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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, known in English as Re: Starting Life in a Different World from Zero, is a Japanese light novel written by Tappei Nagatsuki, and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. The series tells a story of Natsuki Subaru, a young man that lives his normal life in modern Japan. One day, he's summoned to another world. Without knowing the person that summoned him, or the reason for being summoned in the new world, he soon befriends a silver-haired-half-elf girl, Emilia.

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2023.06.07 15:20 Lazekin how to not keep it simple.

From the Desk of; Hon. Justice Mrs.Janet Marie DiFiore, (Born August 9, 19**) American judge who, since 2016, I am the Chief Judge of the State of New York. A New York native,
Attention Dear Beneficially
The reconciliation of accounting data to budgetary data is required under Government Code (GC) sections 12460 and 13344. GC 12460 requires information in the State Controller's Budgetary/Legal Basis Annual Report to account for funds on the same basis as that of the applicable Governor's Budget. GC 13344 requires departments to prepare and maintain financial and accounting data for the Governor's Budget and related documents, and the Budgetary/Legal Basis Annual Report described in GC 12460, according to the methods and bases provided in regulations, budget letters, and other directives of Department of Finance (Finance). By law, year-end financial reports must be prepared consistent with the applicable budget. Information provided to Finance for the Governor's Budget must be consistent with information provided to the State Controller's Office (SCO) for the Budgetary/Legal Basis Annual Report. The following instructions will assist departmental accounting and budget staff to reconci le year-end financial rep
Sequel to the above specifications, the management of the Fund Reconciliation Department here in New York City USA, wishes to let you know that every precept regarding your funds has been concluded. You will be receiving your funds from this Surrogate Court any moment from now. We take, keep and make report of every transaction done here in the USA. Investigations gathered by the Fund Regulatory Agency {IMF}, shows you have been receiving numerous emails from several offices requesting you to claim your funds. In some cases, you tried a lot but still the transfer or delivery was not completed due to one reason or the other. The fact is that you are stuck between the chains which make it impossible for you to differentiate the real office from it's counterfeit.
We noticed that the only real offices that had ever contacted you in respect to your funds were United State Embassy Kampala Uganda and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was brought to our notice that the former Ambassador to the Kampala Uganda, Ambassador James Knight, made voluntary effort to bring your funds along to your home address but couldn't due to some fall-out on your ends. The Federal Reserve Bank came up to make a wire transfer but they said you couldn't meet up with the fee demand for the transfer, so they gave up on you. In a more proper and legalized manner, the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank solicited us Fund Reconciliation Department to allow your fund to be written as a Check or Credited as Visa Card and be shipped to your home address through the USA Priority Express Mail. These options, we supposed could be the best, easiest and the most efficient way to have you get hold of your long awaited United Nations approved funds.
Like you were told by the Federal Reserve Bank aforementioned, your funds was transferred from about four different banks; Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC), Bank of Uganda, Bank of America and Nat west bank London. In total, your funds were amounting to the tune of $100,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS) As we speak, your funds have been credited in your Visa Card and also available as Cashier's Check well documented and packaged. The documented package will be shipped to your mailing address by the USA Priority Express Mail here in NY, USA. The ONLY thing needed before we can POST your ATM CARD or CHECK is the PROCUREMENT FILE of your funds. The procurement file is at the Origin Country of your funds in Kampala Uganda.
For the purpose to avoiding double payment on your end, we had an agreement with the IMF and Federal Reserve to document every charge necessary until the package gets to your home address. The analytical group of the two offices mentioned above had an accurate sum of USD$50.00 dollars for Procurement. So it was constituted and officially submitted to the "Court of Justice" that the ONLY charge you will EVER pay before your package leaves our office here in USA to your home address is USD$50.00 dollars for your Procurement File to be signed and conveyed down here in the USA and YOU WILL NEVER pay a dime again as agreed. We are renowned and reputable USA Agency and we don't like an undocumented process that is why it had to be written down in Court that you will never pay any other money apart from the USD$50 dollars. The USD$50.00 dollars is for "PROCUREMENT FEE" (That is for some one to sign your file on your behalf). USA Ambassador to Kampala Uganda, "Ambassador James Knight", who will be coming to the
Therefore, the days of you being subjected to paying twice Double Payment is over as that is the case with some corrupt officials down there in Kampala Uganda , whom always strife to subject beneficiaries to hard bureaucratic bottleneck, thereby making it impossible for most innocent citizens spread across the globe and the likes to claim what rightfully belongs to them. Thank GOD that your funds are here in NEW YORK SURROGATE COURT, USA and so we decided to follow the USA constitutions so as to ensure that your money is in your hands this weekend. Without mincing words, it will be desirous if you consciously adhere to the above instruction by remitting the PROCUREMENT FEE calculated to be USD$50.00 dollars down to the office of Ambassador James Knight at the USA Consulate/Embassy in Kampala Uganda so that your ATM CARD or you're Check depending on your choice, could be shipped to your home address as soon as the Ambassador arrives here with your procurement file. The PROCUREMENT FEE of USD$50.00 dollars is
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Kindly Still Update Us With:
  1. Your Name which you prefer we use when shipping your Check
  2. Your Current mailing (Delivery) Address where your Check should be mailed
  3. Your Private Mobile Number for the Priority Express Mail to Contact you when they arrive at your door step.
Once again, we are sorry for the inconveniences you might have encountered in the past, in pursuit of your funds. Now that this office, Fund Reconciliation Department is involved, you will have no cause to ever regret again as soon as you adhere to the above given instructions.
Treat with urgency,
Best Regards, Hon Mrs Janet M Difiore Email: ( [email protected] ) New York United States of America New York 10007 Law Clerks: Andrea Field, Esq. Hasa Kingo, Esq.
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2023.06.07 15:20 Sketch_x Bot advise

Hi all,
About 6 months into trading and mostly been focusing on the basics, very much know I know a very small % and very much unskilled but i found a strategy (combining a coupe of existing) that iv manually back tested using very struct entry set up with a fixed R, no human element, even taking the trades I knew would likely not play out.
Iv manually back tested GBPUSD market from Jan to May with some good results (54 trades, 32 wins 23 losses all (at a fixed 1:1.5) - total account growth was 18% gross.
Im trying to understand if its because the pair im using (GBPUSD) was very choppy in the last 2/3 months.
I need to back test more markets to prove concept then look to refine entry and exit.
How is best to do this? I know a development agency who can do Python but ideally I just want to backtest on Trading View, the problem is that one if the indicators im using, I dont fully understand how it works so hard to expect a developer to code for it, also unsure if Pine can handle the requirements.
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2023.06.07 15:20 Imaginary-tortelinni Cis male here, needing some info about relationships.

