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2023.03.20 18:48 Bessils [CLAIM] Canton of Fribourg

Context Leader
Pierre du Borjat, also known as Cugnyet, was born in 1476 in the town of Borjat in Auverne and spent his early years studying at the University of Bologna, where he gained a reputation as an intelligent and diligent student.
After completing his studies, Pierre du Borjat began working at the Banco dei Medici, the foremost Italian merchant bank (Banca d’affari), where he gained valuable experience in finance and diplomacy. However, the bank dissolved in 1499, and Pierre du Borjat was forced to seek out new opportunities.
In 1500, Pierre du Borjat became a citizen of Fribourg, one of the most recent additions to the Swiss Confederacy. He quickly rose through the ranks, with a combination of bribery and friends in high places and after changing his surname to Wett was elected Amtsbürgermeister, or mayor, of Canton Fribourg in January 1509.
Speaking his native French, German and Italian, Pierre Wett is a skillful diplomat with an insatiable interest in finance and trade, but untested in other areas of governance.
Context Country
The canton is bounded to the west by Lake Neuchâtel, to the west and the south by the Condominium of Vaud, and to the east by the canton of Bern. The canton lies on the elevated Swiss Plateau. In the west the lands are flat, but towards the south east of the canton, the lands rise to a hilly region. This region is commonly called pre-Alps but is part of the Bernese Alps.
The river Saane/Sarine flows from the south to the north of the canton. Together with its tributaries it drains most of the lands in the canton, then joins the river Aare. The river Broye drains the west of the canton and flows northeast into Lake Morat. The southwest part of the canton is drained by the river Veveyse, which flows south into Lake Geneva.
Several types of industry developed in Fribourg as early as the 13th and 14th centuries. The extension of the city along the east bank of the Saane/La Sarine made about this time was indicative of a strong economic upturn. In Galterntal, water power was used for various mills. Along the Saane new trade districts developed with the towns of Au, Neustadt and Matten.
The tanneries and cloth manufacturers, strengthened by widespread sheep raising, led to an economic boom in the 14th and 15th centuries. This helped Fribourg by making its trades well known throughout central Europe. A gradual decline in cloth making in the second half of the 15th century occurred as local farmers replaced their sheep with cattle.
Current Situation
Both Fribourg and Solothurn, which had participated in the Burgundy Wars, wanted to join the confederation which would have tipped the balance in favour of the city cantons. The rural cantons were thus strongly opposed. In 1477 they marched upon the cities in protest. Conflict over the accession was avoided in 1481 during the Tagszatsung of Stans where the Forest Cantons were convinced to accept the accession. Now just three decades part of the Confederacy, the Canton of Fribourg is looking to extend its influence and secure peace and prosperity.

I'm hyped to join this community.
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2023.03.20 18:37 Frank_TheTANKK Atlanta Car Dealer withheld title for 9 months. Unable to register or sell car

Purchased a car in MO from a dealer in GA. Had it shipped. Upon receipt, dealer advised that I needed to pay MO property taxes before they would release the title to me. I told them that I do not owe property taxes on the vehicle yet, and even if I did I would not be able to pay them without the title. Dealer refused to release the title.
Months go by and I’m still riding around with expired temp tags. Called MO tax office and they confirmed that I did not owe property taxes, and that they in fact did not even show record of the vehicle being sold to me. Bank was calling me asking where the title was, I explained the situation to them.
Ended up moving to Texas for my job. Can’t registetitle the car here either since nobody knows where the title is. Can’t sell the car because nobody knows where the title is. 9 months later and I still don’t have the title.
Looked things up and it seems that the GA dealer is willingly withholding the title. If that’s the case, they’re guilty of a misdemeanor and would have to pay my attorney fees.
Long email chain of me going back and forth with dealer explaining that they were in the wrong. Just recently broke through to them, and they’re fixing the paperwork now so I can register the vehicle, and have offered to reimburse me for the taxes I’ll have to pay. I’m thinking if I want to take legal action, I should not accept their reimbursement offer.
TL;DR - Atlanta dealer withheld car title for 9 months. Been riding around with temp tags unable to register vehicle. Want to sue for damages, depreciation, and down payment. Thoughts?
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2023.03.20 17:56 Ashamed-Bluebird-794 Help! Walmart credit card scam?

this is a throwaway because I'm a lurker and never comment/post.
someone overnight made a $400 purchase on my account at walmart. i contacted walmart, changed my password, and ultimately decided to close the account because i don't shop there.
the issue is that they used a credit card that isn't mine to make the purchase, but uses my name. i haven't gotten any notifications about new credit inquiries, so i don't think it's with my social security info. the only info i have about that card is that it's a visa, its last 4 digits, and its expiration date (i didn't take a screenshot of the billing address before i closed the walmart account but it was in texas, a state i have never lived in). i called visa and they said they can't help me because they don't have individuals' personal info on file and that i'd need to speak to the issuing bank. the problem is, there are so many fucking visa issuing banks so am i supposed to call them individually?? what do i do????
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2023.03.20 17:40 litbacod4 Registering a title in the co-owner's state NY/TX

I leased a car back in 2019, but being a college student with a part time job, the bank wouldn't let me lease it unless my sister was signed as the owner and so she did and me as the co-owner. I bought the car and paid in full when the lease was up and I received the title. She wants to transfer the ownership to me since she has nothing to do with the car but before that, we need a new title with her name on it rather then the bank that leased the car.

The problem here is that she moved to Texas 2 years ago, the car has always been in NY with me with NY insurance and everything. When registering for the new title, is it okay to write the address and state down in NY or does it has to be done in Texas? If so, how would that work with NY insurance?
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2023.03.20 17:37 SuPonce SCHD Holdings and Bank Failures. Are we at risk? List of stocks provided.

I went through SCHD's updated holdings this morning
If it was bank related, I added it to the list below.
I didn’t include Investment management companies, payment processors, and companies that transfer money or do payroll.
That leaves us with this list of 28 stocks with some exposure to banking directly.
Your list will be different that mine because I flashed through this right before work.
The total percentage of all these companies that for me were “at risk” of an issue with banking as an industry is 6.94% of SCHD’s total holdings.
BANK OZK 0.15%
Banner corp 0.09%
Bank of Hawaii corp 0.08%
Heritage Financial corp 0.03%
OFG BANCORP (no % listed)
Central pacific FInancial Corp (no % listed)
Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor. This is not financial advise. This is MY LIST, for what I perceived as "AT RISK" due to recent concerns in Banking.
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2023.03.20 16:01 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 15 Jobs in VT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Buttura & Gherardi Granite Artisans Maintenance Positions Barre
Sandri Energy, LLC Assistant Store Manager Town Of Williston
Texas Roadhouse Host Williston
Texas Roadhouse Line Cook Williston
Texas Roadhouse Texas Roadhouse Service Manager Williston
JP Carrara & Sons, Inc. Immediate Openings Precast Plant Manager Middlebury Bristol
Northwestern Medical Center Immediate Openings Critical Care Nurse Saint Albans Colchester
JP Carrara & Sons, Inc. Immediate Openings Precast Plant Manager Middlebury Middlebury
JP Carrara & Sons, Inc. Factory Manager Middlebury
JP Carrara & Sons, Inc. Plant Manager Middlebury
Northwestern Medical Center Critical Care Nurse Saint Albans
Northwestern Medical Center ICU RN Saint Albans
Northwestern Medical Center Immediate Openings Critical Care Nurse Saint Albans Saint Albans
KeyBank Mortgage Loan Officer - Vermont Middlebury
Grower Direct Farms Inc Garden Center Merchandiser (hd) Rutland
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 15:34 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 12 Jobs in Omaha Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Agemark Universal Caregiver Full Time Days Omaha
Guitar Center Retail Shop Luthier- Competitive Pay Omaha
Guitar Center Retail Shop Luthier Omaha
CVS Warehouse Stocker (1st, 2nd or 3rd shift) Omaha
Arnold Motor Supply Full-Time Parts Puller City Of Omaha
Heritage Communities Driver - Part Time City Of Omaha
Pepperjax Development Company Prep & Line Cooks - Good Evans Pacific Omaha
Deloitte Tax Manager - Sustainability, Climate & Equity - Renewable Energy Omaha
Hotel Indigo Omaha Downtown Part-time Night Auditor Omaha
Orkin LLC Sales Representative $80K+ Omaha
FNBO - First National Bank of Omaha Lead Machine Operator Omaha
Saic Senior System Engineer Omaha
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in omaha. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 15:23 Delicious_Reveal3608 Tamil Nadu Budget 2023-24 Announcement

