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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

2015.06.03 06:16 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially recognized disability in Sweden (this is not recognized as an illness because no diagnosis exists for this condition).” Professor Johansson gave the example of a head ache “ how can one measure the pain or prove the existence of a head ache?” Sweden ranks in the top 10 in the world for healthcare. Magnetic Flux poses the largest threat to individuals with EMHS.

2023.03.29 02:34 candytropicalsteel 20% Off OfficeFurniture Coupon & Promo Code

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2023.03.29 02:13 Charlie_Dingus [US][Selling] Toriko lot, Nura lot, Iron Wok Jan lot, Rumic World, Shirow Lot, Keiichi Arawi (Nichijou author) lot, My Monster Secret lot and more assorted manga!

Hope you all are doing well. Got a few incomplete sets I'm offloading today. So have a look!
All prices include shipping to the US via Media Mail. Probably won't get to ship these out until the weekend at the earliest.
I am willing to negotiate on prices and will offer discounts if you buy multiple items. I would prefer not to split sets/lots. Prefer to sell over trade unless you have something really neat like Picturebox or Breakdown Press stuff.
All sales will be done via Paypal goods and services.
Please let me know if you have any questions about any items or need more photos. I will try to respond as soon as I can. Thanks for your time and have a good day.
Also sorry the table is a mess I had reorganized it in alphabetical order and reddit decided to shit the bed on my draft so I don't feel like fixing it.


Title Condition Price
Iron Wok Jan 1-9,17-26 Mostly g3, 17 and 19 are g1 as 17 has a nasty crease and 19 is super worn exlib $420
Iron Wok Jan 1-3,5,21,23 g3, g1 for 21 as it is exlib $20 a piece or $100 for the set
Nura 1-10,12-25 g3-4, used but mostly very good copies $220
Toriko 1,2,4-9,11,13-15,17,19,21-43 g3-4 for most used but real nice, g2 for 1 and 5 as they are more worn and have some spots, residue, and stickers $360
My Monster Secret 1-3,5,6,9-12,14,16-20 g3 used good condition some have remainder marks $130
Keiichi Arawi Lot (Nichijou 1-10, City 8-13, Helvetica 1-2) g3-4 used good to like new condition $140
Angel Sanctuary 1-8 g2-3 $32
Barefoot Gen 2 HC g4 like new $18
Shriow 10 book Lot (Intron Depot 1, GitS deluxe 1, Appleseed 2,4 2nd ed, 3 3rd ed, Databook, ID, Hypernotes, Dominion, Black Magic) g1-3 varying wear. gits, Hypernotes, ID, Black Magic are all pretty nice, the others all have more wear on em and appleseed 4 is pretty damaged up. Intron 1 is missing the obi. $100
Rumic Lot (Lum Perfect, Return of Lum, Rumic World Trilogy 1-3, Rumic Theater 1-2) g2, pages are mostly fine but a chunk of them have spine creases $105
Short Program 1 g2 good pages but kinda warped $25
Kanako Inuki Lot (school zone 1-3, be very afraid) g5 bva, g2 school zone fading and 3 has hole punch in barcode $75
Mitsukazu Mihara lot (haunted house, doll 1-2) g3 doll, g1 haunted it has nasty crease $15
Satoshi Kon DVD lot (paranoia agent dvd 1, perfect blue, tokyo godfathers, millenium actress) untested they worked when i watched em years ago and just been sitting in my closet so should hopefully still work but Im too lazy to check $20
Flowers & Bees 1-2 g3 $20
Shion Blade of the Minstrel g2 - bent corners, sun faded spine otherwise good pages and spine integrity $20
Animal Land, Black Cat, Gto, BTW g3 $5 or less throw ins no individually shipping unless you wanna spend 10 bucks for em
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2023.03.29 02:05 AnotherWireFan Truck/ Van for auto detail biz that can serve double duty as a 6 person people mover

Helping (well…financing) my brother get a mobile detail biz off the ground. He’s worked at a shop, learned how to do good work, gets great reviews & so it’s time for him to branch out on his own.
As we started mapping the biz out, his old 2001 Lexus RX died after 300k mi.
So, I’m wondering, can we kill 2 birds with 2 stone? Can the vehicle I help him finance work well as a detail vehicle AND serve him as a point a to point b family wagon when need be? His wife has a car so he wouldn’t need to use it as a primary vehicle often.
Is there a good/ reliable truck or van that could be a good option for the family and the detail biz? Or is it better to separate the two so that he can build more of a dedicated detail van instead of lugging detail stuff i and out of the vehicle?
Either way, the budget is $15k for the truck/ van. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.29 01:29 EvenCryptid Writing a Prayer for our wedding - Integrating Opposing Faiths

Been lurking for a while and this is my first time posting. I also usually just lurk on reddit, so my apologies for any weird formatting. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a blog post and I'm already embarrassed. Please delete if not allowed. Also I'm not really sure how to flair this.
CW: Christianity
I'll start by saying, I've always been a fairly non-denominational pagan; I used to call myself a witch-without-religion. I did grow up in a mixed family, sometimes attending Christian churches, I willingly entered the Mormon cult for a bit, but was ultimately given the free space to encounter Wicca, which I found to be a great stepping stone to get to where I am now.
I now work with Hekate (which made the resonation with Wicca symbology make a lot of sense), & Our lovely lad Dionysus, with a dash of Persephone and Apollo. As of late Dionysus has been taking a front and center space on the Altar, while Hekate has seemed to step back a bit. This led me to of course delve back into research, specifically so I could find little trinkets befitting an altar for him. It's always amusing to me to make note of all the religious plagiarism, how Christian entities and mythos are like cherry-picked amalgams of all the Pantheons before. Specifically, I spent a fair amount of time laughing about Jesus being the K-Mart version of Dionysus.
My Fiancé (our wedding is May 30th) was however raised VERY much in the church. They were pretty non-denominational, though devout. Pretty sheltered, he wasn't really allowed to celebrate Halloween, or watch Pokémon; you know the type. All things considered, he came out a pretty amazing person. He's still a Believer, though he reads the Bible through a critical lens, and does his best to walk the path of anti-fascist, anti-capitalism, pro-liquor-and-wh*res; he is accepting and loving above all else, and the only devout Christ-fan I'd ever to bedroom business with at this point.
That being said, we've had a strange pattern of pulling each other closer to our respective faiths. I encourage him to slow down and turn on the Jesus music when he's stressed out, and he encourages me to tend to my altar and do regular readings. We find this ironic, a little silly, and proof that love does cross all borders. I came home one day, having done quite a bit of reading, and announced "Babe, we worship the same god." This caught him off guard, & made my metamour chuckle quite a bit. I explained the Dionysus/Jesus overlap and we laughed about it a little.
Unnecessary Backstory laid out, now we can get to the good stuff.
Our wedding is fast approaching and we are putting together the script for our officiant, and in respect to our faiths we want to include prayer. I've never explicitly told his parents that I'm Pagan, or a witch, FIL did see my tarot cards once when I lived at their house. That initiated a fairly uncomfortable private conversation. The topic hasn't come up since, and it seems like MIL wasn't ever made aware. I do my best to be respectful of other people's faiths (but not bigotry or poor behavior), so I don't want to alienate the people in our crowd, with either prayer approach. It's also worth noting that we're queer and there is already a possibility his family will not attend, due to their 'passive disapproval.'
I had an idea that my Fiancé seemed to like a lot, which was to have a very vague, no-names, no-titles prayer. This idea of course came after looking at a Dionysus prayer that --with his name removed-- sounded a whole lot like the prayers FIL subjects the family to before dinner. As Fiancé calls it, a prayer to "white Jesus" and "wine Jesus" in order to appease the masses. I'm integrating grape vines in the décor, and will be setting up a tiny altar (disguised as more décor) with my crystal grapes and some of my other trinkets.
My question, or discussion prompt, I suppose, would be...
What sorts of prayer, lines, trinkets, poems etc. should I incorporate to best celebrate our faiths without using any names or direct references? What symbology have you used in your wedding celebrations to honor Dionysus? What is your favorite Dionysus myth/symbology that was integrated into the Jesus lore?

