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2023.05.30 21:58 IsabellaGalavant My sister-in-law has cancer. She is married to the worst person I know, and I do NOT want to raise his children. [Rant]

I'm childfree. Have been all my life (and now I'm fixed so no "changing my mind"), my husband knows this and agrees.
My husband's brother is the worst person I know. A narcissistic, Trump-loving, conspiracy theorist nutjob that takes every possible opportunity to be an asshole to anyone and everyone. He once said I was the worst thing to ever happen to my husband (baseless, especially at the time when I was supporting my husband through college). He has not and never will apologize for that, and I don't expect him to. This is the same fucking guy that pointed a gun at his own father and threatened to shoot him while drunk (to "send him to" their older brother that died when he was 19) and copped a charge for discharging a weapon inside a residence (he didn't shoot dad but he did fire the gun).
Anyway, he met and started dating a really nice girl a few years ago, and they've had 2 children together (I don't know how he trapped her into this, she even complains about what an asshole he is), Boy[under 2yr] and Girl[5 months]. Unfortunately, SIL was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Of course I'm here for her and she's not going to fight this alone. But her prognosis isn't good, and she has a low rate of survivability. I'm just being realistic (but would never ever say anything like that to her of course, only support coming from me over here).
My husband and I are the only family members that would be in any kind of position to take the kids, if the worst happens (my husband thinks BIL would "unalive" himself if SIL dies, which I don't agree with, because I know he'd rather use her death to milk as much sympathy as possible, which sounds fucked up but trust me, that's the kind of person he is).
I do not want to raise his children. I don't want to raise any children, but his especially. My mother-in-law is already trying to pressure us into taking the kids "to bond", but they're literally both under 2 years old, I'm not changing their fucking diapers and getting spit up on. She keeps trying to drop them off at our (completely un-baby-proofed, extremely messy and dangerous) house, keeps forcing my husband to go to their house and babysit, etc. I just know she's doing this because she wants us to be basically their primary caregivers if SIL dies. BIL is already pretty uninvolved according to SIL, so that is not a far-fetched assumption on my part.
MIL thinks that I only don't have kids because I can't, not because I don't want to (even though I've corrected her on that many times, and my husband and I were together for 10 years before I had my hysterectomy, if I had wanted a kid, I'd have had one). So she thinks that of course I want to be around the babies and potentially raise them. She will not accept the reality that BIL and I don't get along and never will (be doesn't get along with my husband either, for the record, they barely talk) and that I am not interested in being more than a cool aunt that drops by on holidays and birthdays. And I only do THAT because I like SIL. If it weren't for her, we (me and husband) wouldn't interact with them at all. Like, it's not their fault he's their father, but that's the reality. I already cut my narcissistic family out of my life, I have no problems cutting him and the kids out if I could and no I don't care if that makes me sound like a monster.
Sorry for the rambling, I'm just so annoyed at the whole situation. I feel for SIL of course and Idon't want to make her cancer about me, but holy shit I'm not trying to raise 2 kids that aren't even mine. (My husband also agrees that he doesn't want to raise them, but it could come down to us or foster care.)
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2023.05.30 21:58 Constant_One_3511 Feel like a huge failure adult-child even though im trying my best