Notwithstanding the several massive welfare schemes that are being implemented during the last two years, owing to the unprecedented and difficult reforms undertaken, we have reduced the annual revenue deficit of around Rs.62,000 crore which we inherited on assuming office, to around Rs.30,000 crore in the Revised Estimates of the current year. It is noteworthy that this is approximately Rs.5,000 crore lower than the level of the pre-COVID year of 2019-20. In accordance with the mandate of the Fiscal Responsibility Act of achieving Zero-revenue deficit, the State will adopt a smooth glide path without compromising on our welfare initiatives and developmental priorities
The main reason for the fiscal stress faced by the Government at the time of assuming office was the fall in tax revenue in the previous years. The State‟s own tax revenues which were at a healthy 8 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) during 2006-11 have witnessed a precipitous fall in the last 10 years and reached 5.58 per cent in 2020-21. This is much lower when compared to other large States such as Maharashtra and Karnataka. Though the Tax-GSDP ratio has increased to 6.11 per cent in the current year due to the efforts of this Government in the last two years, concerted action is needed to raise it further to find financial resources for welfare schemes.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister adroitly handled the second wave of Covid, major floods in Chennai and severe financial stress. In spite of these constraints, he was able to fulfill the promises to the people and has several achievements to his credit. He has urged us to strive to fulfill the expectations of the people in the coming years and I have prepared this budget keeping these instructions in mind. With these introductory remarks, let me now proceed to sector-wise view of the Budget 2023-24.
To honour the legacy of Tamil martyrs Thiruvalargal Thalamuthu and Natarajan, who sacrificed their lives to protect Tamil in the struggle against Hindi imposition, a memorial will be established at Chennai.
In order to propagate the ideals of Annal Ambedkar, the father of the Indian Constitution and the architect of a progressive and egalitarian India, the Government will provide a grant of Rs.5 crore to translate his works into Tamil language.
To give an impetus to the growth of Tamil as a global language by promoting its usage in the technology sector, an „International Conference on Tamil Computing‟ will be held with the participation of renowned experts from across the world. This will greatly encourage development of software in Tamil language.
With a view to celebrating the glory of Tamils who have conquered many lands overseas, efforts will be taken to promote and support sea cruises that will connect places of significance in Tamil culture. These cruises will showcase the rich history, literature, art, culture, handicrafts and cuisine of Tamil people and will spread the State‟s glory across the seven seas.
The Government has been providing free bus pass to elderly Tamil scholars in recognition of their invaluable contribution to our language. In the coming year, the Government will extend this benefit to 591 more Tamil scholars.
To enable the younger generation to imbibe and appreciate our celebrated art heritage, the Government will expand the widely popular Chennai Sangamam cultural programme to 8 major cities in the coming year. It will provide a platform to nurture folk art and artists and celebrate the shared cultural ethos of the Tamil people. An amount of Rs.11 crore is provided in this Budget for this purpose.
To preserve folk arts and to ensure that these traditions continue to flourish in the future, 25 part time folk art training centres will be set up across the State.
The Cholas are one of the greatest dynasties who conquered seas and the lands beyond, and ruled vast stretches of India and South East Asia for many centuries. Tamil art, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts and dance reached their pinnacle during the Chola period and their glory spread far and wide. To highlight the contribution of the Cholas who ruled the world, and to preserve artefacts and relics of that age, a “Grand Chola Museum‟ will be set up in Thanjavur.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister intervened on humanitarian grounds to send essential commodities to help the people affected by the severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka. After securing the consent of the Union Government, 40,000 MT of rice, 500 MT of milk powder and 102 MT of medical supplies, worth Rs.197 crore have been sent in three ships.
We have been continually requesting the Union Government to grant Indian citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils residing in India. Pending this request, this Government had announced that 7,469 houses will be constructed in the rehabilitation camps for Sri Lankan Tamils, with the objective of providing safe and quality accommodation. In the first phase, 3,510 houses were taken up for construction at a cost of Rs.176 crore and the works are underway. In the second phase, the Government will sanction Rs.223 crore towards construction of the remaining 3,959 houses in the coming financial year.
Recognizing the valour and supreme sacrifice made by security forces in guarding our nation, the ex-gratia that is being offered by the State Government to the next of kin of armed forces personnel hailing from Tamil Nadu who are killed in wa war-like operations will be doubled from Rs.20 lakh to Rs.40 lakh. Further, the monetary grants that are offered to gallantry awards/distinguished service medal winners in armed forces hailing from Tamil Nadu will be enhanced four times.
Ensuring quality education and medical facilities to all is the fundamental objective of this Government. It is in pursuance of this goal that the Government is implementing pioneering schemes like Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam and Innuyir Kappom, besides taking several initiatives to strengthen the public health infrastructure in the State. The Government is implementing the novel Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme, where non-communicable diseases are identified and addressed at an early stage. This Government which is deeply concerned about the welfare of workers, who are the bedrock of our economy, will launch a new initiative to address the issue of non-communicable diseases among workers in factories and in unorganised sectors like construction. The Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam scheme will be expanded to 711 factories covering 8.35 lakh workers in the first phase. Health checkup camps will be held in these factories with specific emphasis on non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. Migrant labourers will also benefit under this scheme.
Under the Chief Minister‟s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakh is being given per year per family. During the current year, so far, 11.82 lakh patients have availed treatment worth Rs.993 crore, which is the highest since the inception of the scheme.
The 1,000 bedded Kalaignar Memorial Multi Super Speciality Hospital in the premises of King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research Centre, Guindy will be inaugurated this year. New speciality hospital buildings are being constructed in three Government medical college hospitals at Madurai, Coimbatore and Kilpauk at a total cost of Rs.1,020 crore and they will be put to use shortly
New buildings will be constructed at a cost of Rs.110 crore in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, which caters to the medical needs of people in Tiruchirappalli and its surrounding districts. In order to fulfil the medical needs of people in North Chennai, a new multi-speciality block, nurses training school and hostel will be constructed in Stanley Hospital at a cost of Rs.147 crore.
The first Government Siddha Medical College in the State was established in Palayamkottai in 1964. At present, there are 100 undergraduate and 60 post-graduate students in this institute. Further, treatment is also being provided to nearly 1,000 patients on a daily basis. The Government will undertake works to improve the infrastructure of the college and hospital at a cost of Rs.40 crore. Rs.18,661 crore has been allotted towards Health and Family Welfare Department in the Budget.
Due to the various initiatives launched by this Government in the last two years, the student enrolment in Government schools has increased significantly. Therefore, the Government had launched the „Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme‟ to modernize and upgrade physical infrastructure at an outlay of Rs.7,000 crore over a period of five yeaRs.During the current year, works to the tune of Rs.2,000 crore have been taken up. In the upcoming financial year, the Government will construct classrooms, laboratories and toilets at a cost of Rs.1,500 crore.
The „Ennum Ezhuthum‟ Programme aims at achieving Universal Foundational Literacy and Numeracy for students in classes 1 – 3 by 2025. Owing to the positive response received, this programme will be expanded to classes 4 and 5 with an outlay of Rs.110 crore in the upcoming financial year.
The goal of social justice can be fulfilled only when knowledge is made widespread and accessible to people in the remotest of places. With this objective, moving beyond Chennai, book fairs were conducted in all districts and five literature festivals were successfully conducted during the current year. This great initiative will continue next year also, at a cost Rs.10 crore. The Government successfully organized the first edition of the Chennai International Book Fair in January 2023 with participation from 24 countries. An unprecedented number of 355 MoUs were signed between publishers from Tamil Nadu and various countries paving way for knowledge and copyright exchange. This international book fair will also be conducted next year.
Educational institutions play a vital role in establishing social justice, equality and equity in all walks of life. Therefore, the Government has been taking multiple initiatives in the last two years to improve the quality of education through schemes such as Ennum Ezhuthum, Schools of Excellence, Hi-tech Labs, Model Schools, and Perasiriyar Anbazhagan School Development Scheme. It is essential that the benefits of these programmes reach all students. Requests have been received to operate and maintain Adi Dravidar Welfare Schools through the School Education department in the State High-Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meetings held under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 19.8.21 and 12.4.22. To achieve the goal of social justice in the field of education, to improve the quality of schools functioning under various departments and to ensure that all students are provided quality education, all schools functioning under various departments like Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare, Backward Class, Most Backward Class & Denotified Communities, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments and Forest will be brought under the School Education department. It will be ensured that the service conditions and benefits of teachers and staff presently working in these schools are protected.
The Government is using data based governance to remove various shortcomings in the implementation of schemes. In order to reduce the unnecessary delay in the disbursement of scholarships by various departments and to ensure that scholarship amount reaches eligible students in a timely manner, directly to their bank accounts, an integrated scholarship portal will be created.
An iconic eight-storeyed library in two lakh square feet, with all modern amenties is being constructed in Madurai, the seat of Tamil Sangam. This library will cater to all sections of the society including children, students, researchers, youth who are preparing for competitive exams, homemakers, senior citizens and the differently abled. The library will feature special facilities including children‟s section with colourful books, separate area with internet facility for those writing competitive exams, braille books for the visually impaired, air conditioned meeting halls, art gallery to exhibit the cultural heritage of Southern Tamil Nadu and an exquisite repository of the writings and speeches of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
In the first phase, this library will house 3.50 lakh books in Tamil and English relating to various subjects like literature, culture, science, engineering, law and medicine. This modern temple of knowledge in Southern Tamil Nadu will be named Kalaignar Centenary Library to mark the commencement of centenary celebrations of Muthamizharignar Kalaignar, in recognition of his immense contribution to the Tamil society. This library will welcome its first readers in June this year. Rs.40,299 crore has been allocated towards School Education Department in the Budget.
The Government is cognizant of the fact that human resource is the greatest wealth of the State and has been investing heavily in its development. We recognise that a highly skilled workforce is a unique competitive advantage to attract investments into the State. Therefore, to create a workforce suited for the rapidly changing industrial ecosystems, a scheme is underway to transform 71 Government ITIs to Centres of Excellence at a cost of Rs.2,877 crore. The works will be completed and students will be enrolled in new courses in the coming academic year itself.
In the next phase, the Government will launch a programme in the coming year to transform and modernize the Government Polytechnic colleges into „Centres of Excellence‟ in accordance with the Industry 4.0 standards in collaboration with industry partners. The programme will focus on infrastructure modernization, industry relevant course content creation, capacity building of faculty members and employment opportunities for the students. 54 Government polytechnics will be upgraded as „Centres of Excellence‟ at a total cost of Rs.2,783 crore under this scheme.
The Government proposes to establish a world class skill centre named “Tamil Nadu World Innovation and Skill Training Hub” (TN-WISH) at Ambattur at a cost of Rs.120 crore with the objective of providing skill training to trainers in ITIs and polytechnics and to create a highly skilled workforce. The hub will provide training in advanced technologies such as Mechatronics, Internet of Things, Advanced Automobile Technology, Precision Engineering and Advanced Welding.
The Hon‟ble Chief Minister had launched the visionary programme “Naan Mudhalvan” last year to train 10 lakh students and youth in industry relevant skills and thus generate job opportunities for them. This programme is being implemented in all engineering and arts and science colleges in collaboration with industry partneRs.Academic curriculum has been revised to include industry relevant courses to improve employability of students. Currently, about 12.7 lakh students from engineering and arts and science colleges are being trained under this programme. 12,582 engineering faculty and 7,797 arts & science faculty have also been trained. Rs.50 crore has been provided for this scheme in the budget.
To scale up skill training infrastructure in a massive way, factories will be used as Skill Development Centres. Industries will be incentivized to provide on-the-job-training to youth in factories. In this Budget, an amount of Rs.25 crore has been allocated for this „Factory Skill Schools‟ programme. A state-of-the-art Skill Development Centre will be established, at an estimated cost of Rs.80 crore, in SIPCOT Industrial Park, Shoolagiri in Krishnagiri district, which is emerging as the third largest industrial cluster in the State.
The Perunthalaivar Kamarajar College Development Scheme was launched last year with an outlay of Rs.1,000 crore for improving infrastructure and basic amenities in Government colleges over a period of five yeaRs.In the current year, works such as construction of new classrooms and additional laboratories have been taken up in 26 Government polytechnic colleges and 55 Government arts and science colleges. These works will be carried out in the coming financial year also at an estimated cost of Rs.200 crore.
It is seen that the number of students from Tamil Nadu clearing the Civil Services Examinations has been on the decline in the last few years. With the objective of reversing this trend, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) will implement a scheme in co-ordination with Anna Staff Administrative College to help civil services aspirants to access better coaching facilities and materials. Every year 1,000 civil services aspirants will be short listed through a screening test. Each aspirant will be provided Rs.7,500 per month for 10 months to prepare for the preliminary examination. Those students who clear the preliminary examination will be provided a lumpsum amount of Rs.25,000. For this programme, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been allocated to TNSDC in the Budget Estimates 2023-24. In aggregate, an allocation of Rs.6,967 crore has been made to the Higher Education Department in this Budget.
With the realization that tomorrow‟s society is the responsibility of today‟s youth, this Government is committed to making the youth strong and vibrant. With the successful conduct of International Chess Olympiad in Chennai and the competitions for Chief Minister‟s Trophy being held across the State, the sports sector has been given a new impetus. As the next step, the Government through the Chennai Metropolitan Development Agency will set up a state-of-the-art Global Sports City in Chennai which will promote the development of sports and emerge as a favoured destination for leading sports events. For this purpose, a detailed project report will be prepared by engaging international experts.
The Government will undertake a comprehensive renovation of the iconic Jawaharlal Nehru Outdoor Stadium, Chennai and equip it with modern sports facilities at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
This Government, which is founded on the principles of social justice and equitable growth, attaches highest priority to the development of Adi-Dravidars and Tribals. With the objective of increasing the Gross Enrolment Ratio of Adi Dravidar and Tribal students in higher education and providing them safe and quality accommodation, four new hostels will be constructed with modern facilities in Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli and Nilgiris at an estimated total cost of Rs.100 crore. These hostels will be maintained and managed by engaging professional agencies.
It has been a long pending demand to enact a legislation to ensure effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plan. Heeding to this request, the Government will bring a new legislation to ensure adequate allocation of funds and effective implementation of the Scheduled Castes and Tribal Sub Plans. The draft bill will be introduced in the next session of the Assembly after due consultation with stakeholdeRs.
The practice of manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks is a blot on humanity. In order to completely prevent deaths due to manual cleaning of sewers and septic tanks, a new scheme has been recently launched by this Government. By transforming sanitary workers into entrepreneurs and facilitating them to procure modern machinery, this scheme will enable them to undertake these works in a safe manner and generate income. In this scheme, priority will be given to families of sanitary workers who died during manual cleaning and to persons currently engaged in sanitary work, on the basis of their willingness. In the first phase, the scheme will be implemented in the Chennai Metropolitan area. Based on this pilot exercise, the scheme will be expanded to the entire State.
It is seen that the share of persons from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities who avail various entrepreneurship promotion subsidies from the Government is very low. In order to promote economic development of SC/ST entrepreneurs, a new scheme called „Annal Ambedkar Business Champions Scheme‟ will be launched in the coming financial year. The new scheme will provide 35 per cent capital subsidy and offer 6 per cent interest subvention for loans to procure machineries and equipment. A sum of Rs.100 crore is allocated for this scheme in the Budget Estimates 2023-24.
To revive the Welfare Board for Puthirai Vannars, Rs.10 crore will be provided to undertake livelihood development and welfare activities.
A new scheme named „Iyothee Thass Pandithar Habitation Development Scheme‟ will be launched to ensure basic amenities in Adi Dravidar habitations in both urban and rural areas and to bring about comprehensive socio-economic development. The scheme will be implemented at a cost of Rs.1,000 crore over a period of 5 years.
A sum of Rs.3,513 crore has been allocated to the Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department in this Budget.
It is well known that it was Muthamizharignar Kalaignar who coined the term „Differently Abled‟. Given the importance of this department, it is directly looked after and works are closely monitored by the Hon‟ble Chief Minister. RIGHTS project is being implemented at a cost of Rs.1,763 crore with financial assistance from World Bank. The main objective of this project is to create an inclusive society by promoting accessibility through creation of barrier-free structures and employment opportunities through vocational training. The project will be implemented in 15 districts in 2023-24. At the divisional level, 39 One Stop social care service centres will be established to provide services including disability assessment, certification and early intervention. Further, 150 neighbourhood centres manned by volunteers will be set up to provide treatment at home and assistance in availing benefits under various welfare schemes.
For the benefit of the 6.84 lakh differently abled persons across the State, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister has already issued orders to increase the pension from Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 and the maintenance allowance from Rs.1,500 to Rs.2,000 for severely affected persons with disabilities. Towards this, a sum of Rs.1,444 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The State Government is providing guarantee and interest subsidy for the development of enterprises of differently abled persons. Through these initiatives, Tamil Nadu has facilitated loan assistance to 11,155 differently abled persons to the tune of Rs.50 crore through National Handicapped Finance Development Corporation this year, placing Tamil Nadu in the first place in the Country.
The Government is developing a comprehensive database of differently abled persons to ensure effective delivery of benefits under Government schemes. In the first phase, a database of 9,08,000 persons who are benefitting from various welfare schemes has been created.
The Government has been taking various steps to improve the functioning of Backward Class and Most Backward Class hostels by upgrading infrastructure, and providing nutritious food. In the last two years, works for the construction of 9 hostels at a cost of Rs.36.25 crore are being implemented. Further, based on the requirements of students, fifteen school hostels have been upgraded as college hostels.
In the Budget Estimates, a sum of Rs.252 crore has been allocated towards Pre-Matric and Post-Matric scholarship schemes. An amount of Rs.305 crore has been earmarked towards distribution of bicycles to students. A sum of Rs.1,580 crore has been allocated to the Backward Class, Most Backward Class, Denotified Communities and Minorities Department.
Following the ancient Tamil tradition, many leaders of the Tamil society have introduced pioneering schemes to eradicate poverty and promote the educational development of students. In 1920, Sir Pitti Theagarayar, the then chairman of the Chennai Municipal Corporation introduced mid-day meal programme in Chennai for the first time in the Country. During Perunthalaivar Kamarajar‟s tenure as the Chief Minister, the mid-day meal scheme was expanded at the state level, marking a transformational change in the history of education in Tamil Nadu. This was followed by further efforts to eliminate hunger including the Nutritious Meal Programme by Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and the scheme to provide eggs along with nutritious meals by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar.
At this juncture, it has come to light that some children studying in Government schools are suffering from stunted growth and malnutrition. Recognizing that students may be unable to concentrate on studies as they come hungry to schools without eating breakfast, the Hon‟ble Chief Minister launched the „Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme‟ last year, which is the landmark scheme of this Dravidian Model Government founded on social justice. This historic scheme was inaugurated on September 15, the birth anniversary of Perarignar Anna.
The Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme is being implemented in 1937 Government Primary Schools and it is benefitting 1,48,315 students studying from Class I to Class V. Out of the 1,543 Elementary schools,where the scheme was implemented in the first phase, the attendance of students has increased in 1,319 schools. The attendance has increased by 10per cent in 624 schools, 20per cent in 462 schools and 30per cent in 193 schools. In Tiruppathur, Perambalur, Ariyalur and Tiruvarur districts, attendance of students has increased in all the schools where the Breakfast scheme was implemented. To translate the noble vision of the Hon‟ble Chief Minister that we will make any sacrifice to ensure that no child remains hungry while learning and to make learning joyful and education universal, the Chief Minister‟s Breakfast Scheme will be expanded to cover all the 30,122 Government primary schools in the State from the coming academic year. Rs.500 crore is allotted for this scheme in this Budget which will benefit 18 lakh students studying from Class I to Class V.
Educated women are essential for a prosperous and self-sufficient society. Well aware of this, Muthamizharignar Kalaignar introduced the Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Marriage Assistance Scheme in 1989 to promote women's education. Realizing that many girls from poor families in Tamil Nadu are unable to continue higher education after completing 12th standard, this Government has redesigned the scheme as Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Pudhumai Penn Scheme, under which all girl students studying from 6th to 12th standard in Government schools are provided Rs.1000 rupees per month for their higher education. At present, 2.20 lakh girl students are benefitting under this scheme every month. Compared to the year 2021-22, 29 per cent more girls have entered colleges this year, which is an addition of 20,477 girl students. The fact that the many girls who did not pursue higher education after completing their schooling have now enrolled in colleges is a testimony to the success of this scheme.
The self-help group movement, that was pioneered by Muthamizharignar Kalaignar in the country in 1989 at Dharmapuri, has today blossomed into a massive people‟s movement. This Government is undertaking several measures for capacity building and livelihood development of women self-help groups. In the current year, so far, women self-help groups have received bank loans of around Rs.24,712 crore. In the coming financial year, a target of Rs 30,000 crore has been set for credit linkage to SHGs.
Women entrepreneurs continue to face difficulties in accessing adequate, timely credit and marketing of products. To address these challenges, the Government will establish an exclusive „Start-up Mission‟ for women. This mission will facilitate women entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business.
Since 2021-22, a total of 213 godowns have been constructed with a storage capacity of 2.86 lakh MT at a combined cost of Rs.238 crore to augment storage capacity and minimize losses. Further, 12 godowns with a storage capacity of 28,000 MT are being constructed at a total cost of Rs.54 crore.
To meet the liabilities of the important poll promises fulfilled by this Government, a sum of Rs.2,393 crore for the waiver of agricultural loans, a sum of Rs.1,000 crore for the waiver of jewel loans and a sum of Rs.600 crore for waiving self-help group loans, totalling an amount of Rs.3,993 crore has been allotted in the Budget.
The Government will frame a comprehensive long-term plan to carry out structural reforms in Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation to improve efficiency in operations and fiscal sustainability. An amount of Rs.10,500 crore has been provided in this Budget towards Food Subsidy in the Public Distribution System. An allocation of Rs.16,262 crore has been made to the Co-operation, Food and Consumer Protection Department in this Budget. The Government is taking several efforts to restore and rejuvenate the water bodies. Under Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation Project, the Government has sanctioned rehabilitation works in 341 tanks, 67 anicuts and 11 canals at an estimated cost of Rs.462 crore. Further, repair, renovation and restoration works are being undertaken in 309 tanks at an estimated cost of Rs.258 crore.
Long term flood mitigation works are being undertaken at a cost of Rs.184 crore in the districts of Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Cuddalore. Of these, 9 works have been completed and 2 works are in progress. In the current year, 12 flood mitigation works have been undertaken in Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and Thiruvallur districts at a total cost of Rs.434 crore.
The Tamil Nadu Animal Welfare Board, under the chairmanship of the Hon'ble Chief Minister, has been restructured to promote the welfare of animals in the State. In order to control the burgeoning street dog population, it is necessary to set up Animal Breeding Control Centres. To strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Board, an amount of Rs.10 crore has been provided in the Budget. This fund will be used to carry out animal breeding control activities, provide training to local Government employees and implement animal welfare activities.
This Government is empathetic to the welfare and special needs of fisher folk and has increased the special allowance during lean months to Rs.6,000 from Rs.5,000. An allocation of Rs.389 crore has been made to benefit 4.3 lakh beneficiaries for implementing the fishermen welfare schemes such as Lean period assistance, Ban period relief assistance and Savings cum Relief schemes.
Coral reefs provide shelter and food to fish and increase the probability of survival of fingerlings. To improve the livelihood of country craft fishermen, 217 units of artificial reefs will be established at a cost of Rs.79 crore in the 3 Palk Bay districts and 200 units will be set up at a cost of Rs.64 crore in other districts.
Due to increasing vagaries of climate change and pressure caused by the burgeoning population, the coastal ecosystem and the livelihood of coastal population are likely to be severely affected in the near future. The Government will implement the „Tamil Nadu Coastal Restoration Mission‟ with the objective of preventing sea erosion, reducing marine pollution and conserving marine biodiversity. The mission will be implemented with World Bank assistance at an estimated cost of Rs.2,000 crore in the next 5 years.
A contiguous stretch of protected forests is essential to protect endangered wildlife. The Government will notify a new wildlife sanctuary „Thanthai Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary‟, with an extent of 80,567 hectares in the forest areas of Anthiyur and Gobichettipalayam Taluks in Erode district to link the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve with Cauvery South Wildlife Sanctuary. This will be the 18th wildlife sanctuary in the State.
Tamil Nadu is located in the Central Asian Flyway and hosts a large number of migratory birds every year. In order to promote conservation of birds, encourage research in the field of ornithology and create awareness about the role of birds in nature, the Government shall set up an „International Bird Centre‟ at Marakkanam at an estimated cost of Rs.25 crore.
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2023.03.20 13:46 partypastor Unreached People Group of the Week - the Aimaq of Afghanistan

