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2023.03.24 07:58 DjDeadpig6934 Wouldn’t trust mine with either, but if you want to get your kids molested commenter then go ahead.

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2023.03.24 07:57 EasyRepresentative75 Favorite farm to table/ seasonal menu, fine-casual , craft foods and drinks ?

Hello Santa Fe, what is your favorite restaurant that’s focused on locally sourced and farm to table? Specialty Shops and farmers market stands and craft beer liquor store included.
Side note, favorite happy hour, burger and brewery/ bar.
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2023.03.24 07:53 Leather-Awareness-59 This dude is explaining how there's no difference between men going to a stripclub and women going to a bar or club 🤡

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2023.03.24 07:53 Goostavofmars Bars that have been stuck in your head lately

What are some Griselda bars that have been stuck in your head lately?
Here’s a couple of mine:
Danhausen -Westside Gunn: “A hundred round drum should suffice”
Sabu - Westside Gunn: “Ask who fucking with me and get crickets”
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2023.03.24 07:52 L0mFGC Feedback on my After You've Gone Analysis

As part of learning "After You've Gone" for an performance, I was prompted by a mentor to write a report of sorts, analyzing the piece, as he suggested it may help me internalize the chord progression easier.
As part of writing my own analysis of After You've Gone, I came up with the following, however I'm questioning the validity of my takeaways, what are your thoughts on what I wrote? I feel as if I'm thinking about it strangely, admittedly trying to section it into 2 sections further broken into 4 bar segments might be a bad way to think about the song, but that's the way I'm considering it when I play.
Just realised I couldn't upload an image of the chord chart I was going off of, so;
Ebmaj7 Ebm7 A7 Bb6 Dm7 G7
C7 F7 Bb6 Bb7
Ebmaj7 Ebm7 A7 Bb6 Dm7 G7
Cm7 G7 Cm7 Ebm7 A7 Bbmaj7 Am7 D7 Gm7 Edim7
Bb6/F G7 Cm7 F7 Bb6 Bb7
“After You’ve Gone”, originally composed by Turner Layton in 1918, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer, tells the story of a lover and their feelings of heartbreak and betrayal at the prospect of their partner leaving them.
“After You’ve Gone” follows the traditional jazz structure of Head-Solo-Head, with a 20 bar chord progression in Bb major. Despite calling Bb major home, the song frequently uses secondary dominants (and often the accompanying secondary super-tonic) to briefly tonicize different chords throughout the piece, allowing for increased harmonic variety and motion.
The harmonic structure of the piece is made up of 2 sections, one section of 8 bars, and one section of 12 bars. These sections are further split into 4 bar segments. These 5 individual 4 bar segments then follow an ABACB pattern, with each 4 bar segment serving a distinct purpose. These 4 bar groupings will henceforth be strictly referred to as segments to differentiate from two sections of 8 and 12 previously mentioned.
The A segment, bars 1-4 & 9-12, are made up of two 2 bar phrases. To begin with, the segment starts with an Ebmaj7 chord, the IV chord in the key of Bb major, this is followed by Ebm6, the iv chord from the parallel Bb minor scale, this is an example of modal interchange, a common technique in jazz. In this case the IV-iv progression creates tension as well as implying a minor plagal cadence to the tonic, Bb. However, this implied cadence is subverted by the Ab7 (bVII7) chord, which finally resolves to the Bb. This passing bVII7 chord re-contextualizes the previous iv chord as part of a backdoor ii-V7 progression (iv7-bVII7-I), with the quite common preceding IV chord. As we can see, the harmony present in the first 2 bars splits them into a single bar of relative rest, followed by a bar of motion. This pattern of rest followed by motion is repeated in bars 3 & 4 of the A segment. Following the backdoor ii-V7 the harmony finds itself on a Bb6 chord the I of the key, resting for a bar before immediately beginning a non diatonic ii-V7 into the next 4 bars. These repeated 2 bar segments of resting on the most stable diatonic chords, followed by non-diatonic motion, gives the segment its feeling of forward motion.
The B segments however , bars 5-8 & 17-20, are used to signal the end of the two sections of the song (as well as beginning of the next). They do so by resolving down to the tonic by progressing around the circle of fourths. In bars 5-8, we resolve to the tonic through C7-F7 (II7-V7), a very clear form of ii-V7 progression. This is mirrored in the second B segment, bars 17-20, in this segment, the resolution to the tonic is achieved through a lengthier Bb6/F-G7-Cm7-F7 progression (I-VI7-ii-V7), a common extension of a ii-V7, functionally serving the same role as the progression seen in the bars 5-8. Both of these progressions are derived from the idea of resolving by perfect 5ths, creating the strongest resolution possible back to the tonic, finally coming to rest.
Finally there is the C segment, bars 13-16, this segment only occurs once per form and is placed between the second A and second B segment. The purpose of the C segment is to extend the A segment, deferring the finality and resolution the B segment provides. The C segment is also responsible for the slightly longer second section of the piece. This segment, aside from having a noticeably different harmonic rhythm to the rest of the piece, has some interesting harmony. Starting off is the recently tonicized Cm7 chord, following the secondary ii-V7 used to end the A segment. This Cm7 is then followed by a G7, a secondary dominant, used to strongly resolve back down to Cm7 in the second bar of segment C. Midway through the second bar however it borrows from the Bb minor scale yet again, for a backdoor ii-V7 progression (Ebm-Ab7-Bbmaj7 or iv-bVII7-I7), bringing us back to the tonic and into the third bar. In the third bar the harmony does not rest on the tonic for long, only 2 beats pass before another secondary ii-V7 progression, Am7-D7, leading us to Gm7. Despite the 3 backdoor ii-V7’s in the piece, which are both fantastic examples of deceptive resolutions, bar 4 of segment C however, sets up one more deceptive resolution, (Gm7, Edim7). There are two interesting parts to this deceptive resolution. The first is the diminished chord substitution of the expected C7 (V7) chord. If you didn't hear the E in the bass, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a rootless C7(b9), the only difference between the two being the emphasis on the E in the bass, giving the chord a diminished sound rather than a dominant sound. Regardless of the sound or name of the chord, both chords, along with the preceding Gm7 chord, tonicize, and imply a resolution to F. This is the second interesting part of the ii-V7, the resolution. Instead of resolving to the tonicized F, the progression resolves to a Bb6/F, the tonic of our home key over its 5th. This deceptive resolution gives us a tonic sounding uncharacteristically unstable, this instability is exacerbated by the inversion of the chord, denying the tonic its feeling of resolution, setting into motion the B segment’s definitive resolution to the tonic.
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2023.03.24 07:51 ChineseCracker Battery percentage is gone after the recent update!

