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Jazz noir can include everything from classic rock, trip hop, classical, blues and new wave. It's really the noir part that's important; isolated, bluesie, dreamlike, moody, melancholic and menacing tones. Sit down, pour yourself a strong drink and listen to the heartbeat of the city.

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This entire week bumble has started notifications that I'm convinced are just made to mess with my head. It started on Monday morning where it gave me the typical, "you've got a bee in the hive" notification. So I go to start swiping but it won't let me because I used all my swipes the night before. So after I get off work I hop back on bumble cuz I know that's about when my swipes will be back. Well I hop on and I no longer have a match pending. But I've opened the app so I swipe like normal until I run out of swipes. Well the next morning I get the notification that there is a new pending match, and by the time I have swipes again that pending match has disappeared. And the cycle has continued every day this week.
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I’m on ps4. Have a mic. Looking for a team I can alliance with and build near. Not asking for much other than protection really and I can give a reasonable amount of compensation if need be in the form of farm or comps but nothing crazy I’m not going to be no farm bot of anybody’s I’ll go back solo before doing that. Just want a base to come back to each day after work lol. I won’t bug and kill the team. I’m active as much as I can. Mostly week nights and all day weekends. I’ll help in other ways as much as I can. Got friends who are taking a break and they might hop on and off from time to time or at any moment may wanna take another crack at it and they’re definitely beneficial but at the moment I am solo. I could be a great asset just looking for a neighbor.
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Hi. I am having odd symptoms. I’m not unsure if I am sensitive to heat but here I go…I am 33, 3 months post miscarriage and 6 months off birth control. I discovered I have Turner Syndrome and low AMH levels with possible diminished ovarian syndrome. 6 weeks after going off BCP I developed night sweats, as well as underarm sweats during the day. Then it stopped after 2 weeks. I was soon pregnant and no more sweating. 6 weeks post miscarriage it started it again. Nightsweats tend to be more prominent during or around my cycle. However, the under arm sweating is now every day on/off day time only. My new problem is I am sensitive to heat outside and ESPECIALLY when driving. My whole back sweats as well as behind my knees and legs. I also notice now when I rush around the house doing chores, or if the car is too warm, I easily get too warm. When I hop out of my chair in the morning at work, I do feel a little dizzy but it is only in the morning. Does this sound like POTS? I am nodding off around 5 pm almost daily. Please share experiences.
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2023.06.02 01:10 Far-Librarian-9847 Medical

Hi. I am having odd symptoms. I’m not unsure if I am sensitive to heat but here I go…I am 33, 3 months post miscarriage and 6 months off birth control. I discovered I have Turner Syndrome and low AMH levels with possible diminished ovarian syndrome. 6 weeks after going off BCP I developed night sweats, as well as underarm sweats during the day. Then it stopped after 2 weeks. I was soon pregnant and no more sweating. 6 weeks post miscarriage it started it again. Nightsweats tend to be more prominent during or around my cycle. However, the under arm sweating is now every day on/off day time only. My new problem is I am sensitive to heat outside and ESPECIALLY when driving. My whole back sweats as well as behind my knees and legs. I also notice now when I rush around the house doing chores, or if the car is too warm, I easily get too warm. When I hop out of my chair in the morning at work, I do feel a little dizzy but it is only in the morning. Does this sound like POTS? I am nodding off around 5 pm almost daily. Normal TSH and T3 Uptake is one point away from out of range. Went from 27 to 34 over the last 8 monthz. Please share experiences.
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2023.06.02 01:00 Tyranitron [Fanfic[ A Beast's Heart Ch.40

Hey everyone! I managed to finally do what I planned and alternate fics with each chapter xD. I don't know what it is, but I get hyper focused here and there and then I can get such writer's block with certain things while writing but then get in a zone after managing to get past certain sections. Anyway, this is the second of three planned Linked Souls Day chapters, the next one being the last and from there just hopefully one more chapter that serves as a prelude and transition into the canon events. But don't quote me fully on this as it MIGHT turn into two chapters depending on if I can fit everything in it. But I'm excited to get into the canon material as I've had plans for it since 2020 xD. Anyway, I'm going to likely swap back to my Helluva Boss fic to do a chapter than swap back to this as I want to try to prevent any burn out. Fair warning, I might get a lil hyper focused on the HB fic, but I will do my best to keep a good balance and get back to this as soon as possible.
As I've said before both of these fics are passion projects that I intend to finish no matter how long it takes as I love writing in both worlds. Also, I'm still sticking to this being set pretty much in Japan given everything in canon and sticking to those sensibilities and laws while not neglecting my own western ones and other westerners. I know I've put the disclaimer bout the Nazomi and Sebastian relationship on every prior chapter focusing on then, I just want to make it clear each time this is being handled with care and the maturity it demands. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I might get the next chapter out maybe early next month or near the end of this one depending on how things go, but I WILL get it out.
Also, curious what everyone thinks about my introduction of a Valentines equivalent.

