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/Charity - Redditors Helping Charitable Causes

2023.05.31 00:05 Ittybitty716 Getting Accepted into Program with DUI on record?

Has anybody gone through this? I was convicted of DUI- a misdemeanor- almost 5 years ago when I was 21 years old. Nobody was hurt, no property destroyed, just pulled over and arrested. There is obviously no way to sugar coat the DUI, I am still so devastated about it, and so regretful. I am to the point where I am about to start applying to DMS programs, and all of them state that a DUI is an automatic disqualification from being accepted. I have reached out to some of the programs, who guided me to ARDMS website where I will submit a compliance pre-determination application. Has anyone had experience with this? Am I totally out of luck with a DMS career path because of my DUI? :( feeling very unhopeful
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2023.05.31 00:04 moxfox99 Struggling

Hello all! I've been getting more into baking since I graduated college but have been having quite a few failures....I'm not quite sure if I'm just too judgemental of my baking or if I'm doing something wrong but almost every time I bake it just tastes pretty Meh?
I've done quite a few things to minimize errors (listed below) but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where I may be going wrong?
Thank you so much in advance!!
  1. I am sure to pull recipies from highly touted and well reviewed sites (and am sure that im following step by step, not deviating from the ingredients nor instructions)
  2. Use a food scale to measure out all dry ingredients in grams
  3. Have an oven thermometer to ensure that oven is at the correct temp
  4. Try to prioritize buying higher quality ingredients when I can (Kerrygold for butter, Valhora for chocolate, etc)
Thank you!!
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2023.05.31 00:04 Noregsnoride Metatarsus adductus when learning to walk?

My 11 month old has been pulling up since 6 months, but is having trouble getting to the next step (haha) because he has “flexible metarsus adductus”. Just wondering if anyone else dealt with this and how it turned out for your little one. The doctor and ortho said he should correct overtime but I’m starting to get worried it is affecting his development. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 00:04 Oxotoli I found out my crush has a girlfriend he deeply loves

I'm 15f and have a crush on a guy from the beginning of the school year to now (And still now). I let my bestie guess who he was and after weeks she finally got it. She said who she knew who my crush was all along lol. I said I didn't know how to start a conservation with him and she said he's easy to communicate with. Then she said the things my crush told her and the class, one of them being him having a girlfriend. She even said he has a picture of him kissing her and showed it to her class. This made me upset, I wanna cry now, he loves her and she doesn't go to my school. He then says how he tried to flirt with a girl he likes by teaching her how to skate and he even broke his nose when trying to teach her (I feel jealous). I wanna break out right now and sob. I bet his girlfriend is hot as he is. Now that I'm home I will cry myself to sleep and think how my crush's girlfriend is more pretty and tall than me (I'm short 5'1 and my crush is 5'10-11). I want this off my chest but I can't he reminds me too much of a 2d anime character lol.
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2023.05.31 00:04 Just_a_Rose Maining healer in solo queue has me pulling hair out

I’m not mad about anything in this post anymore, just sort of numb to it. But I want to share my experience and what I’ve observed in the last year or two I’ve been playing this game.
1) Having three people all rush you because you’re the healer has become part of the game and there’s no point to be upset about it. What boggles my mind is when I finally die and the camera swaps, I see three of my teammates literally standing there just watching. I don’t get it. I know healers aren’t completely defenseless but that doesn’t mean I can fend off three monkey-brain claw abusing weirdos by myself. How am I supposed to heal you if I’m constantly stuck in an un-sub able combo, guys? I would say maybe I had done something to upset my team but it’s such a consistent occurrence I’m wondering if I’m just getting matched with people who lost their thumbs in the ninja war.
2) Speaking of, when having to sit and wait for ten minutes just to load into a lobby, one of two things will happen;
The enemy team is a 4 stack. Someone on my team will be an utter coward and quit out leaving us to suffer 3v4 for five minutes, assuming even more teammates don’t leave. I will sit and silently cry as I await an actual penalty for leaving matches, knowing full well Soleil doesn’t care.
For some reason, the two stack on my team both picked attack and will refuse to switch off. We will be minus one role for the entire match, I’ll be forced to play healer despite it being the only role I ever play and am wanting variety, I’ll struggle to heal the team as they refuse to group up, and we will lose. The two stack will then add me to a chat and call me slurs for not healing them, then block me and continue this cycle indefinitely. I will silently cry and wait for Soleil to do something about the over saturated attack role but know full well they don’t care.
3) Anyways do you think randos realize it’s a team game? Genuinely looking at how my teammates tend to play, I’m starting to wonder if that part isn’t getting through. It’s better to stay together and cooperate, that’s like the entire point of the game, but constantly having to watch my team throw themselves at the enemy, die, and repeat has taken its toll. I can’t outheal four ultimates, I can’t use sage rebirth as often as you seem to think I can, and no, my healing doesn’t suck. You just won’t get tf over here so I can give it to you.
4) Cheaters.
That’s it. That’s the complaint.
5) I can’t help but feel like the majority of defense players don’t realize they aren’t immortal, just because they don’t stagger when they pop their little demon slash or armor or whatever. Please keep an eye on your health and stop running from your healer to chase the attack on the enemy team who is blatantly baiting you away from me.
That’s all I’ve got. Queue the skill issue comments, I don’t care.
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2023.05.31 00:04 Jgrupe I'm the New Sheriff in Hollow's End. People in Town Keep Disappearing...

