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A guide for new necro players.

2023.06.07 14:04 Aiprotsid A guide for new necro players.

Ok so, after pouring hours into this class at endgame and doing pretty much every kind of activity possible , here's what i've concluded .
First let's talk about minions:
- leveling 1-30 without sac'ing minions is more throughput than sac'ing them , as long as you're the one doing the damage ( minions are purely utility ), even though they die a lot early on it is better for them to soak up damage /threat and die while you're the one dealing the damage and then resummoning them after the fight is over ( don't waste corpses rezzing them mid fights just focus on dps).
- level range 30-70 , minions become suboptimal as you dont have paragon points or enough legendary stacking to get a proper minion build going without having them dying all the time , you also start running into issues with survivability after you step in to world tier 3, highly suggest you sac them , you can keep the golem if you choose though, it is the only minion that survives decently well on its own.
- level 70+ , you are about at the point where you should have your first paragon board filled up and if you spend the time leveling the minion glyph as high as u can you will finally have minions that don't die often and deal decent damage, although all the problems are still there: janky AI , minion run speed always lag behind you , your squishiness is now the issue rather than minions, damage outside single target feels all over the place ( literally) as you cannot control what your minions are hitting which slows u down a lot more.
And please, don't use a basic builder skill while running minion builds, just use cold mages that generate essence for u and umbral you'll never run out of essence, basic skills absolutely suck (especially decompose) and should be avoided if possible.
Now let's talk about the 3 themes of necro: blood , bone and darkness.
- Blood:
While leveling blood is strong early on as blood surge actually clears packs fast and does room wide aoe which is alright, though as you level higher that early power spike slowly diminishes , even if you have the blood surge aspect and all the other aspects setup for overpower /blood it is still the least powerful build out of any of the other options sadly, the only thing that blood pushes ahead on compares to the other to is permanent fortified and sustain.
Let's quickly talk about blood lance a bit, blood lance is a skill that has been theorycrafted to have very high dps under very specific conditions but these conditions are so tedious that it is often not worth the investment as you can have better results running an easier build like bone.
Blood lance specializes in clearing 3-5 packs of mobs, anything under or over that number will make it feel like it is undertuned and underperforming.
This build relies on PURE attack speed and should be run with a fast 1H instead of 2H, with as much AS stacked, the reason being is that you have to spam as many lances within the initial blood lance spike ( 3 sec window) , preferably 8 lances in 3 secs to guarantee the overpower, as we have multiple targets (preferably in a line) we want each consecutive blood lance to pierce through every enemy that should be lanced by the 4th cast, hence every lance after that will hit all enemies simultaneously each time it passes through a lanced target, this also works on overpower as it will overpower all of them multiple times resulting is quite a lot of burst damage towards the 3rd second.
The issues with this build though is that it is a very high APM intensive playstyle that is absolute garbage on single target and against enemies higher than the recommend lance range, as too many mobs wont let u stack lances on everything fast enough. Beware of carpal tunnel running this build.
- Bone:
Bone spear specifically is the easiest/ fastest and highest dps build for necro going from level 1-80, if you play it properly with the right aspects (umbral) you'll breeze through packs of mobs with almost no downtime, personally i'd run this build without minions as the crit/vulnerable/crit damage bonuses are too good to give up.
Bone spirit build, i see a lot of people talking about trying bone spirit cause streamers mention it all the time as the best build, and although it is the best throughput build at endgame it is very inefficient running this build under a specific endgame range, at least level 90 with properly scaled glyphs/ optimized paragons and very solid modifiers on gear with optimized stats and bis legendaries ONLY then does bone spirit become the "best" build, before that it is very lacking and often frustrating to pull off as it requires a lot of setup and bone spear is often smoother to run before that optimal endgame scenario.
- Darkness:
Overall my personal favorite theme and the most underrated path for necro, let me enlighten you so that you might see through this darkness' hidden strengths.
First, i highly recommend you enable character player highlights in the gameplay option as that will make your character glow while inside darkness clouds. This will help you see where you are and what you are doing when everything else is blind.
Darkness is a hyperscaling spec that seems weak at first but becomes a monster endgame, it's true strengths lies in the paragon node and aspects which make your dots insanely powerful the longer you are in the fight.
Darkness is the "tankiest" necro build ,even though everyone thinks blood is, the reason darkness is the tankiest is due to the damage reduction gains from DoT affected targets and the glyph, 12% from nodes and 10% stacking from the glyph's bonus , if you run without minions ( which you should) pairing this with the sac bonuses from the tree gives this path the highest damage reduction.
- Sever vs blight:
At first I tried really hard to make sever work, on paper it is meant to be used at melee range for optimal damage, as you want the mob to be hit by both the inital and final "whirl" of it's aoe, you also want to target directly behind the mob so that the spectre passes through it on the way out and back , dealing damage on both instances. Only if you do this does sever gain damage equal to that of bone spear , however it is still inferior to bone spear as it has far less vulnerability uptime and crit damage scaling, even while using the tendrils aspect.
Overall i've come to the conclusion that darkness ,being a dot scaling build , doesn't suit the crit/burst playstyle that sever offers, as such i've found that blight is the better spender even without minions.
The only instance of sever i've found to be functional was in the 1-40 level range while running full minions ( cold mages not shadow), and using sever's damage increase based on number of minions.
Still though I'd say this build is weaker than the bone spear version minion build as bone spear has perma -vulnerability uptime on everything which further boost your minions damage.

Closing thoughts ,advice and some bugs i've found while playing are :
- corpses proc'd by hewed flesh do not grant you fortify through necrotic carapace , i'm unsure whether this is a bug or intentional but i hope it is fixed to grant fortify as necro desperately need more fortify sources.
- corpses random despawn mid fight, i'm not sure if there is a max limit of # of corpses on the ground forcing newer corpses to replace older ones.
- Highly recommend using basic ability only when a specific purpose is needed for them, like reap for the guaranteed corpse for tendrils, a lot of builds do not need a spender ( especially if you're running with minions) once you acquire umbral it will solve most of your essence problems when paired with grim harvest, I see a lot of newer necros spam basics to build essence and often times over capping on it , it is a huge loss doing so.
And please for the love of whatever , stop using decompose! i cannot stress enough how bad it is, basic skills are already the weakest out of any skill we have but decompose is even worse, it forces you to stand still when you should be moving around dodging aoes etc, it only spawns a corpse AFTER 2.5 secs which is why reap is superior for corpse generation.
I feel players are blinded by the "10% minion damage" on decompose and assume its a good skill, you must know by now how random minion attacks are, they're all over the place and you cant get them to hit the same target while u decompose it. Even then you are wasting your time spamming it for minion damage when anything else you do is going to be better, having an extra skill on your bar and ditching basic skill will result in better overall performance than running decompose. It is even worse seeing people use the aspect for it , like i can't. Please do not use decompose !

Anyway, hope this was helpful for anyone searching for some answers, please lemme know if there's anything you disagree with. :)
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2023.06.07 14:00 Roombya LEE is recruiting! 400M+ GP Guild - Krayt 90M+ - RotE: 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards - Daily participation in guild events and Discord required. Be part of the Eternal Empire and our great Discord community!

Legion of the Eternal Empire (LEE)
400M+ GP
18:30 PST / 21:30 EST / 02:30 GMT Guild Reset
7.5M+ GP
3 GLs
Executor or Profundity
Reva ready or Jabba
Good Mods/Mod Score. Actively Farming and Improving Mods (Prefer: ~200 or more +10 speed mods)
500 Tickets Daily minimum (prefer 600)
Active Discord Use (mandatory for guild events)
Synced and Public account
Active Daily in ALL Guild Events
Willing to work to achieve conquest box 4
Guided Farming if you fall behind guild objectives

Territory Battles/Territory Wars:
RotE: 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards
We Use EchoBot for Platoon Assignments.
We Use HotUtils/HotBot for tracking tickets, guild event participation, and reminders.
TW: 90%+ Win Record. Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent and team readiness.
We have dedicated Discord channels for TB, TW, KDR, and Bots for members to use.
We are doing the Krayt raid and are getting 90M+ score
HOW TO JOIN US: Please come to our Discord server and an officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed and are constantly looking to improve on what we are doing to help all within our collective of 7 independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth and benefit of all!
Legion of the Eternal Empire - DISCORD:
Legion of the Eternal Empire - SWGOHGG:
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2023.06.07 13:59 Roombya LEE is recruiting! 400M+ GP Guild - Krayt 90M box - RotE 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards. Daily participation in guild events and Discord required. Be part of the Eternal Empire and our great Discord community!

Legion of the Eternal Empire (LEE)
400M+ GP
18:30 PST / 21:30 EST / 02:30 GMT Guild Reset
7.5M+ GP
3 GLs
Executor or Profundity
Reva ready or Jabba
Good Mods/Mod Score. Actively Farming and Improving Mods (Prefer: ~200 or more +10 speed mods)
500 Tickets Daily minimum (prefer 600)
Active Discord Use (mandatory for guild events)
Synced and Public account
Active Daily in ALL Guild Events
Willing to work to achieve conquest box 4
Guided Farming if you fall behind guild objectives

Territory Battles/Territory Wars:
RotE: 29 ⭐️, 7 Reva Shards
We Use EchoBot for Platoon Assignments.
We Use HotUtils/HotBot for tracking tickets, guild event participation, and reminders.
TW: 90%+ Win Record. Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent and team readiness.
We have dedicated Discord channels for TB, TW, KDR, and Bots for members to use.
We are doing the Krayt raid and are getting 90M+ score
HOW TO JOIN US: Please come to our Discord server and an officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed and are constantly looking to improve on what we are doing to help all within our collective of 7 independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth and benefit of all!
Legion of the Eternal Empire - DISCORD:
Legion of the Eternal Empire - SWGOHGG:
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2023.06.07 13:46 BryanKerr7 Edinburgh Marathon first marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3:10 Yes
B Sub 3 Yes
B London qualification 2024 hopefully


Kilometer Time
1 4:11
2 4:07
3 3:56
4 4:10
5 3:54
6 4:00
7 4:01
8 4:03
9 4:11
10 4:06
11 4:08
12 4:05
13 4:03
14 4:09
15 4:04
16 4:07
17 4:08
18 4:06
19 4:09
20 4:02
21 4:04
22 4:03
23 4:07
24 4:13
25 4:04
26 4:07
27 4:07
28 4:02
29 4:07
30 4:08
31 4:08
32 4:07
33 4:05
34 4:07
35 4:10
36 4:13
37 4:13
38 4:13
39 4:16
40 4:17
41 4:21
42 4:18
43 3.45