After Shinoku and Vega left to meet up with Anya and Sheila, Sebastian took the time to finish getting ready for when he’d meet up with Nazomi. Just like his friends, Sebastian took his time to make sure that he looked good enough for their rendezvous, putting on some clothes he had that looked very similar to the Cherryton uniform aside from differing colors and other minor things. Also like Shinoku and Vega, he had gotten Nazomi a gift as well. After making sure he was good and ready for his meet up with Nazomi, Sebastian went back to reading to pass the time till he needed to head down the hill to meet up with her. As he waited, Sebastian heard his phone ring, quickly going to see who it was and answering it when he saw it was his mother.
“Hello Sebastian.” His mother said as he answered the phone. “I hope you’re well.”
“Hi mom.” he replied. “Yeah, I’m doing well.”
“That’s good to hear. How are your grades, I trust you’re keeping them high like you always do.” His mother inquired.
“I am.”
“That’s good to hear, you always do your best. Though, I’m not sure why you don’t do cram school like your brother did and your sister is doing. It’s nice that you work hard, don’t get me wrong, but I just want to make sure you’re living up to your full potential.” She said, her tone carrying that always subtle pressure of a proud lioness with high expectations.
And there it was; while she did care for him like any lion mother, she always wanted him to live up to the standards and the image of what a lion should be. Not that she was any different from any other lioness towards her kids, they all knew they had to make sure that the reputation of the king of beasts was maintained. It was an ever present driving force for lions; to stand apart, set the example, excel and push yourself to ever higher points and positions. It was both the greatest driving factor, and the most dangerous threat to a lion. While most would manage to get by and repress the toll it took or even thrive; for others, it would be far too much pressure. It was what lead to so many lions to go to the back alley, to form the likes of the shishigumi or join it.
Sebastian took a moment, the pressure of his mother’s expectations briefly showing before he quickly composed himself. “I understand mom, don’t worry, I have everything planned out.” he assured her. “I’m just tackling things in a way that allows me to give my full attention to my grades here. It’s not that I’m not interested in cram school, I just think it’s more logical to not have my focus split too much.”
“Always the analytical one my little Seby.” his mother commented. “But you only focus on your schoolwork and your reading, even your brother managed to handle doing cram school AND being on his school’s baseball team. He always did so well, even as a cub. Your sister’s also excelling in her gymnastics.” She added. His mother never overtly sounded disappointed, but the subtle nudges and constant reminding of his siblings’ achievements spoke volumes of her wanting him to be like them and every other lion. Why couldn’t she just understand that while he had the potential like every other lion, he just didn’t have the interest? Wasn’t it enough that they were bringing home trophies to show off?
Sebastian let the pressure he felt slip slightly once more before regaining his composure again. “That’s good to hear they’re doing so well…” he said in a cheerful voice. “You don’t need to worry though mom, I’ll make sure I get into a good college, plus all my teachers like me. Getting a recommendation good enough to be accepted won’t be hard to get.”
“True, your teachers always liked you.” His mother said. “But it’s just so rare for a lion not to do cram school. At least, in terms of the ones wanting to make a good life for themselves.” she commented in a veiled implication that a lot of the lions who chose not to were always trouble makers and bad seeds.
“I know mom.” Sebastian replied. “But I do have a career path set and I’m not going to stray from it.”
“And given the way you study and your grades I have no doubt. I can’t wait to hear what prestigious college you become the head over. But you might decide to be something equally important to society.” his mother commented. He never dared once to say he wanted to just teach, he didn’t even care where. All he ever said when what he wanted to be came up was something potentially in education and just smile and nod when his mother would suggest stuff. “By the way, have you found a nice lioness yet?”
“No, not yet mom.” Sebastian replied. He didn’t even dare to think about giving her a hint that he had found someone, knowing full well the questions that ensue about her and wanting to see a picture of or talk to her.
“That’s a shame, I hate to hear that you’re alone on Linked Souls Day. Are you looking?” his mother asked.
“Yes mom, I am.” Sebastian lied. “I’ll find someone, it just takes time for some.”
“But you’re so handsome, are you sure you’re looking or giving good impressions?”
“I am…” Sebastian replied as he held back a sigh.
“Alright. But just know that I have a few friends with very nice daughters, I could always introduce you to.”
Sebastian pinched his brow. “Thanks...but I’m sure I’ll find someone soon.”
“OK, just don’t get so caught up in your studies that you forget.” his mother commented. “Anyway, I need to get going, your father’s going to be taking me out for a romantic date. He says hi by the way.”
“I won’t.” Sebastian said as he composed himself once more. “And that sounds nice, tell him I say hello.”
“Sure. And Sebastian, keep working hard and making us proud.” his mother said before hanging up.
Sebastian let out a sigh as he hung up his phone, putting it back in his pocket. As he did so, Hassan looked at him. “I get the whole familial pressure, it’s not fun. I can only imagine what it’s like with being a lion.”
“She means well…” Sebastian replied.
“Clearly given the expressions you let slip.” Hassan pointed out. “I’m not trying to say your mother’s horrible, but her intentions aren’t exactly selfless.”
“It’s just how it is for us lions.”
“Well if you ask me it’s a bunch of bullshit.” Jax commented.
Hassan just shrugged. “Like Sebastian said, it’s just what it is. All we can do is just not let it get to us and forge our own paths the best we can when it comes to expectations.”
“Anyway, I better start heading out, it’s getting close to time for me to meet up with miss Nazomi.” Sebastian said as he stood up, walking over to get the flowers and gift for Nazomi.
“Sure you don’t need any help?” Hassan asked.
“I’ll be fine.”
Hassan nodded. “Alright.”
“Keep living the dream dude, maybe you’ll get to spend the night with her.” Jax said with a wide grin.
Sebastian just rolled his eyes at Jax before walking out to meet up with Nazomi, not even wanting to respond to the comment. As he headed down to the main floor of the dorm, Sebastian felt a combination of excitement and nervousness. It was his first time celebrating Linked Souls Day with anyone, not that he was ever really bothered about not being able to do so in the past. Sebastian also felt a bit guilty due to the fact that because he was a student and Nazomi a teacher, he couldn’t really do anything publicly with her let alone the fact that she was preparing the meal for them to eat.
Deep down he was a romantic at heart, much maligning the fact that he couldn’t be the one to treat her to a cooked meal. It didn’t really feel right that on Linked Souls Day she was doing most the work. It was just something that he would make sure to do in the future if things got that far with them. Although he still worried about being the potential cause of her losing her job. That, and exactly when and how he was going to introduce her to his parents when he was no longer a student. Hopefully he’d have it figured out when the time came.
Sebastian let out a sigh as he exited the boy’s dorm. Despite all the worries, he still deep down found himself hoping that this would work out. Even with the returning thought of this being just a potential rebellion against his parents and their expectations, he could not deny how he felt about the older feline. Especially with their first date still ever present in his mind. No matter what challenges or obstacles they might face, he was willing to face them, his resolve hardening all the more. Even if it ended up with them having to end things before something bad happened, he’d rather live knowing he tried his best than giving into the fear and not trying to fight for his own happiness.
It didn’t take long for Sebastian to leave the school and get down the hill to where Nazomi said she would be waiting for him, and as he got to their rendezvous spot he stopped. His eyes widened as he felt his heart about to beat out of his chest. Before him stood Nazomi next to her car, dressed in a rather nice satin button down green blouse and black business skirt with a slit on the left side that fit her perfectly. She looked beautiful, so much so that Sebastian felt his cheeks were on fire and his heart was about toleap out of his chest as he blushed, unable to really say anything for a few moments.
“W-wow…” he managed to say as he managed to walk over to Nazomi. “You look...amazing.”
Nazomi smiled a bit. “Thank you, I did try.” she said as she blushed ever so slightly. “I would have worn a dress, but I didn’t want to arouse any real suspicion…”
“It’s fine, there’s not a time I’ve seen you where you didn’t look beautiful.” Sebastian said as he continued to blush, rubbing the back of his head as he did so.
Nazomi blushed more. “You look quite handsome yourself, and just as professional as I do.” she commented. “At least it won’t look too suspicious...I hope.”
“I’m sure it won’t.” Sebastian commented before blinking. “Oh, right, I got you these.” Sebastian added as he handed her the bouquet.
“Awe, thank you love.” Nazomi almost cooed as she took the flowers. “They’re beautiful, I can’t remember the last time I got flowers...Thank you.”
Sebastian smiled as he then handed her a smallish wrapped box. “I also got you this.”
Nazomi blinked as she took the gift, opening it to see it was a bottle of perfume. Taking it out of the box she gave it a sniff. “It smells wonderful, I can’t imagine how much this was…”
“It’s nothing, I saw it one day and thought it’d suit you. So I saved up to make sure I could get you it for today.”
Nazomi smiled, tail flicking as a purr emitted from her throat. “You really are too sweet.” she said as she moved to put the gifts up and then hugged Sebastian. “Again, thanks.” she added as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Shall we?”
“Yes.” Sebastian replied, giving Nazomi a nuzzle.
The two got in Nazomi’s car, Sebastian first asking if he should maybe hide out of site like in the trunk only for Nazomi to insist that he sit in the passenger seat. Despite his concerns she said if anyone asked, she was just helping him get to Linked Souls Day meet up. Which, in the most technical sense was not a lie. Sebastian nodded, getting in the passenger seat before Nazomi started her car up and drove.
As They drove through the city to Nazomi’s house something hit Sebastian that he could not believe he didn’t think about even when he had first seen the female cat. “Hey, Mrs. Nazomi?” he asked as he looked at her.
“Yes love?” she asked.
“I just realized...you’re a bit tall for an oriental shorthair. It’s something I should have realized sooner, are you…”
“A mixed species?” Nazomi finished asking for him with a slight smile. “Most don’t really take note until they hit their growth spurts and outgrow me by whatever their heights usually are depending on species. But yes, I am.” she answered. “I’m one third panther on my mother’s side.”
Sebastian blinked, that would explain why she was a bit more ebony in her fur color and why she was taller than the typical shorthair. In fact, her coming up to just under the mid point of his chest hadn’t come off as odd until he thought about it. With some growth still to come, odds are she’d likely be at his gut or just over his waist by the time he finished growing. Not that it was really a problem or he minded, it was just an observation he made.
His eyes glanced over at the scenery as they drove, taking in the buildings and noting that they were sticking to a fairly nice part of town. He then glanced over at Nazomi, taking in how beautiful she looked with a blush, she really was quite something. Sebastian found himself moving his hand closer to hers when they stopped at a red light. Nazomi smiled as she noticed, her hand moving towards his as they held hands for a moment before the light turned green. It did become a thing though with each stop they had to make, both of them enjoying the sign of affection.
It didn’t take too long until they had entered in a rather nice looking neighborhood, about the kind Sebastian assumed Nazomi might live in. It was nice and modest and the house that Nazomi pulled in to was just as nice looking. Thankfully, most of her neighbors were either out celebrating the holiday or doing so in their homes.“Here we are.” Nazomi said warmly.
“It’s a nice looking home.” Sebastian said as the two got out.
“Thanks. It’s really nothing all that special, but it’s nice and cozy and it’s really all I need.” Nazomi replied as she got the gifts Sebastian had gotten before heading to the door with the lion, both their tails flicking and even entwining a bit as they approached it. When they got to the door Nazomi fumbled a bit as she got her keys to unlock it.
“Allow me.” Sebastian offered as he helped her unlock the door, opening it for her.
“Thank you.” Nazomi smiled as she took a quick look around before pecking his cheek. “I’ll put these up while you make yourself at home. I haven’t quite started what I was going to fix, so it will be a bit longer before we eat.”
“You haven’t?” Sebastian inquired. “Then mind if I help? I feel bad that you’re doing a lot of the work and it’s only right that I do everything I can for you today.”
Nazomi smiled as she looked at him. “You’re such a kind, sweet, animal Sebastian. I don’t mind, really.”
“I insist.”
Nazomi chuckled slightly. “You really are a gentleman aren’t you?” she mused.
Sebastian blushed a bit as he rubbed the back of his head. “I just...I want to do whatever I can. You’re a wonderful woman and a great teacher. And, well, I want to take any and every opportunity I can get to treat you right because you deserve it.” the lion said as he blushed some more, conviction clear to see in his eyes.
Nazomi couldn’t help but blush, his words having touched her more than anything in her past relationships. “Alright, how about this? If you want to help me then let’s make it a thing and finish cooking it together?” she offered with a smile.
“I’d like that.” Sebastian agreed with his own smile.
“Alright, just give me a moment.”
Sebastian nodded as Nazomi went to go put up the gifts that Sebastian jad gotten her. As she headed off, Sebastian found his eyes wandering over her form, taking in her figure that was shown off by her attire as well as lower, noting her slightly swaying hips and…tail. Sebastian cursed himself as he moved his eyes to something else. Sure he was still a teenager, a boy, but he prided himself in being better than most. Sure he had his...moments, as Jax so brazenly pointed out. But the last thing he wanted was to be that inappropriate towards Nazomi, even if he did, at times, allow some indulgences here and there.
