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2023.03.29 03:27 ThrowRA181819 My ex is rubbing the girl he told me not to worry about in my face in our house a week after the breakup. How am I supposed to be civil?

My ex knows he's hurt me. He admitted to me yesterday that he planned to start dating her in a month or so, as he wanted time to get over me and out of respect. I was furious because he had called me controlling and crazy for being suspicious of their friendship less than 2 weeks ago, when he cancelled plans with me for her. His new female friend. I freaking cried after he brought her to the bar and had spent all day in a cafe and another bar with her. And was going to the cinema with her that night when I finally thought he'd spend time with me. He walked me home and still went to the cinema with her. Left me crying in my bedroom (we're in a houseshare).
He started crying when I got mad yesterday. We had only split up 6 days earlier. He kept saying he loved me (I didn't say it back obviously), that he would never love her, she's only for sex, he didn't have feelings for her when we were together etc etc. Nonsense. Today, when he thought he was home alone, our other housemate saw them together and warned me. I walked in on them in the kitchen at 1am and just said "hey how are you?" and acted totally normal. They both looked guilty. How do I act indifferent? They don't deserve to see how hurt I am. Bare in mind, she also has a BF who is moving in with her in 3 days from Spain. I don't want to give them the satisfaction.
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2023.03.29 03:27 Auerbach1991 It hurts my heart to see so many stray dogs on the roads

I’ve been here for only 4 days and I’ve seen almost 9 dogs randomly walking along major roads. I just came back from near Sapadilla Beach and had to swerve out of the way to avoid killing a poor, innocent dog.
I understand this issue is complicated and exists all over the world. I think I get spoiled being from NYC and living in Boston and not being exposed to this part of life.
I just know I’d feel horrible shame and guilt if I killed a dog while on vacation here. I have a 10 year old dog back home waiting for me, and when I return he’s going to get long, tearful hug
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2023.03.29 03:26 level27geek Budget-ish long-term daily driver with light 3d work and gaming.

Hi folks, seems like it's time to finally upgrade my aging Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY with dedicated geForce 940M) and as I haven't really kept up with the market I come asking for help.
It's been a good workhorse for all those years, and even though it's showing signs of its age I wasn't really thinking about updating before today when the touchpad started malfunctioning. Now that I actually thought about it, I would welcome an upgrade as newer 3d games, even the more demanding indie ones, are pretty much out of question, youtube takes a bit too long to load and I'm getting a bit tired of fixing it (in the past I replaced the keyboard, replaced the speakers, had to do a full disassembly and clean after the SO had a soda accident over it :P)
I'm using my laptop as a daily driver and it's mostly browsing/reading, light 3d modelling/CAD for 3d printing and graphic design, but I also do some occasional programming (Python, JS, godot, nothing graphics heavy) and some light gaming. More info on all of that below.
For more demanding work I have an access to a dedicated workstation, but I tend to do most of my "computing" on my laptop, at home.
I also tend to keep my laptop on all the time and will often have multiple programs open and too many tabs on firefox ;)
I'm also happy waiting a bit for a good deal, don't need something right now (as much as I don't look forward to it, I will probably replace the misbehaving trackpad soon), but welcome some recommendations of what I should keep my eye on.
Thanks in advance.
Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:
Looking at up $800 USD, based in US, would prefer to stay around $600
Are you open to refurbs/used?
As long as I have at least a bit of warranty it would be fine, but would prefer new with full warranty.
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
Had different form factors in the past, but I pretty much just use it as a laptop either on a desk or a laptop tray so it doesn't need to be super light or bend in weird ways. The only things I really care about is a decent build quality and comfortable keyboard.
How important is weight and thinness to you?
Not at all, see above - it's mainly going to be used on a desk or laptop tray/table on my lap. When I take it somewhere it will go in a backpack/bag.
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.
14inch is my sweet spot, but 15inch would be fine too.
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.
I do some light CAD and blender work for 3d printing. Mainly working on single, not very complex, models at a time. No rendering or complex scenes. I also do graphic design, but even my current laptop does decent on those.
I do play games now and then, but mainly stick to indie titles and emulation, although it would be nice to be able to play some of the more demanding indie games or even try some older AAA games - I'd like to play Witcher 3 on my PC for example. It would also be cool if I could emulate PS3.
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
I'm not too picky - as long as it doesn't look like its chugging I'd be fine. If I can get solid 30+fps in 900p I would be happy.
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?
No touchscreen, comfortable keyboard (enough space for wrists to rest - I like my 10keyless design of the yoga 14 but I have to admit it's not the most comfortable to write for long periods of time), at least 3 usb slots (I use external mouse, sometimes a graphic tablet and external hdd and would prefer not have to add a USB hub to that list).
Not a need, but would like: an sd card reader even micro, but full size would be preferred, webcam with a physical shutter that you can close, a way to connect two external monitors.
Would prefer 16gb (as with the programs I currently have open I' already using 6.8gb on my current machine) or at least being able to upgrade to 16gb down the line.
No "gamer" stylings (lots of RGB lights, quirky colors or shapes) please
Relatively easy to fix.
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.
I've been a long-time fan of the ThinkPad machines and while lenovo started dropping a ball on the quality of the line, I still really like the styling and form-factor. Haven't kept up with how lenovo is doing now with the line, and if they improved since my 2016 Yoga 14, I would prefer one of those, but anything similar would do.
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2023.03.29 03:26 100NEO 55 M #Manhattan: the married men weekly beer club

