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2013.04.29 17:55 TitaniumShovel Bollywood realism: made with great actors and little gravity

This is a subreddit where you can post GIFs a of unrealistic South Asian movie or television scenes.

2014.04.20 22:07 AnotherKittenPicture Rugby 7's

Everything about 7's rugby. News, clips, analysis, discussion. * Rugby sevens is now recognised as an Olympic sport and will make its debut in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

2023.04.01 22:36 DrNikVanHelsing Canary P.I. - Reminisce To Remember - A 5 Part Audio Drama, Out Now!

Set in year 19XX channeling 1925-1955 vibes, Canary P.I. is a private investigator who comes across cases on the peculiar side.
If you've listened to us before, this is our most dark and gritty episodes to date. Come for a ride and get lucid.
On Spotify, Apple, and most places podcasts can be found!
Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/canary-p-i/id1593127971
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7Mq2ZMCppmJ52loWXLV7kK
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pXL5dqE4Wg
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2023.04.01 22:36 lanceupppercut 30 [M4F] California/Anywhere - Sundays are always a little sad, but the day before is a sadder day...

Hi there! Hopefully your day/night is going well. I'm not exactly sure where to begin with all of this but here we are. This year has been all over the place and its only April.
How about a little about me? Time to slap a bow on my ass and put a FOR SALE sign on my forehead. I gotta chalk myself up. This always feels like a damn job interview.
*What can I say about myself? Blind people say I'm handsome and deaf people love hearing me speak. Where do I see myself in 5 years? I'd say my biggest weakness is paying attention.
Some actual bits about myself: - I'm an illustrator among other things. - My favorite foods are pizza and burritos. - I'm on the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie - Full time student. Ick. - I have a dad on vacation bod. Sure, that's just a fun way to say husky. Not the dog. The chub. Chubsky - I enjoy baking cookies. I've been told I make good peanut butter cookies but hey, I'm up for baking whatever.
I'm tired of wasting my best jokes on myself. I talked to myself the other day and we decided that it was a good idea to try and get back out there. Hopefully find someone I enjoy talking to and seeing where it goes from there.
Oh and if you're just passing by, What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.
Have a great day!
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2023.04.01 22:36 soulgeezer When are we getting sentry mode?

I know the answer is never but I just wanted to rant and raise awareness. We paid for these awesome cameras yet can’t use them as dashcam. I’m an engineer in surveillance industry, it does not take much resources (be it coding/cpu/electricity) to write the footage to storage at all, source: we built a camera that runs on AA batteries.
Today we parked in a sketchier part of town, my wife jokingly said maybe I should stay and watch the car. Then we came back to find a big dent on the passenger door. Of course our front + rear dashcam didn’t catch it so we can’t go after anyone.
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2023.04.01 22:35 Financial-Diamond-26 Best places to publish short stories online?

I’m looking for places online where I can publish a short story, but preferably write as I go instead of publishing the whole story in one go, anyone know some good places for this? Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 22:35 RandomGuyMe2000 Extracting data from Google Maps? Confused...

Hello everyone, so I've been working with this Free Api to practice React Native using Axios:
I do my API request...render the items on a list, click an item that has its coordinates info and finally opens Google Maps and shows me where is that item located, which are breweries.
Also, I've been practicing using the Googles URL parameters:
Thing is, thats great.
The OpenBrewery Api is outdated, it's from 2019 I believe and some stores are closed now in 2023.
Is it possible to query Google Maps API to extract and show me a full array of objects (stores) in a particular state, and each store object with its phone number, website, address, name and other properties?
When I mean store, it could be "all breweries"....or "all hospitals"....or "all supermarkets" depending on my apps functionality.
So instead of using OpenBrewery API, I query Google Maps which will most likely be updated, and show me the array of objects Im querying, and use that to render those items (stores) in my app?
  1. Extract info from Google Maps: User enters city and state, the query gets an array of objects of all the stores in a particular state.
  2. Use the info of each object to render a card on my app screen. With an image of the store.
  3. On the app detail store screen, theres a button that will open Google Maps, and show the user where that specific store is located in Google Maps.
  4. Now the user, can either stay in Google Maps and navigate, or go back to the app and see the properties of that specific store, or search new stores in new cities and states.
IS that possible or Im just a noob?
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2023.04.01 22:35 TheOwningBum Looking for a good local watch repair shop.