When Nazomi got back she smiled. “Alright, ready?”
Sebastian nodded. “Yes.”
“OK, should be done in half the time with both of us working on it.”
Nazomi lead Sebastian to the kitchen to show him that she was preparing, a fruit lasagna with the usual accompaniments. After Sebastian looked over the recipe she was using, one from the cooking show Happy Happy Cooking that was toted to be one of their more popular ones among carnivores. he set to work helping her, working side by side as they prepared the fruit, making sure that everything was layered properly. Like in the car, ever now and then Nazomi and Sebastian would briefly hold hands as they prepared the meal, satisfying their feline proclivity for touch contact. It wasn’t too long before they had the lasagna in the oven and the accompanying bread.
“Alright, shouldn’t be too long for it to fully cook, thanks for the help.” Nazomi said as she nuzzled Sebastian, giving him an affectionate hug as well. “In the meantime, we can go over some of my old notes and other things while we wait to help you out with your career path if you like.”
“Sure.” Sebastian smiled as he nuzzled and hugged her back, the two staying like that for a good minute.
“I’ll go get them then.” Nazomi said as she finally and somewhat hesitantly separated to go get her old college notes and study material, returning shortly after with them.
While the food cooked Nazomi went over various things she had to study and learn with Sebastian, covering things they hadn’t gone over from prior times and quizzing him on material they had. To Sebastian, this was like cram school in a sense, getting ready for what he’d need to know to excel in college, only with a more...personal and romantic one on one touch. While he never had issue with paying attention to any of his teachers, Sebastian always hung on every word Nazomi said. To him, her voice was just as beautiful as everything else about her. And just like all the times before, they shared affections with each other.
It seemed like no time at all when the food was done, the two of them chalking it up to them just enjoying each other’s company so much. As Nazomi got the lasagna and bread Sebastian set the table before helping her prepare their plates. As he finished helping her he noticed her take out some wine glasses and a bottle of wine and pouring some of the red liquid in each, although one was more of a sample serving compared to the other, before putting it up and placing them on the table.
“Wine?” Sebastian inquired.
“Just to help things feel a bit more normal.” Nazomi explained. “You don’t have to even drink it. But I was your age once, Rex it only feels like yesterday, and even back then sampling wine wasn’t wrong. That first date we had where you encouraged me to not deny myself any wine, where we acted like a teacher and student just having a meet up to discuss things, stayed on my mind for a while. It wasn’t right that there was some inequality, a full romantic atmosphere. So, I figured sense we’re in private I’d have us on an even level or give the feeling of it. But as I said, you don’t have to drink it.” she said before sitting down.
Sebastian blushed, smiling as he sat down. “Thank you, love.” he said with a fair bit of warmth in hid voice.
It never ceased to surprise the other that both worried about the other’s feelings and the challenges they had to face with their secretive relationship. Something that mad each grow more attached to the other was when a few days after their first date Nazomi had confessed to Sebastian that she was far more hesitant and worried than she let on. Revealing she had been hiding the anxiety of them being a thing and was actually on the verge of suggesting they just call the attempt off out of fear as well as the revelation of his uncle. But she had decided to go through with it because of how truly genuine and good a man he was among other things that made her want to try. Sebastian himself had also confided in her his own concerns and worries about it and her, which made her just feel all the stronger for him over time.
“By the way, how has your day been so far?” Sebastian asked as he began to eat, taking a bite of the lasagna. “Oh, this is delicious.”
“It is.” Nazomi agreed as she took a bite of it. “It’s all thanks to you though, doubt it would have been as good without a little help.” she said with a smile. “As for my day, it’s gone well so far, just the usual grading of papers and preparing for the coming weeks’ lessons. Same old, same old, really. So far the rest of the students I have are nice and do there best. Despite what issues some might cause outside of the classroom I don’t really have to deal with any troublemakers really. Maybe a few slackers or an unmotivated student, but that’s about it.”
“Well you’re a great teacher, I find it hard to believe that any pf my peers would want to cause any trouble in your class. Not only that, but you’re very nice and helpful too.” Sebastian commented.
A smile formed on Nazomi’s mouth as her ebony fur darkened. “Thank you, you’re always so sweet Sebastian.” she said as she purred a bit. “Honestly, I think you’re one of the best students at the school, you work hard and are always so polite. I know you’ll go far with being a teacher.”
Sebastian blushed heavily. “Thank you…” he said with a half smile. “Though I will admit, keeping it up can be a bit— stressful. Comes with being a lion, expectations and familial pressure.” he admitted
Nazomi blinked as she looked at him. “Is it that hard?”
“It’s, well…”
Nazomi moved her hand to rest on top of his. “You can tell me if this is something negatively effecting you Sebastian.”
The lion sighed a bit. “It is hard. Being a lion you’re seen as the king of beasts, someone who’ll go far and have high positioned jobs or in some form of leadership. That image both helps and hurts us, becoming a driving factor of pushing ourselves as much as possible to keep to a standard. It’s something that permeates every lion family, the mothers and fathers pushing their kids to do something worthy of being a lion. Cram school is seen as an expected and normal thing to do and those who don’t do it are mostly looked down on as they are often those that end up in gangs or didn’t try hard enough.”
Nazomi’s hand gripped his, squeezing gently. “Is your family pressuring you?”
“Not...entirely. My mother often brings up what my older brother and my sister are doing and keeps suggesting I try to do the same. She doesn’t seem disappointed, but there’s just something about her voice…” Sebastian admitted. “She is happy that I’m doing well, but I know she expects more. She thinks I’m planning to go into an education position that’s high up, or at a prestigious university when I don’t care where I teach so long as I do some good.”
Nazomi squeezed his hand again, feeling bad for the lion. “That’s not all that good Sebastian, have you thought about bringing it up to a councilor?”
Sebastian shrugged. “Somewhat. But as I said, this permeates lions as a whole, it’s far too ingrained to really be dealt with. Thankfully my situation isn’t too bad, it cab be far worse. Plus, I like learning so it’s not that big of a deal. I also have my friends and, well, you.” he smiled.
Nazomi blushed heavily. “I see…”
“I hope I didn’t make things awkward or anything…”
“No, no! You’re fine Sebastian.” Nazomi assured. “It’s good you have a support system and you don’t really let it get to you, you’re very strong for that. Will you tell your mother you’ll try to teach anywhere?”
“Eventually, yes, when I’m nearing the end of my higher education and am about to apply to various places.” Sebastian answered. “Just like how I’ll tell her about us when I’m a bit into my freshman year at college or before I get into college if we get that far, which I hope we do and keep doing. You are an amazing woman and to be honest, to me you are far more exceptional than any other.”
Nazomi blinked, her fur becoming more dark red than ebony black as her heart melted. He was the kindest, most genuine soul she had ever met and continued to prove he was mature beyond his years. “I— thank you Sebastian.” she said with a soft purr, falling a fair bit more for the lion.
From there the two continued to talk as they ate, taking their time and enjoying each other’s company as they swapped stories about their childhood. Nazomi found herself surprised as she learned that even as a young kid Sebastian was well mannered and somewhat bookish. She felt comfortable around him, able to share with him more embarrassing things like the time she was so nervous to do a presentation in high school that she messed up a word or two or when she practically face planted when she was looking at a crush. It just felt right and natural to be so open with him.
When they had finished eating, Sebastian even having drank the small bit of wine, he and Nazomi cleared the table. Sebastian even helped her with the dishes before they went back to going over some more of Nazomi’s old papers and work to help prepare him. It seemed like no time once more as they noticed the sun was start to set.
“Is it really that late already?” Nazomi asked as she looked at her clock, taking note of the time.
“Looks like it.” Sebastian commented.
“My how time flies, it seems to go so slow until well…” she blushed. “I’m around you.”
Sebastian blushed heavily. “Yeah…”
“Thank you for the lovely time, as well as the gifts and helping out, not many guys are as considerate as you.” Nazomi commented.
“Well, you’re worth any effort…” the lion blushed.
Nazomi smiled, blushing as well. How could this lion keep finding ways to make her heart feel like it was a puddle? She hadn’t really met many guys with the ability to do that over the years, more so not in recent years. It had gotten to the point where she just really stopped looking. But then Sebastian came around and made her feel things she hadn’t felt in a long time. His gentlemanly studious nature and willingness to be so considerate, among other things, just had her more enamored with each time they were together. The fact that he was willing to take things so slow, deny himself the most basic of typical teenage experiences that most his age were having just made him seem too good to be true. And yet, there he was proving to be just that good.
Then there was the fact that while she did do a fare share for the holiday he had not only helped out, but went out of his way to get her flowers and a rather nice gift, not expecting anything special in return and just wanting to treat her right. As the lion got up from where they had been sitting she stood. “Sebastian, before I take you back to Cherryton...I think you deserve another kiss.”
Sebastian blinked as he blushed. “I don’t want you to feel obligated to…”
“No, I want to.” Nazomi admitted with a smile. “The only true thing that’s tricky with our relationship is that you’re a student and I’m a teacher. You’ve proven time and again just how good a man you are and that you are someone I...have looked for.” she blushed. “So I don’t see us kissing, at least in private and while off school grounds as being an issue. I know you’d never take advantage of me and I want to reward you for such, and for treating me to one of the best times I’ve had in a while.”
Sebastian’s tail started to flick happily as he smiled. “Alright.”
The two approached each other, embracing as they leaned in to share a kiss. Just like with their first, it was utterly electrifying for Sebastian. The feel of Nazomi’s lips unlike anything he felt before as his heart beat out of his chest as he started to purr. Sebastian enjoyed every second that the kiss lasted, his hands starting to subconsciously roam along her back a bit, though he would catch and restrain himself before they went too low.
Nazomi for her part pressed a bit firmer than last time, what with it being a holiday for love. As they kissed she noticed that Sebastian’s hands roaming along her back, taking in her form and the feel of her body and causing her to purr a fair bit. She smiled as she noticed he restrained himself from doing anything inappropriate, knowing her trust in him would never be misplaced. Although she promised to herself one day when he was no longer a student, she’d allow him to no longer restrain himself.
As she finally broke the kiss Nazomi smiled. “That was a wonderful kiss, possibly better than the first.” she giggled.
“Y-yeah…” Sebastian agreed, his cheeks a dark red.
“Thank you for being such a gentleman and not taking advantage.” Nazomi commented as they stayed embraced.
“I’d never.”
“I know love.” she smiled. “And that is why I will make you this promise. If we manage to make it to when you are out of school, then you have permission to not restrain yourself anymore as we’ll be in the clear. Not that you’d need my permission at that point” Nazomi giggled. “Anyway, we best get going before it gets too dark.”
Sebastian’s blush deepened all the more. “Yeah…”
The two headed back out to Nazomi’s car, first checking for anyone that might notice before getting in and driving off. The ride back went much like the first, the two briefly holding hands here and there as they made their way through the city. It was something that both Sebastian and Nazomi seemed almost unable to resist doing. Hell, when they had walked back to Nazomi’s car their tails entwined again.
When they got back to the bottom of the hill that Cherryton rested on the moon had not been fully risen for too long. “Thanks again for the lovely Linked Souls Day, I haven’t really celebrated it in so long.” Nazomi said as she parked the car.
“No problem, hopefully our next date can be somewhat soon.” Sebastian replied with a smile. “I hope the rest of your weekend goes well.”
“Thank you Sebastian, you too, I’ll see you Monday.” Nazomi smiled.
Sebastian was about to get out when he stopped. “Nazomi?”
“Mind if we...have one more kiss?” Sebastian asked as he blushed.
Nazomi smiled as a giggle escaped her lips. “I suppose not, it’s only right to have a goodnight kiss after a date.”
The two leaned in close, sharing in one more kiss as they rested a paw on the back of each other’s head, purring loudly as they did so. When the kiss broke a few moments later Sebastian smiled. “Good night.”
“Good night love.”
Sebastian got out of the car, walking back up the hill as Nazomi turned her car around and left. The lion smiled as his heart continued to race, he was as happy as he had ever felt and was all the happier that Nazomi felt the same way as he did. While it was true their relationship had a strong possibility of stopping if they were ever in great enough danger of being found out, it seemed that she was daring for it to work as much as he was. Whether it did or not, only the future knew.
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2023.06.02 00:57 karlbon03 2024 Nascar Schedule. Hypothetical and w/ reasoning

