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2014.09.12 22:03 d8_thc Fractal Holographic Unified Field Theory

The holofractographic unified field theory, as developed by Nassim Haramein and physicists at the Resonance Science Foundation & [Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics](http://hiup.org). This theory explores the fractal, holographic nature of the structure of space and thus, how the totality of all is within each piece - unifying physics and solving quantum gravity.

2023.03.24 06:12 Shshsjdisk Flyer put up in my apartment complex which has 40-50 units which all owned by the same entity (my own rent is set to increase 20%). There should be strict regulations on for-profit companies operating rental properties and greater renter rights.

Flyer put up in my apartment complex which has 40-50 units which all owned by the same entity (my own rent is set to increase 20%). There should be strict regulations on for-profit companies operating rental properties and greater renter rights. submitted by Shshsjdisk to australia [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:12 pelehcar Someone said they were relieved I gained weight & didn’t look as good😔

I used to be super skinny & a friend told me yesterday that she used to be kinda jealous of me, but that she was relieved when she saw me after a long time and realized I had gained weight so my body now looked more like hers. I’ve been struggling so much to lose weight for a couple years due to PCOS. I have dealt with anorexia in the past and I’m feeling super triggered. All I want to do now is starve… I know it’s terrible. Need advice.
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2023.03.24 06:11 DaxLap 2023 Dynasty Rookie Rankings 1QB

Spent a long time creating a top 10 for this year's rookie class for single QB and figured I might as well post it here to get some thoughts. I have the 1.03, 1.04, 1.09, and 1.10 motivating me to get this as right as possible. Going to post a new one after NFL draft
These rankings are for a league with 1QB, PPR, start 10
2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft Rankings
  1. Bijan Robinson
Not much needs to be said here. Easy 1.01
  1. Jaxon Smith-Njigba
I have been day dreaming about JSN on my fantasy roster for a what feels like forever. At 6 foot and a half, 196 pounds Njigba is similar to that Justin Jefferson/Garrett Wilson build that has seen tremendous success early on in NFL careers. Happy to take him at 1.02
  1. Jahmyr Gibbs
Can't go wrong taking Gibbs here or at 2. He has a good mix of high floor and high ceiling with a real argument to be taken over Smith-Njigba. Gibbs' weight is a concern at 196 pounds but I don't view it as a weakness. Christian McCaffrey weighed in at 202 pounds at the combine and has been realtively healthy for the position. I can't see the top 3 picks changing regardless of landing spot.
  1. Zach Charbonnet
This is where the draft starts if you ask me. There are probably 3 different guys who could be taken with this pick. I chose to go with Charbonnet because of his 3-down back build standing at 6' 1" 220 pounds. I was also impressed with his 40 time of 4.53. Charbonnet got better each year he played and is one of the most NFL ready players in this draft. If he goes to a team without a #1 back he is an easy pick here.
  1. Jordan Addison
Trying to rank Jordan Addison has taken more hours of my life than I am proud to admit. On one hand, his sophomore season at Pittsburgh was one of the best seasons in college football history earning him the Biletnikoff award over guys like Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave, Jameson Williams, and even the player ranked at #2. He has a great route tree, soft hands, and elite body control. I am not worried about the underwhelming season stats at USC as he was great before his injury mid-season. What does worry me is his size. Outside of Devonta Smith, there aren't a lot of guys at 6' 170 pounds in the NFL. Jerry Jeudy looks tiny on the field but even he's an inch taller and 23 pounds heavier than Addison. With that being said if his ceiling is Devonta Smith, 1.05 seems right.
  1. Zay Flowers
I think the amount of draft capital spent on Zay will be very telling. The main knock you can have on Zay is his height but he is within 2 pounds of measuring exactly the same as Antonio Brown did in 2010. Steve Smith has frequently been right when it comes to evaluating college receivers and his comp was Jaylen Waddle. I'm not saying he is Jaylen Waddle who is much fastequicker but there are parts of Zay's game that remind me of Waddle.
  1. Quentin Johnston
Johnston has all the measurables you look for in an X wide receiver. Him choosing not to run the combine makes me a little bit worried because a good 40 time could have solidified himself as the first WR taken in the NFL draft. This is a boom or bust type of player with his ceiling and floor being the further apart of anyone in this draft for me.
  1. Anthony Richardson
Admittedly for a 10 team 1 QB league, this is hard to justify. But, I see a lot of Justin Fields in him with a higher rushing upside and lower passing ability. Richardson could break fantasy football if he goes to a team that plays to his strengths like the ravens did for Lamar Jackson. There is a clear tier drop for me after Quentin Johnston and think AR15 goes well at the top of a new one.
  1. Michael Mayer
Michael Mayer is going to an amazing TE in the NFL. With that being said, is he going to be amazing as a fantasy football TE too? Many have pointed out that he blocks too much to be a dynasty asset taken this high. While that is fair, he had similar offensive production to Dalton Kincaid the previous two seasons. Kincaid is known as being the TE in this class with the highest receiving upside. Tight ends are a position of need for many teams in dynasty making him worth the late first round pick.

