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2023.03.20 22:35 cumslut_1301 Is it wrong for me to be annoyed that my(F-23) boyfriend (M-23) doesn't communicate with me much during vacation?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year now. He's an amazing person, and I'm smitten. We live in the same city, different universities. We meet about 2-3 times a week, which is something, but I definitely would want to spend more time with him. Which is why, regular online communication is key for me. There's only one thing that bothers me - he doesn't communicate with me as much when he's out on a vacation. I don't expect him to go out of his limits to text me when he is with his friends, cause they are very important too. Just a few updates, here and there, like "Hey, how are you. I did so and so", or something along those lines every few hours does the job. But he goes by without texting for over 9-12 hours at times. It makes me concerned and annoyed. Cause it takes a few seconds at most to drop a text. And at times, his tone changes when he's with his friends, it is what I strongly feel to to say the least. For example, he gives 2-5 worded replies/small sentences to the questions I ask. He just dismisses my claims, saying there's nothing more to add to it. Am I reading too much into it? I'm looking for genuine insights and advice here, so I trust you all to be kind.
TL;DR - I am concerned and annoyed that my boyfriend doesn't communicate much during vacations, even though all I expect at most is a 5-10 minutes call, and short texts every few hours just to know he's alive and doing well.
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2023.03.20 22:34 teddybearcult painkillers and appetite?

hi, im on mobile and new to posting. the last few days my wisdom teeth have been coming in and really hurting. i have past trauma with dentists which i don't want to get into right now.
anyway-ive been taking nuromol (a combined pill with 500mg paracetamol/200mg ibuprofen) and very occasionally, ibuprofen and codeine. i've noticed today and yesterday my appetite is hardly there, trying to eat causes n*, i feel [email protected] (if that makes sense)
the idea of eating makes me feel n* but i've been trying to eat so my stomach can deal with the painkillers.
a few months ago i had a tooth infection (treated with antibiotics) and the day after i ended up dry h**ving and i'm a little worried it'll happen again.
to top it all off-the box for my nuromol got wet (got it from amazon and there was a leak in the porch) and the instructions got kinda blurry-i was told to leave 4 hours between doses however i got a new box today and it says at least 6 hours between doses!
so-do painkillers mess with your appetite? they aren't necessarily strong painkillers but i've been taking them more frequently and i'm just feeling a little scared and would really really appreciate if someone can help talk me down.
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2023.03.20 22:33 SillyBullDogX0X0 2 Months ago I lost 18k in one day, but today I am half way there....

It was about exactly 2 months ago from this day I lost 18k in one day sports betting. I lost all control and depleted my savings account that I worked so hard for to save up. I was angry, depressed, and disappointed in myself. Kept telling myself I wanted to get ALL of my 18k back RIGHT NOW. But how?! Obviously it doesnt work like that. You can save up for a long time and blow it all in minutes or hours smh. Had to force myself to quit gambling, fought my urge to get through all NFL playoffs/superbowl without betting etc. I Quitted . I dont have a good paying job, but I did was just kept pushing everyday working my job picking up more shifts. Trust me there were many work days I felt like giving up....the goal to make 18k seem so far and would take too many days........
2 Months later now heading towards the end of March I probably already made back HALF BACK of what I lost from working. Looking back now im Semi-Proud of myself. I haven't made a single bet and in terms of paychecks accumulated I probably got half back already. Unfortunately it isn't all going to be going into my new savings cause theres expenses I have to pay, but its still overall money made back and my new savings is starting to grow again.
Point being: ....."Slow money is better than no money" and time flies. Even though the obstacles seem so big and far right after a big loss if you take every day 1 by 1 its still progress. Little steps accumulate.
My guess is by middle of summer I would already make it ll back from work and I can finally mentally move on. Just wanted to encourage everyone fighting this sickness that you can do it.
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2023.03.20 22:33 aramasC4 Code4rena Rollup 20th March 2023

