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2023.06.08 01:36 Lumini_317 The Night Lights’ designs do not make sense, and I’ll explain why.

To be fair, with Night Furies and Light Furies being fictional you could say that real life genetic rules don’t fully apply to them. But even so, it’s something that’s always bothered me. Just be sure to take this all with a grain of salt, because again, it is technically just fiction.
Let’s look at horses. What would happen if you bred a white horse with a black horse? Unless they had some form of paint markings in their lineage, the foal will not be black and white. Outside of potential markings that it might inherit from its parents (such as a blaze or socks), they’ll either be black, or white, not both. Even if they did inherit markings, those markings wouldn’t be perfectly shaped. For example, if they inherited socks on all four legs, not all the socks would be the same length. If they inherited a blaze, it wouldn’t be symmetrical like a perfect diamond or a straight stripe with no jagged or “sloppy” edges.
The Night Lights look like they were dipped in white and black paint by some factory machine. The patches are far too uniform, they seem unnatural and manufactured. Look at humans, even our faces are not perfectly symmetrical, and yet you expect me to believe that by some divine intervention every night lights’ markings are perfectly placed and shaped?
Let’s look at humans again. It’s reasonable to say that a child will get the hair of their father and the eyes of their mother or vice versa, but you wouldn’t say that half of their hair would look like their father’s while the other half would look like their mother’s. This isn’t MHA we’re talking about here. If one parent was Caucasian and the other was African American, the child would most likely be a mix of the skin tones of both parents. With the Night Light logic, imagine a mostly white child with black ears, nose, feet, and hands.
Even in cases of vitiligo, the patches are never perfectly shaped and placed.
Genetics just do not work that way.
So what would the Night Lights look like if they followed the rules of real life genetics? Well, that depends.
If their genetics are more like that of humans, then the Night Lights would be various shades of gray. For example, Dart would be the lightest shade, Ruffrunner would be a little darker, and Pouncer would be the darkest (just a random order). Depending on which parent had the dominant genes, one or two of the Night Lights might be nearly as light as their mother or nearly as dark as their father.
What if their genetics fell into more of an animal’s gene logic? For horses, the foal will more than likely look very similar to either their mother or father, rather than being a mix of both. The only mix you’ll really see is if the parents are not the same breed, then you’ll probably see that the foals will be a mix of size and shape. But the color itself will not be a mix—which is why you see things like dapple gray mares giving birth to chestnut (brown) foals, or white mares giving birth to black foals (usually the stallion’s genes are more dominant). I myself have horses and one of my mares had two foals, both with the same father. The mare is a palomino, and the father is black with white socks. Both foals were black with white socks, with the youngest having a few random markings on her face that looked similar to those of her grandmother on her father’s side. In a case similar to horses, each Night Light would either be black or white, not black and white.
The Light Fury does have light pink markings (because of course they have to be freaking pink, cuz she’s a girl, duuuuh) and Toothless had somewhat prominent markings in the first movie, which brings be to my second idea.
Animal species cross-breeding. Let’s look at the zorse, a cross between a horse and a zebra. In most cases, the zorse will have the base coat of its horse parent, with zebra stripes on top (there is one zorse known as “Eclipse” who has a mix of white patches and zebra patches. However, this was due to their horse parent being a paint). Let’s look at ligers and tigons—lion and tiger hybrids. Again we’ll see that they’re a solid mix of both. You won’t see either one walking around with a tiger tail, a thick mane, and alternating patches of orange with stripes and plain dull brown fur.
So let’s apply this logic—or at least something similar—to the Night Lights. The excuse people use for Toothless losing his markings in the third film without any explanation is that Night Furies naturally lose them as they age. With that logic, the Night Lights would almost certainly have patchy markings like Toothless did. You could imagine a black Night Light with faint pink markings like their mother, or the same marking patterns as their mother but colored black instead after their father. There could also be a white Night Light with black markings like their dad used to have, or the style of markings as their dad but colored pink like their mother’s. It’s not perfect, genetical logic speaking, but it makes more sense than the obviously-made-purely-for-merchandise-reasons Night Lights.
Again, take this with a grain of salt. If you don’t have any grains of salt just let me know. I have plenty to spare as even after 3-4 years I’m still salty over the third movie.
TLDR: The third movie threw sense out of the window in more ways than just writing and basic logic, but genetic logic as well. Even if you can overlook the fact that a Night Light would not have patches of black and white, that doesn’t change that their patches would not be so perfect and symmetrical.
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2023.06.08 01:35 Googelybearz I found 4 nestlings in a boat I’m cleaning and I don’t know what to do