Exhibition: LA Clash @ Busch Coliseum - Feb 4
Without having Auto Club in this year's schedule, the NASCAR team is going to desperately look for a race to fit in to that part of the country. Keeping the LA Clash is solid idea for the marketing aspect of it, and trying to bring in new fans. (I have 35 races instead of the normal 36, to fit in one more OFF Week, and the championship race date.)
1. Daytona 500 - Sunday, Feb. 18 - 3:30 PM ET
What is there to explain?
2. Las Vegas - Sunday, Feb. 25 - 4:00 PM ET
Nascar jumps straight into the west coast swing, but they shrink it down to 2 races, do to the scene at Auto Club.
3. Phoenix - Sunday, Mar. 3 - 4:00 PM ET
Another part of the West Coast swing.
4. Atlanta - Sunday, Mar. 10 - 5:00 PM ET
I know SMI will not allow Atlanta to not have two dates, but this is hypothetical. Basically bringing this one to fruition is dealing with it and not having to worry about it again this year.
5. COTA - Sunday, Mar. 17 - 3:30 PM ET
What more do I have to say?
6. Martinsville - Sunday, Mar. 24 - 3:00 PM ET
Martinsville jumps over a couple races from its 2023 date, to bring back some early in the year short track action.
7. Bristol Dirt - Sunday, Apr. 7 - 6:30 PM ET
Taking a week off early isn't something Nascar wants to do, but you don't need to have a race on a cherished family holiday. Hold the Bristol dirt race right after and keep the same format you have.
8. Texas - Sunday, Apr. 14 - 4:00 PM ET
Texas will jump out of the playoffs, and go back to it's original early spring date. And it will be a hopeful day into night race. Texas has been boring for years, since the repave. Many fans hate it, but getting this track out of the way early is something fans might like.
9. Rockingham - Saturday, Apr. 20 - 7:00 PM ET
We have our first Saturday night race of the season. And it comes with the successfully remodeled Rockingham Speedway. With fresh pavement on the ground and newly added lights, this builds for a perfect welcome back.
10. Talladega - Sunday, Apr. 28 - 3:30 PM ET
Talladega retains its late April stature in the calendar.
11. Kansas - Saturday, May. 4 - 7:00 PM ET
Kansas is arguably the best track with the NextGen cars, and bringing a showdown under the lights in America's Heartland, will be great addition for the schedule.
12. Darlington - Sunday, May 12 - 3:00 PM ET
Darlington keeps its Mother's Day date.
Exhibition: All-Star @ Nashville Fairgrounds - Sunday, May. 19 - 7:00 PM ET
With Nashville Fairgrounds plans in Nascar still up in the air, I feel as if we can kind of do a North Wilkesboro to it, and give it the All-Star date for fun. 225 Laps under the lights on FOX is something people would like to see.
13. Coca-Cola 600 - Sunday, May 26 - 6:30 PM ET
Memorial Day.
14. Dover - Sunday, Jun. 2 - 2:30 PM ET
Dover goes away from the spring, to avoid the constant rain outs. Comes back to early summer and shines.
15. Michigan - Sunday, Jun. 9 - 3:00 PM ET
Michigan comes to June from August, because of the Olympics.
16. Sonoma - Sunday, Jun. 16 - 4:00 PM ET
Nascar brings back a father's day tradition, and has the field racing in the Wine Country.
17. Pocono - Sunday, Jun. 23 - 2:30 PM ET
Pocono will be the last race on the FOX/FS1 portion.
18. Nashville - Sunday, Jun 30 - 6:30 PM ET
Nascar returns to Nashville for the beginning of NBC/USA slate.
19. WWT Raceway - Sunday, Jul. 7 - 3:00 PM ET
WWT Raceway gets moved to the start of July.
20. New Hampshire - Sunday, Jul. 14 - 2:30 PM ET
Loudon retains there New England racing prominence.
21. Chicagoland - Saturday, Jul. 20 - 7:00 PM ET
The return of Chicagoland is finally here, after an abismal debut of the Chicago Street Race. Bringing Chicago back to it's Saturday night flare.
22. Richmond - Sunday, Jul. 28 - 3:00 PM ET
For the first time in a while, Richmond isn't in the spring and it only has one date, which comes into the crucial point of the schedule.
23. Brickyard 400 - Sunday, Aug. 11 - 2:30 PM ET
The Indy oval is finally brought back onto the Nascar schedule.
24. Watkins Glen - Sunday, Aug. 18 - 2:30 PM ET
Watkins Glen stays as per usual.
25. Daytona - Saturday, Aug. 24 - 7:00 PM ET
Daytona stays as the chaotic cutoff race for the playoffs.
26. Southern 500 - Sunday, Sep. 1 - 6:00 PM ET
Darlington keeps its Labor Day date.
27. Las Vegas - Sunday, Sep. 8 - 5:00 PM ET
Las Vegas stays in the playoffs, but is rather early, than a Round of 8 race.
28. North Wilkesboro - Sunday, Sep. 15 - 3:30 PM ET
North Wilkesboro makes its return as a points paying race, and comes to the drama of a cutoff race.
29. Bristol - Saturday, Sep. 21 - 7:00 PM ET
Night race gets moved one week back.
30. Roval - Sunday, Sep. 29 - 2:30 PM ET
As much as the rating's and racing product keep going down, the road course factor stays in the playoffs.
31. Kansas - Sunday, Oct. 6 - 3:00 PM ET
Kansas creates more drama as a cutoff race.
32. Talladega - Sunday, Oct. 13 - 2:30 PM ET
Talladega moves down 2 weeks, but becomes a huge fear for championship contenders.
33. Homestead - Sunday, Oct. 20 - 5:00 PM ET
Keeps it's date, but turns into day to night race.
34. Martinsville - Sunday, Oct. 27 - 3:30 PM ET
Who doesn't love a little short track desperation?
35. Phoenix Championship - Sunday, Nov. 3 - 4:30 PM ET
Phoenix was announced as the championship race next year. I prefer Homestead or Kansas.
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2023.06.02 00:55 Superb-Ad4997 Wildflower Weekend Wedding - Budget/Recap May 2023

