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Depressed and failing

2023.03.24 07:19 monstarehab Depressed and failing

Hello. I usually don't post things like this on the internet, but I just have too much stress on my shoulders and I really want to vent.
Oh where do I even start? I am a transfer student from a small, selective liberal arts school. I transferred in after my freshman year, and I'm a graduating senior.
I'm unmotivated to go to class and do my assignments. My grades are dropping year after year, I get A's on subjects that I'm really interested in, and barely passing some of the classes I'm taking., I'm talking about 1% above the failing limit. I submitted a paper 54 days late, and right now I'm projected to fail 3 of 4 classes if I don't take immediate action.
The past 3 years at UMass are meh at best, and hell at its worst. I've never been to bluewall, never joined any clubs. I've made about 4-5 "friends" that I say hello to when I see them irl, but I've never, and I'm talking about NEVER, been invited to do anything, including small stuff like going to lunch. I am always the one initiating things, and 70% of the time they don't even respond within a day.
I'm mega lonely at UMass. I'm not the same person I used to be. I lost motivation to do everything. I don't even want to go to class, because despite having a bunch of people surrounding me, nobody ever talks to me, and I've never made a single connection from my in-person classes. ZERO. It makes me sad that there are so many people around me and everyonr seems to have their own friend group and talk to each other about whatever's going on outside of class.
I get sad whenever I see people hanging out, enjoying the sun outside with a blanket, laughing in a group, etc. I'm constantly reminded by how lonely I am. I want to be the one sitting on a blanket in the sun, I want to be the one throwing football with friends, I want to someday get a call from someone and hear something like "hey do you want to go thrifting?".
I know I can dream of any of those scenarios and not take action. Trust me, I've asked plenty of people to hang out, and I'm constantly being rejected. They're always busy. And even if they do hang with me, we don't really have the same interests, we don't really click
One of my old friends from my previous school didn't believe me, she thought that I'm just not trying hard enough, until I made 44 screenshots of me asking more than 10 people to hang out, get food, etc, and either get no response or get "nah I'm busy".
I don't understand why people don't respond to my messages. I don't get why I'm being treated this way at UMass. I feel like I'm so unlucky. I was so depressed at a certain point last year, instead of waiting 2 weeks for an appointment for a therapy session with UMass, I went to the writing center, hinted that I needed help mentally. They laughed at me and said "why are you coming to the writing center when you don't even have a draft", they also didn't empathize the fact that my paper was overdue by over 30 days.
To be honest, I'm not super unattractive and I don't have had hygiene. I'm not super nerdy, and I don't look like someone who has no friends. If anyrhing, I look like I put a lot of effort into how I dress and carry myself, and my online friend loves how I dress and told me that I should post fit pics on Instagram. Well, time to use a tripod I guess because nobody takes pictures of me. Also, it bothers me so much that I can dress well, but I don't have anywhere to go. What's the point?
I do sports. I go to the gym often. Many people recognize my face at the gym because honestly I'm quite good at what I do. I like to talk to people at the gym, when I'm playing basketball or whatever, I try to be nice and make light hearted jokes, only to be ignored most of the time.
Speaking of being ignored. I tried to apply to positions for clubs but never heard back from them. I try to post on Umass discords and I get ignored most of the time.
Right now the only social interaction I get is from online video games. I play video games way too much and I'm skipping classes and postponing my assignments to play video games. I'm not really addicted though, because I can stop whenever I want, I just don't have any motivation to do SCHOOL work.
2 semesters ago a camous police knocked on my door and asked me where my neighbor was, because one of my neighbors friends reported to the police that he's depressed, and needed a therapy dog. That made me really, really sad because 1. many many people like me at UMass are experiencing the same level of agony of loneliness, 2. nobody would even notice and reach out to me.
I think UMass really could do better. I've lived in 4 states and attended 2 different universities, and I can confidently say that UMass is by far the worst place I've been. Some people might have different opinions, that's ok, but we have to realize that there is a VERY BIG portion of the student population that has never left the state, or the new england area. I don't think Massachusetts people are nice at all. I don't think UMass students are nice and well rounded students despite me really wanting to believe otherwise, but I've been proven wrong time and time again by the things I'm seeing and the things I'm experiencing.
I need someone to tutor me. I need a study partner or something. I'd love to meet creative individuals so we can take creative pictures. I'd love to share the niche genre of music I'm into with someone who would actually understand and appreciate my taste in art. I'd love to have a training partner, I'd love to live my last 2 months at UMass feel real. I feel like I'm living in a simulation. I'm not ashamed to post this on reddit, even if you know who I am irl (doubt you do, but if you do, I bet you didn't know I have been depressed on and off for 3 years). I don't talk about depression to anyone. My old friends know that I'm quite a stoic person. I try to just suck it up and self improve. I improve, improve and improve, I try really hard but I don't see any results. UMass people treat me the same.
I need help. I need your help. Try to start a conversation with a stranger tomorrow. Smile at someone. Don't use headphones for a day. Don't look at your phone when you walk for a day. Compliment a stranger. I want to feel alive again, and I want people like me to feel alive.
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2023.03.24 07:15 Substantial-Rise-808 How do you professionally say to the head of your department “please stop talking about sports during work meetings & stop including me on your 30+ email chains about them”?

