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2023.06.07 14:19 Konfuchie I'm new to New Pipe App. What are your favorite features?

I just managed to find this app, install it, and export and import my subscriptions.
I'm not often listening to music but I do listen to podcasts on the go. So background seems useful.
I'm not often without enough internet and cell phone coverage so downloading is not much use to me.
Ad free is good of course but I had an ad free browser I used before so this is nothing new.
Suggest and explain features, please?
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2023.06.07 14:17 Evan5893 MN —> AK

MN —> AK
Moving from Minnesota to Alaska for the summer, stopped at Banff for a couple days. Overall it was 7 days of driving and almost 4700 miles. Good times and even better ones ahead.
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2023.06.07 14:16 applesandcoffee I (25F) have doubts about moving to another country to live with my boyfriend (29M).

I might delete the post later.
TL:DR: I am moving to another country for my boyfriend. We have similar views on things, but I don't get his jokes, afraid to leave my own country, and don't find my BF attractive. Any advice or thoughts?
I met my boyfriend online 6 years ago and now we have been dating long-distance for over 2 years. We in total spend around 3 months together. We didn't have many problems for the first 5 years of our relationship but last half a year we hit a bit of a bump and for this half year I have been doubting if we should stay together because I'm supposed to be moving to his country, Netherlands, next month after graduating collage, and it is scaring me. I didnt told him yet, because a half year ago we talked about it and he said to me that it's okay to be scared but to not doubt about moving. I kinda feel like doubting it is sabotaging the relationship but there also are other problems on why I think moving to another country is a bad decision.
Now, I don't know what to do. I could brake up with my boyfriends or I could move to another country and see how it goes. Any advice or thoughts?
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2023.06.07 14:16 LunaticLeviathan Edrazion, Beyond the Veil [Paid Game]

Edrazion, Beyond the Veil [Paid Game]
Setting: Edrazion, Beyond the Veil
Description: In the distant future, the peoples and creatures of Edras have embarked on a grand journey, expanding beyond their homeworld and venturing into the vastness of the black. With their mastery over both magic and advanced technologies, they have colonized countless planets, establishing thriving civilizations and forging mighty empires in the millenia since the diaspora.

In this science fantasy setting, the descendants of Edras must navigate the complexities of interstellar politics, harness the power of their ancestral magic, and confront the lurking darkness that threatens to consume the galaxy. The legacy of the primordials and the deeds of the past shape their present, while the fate of Edrazion and the universe itself hangs in the balance.
Slots Available: 5
System Used: 13th Age (with some minor homebrew/reskinning)
Style: Foundry VTT + Discord for voice
Session Duration: 3-4 hours
Schedule: One-Shot to guage interest, then a campaign if it goes well and the players are interested. Session is June 29th around 1900 hours (7:00 PM) EST.
Session Zero: TBD
Game Link:
Requirements: Able to login to Foundry, a reliable internet connection, a good mic
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2023.06.07 14:16 TheConkyConk Want to change my training style.. Looking into HIT

Hey guys, I've been following a uppelower hitting each body part twice a week routine for a year or so now, I've made some good gains but want to switch it up. I've been watching a lot of Mike Mentzer and dorian yates and I've come to the conclusion that I definitely want to try this low volume, high intensity style of training.

Now where I'm confused is what training routine is the best to apply this to? I've always been under the impression that you need to hit a muscle twice a week as a natty for better growth, is this not the case? I've looked at mentzers heavy duty routine and it does sound ideal for me but I'm worried about not hitting the muscles enough with the huge rest periods. the routine just for reference
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2023.06.07 14:15 eboven911 Vapor barriers, shower inserts, and century-old plaster

Hi all,
Renovating a small bathroom on the second floor of our 1885 farm-house in Michigan. Pretty much decided on a shower insert for ease of install and cost reasons... going with a direct to stud type mainly for space constraint issues. The shower will be installed on an exterior wall corner, with the third wall of the shower being one that I will build with the plumbing in it. There is a window very close to one of the corners, which is why i decided on a direct to stud insert; once the plaster and lath is removed from the shower area, I should be able to fit the insert with a comfortable gap between it and the window trim.
This brings me to my biggest question on the whole project. I'm obviously going to be removing some lath/plaster from an old wall. I plan to re-insulate the wall as best as I can with Rockwool wherever the existing injected foam isn't still present, but should I also include some type of vapor barrier before installing the insert? I hear that it's sometimes skipped on these old houses when walls are opened up, but that also seems to be mostly for full-house jobs and/or when original wood siding is still present. I'm only doing a 30x48x80 inch section, and the house has replacement vinyl siding with the original wood siding all removed.
Other things to consider: - Home is almost certainly baloon-framed, and this project is on the second floor, so how much good would a vapor barrier actually do here? - The rest of the room is the original horse-hair plaster and wood lath. In this bathroom (and most of the rest of the house), someone has already installed 3/8 drywall over top of the plaster as well - There is angled ceiling above the shower from one of the walls, and this is the original plaster that I wasn't planning on opening up; this will not get the vapor barrier.
I'd love to hear some opinions here, thanks for your time!
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2023.06.07 14:15 Winter_Patience9623 unless you have a reactive dog you don't understand