Rant time. Im almost 21 and feel like i’m a total failure in every aspect of my life. i’ve suffered from anxiety and depression since I was around 11 years old and even though it goes up and down right now I feel like I might an okay-ish place mentally. I got my GED a year ago but haven’t been able to hold down a job for a few reasons for at least two years. I was the passenger in a car accident where I lost some of my hearing and had to stay overnight in the hospital. since then I have been such an anxious driver and do everything possible to avoid it although this past year I have been going up and down and getting better at it. that is one of the huge reasons I am unable to hold down a job. Another reason is my terrible social anxiety. trying to find a job that isn’t too far away isn’t super social and where I get the weekends if not one day a weekend off to match my partners schedule feels nearly impossible. i’ve had a handful of interviews where I am honest about the hours that I desire, they still want me to come in an interview after knowing this yet don’t hire me and don’t even give me the courtesy of letting me know they’ve chosen other candidates unless I reach out after the fact. I try and get family members or my partner to help me practice driving but it never seems to go anywhere because they’re either too busy or too tired. it’s annoying because they act like they want to help me yet when it comes to this huge part of me getting better I can’t seem to get anyone to assist. even though I’m trying my best my partner likes to be passive aggressive and act like I’m not trying at all. What really pisses me off about it is that they’re the one that was driving when the accident happened so I know I can’t outright say it but it feels like it’s their fault I have all this anxiety towards driving yet they get on my ass about not being able to drive. I have an appointment scheduled with an advisor at a community college to get me enrolled in schooling for an associates in dental hygiene and I’m really excited about that yet again it seems like it’s not enough to the people around me. another thing that weighs on me heavily and affects me day-to-day is how much I hate my appearance. I know it’s such a shallow and unimportant thing but it feels like the most important thing in the world and it’s terrible. I was virtually cheated on by my partner for the first two years of our currently five year relationship. I have decided to try and move past it and just let it be as they were immature and young and probably feeling bad about themselves I know that’s no excuse but if I’m going to try and work past this I need to try and make sure I let myself know it’s not my fault even though it’s not really working right now. Im thin and feel like I don’t fit the standard beauty of a woman since I’m not curvy and it’s just very hard to try and convince my self i’m attractive to my partner. I just want to grow up. I want to have a job and be able to drive to my job and be able to move out and get an apartment and just be happy with myself but it feels like I will never attain it. I just feel like a failure in every aspect of life and I feel like I’m trying so hard to change it yet I’m getting nowhere.
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2023.05.30 21:57 thehoodchef24 Seal/Clean New Construction Basement

Recently moved into a new construction home. Basement is 1/2 finished, however the unfinished parts are pretty dusty as well as have a "smell" (not bad but I want to seal the concrete slab in the unfinished area. However, I don't know if there is a recommended wait time before sealing, with new construction homes? Builder told me I shouldn't do anything for at least the first year, but I'm assuming that is because of the warranty and they won't fix/repair anything they didn't do during the building process.
2nd unfinished area has sump pump and ejector pump along with all other utilities. Is there anything I should be aware of if I attempt to seal around these pits?
Also, any pointers on what I should use to seal the basement floor with, would be appreciated!
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2023.05.30 21:57 WallabyNo1991 How to style curtain bangs…period?

Starting this thread since I figure there must be some other folks out there like me. I’ve been growing out my bangs for about eight months and they are solidly in “curtain bang” territory. However, whenever I try to style them as such, they always turn out way too curly or rounded, and I end up parting my hair on the side or pinning them back to hide my subpar styling job.
I’ve tried rollers, round brushes, curling irons, and dollar irons, but not gotten anywhere. I’d love to get some general advice, since I’m sick of my go-to style but have no plans to go back to bangs.
Hair facts: 2B, holds a curl very well. Bangs are mostly virgin hair. I have an oblong face (could this be part of my problem?).
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2023.05.30 21:57 jdrva Theater participation for someone with a full time job?

Hi! I did a lot of theater in high school and college and now that I’m several years out of grad school, I’m hoping to be involved again. Is there any community theater or theaters I can audition with as someone with a full time job? I gather that Virginia Rep would be way beyond my level - does anyone in the theater community have a better understanding of what the other theaters and performance groups are like? I’d especially like to know more about Richmond Shakespeare. Thanks!!
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2023.05.30 21:57 Additional_Rules I am trans :)