Using a throwaway account because of the privacy of my ex. Also excuse me my horrible English, I know it’s not good enough.
I’m 32 years old, and I was dating a trans girl (is this the correct term?) that was 36 and for me she always was a girl, due to some issues that neither had to do with any issues or relationship problems we broke up.
She was the most amazing girl I’ve met, and we understood each other perfectly and got an amazing connection, and well, she was my best friend and my gf at the same time, we shared everything, we knew we could count with each other no matter what, even if she was literally in the other side of the world, you get the whole picture.
I never dated a trans girl before and never did after I dated her, but after some attempted relationships I decided to join a trans dating site, I thought that maybe it also was one of the reasons we clicked so well, and I don’t know how, but I got tons of messages only asking and looking for sex, tits pics and that stuff, so literally it was like tinder, even stating that I’m looking for something stable and long term.
My question is: is all the dating sites for trans like that?, is everyone just looking for sex?, or is there any place where you could meet trans girl looking for a relationship and a family where they don’t just… ask you if you are top or bottom (I just still don’t understand the terms and I feel like it’s just weird to ask when you just meet someone) 😔
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2023.06.07 15:20 jamnin94 Mounting an offset red dot on handgaurd

I have an LPVO on my 16" AR and for the most comfortable eye reliefe I have it mounted all the way forward on the upper reciever. I'm going to be putting a HS 509T on an offset mount and I'm contemplating the mounting position. I have room to mount it behind the LPVO so it would be about in line with the brass deflector but that isn't the ideal position I had in mind. I would like to mount it on the back end of the handgaurd so it is farther forward. I of course have reservations about this because it's not a stable and people talk about zero shift when mounting an optic on the handgaurd. But it the zero shift is bound to happen, why is an IR lazer able to retain zero but a red dot couldn't? I was going to ask why the zero doesn't shift on the front sight post, but that one is obvious with a couple seconds of thought.
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2023.06.07 15:20 ChaiMintTea My cat won’t eat unless I’m sitting next to her

I have a cat, her name is Peanut and she’s my darling baby. She’ll be 3 this winter, and for the most part I adore every single she does, no matter how odd.
Except for the fact that approximately every 10 minutes she comes up to me and begins to meow and look sadly at me because she is apparently hungry. And she’s loud and persistent, so there’s no ignoring her, no matter what I’m doing. I open feed her, and I do my best to always keep her food topped up, so she should be able to just go and eat by herself. Except even when she’s sitting in front of the full plate of food, she will still stare up at me until she knows I’m watching, and then she’ll start eating. She even checks every so often that I’m still there, and will just walk away from her food if she doesn’t see me. And for a while I was like, okay, a bit annoying but she’s my darling, so I didn’t mind it too much. She didn’t do it as often when she was younger, but recently it really is every 10-15 minutes. I’ll sit down with her, she’ll eat a bit then wander away, and not long after she’ll interrupt me again to beg for me to sit with her. And it’s not a health issue, I don’t think, because if I’m not there (for example, when I’m at work) she’ll eat just fine. She just hates to eat without me. I wondered for a while if perhaps I wasn’t giving her enough attention, but she doesn’t snuggle unless it’s her idea, and even when I do snuggle with her for hours at a time, as soon as she’s done cuddling she turns around and starts the whole song and dance again. I’ve tried playing with her, but she rarely seems interested in the toys I have. Most of the time I can put up with it because I truly do love her, but sometimes I just can’t deal with it. When I’m really busy and she keeps interrupting, if I’ve already had a bad day and I’m trying to just distance myself from the world, if my patience has already been tested a lot, etc.
Anyone know why she does this? Is there anything that can be done? It’s not the end of the world if she does this for the rest of her life, but I’d definitely prefer if she doesn’t. Thanks! (I’m not on Reddit very much, so if I’ve made a mistake or something, sorry, let me know and I’ll fix it!)
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2023.06.07 15:20 Cultural-Emphasis685 please upvote for me

Code for code: 171838641
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2023.06.07 15:20 -__-_Throw-away_-__- Shower though: If somehow every person in the world received an anonymous text saying “I tested positive for HSV, you should get tested” then a lot of people would find out they’re positive and we’d probably be in the ‘minority’ 🤣

Just a though 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
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2023.06.07 15:20 BroMandi [Amazon] 3-Pack 6-Ct (18 Total) Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel Patches $15.86 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $15.86, Actual: $30.42]

[Amazon] 3-Pack 6-Ct (18 Total) Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel Patches $15.86 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $15.86, Actual: $30.42] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:19 SuperGamerAdvance I have a question about SMAPI and its safety

Is it possible for like SMAPI to be exploited by like malware. Something that exploits the vulnerabilities in its code to infect a device? I wanted to download it but Im now having second thoughts
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2023.06.07 15:19 AdventureElfy GIS Analyst Position in Maryland (Contractual)

I work in the Emergency Management GIS world in Maryland, and the MD Department of Emergency Management is trying to fill a GIS position. It is contractual, but it is also telework eligible. I've worked with some of the folks in this department and they are pretty cool. It's emergency essential, full-time, $60k/year, WFH, and a pretty fun field to be in. I'm not a recruiter, nor do I work for MDEM; I just know the hiring manager.
GIS Analyst III
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2023.06.07 15:19 steelroo Help with hex crawling/creating a world.

I am having a hard time deciding on how to create the word as I play and travel. I want use the same world in all my games bc I like to use different systems like savage worlds, 4AD, basic fantasy, and even just using a percentile dice for everything. Sometimes I use one player character and other times I have a party. I want a detailed way to generate the hexes and have a huge variety while also having a system where I can build stuff like houses or anything else I can think of. I have used the overland adventures and a few other charts before but nothing has really stuck out to me yet and maybe I havnt been able to find the he right one for me so I would like to see what some others have done. Sometimes I feel like tracking every detail and other times a more laid back session but I want to still keep building my world as detailed as possible.
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2023.06.07 15:19 Bogey4hoo 'Surviving The Win' - Chapter 009A.