  1. Tank Bigsby
This is the start of a group of RBs that are really hard to predict how they translate to fantasy football points. I put Tank as the RB4 because there is a lot to like in his game. He is 6', 210 pounds and ran track in college which is why most people, including himself, were disappointed with his 4.56 40 yard dash. Tank was confident he was faster than that and proved it running a 4.45 at Auburn's pro day. Tank is a compact runner with a rare blend of balance, agility, and instincts making him worth the 1.10
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2023.03.24 06:11 Spare-Shine-151 What is the CAT cutoff score required for FMS college?

What is the CAT cutoff score required for FMS college?

![img](7gycae5lempa1 " The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University is the dream college of most of the MBA aspirants of the country. It determines its cutoff for CAT based on the number of candidates who appeared in the CAT exam, number of candidates clearing it, number of seats available in each category, past CAT scores of FMS, etc. Its cutoff is calculated as per the composite score in CAT. So, in the last few years, the CAT score required for getting a call from FMS Delhi is mostly as high as 99 percentile. If you want to score that high and get into FMS, I suggest you start preparing for CAT at the earliest with the right strategy and guidance from expects like: 1. Physics Wallah, 2. IMS, 3. Career Launcher who have a proven record of successful students. ")
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2023.03.24 06:06 Sea-Youth6376 Frequent Infections and Bartholin cyst!

I’m a 20 year old female who has PCOS. I’ve been overweight since I was about 10 years old; My highest weight was around 220lbs while being 5’4. When I was younger (12-16), I would only get my period two to three times a year and they were short lived (3 days) and extremely painful. I took the doctors advice and finally lost my first 40lbs. Once I hit the 180’s my periods became monthly, and only sometimes as extreme as past occurrences. However, frequent vaginal infections, vaginal “calcium deposits”, and vaginal cysts have become a problem. I feel as if I ALWAYS have some sort of vaginal infection. If it’s not clumps of yeast, it’s dark yellow discharge and itchiness. If not itchiness, it’s foul odor and the constant urge to urinate (only for a tiny droplet to fall). Along with these vaginal infections, I might experience a mild cold of some sort where I’m sneezing and feeling weak. Additionally, I get Bartholin cyst on one of my vaginal lips at least 5 times a year. Seriously. The cyst runs from a small ignorable “pimple” that busts with warm compress- to a bump that hardens my entire right vaginal lip and makes it nearly impossible to sit and walk normally. I go to the ER when it gets really bad and receive the standard antibiotics, only for it to happen again within the next couple of months. I went to my general practitioner several times, and each they test me I do have a vaginal infection of some kind. I get antibiotics and that’s all. Oh! And also, I’ve noticed that i have a lining of white mushy (stuff) on the inner lining of my cheeks. After some research, I figured that it could be candida overgrowth showing in my mouth (which also could explain the yeast infection.) When I told my doctor, he said it was impossible and that it was just trauma from chewing on my cheeks. I’m really just at a lost for words and don’t know who to ask. Does anyone else have experience with this or could give information on any of my concerns? Thank you!
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2023.03.24 06:06 SnooPredictions4334 How do I stop being so shy / nervous during sex with my bf?

