Milesplit ny

milesplit ny

2023.02.10 11:21 OkEvening1795 milesplit ny

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2022.12.23 04:29 jamsheeeee Can someone with Milesplit Pro upload these two videos? Much thanks
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2022.09.13 14:20 yankeesfan2DJ nice one coach nice (find the errors)

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2022.04.26 07:16 Jealous-Respect-7913 Milesplit Pro

Can anyone with a milesplit pro account record and send me this comp video.
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2017.12.04 18:58 run_INXS Weekly XC thread

Season is winding down, and the only big time action were NXN in Portland and Footlocker West Region in California. Both high school meets.
As expected Katelyn Tuohy dominated the meet and set a course record of 16:44, bettering Katie Rainsberger's (U of O All-American) time by about 15 or 20 seconds. Some are already arguing that NY sophomore Tuohy is the best high school female XC runner of all time.
Brody Hasty a 4:01 miler from Tennessee was the heavy favorite in the boys race. But that event shaped up to be a big three way battle for the final two miles, with Hasty fighting it out with James Mwuara and Liam Anderson. Lurking a few strides behind them was Aiden Troutner from Utah. In the stretch it was Troutner who stayed with Hasty, and the relatively unknown senior had the extra energy over the final 100 meters to pull off an upset.
Meanwhile, at Footlocker West, Claudia Lane also one of the best high school runners ever ran under 17 and set a record for that meet.
There will be no match up next week between Tuohy and Lane.
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2015.06.06 03:35 Chiang-Kai-Shrek Anyone with a milepsplit want to help me?

It's a pretty simple task and will be greatly appreciated.
  1. Go to
  2. Go to the leaderboard/results area
  3. Go to Men's 400 (grade 9)
  4. Take a few screenshots of the page showing 1-50,100 whatever
Thank you, it will be greatly appreciated. I've always wondered how I rank in my grade but don't have access to milesplit subscription.
Thank you!!
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2014.11.06 02:01 Habstinat So who's going to NY States up in Canton this weekend?

I was there for pre-states running JV and hopefully (if I can get a ride Friday night) I'll be there again Saturday to watch the real state meet!
I really like the course, though weather won't be ideal. The Milesplit and Tullyrunners previews were released last week and it looks to be epic races up front on both sides. Considering I won't be racing is there anyone else that I should be looking for up there?
P.S. I'm serious about the ride part; if my plans fall apart (likely) or you're driving up there from the Long Island area on Friday and have an extra seat, let me know and maybe we can work something out!
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