Hi everyone, I am 17 and a trans women and only my girlfriend knows. I wanted to make this post because I am not out yet in real life but wanted to say it somewhere. I have known I wasn't a boy for a long time and it wasn't until I was 14 that I figured out I was more happy and comfortable with being a girl. I didn't say anything to anyone about it out of fear of how my friends and family would react, so I haven't said anything yet.
when I was 16 I met my girlfriend, "Val" she is the sweetest person I have ever met and I have never felt the most open then when I'm with her. Both me and her share a love for Thrillers and suspenseful movies, a love for classic rock, and have both begin to watch different anime series together as a way to bond (we are currently Watchung Hunter x Hunter) Anyway, she is bisexual, and before I started to date her I wanted her to know the truth about me. She like I expected had no problem with my identity, she asked me how I wanted her to refer to me. In public im her boyfriend and he/him, but in private she calls me her girlfriend and uses she/her. She makes my heart soar, I know it sounds silly but it's true. she calls me beautiful, and her angel, and she makes me feel everything and more. I want to be her wife one day and make her the happiest women in the world and support her through everything I can. She wants to be a Oncologist, which is amazing. She's already so smart and I know she'll be able to do it and I want to be there every step of the way to make sure she can achieve her dreams.
I got a little carried away there talking about my girlfriend lol. Before anyone asks if I plan to come out, I do, eventually. I had spoken to Val about this, and we have decided that it would be best for me to wait till I'm out of my current living situation. I don't fear that my parents would hurt me physically if they knew, but I do know that I would likely be disowned and kicked out. I do have a job but I don't have enough saved to comfortably move out yet so I want to play it safe until I'm at least 18. I still have things I need to figure out with Val for the future, but I am excited for me future. and I can't wait till I can stand proud next to her and be her girlfriend and hopefully wife one day.
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2023.05.30 21:57 Digital_Applause Exploring Financing Options for Santa Barbara Nose Jobs

Undergoing a nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, can be a life-changing decision. Whether you wish to improve the appearance of your nose, address functional concerns, or correct a birth defect, the financial aspect of the procedure is an important consideration. Fortunately, there are various Santa Barbara nose job financing ( options available that can help you achieve your desired results without straining your budget. In this article, we will explore different financing avenues to make your nose job dreams a reality.
Health Insurance Coverage:
In some cases, health insurance may cover the cost of a nose job if it is deemed medically necessary. This typically applies to procedures aimed at correcting functional issues, such as breathing difficulties or trauma-related deformities. However, cosmetic nose jobs performed solely for aesthetic purposes are usually not covered. It is essential to consult with your insurance provider to understand their coverage policies and determine if you meet the necessary criteria.
Payment Plans:
Many reputable cosmetic surgeons offer flexible payment plans to accommodate their patients' financial needs. These plans allow you to divide the cost of the nose job into manageable monthly installments, making it easier to fit the procedure into your budget. Discussing payment plan options with your surgeon's office can help you get your affordable Rhinoplasty surgery (
Medical Credit Cards:
Medical credit cards, such as CareCredit, are specifically designed to cover medical expenses, including cosmetic procedures. These cards offer special financing options, such as low or zero interest rates for a specified period. Before opting for a medical credit card, it is crucial to thoroughly review the terms and conditions, including interest rates, repayment periods, and any associated fees.
Personal Loans:
Taking out a personal loan from a bank or financial institution is another financing option to consider for your nose job. Personal loans provide you with a lump sum amount that can be used to cover the cost of the procedure. It is important to compare loan terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules from different lenders to ensure you secure the most favorable terms possible.
Savings and Budgeting:
If you have enough time to plan ahead, saving money specifically for your nose job can be a practical approach. By creating a budget and setting aside a portion of your income each month, you can accumulate the necessary funds over time. This method allows you to avoid debt and interest charges, providing a financially responsible way to achieve your goals.
Employer Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs):
If your employer offers flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts, you may be able to use these funds to cover your nose job expenses. FSAs and HSAs allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars into designated accounts, which can then be used to pay for eligible medical procedures, including rhinoplasty. Be sure to review the guidelines and restrictions of these accounts to ensure your nose job qualifies.
Non-Profit Organizations and Grants:
In certain cases, non-profit organizations and foundations may offer financial assistance or grants for individuals seeking specific medical procedures. Research and reach out to organizations that focus on supporting individuals with facial deformities or aesthetic concerns. While these opportunities may be limited, they can provide valuable financial aid for those in need.
Embarking on a nose job journey involves careful consideration, both emotionally and financially. By exploring the various financing options available, you can make informed decisions and find the right solution that suits your unique circumstances. Remember to consult with your surgeon, thoroughly research the terms and conditions of any financial agreements, and prioritize your financial well-being alongside your desired aesthetic outcomes.
Visit our website for more financing information: (
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2023.05.30 21:56 BDKoolwhip Quit on my 90th day (2 year old story)