First marathon. Began running in lockdown, seen vast improvements in all my distances, managing to get 5k under 19 mins, 10k under 40 mins, and half marathon under 1:40. I joined a running club in Oct 2022 and seen further improvements in all distances, so I set myself a target of completing a half marathon in under 1:30 and a marathon in under 3.30.
My training consisted on speed work on a Monday (track) and Wednesday (usually in a park or quiet area with no traffic).These sessions are provided by the coaches at my running club. Some examples of the sessions are;
Monday: 5k paced session - 20 x 200m at 5Km Pace/100m Same Time Recovery e.g if 5Km pace is 40s for 200m then 100m recovery is covered in 40s
Wednesday: 10k paced session - 6 x 5 Mins @ 10Km Pace with 2.5 Mins Jog Recovery
Monday: 7 x 800m @ 5Km Pace with 100m in 90s Jog Recovery
Wednesday: 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min @ 10k pace with half jog rec.
Monday: 10 x 3 Mins/90s Jog Recovery (10k pace)
Wednesday: 8 x 4 Mins @ Half Marathon Pace with 3 Mins Reovery at Easy Run Pace (Not a jog)
Outwith these sessions, I tried to do at least 40km over another 4 runs at an easy pace, keeping heart late below 150bpm. Total monthly kilometres always over 200km. Since the new year I have been trying to hit at least 60km per week.
I booked this marathon last summer and had no idea of a plan or targets. I completed a half marathon in 1.19.59 the end of April this year, and this gave me belief that I would be able to post a good time in this race. I would have been disappointed if I did not manage to complete it in 3.10.
The longest run I completed during my training was an easy run of 33km, about 4 weeks before the race. I was confident I would be able to finish but had no idea how my body would do after that distance at a quicker pace.


I done my last long run (~22km) exactly one week before the race. Easy 10km runs Monday & Tuesday, Wednesday I done 3 x 10km at target marathon pace (4.14/km) with 2 mins rest in between. Another easy run on Thursday and then complete rest Friday & Saturday. On the Wednesday I started upping my carb intake significantly, eating a lot more bread, rice, pancakes, crumpets, scones, tortilla wraps, potatoes and chips. I was feeling rather bloated for these few days so cut back a bit on the Saturday in order to be good for Sunday.
Race day: Got up at 5.30am - big bowl of porridge with a scoop of protein powder, 2 slice of toast & strong coffee. Had a cereal bar and a banana at 8am (2 hours before start). Sipped water through the morning - not too much as was wary of toilet breaks during the race.


Weather on the morning was ideal - good temperature, no wind or rain. Had the potential to heat up later on in the afternoon but overall great running conditions.
Race began at 10am. This was an extremely busy race and had some very narrow points over the first 10km where it was impossible to get by anyone.
The first quarter of the race through the city is all downhill. Great scenery all along closed roads, very enjoyable and a good way to start the race and get warmed up. The streets were packed with spectators and an overall good atmosphere.
KMs 10-30 are where you really need to focus on hitting target pace. The crowds thinned out a bit although there was still locals outside their houses cheering, handing out sweets, playing music, and even a though bands/ dance groups along the way. I always race without earphones in order to take all of this in and it is truly a worthwhile experience. Plenty of water stations along this stretch and the weather was still good. Ran with a few groups during this stretch and chatted away, was lucky enough to move in front of most of them onto the next group.
There is a short gravel section around 28kms around Gosford House. Afterwards I heard a lot of people moaning about this - it certainly is a bit different from running on the road. I suppose it depends on what you are used to, I do a fair bit of trail running as well so felt comfortable. Only thing I would say is the terrain is not suited for the Nike Alphafly.
The last section of the race was by far the most difficult. Temperature had heated up to around ~14 degrees (not roasting, but for us Scots who train all through winter it is on the warmer side). Along with a few gradual inclines on the way back made for some tough kilometres. The number of people I passed on the last stretch who were cramping, being sick or simply walking grew the further I got to the finish line. There also seemed to be less water stations on this section, which is not ideal when you are in the final stages of a marathon.
The final couple of hundred metres was a flat, straight run along mats to the finish line. By far the best part - all the hard work is complete, thousands of spectators and knowing your family and friends are at the finish line waiting to congratulate you. Even better knowing when you know you have smashed every target set!

Nutrition & Strategy

When I signed up for the race I put in a target time of 3.45 - meaning I started in a pen with runners a lot slower than me. This was not ideal as it was very busy and I was stuck behind big groups of runners a lot for the first 20-30mins. I definitely could have went quicker at the beginning, maybe a blessing in disguise as I was still under target pace and perhaps allowed me to not come out the traps too quickly. I took 2 salt tablets every water station, which was every 30 mins or so. Took 1 gel at 10km, 20km then 32km. Fortunately was able to get through the whole race without stopping for the toilet. I was really comfortable up until the last 10km, I had never ran more than this so had no idea how my body would react. I had plenty of time in the bank so I dialled it back a bit to make sure I could finish without cramping or pulling a muscle. My plan before the race was to keep every kilometre below 4.15 and hold on for as long as possible.


I am going to take a few days off to let my body recover. I have a few 10k runs booked throughout the summer and hope to achieve some PBs. The time I posted should also qualify me for London next year.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.07 13:30 Sharma_Dev What are the advantages and disadvantages of automation?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of automation?
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Advantages of Automation
Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Automation streamlines repetitive tasks, reducing human errors and enhancing efficiency. It allows businesses to handle larger workloads with improved speed and accuracy, increasing productivity.
Cost Savings: Companies can significantly reduce labor costs by automating routine processes. Automation eliminates manual intervention in repetitive tasks, allowing businesses to allocate their workforce more efficiently and focus on value-added activities.
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Enhanced Safety: Automation eliminates the need for humans to perform hazardous tasks, thereby ensuring the safety of workers. It helps create a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Disadvantages of Automation and How TEAL Solves Them
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2023.06.07 13:23 Spirited-Feedback-87 The Century Old Villain: Paul