I’ve been officially in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 months. But we were going on dates since November. I’m 22 and he’s 21.
We’ve had sex twice and the first time I was extremely shy, it took hours to get into the act because I kept having to take breaks and prepare myself mentally and engaging in foreplay. Now if you couldn’t already tell, I was very much a virgin. He’s my first real life relationship. My shyness came from the fact I’ve never let somebody see my body like that before. And I didn’t even get fully naked so there’s still future shyness to overcome.
Clearly I’m shy about my body, and not sure what to do about it. I enjoy sex and I enjoy being intimate with him, but my shyness and nervousness makes it hard to relax, and keep wondering ‘is my body good enough?’ ‘does it look alright?’
I’m normal weight. I consider myself ‘thicc’, like, my boobs and thighs are pretty big whereas the rest of my body is pretty skinny. But I still have little chubby areas which is what I’m shy about. My boyfriend says he can’t believe I’m shy about my body so clearly this is an issue with myself. I’m honestly really nervous of him seeing it completely naked lmao.
We will have sex again soon and if only I wasn’t so shy, I would be so much more excited about it. How can I help myself? I’m thinking of just drinking a lot of wine next time lol.
I’m an over thinker and deal with anxiety. Sex is a thing where you really shouldn’t be thinking about things other than sense-related(touch, smell, etc.) how do I turn my mind off?!
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2023.03.24 06:06 Lucidyumedreamer I hate how fat and how bad my skin is

I miss having perfect smooth skin with no acne or hyperpigmentation. My face is now fucked with the amount of acne I have. I also gained so much weight from binge eating. I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I just want to go back to middle school when I had none of these problems. I had the potential to be pretty and I fucked it up. I wish I didn’t place so much importance on my appearance. I hate this.
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2023.03.24 06:05 sapta99_streetbets Calculation of MF NAV

Let's say, there is a special 'Reliance mutual fund', which only invests in Reliance shares and the number of mutual fund units are in 1:1 proportion with the number of shares held by the fund. Meaning if I buy one unit in this MF, they will buy 1 Reliance share on my behalf and same for selling too. Also the NAV is same as the Reliance LTP and the TER is taken care of from the dividend.
Now let's say, currently this fund has 1Cr units with a particular large investor single-handedly having 50L units. If the Reliance is trading at 2300 at the moment, the current NAV is 2300 too and the AUM is 2300Cr.
Now if the 'large investor' places a redeem order for all of his units and the fund manager could sell 50L Reliance shares at an average price of 2200 during the day, but the Reliance goes back to 2300 at the end of the day, what will be the NAV in this scenario?
Case 1: the fund manager will tell the 'big investor' that the in spite of NAV being 2300 at the end of the day, his shares could be sold at an average price of 2200 and so he will get only 50Lx2200?
Case 2: Or the fund house will calculate its total asset as 50Lx2200 in cash and 50Lx2300 in equities for 1Cr units, resulting in NAV being 2250? But if they have to return the money in accordance with NAV, the figure comes out to be 50Lx2250. whereas they have only 50Lx2200 in cash. So how they will arrange 50Lx50? If the fund manager wants to sell more shares, then the other investors are losing money in this process and actually bearing the loss, which is not theirs. Also the NAV of the 'Reliance mutual fund' will lag by 50 points to the actual Reliance share from now on.
Any informative comment on this topic would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.24 06:04 Outrageous_Profile93 [US-CA] [H] Dolinger PC, S65 V2, Basket Weave Kit (Built), Samice PC [W] Cash, Paypal

Dolinger: Timestamp (Shown with keysterine keycaps and aqua kings)
S65 V2: Timestamp
Basket Weave: Timestamp
Samice: Timestamp

Hi all, have some boards trying to offload. Here is my asking, I will take OBO. Open to trades but mainly trying to sell.
Dolinger PC: $500 OBO (unbuilt). brass weight. Have 3 65% solder PCBs for it, micro-usb. Trying to sell unbuilt but please feel free to message me if you want it built.

