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2023.06.07 11:05 Born-Department-6211 First time visiting Costa Rica ( worst first day experience ever)

Hey, I recently was looking at taking my partner to Brasil, but ended up choosing Costa Rica since it’s a bit safer . Anyway today I arrived at 1-3am and I was expecting to get my rental car, which then I learned closed at 10pm and they never gave me a call or ask if I was showing up ( the plane delayed), I then am able to negotiate the price of a cab down, I get to the hotel (Barceló ) and they informed me my room is damaged and they’re taking me to a different hotel, I get in and from the room I payed to stay in to the room I am staying now is a big fucking difference. I then go to the counter to ask for a shuttle to the airport and they tell me it’s not free. So is this the status quo for a visit here ? I am just not trying to waste my time. I just recently did Korea and that was a world’s difference of customer service( and I wasn’t even paying for expensive experiences)
I don’t know, I am just exhausted and annoyed that I have to pay for a shuttle to the airport ($20) each way and the airport is 5 minutes away.
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2023.06.07 10:26 Weekly-Spare-17 TKL Alphabet Day 4

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2023.06.07 09:42 nimitzhunter Home sweet home. Likely to sell 86% faster than nearby houses.

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2023.06.07 09:04 Born-Opportunity-907 TKL Alphabet Day 5

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2023.06.07 08:18 CXZ115 An interesting story about Canada’s 🇨🇦 visa policy and how other countries literally fought it by force.

Canada has always had more or less a clear visa policy when it comes to visiting the country with pretty much no exceptions. You either needed a visa to visit or you didn’t, except for Brazil, Bulgaria and Romania.
Since May 2017, Canada allowed Brazilians, Bulgarians and Romanians to get a Canadian eTA if they held a Canadian visa within the last 10 years or if they currently hold had a valid US non immigrant visa.
On December 2017, Canada was signing the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trad€ Agreement (CETA) and needed votes from the EU countries to move forward with the agreement.
Bulgaria and Romania were annoyed of this weird visa arrangement from Canada and threatened to vote against CETA if Canada doesn’t give them full visa free access. The Canadian government was dire to sign that agreement and were pretty much strong armed here so they promoted Bulgaria and Romania to full visa-free status to not potentially lose the trad€ agreement, even when the Canadian minister of immigration at the time clearly stated that these countries did not meet the requirements for a Canadian eTA yet.
Countries should take notes. This is how you fight for your people’s travel freedom. Leverage. Props to Bulgaria and Romania even though there are corruption concerns, but that was bold.
Then throughout all those years, it was only Brazil that had this hybrid arrangement of the Canadian visa. 6 years passed and yesterday, an unusual and unprecedented move by the Canadian Immigration, 13 countries have joined the list under Brazil such as Morocco, Philippines, Panama, Argentina,, Costa Rica, Thailand and more where these countries get an eTA based on if they previously had a Canadian visa or if they currently hold a US visa, and we will probably see more countries added in the future.
Now that Brazil is revoking the visa free access to Canada effective October 2023, I wonder what the process will be going forward for obtaining a visa as a Canadian.
Do you guys know if there are other stories where countries literally gained visa free access like that? Thank you for reading if you made it this far.
I am a university student, feel free to rate my writing as I try to improve every chance I can
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2023.06.07 08:05 richi-carmen Why should fowl feed processing maker lubricated?