TL;DR: Hubs and I wanna do a vague double prayer at our wedding honoring both of our respective deities: Dionysus and his derivative, Jesus.
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2023.03.29 01:24 ronerzation [Recruiting][Code: AXFT9KET] Use This Code to Get FREE STUFFS & EXP Boost! UwU

Here's your rewards for your first 30 days:
Friendship Circlet: Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below for all classes.
Ballroom Etiquette: Improper Greetings (Using this will unlock an exclusive emote: Fist Bump /fistbump)
Aetheryte Ticket x 99 (When using an aetheryte ticket you teleport without using gil)
10 Silver Chocobo Feathers (To use go to a Calamity Salvager NPC to trade for special items)
For more details on the items above, you can refer to the page under the "Rewards for friends" section.
How to use the code:
Have fun in Eorzea! :)
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2023.03.29 01:15 AdministrativeTap485 DIVO, O, JEPI - Income Suggestions

Hey gang, looking for some suggestions on how I should build out this income section of my portfolio. In my early 20’s. Fortunate enough to bring in a high income early in life. Looking to use this income from portfolio to replace my monthly living expenses.
SCHD will be the core of my portfolio but it’s low starting yield makes it harder to achieve this goal in my given timeframe.
Out of DIVO, O, JEPI Which would you recommend and why for someone who is looking for income now but has a long investment timeline ahead of them.
Here’s my reasoning for and against each
DIVO: - Good capital appreciation - Consistent payouts - Lack of dividend growth
O: - Consistent payouts - Increasing dividend - Only concern is capital appreciation
Mature company. Not sure how much room share price has to appreciate, worst performer of capital appreciation in portfolio visualizer between SCHD, DIVO, O. Since DIVO’s inception date. Once adjusted for inflation is actually deprecating. Again from December 2016 not since company inception date.
JEPI: - Highest starting yield - Should have some capital appreciation although probably the worst of the list. - concerns about fluctuations in payout amounts month to month & yield in low volatility periods.
20% cushion requirement on top of expenses to compensate for fluctuations. (Yield can drop as low as 5% in times of low volatility. ) JPM expects 7-8% annualized
Does JEPI make sense given my long time horizon but need for income?
I would go with DIVO for my income need but it’s lack of dividend growth is concerning because once I meet my income goal I do not want to keep increasing this position. Would rather focus on better long term stuff like SCHD & SCHY. Due to age and tax efficiency.
O solves that issue but again capital appreciation concerns. Do you think O will appreciate in the long run?
Reason for income need - Financial Security, and to free up time for future business projects. Long time horizon but do need legitimately need the income now.
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2023.03.29 01:13 TimDKing How porn is addictive, as drugs?

Porn is addictive.
This statement is true (100%).
Let's briefly see how it works

Dopamine and the reward system

Dopamine is a molecule playing significant roles in the body.
Thanks to it, the reward system works... as it helps driving you into survival activities...
The hunger creates an urge, which forces you to eat something.
That's how the reward system works according to nature. And it's absolutely good.
I might be able to describe how drugs cause addiction by drawing this diagram...

Drugs create a LOOP, which keeps you in. You can't go out. That's why they are dangerous
Note: it's not really that dopamine goes to "negative". Just for emphasis!
Only need the first time, and you can't quit... because your brain is over-surprisingly stimulated.

Sex is good ... but

Imagine dopamine didn't work for sexual desire, what would happen?
=> Extinction is inevitable.
After having sex, we feel absolutely exhausted, and all the previous urges disappear...
Imagine if we always feel like that - lacking of sexual urge, will we have sex? No
And if we don't, will human being survive? No
See? The reward system brings the great feelings helping us to maintain the process.
Thanks to it, we have sex. From sex, we reproduce and create more humans
Sex is absolutely good, however, we might not using it the right way nature designed:
But in this modern life, sex is usually considered as a way to have pleasure. Thanks to porn, it teaches us that sex is only for pleasure. Slowly, we forget about love, we forget that sex is from love, we start to focus only on pleasure, which makes us become more and more selfish.

Porn and addictions

When you watch porn, each pornstar becomes your "partner"
And one important thing is: Porn is more attractive than sex
Because it is more attractive, your "standard" of dopamine is now higher. However, in reality, having sex with your partner doesn't bring as much stimulation as porn, therefore, you slowly get bored in your partner. Consequently, porn, strong right arm (male), or toys & fingers (female) becomes your "new partners".
Let's see when you have a normal, healthy sex with the person you love...

This is how dopamine moves before and during sex

Let's see when we watch porn...

Every time to \"click\" on a new video, your dopamine moves higher

Science studies found that: In normal sex, every time you have an orgasm, you lose a "piece" of dopamine, until you can't do anymore. But then, if, you get another person to have sex, you will receive a new dose of dopamine, though you are really tired. In that case, you will continue (the coolidge effect)
Just like that, as each porn video becomes your "partner", every time you "click" on a new video, you get more dopamine. Because of that, dopamine doesn't drop down as usual, but keeps at the high level. Then until you "finish", it suddenly drops down very quickly, which is not good.
Notice that this "porn diagram" is like the "drug diagram".

Anything you don't understand? Or disagree with?
Comment below and tell me about that!
Have a nice day, friends!
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2023.03.29 01:07 TimDKing Porn vs. Drug Porn vs. Healthy Sex

Porn is addictive.
This statement is true (100%).
Let's briefly see how it works


Dopamine is a molecule playing significant roles in the body.
Thanks to it, the reward system works... as it helps driving you into survival activities...
The hunger creates an urge, which forces you to eat something.
That's how the reward system works according to nature. And it's absolutely good.