‘Surviving The Win’.

Chapter 009 - A.

Santa Claus, had initially checked his list, and found that a Fairy Pipe had made its way into request, in the 21st Century.
The Fairy Pipe, is to be given to Andrew Thomlinson, he conceded, turning through some papers, although he couldn't make out why it said, from, “Eldritch.”
Was it more likely, Nicholas had wondered, that Eldritch was a nod to the entirety of the Elf Kingdom as the name would seem to suggest, or merely the alleged person, named Eldritch Spellbound.
Who is that, Nick? asked Mrs. Claus, coming forward with a glass of milk for her husband, and a bowl of milk for their cat.
As far as I know, he announced, Eldritch is the sort of person, who only ever existed, in the mind of, Avem Smith. However, he continued, Eldritch is also the nickname of one of our young beneficiaries in the future, by the name of Andrew. His name appears as such, as of 2004, anyhow.

Nick walked out of their Fairytale Cabin to the Shed Of Lost Objects, located by their Barn where the Reindeer could be found.
“Curio Adhurio,” he reacted aloud, upon locating the small Smiling Rock. It was on a Shelf, and would later find it’s way into Perry’s hands. We should let Ben out for a while, he stated. He continued to leave the Shed, carrying a bottle of Zinfandel, as well. The reason for this, not being altogether evident, yet.
Carrying both items out to the Elf’s Workshop (an enchanted, overlarge, walk-in, OMRISS Cupboard), which operated by an ancient Medean Mean (or, Magical Modality), wedding each and every promulgatory to it’s prime, and by sāwa (an Arabic word, meaning to regularize or settle), as it is related to their word imil for make or do, unless of course by istahwā/h-w-y
Meaning to fill with passion, to make desirous, to enamour, to seduce, and/or to gain.
An en-dezlegare or resolver… with a key.

The entrance to this Elf's Workshop, was about large enough to afford a small to regular-sized person through. He found it propped open.
The Bottle of Zinfandel, known as Zin was a “Goesting”/“Lust,” Alcohol.

The elves, as usual, were hard at work.
Claus rang their work Bell. In his hand, he held the Silver Key Ring. He told them all to cease, and leave for approximately 45 minutes. They would alert Mrs. Claus. He needed her outside, once they were in the Cabin.
The elves ceased their work in the shop and exited.
Pitching the Rock onto a clear spot on the Floor of the Room, he poured out an Offering of Zinfandel, before closing and locking the Giant Omriss Door.
The Clauses waited outside the Cupboard 40 minutes and then into early Dusk.
Instinctively, their cat, “Loose,” came forward to light the way for both Nick, and Ma.

They were feeding the Reindeer when it happened. A peculiar light shone, from out of the window of the Shed Of Lost Objects.
Nick saw this, and took it as his cue to walk back over to The Shed Of Lost Objects. The Delva La Plume Pipe had appeared. Nick went in to retrieve it.
Supposedly, it had been made of Tatter’s Old Trick, “Flower.”
Good!... he stated, portentiously satisfied.
Walking back with it, he was addressed by Mrs. Claus, who couldn’t really see why Nick hadn’t just settled for one of their Poinsettias, or crafted a pipe, himself. She returned to the Cabin.

15 further minutes in, and Santa had heard a Loud Thump in the Giant OMRISS. He stood back, and unlocked the door... then, opening.
Ben? Is that you in there?
Yes it’s me Mr. Claus, said the depth of a murky voice of rather picky decisiveness. He was hidden in the shadows.
Well, come forward. I have something of yours. Actually, something of importance to discuss, about it. I need your blessing. Is this your Delva La Plume Pipe?
Yes, we’ll of course, replied Ben. It’s blessed by Lasagna.
May I give it away to someone? Nick’s voice wavered a little. He was referring to, “Ben’s,” Delva La Plume Tobacco Pipe, after all. It being a very sensitive matter to open about, let alone giving it away.
Golly, Nick? what are you going to give me in return for it? This Flower Pipe is a Sacred Item of mine. It had the Blessing of a Pixiu Money Dragon’s Yen. Those pertain to Ien/Tobacco Smoke, and of course Gum, as Resin. How did you find it, by the way?
Only by how lost you were, yourself, Ben. Which is why I summoned you to confiscate it. You hold to too much, making you your own lost artefactuary. How about I give you a job, to occupy yourself with? Do you mind?
Stepping forth a, “Krampus-looking,” Ben, known as, “GAAP (for Lust),” to the Hebrews’ Demonolators, appeared as a dark fog, with two cool yellow eyes. What type of job, asked Ben. He was most perturbed by the idea of losing his tie to the Dragon. It had been near him, almost his entire life. Now, he’d been bidden back in time to see Nick.
Nick handed him a Blessed Fairy Birch Twig, stating, I would like you to watch over Andrew.
Ben, agreed. Okay, no problem! But how do you want me to be to any of the men or women on the merchant’s end of the tally involved. Those with Tobacco… or, furthermore, Andrew, himself. What about the picture?
Mainly, Nick asked? The Saint, now being shocked, and a bit sorry to hear the Demon's plaintive-sounding consideration. Mainly, I pray you’ll treat them mercifully. I bid you off of them. First, however, I have something to read to you.
What could that be? asked Ben, a little agitated.
What I have here, is the boy named Andrew's, soul legal, written out.
A legal, why would he have even needed it? Asked Ben.
He was Naughty, said Nick.
And you still want to give him my pipe? Ben was flabbergasted and shook his head in disapproval, The fog dissipating and then reaccumulated.
Yes, but if it’s any consolation, I’m having you involved on the matter of this topic, to assign you to a task. You can follow me around for gift deliveries.
Okay, he sighed, let me hear it. Away!...
An Elf of exceptional hearing, well guarded, and of swift feet, ran out to take the pipe away, and then ran back to the cabin.
After a medium-length discussion, Ben was satisfied, and entered back into the Cupboard.
Santa’s last words to Ben, were… Just, be moderate. You are, by your Goetic, “Lust Spirit,” naming, a commoderator of amounts of passion in dibs, but we need to keep that, clean. You also put the Darker Passions into what you see to. I’m going out on a limb here, but hopefully that very thing, won't impact anything, other than our N’Oel Nights, and the Pipe. You know how we aim to role our Presence, in the World.