Part 1
I took a deep breath before blowing into the little straw attached to the breathalyzer test.
"Keep it going, another few seconds," the newly reinstated sheriff's deputy Randy said from the passenger seat next to me.
Finally the device made a noise and the numbers 0.07 appeared on the screen.
"Okay, I'm good to drive. I'll need to keep ingesting roughly one beer every hour from this point on."
Randy nodded.
"Okay, now you go," I said, replacing the disposable straw in the breathalyzer test.
He blew into the straw and after a few seconds it came up on the display.
"O.16. That’s not gonna do it with your tolerance, bud. I'm gonna need you to drink something, Randy. You gotta be sharp for this."
He pulled out a bottle of whiskey and unscrewed the cap, taking a long swig of it before belching. When I was satisfied he was intoxicated enough to avoid seeing any more invisible monsters, I told him to buckle up.
Normally I don’t condone drinking and driving, even if it is technically within the legal limits, but these were special circumstances. Randy had infected me with some sort of… Well, I don’t really know how to describe it. Ghost virus? Hallucinating monster plague?
I was seeing things in mirrors and reflective surfaces now, just like he had been. It was as if they now served as peepholes into another dimension. Therefore, we had covered up the rear view and side mirrors with duct tape. I had also gotten rid of my aviators, which was a shame, because they completed my whole outfit. I was even growing a mustache to complete the small town Sheriff everyman appearance, but the hair growth on my upper lip was patchy and gross-looking still.
Before growing it, I hadn’t realized facial dandruff was a real thing. Well, it turns out it definitely is.
Sorry, I’m getting tangential again. That happens to me when I drink.
To sum it all up, Randy was the old sheriff in Hollow’s End, but he’d run into some kind of trouble recently. This trouble had caused him to see horrible things which appeared in reflective surfaces - windows and mirrors all over town which had been smashed by him in what I at first assumed was a drunken rage. Now I realized he was drinking to drown out the demons. The liquor made them less noticeable, and less frequent.
“This case has to be connected with everything that’s happening,” I said as we started driving - our destination still unknown. “That man who disappeared. In such a small town, these things have to be connected.”
“Not necessarily,” Randy replied. “This town is weird as hell, dude. Fucked up shit happens here literally all the time. You just haven’t lived here long enough to see any of it.”
I ignored this and pressed onward, trying to get something useful out of the man.
“Okay, you’re not much help. Is there someone in town who is in the know? Someone who can give us the low-down?”
“Well… The only person I can think of like that would be the butcher. He’s sort of like the unofficial mayor of Hollow’s End," Randy explained. "But he’s not exactly the talkative type.”
“Great. That’s something, at least. Point me towards the butcher shop. Let’s go have a chat with this guy," I said to Randy, only to realize he had promptly fallen asleep after his last statement.
I drove towards the commercial district, eyes peeled for a Butcher Shop sign.
Eventually I found it.
We pulled up in front of the place and I could tell right away that something was off. And by that I mean there was a terrible smell that I associated with spoiled meat. Something inside the shop was long past its expiration date, and the rank odor was making its way out to the street.
There was a closed sign hanging from the door, despite the hours indicating it should be open. Alarm bells started ringing in my mind even louder than before and I told Randy to watch the front of the shop while I went around to the back.
He was now wide awake again, acting as if he hadn't just been asleep seconds prior.
After knocking on the back door, I tried the handle. To my surprise, it opened.
I went inside and was hit with a knockout punch of decay right to my nose. My eyes started watering at the smell of meat gone sour, the sound of buzzing flies growing louder as I stepped inside the kitchen.
There was blood everywhere - and not just in the usual places where you would expect it to be in a butcher’s shop. It was splattered on the ceiling and all over the floor. There was one particularly large bloodstain in the far corner of the room that was in the shape of a human body, and judging by the deep crimson color of it whoever had been laying there had lost a sufficient amount of bodily fluids to render them dead half a dozen times over.
I heard footsteps from the other side of a translucent plastic curtain which separated the kitchen from the front of the shop. Pulling out my service revolver, I took a cautious step forward and pulled back the hammer, ready for anything.