Happy Monday everyone, welcome to another UPG of the Week. In case you didn't know, Ramadan begins this week. What is Ramadan you might wonder?
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community. A commemoration of Muhammad's first revelation, the annual observance of Ramadan is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.
The month of Ramadan is a time when Muslims are very aware of dreams and visions. They believe dreams are a direct way that Allah chooses to reveal himself to people. During this time of heightened spiritual focus, Muslims are often seeking a special message or revelation. As Christians have prayed earnestly for their Muslim neighbors and friends during this season, they hear reports of dreams and visions in which Jesus appears to these friends and draws them to Himself.
So, that means for the entire month I will be picking Muslim peoples groups for us to be praying for!
This month, rather than going around telling Muslims to just get over their idolatry (yes yes, they worship a false god, we agree on that) I thought we could take a minute to learn about these people, to pray for them and learn how to better engage them and their beliefs! Meet the Aimaq people of Afghanistan!!

Region: Afghanistan

Stratus Index Ranking (Urgency): 1 (this is the most urgent place for Gospel work)
Climate: Afghanistan has a continental climate with harsh winters in the central highlands, the glaciated northeast (around Nuristan), and the Wakhan Corridor, where the average temperature in January is below −15 °C (5 °F) and can reach −26 °C (−15 °F), and hot summers in the low-lying areas of the Sistan Basin of the southwest, the Jalalabad basin in the east, and the Turkestan plains along the Amu River in the north, where temperatures average over 35 °C (95 °F) in July and can go over 43 °C (109 °F). The country is generally arid in the summers, with most rainfall falling between December and April. The lower areas of northern and western Afghanistan are the driest, with precipitation more common in the east. Although proximate to India, Afghanistan is mostly outside the monsoon zone, except the Nuristan Province which occasionally receives summer monsoon rain.
Northern Afghanistan
Terrain: The geography in Afghanistan is varied, but is mostly mountainous and rugged, with some unusual mountain ridges accompanied by plateaus and river basins. It is dominated by the Hindu Kush range, the western extension of the Himalayas that stretches to eastern Tibet via the Pamir Mountains and Karakoram Mountains in Afghanistan's far north-east. Most of the highest points are in the east consisting of fertile mountain valleys. The Hindu Kush ends at the west-central highlands, creating plains in the north and southwest, namely the Turkestan Plains and the Sistan Basin; these two regions consist of rolling grasslands and semi-deserts, and hot windy deserts, respectively. Forests exist in the corridor between Nuristan and Paktika provinces (see East Afghan montane conifer forests), and tundra in the north-east. The country's highest point is Noshaq, at 7,492 m (24,580 ft) above sea level. The lowest point lies in Jowzjan Province along the Amu River bank, at 258 m (846 ft) above sea level.
Despite having numerous rivers and reservoirs, large parts of the country are dry. The endorheic Sistan Basin is one of the driest regions in the world. The Amu Darya rises at the north of the Hindu Kush, while the nearby Hari Rud flows west towards Herat, and the Arghandab River from the central region southwards. To the south and west of the Hindu Kush flow a number of streams that are tributaries of the Indus River, such as the Helmand River. One exception is the Kabul River which flows in an easternly direction to the Indus ending at the Indian Ocean. Afghanistan receives heavy snow during the winter in the Hindu Kush and Pamir Mountains, and the melting snow in the spring season enters the rivers, lakes, and streams. However, two-thirds of the country's water flows into the neighboring countries of Iran, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan. As reported in 2010, the state needs more than US$2 billion to rehabilitate its irrigation systems so that the water is properly managed.
The northeastern Hindu Kush mountain range, in and around the Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan, is in a geologically active area where earthquakes may occur almost every year. They can be deadly and destructive, causing landslides in some parts or avalanches during the winter.
Wheat fields in Salang, Parwan province
Wildlife of Afghanistan: Afghanistan has long been known for diverse wildlife. Many of the larger mammals in the country are categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as globally threatened. These include the snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, Siberian musk deer, markhor, urial, and the Asiatic black bear. Other species of interest are the ibex, the gray wolf, and the brown bear, striped hyenas, and numerous bird of prey species.
the snow leopard is the national animal of Afghanistan
Environmental Issues: The major environmental issues today for Afghanistan are soil degradation, air and water pollution, deforestation at an alarming rate, overgrazing, desertification, and over population in its already fragile urban areas. Thats all an aside to the fact that an oppressive radicalized terrorist government is running the nation.
Languages: Pashto and Dari are both official languages. Other languages spoken are Uzbek, English, Turkmen, Urdu, Pashayi, Nuristani, Arabic, Balochi, Ashkunu, Kamkata-viri, Vasi-vari, Tregami and Kalasha-ala, Pamiri (Shughni, Munji, Ishkashimi and Wakhi), Brahui, Qizilbash, Aimaq, and Pashai and Kyrgyz, and Punjabi.
Government Type: Unitary Islamic theocracy administered by shura councils (run by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan)