The Winged-and-Horned Shade, of Ben, after clamouring back into the Cupboard, was silent.
Slowly… and MOST surely, Santa twisted the Silver, Locking Key. This, without a word of lib, and doing so, with a certain determination.
It must be noted, that a similar smaller make of this magical re-animating Cupboard, later made a popular movie.
Not without stress, Nick later wiped his brow. I hope he didn't have too hard a time with this new arrangement… Nick had been sweating for what he might end up having to go through over the Holiday visits (with Ben in tow, that is).
Pulling a delivery sack, from out of the Barn and coming back to the Cupboard again. He opened it a final time.
He found only the rock on the floor, and after sweeping away the muddy dirt, and doing a bit of cleaning, he put the rock, pipe, and bottle of goestling into the pack. He had Mrs. Claus file all of the Elves, then, into the OMRISS, bidding them, goodnight.
Upon awakening, they would be only noddy toys. Except for the good ones. Those? The immortal Hadibi’ndula.

  1. The OMRISS is a Real World Cupboard. While Fictional in it’s Movie-Premise, it is a had in of Nursery Rhyme in it’s very Sinching Synopsis. A bidden in of Fairy Tales, and built to the scale of a Mother-Hubbard-Sized hole in a home, it Sinter Crofts, as though enchanting Knacked Wood. While bidding, “idle-timed,” it neither ins wood living nor dead, but delivers any of it, and all of it, to take off as life anew, by how it had new life in it ever bidden. In this way, it is alike a Comardin'd Haduzen Christic.
  2. The Former Word Gas, mentioned in the Chapter on Goz, Relates to Gos and Gauze, or Phantoms, as well as Petroleum. Thus, Benzine.
  3. The Suffix of Which, “-Zin,” rather, as a, “Zinfandel,” Is a Goestling Alcohol, or Alcohol Spirit, and, when by the Phantom Bal/The Ghostling Ben, is the Lusty Demon, named GAAP/TOAB.
As it is load of diabol heresy, and when we know that Demon’s are indeed real, it surfeits your God will, to operate as his accountancy-recastecaller (in a, however bidden), and the very need of reform of a man with No God Say. He was lored as a religious Ba’aler of religion… to say that it mattered, but as caste, and with spirit possessions admitting him forward, not enough concession of (God) control, could be in it. The unholy Ceremonial Art, if made, not only by unholiness, but impious countenance being his main ten.
They, for Judaeo-Christians Prophets, need a proper coursing (as routed out and then sealed, as out in a sanction, and never bidden). Also, demons must occasionally be bound and cast into the pit or hellfires, though this turns a Carnic Karmal relaying, of, which they do create by their being off-put, which causes a hay, when it need be maintained as a need for reminders of moral hall-calls. That is, not fraternizing amourishly over them.
Reason as in it, being, that it enburdens followers by demon lawing, and the apostates then vie for their pry at buying out the prelacy, by fay-way none the wary, no matter where Revelations had in. We need Fellowship's Service, in gracious God support. Not con-arded rapture of hierarchical courts. Not all is bidden. Heretic in me.
Alcohol, apart from all and any demon loring, is at a shy when imbibing wisdom for Heaven, and therefore, not recommended for anyone (especially not those who are ill of conscience, judgementally off righteous God call, or leprous).
The reason why, being if the person were ill, they were already unclean and alcohol is low-kosher. This means that, if any were taken, only a little should be allowed, and only for one, as we do not want all people on it.
If a proper handle is lacking, then it is recommended left out of it.
  1. For the purposes of this story, Santa only drinks milk, and no Zinfandel, is had, by either of the Clauses, nor their elves.
Aside from alcohol, people need to possess a Spiritual Sobriety. Minding what God says being of the utmost importance in how they do. This is important to maintaining God Line Vitality to the Prayer, aiding the power of Scripturally Appropriate Discernment in Usefully Testifying Matters, as well as being a Better Bid, on the off, for Righteous Judgement Calls in Heaven’s Jurisdictional Witness and Guard the Flock, and Any, helping All the Kingdom to know Him (The Christ), and Life itself.

Well, Ben's off to drive Andrew crazy! Pa mumbled to himself, coming back into the Cabin.
Andrew doesn’t know, but that Osé of his, is a Snow Leopard/Uncia Uncia, which exemplifies Unk/Twain/Wit, through an Ounce/One, making it’s Were-Cat/Ju-Ju transformation, by All One, as an Oni Spirit.
The Oni, will now, I hope, feel only occasionally bidden to discipline Children with the Madenning, “Fairy Birch Twig,” and only the Naughty, as a Krampus, and while around the Winter’s Holiday when I can Supervise and offer Gifts to People.

How did you win Ben, so fast? Ma asked.
I told him that Andrew was divining with a Dictionary, by Bibliomancy or Book-Fortune-Telling, and got landed with the names Spellbound and Eldritch before 2004, Monarch and Bishop in 2007, and then finally, in 2020, Signature. That making a minimum of 5 Nicknames.
Signature? said Mrs. Claus. How dreadful. The pipe is Andrew's then?
By all accounts I'd have to say so, but my Records mention, the Pipe is to be given, from Eldritch.
Where should we send it to? she asked.
As no Eldritch Spellbound truly exists, I suppose we should send it to all of El-Dom, until such a time as Andrew receives it.