S65 V2: $400 OBO. Unbuilt. Used once, desoldered. Damaged a trace when taking apart, jumped the contacts for the key and works fine now. Photos shown in time stamp above. Original box included

Basket Weave kit: $100. Cannot recall what the switches are, some franken switch of sorts. Selling built as shown in timestamp.

Samice PC: $200. Built with konpeito, comes with keycaps. Selling built, can be unbuilt. Small knick on back, shown in timestamp above.

Feel free to message if you have questions, local is Orange County, California. Will ship at buyers expense.
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2023.03.24 06:01 epikdigdog gregtech- anyway I can make it so i can't see the greyed out questlines? it's a bit annoying to have to scroll up and down

gregtech- anyway I can make it so i can't see the greyed out questlines? it's a bit annoying to have to scroll up and down submitted by epikdigdog to feedthebeast [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:01 JaChuChu Less carried away than usual (part 4) The Crypt of the Ice King

Less carried away than usual (part 4) The Crypt of the Ice King
This is a Crypt within my Well of a Thousand Tombs (350 ft depth, entrance roughly across from room AP, actual main floor level closer to room BB) this is my "Level 4", but properly I think of it as a sub-level of the rest of the Well, just differing more substantially in it's theme
Naturally given its name, this tomb is totally frozen; even the primary entrance is blocked over with ice, along with it's section of the staircase being isolated by the collapse of the stairs up and down--it will take discovering the secret entrance or some problem solving to gain entrance.
In many rooms there are undead soldiers frozen into column's of ice which will be released if melted, and various creatures such as Icy Wind elementals are common. Some bizzare creatures have found there way in from the subterranean Lake connected to the tunnels on the right hand side of the map.
The main set piece is room N where the eponymous Ice King froze himself into a pillar of ice with his magic amulet. The sunken section in the middle of the room is also filled with about 8 feet of snow, obscuring both the Ice King's mummified pet Frost Salamander, and entrance b to the under-crypts.If the Ice King's amulet is extracted, the ice throughout the dungeon will begin to melt, and the undead Frost Salamander will awaken.
Other favorite favorite rooms include B, a stadium style debate hall filled with water and frozen over; the water is punishingly cold, and the ice atop won't bear weight. Room K features a pair of alluring obsidian mirrors; the reflection in the mirror is a doppleganger who will emerge upon interaction, and who's demeanor will reflect the player's (e.g. aggressive vs. curious, etc). Room O has a very obvious spiked pit in the middle. Just to see what happens :). Room P is an ice cave, and valuable and precious objects appear to be encased in the ice, but it's entirely an illusion to waste player's time >:). Finally, AK is basically a moat of ice spikes. Many of them contain undead warriors. Should the Ice King's amulet be stolen, its potentially a race to escape before the legion of undead warriors emerge and flood the rest of the dungeon.
The under-crypt exists to add a little verticality and more secret traversal options. It is accessible from a well in A, by melting an ice statue in U, or by the snow-hidden door in N. This section is _mostly_ simple crypts with plenty of valuables to loot.
------- Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
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2023.03.24 05:59 Greenbean2015 Choosing between Thinkpad P52 with 32gb rm and Ideapad with 16gb ram but better processor

