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2023.06.08 01:00 Frat_Kaczynski Anyone know a phone screen repair place that doesn’t use junk replacement screens?

I’ve tried two different places now (iGenius repair in the UTC mall and “Sell Phones and Repairs” in PB) and both put in very low quality replacement screens that stopped working right within a month.
Anyone know a place that actually puts in decent phone screens?
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2023.06.08 00:59 Angelsfan14 Purchased/installed more ram, wouldn't boot, now my user profile is missing.

I apologize if this popped up before, I've been having a hell of a time doing internet searches to try and figure out what may have happened.

I'll start with my specs:
OS: Windows 11 Home (installed onto one of my M.2 drives)
CPU: Intel i7-12700k 5ghz
RAM: 32GB T-Force Vulcan DDR5-5600 PC5-44800 (which I purchased an additional 32GB of from Micro Center the other day, made sure I did the order again option on their website too).
Motherboard: ASUS Z690-F ROG Strix Gaming WiFi DDR5
GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 3080
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2

I've been operating for about a year and a half now on the same 32GB of RAM with no issues. I happened to be on Micro Centers website and I noticed the same RAM I bought at the time was quite a bit cheaper and figured I'd just upgrade to 64GB for the hell of it.

I should have done a bit more research about adding RAM before I went and did it. I did the usual power the computer down, flip the switch on the power supply, hit the power button to drain any extra power in the system before installing the extra RAM sticks. Once I installed them (and I made sure a few times to make sure they were seated. Hearing the click in question), I started the computer back up and it had an issue where, during the Windows boot screen it gave an error message saying "Computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error" message. I clicked ok to restart the computer, but the message popped up each time I restarted it. I guess I had missed the step of removing the CMOS battery before installing the RAM.

I then after that tried removing the two new sticks of RAM to see if the computer would work, it kept giving me the same message. Did some googling and found a article mentioning going into Regedit to change a value under local _machine\system\setup\status\childcompletion, and to go to setup.exe under that and change its data value from 1 to 3. Which did end up changing my issue with the error message to not booting at all and took me straight to the BIOS. (I did revert this back to the value of 1 to see if it would fix anything, it did not).

This was the point where I decided I probably needed to use my Windows 11 install USB to try and repair any issues. I when to the BIOS and booted from the USB stick to run the Windows installer.

I forget exactly what happened, because I was sure it usually asks me if I want to install windows 10 or 11. But it just ran and did setup as new? It ended up at the dumb cortana page. Didn't ask me anything, not even for the windows key. It had set up a new, (or I believe a temporary one), and now I cannot for the life of me find my old profile? I didn't even do any sort of formatting of any drives. On this new/temporary profile I even enabled any hidden files so they would be visible but even then it doesn't show up? I then noticed this profile is under windows 10?

After trying to figure out what the hell happened, and languishing at the possibility of some lost data on my desktop and such. I decided, at least I should try to reinstall windows 11 properly. But NOW I keep getting the "Your computer doesn't support Windows 11" or whatever it says. And I have verified in my BIOS that TMP 2.0 and Secure Boot are both enabled, which did stop me initially when I first built the computer a year and a half ago. So I'm really at a loss of what I need to do to even get back to where I was before I even tried to install the RAM, at the bare minimum. So any help would be appreciated, because I'm tearing my hair out right now.

TLDR: Bought and installed new RAM, boot error, now I'm on windows 10, when my system was Windows 11, user profile gone, please help, lol.
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2023.06.08 00:59 b1gb3lly More love for the Filthy Casual Dad builds?

Don't get me wrong, I love seeing all the "OP", "God Tier", "Perfected", and "Busted" builds out there. As a guy that spends most play sessions getting screen anchored by my kid or wife while in couch co-op, the high-mobility, big pulling, full RNG lego aspect builds are pretty much wasted.
Figure it might make for a challenge to you build crafters out there to come up with base codex aspect inspired builds that'll get us dirty dads up into T3 while explaining to our SO's that pack pulls are a thing. They do in fact have more than one ability they can use to help with DPS. And just bring that damn single minion over to the side of the screen so I can kill it along with everything else I can't see.
I can't be the only one out here, but definitely hope those reading this got a chuckle. Also, I'm on a Druid atm... ;)
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2023.06.08 00:57 campus735 The best way to explain matrix transforms

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2023.06.08 00:56 Dare-pd [USA-VA] [H] BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 27-inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor [W] Local Cash

Selling a 240hz BenQ monitor for $150. There is a slight dent on the screen, hence why i am selling it cheap but it is not noticeable in normal use. I used a white background in the timestamp picture so you can see it, otherwise its not visible.
It does not come with the side panel/blinder thingies.
Zip Code: 20171
Only interested in local...unless you can cover shipping and I'm not sure how much shipping would be...
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2023.06.08 00:56 Shorkahn Load Order Help Neeeded - Constant Crashing