After the most recent update, the battery percentage is completely gone once your battery is low. Now it just shows you some arbitrary time, (which hasn't been correct for me). So basically my phone just keeps turning off from insufficient battery because I have no idea how much battery I still have.
Who's idea was this? Absolutely awful
Of course, you can still open the settings to see your percentage. But what an awful design decision. Especially because Android already has 2 different types of battery-displays to begin with: one, when the notification-bar is pulled up and one when the notification-bar is pulled down. But they've removed the actual percentage from both displays
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2023.03.24 07:50 XmasTree129 The Man In The Limousine

when i was walking down the sidewalk at night i was talking to my friend tanner when we saw that we had already walked to the end of the block. so me and tanner decided to keep walking since we had nothing better to do, and we saw this guy on a golf cart just cruising around the street which was strange since it was like 11pm. anyways, we kept on walking and talking about our day and gossiping about people at school until we had already walked to the main road which had a lot of cars speeding past us and there was a wendy's, a mcdonalds, some kind of loan place, and two bars that were parallel of each other.
when we peeked through the wooden fences of the bar on the right there was a hotel and a diner next to the bar but, when we peeked through the fences to look at the bar on the left there was a white limousine that was a bit dirtied up a little as if it drove through a dirt road. anyway, me and tanner sat down on the sidewalk and we were still talking about whatever we were talking about earlier when me and tanner both heard a load thud. as if somebody inside the limo was trying to kick the window out or something.
so then me and tanner thought it was a pretty good idea to start walking back to his house but before we could take a step... we heard the window of the limo break and somebody climbed out of it and saw us trying to run away. so, he decided to try to chase after us! me and tanner started running as fast as we possibly could until we got to his house. since we were having a sleep over at his house we decided to call it a night and go to sleep. somehow, someway, we were actually able to get some sleep.
when me and tanner woke up his mom lindy was cooking breakfast for us before we woke up. then, me and tanner went to the kitchen to see what miss lindy was cooking for us but when we sat down at the minibar, there was a knock at our door. miss lindy went to go answer it and it was the police! the cops and miss lindy talked for like 10 minutes and then she came back into the kitchen to cook more of the breakfast. me and tanner asked why the police were at the door and miss lindy told us that there was a report of somebody attempting to escape a kidnapping by breaking through a limousine window in the area, she said the police was there because they wanted to see if she had knew anything about it and she said no.
me and tanner both looked at each other in unison and our jaws dropped. when miss lindy asked us what was wrong, we told her that we just both think that what had happened was crazy...
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2023.03.24 07:49 GN6RIP Flamenco place ?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you heard about a bar or restaurant in Berlin where we can listen flamenco guitarist and singer around a drink ?
If not flamenco, just Spanish songs would be amazing.
Thank you 😊
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2023.03.24 07:49 blackshirt_24 [ACADEMIC] College project on Drink Spiking (anyone can fill this form who go out for parties/bars,etc.)
Hey guys, i am working on a college project based on drink spiking. It would mean a lot if you guys could fill it. You can fill the form if you have any experience in visiting the balounges/etc.
All the information provided will be strictly confidential and is only for academic purposes.
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2023.03.24 07:46 blackshirt_24 Survey on Drink Spiking for college project (anyone can fill this form who go out to bars/parties,etc)
Hey guys, i am working on a college project based on drink spiking. It would mean a lot if you guys could fill it. You can fill the form if you have any experience in visiting the balounges/etc.
All the information provided will be strictly confidential and is only for academic purposes.
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2023.03.24 07:43 TheWoodElf My search tab and Widgets are displayed in the wrong language