So I have a an family heirloom and recently made a post in another sub about getting it repaired/serviced. They recommended finding a local jeweler that can handle the engraving as well. I live in the GMKE Area (North) and am looking for any tips!
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2023.04.01 22:35 DrNikVanHelsing Canary P.I. - Reminisce To Remember - A 5 Part Audio Drama, Out Now!

Set in year 19XX channeling 1925-1955 vibes, Canary P.I. is a private investigator who comes across cases on the peculiar side.
If you've listened to us before, this is our most dark and gritty episodes to date. Come for a ride and get lucid.
On Spotify, Apple, and most places podcasts can be found!
Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/canary-p-i/id1593127971
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7Mq2ZMCppmJ52loWXLV7kK
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pXL5dqE4Wg
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2023.04.01 22:35 TheFaconLife 29 [F4M] UK/Anywhere - I live in a small town and hate dating apps so HI

I'm down for making a friend, or travel buddy, and maybe more if things click. I'm nice af but also very disgustingly sarcastic and appreciate 'banter' (as much as I hate the word).
Other things:
  1. I play a variety of games on my PC, so we could probably find something to play together.
  2. I read a lot, and always have imo excellent book recommendations.
  3. I've been told by various people that I'm a great listener, but I'm also somewhat extroverted so I can talk your ear off. I'm interested in current affairs/politics, space, the ocean, animals, the environment, how terrible capitalism is and idk other stuff, and always down to hear other people go off about what interests them!
  4. I listen to a big range of music so we can probably share music recommendations.
  5. I also like growing plants, going for walks, tattoos, going to museums/galleries, travelling as much as possible, watching shite on Netflix, the usual.
  6. I'm empathetic to probably a fault so I'm always down to talk about whatever you need to. :)
If you think we'd get on, please include either your favourite book or TV show in your message so I can tell you're not just relentlessly spamming people with copy pastas, or else I won't read your message. Thanks!
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2023.04.01 22:34 wilfredthedonkey [Question] Men's watch for tiny (5") wrists

Hello, I extremely thin wrists: 5" in circumference and about 1.5" diameter. I am having a hard time finding a sleek, adult, masculine-looking watch (I really like this one). I was wondering:

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2023.04.01 22:34 YoungKujino Print guard advice

Print guard advice
I have recently learned that Print Guard sucks, and it doesn't help when the PG I have is not working with me. I watched the brain shark video and some other random YT videos, and it seems so easy to peel, but mine keeps tearing damn near immediately. Is there any way to prevent that or make my life easier? It is older PG, and I've ordered a new roll, but this order is overdue and the Cx is one of those grumpy types, so I'm hoping there's a way to help. Unfortunately for me, the piece is about 35x47, and the Cc doesn't want it framed so I can't offer glass or Acrylic instead of our print guard. I'll attach a picture of the PG after I peeled a little so y'all can get a visual of the shit I've been dealing with
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2023.04.01 22:34 OnePunchBoy Bubble Space