Just moments ago made this account solely to post this, but I've been browsing this reddit without an account for awhile trying to create a load order that would work without any crashing and have some mods that I would like to play with. Unfortunately I've not been able to do this successfully, so I'm now asking for help. The crashing may occur but may not always occur when entering or existing a place, I don't believe it matters where as it's happened in different areas. It has also occurred when scrolling down the inventory of a chest, as well as when just walking a certain distance.
I'm playing on Skyrim Special Edition but with Anniversary Edition update installed, as well as with all the Creation Club content installed. The specific Xbox I'm playing on is the Xbox One X, if that matters.
This is my load order, I believe I am following a logical load order but still am not successful with the mods that I have together playing without crashing. I'm not opposed to swapping out one mod for another, or removing a mod entirely, as I've already done both to more than a few before posting this.
The template that I'm using is based off this one that I've found under a comment from a post on this forum, it's apparently based off Gamer's Paradise Server's LLO template. Not every mod is in the specified order that it should seemingly be based off the LLO's criteria, but that's only due to a certain number of mods explaining in their description where they should be placed in a logical load order or placed in conjunction with another mod (I.e. above/below a particular mod.) Either that, I'm actually unable to move it since it's unable to go lower than I would otherwise cause it is apparently a master file mod. Still, do feel free to correct any mistake I've made unknowingly even in regards to this, as I am asking for help cause I'm sure some things are just in the wrong area. It may be that certain mods or a combination of them are too script heavy, or perhaps something else entirely.
This is my load order as follows, along with the load order template which is why some areas are completely empty but still shown.
Master Files — These mods auto-load to the top of your LO. You cannot move these below any non master file mod. • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch • Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch (It actually isn’t visually showing up in my load order but it is download and enabled, I believe it is placed here although I cannot see it for reasons I don't know why.) • Simple Workaround Framework • Campfire: Complete Camping System • Orange Steal & Pickpocket Text • Reconciliation: QOL and Bigfixes • Reconciliation: Gameplay and Quest Alterations • Reconciliation: AiO: USSEP Patch • Better Container Controls • Reforging - To the Masses (Weapons Expansion)
Foundations & New Gameplay Mechanics — Mods that affect the whole game, mods that make a lot of light edits, mods that add entirely new mechanics. • Ugh. Mods Manager Cap. • Alternate Start - Live Another Life • Cutting Room Floor • USMP - Cutting room floor Patch • Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO • RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch • USMP - RDO Patch • Cheat Room • Quest Debugger
UI / Font / Menu Changes — Any mod that edits the menus, the user interface, heads-up display, font mods, etc. • 60 FPS Menus - Natural Interface • Font Overhaul - Natural Interface • Oblivion Interaction Icons • SkyHUD - Oblivion Preset - Pastel Icons • Dialogue Interface Reshaped - Immersive w/NPC names version • Gregorian Skyrim Calendar • YOT - Your Own Thoughts • YOT - Your Own Thoughts for Campfire • Relationship Change Notifications • Qwix Favorite Menu • Dear Diary Lockpick Interface • Daggerfall-Style Animated Main Menu Screen • Lore-Based Loading Screens
Audio - Music & Sounds — Music additions and replacers, sound effects edits/replacers, player voice mods, etc. • Chapter II - Jeremy Soule Inspired • Sounds Of Skyrim Complete v2.0 • Immersive Sounds Compendium 3.0 • Immersive Sound Compendium - CC AE Patch
Existing Quest Alterations —Mods that alter vanilla quests in some way. Path to Volkihar, Quests for Good Guys, etc. • Double Beds Are For Two People • Go To Bed (Hand near your body) • undress for bed • JaySpera's Quest Expansion Bundle • JaySpera's Quest Expansion Bundle USSEP Patch • Heart of Golf - An Adoption Bundle • Charitable Soul (a mod for good guys) • Miraak - Dragonborn Follower + Dialogue Overhaul
Craftable Only Items — Mods that add new items by adding new recipes to crafting stations. Crafting only armoweapon mods. • Armor of Intrigue - Modular Armor from the Witcher 2 - SE XB1 Edition • Wearable Lanterns • Skyrim Outfitters: Ebony Backpacks for Adventuring • Skyrim Outfitters - Backpacks for Adventuring • Vanity Mirror • Warmonger Armory - Belt-Worn Dragon Priest Masks Only by batmanna
Existing Game Mechanics Changes — Mods that alter existing mechanics such as jump height, run speed, sneaking, death, all sorts of — mechanics. • Minimalistic Auto Save • Linker Crafting Storage • [XB1] Unlimited Rings and Amulets • BIG Jump 2X (Jump Twice as Higher) • Sneak Tools
Level Progression Changes — Mods that alter levelibg/progression in some way. 50 pct More Perk Points, Double Perk Points, mods like that. • Character Creation Overhaul AIO • Dealing With Backstories v2.3 • Dealing With Backstories RDO Patch • Reflection - Level Up Messages • [XB1] Truly Absorb Dragon Souls - Heavu by AdventurerX
Perk Overhauls — Mods that alter the player character's perks/perk trees by editing vanilla perks or adding new perks. • Perks & Magic Mega Bundle - Ordinator Version • Monster Perks, New Shouts, Unique Stones & More Bundle
