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2023.03.20 23:47 happyfacesadvibes I’m forced to declare for taxes more than I’m actually making. Can anyone help?

Every night, I tip out 5% of my total sales to bussers and runners. When I clock out, I am forced to declare, at minimum, my total credit card tips for the night. Most nights, that means I declare ~20% of sales for tips, but leave with 15% in cash.
According to coworkers, this issue has been brought to owners in the past. The response was, “you make it up on cash heavy nights” -insinuating that we take home more than we declare.
I did the math over 6 months, and I’ve declared $1200 more than I took home in cash. I want to bring it up with management, but am afraid of retaliation. What can I do? Has anyone been in a similar situation and seen it resolved?
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2023.03.20 23:47 vimto27 What pension if any will my Dad receive if he has been working cash-in-hand his entire life and not declaring any income?

My Dad is in his mid 50s, is a self employed builder by trade and has been paid cash-in-hand his entire working life. He’s very old school, not good with technology, doesn’t trust the government or banks and lives a modest lifestyle that involves paying his rent & bills in cash whenever possible or via direct debit if necessary and then spending whatever little he has left on himself, aside from saving a small amount for a rainy day which is <£5K total. He’s never done a tax return or paid any NI, but is also not (currently) reliant on any benefits.
Given his age and profession I don’t think he can work for a great deal longer… maybe 5 years if he does some less physically demanding parts of the job (drive a JCB or something). I can’t see him working into his mid to late 60s.
By being technologically inept I think he just skates under the HMRC radar when it comes to tax, but he has literally zero retirement plan.
So my question is whether he’ll get any kind of pension and if so, what would it look like? Or will he get nothing as he basically doesn’t currently exist right now from HMRCs perspective and has no NI qualifying years? I’m in my 30s, financially stable and love my Dad so will make sure he’s looked after, but I’d like to understand whether any pension he is due to receive would even come close to supporting him, or is that financial burden going to fall squarely on my shoulders?
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2023.03.20 23:47 MikaElyse8954 How to tell if person using shared wifi is snooping on your personal activity?

Hello, all.
I am just reaching out regarding some advice, per the title.
I’m going to try and keep a very long story short, but I feel like my housemate might be spying on my internet activity and it’s been making me very paranoid and question of self/doubtful.
For reference, the roommate is the owner of the WiFi. So she pays the bill, the account and set up is all in her name.
Sometime in January, we got new WiFi. The old WiFi was a century link or something, and when we had that WiFi, none of these “synchronicities” happened at all. I’ve recently done the math and realized when we switched over to a new WiFi routecompany, mid January or so, is when the random “synchronicities” started happening. And I say synchronicities, per my roommates terms.
Long story short, for a little background, my roommate is very “far out”. She is OBSESSED with “all things” conspiracies, spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, etc., and those subjects are all she talks about 24/7. I pretty much hear the same stories repeatedly on a daily basis. She blows up my phone from the moment she hears me wake up, until bed, just sending links to read things, videos - she’s very intense in that way.
Moving forward, over the last month I felt that I was getting a bit paranoid. Some of the topics and stories she shares seem so made up I’m like - there’s no way this is even true. And for as many times I’ve thought that, I ended up being proven wrong that what she does share sometimes are true. And considering her fanatics with synchronicities and “awakenings” I’ve just assumed “this is all real” and I’m just going paranoid.
Anyways, there was a specific night like 3 weeks ago where I was so overwhelmed with her and overthinking everything that made me feel paranoid and untrusting of her, and somehow I made the connection that- what if she’s spying on my internet activity - and here’s why:
Since we switched over Wi-Fi’s, there’s been like once a week where we will cross paths and she’ll bring up a subject or topic, word for word, regarding what I was reading on my computer earlier that day (I read A LOT, so I have a scribd account and read through many subjects daily lol. And I’ll simultaneously open new task bars to further look up terms or subjects I’m unfamiliar with that I picked up through a text. And for the record, I do NOT cancel the task bars when done so I can refer back to it. So the same few tabs will be open for like 2-3 weeks at a time).
So when this first started happening, I would be like -“oh my gosh, that’s so crazy you brought that up because I literally was just reading about that today” - and she’d make a comment about synchronicities. So this happened like 2 or 3 times where I didn’t think anything of it other than happenstance.
So a few weeks ago, I was reading a text that was talking about freemasonry, and hours later I go into my roommates room to talk and she’s like “oh my gosh, this little book fell off my bookshelf randomly, look at it!” And it was a super small old book literally titled with “freemasonry” & the page she had me look at was specifically talking about freemasonry too. This time, I didn’t say anything & I just went along with it.
That evening in bed I was really just feeling unsafe because of all the odd occurrences and I was just telling myself that I’m just hypervigilant (which I am extremely and I’m in therapies for partially and she knows this), and I can trust her & its all just me. I then got the idea that people can spy on internet activity & the next morning I did some research & installed VPN’s.
After I got over that headspace I’m like - “you know what? There’s no way she’d even know how to do that anyways, & your past few suspicions have been proven wrong, so you’re completely safe & you don’t need the VPN’s. So I still kept them but they have to be longed into everytime I log onto my computer which I didn’t do the last 2-3 weeks or so.
Coincidentally, nothing “synchronistically” has came up during that time until this week, & then today which really psyched me out.
A week/week and a half ago I was researching gestalt psychology & I’ve left that tab open in my browser. A few days ago we were talking and she brings up gestalts & I’ve never heard her say that word since I’ve known her. I just bypassed it once again since things have seemed fine for the most part.
Well today, i was reading a PDF on meditation & the specific part I was reading had to do with blood flow and blood vessels & how they aid in relaxation & it laid out a specific visualization practice of imagining blood vessels opening to aid in more blood flow to the body to help induce relaxation. I wrote down my notes & decided to take a nap & try out the visualization/meditation.
An hour and a half goes by and I wake up and the roommate is gone & I responded to a text she sent when I was napping & then she immediately replied randomly- “hey do you know your blood type? Look up the connection of blood type and “x,y,z” And I instantly was like what the fuck????? There’s no way this is happening, no way.
I replied I didn’t know my blood type(which I do) & she told me it would be on the lab results I just got back from blood work a few weeks ago. And I’m thinking??? I didn’t reply.
I now feel like I did exactly a few weeks ago and this just does not seem like a synchronicity. It literally FEELS fabricated. But I ultimately don’t know. It’s easier to label me the crazy one but I just don’t trust this.
I turned on my vpns again lol. Is there anything I can do to see if someone’s viewing my activity? I also just downloaded “proxyman” (I have a windows) and turned off the vpn because I need to know if this is really a possibility or if it’s just coincidence coupled with paranoia.
Thanks for reading & any and all advice.
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2023.03.20 23:47 Stix_Zero Does anyone else struggle with music compositon/arrangement?