I found 4 nestlings in a nest on a boat I’m cleaning. The boat was transported from Lake Keowee, SC and brought to my shop in Seneca. I don’t know what kind of birds these are except that the rehabs I contacted said they must be song birds. I don’t have a way to get these nestlings back to the original location to see if the parent bird will take care of them.
The rehabs I’ve contacted near me don’t take these types of birds and the ones that do are over 2-3 hours drive from me. I can transport them to a place close to me if there is a rehab willing to take them.
If anyone has tips on how to take care of these birds, I am open to that as well I just don’t want to do any damage because I’ve never cared for birds before.
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2023.06.08 01:34 Bitter_Fact_3285 This probably belongs in toxic parents, but I like you guys more

So I feel a lot of anger and resentment towards my parents all the time and it's hard, because they are so "nice" and then I feel hella guilty and like I should call them more (even though I could easily go months without calling them).
I'll try and keep this short, but they raised me strict Christian (I had to wear a skirt all the time, be modest, no Harry Potter, no books with magic, no movies where kids are at all disrespectful to parents, no Barbie, had to got to horrible Christian school, in Church every Wednesday, Sunday and go on outings to pass out tracks)
It was a lot for a kid, I felt the weight of burden of having to save everyone around me because if I didn't they would suffer in Hell for all eternity and cry out as to why I didn't save them. I could never express myself or stand up for myself. I went to public school for Pre-K and they actually said I was on the Spectrum but my parents just took me out and sent me to a Christian school because Jesus fixes everything (side not he doesn't). There I was bullied constantly by teachers and students for years, and my parents never did a thing. The bullying wouldn't end when school was over either, both my parents worked so I would just get sent home with some random church person after school till they could pick me up, and they where always SOOOO happy to have me.
I just really need people to talk to and can't afford therapy. I feel so angry all the time. I went through so much ALONE, I would cry myself to sleep almost every night as a child, I literally attempted suicide at like 12 ( no one knew) and delt with self harm (I didn't actually do it till later, because I was worried about my parents saying I was demon possed).
Every memory of my childhood is either getting yelled at by a teacher (mostly for stuff I didn't do), physically and mentally abused by students (while a teacher stood by) and it kinda took a weird sexual tone (kids would slap my ass and say I had a big butt, and one kid tried to force me to pee in front of everyone). The rest of my memories are of being left at random people's house and trying to stay very quiet and not exist.
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2023.06.08 01:34 Pitchy23 [Lore] Bandying Wicked Words with Witless Worms

