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2023.02.11 13:40 pls-no-lore-1345 i think its time to fully stop playing roblox lol

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2023.02.11 04:53 Locky4809 It’s everywhere

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2023.02.09 00:02 calicust NEWS: Roblox will allow adult themes in ROBLOX.

Roblox will soon allow the following to be depicted in experiences via Age Guidelines:
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2022.12.22 02:16 Lilgatornator Anyone else feel like this event was EASY?!

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2022.12.20 20:35 yaukariLua Has there been any news on meta/oculus quest roblox vr since the bloxy news post?

post im referring to:
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2022.12.11 06:31 8BitSavior Welcome to r/Bloxy_News! Basically you can share all types of things such as roblox drama, games, events, and other things!

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2022.11.30 06:01 ragxnar Useful tools for crypto and DeFi

Here is a compilation of the different tools that I think are the best for analyzing different metrics, protocols, assets, and managing your investments in the crypto space.
Although some may seem the same, most have unique functionalities.

Analytics and data

Monitoring/Portfolio management

Here many are similar. I leave several to choose the one you like the most


Hope it's useful. If you use others, comment them!
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2022.11.30 06:00 ragxnar Useful tools for crypto and DeFi

Here is a compilation of the different tools that I think are the best for analyzing different metrics, protocols, assets, and managing your investments in the crypto space.
Although some may seem the same, most have unique functionalities.

Analytics and data

Monitoring/Portfolio management

Here many are similar. I leave several to choose the one you like the most


Hope it's useful. If you use others, comment them!
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2022.10.08 04:32 WillingMasterpiece65 Bloxy News! (Roblox Animation)

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2022.10.03 05:28 idfbfa2 Gift Card Item compared to an Promo Version.

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2022.09.13 16:08 bugadogamerz New anti-cheat and how we will be affected

New anti-cheat and how we will be affected
So, roblox announced a new update that will implement a
server side anti-cheat. which is supposed to prevent exploiters.
Full post here

RDC (Roblox Developer Conference) on September 9 made this announcement saying what will happen on roblox, the date this will happen is not known yet, it is probably a few months away, maybe before Christmas but who knows. Maybe in that time they will improve what they said.

What will happen to us?, will free exploits end?, will Synapse X or Krnl be affected?

This v3rmillion thread explains more:

V3rMillion Post by Synapse

What can we say about what roblox plans is unknown yet, but we can only speculate

This can involve
client and server, to detect your character's speed if you teleported, or used fling can be patched completely (maybe).

One thing that was patched could be fixed, but in the case that it is roblox that is doing this it can be almost impossible and I venture to say that yes it is possible to have a patch in these issues of changing player stats.

After this is implemented it may take a while for us to realize this, maybe developers will have to put the patch themselves on their games, and change the settings in the studio but who knows

Also this will not fix that at all, but it will separate the client from the server and prevent the client from accessing server assets. but Roblox said that they were gonna be "tools" of sorts.

But still, we don't need to worry, because there were times when roblox put more security and a person came and put a script that erased this system. also had Inlined Functions, exploits died, but glad that Synpase X, Krnl and etc... managed to pass this, And I believe we don't need to worry, Developers of executors can do that. I believe Synapse can do it and Krnl can too.

So that was my theory of what can happen and if it's our concern, anyway keep using your scripts because for now there's no danger about anti-cheat, and when that happens I'll look for it and tell you what to do.

Anyway thanks for your time!
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2022.09.03 13:41 TKSTerebiGamer1047 TKS-TV-RTVBC-i-No-007 The List of Roblox News Sources Approved by the TKS Television Radio and Television Broadcasting Committee.

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2022.08.11 22:57 Dull_Raspberry6813 This news tops bloxy news

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2022.08.11 04:59 Supertoad226 Roblox is working on a Robux gifting feature. Thoughts?