📈 Cool stats from this week
👩‍🍳 On the menu for this week:
📜 Past competition status updates
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2023.03.20 22:33 oblivionuntld Movie mix sounds good at the studio but terrible at the theater

I am working on the sound of an semi amateur movie. Its the first time i am doing audio for a movie and i have to admit a bit lost at the moment.I have quite some experience when it comes to mixing music and sound design and i know how to use the tools.
To explain the situation a director friend asked for help last moment.I went through doing dialogue editing and that took a lot of time since all of the recorded mics had notable problems.I added bgs and designed sfx.I then mixed everything along including the music. It was all a slow proccess but in the end it went well and the meetings were going well and everyone was happy.
The mix sounded good at my room with studio monitors.Same thing at the directors studio and at another studio that we do our meetings.The audio sounds reasonable through headphones and through my home cinema. I am targeting -24 lufs.
Now starts the disaster part.They had a viewing session on a theater the other day( that unfortunately i could not attend) and they told me that the sound was not very good and the dialogue was barely audible.The fact that it sounds good on monitors and all other sources till now makes me thing that i am missing something major when it comes to mixing for theater rooms.
I have to start thinking about what i am doing wrong and how to fix that. Things that come in mind is that i am not mixing at a reference level.Most of the time i am not monitoring at a high level and i now understand that this might be a possible reason.
I would appreciate any suggestion at possible causes and maybe anything that i could read to educate myself regarding mixing for theaters.I admit that i am inexperienced so please bear with me.
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2023.03.20 22:32 nobody102 my blood pressure has increased

on 50 mg for 12 days now. Normally, my PB is in the 120s/80s. Last two days it has been in the 140s/90s. I think I am having more anxiety now. Will this go away? I am already on two BP meds. I don't want to stop this medicine, as it was shown on my genetic test to be a good fit. I went to my cardiologist prior to starting. Had a coronary CT scan, and it was normal. Should I talk to my cardio? I don't want to make big changes to my other BP meds at the same time, but this is concerning. My BP is normal in the AM, and seems to get worse in the afternoon, evening. Has anyone had similar problems? How did you treat it?
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2023.03.20 22:31 Local-Emergency-9824 When not to unit test?

What are examples of components that shouldn't have a unit test? I ask this because if tests are supposed to test how the user interacts with the app, what happens if the component is something like a basic card that displays only an image and text? The user doesn't interact with the card.
For example, if a card takes only 2 props, an image, and a text prop, in the past I'd test to see if the card renders as expected based on the passed props. So I would test the right image renders and the component has the right text content. However, I've seen a few people on reactjs say doing so is wrong. Their reasoning is that I know the test will always pass because I'm passing the image and text prop. Also, if I was to test anything else in this example, I would be testing implementation, which as I understand, is wrong.
So, does this mean I don't write a unit test in the example above? Would I move on to an integration test of a feature that uses the card component instead?
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2023.03.20 22:30 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (Bundle Set)

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2023.03.20 22:30 KhoaFraelich Where did the Crossover SUV Come From?

Where did the Crossover SUV Come From?
Sport Utility vehicles have been around for a long time now. The different shapes, styles, and designs that car companies manufacture these days seem to be almost endless. From the massive Chevrolet Suburban to the Mini Cooper’s small Countryman, as well as every size in between. There is no doubt that if you are in the market for a new Sports Utility Vehicle in 2017, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect sized one for your unique driving needs and preferences.

What is a Crossover SUV, Anyway?
Many experts say that a crossover SUV is what is considered the “new minivan.” Ranging from small and sleek, to large and almost truck like, SUVs have become the new norm with the crossover class increasingly very popular. So popular in fact that the American public buys crossover SUVs like they are going out of style. Quid Pro Quo Clarice – what is the best selling car type in the United States? You guessed it, the new crossover-style SUV. Offering everything from TV screens and DVD players to four wheel drive and Wi-Fi, the “new minivan,” offers everything the American family could ask for.