Why should fowl feed processing maker lubricated?
Chicken feed handling equipment makers all know that throughout the operation of the feed machinery, there will certainly be equivalent rubbing in between the components touching each other, from damages to the parts to affecting the production of mechanical devices, hence causing the mechanical equipment to stop working and also causing significant economic losses to the business. Therefore, routine lubrication is usually needed to guarantee the regular procedure of the pet feed pellet making device.
When oiling feed machinery, fowl feed handling equipment manufacturers generally consist of a number of different lubrication states, which can be separated into border rubbing, completely dry rubbing and also liquid rubbing. Typically speaking, oiling the friction parts of tools can properly decrease friction, greatly decrease tools wear and also performance intake, boost devices operating efficiency, as well as extend equipment life. As one of the major ways to enhance devices efficiency, lubrication modern technology has ended up being a common problem in related areas.
Chicken feed handling machine makers require to take note that in the process of lubrication, they must not be thoughtlessly executed, but need to formulate a lubrication management plan in accordance with the development of the business according to the real production situation of the poultry feed equipment itself, so regarding make greater efforts for the typical operation of the enterprise equipment. contribution.Why should the chicken feed pellet making maker be kept oiled?
Generally, the importance of lubricating treatment has been highlighted again and again, mostly due to the fact that appropriate lubricating treatment can substantially decrease the wear degree of feed pellet mills and make certain smooth manufacturing job. As we all recognize, any kind of poultry feed processing equipment will inevitably have troubles such as reduced flexibility, reduced operating efficiency as well as damage after long-term usage. At this time, the maintenance of equipment certainly squanders labor and also material resource expenses, and also creates ventures to endure better economic losses.
Chicken feed processing makers are no exemption. In the long-lasting usage procedure, if there is a absence of corresponding lubrication, the friction stamina in between the get in touch with parts will unavoidably boost, resulting in damage to the parts and also impacting the typical use of the entire fowl feed handling equipment. Therefore, having a good lubrication program in place before a issue takes place in the equipment will certainly be a preventive measure to extend the life of the devices.
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The Followings Are More Frequently Asked Questions concerning Chicken Feed Pellet Machines :.
With the opening of 2022, the sales of Richi Equipment's fowl feed handling equipments have actually been increasing progressively. However, for the small troubles caused by the wrong procedure of clients, a brief recap is as complies with:.
1. What should I do if the poultry feed handling equipment can not be pushed?
Encountering this problem, numerous close friends will absolutely assume that this scenario will also take place when their feed pellet devices are generating feed pellets. This is actually a headache, not just wasting raw materials, but likewise considerably raising the trouble of screening feed pellets. Today, a technologist will certainly go over the factors for this sensation with you.
Lately, several customers reported that the fowl pellet maker created a great deal of powder, as well as the pellets were not tight enough, the feed pellets were always soft, so what happened?
In general, is this considered a feed component or formula? Relatively slow-moving production modifications, or changes to dishes, can promptly accomplish the wanted results. Omitting feed ingredients and also solutions, we will certainly evaluate the maker setup for internal issues.
( 1) The mold and mildew wear is too large, the filter holes are flattened, and also the expansion is significant, resulting in a decline in pellet stress, impacting the pellet forming price, and causing excessive powder.
( 2) The wetness web content of the raw material is too low or expensive. If the water content is too expensive, the powder will not be excessive, yet the pellet hardness is reduced, and also the pellets of the fowl feed pelleting device are easy to loosen up. The raw product has a low water content and is tough to squeeze out, leading to way too much powder.
( 3) The poultry feed pellet maker is aging, the power is insufficient, the motor can not give enough rate, as well as the matching stress is generated to press right into pellets.
( 4) The top quality of the ring die is bad, or the compression is not too high.
( 5) Think about making use of grease.
( 6) The feeding scrape is not set up correctly, and the feeding can not go into the pressing chamber.
( 7) The placement of the cutter is wrong, and the discharge material is squeezed right into powder ( yet if the hole is commonly blocked, it is unlikely).
( 8) Moisture control describes the comprehensive control of various aspects according to different situations in the entire production process, so that the final water material of the item can get to the anticipated target of the manufacturer. The main variables impacting the final water material of feed products are: water material of feed components, water changes in the squashing stage, fluid addition in the mixing phase, steam water material, conditioning degree, die hole size as well as thickness, cooler air quantity and air-drying time, product packaging.
Related post: Cattle Feed Mill
The influence of high quality administration and also different weather and environmental aspects ( usually, the dampness web content of pellet feed after handling will not go beyond 12.5; but in the north, pellet feed will not go beyond 13.5. If handling in summertime, due to the high ambient temperature, the optimum dampness content of ended up pellets shall not exceed 13.5. 12.5, otherwise it is very easy to mold and mildew and wear away).
Feed pellets rate by more and more farmers as well as herdsmen with their distinct advantages. It is simple to shop as well as transport, and it is also helpful for pet food digestion. Compared with ordinary feed, it is rich in nutrients and also has a good market possibility. Actually, the manufacturing procedure of feed pellets is a process of distribution ratio, as long as you master the proportion. Certainly, when the pellets begin, obviously inexperienced, but do it two times. The basic poultry feed handling machine maker's handbook will discuss the distribution ratio of feed pellets, which can be described.
2. No pellets.
( 1 ) Reason.
The new poultry feed handling maker was not run-in with lubricating oil or was not run-in sufficient;.
The moisture web content of feed raw materials is expensive;.
( 2 ) Option.
Remove the raw materials in the existing fowl feed processing machine, as well as add oil to the raw products to run in the brand-new maker, and the proportion of each time is: 1:3.
Add some dry active ingredients to readjust the wetness.
3. The electric motor quits all of a sudden.
( 1 ) Reason.
The voltage is as well low.
The pressure between journalism roller as well as the die plate is expensive.
( 2 ) Option.
Usage 4mm cable to avoid tripping throughout use.
Loosen up some screws.
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2023.06.07 08:03 bpskinnerclothiers Discover Stylish and Comfortable Costa Sneakers at BP Skinner Clothiers

