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The Sims Custom Content is a place to share, request, & discuss custom content for The Sims!

2023.06.04 01:40 cheekychisweettea Afro bubble hairstyle

I'm really loving this hairstyle that is bubble afro hair . I found one kind here The Sims Resource - Ash Hairstyle but was looking for more bubbles like picture on the book. Bonus points for demon/dragon sim horns
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2023.05.26 00:03 NFLD99_DEV Q: What Sites are safe for CC?

currently I use However due to the paywalls and long download times without VIP [I don't Play enough to justify buying VIP monthly] I'm looking for alternatives
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2023.05.24 02:16 vibemasterlex The Sims Resource

Hello! I just tried to log onto my account for TheSimsResource on Chrome, but every time I attempted to log in, a 404 error message would pop up. I switched to the Microsoft browser, which allowed me to log in, but anytime I tried to download something, the same 404 error message would pop up. Does anyone know what may be going on? Thank you!
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2023.05.23 13:30 fluffhq The Sims 4: CAS CC

The Sims 4: CAS CC
Just gonna keep this post to list down my sims cc for quick access. ^^
Common CC among my sims:
Individual sims:
Let me know if there any other of my sims you'd like me to list the cc and I'll update them into this post. 😄
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2023.05.21 07:53 ZachopotamusPrime Kaneko Family Portrait

Kaneko Family Portrait

Kaneko Family: Kazuki (L. teen)/Mia (mom)/Junichi (toddler)/Kazuya (dad)/Natsumi (R. teen)/Tatsuki (L. child)/Megumi (R. child)
I made this family portrait of my sims for Mother's Day. My friend said I should upload it here. I've never posted on reddit before so I hope this isn't too long. I took the picture with an in-game camera at a photo studio I built for doing pictures like this. I also lightly edited the picture with programs like IrfanView and Paint 3D.
CC WCIF: the pose = Through the Years pose pack by Witchybot (Year 4 poses)
Kazuki~ hair = Kitt Hair Male Version by CazMari eyebrows = Aphrodite eyebrows #1 by peachyfaerie
Mia~ hair = Kiki Hair (No Headband) by aharris00britney lipstick = Soulmate lipstick by crypticsim earrings = Miroh earrings by Pralinesims
Junichi~ shirt = Toddler Sweater Polo by Cepzid Sims eyebrows = Poise eyebrows by Twistedcat
Kazuya~ eyebrows = Wool eyebrows by Twistedcat beard = Orlando beard by WistfulCastle
Natsumi~ hair = Yui hair by ah00b & Ayoshi (download is under AxA hair ombre/streaks = Allison hair highlights by aharris00britney eyebrows = Eyebrow Duo eyebrow #2 by Parise eyeshadow = Wraith palette by crypticsim eyeliner = Kohl eyeliner by crypticsim blush = Blush #11 Puppet by Pralinesims lipstick = MVP lipstick by crypticsim ring = True Loves Kiss Ring by Reigningsims
Tatsuki~ eyebrows = Naive eyebrows by Twistedcat
Megumi~ eyebrows = Silk eyebrows by Twistedcat
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2023.05.21 04:04 Ninjakitty131 wcif this painting?

wcif this painting?
it's from this (tsr) new set. feel free to recommend similar ones or your favorite art cc (paintings, artist clutter, etc), i'm always looking for more ^.^
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2023.05.19 03:08 Kumatora0 Need some help with a clothing mod

So ive been trying to use a clothing mod
And a weird bug keep happening after leaving the shower, the player model gets covered with a bunch of beige lines, when zoomed out the line get denser to where they completely cover the sim, when zoomed in they disappear, they go away after changing clothes but return after putting the cloths back on and exiting the shower again
The mod says it need a mesh and got the other mod it listed but i dont know if thats what i was supposed to do
Any help would be appreciated
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2023.05.17 01:45 Goldenstarblue Wcif hair?

Does anyone know wcif this hair? Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.16 15:08 wonderland2211 Where is this skin from? Or skins like it?

I like the male one most and im mainly looking at the nose area, i dont like when skins have very obvious lines where the nostrils are
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2023.05.14 20:26 This_Bass_5512 Yesterday I posted about Kyle having a son with my sim, here she is!

Yesterday I posted about Kyle having a son with my sim, here she is!
Meet Véronique Viller!
She’s a cc sim so I am not taking credit for making her-
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2023.05.14 03:16 red-headedstranger What's your go-to CC resource?

I've only ever used TheSimsResource for all my CC and never really felt the need to try anything else BUT I'm curious what others use and want to check it out.
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2023.05.10 20:29 ClownfishBeClowning The Sims Resource detects uBlockOrigin and makes download wait time longer
This happens with all download links, but this is the one I used for replication: /
I have disabled all other extensions, as well as force updating the filters, and the error still occurs. I'm using Firefox 112.0.2 and uBlockOrigin 1.49.2.
There is usually a time buffer (when uBlockOrigin is disabled) but they add this adblocker one on top of it.
I looked through the old Github reports, and this site was last reported in 2018, when it still let you download even with this buffer; nowadays it doesn't.
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2023.05.03 20:32 Baphomet03 WCIF These eyes or similar?