Generally larger than a car, yet smaller than the bigger SUVs, crossovers typically come with all-wheel drive, and have bigger tires than a car, which gives them a taller stance. Offering the Sport Utility features of larger SUVs, crossovers give most drivers the feeling of safety that large SUV offers, with the perks that come with owning a car or sedan, such as great gas mileage.

Technically a crossover should be built using a unibody construction, which means the body and frame are not separate. Crossovers, (if equipped with four-wheel drive,) usually have full time four wheel drive only. This means the operator cannot elect to switch between 2 or 4 wheel drive. If bought with 2 wheel drive only, front wheel drive is what is offered.

Crossover SUVs do not offer a low range gearbox, as opposed to larger SUVs.

How Are Original SUVs Different?
The original SUVs, such as the Jeep Cherokees, were birthed from the late 1960s when a movement of off-road enthusiasm was noticed by the automotive industry. Manufacturers like Jeep started making four wheel drive vehicles that offered far more ground clearance, as well as a gearbox that offered a set of lower torqued gears, best used when climbing mountains, very steep grades, and even large sand dunes or boulders.

Traditional SUVs now still offer the gear box with a set of lower gears. Also, the option of either full time or part time four wheel drive, rear wheel drive if in 2 drive, and a towing capability of over 5,000 pounds.

SUV Model Types
Some traditional SUVs are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ford Explorer, and the Subaru Outback. Crossover SUVs include the Ford Edge, the GMC Acadia, and the Honda CR-V.

Some of the top consumer favorite crossover SUVs are represented by the Chevrolet Trax, the Kia Sorento, and the Toyota RAV4.

Source: Autoinfluence
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2023.03.20 22:29 InformationPlus3371 I 23F with 27M don’t know if this relationship is worth saving

My partner and I have been together for alittle over a year and a half. He’s 27 and I’m 23. In the beginning things were great, he was such a great communicator and made a lot of effort to make things work, despite me not being the best partner due to my overthinking and past relationship trauma. He was super patient through it all, planned dates, would come see me 2-3 times a week despite having to drive 1.5 hours each way since I don’t drive yet.
Things started to really change April of 2022, he was extremely distant, would not really communicate during arguments would either shut down/ give me the silent treatment or dismiss the conversation. He wouldn’t come or bring up going out unless I ask, and lessened it to only making the drive 1x a week, I would go to him 1x a week as well and he would drive me home. I’m someone that likes to talk about things right away and come up with a solution so this behavior put me under a lot of stress, when we would argue I would cry and not be able to eat. I It went on for months I went from being 145 to 123 pounds. Of course there were times he would really try which is what kept me going.
A couple months ago I suspected him of cheating so I went through his credit card statements, I saw a dinner transaction at a time when he told me he’s taking a nap. when I confronted him he denied it and said it was with coworkers and for angry with me for invading his privacy which this part I get, but he also lied so it’s like. He’s still holding onto the narrative and even had a coworker confirm through a voice recording. He said he lied about taking a nap because there were going to be female coworkers there and he didn’t want to upset me since we agreed to not hang out with coworkers of the opposite sex outside of work. I still don’t believe it but he offered to share his location with me to prove he’s not doing anything so I tried to make things work since I was also wrong for snooping.
It’s been about 2 months I still feel uneasy about the situation, even though he’s been trying to plan more dates, be more reassuring, talking through arguments instead of shutting down. But it still hasn’t been like it was in the beginning, his patience was what attracted him to me in the first place. His excuse is always we’re past the honeymoon stage so it won’t be the same.
We recently got into a argument this time I didn’t try to fight for the relationship because I am drained, he ended up confessing that he’s been less affectionate and less willing to fix things because he’s not attracted to the weight loss.
I told him how much this hurt me, he apologized he said that wasn’t his intention but he wants to make sure I’m really trying to gain my weight back since he makes sure he looks good for me by going to the gym, which he was already doing. I do look noticeably different from 8 months ago since I lost my hips and my clothes don’t fit anymore.
He also said I’ve said mean things to him that he was able to get over so he knows this is something I can move past as well, he wants things to work which is why is being honest & transparent.
But if we’re talking about marriage, there’s couples who go through physically altering experiences like accidents, cancers who still show their partner the same love and affection. Why should things change over 20 pounds, especially if it was caused by his toxic behaviors.
I get attraction levels fluctuate but it shouldn’t change your attitude towards the person you love.
Should I see this as a deal breaker or can I stick through and make it work?
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2023.03.20 22:29 heisenbergsoprano So over the past year i have dropped from 400lbs to 320lbs but seem to have hit a rut. Anyone got any advice or tips of how to get going again, how do you handle ruts.