1st Month, 161AC
Breakstone Hill
Against a din of hornblasts, the wide, reinforced doors cracked open as a pair of sentries marched into Breakstone’s main keep. The vast torch-lit chamber was the beating heart of Rickon Stark’s arduous campaign against the rebellious clans Wull and Liddle, and this morning it contained the man himself, stooped low over the central table. Vera Knott, the wisened widow of Clan Knott, sat by his left. To his right, Torrhen the Flint was engaged in deep debate with the bullish Herod Harclay, an overbearing man of meat and steel. Chief Pendel Pine sat nearby listening in. All heads turned to see the interruption, Rickon rising from his seat. The two young lads were beaten and windswept, but whole. The Stark fixed them with a gaze as they neared.
“What news from the pass?”
“Just like the Pines’ scouts said, commander.” The red-haired sentry reported. “Men are coming. Liddle’s colours in them, not covering their tracks. Riding straight for us.”
“An army?” Rickon pressed. “How many?”
“Not an army, no. Must only have been a dozen or two. Didn’t look to be raiders neither. Almost looked friendly.”
This was certainly an interesting development, and Rickon shared a glance with Torrhen Flint. In the months they had been fortifying Breakstone Hill, and securing the southern valleys and hills to establish a supply line, their foes had shown no peace. Wildling raids, hired mercenaries, desperate attacks were a weekly affair. Those clans and families that were downtrodden before had made their way to Breakstone, hundreds of lives had been lost, but it seemed that their foot-hold had become, now, an advantage.
“Could be a trick.” Alyn Wull, Rickon’s right-hand, suggested.
“Or could be some peace offer.” Old Nan Knott retorted.
“Either way. It is odd that Liddle men would come in such few numbers.” Rickon mused. “We must ride and meet them. Flint, gather twenty men and horses. Myself, the Harclay and the Pine will treat with these visitors. Alyn, you and Flint stay here, prepare a defense. If we do not return from this meeting, ride them down, find us.”
Flint simply nodded, and darted off. Whilst his presence here had been questioned and challenged at first by a hefty majority of these clansfolk, Rickon Stark’s authority was now absolute. He respected the leaders and it was returned. It made for a much more stable command, and he imagined this might have been how his father must have felt once.
It was a bitter wind that blew through the valley as Rickon first caught eye of Liddle and his escort. Tension fell on the air as one party crested a hill, and the other remained opposite them - two small forces of enemies only a bow-shot apart. Those few loyalists that had come with them to treat clutched at their axe handles, eager to fight. It was hard these days to find a single warrior who hadn’t lost a friend, a brother, a father or a son fighting against these rebels. But that is why we call it making peace, Rickon thought, we have to make peace with our enemies.
“Harclay, Pine, with me.” He spoke clearly, and trotted his horse on down the rocky hill. To their relief, only the riders detached from the opposing side, meeting their pace until the six men and their steeds could clearly see one another’s faces.
If this was the Liddle, he was everything that Rickon had imagined. The man squirmed in his saddle, worm-like, with a nasty brow and a scowl on his face. The type of man to kick a dog, then cower when it snarled. He approached with a bow of the head, and looked nervously to the heavily-armed man at Rickon’s side.
“Herod Harclay. Pendel Pine.” He indicated the men to either side, speaking with a tone as cold as ice. “And you know I am Rickon of House Stark. Son and heir of your lord, Cregan Stark, of Winterfell. Name yourself and your purpose. If it is anything less than surrender, I’ll be displeased.”
The lickspittle opposite curled his mouth into a smile, but not a pleasant one. “I am the Liddle. These are my sons.We bring news… good or bad, you decide.”
“Tell me.” Rickon commanded.
“The Wull is dead. Wildlings turned on him and his family. A bloodbath.” He spoke with disgust plastered on his face. “The hills are in ruins. I know we are enemies. But we seek your aid. Clan Liddle and Clan Wull bow to Clan Stark.”
Both Harclay and Pine were silent. No doubt each would have their own opinions ready to throw, own curses waiting to shout. There were many dead, on both sides. But there was a respect among the clans, their leader was not to be questioned in front of an adversary.
“If this is true,” Rickon began. “Why do you show no signs of battle? You and your sons look unharmed. Are you craven, or just lucky?”
While most lords or chiefs would balk or bluster at such an insult, the Liddle did not. “We were away when the attack happened. Much of my clan remains in our lands, fighting off the wildlings.We lost half our force.”
The man seemed pathetic and downhearted enough to believe, yet they were fighting against Liddle and Wull men only days past. This was either a clever trick, or a desperate plea. Either way, they would need some men. The time to move was now, and they'd better do it armed to the teeth. A show of force would scare this witless worm and his lackeys from trying anything stupid.
“We will aid you, Liddle, and what is left of clan Wull. But your sins decide that your life is forfeit. If you fight with honour by our side, you will be allowed to take the black and live the rest of your days in the watch to atone for your crimes against the north. If you try and cross me, or any of these good men, you’ll lose your head and be cursed forever. If you die in battle, then so be it, and may the gods look on you more favourably than I.”
“I..” He stammered. “I.. don’t know what to say. I don’t plan on dying. But we've nowhere else to go. Believe me, it wasn't my wish to come to you beggin'.”
"Well then make your camp out here. It looks like we fight as one." Rickon smirked. He'd need to return, and spend a day gathering his army. Flints, Pines, Harclays, Woods, Norreys, Knotts, a meager handful of Winterfell's men... They were stronger than ever, and it seemed that it was time to strike. Some of their strength would have to remain, to keep the peace here, and guard Breakstone against opportunists. Plus, the roads and valleys leading south were still unsafe. The rest would march, at the wolf's back, to finally bring peace to this forsaken set of rocks.
And, at last, I can go home. It was not often Rickon thought of such things, with so much conflict and doubt at his neck each day. *But now... I can almost taste it. Winterfell awaits."
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2023.06.08 01:34 OverpricedChicken LOWKEY FEELING LIKE SHIT RN