my dog is fear reactive. i did everything by the book when i got him at around 9 weeks old, we went outside, we watched people, and i did R+ when we'd see people but unfortunately some dogs are just going to be reactive. i train my dog twice daily, we go on a long walk and i take treats w us everytime. he has improved so much the past 3-4 months, he went from barking at everyone we passed to finally seeing someone and looking to me for a treat. he still barks and cowers when meeting new people but i cant force him to do anything so i try to let the person and give them treats to feed him and he's usually calm after 5-10 mins of barking. i'm so so proud of my little tiny baby and the progress he has made. what makes me upset is everyone around me thinks he's a bad dog that just needs training. even my best friend will make ignorant remarks like "take him training" "you're not doing enough" etc and it's really upsetting because i'm currently unemployed and she knows i cant afford a proper trainer and that i spend hours researching and about an hour each training walk to help him. random strangers will give me dirty looks because he usually just barks at people( if they are walking a dog he'll be okay sometimes bark at the owner but 90% of the time he doesn't and he's also very good with other dogs just scared of people)some dogs are naturally this way according to my vet and behaviorist. it's just so frustrating when we're both doing our best but people are so judgemental, like what do you gain from telling me to get a trainer or giving my dog a nasty look?
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2023.06.07 14:15 Midgetspinner_160cm I don’t know what I can do anymore

At first it was more of a “Oh I feel a little depressed today, it’s probably just a bad day”, but as time progresses, even if I have a good day, I’m afraid that I’m gonna feel like shit the next day. And I end up feeling absolutely miserable. I haven’t thought about wanting to kms a few months ago, but I noticed that my thoughts are changing from “God I can’t do this” to “I genuinely don’t wanna live anymore. I really want to die” for the past few months. I’ve tried exercising, walking, socializing, etc… nothing seems to work. I have bad coping mechanisms(sh) that I know aren’t healthy, but it’s the only thing that helps me feel okay. I get extremely fatigued and tired to the point that people ask me if I didn’t get any sleep even though I slept for like 10 hours or so. I’m only 16.. everyone else around me seems so happy. I’m not saying that I have depression, but I’ve been feeling this way for several months now and I think it’s getting bad. I can’t really ask for help either
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2023.06.07 14:15 ResourceFar6162 I hate my body

I feel like everyone is talking about my body how bad it is.
I can’t go to any social function because I’m scared they will want to take pictures and I will ruin a good photo with my ugly body and face.
I overthink everything about my body.
I can’t make friends I don’t trust any one feel like everyone is just judging me
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2023.06.07 14:14 stuffymcstuffthought LIV-PGA Merger Buries Antitrust Lawsuit by Getting Bigger

It's not on the front page, so I think it's worth talking about what the PGA wanted to avoid and a big part was that they had a potentially damaging case for antitrust against them.
Ian O'Connor at Fox Sports does a great job writing about it

I took a couple courses on anti-trust, not an expert but after reading the complaint I have a good enough perspective to know that this could have really hurt them.
Basically the PGA prevented all their players from entering alternative competitions and banned LIV players from every playing PGA events. It's clearly anti-competitive, but that'd be fine if they weren't the biggest fish in the sea. And it's not unlike every other sports organization in America. But uniquely, they do it under a "non-profit" umbrella organization.
There were lots of potential outcomes but the most damaging to them would be losing their "non-profit" status on hosting PGA events. Their current 'no taxes on undisclosed profits' thing is something they'll bend over backwards to defend.
There was also a small chance it actually could change other major leagues; MLB/NHL/NBA/NFL all are monopolies by any economic definition and have relied on a 1922 ruling for the MLB
Merging with your biggest competitor is literally the opposite direction you'd go if you were defending yourself in an anti-trust investigation. But in this situation, they get to bury it because the Plaintiffs (Phil & others) will drop the case.
New structure doesn't put PGA at the top - it's one tier below of a TBD-named bullshit company. PGA keeps non-profit status and will continue to not pay taxes for their events. TBD company will make $0 profit. LIV will do whatever it wants.
It's insane... the more I think about it... just absurdly blatant tax-avoidance and doesn't care about golf or the players. This is a sport that has an audience that pays mid/top tax bracket and they're setting up some offshore LLC to avoid paying any taxes or engage in lawsuits.
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2023.06.07 14:13 debloveshotmamas Honest opinion here🫠

ngl when paper discussions happen, it just feels so good that all our answers match so you have like this rough idea of how much u get and u have like this bright ray of hope. it's the best feeling honestly and i am sure everyone feels the same.
Spoilers: what if the answers that we believe are correct, are actually wrong
x_x & T_T
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2023.06.07 14:13 Zefirez Don't play support if you got ADHD.