People: The Aimaq of Afghanistan

An Aimaq person
Population: 1,685,000
Estimated Foreign Workers Needed: 34+
Beliefs: The Aimaq are 0% Christian. That means out of their population of 1,685,000 there are roughly maybe a handful of true believers.
As with the great majority of Afghans, Hanafi Sunni Islam is the belief system among the Aimaq tribes. They are not averse to resorting to pre-Islamic practices if they face drought or a poor crop. In such times, virgins might perform pre-Islamic dances begging for rainfall.
The Blue Mosque in Afghanistan
History: The Aimaqs claim different origins based on their tribal background. Some claim to be descended from the troops of Genghis Khan. Other tribes such as the Taymani and Firozkohi claim descent from other Pashtun tribes.
That's all the history I could find about the Aimaq, from here below is a relatively modern history of Afghanistan in general.
Until 1946, King Zahir ruled with the assistance of his uncle, who held the post of Prime Minister and continued the policies of Nadir Shah. Another of Zahir Shah's uncles, Shah Mahmud Khan, became Prime Minister in 1946 and began an experiment allowing greater political freedom, but reversed the policy when it went further than he expected. He was replaced in 1953 by Mohammed Daoud Khan, the king's cousin and brother-in-law, and a Pashtun nationalist who sought the creation of a Pashtunistan, leading to highly tense relations with Pakistan. During his ten years at the post until 1963, Daoud Khan pressed for social modernization reforms and sought a closer relationship with the Soviet Union. Afterward, the 1964 constitution was formed, and the first non-royal Prime Minister was sworn in.
In April 1978, the communist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) seized power in a bloody coup d'état against then-President Mohammed Daoud Khan, in what is called the Saur Revolution. The PDPA declared the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, with its first leader named as People's Democratic Party general secretary Nur Muhammad Taraki. This would trigger a series of events that would dramatically turn Afghanistan from a poor and secluded (albeit peaceful) country to a hotbed of international terrorism
The PDPA initiated various social, symbolic and land distribution reforms that provoked strong opposition, while also brutally oppressing political dissidents. This caused unrest and quickly expanded into a state of civil war by 1979, waged by guerrilla mujahideen (and smaller Maoist guerrillas) against regime forces countrywide. It quickly turned into a proxy war as the Pakistani government provided these rebels with covert training centers, the United States supported them through Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and the Soviet Union sent thousands of military advisers to support the PDPA regime. Meanwhile, there was increasingly hostile friction between the competing factions of the PDPA – the dominant Khalq and the more moderate Parcham.
The proxy war was messy for the country and for all the puppet master countries playing in this war. Eventually, though, the Soviets withdrew. The Soviet-Afghan War had drastic social effects on Afghanistan. The militarization of society led to heavily armed police, private bodyguards, openly armed civil defense groups and other such things becoming the norm in Afghanistan for decades thereafter. The traditional power structure had shifted from clergy, community elders, intelligentsia and military in favor of powerful warlords.
Another civil war broke out after the creation of a dysfunctional coalition government between leaders of various mujahideen factions. Amid a state of anarchy and factional infighting, various mujahideen factions committed widespread rape, murder and extortion, while Kabul was heavily bombarded and partially destroyed by the fighting. Several failed reconciliations and alliances occurred between different leaders. The Taliban emerged in September 1994 as a movement and militia of students (talib) from Islamic madrassas (schools) in Pakistan, who soon had military support from Pakistan. Taking control of Kandahar city that year, they conquered more territories until finally driving out the government of Rabbani from Kabul in 1996, where they established an emirate that gained international recognition from 3 countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The Taliban were condemned internationally for the harsh enforcement of their interpretation of Islamic sharia law, which resulted in the brutal treatment of many Afghans, especially women. During their rule, the Taliban and their allies committed massacres against Afghan civilians, denied UN food supplies to starving civilians and conducted a policy of scorched earth, burning vast areas of fertile land and destroying tens of thousands of homes.
In October 2001, the United States invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power after they refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden, the prime suspect of the September 11 attacks, who was a "guest" of the Taliban and was operating his al-Qaeda network in Afghanistan. The majority of Afghans supported the American invasion of their country. During the initial invasion, US and UK forces bombed al-Qaeda training camps, and later working with the Northern Alliance, the Taliban regime came to an end.
On 14 April 2021, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance had agreed to start withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan by 1 May. Soon after the withdrawal of NATO troops started, the Taliban launched an offensive against the Afghan government, quickly advancing in front of collapsing Afghan government forces. On 15 August 2021, as the Taliban once again controlled a vast majority of Afghan territory, they re-captured the capital city of Kabul
Western nations have suspended most humanitarian aid to Afghanistan following the Taliban's takeover of the country in August 2021 and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund also halted payments. In October 2021, more than half of Afghanistan's 39 million people faced an acute food shortage. On 11 November 2021, the Human Rights Watch reported that Afghanistan was facing widespread famine due to an economic and banking crisis.
Aimaq yurts and sheep
Culture: Typical qualification that all people groups can't be summed up in small paragraphs and this is an over generalization.
Aimaq is a Mongolic word that means "tribe" or "grazing territory". Of all Aimaqs, Aimaq Hazara and Timuri are closest to the Turco-Mongol tradition since they are semi-nomadic tribes and some of them live in yurts, whereas other Aimaqs live in traditional Afghan black tents. The Aimaq are largely nomadic to semi-nomadic goat and sheep herders. They also trade with villages and farmers during migrations for pastures for their livestock. The material culture and foodstuffs of the Aimaq include skins, carpets, milk, dairy products and more. They trade these products to settled peoples in return for vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and other types of foods and goods
Well-watered land produces rice, cotton, grapes, wheat, and melons. Most Aimaq no longer possess sizable herds (by which wealth is counted), but they might graze sheep year-round in this climate. Surplus produce brings income in Herat markets as do high-quality Herat Baloch rugs.
Certain characteristics apply to most Aimaq subgroups. Few speak their traditional languages. The dialects they speak today resemble Dari (Afghan eastern Farsi) mixed with words of Mongolian and Turkic origin. Researchers are attempting to determine if the Aimaq may be speaking Dari that is influenced by individual manners of speaking within their villages. They speak Dari in schools.
The staple food, eaten at every meal, is thick, whole wheat bread baked in mud ovens. Rice, chickpeas, potatoes, and summer garden vegetables accompany chicken, eggs or lamb (for guests or celebrations). They drink dugh, a beverage made with yogurt, salt, pepper and water.
Some Aimaq tribes endure severe winters and sparse rainfall regularly interrupted by drought. Semi-nomadic and poor Aimaq tribes grow dry crops like wheat, melons and fodder to feed animals that must be stabled in winter.
Women enhance drab lives by wearing brightly colored clothes sewn with glittering sequins over white or colored tumbons (pants). Outside their homes, women modestly wear the chadder namoz, a dark head-to-toe covering, and many still don a burka when in Herat. Men are seen in turbans or round caps with rough-textured cloaks draped around their shoulders.
Based on clan and extended family, the Aimaq are led by men and trace ancestors through male lines. Even so, Aimaq women exercise unusual privileges compared to other rural Afghan people groups in that they meet with the men and freely voice opinions, even with strangers present. Marriage is the most important life event celebrated among the Aimaq. They celebrate weddings with much dancing to rhythms beaten on flat drums. By tradition, parents arrange marriages in early childhood. Marriage takes place when a girl is 13 or 14, usually to a blood relative slightly older, 16-20, or as a second wife to a much older man in his 40s. Uniquely among the Taimani and Firozhoki, girls marry at age 18 and may reject a father's choice of husband. Traditionally, a bride moves immediately into the home of her husband's family following the wedding rites. There are unusual instances, however, of a groom moving into his future in-law's compound for two or more years of service before they perform the marriage ceremony.
Aimaq tribal customs remain stronger than Afghan nationalism, due in part to long-enjoyed independence and geographical distance from the central government in Kabul. Tribal law vested in village leaders usually prevails over government authority and even some Islamic rules.
Aimaq Children
Prayer Request:
Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved. (Romans 10:1)
Here are the previous weeks threads on the UPG of the Week for Reformed from 2023 (plus a few from 2022 so this one post isn't so lonely). To save some space on these, all UPG posts made 2019-now are here, I will try to keep this current.
People Group Country Continent Date Posted Beliefs
Aimaq Afghanistan Asia 03/20/2023 Islam
Shughni Tajikistan Asia 03/13/2023 Islam
Punjabi Canada North America 03/06/2023 Sikhism
Kurds Turkey Asia** 02/13/2023 Islam***
Krymchak Ukraine* Europe** 02/06/2023 Judaism
Talysh Azerbaijan Asia** 01/30/2023 Islam
Shan Myanmar Asia 01/23/2023 Buddhism***
Shaikh - 2nd post Bangladesh Asia 01/09/2023 Islam
Hindi United States North America 12/19/2022 Hinduism
Somali Finland Europe 12/05/2022 Islam
Hemshin Turkey Asia** 11/28/2022 Islam
Waorani (Reached) Ecuador South America 11/21/2022 Christianity
* Tibet belongs to Tibet, not China.
** Russia/Turkey/etc is Europe but also Asia so...
*** this likely is not the true religion that they worship, but rather they have a mixture of what is listed with other local religions, or they have embraced a liberal drift and are leaving faith entirely but this is their historical faith.
As always, if you have experience in this country or with this people group, feel free to comment or let me know and I will happily edit it so that we can better pray for these peoples! I shouldn't have to include this, but please don't come here to argue with people or to promote universalism. I am a moderator so we will see this if you do.
Here is a list of definitions in case you wonder what exactly I mean by words like "Unreached".
Here is a list of missions organizations that reach out to the world to do missions for the Glory of God.
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2023.03.20 13:35 demfrecklestho Weekly schedule (March 20 - March 27)

A very busy week awaits! Over the next seven days, there will be four UWT races and two WWT ones, and there’s truly something for everyone with the cobbled classics on one side and a well-rounded stage race on the other.
Race M/W Rank < M T W T F S S >
Volta a Catalunya M 2.UWT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali M 2.1 1 2 3 4 5
Classic Brugge-De Panne ME M 1.UWT x
Olympia’s Tour M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5
Volta ao Alentejo M 2.2 1 2 3 4 5
Classic Brugge-De Panne WE W 1.WWT x
GP Goriska & Vipava Valley M 1.2 x
E3 Saxo Bank Classic M 1.UWT x
Gent-Wevelgem ME M 1.UWT x
Gent-Wevelgem WE W 1.WWT x
GP Industria & Artigianato M 1.Pro x
La Roue Tourangelle M 1.1 x
Gent-Wevelgem U23 M 1.2U x
GP Adria Mobil M 1.2 x
Syedra Ancient City M 1.2 x

The Belgian week

We’re entering the core of the Flemish classics season with three major races taking place in Belgium this week- all part of the World Tour!
First off is Classic Brugge-De Panne, held on Wednesday (men’s race) and Thursday (women’s race). Having been added to the WT in 2019, it is the most recent addition to cycling’s top flight; up until 2017 it was a short stage race, known as Three days of De Panne, and it had a privileged calendar spot right before the Tour of Flanders, thus playing an important “last call” role before the big show. However, in 2018 it was strong-armed into trading calendar spots with another race, Dwars door Vlaanderen, and it turned into a one-day race. From a geography POV, the Classic Brugge-De Panne is undoubtedly Flemish… but the similarities with the other races end there, as it does not feature any cobbles: the biggest hurdle are probably the infamous slippery tram tracks near the finish line! It’s an event very likely to end in a sprint- this was the case in 2022, with wins for Tim Merlier and Elisa Balsamo, but exception do happen from time to time.
On Friday, the E3 Saxo Bank Classic follows, and this might be the race you want to follow more closely. It takes place in the same area as De Ronde, to the south of Gent, and it’s thus considered to be the big dress rehearsal ahead of the second monument of the year: for example, Asgreen won both in 2021 and Terpstra had done the same in 2018! The 2022 course includes 10 cobbled sectors, including the Oude Kwaremont x Paterberg combo which is often decisive in the Tour of Flanders… although they’re tackled in reverse order here. The race is also known as E3 Harelbeke, from the name of the town hosting the start and the finish: as for the “E3” bit, was added as a way to celebrate the opening of a nearby expressway, which has since changed number to E17… but the name stuck. Last year, Wout Van Aert won in dominating fashion, although he wasn’t able to contest the Ronde because of illness. Unlike the other two races, E3 does not have a women’s race on the side… but hopefully, it’s just a matter of time: the organizers launched a women’s race last year- the Leiedal Koerse, taking place later in the season- which is supposed to grow into a proper women’s E3 in the future.
The last act in this busy Flemish week is Gent-Wevelgem, which takes place on Sunday. This race is a bit of a hybrid between the other two- it largely develops in western Flanders and it has far less cobbles compared to E3, but it’s definitely more challenging than the Classic Brugge-De Panne. The race develops near the French border, an area where bloody battles were fought in WWI, hence the In Flanders fields slogan and the poppy-shaped logo. After a relatively flat and uneventful first half of the course, the second half of the race includes several short hills, the most iconic one of the lot being the Kemmelberg, which summits with around 30 kms to go. With around 60-50 kms to go, the riders will also find the so-called plugstreets, some partially-unpaved, partially-cobbled roads. The last part of the race takes place on wide highways and urban roads, which should in theory allow for a large sprint… but the outcome largely depends on how the previous sections have been raced: more often than not, the race blows up early, and it usually comes down to a small group. The women’s race has a slightly less demanding course (with no plugstreets, for example), so it tends to slightly favour larger sprints. Last year, both events wrapped up with sprints, with Elisa Balsamo winning her second WWT race in the span of a few days and Biniam Ghirmay scoring a historic win in the men’s race. There’s a U23 race going on, as well: up until last year it was part of the Nations Cup, meaning that it was contested by national teams, but this year it will be open to trade teams as well. FDJ’s Samuel Watson is the defending champion there.

Volta a Catalunya

As if three WT races in a week weren’t enough, the Volta a Catalunya will take place between Monday and Sunday, providing an alternative for those who enjoy stage races more than the cobbled classics.
As you can guess, it is a regional tour of Catalunya, the independence-prone region in northeastern Spain around Barcelona, and it’s usually a fairly balanced race. This year, things will get tough quite early on: after a flat-ish first stage in the outskirts of Girona, there will be two uphill finishes in a row as stages 2 and 3 visit the Catalan side of the Pyrenees. Tuesday’s Vallter and Wednesday’s La Molina finishes are two common features of this race, both are proper mountains although neither is too hard. After a flat transition stage, there will be yet another uphill finish on Friday, the Mirador del Portell climb which promises to be quite challenging with 8 kms at a 8% average. Saturday’s stage 6 has once again a flat finale (although a late punchy climb at 12 kms to go could spice things up), and as usual the Volta will wrap up with an urban stage in Barcelona, which involves several laps of a circuit that includes the Montjuïc hill… while not always decisive for the GC, it often makes for a sparkling, hectic finale.
The course might seem anticlimatic with the hardest climbs being relatively early on… except last year, Sergio Higuita won the GC here thanks to an attack on a seemingly harmless stage, so perhaps this race is worth following in full! The Colombian won’t be back to defend his title, but the field will be quite stacked (especially as GC specialist don’t have many alternatives this week): from 2022 runner-up Almeida to Evenepoel, Roglič, A. Yates, Bernal, Thomas, Bardet, Carapaz and Landa.

Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali

The International Coppi and Bartali week is a race with a somewhat bizarre history- it started out in Sardinia, but then it relocated to a completely different area, Emilia-Romagna (the region around Bologna, in northern Italy); it should be noted that neither region has anything to do with Coppi or Bartali specifically. Last year, a re-shuffle of the Italian calendar turned this race into a cross-Apennines event, in order to facilitate teams and riders partaking in both this race and the following GP Larciano… but even though the same need arose this year, the race went back to its former area.
In the past, this event featured diverse stages, but in 2023 the race has been turned into a decidedly hilly affair: stages 1 to 4 all take place on tough courses in the foothills of the Apennines, with stages 3 and 4 looking particularly interesting as the former has several gravel uphill sectors, while the latter has the tougher climbs (including a very steep one near the end). Only stage 2 has an uphill finish though, and it’s a short punchy ramp rather than a proper hill. There is a major change in tone on the last day, however, as the race wraps up with a 20 kms-long, completely flat ITT.
It is not a U23 race but this event often has a young field, with WT teams sending B-teams a chance to develop (e.g. this was one of the first races where Jonas Vingegaard got to ride for himself). The defending champion is Eddie Dunbar, who won last year’s edition in a convincing manner.