I work in social work. I have been working in the field for over a decade. I had moved an hour plus from where I was working to be closer to my GF. I drove back and forth for a year or so but it wasn’t worth it financially anymore.
I found and eventually interviewed for a job 20 mins from where I lived and honestly, fell ‘in love’ with the person who would be my direct boss. The interview was 2 hours long because we got sidetracked or distracted. She hired me on the spot because of my experience and personality alone. She told me she would need a ‘right hand’ and I would be it. I took a dollar pay cut but with the distance is actually be making more. Plus there was a sign on bonus after 90 days
I start the job and there are a few bumps but nothing major to worry about. I had to prove myself to existing staff some who thought they should be in my position but weren’t for various reasons. This were okay. Which in social work is what you want. I shortly find out the place I work for has a bad reputation.
Pretty close to my 90 days (maybe 75-80? It was the holiday time so hard to recall) my boss tells me she is leaving for a non clinical social work supervisor job and if she can get me in would I want to. I tell her I would but I’d like to try to get her job first. My boss offers to go with me to go to the big boss about it. Big boss is concerned about my lack of management exp (which I have plenty) but then says we really don’t have anybody else, so yea on a ‘trail basis’ do 30 days. Also discussed is my own office and a pay increase both which my current boss had, but my office would be moved.
My direct boss leaves for her new job and almost the same day, promises are taken back. I no longer ‘need’ an office and pay will start when my ‘trail run’ is over, ect.
After talking with my GF, and now former boss, I rode it out the remaining 90 days and on the 90th day I spent it packing up my shared workspace and sending an email to the ENTIRE company my resignation letter as well as the various shouts of fraud and unprofessional things I had seen go on, I also named names. After everyone else left I sent the email placed everything that belonged to the company in front of my work space and walked out. No 2 weeks, nothing
Less than 10 days later I started working where my old/current boss went to, non clinical and it was absolutely the right call. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and I was supposed to meet my boss. Also, the owner of the company we work for plans to move my boss up and me into her position by the end of the year. I remain skeptical but am told things aren’t mentioned unless they happen so…..
TLDR- moved, found a closer job, it sucked, promises were made and then taken away when it was to late. Walked out on 90th day
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2023.05.30 21:56 TimePsychological439 Darkoaster Busch Gardens WillaimsBurg Ride Review

Darkoaster Escape The Storm is a family dark ride launch roller coaster that has you try to escape the clutches of a supernatural force, In King Ludwig's abandoned fortress. This is a ride that I was very nervous to go on. Sure I knew ahead of time that it's a family friendly coaster and it goes less than 40 miles per hour which does fit in with my limitations. But there was one detail that made me scared and that was on Busch gardens official website and app it is considered to be a high thrill ride. I am currently only someone who likes to do mild or moderate thrill rides because I can’t handle high thrill rides due to the very fast motion making me feel like I'm gonna die. Thankfully when I went on it I was more than able to handle it, I enjoyed it. This ride goes really fast but not too fast for me to be overwhelmed. It is fast to the point where I found myself saying whoa once or twice and having fun on it. The only part that I found scary were a few turns that I found pretty sharp. But not scary enough to make me scream, they were just more of a surprise. One thing I do wish this ride provided more of were visuals throughout the entire ride, a good chunk of this ride is just darkness with only a few visuals here and there. I understand that unlike slow dark rides you don’t stay in one place with roller coasters for that long but I personally just think more visuals would be great since the ride is entirely indoors and in darkness unlike other roller coasters where you woosh by nature and such. But other than that I think this is a fun ride that I would recommend to anyone who likes roller coasters, even if you can only handle family friendly ones because despite it being called a high thrill ride I don’t consider it as thrilling as an actual high thrill ride I went on. I give this ride a one word rating of thrilling.
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2023.05.30 21:56 NewJersey07 Advice for Baby #2 with Young Toddler