I might be able to describe how drugs cause addiction by drawing this diagram...

Drugs create a LOOP, which keeps you in. You can't go out. That's why they are dangerous
Note: it's not really that dopamine goes to "negative". Just for emphasis!
Only need the first time, and you can't quit... because your brain is over-surprisingly stimulated.

Sex is good ... but

Imagine dopamine didn't work for sexual desire, what would happen?
=> Extinction is inevitable.
After having sex, we feel absolutely exhausted, and all the previous urges disappear...
Imagine if we always feel like that - lacking of sexual urge, will we have sex? No
And if we don't, will human being survive? No
See? The reward system brings the great feelings helping us to maintain the process.
Thanks to it, we have sex. From sex, we reproduce and create more humans

Sex is absolutely good, however, we might not using it the right way nature designed:
But in this modern life, sex is usually considered as a way to have pleasure. Thanks to porn, it teaches us that sex is only for pleasure. Slowly, we forget about love, we forget that sex is from love, we start to focus only on pleasure, which makes us become more and more selfish.


When you watch porn, each pornstar becomes your "partner"

And one important thing is: Porn is more attractive than sex
Because it is more attractive, your "standard" of dopamine is now higher. However, in reality, having sex with your partner doesn't bring as much stimulation as porn, therefore, you slowly get bored in your partner. Consequently, porn, strong right arm (male), or toys & fingers (female) becomes your "new partners".

Let's see when you have a normal, healthy sex with the person you love...

This is how dopamine moves before and during sex

Let's see when we watch porn...

Every time to \"click\" on a new video, your dopamine moves higher
Science studies found that: In normal sex, every time you have an orgasm, you lose a "piece" of dopamine, until you can't do anymore. But then, if, you get another person to have sex, you will receive a new dose of dopamine, though you are really tired. In that case, you will continue (the coolidge effect)
Just like that, as each porn video becomes your "partner", every time you "click" on a new video, you get more dopamine. Because of that, dopamine doesn't drop down as usual, but keeps at the high level. Then until you "finish", it suddenly drops down very quickly, which is not good.
Notice that this "porn diagram" is like the "drug diagram".

Anything you don't understand? Or disagree with?
Comment below and tell me about that!
Have a nice day, friends!
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2023.03.29 01:05 Bubbly-Milk2287 Storage facility recommendations?

Later this summer I may need to put some of my belongings into storage, like furniture and such. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but enough to warrant checking out someplace to store it for a while. Any recommendations with places that keep belongings safe from the environment, doesn’t screw the renter over and also doesn’t cost me an arm or a leg to use it? I’ve never put anything into storage in Ithaca. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 01:04 Quantum1Shift Getting Older...

My husband and I are CF and very happily married. Both of us work, and we have tons of free time to pursue our hobbies, travel, etc. It's great!
Recently, both of our families have needed help - yes, some was medical, but a lot of it was doing things elderly parents couldn't do (coordinate furniture purchases, set up online banking, mundane stuff to us, but a real challenge to a much older person.) Also sleeping overnight in a hospital, bedside care and conversation outside of nursing staff. You get the picture. We care about them, they raised us, and we are there to give back out of love.
It led me to wonder who would be around to help us do things like that when we are their age? Friends are great, and very helpful, but they're going to be old right along with us! What options are there out there that others of you are planning on using for these things in the future?
I've had a med procedure that prevents having kids, so in addition to not wanting any, now I can't have any, but child-rearing friends and family haven't changed the narrative, only suggesting I adopt to solve this question.
I figured this community would have better support than that :-)
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2023.03.29 01:03 -Petunia How do you sleep at night?

Been going to more, and now mostly, evening classes, but I can't sleep for shit those nights; I mean I am UP (not that other, normal nights are great but it's rather unfortunate degrading from already shitty).
- - -Any tips on how to come down after an evening roll? - - -
I've tried OTC stuff like Zzzquil and Valerian root, neither of which does much of anything, and melatonin is the worst, stupidest shit ever.
& no, I can't use any CBD/ THC products because of work stuff
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Alright everyone I'm not even sure the MPRE actually even is tomorrow but someone told me it was so I decided to drop a QUICK Megathread after work and hopefully it will help one of you ethical souls get a few more right tomorrow

Sex, Money, Gifts & Loyalty. (15% of test)

No this isn't a commercial for SeekingArrangements, these are the basic conflicts rules.
You can't represent opposing sides in the same litigation. If you represent the husband, you can't represent the wife in a divorce. You know this .
You can't have sex with a client or get huge gifts from them (unless they are related... for the gifts, not the sex you weirdo).
No media deals until after representation is over - no Making a Murderer and no Staircase, I don't care if Brendan Dassey never attends Wrestlemania 2048.
Other conflicts can be overcome but you need informed consent in writing.
If you have an aggregate client deal (bunch of different clients at once), like a bigass settlement, everyone needs to be INFORMEDLY consented and have writing about what everyone else got. Easy.
If you worked for the government on a matter then switched to private practice, you need your old agency's written consent and your current clients.
Firm Conflicts
If another attorney at your firm has a conflict with something to do with your case (maybe they worked with the other side in the past or have some confidential info), you need informed consent + writing from your client.
As an alternative to informed consent + writing you can screen out the person in your firm to make sure he will have NO contact with the file that he has a conflict of interest with (make sure he doesn't participate at all with it or get paid).
Guys, just always pick the damn answer that says informed consent and writing.
No, you cannot GIVE your clients money in connection with litigation or loan them money. If your client is indigent you can help them with court costs.
Law clerks need permission to ask private parties for a job if they work at the courthouse.
A third party can pay YOUR client fees but they can't MEDDLE in the representation and your loyalty must remain WITH THE CLIENT!!
Guys... stop fucking around. You cannot take an "interest" in the litigation unless it is a contingency fee or a lawful lien to cover attorneys fees and expenses. You can't be like "okay if we win this criminal defense case you pay me an extra $10,000." It gives adverse incentives.
Conflicts section over - okay now you guys should have a solid 15% correct so far. Let's move on to...

I only want one client: Justin Bieber. I want to be Scooter Braun.