A little background… This place is a dumpster fire and I am already applying to new roles. This one thing continues to irritate the crap out of me but I need to hang in there until I land a new job. This is the conversation I have with him in my head on an almost daily basis:
STOP including me on your chain of 30+ emails about effing sports! Idc that all your bros in this dept support this behavior. Our jobs are to manage multiple corporations each so we are already inundated with emails as is. Piling anymore on top of that is outright disrespectful of my time.
Quite frankly, I enjoy sports from time to time. But you taking up my work time/focus to do this repeatedly in emails and meetings (even when we have tight deadlines that SAME DAY), is making me a become an anti-sports person. We literally have weeks when we are all pulling 60+ hours to meet deadlines but you want to waste 30mins of our weekly staff meeting to talk about sports? Do you not notice how it’s always the same 2-3 people who like to talk about this with you while the rest of us are quiet?! HOW ARE YOU EVEN IN AN EXECUTIVE/MANAGING ROLE?!! I need to be paid WAYY MORE to be your fake friend, mkay?
Someone who is about to rage quit.
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2023.03.24 07:12 MtlChicChic Huberman and sports - an observation

I really enjoy Huberman, Attia and a few others in the same vein. The information they share is really helping me with many aspects of my life.
They all talk about having a good exercise routine involving cardio and weight training. I get it, it's important and I do it.
But I have observe that they barely if ever mention team sports and its multiple benefits. Strength training does not develop balance, quick reactions, reflex, good vision, eye hand coordination, capacity of sprinting ... all essential skills humans should have. Tennis, basketball, hockey, dancing and many others do and are excellent activities for social interactions. I would appreciate if they would put a little more time on physical activities that bring humans together and are keeping us healthy. For many, these feel less like a task so they might be more sustainable.
I understand Huberman podcast is recent and that he has many years of content to come but barely any mention?
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2023.03.24 07:07 constructionpentium The Perfect Home: Premium Flats for Sale in Calicut

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that felt like home? it's the city of Calicut, in India. There's just something special about this place that makes it feel like home—regardless of whether you've lived there all your life or are visiting for the first time.
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Incredible location

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The ideal location for your perfect home should be one that’s accessible, yet not too far removed from everything you need. As it turns out, Calicut ticks all the boxes here. Located centrally around the city and close to schools, universities, corporate centers and malls, these high-end flats offer the ultimate convenience.

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Location is key when it comes to purchasing a flat in Calicut. Take some time to research the neighborhood, explore different areas and visit local amenities. Make sure the location suits your needs and lifestyle before making any decisions.


It’s important to consider what size of flat is best for you and your family. Think about how many people will be living there, the number of bedrooms and whether you want an open-plan kitchen or dining area. Consider all factors carefully so that you make the right size decision for your home in Calicut.

Infrastructure & Facilities

When purchasing an apartment in Calicut, it’s wise to pay attention to the facilities available within the premises or near by. Does it have dedicated parking? Access to public transport and community? Are there sufficient security measures? Make sure these points are taken into account before making your decision.
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pentium presents the best one for you

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2023.03.24 07:05 Adept_Victory3201 31 M Professor from 🇬🇧. Settling into my new role and ready for a new chapter in my life

Hey there,
I’ve just started a new job which, I have to say, is pretty close to my dream role.
However I have found the adjustment a little difficult since I’m in a new city away from family and friends I’ve developed over the years. The social scene is also a little difficult as there still a large chunk of the workforce still working from home. So yeah, definitely a barrier to making friends in your thirties!
I’m happy to chat and see if we get along. Here is a little about me: 6ft, brown hair, blue/grey eyes, love sports (both doing and watching), I try and spend a lot of time outdoors as I can, music is great and need to get some house music recommendations, and finally I do like to game a little too but mainly FPS.
If this is interesting enough to you then I’m happy to chat!
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2023.03.24 07:02 CarpenterNext5572 A Fanmade Ad for a Fictional BFL Game on National Primetime Television from back in the day!

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2023.03.24 07:00 siplgeogrid What is a Drain Cell Mat and How Does it Work?

If you're looking for an effective way to manage water drainage in your home or commercial space, a drain cell mat may be the solution you need. This innovative product is designed to provide a stable and efficient drainage system, helping to prevent water damage and improve overall safety. In this guide, we'll explore how drain cell mats work and the benefits they offer.

What is a Drain Cell Mat?

A drain cell mat is a type of drainage system that is made up of a series of interconnected cells. These cells are designed to collect and channel water away from the surface, preventing it from pooling or causing damage. The mat is typically made from a durable, high-density polyethylene material that is resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and other environmental factors. Drain cell mats are commonly used in a variety of applications, including green roofs, parking lots, and sports fields.

How Does a Drain Cell Mat Work?

A drain cell mat works by creating a space for water to collect and flow through. The interconnected cells allow water to move freely, while also providing support for the surface above. As water enters the cells, it is channeled towards a drainage outlet, where it can be safely directed away from the area. This helps to prevent water damage, erosion, and other issues that can arise from excess moisture. Additionally, the high-density polyethylene material used in drain cell mats is designed to withstand heavy loads and resist damage from environmental factors, making it a durable and long-lasting solution for managing water drainage.

Benefits of Using a Drain Cell Mat.

There are many benefits to using a drain cell mat in various applications. Firstly, it helps to prevent water damage and erosion by effectively managing water drainage. This can be particularly useful in areas prone to heavy rainfall or flooding. Additionally, the high-density polyethylene material used in drain cell mats is durable and long lasting, making it a cost-effective solution for managing water drainage over time. Drain cell mats are also easy to install and maintain, making them a convenient option for both residential and commercial applications. Overall, using a drain cell mat can help to improve the safety, functionality, and longevity of various surfaces and structures.

Applications of Drain Cell Mats.