Really struggling here with being anxious for baby number 2. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second. My first will be 2 years and 4 months when my second is born. My husband works full time in the office so I will be at home by myself during most of my maternity leave. How do I take care of both my toddler and my new born? My toddler will obviously be too young to help out. He will be starting a part-time Pre-school which is 2 hours twice a week a couple of towns over near my in-laws and I’m nervous about driving him there while sleep deprived from being up with a newborn. What do I do to plan for this new baby and help myself feel more confident about taking care of two kids? Any advice? I know there are lots of moms out there who do this successfully, but I’m so anxious I’ll be terrible and overwhelmed!
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2023.05.30 21:56 theprettyocean What's a good place to meet single dudes?

Can't believe I'm asking this but let's go!
I'm single (I'm a woman), new-ish to Vancouver, and I'm pretty socially active, but in my main hobby group, it's often a lot of women (often single women also looking), men who have girlfriends already, or men I'm just not interested in. I have made some friends here and while I'm building that part of my life, I really feel like I need to also be around more (attractive to me) available men more often.
It feels weird to deliberately look, but in the past, I haven't really had an issue with meeting men naturally/in-person and it's never taken me this long to meet someone I click with who's also this available when I move to a new city. Either I'd meet them at work (but my job is remote now), travelling, through networking events (haven't been to one in a long time), the gym (I use classpass now and the gyms are often women-led), or worst case scenario on a dating app (but I don't use them now).
So just curious, where exactly is a good place here? Nothing against women, I just need more testosterone in my life lol.
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2023.05.30 21:56 Unable-Marketing9436 Need food...

Hello, I have been on every subreddit I could possibly find. I am in need of some money for food. All the other subreddits I try you need a certain amount of karma to ask for help. But im literally starving and don't have time to try and rake up karma so I can eat. Can someone please bless me. Anything would help. Cashapp is $ulovesiah. I have $0 to my name. I'm looking for jobs and have some interviews soon so I can definitely pay back.
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2023.05.30 21:55 venting_account_23 My boyfriend keeps ignoring me.

The title explains it all. But there’s way more to what I’m tryna say but anyways, we will call him “Red” for short. I been dating Red for over 4 weeks now, we been madly in love since around the time we met, March something. The only reason we started to talk is because of our interests, writing. I write little stories about my characters, my favourite one is Scar. One of Red’s characters is (not going to add the name), the lovehusband of Scar. We been working out everything but anyways, let’s get to the reasons why I been hurting. He lives me on open a lot. Yes, he has a life but still, he still could at least answer once or say he’s busy. The only thing he does is watch tiktok or leave me on open, and with me I answer in 10 seconds if I aren’t busy or doing something. Second reason, one time we were having a conversation about me and him being polyamory, and out of the blew he says, “Ya I have like 6 other crushes on guys.”. That’s is completely fine but dude.. why did he say it to my face? He knows how overprotective I am or how hurt I could get easily, I just say “oh.” And left it like that. I don’t know what that feeling was at that moment, it felt like a part of me died or something or like I was being stabbed in the heart. I felt like crying. I always cry over him. I’m scared I’m going to lose him. It’s fine though, anyways moving on. Third of all, this is fine and all but he doesn’t really know how to show love. Again, i don’t really as well too but I don’t sometimes just say “ilysmt.”. I feel always heart broken when he does these things, I feel like I did something wrong. I don’t have the energy to text him anymore, I know he won’t answer until like 1am in the morning or something. I love him so much. I just needed to get this off my chest, im not “bullying” him btw, im just saying what I feel. There will probably be more stories about him and me, I might make a positive one. Thank you for reading, also if you want you could give me some advice. Thanks!!<3
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2023.05.30 21:55 Kw5kvb5ebis Men pretending to be women online to date women...