I know my life isnt the worst thing possible. Im thankful for what I have I just cant help but feel like shit about it. So im gonna talk about it here.
Lets start at the beginning. I was born in L.A, from what I know my biological father (lets call him Brian) had an affair with another woman. So my mom got divorced and took us (at the time me 3, my bro 5, and my sis 7) to Nebraska. Far away from family, but most of them spoke only spanish anyways. Brian didnt pay child support until recently.
Struggles (idk): We were homeless for a bit less than a year, living at a shelter and a church. We got an apartment. My mother was a hard working single mom, and we moved 4 times in 6 years. Alot of school changes which was hard for me. The lack of a father figure, not even an uncle or grandfather or anyone, was also hard. The overall lack of family sucked balls. It was just us 4.
Stepdad: In 2015 my mom got married (after 10 years fatherless lol 💀). Turns out he never told her that he was a purple heart. Or was an ex-alchololic. Got shot in Iraq + some degenerative spine disorder + PTSD = a not so ideal, in pain, father. He also got my mom pregnant, a kid 10 years younger than me. Parents argue alot over small things which is really annoying. (also his family, my step family is all fragmented. i never had a big family bbq or thanksgiving before, and still havent had one now)
Lil Bro: This kid, fuck bro, he is honestly just a little brat but i still love him. He has ashma, partially deaf in one ear, is overweight, doesnt listen. He causes immense stress on everyone. Especially my short tempered veteran father.
Brother: older brother seemed rather normal until he was about 12. He was always a little nerdy but whatever. Thats when I noticed something was off about him. I think he is slightly autistic but you cant just ask your mom if your bro is a autistic. He has had only one friend come over and that was in like 2nd grade. He is 18 now, no job, no car, no friends, no gf. All he does is play Xbox and jerk off or whatever.
Sister: Around last year my sister (20) was ultra religious in a church we didnt go to anymore (some drama with my parents and the pastor). She got very attached to the pastors daugher and they are besties. Also jesus or whatever. She didnt like our house i guess, i dont blame her. So when she said she was moving, i was proud because she had grown up. Until she told us she was moving in with the pastors family. Yeah. The ones my parents dont like. So yeah that really hurt my mom and made my dad angry.
Back in like 2020/2021 life was looking great. Our new house in omaha was a bit small, but i was near all my friends, school, and a gym a 5 minute walk away. Until we moved to North Omaha. If you dont know all thats up here is old white folks, trailer trash, and poor black people. My parents wanted a ranch style house, without many neighbors. They found one and its an old ass house which had none of those qualities. "but its next to grandma and grandpa". Sadly grandma and grandpa are very old and seeminly tired of being grandparents because its been over a year and we havent visited once. Grandma has had cancer 3x and maybe has dementia so i dont blame her. I decided to go to the same school, now 15 miles/25 minutes away. I dont wanna change schools/North High is the worst school safety wise in the omaha metro. I have my liscense but no car yet. I cant wait to have to drive my autistic brother to his college when i save up for a car. And for my parents to make me drive myself to school, 25 minues away. for a small tank thats a fillup every 2/3 days. Nope. Take a girl on a date? Nope strict mom and father who is distant and uncomfortable to have a conversation with. Wanna hang out with friends? Find a ride. No one likes me enough to drive 30 minutues into north omaha lol.
Goodbye, I typed this quick. If you read all of this ty and keep ya head up big dog. Peace.
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2023.06.08 01:33 AdditionalSession38 I don’t understand people in this kind of group!!

I read so many people giving opinions about someone else’s life with never seeing these people before. The worse is who comes here asking for somebody else’s opinion. Asking opinion for people that don’t know you, don’t know your relationship, don’t know the other side of the story. Here, the stories have only one side! Instead of you guys just live your life and give attention or fix your marriage, you stay here taking care of an unknown person’s life! As I said before, for me, the worse are the people that expose your private life in a dangerous website to random people. Just a question: do you think someone random cares about your private life? OF COURSE NO! Why you, dumb as fuck, prefer to listen to these people instead of go to the church or try to get a guide with your family, or just listen to your heart? That is why your relationship will never work, because you prefer to listen random people’s opinion. Your relationships WILL NEVER work with you acting like this. Everyone has a different background. Everyone thinks the grass is always greener on the other side.
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2023.06.08 01:33 GTSBot [GTS] After nearly completing a shakedown that got me back nearly 200 keys, I decided I'd finally show you all my new prison!

