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cursed screenshots of kids in roblox doing stupid stuff

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/robloxgamedev is a subreddit for posting about and having discussions over creating games and experiences on the online gaming platform Roblox.

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2023.03.29 01:23 Sheepr9719r03 Great work roblox

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2023.03.29 01:00 milkchocolatevanilla 21 [F4M] France - LF bilingual dudes (french-english)

about me: french, 1st year med student, into video games. my fav games are roblox, dead by daylight, LoL, any RPG MAKER horror game, WHATEVER im open to any game.. as long as im playing with you……. my favorite themes are romance and horror. i mostly listen to hyperpop (zoomer moment), pop, rap, nightcore, hip hop but i’m ok with most genres i think. i’m very opinionated and blunt, not the most empathetic but i’m sweet to the core. i show disordered behaviors because im mildly mentally ill but im fine.
about you: able to speak both french and english, white, 18-35 years old, likes video games so we can play!, not left leaning ((important)), straight. even better if you’re also mentally disordered and dark, i love that. and lastly, be into voicechatting. i love calling on discord, dm me to get my user
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2023.03.28 23:42 milkchocolatevanilla 21 [F4M] France - LF bilingual dudes (french-eng)

about me: french, 1st year med student, into video games. my fav games are roblox, dead by daylight, LoL, any RPG MAKER horror game, WHATEVER im open to any game.. as long as im playing with you……. my favorite themes are romance and horror. i mostly listen to hyperpop (zoomer moment), pop, rap, nightcore, hip hop but i’m ok with most genres i think. i’m very opinionated and blunt, not the most empathetic but i’m sweet to the core. i show disordered behaviors because im mildly mentally ill but im fine.
about you: able to speak both french and english, white, 18-35 years old, likes video games so we can play!, not left leaning ((important)), straight. even better if you’re also mentally disordered and dark, i love that. and lastly, be into voicechatting. i love calling on discord, dm me to get my user
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2023.03.28 18:03 RevliskMe new roblox discord server for roblox events

you can host the events yourself and then pay the winners by buying their gamepasses
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2023.03.28 17:25 Patience_Undertale Welcome To BreadSpace

Hello, I go by Soul of Patience and I am a moderator for my friends Twitch Streams. I am trying to be as supportive as possible by sharing the community with other platforms, I created the official Discord, Amino, and now Reddit. We are a small community that play a variety of games mostly Minecraft and Roblox as we can play with the fans.
Anyone can join the community! Mainly those who are supportive, (We have had people before who are homophobic and transphobic on the stream. It’s honestly slightly fucking annoying as Bread is Genderfluid as is and people are joining to be a problem)
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2023.03.28 16:33 terabytenano360 16/GMT -04:00 OR NA EST/PC/Friendos?/ 16+

Hi! I'm looking for people to play ROBLOX, Minecraft: Java (Modded and vanilla), Fortnite, Red Dead Online, GTA V, PUBG and more! I'm also just looking for some friends in general! I will also be getting more different games! :-D I’m always online, B).
I want some long term friendships, you know? Somethin’ fun! I don’t mind playing with older people as well! :-) **Even if you don’t have these games, I am willing to chat and be friends!** I'm fun to play with. (P.S I’m pretty hyperactive B(
Some things about me:
-I’m 16.
I’m from NYC (Looking for more NYC/LI people mainly but everyone welcome)
-I’m mixed race, but I’m mostly Latina and Black
-I like to do photography and edit sometimes.
-I speak more than 1 language.
I’m a B2 - C1 in English
-My setup currently is currently a custom build I built myself.
--My favorite drink is the Arizona Tea (Sweet Tea, to be exact!)
-I build PCs for work and for fun and I do technician work as well.
My Discord is: DieselaDiabla#1479
(I accept friend rq’s pretty fast unless I’m out and about or asleep.)
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2023.03.28 15:05 FlorenzFIRE I found this new hell on twitter💀💀💀

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2023.03.28 13:06 Strong-Umpire4451 Want to join A top tier Roblox Roleplay? NCRP North calorina Roleplay is Now availible to join! Come Join our Discord!