Hi, this is my first post here. I don't know if it's the good place for this. If it's not, I'll delete it. English isn't my native language, I use google translation but I hope I won't make too many spelling mistakes.
I just had a misadventure online.
I have just registered on a dating site in order to chat with a "woman" that interest me.
I saw that her profile was online so I bravely decided to try it.
My first time ever! I'm very shy and straight, but I wanted to try...
I send her a simple "hi" and she replies me to leave her alone because she only wants to talk to women.
So I specify to her that I was a woman to reassure her.
"She" gains my trust and asks me to describe myself, which I did... immediately, her personality changes, she start to ask questions about my genitals, her sentence was full of grammar mistakes.... I started having doubts. I always stereotypically thought that women won't do any mispellings, even more if they want to seduced you, or at least for a first impression....
Anyway, she wanted pictures of my genitals.
Given that the initial request was purely sexual, it was quite "okay" for me that she wanted to see some part of me. However, I told her that she was too speed for me (that attitude reminds me a guy I almost dated).
I sent her a picture anyway because I still naively hope that it was a woman...
I then make her know that I had doubts and asked her if "she really was a woman ?" she replied no, I'm a lesbian.
That answer was more than weird.
A few hours later, when I went back on the chat,what did I saw??
It was a guy, my instinct was correct. When I asked him why do he pretend to be a woman ? He just answer stuff like
Idiotics answers. To him, lesbian don't really exist, they just didn't found the good man yet. A good dick can resolve their problems.
Now, I'm just disgusted.
First profil I check = Fake profil
I come from France.
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2023.05.30 21:55 NewJersey07 Advice for Baby #2

Really struggling here with being anxious for baby number 2. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second. My first will be 2 years and 4 months when my second is born. My husband works full time in the office so I will be at home by myself during most of my maternity leave. How do I take care of both my toddler and my new born? My toddler will obviously be too young to help out. He will be starting a part-time Pre-school which is 2 hours twice a week a couple of towns over near my in-laws and I’m nervous about driving him there while sleep deprived from being up with a newborn. What do I do to plan for this new baby and help myself feel more confident about taking care of two kids? Any advice? I know there are lots of moms out there who do this successfully, but I’m so anxious I’ll be terrible and overwhelmed!
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2023.05.30 21:55 foodconcerns Can older teens order smaller meals or meals from the children's menu in the Efteling restaurants?

Excuse my bad English, it's not my first language.
Hoi! I'm a 17 y. o. boy who unfortunately fell into the world of disordered eating/eating disorders some time ago. I'm a bit better now, I've stopped using a calorie counting app and gotten into a better mindset but it's still tough. I sometimes have small crying fits or go into panic because I ate too much, which is why I'm here.
My family is visiting Efteling soon. Our stay is 4 days long. I'm very excited, except for the food part. We'll probably go to the restaurants in the park (Pinokkio's, Polles, maybe even Raveleijn) for dinner if we have time during the day and if we don't, we'll eat at the hotel's restaurant. So, can I, a 17 year old, order kids' meals at the restaurants in Efteling? Or can they make smaller meals?
I'm asking because if someone brings a big plate of food to me, I'll devour the whole thing. I simply can't not eat it all. But then when I do clean the plate, I fall into panic because, well, I overate. It's not fun so I'd rather avoid the whole situation by just ordering a smaller meal. And honestly, a tornado potato and chicken Raveleijn style? Sounds absolutely delicious. Heart shaped pancake with fruit? Love it. Call me childish and I will not care because to me, children's meals are superior and not only from the "they don't make me have meltdowns" standpoint.
Recommendations on lunch places are also appreciated! The chat bot told me some places have "magical mushrooms" as their menu thingies, could someone explain what they are, exactly?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 21:55 Inevitable-Concept59 Moved my entire life to support a dream.