Drain cell mats can be used in a variety of applications, including green roofs, planter boxes, retaining walls, and basement waterproofing. In green roofs, drain cell mats help to manage water drainage and prevent damage to the roof membrane. In planter boxes, they provide a stable base for plants while also allowing for proper drainage. In retaining walls, drain cell mats help to prevent water buildup behind the wall, which can cause damage and erosion. And in basement waterproofing, they provide a barrier between the foundation and the surrounding soil, helping to prevent water from seeping into the basement. Overall, the versatility of drain cell mats makes them a valuable solution for managing water drainage in a variety of settings.

Installation and Maintenance of Drain Cell Mats.

Installing a drain cell mat is a relatively simple process that can be done by a professional or a DIY enthusiast. The mat is typically rolled out over the surface where it will be installed and then cut to size using a utility knife. The edges of the mat can be secured with adhesive or tape to ensure that it stays in place. Maintenance of the mat is also straightforward, as it typically only requires periodic cleaning to remove any debris or buildup that may accumulate over time. Overall, the ease of installation and maintenance make drain cell mats a practical and cost-effective solution for managing water drainage in a variety of applications.
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2023.03.24 07:00 AnnualStandard4076 What's New In Men's Classic Watches For 2022?

Do you know the latest trends in men’s classic watches? Do you have a clear understanding of the features and benefits that these watches offer? If not, or if your knowledge base needs an update, look no further than this article on the latest trends in men’s classic watches for 2022.
Technical Improvements
Watchmakers have made several noteworthy technical improvements to men’s classic watches in the past year. These include better movement (the mechanisms that power the eye), more accurate timekeeping, and improved water resistance. In addition, many manufacturers are now using higher-quality materials, such as sapphire crystal and stainless steel, which improve the look and feel of the watch. As a result of these improvements, there are now some very good men’s classic watches on the market.
The Miniaturization of Men’s Watches
In recent years, we’ve seen a trend toward smaller watches for both men and women. This is likely due to the growing popularity of smartwatches and other wearable devices. While some may see this as a negative trend, I believe it’s good news for classic men’s watches. The miniaturization of eyes has made them more versatile and wearable without sacrificing style or quality.
Many of the best men’s classic watches are now available in smaller sizes. Brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe have adapted their collections to include 40mm models that feel great on small wrists. So these days, you can get a watch that looks like an heirloom while still perfectly suited for modern life.
Designs as Personal as Our Pasts
The good news is that there are still a lot of great men’s classic watches out there. The top men’s classic watches for 2022 include the following brands: Patek Philippe, Omega, and Rolex. Each of these brands has a long history and reputation for making high-quality watches. Fabulous men’s classic watches for 2022 include the following brands: Seiko, Citizen, and Orient. These brands offer a more modern take on the classic watch design. Finally, if you’re looking for something a little different, consider one of the new styles from Casio or Fossil. It might be time to update your look with one of these fantastic new designs!
Memorable Materials and Colors in Modern Formats
Some great new men’s classic watches are on the market for 2022. These watches are made with memorable materials and colors that stand out. Fabulous men’s classic watches are always in high demand, so check out the best ones on the market. If you’re looking for a good men’s classic watch, consider one of these top models.
First is a sleek stainless steel model with a matching strap and features Roman numerals.
The second is an elegant rose gold-tone wristwatch with diamond accents. Third, for those who prefer minimalism, there is a minimalist quartz black silicone band model with both analog and digital displays. Finally, for those who want something more extravagant, there is an 18k gold-plated bracelet model with hour markers in the form of diamonds or colored stones such as emeralds or rubies.
We Don’t Just Need Clocks; we Need Art Too!
A watch is not just a timepiece but a work of art. The best men’s classic watches combine form and function to create a masterpiece. Here are some of the top men’s classic watches for 2022. These classics range from high-end, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, to less expensive but equally beautiful options like Seiko or Timex. You’ll never go wrong with any of these pieces!
Continuation versus Innovation — Who Wins the Race?
It’s that time of year again! As we approach the end of 2021, it’s time to start thinking about what men’s classic watches will be hot in 2022. Will it continue the trends we’ve seen in recent years, or will there be a shift towards something new? Of course, we’ll see some continuity in the following styles: minimalist design with clean lines and simple faces; military-inspired looks with chronographs and countdown timers; sporty models with long, thin cases and brightly colored straps.
Style, Not Status
In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of classic men’s watches. These timepieces are prized for their elegant design, high-quality craftsmanship, and understated style. So whether you’re looking for a sophisticated dress watch or a rugged sports watch, there’s a classic watch to suit your needs.
Here’s a look at some of the best new men’s classic watches for 2022.
-The Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Auto offers both analog and digital displays with multiple customizable options to help make this watch one that suits any lifestyle.
-The Rado True Thinline Chronograph has an ultra-thin case design, making it perfect for formal occasions.
-If you’re on the go but want to maintain your stylish sense of self, then the Gucci Heritage Chrono might be what you need!
Wristwatches That Are Everything You Need Them To Be
We’ve come a long way since the first wristwatch was created in the early 1600s. These days, wristwatches are more than just timekeepers; they’re fashion statements, status symbols, and even works of art. And with so many different styles, there’s a watch for everyone. From traditional Swiss watches that never go out of class to ultra-modern designs like our new Triton watch, it’s easy to find one that suits your style. So whether you prefer elegant dress watches or sporty dive watches, we have something for you!
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2023.03.24 06:54 bottyliscious New relationship does not like interactions with EX