GP Industria & Artigianato

The GP Industria & Artigianato (industry and craftmanship) is a one-day race taking place on Sunday, in northern Tuscany. It is also known as GP Larciano, from the name of the town hosting the start and the finish. For many years, it took place the day after Strade Bianche, but it was forced to move later in the season last year to make space for Tirreno-Adriatico- something the organizers were fairly bitter about.
The course got an overhaul for 2023, and the big defining feature of this race is gone: in past editions, the race had a late climb followed by a fast descent which ended at the flamme rouge, which made for a hectic, entertaining finale. This year, there will still be a late hilly circuit with a fairly punchy climb, but the last 10 kms will be completely flat, possibly allowing some space for regrouping. The defending champion is UAE’s Diego Ulissi, which won last year from a small group.

La Roue Tourangelle

La Roue Tourangelle is a French one-day race scheduled for Sunday. It takes place around the city of Tours, to the southwest of Paris; to shamelessly recycle the joke I used in the 2022 schedule thread, the organizers were clearly too coward to go for Tour de Tours, which would’ve been a way better name. The course is undulating, with many short hills in the second half of the race: they aren’t demanding enough to decisively prevent a mass sprint (the most recent winners are Arnaud Démare and Nacer Bouhanni), but they can at least spice things up a bit.

.2 races

TV Guide

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“The old mall is haunted!”
Even by Hazelwood High’s rumor mill standards, this one was dumb. A lot of students liked to talk about it, but very few actually believed it. Still, when your high school is located in a sleepy suburban-at-best town where so little happens that a broken taillight could make the newspaper’s front page, you’re all-too-happy to share local news, even if it’s news from the next town over.
“What, the Lakeview mall?” Zoe asked in between bites of her lunch.
Tyler enthusiastically nodded. “Sightings, feelings of dread, the whole ‘people go crazy when they’re there too long’ thing – it’s perfect!”
“Perfectly dumb,” Zoe shot back, giving Tyler a look of derision. “You can’t actually think that kind of shit is real.”
“Of course I don’t! But it means adventure. I wanna go. Who’s in?”
The trio sat at their lunch table, eyeing one another. They were together through thick and thin, and they were always searching for the next adventure – and even if no one but Tyler was going to say it out loud, this ‘haunted mall’ was the perfect excuse in too long to go on a proper adventure.
But enthusiasm was for the nerds of the table, so Zoe Heracleous wasn’t going to say anything until someone else did. Despite her last name, she looked visibly Korean; her dad’s last name was deceptive enough to hide the majority of her family’s history. She inherited more than just a name, of course – a strong, beautiful yet determined face, beautifully wavy long hair, and a figure that screamed, ‘I bet this girl looks amazing with no clothes on but she’d beat the crap out of me with her muscles before I ever found out.’ It didn’t help that, even though she was reasonably fit, the most intimidating thing about her was her assertive attitude.
Nami Smith wasn’t the opposite of Zoe, per se, but she was enough to be her foil. Nami was white as a ghost and quiet, but not timid – despite her assertive attitude, Zoe would never make friends with someone timid, they’d be seen by her as too ‘boring’ – and thoughtful. If she said something, she had enough of a track record with the others that she’d be listened to, which was nice for her. Her short red hair had, much to her annoyance, gotten her the label of a ‘dyke’ among the school boys, and hanging out with a confident young woman like Zoe didn’t help those rumors subside. This was, of course, absolutely awful for the boy-crazy Nami.
Luckily, she’d made fast friends with the one guy at Hazelwood goofy enough to make her reconsider creating complications in their friendship. Tyler Massamba could have been bullied a lot less when he was younger if he’d just shut up. It wasn’t that he had a highly expressive face, or the fact that he was one of maybe six black kids in all of Hazelwood, or even that he was a little bit fatter than he would have liked, but it was mainly his wild wacky spirit and tendency to talk out in class, and say whatever he wanted, no matter whose ire it drove. Bless Tyler, he never learned, and he lived for his own excitement, which made him happy as a clam that he managed to find friends in two girls that couldn’t pass up an opportunity for adventure.
“Go to the mall?” Nami asked. “Would we have to break into it?”
Tyler grinned a toothy grin. “I already scouted the place out and found an in. Ground floor, no danger, easy as pie. Because I love you both so much, I didn’t even go in myself yet. I saved it for the moment where all three of us can enjoy it.”
“You’re too kind,” Zoe replied dismissively. “Well, it’s got to have been abandoned for, what, a few months? If there was any kind of security, they’d probably have sealed that up.”
“It could have been made the day Tyler found it,” Nami pointed out. “How about we go on the weekend? That way, if it’s still there, we know we won’t get busted. If it’s sealed, we know it’s a bad idea.”
Zoe gave an approving face towards Nami and turned towards Tyler. “I think that’s our way of saying we’re in.”
Tyler hooted and hollered. “This is gonna be awesome!”
Because the lockdown of the Coronavirus pandemic only lasted about half a year, thanks to some government assistance not too many businesses went under. Lakeview was perhaps the only mall in the area to be entirely shut down by the half-year pandemic. With construction projects already overwhelming its workers in the city, the mall was just left there, not rotted at all and yet eerie; potentially fully functional and yet visibly dead.
“There it is,” Tyler triumphantly stated as he pointed to some kind of service entrance. “Check it out.” He walked over to the door and tried it out. Sure enough, it opened, revealing some kind of maintenance room that led to the rest of the mall.
“Woah, what an oversight,” Zoe mumbled as she approached the entrance. “We’d still need to make sure if those doors on the inside work though. If not, we’re fucked.”
“That door’s ajar though,” Tyler pointed out, motioning towards a door inside the room. Zoe shrugged, walked carefully inside, and got her flashlight out of her pocket. She turned it on and opened the door, peering through the doorway with the help of her flashlight illuminating her path.
“Yup, that’s the mall alright,” Zoe confirmed. “Looks like we have our in.”
“Um, excuse me, Zoe, could you come back out for a sec?” Nami asked. Wordlessly, Zoe obeyed, giving Nami a slightly impatient look. “I just thought that… if we’re doing another abandoned building, it might be smart if we use these.” She held out a couple of facemasks.
Tyler winced. “Eugh! Fuck no. Those things just remind me of last year. I lost a whole summer due to these things.”
“We didn’t lose more time exactly because we wore them,” Zoe countered.
“It was more because of the cure getting made,” Nami couldn’t help but chime in. “I mean, they clearly helped, but…”
“Still, whenever I see it, I just think of, what, five months of not being allowed to leave the house. Isn’t this trip about getting to forget that crap?” Tyler protested.
“I’m just worried about anything in the air in the mall,” Nami commented. “I don’t know how long it would take, but if there’s asbestos or anything toxic or something like that…”
“Can’t believe I’m coming down on Tyler’s side about something…” Zoe mumbled, turning to Nami. “I don’t think that a mall would be built so that within a year, or, less than, of it shutting down, it would be unsafe or inhabitable or something.”
“Yeah, there’s probably some hobo bum living in there. Maybe that’s why the door is unlocked,” Tyler added.
“Yeah, really making us feel safe about going inside,” Zoe replied. “Also, ‘hobo bum?’ Jesus, dude.”
“What? I mean I get it. If I was homeless I’d probably live here too. Beats the hell out of living under a highway bridge,” Tyler argued.
Nami accepted her friends’ points, but wasn’t convinced. “Okay, I’ll just wear mine,” she told them. “If you ever want to wear one though, let me know.”
With one of them masked, the three cautiously walked into the mall, turned on their flashlights, and began to wander into the dark abyss known formerly as the…
“Food court,” Zoe observed. “Check it out. This was the last time I ate Subway.”
The three looked over the gutted Subway, the gutted KFC and the gutted obligatory Chinese food place. None of the stores had anything left except dusty counters and disheveled equipment that was too heavy to carry out quickly.
“Do you think this stuff still works?” Tyler asked.
“What, do you want to see if you can make me a sandwich?” Zoe joked with one eyebrow down.
Tyler shone his flashlight in his friend’s face in response. “No, I’m just saying, this stuff has gotta be worth a fortune.”
“It would be impossible for someone like us to sell,” Nami pointed out. “Plus, where would we even sell it?”
“Kijiji?” Tyler offered.
“I didn’t come to explore this mall so we could lug off seven-hundred-pound deep fryers and sell them on Kijiji,” Zoe butted in annoyedly. “We don’t even know if they still work. If you want to play packrat, bring a bag or something.”
“What’s this look like?” Tyler demanded, turning around and showing off his backpack.
“Ooh, nice,” Zoe dryly commented. “How many deep fryers do you think could fit in that bad boy?”
While the other two were arguing, Nami was having her own little problem. It was odd – last year she could go for hours without having a mask on, it really was no bother to her, and yet… in this mall, every passing second she kept the mask on, it felt like she was getting less and less air. Stranger still, when she lowered the mask, she felt normal again, so it wasn’t like the air was just thinner in the mall somehow or something. Mulling over what Zoe said earlier, Nami decided to discard her normally cautious nature and join her friends with a naked face.
Neither of the other two noticed as the group pressed on, exploring store after store.
“This gives me Five Nights at Freddy’s vibes,” Tyler murmured as he looked over a clothing store’s inner walls.
“Yeah, try not to think about how all of our flashlights have limited batteries,” Zoe laughed.
“I brought a spare!” Nami cut in helpfully.
“Namiiii,” Zoe sang angrily, “Don’t tell Tyler that! I wanted to see him get all scared like at the Carlevale house.”
“I was not scared at the Carlevale house!”
The other two began to laugh. “You yelped like a baby, Tyler,” Nami laughed.
“This is treason,” Tyler complained.
“Even if you were our leader, no it’s not,” Zoe laughed.
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Touch - Chapter 4
The girls had headed to the bathroom to clean themselves up while Jackie, thankfully, got dressed to talk to me about what I had just seen.
"Look bro, you can have anyone you want with what you can do, any girl becomes your slave if you want them too", he spoke with that almost sickening smirk across his face, I knew I couldn't trust him for a second. "Go talk to Robin, she'll talk you through all the boring stuff", he pointed to the elevator.
I simply nodded and walked towards the elevator as fast as I could without making it look like I was desperate to get away from him. Something about him just weirded me out. I hit the button for my exit and got in. The doors shut, also shutting me off from the world for a moment.
I exhaled a heavy breath, I was tense, worried and was just generally not feeling good about this now. I wanted to figure out what was happening but making women into my sex slaves wasn't really the answer I was looking for, not that it didn't intrigue me. As soon as he said I could have any woman my mind focused on Jessica, not some super model or Angelina Jolie, my twin sister. The one girl I could never use this on...
I realised I had been standing there for quite some time without pressing any of the elevators buttons. My hand went for the '3' which would take me to my explanation but I stopped. My hand drifted slowly towards the button back to the ground floor, to the exit. I didn't want to fall into the wrong crowd, who these guys most certainly were, but what would be the point? They went to the same college as me and there was no way to avoid them the rest of my life.
I hit the button and headed down to the third floor, the doors opened to another wonderland. Instead of the more grungy area that Jackie had, this was more like a 5 star hotel. Everything was in pristine condition from the large bookcases to the hardwood flooring to the chandelier, there was a very golden and white theme about this place. It was classy and I almost felt underdressed just standing there.
"Come on in John, I assume Jackie was too 'busy' too help you understand" Robin looked up from her book with a slight smirk. I took a single deep breath before walking to the four poster bed that seemed to be coated in silk, this is were Robin was laying. I couldn't help but run my eyes all over this beautiful young woman.
She sat up and patted the bed next to her, I took the invitation and sat upon the bed that felt as if it were made of angel feathers it was so soft.
"Ask away then John, the more you learn now the better" her voice soothed me and helped me relax a little better, she was the only one of the three I felt a little at ease with. I dragged my eyes away from her supply form, it was time for answers.
"First of all" I started "what is it that we do?"
"We control emotions, when we touch people" she stated like it was the most simple thing in the world. The statement itself was enough to drop my jaw to the ground though, that wasn't possible.
"What like magic?" I asked with a hint of sarcasm, it was ridiculous.
"We're not completely sure, we think it's more chemical you know, like that it's passed through our skin to others when we touch them, though it works through clothes too" again she spoke like it was no big deal.
"So say thats all true, what could go wrong? Like side-effects?" I asked again, if this was what was happening then I had to know what could go wrong.
"The only things we've noticed are that if your inexperienced like you are now, then you could not just pass on emotions but absorb them as well" she went on "think back, on your birthday, the first day of your power coming through, a girl pushed past you. She was really upset and when you touched, you got just as upset as she did, but it was only temporary as you may of noticed"
I remembered that moment clearly, "How did you know that?" I said slightly stunned.
"I just happened to be nearby at the time, it's how we found you" she smiled back with that gorgeous smile.
"Lucky me" I retorted. "Wait, if this is true then how come nothing like this has happened before?"
"The power doesn't become useable until your 18" she told me. "I've only been using mine for a few months while Jackie and Marco have had there's for a couple years now"
All I could do was just nod along, it made sense.
"Look John, you may be confused but believe me, this is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Just practice with it, think hard about what you want someone to feel and just touch them, I'm sure you can do it." her song-like tone of voice helped soothe me to this life changing information.
"Remember though, you can implant an emotion easier by how you touch. Anger by hitting, love by hugging, lust by kissing. Also that people don't know they're being manipulated but the longer you invoke one the same emotion out of one person, the harder it is to make them feel different." She spoke as she pointed up to Jackie's floor, his girls were pretty much irreversible from their current state, I could tell. "Also if you touch someone with a clear mind, you can read their emotions instead".
My mind had little time to process this before the realisation of the situation set in on me all of a sudden, had I just realised that I was sitting on a bed with Robin White? One of the most attractive girls I'd ever seen. My eyes fell into hers while we sat in silence for a moment, instead of digesting this information I was stricken by her beauty.
I began to think to myself, 'so if I can use my touch to get girls horny, just like I had done these past two days, and touching people in key areas helped that feeling come across quicker...' She had told me to practice. Was she leading me on perhaps?
I let myself fill with feelings of lust and quickly latched a hand onto her D cup breast, it was so soft I couldn't let go of it, my fingers sank into it like quicksand. I looked back into her eyes expecting her to pounce on me much like Kelly had but I was met with an expression that told me exactly what she was about to say.
"What the fuck are you doing?" she sternly said right at me. I got up off the bed quickly, releasing her boob in the process.
"Another thing John, you can't effect another person with the same ability" she shook her head "what were you going to do exactly? Just have your way with me right here and now?".
My lips couldn't even form sounds let alone words to explain myself, what did I think was going to happen exactly? She just sat there and shook her head before raising her hand and pointing to the elevator.
"Just go would you, I didn't think you were like this John." she sighed disappointingly.
She was clearly getting angry and I was too stupid to just apologise before I rushed back to the elevator and pressed the button. The doors shut to hide me from her glare as I headed back to the ground floor and out of the building, back to the real world.
The sun hit my face hard as I readjusted to the days brightness before it sank in, I'd missed out two extremely obvious questions. Who was Number 1? Why did he pay the others so much? To collect people with our ability? I should've asked. I tried to relax and think about my next move.
Who was going to be my practice girl so to speak? I needed someone I could test these things out on without it being too weird that were seen together. Only one girl came to mind, Izzy. My sisters best friend Izzy who I knew had a crush on me, Jessica had told me it once but it was always pretty obvious. She was certainly attractive enough so why not?
I had her number on my phone, I had gotten it off Jess' in case she was with her and forgot her own phone. I leant back against the building wall to type out the text to get her to me after college.