Discover Stylish and Comfortable Costa Sneakers at BP Skinner Clothiers
Discover the best deals on Magnanni shoes at BP Skinner Clothiers. Our online store offers a wide collection of premium footwear, including the popular Costa Sneaker. Explore our exclusive selection of Magnanni shoes on sale, where you can find stylish and high-quality footwear at discounted prices. With its sleek design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Costa Sneaker is a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your shoe game without breaking the bank. Shop now at BP Skinner Clothiers to take advantage of the Magnanni shoes sale and step up your style with these timeless sneakers.
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2023.06.07 07:47 Gavcan123 WIBTAH if I gave potential purchasers a heads up?

I bought my own home a year ago. It is in a GREAT neighborhood, but was affordable for me because it needed ALOT of work. The first few (5 - 6) months I could not even live in it and had to commute from another city to do any work on it. Trust when I say costs added up quickly, especially in the beginning! I would work at my job all day, then commute to another city, work for a couple hours and drive home. Rinse, repeat. My wonderful father was/ is amazing as he has been here almost every step of the way, hour after hour, helping and guiding as needed.
All work of course is permitted and inspected by the city. Now most of the big jobs are done. I have slowed down quite a bit on working on the house, there is only so long you can go full tilt. All that's left is finishing type work. I am going room by room finishing things off.
The thing about my new home. It's a duplex (freehold - no HOA). The neighbor I have in the other half of the duplex (let's call her Stacy) purchased her home shortly before I purchased mine. When we first met, she was very excited to tell me how she had looked at the home I bought before making her purchase but decided she did not want to do the amount of work involved. My purchase price reflected the work needed. So, she was definitely aware prior to her purchase that in all likelihood someone would buy it and do major renos.
All renos are done evenings & weekends. On a weekend my usual start time is maybe 11 am, dont want to bother neighbors and I'm a night owl. My city bylaws allow construction noise until 10pm, but I stop by 9pm so to not bother anyone too much.
Stacy has been very vocal about her dislike of the noise. I had to turn off all notifications from her due to constant calls and texts. The noise was/ is not daily. Maybe 2 - 4 days a week at max. Not all tasks require power tools or are super noisy.
Stacy has decided to sell her half of the duplex. The for sale sign went up today. There is already interest as it is not often that decent homes come up in this area within this lower price range unless they have monthly HOA fees or condo fees.
I never really felt too bad about Stacy's hate of the noise because she knew what she was purchasing. She knew about the high likelihood of construction noise.
WIBTAH if I let potential buyers know about the ongoing renovations somehow?
I'm not even sure how I would go about it, but I dont want a family with a new baby pulling their hair out even more because they finally get their child to settle at the time when I can work on renos (have limited time between my job and daily activities people need to do to live like laundry and cooking). There are alot of potential reasons why someone may not want to live next to the noise, and I dont want a new neighbor to be unaware with such a large life purchase.
Before anyone asks, no I am not hiring out the rest of the work so it's done quicker. It is within my capabilities, and that is how I am earning equity in the home.
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2023.06.07 07:11 Seekertwentyfifty 55 yr old empty nester heading to my first retreat in a couple of weeks

I’m about to attend my first retreat in the Amazon and do 3-4 ceremonies plus smoke the toad if I can find the courage. For my first experience it felt right to make a pilgrimage to a reputable retreat in the Amazon. Although they were very tempting since I decided to bypass some of the more spa like options in Mexico and Costa Rica.
Assuming it all goes well and I decide to do some follow on work with Ayahuasca, I’m wondering if there’s a more practical way to do that work other than heading back to Iquitos from New York.
  1. Has anyone done it that way and if so can you comment on whether you lost something by not going back to a ‘real’ retreat outside the U. S? Is it realistic to think that follow on ceremonies could be effective and helpful if done over a long weekend in say Florida, Maine or upstate NY, etc?
  2. If so, can you recommend any places I should research along the Eastern Seaboard that might have shorter retreats for a long weekend, etc.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 07:02 thebigdirty Should I get an American Airlines (or other?) card before i book $1500 in flights?