I bought a ROG Strix G713PI. It came with a Chinese Windows install (which I was aware of). After installation I used an English Win 11 Pro license that I bought separately, and this allowed me to install and change the En-US language pack, across the system. I also logged in with my old MS account, under which this English Win11Pro license is registered. So far so good, my system is now mostly in English.
However, in some specific places, results are still in Chinese. More specifically:
Things that I have tried so far:
None of these steps made any difference. To be clear, I understand that Windows installs can be locked onto certain languages (which is surely the case here), but I don't understand why these 2 areas (Widgets and Search) do not follow suit, when everything on my computer currently says I am using En-US only. Hopefully there is something else I can try before I pull the plug and do a completely clean reinstall from a different install kit.
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2023.03.24 07:42 1poiu7 Cute hooker sucks a large pole passionately and bonks hard

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2023.03.24 07:41 dan90me Question about Piggy Bank. How do I cash out the $15 or even 20 it says, only giving me option for $25 or a 20 Temu credit.

I have a question about piggy bank. I've been working on it today for the 1st time. I got 10/10 existing user clicks and 2 new users. My 2nd new user took me from $19.90 to $20.10. Before that last person clicked link the progress bar up top said only $0.10 left to claim $20. The 20 had the paypal logo under it. So the last person clicked brought me to $20.10 and now the progress bar is showing only $4.90 to claim $25 paypal. I click on the claim button and a little box pops up that says claim method Temu credit: Minimum $20 claim and PayPal $25 minimum $25 claim. I can't get anymore existing user clicks and would need like 3-4 new users atleast to get to $25. In the terms and conditions and also on the search page it says $15 cash. How do I just take the $15 or $20, I don't want temu credit. I have little less than 5 hours left until piggy expires. Thanks
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2023.03.24 07:40 RepulsiveBrick7054 Yonkers sports bar?

Is there a place in Yonkers, NY that Canes fans watch the games? I just moved here and was hoping to find a good canes, or at least, sports bar.
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2023.03.24 07:40 NephAJF First Journey into the (Discordant) Stars

Our group had a wild game today where we got a chance to use some of the new races from the Discordant Stars fan expansion (along with trying a split galaxy using a Franken Imperium which mixed TI 3 and 4 action cards, planets, and objectives but that's a whole nother story).
First off a HUGE! thank you to anyone involved in the creation of DS. We really enjoyed the factions and everyone was talking about not being able to wait to play again to try some more!
Wanted to give a quick run down of the factions we tried and some of my thoughts for anyone interested in hearing a bit about them, but just wanted to encourage anyone that was on the fence to try adding these to their game.
We had Edyn Mandate, Vaylerian Scourge, Kortali Tribunal, and Myko-Mentori in our 7p game along with 3 older factions.
I will start with these guys since I played them so I can comment in more detail. We read through most of the factions briefly and I picked these guys because I have a reputation in our group of my dice always letting me down when I need them the most so I was drawn to the 4 dice that you can fill in when you really need a roll to go your way. After I picked them it occurred to me that with my luck I was probably going to roll terribly and end up with no good dice to use, but I ended up being extremely lucky and rolling 6, 6, 8, 9. It also occurred to us that even if I had rolled low the Agent would be able to utilize those low rolls by forcing them on opponents who attacked me.
I think this core ability is awesome! It is flexible and both low and high dice are useful, and some of the best uses are non-combat rolls such as Gravity Rift or even Ixthian Artifact which came up in our game when I was speaker! They have a strong start for grabbing systems with 2 carrier and lots of infantry. 1 Tech is not ideal, but the CommandeFlagship combo is quite strong. I didn't use the Space Dock deploy ability because I felt it was too costly and it was pretty easy to get my 3 docks up and running by round 3.
The mech is strong allowing you to surprise deploy further out away from a space dock when you need some extra beef on the ground.
The Hero is also very flexible and powerful (provided some of the races have good heroes), I didn't have it unlocked when Kortali used their hero sadly, but was able to use Vaylerian's hero for a strong play.
The promissary note is also quite valuable as if someone buys it off you early game those re-rolls add up, I was able to get a good deal on mine.
Overall an interesting, unique, flexible, fun race. Would recommend everyone try them at least a few times!
Edyn Mandate
This one felt the most OP of the bunch with the ability to score extra objectives once they got thier 3G racial tech up and running. Their plastic start is weak and if they get stalled out of Warfare they are in big trouble, but 4 starting tech is no joke. The Flagship is kinda meh depending on which Agenda's are drawn. Our player was able to set up a nice turn when they were speaker to pop the Hero and they had an incredible amount of control over Agenda's we couldn't see. The one downside to having them in the game is that the 3rd Agenda in the Agenda phase adds some significant length to the game (maybe because our group spends a lot of time wheeling and dealing). They look quite strong though just based off the tech and ability to score in the Agenda phase. It will be fun to give them a try.
Vaylerian Scourge
I personally love Cruiser races so if you are like me then you will love this race. They can strike swiftly and from large distances and they have a really neat theme of out-maneuvering the opponent to put them into a bad tactical position and then gain bonuses from that. Very strong start due to the ability to ready planets when you gain them. Hero is a quite good as well.
Kortali Tribunal
A very strong military race, they can build a monster fleet and then just wreak havoc with multiple activations in a turn. They have a very strong start and then in the midgame they can just keep the pressure on. In a no holds barred game I would not want these guys beside me since they can eat into neighbouring territory with impunity.
The leader is also quite strong and can provide a huge swing needed to close out the late game.
If I had to rank them based on power level I would probably go Edyn, Kortali, Myko-Mentori, Vaylerian. But for enjoyment in playing (at least personally), probably Myko-Mentori then Edyn.
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2023.03.24 07:38 Psychopompous_Jack Good snacks to bring to Indonesia from the US

