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2023.03.20 19:13 throwawayestates I live in a house with my landlord, and they're selling the house and ending my monthly lease. How much notice am I legally entitled to?

It's always just been an oral agreement, but bank statements will show a monthly transfer. Also well known in the area that I'm renting a room. It's what I'd consider to be a well established fact that I'm a renter, I guess is what I'm saying.
No animosity, I'm just struggling to find another place to rent. My landlord wants to sell their house ASAP as they're moving to the coast next month. The sale could happen at any time.
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2023.03.20 19:13 dizzydre21 OMV6 Minecraft Bedrock Server Using Docker

Hello all,

This a bit long winded, sooo TLDR at bottom

I have been seriously thinking about moving a currently functional Minecraft server onto my NAS running OMV6. It has repurposed (and overkill) hardware made from a former gaming rig (8700k and z370 mobo). OMV has been up and running flawlessly for some time, but I am still very much a newb with Linux CLI. I did previously have my current Minecraft world running in Ubuntu though.
What I am after here is some guidance on how exactly to go about doing this and just listing out my thought on the steps needed and in what order they should be done. I would be very appreciative of anyone willing to help walk me through these things as I start working on them. I have screwed around with Docker some like a year ago, but probably should just start with removing all traces of it and starting from scratch. So I believe that should be the first step.
Next, I think I need to install Docker and make sure it is installed how I want. I am not super familiar with the specifics here, but I understand that Docker containers are kind of like an isolated group of services and programs that run as their own system, sort of like a VM, but without hardware emulation. I have an OS SSD that OMV runs on, several HDDs for shared mass storage and an SSD that I want to use just for Minecraft. How does Docker need be installed so that the container and Mincraft itself runs and is stored on this particular drive? Do I need Portainer for this use case and if so, why? Do I need Docker Composer for this use case and if so, why?
I have seen these two links and ready many forum posts about the Docker install, but I am either not sure it fits my usage scenario exactly or I don't understand how the steps would fit into my scenario.
Once Docker is installed, how is it supposed to be configured? I would like to move my existing build/world from a Windows server to the new Docker container. How do I do this? Along these same lines, I want to expose the directories where the Minecraft worlds and mods exist via SMB so that I can modify them from any Windows machine on my LAN. This includes the resource and behavior pack folders and all of the stuff like that. How do I do this when their directories exist inside the Docker container?
After that, I need to make the server available from outside my LAN. I think I can figure out how to forward the ports so that my son can play from his XBOX at his mothers house, but is there anything I should know about when doing this? I've seen some issues with getting the XBOX to see a hosted server. Some have had success by changing their DNS server.
Lastly, I need to keep the server version updated so that it is compatible as the Bedrock addition get's pretty regular updates and I think they are forced updates at least on the XBOX.

TLDR: Looking for assistance getting a Minecraft server moved from a Windows machine into a docker container in OMV6. I needs to be be running on it's own SSD and not the HDDs that are used for mass storage. The docker container should also be on a separate drive from the OMV installation drive. I want the Minecraft directories to be exposed via SMB to Windows so that I can easily add mods and just generally manage the worlds from Windows as well as update the Minecraft version.

Any help would be most appreciated!
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2023.03.20 19:13 leafclouds201 is it too late for me to live a decant life?

what can you advice a 17 years old dude who live in third world country where people get paid 200$ a month , who's facing depression anxiety and nihilistic thoughts, who see himself worthless sub-human, i used to have goals i wanted to get a house in some peaceful place a work as a software developer trader and investor to make just enough living and spend just reading books for the rest of my life now i can't think about it at all i lost the motive to keep on life, i am losing my mind, my life is now messed up, it all started with massive anxiety wave for last couple years i almost survived, now i want to get back my old self, i can fight for what i want i used to enjoy it, nihilism totally fucked me up i barley wake up everyday for school i had a part time job and i got fired it's been almost a year since the last time i bought new clothes, i didn't care neither now most of the time i wake up to wear whatever i find clean in the closet i see no meaning in life and just wish i never wake up again, i am tragically discrepant.
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2023.03.20 19:13 gibbking Looking for a relatively inexpensive ($30-50 per) 2 pack that will hold 18650 batteries.