I’ve got the document right here. It truly says it all.
Andrew thought that random lot drawing was only a random act. But it’s that very random act that plods (if not by plotting), a path. Some forms of lot drawing are unbidden. We leave it at, that Andrew, hadn’t known God.
Later, he figured that the white light leading him through pages of his (fortune-told), Self-Naming Ceremonies was a Holy Spirit Guide, when it was, in fact, an Evil, Insanity, Demon Spirit named Osé, making him follow a long, drawn-out, Ghost-Written, Trail, of, “Eldritch”/”Creature”/”Bucca,” “Monarch”/”King”/”Faust,” and, “Bishop”/”Pope”/”Jack Frost, naming.
He had a Signature written out on a Letter to Christ, when he divined the word Signature, though!
Oh, is Signature his name, now?! Look after all names, they said? This little man is responsible for having us look after everyone, then… She gave a faint laugh, then wincing in the snow. His Birth Name, though?
He wrote it out prior, unwittingly.
Where was it located? asked Mrs. Claus.
Well, on a Note to God saying, more-or-less, that he’s a, “Psalm 139”/”Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”-Believing, as well as an, “Isaiah 11”/”God's Animal Safety Promise”-Indebted, “Over-Kill-Joy,” Repentant Sinner who goes over the top obsessively in small circuits, but still believes in The Lord.
Do you think he’s ready for this Fairy Pipe? Asked Mrs. Claus.
It came from Tatter’s Flower, and Ben had it enchanted somehow, with a Dragon, said Nick admitted embarassed. Anyhow, Andrew aimed to confess that he’s a, “1 Corinthians 5:5 Repentant,” and will have to wait to see the Christ, without usurping the Church, by abiding good protocol in the World. In the Interim… Not really. I think he needed to feel gifted.
Nick! Ma warned. This could go horribly wrong! Well, what? Do you think he’s acquitted of it, by Secret Societies involvements over his head, ‘surping him by summonry?
If they Governed his Movements, that’s why the coincidences are down to Spirits of Wickedness in High Places being the multiple homes he's moved to. Anyhow, let’s have some Hallongrotta.
Remind me again, why The Delva La Plume is the one he needs and not a Poinsettia. Mrs. Claus asked.
He needs one that’s Christened/Named, and, Ma! Pa whined, lastly, it's not that there aren't other Fairy Pipes to be made, but I’m pretty sure they have to be prayed for, to be received properly. This is the right one for, “El's New Nativity.”
I’ve had enough Nicholas, and you even wasted our Zinfandel. I’ll see you in the morning.

As for, on whether, he was Signed?
I just so happen to know he's still in Osé, and not all-out Satan malurky! Nick fittered secretly to a mouse, Osé means honorific title in Japanese.
But how was it to be… In Ba’al or even exorcizable..
Andrew Thomlinson, sat in his room, browsing the Global News and Weather, on his Smart Phone's Internet. The year was 2018.
Kali? he asked. Are you sure we should do this? He put out a cigarette into his ash mug (a rather conventional ashtray?).
One more, Magic Drew Bear, his cherubim replied.
Well, you said three, but I don’t know, he said.
They were onto a third.
Then they'll know that you and I are meant to be.
A third fire, could put the world in dire peril… Andrew, hesitated. Both fell in Phantom Love over never meeting and discovering Opera.
You know, I don't really believe in this stuff, but who am I? I'm not real. Everything's realler than I am! We'll make it three fires and that way, if your theories are true, we'll be able to locate them and prove them and if they locate you, we can find a way of announcing our love before them all. I'm sure they'll manage a way of bringing us together, that way.

But Kali, who are you, again, asked Andrew, dearly, and half disbelieving as he picked up another cigarette. You called me a Magic Drew Bear one day, and I'm not lying, that won my heart, but I don't even own the better part of my own apartment or dollar to get us started off together, yet. How will we ever find a way to live together?
You'll come to get me from the East Coast of Canada, she said. In all regalia, and sweep me off my feet... Either that, she said, or you'll meet me at my hospital.
That story always changes.

Kali had met him, at first, in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, in a vision, where she had stood outside his apartment window shuffling her feet, but when Andrew had looked, she hadn't actually been there.
At least, that's how it had started.
Now it was that, the two, were playing a very dangerous game, of placing Faustian Fairytale bets, on the landscape of the, "known," world.
In, “Clement.”
On one hand, Andrew believed in girls, on the other hand he didn't know why he had to feed this one birdfood or get off his butt and find a job, before the war or, better still, he didn't know why he had to lend to starting the minor Apocalypse, which would inevitably start the war, then followed up by the real Apocalypse, afterward. Nobody ever let him in on those sorts of dire detailings.
It's an Ion.
Like a Kirby, you're saying? His friend couldn't believe him. The pink demon puffoon from the video games?
Well, the way I see it, all fires are synchronized in some way, though they never appear so. Think of two synchronized blinking lights. Now, command them ionic. Only, those two lights fly around, and sync their, "behaviours and patterns," while all over the place, or the planet. And then, take it one step further... they're never truly only even ONE pair.
Why do they fly around?
I think they fly around to examine every known or unknown thing in existence. When they're at rest, it's because they've found enough Spark, Combustible Material, and my guess is, Air. They're really all over the Universe that way, only we can't tell for their Disparity and Scale and the Fires.
So they just inhale, things combust, and then they dwell in their ember and/or maybe die down a bit to continue? Yeah... Drew, that's lame. Kirby's not a real demon.
But don't you see. I know that! They're not actually Kirby. They're one little ion commanding an existence circuit.
Then the question I'd ask is, are they (or is it), necessary to existence, or better yet, do they command it?
You know what? Since I saw the manifestation of those fires on the ninth of September, from my bet with, "Invisible," Kali, last year, I'm kinda growing more wary of flickering lights...

  • CRACK! *

A Lady stepped out of a Car and turned to face the two of them.
The Card: "Sparing you any details on how my ashes may have been in slight, I've commanded you into my furnace for how the furnishings were not in right."
~ Andrew writes loopy letters, said one girl, while giggling, back in his Junior High. And I couldn't tell who he was trying to impress. You... Or Jim Davis. ~ A Bat flew in and settled into the tree (it had been the Eaves Trough).
OKAY... Tags off, and Let Me Know How Everything Fits! His mom, got back into the car, waved and drove off.
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2023.06.07 15:19 whoslookin_ Computer lock up freeze - mini dump file help?