Hi all,
I tried to search in this reddit, and a lot of the recommendations are from 8 years ago. I imagine you can get a lot of things there these days in Indo, so I figured I should ask in case things have changed...
Do y'all have recommendations for snacks kids, adults, and then much older adults from the US? What things have you gotten (or given) that people love?
I'm currently thinking about maybe bringing some chocolate covered goodies from trader joes (Dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate covered pretzels, or dark chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels), maybe? Heck, I just love the peanut butter filled prezel nuggets... but maybe that's too plain...
There are also some local chocolate bars I could share, but I think that the other snacks are more satisfying in the long run and feel more substantial, though the instagram factor is higher for these.
Any tips or thoughts?
Thank you!
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2023.03.24 07:37 whoodattboii What type of Control Bar would you prefer?

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2023.03.24 07:37 bouncycastle26 Looking for Bar/Restaurant Recs, Post Courthouse Wedding

It will just be the 2 of us, and we may or may not have our photographer join us for a minute.
I'm not familiar with the Santa Barbara scene, but my fiancé and I love eating & drinking together! Ideally it might be nice to grab an upscale cocktail or glass of champagne at a bar around happy hour downtown, then maybe go out for a nice, cozy, romantic dinner. We'd love to find the "hole in the wall" type places, maybe the spots that hip locals go. Nothing too commercial.
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2023.03.24 07:35 AbbyMinlife Upholstered Dining Benches

Upholstered Dining Benches
This is a double-color modern-style lounge chair. Reasonable color matching will make the emotional expression of the space more fully. Under the more diverse and richer design trend of modern color design, the two-tone design has begun to slowly enter people's sight. This double-color lounge chair looks very fresh and individual, and it is more elegant to match. The stitch detail, supportive backrest, generous cushioning, and eye-catching modern velvet make this not only a comfortable place to enjoy dinner,Our elegant and beautiful short-pile velvets are made from quality 100% polyester, The frame is made of sturdy metal legs, so whether you choose to sit on it or lie down on it, we have 3 different designs of this two-tone modern lounge chair, bar stool, dining chair, and this lounge chair, so you'll be fine with whatever you use it with.
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2023.03.24 07:34 Wazupdanger now i got to time this right, i know how Dontai is a big fan of Harry Potter and I really wanna see his reaction to Harry Potters battle, he'd go wild for the references and bars

now i got to time this right, i know how Dontai is a big fan of Harry Potter and I really wanna see his reaction to Harry Potters battle, he'd go wild for the references and bars submitted by Wazupdanger to ROOMSYX [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 07:34 whoodattboii What type of Control Bar would you prefer?

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2023.03.24 07:32 Busy-Woodpecker-2289 Help I can’t remember the name of this porn I watched

Movie starts out with a female on a bus traveling to see her female friend in California I believe (because I remember a beach scene) After she arrives they both go to a bar that night they meet 2 male guys. They both take them to the bathroom and each female has sex in a bathroom stall. Then the next night they meet 1 guy in a parking garage and they both suck him off outside of the car in front of the headlights. Then it ends with them going to a underground club. The one girl gets ganged banged by a group of men. Does anyone remember the name of this movie?
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