My Nitecore P12 that I've had for 8 years is finally dying on me. I have two 18650 batteries that I was rotating with it. I was hoping I could get a recommendation on a relatively inexpensive two pack that will hold this battery type.
I am going to start looking for a new edc based on the wiki and other recommendation threads here but in the meantime I'd like to get a temporary replacement and another for the house that can take the 18650.
I'm having trouble sifting through the lower cost lights on amazon and most of the recommended stores don't seem to offer two packs. I'd be willing to pay between $30 to $50 for each light and it obviously doesn't need to be a 2 pack if there's a singular light I can just buy two of.
Thanks for looking and any help.
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2023.03.20 19:13 Fuzzy-Text-3294 Searching for an internship

I am a teen writer living in Mumbai who is looking for writing internships in the social service sector which is work from home. This is my resume below:-
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2023.03.20 19:13 Versace__01 Is my brother committing a crime by filing 2 insurance claims for 1 accident?

My brother is a risk taker. He constantly works a lot on his time off - very good at mechanics. He and I view planning and finances differently. I am more of a conservative planner - save a lot, invest some, pay the highest deductible on insurance and save/invest what you would in a normal plan. I don't take risks but my brother does. A few years ago he took out an accident insurance plan through work that the benefits people offers. Let's just call that company he took out his policy through company A. Then, I believe 2 years ago he took out a separate accident insurance policy through what we will call company B. He explained to me more recently that the reason he has 2 accident insurance policies is for 2 reasons: Reason 1 is that if he ever leaves his current job he will always still have accident insurance coverage. Reason 2 is that both plans pay dismal amounts, his words not mine, for claims.
All of this was discussed in length because my stepmom, brother and I were sitting at my dad & stepmom's house recently and my brother said he needed to get to the bank and cash his claim check from the accident insurance companies. My stepmom, who works in health insurance as is in a lead position, said what my brother is doing is not right. Well I myself have a bachelor's in criminal justice and stepped in and said "no, he is not breaking any laws". My stepmom then said he is because he is double dipping. For example, he was skiing in January and got a concussion and twisted muscle because of wiping out. My brother explained that both accident insurance companies pay out a uniform payment for an ER visit, regardless of the bill he gets. So if the ER bill is $2k both separate accident insurance companies pay out I believe somewhere around $400 for an ER visit.
My stepmom texted me what my brother is going is illegal recently and I told her she is wrong. What my brother is doing is probably in the long run not financially worth it because I am sure even if he goes to the ER twice each year that he is probably paying more in premiums than receiving in claims. My stepmom then texted me she feels it is weird that he told her he has filed 4 to 5 accident claims a year since 2020. I then told her that he is a risk taker - he burnt his forearm on a car while taking it apart due to a hose breaking while driving. I asked her why does she give my brother the third degree and to not paint him as some criminal. I know for a fact he is not the kind of person to commit insurance fraud - and quite frankly after doing some research it appears he is doing nothing illegal. I don't think there are many accident insurance companies out there, and the few that do exist, after looking at their policy docs for if people become insured, appears to be very clear you can have multiple accident insurance policies.
Is what my brother doing even remotely illegal? If so - what should I tell him? He claims when he filled out the new insurance for client form for company B they even asked if he had another accident insurance policy and he said "yes". The only thing that appears suspicious is that he met his deductible and out of pocket max already in February, and then went to the ER in March for a legit accident from doing labor. Now on that claim he is maybe not committing a crime but since his hospital bill will be zero - shouldn't the accident insurance pay out zero? He claims he will still get $400 from each company because they just require proof of going to the ER and then within a week you get a check in the mail from each company for $400. I would liken what my brother is doing is no different than someone having 2 separate term life policies within 2 different companies. If I was to take out a $50k term life from State Farm and then take out another $50k term life policy from Pacific Life, and I died, my 1 beneficiary would absolutely be able to cash out both policies no questions asked. So why is this any different?
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2023.03.20 19:12 Optimal-Emotion3718 Commission only B2B sales for 1 SaaS startup?