Magic Overhauls & New Spells — Mods that overhaul/tweak vanilla spells or mods that add new spells. • Frozen Electrocuted Combustion • Sun And Soil: A Restoration And Alteration Expansion Bundle
Loot Leveled Lists Edits — Mods that alter loot Leveled Lists. Dynamic Dungeon Loot, Summermyst, Equipment Flexibility, Project, etc. • Fashions of the Fourth Era • (XB1) Narrative Loot - 1,629+ new items - Housewares, Furniture, Books and Misc Props
Enemy Leveled Lists Edits — Mods that edit enemy NPC Leveled Lists. Examples: Enhanced Skyrim NPCs, NYFS.
Items Attributes & Effects Changes — Mods that edit items effects or stats. Examples include Reliquary of Myth and mods that alter armoweapon/etc stats.
Grass Mods — Self-explanatory. Mods that edit vanilla grass or add new grass types go here.
Landscape Fixes — Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods is usually the only mod going here.
Skin Meshes & Textures — Mods that add new body meshes or skin textures. • Bella Beauty AND THE BEASTS Bundle • RS Children Overhaul • RS Children -Cutting Room Floor Patch Heart of Gold / RS Children Patch
Skeleton Replacers — Mods that replace the vanilla Skeleton. Most often, XP32 or one of its variants will be the only mod here. • Belt Fastened Quivers
Idles & Animations — Mods that edit existing or add new animations or idles. • Comprehensive First Person Animation Overhauls • First Person Camera Sway - Idle • RBE's Enhanced First Person Camera Bob • Animated Clutter SSE
Weapons & Armor Meshes & Textures — Mods that include textures for weapons and armor. • Truly Unique Weapons • The Original Sleeving Skyrim - No Bare Arms
General Meshes & Textures - Blood, Magical/Enchant FX, Flora, ect. — Basically, any Mesh or texture mods that isn't landscapes or weapons/armor. All architecture textures can go here. • Luminous Atronach • R.A.S.S. (Shades and Effects)
Landscape Textures & Mountains, Roads, Snow, ect. — Mods that include landscape and landscape-related textures. • Enhanced Texture Detail by Some_Random_Guy_83 • Haze 2 - Weather-Seasons-Atmosphere (Fixed & Updated) • Haze 2 - Sounds of Skyrim (tonycubed2 version) Patch
NPC AI (Non-Combat) — Any mod that affects NPC AI that isn't combat-AI related. AI Overhaul for one goes here. • AI Overhaul • USMP - AI Overhaul Patch • RS Children / AI Overhaul Patch
Existing Followers Changes — Mods like Serana Dialogue Addon that edit existing vanilla followers in some way. • Improved Follower Dialogue Lydia V. 3.3. • Flackjacks17's The Good Erik • Serena Expanded - Dialogue Added
Player Immersion Mods — Mods like Run For Your Lives, some hearthfire mods, the one that keeps npcs from interrupting you, etc. • Guard Dialogue Overhaul • Immersive Speech Dialogues • Skyrim Reputation
Player Character Beauty/Facial Modifications/Presets — Mods that edit the player character's facial features. Hair, eyes, teeth, skin textures, etc. • Better Male Presets • HG Suga Roughed
NPC Beauty Overhauls/Facial Modifications — Mods that overhaul/beautify NPCs faces. Pandorables, Seranaholic, etc.
Weather Mods — Mods that alter existing weathers or add new weathers to the game.
Interior Lighting — Mods that alter interior lighting values/settings or add new lights to interiors.
Single Edit Areas — Mods that edit a single location in some way, be it a Jarl's Palace or a Hunter's Camp.
• Crystalwind Estate and the Waterfalls of Rielle
• Naalslaarum - A Forgotten Vale Player Home
Multiple Edit Areas — Mods that edit 2 or more exterior locations in some way. • DMT's Northern Encounters SE v4. 0 1k • Word Walls Relocated (XB1) • Hero- A Fort Takeover And Bounty Hunter Bundle
Exterior Lighting — Mods that edit exterior lighting values/settings or add new lights to the world.
Unique Items Added To Locations — Mods that hand place items in the world. • Magpie's Immersion Books AIO
Combat Mods — Mods that inprove/edit enemy NPCs Combat AI, Movement, Stamina Actions. • Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
Enemy NPC Improvements & Edits - Stats, Attributes, Perks, etc. — Mods that improve enemies stats, attributes, perks, combat abilities, etc.
New Followers & Frameworks — Mods that add brand new followers and Frameworks like Immersive AFT and IFF. • Immersive Follower Framework Overhaul • Immersive Follower Overhaul RDO Patch • Xelzaz - Fully Voiced Argonian Telvanni Follower • Xelzaz - Fully Voiced Argonian Telvanni Follower Anniversary Edition Plugin • Remiel-Custom Voiced Dwemer Specialist Companion XB1 • INIGO (XB1) • Kaiden 2.1.1. • Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower • Lucien - Anniversary Edition - All-In-One Creation Club Patch • Redcap the Riekling - A Fully Voice-Acted Immersive Follower and Quest • Redcap the Riekling - Creation Club • Nebarra - Fully Custom Voiced Altmer Follower • Song of the Green (Auri Follower) V 1.4 • Auri-Inigo Banter Patch • Auri / Kaidan Banter Patch
Added Creatures/NPCs — Mods that add new enemy creatures/NPCs/spawns to the game world. • Real Wildlife by Nedius • Realistic Elven Children (Aymar and Friends Reimagined) • Adoptable Snow Elf Siblings
New Quest Mods — Any mod that adds new quests to the game. • More To Say 9.0.2 • Rotmulaag - Meditations on the Words of power
Map Mods — Quality World Map and map marker mods pretty much.
Water Mods — Any mod that edits or retextures water
Tree Overhauls & Additions — Any mod that edits vanilla trees or places new trees in the world.
Top of Bottom of LO — .INI Tweaks, LO-irrelevant Mods, Insignificant Object Remover, Patches (potentially), etc. • Insignificant Object Remover
Bottom of LO — Mods that need to load as low as possible
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2023.06.08 00:56 Pierceman Looking to join a group to help them out with a project