I wanted to use this OC for a fic but i still need to get around that so imma drop it here for shit and giggles.
I'm following the template given by this subreddit.
====Personal Info====
Name: Paul Shinosore
Gender: Male
Age (Biological): 25
Birthday: 13/03/2035
Occupation: Criminal/Vigilante
Net worth: Rich
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 77 Kg
Hair color: Blue (turns bright or dark pink when using his quirk).
Haircut: Long surfer hair
Facial Hair: none
Eye Color: Blue (turns bright Pink when using quirk).
Skin color: flesh pink
Blood Type: A-
Distinguishing physical feature: There is a fist sized scar on the left side of his cranium where his hair stopped growing, the rest of his hair hides it well, but it's still noticeable.
Personal Strengths: He's very kind and fun to the people he considers friends or family, he also always strives to fulfill his promises.
Personal Weaknesses: He doesn't care about hurting people he doesn't consider friends, he thinks that "as long as they live they're fine" which results in many broken bones, and destroyed buildings. He smokes cigars.
Attitude: Always trying to have a good time and he's always trying to find solutions to his friend's problems.
Likes: Cigars, Parties, drinking, fooling around, shooting things, food in general but he prefers his Cook friend's food, being free to do whatever he wants.
Dislikes: Laws, heroes, murderers for the sake of being murderers, hitmen, dick people in general, AFO, OFA holders (mainly All Might since the guy tried to arrest him multiple times).
Habits: Smoking Cigars, travelling the world.
Fears: Thanatophobia, he fears dying or letting other people that aren't deserving die.
Reason for becoming a Villain: He doesn't like following the laws, he's also involved with many destructive fights, he also killed a few Villains in the past.
Relationship with peers: He and his closest friends mostly live together and have formed a Villain Team to make money, he likes all of them and they like to have fun with him and eachother, he considers them family.
Relationship with Family: his parents are long dead but he never really cared about them since he considers his friends more of a family than a friend group.
Relationship Status: He's an Ex-boyfriend
Number of kids: 0(Biological)+1(adopted)
Backstory (not all of it cuz it's for my fic): He was born 20 years after the first quirks started appearing. In this age quirks weren't as highly regarded as nowadays, quirked individuals were treated like monsters or weapons to use in the military.
The moment Paul manifested his quirk at age 3 his parents decided they didn't want him anymore, so they dropped him to an orphanage and were never seen again.
Inside the orphanage he was ostracized along with his only two friends, Sasaki and Adam, who were also quirked like him, Sasaki id able to secrete a liquid that heals injuries and Adam is incredibly smart and is able to inhabit electronic devices like a ghost, he lives in the orphanage till he's 14.
An accident happens with the other kids in which one of them leaves Paul on deaths door, but his friends were able to save him thanks to their quirks, however this experience leaves him so traumatized he decides to go away from the orphanage, saying goodbye to his friends he leaves in the middle of the night.
Fast forward to 11 years later and he has just been fired from his latest job, everything is going to shit, and he feels like shit because he knows he'll get old and die, he's in a weird limbo of wanting to die and wanting live at the same time, however he gets to meet his old friends again and they offer him a deal he can't pass.
The two have run some experiments on the healing quirk of Sasaki and they found out that if one is immerged inside the liquid long enough it reverses the aging process of the body and since they know how traumatized he was of death and wanting to have fun together like old times, they tell him he could join them in this reverse aging process that way they'll forever together.
Paul, wanting to rebuild their friendship and wanting to live forever, accepts.
And they go on to live up until present days, having many adventures and meeting new people, some joining them, some don't...
to be continued
====Quirk Information====
Quirk Name: Psychokinesis
Quirk Type: Emitter, (Transformation[?]), Accumulation.
Quirk Range: Sight Based
Quirk Description: His brain is connected to a smaller organ which serves to amplify and manipulate his psychic energy which he uses to telekinetically move the objects he sees, his energy can interact with an object's atoms to move them.
Being a mind based Quirk the user's emotions affect the quirk's behavior, for example, if Paul gets very angry the air around him starts to heat up as an intimidating tactic to ward off whatever it is that's pissing him off.
He can move everything in his body with his psychic energy, mainly used to not bleed to death when wounded, but it's also used to lift himself up in the air mimicking flight.
He can turn his psychic energy into fuel for his Scarlet Flame Style attacks (more on that later).
The quirk gets stronger with time similarly to OFA.
Miscellaneous Quirk Info: His hair turns pink depending on how much of his quirk he's using.
His eyes turn instantly bright pink when he's about to use or is using his quirk.
He can technically enter people's minds if he bypasses the natural psychic barrier people have.
Whenever he lights something on fire it produces red colored smoke.
Quirk Strenghts: The quirk gets stronger with time and the amount of uses is limited only by how smart the user is at using it, if the user is smart, the quirk can be unpredictable and very powerful.
Quirk Weaknesses: The user may receive painful headaches if he uses too much energy all at once.
The hair and eyes changing color are an obvious telling for when the user is about to strike.
He can't interact with other people's bodies since every person technically generates their own signature psychic energy that covers their whole body and to bypass that it would take literal hours, so it's pretty inefficient unless the target is unconcious or trapped.
Special Moves:
Heat Wave: Paul uses his quirk to move the atoms in the air heating up everything in his vicinity and then sending it towards the enemy, based off of whenever he gets angry, usually used after getting pissed off.
Golem: Paul utilizes the materials around him to build a Golem to fight for him, mainly used to play against his opponents.
Psychic Muscular System: Paul spreads his psychic energy evenly in his body, then he shapes said energy as muscles and uses it to enhance his body's speed, power and durability.
Concentrated Power Fist: Paul concentrates all of his energy in his arm and punches the enemy with immense force, the amount of energy in his arm crushes his bones so it's mainly used as a finishing move or a desperate move.
Air Blast: Paul concentrates air in the palm of his and and launches at his opponent, blasting them away.
Toughening: Paul uses his psychic energy to make himself or an object tougher, used for defensive purposes and to make his weapon very hard to break.
Room Temperature: Paul uses his psychic energy to slow down or quicken his atoms making his body colder or hotter on demand, creating a solution against fire or ice users.
Metal Shifting: By heating up metal he can easily shift it into other shapes before cooling it down.
Scarlet Flame Style
By using his quirk Paul can turn his psychic energy into a flammable source, he can then create a Scarlet colored fire that burns as long as he keeps fueling it his energy, this fire burns much hotter, much faster than if he tried to heat something up by moving it's atoms, the only downside being he drains a lot of his energy, meaning if he uses it too much he'll be unable to fight for a while.
Paul can manipulate the flame to stick on his opponents clothes or skin, making it very painful for them
Scarlet Flame Style: Fire Fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, it gives more speed and power to his punches, it also sets his enemies on fire. Can be used interchangeably with the next special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: Explosive Fire fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, and when he is about to punch the enemy, he fuels energy to his fire making it explode. Can be used interchangeably with the previous special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: FlameRain: Paul flies in the air and throws fire all over the battlefield, covering it in flames and making it hard to traverse on the ground.
Scarlet Flame Style: Flame Breath: Paul breathes in air and spews fire from his mouth. This move is mainly used to catch people off guard when being grabbed.
Scarlet Flame Style: Ultimate move: Supernova: Paul sneakily generates a giant flaming ball above the battlefield.
After the fire ball has grown big enough Paul flies inside of the ball and flies at max speed, fists first (kinda like superman), crashing into the enemy while carrying the fire ball.
This attack needs time to be set up and it uses all of Paul's energy to attack, so it's used as a One-Hit-K.O. finishing move.
While charging the move Paul gets progressively weaker therefore he needs to run from his enemy or buy time somehow.
This move causes a lot of collateral damage, melting and destroying the surroundings.
If the enemy notices the fire ball in the sky they may try to beat Paul faster and finish the fight quicker or try to destroy the fireball.
After this attack is used, Paul will not be able to fight.
Age Quirk Obtained: 3 Years old
How the quirk first manifested: he lifted his father's desk while he was playing with letter cubes.
====Villain Information====
Villain Name: Paul.
Villain Team: The Scarlet Troupe.
Costume: A long black cloak that covers his entire upper body and reaches his shins, with Golden stripes on the edges, it's held together on the base of the neck by a pin with a blue gem in it.
Leather arm bracers.
Belt with an holster and a small ball shaped bag able to hold 15 kgs.
Sometimes wears a black medical mask and sunglasses when he needs to conceal his identity.
Gadgets/Tech/Weapons: A smart watch with a built in map in it, it's connected to his teammates watches and it's used to locate them in real time.
A Small 15 kgs metal ball used by Paul to shapeshift it in any weapon he needs, he prefers using spears, tridents and the sorts.
A S&W 350 Revolver he carries around just for show since he can output much more power with his quirk, however he can use his quirk to redirect bullets into the enemy, so it has it's uses.
It's also very useful to shut people up whenever they're being too loud or having an argument without letting him talk, just shoot in the ground so no one gets hurt.
I wanted to ask can i post more than one OC? Cause i wanted to post all of the "Scarlet Troupe" Villain team and the rules are not clear on this sub. Also English ain't my first language so if you see errors, you know why. (Writing this on reddit is a pain ngl)
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2023.06.07 12:57 Pinto_RED_Window13 Archdemon (TF2 FREAKSHOW CONCEPT WIKIA) Vs deku (MHA)

Scene 1: The Arrival

Archdemon: Well, well, well. What do we have here? A little hero trying to save the day? How pathetic.
Izuku: You... You're the Archdemon! The god of destruction! The one who wants to end all life!
Archdemon: That's right, boy. And you are?
Izuku: I'm Izuku Midoriya! And I'm here to stop you!
Archdemon: Hahahaha! Stop me? You? Don't make me laugh. You're nothing but a speck of dust to me. A mere insect that I can crush with my finger.
Izuku: Don't underestimate me! I have the power of One For All! The power that was passed down by the greatest hero of all time, All Might!
Archdemon: One For All? All Might? I've heard of them. They were among the first to fall before my might. Their power was nothing compared to mine.
Izuku: That's not true! They fought bravely and valiantly! They gave their lives to protect this world from you!
Archdemon: And what did that accomplish? Nothing. Look around you, boy. This world is doomed. Nothing can stop me from destroying it. Not you, not your friends, not your heroes. No one.
Izuku: I don't believe that! There's always hope! There's always a way! As long as I have this power, I will never give up!
Archdemon: How naive. How foolish. How... amusing. Very well then. If you want to challenge me, go ahead. But don't expect any mercy from me. I will show you the true meaning of despair.
Izuku: Bring it on!

Scene 2: The Battle

Archdemon: Is that all you've got? Is that the power of One For All? How disappointing.
Izuku: Ugh... No... It's not over yet...
Archdemon: Oh, but it is. You have no chance against me. You're just wasting your time and energy.
Izuku: No... I can do this... I can beat you...
Archdemon: You can't beat me. You can't even touch me.
Izuku: Yes I can!
Archdemon: How dare you... How dare you hit me... You insolent worm...
Izuku: Take this! And this! And this!
Archdemon: Enough!
Archdemon: Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You thought you could hurt me? You thought you could defeat me? You're nothing but a joke. A bad joke.
Izuku: Ugh... No... I'm not...
Archdemon: Yes you are. You're a failure. A failure as a hero. A failure as a human. A failure as a living being.
Izuku: No... I'm not...
Archdemon: Yes you are. And you know what I do to failures? I erase them. I erase them from existence. And that's exactly what I'm going to do to you.
Izuku: No... Please... Don't...
Archdemon: Goodbye, Izuku Midoriya. It was nice knowing you. Not really.

Scene 3: The End

Archdemon: Hahahaha! I did it! I did it! I killed him! I killed the last hope of this world! I killed the successor of One For All!
Archdemon: Hear me, my minions! Hear me, my children! Hear me, my brothers and sisters! The time has come! The time has come for us to claim this world as our own! The time has come for us to unleash our wrath upon all creation! The time has come for us to reign supreme!
Archdemon: Hahahaha! Behold! Behold the end of all things! Behold the dawn of a new era! Behold the glory of Archdemon!
The End
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2023.06.07 12:44 chloe-2281 What are Shopify Hydrogen's features and components?

The most difficult technical components of a headless store are provided by Hydrogen's framework, which has been created and tested to speed up and simplify the development process for development teams creating headless stores powered by Shopify.
The capability of Shopify Hydrogen to package and route various requests to various routes is one of its important characteristics. This makes it simple to design unique server-side logic for your app and to handle various request types more effectively. Support for GraphQL is a key component of Shopify Hydrogen.
With the help of this robust query language, you can get Shopify to provide you only the information you require, cutting down on the amount of data that needs to be sent back and forth between your app and the server. Shopify Hydrogen offers a variety of productivity tools and middleware alternatives in addition to these essential capabilities to help you organize your development process. Shopify Hydrogen's additional features and components include:

1. How to Begin on Shopify Hydrogen

Developers can utilize one of Shopify's two pre-built store hydrogen templates, which include all essential functionality, as the foundation for their online store. As a result, development staff may concentrate on creating original content, functionality, and integrations as the foundation is already in place.

2. Shopify Components Hyrdogen

Additionally, Shopify Hydrogen has a UI kit, which eliminates the need to waste time on simple store functionality. Customer accounts and site searches are examples of pre-built elements. The start templates include additional features out of the box, such as a cart and an add-to-basket feature. To satisfy a project's unique design requirements, developers can still create bespoke components or change already-existing ones.

3. SEO Basics with Hydrogen

Due to the speed gains a headless store delivers, SEO might be a big factor in deciding to use one. A sitemap, metadata values for each page, and a robot.txt file are among the pre-built SEO needs that come with Shopify Hydrogen. Of course, the ongoing development strategies will need to benefit from a lot of SEO know-how, but it's a terrific start.