New Ideapad 5 15", Ryzen 5625u (Passmark 15038), 16gb 3200mhz ddr4, Internal radeon graphics
I have the ideapad but I'm considering exchanging for The ThinkPad. The Thinkpad is slightly more expensive but I really want the trackpoint and extra ram. It's hard to find any laptop sub $1600CAD with 32gb ram.
The Ideapad is great. I've installed Halo Infinite for testing and it's running great for my needs. Lightroom and chrome with dozens of tabs are running well but I'm running near 90% of ram usage.
Will the loss in processor performance be that noticeable? Will I get a bump in GPU performance with the Quadro P1000. I'm having trouble tracking down benchmarks on the integrated GPU of the 5625u.
What about the speed of the ram?
Thank you
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2023.03.24 05:58 elinawilson123 Numerical Computing using Matlab Homework Solution

Numerical Computing using Matlab Homework Solution
Hello there! Let me introduce myself, My Name is Elina Willson. As an expert in Matlab and numerical computing, I specialize in providing accurate and efficient solutions to Matlab homework problems that include mathematical calculations, data analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, optimization, and statistical analysis. My goal as a Matlab homework solution expert is to help students improve their understanding of numerical computing and to help them achieve academic success. I am committed to providing personalized, high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each student.
If you want me to assist you with your numerical computing homework solution then:
Visit: www.matlabassignmentexperts.com Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) WhatsApp: +1(315)557-6473

Numerical Computing using Matlab Homework Solution
Numerical Computing using Matlab Homework Solution
Numerical Computing using Matlab Homework Solution
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2023.03.24 05:58 kiltedweirdo I don't have all the site's but did quite a few images today.

I don't have all the site's but did quite a few images today.

The art:

Set 1: treat electron as energy particles. proton and neutron as mass particles. energy/mass=1/2 treat charge and spin as energy qualities, and mass as mass. energy/mass=2/1 2^n=1/2^-n where 2^-n=1/2^n. 1/2^0=2^0=1 2n=0 where 2n+1=1 where n=0 2n=1 where 2n+1=2 where n=0.5 2n=-1 where 2n+1=0 where n=-0.5 Science to me is like a hall of mirrors. Set 2: one thought i have is what if the multiverse is visible, we just always describe it as a singular universe? how we slice up our known and unknown universe to see the multiverse: 2^n is used for n≨2 where 3(2^(n-1) where n≥2 produces: (2,6),12,24,48,96,192,384,768 (our known universe in this line only) This would all be biproducts of a time system. we can use waters and exponents to show time: h2o h=2^0 o=2^3 0,1,2,3 via exponents shows the time quality of water 0,1,2,3,2,1,0 via exponents shows time likes to pack 3 instances after the first, showing the (electron proton neutron) subatomic particle layer. oh and wonder if our known universe is a time loop. Set 3: Using Newton's third law of motion with positive and negative qualities, we can assume -n,0,+n settings, or 2n+1 where -n,+n settings are 2n. which means +1 of 2n+1 shows us our zero space, thus allowing 2n or 2n+1 to set mutual destruction, by a spacing of 1+1/2n or 1/2n set 4: (2n=0)=(2n+1=1)=(n=0);(2n=1)=(2n+1=2)=(n=0.5);(2n=-1)=(2n+1=0)=(n=-0.5) Extra: 2^n is used for n≨2 where 3(2^(n-1) where n≥2 if E=mc^2 relativity fractal spacetime grid harmonics 
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2023.03.24 05:57 garbhsanskar02 Best Spiritual Books To Read During Pregnancy Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

Best Spiritual Books To Read During Pregnancy Krishna Coming Garbh Sanskar

Best Spiritual Books To Read During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a wonderful feeling. It is exhilarating to know that a life is growing inside you, a life you’ve been waiting for long time, a life you love the most, a life that carries all your happiness, a life you never get tired of thinking about. Being pregnant makes you feel special, blessed and excited too, to hold your baby in your arms and shower love on them. You can mark the beginning of this exciting journey and get your baby's arrival date with the help of a pregnancy calculator. Your excitement takes you a step ahead towards the responsibilities of nurturing and nourishing a baby for their overall development and also of providing a happy and healthy environment for both yourself and your baby during pregnancy.
Read More:- https://www.krishnacoming.com/blog/best-spiritual-books-to-read-during-pregnancy
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2023.03.24 05:57 AtomicZNTO I hame out to my mom today.