My heart was pounding fast as I spoke in my best 'don't fuck with me' cop-voice.
“This is the sheriff. Whoever’s behind the curtain, come out with your hands up. Do it now!”
There was an identical sound on the other side of the divider, indicating another gun was being readied for action.
“No way, man,” said a gruff voice on the other side. “You’re not taking me alive.”
My heart skipped a beat as I realized I was potentially about to die. There was going to be a shootout. And a lot more blood was about to be decorating the walls of this butcher shop.
Then I realized the voice sounded familiar.
He came through the curtain and I almost shot him anyway.
“Oh, sorry. I thought it was a bad guy impersonating you,” Randy said.
“So you decided to impersonate a bad guy? How does that make any sense?”
“They wouldn’t kill one of their own, man. Think about it.”
I let out a deep breath and counted to ten in my mind, trying to think of other ways to stop myself from murdering him.
Would anyone notice if Randy went missing? No, don't think like that. Only bad things will come of it.
I tried to focus on the case.
“That’s a lot of blood,” I said, pointing at the man-shaped brownish-red puddle in the corner. “Looks like some bad shit went down here. Maybe this butcher guy is good for the murder of our missing man.”
“Nah,” Randy said, waving it off. “That puddle has been there for weeks. We play poker here every Friday. It’s, well, it would be too hard to explain what happened. But just trust me that the blood-letting was consensual, even if it did get a bit out of hand.”
“I don’t even want to know.”
“Well, you asked.”
“So all of this blood looks NORMAL to you?”
“For this place, yeah."
"And the smell?"
He nodded.
"But I did notice one weird thing.”
“What’s that?” I asked, completely exasperated by this point.
“No mirrors anywhere. There’s usually a couple of them out front in the customer area that are gone now. And he hasn’t cleaned his knives. That's not like him. He loves these knives like they're his own non-existent children. It’s like he didn’t want them to be shiny. He wanted them to stay bloody.”
Mirrors. Glass. Steel can be polished to be so reflective you can see your face in it. Or other things.
“He’s infected too.”
“Yup. This shit’s spreading. Who knows how far it could get if we don’t stop it.”
He held up one finger, produced a flask from his pocket, and drank a large swallow of whiskey.
“Alright, where to next?” he asked after burping loudly. “This was a bust.”
We were walking out the front door of the place when we saw a car pull up to the curb. A young man got out, looking like he was in his late twenties.
The car had a company name on the side and I realized it looked familiar. It was actually the next lead I was planning to follow up on.
J&M Delivery Co.
Booze, burgers, pizza and MORE!
Delivering to all citizens of Hollow’s End
(Unless you're a Subterranean)
(No forest deliveries after 4PM)
I read the sign twice and was about to ask the man why they didn’t deliver to the Subterraneans, and who the Subterraneans were, and who the hell would order pizza from a forest, but decided it would be better to stay focused.
“What are you guys doing here?” the man asked, heading towards the shop.
“Hey, Jay. We were looking for the butcher, but he’s gone,” Randy replied quickly. “Where’s Muriel? Maybe she knows something.”
“She’s been gone since last night. There was some sort of crisis and she ran out of the house without saying goodbye. I figured the butcher might have an idea where she went.”
“We were just in there. He’s gone but the doors are unlocked. Must’ve left in a hurry,” I said. “Does she have a cell phone? Maybe we can track her with the GPS.”
“Nah, she’s not really into technology. She has one of those brick Nokia phones that she’s managed to keep alive for twenty years or so, but she leaves it at home most of the time, and the rest of the time she’s at the casino where there’s no signal.”
“Okay, maybe that’s where she is.”
“I checked already. None of the employees have seen her since the weekend.”
It occurred to me suddenly that there was another missing person who I was investigating, and this man was a potential witness.
“I need to ask you about something else,” I said, pulling out a picture of the missing man. “Do you know this person?”
He squinted at it for half a second.
“Sure, that’s John Grayson. He’s a delivery driver with our company.”
“Are you aware that he’s been missing now for nearly two days?”
He hesitated, then looked at Randy.
“Is he cool?” he asked cautiously.
“Yeah, he’s already got the curse. He’s good.”
I looked back and forth between the two of them.
“What the fuck!? So this is like, just a known thing around here? If I stay in town too long I’m gonna become cursed by this place?”