4. Shopify Hyrdogen Storefront API

Shopify Hydrogen stores make it simple to access Shopify's APIs, enabling customisation and bespoke functionality to be built while utilizing Shopify's strength.
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2023.06.07 12:41 WhichRadio6124 UtopiaP2P - Crypto, AI, and Privacy in all Niche Listed on CMC and CG

UtopiaP2P - Crypto, AI, and Privacy in all Niche Listed on CMC and CG
Similar to ChatGPT, UtopiaP2P Messenger is a decentralized communication platform that utilizes computer resources, cryptographic techniques, chatbots, and online privacy features. Making this accessibility available is part of the design team's effort to better both privacy advocates and the AI assistant.
Access to AI assistants for research and development is unlimited and unrestricted with the UtopiaP2PP app client. They demonstrate their commitment to providing the best user experience and potential for their customers by responding to user queries with astounding speed and accuracy using OpenAI language processing technology. For the advantage of app users, UtopiaP2P has produced a secure messaging system that is simple to use. This program combines contemporary technology with a straightforward user interface, reachable ChatGPT support, and other features.
Crypton Coin (CRP) serves as the default privacy coin for the Utopia P2P ecosystem. Internal mining of Crypton Coin is both possible and incredibly simple. All transactions with Crypton and Bitcoin take place within the UtopiaP2P ecosystem, which sets them apart from one another. Decentralized Bitcoin architecture served as the foundation for the cryptocurrency Crypton. The company almost always promotes campaigns or events that award CRP coins through its official Twitter account and app client.
The first and only anonymous privacy stablecoin with a 1:1 exchange rate to the US dollar is called Utopia USD (UUSD). On CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, respectively, UUSD and CRP are both enumerated. Along the entire length of its ecosystem, UtopiaP2P provides a number of revenue streams.
Find out more on
Official Utopia website:
Download the Utopia app client:
Crypton Exchange:
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2023.06.07 12:41 scotiagirl19 $Paw is now transitioning to a phase of full speed development. Utilities are being slowly deployed and everything is being improved with community help. The ultimate goal is getting closer. What is your vision for what @PawChain should be about? 🤔

$Paw is now transitioning to a phase of full speed development. Utilities are being slowly deployed and everything is being improved with community help. The ultimate goal is getting closer. What is your vision for what @PawChain should be about? 🤔 submitted by scotiagirl19 to pawecosystem [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 12:37 WiFiStephenson A Review of WiFi 7: The Future of Wireless Connectivity

Hey there, fellow Redditors! I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with the latest and greatest wireless connectivity standard, WiFi 7. As technology continues to advance, WiFi 7 represents a significant leap forward in terms of speed, reliability, and overall performance. Here's my review of WiFi 7:
  1. Lightning-Fast Speeds: WiFi 7 introduces impressive speeds that can handle the ever-increasing demands of modern internet usage. With theoretical peak speeds of up to 30 Gbps, streaming 4K content, online gaming, and downloading large files are a breeze. It's a major step up from previous generations and truly delivers on the promise of a faster and more efficient wireless experience.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: WiFi 7 incorporates various technologies, such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), which optimize spectrum usage and enable multiple devices to communicate simultaneously. This means that even in crowded environments with numerous devices connected, WiFi 7 can maintain its performance and provide a smoother user experience.
  3. Extended Range: WiFi 7 utilizes advanced beamforming and improved signal processing techniques, allowing for better coverage and extended range. This means fewer dead zones and more reliable connections throughout your home or office, even in challenging environments with obstacles like walls or furniture.
  4. Lower Latency: Gamers and real-time application enthusiasts will appreciate WiFi 7's reduced latency. With latency improvements of up to 75%, online gaming becomes even more responsive and lag-free, making those split-second decisions easier and more accurate.
  5. Backward Compatibility: While WiFi 7 is a new standard, it's designed to be backward compatible with previous WiFi generations. This ensures that your older devices can still connect and utilize the network, although they won't be able to take full advantage of WiFi 7's capabilities.
Of course, it's important to note that WiFi 7 is still in its early stages, and widespread adoption may take some time. It will require new hardware and devices that support the standard to fully harness its potential.
In summary, WiFi 7 is an exciting leap forward in wireless connectivity. With blazing-fast speeds, enhanced efficiency, extended range, lower latency, and backward compatibility, it promises to revolutionize our internet experiences. While it may take a while for WiFi 7 to become widely available, it's undoubtedly a technology to keep an eye on.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on WiFi 7 if you've had a chance to experience it or if you have any questions about this next-generation wireless standard. Let's discuss and explore the future of wireless connectivity together!
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2023.06.07 12:16 clmmgmt Premium Fully Furnished Middle Room at Taman Mas Sepang, Puchong

Premium Fully Furnished Middle Room at Taman Mas Sepang, Puchong
rachel 60142349006
Room Detail:
Premium fully furnished Middle room for rent in Taman Mas Puchong RM650/month
-Fully Furnished room with single bed, mattress, table, chair, wardrobe, Air cond, fan, lights -Kitchen comes with refrigerator, microwave, induction cooker, water filter, thermo water hotpot, washing machine, kitchen cabinet -We also providing iron board and iron in common area -Suitable for working adult -24/7 security guard safety guaranteed -Tenant can enjoy condo facilities such as swimming pool, gym, squash, bbq area, yoga deck and more -Walking distance to bus station, hawker stalls, Mr Diy , shops, restaurants and more -Approx 5-10mins driving to Taman Perindustian Puchong, Bukit Puchong, Puchong Utama, Puchong Prima, Meranti Jaya and more
Bonus *Free High Speed Internet *Utilities included *Cleaning service provided
Limited room available. First come first serve basis Whatsapp now
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2023.06.07 12:13 tomreviewoto Smart Cloud Upload & Manage Unlimited, Images, Audios, and Videos Do you want to say goodbye to cumbersome and slow-loading cloud storage platforms forever? Google Drive's next-generation killer technology eliminates costly cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, and Box by storing, backing up, sharing, and hosting unlimited files, images, and videos in the cloud at lightning speed for an unbeatable one-time price. The Revolutionary Compression Algorithm Makes Upload & Download SUPER Fast and Storage a BREEZE Unlimited Cloud Storage at One-Time Fee Upload & Manage Unlimited, Images, Audios, and Videos BackUp All Your Files So You Will Never Have Fear Of Losing Them Ever Again Kick Out Expensive & Money Sucking Third Party Cloud Storage Platforms Forever 100% Protection Of Data With Iron-Clad Data Protection & Advance Security Upload Multiple Files At The Same Time & Even In The Join The New Sunrise In Cloud Storage Universe Today and get a free commercial license and a low one-time price. You can store, share, and backup all of your business files with 100 percent security in just three easy steps. LOGIN To begin, download SmartCloudPro and sign in to your SmartCloudPro Account. Step 2: UPLOAD DOCUMENTS Now all you have to do is upload any and all documents, files, and folders without any hassle. Step 3: Share, publish, and profit now, and you're done. Relax as you share all of your business files in a cost-effective manner while maintaining complete security. SmartCloudPro is adored by marketers from all over the world, according to Sandy Nayak. My large video files have been uploaded with ease thanks to SmartCloudPro's lightning-fast upload speeds. I can now concentrate on my creative work instead of having to wait for hours for my content to be uploaded. -ZEE Ray SmartCloudPro is superior to all other cloud storage platforms that I've tried. It is my go-to choice for storing all of my online documents, including images, videos, and audio, ensuring that they are always safe and easy to access due to its lightning-fast upload speeds and simple interface. -Abhijeet Saha. The cross-platform compatibility of SmartCloudPro is impressive. Akshat Gupta: Using the web interface, I can easily access and manage my files on Windows, macOS, or Linux, ensuring a seamless experience across all of my devices. The user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation of SmartCloudPro have made managing my media library a breeze. I can easily organize, tag, and search for specific files, which streamlines my content management and saves me time. Attention to All Business Owners: Data Security Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless for Your Business Growth! The main reason that almost 84% of business owners fall victim to spammers and hackers is that they don't address the most important issue, which is data security. If you're in the same boat as these spammers, you better wake up or be prepared to face the nightmare. Here are a few reasons why SmartCloudPro is the best cloud storage platform for 2023 and beyond: Never Seen Before, 5th Generation Cloud Storage Platform Seems unreal, but this is a reality. Yes, today, all business owners, regardless of size, almost turn a blind eye to protecting their business data from spammers. In the end, they are forced to pay a hefty price Stop relying on costly third-party platforms and upload and manage unlimited images, audios, and videos with 100 percent security with this fifth-generation cloud storage platform. Finally, live without restrictions. We give you complete control over uploading and managing an unlimited number of images, audio, and videos without worrying about security, as opposed to the costly open market platforms. Unmatched cloud storage for a single fee? Yes, that's right. For a small, one-time fee, this exclusive cloud storage platform provides business owners with unparalleled cloud storage. Never Lose Your Business Information To Infections, Trojans And so forth Never stress for losing even a solitary information piece. With no additional effort or expense, business owners can protect all of their data from viruses, trojans, and other threats with SmartCloudPro. In just three clicks, you can backup and share all of your files and folders. Now it's faster and easier to share your important business data. We'll take great care of all your files and folders if you just follow three simple steps. Kickout Costly Outsider Stockpiling Stages Once and For All Why pay $19 absolute minimum every month when SmartCloudPro accompanies every one of the most recent elements for a little one time charge. End-to-end SSL encryption ensures that all of your company's files, folders, and documents are as secure as homes and that nothing stands in the way of your business's success. Share Documents In any event, When You're Moving Presently, move openly and never stress for sharing your records. With our innovation, sharing documents even while voyaging is a quick and simple interaction. Say Yes to SmartCloudPro and Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars Each Year To These Expensive Cloud Storage Solutions Say Yes to SmartCloudPro and Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars Each Year To These Expensive Cloud Storage Solutions Say Yes to SmartCloudPro and Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars Each Year To These Expensive Cloud Storage Solutions Say Yes to SmartCloudPro and Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars Each Year To These Expensive Cloud Storage Solutions Say Yes to SmartCloudPro and Stop Paying Thousands of Unique Earlybird Markdown Closures In (Free Business Permit + Low 1-Time Value Finishes Today Join The New Dawn In Distributed storage Universe Truth… With globalization spreading its wings like fierce blaze, its an obvious fact that all organizations, whether huge or little, need to keep their information got from programmers and malware. If you choose the right service provider, cloud storage is not only safe but also very cost-effective. Data is a company's most valuable asset, so even if you lose just a little bit, you know how bad it can be for your business's growth in the long run. You need an unbreakable cloud storage platform to keep your websites and business data safe from hackers, viruses, and other threats... Ensure 100% Protection Against Hackers & Malware Share Your Business Data Only With The Important Ones & Keep All Others At Bay Its Easier & Faster To Share Files Across The Globe Store & Mange Files Easily With No Data Loss Ever Ensure Zero Dependency On External Drives Get Higher ROI & Make The Most Of Your Marketing Efforts This is a growth rate of 24.0 percent per year. Presently, obviously... Each Entrepreneurs Needs To Get High Completely Tied down Distributed storage To Keep Programmers, Malware and Other False Demonstrations Away There's no running round the shrubbery on this reality as even a greater part of Fortune 500 organizations put vigorously in protecting their information and secure from programmers, malware and so forth and designate tremendous financial plans in their yearly promoting financial plan. In this way, any reasonable person would agree that regardless of whether you have the most popular item or the most pursued help, yet assuming you can't get keep your business information hidden from hostile stares, then, at that point, every one of your endeavors are in a real sense useless PERIOD. However, it is not as simple as you might think. Third-party storage platforms come with a slew of other issues, including the following: PROBLEM 1: The best cloud storage platforms are very expensive and charge hundreds of dollars for limited storage; PROBLEM 2: They have restrictions on uploading files or documents above their predetermined limits; PROBLEM 3: The risks associated with losing data to third parties always loom on your head; PROBLEM 4: There are issues in uploading multiple files at the same time I've had a great deal of success in the past with groundbreaking products that saved users, marketers, entrepreneurs, and even newcomers money by solving their problems. In addition, it continues to this day because everyone involved in internet marketing must protect their documents, folders, and files from malware and hackers. Definitely, that is right! However, you will not be able to sustain yourself in the long run if you are constantly paying money-sucking third parties who are only interested in stealing your hard-earned money and transforming you from riches to rags. The following questions would be quite appropriate for your situation: Do you believe that you are at the mercy of monthly money-sucking cloud storage platforms? Are you actually scratching your head how to keep your information got? Have you lost valuable time and cash however never obtained genuine outcomes? Are you embarrassed by the ineffective home improvement products you've purchased thus far? Presently, here's another stunning reality… Over 86% Entrepreneurs Are Paying $2.5K-$8K Absolute minimum Consistently To Outsider Capacity Stages For Keeping Their Business Reports Got However, the greatest shock is, not even 10% from them are content with their flow specialist co-op and are effectively searching for an answer that conveys results and assists their business with developing. As a result, we have developed a brand-new, 100% beginner-friendly technology that aids in eliminating this threat and helps save a great deal of time and money. Indeed, this never seen before innovation assists you with slicing through the commotion and begin obtain genuine outcomes with… No Outsider Reliance No Month to month Or Yearly Installment Issues No Arrangement Or Establishment Bothers No Hit and Preliminary Techniques No Tech Or Composing Abilities No Manual Work Gladly Introducing… Cutting edge, Google Drive Executioner Innovation To Store, Reinforcement, Offer and Host Limitless Documents, Pictures and Recordings In The Cloud At Lightning Pace For An Unparalleled ONE-TIME Cost Utilizing SmartCloudPro Is The Quickest and Simplest Distributed storage Stage Of all time Watch This Short Demo Video Get SmartCloudPro and Save $80 Every Month Genuine Cost $97/M Get It Today For Just $17 One Time
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2023.06.07 11:10 internetinmyzipcode How to Grab best TV and Internet deals with phone service