Hi everyone.
I want to put something to the sub to get a sense of it could be useful.
First, some context: I am a Commercial Advisor and, among other things, I specialise in rev ops, advanced b2b sales and marketing. I have 15 years b2b and b2c sales experience both inside and outside. From low touch SMB to high touch enterprise. I have managed commercial teams from ten ls to hundreds and worked with global SaaS startup scaling them up in the process. I have since been sat in csuite, been co-founder and founded a few startups myself. (You can see my LinkedIn on my profile).
For the huge majority of founders I encounter and work with sales is their weakness but also really need to have this skill or work with someone that does for traction/revenue. Of course, the problem here is that without traction/revenue they can hire a sales person or a sales coach.
This seems like a real shame as I know how many great ideas there are out there that just need that push.
So, I have looked at my schedule and have time to do fractional BDM or AM work for one startup on a commission only basis. The idea being I build the process, ops, pipeline and start closing, all while showing the founder the ropes to take over or hand the reigns to an employed sales person once traction is achieved.
This would only be a few hours a week but I would be able to execute rather a lot in a short period of time (that's kinda my thing! 😉)
I would do this on a commission only basis for a fixed term and once both parties are happy open up to another possible founder to rinse and repeat. This would also have to be for B2B SaaS and English speaking prospects only.
So, my questions for the sub are;
  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. If not, why?
  3. Would anyone here apply to be considered?
Thanks in advance for the feedback etc.
New idea but if it gets a good response I can create an application process pretty quickly.
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2023.03.20 19:12 RazzlesG26 Is anthem worth $2?

I’ve been looking for something to pass some time, and I saw that anthem is on sale for $2 on the XBox eshop. I know the game got a lot of bad press and criticism for its lack of content, which is why I never bought it in the first place. However, $2 does not seem like a big ask for a game that might give me some enjoyment for a few days. Is it worth or should I skip and wait for something else?
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2023.03.20 19:12 GuaranteeNeither5582 Is there a way around the additional dwelling supplement?

So we've recently had an offer accepted on a house in Scotland and ideally we'd like to keep our current property and rent it out. We're both on the mortgage of our current home and one of us should be able to get a mortgage for the new property by ourselves with a 5-10% deposit (it requires a lot of work). Would this be a way of avoiding the additional dwelling supplement? Our current fixed rate mortgage has about 7 months left so would I obviously need to change this first so that it's just the other person on it? Would a normal mortgage advisor be much use?
Apologies, but I'm clueless about this and don't know anyone that works in property or finance.
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2023.03.20 19:12 jedolley [USA-TX] [H] ***MOVING SALE*** AW3423DW OLED Monitor, 5800X CPU, X570I Mobo, NZXT H1, iPad Air, Backbone Controller [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Items For Sale:

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - $150

Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard - $180

NZXT H1 Mini-ITX SFF Case - $80 (FIRM)

Apple iPad Air (4th Gen) - $300

Backbone Controller for iPhone - $60


*Local is 76502
*Please reply in this post before sending a PM
*No chats please.
*All offers are responded in the ordered they are received.
*All prices are shipped CONUS. Payment is only accepted via PayPal Goods and Services
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2023.03.20 19:11 D0ntw0rry9873 Sorry to say but....

I dont think Riza is bechari/able ladki as most of the people think..just my opinion. You are entitled to yours ofcourse! Based on: A) how rude she is to her mom and no sense of affection oozes out of her(which I hate the most) If she was being exploited shd wud hv been closer to her ma no?. Rehan still comes off as neutral B) she also puts her demands forth just like that chhota chetan (chhota nawab) in the house.. chahe pencils ho, backpack ho..dresses ho..teddy ho..chocolate shake ho blah blah. C) I dont see her as a mute who doesnt express herself..yeh chabutre ko bhi khari khoti types response de deti hai in vlogs..."Arre......" tone mein..sometimes she puts chabba in her place too as she is educated. I like that clarity and confidence in her responses. D) She was leading in stage performance, making good school projects. The girl is doing good 4 herself. Not underconfident or sehmi types E) Right now she is the most sensible of all.. that is the age plus the ONLY good thing this whole family is good at is POLITE DEMEANOR(meethi chhuri).. but still only politeness( that is also for show) isnt enough and its not saving them anymore.. F) I just have hope that this girl wouldnt do stuff for the sake of cameras in time to come as she matures..lets see future will tell..
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2023.03.20 19:11 Full_Atmosphere_6066 Am I the only one who fantasizes about running away?