I am just a guy, married, with a day job.
I was wondering is there's anyone else out there who would like to meet on a somewhat regular basis for just a beer, maybe two, on our way home after work. You know, like they show in the old movies and in Cheers?
It would be nice to have acquaintances, or - dare to say - frends?
Drop me a line if interested.
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2023.03.29 03:25 alifas How to Watch Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves online streaming

Now Here Option’s to Downloading or watching Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Romance Movie: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. This Universal Pictures! Here’s options for downloading or watching Dungeons & Dragons:

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Is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves on Amazon Video?
Unfortunately,Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is not available tostream for
free on Amazon Prime Video.However, you can choose other shows and movies towatch
from there as it has a widevariety of shows and movies that you can choose from for
$14.99 a month. Is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves on Peacock? Dungeons
& Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is not available to watch onPeacockat the time of
writing. Peacock offers a subscription costing $4.99 a month or$49.99per year fora
premium account. As their namesake, the streaming platformis free with content out in
the open, however, limited. Is Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves on
Paramount Plus? Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is noton Paramount Plus.
Paramount Plushas two subscription options: the basic version ad-supported
Paramount+Essential servicecosts $4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium planfor
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2023.03.29 03:25 Happy_Baseball622 I am not welcome here

I live at home currently and I am 20 F. I am in college and currently working on my engineering degree. I am two semesters away from getting my associates. However, my family is making everything difficult.
I wanna move out and I have been trying to move out for months now due to toxic behavior from my family. I have to be honest....idk what happened. When I got into college my sister stopped being decent and my mother started acting horrible.
Some examples of my sister behavior? She is extremely sassy and mind you she is 21. She has a job but it pay every little and she has no future ahead of her. It's mean to say but she is relying solely on her man. She has a car she doesn't drive but owes A LOT on. When she realized she couldn't afford it her man payed her loan. She has started to despise even the sight of me. Scolds me any chance she gets and if I talk back She screams like a five year old in the candy isle at Walmart. When our mother hears it I GET IN TROUBLE.
She is incredibly spoiled.
My mother started making ridiculous rules. Which includes what I wear, where I go, and people I see. I tend to stay in my room because of the toxic behavior ...but even that's not safe anymore because now I am 'rude' for never saying hello.
I have a job, I pay for my own food, insurance, everything I need to survive. I can't get a house yet because I work at Marshalls and don't make enough money. I have looked for other jobs but everyone wants someone with experience. However, I can't have experience without someone giving me a chance.
As I said I pay for everything basically...including my food. But when I go to get something to eat from MY FOOD they ask me if I really need to eat. That I should watch my figure. I now only eat one meal a day if I'm lucky. I am having constant anxiety attacks and just last week I passed out at work due to malnutrition and substituting my meals with water. I am tired. This has been going on for about a year. I am down 30 pounds and I look very unhealthy. I had one of my worst panic attacks Sunday night. I couldn't breath and I was experiencing PTSD flashbacks(which hasn't happened in months).
I am sick and I'm tired but I'm stranded and have no where to go....what do I do?
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2023.03.29 03:25 Proud_Fisherman_5233 Grandma wanted revenge but Auntie took it for herself