With that being done I realised college was exactly were I should be, I hurried there as quickly as my legs could carry me. I got back just in time for lunch break where I found my friends in our usual spot, the picnic bench by the trees, I gave them a wave as I strolled up to them.
"John, where have you been? That freak Jackie and his gang said they had business with you and threatened us into leaving you behind" Ian said clearly worried.
"Oh it wasn't anything too interesting, don't worry about me" I replied with a lie without knowing why I did. These were my closest friends but I felt as if they weren't allowed to know, that information on my new group wasn't for their ears. They all seemed to shrug it off and thankfully didn't ask again.
I had sat down next to Kelly before I even realised it, I guess I didn't really think about it. She still seemed a little awkward around me after our sexual encounter but what was she really feeling? If only I could touch someone and understand their feelings, oh yeah, now I can.
I cleared my mind as best I could before lightly placing my hand on her knee so as not to arouse suspicion from Ian or Ash. Kelly jumped slightly to my touch but not enough for anyone to notice, my mind became filled with tangled emotions, Kelly's emotions. I didn't let them overtake me, I stayed focused as best I could while trying to sort though it all.
I could feel myself getting to the root of the problem, guilt. Guilt? Was this guilt I could feel? But why? She felt like she had betrayed someone, I kept focused on her guilt before I got snapped out of it.
"John? John! Your bleeding" Ian was telling me as I returned to reality which caused my hand to leap off Kelly as fast as it could.
"Huh?" I mumbled back.
"Your nose dude" he said while pointing towards my face. I could feel the warm drops of blood slowly dripping from my nose. I touched it with my fingers and stared at the crimson liquid upon them, my head ached unmercifully as I regained my whereabouts. What the hell was that?
I headed to the bathroom at once clean myself up, that had really hurt, I suppose it was a side effect of my ability. I did learn one thing though, Kelly felt as if she had betrayed someone by sleeping with me.
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This is a work of fan fiction, all characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. I just own this story line.
Very important author’s notes: The spark for this lewd tale came from reading Harry Potter. Regardless of whether you like or dislike the movies or books, imagine how exciting it would be to utilize the ability to go back into someone’s memory and observe what happened to them at a certain point in time. These memories are stored in a stone receptacle . . . called a pensieve. A witch or wizard can extract their own memories or another person’s . . . and stores them in the pensieve, and reviews them later. Anyone can examine the memories in the pensieve, which also allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the memories stored within, much like a magical form of . . . real world virtual reality.
Harry talked Hermione into going into Dumbledore’s office where the wizard kept the pensieve which stored the memories. Having watched the wizard begin the process the day before, he opened the receptacle and the room turned dark . . . except for a bright glowing of green from inside the container.
“Are you ready?
“Uh, huh,” said the attractive girl.
“You said you have a memory with you and Ginny . . . from a couple of years ago?”
“Yeah, but its REAL naughty Harry. And remember . . . I was a bit of a voyeur then . . . rather than a participator,” she teased.
“Doesn’t matter to me . . . especially if Ginny is in it. Just relax and let me take the thread of your memory and place it in the container,” said Harry. Hermione closed her eyes and Harry said a few words of magic. He pulled out a crystal bottle, pointed his wand at her and her lewd memory transferred into the bottle.
Harry tipped the silvery contents into the penseive, where they swirled and shimmered, and suddenly the couple felt themselves leave their feet . . . and begin to fall . . . traveling through whirling darkness and then, quite suddenly; they were blinking in dazzling sunlight. Right in front of them was a younger Hermione and Ginny standing next to each other.
Note to reader: Any time the dialogue or narrative is in parenthesis; we are in the present talking about the past. For instance . . . (“This is soooo embarrassing Harry, but you being a boy . . . you will probably enjoy yourself,” she said, noticing he had already grown a firm and noticeable boner that pressed up against his school robe, as he looked at Ginny. This is what they heard and saw . . .)
“Now I know you're not gonna like this, Ginny, but I'm your fashion
adviser and I want you to at least listen to me. I want you to consider going without the bra tonight," said Hermione.
“Hermione! No way!" Ginny blushed demurely at the very thought. Even though her parents weren't here to oversee her, modesty was part of her upbringing.
“No, listen," Hermione replied. "I'm not gonna wear one either, and my titties are a little bigger than yours, so you'll have company. And the whole idea of this party . . . is to get you noticed. Short of doing naked jumping-jacks, nothing gets you noticed by the opposite sex faster . . . than not wearing a bra. Really, Ginny, trust me. They won't be able to see anything through your blouse!”
"I don't know. I can't imagine being without a bra. I'd feel like everybody was staring at my little boobs!"
“Look, it's up to you. Right now . . . I'm gonna change clothes really quick. I'll leave you here in the bathroom. Try it without the bra, and see how it makes you feel, and if you don't like it, you can put the bra back on. But when I come back, Ginny, I'm gonna be hangin' free!" she laughed.
(Hermione looked over at Harry . . . whose cock was now lewdly bulging straight forward under his black robe. She was becoming very horny . . . and wanted to reach out and grab it, but elected to wait for a few more minutes, because she knew what was about to happen. Her pussy began to leak into her white panties as she watched herself shut the door and focus on her friend in the past. She remembered looking into a peep hole and watching and listening to Ginny. But this was even better because she was able to hear Ginny’s thoughts.)
Ginny thought, “It wouldn't hurt to try”, so she took off the white blouse she was wearing . . . and then took off her lacy white cotton bra. Next, she quickly put the blouse back on and buttoned it up. It was the first time in a year she had worn a shirt without a bra, since her titties had begun to mature. She took a deep breath and looked in the mirror. She leaned forward, which caused the shirt to tighten across her chest. The cotton rubbed against her naked nipples, and gave Ginny a little sexual charge.
God that feels so good, she thought, moving her shoulders back and forth. "Hangin' free," that's what Hermione called it. She brushed a hand across her chest, rubbing the fabric against her bare nipples. They immediately felt all tingly, and the tingly sensation raced throughout her body and she felt simply great. Oh, what the heck, she thought. Mommy and daddy would have a cow, but they're home and can't see me. And if all the boys start leering at me and making jokes about my breasts, I'll just run upstairs and put my bra back on. But for now, I'll try ‘hangin' free like Hermione!
“Ginny, are you in there?" Hermione asked a few minutes later.
“Yeah, come in, it's unlocked."
“How do I look?" asked Ginny.
Hermione had to admit . . . a little enviously, that her red-headed friend, the former wallflower, looked smashing. And the braless look was going to send the Hogwarts’s boys crazy. Since Ginny had taken off her glasses, as part of the makeover, it’s possible she just couldn't see very well, but her nipples could be seen clearly through the white cotton blouse, and her breasts . . . so young and unfettered were practically begging to be fondled and passionately sucked . . . thought her horny friend.
An hour later, the Hogsmeade party was in full swing and Ginny had already captured the attention of Dean, who she secretly had a crush on. Her back was against a wall, and he soon leaned in toward her. She could smell his aftershave, and feel the intensity of his gaze . . . closely inspecting her young body. His body was just inches away from hers, and she shifted nervously.
As she did so, her nipples brushed against the inside of her blouse, making them flutter. They had been doing that for the last few minutes, and the more it happened . . . the more it seemed to be affecting her. At first it had just been a mild irritation, but her buds had started to get erect, and once erect, they had stayed that way . . . almost as if Dean had cast a spell on her. (or had he?)
The more the little pink nubs rubbed against the fabric, the more erotic feelings began to course through her body . . . feelings that always ended up in her crotch . . . in that dampening secret place between her legs. She knew, even though she couldn't see very well without her glasses, that Dean was stealing peeks at her chest, and she felt confused and ashamed . . . but she had to admit, a little pleased by his constant attention.
"How about if I give you a kiss?" asked Dean. Before she could even decide . . . she wanted it, but she shouldn't, but she wanted it, the horny boy bent forward and placed his moist lips gently but firmly over Ginny's mouth. He moved his body forward, pressing her against the wall, and she could feel the entire length of him pressed up against her quivering body. His hand came out and took her by the chin, holding her head in place. His mouth was open, and soon his tongue was moving in and out of her mouth, just like he wanted to do . . . with his stiff cock.
The teen girl felt as if she was going to faint. He was so smooth, so romantic . . . and she was having her first kiss at her first real party, and it wasn't gross or sloppy like some of her friends talked about. She felt his tongue in her mouth and it was like his wet male organ was moving right down her body, licking her nipples, then licking lower, at her special spot, but she knew that couldn’t be possible . . . or was it? Her nipples, which had been stiff, now throbbed with desire, but so did her pussy.
Oh Oh God, she thought . . . what's happening? All of a sudden I'm so horny, I truly WANT this boy! Just keep kissing me and kissing, she thought. And he did. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, sucking his hot boy tongue into her own warm, wet mouth. She could feel his hard COCK pressing into the front of her, grinding right up against her pussy. She wasn't that dumb or naïve little girl . . . others might have thought.
Ginny knew just what that was, but it felt so good, better than anything had ever felt before up against her moist pussy. She knew it was wrong, knew it was a sin, but she moaned into Dean's mouth, and moved her pelvis just a little bit forward, allowing his shaft to slide up and down her twat.
Suddenly there was a hand . . . and it had to be Dean's . . . under the hem of her robe, and the hand was lifting the robe up, and moving toward the front panel of her panties. Ginny knew they were in the middle of a room with other people around and she had to put a stop to this. It was just going too fast, but the fingers brushed against the inside of her thigh, and that felt sooooo good, even though it was just a little touch.
Dean pressed the tip of his middle finger against the front of her panties, hitting just the right spot, with just the right amount of pressure, and her clitoris felt like it was doing handsprings. God, it felt so good! (As Hermione and Harry watched what was happening in the memory, they both had hiked up their own black school robes, yanked down their skivvies and were both rubbing themselves off as they watched the lewd performance in front of them).
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This is a story I wrote on an alternative profile and have edited it so I can continue the story now. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you’re not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story.
“Life is boring,” that single consistent thought went through Luke’s mind. Although what else would be going through the mind of a eighteen year old high school guy while he sat in English class. The teacher was going over the proper word usage that Shakespeare portrayed in his works and the only thing Luke could think of was how many times the teacher was going to say the same thing. Now technically considered an adult, Luke had an overall grasp on how school ran and got enough high grades to stay a head of the course. Now a senior, he knew all the twist and turns and hidden rules of school, both outside and inside class. Which, leads to the point where he was about to die of pure boredom. At this point he was merely counting down the seconds until the bell rang.
He ran the seconds through his head as the random thoughts bounced about in his skull. Two minutes. “I wonder if my last two classes will be this boring.” One minute forty seconds. “How much can a guy keep talking about a dead man’s writing?” One minute ten seconds. “I wonder what the girls are whispering about over there. Probably their latest crushes.” Twenty five seconds. “Why is this taking so long?” Ten seconds “I’d say freedom but I still have two more classes.” The bell finally rang with a high pitched buzz that had Luke shuffling from his desk within minutes.
As soon as he left the class he was swallowed up in the sea of high school students that blended in a chaotic melting pot of faces and a buzzing noise that made Luke want to find some headphones. As he walked to his next class he could see the groups mashing together: athletes, preps, Goths, dorks, anarchists, bookworms, partiers and etc. What was sad was that he didn’t fit in any of these crowds. In fact compared to the crowd he didn’t stand out much at all in fact. He was 6ft with some of an athletic build to his frame that made him look more scrawny than skinny. His green eyes were covered by his messy dirty blond hair that almost came to his shoulders. Even his clothes didn’t stand out: grey jean jacket over a band t-shirt, black jeans, and tennis shoes.
He didn’t fit in with any crowd since he had a mix of hobbies as well as talents but didn’t get so caught up with one thing. Instead of making many friends because of it, it seemed to distance him from others. He didn’t mind it at all though. Every time he did try and fit in with a crowd something just didn’t sit right with him. Some were too immature, others too unfocused, and most were just plain annoying. The groups seemed to be too far into their fashions, studies, parties, sports, or fads for Luke’s taste. It actually got on his nerves more often than not, especially since he got nagged at by his sister that he needed to get out more and become part of a group. Maybe she was right but he’d rather take a shot to the foot than hang out with half the people in this school.
It wasn’t like he didn’t have friends. He had some friends that he liked to hang out with, depending on his mood, but he counted them as more of acquaintances. And, he wasn’t so much an outcast that he never had a steady girlfriend, he definitely wasn’t a virgin. But, he didn’t have a place where he belonged. The swarms of people passing by only reminded him of things he didn’t miss, yet everyone told him he should.
As he continued to watch the crowds with an annoyed expression he noticed that they began to thin. His brow rose slightly before he looked at the clock and registered what was happening. His eyes shot wide open when he saw that he was almost late for his next class.
Luke was on his way home from a non-eventful school day. The last two classes, Biology and History, seemed to drag on as much as his English class. At the very least he was hoping for a little reprieve from the day when he arrived in History class to see his favorite teacher. But, as luck would have it the teacher was sick and replaced with a sub that didn’t seem to know his ass from his face.
On the way back from school Luke saw students streaming out in buses and cars, screaming and yelling a storm for the weekend to come. They all had plans for parties, sport events, and causing all sorts of madness around their small town. Luke on the other hand didn’t have any plans. Like usual, the only thing he knew he would do was wing the days of the weekend away and see what happens.
He shrugged his bag on his shoulder while continuing to walk down the street towards his house. His eyes barely glanced over the many stores that covered his route home; in fact he barely looked up from his feet at all. The world was dull, once he had seen what excited him there was little else to see. At this point in life he was just walking through the paces.
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Luke’s thoughts came to screeching halt when his body got knocked back and his head throbbed. His eyes blinked rapidly to pull himself out of his daze as he slowly sat up feeling his forehead throb in pain. As he sat up, however, he was met with a sight that more or less mirrored his own. But, the other person he stared at was a girl, and to say she was attractive would be an understatement. Her long bright red hair seemed to almost drape over her shoulders like a soft curtain. Yet her solid blue eyes could easily be seen on her sweet heart shaped face. As she was sprawled on the ground he couldn’t help notice her slender build forming nice legs, a firm ass, and quite wonderful breasts (Luke guessed they were at least in the large C’s).
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Billy laid there watching Linda and Rob swapping spit, he was still embarrassed from it but patiently waited for his turn. They had been here before, the three of them, on her bed, as lately as last week when both took turns kneading Linda's petite titties through her shirt. She only objected slightly when they slid a hand up under her shirt feeling the silkiness of her bra. But then it was over, they had to leave before her Mom returned. But today was quite different, no one would be home for hours. It was apparent the boys were excited with all three noticing the bulges showing through their tight shorts. Linda's reluctance was missing today and it was their delight. Billy didn't see it at first but Rob's shorts were unbuttoned at the snap. It was new territory for all of them, none had any sexual experience, eager but still hesitant they all knew what was about to transpire.