As a 6 years silver stuck support with real life ADHD i finally understood what was the problem.
Contrary to common player problem and it's solution - "Play a simple champ, focus on basics", this advice can backfire if you got ADHD. For someone like me, playing a simple support (alistar main) was killing my ability to learn and climb.
Cow was boring and the role itself was boring. And for ADHD players this means one thing - instant autopilot and seeking engages/combat even when it's absolutely stupid. Doesn't matter, brain wants action, and that is an instinct driven priority that overrides any sane decision making and good macro.
So i moved my ass top and am now one tricking Urgot. And it's working great.While Urgot himself is a low intensity champion he is by no means boring. There are a lot of nuances to his kit and small plays that really make the difference.
Combine that with typical challenges of a solo lane and my brain is happily engaged into every minute of the match and not wondering off anywhere. I don't have to force it to stay in the game (which is extremely draining and what I have to do to win in botlane).
If something is too hard it may impede your learning process. But if it's too simple (a.k.a. boring) the learning process may never take off in the first place.
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2023.06.07 14:13 Legendary-Titan Why is bro better than ban lol

Why is bro better than ban lol
In all Seriousness the new tristan looks bad and the ban buff is not that good. But then we get this amazing back line human unit for free thats better thatn both of them lol
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2023.06.07 14:12 treatcare Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way

Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way
Social media has become an important part of everyone's life today. Even so, why not? How easy it has made the world of people. Through this, people can stay connected by staying in another country. Like two sides of the coin, social media has both good and bad aspects. It depends on us what we want to accept. Social media has both positive and negative effects. A recent research has revealed that excessive use of social media is making people mentally ill. The feeling of loneliness increases in these people. Not only this, people are suffering from many other health related problems besides insomnia and stress due to its addiction. Let's know what the study says about depression from social media.


Is social media really causing depression in people?

This research is published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Researchers have claimed that symptoms of anxiety and depression start appearing in people who spend too much time on social media. He also said that when these people reduce their use of social media, the symptoms of depression also decrease.

Four thousand adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age were included in this study. Every year information was taken from these teenagers about how much time they spent on the digital screen. Along with this, he also noted how much time he spent on social media, TV, computer and video games separately.

Professor Patricia Conrad of Montreal University said that more research needs to be done on the ill effects of social media, so that they can be known in depth. Research revealed that teenagers are spending almost nine hours online, which is directly affecting their health. This is the reason that the level of depression among the youth is increasing.

According to a research conducted by the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, people who spent more time on social media showed signs of loneliness and depression. Jordan Young, the coauthor of this research, reported that depression and loneliness were less common among people who spend less time on social media.

143 students from University of Pennsylvania were included in this study. These were divided into two groups. In one group, there were those who continued to use social media as before, others were those who started using it to a extent. After three weeks, they were given half an hour a day to spend on social media. In this, 10 minutes were given for Facebook, 10 minutes for Instagram and 10 minutes for Snapchat. Researchers tracked the data usage of all these students' phones on how much time they spend on each app. The results of this study were straightforward. The group whose people spent less time on social media, their mental health was better than before. Signs of loneliness and depression were seen in people in the second group. Jordan Young stated that even though he was initially like him, the symptoms of depression were much less visible in him by reducing the use of social media.

(People also like to read: IVF Treatment in India )

How to save children suffering from depression from social media

Depression and stress related diseases are becoming dangerous for teenagers. Do you know that a teenager is committing suicide every 1 hour 40 minutes. There are many changes in the body and mind of the child at this age. The average age of depression in children has been increasing in the last few years. In such a situation, you should also allow your children to stay in a range and use social media. Social media can reduce your child's chances of depression. For this, parents should interact with their children from time to time. Go on a holiday with the children and ask them to stay away from mobile during this time. If there are signs of stress in the child, then periodically communicate with them. Guide them properly in every problem.

Not only depression on social media increases the risk of fear of missing out

FOMO means sudden loss: It is also a brain disease associated with excessive use of social media. This problem is very common among the youth. In this situation your child feels nervous while attending social events. The party to which everyone is enjoying, appears to be a nervous side in that party. Foamo-infested teen feels the anxiety. She is scared of going to the social party. They stay connected with other people on social media. According to many research, people living with foam feel that the lives of others are better than them. This affects their physical and mental health. This leads to mood swings, feelings of inferiority, decreased self-esteem, loneliness and increased levels of depression.