We started dating last summer and hit it off pretty quickly. I'm M35 and she's F45 so the age gap was a little intimidating at first but realistically if you like each other its just a number.
Our main sticking point has been comfort level with my interactions with my EX. We had a pretty amicable divorce and agreed to keep somewhat of a friendship in tact to raise our son like we had imagined. Friendship probably isn't the word, I don't really consider her a friend just my son's mom now and we have a general idea of what's going on in each others lives.
Early on we had some lingering dependency issues, we would get dinner out a few times a month just the three of us and get caught up on things. That obviously wasn't all that healthy even though I still don't see too much harm in it until it was making our other relationships uncomfortable and we also talked about how it might be confusing for our son so we cut that out.
In my defense, I was thinking of it in terms of the fluidity of everything now. People are poly and in open relationships, husbands/wives are getting divorced and still hang out as friends with their new partners, its not the 1960s anymore.
Anyway, it was a sticking point and after talking about it with my new relationship the interactions reduced to mainly pickup/dropoffs, mutual events like sports, and texts.
But its still causing problems and I don't really know how to cut it down anymore or if this is just an unreasonable expectation and I need to just leave it at that.
We're going to talk about everything again next week and I'm still undecided on how I would want things to go. If she's right and I am still in some co-dependent state in my interactions with my EX then its probably over and I need some time to work on it some more in therapy, but being in a city with no family and no real close friends has always made it really non-appealing to draw that super firm line in the sand, just feeling a little closer to the other parent feels better than soloing hoping you don't hit the slightest snag because there's no one to help you.
I know some people on here had no choice but to strictly limit those interaction for their own wellbeing so it was pretty shocking that what we thought was a really positive divorce outcome started causing problems.
Is it unrealistic to expect someone to understand this provided there's full visibility? Like she's never rolled over in the middle of the night and I'm texting my EX, she's in the car and I tell her who I am texting and why etc. its not a secretive thing at all, that would bother me if it were reversed.
Sometimes I feel like people want out of relationships simply due to lack of interest and so they have to pick something for it to be about because its icky to just feel uninterested if you don't have a reason? Or there's some expectation that there needs to be a reason, idk.
TL;DR New relationship does not like friendly interactions with EX, trying to figure out what to do and whether the expectations are realistic. What is a good expectation for amicable interactions with an EX post divorce? Would you feel insecure if your new relationship was still friendly with their EX spouse whom they are actively raising a child with?
Anyway, going to try and figure it out otherwise I'm back on the single divorced train lol
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2023.03.24 06:52 wayward_prince [SPECULATION] So Nagelsmann was behind the Bild leak, right?

Our board has always been reactionary, but they’ve never been irrational. Sacking Nagelsmann when we’re in prime position to win a treble makes little to no sense. So why did we do it?
The move could NOT have been made for sporting reasons. A team doesn’t get better by switching its coach two weeks prior to a matchup with Pep, Haaland, and Man City. No matter how brilliant Tuchel is, it’s going to take him time to adjust to this roster - much more time than two weeks during an international break. It’s not like we were terrible from a sporting point of view under Nagelsmann either. We just completely shut down and embarrassed Mbappe and PSG. Switching managers and throwing the entire team into transition undeniably hurts us on the pitch in the short term at a time when we can’t afford to lose games in any competition. It had to be done because there was no other option.
What could Nagelsmann have done that was so unforgivable that he had to be immediately terminated at such a critical time? Remember, this is a man who has received the most financial support from the board of any Bayern manager in recent memory. If you believe the reports, he also allegedly had a clause in his contract that made him more expensive to sack in his first two seasons. He was generally favored. So why now? Why not at the end of the season?
Our tactics from the Bochum game randomly leaked to Sport Bild last week. Nagelsmann came out with some pretty stern words for the mole. But I think it was him, whether intentionally or not, who leaked the tactics. He’s in a “serious relationship” with a Bild reporter, who previously covered Bayern. It is very possible for him to have accidentally left tactics sheets out in front of her at his home and she could have facilitated a release to the papers. Our board, understandably, takes leaks very seriously. They investigated the issue for a week and determined Nagelsmann was to blame, so they sacked him immediately (at a strange time of day).
To top it off, we sacked Nagelsmann in a completely unprofessional manner. We leaked the news to the press before telling him. Why? To send a message. “We can leak too.” This is the exact behavior I would expect from a team whose manager betrayed them. Nagelsmann’s involvement in the Sports Bild leak is the only logical explanation for sacking him now. I’m completely convinced. What do you all think?
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2023.03.24 06:52 jgatsby22 Do you think Michael will sue the league because he’s jerked so much to “fat sloppy white boy” his chode is chafing?

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2023.03.24 06:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Jubilation turns into heartbreak as UCLA loses to Gonzaga again in NCAA tournament LA Times

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2023.03.24 06:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Plaschke: UCLA goes from brilliant to broke as history cruelly repeats itself vs. Gonzaga LA Times

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2023.03.24 06:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Photos UCLA handed another Gonzaga heartbreak LA Times

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2023.03.24 06:46 rrubythecherry Looking for advice/ help regarding my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium.