So this was not planned to happen at all. I thought we were just going out for dinner.
Some background, I (19M) come from a religious family. Long story short I end up moving away from that belief and felt more comfortable to explore my true self. All of which was hidden under raps, done in the shadows for years, still going to church with them just to keep up appearances.
I've moved out recently and my parents like to take me out to dinner to catch up and hang out. This time it was just me and my mom.
Everything was normal until a little bit in she asked, "do you want to have a bit of a serious talk, or would you rather not?" I pretty much knew where this would go and I just felt done trying to hide it. (Especially after moving out where I am now used to just being myself all the time). Her proving me right immediately, asked how my walk with Christ is and I answered honestly, how it had been evolving over a long time period, believing it less and less. Then she asked the question, "then what do you think of the whole LGBT thing?" I answered how the fact that I myself was bisexual pretty much summed up my answer.
She ultimately was respectful of my decisions and that I am my own adult. And made clear that this didn't effect how much they would love me but the phraise that left a bad taste in my mouth said right after that was, "...even if we don't approve of that."
I'm writing this not too long after it happened and I'm not sure how to feel about it. I'm glad to get that weight off my shoulders and I'm glad that they still love me. But I can't help but feel like they won't just leave it at that.
I'm lucky enough to have great friends that have supported me through finding myself and after this event all played out, and I feel better knowing that they'll be there for me.
Goodnight y'all I'm zonkin' out <3
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2023.03.24 05:57 InsideWriter1074 Smoking's Top 4 Impacts on Bodybuilding

Does smoking influence muscle development or does vaping influence muscle development? Indeed, it does. Smoking and vaping isn't just awful for lungs however can likewise harm your muscles as smoking reductions the quantity of veins that carry supplements and oxygen to the leg muscles. Smoking is difficult to stop. Assuming you have been smoking previously, there are high possibilities that you will not have the option to cease this propensity. Indeed, even with a trained eating routine, exercise and right enhancement, you won't obtain the ideal outcomes in lifting weights. Smoking and working out can go together, it is harmful to your wellbeing, and that implies your lifting weights objectives are in danger as well. There are different unsafe impacts of smoking on weight training.
Gain proficiency with the best 4 manners by which smoking influences muscle development and go sans smoke. Your lungs will thank you and your muscles will enlarge with satisfaction.

TOP 4 Impacts OF SMOKING ON Jocks

Cigarettes contain nicotine which makes it habit-forming as smoke in it gives you an impermanent high. The medical problems connected with smoking come from the tobacco's poisonous impacts that come from synthetic substances and these are hurtful to muscle searchers. In this way, working out and smoking is definitely not an extraordinary thought.

SMOKING Decreases YOUR Exercise Execution

Assuming you have been smoking before exercise or smoking after an exercise, you really want to stop that. Do you have at least some idea that a smoker's pulse is 30% quicker than a non-smoker? Indeed, because of which it becomes challenging for a smoker to drive himself to the most extreme during the exercises. Since the heart needs to work harder to guarantee satisfactory course during the exercises. The expanded pulse likewise raises circulatory strain.
As the blood stream diminishes because of limited veins, the functioning muscles don't get sufficient oxygen-rich blood when it is required the most during serious exercises, and that implies you can get into the anaerobic express (a state where your body begins creating lactic corrosive, the explanation for the consuming sensation felt in the muscles) effectively, which prompts exceptionally low perseverance.
Additionally, the carbon monoxide breathed in from cigarettes ties to the blood's hemoglobin, which influences oxygen transport all through the body. Tar in cigarettes gets gathered in the aviation routes and it hampers lung normal purging systems and lungs don't perform at the ideal level, because of which muscles become oxygen-starved, and influences your actual exhibition and lessens perseverance and muscle recuperation rate. At the point when your perseverance goes down, you can't propel yourself through the last reps and in a set. Subsequently, you fabricate less muscle than a non-smoker.