“No, no. No. Well, kinda. It’s hard to explain. And even more hard to explain because of all the weird shit going down,” Randy said. “Now the important thing is this town has its hooks in you. And because of that, you’ll have a very difficult time leaving this place. You’re a part of it and it's a part of you. That's the way it works. One way or another, if you stay in Hollow’s End for too long, you’re gonna get bit by something.”
“I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more confused.”
“Do you have the monkey paw?” Randy asked Jay, making me even more confused.
“No. But, I’m starting to think it might be the cause of all of this trouble.”
Feeling like I was about to lose my mind, or had already done so, I put my foot down and yelled in my loudest, most authoritative voice.
The two of them looked at me stupidly.
“Monkey paws? The butcher? Disappearing people all over town? Just… Tell me this is a prank. You guys are messing with me because I’m new in town. Right? Is there a YouTube video being filmed? Am I being punked? Is this a reboot!?”
The two men stared at me a moment longer then went back to talking as if I weren’t standing there.
“It’s definitely got something to do with that paw. The butcher should have just gotten rid of the damn thing when he found it in that shipment of discarded monkey carcasses. Everyone knows monkey paw wishes are tainted. Who the fuck would be dumb enough to actually use one of them?” Jay was saying.
“Well, I mean, how can you possibly know just by looking at the monkey paw that it’s evil? There have to be at least a few GOOD monkey paws out there that grant wishes, right?”
Jay and I suddenly shared a psychic thought connection, and I saw he had the same idea I did, at the exact same moment.
“You made a wish on the fucking monkey paw, didn’t you?” we both blurted out in unison.
Randy looked down at the ground. It took a few seconds for him to confess. When he finally did it was in the most obnoxious, affected, half-apologetic tone of voice I'd ever heard.
“I always wanted to be able to teleport like Nightcrawler from X-Men. I didn’t realize it was gonna open up a series of gateways to alternate dimensions, potentially causing the destruction of reality. That part was completely unexpected.”
It took me a few moments to figure out what he meant. But then it all came together.
“It was your fault! You made me see the monsters in the mirrors! It was all because of you and your STUPID monkey paw WISH!”
“Yeah,” he admitted. “But on the plus side, check this out!”
He jumped into the nearby front window of the butcher shop and, instead of shattering, it rippled outwards from its center like a pool of water disrupted by a stone being thrown into it. He disappeared into the glass and was gone.
The two of us stood there for several minutes in stunned silence, unsure if he was going to come back. I went into the shop to see if he was in there but it was empty.
Just as we were about to walk away awkwardly, he leapt back through the liquid glass carrying a bag of fast food in his hand. The paper bag was stained with grease and said, “KFC” on it.
“See!? We don’t even have one of these in town! I just teleported to Pittsburgh and back!”
The window glass continued to make ripples and didn't settle down into its usual smoothness, I noticed. Not only that, but there was now something moving in the glass. A huge dark creature with long limbs, crawling on six legs. It was sniffing the ground like a dog hunting a rabbit. Then it turned sharply to look at us through the glass. There was no question in my mind that it saw us.
"Randy, did you ever consider that using the powers granted by the cursed magic monkey paw might be a VERY BAD idea?"
He looked at me stupidly.
A strange sound began to come from the glass window of the storefront as a set of huge legs came through from the other side, followed by another, and another. It was an indescribable sound, but if I had to compare it to anything it would be like if fingernails on a chalkboard and microphone feedback had an ear-splitting baby together.
Sitting atop the legs with too many joints was a horrifying creature with a long snout lined with sharp teeth. Odd openings split its rough alligator skin in places, looking like gills, but not quite. Its eyes were black and dull as it surveyed the downtown street of Hollow's End.
After it was through the glass it sniffed the air, and I hoped that maybe this creature didn't breathe oxygen and it would keel over, dead, from the toxic air of our world.
But of course the stupid thing was fine. I guess whatever world it came from had a similar atmosphere to ours.
A second later it spotted us and began to race toward us with murder in its eyes.
"RUN!" I yelled, and turned around to see Jay and Randy already in their respective vehicles and ready to drive away without me.
"Hop in," Randy yelled shifting over into the passenger seat. "Come on man, get away from that thing. Whatever it is, it looks PISSED!"
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2023.05.31 00:04 TipsEZ Guadalupe Float