I'm booking a trip to costa rica for my family, about $1500. Was just wondering if it pays to get an american airlines card to do it with. my luggage fees will be about $91 which is the same as the annual fee.
Current cards:
Discover card - $9k limit - $100 balance - 15+ years old
Amex something - $5k+? limit - $0 balance - 5-8 years old?
FICO Score: e.g. 850 Oldest account age: 15+ Chase 5/24 status: n/a Income: $50k? Average monthly spend and categories: all paid in cash. Open to Business Cards: probably not What's the purpose of your next card? traveling immediately Do you have any cards you've been looking at? American Airlines (but no really)
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2023.06.07 06:59 Peckerbird Considering if heading to Costa Rica for a week

Hey guys, a buddy and I have a work trip to Mexico and before heading back to our country (Colombia) we'd like to spend a week at either Costa Rica or Panama. We're interested on sightseeing for one or 2 days, nice cafes to work from and mainly night life/party. This would be in September. Where and What places would you recommend us staying at (nice/luxury), we're both 26.
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2023.06.07 06:02 Desperate_Top_3000 Should I speak to my kids in Spanish?

I lived in Costa Rica for a year and a half and became rather fluent during my time there. I now am back in the states and have been for the last 5 years. I still speak Spanish when the opportunity arises but I wouldn’t say that I am as fluent as I once was. We don’t have kids yet but my wife has always told me that she would want me to speak to our kids in solely Spanish and hopefully have them become fluent. Now the question is, would me speaking Spanish to them do more harm then good since it’s not my native language? I appreciate any thoughts and tips that you guys have.
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2023.06.07 06:02 benjinova How do I read this 3rd quarter spread?

How do I read this 3rd quarter spread?
Costa Rica leads by 13 but the 3rd quarter spread for them is -2.5 … what does this mean? My logic thought they had to win by at least 3 but they’re up 13 already. How do I read this?
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2023.06.07 04:15 chastelyroneo373 She was warned

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2023.06.07 04:04 smitdl00 Huge endorsement of camelia oil for rust prevention

The question of rust prevention comes up often in this sub. Many people have opinions on the subject. U/oldtoolfool always suggests camelia oil, so I bought some and put it to the test.
My tools go untouched for months in a covered but otherwise exposed box in an outdoor shop which has to make it through the rainy season in Costa Rica. I have had rust problems and have tried various solutions with various outcomes. No disasters but no champions, until today.
As oldtoolfool has suggested in numerous comment sections, I bought some camelia oil, sprayed it on a surface or on a rag, and wiped the surface, leaving a trace layer of oil. I did this in February at the end of the dry season, put the tools in my metal chest, closed the noon airtight lid, and hoped for the best through the rainy season.
Today, four months later, I returned to perfect tools. Zero rust on treated surfaces. Not a picogram of oxidation. Amazing. Get you some camelia oil.
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2023.06.07 04:02 tonythetiger891 Prices Start to Skyrocket - May 2023 Real Estate Market Update and Housing Statistics