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2023.06.08 01:32 currentlyintheclouds Turns out this singlet is actually a system. Whoops

I’ve been on this sub for about two years now, offering advice and information I know as a singlet who has a partner who is a system. My partner has known about their DID for two years by now, but I had already known about DID/OSDD due to a well-placed hyperfixation several years before even meeting them. We have found our new normal since then. They had suspicions of my multiplicity but my denial ran deep, and the wall of anxiety was higher than I could face at the time.
Well, when you're so close to someone else that has it and you yourself are covert, the dominos are fated to fall sometime. Or more like crash, making a huge mess, in my experience.
So, here I am. Or, more aptly, here we are. It’s kinda funny; the part that has been on this sub the most is not at all the only part that’s been on this account. The part who is on this sub and the DID sub is nearly always caring, informative, gentle and helpful (let’s call her D). Meanwhile, one of our more brash parts has ridiculous arguments over trivial shit (B). And then there’s me (H), who just has little comments here and there. I always thought I was just weird, switching (HA!) from empathetic and oddly informative (as in, knowing how to help people beyond that of my official research and experience with my partner... Hmmmmmm I wonder how) to the drastic opposite — limited empathy in some moments, with a combative edge and a “look it up yourself” attitude. And, well, I am weird, but not in the way I thought.
Of course, the denial is strong, to the point of having two separate “wait a minute...” moments that very quickly was deverted to “haha nahhh” conclusions (spanning about a year) before this ultimate realization. We are trying our best to give ourselves the room to fully learn about who we collectively and individually are. We have bad days, wherein we spiral like a yoyo on a string, and we have good days, were we feel very happy to not be alone. I want to strike a balance — as I know it is more realistic — between the two, and hopefully become content with my, our, existence.
I wanted to make this post as an introduction to us, but also to possibly validate those who realized their systemhood because of another system close to them, or even due to research and/or a hyperfixation. I struggle with feeling fake and like I am doing myself no favors when exploring this ‘new’ reality of mine. But I am going to try anyway.
Thank you for being such a supportive community,
• H+D
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2023.06.08 01:32 Madd-Jack Please help if possible

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2023.06.08 01:32 Dramatic_Dinosaw Do I put sticky traps/bait in my bedroom?

I live in an apartment and dealing with a cockroach issue. I have recently bought these glue traps and the attractant smells very strong, like the baits I have been using previously.
So far, I have only seen one cockroach in my bedroom. I haven't seen any since and most seem to be concentrated in my hallway, dining room and bathroom.
I absolutley hate the idea of cockroaches being near me sleeping, let alone in my house at all. I spray my bedroom door with repellant anyway. I'm just wondering if its useful to have a glue trap in there as I know it will definitley attract roaches and Idk maybe they might get distracted and go onto the bed itself which I really don't want.
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2023.06.08 01:32 draugotO Have any Final Blade ever being destroyed?

Inspired by the Kingmaker Adventure Path, I decided to make a similar campaing in which the players are Galtan exiles in Gralton planning to retake some of their lost lands near the River Kingdoms border and hope that Galt is too busy with it's inner fighting to make an organized counter against the advance.
One of my players came with a BG that had his character being a 8yo kid when the Revolution started and his manor's doors got kicked in, revolutionaries stormed in and killed everyone, except him, that managed to escape. The character really doesn't care about all the politics involved, all he cares is that he was 8yo when his family got brutalized infront of him and he had to escape, so nothing will stray him from his revenge. I quite licked the BG, but... I pointed out to him that the revolution started in 4667 and the game was set in 4723, making his character 64years old, within the Venerable age for Humans... At lvl 1...
Some days later he returned with pretty much the same BG, but this time the kid got decapitated by a Final Blade, having his soul sucked away for 40~50 years, until some adventuring group destroyed the Final Blade in which he was locked in. Some freak accident happens and, rather than having his soul expelled in a necromantic burst that fills the area with wraiths and the like, he respawns. The kid flees, first to the ruins of his old manor, and then to the River Kingdoms, where he eventually ends up in Gralton, wanting nothing but revenge against the revolution that brutalized his family and murdered him at 8yo, making him between 18 and 28 yo at the time of the game.
Now, that BG is even better than the first one imo, but... Have any Final Blade ever being destroyed? I know they CAN be destroyed, and if even one has ever being I will accept that BG, but destroying a Final Blade sounds like quite the quest to me, and I wouldn't like to relegate the forst destruction ever to be relegated to a BG when it could be done in game, if it doesn't have cannonical prescedent.
So... Have any Final Blade ever being destroyed?
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2023.06.08 01:31 NotaCop96 Headliner help? 86 Aerocoupe

Headliner help? 86 Aerocoupe
See attached photos. The 2+2 runs and drives great. All I have left is to get it detailed and fix the droopy headliner! Step dad bought it new in 1987. It’s been given to me and I plan on driving it.
1986 Pontiac 2+2 Aerocoupe!
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2023.06.08 01:31 dtrrb Does this sound like undiagnosed POTS?