Been in a relationship for almost 5.5 years. This was a very different relationship. Real, secure, no insecurities. Moved to another state 22 hours away from home for him to pursue a childhood dream to become a professional golfer. He was gone a lot practicing, and it did put strain on the relationship. He has not worked for two years while pursuing this and I found a job within ten days of moving. There was a fair split in expenses but I never worried about the money or petty things. I did develop some resentment and behaviors I am not proud of. There is past trauma. We were moving to another apartment in May because the lease was up. Looked at apartments together first week of April, then he came home the next day and said he loved me but didn’t love the relationship. I feel like I did everything I could to be loving and supportive, but I also blame myself for the way I behaved at times or things I said. Isn’t love forgiveness and understanding? I know I am the whole package and I have so much to offer. He says he has lost confidence, feels weak. Seems like a pity party at times. I moved my whole life to support his dream and now I’m back at square one. I really want this relationship to work. I stopped responding on Saturday. He was telling me he loved me and missed me. Sometimes he would call and bring up the past… the split was very civil, but my heart is crushed. I never want anyone else but him. And he says he is meant to be alone for the rest of his life. Wtf is happening? We looked so perfect on the outside. Close friends are shocked we broke up.
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2023.05.30 21:55 finding-imni My (21F) boyfriend (23M) has never lashed out.

Warning, going to be very irrational here.
Context: So, earlier today I was having difficulty over some paperwork for my university. Things were not working out and I began feeling very overwhelmed. I tend to be quick to anger these past few years, not really sure why. So, I'm on call with my boyfriend and some other friends, and one of said friends is my gym buddy, so he asked when we should go to the gym. I started lightheartedly complaining about how I didn't want to go, and in the same lighthearted manner, my boyfriend said something along the lines of "You don't wanna go?? You were the one to bring it up!" because I had brought it up earlier. As soon as he said that, for some reason, I just lost it for a moment and said "Okay then I wanna go I guess!" In a very passive aggressive way.
Now for the title: My boyfriend is one of the most composed people I know. I have never seen him lash out or get angry or anything of the sort for as long as I've known him, which is a considerable time (I've known him since I was 13 but we've been together for the past year and a half). And while I love that about him, and makes me feel so safe, I just.. Feel like such a horrible person?? I'm not used to people around me having healthy relationships with their feelings, all my family is pretty emotional in their own ways. Sometimes I feel like a monster for having these "slip ups" of anger and frustration. And this happens often, I can't seem to handle inconveniences/negative feelings at all.
I have already talked to him about this, and he has reassured me that it is not an issue to him, he understands I'm not angry/lashing out at him and that I have my own issues going on (he's been getting therapy for a couple of years now, hence why he's so good with emotions and dealing with me). But still, I just feel like such a bad person/partner. Sometimes I even catch myself resenting him because him being so good at handling his emotions makes me feel like I am doing a piss poor job (I am) and that something is wrong with me (correct).
I just have no idea what to do and how to stop feeling this way. I know I should be happy that my boyfriend is emotionally mature, and I am! I am so glad I don't have to walk around eggshells, and that I know when he's feeling upset/sad/anything. It just sucks that I am the polar opposite of this.
And of course thoughts of "He deserves better" and "You're mistreating him" and "He'll eventually hate you for it" come up and make everything x10 worse!
Sorry for the long post, thank you for reading. If you have any advice, please let me know!
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2023.05.30 21:55 Thomas_DW04 50 players 25 years sim! (Credit u/paiimei and u/Jacktheiraq)