Quirk – Space Bubbles
Ability – Creates a bubble in the palm of his hands and is able to manipulate space inside of the bubble.
In-Depth Description –
This is an emitter type quirk which allows the user to create bubbles from circular marks in the palms of his hands and random spots on their body. The user is able to expand or condense the space inside the bubble by altering the bubble’s size as well as fold space inside the bubble at will, effectively allowing for teleportation within the bubble. The size and density of anything inside of the bubble is affected by these changes. Once a bubble pops, it will violently expel anything that was encased inside and the object will return to its original state. The user can telepathically move his bubbles or anything inside of them, although the bubbles themselves don’t move very fast. Making bigger bubbles drains stamina faster.
The user is currently only able to make a single bubble as big as 700 square feet which is enough to lift a car, through bigger bubbles can be made with practice. Maintenance of a bubble takes a lot of focuses. If focus is lost the bubble will pop. Bubbles are rubbery in nature, making them durable to blunt force damage, but easily popped by slicing or piercing movements. It is not advised for this quirk to be used in areas with lots of sharp objects. Usugu is not immune to the effects of his quirk so he has to be careful about where or when he allows his bubbles to pop. Bubbles will pop on their own after a max of 30 minutes.
Hero – Usugu Susugu Usugu is the nephew of pro hero Wash and distant relative to Mr. Compress. Usugu grew up watching Deku and Bakugo on the news. Being only 1 year younger he was inspired by Bakugo whom he saw as a being of pure strength and determination to be the best.
Super Moves –
Bubble Burst- By making a bubble around his feet and then bursting the bubble, causing him to be propelled in a chosen direction at rapid speeds. By creating bubbled and his hands/feet and elbows/knees and then popping them, he is able to increase the power of his punches and kicks and move in a similar manner to his idol, Bakugo.
Reject Bubble- Usugu will create a bubble and attach it to a person or object, by then popping the bubble, they will be violently pushed away.
Big Clash- By taking his fist or another object and enveloping it in a bubble Usugu is able to expand space, making it much bigger. He then hurls it at a target to do increased damage.
Bubble Wrap- Usugu will create a bubble to envelop a target then shrink it down. This is used to help move people in evacuations as well as a defensive move to catch incoming attacks.
Bubble Share- When multiple bubbles are made at once, the space inside of them is shared, allowing for free movement between bubbles that will appear like teleportation from the outside.
Bubble Warp- Usugu can teleport anything within his bubbles or between bubbles. This ads to his mobility and ability to help in evacuation efforts.
Ultimate shield: Bubble Dome- By creating a bubble and manipulating the space on the bubbles surface, the user can teleport an attack from one point of the bubble’s surface to another. This is used to simultaneously defend and counter attack.
Ultimate attack: Dark Echo- Black Hole Bomb- By repeatedly creating a bubble around another bubble, shrinking them, then creating another bubble around it then popping the inside bubble, Usugu is able to suck in air and debris from the surrounding area and compress it to a fine point. Once enough has been compressed, Usugu will pop all bubbles, resulting in all compressed air and matter to be released at once in a violent explosion.
Civilian usage – When not on duty Usugu uses his quirk as more of a storage container instead of carrying a backpack.
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2023.04.01 22:34 thegainsfairy How do you preserve data for your notebooks?

I am working on a making a case for using a more data scientific approach to data analysis for our CMMS. I have a strong background in statistics & I am a fairly decent software engineer for being basically self taught and working on my own.
I have created a Docker & Jupyter project where I am pulling data through REST APIs. but that data is going to change. My hope is to develop some statistical process control charts for monitoring our customer demands. Maybe some GANNT charts of more complex manual services. Maybe some capacity analysis & forecasting.
So, how do you "pin" your data so you can present an in-depth analysis at a point in time? How have you incorporated live data into those analyses?
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2023.04.01 22:34 SidneymarZA 3.6 Special Program Easter Eggs and Hidden Details

Here is the video to it: https://youtu.be/uyuGN_YxLkY
I'll start off the the biggest easter egg, and it's actually incredible the continuation of this easter egg, even though it is pretty small detail. Yes big easter egg (starts in Xiao's "Endless Suffering" Short Trailer to Baizhu's appearance in the 3.6 Special Program) but small detail. 1. Our first look at Baizhu’s workspace is in Xiao’s Endless Suffering short trailer, where we can see he is holding a sumeru rose and illustrating in a book when Xiao wakes up. There is also a flower pot on the right side. In the special program, only when speaking about Baizhu do we get this background with his book where we can see a sumeru rose illustration and violetgrass on the open page, which is part of his idle animation. We can also see the same flowerpot on the right side. And what is super interesting about all of this, if you head over to Bubu Pharmarcy right now, you can see that one of the flowerpots is missing the same flower that Baizhu has in his flowerpot.
  1. We can actually see a glimpse of Nahida in this scene, and that tells us that her second story is actually going to have a big influence on the narrative of everything we learn about the so called apocalypse.
    1. During the battle between the Darshan’s, we got to see this epic fight scene between Cyno and Wanderer. If you watch carefully, you can see that wanderer is only attacks with one hand. Watching this scene in slow motion, you can see that Wanderer is holding a crown in his other hand and it is probably what Cyno is after. This confirms that Wanderer could be the final representative for the 6 Darshan’s, although I don’t think that this is concrete evidence. But this scene does say a lot about Wanderer’s reborn character, that he is not looking to harm anyone as all his moves, even his attacks, where defensive to protect himself. Even his one handed attacks were not accurate at all, but were just meant to slow Cyno down. At such short range if Wanderer wants to make a one handed offensive attack, I’m sure he would’ve been a bit more accurate and precise instead of just throwing random attacks.
  2. In the same fight scene, Kaveh is actually scanning something using Mehrak, as this animation that we see coming from his toolbox is the same animation we see when he uses his E to scan the field around him for dendro cores.
  3. Going back to Baizhu, if you were like me you’d probably be captured by Baizhu’s abilities that you won’t even realise that Changsheng, Baizhu’s snake, follows the attack being created in baizhu’s hand, almost like it helps to concentrate the power into a specific point.
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2023.04.01 22:33 Sn3akyP373 Where To Send Feature Requests?