We are camping at Guadalupe State Park this weekend and planning to do the river float. Any suggestions on where to put in and pull out (save the jokes for when we have some good answers)?
Thank you!
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2023.05.31 00:04 BigChimpin3 Pulled today! Back in the collecting chair after 15-20 years.

Pulled today! Back in the collecting chair after 15-20 years.
Started buying a few days ago for the first time in 15-20 years after spending a week or two on Reddit and seeing everyones cards and getting massive nostalgia. Also bought Shield for the switch and playing through it now.
Bought the Morpeko Premium Collection at Target and pulled this in pack 3 out of 5. Love this card!
Still have 2 other packs to open and then I have a Silver Tempest ETB and a Shining Fates ETB that are still sealed for now that I bought from a LCS. Trying to pace myself and just open a pack a day or every other day so I don’t go crazy and buy more right away lol.
Stoked to start collecting sets again and put together some binders. I gave all of my original cards to a family friends kid like 8-10 years ago for free :0.
Any tips on best bang for your buck? Are the ETB’s worth it or no?
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2023.05.31 00:03 bestbooker Went to the past. Found this storyline I booked 11 months ago.

Went to the past. Found this storyline I booked 11 months ago. submitted by bestbooker to FantasyBookers [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:03 Frankie_2154 Saw Interpol live for the first time yesterday, here are my thoughts

1.The crowd was great. I don’t know why but I expected people to be very still and silent, but people went nuts for the big hits and it was incredible. Slow Hands was the most fun, everyone in the front was dancing and having a great time and I loved it.
2.Toni is a great opener. They don’t throw you right into the upbeat or start with something too sad, it starts slow and builds into Obstacle 1 perfectly.
3.Into The Night and Passenger finally clicked with me. The performance was ethereal and the band seemed passionate about playing those. I’m still not a fan of fables though.
4.Some songs just didn’t work for me live, they were good but I didn’t get the goosebumps I get when listening to the studio version (I’m looking at you Lights). Maybe it’s that I had crazy high hopes for the live performance.
5.I liked that the opening band was very different from Interpol. It made me feel like Interpol actually picked a band that they love and want people to listen to and not just opt for a smaller band with a similar sound that will try to get you hyped but won’t really.
6.Paul is a really charming frontman, and it’s incredible how he pulls off the “cool indie shy guy” thing that so many other frontmen don’t.
7.I appreciate the fact that every album was represented in the setlist, even if it was just one song. I too like most fans prefer the first three albums, but the new ones have their gems too. If You Really Love Nothing was beautiful, and My Desire was really fun.
8.They skipped over a lot of my favorites and somehow I didn’t really feel it. However Say Hello To The Angels and Leif Erikson were noticeably missing (the latter might just be my favorite Interpol song)
9.I don’t like how they snubbed the upbeat songs from OLTA (we need Mammoth on the setlist)
10.Although I wouldn’t say there the most technically proficient live band out there, they know how to play a show that you won’t forget and give you a live experience worth seeing.
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2023.05.31 00:03 MFP-Productions New Lamps and Wrong Replacement Bulb.

New Lamps and Wrong Replacement Bulb.
Got a few things to share today. The first being I now have a total of 7 lamps, and I love them all. I sadly can’t run more than 3 at a time. I just don’t have enough outlets, not to mention I don’t have a single shelf tall enough to stash them while they are set up.
One of the lamps blew a bulb just seconds after first turning it on. The lamp itself is fine, I pinched a bulb from one of the other lamps. Now I wasn’t aware that these things vary in length and there was nothing on any of the packaging that tells me what length the bulb needed to be. The replacement bulb I bought is too tall. The replacement is 66mm tall. Everything else about it was correct.
One other thing, is it normal for some types of wax to ‘pop’ while warming up? Kinda spun me out to be honest. I’m not talking about the normal thing it does. I mean it actually sounds like the wax is popping, kinda like popcorn.
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2023.05.31 00:03 TheGreatWhiteHunter- Beware of Gas Station Scam in KC

I was doing some work east of the KC Metro this morning on I-70 and on the way back I stopped at a gas station for gas and I noticed an Indian guy in a grey honda minivan with his wife and 2 kids going around talking to people there. I didn’t think anything of it and got gas and as I left they pulled up next to me and asked to lower my window down. He said he was in the area for memorial day weekend, and headed back to California and his wallet either got stolen or he lost it and he needed money for gas and food to get back. I said I’d give him a few bucks but I realized I didn’t have any cash on me. He begged me to run in to the atm at the gas station. I wanted cash anyway so I offered to. When I parked he came up to my vehicle and started thanking me nonstop and offered to give me his gold necklace and he gave me his phone number so he could pay me back. I thought it made sense, since his license plate was from California and he had a California area code with his phone number. He wanted a couple hundred dollars since its a few day drive for gas and food for his kids. I guess i’m a sucker and an uncultured idiot cuz I found out its a pretty common scam. I’ve never heard of it before and it fooled me good. So ig this is for anyone thats never heard of it either and is generous enough to offer money. Also, I have a fake 18k gold chain if anyone wants it
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2023.05.31 00:03 Virindi UDM Pro - Bricked Recovery, Repair?