They remembered the talk in school, it was at the same time intriguing and scary. Sex was a whole new concept and they still remembered when they thought girls got pregnant from kissing and swallowing saliva. At school teachers taught them that sexually transmitted diseases were contagious and could in fact kill. However, all three of them were virgins, so it was safe for them, at least that was what they thought.
The few times before when they tried this ‘foreplay’ it turned out rushed and nerve making, never really enjoyable because Linda’s mom was always returning home at unexpected timings. There was one time when she opened Linda’s door without a warning, but fortunately they were already getting ready to leave. Today was different, Linda’s mom was on a business trip in Canada and her dad would only come home late at night after work. It was the perfect opportunity for them to take things to the next level.
Rob and Linda were already so turned on by kissing. Right then, Rob’s hands moved to caress Linda’s neck. The increase in depth and pace of Linda’s breaths simply showed that she was enjoying it. This scene only made Billy harder, his face was apple red and he could feel the heat radiating from his body.
Soon Rob was all over her, without breaking the kiss, his hands reached to Linda’s breasts and massaged them over her shirt. She let out a small moan and broke the kiss, she was almost breathless from the kissing and panting softly while closing her eyes to feel Rob’s hands on her tits. She was not usually like this, she knew what such acts could lead to and was always in control of the situation to prevent it from going any further than this. She wanted more, it was simply not enough to just feel the boys’ hands between the clothing. She pushed Rob away.
“Sorry, I needa use the washroom.” She glanced at Billy.
“Umm” Rob laughed “Sure, it’s your house you know”
Linda got up and went out of the room.
Rob immediately turned to Billy “She’s quite turned on today, did you see?”
“Yeah, you guys got me so hard just by watching!”
A few moments later Linda returned. “Wow that was fast!” Billy commented.
Linda just smiled at him, seeming to blush more than before. She went back on the bed and gestured for Billy to come closer “You turn Billy...” she practically purred. He went straight at it. Linda grabbed him and planted a huge kiss on his lips they started kissing passionately and felt every second of it. They were lost, their minds were blank, both simply falling into ‘limbo’. Both had their eyes closed and their tongues in each other’s mouths dancing furiously. Linda reached for Billy’s hand and placed it on her chest as he began to caress her boobs. His eyes opened in surprise when he felt Linda’s nipples directly underneath her clothing.
Linda bit her lip with a half smile “Do you like it?”
Billy only nodded, only realizing that Linda went to the washroom to remove her bra. He started to gently massage Linda in a circular motion causing her to moan. She was right about feeling Billy touch her without the bra, it was so much better. She could feel the heat from Billy’s hands and every movement he made was felt by her sensitive breasts, every nerve in her breasts was screaming sex. Billy softly squeezed her boobs and made her gasp, she loved it. Every thing Billy did to her breasts were felt at a greater level than before when her thick bra was in the way. Now it was practically skin on skin.
“Rob” She called out half moaning, “lick me...” she pulled off her pants along with her panties. Rob was taken aback by her request because she was never really this horny. Nevertheless he moved closer to inspect her already slick wet pussy. It was a gorgeous sight, Rob had never seen a woman’s vagina before. It was virtually seeing the ‘Niagara Falls’ for the first time, Linda’s pussy was so wet it dampened the bed sheets right where her pussy was. It was oozing lady juices and throbbing every time Billy applied pressure on her breasts. Rob put his face close to her entrance and smelled the fragrance of her body. He proceeded to licking the puffed-up pussy like an ice-cream. Linda’s moans increased in volume in response. She could not take it anymore, her hands reached down to Billy’s crotch and stroked his cock through his shorts, it was rock hard. She reached into his trousers and pulled out his cock stroking it at the same time, Linda could tell that Billy was extremely horny and aroused by her actions because he was dripping pre cum which she used to rub around the head of the penis. Billy felt a shiver run though him and he immediately let out the sexiest moan Linda has ever heard.
Her hips arched forward into Rob’s face when she felt him flicking her clit with his tongue. It was a feeling she never felt before. Intense and exhilarating. Same goes to Rob as he has never licked a girl’s private part before, he was new at this but was definitely getting the hang of it. He love the taste of Linda’s pussy and he literally devoured it. Of course, Linda did not let Billy miss out in the action, she was stroking his cock bare, as his trousers were ripped off only a few moments ago. She could feel the blood pulsing through his manhood and pre cum was constantly dripping out like a broken tap.
Linda loved this, it was the best feeling she had ever felt! Two of her best friends causing her so much pleasure, it was so wrong yet at the same time so right! Suddenly, she felt Rob stop licking her. “OOOHHHH MY GOD!” her eyes were wide open and her heart pumping fast, she felt Rob plunge his cock into her pussy. I shock was mixed with pain, it was her first time and she did not exactly picture it to be like that, but soon her shock turned into a smile, it felt so good to be impaled without knowing it before hand. Rob started to pump his dick in and out of her pussy, her moans were louder than ever, she was literally screaming. Such a scene! Two guys on one girl all overwhelmed by the pleasure of sex. Linda was stroking Billy’s cock as he squeezed her boobs and Rob at the bottom plunging deep into her.
All three of them got the momentum and continued the motion like pistons pumping in a machine.
It did not take long before they were at their climax.
“I’m cumming!” Rob practically shouted over all the moaning (screaming).
“Me too!” Billy was panting hard.
“Just cum into me, pour your amazing man juice into my hungry pussy, I want to make a baby with you!” Linda screamed.
“Ughhh” Rob could not hold it any longer, his cock exploded ropes of cum into her and it just kept going, he had so much to squirt! At the same time, Billy burst out and ropes of cum shot into the air landing on Linda’s face, shirt and her hand. Finally, when Rob finished he pulled his cock out of Linda. She could feel the motion, every inch he moved out she shuddered. Cum was still dripping out of her pussy as she licked Billy clean and swallowed the cum she licked off.
They lay there exhausted and drained, realizing what they did was pretty stupid, they were teenagers they had no ability to raise a child yet that was not their concern. Linda was just overwhelmed by the awesome sex she had.
“Guys, wanna do this again sometime?” She smiled
“Of course!” both boys said in unison.
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Just as I was starting to wonder whether or not I was going to be here all day the door to the vice principal’s office opened and out walked his secretary. She took a moment to notice me there, then promptly screamed and bolted back in to the office. I was thoroughly confused by this until the door slammed shut behind her and I caught a glimpse of myself in the glass window. If I had not known that I was in fact sitting in that exact same spot I would not have believed it myself, because there, right where I sat, wearing my uniform and staring back at me, was Gollum, just as I had imagined him to be. I saw my/his huge amber eyes widen in shock but even as I lifted my hands in front of my face to see them better the effect faded. As I watched the pebbly texture of my flesh melted back into the smooth surface of human skin like wax on a hotplate. I realised I was breathing heavily, not even noticing the bell had rung and my fellow school mates were leaving for lunch or that the vice principal was returning to his office. I had calmed down a little by the time he came back out holding a note from Mrs Stevens and ushered me inside. As we walked past his receptionist she let out a small squeak and disappeared behind a magazine she had been reading, it wasn’t very convincing, seeing as how the book was upside down, but I guess she had a right to be a little freaked out, though not as much as I did.
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We were there because my dad had once owner a massive hardware store but was sued for everything when one of his employees was hit by a forklift. Our family had lost just about everything and we’d been forced into Scarlet Acres, both my parents worked overtime and I barely saw them these days.
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This is going to be a series exploring the events resulting from Carly’s bet with Zane. It is based on a true story and a lot of what you will read actually did happen. However, some of it involves delving into the minds of other characters, so, we'll call it fiction. I'll let you decided for yourself where the truth lies.
After getting Carly’s younger sister in bed with him, Carly was now obliged to set him up with the entire school cheerleading team. How is that possible you ask? Read on! And enjoy.
As a note: The way I wanted to tell these stories requires sometimes getting inside the heads of some of the different characters. This requires a departure from my usual writing style. While I will still leave the comments open, please try to be constructive. I’m trying something new, and I’m still learning.
The Set Up
Carly lost a bet, and now it was time to pay up. After catching her little sister peeping as she and her friend Zane were having sex, Zane bet her that he would be able to get the younger sister in his bed. Even though little sister was a freshman now, Carly still thought of her as the same little pest that she had grown up with. She was wrong. Zane barely even had to try. Her sister jumped into bed with him the first chance she got, and a few more times since then.
Carly had been so sure that her sweet innocent little sister would be scared away or even grossed out at the mere thought of sex, that she offered up the craziest thing she could think of as stakes, the entire school cheerleader squad. Carly was one of the senior co-captains and told Zane that if he won, she could arrange it so that he would have his pick of any girl on the squad, or all of them if he wished! He didn’t believe her of course, who could deliver on something like that? Then again, who could pass up an offer like that? So Zane accepted her stakes and the bet was on.
Carly’s Plan
What Zane didn’t know was that Carly had actually been working on a plan for this long before they made their bet. The bet just presented the perfect opportunity for her to put it into motion, and he was going to be the lucky beneficiary. IF he succeeded.
Her plan was actually very simple. At the end of every year, the seniors would all cast votes to determine who would be the co-captains, there were always two, for the following year. This was the team tradition. In addition to the seniors, the cheer coach and the faculty advisor also voted. This year there were only four seniors, so with the two additional votes of coach and faculty, there was the very real possibility of a tie.
Carly’s devious plan was to introduce the rumor of a tie-breaker vote. A secret voter. Someone not on, or connected to the squad, who would make the final vote and break a tie if necessary. Once everyone started believing in it, she would start the rumors that Zane was that secret vote. All of the juniors who wanted to be captain would be throwing themselves at him to be sure they secured his favor, and ALL the juniors wanted to be captain. Some of the sophomores too.
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Their real motivation? Revenge. Payback. Karma.
The reason Carly had begun dreaming up this whole plan in the first place was, Bella. Bella was one of the junior cheerleaders, and a top contender for captain. She was the girl that everyone loved, until she left the room. Bella was a devious little monster, always manipulating anything or anyone to make herself look good, no matter what it meant for anyone else. In the past three years, at some point, she had claimed her glory at the expense of each of the seniors.
Carly wanted to see Bella used and humiliated just like she had done to so many others, and she knew Zane was just the guy to help her do it. When Carly offered up a plan to get some payback, the other seniors all signed on. Carly’s only condition upon setting Zane up for this cheerleader free for all, was that he torture Bella. She wanted him to “Fuck that bitch up and make her beg you to do it.” and, get pictures. Carly wanted to make her humiliation complete. Zane was happy to oblige.
Within the next week, all the talk among the cheerleaders was about the end of the year vote. Carly made a big deal about the possibility of a tie, things were just that close. There were usually more seniors, this could be the first time in years that they need to use the secret vote. Gossip among the underclassmen instantly became, “what the hell is the secret vote”? None of them had ever heard of it before.
The seniors all started to fill in the story in the days that followed. They would talk over lunch and add a few details here and there. It would have to be someone not on the squad. It would have to be someone who knows everyone vying for captain. It would have to be someone they all trust. Does that mean it would have to be a girl? Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. It could be anyone.
Then Carly added her name drop. She recruited her sister Haley, the one she made the bet over, to mention Zane whenever she could. Haley was not a cheerleader herself but she knew them all, since they were always at her house hanging out with her sister. She would mention that Zane called when any of them were over, or tell them that Carly was at Zane’s house if they showed up and she wasn’t there.
Just to be absolutely sure that they all got the clue, Carly had Haley just say outright that she knew Zane was the secret vote, just once, to one person. She didn’t tell Haley that the secret vote was a scam, best that she think it was real as well. One of Haley’s best friends, Chloe, was a freshman cheerleader. Chloe was only on the JV squad, but she knew the rumors as well as anyone else. Carly asked Haley to just tell her it had to be Zane. Soon there was only one name circulating amongst the squad.
The first hint that the plan was actually working turned out to be Chloe herself. Although Chloe had no chance of becoming captain, although she was a sure thing for captain of the JV squad. Still, there was a vote for JV captain too, and no one ever said the secret vote didn’t apply to that as well.
One Saturday afternoon some of the cheerleaders were hanging out at the school after practice. Zane of course happened to be there as well. He now tried to be anywhere the cheerleaders were at any given time, just to keep the rumors hot. When Chloe saw him there, she came over flirting and giggling at everything he said right up to the point where she cuddled right up on his lap and wrapped an arm around his neck.
This was an unexpected development. Who would have thought the freshmen were buying into this! Then again, Chloe was the only one who thought she knew for sure who the secret vote was. Amazed looks passed between Zane, Julie, and Carly. The juniors and sophomores were paying close attention too.
Chloe was slim, long sexy legs, long dark hair, big bright brown eyes, an amazing smile with the cutest dimples, great perky tits, and a tight little ass. Put all that in a cheerleader outfit and all eyes were on Chloe.
She was also a lot of fun. Chloe had an older sister who had been on the squad before her, so she had seen all the hijinks that go on and new it was all just for fun, so she was always ready to join in. Did she know this whole thing was a scam? Did she suspect? Was she just playing along? Or was she genuinely flirting hoping to gain some favor for when the voting came? Just what had Haley told her?
They all started making remarks and teasing Chloe about hitting on the upperclassman. She just giggled and laughed right along with them, remarking that she’s a cheerleader, you didn’t expect her to be dating FRESHMEN did you?
Zane, in the meantime, was enjoying his newfound friend, his hands doing a lot of exploring and touching, and seeing just how far he could go. He didn’t care if everyone there watched, he wanted them all to get some ideas as well. His hand slipped immediately to her smooth legs across his lap and started to rub right up between them. Chloe shifted her legs so the right one was a little higher, and not everyone could see his hand sliding up the inside of her silky smooth thighs. All eyes were on the two of them. His hand kept slipping farther and farther up that firm sexy leg, until it started to venture under her skirt. And Chloe? She just smiled and spread her legs just the tiniest bit farther apart.
They were all hooting and hollering. Zane’s hand was just about to reach her hotspot when Carly decided to dial it up a notch. She said “C’mon Chloe, how about a big juicy kiss!”
Chloe just smiled, wrapped her other hand around Zane’s neck and planted her lips on him. As she did, she crossed her legs over and trapped Zane’s hand between them, forcing his hand all the way up to her panties. Zane kissed right back. For a few minutes they opened their mouths and battled tongues while everyone cheered. His fingers did some teasing and exploring too.
Chloe felt tingles all throughout her body when his fingers touched her pussy. Even through her panties. This was everything she’d hoped. She thought to herself, she should have taken the panties off before she came over, wouldn’t he be surprised by that! God his fingers were so magical. Luckily, the way her legs were crossed it didn’t seem that any of the others could see what was going on down there, although at this point she didn’t care if they did. When they finally came up for air, everyone cheered.
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What a pile of shit, there's nothing new here that hasnt been told on a thousand stories before it.
\r\nIs there any originality left?<\/div>\n