The Lawyer Client Relationship (13% of test)

You can turn down any client but some clients you MUST turn down: if representation would break laws or conflict rules or your health is so fucked up you couldn't adequately represent them.
The moment you TALK to someone you owe them confidentiality, even if it's just a brief consultation.
What clients are allowed to decide:
You can remember what clients decide by saying to yourself "mr. POTTERS"
P - whether to plea or not
O - representation objectives
TT - whether to TESTIFY and have a jury TRIAL
e - Expenses (what to pay obviously)
R - Representation scope
S - When to settle (HIGHLY UNETHICAL to accept a settlement without telling the client)

The boy who lived
The lawyer decides strategy and shit like that.
If you have a youth or mentally impaired client you can seek a conservatorship to help protect them. Free Brittany.
You and your client can talk about what could happen if they did some illegal shit, but you can't encourage illegal shit.
You need to mandatorily (is this a word?) withdraw if your client fires you and if it will break the law or if there is a conflict.
You can withdraw if it won't materially harm your client (some states ask you to seek permission to withdraw if the trial is coming up in like two days).
IF YOU WITHDRAW - you have to give NOTICE, and return client files, property and UNEARNED FEES.
Selling a firm
You can sell a firm if TINCerbell (the fairy from Peter Pan)
T - Other person takes all firm, no selling some contracts and not others.
I - no price increases for clients when sold
N - Clients get notice and right to choose new lawyers
C - Seller ceases private practice in the area
You have to keep the client UP TO DATE on the status of the case and respond to them! (This gets so many lawyers fucked over - the ethics boards HATE when you ignore clients).
Fee's must be REASONABLE based on the scope and complexity of the matter. If you are SPLITTING FEE'S with another lawyer there must be informed consent in writing and PROPORTIONAL FEES OR the other lawyer has to take JOINT responsibility of the matter. Just write this shit down guys.
Contingency Fees
Must be WASE

this little guy has been taking me through scary alleys lately
W - Written
A - Accounting (add up all the shit at the end)
S - Signed by client
E - Explain costs (40 trips to Las Vegas? explain this shit. Printer costs? fine).
No contingency fees for CRIMINAL cases or DIVORCES.

Litigation (13% of test)

No frivolous claims, speed shit up as much as you can, and don't lie to the judge. Easy.
Can't bring a crackhead claim but you can if you're like... trying to get the law changed or some shit.
Tell the court about opposing authority that directly contradicts your side, always be honest with them about shit even if no one brings it up.
You can't obstruct the other side from getting discovery. Don't be a little prick.
Don't bring up irrelevant evidence at trial or act in bad faith.
Don't destroy evidence.
Don't tell your client or other witnesses to lie.
Don't disobey court rules. Don't be a little shit.
No bribery. No telling people "oh I have clout on the internet and can influence this judge or do this because I'm the man"
Don't talk to jurors ex parte (with no one else there). Do NOT talk to a judge ex parte about a case if no one else from the other side is there.
Don't put stuff out there to the MEDIA that would prejudice the case or poison the waters down the line. You can only talk about basic shit like party basics, claim basics, arrests, or requests for help or information like PLEASE HELP US FIND KATHY.
You can't be like "okay everyone... this person is a total piece of shit." You will muddy up the jury pool down the line and are conducting a trial by media, not allowed kiddo.
If someone else unfairly roasts your ass in the media you can make CORRECTIVE statements to try and unwind some of that prejudice though.
A lawyer can only be a witness in the trial if the issue is about their legal fees or services.

No fun allowed as a lawyer or you're getting reported

Confidentiality (9%)

Confidential client communications and work product (info prepared for litigation) are not discoverable, unless you literally GIVE IT to the other side (intentional disclosure waives everything).
If someone overhears you and your client in what you THOUGHT was a confidential convo, it's still confidential.
You have "implied consent" to share client info if it's REASONABLY necessary to work a case (like in a conference with a judge etc.)
You can break a client confidence if there's a court order or a MALPRACTICE complaint against you. If someone comes at you, you can use confidential info to protect yourself. I saw one case in court where a criminal defendant went on appeal for ineffective counsel then called his attorney at an evidentiary hearing about why he didn't put him on the stand at trial and the lawyer said "your honor... may I?" *judge nods* then the attorney said "because you told me you murdered her and you DESCRIBED it in your cell." ...... and that was the end of that.
You can break confident to prevent violent or great bodily harm to someone, you can tell your judge if the client is perjuring themselves or lying on the stand, you can break confidence if they are using your services for financial harm or fraud OR to call the ethics hotline.

Regulating the Profession (9%)

The highest state courts run shit basically when it comes to ethics.
Can't lie about shit on your bar exam application or C&F (lol this one girl tried to tell me she didn't get a DUI so she didn't put it on her application, but then she was like... well I mean... I just didn't personally believe I was drunk Goat... so I didn't list it =)" ... the board was like wtf.
No unauthorized practice of law you over-zealous law clerks.
If you break or attempt to break rules you'll be subject to discipline - and the rules of the state where the BULK of your fuckery occurred will apply.
Report Your Friends Provision
You have to report other lawyers when you have actual and unprivileged knowledge that something they are doing raises a SUBSTANTIAL question about their ethics (no cocaine wild night out at the strip club, this is like stealing hella money from clients and shit).
You can work in other jurisdictions but usually need to tag-team with a lawyer there. Pro haC VIE boys rise up.
Sharing Fees with non-lawyers
No, you can't do this shit.
You can share them with a dead lawyer in your firms heirs, non-profit organizations, and you can pay EMPLOYEES obviously lmao. that's not considered sharing fees when you pay employees though.
Partner liability
Partners can be disciplined for what their little junior buddies do if they:
If the partner knows you are up to some wild shit, they have to try and work to stop you
The only time you can excuse your misconduct by blaming someone else: the key-word here is you were going off a supervisors REASONABLE INTERPRETATION of AMBIGUITIES. Just always say this if you're about to get in trouble in law. "Reasonable interpretation of ambiguities."
You can't force a lawyer to sign a non-compete unless you're buying the firm from them or they are RETIRING from your firm.

Competence and Malpractice (9%)

Okay you have to be competent and take continuing legal education and be diligent and prompt and shit, obviously.
You don't have to be the best lawyer and they will let you study up on shit. Like if you've never taken a family law matter and take your first one, you won't be per se incompetent. You can study and shit.
Civil Liability
If you blow a statute of limitations or do some wild shit you can be sued civilly for legal malpractice. People can even be sued for malicious prosecution (defendant wins the suit and it should never have been brought in the first place) and straight up fraud for what they do in the law.
Malpractice you must prove DUTY AND BREACH.
If you're a general partner in a firm with someone who does some fucked up shit, you can be liable for it too since GP's are unprotected.
You also can't have them sign something which waives your malpractice liability altogether.
You can also get the client to agree to arbitration.
ABA model rules don't say shit about malpractice insurance but some states require it.
Make it stop - this material is so boring


Your communication cannot be misleading to the public. You can't harass people. You can't advertise to anyone who tells you to fuck off.
Can't lie about having a partnership in your firm name. Can't imply you are associated with a government or charity when you aren't. If a partner takes a public office his name must be removed from the firm.
But... sometimes you can.
  4. People who routinely use your type of services for their BUSINESS (Idk like tax shit and you show up at a business to solicit)
Reciprocal referral agreements with non-lawyer - "you throw me some personal injury cases and I'll toss you some chiropractor cases"
You can't do this. This always makes me laugh - why are the rules always trying to fuck us over from making CASH.
But anyway, you CAN do this if it's
- Transparent (you tell the clients)
- not indefinite or exclusive (you can refer to other chiropractors, etc)
- No referral fees involved.
This rule is weird as fuck and probably has some reasoning behind it but let's be real, who cares. We are not Marcus Aurelius we are trying to make $80k.
You can't pay referral fees to anyone... FOR THE MOST PART. OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE 12 RANDOM EXCEPTIONS.
Exceptions: Qualified referral services (whatever these are), non-profits, prepaid or group legal plans (wtf), and you can give NOMINAL small little baby gifts to people who hook you up with referrals.
You can say that you have a SPECIALTY, but you can't say or imply that you are some type of super specialist or have some type of certification in Trusts law or some shit unless you are ACTUALLY certified you little liar.