I have two kids, 1.5 and 4.5. I love them more than I’ve ever loved anyone, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about running away, moving somewhere tropical, with nothing but the clothes on my back. I’m depressed a lot lately. I feel like I don’t have the energy to take care of them, or that I am angry all of the time.
A lot has happened in the last month. My mom died, we sold our house, we’re living paycheck to paycheck until the sale of our house goes through, and I had a miscarriage. On top of it, I’m the only one with the children from 6 am till 8:30 pm. I do work, but I’m a teacher, so I work with more children, then pick up my own children during “witching hour.” I have no patience left for their screaming and whining. I’ve just started turning the music up over them.
I feel like I’m barely surviving. Hardly making it through the motions each day. I’m tired and angry all of the time, then comes in my husband to play nice guy and save the day after I’ve lost my temper because it’s the 12th time that I told my kids to stop jumping on the furniture, or whatever. Im beginning to feel like my children would be better off without me.
Is this normal? Has anyone else ever felt this way? If you have, could you please share how you got yourself out of this funk? I have a therapist, but he’s not really that helpful. He’s free, so I can’t complain.
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2023.03.20 19:11 TxnStuckInOk Seat concepts tall/ comfort

Seat concepts tall/ comfort
Took this foam kit off my bike when I bought it to put OEM back on. For sale If you're in the DFW or OKC area. Will fit years 1987- 2019
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2023.03.20 19:11 Sun1shin3 Karens over the phone

Idk why this is so interesting to me, i work for a company that schedules “in-home” consultations that also require full names because if a contract is put together you obviously have to have the customers name. You think knowing that might scare some of these customers into being reasonable but honestly quite the opposite. I just wish they could know somehow that in this day and age, the sales receptionists or scheduler(s) are definitely looking you up on social media to laugh at ur sad life because you just screamed at them for no reason. And it never fails they ALWAYS look miserable like it’s permanently embedded in their face 😂😂
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2023.03.20 19:11 Beebumble- Home life failing?

Does anyone else feel like they’re failing at their home life? I feel like since I became a nanny (5 1/2 years ago) that I haven’t been able to keep up with house work in my own home. I take care of 4 under 4 full time right now and have for almost two years. I can’t seem to do my own dishes after doing NKs dishes. Can’t seem to wash my own clothes after helping them with their laundry. Can’t seem to vacuum my house after vacuuming up kinetic sand and crumbs for NKs. I don’t even want to be intimate with my partner from exhaustion and dealing with tantrums all day. Is it just me?
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2023.03.20 19:10 kommandarskye EV Road Trip Report: Mid-South to Florida