Try posting this on a different sub reddit but they wouldn't take it for some odd reason. This might not totally fit, so if its too much, let me know.
Readers, I will warn you that this story is fairly long. I would do A TLDR but the story is to damn good for that nonsense.
Setting- Early 70’s, larger city in the midwest, in a predominantly African-American neighborhood
The characters- My Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, female cousin ( Aunt’s daughter who was 19/20 at the time), Slick( a slick playboy who was dating my cousin at the time, along with a bunch of other chicks).
*Warning, someone dies at the end, so be aware of this fact, but no charges filed because of self defense, so technically no felony. Hopefully it does break the rules but we'll find out.
So peeps this story spans a couple of months. It started with my grandfather, who was an over the road trucker, deciding to buy a brand new Ford LTD. For people who don't know, an LTD was a bad mother sucker back in the day. Now full disclosure, this wasn't a brand new car. It was a few years old but it was still a big deal, especially living in a black neighborhood where most people were pretty poor. From what everyone tells me, this hardtop Cobra style LTD turned heads and it was quick as a whip with its powerful V8 engine.
As you can imagine my grandfather mainly got this for show and my grandmother, who was a lot more practical, wasn't too enamored with the car. She told me herself that she liked the car but she thought it was a little too slick and fancy for her taste. She was worried about all the guys in the neighborhood wanting to take this bad boy for spin. It was like my grandma was a fortune teller because that's exactly what happened. All my grandfather's friends and acquaintances wanted to roll with him in the car or take it for a drive. My grandfather was known as a good man who was definitely a people pleaser. He has no problem giving rides to his buddies, or even worse, letting one of his fool friends get behind the wheel, even though it drove my grandma up the wall.
All right ladies and gentlemen it's time to introduce some new players to this story. Let's talk about our good friend Slick here for a minute. Slick was about 24 or 25 years old at this time. He was described as being about 6’3, 180 lbs, lean but with a decent six-pack. He had good looks, was a bit of a charmer, and was a bad boy. In other words, this fool attracted a lot of female attention if you get my drift.
One female that was caught in this guy's clutches was my cousin, my aunt's daughter, who was about 19 or 20 at the time. For this story, we will call her Nina. Nina was my aunt’s oldest daughter, had recently finished high school and was working part time, while helping my aunt with her siblings. Basically she was a young woman with a pretty decent head of her shoulders so it's very surprising that she became intoxicated and smitten with our boy Slick.
Slick was the definition of a true player. He had no problem getting attention from the fine fillies of the neighborhood. He would bounce from woman to woman quicker than a crackhead would steal from you. He would also get negative attention from women(or their family members) after he was done using them, so he was always moving around. He definitely had a reputation in the neighborhood so again, it was mind-blowing to some members of our family when Nina fell for this handsome lothario. Everyone warned her but sometimes you can’t cure stupid.
It was bad enough that Nina was having coitus( if you never watch The Big Bang Theory this is just another way of saying sex) with Slick, but for some mind blowing reason, my Granddad seemed to like him as well.
Slick and my granddad went to the same local watering hole in the neighborhood for years and somehow they became pretty cool with each other. Why a man in his 40’s wants to hang out with a guy almost 20 years younger than him, and with unethical principles, is beyond me but that's basically what happened.
My auntie was already godsmacked and upset that my cousin was fucking with Slick. You can imagine how my grandma felt knowing that her husband was hanging around Slick, who was obviously a bad influence, but you know a man's going to do what a man's going to do. Although my grandmother didn't like Slick talking to my granddad, it didn't become a huge problem until tell my granddad let's Slick behind the wheel of the LTD
One fateful summer night my granddad let's Slick behind the wheel of the LTD for a test drive. Unfortunately this led to Slick having a minor fender bender with another car. There wasn't really too much damage but when news reached my grandmother that slick was behind the wheel, she went almost ballistic. She gave an ultimatum to my grandfather to never let that man in the car ever again or there would be hell to pay. She also got word to Slick that he wasn’t allowed in the car again. My granddad sheepishly agreed to this and you would think all was well with the world but then we won’t really have a story would we.
In the coming months a couple of key events would happen. One, Nina would get pregnant with Slick's baby, and two, my grandmother would be taking a trip to St. Louis to help one of her sisters with her pregnancy.
To make a long story short let's just say that my grandfather went back on his word about not letting Slick in the car. Of course he waited until my grandma was hundreds of miles away to do so. As a matter of fact, he committed the cardinal sin of allowing Slick to drive his car on multiple occasions while my Grandma was out of town. People love gossip and to see drama, so you know it wasn’t long before someone snitched to my Grandma that Slick had been joyriding in the car. Obviously as you can guess my grandmother literally flipped her wig at this news. Even though my grandfather is dead and gone, rumor has it his ears are still ringing after verbal emasculation he got on the phone from her. She cut her trip short and got back to town to confront Slick.
At the same time this was happening Nina gave birth to her oldest son. Typically this would lead to joy and happiness but as you can guess, Slick wasn’t really the fatherly type, although he had no problem knocking a woman up. The fact that Slick wasn't around consistently for his son made my auntie absolutely enraged with anger. She was obviously mad at Slick but she was all so disappointing her daughter for picking this bum loser. You now have two grown women in my family who are absolutely incensed at this clown. My grandma said next time she saw him, his ass was hers but my aunt wanted in on the action as well. To say Slick found it prudence to stay scarce, would be an understatement.
Fast forward and my grandma has been on the search for Slick at the local bars trying to find him so she can give him a piece of her mind but he hasn't been found. He also hasn't really been around for Nina and she's crying about her boyfriend and her baby's dad not being there which upsets my Aunt even more . My aunt has instructed Nina not to have communication with Slick and has put out word that the next time she sees him, she's going to put her foot up his ass.
About a week or two later my grandma is at her friend's house playing cards. Her friend's house is literally seven or eight houses down the street from my aunt's house. Imagine her surprise and concern when a bunch of cop cars and ambulances stop down the street right outside her sister's house. My grandma first tried calling my aunt but there was no answer. Once she could gather that the cops were actually going to her sister’s house, my grandma ran down the street faster than Florence Griffith Joyner. Of course the cops wouldn't let her in but she basically bum rushed them and was able to force her way into the house to see what had transpired.
So it seems Slick was not too happy with the fact that Nina wasn't really talking to him. He was mad that my aunt basically wasn't allowing her to hang out with him. Along with being a player, he was a mean asshole and was abusive towards Nina. This big bold man made the massive mistake to come to my aunt's house to confront both my aunt and Nina. I'm not sure how much crack the boy was smoking to make such a dumb decision but it's a decision he lived to regret.
It was a Saturday afternoon when this event transpired. My aunt was home with a few of her kids. She also had a few friends over since they were planning on going out that night. Slick arrived looking for Nina and wanted to see his son. Auntie confronted him at the door and told him that this wasn't in the cards for him today and to get off her property. Instead of this guy using the better discretion of valor in leaving he decides to bum rush past my aunt screaming for Nina so they can bounce.
My aunt looked at him and said ”you just made the worst mistake of your life”, as she bounded up the stairs to her bedroom. It seems that our good friend Slick finally came to his senses because he knew, just like my grandma, my aunt was packing heat. The blunder this fool made was, instead of leaving, he decided to run up the stairs behind my auntie to stop her from getting to her bedroom. Let's just say on this fateful day my aunt was a little bit faster than Slick. My auntie got to her bedroom, went to her dresser and pulled out her 357 Magnum. She also closed the door behind her. Slick, in a blaze of fury, busted the bedroom door and ran towards her. Well it was game, set, match at that point. A bullet will always beat a person running at you.
Center mass was achieved and one bullet shot. That was enough to drop Slick like a bad habit. He pretty much died on the spot. Wasn’t much the paramedics could really do for him. Obviously the cops arrested my aunt and placed her in handcuffs. My aunt was very stoic as she knew this would be self-defense. As she was getting the cop car she gave my Grandma a knowing look. I won't get into all the details cuz it's not super relevant, but with all the witnesses at the house, the fact that Slick chased my aunt down as she was running away from him, and with her hiring a halfway decent lawyer, it was easy to determine that this was self-defense. My aunt wasn't charged with murder and was released about a week or so later. My grandma for years would constantly joke with my aunt claiming she should have gotten a crack at Slick first.
I guess you could say Slick fucked around and found out …..
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2023.03.29 03:25 09290628 Cheated before and after he proposed