I get this composition/arrangement block in my mind everytime I try to create a song, its so demotivating.. I get a totally block and loose total creativity on what to add next or how to make my song sound more varied instead of being so repetitive.. the longest song I've made have been about 1 minute or less.. does anyone have any tips on how to improve? any recommended tutorials on composition/arrangement?

gosh..Sometimes I just wanna give up on music as a hobby and focus on something else..but something keeps getting me back to try but everytime I get back I get the same compostion/arrangement block and loose total creativity
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2023.03.20 23:47 estoc_bestoc Plate Armor on 2nd Floor

Hi guys! On Level 2 (Arcane Chambers) there is a Secret Armory room (Room 20d) that the book says contains dozens of suits of plate armor, among several other items. The book does say that MOST of these items are deteriorated and useless, but obviously most does not mean all. How did you all handle the loot in this room? My party has an Oath of Vengeance Paladin that would salivate at the thought of a suit of plate armor. That’s a big piece of loot to give out, though, as I’m pretty sure that they run 1500 gold. Gave each player 300 gold to start the campaign with and he’s already the strongest member of the party, so I don’t feel it’s the right time to boost his power even more. Was considering perhaps that he could only salvage half of the set of plate armor, and would have to purchase the other half upon their first return to Waterdeep but wanted opinions on how everyone handled this.
Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
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2023.03.20 23:47 peter123yeah Jumping the gun on FF7R criticisms

One thing I've noticed with a lot of the bigger criticisms of FF7R is that people seem to make them with the assumptions that they know where the next games will go using their knowledge of the original game as a bases, in a way that wouldn't be possible in an original trilogy where only the first game is out yet. I really hate these types criticisms as it requires both the person who dislikes Remake or likes remake to basically have to guess if they are even issues or not.
What I mean by this is when people make criticisms of they've wasted the sephiroth boss fight using it now instead of later, or that they're not going to use death in the games because characters are alive right now that shouldn't be, if the ghosts are needed etc. The massive issue with making these criticisms is well... the 2nd and 3rd games are not out yet... so how does anyone know what they will and will not do with any future plot outcome, either good or bad. A good easy example to use is the sephiroth killing the snake, which is meant to show how strong he is. People say that scene is gonna be ruined in the next game since we've already seen how powerful he is in FF7R.... but we don't know how that scene will play out in Rebirth, and what changes will be made for it to make sense... or even if it will playout at all, it might just flat out not be in there.
I have no issue with people disliking FF7R with things that are actually in the game they actually played. Some people prefer the og plate drop, or blood scene, dislike the pacing, etc. These are things that actually happened in the game, so if you dislike them, then fair enough. Honestly the idea that you were going to prefer everything the remake did more, was just impossible anyway.
I wondered to myself what people have got so bizarre and grasping at hypothetical issues that could happen in the future games rather than waiting for those games to actually come out. The best conclusion I could come to is that people were so safe playing the remake going, and this comes next, then this, then this. That the fact that it's possible that they can't do that going forward scares them, and when trying to get a handle on their feelings of the game, use the only information they have, which is the og to try and plugin that info into the next games of the remake, even tho that information might, and most likely is, completely incompatible. They will then say the next remake game is bad cause the info in the remake may not be compatible with that, even tho the remake could have changes that does make the remake 1 & 2 compatible.
The funny thing is a lot of issues people have with the future of the story may in fact be right... but can we please bloody wait till the games are out before we decide that one way or another.
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2023.03.20 23:47 Bear_209 Peugeot 107 Urban - Climate Control / Fascia Question