This sub was really helpful during my purchase process so I thought I would share some feedback in case it helps others considering buying one and/or taking a long trip in one.
Purchase/QMerit Installation
For context, we purchased a new Bolt EV 2023 (2LT) with the infotainment package in Feb. Got very lucky, all the local dealers in Memphis who had listed inventory (of EUVs/EVs) had already been spoken for, some of them still in transit and paid for sight unseen, and nobody seemed especially interested in helping me order one - this seemed to be true out to a 250 mile radius, and even further out for most of Jan. I had one dealer in Arkansas close-by that had an EV en route that they had not yet listed, so after finding a used EUV to test-drive, I put down a deposit and purchased at MSRP with no nonsense add-ons when it came off the train a few weeks later. (Very smooth sales process, feel free to DM me if you want more info)!
I had had a mild preference for the EUV, since the plan was for this to be our daily commuter with two kids in car-seats - but in the end, we find the EV is more than spacious enough. Zero regrets, I kind of prefer the EV's look anyway and while the 3 inches of leg-space would be nice, the better efficiency is worth it.
QMerit install process was smooth, it took a few weeks but Level 1 charging was just fine for daily work/school/shopping (20-30 miles), I think it was adding about 48 miles in 12 hours overnight, the battery never really fell below 50%. The installer quoted a $1700 non-standard install at first but once I e-mailed QMerit customer service about it, they said they would cover it completely. I got them to install an Emporia charger that I'm happy with, had it hardwired which is probably a bit overkill but it does indeed charge at around 11.5Kw. The only real use for the level-2 is getting back from a weekend away close to empty and needing a full charge before an unusually busy weekday of driving; I suppose it extends the life of the dual-level charger which is useful when charging at campgrounds or when staying at others' houses.
Road Trip We took our first long-distance road trip in the car last week for spring break, about 800 miles each way to visit family in Florida.
A few observations in case they are useful to others planning to buy a Bolt and/or to take a long trip in one, esp. in the South:
1) A Better Route Planner is very useful: not sure the premium features are worth it or necessary (but I'm happy to support the developer!). I started out quite conservative (requested arriving SoC at 10%) and pushed that down to 5% on the way back: I think it makes sense to keep it higher because it seems to be around 6-8% that the range will drop to "low" and you get a reduced propulsion message, which you might find stressful (we did the first time, but I believe you should still have 10 miles left at that point).
2) Plugshare seems to be the best place to get up-to-date reviews (most of the major charging stations had check-ins within days of us). Seems to be good etiquette to update if things go well (there were some chargers that had not been checked in for weeks or months and I was concerned about depending on them in case there was some issue) as well as if things go poorly. Especially useful if you are in urgent need of charging, as it will turn up wall outlets and level 2 chargers that are not always in ABRP's route plan.
3) Driving in this region (TN/MS/AL/GA/FL) a lot of your stops will be at Electrify America, often at Walmarts. We never had problems finding a working stall but it was typical for 1-2 out of 4 to have some kind of issue (usually already documented on Plugshare). It charges very quickly under 50% (55 Kw), so the ideal situation is to arrive with <20% charge and get to 80% within an hour. EVGo also worked well the one time we used it. It makes sense to get the monthly plan even for a single trip, I think I saved over $8 on one long charge alone.
4) We typically don't drive continuously for more than 4 hours anyway, so the stopping to charge was not generally an issue. The problem is that you are forced to stop at, well, these particular locations - at best, strip malls in the suburbs of big cities (Memphis, Birmingham, Montgomery, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ormond Beach etc.), sometimes just a convenience store or gas station. There are usually a few food options but you are limited to what happens to be available if you want to eat while charging. With small kids in particular, you may only have 1-2 options that can be walked to across a parking lot: twice on our trip, I dropped the family off 0.5-1 mile and walked back over, which wouldn't be so bad if there were pedestrian walkways or cross-walks but there aren't in such places. In contrast, on our ICE road trips, we would detour to state parks for a hike and picnic (e.g.) or stop at any restaurant we wanted, whereas we felt a lot of pressure with the Bolt (for time-efficiency's sake) to make our charging stops our only eating/rest-stops because of how long they were. (To be clear, not all charging stops are long.)
5) Plugshare will also generally give you info on hotel chargers (Kayak and other platforms will let you filter hotels in an area by "EV Charging" amenity), typically level 2 ClipperCreek chargers that will get you a full charge overnight. They are not reservable in advance, and hotels don't always enforce a policy not to park ICE cars there. The first time we stayed at one, four Tesla spots and two ClipperCreek spots right by the entrance were taken up by ICE cars, and we arrived late (after 11PM)... luckily while I was unloading, I happened to notice someone come out for a smoke by his car and he moved it to another spot. The second time, there was clearer signage and the EV spots were less conveniently located so the spot was open despite arriving late in the evening. But if two people happened to need a single charger overnight, there is no obvious way to communicate with one another (perhaps through actively checking in on the Plugshare app and DMing there, leaving a note with the front-desk or a sign on your dashboard with your phone number). It worked out for us this time but I would not rely on getting a full charge at such places in the future.
6) We had no problem stuffing the trunk with enough stuff for a week: three carry-on suitcases, plus bags of books, board-games, sports-gear, swimming/snorkel gear, a couple of violins). We could probably pack more efficiently so I don't see cargo-space as the limiting factor for the trip for a family of four.
Tl;dr. Overall, the trip went well - but I don't think we will be taking the Bolt on a multi-day road trip (400+ mi). Its principally the flexibility of being able to take our long stops wherever we would like that I miss about our ICE road-trips, as well as sleep wherever we would like. Everything worked out as well as it could have for us in every other respect, and obviously we saved a great deal on gas even with paid DCFC. So while I feel slightly uneasy about how close we might have been to losing a few hours here or there due to charging issues (waiting, technical issues, not getting a hotel EV spot etc.), I think the infrastructure is already good enough and improving fast enough, that those concerns are not really the constraint.
What I'd love to see across the South are multiple (2-4) L3 chargers at every interstate rest stop, in main streets in towns on state highways/routes that are not interstates, and at local/state/national parks, as well as at more hotels - that is, enough density of chargers that one can be nearly as thoughtless about them as we are as ICE drivers about plotting routes without thinking of gas station. Neither commercial demand nor local/state/federal policy seem to be quite there yet but as EV adoption continues (esp. of non-Teslas!), I feel optimistic.
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2023.03.20 19:10 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator Download Course on