I just got an AC Infinity Air Filtration PRO Kit 6”, CLOUDLINE Inline Fan with Controller 69 and set it all up. Now that I got a basic automation going I'm already noticing it could use some serious improvements. I'm unclear if what I intend to request as a feature already exists with newer firmware as I'm afraid to upgrade that given all the community hate posts surrounding any said updates. Regardless, I'm looking to ask for features and would like to know how that should be conducted. Hopefully its through some sort of Uservoice type approach where it is transparent and can be voted upon by the community.
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2023.04.01 22:33 FamousHelicopter7767 Looking to play against other players since all the players I face are weak. Also can someone tell me where can I find efootball hosted tournaments

Looking to play against other players since all the players I face are weak. Also can someone tell me where can I find efootball hosted tournaments submitted by FamousHelicopter7767 to pesmobile [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 22:33 Darkstat12p Is this a server ad? YES

Basic Info Map: Exiled Lands Main Region: Central U.S. Player Slots: 10 (willing to increase if needed) Platform: PC Combat: If you like Dark Souls games or something challenging other than base Conan this hits a nice spot Server uptime: Will get paid for 3 months in advanced each interval (Currently 2+ months are paid for) PvP: (Limited) No building damage. Server Name: DM me for the name Rules: Dont be a twat hole Admin Buildings: Yes Mods: Yes (But hell no to ERP stuff, not my cup of tea friend) DM for Mod List or help setting up your own for your own friends/server
Okay now for some detailed sh1t/stuff
I have spent over 100 hours doing admin things for the server, curating it so myself and some friends can have a very fun time playing the game. There are scripted NPCs currently active and future questlines will become a thing. There are 5 Estates in the game. You can purchase a Deed to any of the 5 using Pippi coins. In the player community hub (Lumbridge Castle from Runescape) there is a Financial Advisor at the top where the bank is. You can buy a title there and from the Quartermaster you can redeem 3 different weeklies. Currency, Xp and Supply Materials/Floatsom. (These may seem Over powered but they are not, redeeming xp is level restricted however the other weekly boons are not.
Combat has been adjusted to be harsher and even attributes stats have been adjusted for a more fine tuned and fleshed out combat experience.
Your main way to gain resources will be looting, buying them from NPC vendors, slaying. The harvest is set to x0.7 and the crafting cost is set to x1.4 materials cost. Everything crafts 25% faster with fuel burning up twice as fast. Hunger and thirst were adjusted to be slightly more hard-core.
Ways to make currency and gain xp, Kill, sell raw meat, sell alchemy mats, sell heads of animals, quests.
There are 5 Estates; 1) Desert Villa-recommended levels 1-40 2) Savanah Villa-recommended levels 40-60 3) Northern Village-recommended levels 60-75 4) Tropical Estates-recommended levels 75-125 5) Royal Gardens-recommended levels 125+
Things people should know about the server, you will die, you will be barbarian fodder, you will lose a % of your currency on death, once a week your player wallet gets taxed 5% (there is a banker you can buy at the Community Hub to store your clans wealth), you will not be lvl60 your 1st or 2nd day playing, max level is 300 (However there are milestone levels to redeem weekly xp with the estates), if something is not working properly I will troubleshoot it ASAP, the server is far from perfect, however the intentions of this server is to enhance someone's experience on PC to show others the potential of the game and its modding community.
Loyalty system. I am thinking of a loyalty system to put in place. It is going to kick off maybe next weekend. One of our community members has followed us from our Siptah server to our Savage Wilds server and now our Exiled Lands server (This is the server i will spend the remainder of my Conan days playing) this loyal member will be gifted ANY DLC of his choice. I intend to do this system for anyone who really wants to stay and play. I have a couple of other legacy players who I'll make eligible for this. Unfortunately I am one man, have a family I gotta take care of so I cannot so this for 100+ players. So the giveaways will be curated/given out on my own terms with my own $$.
Dear God look at all this typing. If you were able to read through this mess of a server advertisement, I hope you have an awesome day whether you play Conan or like the game or are just casually strolling by, stay positive and go slay the sh1t out of some NPCs or Players. Ask me any questions regarding the server or something else, I may or may not answer them. Heck ask me questions about mods.
Mods I'm learning/familiar with include, Pippi, DMT, Fashionist, Hosav's EEWA and UI Mod, Emberlight, Highmane's Arsenal and a few others.
Pippi offers awesome new features, scripting and it goes amazingly well with DMT (Dungeon Master Tools)
I can also help fellow PC players put mods in the correct load order corresponding to their main server they play if you're on steam that way you don't gotta restart your game each time. (I got no idea how to for gamers users sorry)
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2023.04.01 22:33 synzis Would like to ask for some guidance .. a little lost.