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2023.03.20 22:29 StrikingConnection23 I (30m) worry that my relationship with my girlfriend (26f) is becoming codependent

I have been dating L for almost 5 months now. L is very sweet and great company, but has many sources of stress and unhappiness in her life: past trauma, health issues, financial worries, and a lack of self esteem. She admits that she often has suicidal thoughts, and has acted on these thoughts during our relationship (which culminated in me driving to her place at the middle of the night to get her to vomit up some pills she had taken).
L often tells me that I make her happy and has even insinuated that I am the only source of happiness in her life. One the one hand I am glad she feels this strongly about me, but on the other hand knowing that she places such importance on our relationship makes me worry that she has become dependent on me.
In the 5 months we have been dating I have tried my best to be supportive. At the end of the day however I have my own issues to deal with, and have struggled with my own mental health a lot in the past (which required a lot of therapy and hard work to stay on top of). To make matters worse, L comes from a very wealthy but somewhat dysfunctional family with whom she has an at times frosty relationship, and I am exasperated at the lack of communication between her and her relatives (with L often being reluctant to ask them for help).
L was recently admitted to hospital for 4 days a chronic health issue, during which time I visited her each day (being the only person to do so). I think this might have been the last straw, as a day or two after she was discharged I experienced a (thankfully brief) bout of depression and feeling of burnout, along with the realisation that something has to change.
I feel awful admitting this, but I feel as though I am taking on too much responsibility this early on in the relationship. L is a wonderful person and none of her problems are her fault, but at times I feel I have practically become a caregiver when we should still be in the honeymoon phase. I can feel myself emotionally checking out of the relationship because I can sense that it is slowly becoming unhealthy and codependent. L refuses to ask for help from her family and leans too much on me, and this early on in the relationship I am not even remotely ready to be someone's sole support system.
L and I had a trip planned for later in the year, which she is very excited about, but I think we need to call it off because I am worried that it will just cement the dynamic of our relationship even more, and because frankly the entire situation is making me too stressed out and anxious to enjoy being on holiday. I feel as though we need to take a step back and get her help addressing the different issues in her life, so that she feels better about herself and does not lean on me to the extent that she does.
How do I navigate things going forward? I am planning on speaking to L in person tomorrow and communicating these feelings to her, as well as encouraging her to approach her family for help. I worry that telling her that we should call the holiday off and take a bit of a step back in our relationship will go down like a lead balloon, and potentially even prompt her to do something drastic (e.g. hurt herself). I would really appreciate any advice on how to handle the situation.
TL;DR Girlfriend of 5 months leans very heavily on me in the relationship and does not seek enough help for life problems from family etc., to the point where it's starting to affect my own mental health. Need to get girlfriend to take a step back and get the help she needs but unsure how to approach the discussion.
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2023.03.20 22:28 mikewawrzyniec Is Israel to Middle Easterners and Muslims what Russia is to Europeans