WCIF These eyes or similar?
These are used by cosimetic on TSR (1, 2, 3) with no links anywhere back to them.
I'd absolutely love to find eyes with this simple and clean style, especially if they come as defauts.
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2023.04.30 17:39 thecrowqueen27 CC sites/places that won’t give computer viruses

I love CC and used to get it from but noticed that once I had the CC my laptop was running a lot slower and didn’t hold a charge as long as before. I’m thinking it’s probably bc of a virus but I’m not sure. Now, I’m without a CC site. Anyone know of any that wouldn’t give viruses?
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2023.04.30 03:08 GhostlyAlec Mods for Tutor houses

Mods for Tutor houses submitted by GhostlyAlec to u/GhostlyAlec [link] [comments]

2023.04.29 05:04 Overall_Lobster_4738 Celebrity Sims?

Good place to download Sims made of real famous people? I've got a few like Robert Downey and Taylor Swift from but that's the only site that seems to have any decent ones.
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2023.04.29 02:56 SimsPlayer2765 SimsPlayer2765's List of Favorite Custom Content and Mods Sites:

I've deleted the sites that aren't available anymore and ones that I just can't recommend, due to bad downloads. lol. I've also added some new sites and information, so grab a cup of your favorite drink and read on! Thank you for all the likes on the original post I appreciate that!
✘✘✘ Please Note: Nraas mods are known to conflict with the Smooth Patch (version 2.x) and Simler90s Mods unfortunately. Read about it here: ( from Igazor.
If you're a member of Sims Resource and/or ModtheSims you have access to your download history. You can use to download custom content and mods a bunch at a time.
Masterlist of CC packs? - You might be able to find masterlists or CCDumps as some call them at the creator's site.
One of the main reasons Sims Youtubers and Bloggers don't share their mods folder because of the bad cc that can come from them and the hassle of having to go through hundreds of files to weed out the bad CC and mods.
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––Random Site Favorites:
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––Tumblr Finds:
( // (
( // (
MM Sims 3 Creators/Converters: (
( // (
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––TSR Favorite CC Creators:
I use very little makeup these days on my Sims, but a couple of my favorite CC makeup makers are:
Gosik: ( // (
Pralinesims: ( // (
NataliS: (
Marcorse: (
Severinka: (
Pyszny19: (
Wondymoon: (
ArtVitalex: (
Ung999: (
Kardofe: (
SIMcredible!: (!/) // (
Marcussims91: ( // (
Mutske: (
NynaeveDesign: (
Bill Sims: (
Ekinege: (
Harmonia: (
Lillka: (
Onyxium: (
Pizazz: (
ShakeProductions: (
TheNumbersWoman: (
NynaeveDesign: (
Pilar: (
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––Select Objects, Hairs, Mods etc.:
Sims 3 CC Hair Re-texture Catalogue - 09.08.2018: (
4t3 Build/Buy Database - EA Packs: (
Disentangled, De-accessorized, Re-textured and Fixed EA Hair -
Part 1: ( // Part 2: (
Mod Frenzy - Quick and simple custom Sims 3 painting: (
Posterset Loader Studio and PosterSet Loader v1.1 - both needed for mod to work ( // (
Sim Painted Painting Frames Made Castable!: (
Sim Game Selector Mod: ( Turn off packs you don't want to use. Works for 1.67 disc based game versions and repacks. Not 1.69 versions, as it's got a game selector built-in
TS3 Functional Sewing table: (
No Car Relationships: ( ( Edited by me to make sure I didn't get any more love letters, calls or gifts.
– Recommended --- Smooth Patch - v1.21. Smooth Patch v1.21: (
– Recommended --- Smooth Patch - v1.21. Disc/ Smooth Patch v1.21: ( ( To help you rename your package files!
[Tip:] Bypass the Sims 3 Launcher: Download/Install Store Content in .package Format.: ( Plus a fix for store content in .package format.
One More Slot Please! - with vertical shifting: (
CC Rabbithole Rugs - All base game: (
Jynx's Rabbit Holes Rugs for Residential Lots: (
CaSTable RabbitHole Replacements: (
Sim State - The Sims 3 Open For Business: (
MsPoodle Pool Floats: (
Cute Toddler Daybed: (
"Little Sister" crib - 1-Square smaller version: (
S3C Living Art rug 4x4: (
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––Builds and Worlds:
FakeHousesRealAwesome has excellent builds: (
Sim Realty is great for worlds, populated & unpopulated.: (
The Worlds of Rflong7: (
Sims 3 - How I Install Custom Worlds - Video Guide: (
Sims 3 - Where do I install a custom world? - Text Guide: (
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––Links to Help and Info on Custom Content and Mods:
A Detailed Look into Nraas Mods: (
Ultimate Sims 3 Fix Guide 💫 -2021: (
Troubleshooting Mods and Custom Content: (
How To Make Your Game Run Smooth: (
How To: Install Mods in Sims 3: (
[Info:] How to Install CC without the Sims 3 Launcher and Types of CC: (
[For Info:] CAW Information and Tutorial Links: (
How To: Convert Sims3Pack to Package files - CC, Sims, Lots, Worlds: (
The Sims 3: How to use CC Magic: (
Tutorial: Getting Started with CC Magic - Text Guide: (
How To: Merge Your Custom Content: Using S3PE: (
– 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。ꕥ 。 –
––For mods my favorite places to look are Nraas and ModtheSims:
Nraas: (
ModtheSims: (
I'm not sure what all to suggest in regards to specific mods, as it really depends on your personal play style. Though a few Nraas mods I recommend are Overwatch, DebugEnabler, ErrorTrap, MasterController - it's add-ons -Cheats and Integration, Register, Traffic.
Some of these mods can help game performance and create reports on things that are causing problems in-game. You can share the reports with Nraas and they'll help read those reports and let you know why or give suggestions on why it's reporting errors.
If you have Into the Future installed, I recommend Nikel23's Opportunity Phone Call Fix.: ( The ITF patch broke the opportunity phone calls.
If you're a builder, I recommend Velocitygrass Add Any Lot Size mod.: ( It allows you to add custom sized lots to your town.
Alrighty then, that was a long winded post, but I hope you enjoy the list and the goodies you find from it. If you have any favorites to share, post a comment, or create your own post! :)
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2023.04.23 05:25 LeeLeeCarew Just discovered this mod to fix the honey drinking issue