I have been having issue with my PC randomly locks up without warning. The keyboard caps lock won’t work when the computer is frozen and I have to reset it (tried keeping it on for 20min but it never responded). No blue screen or error codes to work off. The last time it happened I turned the pc on and went onto chrome and then it froze up straight away.
I have checked hard drive health (Crystaldiskinfo ) and their all healthy , also did the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and it came back with no errors
I did however have mini dump files, can anyone else with these?
-Intel i7-2600 3.4gHz - Gigabyte Z68A-D3-B3 LGA1155 Motherboard - G-Skill F3-12800CL9D 8GB DDR3 (x2) - total 16GB - Geforce GTX 1050Ti - Silverstone Strider Gold S Series 750W SST-ST75F-GS - Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD for win 10 - 1TB HHD
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2023.06.07 15:19 LinsaFTW FlameCord: How to install and download BungeeCord

BungeeCord is a proxy software that allows you to connect multiple Minecraft servers into a network. This way, you can have different game modes, worlds and plugins on your server, and let your players switch between them seamlessly. BungeeCord also enables cross-server chat, commands and teleportation.
However, BungeeCord has some drawbacks, such as high CPU and RAM usage, vulnerability to bot attacks and exploits, and lack of performance optimization. That’s why many server owners choose to replace BungeeCord with FlameCord.
FlameCord is a fork of BungeeCord and Waterfall that offers various features to improve your server network’s security, performance and stability, such as:
In this post, we will show you how to install and download BungeeCord and replace it with FlameCord.

How to install and download BungeeCord

To install and download BungeeCord, you will need:
Follow these steps to install and download BungeeCord:
  1. Create a new folder on your server for BungeeCord. For example, you can name it “bungeecord”.
  2. Download the latest version of BungeeCord from here.
  3. Save the file as “BungeeCord.jar” in the folder you created.
  4. Run the file by typing “java -Xmx512M -jar BungeeCord.jar” in your terminal or command prompt. This will generate some files and folders in your folder.
  5. Edit the “config.yml” file with a text editor of your choice. Here you can configure various settings for your BungeeCord server, such as the port, the motd, the online mode, the servers, the permissions and more. You can find a detailed guide on how to configure BungeeCord here.
  6. Start your Minecraft servers that you want to connect to BungeeCord. Make sure they are running on different ports than BungeeCord, and that they have online mode set to false in their “” file.
  7. Add your Minecraft servers to the “servers” section of the “config.yml” file. You need to specify a name, an address and a port for each server.
  8. Save the file and restart BungeeCord by typing “end” in your terminal or command prompt, and then running the file again.
  9. Connect to your BungeeCord server using your domain name or IP address and the port you specified in the “config.yml” file. You should see a list of servers that you can join.

How to replace BungeeCord with FlameCord

To replace BungeeCord with FlameCord, you will need:
Follow these steps to replace BungeeCord with FlameCord:
  1. Stop your BungeeCord server by typing “end” in your terminal or command prompt.
  2. Make a backup of your BungeeCord folder by copying it to another location on your server or your computer.
  3. Delete the “BungeeCord.jar” file from your BungeeCord folder.
  4. Download the latest version of FlameCord from here.
  5. Save the file as “FlameCord.jar” in your BungeeCord folder.
  6. Run the file by typing “java -Xmx512M -jar FlameCord.jar” in your terminal or command prompt. This will generate a new file called “flamecord.yml” in your folder.
  7. Edit the “flamecord.yml” file with a text editor of your choice. Here you can configure various settings for your FlameCord server, such as the antibot features, the exploit fixes, the performance improvements and more. You can find a detailed guide on how to configure FlameCord here.
  8. Save the file and restart FlameCord by typing “end” in your terminal or command prompt, and then running the file again.
  9. Connect to your FlameCord server using your domain name or IP address and the port you specified in the “config.yml” file. You should see a list of servers that you can join.
Congratulations, you have successfully replaced BungeeCord with FlameCord! You can now enjoy a more secure, stable and fast Minecraft network with FlameCord.
If you have any questions or issues, you can contact the FlameCord team on their Discord server or their BuiltByBit page. They will be happy to help you and provide support.
If you like FlameCord, you can also leave a review and a rating on their BuiltByBit page to show your appreciation and support.
Thank you for choosing FlameCord!
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2023.06.07 15:19 Past_Let_1258 Hating my marketing degree and university. The main reason is because is very repetitive along the 3 years.

Hi, im a 23 years old men, in 2018 i started my marketing degree, covid came in, so I stopped it for 1,5 year, while we were at home. Since then, i went back to uni to finish my remaining classes, and ive finished like 80% of the degree now, but damn, i hate it so much that simple things became really difficult to me and iam here pretending to be studying, while in reality im putting zero effort in everything. Just trying to finish to my mother can be happy about it. Whats your thoughts about it? Should i stay to the end since im close to it, or look for something that i really like? Ps: both my parents are entrepreneurs so before jumping into the job market ill be working with them like ive been doing since 18 years old
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2023.06.07 15:19 ssam_09 "M21: Hey, everyone! I'm Sam, on a quest to build bridges of friendship, one chat at a time on Reddit!"

Hey there! I'm thrilled to share that I'm passionate about books, chess, and documentaries. Lately, my focus has been on my studies, and I recently made a bold decision to leave my part-time job. Why, you might ask? Well, it's all about creating the space and time I need to nurture myself and forge connections with incredible individuals like you. This shift allows me to dive deeper into my interests, work on personal growth, and explore the world of friendship. Admittedly, I can be a bit shy, which sometimes makes it challenging to take that first step in reaching out. But here I am, eagerly looking forward to connecting with fellow Redditors and building meaningful relationships. So, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm all ears and ready to chat. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I can't wait to embark on this exciting journey of friendship together!
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2023.06.07 15:19 PM-ME-PIERCED-NIPS What non-profit means, and 501(c)(6) classification