Sources (Twitter links): Bloxy_News RBXNews
I personally think it's great, as long as the fee (that's Roblox, bet there's gonna be a fee) isn't comically big and there's security systems behind to prevent hacked accounts to transfer Robux here and there.
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2022.07.10 14:22 yuuki10cm Animemes April 2022

Animemes April 2022

An informal history of Animemes in 2022 and way for me to keep track of interesting posts.
Previous Month Due to personal reasons, I will be unable to complete this project :(


April Fools event where all posts must combine anime and Breaking Bad
Title Posted by Notes
Starting our Meme Empire Details in Pinned Comment SachiMod
what did jesse mean by this? DaLinkster
the worst fucking meme in existence DaLinkster
Spitting some facts BerserkJaimeModeON
Jesse, I do 100 pushups every single day BerserkJaimeModeON
This is the best I got bloodshed113094
ill give keyaru 24 hours to prep DaLinkster
I told you I was busy CapTengu
What a nice child. I'm sure she isn't up to anything nefarious. bdavs77
Jesse what the fuck are you talking about CancerUponCancer
Better Call Mr. Heisenberg CancerUponCancer
It's never too early to start Waga_na_wa_Hu_Tao
Cultured Gojo Waga_na_wa_Hu_Tao
She's too out of her mind on meth to do anything better bdavs77
Daily Erwin meme #1519 SharkTRS
We need to cook estrogen. Ozuge
[Fate/EXTRA: Last Encore] Christmas in April SGT_JACKAL
anime about a frustrated baker who teaches special baking techinques to some kid im_in_every_post
Water can be thicc too if you join the Axis-cult. Mumen_Raida_
What did Komi mean by this? Zacoftheaxes
breakfast DaLinkster
Animemes fucking suck D3ppress0
First come, first served Ore_Knot
Yas bitch! Ozuge
Only Bucci gang teaming up with Hank could face them BerserkJaimeModeON
Would You Do It? (Sound On) EvasionSnakeRequiem
Too good to be true? CapTengu
It happens every year :/ Idaret
baka shinji Mumen_Raida_
This PSA is brought to you by the DEA AporiaParadox
She Forgor 💀 Prisoner_240
Say my name snail! Petroshen
Walter White Walk grizzchan
Kanahana is the best VA, so diverse! Ozuge
What a great film Prisoner_240 Kimi No Na Wa
Guess Who #5 grizzchan
Walter Sins theleadoftimes
oh no not again darclord1
Buru nyaaa~~~ BerserkJaimeModeON
better fuck chuck DaLinkster
Light novel titles sweat nervously fozi4ek
Damn, he really is Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokoro ni Sumu Tokoro Yaburakōji no Burakōji Paipo Paipo Paipo no Shūringan Shūringan no Gūrindai Gūrindai no Ponpokopii no Ponpokonā no Chōkyūmei no Chōsuke BerserkJaimeModeON video form
His name is... wait, what? CapTengu ^
Better Call Monokuma SharkJumps
Mr. White, look out!! fecal_feaster
Erwin memes shall prevail till the end of time! theleadoftimes
Snek as Giancarlo Esposito (Not exactly Breaking Bad but since Giancarlo Esposito = Gus Fring....) BerserkJaimeModeON
Jesse does a little bit of name-calling Mumen_Raida_
Yes, and thank you for asking CapTengu
Jesse added a punch of chili powder to the drop. Mumen_Raida_
Say my name Ore_Knot
Hi my name is Walter Hartwell White mysmallpenies
Walter White in Jojo: Stone Ocean [OC] EvasionSnakeRequiem
What he's doing there?? AakiraShiro
Try putting meth in a microwave. Mumen_Raida_
No respect for Hank's hobbies bdavs77
this bad boy can fit so much pedophilia in it PlupyBerry Comments go brrr
Chitatap, Chitatap CapTengu
One of the better soundtracks in recent years Fedolicious
It’s a legitimate question Goodbye-Nasty
Ouch, that must have hurt sakura Level_Counter_1672
The can come up with the weirdest titles tho Environmental_Ad7592
The Tactical Arms IIL is basically just the mecha equivalent of J-cup oppai pneuma_monado
Fool's day at Animemes be like WhoIsMrGosha lol
They'd be perfect together CapTengu
Gus fring after watching anime for the first time. star_wars_fan1
You’ve heard of Breaking Bad… Ore_Knot
Daily Jahy-sama meme: day 576 ✓ Satokibi
things today okafour Indirect, Aharen sleep trend
Whole Tolkien franchise is a single anime TarAncalimon
No 👒PizzaHut? Mumen_Raida_
Planning ahead repeatedlyRedundant
Charles Sees Sakuradite Ore_Knot
Anya Say my Name~! Marafusa-chan
Trick or Treat VoodstoneTheGreat
then she pulled out a comically large spoon jesse, funniest thing ive ever seen totalatomic
Kaido vs. Luffy theshizirl
I'm something of a scientist myself CapTengu
Unlimited Power Ore_Knot
Run, Gus! She can't see you! CapTengu
Meth and Wolf ActualAnimeArin
Felina April Fools Is Over SachiMod
can i accept my criticism here please? SuperJason64 Event bad