Lawyer Roles (7%)

If you become a legislator, you can't let clients interests effect you (obviously)
When an organization hires you, you don't represent any individual you represent the whole damn organization. You must REMIND people adverse to the organization who your actual allegiance lies to (the company, not them).
You have to REPORT people higher up the chain if it is in the best interests of the organization and your organization is about to be seriously fucked up by a violation of ethics from one of their employees.
Need to share evidence that helps the defendant. If they realize defendant is innocent, need to make that KNOWN. Cannot prosecute people if they know there is no probable cause.
Prosecutors can't do any other sketchy shit either like try to force unrepresented people to give up tons of rights before trial or before they get a lawyer (will be easy to spot on test).

This stuff is brutally boring

Safekeeping Property (5%)

You need to keep client funds separate from your own in a trust account. NO PERSONAL MONEY IN TRUST ACCOUNT. Trust account must be in the state where your office is.
If there is a dispute, keep the disputed shit in escrow until the dispute is settled and disburse the rest.
Keep all the files and the clients property safe and shit too.

Communication with non-clients (5%)

If unrepresented person has a material interest adverse to your client, the ONLY THING you can say to them is "get a lawyer" ... you can't try to trick them with your sketchy ass.
Need to notify people if they accidentally sent you confidential info
Can't do things to harass or embarrass people obviously

Harvard and Harvard Business school. This guy would have been a scary lawyer.

Duties to public (5%)

You need to do pro-bono hours every year (usually 50) unless your whole practice is like helping poor people or something.
Can't try to dodge court appointments for cases unless they would cause you like a massive financial burden
You can serve on a legal service organization and firm at the same time, even if there are conflicts (so long as you are screened from the conflicts)
You can promote law reform but you have to let everyone know if you have a CLIENT who is interested in the reform.
You can't defame lawyers or judges publicly.
You can't raise political contributions in hopes of scoring government legal work and you can't tell people you can improperly influence public officials.

86 years

Judicial Conduct (3%)

These rules are all about avoiding the APPEARANCE of impropriety. If it looks bad to the public = it will not be allowed.
if it looks sketchy = it will not be allowed.
APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY. You will be able to common sense all these hard.
NOTHING can look sketchy to the public or self-serving, even if it isn't.
No press driven decisions. Can't let anyone sway you. No bias. Don't coerce settlement. Don't encourage a jury to act a certain way.
Don't comment on cases publicly.
You must appoint subordinates based on QUALIFICATIONS, not nepotism or favoritism.
Cooperate and be candid. Don't give jobs to people who donate you money. Don't do drugs or drink a lot. Report other judges who do drugs or drink a lot (rules aren't clear on this, but you can refer them to like a judicial assistance program)
- Settlement related discussions, if the other party consents
- Emergencies like protective orders where the other side can't get there in time
- administrative boring shit
If you accidentally do ex-parte you must NOTIFY the other party and let them RESPOND.
You also can't do EX PARTE factual investigations. you and your little clerks can look into the law, but you can't be on google GOOGLING shit with ChatGPT to find out more about the case.
If your impartiality is called into question - you must RECUSE.
A judge had a daughter who worked at our office, he'd recuse EVERY time we had a case in front of him and he would say "it's all about the appearance of impropriety"
Extrajudicial activities
what the

Can't engage in weirdass activities outside being a judge that would cause you to excessively recuse yourself or undermine your credibility or look coercive.
You should only speak before a legislative body if legal issues are being discussed or the court system itself (like giving advice about new federal guidelines or some shit). or if you are subpoena'd to appear.
You cannot join any discriminatory organizations
You can't practice law on the side unless it's pro-se or for a family member
You can accept gifts outside the law so long as they don't look sketchy and are REPORTED.
That's about it everyone - GOOD LUCK TOMORROW. YOU GOT THIS. Ignore the spelling errors I have to go to dinner and can't edit this and wrote it in like 20 manic minutes.

- Goat
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2023.03.29 00:48 adler_parnas White stuff showing up after grout removal from shower tiles

Hi Everyone,
The grout on my shower tiles where looking funky, doing some research (maybe not enough) I read the option of removing the grout and re-applying it.
So I began to remove it using an oscillating tool and a grout removal blade. I'm only working on it couple of hours a day after work, but now after 2 days, I noticed some white fluffy stuff accumulating on the places I removed the grout.
I'm not sure if it's mold (I hope not) of just efflorescence. But in both cases, I'm guessing it means water behind the tiles.
I really don't want to rebuild the entire shower, but I would like to hear people with more experience on this.
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2023.03.29 00:36 Throwawayobvsly5u 20F NL You like trains, Star Wars, Star Trek, Space or Lego? Maybe all of the above? Then I'm your gal!

Hey folks!
My Name is Luna, I'm 20 years old, my pronouns are she/her.
This a bit of a longer one, but I ask you to read it to understand what you're getting yourself into.
This is, I think, as much as I hate to share because of that, a important disclaimer:
I've been diagnosed with ASD, formerly Aspergers and have some other mental health issues.
I've problems with random bursts of very strong emotions and I can be super clingy and obsessive about stuff.
If that didn't scare you off and I hope so much that some of you are still here. I really need some friends.
Outside of all that I'm still a person with loads of other interests and hobbies.
I love reading, especially science fiction and fantasy books, one of my favorite things is to lay down in the coastal dunes here far from everybody else and just read.
Currently I'm in university studying computer science.
I'm into gaming on both my PC and my Switch and I play a huge variety of games, so I'm just going to start a list because it makes stuff easier.
I'm super into a lot of science fiction universes as well and I love to dive super deep into the lore and stories behind it, that's especially true for Star Wars and Star Trek. I've wanted to learn more about Warhammer, so it would be cool to talk about that as well.
I'm also super deep into history and technology, especially the military side of things. I really enjoy talking about defence trchnology and policy. Current events are also always welcome. I actually wanted to join the army, but I couldn't because of my mental health issues.
When it comes to more unusual things that I enjoy, there are probably trains, I know that's weird but they make me feel oddly comfortable. I enjoy looking at them, taking pictures of them, playing different train simulators wnd building Lego Trains.
Lego in general is a huge thing for me, I've a sizeable collection of mostly Star Wars, City and Creator, wirh some Technic mixed in for good measure but I also enjoy making my own creations.
Other stuff I like to collect are things like Star Wars helmets and lightsabers, star trek ship models or train models.
I love drawing and painting, I've a graphical tablet for drawing and if we talk a bit I would probably be open to showing a bit of the stuff I made, but I won't show it right away because I'm very shy about it.
I'm not the healthiest person right now when it comes to my habits but maybe we could motivate each other. (Without shaming please)
Other odd facts about me:
Maybe somebody actually wants to talk to me.... I sure hope so!
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2023.03.29 00:29 Ileqium I know its long but i need your help 😰