Hi All,
Hope you might be able to help please.
My partner bought me an amazing little Peugeot 107 Urban, 2011 reg, which I absolutely love and we've been working on jazzing it up ourselves - it's been really good fun and a really good learning experience!!
We replaced the stereo in the car this evening but like an idiot, I put the screw for the fascia plate into the wrong hole when we were trying to put everything back together. I have put the screw into the section where the fan control should go and now I can't get the screw out. The fan still works but I need to use a screwdriver to turn it on/off as the screw is lodged in that hole - it's fairly loose but not loose enough to pull out and the screw isn't magnetic either unfortunately. On a low setting, the fan makes a faint whirring sound that it didn't before. My partner thinks this whirring might potentially be a wire getting caught?
Does anyone have any suggestions please for how I can rectify my stupid mistake?
I've seen on eBay that you can buy replacement climate control fascias (I think that's what they're called?) but ideally I would like to be able to get the screw out of this one! I also don't want to take the car to the garage unless absolutely necessary... it's my error and would like to learn to fix it myself it possible!
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2023.03.20 23:46 Prior-Thing-6025 Does the national wrestling explosion of the 80s happen in the same way without Lawler/Kaufman?

There’s a big part of me that thinks that it does not. In my mind, it was essentially the foundational national exposure on which most of the rest of the boom would build off of.
What do you think?
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2023.03.20 23:46 franticthoughtss entering heaven contradictions(?)

hey y’all hope y’all are well esp with ramadan coming up, hopefully y’all are safe.
i’ve been thinking about the whole concept of entering heaven and the idea that allah is the most forgiving and the most merciful and whatever self gaslighting things muslims tell themselves. i could be wrong but aren’t there certain days where if you fast all your sins for the upcoming year will be forgiven, as well as fastin for ramadan and then if you ask for forgiveness and make tobah or whatever, God will forgive you and whatever other things.
in all honesty, doesn’t it make the end of the world fiasco and that crossing bridge (that they got from zoroastrianism) and all those trials one has to go thru useless if there’s set loopholes already in place?
if God is the most forgiving and all you gotta do is ask for forgiveness then why tf do humans gotta go through some type of oppression/shame/guilt olympics to get into a place that the ever knowing God already settled for them when he made the first day. like choices made in the mortal world cannot equate to infinite suffering in whatever comes after death.
like your god does not love you if he allows you to suffer the worst things imaginable just bc he said so way before your creation and all bc you didn’t know the grand scheme of things that he set up.
i heavily believe that predetermination and free will cannot coexist nor are they on the same plane or spectrum, plus in islam they don’t call god the all knowing all loving all powerful, they call him the most so that must mean he is not all.
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2023.03.20 23:46 shallah Skunks are dying of avian flu. What does that mean for you and your pets? CBC News

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2023.03.20 23:46 The_Norfolkian Explaining why the Holmesian mystery in the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” is very different from the real version of “A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and what that means for Doyle’s work in the Star Trek universe.

When Data and Geordi show up at the entrance of the holodeck in full Victorian garb during the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” (TNG, 2x03), Data asks the Computer to “select at random a mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”. After they enter the representation of the sitting room at 221b Baker Street, Data and Geordi observe the various details, doodads, and trinkets created to express the experiences of Sherlock Holmes before Data picks up a violin from an open case and starts playing. The Holmesian mystery selected at random is apparently “A Scandal in Bohemia”, but the details of the beginning of the story as they are played out for Data and Geordi are all wrong.
After ‘throwing himself into the part’, Data interrupts his violin playing with a certainty that Inspector Lestrade will be arriving. However, at the beginning of “A Scandal in Bohemia”, Holmes has Watson read a note that a visitor will be arriving at an appointed hour and will likely wear a mask. Not only was this omitted from the scene in the show, but no other rationale is given to explain how Data knew Lestrade was going to show up instead of Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein and hereditary King of Bohemia, in the masked-guise of Count Von Kramm. Lestrade makes no appearance in the original story, and moreover, he is joined by a made-up character...
LESTRAD: ...an emissary of a foreign government ...accosted by gypsies intent on depriving him of his most valuable possessions. And in the process of picking his pockets clean, they also happened to bag a photograph this man was carrying.
Data as Holmes proceeds to walk over to this emissary, tears open the inside of their coat to reveal the photograph, and proclaims...
DATA: I believe you will find, Inspector, that this emissary here works not for but against the King of Bohemia, and that photograph of the king and his mistress is to be used as blackmail. Further, upon deeper reflection, you will deduce, as did I, that...
Here is where Geordi interrupts Data and frustratingly walks out, but Data goes after him and notes, “I was just about to reveal that the sir is in fact a madam...”