For nearly 10 years now, I've felt like something has not been right with my cardiovascular system. I've described it to doctors as pounding heart palpitations and after several ECGs, a 24-hour heart monitor and echocardiogram I've been told it's nothing to worry about and that they are probably caused by anxiety and high adrenaline levels.
My resting heart rate and blood pressure are normal but my heart seems to be super sensitive when being signalled to speed up. My BPM goes up so quickly so easily and it will pound HARD. It's typically brought on by exercise but it also does it when I move positions when I've been lying down for a while, when I'm getting up or crouching down and getting back up. Sometimes when I get up and I'm having an episode, my heart doesn't beat all that fast but just pounds so hard and I can feel pressure all over my body, especially in my head. And slight whooshing in my ears. I've wondered for a while if it's POTS but I don't get any dizziness or other symptoms described, just really uncomfortable palpitations. Luckily I discovered that using a small amount of propranolol (beta-blocker) every day stops the symptoms but I'm dependent on it. If I stop using or it's worn off by the evening, the symptoms come back.
Another thing that I've noticed recently which is what led me to the idea of POTS again after seeing that it's a symptom, is that the bottom of my feet turn purple when I put pressure on them. They are a normal colour when standing, but if I sit down with my legs crossed for a while, they will eventually start turning a deep purple/red until I start moving again. This may be related to the beta blockers though.
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2023.06.08 01:31 Decent-Raspberry8194 Recovery need to be repaired

Recovery need to be repaired
So I just bought my new laptop yesterday and this time I just woke up it suddenly won't start, I'm stuck at this screen and I don't know how to fix this.
I searched the web for any fix and it says I need usb or disc but I don't have any. Anyone can help me?
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2023.06.08 01:30 Longjumping_Bug6315 My Conan O Brien Collection For The Public

Hey guys, for anyone who has been on DHExchange or has heard about my Conan Project in the past, this is what I just shared on that page. The link is down below for my collection! I hope you all enjoy and if there is any way you want to help, please feel free to! Peace out!

My Conan O'Brien Collection For The Public (READ DESCRIPTION FIRST)

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a post about this cause it's started circulating again which is awesome. I had made a torrent for this the other night that has sofar been getting worked on by many people to help me out with this! I have here the magnet link through a wordpad file that I saved it on so all of you can start downloading this too! I want to thank u/clayh u/bubbledress u/blue_hunt u/SkinnyV514 and everyone else who has wanted to support the seeding and contributing and such. I know we still gotta figure out whats missing. Trust me, that's gonna get worked on in the near future if it isn't already. So for that part, everyone please be patient! If you would like to contribute in any way you can, whether it be extra Conan stuff like interviews, specials, whatnot that isn't already there or if you can tell right away which Conan NBC or TBS episodes are missing that you might have, that'd be awesome! For the meantime, here is the whole collection of mine that is over 2TB. Enjoy my friends and thanks again to everyone who has helped out in one way or another with this!
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2023.06.08 01:30 whenimnsfw Unruly children and their awful parents

I was at the grocery store a bit earlier this evening to pick up some fresh vegetables for a soup I'm making. As I approached the leafy greens I notice a woman and her 4(?) children. I think it was 4, they were running around screaming and throwing green beans first on the floor, and then at me when I had to walk near them to get a bag of kale. Meanwhile, she pretty much ignored them, except to half heartedly yell stop once or twice. I was appalled. If you can't teach your children not to behave like rotten little heathens in public, maybe don't bring them out and about.
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2023.06.08 01:30 Coochcrusher9000 Pre-diabetic nail biter. Can you get sepsis in a night?