Las Vegas Housing Market
Median Single Family Home Price: $442,120
Down from 482,000 a year ago (-8.3%).
UP from 430,000 a month ago(+2.8%).
Median Condo/Townhouse Price: $275,000
Down from 285k a year ago (-3.5%)
Up from 270k a month ago (+1.9%)
Number of New Single Family Home Listings: 2,604
Up 6.2% from a month ago.
Down -35.4% from a year ago.
Number of New Condo/Townhome Listings: 725
Up 3% from a month ago
Down 34.7% from a year ago.
Single Family Homes without offers at end of period: 3,645
Down 2.5% from a month ago
Up 2.1% from a year ago.
Units Sold this Period: 2,316
Up 18.0% from a month ago
Down 20.3% from a year ago
60.6% of all single-family homes sold within the first 30 days.
Up from 53.6% a month ago and down from 88.6% a year ago
Months of Inventory Available:
Single-family homes: 1.6 months
Condos/Townhouses: 1.4 months
A twelve thousand dollar jump in prices is a significant increase in the market. Bidding wars are back. It's becoming clearer that the market bottomed out at the end of last year and that last month's increase woke up a lot of buyers on the sidelines waiting for a sign to jump. School ended early across the valley which may also be a big factor in the amount of business being done. Things felt crazy dealing with the amount of foot traffic I witnessed on listings and how many offers buyers were competing with so this isn't a huge surprise to those who work consistently as Realtors.
Keep in mind that during May a lot of people were concerned with the debt ceiling affecting markets across the board. For real estate in Las Vegas, it looks like it didn't matter at all.
Barring a full-blown recession prices are likely to continue to increase through summer as inventory is even more limited than the previous month. The question is how much more will prices go up and if fall and winter will have any noticeable impact this year as during Covid, prices increased versus a traditional dropoff in sales.
It is a full blast seller's market at the moment which means it is a great time to sell but for buyers, it means they have to compete. It can be an extremely frustrating process so make sure you have an agent that has dealt with a bidding war market before.
If the market goes up the same amount next month, the chaos of previous years with 20+ offers on properties may well return as we approach the 1-month inventory mark.
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2023.06.07 03:12 239Deal 📣 Study: Prices Way-Up or Way-Down Across the US ~ Up 11% in FL down 10% in CA 📊

📣 Study: Prices Way-Up or Way-Down Across the US ~ Up 11% in FL down 10% in CA 📊
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We help sellers and buyers in all situations. Call or text Barry at 239-360-5527 in confidence, without obligation.
Search or Research SW Florida plus check out our Hoey Team ☘ listings, with more on the way: 🌐 www.239RealEstateDeals.Com
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Barry Hoey Broker Owner 239RealEstateDeals.Com LLC 239-360-5527 [email protected] Southwest Florida 🌴
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2023.06.07 02:20 HiddenLittleKitten Can a beneficiary contest a will's trust or the trustee?

I'm 32 with a physical disability with no learning disabilities and zero bad behaviours that would cause any concern for handling funds...
My Dad passed away and created a trust fund that has my uncle (his older brother) as the executor of the will and trustee to distribute the estate funds for my expenses, he's already retired so the plan is to eventually pass the role of trustee onto his step son I've never met instead ever passing any control over to me...
My uncle doesn't want any of the assets transferred into my name and instead wants to continue to keep me on ODSP (disability) low income support on a room and board account, so that he can pay some of the utility bills with the trust funds and thinks disability will cover all of my expenses, but my expenses are much more than what disability provides (less than 1k a month) and my Dad was financially helping me using the family gift allowance while I've been on ODSP that my Dad and I agreed for me to only be on temporarily and we were going to end the program this year, but he ended up passing away before that happened... I'm still currently on ODSP and trying to find remote work online because of the financial limbo I'm now in during the probate.
My Dad's investment portfolio has a yearly income of around 60k and there is an 800k value in his assets...
Though one problem is my Dad ended his TFSA so I was told there would be a 50% tax from the government, and that it might be possible for me to open an RDSP account to attempt to protect some of the money that's being lost?
Does that 50% tax only affect his savings or is it reoccurring for everything that my Dad had like if his investment portfolio creates 60k a year would it be taxed every time down to 30k?
There's also a mould issue in my Dad's home from a water heater leak, and I'm currently living in the home.
My uncle is wanting me to drastically downsize everything I own, sell the property at a massive loss as just a lot sale, and move into a small condo with higher fees much further away from any of my medical assistance and stores for the basics giving me much higher transit fees too...
My cousin that's a realtor said investing in repairing the immediate mould damage downstairs ASAP to make the house safe + slowly renovating for 100k over time while living in it would raise the house value to over a million and to not sell...
The will is currently still in probate and I'm not sure if emergency funds can be withdrawn from my Dad's money to professionally treat the mould?
I can't get help from house insurance because I found out my Dad renovated the bathroom downstairs not to building code and also did not update the insurance policy to include the 2nd bathroom where the leak happened...
Can my uncle as the executor and the estate trustee sell my Dad's house that I'm currently living in without my permission as beneficiary and force me to move? The house was only in my Dad's name and never in my name
Is it possible to dissolve the trust fund so I have everything just transferred to me? I'm the only beneficiary of the will
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2023.06.07 01:55 NennyBenny Violent crime in places outside the US