This is not at all how “A Scandal in Bohemia” begins, but... there are story elements that appear to have been used to create the scene we see in “Elementary, Dear Data”. When Von Ormstein discusses the matter of Irene Adler to Holmes in the original story, he notes regarding the attempts to steal the photograph from her that...
VON ORMSTEIN: ...Twice burglars in my pay ransacked her house. Once we diverted her luggage when she travelled. Twice she has been waylaid.
Additionally, near the end of the story we learn that Irene Adler is quite the able costume actor. In her note to Holmes left behind with a photograph of herself wearing an evening dress, Adler tells him...
ADLER: ...you know, I have been trained as an actress myself. Male costume is nothing new to me. I often take advantage of the freedom which it gives. I sent John, the coachman, to watch you, ran up stairs, got into my walking clothes, as I call them, and came down just as you departed.
The fact that Von Ormstein had previously had men twice ‘waylaid’ Adler suggests she was robbed of her possessions in the hopes that any of them would be the photograph of her and the future king. Combining this with the fact that she was able to dress as a man then creates the scenario that she could pretend to be a ‘foreign emissary’ accosted by ‘gypsies’ attempting to steal the photograph, which was probably different from the one that could generate scandal. Perhaps the gypsies stole Adler’s photograph of herself in an evening dress? Regardless, as Data deduced, this emissary was ‘a madam’... likely Adler herself.

Clearly, the events of the Holmesian mystery selected at random are totally different from those set out in Doyle’s “A Scandal in Bohemia”. So, what is going on here? Well, there is a very plausible two-fold explanation here...
Adding to the case that this Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the Star Trek universe wrote some of his stories differently, Data even notes to Geordi that Moriarty is “the man Holmes could only defeat at the cost of his own life at Reichenbach Falls”, which suggests that “The Final Problem” really did conclude the life of Sherlock Holmes. If that is the case, then even the ordering of Trek-Doyle’s stories are possibly different from those we know. Doyle’s fourth novel, The Valley of Fear, and “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans”, which were both referenced by Data in the sitting room when examining items of note, might have taken place before Trek-Doyle wrote “The Final Problem”, and that the character of Moriarty remained a problem for Holmes throughout his career until his death. Given that the Star Trek universe features fictional authors and works, like Tracy Tormé and her Dixon Hill novels, it’s entirely reasonable that some, if not many, of Trek-Doyle’s works were written differently.
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2023.03.20 23:46 iRambL Did some research on some cheat makers and found some interesting stuff.

So if you don't know I run a channel called WTCS or War Thunder Cheat Shaming.
(shameless plug - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0efcsw9MwNISJ9Zd-ntPbQ)
I managed to contact or at least get some commentary on some cheat makers and its pretty ridiculous the lengths to actually cheat and here is the premise. I mentioned in a previous video that cheats from china are as low as 10 dollars for an aim-bot, what I failed to mention was that if it was per month/day/year. Turns out that most cheaters that aren't developing their own set are spending anywhere from 10-20 PER DAY to cheat. So for those thinking that you will easily be able to get into cheating boy are you in for a surprise. Imagine spending 300-600 a month just for a cheater program for War Thunder. (Does also make me wonder how much of the money is stolen or other means which cant be named here.)
The other problem I am encountering is the sheer openness of how blatant the cheating has gotten. Its come to my attention that GMs literally do nothing for the game's security or processes. GMs entire job length is to moderate the forums and to tell you to "use the reporting system". If you saw recently the ban list you would know how useless their reporting system is. Most of the cheaters banned on the list were under level 50 meaning relatively new accounts just based on how easy it is to get to level 100. There were even quite a few accounts that were basically just loaded into the game and banned meaning they were free accounts used to test if their cheat works to bypass the anti cheat.
Unfortunately its becoming a Tarkov incident except its not as easy to expose and plaster around like the wiggle that killed Tarkov (thanks to the channel g0at for that). There's a company called Absolute Solutions that is a cheat maker that brags about none of their accounts being banned because apparently all their clients aren't as blatant and they brag about how easy EAC is to dodge. Mind you they charge upwards of 20+ per day for their cheats. (One of the videos they commented on - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYdJj3BI_Y0&lc=UgxGsp4P9MIoLYKBh8l4AaABAg.9n87tOZEYl09n9MtbQZhZX)
I still refuse to believe that Gaijin is selling the cheats in this case as it doesn't overall benefit their game in the long run. Because if cheating becomes overly rampant then it hurts their overall bottom line. If this is the case then Gaijin would be doing the bare minimum to keep the cheating at a minimum while also keeping their profit margins the same. What i still refuse to understand is how does Gaijin justify not having a security team along side EAC? What is the incentive to not moderate? Why are they dumping it all onto EAC? Well that's another rabbit hole in itself.
If you have ever tried to contact EAC in regards to an issue they tend to get back to you in around a week in regards to ANY other game but War Thunder. As of this post, EAC has never responded back to me regarding any post for War Thunder but has gotten back to me multiple times when asking about other games within their time frame. It is unacceptable that an anti-cheat refuses to respond about any issues that a game might have that might improve it in the long run. I feel like this might have been requested from Gaijin in order to stop inquiring about issues with the game.
In summary, Gaijin has a serious security issue that needs to be addressed and major issues with the game are likely being caused by this security issue as well. It could only be a matter of time before the cheats become so intrusive that we start seeing more intrusive hacking like speed and gravity modifiers that could affect the entire game. Imagine a tank ignoring its reload speed or having a stabilizer when it doesn't have one.
TLDR: Gaijin thinks it has an anti-cheat and really doesn't. Get more involved, start pinging CCs who actually are vocal about the game to do something about it.
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2023.03.20 23:46 No_Software_5459 My Experience with Stigmavision