How to Grab best TV and Internet deals with phone service

Best TV and Internet Deals

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best TV and Internet deals with phone service for your home as a bundle offer. It is one of the most common marketing strategies wherein TV, Internet, and Phone services come in a bundle package to attract more customers. This technique has been followed for a long time by different service providers and is quite popular among their consumers. This proves to be a money saver deal that allows consumers to save a significant amount of money as they choose multiple services in a combo deal rather than selecting for each service separately.
The cable service providers have named these offers Double Play and Triple Play. The former refers to two services in a package while the latter represents three services in one package. It is always in consumers’ choice to choose two services for their Double Play.
We will also discuss the advantages of TV and Internet Bundles with Phone Service. Let us explore together how to choose the Best TV and Internet deals for your home.

Advantages of TV and Internet Bundles with Phone Service

It is always a smart move to go for the Best TV and Internet Deals for home and Internet bundles package choosing more than one service. This helps you to fetch great discounts on your bill every month. If planned wisely, bundle packages can actually turn to save $10 to $75 or more per month. Saving this money for a long time can help you to save money for a world tour. It is not merely discounts that are being offered with a bundle package. There are certain other things as well which come along with bundle deals for TV packages, internet, and phone.

Save Time

It is so simple to understand the relation between saving time and going for a bundle package. While going for multiple service providers for different services; you will have to engage with all of them. Instead, if you choose different companies for separate services, it will consume more time. In this situation, when you have any trouble, you will have to call multiple service providers. However, in the case of a bundle offer, you will have to contact only one company for all your services. Rather than explaining your problem to multiple people, you simply need to tell the same to one person. This will result in saving your precious time which can be utilized further. Additionally, using bundle package from one company will also facilitate hassle-free and time-saving services.

Save Money

Taking three services from separate companies will bring three separate bills every month. Already there are numerous bills such as utility, mortgage, credit cards, and so on to settle on a monthly basis. Hence, adding three more bills will add too much tension and put us under pressure. With a bundle package, you will get an accumulative bill for all three services. This will help to release pressure while budgeting. Keeping all three communication under one bill also makes it quite manageable without much trouble.

Numerous Other Benefits

Along with saving Time and Money, there are other too many exciting benefits that are being distributed with bundled packages. Companies offer lucrative internet caps, unlimited plans, and much more. These extra benefits are not provided by subscribing to only one service from a provider. For instance, Internet and Cable TV bundle, a package of AT&T offer an unlimited internet plan with one monthly bill only. AT&T users need to pay simply extra $30 for using unlimited internet.
No contract service facility is also available with many communication providers. Sometimes being a prime customer, or due to age on the network or being a part of a promotional offer, customers also get a chance to earn bundle services with promotional prices for at least a year which is pretty much less than the original price. Extra features from various service providers also vary from location to location.

What all to keep in mind before choosing a Bundle deal?

Before buying any service or bundle deal, it is always important to make a list of all that you actually need. This prior work will stop you to purchase what actually you do not need. This little work will save you precious money and will always give you the best. This thing is also applicable to the bundle package. You need to focus below-mentioned points before finalizing any of the service providers for a best-bundled deal for TV, internet, and phone service.

A Perfect Plan suiting you Budget

Spending your hard-earned money wisely is a responsible act. We all allocate a specific budget towards our monthly needs. If you fix a standard budget for your services, then accordingly you can choose communication service providers. This will surely save you time, money, and effort. Sometimes, you might need to pay a little bit extra that you have already set in your budget or vice versa. Rigidly sticking to your budget may land you in a situation wherein you might not get what actually were you looking for. Hence, Be a little fix flexible. Always prefer quality over price. Always get ready to make a few adjustments in your budget to cater to all your preferences.

Be Open to what you Need

Always be clear and precise for what you need, a bundle with internet and phone or a plan with cable TV, internet, and phone. For example, if you only need internet and TV service, then look for a bundle package that includes only these two services. Going for a bundle package with TV, Phone, and Internet service in a bundle package will be a pure waste of money and time. Nowadays, it is commonly observed that people use wireless phones rather than opting for old-fashioned landline phones. Opposite to this, there might be people who must be looking forward to having all three services at one point in time. Hence, it is always important to choose that actually serve your requirement and needs.

Choose the right Internet Connection Technology

We are living in a technology-driven world and changes are evolving on daily basis. This is undoubtedly making our life easy and exciting. Nowadays, Virtual Reality Devices (VR) and 4K videos are upgrading rapidly. Hence, to enjoy these recent upgradation into the recent technology, you should select a communication provider which gives High-speed internet with a bundle package. Along with High-speed internet, unlimited internet data, and a high amount of Bandwidth are also required to get benefited from them fully. Hence, choosing an internet service provider offering Fibre or gigabit DOCSIS technology will be the right decision.

Get the Right Internet Package

While focusing on the right deal, it is also mandatory to check whether you are fetching the most suitable internet plan. Choosing the right deal at a lucrative price is definitely a boon; however, choosing a bad internet plan will leave you frustrating. Always look for a package that gives you the best speed, features, and all other things that you need to meet your satisfaction level.

Explore available TV Plans and Channel Information

If you have deceived to opt for a Triple play service, wherein you are choosing internet, cable, and TV service altogether in a bundle offer, then, do check all the available TV channels. a TV package also includes other several devices to make your experience better in addition to local and premium channels.
Few services providers may offer you interactive HD DVR equipment with your bundle package that will allow you to enjoy channels in HD resolution. Also, explore by which way your service provider is going to give you the TV connection. Generally, there are two different ways of giving TV services. One is with the cable using a physical cable and another one is Satelite TV that provides service with an antenna. Check and decide what is the best for you and accordingly choose.

Last Final Words

With proper deals for TV, internet, bundling can save lots of money of yours. Bundling packages are great for those who need extra features from each service. Bundle pricing and perks vary by provider and location. Choose according to where you live and what all you need. Use your zip code to find Internet Providers In My Area and then choose from the options carefully.
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2023.06.07 11:10 xRebelD On Utility NFTs - Presenting Syntvi, my attempt at an Indie Web3 Mobile Game

Hey, so here I am writing a piece on my own project. Syntvi is an indie, small scale mobile game where I tried to build an entire functional economy based around NFTs. I spent a LOT of time balancing the game economy so that it would make sense to use NFTs as playable characters and as components for other mechanics. While I think I managed to do that well enough, I guess the true test will come once I feel ready to launch the full game.

Since we're a very very small studio (if I can even call it that), it will take a while to build the full game, and by that point I think we should have already established a community around the project. We've decided to hand out 1 out of 3 NFT Collections for free to our early supporters, no strings attached. Those NFTs will have just as much utility as the other 2 Collections (might even argue more), but I think they are a nice hook for joining the community.

Things have been a bit slow. It's frustrating to try and build a community from scratch in this space because of the huge amount of spam and scams going around....I guess it's all a matter of time until we manage to move past this level of "bottom-feeding" and gain some speed.
That's my pitch; no smart quips, no hyping up anything past what's realistic. This is what my project is about. I think it can be an opportunity, but I'd like you to be the judges of that.
There's some very extensive documentation at the following links:
Landing Website: Whitepaper:

If you decide that the project is worth a short, there are some SM links in there, especially Discord.