I'm on my coding learning journey. So far I've worked on a few solo projects, however I don't have any experience on team projects.
I would like to gain experience working with a team, I'm planning to freelance however I have no experience on how a team tackles a project.
Do any of you guys plan on, or are already working on a project and you need a helping hand?
Here are some of my solo projects I've worked on so far:
Battleship web browser game (styled for both mobile and desktop screens)
Made with vanilla Javascript and CSS, used Jest for running tests. Also used Aseprite to manually create all the pixel-art assets of the game.This project was a part of the course where the goal was to practice Test Driven Development.

Online Shop Mock-Up (styled for both mobile & desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Also used Material UI for some of the components here. Used Jest for running tests.The goal of the project here was to create a web store with a responsive shopping cart. Any items you add should be shown in the cart where price is calculated. You can also remove any items from the cart.

Memory Card Game (styled for both mobile & desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Used Material UI for most components.The goal for this project was to practice state and hooks in React. I wanted to try out Material UI as well at this point, I was using it for a lot of the components here.

Photo Tagging Game (styled just for desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Used Firebase for hosting and storing some of the data.For this project a requirement was to use firebase for the back end. Used Firebase for the hosting, storing the game image, storing the coordinates of the map areas of the characters you have to find on the image, as well as the leaderboard. Had a bit of trouble creating a dynamic image map, that is why size responsiveness is quite limited here.
CV Application Generator (just for desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS.The project was meant for React practicing. You can create an application in which you can add various information such as personal info, education, and work experience. Then you can print out a PDF of the application. Local storage is used to store any applications you have created by clicking save. There is an option to load them as well upon page load.

Weather App (just for desktop)
Made with Vanilla JS, styled with CSS.Goal of the project was to practice asynchronous code and API calls. The app lets you search for a location, makes an API call to to get a number of matching locations. When you click on a location it gets the weather data for that location and displays it.
To-Do List generator (just for desktop)
Made with vanilla JS, styled with CSS.Project was made to practice OOP. You can create separate projects, each with a due date and priority. You can add a list of tasks to the project which you can check off once you finish them. You can save and load projects to local storage.
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2023.06.08 00:55 OkAnswer9725 Porn has ruined my child years.

cw// nsfw, body image talk, porn mentions, masturbation, minors touching each other, religious sex shaming, sex (it's literally all about sex.) Sorry if the flair is wrong, i don't really know how to tag it.
My dad always kept these bikini magazines in a bin under our TV. I remember looking into the bins once not knowing what was in there and I saw them. I looked through them and it started a habit of waiting until he left in the morning for work and looking at all the women in the magazines.
Then one day I somehow discovered a porn CD case, it was empty and everything was censored with those little white stars on the "parts" yet I'd still wait until my dad left to sneak the cases and look at the pictures.
I then discovered the CD's and starting watching them. I didn't even touch myself, I just watched. There's only two CD's I kinda remember because I watched them at risky moments. I was a really young child, around preschool to kindergarten age watching porn CDs and looking at women in bikinis.
I remember I got caught watching a video once because I had two CDs playing, one on our portable CD player and one on my big TV.
Then fast forward to maybe 1st or 2nd grade, my Dad got an iPad. I'd wake up in the morning while he was at work and I'd immediately go to play games on it. One day, he left his bookmarks open and there were a couple porn videos saved and some (normal) music videos. I'd always watch the porn, no touching, just watching. Then I learned to search the sites myself and I would just watch and watch every morning. I remember my dad even left a porn tab open once and in the morning when I went to turn on the iPad, I clicked safari and boom, instant porn.
He found out about me watching it because I didn't know how to close tabs and he told me to watch kids stuff and not to watch it anymore.
Flash forward a bit, I got onto Instagram and Wattpad and Quotev at some point (I think I was 11). On Quotev I'd read fanfics about a boy group I liked, most were innocent but some had smut and I'd read it often. Same with Wattpad, in fact I got into roleplay and unfortunately did sexual roleplays. When I got onto instagram I'd search for softcore accounts and hentai accounts and just look at the pictures. I even met some adult men through it and unfortunately had inappropriate convos in dms.
Playing would dolls I would make them strip or I'd have them naked and I'd make them ✂
In second grade I had a best friend and I made up this thing called "sex bets" and we'd touch each other on the bus, we kissed once, and we would flash out parts at each other. It stopped sometime during that year though. We were both young and unfortunately encountered porn.
I made a friend in 2nd grade who was a 3rd grader and we had a sleepover once, she would put balloons in her shirt so it'd look like she had a big chest and she'd fall on me and my friend like they do in anime. We also played with dolls once but instead of normal dolls, we role played sex with the dolls and I also introduced her to this sex game website (it was like horny gamer or something) and she'd play the games all day long.
I also would daydream about sex scenes in class and would look up "girls kissing" or "lesbians in bikinis kissing" on youtube on my grandma's phone without even knowing what lesbians were. I'd remember when YouTube used to have kissing scenes from porn videos and they'd stop and tell me to watch porn videos on the websites and I'd get so annoyed because I thought porn meant poor.
I remember once I went to Indiana to visit my godfamily (mother's best friend) and I met two girls. I played with them for a bit and then we ended up playing charades I think. There was this one gesture I couldn't get, and then they told me the answer and it was sexual. They outright told me that they like sexual things. We were really young at this time too, I was in 4th grade and they were my age or younger. Honestly I was uncomfortable at that time.
I discovered games like IMVU and Moviestarplanet and sometimes I'd do sexual roleplays with people I met on there. I even remember lying about my age so that on IMVU I could see all the adult rooms. I saw someone post a dick pic on IMVU and I saved it to my gallery and my parents found it and took away my phone. They also saw screen shots from porn websites and one day they found my account for when I signed up for a sex story website (pretty sure it was XNXX). They didn't punish me though because I wormed my way of it. I lied and said it was a link sent by someone on Wattpad and they believed it for a bit.
My grandma ended up getting a computer and I would play games on that website on it. She caught me once but I lied out of it. I also watched porn on my other grandmas tablet and she caught me but I lied again. She asked me if I knew what porn was once and I lied and said no because my dad told her that I knew what it was.
I discovered masturbation in 5th grade and would start to touch myself everytime I watched porn. It wasn't everyday but it was like 2-3 times a week. I was so aggressive too that now I can't handle any type of direct contact on my clitoris and I also just found out now that it'd hurt after because my nails were so long and they'd dig into my skin and scratch down there when I masturbated.
I was pretty normal during 6th to 8th grade because I was starting to get actual hobbies and stepping away from roleplay and fanfics and instead talked to real teenagers in Instagram group chats. I remember once in art class these two girls I was friends with were discussing whether I was a top or a bottom and it made me so uncomfortable that I stopped talking in that class completely until well.. Covid.
I was starting to become disgusted by porn and sex yet I'd still masturbate. I even worried I was doing it too often but my hormones would get the best of me. I could see a picture of a woman in a bikini or some boobs and I'd immediately get aroused and would masturbate. I even had a wet dream.
During COVID I started hanging out with teens on discord and this was during the maid outfit craze. I wanted to order one and I even tried ordering this cow lingerie set off Aliexpress and a vibrator because the people in my friend group were 14-17 and they had sexual humor and would talk about how they had vibrators. I even stole my mom's once (I washed it before and after using) I used it 5 times and then quit.
I'd take picture and get jealous of the pretty girls that could wear makeup and had flat stomaches and I'd try to take more risque pictures like them. I was 14 comparing myself to 15+ year olds.. I wasn't even fat, I was skinny yet I had a little baby fat on my belly. During the thigh pic era on tiktok I took pictures of myself sitting in weird positions that show my thighs to send them in discord servers with other teenagers. I even had someone elses body as my pfp and mine as there's but I changed the pfp after a week because I felt so grossed out after sexualizing myself.
Even now I find myself trying to "act my age" and take photos where you can see my stomach or my chest. But I'm only 17, there's nothing with my peace sign obsession. I'd always delete the pics immediately after because I'd be disgusted at the thought of sexualizing myself. I am trying to quit watching porn but it's so addicting and now that I know it's wrong and see others bash others for watching it I still can't help but watch it, I feel shame after masturbating and can't look in the mirror after. I do it sometimes once a week, once every two, at most 2 days in a row when I'm really aroused. I can't even talk or think about sex without getting aroused. I sometimes daydream about sex but only when I'm really bored.
I want to be seen as hot and attractive like other 17 year olds I see on social media but it's not me. I feel grossed out. I like covering myself up. I hate going out and my shirt is so short or my pants are so tight that you can see my butt. I hate wearing shirts that are so low you can see a bit of my chest. I hate reading about sexual experiences people post on Tiktok. I hate when certain people (sometimes even adults) turn non sexual things into things that are sexual. I hate sex scenes in shows. I hate how much music is about sex. I hate sex so much and I hate that I crave it.
My parents also got into the religion that shames masturbation and porn so I used to feel religious guilt but now that I secretly left the religion I don't worry about going to hell for pleasuring myself.
I noticed some weird things about me over the years. Sometimes when I'm doing something and I'm almost done but taking a bit long to finish, like typing this whole post, I get a weird sensation down there, almost like I'm being edged and it makes me so overwhelmed I have to take a deep breath and stop for a bit. I don't have to do anything sexual I just get the feeling.
I recently looked on reddit to see if it'd be weird for me to get a sex toy even though I'm 17. I almost bought one off Amazon but I decided against it because I can't hide it and I'd also be disgusted if I got it.
I'm so repulsed but I keep watching porn. Porn really ruined me and I'm glad I realized it now.
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2023.06.08 00:53 yangboy123 Gaming PC Crashes and Power Issues