I have a story of the discrimination I experienced: I have Bipolar disorder and had a psychiatrist that I had been seeing for a good 8 years, we had a great working relationship, I had never had any issues with communication or any concerns what so ever. I went in for my normal check up appointment and was questioned by my Doctor about a perscription that was written and sent into my pharmacy (I had been seen at another clinic by another perscriber) and after confirming that this medication was sent to my pharmacy for me, she (my doctor) flipped her whole demeanor, I could feel the mood shift heavily impacting the vibe between us. I was being seen that day for like I'd said for a normal regularly occurring appointment schedule that I've been doing for the last 8 years and at this visit we were supposed to adjust my medications to a higher dosage, instead she tells me that she wants to consult with her colleague and get a second opinion, I'm confused by this statement because, well why? She asks me to set up another appointment and to be expecting a call from her colleague so that she can feel confident before making any changes to my treatment,(what? Why?) So I scheduled a follow up and the next day had a video visit with her colleague and let's just say I ended the visit abruptly due to the offensive discriminating treatment I was receiving. He questioned me about why I'd needed my mg for my perscription changed and stated "it has no further bettering effects after the dose I was currently at", I told him that "it does have a different effect to me personally I can feel the change and it helps better". He then questioned about the perscription that was written by the other clinic and why I was prescribed it and I'd told him my story of why it was prescribed it and told him it was not filled yet it was just sent to my pharmacy (it was suboxone), and he started accusing me of wanting to use my medication mg increase to "feel euphoric effects" that it would not make a difference at a higher dose. I told him he was out of pocket and I would not be talked to like that and ended the video. My regular doctor did the "second opinion" twice more and at those appointments now she'd requested me to take a urine sample (never ever ever had I needed to do this before) she gave me no logical reason for why she wanted me to visit the lab to pee so I refused and ended writing her an email telling her how unexceptable she was being and I was not trying to get pills from her to get high, that I was coming to her because I have a real problem and need help with it medically. The next thing I know im receiving a letter stating she dropped me as a patient. The kicker to this is because she dropped me and lied about why she dropped me I was now unable to see another provider to receive treatment for my mental health which means no more perscriptions that I literally need to be functional and productive in life, anyways and my primary care doctor said he does not feel comfortable prescribing me medications that are out of his jurisdiction he is like a body doctor only not mental health. And I cannot go to another clinic because of the insurance I have its is so widely used that all other psychiatrists in my state and the next are filled to quota. So it has been almost 2.5 years that I have received care for my mental health which has not been an easy go in life. I did file a grievance against her and requested for her to get training in bed side manor and diversity and discrimination but that didn't do much for my care. So that's my lived experience with Stigmavision individuals its not right that even medical professionals have biased assumptions on things related to substance use.
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2023.03.20 23:46 KromaP Bosch vs Carrier

Hi, I live in the U.S., in VA and am in need of replacing my Aquatherm units and am struggling to determine which vendor to go with. I have a 30+ yr old aquatherm & carrier system that is nearing the end and then an 8yr old aquatherm & carrier that is constantly having coolant leaks. I am going to replace them both and am trying to decide between
Carrier 40MUAAQ (not sure what the Q is) and a 38MURAQ (3ton for downstairs/2.5 upstairs) Bosch BVA36WN1M20 and a BVA24WN1M20 (3ton tuned to 2.5 for downstairs and a 2ton for upstairs)
The Carrier would require some duct work under the house to be changed to support the 3ton.
Both are coming in around the same prices but I am hair hesitant on the Bosch vs Carrier due to parts availability. My area of VA can on occasion get below 0 but it isn't often at all. More so the coldest temps during winters are in the teens to right below the teens. It does get hot and humid in my area though, with temps over 100, as well as hovering in the high 90s for most of the summer.
Anyone have any advice on one over another? I've never owned a Bosch before but everything I have read about them, they seem decent. Carrier of course is heavy in the U.S. and I see all the time.
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2023.03.20 23:46 throawaydugrandma AITA for refusing custody of my son’s and ex daughter-in-law’s daughter