This subreddit allowed me to plan our wedding. I am so grateful and found these breakdowns especially useful, and now a cathartic experience for me and hopefully a way to give back!
First step that helped us the most was deciding as a team early on what we wanted our wedding to bring to us and our future.
We were inspired early on by This Post and the comments.
We have both been through a lot of life and have a lot of gratitude for the people that have gotten us to this point and wanted to make space to celebrate with all of them in a big way. This inspired the rest of our wedding planning, committing us to a big guest list, requiring a big venue. We invited 304 people (154 households), 179 RSVP’d yes, and had ~10 no-show. Our family and friends live all over the country and some abroad, so we decided to pick a location close to us, but that had multiple houses on site to host our family/bridal party for the weekend (thurs-sunday; saturday wedding) so that we could have more time with those people closest to us.
Total: $69,407 (MCOL area)
Venue: $28,250 “Weekend Package”
Additional Lodging: $3965
Paper: $845
Decor: $992
Florals: $2322
Food: $8133
Alcohol: $3752
DJ: $1925
Photography/Videography: $9839
Clothing: $3930
Other: $3349
Tips: $770
Our wedding was amazing for us. It felt like an event that truly encapsulated who we are as individuals and as a couple, and that chance to celebrate with so many people we love was priceless. It felt like all the spreadsheets we’d worked on for the last 2 years turned into reality. This is the main master spreadsheet I used:
Google Spreadsheet Wedding Planning
It’s created from all sorts of different helpful spreadsheets I found here and from other wedding websites. The “Checklist” really doesn’t start until I realized how easy it is to get lost in needing to capture so many personal little details that would keep me up at night feeling like they were slipping through the cracks. But if you’re starting from the beginning, you will need to include the big ticket “check boxes” that are in the budget portion. Hopefully it can help some others! Happy planning Weddit!
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2023.06.02 00:55 Far-Librarian-9847 Medical advice