So i wanna be real so i will tell thr truth 😅
Im Demisexual/Gay and until now i never had sex or a boyfriend & i know im kinda very late for this stuf im 30 😅 i just never found the right person and all the people i met were allways some creeps who never wanted anything besides sex.
So i know there will never be someone like me in these gay dating apps so i never really used them. But the thing is im so tired of waiting & i wanted to get laid so i registred on hornet 😂 i made a profile about how i was, what i liked stuff lile my character etc... some people wrote me but in the end all they wanted was some sex buddy. And yesterday i was like fuck this lets delete this app but then i saw someone with a picture of a mytholgical figure as his profile picture & my inner geek wanted to write him 😂 so im writing him if the picture he chose was just random or knowingly chosen. We had like the best talk about mythologies & philosophy, and on top of that he is an atheist so we litterally had so much in common
After the chat he wanted my number & i gave it to him. After a while he called me & we talked about alot of stuff & how we want the same thing. After an hour or so he asked if i had any partner or had sex etc.. he didnt believe me at first but he still wanted to meet. Tomorrow we are going out for something to drink and im next level anxious 😅
I dont know what to do but i dont want to chicken out because i really do like him alot. You know i come from an islamic household & i needed to hide myself all my life because i feared to loose my loved ones or my god i believed in. I feared hellfire for so long that it poisend me even tho i dont believe in it anymore. I lost so much time & experiences i could have & now im a 30yo virgin who is anxious af. I dont want to be like this, i hate how this feels, i want to change but dont know how, could you guys help me out here pls?
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2023.03.28 23:40 ebudd08 [USA-UT][H] Xbox 360 Consoles, Games, Accessories, Skylanders [W] PayPal

Looking to offload a bunch of stuff I have absolutely no use for. Bundle deals are absolutely welcome and appreciated. Trying to price well under pricecharting/ebay just to move it all.
Console Xbox 360 e 250GB - I have 2 of these, but only one power cord to include so whoever gets here first can have it. They're both used, they both work great. I also have 3 total wireless OEM controllers (one black with OEM battery backing, one white with no battery back, one camo with no battery back). I'm willing to include your choice with console purchase. $100 with power adapter, $80 without
Xbox 360 Games Each of the discs reads just fine.
Title Price Notes
007 Quantum of Solace $7 Case & disc
FIFA Soccer 13 $2 Case & disc
LEGO Batman/Pure Dual Pack $5 Case & discs
LEGO Dimensions $5 Case & disc
LEGO Jurassic World $5 Aftermarket case & disc
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes $5 Case & disc
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean $10 Case & disc
Madden NFL 15 $2 Case & disc
Minecraft $15 Case & disc
NBA 2K9 $2 Case & disc
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit $5 Aftermarket case & disc
Spider Man 3 $15 Case & disc
Skylanders Bundle Includes 2 portals, 2 games (Giants, Spyro’s Adventure), and like 22 figures. None of them are valuable, from what I can tell. If you’re interested, I can snap a photo for you. $40 for all of it
Kinect Xbox 360 Sensor & Kinect Adventures Game $10
Shipping is not included in prices and will be calculated based upon location. Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.28 23:31 Cuncae Orwell

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2023.03.28 23:29 PearlTheParakeet02 VENT: People pretending to SH

I hate my class. Idk how else to say it. the boys are so freaking immature and just jerks in general. All of them but one-which well call jack. it sucks because this year is my first year at this school and so I feel like I can't report anything they do and all the teachers have just gotten used to it. literally all the teachers hate my class because of the boys and it honestly sucks. For example, about a month ago, I was answering a question (we were watching a tv show episode and it had a really emotional scene and the question was if we had experienced something like the scene & nobody was responding so I said yes, and the teacher asked me to explain) and so I had to describe my own experience without people finding out too much about me and taking it the wrong way. Well, long story short, one of the boys twisted my words and I get picked on for it on a daily basis. it's harmless but it just bugs me bc it was a very vulnerable time in my life I was describing, and I nearly had an anxiety attack after talking about it.

Anyway, now for today. it was the end of the day, and let's just say last night was a really rough night for me. obviously, nobody else knows, but I was mentally unstable for just about the entire day. So we get to homeroom and its a private school so there's only about 5-10 people in my homeroom and we have a longterm sub (more on that later) bc our old teacher got fired

So this longterm sub is jack's mom and she's one of my biggest inspirations, I've literally known jack since I was about 2-3, so she knows what kind of person I am and stuff. Well last summer I had church camp and she was there bc she's on the worship team and really involved with that stuff, well one of the days of camp there was this big thing in one of the services. long story short the pastor asked anyone who had ever considered suicide or SH to stand up, and I was bawling my eyes out and I stood up. Some time passed and everyone was moving on for the planned part of the service but I wasn't ready, so I stepped out of the room and just kinda sat down on the floor outside of it. Well jack's mom came up to me and hugged me, asked if I wanted to talk, stuff like that and so she hopefully forgot but most likely knows I struggle with that stuff.
ANYWAY, today in homeroom one of the boys was messing around so jack's mom asked what he was doing. He responded with "cutting myself" and burst out laughing-along with all the other boys but jack. She was also a nurse so she asked "seriously?" and he rolled up the sleeve and couldn't stop laughing. She made a comment on how it's not funny to joke like that and that mental health needs to be taken seriously & that it's a real issue. the boys didn't really care but it triggered me sm and I swear I almost had an anxiety attack just from them talking about it.
not to mention we have a speaker coming on Friday to talk about mental health and I swear im so scared im going to be triggered in it or the boys are going to think its a joke and just laugh about it so yeahhhhhh thats terrifying :D
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2023.03.28 23:12 bugg_hunterr My path blew up in my face.