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2023.06.07 11:09 quickscanapp Effortlessly Digitize Your Art with QuickScan, the Ultimate Document Scanner App

QuickScan by Technostacks is a mobile scanning app that can turn your smartphone into a scanner. QuickScan Android Scanner allows users to convert physical copies into PDFs and distribute them through various mediums. The app isn't just for document scanning, but also for scanning digital art, notes, bills, canvases, marketing materials, and more. QuickScan provides unparalleled convenience in managing documents, including the ability to rename files, use e-signatures, search text utilizing OCR technology, share files, and store them in a cloud filing cabinet.
QuickScan is the most effective solution for digitizing artwork, and it is available on both iOS and Android devices. It is renowned for its speed, accuracy, and ease of use, making it the premier mobile scanning application. QuickScan offers high-quality scans without any advertising or personal data collection and was also used during exams to assist students.
The app is accessible on iOS-based devices, where you can scan photographs and store them in either JPEG or PDF format. QuickScan automatically converts scanned papers into digital files that can be shared easily, validates passports and identification cards. You can combine multiple scans into a single PDF file and edit the art image to suit your requirements.
You can scan large pieces of artwork with QuickScan very easily. When the app is set to Auto mode, the document, picture, or artwork will be scanned automatically. You can save the file within the app and share it with others after converting it into either PDF or JPG format. You can also edit the file size or leave it as is.
Read in detail: Scan your digital art with the QuickScan document scanner app
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2023.06.07 10:13 clmmgmt Premium fully furnished single room for rent in Taman Mas Puchong

Premium fully furnished single room for rent in Taman Mas Puchong
rachel 60142349006
Room Detail:
Premium fully furnished Single room for rent in Taman Mas Puchong
-Fully Furnished room with single bed, mattress, table, chair, wardrobe, Air cond, fan, lights -Kitchen comes with refrigerator, microwave, induction cooker, water filter, thermo water hotpot, washing machine, kitchen cabinet -We also providing iron board and iron in common area -Suitable for working adult -24/7 security guard safety guaranteed -Tenant can enjoy condo facilities such as swimming pool, gym, squash, bbq area, yoga deck and more -Walking distance to bus station, hawker stalls, Mr Diy , shops, restaurants and more -Approx 5-10mins driving to Taman Perindustian Puchong, Bukit Puchong, Puchong Utama, Puchong Prima, Meranti Jaya and more Bonus *Free High Speed Internet *Utilities included(except air cond usage) *Cleaning service provided Limited room available. First come first serve basis
Whatsapp now
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2023.06.07 10:01 N_a_m_a_n010 Essential Tips to Choose the Right Electric Car

Essential Tips to Choose the Right Electric Car
Electric cars have become popular as the world approaches a more sustainable future. With zero tailpipe emissions and less operating costs, electric vehicles (EVs) are a viable option for eco-conscious individuals. However, choosing the right and practical electric car can be a daunting and demanding task due to the diversity of options available. You can certainly check out the electric car price in UAE, but you may make the wrong choice if you don’t know what you want.
The point is simple, to assist you in making an informed and effective decision, this post has compiled several essential tips that you should consider when selecting an electric car. After all, the right tips will help you choose the best option.
Decide Your Needs
Assess your driving habits, even including daily commuting distance, the incidence of long trips, and charging infrastructure in your area. This sort of evaluation will help you understand the range requirements and even the charging capabilities your electric car must have. This way , you can be sure that you know what you need and choose an option accordingly.
Consider the overall Range
Examine the range offered by different types of electric car models. Ensure that the range fulfils your daily driving requirements, with some buffer for unforeseen circumstances. Consider factors such as weather conditions and additional power-consuming type of features.
Set a proper Budget
Establish a proper budget for your electric car purchase, considering the expense of the vehicle, potential tax incentives or even rebates, and the cost of installing a home charging station. This way, you will know exactly what you will be spending.
Check Charging Infrastructure
Research the availability of charging stations in your area, both at home and in public locations. Ensure that you have convenient access to charging facilities, and consider going for a home charging station for an added level of convenience. After all, you don’t want to experience discomfort later, right?
Battery Life and Warranty
Investigate the overall battery life and warranty offered by the electric car manufacturer. Decide the battery's capacity degradation over time and ensure the contract covers a reasonable period. A longer battery life and comprehensive warranty can provide you with the utmost peace of mind.
Overall Safety Features
Prioritize overall safety features when selecting an electric car. For example, look for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), like lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, even automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring. This way, you can be sure that you get the best experience.
Performance and Acceleration
Evaluate the overall performance capabilities of different kinds of electric car models. Look for quick acceleration, even smooth handling, and overall driving experience. Consider factors such as horsepower, torque, and even the electric drivetrain to make sure that you get an enjoyable driving experience.
Interior Space and Comfort
Consider the overall interior space and comfort features offered by the electric car. Evaluate seating capacity, cargo space, legroom, and overall comfort to ensure that the vehicle can accommodate your needs and even preferences. of course, this way, you can be sure that your car interior space gets you a great experience and comfort. What is the point if you find it tedious once you buy it?
Available Incentives
It is important that you do research on the available incentives for purchasing an electric car. Many countries and regions are there that offer tax credits, rebates, or even other sorts of incentives to promote electric vehicle adoption. Utilize these opportunities to drop the overall cost of ownership. Of course, when you have the incentives to make the most of them, you should know about them well.
Charging Time
Understand the overall charging time required to replenish the battery of your chosen electric car. Different types of models have varying charging capabilities, ranging from standard home charging to even faster DC fast-charging options. Consider your regular routine and determine which type of charging speed aligns best with your overall lifestyle.
Look into the Maintenance and Operating Costs
It is important that you do compare the maintenance and operating costs of electric cars with their overall gasoline-powered counterparts. Electric cars characteristically have fewer moving parts and need less maintenance. Additionally, they offer you a lower level of fuel costs and potential savings on maintenance and even repair expenses. Of course, what is the point if you end up buying an electric vehicle that demands a lot of maintenance from you? so be careful about it.
Manufacturer and Model Reputation
Investigate the overall reputation of the electric car manufacturer and the particular model you are considering. Look for reliability, customer satisfaction, and even long-term performance reviews. A reputable and effective manufacturer with a dependable electric car model ensures a better ownership experience.
If possible, do Test Drive and Research
It is important that you give yourself a chance to get an idea about the car. Yes, it is helpful if you do schedule test drives with multiple electric car models to experience their overall features first-hand. Utilize online resources, reviews, and even forums to gather comprehensive information and opinions from present owners before making a final decision. Of course, you have no idea how a test drive may change the entire game for you. the more you explore the car and try your hands on it, the better you can decide.
Check the Resale Value
It is important that you do evaluate the potential resale value of the electric car you mean to purchase. While the electric vehicle market is quite evolving, some models incline to hold their value better than that of others. Consider the long-term resale value to evaluate the total expense of ownership.
To sum up, selecting the right and effective electric car requires careful consideration of various factors such as your driving needs, even budget, range, charging infrastructure, safety features, and even overall maintenance costs. By following these mentioned essential tips, you can definitely make an informed decision and pick an electric car that aligns well with your lifestyle and even preferences while contributing to a greener future. You will definitely own the best electric car in UAE once you make a thoughtful choice.
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2023.06.07 09:03 addicted_pain Any1 know how fix this bug

Any1 know how fix this bug
I cant use my amo or my guns and armor dont show up event thow u can. I i have them on , my buttens dont work only the movement one and the eye toggle. Happend 2 days ago
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2023.06.07 08:58 AuSSie-HellCat Week 2: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 2: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - Chad Gables US Title Open Challenge
As Gable paces back and forth, the arena lights dim, and The Bullet Club's theme music begins to play. The crowd's reaction shifts from anticipation to a mix of boos and jeers as Jay White and The Gunns make their way to the ring, wearing self-assured smirks on their faces. The crowd's murmurs intensify as they await the reveal of Gable's challenger. The anticipation reaches its peak as a new face, JTG, walks out to join The Bullet Club.
As the match begins, the crowd is on the edge of their seats, eager to see who will accept Gable's open challenge. Suddenly, chaos erupts at ringside as The Gunns launch a surprise attack on The Creed Brothers, drawing the attention of the referee.
In the ring, the distraction allows another new member of The Bullet Club, Ricky Starks, to slide into the ring undetected. With a swift and brutal strike, Starks strikes Gable from behind, stunning the champion. This gives JTG the chance to hit his finisher on Chad Gable and pin him when the referee turns around.
Winner: JTG by Pinfall (2 Stars)
Post Match Segment
The Bullet Club stands tall in the ring, their new member, JTG, proudly holding the United States Championship. The crowd boos and jeers, expressing their frustration and disappointment as the camera fades out, leaving Gable lying alone in the ring, betrayed and stripped of his championship.

Match 2 - Sami Zayn vs Wes Lee (Glory Qualifier)
The match kicked off with an intense exchange of technical wrestling and high-flying maneuvers. Wes Lee showcased his lightning-fast speed and impressive aerial skills, dazzling the crowd with his acrobatic offense. However, Sami Zayn, known for his cunning tactics and unorthodox style, proved to be a formidable opponent.
In a pivotal moment, Sami Zayn executed his signature "Helluva Kick" on Wes Lee, flooring his opponent and leaving the audience in awe. The referee counted the three, signaling Sami Zayn's hard-fought victory and his qualification for the Men's Glory Match.
Winner: Sami Zayn by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Backstage Interview
Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with the self-proclaimed Switchblade, Jay White. Jay, tonight we have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts on Seth Rollins and his current reign as the GEW International Champion. What can you tell us about your perspective?
Jay White: [Smirking] Oh, Seth Rollins, the so-called "Architect" of the GEW Universe. He thinks he's untouchable, doesn't he? Well, let me tell you something, my friend. Seth Rollins and his reign as champion are nothing more than a facade, a smoke and mirrors act that's about to come crashing down.
Interviewer: Strong words, Jay. Care to elaborate on why you think Rollins' reign is not legitimate?
Jay White: [Laughs mockingly] Where do I even begin? Rollins has had his moment in the sun, basking in the glory of being called a champion. But what has he truly accomplished? Who has he beaten to earn that title? I'll tell you—nothing and nobody of true significance.
Interviewer: But Seth Rollins has been successful against several top competitors. He's defended his title against formidable opponents and has proven his worth in the ring.
Jay White: [Leaning forward, intensifying his tone] Successful? Defending against formidable opponents? Please, spare me. Seth Rollins has been swimming in a sea of mediocrity. He's become comfortable, complacent, and it's time someone woke him up from his slumber.
[Jay White suddenly becomes more aggressive, his eyes filled with intensity. He leaps from his chair, knocking it over and shoving the interviewer against the wall. The camera struggles to maintain focus as chaos ensues.]
Jay White: [Breathing heavily] You want to talk about respect? Well, respect is something that has eluded Seth Rollins for far too long. And I'm going to show him what true disrespect feels like!
[Jay White reaches into his pocket and pulls out a can of spray paint. He proceeds to vandalize the interview set, swiftly tagging "Bullet Club" on the backdrop before tossing the can aside. The room is filled with a mixture of shock and awe.]
Jay White: [Smirking wickedly White grabs the camera brining it close to his face] This is just a taste of what's to come, Rollins. The Bullet Club is here to tear down your false empire, and I'm leading the charge. Brace yourself, because your reign is about to crumble, and I'll be the one holding the pieces.