I've heard many people compare the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Russia Ukraine conflict, I'm going to ask whether you think it's a true statement that what Israel is to is what Russia is to us Europeans. In Europe pretty much everyone hates Russia, I live in Poland, and pretty much everyone in Poland really hates Russia, we do not even allow Russian travelers to come visit Poland 10 countries in Europe have officially forbidden Russian citizens to enter on a Visa. So Russians are forbidden from traveling to any of those 10 countries. Eastern Europe is the most anti-russia place, the reason why a lot of us hate Russia is because of how Russia treated us in the past, and Russia is invading Ukraine which is near many of our countries, and is a neighbor of my country Poland, millions of Ukrainian refugees have fled to my country. I would say the same thing about Israel, pretty much everyone in the Middle East really really hates Israel, just like we really really hate Russia, especially Eastern Europe. Just like Russians have a Visa ban and cannot travel to certain countries in Europe I believe Israeli citizens are also forbidden from traveling to a lot of Arab countries. They've also been sanctions placed on Russia by European countries, Arab and Muslim nations refused to trade with Israel. Russia is seen as a aggressor, murder, and occupier, the same thing is true of the perception of the state of Israel in the Arab world. I personally understand why Arab countries hate Israel because of the whole occupation thing and I definitely understand why we Europeans hate Russia, as a European and a Polish person I proudly hate Russia, Russia poses a threat to my country and some Russian officials have even threatened to invade my country, I would probably step on a Russian flag and then burn it. I can understand why Arab countries hate Israel, and why we Europeans hate Russia. I don't have an opinion on Israel that much since I don't really follow the conflict but I definitely have a strong negative opinion about Russia ,Russia can go f*** itself in my point of view.
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2023.03.20 22:27 ThrowRA_softpoof I (23F) accidentally implied my SO (30M) cheated at a party and i'm scared it was fatal.

Throwaway for obvious reasons.
Last saturday, we (23F and 30M) went to a party with some of my closest friends. The place was full as hell, A LOT of people were there, some of them acquaintances of mine. By the time we arrived, everyone was happily drunk, but a few of my friends said they wanted to drink some more.
At some point, one of my male friends (30ish) wanted to go get more beer, and my partner offered to go with him. They went together and i stayed with the rest of the group and since the place was really really crowded, i told them before they went that we'd stay exactly where we were. Honestly, i was already expecting it'd be a little wait.
But i wasn't expecting to be the wait it actually was. Like six songs later, they're still away. A friend of mine says they're kind of taking too long and i agree. We were afraid something happened to them. 20 minutes later, we can't find them anywhere. Also he simply didn't take his phone since i was with mine. Stupid, i know, and we've learned that lesson the hard way.
Anyways, i tried calling the friend that was with him and the guy says "i'm next to a lamp post, your boyfriend went inside looking for you". I capital f Freaked Out. Went back to the crowd - nothing. I was so worried my friends had to reassure me multiple times before he simply shows up forty minutes later. By then, we were both relieved we found each other, but my night was already ruined.
We drank some more to calm down and after some time, my boyfriend says he needs to pee. I said i was going with him and at first he told me to just stay there and not leave, but i insisted. That's when things just deadass flatlined.
We go out through the parking lot and right then i instantly just blurted out a very spontaneous "were you making out with someone?"
I swear to God, it was like a spasm. I wasn't actively suspicious or anything, i was just scared something bad happened to his physical integrity. Never once, during the whole time he was gone, a single thought of cheating came up in my mind. But then it was like something pulled a trigger in my head and just like that i flat out asked him if he cheated on me.
He was deeply offended and i instantly regretted every word that came out of my mouth. "Why the hell would you ask that?". It hurt that bad. I apologized to him, said i didn't know why i asked it, that it just came out. Seriously, i apologized several times, but his face went from 100 to 0. He was just flat out hurt. He just nodded and we came back to our friends.
I'm terrified this is gonna be the end of us, i have no idea if he really forgave me, and right now i'm scared of bringing this up. We're being as affectionate as usual, went out on a date yesterday, but i sense that something is off. Maybe he let it go, maybe he didn't.
For context, he is the most caring, sweet, loyal and kind man on Earth. He's like a human golden retriever, that's how lovely he is. I don't think he would ever do that to me, to our relationship. We agreed that we had every intention of being endgame with each other. We want to get married in the future, become a family, grow old together. But i'm afraid none of this will happen because i didn't think twice before speaking.
TL;DR: My boyfriend disappeared for over an hour at a party we went together with our friends and when he showed up i blatantly asked him if he was cheating on me. He was hurt and i'm scared of talking about it any further and end us for good.
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2023.03.20 22:27 hearteyedgvrl after a tumultuous few years, this year I'm hoping to embrace myself fully and make career moves. any observations on how to harness my strengths?