AOT Final Season Part 3

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 announced to air in 2023.
Title Posted by Notes
Can MAPPA really fit it all into 1 episode? UnionizeYunyun
They officially announced a part 3 to the final season. Dresdenapollo
is that how English works? Clashking666 Imgur, rule 2 removal
can't wait for the final season of Attack on Titan Electrical-Number934
Final Final Final season silkencorgi
"This is the final one, we promise" GamingHamster
sad noises ... i ignored social media for spoilers and now realising they already announced season 4 part 3 before airing the last episode Snoo94263
Final Final Final ....... Season ron_fury
FINAL Season: FINAL part savitar2355
yo can’t wait for final season part 15 purrpl_
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. DrAshBloxy
Six seasons and a movie! ihavebirb
Daily Jahy-sama meme: day 579 ✓ Satokibi
The FINAL Season, probably asilvertintedrose Spiderman pointing
Final season Faoovo ^
Daily Erwin meme #1524 SharkTRS
waiting for attack on titan shippuden darquazza99
Mappa delaying attack on titan final season Level_Counter_1672


Reddit April Fools returns. AM attempts Sachi with little success. 2022 Atlas
Title Posted by Notes
pixel art is far better. it's not a world map after all Chilly-777
Megumin is on /place! grizzchan
Help make Sachi on place! (Assuming the canvas expands again) DaLinkster
The canvas has doubled again. Help us create Sachi on Place!(fixed) SachiMod
So much chaos in there Prisoner_240
the most peaceful area in place KamiNari_252
Cute Girls Alliance! Place nosorrynoyes Rule 1 removal
RIP Place Sierra_656
It's been an honor, folks. Kaneki_Yeager
Merple lerf Satokibi
Then there's Komi sUBARASHI23
[oc] POV: browsing Place in 2022 CzdZz
Komi doesn't know how she got involved in the wars in the first place... KannaKamuitheDragon

Raidou Sleep

Template of Raidou from Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Title Posted by Notes
Aharen-san anime has allot of meme potential... and I have been having trouble sleeping usbCable_theSequel
Sauce is Aharen-san wa Hakarenai Ep1 Own-Medium4984
which one will it be tonight? BrightWolf2018
I love getting a good amount of sleep velost
Well, I guess she was actually flirting with me 5 years ago Satokibi
The Fumo council will decide your fate Prisoner_240
Please why won't the voices stop Prisoner_240

Aharen-san Feed

Template from Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
Title Posted by Notes
Know your place you fucking can opener Satokibi
At this point I wouldn't be even surprised if they actually announced it Prisoner_240
Is that even edible Aharen-san? Prisoner_240
10/10 would eat again Waga_na_wa_Hu_Tao
I like my food just like how I like my coffee without eyeballs Prisoner_240
Giving my friends the best seasonal animes every season be like... Sr_papixulo
glad that's..... nope, not gonna jinx it. ace_tsunami