1.PC plugged in but power is off. There’s a power leakage turning on my wired mouse and webcam.
2.Upon startup, fans will not spin until pc warms up 5 min and pc is restarted.
3.Upon startup, any game will always crash 20 min in unless pc is also restarted.
4.After warmup/restart, game will run for 1 hour until pc gets hot or if multiple applications running while game runs pc crashes or goes to blue screen.
I built the PC in 2020 and am 99% sure I built and startup it correctly. PC and nvidia gpu drivers is currently updated. I have tried everything to fix the issues within the past 3 years but it still is the same. My best guess is the overclocking I did or its the power supply being a bigger wattage. I eyeballed the overclocking using msi afterburner, amd ryzen master utility, and heaven benchmark. I kept raising settings in afterburner until just before heaven benchmark would crash.
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF 3.2ghz
Motherboard - GIGABYTE B450M DS3H
Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Storage - Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe
Power Supply - EVGA 750W G
Case - Cooler Master MasterBox MB311L-3 fans (2 front intake 1 top exhaust)
Video guide of the exact PC I built except power supply.
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2023.06.08 00:53 Nahs1l [USA-PA] [H] ThinkPad X1 Carbon G10 [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Hi folks,
Looking to sell a barely used X1 Carbon Gen 10. It's in excellent condition, no pixel problems or scratches that I've noticed. Comes with original charger but not the box. Battery cycle count is 11 and it was manufactured 1/28/23.
Timestamp (took em a few days ago), battery info, inventory spec sheet from Lenovo etc are in the imgur photos:
Some of the specs:
- CPU: i5-1240p 1.70GHz
- RAM: 16GB
- Display: 14" WQUXGA IPS 500nit Touchscreen
- Storage: 256GB SSD M.2 2280 NVMe
- OS: Windows 11 Home
- Warranty through 2/4/2024
Asking price is $900 which includes shipping and PayPal G&S. I know some of the other specs are on the basic side, but that screen is a piece of art.
There's also a $300+ Briggs and Riley laptop bag (photos in imgur) that I'll throw in for $150 if anyone is interested.
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2023.06.08 00:53 FoxWaspGames Kamvas 16 Pro: Pen is working, but display is black and power indicator is dark

I could really use some help if anyone knows how to fix this issue:
My Kamvas 16 Pro's display has completely stopped working. The screen is black and the power indicator is dark. Despite this, the pen and buttons are working normally.
I tried searching for fixes online, but wasn't able to find anyone reporting the exact same issue. People with similar issues were advised to replace their 3-in-1 cable. I did, but am still having the same issue ($50 down the drain, thanks Huion).
My system is running Windows 10. My drivers and firmware are both updated to the newest versions. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers yielded no results. Unplugging and re-plugging in any/all of the cable connections have yielded no results. Restarts of the computer both with and without the tablet connected yielded no results.
Please, any help with this issue would be very very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for the help!
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2023.06.08 00:50 JaciMac Au natural (except the wig) 1st pic ever!