My UDM Pro failed the update to 3.0.20, and it won't boot (not even into recovery mode.
I reached out to Ubiquiti support, but my UDMP is outside warranty so they will do nothing to help (ticket 3690923). It doesn't sound like they offer any sort of repair service.
Has anyone successfully repaired one of these in this state? Is it even possible to remove the eMMC and re-flash it? I've never done that type of work, but I hate to just throw a $400 device in the trash.
I've tried everything, including:
The LAN ports don't even light up, and the fan blasts at 100%. Holding down reset causes the display to show it's trying to boot into recovery, but it ultimately fails every time.
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2023.05.31 00:03 Latter-Garbage-1836 I'm dying of guilt

Please feel free to skip this rant, I'm only typing this out because I can't hold it in anymore.
I scored 76%ile in my first mains attempt. My parents had high hopes from me, and I completely shattered all of their expectations. Though they did not scold me/ tell it to me directly, it was clear as day in their faces how disappointed they were.
They tried to cheer me up, and try harder for the next attempt, but I could see that they were becoming as hopeless as I was.
I half-assed my boards by not studying for most days in the study leave, and pulling all nighters on the day of each and every exam. Because of this, I was scared that i won't clear the 75% criteria, and when I told this to my parents, again, they were supportive and told me not to worry. But once again, I could see that they were both stressed about my results.
I scored 86%ile in my 2nd mains attempt, and my will to live fell down drastically. Disappointed, I told my result to my parents. To my shock, both of them were extremely happy with it, focusing on my improvement from 76 to 86, rather than the fact that I was still getting fuckall.
They treated me to a nice family dinner, but all I could think about was how big of a fraud I am and how shit of a son I am.
Since then, I have given viteee, met, mht cet, bitsat-1 (Vit 19k rank, met 97 marks, mht cet 125 marks, and bitsat 152🤡).
I am getting cse in VIT vellore in cat 5 (fees is almost 30L). I have a sliver of hope that I will get a good college from cet, but that's about it.
My parents have held vit to a very high standard (due to word of mouth from their friends and colleagues), and were quite happy with my viteee result, again, to my shock. I was extremely disappointed at getting cat 5 and I know that it is not worth it. I tried explaining all the reasons to my parents, and tried to convince them to let me join a lower branch at Manipal instead.
They had a talk with me and took opinions from their friends, and told me that they do not want me to stress over the fees (my parents do not have financial issues), and that they do not see my education as an investment ( this was after I told them about the bad ROI of cat 5 at vit). They said that vit is a good college and that it won't be wise to give up the seat, given my specific situation.
Ever since this happened, I have been dying from the inside of guilt.
I haven't worked hard for anything in my entire life, my parents have given me everything I have ever needed. I am a fraud, and a leech.
My parents are now expecting me to land a seat in bits, and I want to as well, but i just feel so fucking burnt out, that I can't physically get myself to study. I won't be able to look my parents in their eyes after the 2nd attempt.
TLDR: My parents are saints, and they don't deserve the pain of having a shitstain of a son like me.
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2023.05.31 00:02 Jvv1lls Beach day w freinds

For context myself (M) and this girl (F) have been talking for a while now and recently she asked me out to the beach with a few of her friends, it was all going well and I said to her that I was able to go but as of recently all of the other male counterparts have pulled out for a multitude of reasons. This would normally not be an issue for me but I am nervous to go with her and her friends whom I do not know. I am guessing that I am worried that it will be awkward and she has told me that she understands if I decided that I would not like to go along anymore. I suppose I am writing this asking for advice we have made plans to meet up on the 1st of Jun any advice before then would be greatly appreciated. Please ask if any more context it needed.
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2023.05.31 00:02 RebelliousCash We Should Be Able to Reroll Loadouts For The Circuit. Atleast Once

I dont know how easy or hard this will be to pull off but I swear to god I might lose it if the circuit chooses Steflos, Harpak or the Quellor 1 more time. It chooses these weapons way too many times for it to be random out of all the primaries we have. We need a node that allows us to atleast reroll the weapon choices atleast once. Make it a Rank 9 Intrinsic along side the arcane unlock per day. I dont even own these weapons. If its gonna keep choosing these weapons, Atleast give me the power to master it so I dont have to bother trying to farm it for MR.
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2023.05.31 00:01 jmeHusqvarna Advice on straightening between pulls.