This is going to be a long one so buckle up and please help me make sense of this shit show.
I (25F) met my fiancé (28M) back in October 2021. We had been dating for about two months when I got pregnant. We decided to keep the baby and move in together a month later. Fast forward to when I was 8 months pregnant he dropped a bomb on me and told me he was married. He is not a US citizen he is from the UK. He told me he married a distant cousin to get his citizenship. They were never romantically involved, it was strictly for papers. However, she was demanding more money and did not show up to his green card interview.
I was very hurt by this. All the lies that had been told by him and his family to keep up this secret were baffling. I chose to forgive him and we were able to move past it. He filled for a divorce and it was granted.
Jumping to March 2023. He took me to Harry Potter world in Florida and proposed to me. Bought me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. It was one of the best days of my life. Apparently he had bought the ring in January and spoke with all of my family about it for their blessings. They all gave it to him because my family adored him.
Skipping to last night. I had been having some uneasy feelings about him for awhile. He was a lot more insecure lately and had been projecting a lot of stuff onto me. He fell asleep and I decided to look through his phone.
I took our son to visit my sister up in New York on February 2nd 2023. We were gone for 5 days. In his phone I saw him sexting a woman he used to date back in the UK. Apparently she moved to Utah. After them swapping pictures and videos and a slew of descriptive messages of what they wanted to do to each other, he paid for and booked her a flight to come see him. She arrived at the airport on February 2nd 2023. He picked her up, made dinner reservations at a 5 star restaurant (the one we were planning on going to), and took her back to our home. He disabled our security cameras as well. He said he didn’t sleep with her but we all know that’s false. When I was in New York I even asked him why they had been disabled and he ignored the question completely. I figured he was home alone and didn’t want me “spying”. Invasion of privacy or some shit I thought.
I also found messages of him texting a number of women in March 9th 2023. Saying he wanted to fuck them and they were so pretty blah blah blah.
He cheated on me a month before he proposed and 2 days after we were engaged. That’s just what I know of. He is so good at keeping secrets. To say I am devastated is putting it lightly. All I’ve ever wanted was my child to grow up in a happy home with loving parents. It’s even worse because he never treated me badly. I thought we were happy. I did so much for him. I can’t even believe this is really happening.
When I confronted him he acted like he was going to kill himself. Made a big scene. I didn’t play into it. I told him when he wanted to stop trying to manipulate me we could talk. He said he did it because he is insecure and seeks validation from others to feel better about himself. He begged for me not to give up on him and he was going to go to therapy and all this shit. I didn’t say anything really. I felt numb.
I don’t know what to do. I love him. So much and this just kills me. I know I should leave. I just feel so bad for our child. He is a great dad. I’m scared that if I don’t marry him he will get deported. I don’t want that for our our son. I want him to be able to see his dad. Even if we don’t work out, I still want him to be involved in our child’s life.
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2023.03.29 03:24 Happy_Baseball622 I am not welcome here

I live at home currently and I am 20 F. I am in college and currently working on my engineering degree. I am two semesters away from getting my associates. However, my family is making everything difficult.
I wanna move out and I have been trying to move out for months now due to toxic behavior from my family. I have to be honest....idk what happened. When I got into college my sister stopped being decent and my mother started acting horrible.
Some examples of my sister behavior? She is extremely sassy and mind you she is 21. She has a job but it pay every little and she has no future ahead of her. It's mean to say but she is relying solely on her man. She has a car she doesn't drive but owes A LOT on. When she realized she couldn't afford it her man payed her loan. She has started to despise even the sight of me. Scolds me any chance she gets and if I talk back She screams like a five year old in the candy isle at Walmart. When our mother hears it I GET IN TROUBLE.
She is incredibly spoiled.
My mother started making ridiculous rules. Which includes what I wear, where I go, and people I see. I tend to stay in my room because of the toxic behavior ...but even that's not safe anymore because now I am 'rude' for never saying hello.
I have a job, I pay for my own food, insurance, everything I need to survive. I can't get a house yet because I work at Marshalls and don't make enough money. I have looked for other jobs but everyone wants someone with experience. However, I can't have experience without someone giving me a chance.
As I said I pay for everything basically...including my food. But when I go to get something to eat from MY FOOD they ask me if I really need to eat. That I should watch my figure. I now only eat one meal a day if I'm lucky. I am having constant anxiety attacks and just last week I passed out at work due to malnutrition and substituting my meals with water. I am tired. This has been going on for about a year. I am down 30 pounds and I look very unhealthy. I had one of my worst panic attacks Sunday night. I couldn't breath and I was experiencing PTSD flashbacks(which hasn't happened in months).
I am sick and I'm tired but I'm stranded and have no where to go....what do I do?
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2023.03.29 03:24 Spainwithouthes Does anyone know of any wholesale vintage clothing suppliers?