My son and my ex-daughter-in-law in law have had a 14 year long marriage where they haven’t been in love. They recently told me that they’re done and are getting a divorce.
A major reason for their unhappiness is their daughter (14F) whom is just a monster to be around. I don’t mean to speak ill about children but it’s the truth.
My granddaughter recently had a week which she refused food for 4 days in a row and had an outburst ending in my ex daughter in law getting scratched.
It’s just her parents who she has a problem with. It’s me as well. Once I drove her to a concert to be with her friends but she disappeared and I searched for hours and called the police. Just for her friends to admit that she was with them. No heads-up or anything.
The worst part is that many of the daughter’s issues weren’t reported by either side because my ex daughter in law and son both don’t want full custody of her because they fear what she could do to them.
My my son and daughter-in-law are at their breaking point. They both are arguing that they don’t want custody. They have both threatened to do vile and illegal things just to get arrested rather than getting custody.
They turned to me and begged that I take custody. It’s been non-stop calling asking for me to get her. My ex daughter-in-law even contacted my husband begging him to change my mind and went to his work place.
I finally messaged both of them and said that I was almost 60. I don’t have the capacity or the time to take care of a child and that i’ll be in my retirement years.
I ended by saying that if they both don’t want their daughter the they should put her in foster care.
My ex daughter-in-law has called me an asshole because I told her at the beginning of her pregnancy that she could rely on me. But, I don’t want to deal with the monster they have created so AITA?
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2023.03.20 23:46 hobbesboiler I (24F) have a BF (29M) for the first time and I feel crazy insecure

I started dating this guy 3 months ago. We’ve known each other for 9ish months in total. At the beginning of our relationship, he would text me every Monday asking what my plans were, and I would respond with usually one day that worked best for me for us to hang out. Now that we’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend, I have fallen for him so hard. I want to hang out with him every day, all the time. I am usually a person that likes her alone time, but now I always find myself wanting to be with him.
We just hit 3 months but I am feeling very insecure. Most times we hang out, he texts me at the same time usually asking if I’m free that night. Sometimes, when he doesn’t text me at the usual time, I text him but that usually results in him saying that he’s busy that night doing chores or wants to retire early for the night. So usually if he’s free on a particular day he will take the initiative to text me first.
I just have my own insecurities. I feel like more recently, he’s just been more busy and less free to hang out. But his excuses are usually that he has chores to do or that he’s not feeling well and wants to go to bed early. We only hang out 3 times a week now, whereas it used to be more. I know he’s into me. He told me he loves me first, whenever we hang out he tells me how much he loves me and how cute/gorgeous/sexy/cool I am. But the reason I’m probably sensitive right now is because recently I’ve been more comfortable with being weird and silly and sharing more of my personality with him. I just have this fear that he’s pulling away because he doesn’t like the real me. For example, I haven’t seen him in 2 days, but when I texted him asking to hangout, he said he is busy with housework. And I’m overthinking because I feel like earlier in our relationship he would have taken the initiative to do those chores in the past few days so that he could hang out with me as much as possible during the week. I don’t want to bring it up and sound needy or clingy, because rationally I know that he probably does still like me, and just has his own stuff to do. I have just always been like this, and I have an intense fear of rejection and abandonment after being a late bloomer (never being romantically pursued until after college).
Has anyone else experienced this? Do I bring it up to him at the risk of sounding crazy and clingy? And how can I get over these insecurities?
TLDR: I feel like my boyfriend is pulling away after I am beginning to show him the real me, but rationally I know that is probably not the case. Should I bring it up to him, and how can I get over these insecurities?
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2023.03.20 23:46 AaknoXX I've made a list of stats with which i can rank/compare fighters (on the left), and on the right who i consider to be the pinnacle of the respective stat. Feedback welcomed

I've made a list of stats with which i can rank/compare fighters (on the left), and on the right who i consider to be the pinnacle of the respective stat. Feedback welcomed
So i wanted to create a vast list of stats usable to compare/rank fighters, idk if i missed some mandatory stats, if so please tell. also what's your opinions on the fighters representing the pinnacle of said stat? This is not like a graph or anything, i will probably use it to compare 2 fighters at the same time.
As a trivia: By power i mean combat power so the means to damage said opponents thus Eddie's genes/build/muscles + his insane speed puts him as pinancle
Durability: the ability to withstand said poweforce inflicted upon you: Julius here, honorable mention: Waka, second only cuz of a smaller frame
Speed: Rei, undoubtedly
Reactiom time/reflexes: Prime Akoya, undoubtedly
Phys stmuscles: the pinnacle of strength: Julius, undoubtedly, special mention regarding muscle quality: Waka
Resilience/ability to recover: Hayami/Meguro, undoubtedly, special mentions: Agito, fought while blacked out, recovered like Wolverine after his fight with Kaolan; second special mention: Raian (endorphins, kure genes, mental fit for this)
Flexibility: Agito, vast pool of martial arts including one of the most flexible martial arts: Formless
Adaptability: Agito, undoubtedly, Formless+Evolution
Agility/Maneuvering/Mobility: Kiryu, Koei+NS+ingenuity, Hatsumi easy knee shifting+insane dodging abilities, special mentions: Kaolan, Carlos, Nicolas
Skill: Kuroki
IQ: Kaneda/Kuroki
Combat IQ: Kuroki
Combat sense/awareness : Ohma, praised by Rolon
Haxes: Agito, Fa Jin, DragonNut, KO from any range, Formless, Evolution, Indestrucrible, etc., Ohma, NS bullshittery, Kure haxes, copy shit, PS bursts, DB, etc.
Offense: Rolon, really aggressive and at the same time calm and calculate fighter, really fast hands, special mentions: Fei, Agito and Tian
Defense: Kuroki, the impregnable fortress, undoubtedly
Mentality: Kuroki, trial by fire, etc., Ohma, pushed to the extreme, you can see it in his fight against Kuroki
Again, let me know if i missed something, ty
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2023.03.20 23:46 matthewkatzeff WH Says No Russia-Ukraine Cease Fire Led By China Will Be Acceptable