Hello everyone,
As my title states - I’m a little lost. I’ve been out of school for a year now and I’m going to do my best to apply for med this year.
Feeling a little overwhelmed, I’m doing content review right now (a chapter a day) and I take above 3+ hours to finish it. It feels like I’m very slow. I’m taking notes for each chapter.
I’m trying to finish content review in less than 2 months and then for the rest, to just practice.
The thing is, I don’t even know what to use to help with practicing… I’m just so confused and lost. People are talking about FLs but I don’t know where to find it? I’m also looking for the PSYCH 100 page doc but I can’t find it. Is the only resource that I need to actually buy just the AAMC bundle?
Please help guide me if you can, and any tips that could be useful.
I took the sample AAMC test and I LITERALLY did not do great at all.
Please help :(
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2023.04.01 22:33 Few_Sympathy6065 Constant Minty Feeling

I had only one outbreak but for 6+ months my general boxer short area feels tingly. only way I can describe it is like it’s minty fresh…. But sounds too nice to be true :0(
On my penis head I also have bumps where any urine may go (uncircumcised), if I use a barrier cream it’s much less noticeable .::. But still the minty feeling down there.
Is this normal?
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2023.04.01 22:32 NaziWhoPlayedYahtzee Watching a show where one of the main characters relapses and I hated how easy it was for him... fiction or an element of truth?

Obviously the show is fiction and grain of salt yadda yadda, but I felt triggered about how quickly the character went from sparkling water to vodka on the rocks (maybe you know what show I'm talking about, so don't spoil it if anyone wants to see it, but it could be any show realistically). Maybe I'm triggered by it because I could instantly relate to how instantaneously i could flip the switch to steadfastly sober to confidently belligerent in literally a matter of seconds. The worst part was how safe and familiar it felt, almost this knee jerk "why did I ever put you down" apologetic remembrance.
I hate myself, i hate my brain and the chemistry of desire I've blazed for myself. I'm honestly sick of the notion of recovery because even though it's been 8 months i feel trapped in quicksand.
That aside, maybe time to turn off the television and put work into the good habits I've started.
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2023.04.01 22:32 _Dr_Dinosaur_ Is my level of consumption “safe” as a 19yo?