Hey everyone! I apologize if this is an odd question or not the correct sub for it but I just wanted to start somewhere.
I was wondering if anyone knew of any wholesale vintage clothing suppliers from their region that ships internationally. More specifically, I am looking for niche 70s-early 2000s second-hand clothing suppliers. Think raunchy old flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores etc.
I recently learnt that this is how many top sellers on sites like eBay and Depop etc source high volume stock and got really intrigued. Unfortunately, none are willing to give away the names of their precious suppliers so I’m here getting started on my own research!
Any useful information is welcome. Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.
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2023.03.29 03:24 rosewaterboba *CANON* hints that Barnaby is some sort of golem/creation of/for Wally.

Hi everyone. I wanted to start a post compiling the hints in Welcome Home that Barnaby is a creation of Wally's. Please note, I am specifically not including the "Look, I made dog" concept art, as per Clown's disclaimers this image is NOT canon. The way I interpret the concept art is that it may point to themes present in Welcome Home, but should all be taken with a grain of salt, and not looked to for specifics. That being said, the inspiration for this theory is obviously from the concept art, but the good news is I think we already have a fair number of canon hints in this direction.
Barnaby's vest
Wally's Pants
Barnaby's arm either painted on or possibly making up the rock Wally sits on on the homepage
Barnaby-esque spots on Wally's armchair from the News page
BONUS: Reference to Barnaby on the newspaper from the same page (specifically Wally covering his face)
And that's it! What do you guys think? Anything that I missed?
*P.S. I have a pet theory that we're going to find out a lot of conclusions that the Restorer has drawn are incorrect or surface level -- I suspect that at some point it will be revealed that the material they've been getting is a lot more graphic and less child-friendly than they present. The crumpled, ink-splattered picture of Julie and her sisters seems very violent to me. For example, just what led them to conclude that Frank's head can turn 360 degrees...?
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2023.03.29 03:24 Professional_Dot7507 Do I not invite my mother to my graduation? If so then how?

WARNING: THIS IS LONG AS HELL AND NSFW. ADDICTION, ABUSE AND SU*CIDE ARE MENTIONED MULTIPLE TIMES. I’ll start off by saying this is a throw away account. I’m really stressing out and just looking for advice since no one I know seems comfortable enough to comment on the situation. I’m 18F and graduating in less than a month. My mother became addicted to meth and (after being given the choice between me, my brother and father or drugs multiple times) she left around two years back. Up until this point she had verbally and physically abused me my entire life. My father was always working and my younger brother was always outside or with friends. This left me alone with her most of the time in which she would get drunk or high off of any substance she could get her hands on. I guess the ?stress of being a neglectful stay home mother? was too much to handle and she’d pick and beat on me as she pleased. I was taught to be very independent from a young age and also thought these actions were normal. So while I was used as a physical/verbal punching bag and forced to be on my own, my brother was coddled and babied. The older I got, the worse it got. Once I was 12, we started getting into full on fist fights because I refused to be beat for no reason without putting up a fight. Since my dad wasn’t around much (and when he was, he wasn’t interested in me) I still fought and tried to have a relationship with her. This either resulted in her giving me alcohol (I guess a shitty way of trying to bond) or just another fight. Skip to about 7th grade and I started showing serious signs of clinal depression. I wanted to off myself, but instead would just cry and confide in my brother even though he is 16 months younger than me. Eventually it got so bad, he was genuinely worried I was going to take my own life. He made me sit down and talk to my mom in which she laughed in my face and told me I wasn’t depressed and was being dramatic. I’m sure it could’ve seemed that way considering I never let her or my father see my true emotions. I was always made to feel that me, my presence and my emotions were a nuisance and that crying was weak. So I only trusted these feelings with my brother. Her laughing in my face and telling me my feelings weren’t real whenever I’d stay up each night crying and just wanting to die broke my little heart lmao. Of course it took my brother to make anything happen, but she made a doctors appointment. She told me to buy and smoke weed to cope until the doctor’s appointment. This started my 7th addiction to smoking weed and drinking. Anything to not have to feel like shit 24/7. Skip to the summer of 8th going into 9th and I attempted to OD on my antidepressants. Of course I was sent to mental hospital and had to stay for about a week. My parents were required to come in for counseling with me. My dad seemed absolutely flabbergasted even though he was half the reason I was there, but my mother couldn’t give a shit less, because the attention wasn’t on her. I was just being a whiny bitch, unless she was talking about this to her friends. Then she would milk the situation and explain how it was the scariest moment of her life. My freshmen year I was either coming to school, drunk or high. This is when I branched from weed and alcohol to ecstasy, pain pills, Xanax, coke, shrooms, etc. I was constantly sneaking out or doing other shit I had no business doing. Anything to forget about the beatings and bitchings at home yk. My mother enabled and/or supplied all of this. Again my father was always working so he had no clue. My parents split up around this time because my mother finally got caught doing meth and my dad booted her out. After spending the night with her in random trap houses a million times and being around grown men and women who would’ve probably sold me for half a crack rock, I (inevitably) hit a laced cart at school. I remember feeling like I was dying and promised myself I would never do any of that shit again. Right then and there I quit everything cold turkey. This is when the real shittiness kicked in between me and my mother. I realized she wasn’t a cool mom. I realized getting high and drunk together wasn’t bonding. I finally realized I wanted to do with anything that resembled her and her addictions. She was just trying to drag me (a retarded 16 year old girl who just wanted her mothers love) down with her. I distanced myself and cut a lot of my current friends at the time off. My mother thought me bettering myself was lame and offensive. She came at me with a knife once, (my father was there and grabbed her and the knife) and she also tried to fight and drown me in the bayou months later. (I blacked out and whooped her fucking ass but was severely traumatized for a bit and had to have pictures of me and the bruise taken by police officers <3) Ever since then I’ve lost all respect and love for her. Her brain is fried from all the meth and alcohol. She was never a good mother, but she was my mother at one point and now she’s just a stranger. She’s a completely different person. I don’t fall for the stupid crackhead “I miss my kids” bullshit no more. I just keep my distance and am cordial. If I do see her it’s bc I’m seeing her side of the family. Last year I had my ring night (apparently not every school does this? basically you buy a ring and attend a ceremony to show how far you’ve come and your commitment to graduating). I did not invite her and I still get shit from her for it. She keeps insisting I invite her to my graduation or there will be consequences (ok evil knievel) but I’d truly rather not. the people I have invited are people I love and respect the most in this world (bestfriend + her family, future hubby + his family, dad and bother, etc) and I’d have to kill her if she shows up and causes a scene. She will either show up sober, and start arguments or make other people uncomfortable bc her brain is just so fucking fried. Or she’ll show up intoxicated and do what I stated previously x100. Or she’ll find out the day of and cause a huge scene, get escorted by campus cops and I’ll have to off myself right then and there lmao. Or it’ll pass and when she finds out she wasn’t invited, I’m assuming she’ll attempt to kill me for the 3rd time. I truly feel like I lose no matter what I do. I tried to sit down and have a talk with her about all these things and why I’m iffy about inviting her and of course she just played victim, acted like she had no idea what I was talking about and that I was just being an ass. My father refuses to get involved (which I understand) but I’d still like some kind of help or support. My brother will not be inviting her to his ring night this year or his graduation next year. But she will 100% respect him and his boundaries as she always has. At this point, I wish and hope she gets hit by a semi-truck so she’ll stop being my problem. Any advice? AITA?
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2023.03.29 03:24 Ruth-Willi How To Select Makeup Brushes