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Very nice please continue.<\/div>\n

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I liked it a lot. look forward to see where this goes next<\/div>\n

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"a dance of romance" that's just painfully bad.<\/div>\n

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For me it went to fast. I would of prefered a build up to them having sex it was alright though on the next one take it slower<\/div>\n

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The best constructive advice I can give you is to develop the characters more and put in some humor, do that and you'll have a really good story<\/div>\n

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What a pile of shit, there's nothing new here that hasnt been told on a thousand stories before it.
Is there any originality left?
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Very nice please continue.
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2013-07-26 10:30:46
I liked it a lot. look forward to see where this goes next
anonymous readerReport
2013-07-26 00:35:03
"a dance of romance" that's just painfully bad.
anonymous readerReport
2013-07-25 21:49:06
For me it went to fast. I would of prefered a build up to them having sex it was alright though on the next one take it slower
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2016-09-11 07:56:00<\/div>\n
A shame that you worry so much about spacing instead of continuing the story...<\/div>\n

pars001<\/a>Report<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2014-05-07 10:48:36<\/div>\n
Iwas afraid you would be like all the others and just let this greeat story line die *sigh* too bad really was a very good start<\/div>\n

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2013-08-07 08:05:31<\/div>\n
Please can you continue this story<\/div>\n

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2013-05-12 07:59:11<\/div>\n
hope you are going to continue this one?<\/div>\n

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2012-10-30 00:42:02<\/div>\n
When u gonna put up
\r\n the next chapter?<\/div>\n

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2012-09-11 22:55:01<\/div>\n
Very cool again, ill be waiting for the rest!!<\/div>\n

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godammit... it didn't work. :>
\r\nso, search on google for HTML paragraph<\/div>\n

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to use paragraphs write the story like this:
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Keep them coming please. But loger<\/div>\n

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2012-09-02 23:41:17<\/div>\n
Way too short. Good plot development, but not enough plot.<\/div>\n

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2012-09-02 05:53:56<\/div>\n
a little short but overall good story. you should have a little more fun with the wishes<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-09-01 17:59:24<\/div>\n
A good story, a bit too short but good nonetheless. Instead of continously pressing space bar, try press enter twice not once. It works for pc, laptop and most type of h\/p.
\r\nHere I'm commenting via a h\/p. It should help even if you're using lap top or pc. If it doesn't work, well go back to the shop and ask the dealer for help or better still refund.
\r\nAnyway don't let this small issue bring you down. Whats important is your storyline. Where are you going with the story? Is it juz harem story, hit and run or juz plain sex? As they say, its not juz the game its how you play the game.
\r\nLooking forward to next chapter. Don't forget spellcheck and proof read.<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-31 00:29:14<\/div>\n
if this helps just putting below into words: have each peice of dialogue and the emotion that comes with it in separate pragraphs ever the thoughts and have the pure descriptions in its own paragraph<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 23:44:23<\/div>\n
really people leave the guy alone on his grammar, well done like it wish it was a bit longer<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 20:30:51<\/div>\n
now you see that problem with the qutation marks happen to me too... the one time. the rest of them came out ok... go figure. Screwie web site has some problems. Already I see an error in what I wrote in my example... it should've been Danny asked as ... etc...<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 20:27:14<\/div>\n
Example how dialog should look..
\r\n''Hey Jeff! How the heck are ya?'' Danny said as he aproched his buddy.
\r\n''Not so well.'' replied Jeff. He continued with a little sadness in his voice. ''Jenny broke up with me."
\r\n''Oh Damn, I'm sorry to hear that.'' Danny said with a little concern in his voice, as he approched Jeff placing his hand on Jeff's shoulder to console him, he continued. '' What the hell happen?''
\r\netc., etc., etc. on and on with the rest of the story...<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 16:49:01<\/div>\n
Dont care how to write it aslong as you put out longer chapters and more often was a good read :D<\/div>\n

anonymous readerReport<\/a> <\/span><\/h4>\n
2012-08-30 02:10:50<\/div>\n
compared to the last one it was, well, short, i thought the length of the first one worked better, also you still need to put more paragraphs in, remember that dialogue is strange and each spoken part is its own paragraph (aka you have to give it a tab) such as: Person A bla bla bla PARAGRAPH Person B bla bla bla etc. spelling and other grammer dont seem to be a problem, so its just formatting Good job!<\/div>\n
\n"],"current":0,"nb_page":4};«1234»Anonymous readerReport
2016-09-11 07:56:00
A shame that you worry so much about spacing instead of continuing the story...
2014-05-07 10:48:36
Iwas afraid you would be like all the others and just let this greeat story line die *sigh* too bad really was a very good start
anonymous readerReport
2013-08-07 08:05:31
Please can you continue this story
anonymous readerReport
2013-05-12 07:59:11
hope you are going to continue this one?
anonymous readerReport
2012-10-30 00:42:02
When u gonna put up
the next chapter?
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Tangled about in her sheets, Delia had her tight-fitting tee shirt pushed up and over her supple breasts, twisting the small, dark buds of her nipples between her fingers. Her other hand trailed down her smooth stomach, stopping at the waistband of her pajama shorts and slipping under them.
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As much as she wanted to go for another round, she couldn’t miss her 8 AM class. It was organic chemistry, or in other words, a hell-dimension of suffering only made worse by spotty attendance.
There was always a certain someone that made concentrating in class quite difficult.
He sat directly in front of her in the amphitheater-style lecture hall, and she often found herself stealing glances in his direction. She didn’t know his name, but she often tried to guess what it might be. His wide-set shoulders hinted at a stereotypical masculine character, like a James. But his slender build lent itself to a more suave air, like a Lawrence perhaps. When he turned around, she saw that his pale skin, piercing blue eyes, and tousled blond hair seemed to indicate Scandinavian origin. Maybe he was Erik or Tomas. Or Konstantin or Emil or…
Her every guess seemed more and more distant from reality. Given what was common among most guys her age, his name was likely Justin or something as generic.
And the truth was that even Delia was aware that she was looking at him through the rose-colored lenses of attraction. He had more than a few pimples, and was quite lanky. The curly mop of hair on his head was always on the messy side. Moreover, his wire-framed glasses would make him appear plain to the general population.
But somehow, he was exactly Delia’s type. Physically, he was the complete opposite of her. She was barely five feet tall, whereas he loomed a few inches beyond six feet. Whereas he was limber, she was quite curvy, sometimes in the right places, sometimes not. Whereas he was pale, her skin possessed a caramel warmth. Instead of ringlets of icy blonde, her shoulder-length hair fell about her face in soft waves, fading from black to a light brown where she had dyed it herself.
While she didn’t necessarily dislike her body, Delia definitely felt that her face was the better asset. Her big golden-brown eyes sparkled in the light. A little mascara and her naturally long lashes seemed voluminous and doll-like. Her soft, pink lips, usually coated in a mauve lip stain, were plump and heart-shaped.
Snapping out of her trance, Delia turned her attention to the board with a sinking feeling as she the class was about to take an impromptu quiz. She had been far too interested in the handsome stranger in front of her to pay attention to the day’s lesson.
When said handsome stranger turned around to pass back the quiz, Delia found herself drawn to his icy eyes. Even in the midst of her mildly panicked state, her heart skipped a beat.
Pausing a little, he said offhandedly, “It’s on yesterday’s lesson.”
Delia’s heart leaped as she took the papers from him, breathing a quiet, “Thanks”. Was he perceptive enough to notice that a stranger like her was nervous? She was impressed. Either way, at least she wouldn’t be failing this quiz.
As class was ending, the professor attempted to make one last announcement.
“Remember to look online for your assigned partners for the upcoming assignment! It’s important that you coordinate—“
The majority of the students had already filed out of the room, and Delia followed suit. She pulled her phone out of her pocked as she left and glanced at the screen to see she’d already received an email from her Orgo professor. Thinking that she could never escape this class, she opened the email to see that her assigned partner was someone named “Ashley”.
Sliding her phone back into her pocket, she swiftly walked to class, deciding to turn her thoughts elsewhere.
“when do you wanna meet”
The message read in generic black font across the bright white of her computer screen. Delia pursed her lips “tonight at 8?” she typed back. It had barely been a few hours since classes had ended but she was still plagued with the burden of Orgo. “Ashley” had messaged her asking to set up a meeting time, and while Delia wasn’t too keen on having to think about Orgo so soon, it was better to schedule these things ahead of time.
“k. where”, Ashley replied back.
Delia scoffed. How articulate.
“third floor of the library? near the back?” Delia type back, wondering if she was using too many question marks.
Within moments the simple response “sure” popped into the chat box.
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She imagined his fingers playing her clit as if he were typing a love letter, each keystroke a swift, insistent swipe across her sensitive bundle of nerves that left her wanting more. As she steadily increased her pace, Delia reached around the curvature of her ass to press her index and middle finger to the entrance of her pussy, gasping softly at the sensation.
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