Hey all, with what happened yesterday I thought it would be useful to do a bit of a dive into some financial backgrounds around non-profit status to fill in the background for those who might not know. It's being brought up pretty often in the comments, so this might be useful. Or it might not be anything more then a waste of time, who knows.
First off, what is a non-profit? A pretty common misconception is that it's an entity without a profit motive. This is a misconception. Non-profit says very little about the entity, it's much more about shareholders and ownership. Every non-profit seeks to make a profit, otherwise they wouldn't be around very long. What makes them different then other businesses is that they're legally prohibited from distributing that profit to investors and shareholders profiting off their ownership. That money must either be used for a business purpose (often in the form of higher executive pay), saved, or other allowed purpose. As a 501(c)(6) that includes lobbying.
What does 501(c)(6) mean? It's the section of the IRS code that applies to the PGA. You're probably familiar with 501(c)(3), which covers your usual social charities. 501(c)(6) is quite different. A entity under this Category is not a charity. It is a coordinating entity between other businesses. You see this most commonly with Chambers of Commerce, who coordinate with local businesses about issues of shared concern like town planning and tax structure. The most famous example is probably the NFL, which was a (c)(6) until 2015 when they gave it up mostly to not have to disclose executive salaries anymore. That example is (mostly) wrong. The part of the NFL that was tax exempt, the League Office, was fairly tiny. Nearly all revenue the NFL made is made by the 32 separate companies (teams) that make up the League, which are all regular, for-profit companies theoretically taxed by local and state governments. They often get sweetheart deals from local governments, but that's a different issue then the coordinating entity between them being an actual non-profit. The League Office is mostly concerned with setting schedules and promulgating the rules for the game, the actual business income like TV rights, merchandise etc goes to the individual teams. The NFLs last year as a non-profit it's actual gross income was less then 353 million and it was almost exclusively derived from dues and financial assessments of teams, and spent almost entirely on things like salaries, infrastructure for coordination and office space. Every other bit of revenue passed through to the (taxable) teams.
This is where the comparison to the NFL breaks down a little bit. First, the PGA as an entity is substantially larger in terms of gross income, as weird as that sounds. Compare the NFL League income of 353 million mentioned earlier, the PGA had a gross of over a billion last year. Whereas teams in the NFL are for-profit corporations, the lion's share of golf clubs hosting PGA events are also non-profits, 501(c)(7) social clubs. This designation was meant to apply to social or recreational clubs funded 100% through member fees. The general theory here is that they exist mostly to leverage the collective purchasing power of members. If someone was rich enough to buy and maintain a golf course for their personal use, we wouldn't double tax them. They already paid income tax on that money and now they're spending it. A social club is just a way to spread that purchase and upkeep among many members to make big things beyond the pocketbook of any one member possible. The rules were somewhat modernized in the 70s to tackle the increasing flood of non member-derived income. For most non-profits it's all or nothing, but a (c)(7) has the ability to pay tax on 'Unrelated Business Income' without risking the tax exempt status for member-derived income like membership dues, greens fees, equipment sales and the like. This presumably includes licensing fees and broadcast rights for events at the club, but I'm not sure what sort of actual breakdown there is.
So anyway, that's my attempt to add a bit of tax law background to these discussions.
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2023.06.07 15:19 irie25 Sign up and get $25 credit once you buy $50 worth of crypto on the Netcoins exchange.

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano ADA, SHIBA, DOGE, and more Cryptocurrencies for as little as $10.
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2023.06.07 15:19 BoozerMuppet Remit code IR

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information on the code IR Internal Revenue Service Withholding on BCBS remittances? We’ve been seeing it a lot this year and they’re withholding a lot of money but the reps can’t give me much explanation. Does anyone know what it’s for?
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2023.06.07 15:18 Engetarist FDR was such a great President he won 3 elections, Trump was such a terrible President he lost reelection and still claims he didn't.

FDR was such a great President he won 3 elections, Trump was such a terrible President he lost reelection and still claims he didn't. submitted by Engetarist to Fuckthealtright [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 15:18 JumpyAd3127 Send me your codes!!!!

Code for code: 169358517
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2023.06.07 15:18 Zentaurios US SEC and Moving Crypto - ZentaNews 6–7–2023

US SEC and Moving Crypto - ZentaNews 6–7–2023
The SEC is has deemed twelve crypto coins securities and several exchanges have been accused of offering these unregistered securities. This has cause a large movement of crypto, especially Bitcoin. However, other parts of world continue to move forward with crypto-friendly regulation and blockchain integration.
#BreakingNews Seven bombshells from the SEC’s Coinbase suit The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced its charges against Coinbase, finally revealing its precise objections to the company’s practices. by: Web3 GrandPappa
On June 6, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed charges against Coinbase, alleging that the company violated securities regulations. These are the most notable takeaways from those char…
#BreakingNews US SEC Identifies 12 Crypto Tokens as Securities in Binance Lawsuit by: Web3 GrandPappa
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has identified 12 crypto tokens as securities in a new lawsuit filed against Binance and its CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). The securities regulator asserted th…
SEC Seeks Court Approval to Freeze Binance US Crypto Assets, Citing Customer Safety Concerns by: Web3 GrandPappa
Seeking court approval, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is actively pursuing a measure to freeze cryptocurrency assets linked to Binance US. In order to to “ensure the safety… read more:…
Binance US users withdraw $78M amid SEC lawsuit and asset freeze concerns by: Web3 GrandPappa
Blockchain data shows that Binance US users withdrawal rate increased after SEC moved to freeze the exhange assets….
Alabama Securities Regulator Issues Show Cause Order to Coinbase, Joined by 9 Other States, Over Unregistered Securities by: Web3 GrandPappa
After Coinbase was sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) filed a show cause order against Coinbase and directed the company to show cause on why…
SEC requests restraining order to temporarily freeze Binance.US assets by: Web3 GrandPappa
SEC requests restraining order to temporarily freeze Binance.US assets The regulator also wants Binance.US and related companies to return customer funds….
Coinbase, Robinhood testify before House committee on Republican crypto bill by: Web3 GrandPappa
Coinbase, Robinhood testify before House committee on Republican crypto bill Representatives of both companies said that the draft discussion bill could provide regulatory clarity. CFTC Chairman Rostin Ben…
Crypto law firm Gresham advises against US presence, cites unfavorable regulatory environment by: Web3 GrandPappa
Crypto law firm Gresham advises against US presence, cites unfavorable regulatory environment Law firm Gresham International said US unfavorable regulatory environment has shown that “crypto is not welcome…