Au natural (except the wig) 1st pic ever!
No makeup or beauty routine… No idea how to style this wig… but I stared at this face in the mirror for 10 minutes straight with a smile under the mask…. Filter is definitely in use because my face is oily as hell!
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2023.06.08 00:50 SharkBoy-o_0 White loading screen on HP desktop won't go away

If it helps I'm using an HP pavilion all in one desktop. Idk what year I got it but it's pretty old. Whenever I'm using it this white loading screen (sort of translucent and blurs whatever is on my screen at the time it happens) pops up at random times and it doesn't go away unless I restart the computer. It also happens whenever I press the windows button on my keyboard. It then goes away if I press the button a second time. This makes it impossible to get to the apps that I dont have on the main screen. What's causing this and how do I fix it?
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2023.06.08 00:49 How2Crime I feel disappointed in this game, and I genuinely think it is overrated. SPOILER WARNING + LONG

So, for a starter I want to say that I've been a big Zelda fan for most of my life. Ocarina of Time was my favorite game for many years, and Majora's Mask continues to be my favorite game of all time. I did enjoy Breath of the Wild, but I did hope the sequel would bring back some of the older stuff I enjoyed in the series and I didn't like some of the new stuff. In my opinion, Tears of the Kingdom mostly failed to deliver the older stuff that I liked while also not improving on the new stuff.
For instance, the overall exploring experience feels almost exactly the same as in Breath of the Wild. You explore the environment, and what do you find? Mostly just Koroks and Shrines, just like in Breath of the Wild. You get most of your sidequests in the stables just like in BOTW, which are all in the exact same locations for the most part. Most of Hyrule remains practically unchanged from how it appeared in BOTW. It feels very indistinguishable from BOTW in a lot of ways, and to be entirely honest I expected more from this game, which has been in development for 6 years by a giant video game specialist.
I haven't seen all of the Sky Islands yet, but I've seen enough to feel comfortable to talk about them. The diving challenges were fun, as were some of the Zonai Platform puzzles, but overall most of the Sky Isles were just... empty.
The Depths were cool at first and I haven't explored it fully either, but moreso than in the Sky. There is cool stuff to do and find in the Depths, but nothing that is fundamentally very different from what you could find in Hyrule or the Sky. Or BOTW for that matter. There are weapons, ores, and clothing, from what I've seen. There are no major Side or Main Quests down there from what I've seen, except for the goose chase after Kogha, which feels underwhelming when you consider how huge the Depths actually is.
I wasn't a fan of the Fuse-mechanic, at all. I had to spend too much time in menus just sorting, which by the end had become a nuisance. The weapon system overall was just worse in TOTK. In addition to having to deal with durability, now I have to fuse every weapon as well. That was just not fun to me, at all. The Sage power mechanic also felt unpolished, sometimes I had to chase the character around in order to activate their ability, and other times they got in the way when I tried to pick stuff up. I thought Ultrahand, Recall, and Ascend were pretty good as mechanics. Not really a fan of making vehicles, but I don't particulary mind either. Would rather not see it in another game though, and I tended to use vehicles as little as possible.
In terms of lore, it is completely incomprehensible and goes very strongly against already established lore, which is objectively a bad thing. Even if not everyone cares about the lore, doing such a sloppy job writing story and lore takes away enjoyment from those who do. TOTK is just terrible in this aspect. I grew up with The Legend of Zelda and was captivated by its world. The writing in TOTK in particular is just so contradictory and sloppy, I'm convinced the devs simply don't really care about it at all. I think it sucks, and it makes me lose some of the attachment I've always had towards the series. This just sucks.
The dungeons are still just 5 or 4 puzzles you can tackle in any order you like, just like the Divinve Beasts. They have unique themes now though, like they used to, so I do think it's a small improvement. One thing I must say, though, is that I was extremely disappointed that there wasn't a dungeon inside the Deku Tree, seriously. They had the perfect set up for a Forest Temple, with the forest being cursed, and then it's just a hole in the ground. I feel like there is no excuse for this, either they were just lazy or they just don't know how to make a Zelda game.
There some cool items to find in this game, like tunics or swords from other games. However it should be said that most of them, it seems, are just copy-pasted DLC/Amiboo items from BOTW. Knowing this just takes away from the cool-factor in my opinion, in additon to just feeling lazy.
Despite all this, I do feel it's an alright game on it's own. It's definitely above average, and I'd probably give it a 6/10. Still, I really did expect and wanted more from Nintendo, I really did. I'm disappointed that this took 6 years to make for Nintendo, and I genuinely think it's overhyped when I see all the 9s and 10s it recieves from most players, really.
Vent over. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and if you agree or disagree with me, wholly or partly.
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2023.06.08 00:49 -Barry-Lyndon- ThinkPad P14s Gen 3. My Opinion After Six Months: It's Trash.