Advice on straightening between pulls.
Any tips or cues some of you could pass on for how not to stand up between the first and second pull. I'm feeling like I'm battling my long legs(6'6") to get around them and i almost end up straight legged loosing power. I feel like I'm staying over the bar correctly and when I have tried wider grip it's uncomfortable and borderline painful when catching. Appreciate any littles cues or tips especially from other tall lifters.
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2023.05.31 00:01 Boulder2427 Transaction Hash

Since there’s no transact hash associated with any purchase do they just run liquidity pulls with peoples money with out it technically it can truly be 1:1 one backed only “balanced” on the books?
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2023.05.31 00:01 BigOleBlue22 More devastated over short term relationship (4 months) than previous relationship (6 years)…Why does it hurt so much more?

Two years ago, I (29m) decided to end a 6 year relationship with my ex girlfriend. It was the right decision for both of us as our goals and ambitions just truly didn’t align. Yes, it hurt a lot, and there was a lot of back and forth communication between us that dragged on the inevitable. 2 summers ago we finally met up and agreed to just end it and go our separate ways mutually. There were a lot of tears cried on both sides, but it was truly for the best for both of us.
Although this was the best for both of us, I took me awhile to fully get over what transpired. I decided dating someone in this capacity would not be fair to any potential future partner, so I basically exited the dating market until I felt I was emotionally, and mentally ready. When I was ready at the end of 2022, I went on a few dates, and most of them ended with either my date or I not feeling a real strong attraction and parting ways.
At the beginning of February, I was scrolling hinge late one night when this particular woman (25f) showed up on my feed that, for lack of better words, “checked all the boxes,” at least from initial compatibility standpoint. She was looking for a long term relationship, and on hinge you can make a caption of what you are looking for in that type of relationship, and her caption said, “if you don’t know what you want, please stay away from me, and don’t waste my time. No disrespect, just figure your shit out before you approach me.” She sounded like she had her shit together, and was looking for something real, and I took the bait.
We matched basically right away, and from her first message I knew that I had found someone I wanted in my life, romantically speaking. Our conversation flowed so fluidly, and it felt as though we were like long lost friends finally catching up. I had so much fun talking to her and it reminded me what it feels like to be excited to talk to someone, and not just asking them basic dating app questions about their life.
So, within 2-3 days I asked her out, and she excitedly agreed, but there was a catch: she had just got surgery and was staying at her parents while she rehabbed for a little over a month. She said she would love to go once she’s back in our hometown. We chatted for a month, and as soon as she got back, we scheduled a date. We got drinks, and talked for a few hours, and the conversation flowed just as good as it did through text. Additionally, she looked absolutely incredible, and her and I’s sense of humor, and views on life aligned so well.
Dates turned into hangouts, hangouts turned into sex, sex turned into planning for things in the future, and all this accumulated into me developing incredibly strong feelings for her, and her for I (or so I thought).
Then, something that I can’t even fully comprehend yet happened only 3 weeks into our relationship. Her ex, showed up to her house uninvited while she wasn’t home, and posted a 3 page sob/take me back note on her garage door for her to read when she got back. She called me right away when this happened, and was clearly in a state of shock, apologized, and told me not to worry about it at all as this has no affect on our relationship. I told her I believe her, and I am here for her in every capacity, and want to continue our journey as partners, regardless of what was contained within that letter. We could get over it as a couple.
Well, I continued on with our relationship as it was before the note for the next several weeks, and she very much so reciprocated the sentiment with words and physical affirmations.
She came over two Fridays ago, and was clearly distraught as we were just having our normal conversation. She eventually stopped our conversation, and laid it all out to me. Apparently, after reading the note, it conjured up some feelings that she did not know were still present, and she wanted to reach out to her ex to get “closure.” She said that she doesn’t know if she wants to get back with him, but it would not be fair to continue or relationship moving forward as she can’t truly love me until these feelings are resolved. I told her again, that this is something that I will stand by her with, if that’s what she wants. We hugged, kissed, had sex, and held eachother afterwards. She then came over again Saturday, and met all of my best friends. We all went out, and she pulled me back to my apartment for a quickie, and we just sat and cuddled with eachother after like we always do.
She texted me Sunday saying that she still has some concerns about what we talked about on Friday, and wants to meet on Monday to talk things over. Taken aback a little, I asked if we could talk about it that Sunday night, to which her response is “I’m not to pressed about it :)” So again, I thought this was nothing to really worry about. We met Monday evening, and things seemed great, we kissed, hugged, cuddled, and laid around talking about everything under the sun. It was getting late, and she hadn’t mentioned anything yet, so I figured it must not be too bad so I asked if she would still like to talk about it.
She then said something that absolutely broke my heart: “I just do not think we are on the same page about this.” She wanted to meet her ex in person to discuss their breakup and get closure for herself, too which I was not okay with at all. From the very little I know about him, I find extremely weird and somewhat creepy to show up to someone’s house uninvited to deliver a note to them…I was not on board with them meeting. I was so upset I kind of said a few words, and left. I called her when I got back home and we had a 2 hour long phone call. She told me how great of a man I am, and how much I made her feel wanted and loved.
I unfortunately have a really hard time following exes on social media as it brings up old wounds that I tend to forget about if I just outright block them. When I told her this, she really wasn’t on board with this.
I don’t like ultimatums in a relationship, but I laid it out to her: if she can get closure with this guy and doesn’t want to be with him, I would absolutely be willing to make this relationship work. However, if she wants to give another shot to her ex, I do not want to be apart of her life in any capacity. She told me last Monday that she would text me last weekend, or sometime this week.
I can’t take it. I haven’t heard from her, and every fiber in my being is telling me to reach out to her and fight for her. I know that’s the wrong thing to do as I shouldn’t be the one chasing her. I am absolutely devastated, and I hurt just as much, or more than the end of my 6 year relationship. It’s the fact that she treated me so well, she was very open about how I made her feel, and how strong of a connection we felt with each other for the short time we were together.
Maybe I’m heartbroken because I feels like I was led on and used as a rebound for her? Idk I just feel so crummy and want to hear from her, regardless of what she has to say.
If you made it this far, any and all advice will be immensely appreciated.
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2023.05.31 00:00 BytownBrawler Am I the only who thinks the security system at the College Square Loblaws is stupid?