I have been researching popular countries for people leaving the US and people almost always mention the lack of violent crime. Why do we have so much, but Costa Rica, Portugal, etc do not?
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2023.06.07 01:52 StrongQuarter1144 HK World Tour Ep. 10 - Curry & Costa Rica Waterfalls

Previously on Hell’s Kitchen…
The final 10 participated in a game of craps, and it would be Natalie’s dish, that scored yet another win for the blue team, but just barely. At dinner service, things got chaotic with Dante’s raw ribeye, followed by miscommunication from Natalie, for causing a small fire, burning her fish. Over on the red team, Claire and Matt had issues of their own on the meat station, with raw ribeye, as well as undercooked and overcooked fish. Which made matters worse was that Claire used a thermometer to check the meat. Neither team did a great impression, and the red team nominated Matt and Claire, while the blue team nominated Dante and Natalie, but ultimately it was Claire that said goodbye to her dream of becoming Head Chef at the Hell’s Kitchen restaraunt in Glasgow. And now, the continuation of Hell’s Kitchen.
As both teams went back to the dorms, Ramsay urged them to come back strong. Dante thought the blue team held a grudge against him, but he did not care as their performances were superior to his. Larissa was concerned about the blue team’s fate at the patio as she did not want any more drama. Caleb chimed in that he was not the source of the drama but said it was Dante causing it. While the blue team waited for Dante to come to the patio to join them, Dante decided to take a break from his team, and rest in the bedroom. Larissa saw that the blue team’s performance was going on a high horse, and felt that Dante would go, and make them strong next service.
The following day, the dining room was set up with a wrestling match between Chef Ramsay, and Marino. Dante was too thrilled about the wrestling match, as he wanted to join, as he used to wrestle back in the day. Most of the chefs were surprised of watching the wrestling match, especially, Jeff, and felt that Marino would not be comfortable to wrestle, and neither could chef Ramsay. Michelle found it a good experience to watch, and rooted for Chef Ramsay, and felt that he could be a pro at wrestling, and cooking. As the match was called, a scoring sign shown saying “Blind Taste Test” as the next challenge, exciting many of the chefs, especially Hope, as she was a fan favourite. Chef Ramsay announced that each chef will be blindfolded, with wearing earphones, and then tasting and guessing what they just ate. The team with the most points wins the challenge. And because the blue team had an extra person, they had to sit someone out. They agreed on sitting out Dante, as many of the chefs found his palate to be the weakest. Chef Ramsay also announced that he was bringing curry blasters as their consequences. He then announced if their chef got 2 wrong, they get blasted with Rice. If they get 3 wrong, they get blasted with chicken, and if they get them all wrong, they will get blasted with curry sauce. This made Natalie look nervous as she had perfect hair, and didn’t want to get it ruined. Although Dante was excited to not get blasted, he was upset he didn’t participate in the challenge.
1st Round >> Natalie vs. Ty (Larissa and Michelle sitting in blaster chairs)
Natalie - Chicken
Ty- Chicken
>>Sour Cream<<
Natalie - Sour Cream
Ty - Greek Yogurt (Michelle gets hit with rice)
Natalie - Peach (Larissa gets hit with rice)
Ty - Cantaloupe (Michelle gets hit with chicken)
Natalie - Almonds (Larissa gets hit with chicken)
Ty - Peanuts (Michelle gets curry sauce dumped)
The score is 1 - 0, blue team in the lead.
2nd Round >> Hope vs. Caleb (Natalie and Ty sitting in Blaster chairs)
Hope - Plums
Caleb - Pears
Hope - Muscles (Ty gets hit with rice)
Caleb - Shrimp (Natalie gets hit with rice)
>>Cheddar Cheese<<
Hope - Cheddar Cheese
Caleb - Cheddar Cheese
Hope - Mushrooms
Caleb - Mushrooms
Score is 3 - 2. Blue team up by 1
3rd Round>> Jeff vs. Matt (Hope and Caleb sitting in Blaster chairs)
>>Red beans<<
Jeff - black beans
Matt - kidney beans
Jeff - coconut
Matt - potato (Hope gets hit with rice)
>>Chick Peas<<
Jeff - Peas (Caleb gets hit with rice)
Matt - Figs (Hope gets hit with chicken)
Jeff - Crab (Caleb gets hit with chicken)
Matt - Scallops (Hope gets curry sauce dumped)
The score is 4 - 2. Blue team up by 2.
4th Round>> Larissa vs. Michelle (Jeff and Matt sitting in blasted chairs)
>>Filet Mignon<<
Larissa - ribeye
Michelle - filet Mignon
Larissa - kiwi (Jeff gets hit with rice)
Michelle - papaya
Larissa - potato
Michelle - potato
Larissa - strawberries
Michelle - strawberries
The blue team wins the challenge 6 - 5.