Testosterone level is connected to the muscle building. Muscle cells have receptors for testosterone called androgen receptors. At the point when testosterone ties to the receptors, muscle filaments are kept up with. Without testosterone, upkeep pauses and muscle is debased.

One more gamble of smoking cigarettes is that it can harm the testosterone-creating cells inside the body. With diminishing testosterone level, the muscles begin to go to fat, especially in undesirable zones like chest and stomach. As indicated by a review, low testosterone is supplanted by a chemical called estrogen that is connected to expanded paunch fat or where you least need it.


Smoking is liable for an expansion in the level of a pressure chemical called cortisol, which diminishes the development of testosterone. It likewise diminishes protein blend, a significant necessity for muscle development. In smokers, there is an expanded degree of myostatin, a chemical that represses muscle development diminishes the strength of the muscles and forestalls the conditioning of muscles.


Smoking can cause insulin obstruction, which can immensely affect your muscle-building objectives. Insulin is a protein cum chemical, delivered in the wake of eating carb-rich food sources and functions as a sign for the muscles to retain glucose in the circulation system. Glucose discharges subsequent to consuming dinners and produces ATP energy cells for the body. While when you become insulin safe, the muscles will not answer the sign to assimilate glucose from the blood and your energy levels decline because of over-burden of glucose in the blood.
It causes you to feel tired and keeps you from performing to the ideal level. Insulin opposition hampers the capacity of glycogen. Glycogen is a more extended chain form of glucose and the body's energy stockpiling instrument. Less glycogen implies that your exercise power will be lower than typical. Insulin opposition likewise influences the supplement ingestion of the body and increments fat store, particularly midsection, a total 'no' for the muscle developer.


Stopping smoking can be a piece troublesome because of its mental and actual effect. The nicotine offers a transient and brief high. Same smoking stopping technique doesn't work for each person.
It is critical to perceive the way that it is a sort of dependence and expects help to deal with it. While attempting to stop smoking you make an effort not to wean away from the mental and actual high given by the cigarette, yet unknowingly move out from the circles and colleagues with whom you partake in your smoke, which can be troublesome.
As a matter of fact, stopping smoking is upsetting, which is the reason it is vital to set yourself up for that unpleasant time of stopping by following the underneath referenced things.

Select treatments like laser and needle therapy.

Converse with a companion that can comprehend your stopping process and backing you. It really becomes more straightforward on the off chance that you have an accomplice who is likewise attempting to stop smoking.
A critical piece of stopping is to oversee desires that can make your stopping program fruitful. Track down ways of redirecting your consideration while the desire strikes.
Attempt nicotine substitution treatment as it works for some individuals and merits attempting.
To realize how much smoking is excessively? Simply fail to remember that as to accomplish your working out objectives you need to express bye to smoking.
Try not to lose trust while attempting to stop. Continuously quit will assist your lungs and generally speaking wellbeing that will with aiding you in acquiring muscle. Thus, continue on!
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2023.03.24 05:56 Descrypt1 What is a Crypto Portfolio Manager, and Why Do You Need One?

Managing your crypto portfolio can be daunting if you are a cryptocurrency investor in the United States. With government regulations being implemented across the cryptocurrency space, maintaining a keen insight on your profits and losses is of increasing importance. While the minority of meticulous traders maintain manual records, innovation in the space is helping to remove the hassle with automation. . This is where a crypto portfolio manager comes in.

Benefits of a Crypto Portfolio Manager

A cryptocurrency portfolio manager is a tool that helps investors track and manage their cryptocurrency investments. Here are some advantages of using a cryptocurrency portfolio manager:
Automated Tracking and Analysis: Automatically manage your crypto transactions and gain real-time insights about your portfolio. This helps you stay on top of your investments and make informed decisions for the allocation of funds.
Real-Time Market Data: Cryptocurrency is a 24.7 market with thousands of cryptocurrencies being traded on hundreds of exchanges worldwide. A cryptocurrency portfolio manager provides real-time market data, serving as a vital tool to help you anticipate the market.
Risk Management: Insights into the performance of your portfolio can help you find opportunities and diversify your investments. By understanding the share certain assets make up in your wider portfolio, you can plan further market moves while balancing your preferences for risk and security.