TL;DR This post is basically a list of things wrong or weird with my car. I’m wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or has helpful advice. (I have a feeling some of the comments will be burn the car and save myself while I can, but I’m broke and just want to fix what I can before it gets worse) Long post ahead, sorry..
Background info: Automatic with sport mode, 2012 Ford Focus Titanium in Canada. I bought it second hand from my grandparents in 2020 at about 120 000km and they had the transmission replaced a few years back by Ford for the recall and had no issues after. They looked after it well, did regular maintenance and ran only synthetic oil. Currently at 296 000km
-Driver side dipped beam (low beam) is out out, tried to change the bulb and it didn’t work (checked to see if it was the new bulb on the other side and worked fine), checked the fuse and it’s not the fuse from what I can tell. Passenger light work fine and high beams work fine on both sides. Looking at the wiring theres no visible fraying or broken wires? Got pulled over for a headlight being burnt out and was given a warning and really don’t want the next time to be a ticket if this can be fixed easy. -Can’t find anything regarding a Focus online about this.
-It’s extremely LOUD in the car while driving, as if I’m in an airplane. Theres no specific ticking or grinding, just loud as hell inside the car. I’ve gotten used to it and listen to music loud on the highway, but after driving in other cars realized that its a lot louder then others.
-The notorious shuddering while accelerating from a stop and RPM sometimes go super high trying to switch gears on the highway. Personally I’ve kind of learned how to drive so it doesn’t do that, but when other people drive it, it happens more.
-I have to kind of counter steer a tiny bit while driving because the car pulls to one side, but that could be an alignment or balance issue and I realize isn’t specific to Focus. (that I know of)
-Randomly gives me the notification “hill start assist is unavailable” while driving, not often, and the car keeps running fine, or that my hood is open.
-(not dire) MyKey activated and cannot turn off myself because original key fob was lost and I accidentally turned it on using the new fob that was programmed for it (not admin key). -maxes out at 130km/h, music doesn’t play without seatbelts buckled while driving. Neither of those things necessarily bother me because I always wear my seatbelt and max speed limits here are 110km/h. However would like to bypass this/turn off myself if I can?
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.24 06:44 FennecAdmirer I got kicked out of a catholic church by the priest himself for doing what i was told to do.

So, a bit of context, i live in mexico and we practice Catholicism (for those who didn't know), we have these rituals called "la primera comunión" (first communion) and "la confirmación"(confirmation) which every catholic has to go through at some point of their lives after several semesters of "catesismo" (bible study), usually people have to first get the first communion before being able to do the confirmation, if everything goes well, the person would have completed their confirmation at somewhere around 10 years old, the only problem is, i was around 14 yo AND an atheist (at this age i was just coming out to my family, but it's been a while since my doubts), my family wanted me so badly to do the first communion and were even pressuring me a bit because i was already way behind(i hadn't had my confirmation due to a LOT of moving out and other shenanigans), but, i refused, they where rather surprised and started trying to convince me on doing it, after a few months of back and fort they told me that my uncle (the favourite of my uncles) have never been someone else's godfather (yes, we have a godfather and godmother in every event) and that he wished to be someone's godfather so much, so, i finally accepted, really just to please him, to be honest i now see that it was just a dirty trick because my uncle took it very lightly, like "cool" level lightly, anyway, i'm getting off track.
We started preparing everything that i needed for the ceremony, the suit, flowers, a bible, a place where to hold the event, between other things, one of those were to "confess", so we went to a big historical church on my town (we have lots of historical buildings from the spanish colonization and they are pretty impressive), my parents told me to go in and confess myself to the priest, so i did, i went in there, i met with the priest and he took me to a backroom with two chairs, he sat me down and asked me to confess my "sins", and i let it out, it went something like this(mind that this was about 8 years ago and my memory is a bit fuzzy). The priest, with a calm and cordial tone began "so, tell me, what's wrong? what have you done?", which i replied with " I haven't really don't anything, i am just here because my parents told me to", the priest looked a little confused and asked "So, why would they tell you to come here if you have done nothing? you must have done something?", i again talked and said "No, not really, you see, i am doing my first communion soon and i was told that i needed to come here", the priest, now even more confused asked "why are you getting your first communion this late?" (mind that i look way younger that my age, but it was still way too late for a kid to get the first communion, which was strange to see around these parts), i spoke, now a bit nervous "well, i don't really believe in god and" he cut me off with and somewhat angry shout "what? you don't believe?" i was allowed to continue as he stared me down with an angry stare "well, no, i've doubted for a while, and i don't really believe that there is a god" The priest at this point was RED, he looked like he wanted to rip my throat out and then he just went off "Do you think that this is a game? huh!? how dare you set foot in my church if you don't even believe" he raises his hand, at the moment i kind of felt that it was an incoming strike, but instead he aggressively pointed away "GET OUT, AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU TRULLY BELIEVE", then i got up and kind jogged/nervously walked outside the room, and closed the heavy old wooden door on my way out, then i just kinda chickened outside the church, i was both scared and... how do i put it... i know! "I cant believe i just did that that was crazy hs", yes, i felt those both things... and i also felt a little bit bad. Anyway, i came back to the car after i switched the look of fear on my face into a fake smile, my parents asked me "how was it" and i told them "oh, the priest kicked me out", both of my parents' jaws dropped, their faces went red (with both anger and embarrassment i believe) and they said "WHAT???", so i repeated "yea, he kicked me out during the confession", they asked with anger "what did you say to him?!", which i replied with "the truth", they knew exactly what i was talking about, we stayed parked while they figured what to do next while scolding me from time to time, after a while they took me to the house of a friend of theirs who was also a priest and told me to go "confess" again, but this time to leave that stuff untouched, so i went in there, he asked me what did i do, i told him nothing, and he was like "eh, good enough", we sat there for a few minutes talking about something, i think it was cars and sports (well, he was talking, i was nodding), then i went back and told my parents that i did it, after that i went to an even filled with 6 year olds, i got my first communion, a free suit, and the best of it all, the respect of my whole family, now nobody questions my believes and/or tries to force me into ceremonies of that nature, not even my grandmother, and she is an extreme believer, so, i'm pretty darn happy with how it went... though i still feel bad about the priest, i feel like he got caught in between the crossfire, he was just doing his job i guess.
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2023.03.24 06:41 ProxiC3 Is requesting a thirty minute quiet time before our child's bedtime unreasonable?