Help children with depression and loneliness on social media

People need to be mentally healthy. So spend as much time with children as possible to relieve stress. If the child has any kind of tension, then convince the child to share it with you. It would be better to share all your troubles with someone outside.

The impact of social media is negative because people want to spend most of their time there. By this, they also think more right to share their things with the same unknown people. This can increase the dependency on their unknown person. The front can be good as well as bad. If your child is cheated there, it directly affects their mental health. Such people also start making distance from the society and they do not mind in any work. So always give your child the zone so that he can come and share everything with you. Many times, an attachment to social media can make them very lonely. It is better that you do not let them use social media more from the beginning. Apart from this, if you see any change in their nature or feel in stress, then try to know the reason behind it. Try to remove all the trouble of your child. Consult a doctor if needed.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Nixght_ My dreams taunt me

I'm so godamn miserable
But I keep having really good dreams at least once a week. Fun dreams, where I have friends, or I'm reunited with people who I love who left my life
And then I wake up from these happy dreams and its almost like whiplash how miserable I feel when I realize they weren't real.
I wake up from these nice dreams and the first thing I see is my room, completely trashed and my body feeling like garbage from not caring for it. And then I remember the way things really are. I'm not close to anyone. The person I keep dreaming about isn't going to return to my life.
Do I want these dreams to stop? I am unsure. It's nicer than nightmares, but it feels like my brain is taunting me with a life I cannot have. In the dream I just woke up from, I think I was a kid in that one. And the adults were really nice to me, and I had lots of friends.
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2023.06.07 14:11 PopSmokeULT Good Photographers in GTA? (Engagement Photo's)

Hey all,
wondering if anyone knows any good photographers in or out of the GTA? Looking to get some engagement photo's done and most of the ones I seen online are ones that do weddings mainly so their engagement packages are pricey $$$
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2023.06.07 14:11 Ashik347891 Hot Token $BGB #BITGET

I have been trading on Bitget for more than six months. Many people say that bitjet is not a very trustworthy exchange but I will say no doubt anyone can trade on bitjet bitget is a very trustworthy exchangeband keep our funds safe and secure always. As hot token I think BGB is best. As time goes on BGB will create new ATH. Expecting a very good pump from BGB. he market condition is getting better day by day.
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2023.06.07 14:11 FlowerMadison Good Morning everyone! Today this will be the 1st day of me telling today’s facts (According To Google.) This will always be daliy at 8:00AM I hope you enjoy today’s fact

Good Morning everyone! Today this will be the 1st day of me telling today’s facts (According To Google.) This will always be daliy at 8:00AM I hope you enjoy today’s fact
(If the duplicate bot tries to take down the fact tomorrow, I’ll be so mad!)
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2023.06.07 14:10 samlsho Can't control my anxiety despite on medications

I have Anxiety, Depression, and OCD. Below is my prescription:
  1. Fluoxetine 80mg daily
  2. Mirtazapine 45mg at bedtime
  3. Aripiprazole 25mg daily
  4. Olanzapine 15mg at night
  5. Clonazepam 0.5mg three times daily when necessary
  6. Lorazepam 0.5mg three times daily when necessary
  7. Pregabalin 250mg in the morning and 250mg at night
  8. Promethazine 100mg at night when necessary
  9. Lithium carbonate CR 800mg at night
My prescription has been reviewed by several psychiatrists. They suggested that my prescription has already been optimized. I have also tried rTMS and dTMS and they partially worked. However, I am still "anxious about everything". I also see my clinical psychologist regularly, but it seems to me that my anxiety is unmanageable and uncontrollable. What can I do?
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2023.06.07 14:10 kt_moon Habitual ritual

Two weeks without, today. Long time lurker. Quitting because I'm tired of living in a fog, tired of burning my money, and tired of being a stoner stereotype. Thanks to everyone here for the motivation and encouragement.
I find that I'm mostly craving the ritual act and physical process of grinding, rolling, lighting, smoking, rather than the feeling of being high. Can anyone suggest a good ritual-like alternative? Something to make the start of a quiet evening or afternoon to myself a bit more special, lighting insence, meditating, yoga, etc. Things like that. Thanks in advance friends :)
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2023.06.07 14:10 Background_Poem8607 Apple IOS iPhone Siri voice control for X1

On iphone go to settings > Accessibility > Commands > Siri > enter 1.
On iPhone settings > Siri and toggle on allow Siri when locked.
On sofabaton app Bluetooth iPhone as a device > then create an iPhone activity
In Sofabaton iPhone activity in key assignments assign key 1 to ok button long press
Worked for me.
There a few simple different steps to allow your Mac laptop or desktop to use Siri as well.
You would need to be somewhat near your iPhone once Siri is triggered from the Sofabaton remote since the Sofabaton remote does not have a microphone but the iPhone microphone is pretty good picking up audio from across the room
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