So, first off, I know pre- age 25 no amount of cannabis consumption can be considered 100% safe for brain health, so my question more-so is asking whether my level of consumption can be considered not very detrimental, if at all (to a noticeable degree). I’ve been smoking on and off since I was probably 14 years old. By on and off I mean never chronically, and with multiple instances of not smoking for months or even more than a year at times. I’m now at a point where I smoke about once a week during my college semesters, and maybe averaging about every other night while on breaks. I feel that I’ve almost been placebo-ing myself to think that I’m getting dumber, although outside of my own mind there isn’t evidence to confirm it, as my performance in college hasn’t declined even in my hardest classes. I know it would simply be best to not smoke at all, but I don’t drink or consume nicotine whatsoever, so I just want to know more about how to go about my singular vice in a way that is mostly non-detrimental to my cognitive functioning. So, how risky is my level of consumption, and if it most likely isn’t very harmful, how can I stop worrying myself about it?
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2023.04.01 22:32 Rawfler54 Automatic enema machine

So basically i came up with a solution for getting enemas while indulging in self-bondage. It's a system with two pumps (one air pump for inflating the plug, and one liquid pump for the rest). After each pump there is a valve that would stop the air / liquid from getting out, and for the liquid line, there are two containers that can be used (for example, clean water and used water, or for hot water / cold water, or even other liquids...). I've attached schematics where it's more simply explained (scroll down for schematics). I have three questions though :
- First, would it work ? Spacifically the valve after the pump, which is supposed to keep the plug inflated / keep the liquids from getting out ?
- Secondly, what do you all think of that machine ? Any upgrades that i should add ?
- Thirdly, for you electronics engineers out there, i thought of using the L298N in the schematics to power both the pump motors and the solenoïd valves after them (https://ibb.co/KKfw2qC). I'm worried that the L298N might not output enough current to make them work, but what if i used a larger driver ?
Schematics :
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2023.04.01 22:32 jimdoe778 I’ve had the biggest crush on my dream girl for the past 3 years but she has a bf…

Okay, so this is my very first post on Reddit and also the first time I’m opening up about this ever bc i need to know what other people would do.
A little context, I’ve never been in a serious relationship and I think I never fell in love before. I don’t see most girls as wifey material and I never even met a girl that I would dare to take home to my mother, but this one is really special.
So I (21M) met this amazing girl (21) three years ago at a party. She came with her friends who I already knew but I never saw her before. As soon as she walked in I asked my friends who that is and why I never saw her before. They immediately told me she had a bf since she was 14 and that that’s probably why I never met her, bc she didn’t go to party’s that often and never without her bf. They also told me that she is really loyal (what I find most attractive) bc everytime an other dude started a convo with her she cut it off immediately. I understood the message and wasn’t planning on trying to talk to her. So the night goes on and we started playing a party game, something like truth or dare. A few girls got the question who was the most attractive guy at the party, and eventually she got the same question. To my surprise she pointed to me. I was happy about it but didn’t think anything of it at that moment, so I went on with my night. Later, when I was getting a drink and she was too, we started talking and we had a really fun convo that lasted for like 2 hours until the end of the party. There even was a moment i carried her inside (like the floor is lava kinda thing) so it wasn’t only talking but really playful. The day after that party I was talking to my friends and they said they never saw her like that before. That got me thinking and like a week later I added her on Snapchat. We started talking on snap but just friendly, I didn’t want to flirt with her bc I don’t want to be the asshole that try’s to come between her relationship. So we talked everyday for like a month or more and we were really getting to know each other, and my crush was getting deeper and deeper.
After that party my group of friends started hanging more with her group of friends, and so it didn’t take long for me to see her at the next party (where she was again without her bf). We were talking again and were literally inseparable for the rest of the night, till the point our friends could tell something was happening. This time it was more flirty and at one point (I was getting drunk) I even put my hand on her leg during the conversation, and she didn’t pull back. I never tried crossing the line further bc like I said I didn’t want to be that asshole.
Fast forward 3 years later I think I have been at something like 15 occasions with her and everytime it’s the same, a little flirting but not to much and everytime she is with me for the whole evening. I can feel she’s into me, I fell hopelessly in love with her and she is the only thing on my mind for at least a few weeks after seeing her. But THE problem is, for this whole time she still is together with her bf. At the beginning I thought (hoped :/ ) that things weren’t great in her relationship and that it would end sooner or later but after 3 years I just don’t know what to think.
So if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed me letting out 3 years worth of frustration. And maybe some of you can give some advice.
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