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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2023.03.20 19:10 Owlette19 My cocky friend fucked my gf

I've sucked my mate off a few times now. My gf (who doesn't know about it) doesn't like him because he's too cocky and arrogant. A couple of days ago we were at his house and he was wearing grey joggers (he knew what he was doing!) and my gf wasn't very subtle at looking. At one point he pressed himself against her as a "joke" and I could tell she loved it.
We were drinking, and started playing a card game, and she was dared by his gf to sit on his lap for most of the game. He kept saying things like "calm down" and she was blushing, something she never does. After the game they disappeared for a bit, and she came back and asked me if it was ok if she went upstairs with him. I said yes but was so jealous they didn't want me involved, and ended up drinking by myself for nearly three hours!!
I was so turned on when she reappeared in his gf's dressing gown, with her hair all sweaty and her face red. When we got home she told me how amazing the sex was and now we can't stop talking about it and fucking. She still hates him, but now wants a foursome with me and his gf
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2023.03.20 19:10 mmm-momkey Partner is threatening to commit suicide

I've been a relationship with one of my closest friends for about a year. Things aren't going well and I've been noticing come red flags.( I've been in a really physical abusive relationship in the past and it took me a long time to healing.)
My current partner hasn't laid a hand on me or anything like that. But recently we got into an argument and he left the house. He started to walk towards a bridge in town and said if we were over then he's killing himself. I tried to call 911 but he insisted that I didn't need to do that and took my phone.
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2023.03.20 19:09 qwertykitty Struggling with my MIL and need some support

Hello my lovely stretchy friends! I am in great need of a sounding board to see if I am in the wrong here.
Long story short, I have EDS and POTS and I have very suddenly begun having severe anaphylactic reactions to hundreds of different things after my home had a slow water leak and finding a lot of mold (I'm working with an allergist, we're thinking it's probably MCAS). But anyway, I am currently allergic to my house. I go into anaphylaxis within 15-45 minutes of entering and my friend out of the absolute abundant goodness in her heart has let my family (me, husband, 2 kids) move into her spare guest room. She has a gigantic house (her husband is a doctor), and though this wasn't ideal we were so happy to not be stuck in a hotel room for who knows how long.
My friend suffers from an autoimmune disease and we really connect on a deep level about our limitations and she's also a mom of 2. She just gets it. And she has been going above and beyond to help me find foods that are safe for me since I'm currently reacting to almost everything.
But my MIL has a huge problem with this and has accused me of "enjoying playing the sick role and being taken care of." She thinks I'm taking advantage of my friend, who is also not in great health (though my friend has promised me that she is doing this because she wants to). My MIL says I'm "coming from a place of weakness instead of facing this with strength" and that I should be doing all of the work to take care of my children, get over my fear of touching their food that I've reacted to, and just move on with my life or distract myself as best I can.
I'm really hurt that my MIL said this and I feel like she's kicking me while I'm down. I've already been to the ER twice for anaphylaxis this week, once by ambulance, and I AM weak right now. I'm losing weight because I'm scared to eat. I'm scared to wash myself because I'm reacting to soap. I've lost the use of my house. My life feels like it's unraveling at the seams.
I think I need permission to be weak from a community that gets it. I obviously will get through this and not be with my friend forever (though I'm terrified I might never be able to go home into my own house again). Obviously I am intruding on my friend's life but I can't function right now. I can't just power through the daily episodes of anaphylaxis and pretend I'm okay. I AM scared to help my children with their food because I've already reacted to food on my toddler's hands when he touched my face. I don't know how I'm going to get through this and I'm scared out of my mind that each anaphylaxis episode could kill me. Do I have to put on a brave face and pretend to be strong?
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