I hate my new ThinkPad.
Warning: Wall of text and crude language. If you're offended by the F-word, turn around. I apologise in advance to those of you who feel use of language like this is offensive and unnecessary but it helps me relieve the stress of feeling helplessly duped out of a not insignificant portion of my salary.
Late last year I ordered a ThinkPad P14s Gen 3 directly from Lenovo. It cost me just shy of $2000 Canadian. Buying it was a mistake.
I opted to buy a workstation laptop because I do a fair amount of 3D modelling, image manipulation and some light gaming. I know workstations aren't gaming laptops, but I'm talking Civilization and Cities: Skylines. My old Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (which runs all these programs reasonably well btw) was starting to show its age and I decided maybe it's time to step up into the big leagues. I also required a built in Ethernet NIC and USB-C charging. My union has a discount program with Lenovo so, why not, right?
First thing's first. The laptop arrived with a broken fan. This custom built hunk of shit sounded like a Harley Davidson right out of the box. I won't get in to the quality of customer service for the warranty claim, I'll just say it was handled poorly.
Now, on its performance. This thing is SLOW! What the fuck? This is what $2000 gets? Have processors not improved at all in the last ten years? Fusion 360 isn't a terribly demanding piece of software, in fact that old Surface Pro 4 managed to draw and render most smaller models without too much fuss. This new "workstation" lags, jumps and freezes up while designing even the most basic models. I import saved files that I made on the Surface and this thing can't even handle orbiting around them.
In on the job use, it's performance has been downright embarrassing. I can't for the life of me figure out why but this fucking thing just reboots itself all the fucking time. I close the lid, walk away for a couple hours, come back and... WHY DID IT NEED TO REBOOT WHILE I WAS AWAY!? Any open software is closed, unsaved work is lost and then I've gotta wait on it to get back to work. Let's say I'm on site trying to diagnose a network issue and I have a manager standing right there watching me work, I pull the laptop out of my bag and "oh, standby boss, gonna be a few minutes while this thing boots up... Again". Unfuckingbelievable.
BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH! When was the last time any of you saw one of those!? I SEE THEM WEEKLY NOW! :(
Gaming. HAHA! Can't do that! It will run Cities: Skylines for a limited amount of time with all performance settings dialed all the way down but sooner or later that GPU is saying goodnight. Not what I had in mind.
The battery life is another weak spot. Now, I will accept that this one is partially on me. I opted for the 4k screen. I thought "how bad could it be?" Turns out, pretty fucking bad. Yeah, full charge to dead, 1.5 hours.
My only positive comments: The case. It's sturdy, I can confidently lift and move this laptop one handed without feeling like I'm going to damage it. It crashes so frequently that my CTRL+S game is on point now. FUCK!
I realised my mistake very soon after taking possession of the laptop but it was already too late. Lenovo's return policy allows for return within 30 days of purchase, and because it took more than a month for them to deliver the laptop, my return window had passed before I even got my hands on it. It's crushing, knowing I blew such a large amount of money on a product that really didn't deliver anything close to what I expected. I'm planning to sell it on the used market, I'll take a major hit unfortunately and I'm going to feel like a real piece of shit handing it off to whatever sucker decides to buy it.
Expensive lesson learned.
TLDR: Lenovo sold me a lemon. I'd return it if I could but their predatory return policy will not allow it. I wasted a lot of money and won't buy another Lenovo Product as long as I live.
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2023.06.08 00:49 rebeltreestump AITA for wanting to kick my sister out of my mom's house

My sister (F18) and I (F16) almost got into a fist fight earlier today, here's why. My sister threw away my youngest brothers(m10) field trip ticket, that costed money, he has a mood disorder, and we all expected him to handle it worse than what he did. He just went upstairs and didn't come back down for about an hour. Normally he would hit, kick, scream, and cuss, but he didn't. My other brother(m15) and I told her that it was wrong, and that she shouldn't have done that. He earned that money to get his ticket, and had some left over. Not only did she throw away his ticket, but took the rest of his money, and I had to take it from her forcefully and give it back to him. My mother has been gone since 8am yesterday, and is getting back 9pm today, less than an hour from now. I am in charge of the house, and all three of my siblings, including the 18yo. My brother came back down from his cool down, and my sister went outside. That brother, rightfully so, locked her out of the house. My two brothers and I sat watching TV until my mom called me to tell me to let her in. I let her in, and she snatched the remote, and turned on her show. She wouldnt give it back, but it is a roku, so my brother and I used the app on our phone to mess with her, and my youngest brother grabbed our mom's roku remote to do the same. After about 5 minutes of messing with her, she chased my youngest brother up the stairs and threatened to k!ll him. Quick reminder he's 10 and she's 18. He managed to make it upstairs safely, and I blocked her way from getting to him. She was on the second step, making her might heigh(I'm 6" and 280lbs and she is 5"5 and 280lbs) she threatened to hurt me if I didn't move, and when I didn't move she shoved past me to watch TV again. I went off on her and asked her what's the hell her problem is, and she used her trauma to excuse it. When I called her out, reminding her that she spent years sexually abusing my brothers and I, she shut up. Every few minutes my brother came back to bottom of the steps with the remote he still had, and kept turning the TV off while she was watching her show. Tbh it was absolutely hilarious. After a while she went into our mom's room and locked herself in, and hasn't came out since. These last two days I have been in charge of everything, the laundry, cleaning the house, making all three meals through the day. Not my sister. Yesterday I took her to the pride parade because she wanted to go, and she went out on a date yesterday and got me in trouble because I let her go. She technically lives at my grandma's, but she keeps coming back. We don't have room for her at this house. She's 18 and doesn't have a job and didn't even finish highschool. AITA for wanting my mother to make her leave?
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2023.06.08 00:48 M-343 Every app crashes to desktop. Sometimes restarting my PC, without sound afterwards.

I built this PC about six months ago and the problem started occurring around a month ago. I started to play Sons of Forest and my PC instantly crashed to desktop without an error. It kept happening but since I was able to play after some tries I didn’t really mind it that much. Until it kind of started happening all over my PC. The second time it happened was in Rust and after that it increased its frequency. My browser tabs started to crash to desktop or even if I have a recover tab option it instantly crashes again. Spotify started to be literally unusable, not being able to listen a song without it crashing. Discord would do the same, would be unresponsive for few seconds then it would renew the page/throw me back at the main page. At this point I can’t even do basic stuff on my PC since everything crashes. I used to get these crashes randomly in game but since the last three days I can’t even load in to the game or listen something on Spotify or even use my browser. The thing about crashes is that games used to crash to desktop, now half the time it seems like they restart my PC. First the screen gets kind of like a black filter for a few seconds then restart the PC without sound afterwards. I always have to restart the PC again to get the sound back. I am pretty sure the problem isn’t about overheating since I was always monitoring the temperature of both my CPU and GPU. I’ve ran two decent anti malware programs which detected absolutely nothing so I don’t really suspect it is malware or a virus either. Tested my RAM with the windows program but it wasn’t able to detect anything. My friend ran few things to detect if there was anything wrong with the windows files but they weren’t able to detect anything as well. Before today I wasn’t really able to get any Minidump files from the Even Viewer but luckily I got one today after a crash. I don’t really know what to do with it tho hope someone could help about it. I have tried a lot of things to solve this because I am close to throwing this PC out of the window, only if I could afford to… PC Specs: CPU: Intel I-9 13900K GPU: GTX 3080TI FE RAM: Trident Z5 F5-6400 16GBx2 Motherboard: ROG STRIX Z690-I PSU: ROG LOKI 850W Platinum CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken Z53 SSD: Samsung SSD 990 PRO 2TB OS: Windows 10 Home - Build 19045
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2023.06.08 00:48 yangboy123 Gaming PC Crashes and Power Issues