Chef Ramsay congratulates the blue team on winning their 4th straight challenge, and declares that they were one of the unstoppable blue teams in Hell’s Kitchen history. For their reward, they will be flying to Costa Rica. They will be heading to the Arenal Volcano, where they will take a dip in the thermal waters, and then enjoy a massage. After that, they will enjoy lunch with a view of the volcano. Natalie said it would be an amazing reward, as she liked a massage.
As the blue team arrive at the waterfall, Jeff said that it was very fun for the blue team to get out, and take a splash in the Costa Rican water, and then get a massage. Natalie mentioned that a massage makes her day, while Caleb called it a relaxing tension. Caleb enjoyed beautiful Costa Rica and he wished he could be there the whole time. However, Dante had trouble enjoying the reward, as his team cut him from the blind taste test challenge. While they were enjoying their lunch, the blue team excluding Dante, had a chance to make the black jackets, and then Jeff and Caleb formed an alliance of themselves making the final 2.
While the blue team head off to Sunny Costa Rica, the red team are going to be stuck together, because they will be cleaning up the mess they made during the Blind Taste Test. chef Ramsay also expects that dining area to be spotless, as he was opening up for Dinner Service. Ty was disappointed, as he missed the opportunity to go swimming in a waterfall, and that he had to clean up a curry terrorized dining room. As the red team starting cleaning, Michelle said that it would be nice to see a volcano, as she never seen one, and felt that she shouldn’t have used her punishment pass on the London reward. While cleaning, Chef Meghan tells the chefs to take a break as she prepared food for them. On the table was an arrangement of offal, which disgusted Hope, as she vomited. Ty also almost threw up, but knew it was a punishment, and if he took the loss, he would pay the price that came with it. Matt also got annoyed by Hope throwing up, and felt that the team needed her during dinner service.
Later that evening, both teams were ready for service. Ramsay told the blue team that they were responsible for their own station while telling the red team to shine as individuals as they worked together. Chef Ramsay also expected a good service, and wanted both teams to work together. Then, Ramsay asked Marino to open Hell’s Kitchen.
Dinner Service
As the blue team began appetizers, Jeff led the order as he knew they had to get through their internal problems. Jeff wanted it done and got his scallops accepted. The blue team worked on their first order. In the red kitchen, Hope served a bland carbonara, leaving Sous Chef Meghan to come to appetizers and gave her a reminder. Ramsay told Hope that he needed a rich carbonara while Ty did not want a horrible start. Hope got her refire accepted.
As appetizers left both kitchens, Ramsay began firing entrées in the blue kitchen. Dante knew that he received one last chance to bounce back, and he refused to let Ramsay down. Still, Natalie compared Dante as one of their sloppiest members and feared that her performance on garnish could back them up. While Jeff and Natalie got their proteins accepted, Ramsay was waiting on Dante’s garnishes. However, Dante cooked the wrong garnishes, and he was berated for the salmon garnish and forced to cook the wellington garnish. Ramsay reminded the blue team that it was their first order and was confused about how Dante worked on firing the salmon garnish instead of the wellington. Dante admitted to his mistake. In the red kitchen, Michelle got her wellington accepted, but Matt was slow on the garnish. Then, Matt forgot the mashed garnish to go with the order, making Michelle deem him disorganized and a hot mess. Ty chided Matt for being a turtle with the garnish, but the latter got it accepted. In the blue kitchen, Dante got the couscous accepted, and blue diners enjoyed their entrées. On their next order, Dante was determined to bounce back and denied Jeff’s assistance. Still, Caleb feared they would be scrambled if Dante did not keep up. Dante sent up over portioned garnish for the lamb as he thought it was two instead of one. Ramsay brought Dante and Caleb to the pass and asked them for their cooperation. Dante admitted that it was 1000% his fault he sent up over portioned garnishes as Ramsay was confused by the major mistakes.