Match 3 - Indi Hartwell & Jacy Jane vs Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose (Glory Qualifier)
The match was evenly contested, with both teams exchanging momentum and delivering impactful moves. Indi and Jacy showcased their athleticism, executing impressive high-flying maneuvers and hard-hitting strikes. Sonya and Mandy displayed their strength and cunning, using their size advantage to dominate their opponents.
As the match neared its climax, tensions escalated, and the intensity reached its peak. In a stunning turn of events, Indi Hartwell managed to catch Sonya Deville off guard, capitalizing on an opening and securing the victory for her team with a pinfall and earning them both a spot in the Womens Glory Match.
Winner: Hartwell & Jane by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Backstage Segment
[Backstage, Bianca Belair is seen talking to a fellow star when she's ambushed by Jaime Hayter and Dakota Kai, both wearing matching "The Role Model's Henchwomen" t-shirts. They viciously attack Bianca, catching her off guard.]
Jaime Hayter: You thought you could just waltz in here and challenge our champion, huh? Well, think again!
[Dakota Kai delivers a brutal kick to Bianca's midsection, causing her to double over in pain. They continue the assault, relentless in their attack.]
Dakota Kai: Britt didn't need us to handle her business, but we're here to show you what happens when you step out of line.
[Bianca, though battered, refuses to back down. With a surge of determination, she fights back, unleashing a flurry of punches and strikes, catching both Jaime Hayter and Dakota Kai off guard.]
Bianca Belair: You want to play dirty? Well, I'm not one to back down from a fight!
[Using her incredible strength and athleticism, Bianca tosses Jaime Hayter into a nearby equipment crate, causing a loud crash. She then delivers a powerful spinebuster to Dakota Kai, leaving her sprawled on the ground.]
Bianca Belair: You two may be Britt Baker's lackeys, but I won't let you or anyone else stand in my way!

Match 4 - Cody Rhodes vs Tyler Bate (Glory Qualifier)
The match is an absolute masterpiece, showcasing the incredible athleticism and technical prowess of both Cody Rhodes and Tyler Bate. They push each other to their limits, executing breathtaking moves and near falls that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. In the end, against all odds, Tyler Bate manages to outsmart and outmaneuver Cody Rhodes to secure the victory.
Winner: Tyler Bate by Pinfall (5 Stars)
Post Match Segment
With genuine admiration and respect evident in his eyes, Cody Rhodes extends his hand to Tyler Bate, acknowledging the young star's victory. He speaks eloquently, praising Bate's skills, determination, and heart, and acknowledging that on this night, Bate was the better man. He thanks Bate for pushing him to his limits and promises to come back stronger in their future encounters.
Match 5 - Zoey Stark vs Bayley (Womens TV Title)
The match showcased the incredible athleticism and resilience of both competitors as they fought tooth and nail for victory.
Zoey Stark, known for her explosive offense and unwavering determination, displayed her technical prowess and agility throughout the match. Bayley, a seasoned veteran, brought her cunning strategies and unrelenting aggression to the ring, making it clear that she was determined to capture the title.
The match reached its climax with a series of near falls and intense back-and-forth action. Stark showcased her resilience, surviving Bayley's relentless onslaught and countering with her own hard-hitting moves. Despite Bayley's best efforts, Stark managed to dig deep and deliver a decisive blow to secure the pinfall victory, retaining her Women's TV Title.
Winner: Zoey Stark by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Post Match Segment
The post-match scene took a shocking turn as Bayley unleashed her frustration and disappointment, launching a vicious attack on Zoey Stark. The once-beloved fan favorite revealed her true colors, turning heel and leaving Stark battered and vulnerable.
The crowd watched in disbelief as Bayley's assault escalated, displaying a newfound ruthless aggression. It became apparent that a new, more sinister Bayley had emerged, willing to do whatever it took to regain her dominance and championship glory.

Match 6 - House of Black vs The Briscoes
The Briscoes unleashed their signature hard-hitting offense, utilizing their raw power and relentless aggression. However, the House of Black countered with their calculated and unorthodox tactics, using mind games and psychological warfare to keep their opponents off balance.
The match saw a series of back-and-forth exchanges, with both teams showcasing their resilience and determination. The Briscoes' hard-hitting strikes and relentless attacks tested the durability of the House of Black, while the mysterious duo's unorthodox offense kept The Briscoes guessing.
As the match reached its climax, The Briscoes unleashed a devastating combination of power moves and high-flying maneuvers, displaying their versatility as a team. In the decisive moment, Mark Briscoe connected with a thunderous Jay Driller on one of the members of the House of Black, followed by Jay Briscoe's devastating Froggy Bow. The impact echoed throughout the arena as Jay Briscoe made the cover, securing the victory and the coveted spot in the tag team title match.
Winner: The Briscoes by Pinfall (5 Stars)
The Gunns vs The Briscoes for the vacant GEW Tag Team Titles will take place at Moment of Glory.
- Match 1: JTG def. Chad Gable (New US Champion)
- Match 2: Sami Zayn def. Wes Lee
- Match 3: Indi Hartwell & Jacy Jane def. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
- Match 4: Tyler Bate def. Cody Rhodes
- Match 5: Zoey Stark def. Bayley
- Match 6: The Briscoes def. House of Black

- The Bullet Club stand tall with their two new members, JTG and Ricky Starks
- Jay White is interviewed but loses his temper and attacks the interviewer
- Belair is attacked by Hayter & Kai but fends them off all on her own
- Rhodes shows respect to Bate
-Bayley attacks Stark after losing the championship match

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Kris Statlander vs Zelina Vega (Glory Qualifier)
As the match progressed, the intensity escalated, with near falls and close calls keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Statlander's strength and resilience were on full display as she absorbed Vega's attacks and fought back with her own impressive maneuvers.
In the decisive moment, Statlander unleashed a devastating series of moves, culminating in her signature Big Bang Theory finisher. She covered Vega for the pinfall, securing the hard-fought victory and earning her place in the Women's Glory Match.
Winner: Kris Statlander by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Match 2 - Montez Ford vs Cameron Grimes
Ford wasted no time in unleashing his explosive offense, using his incredible agility to outmaneuver Grimes. However, Grimes proved to be a formidable opponent, countering Ford's attacks with calculated strikes and submission holds.
The momentum swung back and forth as both competitors gave it their all, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. Ford's high-flying maneuvers, including a breathtaking Frog Splash, thrilled the audience and further showcased his incredible athleticism.
In the closing moments of the match, Ford capitalized on an opening, delivering a lightning-fast combination of strikes and a thunderous Cash Out finisher. The impact was enough to secure the three-count, declaring Montez Ford the victor.
Winner: Montez Ford by Pinfall (3 Stars)
Match 3 - Bryan Danielson & Okada vs Bobby Lashley & Sheamus
The match begins, with Bryan and Okada showcasing their in-ring chemistry and teamwork. They work together seamlessly, delivering powerful strikes and executing impressive double-team maneuvers to gain an early advantage against Lashley and Sheamus. The crowd erupts with excitement, cheering for the champions as they dominate their opponents.
However, as the match progresses, subtle changes in Okada's demeanor become evident. He seems more aggressive, less concerned about teamwork and more focused on his personal agenda. Bryan notices this shift but tries to brush it off, attributing it to Okada's competitiveness.
Suddenly, as Bryan attempts to tag in Okada, Okada jumps off the ring apron, leaving Bryan stunned and confused. Lashley and Sheamus take advantage of the momentary distraction, ruthlessly attacking Bryan from all sides.
The crowd watches in shock as Okada reveals a wicked smirk, a betrayal that shatters the trust of the fans and his former partner. Okada grabs a microphone and steps back inside the ring, towering over Bryan, who struggles to regain his footing.
Okada: (mockingly) Bryan Danielson, did you honestly think I was here to help you? I never had any intention of being your partner. You were a means to an end, a stepping stone on my path to greatness.
The crowd boos loudly, their disappointment and disbelief palpable.
Okada: (continuing) Last week, it was me who hired Lashley and Sheamus to beat you down. I wanted to ensure you were weakened for our match, to expose your vulnerabilities. I am the one true champion, Bryan, and now, the world will witness your downfall.
Okada delivers a devastating Rainmaker clothesline to Bryan, leaving him motionless in the center of the ring. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos, their adoration for Okada shattered by this callous act of betrayal.
The scene fades out, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans, who will forever remember this night as the moment Okada turned his back on honor and friendship.
- Match 1: Kris Statlander def. Zelina Vega
- Match 2: Montez Ford def. Cameron Grimes
- Match 3: Danielson & Okada vs Lashley & Sheamus ends in No Contest as Okada turns on Danielson
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2023.06.07 08:55 Money_Scene_9414 Vacuum Elevators: The New Standard for Modern Living in Hyderabad

In the fast-paced world we live in today, technology continues to shape the way we live and interact with our surroundings. From smartphones to smart homes, innovations have revolutionized various aspects of our lives. One such innovative solution that has gained popularity in recent years is the vacuum elevator, redefining vertical transportation and becoming the new standard for modern living in Hyderabad.

Introduction to Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators are cutting-edge residential elevators that utilize the power of suction to move passengers between different floors. Unlike traditional elevators that rely on cables, pulleys, and counterweights, vacuum elevators employ pneumatic technology to create a vacuum environment within the cylindrical shaft. This unique design allows for smooth and efficient vertical transportation.

Advantages of Vacuum Elevators

Space-saving Design

One of the key advantages of vacuum elevators is their space-saving design. Unlike traditional elevators that require a separate machine room and hoistway, vacuum elevators can be installed directly into the existing structure of a home, saving valuable floor space. This makes them an ideal choice for both new constructions and retrofitting in Hyderabad's urban dwellings.