Clip from Komi Can't Communicate S2
Title Posted by Notes
Bang~! Marafusa-chan Komi gun emoji flair
BAM... usaid9
Snap back to reality Fulltime_Introvert
[Chainsaw Man] Komi is the Silence Devil bdavs77
You thought that Dio did it, but it was Komi Null-Prince-25
She is no longer asking Prisoner_240
Bang~♡! EvasionSnakeRequiem
Bang :D Jamesdeus17
~ Bang ~ cabman11
POV: you are Tadano Prisoner_240
Bang! but I edited it a bit Zay-Ta
b a n g Glaheu
Catch this Prisoner_240
SNIPER!!!11! VoodstoneTheGreat
Sure Komi-san Prisoner_240
What a snipe dead_meme_idris
Bang! skyzone_ut
BA– FollowingNumerous378 Had OC Vid flair but retracted
RIP Kat 💀 t3engine
Bang~! CapTengu
Komi-san is a stand user RaduAlex1
[Attack On Titan Season 4 Spoilers] Komi eliminates the Eldian Devil ChanceFour
bang! Khalnayak2002
Overused Komi Meme Fate Version xXHenlolXx
BANG headestroyer1088
Me fall for anime girl be like ≧﹏≦ animelover20298

Mikasa Ice Cream

Ice cream in Attack on Titan
Title Posted by Notes
Mikasa eating dessert sir smooferoakes
Mikasa likes Vanillish indigofenrir
Binchilin Lord-of-Rats
Guys have Bing Chilling!! 🍦 Darth_Kuro_Huxian
Why are you looking at me like that step sis? ace_tsunami
Don't ask me why, I'm tired of asking myself the same question ace_tsunami
but i moan for Mikasa ace_tsunami

Will Smith Slap

Continues from last month
Title Posted by Notes
Menacing Oscars ZetoKaiser
Daily Nichijou meme #1444 Holofan4life
OP slaps harder than the entire show cnesaiimwg
Will D Smith ace_tsunami
KEEP SASUKE'S NAME OUT YO F*CKING MOUTH! (OC: own creation) FeelingPrettyChill
Get my waifus name out your f*cking mouth ace_tsunami
I know I'm a cultured man stop saying me that Medium-Eye7442
He just needs the WILL to do it ace_tsunami
Maybe they're related? akashicwiki
That damn steam Berzeck0
Will Smith - One Slap Man Khalnayak2002
Win what? Everything Av-kay

No Bitches?

Continues from last month
Title Posted by Notes
Shirogane's nightmare Prisoner_240
Seriously tho, no besto friendos? BerserkJaimeModeON
Princess Connect you with some bitches. robotbootyhunter
unfortunately for you, you are mamaless CzdZz
none? sb_gravity100
Unfortunately for you, however, you are friendless Prisoner_240
She stole them vetsskkii
No B!tches? Activist04
Better version for the meme format Siddharthafk
Can't remember ask your mom. Iroziro_152

Spy x Family

Not a specific trend but miscellaneous Spy x Family posts I like/find interesting
Title Posted by Notes
Poor Anya KannaKamuitheDragon
No Peanuts? Prisoner_240
Finding Anya Prisoner_240
I'm glad we live in our timeline instead of this one CzdZz
Entering the rabbit hole at a young age. HappyPlacebo
Damn they even got PhD holders in here Prisoner_240 baka baka
Anya is still clueless about the game MonkeyDDave No dignity
[OC] Anya likes Peanuts CzdZz
Anya, I've got the goods. HappyPlacebo
That was A LOT of assassination attempts NotMe_Hole
Updating a old meme Seryi151
Hol up JurrasicDan Saving for potential repost [1]
OMG Yor No!! Prisoner_240
Best Girl Yor Gets a Call [OC] EvasionSnakeRequiem *
Yor Hunts Down The Scam Callers Tigey360 ^
the Loid Forger school of psychiatry is the greatest in the world CzdZz
colossal anya jaaayps Saving for potential repost [1]
It's all in Yor head Br0kenTM "Yor kidding me" flair
Last couple of weeks in a nutshell CancerUponCancer Reference to Bowsette
Spy x Family in a nutshell Prisoner_240
Intruder Alert! A Red Spy is in the Base! CancerUponCancer
MAMA DOES EXIST asilvertintedrose Saving for potential repost
Waku Waku ThePlagueDoctor_666 Saving for potential repost asilvertintedrose Saving for potential repost