after a tumultuous few years, this year I'm hoping to embrace myself fully and make career moves. any observations on how to harness my strengths? submitted by hearteyedgvrl to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:27 WelcomeSpecialist157 Do I (21F) chose my mother (50F) or my boyfriend (21M) of 1 1/2 years?

Background: My (21F) boyfriend (21M) and I have been dating for almost a year and a half now. I thought my parents liked him, and that he liked my parents. Recently I’ve learned that’s not entirely the case. Despite my boyfriends efforts to be polite, my mom still doesn’t like him, and I’m not sure how my dad feels. My mom apparently hates him because she feels like he is going to turn me into a housewife, he’s from a traditional church denomination which believes women can’t lead in the church, but my boyfriend and I have discussed this at length and have reached a consensus we are both pleased with. My mom doesn’t seem to hear me saying that. Additionally, she thinks he has immature friends, doesn’t make wise spending decisions, and thinks his family is too personal. His friends can be immature, but they just recently stopped speaking to the only one of that group that I didn’t like. He does tend to spend all money he is gifted (I was taught to save a portion and spend a portion), but money he earns through work he does save. His family is kind to me, they care about my opinion, text me to check in, and congratulate me when I have good things happen. I’m not used to this. My parents are closed off, the most I usually get is “we expected excellence anyways,” - I didn’t realize parents actually praised their children.
Long story short, I don’t know who to choose here. My mom is my mom, she has provided for me and although our relationship is strained by many actions she has taken that would take too long to type, I still love her. But I love my boyfriend too. My mom has threatened to cut off money and has told me to not expect holiday visits or a wedding from her if I continue dating this person. She’s mad about him, my boyfriend is mad about her now that he knows how she feels, and I’m mad at the world and honestly just want to crawl into a hole. My mom has never voiced these concerns to my boyfriend, she hardly speaks to him when he has come with me to visit. She won’t even accept his friend request on Facebook. So I don’t feel like she’s tried to get a good look at who he actually is. But she’s my mom, and I want to trust her opinion. My boyfriend thinks she narcissistic. I don’t know who to trust. Any advice would be great.
TLDR: My mom and boyfriend despise one another, I’m stuck mediating between them and things are just escalating. I don’t know who to side with.
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2023.03.20 22:27 feraljellybean Looking for some advice on betta care!

