Thu Mar 23: 3 orbs
Fri Mar 24: 8 orbs
Sat Mar 25: 12 orbs
Sun Mar 26: 12 orbs
Mon Mar 27: 4 orbs
Weekly Total: 50 orbs

Useful Links:

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2023.03.20 20:07 Hot-North8957 Should I take a 5th ap for junior year?

I’m planning on taking Apush Ap lang Ap stats Ap comp sci a Honors pre cal Honors physics Prof Speech credit (I can take online if I decide to take another ap)
I would absolutely take ap physics 1 but we have to take honors physics as a prerequisite because senior year we take ap physics 1 first sem then ap physics 2 last sem
Is my schedule good enough as is? Majoring in stem
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2023.03.20 20:06 slburris So what studio do you think Key is working with to animate Summer Pockets?

I have who I'd like to see do the work, and who I think will do the work -- sadly they are not the same. I'm also wondering about why there seems to be so much secrecy surrounding the announcement.
Who would I like to do the work? That's a no brainer for me. Kyoto Animation. They have shown their ability to take a non-linear work like a visual novel and turn it into a consistent story. And their visuals would be perfect for this story. But...they only animate their own IP these days. And it's been quite a few years since they have worked with Key. Still, looking at their announced schedule for this year, I only see Tsurune. They usually have 2 or 3 things going on each year, so there's a conspicuous hole in their production schedule. While I know this won't come true, part of me hopes they have been working on Summer Pockets in absolute secrecy.
So moving on to who I think Key could be working with, I only come up with P.A. Works and Bibury. Both have worked with Key before. They can probably do a decent enough job with the visuals, but can they successfully convert a VN storyline? Who knows. Key has also worked with 8-bit and J.C. Staff, but I can't imagine either of them being selected for this.
Or I could just be completely 100% wrong about everything. Anyone else want to take a shot at speculating?
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2023.03.20 20:03 Holler_1104 AITA For not wanting to stay home with my kid

A little backstory and history because I believe it’s needed for the story : Im a young first mom almost 24 I have a 2 half year old little boy. Growing up I never wanted to be a mom, a month before I got pregnant I was talking about how I never wanted kids I believe this is because of my upbringing I had a single mom who struggled to take care of six kids on her own and although she tried her best I saw how unhappy and how hard it was for her like her saying when we were growing up she hates being a mother and she cant wait to be done raising us kids and I never wanted the same for me I never wanted to be angry or unhappy in life like her and I didn’t want to have kids and feel the same way as her and voice it and cause all the trauma I have on my future kids so I was very much before I got pregnant in the boat of never wanting kids I just wanted to be single my whole life and worry about me. Fast forward I’m 20 meet a guy on tinder end up pregnant a month later , my immediate reaction was I’m going to have a abortion he was okay with whatever I want to do but said he would raise the baby on his own if I didn’t want to raise the baby he lost his mom and dad at 3and 4 and family was very important to him we decide to keep our son. My son is amazing I love him to death he gave me new meaning and I don’t want anyone to think I regret him that’s not the case . Motherhood is the problem what is expected of mothers. The first year I stayed Home with my baby and had bad postpartum eventually I went back to work and he went to daycare I found the pressures of being a stay at home mom were too much . So for the last year and a half my baby has been going to an amazing daycare and I have had independence and got to go back to work and make my own money .my bd always worked a bunch of hrs he usually works 8, 8hr shifts a week and had since we the baby however I never knew how much he made until recently when our childcare got cut off because we apparently make too much the problem is I don’t actually see that money he makes and I actually do struggle often times borrow money from my mom until paid day for the everyday things . So our childcare got cut off the same title I had changed my work scheduled to be the mom and person I want to be not always sober stimulated after work and have dinner ready and get to be myself again I was so exited to start being able to leave during the day and go get coffee and sit down at the park by myself and read a book if I wanted I was so excited to change my scheduled so I could finally start prioritizing myself and making me happy and now because of childcare I will be at home with the baby all day again for three days out of the week which were my now days off on top of workiong a full time and I’m not a moms that sits in the house all day my toddler is currently in gymnastic jointing soccer and I believe every kid needs atleast 30 minutes of outside time a day so it feels as f I’m taking on the stay at home mom role again on top of a job and again sacrificing for the whole of the family . AITA for being so sad about giving up my aloe time and staying home with my son ? ( note I’ve had anxiety and depression for years and gone to therapy about it but since having a kid I’ve wondered if I struggle with something else sensory related noises are jut too louse for me I have to clean everyday so of course I love my son and I’m going to give him an amazing summer and spring but I do worry about my mental health and want to be the most amazing mom to him but also want to be happy as just myself again )
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2023.03.20 20:00 Holofan4life The Familiar of Zero Lent In Violent Easter Rewatch -- Episode 30

Hello everyone! I am Holofan4life.
Welcome to the Familiar of Zero Lent In Violent Easter Rewatch!
I hope you all have a lot of fun <3
S3 Episode 5 – The Alluring Women's Bath
Who is your favorite fat anime character and why?

Series information

MAL Anilist AniDB ANN
Please do not post any untagged spoilers past the current episode or from the LNs out of respect to the first time watchers and people who have not read the LNs. If you are discussing something that is ahead of the current episode please use spoiler tags(found on the sidebar).
Thank you!
Untagged Spoilers

Rewatch Schedule

Date Episode Date Episode
2/17/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 1 3/16/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 26
2/18/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 2 3/17/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 27
2/19/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 3 3/18/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 28
2/20/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 4 3/19/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 29
2/21/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 5 3/20/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 30]()
2/22/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 6 3/21/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 31]()
2/23/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 7 3/22/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 32]()
2/24/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 8 3/23/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 33]()
2/25/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 9 3/24/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 34]()
2/26/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 10 3/25/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 35]()
2/27/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 11 3/26/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 36]()
2/28/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 12 3/27/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 37]()
3/01/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 13 3/29/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 38]()
3/03/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 14 3/30/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 39]()
3/04/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 15 3/31/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 40]()
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3/07/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 18 4/03/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 43]()
3/08/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 19 4/04/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 44]()
3/09/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 20 4/05/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 45]()
3/10/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 21 4/06/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 46]()
3/11/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 22 4/07/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 47]()
3/12/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 23 4/08/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 48]()
3/13/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 24 4/09/2023 [Familiar of Zero Episode 49]()
3/14/2023 Familiar of Zero Episode 25
4/10/2023 [Overall Series Discussion Thread]()
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