International Crypto News

European Central Bank Wraps Up Digital Euro Prototypes by: Web3 GrandPappa
As part of the investigation phase of its digital euro project, the European Central Bank (ECB), which serves as the European Union’s central bank, has released two reports on the institution’s market rese…
Russian Finance Minister Talks Dollar Attack on Russia, Importance of Developing Alternatives for Settlements by: Web3 GrandPappa
Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has given his opinion on the perceived attack the Russian economy has been receiving from the U.S. dollar, and how the country has moved to… read more:…
JPMorgan Takes the Lead in Launching Blockchain Settlement System Pilot Program with Six Indian Banks by: Web3 GrandPappa
PMorgan Chase partners with six Indian banks to introduce a blockchain-powered platform for interbank dollar transactions in New Delhi. The aim is to eliminate manual intervention, reducing settlement time…
Kenyan Central Bank: CBDC Not a Priority ‘in the Short to Medium Term’ by: Web3 GrandPappa
The Kenyan central bank has said implementing a central bank digital currency CBDC may not be a priority for Kenya in the short to medium term. According to the central… read more:…
Asia’s Bitcoin supply soars amid shifting regulatory landscapes by: Web3 GrandPappa
Bitcoin supply held by entities in Asia increased by 9.9% in 2023, as the region begins introducing crypto-friendly regulation and U.S. tightens its regulatory stance….
Japan Blockchain Week 2023 Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry by: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has confirmed its support for Japan Blockchain Week 2023, establishing it as a significant platform for both the global and Japane…

Crypto News

Talk2Satoshi Developer Launches Unique AI Chatbot Infused With Bitcoin Knowledge by: Web3 GrandPappa
In the midst of the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), a developer has crafted a fresh chat platform that harnesses the power of Openai’s Chatgpt. However, this creation sets itself apart by be…
Tether Expands Investments in Green Bitcoin Mining, Invests in El Salvador’s Volcano Energy by: Web3 GrandPappa
Following the company’s announcement that it will build a sustainable Bitcoin mining operation in Uruguay, the stablecoin issuer Tether has disclosed its investment in a Salvadoran bitcoin mining operation…
XRP Bucks Market Trend as Proponents Remain Optimistic About Lawsuit Outcome by: Web3 GrandPappa
Although the crypto economy has dipped 1.5% in value over the past 24 hours, XRP, the sixth-largest digital asset by market capitalization, has posted gains recently. In the last week… read more: Although…
Rollman Mining Marks Its Ascent as the World’s First Provider of Professional Bitcoin Mining for The Everyday Retail and Institutional Investor by: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. Tallinn, Estonia, June 5, 2023 — With continued rising interest in bitcoin as an asset class, the everyday investor keen on participating in institutional-grade bitcoin mining can now… read …
Kraken Has A Technical Problem Causing Withdrawals To Be Suspended by: Web3 GrandPappa
Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, claimed it investigated a problem with many crypto financing gateways, including significant ones like Bitcoin, Ether, and ERC-20, which was causing operational delays. A…
Cboe Digital Dominates Crypto Futures Margin Trades With Regulatory Approval by: Web3 GrandPappa
Cboe Digital, a major options exchange in the United States, has been granted approval by the United States commodities regulator to offer margined futures contracts for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). This…
Bitcoin-Denominated Life Insurance Provider Sets Up Shop With $19M Funding by: Web3 GrandPappa
Life insurance company Meanwhile Insurance Bitcoin (Bermuda) said it raised $19 million to develop an artificial-intelligence (AI) aided bitcoin (BTC)-denominated policy as it eyes an economy developing ar…
$1.5 Trillion Asset Manager Franklin Templeton Takes Bold Bet, Invests Heavily in Bitcoin by: Web3 GrandPappa
Franklin Templeton, one of the world’s largest asset managers with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management, plans to invest heavily in Bitcoin as well as its underlying technology….
Binance Records Significant Outflows of BTC, ETH, and Stablecoins Exceeding $1.45 Billion by: Web3 GrandPappa
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, saw significant outflows of bitcoin, ethereum, and stablecoins starting on June 3, 2023, according to data from In the…
Goldman Sachs Report Reveals 12% Drop In Bitcoin Held On Exchanges In May by: Web3 GrandPappa
Goldman Sachs has reported a large reduction in the amount of Bitcoins held on exchanges, with a 12% decrease noted in May. In a recent report, Goldman Sachs (GS) highlighted a significant decline in the …

Other News

WIN NFT HERO V2.1 Open Beta Launches with a Million-Dollar Prize Pool for S1 by: Web3 GrandPappa
WIN NFT HERO is a TRON-based strategy game that combines GameFi and NFTs, providing players with full ownership of their in-game NFT assets, including heroes and equipment. It is viewed to be the blockchai…
Openai Boss Sam Altman Claims He’s Not Involved in Worldcoin’s Day-to-Day Operations at All by: Web3 GrandPappa
After Tools for Humanity, the team behind the biometric cryptocurrency project Worldcoin announced it had raised $115 million in a Series C led by Blockchain Capital, Sam Altman, co-founder and chief execu…
Unigrid Secures $25M Investment Commitment from GEM Digital, Partners WeSendit, Targets Cloud Giantsby: Web3 GrandPappa
PRESS RELEASE. June 6th, 2023: Unigrid, a pioneering force in the development of a decentralized and anonymous Internet, is excited to announce a significant milestone, a new strategic partnership, and an …
Restless Atomic Wallet hack victims express frustration over lack of updates by: Web3 GrandPappa
The response to the Atomic Wallet hack has called into question the security of other hot wallets on the market….
Scam ChatGPT-Style Web3 Firm’s Press Release Was Auto-Scraped Into Bloomberg by: Web3 GrandPappa
OpenAI’s sensational chatbot service ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. This explosion of interest has translated into a proliferation of new apps that trick users with savvy ads before rug-pulling them…
MetaFlare Revolutionizes the Metaverse with Unprecedented Innovation by: Web3 GrandPappa
MetaFlare, the visionary pioneer in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry, is set to redefine the digital landscape with its groundbreaking platform. Combining cutting-edge technology with user-ce…

Web3 Community

The Little Bug by: HeartThrobFAE
Alice is a curious girl who loves the internet. She clicks on a link in an email that claims to offer her a prize from her favorite game. She unknowingly downloads a malware that infects her computer and s…
The Girl and her Flowers by: HeartThrobFAE
A young girl who picks four flowers from a garden and becomes friends with them….
The top 3 non-custodial crypto wallets by: Web3 GrandPappa
Today, we’re going to highlight the top 3 non-custodial crypto wallets you can use without the fear of losing your coins….
“Welcome to The Access Age” at Kingfisher’s Corner™ Ep 30
Shared By: Will T
Jun 7 9:00 AM — Jun 7 10:00 AM
Twitter Space
What is digital currency and why should I care?
View Full Page and Share
#Zentaurios Zenta News #Web3Media #ZentaPost #ZentaNews
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