How To Select Makeup Brushes (
Making the right makeup choices can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! Selecting the right brushes for your kit is an important part of getting your desired look. With so many options available on the market, how do you know which ones are best? In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to select makeup brushes that will help you apply cosmetics with ease and precision.

Choosing good quality makeup brushes not only makes application easier but also helps keep skin healthy by preventing bacteria build-up from old or damaged bristles. It’s worth investing in top-quality products if you want a flawless finish without having to worry about breakouts or irritation. We’ll explain what kind of materials and shapes should be considered when selecting makeup brushes as well as provide tips for keeping them clean and long-lasting.

By following these simple steps, you’ll soon have all the tools necessary to create any look – from natural everyday glamour to full-on party glam. So let’s get started!

Types Of Makeup Brushes
When it comes to selecting makeup brushes, the types of brushes available can seem overwhelming. From foundation and concealer brushes to eyeshadow and blush brushes, there are a variety of different shapes, sizes, and bristles that you’ll need to consider when choosing your perfect set. Synthetic fiber-bristled makeup brushes come in many forms for blending, buffing, contouring, or highlighting products onto the skin without pulling at the delicate tissue like their animal hair counterparts do sometimes.

If you’re looking for something more natural than synthetic fibers then look no further than goat or sable hair brushes — they offer softness but with the right stiffness to pick up product evenly. Additionally, some brands now offer vegan options made from taklon which is an incredibly durable material used as an alternative to animal hair bristles. With so many varieties out there, it’s important to know exactly what type of brush will work best for each task before investing in any specific one.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Makeup Brushes
Making the right choice when it comes to makeup brushes is essential for getting the perfect look. Choosing a brush that will work well with your type of complexion and skin tone can be daunting, so here are some factors you should consider before investing in any particular brush.

First and foremost, think about the size of the brush head. If you want the precise application, then opt for smaller-headed brushes; if you prefer an all-over coverage or blending, larger heads are best. Additionally, pay attention to the material used to make the bristles – natural hair such as sable or goat’s hair tends to provide better results than synthetic fibers. As a rule of thumb: soft bristles give more control while stiffer bristles provide fuller coverage.

When it comes to selecting colors for eyeshadow applications, pick something that complements your eye color rather than clashes with it – like choosing warm tones for blue eyes or cool hues for brown eyes. A good way to ensure maximum pigmentation is by using flat shader brushes instead of fluffy ones. This will help you get vibrant colors without having them melt and blur together into one muddy mess!

Last but not least, examine how easy it is to clean and maintain each brush before making a purchase decision. Makeup brushes need regular cleaning in order to stay free from dirt and bacteria which might irritate your skin over time. For this reason, washable options are definitely preferable over non-washable ones as they’re much easier to keep hygienic on daily basis. With these tips in mind, you’ll find yourself equipped with exactly what you need – allowing you smooth sailing towards achieving flawless makeup looks! From here we move on to caring for our newly acquired tools. by cleaning and storing them properly.