WH Says No Russia-Ukraine Cease Fire Led By China Will Be Acceptable

Does anyone else find it interesting that, prior to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, anytime in recent history that there was a conflict that did not directly involve the US we would do everything to peacefully resolve and end the conflict and attempt to negotiate and create peace among the participants, regardless as to who the perceived “aggressor” was? But with this conflict, we have clearly not only done nothing to try to peacefully end it, but we have also clearly and aggressively “picked a side” and effectively inserted us into the conflict – effectively doing everything to ensure that there is no peace and that the conflict never ends.
And now it is becoming increasingly likely that these actions of Biden and the dems will actually directly draw us into a real war with Russia and China, as well as other countries, starting World War III, putting every American at grave and deadly risk and stretching our already weakened and depleted military as a result of their woke policies into a far more impossibly thin and impotent entity unable to defend the American citizenry in any way – resulting in real and significant fatalities, without hyperbole – INCLUDING THE NOW VERY REAL POSSIBILITY OF A NUCLEAR WAR.
It is abundantly obvious that Biden and the dems do not want this conflict to end, and in fact will do anything to keep it going, regardless as to the number of Ukranian and Russian lives lost, which significantly increases on a daily basis, regardless of the BILLIONS of dollars we have sent to Ukraine (when that money could be going back to the American citizenry to assist them with the massive economic and inflationary disaster from which we are all suffering), and regardless of the massive danger in which they are placing the American citizenry as we are drawn closer and closer to war. Biden and the dems continuously blame all of our inflation and massive economic woes on “Russia”, despite the conflict having nothing to do with it and the reality being that it was all caused by Biden’s and the dems’ disastrous policies (just like they blamed “Russia” for President Trump being elected, which has since been 100% debunked), and so long that the conflict continues Biden and the dems keep sweeping all of our massive inflation and economic devastation under the “Russia” rug, again despite the conflict having nothing to do with it and the reality being that it was all caused by Biden’s and the dems’ disastrous policies.
INFLATION – INCLUDING GAS PRICES – WAS SOARING WAY BEFORE RUSSIA/UKRAINE. This was a direct result of Biden’s and the democrats’ draconian policies, rampant spending, ridiculously prohibitive and expensive regulations, and massive tax increases, and now they are trying to use the war to sweep it under the rug. In addition to the fact that the massive spike in gas prices began way before Russia/Ukraine, inflation on ALL goods had already been soaring throughout the country – food, building materials, gas, consumer goods, etc. – AND NOW THERE IS A FOOD AND A BABY FORMULA SHORTAGE – and NONE OF ANY OF THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA. Yes – gas prices will increase even further now as a result of the war (and only gas – the war has no impact on the prices of any other goods that are now at historical inflationary levels), but they will increase off of an already ridiculously historically high inflationary basis that was in place before the war even began!
It's also reasonable to ask what information Zelenskyy and the Ukranians have on Biden, that Biden simply gives him more money anytime he asks for it to the tune of BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS. Let’s not forget that the dems attempted to impeach President Trump simply because he asked Ukraine not to back off of a very real and credible investigation into Biden and his son (Remember Hunter Biden’s sitting on the board of the Ukranian energy company, Burisma, and them paying him $1 million per year, despite Biden have ZERO experience in the energy sector? Remember then Vice President Biden BRAGGING about how he literally threatened Ukraine with withholding $1 billion of aide unless they fired his son’s investigator?)
THIS IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF TREASON, without hyperbole. Biden and the dems have put the American citizenry as well as our national security at grave risk, not to mention the theft of billions of OUR dollars that could otherwise be well used here in the US to resolve some of our massive economic devastation, but are otherwise going to Ukraine to continue to extend a conflict that has nothing to do with the US, just so they could cover up the disastrous economy that they created.
The democrat party used to be the anti-war party and the party of the middle-class. Now they have proven that while the Republican party has been proven to be anti-war, the dems are doing everything in their power to escalate war – and directly involve the US in it. Similarly while the Republicans have become the party of the middle class – doing everything to protect them and keep their taxes down, the dems have been doing everything to completely destroy the middle class and raise taxes on them (particularly that HUNDREDS OF ECONOMISTS AND EVEN THE NON-PARTISAN CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE ADMITTED THAT THE DEMS’ “INFLATION REDUCTION ACT” WILL NEVER DECREASE THE ASTOUNDING INFLATION (THAT BIDEN AND THE DEMS CREATED); AND IN FACT THE MASSIVE INCREASE IN SPENDING WILL INCREASE INFLATION AND INCREASE TAXES – PARTICULARLY ON THE MIDDLE CLASS!).
So of course they don’t wish for this conflict to end, despite it being best for everyone – for Ukraine, for Russia – and for the US.
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2023.03.20 23:46 tykouh Google Drive app not loading files on iPhone