I have bachelors degree in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management and moved to CO where I got a masters degree in Bioagricultral Sciences and Pest Management AKA Entomology. Upon graduating my graduate committee asked me what I wanted to do career wise, and I told them "Commercial Insect Production/Insect Farming" interested me, but ultimately I wanted to do something good for people and the environment They told me that was unsustainable (the insect farming part) and that I should keep my options open.
Upon graduating I immediately became an exterminator because other work was scarce and there were lots of openings. I hated it. It was the exact opposite of what I wanted to do, but I needed the money. It wasn't worth though, it was soul crushing, and I eventually started having some bad reactions to the chemicals we were using. I phased out of that and went into wildlife management. Once again, I hated it. I basically spent 2.5 years, 1 year with a county government, 1.5 with a private company gassing prairie dogs. The work was physically draining, the pay/benefits were shit, and once again, it was soul crushing. The work was also seasonal which means there anywhere from 4-5 month long breaks where I wasn't getting paid. It wasn't anywhere near what I wanted to do with my life.
Eventually I decided I was going to buckle-down and seriously pursue a career in insect farming/breeding. I polished my resume and cover letter, and got super active on LinkdIn. Then I connected with a guy who was part of an Insect Consulting group (for farms, zoos, etc.) and he gave me great advice! Advice which eventually led me to an insect farm where I thought was going to pursue my "dream job/career". I sat down with the business owner (We'll call them owner 1, because there co-owners). Owner 1 was impressed with my education, my previous experience and overall knowledge. They invited me to take the position of "Insect Farm Manager". They told me they had set up cricket farms before, had an algorithm for tracking insect growth and breeding, and that they had a "system" in place to get everything set-up successfully. After some negotiations I we agreed on a $44k a year salary with no benefits. This is ridiculously low for a 30 year old with a masters degree living in CO, but it was more than I had ever earned in my life, so I accepted.
Things almost immediately began to not go so well. Upon arriving co-owner 1 & 2 were still debating on how to set up the cages (we did all our cricket breeding in cages inside of a cargo-container). There was also no power. They attempted to set up their own solar panels, but couldn't get them to work, so we relied on a gas powered generator to power our entire operation for the first 2 months. Of course I was the one that drove back and forth buying gasoline. There wasn't a system set-up for getting our own water, so I was the one that drove back and forth filling 5gallon water jugs at Walmart. In addition, the algorithim they had didn't work. They "fixed it" AT LEAST once a month the entire time I was there and upon leaving it still wasn't working right. Needless to say the "system" wasn't working. When I brought up some of these concerns I was ignored by owner 1, even though owner 2 (who was our engineer, handy-man, and one of the financial backers) agreed with me.
Despite being told I was being hired partially for consultations reasons my advice was ignored. Upon noticing the floors in our breeding area were filthy and covered in debris I encouraged everyone to sweep and mop and that we should get everything off the ground that we can. Despite the fact that owner 2 agreed with me, owner 1 told me, more than once they didn't sweep or mop the floors on site because they "Didn't feel like it" and didn't see any possible way to move things off the ground. Less than a month later we developed an issue with dermestid beetles, that became so out of hand they started to breed in the same cages we kept our crickets. I noticed when I walked into the container in the morning (sometimes owner 1 would stop by in the evening to do some on-site work) that some of the cage fronts were left slightly askew, allowing adult crickets to escape. I suggested we keep a better eye on the fronts, but was simply told by owner 1 "Accidents happen sometimes". And crickets continued to escape. This is bad, because the adult crickets would break into the hatchery room and start devouring babies and eggs. I recommended we place a "cricket trap" in there to catch adults, but was told both that it wouldn't work and there wasn't enough room. I placed a trap in there anyway and the amount of adults feeding on eggs/hatchlings dropped by 38% in the first month. I also noticed several things on-site that could lead to rodent issues. I was ignored and sure enough we had multiple mice living in the same cargo-container we kept our food supply in, exposing it to rodent feces. I expressed all of this to owner 1, who ignored me, but owner 2 listened, agreed and even tried to talk with owner 1.
Then the new year started and things got worse. We were supposed to start making sales in January. Apparently we had multiple business "locked in". But we didn't make a single sale in January or February. The Cricket farm was owned by a larger conglomerate run by some "shady-boomer" (owner 1's description, not mine). She was waiting on this shady boomer to send a sleezy salesmen (owner 1's description, not mine) to come an help us make sales. As we continued to not make sales and the sleezy salesmen hadn't shown up, both owner 2 and myself offered to help with sales, but owner 1 refused our help. After going back and forth like this for a while I expressed all my concerns to owner 2 who said he's talk with owner 1. Owner 1 intentionally avoided talking to owner two for 2 weeks, comply because they didn't want to have the talk. When they finally did have the talk it seemed like they were both on the same page, and like things were going to be fine. They weren't.
About two week ago owner 1 shows up on the job and says they need to talk to me. Apparently the business was "bleeding money" and they couldn't afford to keep me on salaried or full time. But they MIGHT be able to give me 8 hours a week at $16 an hour. They did this with no warning or notice.
I was devastated. I spent the next three days in bed switching between depression episodes and anxiety attacks. And now here I am. I gave everything to this business.
This is the first job where I've ever gone "above and beyond". I constantly engaged in tasks not listed in my contract including but not limited running errands, the installation of flooring, researching products to use one site, researching potential buyers, reading and consolidating information (off the clock) from scientific articles to use on-site, and I even developed a commerically viable breeding program for mealworms FROM THE GROUND UP, BY MYSELF (off the clock).
My car was old and I spent the last bit of mileage in it fetching gasoline, water, and other supplies for the farm. It literally started making it's death rattle on a Friday. The next day I found out it was unsafe to drive and basically dead. Thankfully my gfs and my schedules lined up just right to where I could use her car. When I told owner 1 she didn't want gas-cans in her car we "suddenly" had a fix for our power issues the next day. Upon telling one of the owners I expected to be paid (I then sent the money to my gf) for mileage picking up water. Within 5 business days we suddenly had our own water system set up. Now I don't have a car, and they didn't pay me enough/keep me on enough to save for another one and now I'm stuck in a situations where I need a car, can't afford one, and don't have money coming in.
During the holidays I hurt my back REALY bad. So bad my gf had to help me us the bathroom, dress me, get food etc. I needed more time to recover but owner 1 said they REALLY needed me on-site after I had taken one week off to heal from a BACK INJURY. Despite being in excruciating pain, I went back to work. My back still hasn't fully recovered. I wasn't given health insurance and I wasn't paid enough to see a doctor out of pocket. In addition to this I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety roughly 15 years ago and It's gotten worse over the past few years. Once again, I wasn't provided health insurance or paid enough to see a therapist out of pocket.
I've fucked myself even further because when my family and friends of the family told me that if I "Worked hard, went to college, and stayed out of trouble with the law" that everything would simply "work out" for me, and I was stupid enough to believe them. Now I'm 31, in more debt than I can ever pay off, I have no useful skills (handyman/automotive stuff, tech skills, business stuff, etc), I've had a new job almost every year since graduating( none of which have payed well enough to survive), no savings/retirement, no car, a bad back, depression and anxiety, and honestly, no hope. I have no hope for the future, either my own or the worlds.
Since losing my job I've been doing my best to reach out and apply for jobs. All I've gotten so far is silence, rejection, and some part-time farm work that won't schedule an interview until they've actually spoken to 3 different references (apparently one of my VERY FEW professional references has gone non-responsive), which seems weird for part-time farm work, I don't think anyone actually bothered to ever call my references. I've even reached out to government jobs, even though I almost always receive no response or get rejected from them.
In September inflation hit which made my salary not worth as much. In October my car died. In November I caught covid (despite being vaxxed and boosted), In December I hurt my back. In January I caught the stomach flu. In February I found out other people in similar positions, background, and experience were earning 15-30% more than I was...after taxes, health, vision, and dental. I've taken so many "L's" over the past 6 months, I feel utterly defeated.
I only have three real talents (this isn't just me, these are things others have expressed out loud): I' good with animals, I'm decent at writing, and apparently I give good spiritual (Neopagan) advice. There's no way to make a living with those skills. No on cares about any of those things, at least, not enough to pay for rent, savings, etc. I'm 100% useless. I'm half tempted to just give up.
But I'm here to try and avoid that. I need advice on, well, finding a path since what I thought would be my career blew up in my face. I don't have any real passions any more, and the things I am passionate about don't matter in the real world. There no living to be made in attempting to do something that's good for the earth and for people. How is someone with useless degrees, no skills, and a failing body and mind supposed to make a living? How do I find my path? Is there even a path for me? Honestly, I'm lost, scared, and don't really know what else to do.
Sorry for the novel.
PS- Yes, I'm aware I should see a therapist. Unless you're willing to cover the entire cost for treatment don't bother bringing it up, because I can't afford it.
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2023.03.28 22:52 Thomas_Raith Rent Assistance Is Ending