Yor Puns

Puns about Yor Forger from Spy x Family
Title Posted by Notes
yor name jaaayps stolen meme but only saving for the title
It's all in Yor head Br0kenTM "Yor kidding me" flair
Sumtin stoopeed. [OC] CarlJavier08
When Yor Heinrich_Skies_
[Spy x Family] Anya Loves This Movie yuuki10cm
Best of both words Prisoner_240
Legen-wait for it-dary ihavebirb
WAKU WAKU! Satokibi
whats with these titles- asilvertintedrose
Yor not ready for this one VoodstoneTheGreat
Yor 2B meme VoodstoneTheGreat
Must be a weird spy thing Psyryuu
The little girl was starved for entertainment Psyryuu ^
A nice weather SlamMasterJ
To Yor Eternity asilvertintedrose
Peak animeme theleadoftimez
Why there's so many yorification? BirchDesktop471

Anya Hide

Anya doesn't like carrots and hides (Spy x Family)
Title Posted by Notes
We must unite to destroy all forms of carrot. cnesaiimwg
THERE IS NO ESCAPE! VoodstoneTheGreat Terminator, leads to spinoffs
A new format is born. TheBeardedGeko ^
A new generation Cocaine_Jimmy42069 ^
Op didn't have enough layers. Gugernoot ^
Don't bully the smol esper. HappyPlacebo
Goku is also orange and pointy yuuki10cm
Meet the Pyro yuuki10cm
Look man, It's been a long week. bdavs77
A striking reason Berzeck0
Maybe she is more of a dog person Prisoner_240
You can run but you can never hide Prisoner_240
One time offer! VoodstoneTheGreat
Be not afraid, little culver Prisoner_240
they're everywhere im_in_every_post
Oh no Anya gets Drafted. HappyPlacebo
I don't have a problem with mirrors, I just don't like the people that always appear in them CzdZz
Pretty sure by the end of the month, this sub will be flooded with Anya memes DevasmitaReddit
Truck-kun are after her now Prisoner_240
Anya the Attempted Terrorist EvasionSnakeRequiem
b-but i am the one who knocks CzdZz
You never know where they'll show up Br0kenTM
I have a bad news for you Anya Prisoner_240
Can you guys stop shooting me for 5 seconds Prisoner_240
Just play dead maybe he won't notice Prisoner_240
Thanks to the guy in the comments for giving me the idea <3 Prestigious-Creme898

Hayasaka Lied

Famous Kaguya-sama manga meme is animated with a slightly different translation
Title Posted by Notes
The manga was great, but damn the anime really kicked off season 3 amazingly sahithkiller
love is war memes ep1 TheDarkFirexz
I hope it's not done yet Rasa_2003

Kaguya LINE

Template from Kaguya-sama
Title Posted by Notes
Kaguya memes aren't gonna stop now Swarilord
stealth fishqq
A new Kaguya meme has arrived. Warlord53104
New season > new formats > more memes! VierLol
oh no TheDarkFirexz
One piece strategy in a nutshell Null-Prince-25
you'd dare? Away_Contribution720 Eren
Your free trial of living has expired Satokibi
Doogle go brrrr Bork-Bork03
Quick Miss Kaguya, Get Down! EvasionSnakeRequiem
trust no one fishqq