So this has happened frequently where whenever I open up the app on my iPhone, it will just continuously load with nothing happening for minutes. I still don’t know why it happens & what’s the best solution.
It does sometimes work whenever I delete and re-download the app but it becomes a hassle as my phone is very slow so it takes so long.
I have tried searching online and even on Reddit but I just can’t seem to find the fix.
Anyone know how to solve this with a permanent fix and also as to why it happens?
Wasn’t sure the best way to show what I mean but here’s a GIF on what it would look like as I’m not sure how to show the video
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2023.03.20 23:46 Jealous-Voice6769 What is the meaning of Ara Agbala trending on Twitter, Whatsapp?

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2023.03.20 23:45 PeacefulPom Graduated with AAS, can’t do intended career, don’t know where to ‘re’start

I went to a community college that offered a BA in dental hygiene. It was my plan for YEARS, and once I finally completed my AAS, so many things happened at once. I knew the program was intensive, but I didn’t realize that most DH’s had support through the program. I will only be able to hold a part time job, if that, while in school for 2 years. In this economy? Impossible. It made me lose interest in the job itself to be honest.
Now I’m stuck. Just spent an hour crying, feeling like a 21 year old failure. I would rather not go back to college, but if I need to I will. I found an amazing corporate job, however, I need a BA. Could be in anything at all, does not matter. They look for fresh graduates. However, that’s still 2 more years of school.
While I don’t know much, I’ve been interested in tech for a while. I have no idea where to start. I wouldn’t mind doing a coding program, but will that get me anywhere? And if it will, what kind of program should I look for?
Literally any advice at all will help. I feel so hopeless right now. I’ve always been a determined individual, but this recent blow has taken a toll on me. Please help :,(
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2023.03.20 23:45 Th3_Shad0w_786 Non refundable deposit and reasonable costings on cancellation.

Thanks for reading this. This is in England.
I booked a wedding venue in October 22 date of wedding to be June 23. Paid 25% (£5k) of the value of the wedding upfront (£20k). Was told it was needed to secure the booking. In December 22 unfortunately my engagement ended and I informed the venue right away of cancellation.
The venue said unfortunately nothing could be done my deposit is non refundable and gone. This is according to their T&Cs. The best they can do is offer me a later date this year (Dec 23) and use half my deposit towards it whilst waiving an additional 35% cancellation fee so in total I'd be down (£12k) if I didn't accept this offer.
I refused their offer and said I will deduct reasonable costs incurred on their behalf of around £400 for booking and signing the contracts. I also dispute the validity of this non refundable deposit under consumer protection and that this cancellation fee is excessive and an unfair contract.
We did not confirm the menu. Did not confirm decor nothing. All TBC further down the line. Just initial booking to hold the venue. It was all super early in the process. From my point of view there's been minimal cost incurred on the venues part and I've given loads of notice.
They venue wouldn't budge final offer was exchange the date at any point till Feb 2025 which is useless to me. I've just come out of a broken engagement and they expect me to get married by that point is ridiculous.
At this point I began my money claim.
They reject my claim. They've put a defence together using a solicitor (I'm representing myself) full of legalese etc. Now they claim they've incurred nearly all the costs of the wedding in December 22 (less than 2 months after I've booked and over 5 months out from the event).
Things like buying food and plates (never asked for anything bespoke) I find that absurd since I cancelled so early didn't confirm any food choices or decor. In their contract it says we can confirm menu up to 1 month prior to event. Why are they buying stuff now without my confirmation and who buys meat like 6 months in advance. What if I didn't want a certain dish..
Loads of random charges like meeting with the sales manager is £500 +vat. I mean what? I could've said I didn't like the place and left. No one charges for a sales pitch..
Apparently £750 +vat meeting with a wedding coordinator, I don't get what this is for. I've not instructed them to do anything so far. Picked no colours, no stages, no lighting absolutely nothing.
There's more but I think it paints the picture. They've picked some case law that seems to give some precedence to help their defence. They also believe they're entitled to keep the money due to loss of business and turning people away. Not being able to rebook etc. It's a popular time so I find it hard to fathom. I think they can rebook it.
They're also open to mediation, I'll do it to try and resolve but again I don’t think their costings are fair at all. I'm willing to budge but not much. I'm a bit apprehensive of going to court but I think I'm entitled to a refund less reasonable costs and have tried to be fair.
I've got a few weeks to decide to proceed or not.
First time taking any sort of legal action any advice if I've got a good case + any precedent and case law that might help? Much appreciated!!
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