Someone suggested I make an updated post with information I forgot to put in my original post so people could give me advice on my vent post (I'm on the worse side of developmentally & cognitively disabled so I forget a lot and am very bad at explaining things/using language).
Federal rent assistance program is ending. My household (4 adults - me, my fiancee, third roommate and fourth roommate who requires a live in caretaker and relies on me because the government won't pay for one and who I have been a caretaker for for six years) has been relying on it to keep a roof over our heads. we were hoping it would go for another two years because my fiancee is finishing up school and will be going full time and getting a raise at her job (and no longer have school expenses) in two years and I'm starting a two year program at a school that helps with job placement and working with a job placement organization to get a job that will accommodate for my disabilities (they aren't the type I can just choose not to disclose when I'm hired because the accommodations I need aren't considered reasonable and I would have to make a plan for them prior to agreeing to a work schedule). The other roommate is actively job searching but hasn't found anything that's willing to hire them or even gotten more than one call back since moving here nearly a year ago and the one I'm a caretaker for is working with the same job placement program as I am to finish up their school & try to find an accessible job. Obviously none of this is guaranteed, but there's a potential there and most of us are going into/trying to go into high demand/lucrative industries and if it didn't work out in two years we were kind of just going to give up and be homeless anyway.
Our current rent is $1825/mo for a 4 bedroom + ~$450/mo utilities, which we can currently afford between my income (so long as Doordash and UberEats still lets me make my capped income, since I'm not able to make more than slightly $1500/mo or so or I'll lose my insurance, same with other disabled roommate) and my fiancee's income, but the average 4 bedroom in my area is ~$3800/mo. We're expecting our rent based on what others in the area have said to go up to ~$2400/mo in July (which is also when the rental assistance program ends). My fiancee and I are willing to go down to a 3 bedroom and share a room, but the average 3 bedroom in our area is more than $2400/mo so it would still be cheaper to stay where we are now and the less bedrooms you have the more expensive rent gets per person. And we can't afford $2850/mo + utilities + other necessary expenses (like insurance and medication copays and stuff since my fiancee makes too much to qualify for medicaid) on our combined income. (And no, it was not as expensive when we moved here, average rent was about half what it is now.)
We're also incredibly limited in where we can live because of my fiancee's career and current job as well as both our schools and as well as all being transgender and most of us being disabled, we need to stay in approximately the area we're in now to access specialist care and we can't move to cheaper areas of the country because it turns out living somewhere that doesn't want to make it illegal for you to be transgender is expensive, but even an hour each way commute would still be about the same housing price.
We've been saving everything we can that we don't spend on necessary expenses but we've had so many unexpected necessary expenses and my fiancee was unemployed for a while so we've managed in the past year or so to just break $2k in savings last month. Which is not even enough to pay a month's rent if we get the expected rent increase. It's so frustrating, I just want to have stable housing for once, I want a job and I'm convinced I could do many jobs very well if they were willing to accommodate for my disabilities but unfortunately, I have to just be disabled instead.
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2023.03.28 22:46 RasenganMD Seeking Advice on Refinancing Student Loans in today's financial climate

Hi everyone, I'm a graduating IM resident who will be signing a primary care physician position in a somewhat rural area. I have a sizable, but not significant amount of loans. I don't have a lot of mentors who talk about this stuff and no one in my family is a physician, so I am turning to you all for some guidance.

My loans: <250k
Starting Salary: >250k, with 80k sign on bonus for X year contract
My priority is to maximize my retirement accounts & then use the rest to pay off my loans aggressively. To this end, I had some questions.

  1. What is the best refinancing company? Should I go for variable or fixed rate?
    1. Was going to pick one based on Nerd Wallet.
  2. Should I put my entire bonus into my loans right before refinancing or after? Does it matter aside from obviously less principal = less interest accrued?
  3. Is there any chance the loan interest pause continues? I waited to refinance this whole time since the interest rate was 0%. So I'm planning on refinancing in late August/early September before the loans unpause - but will I lose out on government money if I do? I would hate to miss out on the 10k that we might get.
Thanks y'all, really appreciate any input into this as I try to google my way into learning about it as well.
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2023.03.28 22:46 WorkSpeed [EXCEL] Trying to grab a "child" ID in HTML

I'm trying to automate some stuff using VBA with Internet Explorer. Below is the relevant HTML on the page I'm working with.
As you can see above, there is some text that says "AVR Device". This is a product type. On the website, there is a checkbox next to the text AVR Device. The website contains a list of many different product types that have a checkbox next to them. I have a spreadsheet with a column that specifies the product type.
What I want to do is check the box next to the correct product type. I have the code below that works, but I don't feel like it's the best solution. What it does is search all classes on the website with the "selectit" name, and when it finds a match based on the product type specified in the spreadsheet, it gets the id of the parent, then appends the text "in-" in front of it, and clicks the element with that corresponding id, which checks the box. What I don't like is the need to append the "in-" in front to get the id of the checkbox. The "parentElement" function grabs the id of the parent, but that's not the id of the checkbox. Is there a similar function to "parentElement" that grabs the id below it instead of the id above it?
 Set elements = Browser.document.getElementsByClassName("selectit") For Each element In elements If element.className = "selectit" Then If element.innerText = ws.Range("C" & i).Value Then ParentID = element.parentElement.ID Browser.document.getElementById("in-" & ParentID).Click End If End If Next element 
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