Kaguya Sign Meme

From the same scene as Kaguya LINE meme
Title Posted by Notes
oh no is little Timmy ok TheDarkFirexz Had a few more posts but removed for various rules
we all did this TheDarkFirexz ^
Hi there, would you like to sign a petition? VoodstoneTheGreat
they shall not know about all the tax free imported figures im_in_every_post
All my homies hate sign posts Jizzchan
Pro prompter VoodstoneTheGreat
Introverts ordering food be like Satokibi
lmfao wiener KalabroneDK "this prank only works on you kaguya" flair
My little brother Matthew 73819673828 ^
Kaguya tells fresh news VoodstoneTheGreat
Could use some of those Berzeck0
hayasaka secretly calling the police im_in_every_post
Don't get her order wrong Hayasaka Prisoner_240
Today's results: ̶C̶J̶ Hayasaka Loss QR_codes_are_cute
Can't beat the Ramen King without NOODS EvasionSnakeRequiem

Your Honor

Format from Better Call Saul
Title Posted by Notes
Eren the goat UncommonTerrestrial
In other words he's just a Pro Gamer. Ozuge
Nooo not the funny gender equality Guy! Prisoner_240
He is just a simple man with a hand fetish Prisoner_240
What's wrong with increasing your clients Prisoner_240
She has a valid reason Abschori
Well, Anya will become the highlight of 2022 Null-Prince-25
Divine defense elasticz
Eren, that horny bastard! theleadoftimez

Anya Blush

Posts related to a controversial Tiktok about Spy x Family sexualizing Anya are removed for rule 15. Only collected a few examples out of the many posted.
Title Posted by Notes
No Father? muhdzofmadness02 Imgur
guys, we must take an action against Japan. they even but pink stuff on the cheeks!! 😡😡 abdullah775 Imgur
I managed to put 4 controversial Spy x Family social media posts on a political compass ZILtoid1991 Imgur


This user gains notoriety for posting about how Marin from Sono Bisque Doll is the best, even on posts unrelated to Marin. Posts removed for rule 9, sometimes with added text "no witch hunting" [1] [2] [3] [4]
Title Posted by Notes
Remind you of anyone? KannaKamuitheDragon
Well, it had to be said KannaKamuitheDragon
chill guys, just my opinion SocialLoser739 Amagi Brilliant Park superiority template, see below
But it's just his opinion! /s KannaKamuitheDragon ^
Any similarities to real persons or actual events is purely coincidental Prisoner_240
the truth has been spoken(just my opinion) SocialLoser739
alright i'm ready. i have a confession,i never like marin at all.these past couple days is just me blowing off some steam. it was fun while it lasted. peace. plz dont ban me(even tho most likely i will) SocialLoser739 The end of the saga