Hello there, I am in a bit of a strange situation and am seeking some advice. About 3 months ago, I went into PetSmart and was just looking around at the different fish for fun, when I noticed a male betta with one blind eye.
I picked him up and looked at him and he is the sweetest little guy. I felt really bad for him, but I honestly wasn’t looking for another pet and am not familiar with fish care too much. I put him back and hoped someone else more experienced would adopt him.
Over the span of the last 3 months though, every time I have gone, I noticed the other fish would be gone, but he was still there. It seemed no one wanted him. Today when I went in, I noticed that not only was he still there, but he was in absolutely filthy water. It was completely yellow with gunk all inside of it and I felt horrible for him.
He had been inside this tiny cup for at least 3 months (who knows how long he was there before I noticed him) and he wasn’t being cared for properly whatsoever. When he swims, he leans to the left a bit because he can only see out of his left eye. I made the decision right then that I was taking him home.
They gave him to me for 50% off and I grabbed a starter kit for now until I can get him something better when I get my paycheck. However, as mentioned above, I’m not really familiar with betta care. I just didn’t want to leave him in that condition anymore and I figured a clean, somewhat larger tank would be better than a dirty plastic cup.
So far, he is seeming happier in his new tank and he was stoked once I gave him some food. He’s currently still exploring the new tank as well and it makes me happy to see him out of the cup at least.
I’m wondering if anyone here has any tips or advice on caring for this little guy? He is a white “platinum” male betta. Aside from his one eye being blind, he seems healthy aside from that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (:
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2023.03.20 22:27 Er3n0w0 Just got prescribed Enlift, Xanax as well as magnesium for my anxiety. Do you guys have any insight on what to expect? Personal experiences?

Hello! After dreading going to a psychiatrist for a couple of months I finally got the courage to do it and this is a big step for me.
The doctor prescribed me Enlift , Xanax and Magnesium (which I've heard good things about it in this subreddit). Ive only ever been prescribed Zoloft, tried it for about 3 months and it didn't work for me so I'm basically going in blind.
The doctor told me some basic instructions as well as explained how they work but it doesn't ease my anxiety about them, especially Xanax. (I generally get a lot of anxiety about medications tho not just this kind) . I know medications like these aren't a one-size-fits-all but I think it would ease my anxiety to know some of your guys personal experiences with them. I think knowing I'm not alone in this will make it less scary for me, especially with the stigma in my country around any medication for mental health.
(edit : looked up Enlift and it goes by a lot of other names but Google says it's scientific name is Escitalopram if that's of any help)
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2023.03.20 22:27 Missonnnnoneee I am not a person that u can just ask me to throw away everything for him

Now context my sisters bf has depression, it's new and he doesn't know how to deal with it, he's on medicine and goes to therapy, but he still has those thoughts, my sister stays up late with him and talks to him but sometimes he doesn't listen to her so she asks me for help. Now I love the dude, I do but I can't throw everything away for him just to convince him to do something, this has happened many times and it's gotten to the point where my sister has told me she doesn't know what to do, I don't know what to do either, I'm not a professional in this stuff, she has dealt with depression back than I have not, it makes me upset bc she expects me to throw everything away just to talk to him
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2023.03.20 22:26 Tight-Page-5192 I Need A Hacker To Change My University Grades

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Can I hire a hacker to change a grade?
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2023.03.20 22:26 DanniRandom (PSA) For Those Shaving Their Legs For The First Time

Ok so I got a lot of good responses when I replied elsewhere and figured I'd make it a post.I suffered so you never have to. I am pre everything and my legs no longer itch and are silky smooth.
  1. Warm shower and preferably warm room (to help avoid goosebumps that you can shave the tips off of.
  2. Exfoliate before shaving to get rid of dead skin and pull up any ingrown hairs. (loofa or even a scratchy washcloth will do)
  3. Use an electric trimmer if you have not shaved in a while to get the big hairs down to short. if you do not have one then use a razor and go WITH the grain. (you might even do this a day ahead to let your skin calm down before going close)
  4. Use a good shaving gel/foam (or conditioner if you do not have it) and shave carefully against the grain with a brand new razor. (at least for your first time and be aware that your hair grain does change direction). Take long strokes so you are not passing over the same areas more than necessary and rinse every 1-2 passes. Ankle to knee. Bend your knees when going over them so that they are easier to do. Fully straighten your leg to get behind the knees.
  5. I did the aloe thing, it didn't help. You want lotion. I recommend Aveeno body lotion. Apply this at least twice a day. Once when you wake up and again in the afternoon. (Also immediately after a shower) This will help with the itching/burn.
If anyone has anything that isn't as sticky as Aveeno I will gladly use it because I love the feeling of smoothness as my legs slide together but my legs don't slide over each other due to the lotion and it makes me very sad.
Bonus: you can do your thighs but I would stop below where your bits are as this hair is AGGRESSIVE AND ANGRY AND HATES BEING SHORT and will stab you when you sit/close your legs.
Hope this is helpful.
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2023.03.20 22:26 Even_Sympathy_3055 ‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all

‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’ The wall street information.....but don't believe it all
On Wednesday evening, March 8, employees received an e-mail about SVB's plan to sell shares to raise capital. Most saw the message as routine. The next morning, SVB's stock plummeted.
SVB collapsed on March 10 after a flood of deposits. On Friday, the bank's parent company filed for bankruptcy.
SVB's first office was opened in 1983, in San Jose. The area was the birthplace of Apple Inc, Oracle Corp. and Atari, but many established banks were wary of young companies with little operating history.
Over the years, deposits grew to nearly $40 billion at the end of 2015, up from about $14 billion at the end of 2010, according to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reports.
For context, did you know that SVB's rapid growth and its reliance on the private equity world caused its abrupt bankruptcy a week ago? It also put pressure on borrowers to keep most of their cash at SVB, which made some customers nervous.
As the tech industry grew in 2020 and 2021, SVB benefited and its shares soared. Management kept much of the money in longer-term government-backed mortgage bonds and Treasury debt, normally safe investments. However, when the Fed took action to curb inflation, management ignored the change and relied on internal risk models.
A bank's risk managers are supposed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, assess how the bank's balance sheet would hold up under stress, and otherwise protect the bank from harm.
"They were a mix of a real bank that could handle transactions and lend money, but they were also fun people to party with," said Jonathan Medved, an Israeli private equity investor who worked with SVB for more than 30 years.
SVB managers tried to improve the bank's finances by selling shares. The bank had stashed much of its money in long-term assets, such as mortgages and Treasury bonds, which it could not, or would not, sell immediately. Its values plummeted as rates rose.
The bank's asset-liability management committee had modeled the possible changes in interest rates and did not anticipate the increase, the person close to the bank said. SVB did not have a chief risk officer for most of the year, and the bank had reassigned responsibilities
“It was a baffling asset-liability mismatch,” said Mr. Wilcox, the former CEO.
The bank also had let expire interest-rate hedges, or protections, on its bond portfolio, leaving the bonds vulnerable to the declines as the rates rose.
Don't believe what they tell you, Silicon Valley Bank was a very conservative bank. Out of their ~200 billion in assets, very little (<0.5%) was venture debt lending. As you can see in their Q4 Balance Sheet, they had 15 billion in cash/cash like securities, about 120 billion investment securities and 70 billion in loans.
Within that 120 billion investment securities, it is almost entirely treasuries and Agency MBS/CMO and CMBS with a touch of muni bonds. You can't build a more conservative book if you tried. As these are all effective government securities as the GSEs are still in conservatorship under the treasury. For years US banks have been derisking and now most of their balance sheets consists of government or quasi government securites which have almost no default risks.
Now looking at the loan book, you can see the bulk of it is in global fund banking and investor dependent. Global Fund banking is an extremely safe segment, it consists of largely funding or bridging loans to venture capitalist making transactions. So for example if a VC wants to invest in company A, but they want to wait 2 months before drawing down from their LPs, they will go to SVB to get a credit line for this purpose. This is an extremely safe business model as Venture/PE Funding is contracted funding and there has been basically no defaults on these types of loans ever in history. Then you have private bank, which consisted of lending to rich people over collateralized through the value of their houses, which is also a pretty safe business model as their asset coverage typically exceeds 150% of the loan value.
So wtf is happening, this is a bank that is holding like 2/3 of its book in government papers and the rest in fairly safe lending. The speculative lending to early tech business represent <0.5% of the book.
The answer is the federal reserve, so leave us your comment.
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