How To Care For Makeup Brushes
All of us have been there – standing in the store, trying to decide which brush is going to give us that perfect makeup look we’ve been dreaming of. But even after you’ve made your selection and taken them home, it’s not over yet. To keep your brushes looking their best and performing at maximum efficiency, proper care must be taken.

It’s important to clean your brushes regularly; daily if they are used often or weekly if they aren’t as frequently employed. Choose a gentle cleanser specifically designed for makeup brushes and swirl each one around until all traces of the product are gone. Next, rinse the bristles with lukewarm water until cleaned completely through before finally reshaping them into their original form and laying flat on a towel overnight so they dry thoroughly.

When storing your brushes ensure that no two handles touch each other as this can cause damage or premature wear and tear. A great way to house them safely is investing in a protective roll pouch where individual slots are provided for each brush – but any container will do just fine! Additionally, make sure that the bristles remain pointing upwards when stored away so dust doesn’t settle inside them over time.

Taking good care of our makeup tools is key in order to extend their life span while also getting their full use out of them without having to replace them too quickly due to poor hygiene practices. So remember: Cleaning regularly and properly storing away your brushes means better performance now and more beautiful looks down the line!

In conclusion
Choosing the right makeup brushes can be daunting but with a bit of knowledge and research you can make sure that you have all the tools to create flawless looks. It’s important to consider the type of brush, its shape, and bristles when selecting new brushes for your collection. Maintenance is also key: regularly cleaning and storing them correctly will ensure they last longer and do their job properly. As they say, “the devil’s in the details” – so don’t forget those finishing touches! With these tips at hand, you’ll be ready to rock any look like an absolute pro!
How To Select Makeup Brushes (
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2023.03.29 03:24 SLO_Citizen The additional questions I asked Google Bard about a visit to SLO County - Yes, it got the number of rooms wrong at Hearst Castle :)

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2023.03.29 03:23 bt2913 Checking orthostatics at home

I’m familiar with the poor man’s tilt table test. My HR goes up over 30 after 1 min of standing. My doctor gave me generic BP, HR grid/log for home to screen for POTS or orthostatic hypotension )
The log asks for BP & HR in morning lying down then after 10 min sitting. (No check in between)Then after 3 min of standing and do this for mornings and evenings. And then again HR & BP at night after 10 min of lying flat again. For POTS, does heart rate really have to be sustained after 10 min of sitting (not standing)?
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2023.03.29 03:23 DeaThTrooper118 I’ve got a question

I’ve been going strong for closing in on 200 days. Recently the urges have been overwhelming being at home. I was at the gym and I saw this girl that I was interested in but I was too scared to say anything. Next time I see her what should I say? Also I’m not old enough to drive quite yet, so what should I do?
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2023.03.29 03:23 khaotikal A text response I wish I could send

TW: Mentions of emotional abuse, brief mentions of suicide and drug abuse
Her: "It’s been a year. I would like to ask you to tell me why we can’t and haven’t had a relationship for years. I would like for this to change. Please give me some information I can use to process what you’re going through."
You emotionally and verbally abused and gaslit me my entire childhood. You're a compulsive liar. You slapped me when I made a rude comment as a 7 year old. You belittled my interests. You made me feel like a failure for not meeting your expectations. You never said you were proud of me unless prompted. You showed the cats more love than me.
You had me take care of you during dissociative episodes instead of listening to me and getting help. You ignored my cries for mental health assistance until I tried to end my life. Your job always happened to pay you 2, 3, 4 weeks late (I wouldn't be surprised if you were using again) and so there were no groceries in the house and when I confronted you on this, you chastised me about getting a job.
You broke into my computer and read every single message I had sent to my girlfriend and used that as ammunition to send me nasty texts about how I'M the one in the wrong and YOU'RE the victim. When you arm-twisted me into telling you I was moving in with her (after only a month of knowing and dating her, because anything was better than you) you got a sick grin on your face and said I'd be "crawling back in 6 months". It's been 5 years. I'm going to marry her.
When I moved out without telling you where, you tracked my phone and sent a christmas card to my home without any warning. When I gave you a second chance, you only changed your ways for a bit before settling right back in to trying to keep me under your thumb.
Just thinking about you spikes my anxiety. Having to talk and interact with you brings up all the trauma I thought I've worked through. Seeing a text from you has me spiraling. I'm never going to say any of this to you because you're not going to listen, you're going to "make it a discussion". You're going to twist it and manipulate it into me being the "bad child" and you being the "single mom in recovery who tried her best". I hate you for everything you've done and everything you didn't do. You never should have been a mother and I hate that I have to be cordial so that I can see you one last time to get the remains of my childhood cat. I hate that I'll never get closure and I'll never have the mother that I wanted or needed. I look forward to the day that I can tell you goodbye for good.
Me: "I said that I would reach out to you when I was ready. I am not ready. Please respect my boundaries."
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2023.03.29 03:23 AlejoBFr Why there's no Forest Archer Pack in armor offers...

One of the coolest back skins in the game imo and I mean, the pack haven't been on the gemstore for almost a year, I was really hoping to get it today on armor sales. Guess I'll have to keep waiting sadge.
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2023.03.29 03:23 100NEO [4/5] #Manhattan: the married men's weekly after-work beer club

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2023.03.29 03:22 Decaopik Vasectomy Tomorrow. I've Done No Research.