Title Posted by Notes
[OC] Komi-cat Ore_Knot Meow
Komi cat with audio Ore_Knot Voiceover
Huh, accurate KannaKamuitheDragon "Out battle will be Legendary!" flair
[OC] The loudest bird Ore_Knot Never forget
Here's a vid to celebrate our 7 New Mods FlawlessWeeb New mods, "Announcement" flair
Impossible Troll-boi123 "extreme earrape" flair
Seriously tho, where are they? Disastrous_Can_5466 "Nowhere to be seen" flair
What do you mean you can't do that in a hospital? Prisoner_240 "If shinji were real, he would be a fan of Linkin Park." flair, joke's been done before
Just let it go Vertical_slabsociety As someone who was recording all of them, it got old even faster
Bang~! Marafusa-chan Komi gun emoji flair
you're going to intake a healthy amount of vitamin c whether you like it or not CzdZz When in doubt, add citrus
Near, far, wherever you are. Eren will find you. CuriousJay001 Punny
Daily Erwin meme #1526 SharkTRS Finally centered text
Some good ass wheat Berzeck0 Must be a lot of wheat eating cows on AM
Emotional Damage Berzeck0 Berzeck1 when?
Disabling inbox replies grizzchan gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Anime fan try not to say "mid" for 5 minutes challenge SupMichaelBoio mid
cursed Crissssssssssss0323 Boruto's dad
The story is very creative the naming convention not so much GaddockTeegFunPolice Definitely not Berlin
"Biggest Mistake of My Life" -Hayao Miyazaki EvasionSnakeRequiem Anime is trash
I would like to read this LN NinjaJr72 Meme reacting to image of text removed for rule 3, Imgur, Another one
making anime memes better #2 Chiqo_Requiem Mod comment in flair "it is improved tho", horizontally stretched, Imgur
Daily Jahy-sama meme: day 586 ✓ Satokibi "No, my choccy milk!" flair
Kaguya-sama Season 3 Opening (Paint Version) bennysoany Sakurafish
Sachi commits pet abandonment FlawlessWeeb Custom snek flair, CUM
Spoiler Weekend starts now! Info in the Pinned Comment SachiMod Wrong event, repost weekend annoucement
I have achieved peak comedy Prisoner_240 Breaking Bad so funny!
Ma Boy Kongming is the true best girl of the season. Don't even try to argue with me. I'm only stating the facts. yeagerboi01 Early adopter of memey show but curious to see if it gains traction in AM
Shamimama no! Prisoner_240 "no ntr in this house" flair
well, most of them anyway CzdZz popcorn post🍿
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my season is ruined Fulltime_Introvert When you've been hyping up Shikimori but it doesn't catch on
Impossible... the_internet_clown A crosspost from memes of a post by KannaKamuitheDragon who posts the same post to AM 3 minutes later, neither post is removed
Sub Marin on a Submarine eating a Sub (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru) Beatroxkiddi Nice Sub Marin progression
uno reverse card kuerti_ How the tables turn

Random / WTF Moments

Title Posted by Notes
a "childcare" genre bro I'm dead lmfao 🤣🤣 theleadoftimes Imgur, rule 2 removal
badly want to creampie someone battlefury111 Imgur, rule 6 removal
Cry. Fekalny_fantom Imgur, how is this allowed
based:DDDDDDD fakecelmontana Imgur, rule 9 removal
Booty Warrior Z cabman11 Goku slaps genderbent Frieza's ass
How did we survive the '00s? Animeking1108 Imgur
a good lesson OkPollution8940 Imgur
Is it too much to ask that we don't have that? Happy2BHereO7 Imgur
johnny boy the_real_rush Imgur, Jojo
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2022.04.05 03:11 MinecraftPlayerRel Pet Sim X is now officially a pay to win game after the April Fools update.

Just imagine.. Pet Sim X telling people or users that they can get a Exclusive free pet, I'm sure people will react and play the game. This is an good news for f2p users but.. there's a twist. After saying "April Fools" in chat, the game says to give pets to other people which is nice. But after doing that, you need to sacrifice some Festive elves like Heck?! Imagine playing pet Sim X after the Christmas update and then they ask new players who grinded for a legendary pet and is currently grinding for an exclusive pet to grind for a festive pet. Like when people offer the festive elf it cost a lot of lot of gems like it can reach 1 billion gems for only one pet, even tho you need more. This seems that pet Sim X is decieving people to buy the festive elf for microtransactions of gems which is not "free" after all.
One more thing is the new unlimited pet equip which cost 9,999 robux for only 3 days of the gamepass wth?! It can also make a lag machine and make the server shut down because the owner has thousand of mythical which has animations and trails for example: (Hellish-smoke) (404 demon-bloxy fire trails) This means that the update is nonsense to all f2p players who aren't oh.
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2022.03.23 21:27 Minitroni Useful tools for crypto and DeFi

Here is a compilation of the different tools that I think are the best for analyzing different metrics, protocols, assets, and managing your investments in the crypto space.
Although some may seem the same, most have unique functionalities.