1.PC plugged in but power is off. There’s a power leakage turning on my wired mouse and webcam.
2.Upon startup, fans will not spin until pc warms up 5 min and pc is restarted.
3.Upon startup, any game will always crash 20 min in unless pc is also restarted.
4.After warmup/restart, game will run for 1 hour until pc gets hot or if multiple applications running while game runs pc crashes or goes to blue screen.
I built the PC in 2020 and am 99% sure I built and startup it correctly. PC and nvidia gpu drivers is currently updated. I have tried everything to fix the issues within the past 3 years but it still is the same. My best guess is the overclocking I did or its the power supply being a bigger wattage. I eyeballed the overclocking using msi afterburner, amd ryzen master utility, and heaven benchmark. I kept raising settings in afterburner until just before heaven benchmark would crash.
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF 3.2ghz
Motherboard - GIGABYTE B450M DS3H
Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Storage - Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe
Power Supply - EVGA 750W G
Case - Cooler Master MasterBox MB311L-3 fans (2 front intake 1 top exhaust)
Video guide of the exact PC I built except power supply.\_j1rRvE
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2023.06.08 00:47 king_chia1 I NEED HELP!

Can I use scotch double-sided tape to adhere my new computer screen? If not, what tape is safe? Any advice helps!
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2023.06.08 00:47 TurbulenceX Mouse Imput Delay

*Input (my bad)
Is there a way to completely remove imput lag from using a mouse on Xbox? (When i move my mouse, it moves about 0,1 / 0,2 seconds later in the simulator).
Only having this issue on MSFS.
In the Xbox home screen and on other apps i have no problem with my mouse speed, only on MSFS it is delayed by a little bit.
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2023.06.08 00:46 Significant_Teacher8 😐

I want to kms. I have being a 13 yr old girl. Only child, and has to sleep with my parents, (especially my step father) which is absolutely fucked up. I love my mom so much but does she not understand? I've always wanted to move away but they don't understand. No matter how hard i try to find houses or apartments for rent, they reject me. At this point i wanna live alone. At 13. Its even worse when I'm on my pRiodd because im sleeping with my parents, i have small space in the bed, and I'm sweating so bad sometimes, because we don't have a ac.😐 The fact that they have the money, but they won't even TRY to help me just makes me furious and angry. especially because i use socks as p4ds. Becaude i don't have any. I can afford it but i don't have any. People always tell me "omggg why are you shy it's nothing" or "your mom always has it" but they don't understand that i would litterly kill my self to grab some p4ds or buy some. And they also have to understand that my dad sexually talks to me. So he can notice if I'm on my *pri0dd and it just makes me uncomfortable cause he will keep talking about it and saying things i don't like. I'm going to cry i don't want to live anymore.
There's other things that has happened in my life like my dad abusing me. I grew up my dad and mom drunk most of the time, what's even worse is that I'm the only child. So 2 drunk parents that can't take care of me. I had to feed my self, shower my self. I also had to see my step dad punching my mom multiple time on the feet, stomach, face, everywhere. And j feel guilty because the only thing I would do was scream, because i was 5-9 and if i got involved, i would've gotten beaten up, eventually i have gotten beaten up, vertically abused, abusively embarrassed in public, etc. In 6th grade i never went to school because i was actually getting to the point of killing mys*lff, but my dad noticed i haven't been to school, so he cornered me, and punched me in the breast and chest, and i remember i couldn't breathe and i was on the floor gasping for air. He has punched me, kicked me etc. The last abusive thing he has done was 3 weeks ago. He hit me with a dumbbell and he threw me a heater 😐. Nothing ever good ever happens to me. I will obviously not say everything here but all I'ma say is that i had to let it out i have noone to talk to , and please don't say "why won't you call the police" i can't ☹️ and "why are you saying this in public" because i don't know who to talk to, i never tell this to my therapist because then bad things would happen.
Anyways tell me your recommendations please!
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2023.06.08 00:46 yangboy123 Gaming PC Crashes and Power Issues

1.PC plugged in but power is off. There’s a power leakage turning on my wired mouse and webcam.
2.Upon startup, fans will not spin until pc warms up 5 min and pc is restarted.
3.Upon startup, any game will always crash 20 min in unless pc is also restarted.
4.After warmup/restart, game will run for 1 hour until pc gets hot or if multiple applications running while game runs pc crashes or goes to blue screen.
I built the PC in 2020 and am 99% sure I built and startup it correctly. PC and nvidia gpu drivers is currently updated. I have tried everything to fix the issues within the past 3 years but it still is the same. My best guess is the overclocking I did or its the power supply being a bigger wattage. I eyeballed the overclocking using msi afterburner, amd ryzen master utility, and heaven benchmark. I kept raising settings in afterburner until just before heaven benchmark would crash.
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF 3.2ghz
Motherboard - GIGABYTE B450M DS3H
Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER
Storage - Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe
Power Supply - EVGA 750W G
Case - Cooler Master MasterBox MB311L-3 fans (2 front intake 1 top exhaust)
Video guide of the exact PC I built except power supply.\_j1rRvE
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