I just looked at this sub today, and you guys are scaring me.
My doctor didn't tell me anything about post op. I just assumed I'd go home a bit sore but continue to live my life normally. After reading some post, you guys have put some worry on me.
I've been through some shit. Been hurt many times. Been put under for surgeries. One time I punched a window and it cut down to the bone. Still have permanent nerve damage from that, it's nothing compared to that shit, right? Former addict/alcoholic. So pain killers are off the table. My doctor actually mentioned to avoid Tylenol/Ibprophen pre operation. So, I should just go in there raw dogging it with no pain meds?
The doctor that I spoke to, told me he has done well over 1000 surgeries. Been doing it since the 90s. I've kind of just shut my brain off until now, and now I'm freaking myself out. The doctor did examine me and said "Yeah... this will be really easy." as he was touching my balls. Do you think he just says that to everyone?
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2023.03.29 03:22 IcyMaj07 I was fired during my two week notice of my resignation.

I was working for this car wash company, not specifying further, for over a year. It would've been two years in May. I put in my two weeks notice of my resignation on March 16th due to the fact that I got a job offer from a certain hospital and I had the mentality that I was going to continue my same level of work, so I could leave on good terms with my current employer and so I wouldn't stress out my coworkers because even though I was leaving I still cared about them. Fast forward to yesterday. I had been called into the office at the start of my morning shift at 7:00 AM by my GM (general manager) who wasn't scheduled to open with me. He sits me down and tells me that I'm being "let go early". The reasons being extended bathroom breaks, which have NEVER been addressed. On top of that I have a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It's a medical condition that causes cysts/boils to grow in moist areas of the body and there's all kinds of conditions that tag along with them. Some of which are gastrointestinal issues which I was believed to have and have talked about with my GM so he knows why my bathroom breaks are extended. Next being that I took an extended lunch break without communication that I was. This one is more reasonable. I went out to lunch with my fiancée and she had our son with her so she wanted some extra help and a bit of a break while I was with her. I was gone for an hour and I didn't text any of my coworkers or my managers, but I did apologize when I came back which I understand doesn't fix the issue. I had a smoothie bowl that I didn't get to finish, so I finished it in our booth and then got back to work once I was done. Again, an issue that wasn't communicated with me. The final nail in the coffin was me being late twice in the last week. One instance was me over sleeping due to my alarm being incorrectly set, so I didn't wake up at the right time. When I realized my error I communicated with my AM (assistant manager) what had happened and that I'd be on my way shortly. No conversation or communication after that. There was also a "plethora of complaints from employees" which doesn't make sense. There's been one employee who's hated and been actively trying to get me in trouble instead of communicating his issues with me since I transferred to this location and all of my other employees I'm amicable with, but that doesn't necessarily exclude them from complaining about my work ethic. So now I'm faced with 3 issues that I have not been talked to about, but I'm being fired for during the last 4 days of my two weeks before my resignation. It has been brought to my knowledge that these issues were discussed without me being present and that's when this decision was decided. I believed being "let go early" was me not having to come into work for the rest of my two week period, they sent me home after the conversation, but I believed that I'd still technically be an employee until my effective resignation date. With this belief I put in my PTO for the days that I was going to work but was now unable to, but it didn't go through due to me being terminated so I no longer had access to any of my employee benefits. Mind you that I had 46 hours of PTO that I was unable to use due to the fact that I was scheduled 9 days in a row and I could only use my PTO on days I had off. I was told to look into the legal side of things to see if there was any foul play involved, is that the right thing for me to do? Please let me know. I really enjoyed working for this company until they randomly decided to fuck me over. I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.
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2023.03.29 03:22 soymilkmami How to gradually let a cat freely roam home?

About 3-4 weeks ago, my partner and I adopted a 1+ yo female cat from a rescue. They believed she was once a pet before because she's proven to be extremely comfortable around humans and new surroundings. She's shown little to no fear while she's settled in, is pretty unaggressive with us, and already seems very used to us and her new home. This has been both a blessing and a bit of a curse as we're new pet owners.
As recommended by the rescue, we kept her in a cat-proofed room for the first couple of days (with litter, food, water, toys, etc.) but she was very eager to explore the moment we brought her home. We started with supervised explorations outside of the room, but she'd mostly resided in the room for about the first week and a half. We've since moved to having her out of the room during the day to freely roam, but at night right before we go to bed we put her back in the room and let her out first thing in the morning. I work remotely so I'm mostly home but when we're both out of the apartment for any period of time we keep her in the room until we return.
We eventually want to move away from this, but left to her own devices she can be on the destructive side and we're worried about her hurting herself or damaging something in the night. I'm just getting to the point where I don't feel like I have to watch her like a hawk during to the day to make sure she's not doing something or somewhere she shouldn't be. We have some deterrents set up around the apartment and they've worked somewhat well but I feel if she's given the platform (the platform being us asleep/not watching her), she'll figure out a way to cause havoc. We have gotten plenty of enrichment things for her (toys, slow/puzzle feeders, scratch posts, tree, window hammock, and recently climbing shelves) so in theory she shouldn't be bored.
How can we begin to trust our cat to be left to her own devices? Or should we keep doing what we're doing?
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