This story is a bit juicy, but the rules say to give as much detail as possible. To begin this madness, I recently had to move in with a friend whose house definitely had different germs than the one I had just come from. Being there are dogs and, well, respectfully, a decent amount of clutter hiding lots of unknown creatures, everything was lovely for the first couple of weeks.
Now, this is where the story gets a bit rocky. I decided to go on a bit of a cocaine binge, which led to an LSD binge, which led to a meth binge (I have yet to try meth before, but as it was being mixed with various substances, I didn’t think much of it; I’m normally indestructible).
Before going deeper, I must give a bit of a backstory. In high school about 3-4 years ago, I had gone to the doctor, and she had told me I was pre-diabetic and to track my blood sugar twice daily. To say the least, I checked for about a week and never went back. During said recent binge, I was thrown completely off my regular schedule (which also wasn't the healthiest, but it was working). I was sleeping significantly less, eating rarely, drinking more alcohol than usual, drinking less water, the whole nine yards.
Midway through this binge, I had a small cyst pop up on my face, specifically right on my cheekbone near the temple. Amongst the LSD, I couldn't stop touching it. It grew to be the size of a golf ball. I have never experienced this. Ever. The pus became hard very quickly, and to say the least, it ended up popping and going down, but I still have a large indent where it once was and almost a bruised look under the skin. As of today, 6/5, this popped up 5/23. (I must add that I only touched it the first night as well as got slapped quite hard right on it (the same night). From then, I spent all my days applying warm compresses and occasionally using Neosporin.
Alright, enough of the cyst. So recently, I decided to go on a 6-day no-sleep meth/cocaine binge. The morning of the 5th day, I was munching on my barely grown back cuticles when I caught a hangnail. Since I have chewed my nails since I developed teeth, I didn't think anything of it. The night goes by, and again, no thoughts. That next morning, the tip of my finger hurt SO bad but still looked quite average. By this time, I finally slept, and after waking, I noticed it had a bit of a greenish-yellow tint where the blood originally sat once the hangnail was removed. Selfishly, I decided to do some more coke and meth for the day, which ended up nearly killing me as the coke was laced. Once finally getting out of the on and off stage, I realized said finger was very swollen. I then proceeded to ice it for the next 3-4 hours (because it's the only way to soothe the pain). Once I did my final round of ice, I examined the finger, and it is now a white "bump/blister" around the cuticle, looking like an abscess of sorts, followed by a harsh redness going down the rest of my finger. Also, under all of this is a black/yellow/green tint but mostly under the nail bed. For the pain, the best way I could describe it is having the worst toothache ever, I'm talking shattered and rotten. But in the tip of your finger, shooting all the way up into the shoulder. (I must add that if I even slightly graze the tip one for example something as soft as a blanket, it sends a full body sharp shiver in every nerve still standing.
After doing some research I came upon sepsis from bacterial Paronychia. Why I think this is, is because unfortunately I’ve been without insurance for years and in that time I had an unfortunate affair with a not very clean human which ultimately left me with a bladder infection or uti since. Granted it comes and goes but very frequently. I also have had a couple of swollen nodes behind my ears and on the back of my head I want to say in my junior year (19) that I was told to not worry about but come in if they don’t clear up/harden come back, well they hardened and even brought some other friends to join the party. Personal info worth mentioning: I do not have my appendix or tonsils. I am 21, ginger (Ik that's important in some cases) veering on 90lbs I am and have been a regular drug user since I wanna say 14 but not to this extent. The uti/bladder infection was never diagnosed, but to give the least gross details the smell often is that of what I would assume a cows urine would be like, as well as I could drink a ton of water n it's still almost orange:/
About a month before this I actually took the time to start eating more and better, going to the gym, doing less drugs, and power slamming water like it was going out of style.
My main question here today is can I treat this at home somehow? But of course any advice helps. :) TIA.
TL;DR I recently moved in with a friend and went on a drug binge which led to a golf ball-sized cyst on my face and a swollen, painful abscess on my finger. I suspect I have sepsis from a bacterial infection due to a previous affair with an unclean person and frequent bladder infections. I have no appendix, tonsils, or insurance and have been a regular drug user since age 14. I recently started eating better and working out before this all happened which was unusual for me.
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2023.06.08 01:29 EBK1999 Album Name Mistake on Instagram

Hello Reddit community,
I've encountered a minor major problem: I distributed my album through CD Baby, but unfortunately, I misspelled the primary artist's name during the distribution process. As a result, the album is now listed on various platforms, including Instagram, with the incorrect name.
The album has gained some popularity on Instagram, and I would prefer not to go through the hassle of redistributing it. Is there any way to fix the artist name directly on Instagram without redistributing the entire album?
I've considered reaching out to CD Baby, the platform through which I distributed the album, but I'm not sure if they can assist in updating the artist name on Instagram. I also thought about contacting Instagram directly, but I'm uncertain if they would be able to help since the mistake originated from me/ the distribution process.
If anyone has experienced a similar situation or has any insights or suggestions on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate your input. My main goal is to ensure that the correct artist name is reflected on Instagram while minimizing any further complications.
Joe Biden
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2023.06.08 01:29 DisastrousDealer3750 Insurance Hail Damage Dispute