Hi. I am having odd symptoms. I’m not unsure if I am sensitive to heat but here I go…I am 33, 3 months post miscarriage and 6 months off birth control. I discovered I have Turner Syndrome and low AMH levels with possible diminished ovarian syndrome. 6 weeks after going off BCP I developed night sweats, as well as underarm sweats during the day. Then it stopped after 2 weeks. I was soon pregnant and no more sweating. 6 weeks post miscarriage it started it again. Nightsweats tend to be more prominent during or around my cycle. However, the under arm sweating is now every day on/off day time only. My new problem is I am sensitive to heat outside and ESPECIALLY when driving. My whole back sweats as well as behind my knees and legs. I also notice now when I rush around the house doing chores, or if the car is too warm, I easily get too warm. When I hop out of my chair in the morning at work, I do feel a little dizzy but it is only in the morning. Does this sound like POTS? I also notice around 5 pm, as I started my second job at a computer, that I have to fight through nodding off for about 30 min. Just tired? Or sleep apnea symptom? Hyperthyroidism? Please share experiences. I am waiting for a bunch of appointments.
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2023.06.02 00:53 Thistastesboggin Friday 2nd June - Fiver Feed : Five things to do today in Glasgow for around a Fiver or FREE!

Friday 2nd June - Fiver Feed : Five things to do today in Glasgow for around a Fiver or FREE!
Instagram here for extra stuff and things, come join the fun! (Disclaimer - may not actually be any fun)
Shoutout for Glasgow Science Festival 1st - 11th June, 100's of activities, most are free!

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2023.06.02 00:50 mizuhri Laughing/Coughing in hip hop song?