This is sort of a relationship advice question versus a parenting one, but I wanted opinions from parents specifically.
I want to start having a thirty minute quiet time before my child (7) goes to bed. We would read, draw, play quietly, do a puzzle, whatever, but the goal would be to wind down. My partner is the kind of person who always wants the television on or loud music on while they are at home, and I am guilty of constantly listening to podcasts, so our house is rarely quiet. Hence, the thirty minute quiet time idea.
When I wanted to start doing this last year, my partner openly hated the idea. I even offered exceptions for when his favourite sport is on (our television is in our main area). Also, he didn't have to do a quiet activity I said that if he wanted to go on his computer in our office, he could just close the door and turn the volume a bit lower than his normal preference. Anyways, he hated the idea and I decided it wasn't a hill I wanted to die on at the time.
I want to bring it up again, because I noticed that my child isn't spending much time reading since starting school for full days, and I think this quiet time would help. Before I broach it again, I would like feedback on whether this is ask is a too unreasonable or controlling or silly, and if so, I would love to hear your reasons so I can better understand his perspective. If not, thanks for letting me know so I can move forward with figuring out way to suggest it again.
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2023.03.24 06:40 ElWangyifcoJr Nicknames

I'm the friend that gives everyone nicknames, whether family, comrades, chicks. I will call you a nickname that you dont even know you have and sometimes it sticks. Heres a few of my favorite nicknames for the boys!!
#1 Magikelle, its soooo simple and a play on the word Magical, and we all can agree that our Point Gawd is Magikelle with the ball in his hand and even more so on the defensive end. I posted this for the first time Media Day when he was speaking with Florida Sports News and they let the players view the live stream as they were being interviewed, when she showed him the comments he saw Magikelle and was like " I like that, you see that one right there I like that" Check the tape
#2 MOD, The minister of the Defense is still an insane nickname for JI, he will be back Maning one of the back up big spots next year.
#3 Prototype P v.5 Every time I get cooking with P on 2k or he gets it going in a game, I call him Prototype P, They compared the kid to LBJ and Melo lmao only word that describes Paolo to me and thats "prototype" he is built for this.
#4 Boogie(Franzchise) x Moe Swag SUPER SWAGNER BROS
#5 CloseEmOut Cole aka The C.E.O As we saw tonight, Cole Anthony is a huge piece to this puzzle and when he gets it rolling in the 4th my entire household is screaming CLOSE EM OUT COLE!!!!!
#6 Chum Buck3t (Sticky Fingers Okeke) man house I miss getting hype for my man Chum, #FREECHUM
Just a few of my PERSONAL favorites, What do you like to call the guys when they get rolling or what Ideas do you all have for some cool nicknames!!! Great Win boys enjoy some Pizza, and see yall next episode of The New Adventures of Magikelle and The Magic Kingdom vs Nets.
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2023.03.24 06:37 awesome-food_5085 Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)

Terangganu, Malaysia – Deep-Frying Seafood Goodness (at ‘Warung Pok Nong’)
Terangganu, Malaysia simply is probably the most enjoyable location you have yet to hear of (or maybe you do know about it, and that i apprehend why you want to preserve it a secret).
whether or not its the ever-breezy Terangganu air, or the concept of having a chef deep-fry a brimming choice of sea meals for you – Warung Pak Nong restaurant is a restaurant with some thing for anyone.

…and its in which we're going for lunch today!

excellent ocean views are only made better when you have a table full of seafood waiting for your arrival
the ocean perspectives ARE awesome, eating WHAT the ocean gives whilst DOING it's miles EVEN greater!
Its a ‘Win-Win’ with seaside and seashore food
Its quite lots a win-win state of affairs every time you discover your self taking part in a terrifi seashore view, even as expecting a banquet of seafood to arrive at your table.

paying attention to the sea spray at the same time as feeling the warm breeze, sitting in coloration whilst watching the waves is perfect – till a group of pals subsequent to you starts calling out for assist.

No issues nowadays even though, because the only hassle right here is, your buddies are calling you to assist them consume!**

With An Indoor Take-out Line
one of the matters that makes this Terangganu restaurant so a laugh, is how they prepare the restaurant to maximize both comfort and pace, whilst additionally retaining a cozy make-your self-at-domestic type vibe.

i will most effective suppose to call it a eating-in take-out line, and the manner you order here is just splendid.

Scroll down now and examine ‘the way to Order.’

Even on a weekday, Warung Pok Nong was full of families - now that's how you understand its true
tremendously Busy, And amusing
There are a few tables out inside the open air (on both facet of the eating place, parallel to the seashore front), however most of the tables are beneath the main roof building.

you will need to reserve both your beverages and your food your self, however they may assist you carry the food (which is ideal, because you’re going to want a variety of it).

There’s a line for liquids, and a separate line for food, and in case you’re following the main drift of factors (just look for the unmistakable line of smiling and hungry customers), then food is what comes first.

notice – a couple of Warnings
don't forget to usually ASK earlier than tagging your pals on Instagram, or they might get in trouble for cutting off work early on a Wednesday (we were fortunate to be in this example now not as soon as, however numerous times – and i can handiest say a large ‘thanks!’ Malaysians like to devour, and we have been only too fortunate to be there with these new friends nowadays).

note:** huge reminder right here, this area is certainly popular, i'm no longer kidding – although it was simplest after finishing off the primary 5 or so plates of seafood that it got here to our interest – this eating place typically needs reservations from the day before you need to visit!