We own a rental house about 5 hours away from where we live. The house we live in and the rental house were both hit by hail within a matter of days. At the house we live in the insurance agent called his preferred roofer who came out and verified damage, immediately tarped the roof to prevent further leaking and we’ve already received insurance company digital payment and roofer will begin work next week. In the case of the rental property I had to rely on the tenant to provide pictures of damage. I filed a claim with insurance who sent out an adjustor ( took over a week to get him there.) Adjustor spoke to tenant who told him that one of the water stains on ceiling near skylight was probably a year old. So he said roof damage wasn’t from hail, it was wear and tear. I had two different roofing contractors come out and inspect - one took pictures that clearly show the hail dents in the vents and he chalk marked up all the shingles with hail damage dents. The gutters are so full of the little rock’s from the shingles they are almost falling off. After receiving the roofers pictures the adjustor changed his story and said it’s not wear and tear but it’s pea size hail. I asked to escalate to have someone else review and adjustor claimed three different people at his company looked at the pictures and agreed with him. I then asked him to have those people upload the roofers pictures and their comments to the on-line claim site. He changed his story again. He said the only way I can escalate and appeal is to call an appraiser and pay an appraiser to look at the roof. Any suggestions on what I do next? This is extremely expensive insurance and the worst run around I’ve ever experienced .
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2023.06.08 01:29 BJntheRV Exercise zone but no exercise

That spike on the graph I was sitting still watching TV and surfing reddit. Is it picking up finger movement as exercise?
I got a fitbit because I need to track the random spikes in my heart rate that are occurring. It should have notified me of this spike but instead it decided I was exercising. How can I fix this? Or should I just return the watch and give up?
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2023.06.08 01:28 ThrowRA454654 Me (26F) and my gf (20F) have a bumpy relationship, and I'm the problem.

This is a very weird situation, and I honestly don't know what I'm expecting from this post, but I wanted to speak about it a bit and see what this could bring.
I'm an autistic woman struggling a lot with a lot of concepts and with very little relationship experience due to being non-verbal, and am in a LDR with my gf a trans woman who's also autistic living quite far away from me. These factors combined led us to have a majority of our relationship beinng though writing and virtual.
I have a lot of issues with managing my anger. I have been working on this for a very long time, but it is very hard to do so, yet I never gave up on attempting to correct this.Now, onto the issue :
My and my gf have had disagreements on a near weekly basis, sometimes, way more often than this. This can get really heated and end up in me saying quite hurtful things that are only meant to hurt her as self defense mechanism. Initially, I did not realize my guilt in this issue, blind to it, I was assuming that we simply were struggling due to both being autistic and struggling with social cues and misunderstandings leading to disagreements. In fact, we both believed that.
However, with time, I started to realize something. One of the ways I have to keep myself busy is to overstimulate my brain, so I will often cumulate a video game with a game of sudoku or a chess game against a bot and various other distractions all while listening to rslash videos, leading me to listening to the channel's videos continuously all day long, over and over and over... Which is where I realized something : In a lot of stories dealing with abuse and overal horrible people, a lot of the actions and behavioural patterns, I can list a lot of events where I myself have acted in that very same way... Often.
I've tried to talk with my gf, often times attempted to make her realize that I may be abusive towards her and be negative for her mental health and I may be heavily dragging her down, but she doesn't seems to see nor believe me. After I pointed to her what I said previously about my behaviour, she did agree that maybe there was something wrong with me, but I'm not sure how much she believes it.
Well, either ways, here's the issue : I have been trying, the best I can, to mitigate these issues and to "fix" myself as much as possible, but honestly, I feel like I am completely failing and am feeling like a massive burden to her but she refuses to agree with it. I want to do better and to be better, I know I should seek professionnal help, but I don't have the financial means to do so, so, while I was overthinking the situation in a bit of panic, I thought about what made me realize in the first place the kind of potential abuse I was making her live though and figured it would cost nothing to attempt to post here.
I have no idea what I'm expecting, really, but, if someone has some ideas on how to manage anger, or how to push me in a better direction, anything, I'll take it, because, alone, I have no idea what I'm doing.. So, what can I do to fix this ?
(Apologies if the writing of this post feels weird and bumpy, not only is English not my native language, but it's very hard to stay focused long enough to write coherent sentences, the same applies to giving examples, it is something extremely difficult for me to bring specific events to mind)
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2023.06.08 01:28 Inappropriate-9977 God Bless Hart 💔😢 another case of not in her best interest

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