I am having so much trouble finding this song. I’ve ruined the sound I had in my head by searching and listening to so many songs. The part I remember the person is like laughing or coughing type sound in the song then starts singing. It’s been on tiktok and Instagram all over the place and I of course can’t find it now.
This sucks but the best I can do it since I ruined it is: Uh huh huh uh uh huh then singing. Like upbeat tempo.
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2023.06.02 00:48 Far-Librarian-9847 Medical help

Hi. I am having odd symptoms. I’m not unsure if I am sensitive to heat but here I go…I am 33, 4’11 and 113 lbs. I’m on Zyrtec, Nurtec, pulmicort and singulair. I have asthma, chronic migraine & anxiety. 3 months post miscarriage and 6 months off birth control. I discovered I have Turner Syndrome and low AMH levels with possible diminished ovarian syndrome. 6 weeks after going off BCP I developed night sweats, as well as underarm sweats during the day. Then it stopped after 2 weeks. I was soon pregnant and no more sweating. 6 weeks post miscarriage it started it again. Nightsweats tend to be more prominent during or around my cycle. However, the under arm sweating is now every day on/off day time only. My new problem is I am sensitive to heat outside and ESPECIALLY when driving. My whole back sweats as well as behind my knees and legs. I also notice now when I rush around the house doing chores, or if the car is too warm, I easily get too warm. When I hop out of my chair in the morning at work, I do feel a little dizzy but it is only in the morning. Does this sound like POTS? I also notice around 5 pm, as I started my second job at a computer, that I have to fight through nodding off for about 30 min. Just tired? Or sleep apnea symptom? Hyperthyroidism? Please share experiences. I am waiting for a bunch of appointments.
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2023.06.02 00:47 StoopSign People need to party in collapze and gays know how to party. Which is the best mascot for pride month?

As the saying goes "gays know how to party and lesbians make good quiet reading partners." Whether going out for a night on the town or a day at the library enjoying AC in hundred degree heat, it would be cool if the lgbt community adopted cartoon character mascots to further the gay agenda. Plunging this country further into a Sodom of drag clubs and Gomorrah of boutique bookstores.
Some mascots I thought up include:
View Poll
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2023.06.02 00:46 GiftRecent Hawaii offer for MVC presentation...T&C is vague

I got an offer for the above, to listen to the vacation club presentation (90min). I think this is a good deal but has anyone else done one of these promos?
The other option is a 2 person regular room for $1200. Still 6 days & 5 nights. I guess just wondering if there are any hidden fees or stuff I should be aware of. TYIA!
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2023.06.02 00:46 WTFI5THIS The die

Board games are fun, aren't they? My favorite was always Monopoly, which took forever. My family would rarely offer to play with me due to the duration. However, they offered last week. I was so excited to play it again, considering I'm off to college soon, and I really wanted one last go. As I set it up, I thought about all the fun we'd have in the night to come. I was more than wrong.
As I continued to set it up, I noticed something. One die was missing from the box. I began to panic, looking for it all over the box, but to no avail. The die was nowhere in sight. I went back to the attic, where we kept the games. There, I found a lone die sitting in the middle of the room on the floor. It was black and labeled with various images:
A Smiley Face A Bullet A Water Droplet A Tooth A Dog And lastly, A Saw
I had never seen a die like this in my life. What was it for? I couldn't figure it out. I decided that we'd have to make do and assign the images numbers. As I walked down the attic stairs, I dropped the die. It rolled down the stairs and landed on the floor after hopping a few times. As I picked it up, I saw that a Tooth was facing up. I shrugged and walked towards my family. I would never recover from the sight I'd see.
There they were, on the couch of the game room, ripped to shreds with various markings on them. Tooth marks, to be exact. I heard a noise behind me as I analyzed the hell in front of me. I turned around to see the culprit.
He was 7 foot and 3 inches tall, dressed in a suit that was ripped up in several places. He wore a bowler hat, and had an absolutely massive head. The face was lacking a nose, but had thousands of teeth, and around thirty little yellow eyes near the mouth.
The creature charged at me with its horrifying mouth wide open. I dropped the die, and grabbed a shitty pocket knife. I jabbed it into one of its eyes, but that wasn't enough to stop it's pursuit. It tackled me as the die rolled away. As I braced for death, the creature vanished. Where has it gone. I looked to see the die had stopped rolling. It landed with the saw facing upright. I began to panic more, as I heard the front door open, and saw a man dressed as an executioner walking towards me calmly. I tested a theory I had at that moment, and dropped the die as he walked my way with a rusty saw in his left hand. His right hand was holding a rope with a knoose on the end. As the die stopped rolling, he disappeared. It landed on the smiley face. Out of nowhere,the most grotesque looking man I have ever seen entered with a smile drawn on his emotionless face. I dropped the die this time out of pure fear. The man vanished.
It has been days now. Every time it lands, I have to roll, or else I will be hurt by:
A Smiling Man A Soldier Who Won't Stop Laughing A Living Acidic Sludge A Toothy Monster A Hellhound And The Executioner
I need to sleep soon, but I won't wake up. Hell is on Earth, and it was awoken with a roll of the dice.
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2023.06.02 00:45 Dramatic_Front_6603 A "friend" of my girlfriend, has been harrasing her multiple times and are mentally draining her at this point.