I saw that there was a lot of interest in the posts of Paiimei and Jacktheiraq so I thought that I could also give it a shot! To start i want to add a maximum of 50 people (depending on how much time it takes I could maybe move it up to 60)
Everyone starts at: 15 years old born on 1-1-2007/ CA will be randomized between 50-100/ PA will be randomized between 130-200
Comment to join: First and second name/ Nationality/ Position/ Starting club
I created a community where i will be posting the updates:
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2023.05.30 21:54 Negative-Gear6399 Sexless marriage

I have been in a sexless marriage for 10 years. I was a single mom of a one year old daughter when I married my husband. I got pregnant with my son after 2 months of marriage at the exact same time I first found out that my husband was cheating.
I stayed with him because I was ashamed I had just been married for 2 months and I didn’t want to be a single mom with 2 different babies by 2 different fathers.
After 2 months of being married he never wanted sex again. We slept in 2 different rooms, he never held my hand, didn’t kiss, didn’t cuddle, didn’t have sex, no touch. I cried for many years and begged him to go to therapy and church . I suffered and my self esteem was horrible. This is not how I thought marriage would be like.
He was amazing at taking us on family vacations and family outings . So I always felt guilty and never left him because I felt selfish for wanting a divorce simply because my needs were not met . He would always hide his phone however after 5 years together I finally went through his phone and saw messages that he was paying teenagers to have sex with.
I was disgusted and immediately left him. However my family all turned their back on me and I felt pressured to get back with him because he was the father of my young kids.
It took me 4 years to finally forgive him and I went to counseling by myself . It was not easy at all to forgive . It took a huge toll on me to forgive .
I truly thought he had changed and I finally said yes to him about having another child. Even though we were in a sex less marriage and I was still very much unhappy about that we planned and got pregnant on the first time.
However after I had the baby I found out he was doing it again and was contacting teenagers for sex.
Now I have 3 children total. The youngest baby is 1 year old.
My family continues to tell me to stay with him for the kids.
I cannot . I feel disgusted with him and angry. And I feel like each day a part of me dies too. I cannot look at myself in the mirror and forgive myself for being with this monster.
Am I overreacting? I feel miserable. I don’t know why my family tells me to stay .
What would you do ? What do you recommend for me to do?
Every single ounce of my being wants to run and get away from him .
I know life will be harder raising 3 kids on my own and I know the kids will suffer from the divorce .
Please help me
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2023.05.30 21:54 willc08214 Am I letting this piss me off more than it should and what should I do?

My girlfriend keeps saying she does everything (in the house) as of right now she is a stay at home mom. I told her while she was pregnant I would take care of the finances so she didn’t have to work. She has had our baby and he just 2 months old. I’m not pushing for her to get a job or anything I don’t even expect her to do stuff around the house (but she does) but she tells me nearly every day that I don’t do anything even though I’m not home for 12 hours a day at work busting my ass I get home have enough time to shower, eat, spend a little time with them, and sleep. On weekends I watch the kids so she doesn’t have to. I asked her if there are things she wants me to do or if she needs help. I’m always told no. I honestly am trying but I don’t know what to do or say to her anymore. And it’s starting way too many fights. Any advice would be great thank you.
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2023.05.30 21:54 NewJersey07 Advice for Baby #2

Really struggling here with being anxious for baby number 2. I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second. My first will be 2 years and 4 months when my second is born. My husband works full time in the office so I will be at home by myself during most of my maternity leave. How do I take care of both my toddler and my new born? My toddler will obviously be too young to help out. He will be starting a part-time Pre-school which is 2 hours twice a week a couple of towns over near my in-laws and I’m nervous about driving him there while sleep deprived from being up with a newborn. What do I do to plan for this new baby and help myself feel more confident about taking care of two kids? Any advice? I know there are lots of moms out there who do this successfully, but I’m so anxious I’ll be terrible and overwhelmed!
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