Energy Efficiency

Vacuum elevators are known for their energy efficiency. The pneumatic system consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional elevators, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. By reducing energy consumption, vacuum elevators help lower utility costs and contribute to a greener future.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

Another notable advantage of vacuum elevators is their smooth and quiet operation. The absence of cables and pulleys eliminates the need for mechanical components that generate noise. As a result, vacuum elevators provide a peaceful and comfortable riding experience, enhancing the overall ambiance of a home.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Vacuum elevators are relatively easy to install and maintain. Their modular design and minimal structural requirements simplify the installation process, reducing the time and effort involved. Additionally, vacuum elevators have fewer moving parts compared to traditional elevators, resulting in lower maintenance costs and improved reliability.

Safety Features of Vacuum Elevators

Despite their innovative design, vacuum elevators prioritize safety. They are equipped with various safety features to ensure passenger well-being during operation.

Over-Speed Governor

Vacuum elevators are equipped with an over-speed governor that monitors the elevator's speed. In the event of overspeed, the governor triggers safety mechanisms to bring the elevator to a controlled stop, preventing any potential accidents.

Emergency Battery Backup

To address power outages, vacuum elevators come with an emergency battery backup system. This ensures that passengers can safely exit the elevator even during electricity failures, providing peace of mind and convenience.

Air-Tight Structure

Vacuum elevators have an air-tight structure that ensures passenger safety. The vacuum environment within the elevator shaft creates a seal, preventing air leakage and maintaining the necessary pressure for smooth operation.

Automatic Safety Brake

In case of any unexpected power loss or malfunction, vacuum elevators are equipped with an automatic safety brake. This mechanism ensures that the elevator stops immediately, preventing any free fall or sudden movements that could endanger passengers.

Stylish and Versatile Designs

Apart from their functional advantages, vacuum elevators offer stylish and versatile designs that can complement any home decor.

Transparent Cabins

Many vacuum elevators feature transparent cabins, providing a visually appealing and modern aesthetic. These see-through cabins not only add a touch of elegance but also create an illusion of spaciousness, enhancing the overall design of the home.

Panoramic Views

Vacuum elevators with panoramic views are gaining popularity among homeowners in Hyderabad. These elevators feature large windows, allowing passengers to enjoy breathtaking views of the cityscape or natural surroundings as they ascend or descend between floors.

Customization Options

Vacuum elevators offer a wide range of customization options, allowing homeowners to personalize their elevators according to their preferences. From cabin finishes and lighting to control panels and safety features, customers have the flexibility to create a unique elevator that suits their individual style.

Accessibility and Convenience

Vacuum elevators are designed to enhance accessibility and convenience for residents of all ages and abilities.

Suitable for All Ages

Whether it's carrying heavy loads of groceries, moving furniture, or simply avoiding the strain of climbing stairs, vacuum elevators offer convenience for people of all ages. They provide a seamless and effortless mode of transportation within a home, eliminating the need for strenuous physical exertion.

Ideal for People with Mobility Challenges

For individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities, vacuum elevators offer an inclusive solution. These elevators provide a safe and reliable means of transportation, enabling individuals with limited mobility to navigate their homes comfortably and independently.

Vacuum Elevators in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, known for its rapid urbanization and modern infrastructure, has embraced vacuum elevators as a preferred choice for vertical transportation.

Growing Demand

With the city's increasing population and the desire for luxurious living spaces, the demand for vacuum elevators in Hyderabad has witnessed a significant surge. Homeowners are recognizing the value and convenience these elevators bring to their residences, making them a sought-after feature in modern homes.

Installation and Service Providers

To meet the growing demand, several reputable elevator companies in Hyderabad offer vacuum elevator installation and maintenance services. These experienced professionals ensure proper installation, adherence to safety standards, and timely servicing to guarantee the elevator's long-term performance.

Cost and Value

While vacuum elevators may require an initial investment, their long-term benefits make them a valuable addition to any modern home.

Initial Investment

The cost of a vacuum elevator can vary depending on factors such as the number of floors it serves, customization options, and additional features. Although the initial investment may be higher compared to traditional elevators, the benefits and convenience they provide justify the expenditure.

Long-Term Benefits

Vacuum elevators offer numerous long-term benefits that contribute to their value. These include reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, increased property value, and improved accessibility, making them a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces.

Environmental Friendliness

In an era focused on sustainability, vacuum elevators stand out as an environmentally friendly choice.

Energy Efficiency

With their energy-efficient operation, vacuum elevators help reduce overall energy consumption in homes. By using pneumatic technology and consuming less electricity compared to traditional elevators, they contribute to a greener environment and lower carbon footprint.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The reduced energy consumption of vacuum elevators results in a lower carbon footprint. By choosing these elevators, homeowners in Hyderabad can make a positive environmental impact and contribute to the city's sustainability goals.

Maintenance and Service

To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of a vacuum elevator, regular maintenance and reliable support are essential.

Routine Maintenance

Vacuum elevators require routine maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. Regular inspections, lubrication of moving parts, and cleaning of the cabin and shaft are necessary to prevent any issues and ensure a smooth and safe operation.

Reliable Support

Choosing a reputable elevator company in Hyderabad ensures reliable support and assistance whenever required. Professional technicians can address any maintenance or service needs promptly, ensuring the elevator remains in excellent working condition.

Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

Numerous case studies and customer testimonials highlight the positive experiences and satisfaction of homeowners who have installed vacuum elevators in their Hyderabad residences. These stories provide real-life examples of the benefits, convenience, and added value that vacuum elevators bring to modern living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do vacuum elevators work? Vacuum elevators operate by creating a vacuum environment within the cylindrical shaft. Air pressure differences allow the elevator to move smoothly between floors.
  2. Are vacuum elevators safe during power outages? Yes, vacuum elevators come with an emergency battery backup system that ensures passengers can safely exit the elevator during power outages.
  3. Can vacuum elevators be installed in existing buildings? Yes, one of the advantages of vacuum elevators is their space-saving design, which allows them to be retrofitted into existing buildings without major structural modifications.
  4. Are vacuum elevators expensive to maintain? Vacuum elevators have fewer moving parts compared to traditional elevators, resulting in lower maintenance costs over time. Routine maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance.
  5. Are vacuum elevators suitable for commercial buildings? Vacuum elevators are primarily designed for residential use. However, there may be specific models suitable for low-rise commercial buildings. Consulting with elevator experts can provide more insights for commercial applications.


Vacuum elevators have become the new standard for modern living in Hyderabad, offering numerous advantages such as space-saving design, energy efficiency, safety features, stylish aesthetics, and accessibility. With their growing demand, installation and service providers in Hyderabad ensure reliable support and maintenance. By choosing vacuum elevators, homeowners can enhance their living spaces, improve convenience, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to a sustainable future.
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2023.06.07 08:54 TerribleSell2997 Low Speed Vehicle Market to Witness Astonishing Growth by 2029

Low-speed vehicle market is anticipated to grow at a considerable CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period. Low Speed Vehicle Market report provides us with a complete outlook on thorough assessment of thorough data about vital feature of the global industry related to market size, revenue, development and market sales. This study report captures regulatory concerns and entry barriers that greatly affect the market growth. This report emphasizes on how industries get benefit from strategies offered here and achieve ample revenue other than also flashes light on constraints which can become great obstruction. It further helps to predict revenue increasing opportunities available in the marketplace. In addition, it then goes on to talk about volume trends, values and historical pricing structure. This Low Speed Vehicle Market study report also helps to predict growth and opportunities in the market. Furthermore, it also guides on how to increase product demand, growth rate and gain huge profits through changing consumption technologies.
Get Free Sample link @
This Low Speed Vehicle Market report briefly talks about the significance of every segment and growth aspects. It offers key statistics about major regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, North America and Latin America. This comprehensive Low Speed Vehicle Market report works as a potent tool to allow key players get the right direction and guidance for companies to survive in the competitive market. Some of the major sectors are discussed in this Low Speed Vehicle Market report such as manufacturing technology and industry applications. Competitors section, product type section and end-user section are the leading sections covered in this Low Speed Vehicle Market study report. Entire market is covered in this Market report along with leading sections. It also covers basic overview of the entire market to help new entrants in making business easy going and forward.
All the significant parameters are also captured in this Low Speed Vehicle Market research report. Key strategies are also captured here to help novel entrants to retain their position in the market. All the significant parameters are also discussed here along with market dynamics such as trends, challenges, opportunities and drivers. It also presents product specifications, company profile and 2022-2028 market shares for every company. Important information covered in this report enables key participants to know regarding the qualitative growth parameters of the global market. Quantifiable information covered in this Low Speed Vehicle Market report helps to analyze country level and regional level data integrating the supply and demand strengths which are augmenting the market growth. It then goes on to talk about COVID-19 epidemic and how it several affected a number of major business sectors around the globe.
full report of Low Speed Vehicle Market available @
· Market Coverage
· Market number available for – 2023-2029
· Base year- 2022
· Forecast period- 2023-2029
· Segment Covered- By Source, By Product Type, By Applications
· Competitive Landscape- Archer Daniels Midland Co., Ingredion Inc., Kerry Group Plc, Cargill
· Inc., and others
Market Segmentation
Global Low Speed Vehicle Market by Vehicle Type
o Commercial Turf and Industrial Utility Vehicle
o Golf Cart
o Personal Utility Vehicle
o Public Transport
Global Low Speed Vehicle Market by Propulsion
o Diesel
o Electric
o Gasoline
Regional Analysis
o North America
o US
o Canada
o Europe
o UK
o Germany
o Italy
o Spain
o France
o Rest of Europe
o Asia-Pacific
o China
o India
o Japan
o South Korea
o Rest of Asia-Pacific
o Rest of the World
Company Profiles
o American Landmaster
o Bintelli Electric Vehicle
o Club Car LLC
o Cruise Car, Inc.
o Deere & Company
o HDK Co., Ltd.
o Intimidator Inc.
o Kubota Corporation
o Moto Electric Vehicles
o Polaris Industries Inc.
o Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company
o Textron
o The Toro Company
o Tomberlin Automotive Grp.
o Yamaha Golf-Car Company
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About Orion Market Research Orion Market Research (OMR) is a market research and consulting company known for its crisp and concise reports. The company is equipped with an experienced team of analysts and consultants. OMR offers quality syndicated research reports, customized research reports, consulting and other research-based services. The company also offer Digital Marketing services through its subsidiary OMR Digital and Software development and Consulting Services through another subsidiary Encanto Technologies.
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Company Name: Orion Market Research
Contact Person: Mr. Anurag Tiwari
Email: [email protected]
Contact no: +91 780-304-0404
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