Analytics and data

-CoinMarketCap : Not even need to introduce this two. Data aggregator
-Coinparticle: Not the most practical but a cool way to see the winners and losers. Pretty similar to Crypto Bubbles
-DEX Screener: DeFi. Tracking and charting your favourite DEXs. Live transactions. See trends
-Defillama: DeFi. Allows you to analyse the TVL of different blockchains/projects
-Dove metrics: Here you can see where fundraising is going
-IntoTheBlock: Basic on-chain analysis. Unfortunately, lacks most coins.
-Tokenterminal: Revenue and important metrics about different protocols
-Dune Analytics: Analysis. It may seem difficult to use. Just go to Discover > Rank Dashboards
-Coinglass: Mainly to see funding rates, they help you understand positioning in leveraged markets
-Glassnode: On-chain analysis
-Checkonchain: On chain analysis. Charts
-Coinalyze: Pattern detection and charts about exchanges.
-Bloxy: Advanced. Data insights
-LookIntoBitcoin: Deep Bitcoin analysis and charts.
-CryptoQuant: exchange flows
-okotoki: Orderbook data
-CoinDance: Multi-chain analytics
-Messari: Analysis. Data tools
-Viewbase: Aggregated data for digital asset markets across exchanges, assets and instruments
-Theblockcrypto: On chain analysis
-blockchaincenter: alt season index

Monitoring/Portfolio management

Here many are similar. I leave several to choose the one you like the most
-Zapper: Management. Visualize and track your DeFi assets
-ApeBoard: Portfolio tracker
-DeBank: This one can also track whale portfolios
-Coinstats: Management
-Rotki: Management
-DeFi Saver: DeFi advanced management
-Zerion: Management


-MarketCapOf: Easy, intuitive. Compare market caps. Supports 6000+ coins
-ListingSpy: Find new listings of tokens on CEXs and DEXs
-Blockworks: News and events (on Twitter)
-Defi Safety: They evaluate the safety and risks of different protocols/projects
-Coindix: Best stablecoin rates. Extremely useful if you want to generate interests with stablecoins
-Immunefi: For programmers.Whitehat hacking. Find exploits, bugs,... and get paid
-ApeSafe: Smart contract comparison. Advanced.
-Cryptofees: Shows total fees
-hotnewcrypto: Discover
-DeFi Prime: Several DeFi tools
-Koinly: Calculate taxes
Hope it's useful. If you use others, comment them!
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2022.02.24 00:04 AmericanNoiseKart Roblox has seemingly allowed 5 free badges to be created in a game now, and it may even refresh every single day
On the one hand, this is gonna absolutely see a spike in badges bought because they are now free.
On the other, it doesn't make any business sense, plus now the badge community might have just been murdered in cold blood.
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2022.01.29 01:33 Spoopy_Dev What is this about??

This Reddit community, robloxrecap is all about things going on in Roblox. No it's not some news feed by one person like Bloxy News, it news from everybody. You hear something going on in Roblox? (Drama, new upcoming features, ANYTHING) you say it here! Just a Roblox community in general, so if you need opinions on something aswell in the Roblox community, ask here! Eventually someone will be able to help. Owned by me, NOTE; We don't allow anything NSFW related, and I am in no way affiliated with Roblox professionally as I am just an average community developer on the platform.
As a community, memes are enjoyed and allowed. Please, I encourage post/send your BEST memes.
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2022.01.14 11:22 TobiramaTheSecond Tether Blacklisted Three More Ethereum Addresses, Freezing $160M USDT

Tether, the issuer of USDT, has added three more Ethereum addresses to its blacklist, successfully freezing $160 million USDT that was held on them.
The company explained this move in an email to Coindesk, stating that the assets were frozen upon a request from law enforcement. The spokesperson added that no further details may be disclosed at the moment.
As the data from the Bloxy block explorer shows, there are now 563 Ethereum addresses on Tether’s blacklist. Owners of these addresses are unable to move their funds. Tether first utilized its blacklist option in November 2017. Usually, the issuer freezes assets following the demand from cryptocurrency exchanges or law enforcement officials
The crypto community has a mixed reaction to the news. Some users point out the importance of fighting criminal activity and money laundering on-chain, while others cry out for decentralization. Do Kwon, the CEO of the Terra blockchain, used the news as an opportunity to shill his UST stablecoin, stating that there’s no backdoor to freeze it.
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