So the Loblaws at College Square recently installed this security system where you have to go through a metal gate to get into the store. If you go through the gate and then go back out the way you came in, a high pitched alarm goes off. On top of that, every time I go to get a cart, it locks up and another alarm goes off that's supposed to stop shoplifters and I'm not even in the store yet. I have to explain to the security guy that it just locks up on its own and they have to use a device to unlock it.
Rant: Why did they have to set up this security system? There weren't any problems before and the set up makes no sense. It makes sense for this security gate to be at the exit of the store rather than the entrance. And why is their "shopping cart security mechanism" so glitchy? Today I pulled out a cart and before I could proceed into the store, it locked up, I had to tell a security guy to unlock it and once he did, the damn thing locked up again. This is ridiculous.
Hey Galen Weston (or whatever puppet is running your business at this point), no one wants to steal your shitty, overpriced, food! Your security system which you probably put in place because you were price gouging doesn't work either. Even if there was a shoplifter, do you really think some skinny kid in an "asset protection" t-shirt making minimum wage is gonna stop them? The reason I buy your overpriced, shitty food is because your grocery store is the closest one to where I live that usually has everything I'm looking for. Should a food basics, cheaper grocery store or something better open up in or around college square, you will never see me at the Loblaws ever again.
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2023.05.30 23:59 jmeHusqvarna Advice on straightening between pulls.

Advice on straightening between pulls.
Any tips or cues some of you could pass on for how not to stand up between the first and second pull. I'm feeling like I'm battling my long legs(6'6") to get around them and i almost end up straight legged loosing power. I feel like I'm staying over the bar correctly and when I have tried wider grip it's uncomfortable and borderline painful when catching. Appreciate any littles cues or tips especially from other tall lifters.
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2023.05.30 23:58 Purrfessor_Chaos_ Breakthrough?

Newish to DMT, but I extracted my own made a vape pen (not too strong)
Just kept on hitting the pen until I couldn’t anymore not sure how many hits. Closed my eyes and laid down, and almost instantly got crazy visuals for unknown how long. Then everything seemed like it faded into what seemed these three black entities and they appeared to just look down and observe me. Shortly after it was like they reached out for me, pulled me up and as I was getting pulled up it just faded into a white light which then I opened my eyes. I had happy tears, couldn’t stop smiling and wondering wtf just happened.
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