Just for context: I've been dating this girl for a little over 5 months now. I didn't know her very long before we dated. She was friends with some girls, and a guy in that friend group (Note: this friendgroup existed before I knew her, and she had a boyfriend at that time.). I'll call that guy friend of the group Sam. Sam was no good to me from the second I interacted with him. I didn't really talk much with my girl about him, but I knew he wasn't worth hanging out with. We are in the same school, and so is the entirety of the friendgroup. I was having a bit of struggles with my friends, so I was with her every lunchbreak at school. None of her friends liked me whatsoever, but Sam.. he was the worst. I don't know what I did to him in his eyes, but he couldn't stand me. Constantly insulting me, though I didn't do anything. I am a year older than he is, and I'm 1 foot taller. I am not really offensive physically speaking at all, but I can be pretty tough with my words sometimes if you know what I mean. I eventually asked my girlfriend about her past with both that friendgroup and herself. That was where things got bad. She told me that she was really depressed before she met me. She was getting treated like crap by everyone, but she was just following the group so that she wouldn't get bullied by literally everyone. She was pressured a lot of times to do things fowith the group, and especially by Sam. Sam, partially, made her smoke, vape, and even do drugs. She got an addiction to cannabis because of it. Now, this isn't completely by him, her depression was a factor as well, of course. But the depression came from the loneliness and getting used by everyone she had, which was hardly anyone.. And the group pressure made her do the drugs and smoking. She cried that night when telling me all of this, and I was just taking care of her and cheered her up. As stupid as I am, I didn't do anything about it. Life went on, everything was just normal and I didn't act like it ever happened(I am so mad at myself for that by the way). But that was nothing. I don't know why it was, but I wasn't present at school some day, probably for being sick. And she went to the city center with these fake friends that exact day. They do that more often, just messing around and buying random stuff. But this time, they saw a store with al kinds of scented candles and incenses. One of them contained cannabis. And well, guess what happened.. group pressure, couldn't resist buying it because of the addiction. Then, they put it on, and my girlfriend went right above it and sniffed it all. And Sam, recorded her while being high. She even said; "Who is [My name]?" Those words were one of the most painful ones I've ever heard. When I knew the context of it afterwards, I was furious. But, I didn't do much again, the scared little weakling that I am.. I threatened him, that's all. Didn't do anything else. I am so so mad at myself for this to this day. I hated him so much. On the other hand, I have absolutely no clue why she didn't block him and just hang out with me only, because she knew they were bad for her and I wasn't, because I care about her the most out of everyone. I don't blame her though, you'll get made fun of being a hallway couple. This was a few months back. Skipping to present now, I've got a new friendgroup, and I sit with this every break now. Me and my girl still have a lot of contact, but less in school. Today something happened, I can't even describe my emotions, and this is why I'm out here. So, I was home sick today, and my girlfriend was in school, hanging out with that group. I had a fever so I was really feeling weak and couldn't do much, so I went back to sleep at around 10am. I woke up at 12:30 to get a text, sent 3m before I woke up, saying: "Hey my love, I probably have a concussion. My parents are coming to pick me up from school now We go to the doctor and probably then the hospital. I'll explain later what happened." I was freaking out. I was panicking so much, it felt like my fever was gone entirely. 10 minutes later she cleared things up for me over text. You all thought everything that I just wrote was insane? Read this. She said: "So, with [names of everyone of the friend group, including Sam], I went to McDonald's during my lunchbreak (we have a McDonald's 3 minutes away from our school, so it's actually possible). I hopped on the back of Sam's bike for the way back, because we were in a bit of a hurry. But Sam, Sam smeared the fat he had on his hands on the back of the bike where I was gonna hold my hands on purpose so I was gonna have less grip. He was cycling like an idiot, moving a lot, probably trying to make me fall off. I thought it was a joke at that moment. Then he made a stupidly sharp turn, knocking me off the bike, hitting my head really hard on the ground. I was laying there, with an intense amount of pain, and he just laughed at me and cycled away to school. Despite all my emotions, I walked back to school. Alteast, tried. I saw black on my way back and I puked. We're on our way to the doctor now, I'm not feeling well at all..." That son of a b. What is wrong with him. I was furious, he has done so much shit to her, but this time, I don't think I'll let it slide. I texted him: "What the f is wrong with you? What was the point of that? you're gone tomorrow if you don't stay the f away from us for the rest of your life and apologize to both of us after getting hit in the face." He went way too far. She was in the hospital all day. Luckily no real damage for her at all, nothing to worry about, she is okay now. But still. I don't know what to do. That message might have been a little too tough for what I'll actually do, because I know I'm just some weakling who never had a serious fight before (I still am a million percent sure I can beat him). But this is such a difficult position for me, I don't know what to do. The smearing fat and laughing at her falling is so fucked up. I think that it's enough to go to the police with this, but it wasn't my situation, I wasn't present this day. Tomorrow I'm going to school and probably gonna see him. What do I do? Do I beat him up? Do I tell my gf do report him to the police? Please help. Thank you all for reading this.
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2023.06.02 00:45 hellangeliv 6/2 LES Barcrawl!!

Hey NYC!
So i've decided to host another bar crawl tonight after how many people popped put to the last one, and how much fun last weekend was.
Last weekends bar crawl was a blast and i met some great people so I'm hoping for the same turnout tonight as well.
Us: group of friends/coworkers in our early to late 20's trying to enjoy the summer and nightlife while it lasts
You: also in your early 20s to mid 30s looking for a good group of both friends and strangers to meet, mingle and have a good time.
Where: Starting at hair of the dog at around 8pm.
When: 8 or 9pm Friday 6/2
This time we'll be hitting the LES area. We'll start with the Hair of the dog, get some games and drinks in and wait for everyone to meet up.
From there we'll possibly hit a karaoke bar and end the night at club for those who want to stay out later.
Looking forward to another great night.
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2023.06.02 00:44 fifithechinchilla Last survey announcement

Hi all,
We have one more week of the data collection and I will begin analyzing the data soon! We have received over 200+ participants so far! Truly incredible!!! I've also learned a lot from you all, and it has changed my whole outlook on urology and the male side of things.
Unfortunately, it is much more honest to you all if I pull out sooner than later and say that I am no longer going to attend the HF zoom meeting or be an active participant of the HF committee or sub-reddit for now. I’m having the biggest surgery of my life in less than two weeks – I’ll be in hospital for three nights minimum, and it is pretty anxiety inducing. I've had eight surgeries, and this will be my ninth.
I am removing myself off some social media platforms for now to focus on my health and well-being. I recently learned that recovery is going to be longer than I anticipated according to other people on forums and I also have slow healing with a connective-tissue disorder. I cannot predict the outcome of how my next few months are going to be, so I decided last night for my own mental health that I really need to reduce my load drastically. I am also a severe patient. I’m truly over-committed right now with work even and school.
Feel free to meet without me, remove me as a mod, and do whatever you wish. I'll leave you to discuss that amongst yourselves. :)
I do promise you I will make it up to you all by making a YOUTUBE VIDEO, recording myself discussing the results, along with the powerpoint, and I’ll upload it here when it is ready (July, August).
I also wanted to elucidate and say that my main focus is in public health – health promotion and behavioral sciences. I am a volunteer researcher, not a clinical researcher. I have never once said I'm going to find the cure for HF. I said I would conduct a survey, analyze the data, and try to get the data published and present it, if it gets that far. It's going to take time as I only have one other person helping me who is also working full-time plus another job.
I would like to empower you all that you are all capable of reading the literature, doing the work, and even conducting studies yourself. Three years ago, I hadn't even read one single medical paper, but I started to try to fix myself. Now I've published twice, I have a large network, and I am a PhD student. I was recently invited to submit my hip publication to a new journal which is very exciting!
Keep pushing for answers and tests! I believe in all of you, and I will continue to publish and contribute to the greater good. Several of you (you know who you are) in the last month have really gone above and beyond for me recently with my medical case and hearing me out. I really have appreciated it so thank you. :)
Thank you for understanding.
All the best,
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2023.06.02 00:39 mikeyblackkk Hip hop/shoegaze album I just dropped

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2023.06.02 00:34 16wkthrowaway Patch fell off less than 24 hours after putting it on?

Put my patch (Evra) on last night at about 10pm, went swimming today at about 1:30pm and it was completely fine, looked to be a bit looser but not to the point of falling off. Took a bath at 8pm and it had gotten too loose and wasn't sticky enough to keep on when I got out about 20 minutes later. It's my first time using it and from what I've read everyone most people's patches cling onto them for dear life regardless of whether they swim/bathe, am I doing something wrong? It's my first time using them. I put it on the side of my hip (doesn't crease, no hair, dry) and haven't used lotion or anything around it that would make it less sticky. Haven't been sweaty either, and I made sure it was completely flat and on tight when I applied it.
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