Just discovered this mod to fix the honey drinking issue submitted by LeeLeeCarew to Sims3 [link] [comments]

2023.04.23 05:14 Why_does_this All my eye colors in cas

All my eye colors in cas submitted by Why_does_this to sims4cc [link] [comments]

2023.04.22 13:11 ithinkimcarti1 Where do you guys get Sims 3 CC now?

Everything I find now are mostly or Sims 4 only. Please recommend trusted websites other than thesimsresource. Thanks!
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2023.04.22 00:14 Amy12222 Art Clutter CC

Does anyone know where I can find and download some Art Clutter CC? I didn't see anything really interesting on ModtheSims and Thesimsresource either. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)
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2023.04.18 01:48 StupidQuestioneerr Sims 4 DLC Packs, Pricing, & Alternatives to Save Money

Sims 4 DLC Packs, Pricing, & Alternatives to Save Money

Having recently gotten back into the Sims, and having loved comprehensive lists of information, I present to you… my list of available Sims 4 DLCs published by EA, their pricing, a draw up of total cost, discounted product keys, and ideas for those who do not want to spend money at all.
Table of Contents:
Available DLCs & EA Pricing
Discounted DLCs (Alternative Keys)
Spice Up Your Game (for free!)

Available DLCs & EA Pricing

Expansion Packs - $39.99 (USD) / €36.59 (EUR) each Electronic Arts (via Sims 4)
Total Expansion Packs Available: 13
Total Expansion Packs Cost: $519.87 (USD) / €475.73 (EUR)
Game Packs - $19.99 (USD) / €18.29 (EUR) each Electronic Arts (via Sims 4)
Total Game Packs Available: 12
Total Game Packs Cost: $239.88 (USD) / €219.51 (EUR)
Stuff Packs - $9.99 (USD) / €9.14 (EUR) each Electronic Arts (via Sims 4)
Total Stuff Packs Available: 18
Total Stuff Packs Cost: $179.82 (USD) / €164.55 (EUR)
Kits - $4.99 (USD) / €4.57 (EUR) each Electronic Arts (via Sims 4)
Total Kits Available: 19
Total Kits Cost: $94.81(USD) / €86.76 (EUR)
Total Available for Purchase: 62
Total Cost: $1,034.88 (USD) / €947.02 (EUR)
Cost on Average (Cost Divided by Total Available): $16.6835 (USD) / €15.27 (EUR)

Discounted DLCs (Alternative Keys)

Some websites offer product keys to redeem within the Sims game that can provide DLC content without having to purchase directly from Electronic Arts (EA). When lucky, these sites can offer a discount on legitimate product keys. Here are some websites that players have been successful with in the past.
Please do your own research before downloading anything from anywhere.

Spice Up Your Game (for free!)

With the Sims 4 having been out for almost nine years now, many heroic players have created mods for the game. These include anything from custom content such as clothing, makeup, and accessories, to modifiers to the game itself– such as adding drugs, graphic “woohooing”, and more.
Please do your own research before downloading anything from anywhere.
Websites with Custom Content for Download
Lists of Recommended Mods
.Lists of Recommended Cheats
If there is any information you think would be valuable to add to this list, let me know!
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