Make your self aware of how to order, so you don't need to interrupt the cool atmostphere or float within the eating place
ITS A lovely thing TO WITNESS SUCH HUSTLE, but additionally relaxation, IN perfect concord
Terangganu Seafood strategy at Warung Pok Nong
Step 1: Seafood
‘Warung Pok Nong’ restaurant focuses on deep frying seafood, and there are pretty a massive wide variety of selections and styles for you to select from.

due to the straightforward ordering (each patron lining up in the front of the counter like school students) they keep the order line splendidly easy.

everything is deep frying, moving instantly from the fryer, to the dripper, to your plate, for your table, each plate comes with a small saucer of red sauce. watch for your turn in line, deliver your order of form of seafood, and how many plates, and subsequently point out to them the place in which you are sitting.

Get different updates
enter your electronic mail and i’ll send you the first-class travel food content.

Step 2: liquids
the subsequent component to do will be a drink order, but they have got separate places for ordering both blending drinks or water. The water (and coconut water) is to the right of the food ordering, while the liquids that take preparation (coffee, tea, 3-in-one sweet powders) are to your left.

Its no longer as complicated as it may sound, due to the fact you can virtually try and order liquids out of your table (timing it proper, simply whilst a server arrives with the meals). Its just that this restaurant may be so extraordinarily busy, its sometimes simply quicker to simply make the circulate your self.

The chef right here is working with masses of fish according to hour, deep frying every remaining one
Step 3: Seating
the quantity of seafood they fry here is wonderful, and it gained’t be long before your order will arrive.

in case you need to take a moment to witness the chef in movement, lightly stroll through the valuable door, and make your manner across the returned.

The cooks right here are so friendly, it turned into first-rate to see them chortle as we stared in awe, the sheer amount of oil, of seafood, and the large length of all of the frying pans – it's miles pretty a sight to see.

And of course, one so as to make you uncontrollably hungry right away.

move returned outside and attempt to find a table, and of direction for seating, and then for consuming, this step is always extra easy to do with pals.

hundreds of fish frying on the same time, it's going to make you uncontrollably hungry
the amount OF FRYING movement IS mind-BLOWING – each of those ARE complete OF FISH
Crispy and Crackling meeting Line
The sounds of nearly 10 massive deep-frying pans full of fish are without problems heard all of the way from the ordering line.

walking back into the kitchen is highly enjoyable but, and its clear to me from this lunchtime as a minimum, that human beings of Terangganu are very secure running with gigantic quantities of frying seafoods each day.

these two ladies are professionals at fast cleansing each squid earlier than the deep frying which comes subsequent
those younger women had been taking part in a threat to expose us how to properly easy every squid for frying.

One woman lightly removes the inside parts of a squid (along with the ink sack, which is normally stored), after which offers it a short rinse earlier than passing it down.

the second one lady then quickly but easily eliminates the squid’s outer layer of pores and skin with a knife, making small incisions earlier than putting off all of it by using hand as one shiny pink sheath.

Smaller squid will nonetheless have smooth skin, but with fats and extra mature squid like those, the outer skin may be difficult after frying.

4 mackerel to a plate, and i think we had 3 orders of this today at Pok Nong Seafood
The Lunch banquet begins with Fish
the primary of the fried fish are prepared, the first of numerous different plates that were on their way.

To quickly describe a bit about the mackerel, you may see why its just a perfect fish to deep fry.

The mackerel does have scales, and therefore it's far halal and safe for Muslims to consume, but the scales are so small that the skin is sort of velvety to touch – which offers no hassle at all to our enamel after those fish deep fry!

i am amazed at how light and golden the colour is of these fried, crispy, little fish, and there’s not anything like a display of fish like this to get the urge for food going.

specially else, that is just an exceedingly fun finger-food, and so simply after the instant they're cool sufficient to the touch, dig in on your first finger-ful of white, mackerel meat.

Crispy on the out of doors, bouncy and chewy on the inside, The squid here are super
Fried Squid
The squid here are a miniature epic of a journey of texture – I truely love each chunk of these.

Frying to quite a difficult, crispy outdoor, but so skinny, giving manner immediately to the bouncy, nicely chewy, thick chicken within. Take the scissors furnished, and reduce each piece yourself before ingesting.

Squid to me is more about the feel, but there may be a richness and fattiness there as well. Our squid sincerely came full of eggs, and these roe appearance beautiful as well, like a bit bowl of glass beads internal every squid.

Sauce on your heart’s delight
The deep frying may additionally go away them with a bit much less flavor on their own – so that you may also sooner or later need to grab a sauce to go with those bites as nicely.

The eating place has a dark sauce that includes the squid, it smells bitter and tastes barely sweet, and whilst I want it turned into a chunk greater highly spiced, it in reality goes top notch with these squid.

those plates of squid were long gone in a hurry, i was very grateful to see still many more plates of both fish, squid, and then shrimp, on their manner from the recent oil drip trays to our desk.

easy, deep fried, and scrumptious. The shrimp is a have to-order at Warung Pok Nong restaurant
pink AND GOLD, simply shades on this evidently scrumptious PLATE OF FRIED SHRIMP
Fried Shrimp
At closing, the plates of large shrimp arrive, the only dish I never can wait to strive (I received’t lie, I may also have burned a finger or , attaining in earlier than they even hit the table).

The shrimp here are large, they could best match six or seven to a whole dinner plate, and the small bits of crispy batter on top upload a pleasing of entirety for presentation.

The huge scales on the returned are simplest too smooth to peel off, and the beauty of each chew of shrimp meat is elegant. Crunch for your heart’s content, and cheers your pals to any other successful day entire (sure, despite the fact that its simplest lunchtime!).

it's miles a need to-order right here at Warung Pok Nong eating place, it's miles obligatory to finish off about one plate of these shrimp in keeping with person earlier than absolutely everyone can dare mention mind of a departure.