Features to Look for in a Crypto Portfolio Manager

When choosing a cryptocurrency portfolio manager, here are some of the features to look for:
Integration with Exchanges: Look for a portfolio manager that integrates with your exchanges. This will aid in automating transactions and eliminating the risk of human error.
Security: Look for a portfolio manager that takes security seriously and offers features such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and secure storage.
Reporting and Analytics: A good portfolio manager should provide reporting and analytics tools to help you analyze your portfolio's performance and make informed investment decisions.

Best Crypto Portfolio Managers

Here are the top three best crypto portfolio managers today:

#1 Descrypt

Descrypt is a comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio manager with automated tracking and analysis, real-time market data, and risk management tools. It offers API integration with popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken and supports all the currencies traded on these platforms. Descrypt also offers tax report generation with a single click, an essential feature that will simplify the long process of calculating the taxes you owe.
One of the standout features of Descrypt is its market-leading level of accuracy. The platform can read this data to generate detailed tax reports for various tax jurisdictions, including for specific regions in the United States. This makes it easy for investors to comply with tax regulations and avoid potential penalties or fines.
Included among the other features of Descrypt are:
Real-time market data: Descrypt provides investors with real-time market data and alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest market movements.
Integration with exchanges: Descrypt integrates with over 20 leading exchanges, making it easy for investors to track their portfolios across multiple exchanges.
Reporting and analytics: The platform provides detailed reporting and analytics, allowing investors to track their portfolio performance and identify trends and opportunities.

#2 Cointracking

Cointracking is another popular portfolio manager providing real-time tracking and analysis of cryptocurrency investments. It integrates with over 70 exchanges and supports over 8,000 cryptocurrencies. Cointracking also provides tax reporting tools and various reporting and analytics features.

#3 Koinly

Koinly is a user-friendly portfolio manager with automated tracking and analysis, real-time market data, and tax reporting tools. It integrates with over 300 exchanges and supports over 6,000 cryptocurrencies. Koinly also provides a range of reporting and analytics features to help you make informed investment decisions.

Wrapping Up

A cryptocurrency portfolio manager is essential for any cryptocurrency investor in the United States. Tax season comes with a need for attention to detail, and automation is the way to go. Save your effort for trading and earning rather than manual bookkeeping. When choosing a crypto portfolio tracker, look for one that integrates with your exchanges and provides reporting and analytics tools. Today's top three best crypto portfolio managers are Descrypt, Cointracking, and Koinly.
Ready to simplify your crypto portfolio management and tax reporting? Click here to experience Descrypt now and create your crypto tax report.
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Earlier thread on where to start researching Leo Frank
Hi all. Just a friendly PSA here. Parade deals with a complex time in American history. Themes of anti-semitism, racism, violence against women, and class status are cornerstones to understanding Parade. These topics can be hard to deal with even in 2023. Since this is the story of a real person, and not a fictional one - it can weigh heavily on your conscious.
So, if you’re going to see Parade, have already seen it, or if you decide to do more research into Leo Frank - please practice self care. If you find yourself getting too upset by what you’re researching (totally valid btw), then it’s okay to stop and come back to it. Go watch some cute kitten videos on YouTube, knit, take a shower, play a calming video game, or find another way to distract yourself if you feel yourself being bogged down by the emotional weight of the case.
Also, use caution when looking up images from the case — they’re extremely disturbing. Again, self care will be your best friend with heavy history topics turned into musicals.
I do think that everyone should see this musical or at least understand the history behind it, but I don’t want people developing a negative headspace because of what they’re reading.
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