One and a half hours into dinner service, the red team worked on the chef’s table as Ramsay informed them about the latter’s show. While most of the red team worked hard, Hope called out the wrong order. Seeing that, Ramsay took Hope to the pantry room for a one-on-one talk. Ramsay did not know what was wrong with Hope as one of the most talented and accurate chef in the red team was not calling the right order. Ramsay told Hope that he needed more vigor from her before warning her over an ejection. Inspired by Ramsay’s comment, Hope said he wanted it and knew the former wanted more from her. Refusing to let that day define her, Hope went back to the kitchen and started communicating with the red team. Michelle rose as the leader for the red team and got her New York strip loin accepted with Ty’s halibut accepted not long after. The red chef table received their order, and both teams hustled to get all their entrées out. No other mistakes were made as the customers enjoyed their entrées. As the red team cleared down, Ramsay praised Ty and Michelle for their spot-on performances.
Post mortem
After both teams lined up, Ramsay deemed it a solid service from both teams. Still, he reminded them that he wanted people to start popping out more as they moved forward in the competition. Ramsay said two did, praising Michelle for leading the red team to success thanks to her vocalness and sounding like a leader. Then, Ramsay turned to Jeff and praised him for his immaculate wellingtons. Both were named “Best of the Best,” and they were asked to name one person from their teams for elimination.
During deliberation, Michelle told Ty that the only two people he was considering were Hope and Matt. Michelle saw that Hope was not vocal that night, and didn’t have the right calls and felt that Matt was not ready for the Head Chef position. Ty considered Hope due to her lack of effort that night but reminded Michelle that it was her decision at the end of the day. Meanwhile, Jeff told Natalie that she and Larissa were not at risk of being nominated thanks to their performance on appetizers. Jeff knew Dante was his nominee and told the women that. In the red bedroom, Michelle and Matt chatted about the latter’s disorganization. Matt said that he might have a few mistakes, but felt that he could do a lot more, but he was nervous that Michelle could nominate him. Back at the blue bedroom, Jeff told Caleb that he was nominating Dante as she knew Ramsay did not want a sloppily clumsy person as his protégée. When Jeff spoke with Dante, he reminded the latter how he struggled on garnish. Dante tried to argue he did not know they could fire garnishes at the same time, but Jeff called it an out of time excuse. Meanwhile, Hope told Michelle to weigh her options carefully as she wanted her to think about the team. Still, Hope was ready to fight for her life, while Michelle admitted Hope was a strong but memory loss chef. Michelle struggled to make her decision.
Michelle announced Hope as the red team’s nominee, while Jeff announced Dante as the blue team’s nominee. During their pleas, Hope said that she was not done with her dreams, and she was still running for the opportunity to become a Head Chef at a restaurant in Glasgow, and felt that she had the composure to be his head chef, while Dante said that his team might have given up on him, but he wasn’t ready to go yet, and also asked if he can join the red team, as he trusted them more. In the end, Chef Ramsay eliminated Dante for his cluelessness, lack of support, and miscommunication on garnish. During his exit interview, Dante was disappointed about not making it further into the competition, as he was ready for a black jacket, and felt that it was his team’s fault for backing him up.
As Dante left, Chef Ramsay told Hope that she was lucky to dodge her first bullet. Hope said that there was still nothing in her way, and she wasn’t ready to leave yet. As the teams left. Michelle said that the blue team may have been backstabbed, but their performances just gets worse, and felt that the red team could have a chance. Jeff said that there are no excuses made during service, and thinks that the blue team can work a lot more powerful, and thinks he had the guts to stay in the competition, while Caleb said that there were only 8 chefs left in the competition, and he was ready to get his game face on.
Ramsay’s comment: “After watching Dante cooking the wrong garnish. His team dropped the bag, and after many major change, his chance was shot”
18th: Camilo (Individual Challenge)
17th: Derek
16th: Josh
15th: Trish
14th: Rosemary
13th: Kristian
12th: Jamila
11th: Ashley
10th: Claire
9th: Dante
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2023.06.06 23:58 FreethinkingMFT Psychotherapy Telehealth Regulations

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not it would be legal for a US based psychotherapist (like a psychologist or counselor) to perform telehealth services with a US citizen who is a current resident of Costa Rica. I tried looking online but could not find anything on the topic.
Most US states require psychotherapists to be licensed in the state that the client resides in, partly for legal and safety reasons. But many countries don't have this regulation. Any information here is appreciated!
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