Piping warm squid, sparkling from the frying pans
THE FRIED SQUID IS PILING UP, just WATCH YOUR fingers while IT ARRIVES – it's miles warm!
The very last step earlier than each batch of seafood is prepared consists of a at the back of-the-scenes movement that I also want to proportion with you.

The chef cleans out each pan of a virtually unbelievably amount of crispy batter that falls off at some stage in the cooking. He swoops those all out, swishing through the oil with a large display screen tool, and movements maximum of the fried-to-a-crisp bits of batter into a collection urn at once at the back of him.

word: some bits to go on top of each plate, however most of the people is not used for meals, however goes to feed the households chickens that stay out behind the restaurant instead.

It made the experience all of the better nonetheless to see how, even at this sort of busy and popular searching eating place, there was nonetheless a completely ordinary and nearby circle of relatives lifestyles in movement. Their lives here are growing and taking place in conjunction with the restaurant’s boom as well, and it's miles great to see an instantaneous view of 1 local own family serving meals (and their happiness) to so many other families coming for a meal.

Ice cream and shaved ice, covered with candy and colorful syrup
DON’T neglect considered one of numerous DRINK OR DESSERT options here TO HAVE on the give up OF YOUR MEAL.
The restaurant experience
It is a great day, whenever you can both visit the beach, and keep down ratios of over a dozen objects of seafood in step with individual according to table. exceedingly, our large order this present day nonetheless did no longer include the total kind of seafoods (or cakes) to be had at Warung Pok Nong.

There are also massive crabs (frying shells and all), a few other styles of fish besides the squid, mackerel, and tuna in our order these days, and then deep frying fish balls and tofu which also appear to be favorites here as properly.

subsequently, you can word on almost every table inside the restaurant, a dessert order of this vivid, cooling, ice cream and shave ice combination.

I did not do this myself, but some human beings at our desk say that it's miles very sweet, clean, and an excellent finish to the more heavy seafood options in a meal right here.

add to their dipping sauce with your personal part of Tempoyak, the fermented durian local Malaysian delicacy that we assume youve been sporting to your pocket for the complete ride
BONUS in case you occur TO BE carrying TEMPOYAK for your POCKET… mix YOUR own DIP!**
Terangganu – the proper seaside surroundings
The seafood options right here are wonderful, however i would say that its the environment and place of this Terangganu restaurant that would keep me coming lower back.

I couldn’t believe a higher region to go for a mid-day meal with circle of relatives and friends, an interesting (the remarkable food) but laid-again region (the beachside seating), a high-quality example of Terangganu food and culture.

It surely reminds me of the last time we had a seafood ceremonial dinner within the sand, that point at the Arabian Sea near Karachi.

in case you are traveling Kuala Terangganu, make sure to check out a few of our different articles as nicely – here is a jaw-losing meal of neighborhood Terangganu-style breakfast at Nasi Dagang Atas Tol, and i would suggest following this by means of a lunchtime banquet at local favorite Aroma Kampong restaurant for fish, soups, and of direction, tempoyak.

notice*: Tempoyak isn't for sale here, but if you do occur to be carrying a few (like we had been, from the first time we noticed it available on the market, until the very last meal of the whole journey), then sense loose to feature a few dollops to your own small dipping box.
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2023.03.24 06:32 Latterosa_4_0_4 So...that's weird...

I'm a girl with obesity problem and i'm starting a new therapy (diet and sport) so i'll can turn in a healty body. When i started my relationship with my boyfriend i was slim and when i had my first intrusive thought to leave him, i was slim too. My first thought was to leave him cause i don't love him. (and now that thought comes back). I think i compulsivly eat in that time to stop my thoughts and that caused my this body now. Anyway, now i've lost 10 kg but, i have this thoughts now "If i'll turn slim and this time just leave him for another one?" cause in this moment i think he is too childish but, i gest so anxious to think to leave him cause i'm like "WHY? I want to want him, why he feels like a stranger to me to don't care about?" and this hurts me a are 2 months since those thoughts started be honest, i prefer die than have this thought of "not safe/peace with him" i don't know what's wrong with me.
Anyway i'll start therapy next friday... Can someone relate or have tips? And is it still rocd? Cause honestly i don't even believe i have rocd or rocd is a really mental illness. Thank you all for reading and sorry for my english (i'm not english native)
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2023.03.24 06:29 Competitive-Zebra120 I have a question

So I’m struggling in trying to figure out the best way to articulate this but I’ll try my best. When I started cutting myself I was young, about 9 or so. I consistently did cat scratches for a while before starting light styros and eventually ones that gape more and bleed more. Medium/deep styros. I feel like once I reach a new layer of skin I consistently cut there until my mental state gets so bad I cut deeper than intended. In actuality I don’t want to cut deeper than fat because I know it will limit my mobility which would be unacceptable considering the sport that I do. I have nicked fat only a few times. However my question is for those who have cut to fat many times, did it feel almost euphoric? I know it did for me, I felt kinda weird and tingly. Also, from then on were you consistently able to cut to fat? Or did you still find it very difficult to do? I think the difference between cutting to styro vs fat is that when cutting to fat a lot of people have to double swipe at the very least. Which is quite a jump from one singular cut. Anyways sorry if this is phrased weird, I guess I’m just wondering how it seems some people can so consistently get to fat. Or maybe I just feel like a lot of people do that because that’s all I tend to see on Reddit. Idk
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2023.03.24 06:25 Obsolete0_0 I love doing indivisual sports

I feel like sports make my brain go quiet and I can focus better fo a period of time. I love running and skipping rope. Do you like doing sports ? If yes, what do you like ?
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