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2023.03.28 05:07 Official_BradPott 23 / PC & Xbox / looking for chill friends to game with :D

Hey y’all, looking for fellow gamers that wanna play sometime :D Here’s a list of games that I usually play:
I’m always down to play other games too! In fact, I wanna try Sons of the Forest or Valorant but got no one to play with 😅
We can chat on xbox party or discord. Crossplay is fine too! Keep in mind, I’m not competitive and don’t really like extreme toxicity (friendly banter is cool tho) I’m pretty bad at most games anyways so don’t get frustrated haha Just chill gaming sessions please lol
Let me know if you are interested! 18+ please!
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2023.03.28 03:02 OrganicNothing8 Weekly Dev Log for March 27th, 2023

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for March 27th, 2023, detailing all the changes that have happened since March 20th, 2023. Note: Devs that don't appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn't need to be detailed.

Accessibility Suggestions

We've created a forum post asking the community for suggestions on how we can improve gameplay for players with certain conditions such as colorblindness, dyslexia, or anything else that might affect a players ability to use the standard presentation and controls of the game.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, and possible solutions on how to solve a particular issue, please check out the forum post here.

March / April 2023 Condo Contest - Tree House - ONGOING

Hey everyone!
The theme for the March/April contest is Tree House!
So, build a house in a tree! You can build your own tree or use one of the existing ones, and feel free to make your tree house in any style.
Also, remember that you can disable collision on items (such as trees) by right clicking and selecting Disable Collision.
The submission period ends on April 10th, 2023 at 11:59 PM.
Read all about the rules and prizes here!

Update - Mushroom Wood

Last week, we released Update, which brought Part 2 of Dark (renamed to "Mushroom Wood"), as well as various fixes.
You can read about that update, here.

Update - 2023 Anniversary Events

We're now working on Update, which marks the return of the Anniversary events (with some new items), as well as a Plaza Update and Optimization pass.
You can read everything planned for this update, here.


@Johanna continued working on the Virus map, Theme Park.
@Joshua continued working on Anniversary items.
@Lifeless worked on getting the Minigolf map, "Mushroom Wood" ready for release, as well as working the Ball Race map, "Heavenscape."
@macdguy worked on VR last week, adding a menu and the wrist menu. He worked on the foundations of the HUD interface, for popup prompts, and started on item pickups. He also released the update.
@madmijk continued working on MIDI support.
@Nuclearxpotato worked on Anniversary items, as well as the finishing touches for the Virus map, "Catzek Temple".
@Sketchman worked on new achievement icons for "Cardboard Castle" and "Mushroom Wood". He also did touchups on some older achievement icons (specifically Virus).
@Wheezwer continued working on signage for the Virus map, "Theme Park".
@Will continued working on SDNL music.
New Achievement Icons
Updated Achievement Icons

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since March 20th, 2023 at PixelTail Games.
Join our Discord for development updates and community fun! We love awesome people like you!
We're also active on Twitter!
Follow our developments on our Trello in near real-time:
Take a peek at what's being worked on every week in our weekly dev logs! There's bound to be something interesting every week!
Please report bugs & submit suggestions on our forums. We're active everyday & here to help. For bug reports: For suggestions:
Support PixelTail Games with Ko-Fi Support PixelTail Games on Patreon Checkout Tower Unite Merch on Redbubble
<3 PixelTail Games
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2023.03.28 02:05 The_Classic_Guy_MC Yo dudes! I'm in the middle of making a new LLB. I will be making some new pages today. Don't mention the white rectangle under Quandale. TBH, I'm just releasing these pages early. Don't ask why this thing sucks so much. I will continue, and today I will make more pages.

Yo dudes! I'm in the middle of making a new LLB. I will be making some new pages today. Don't mention the white rectangle under Quandale. TBH, I'm just releasing these pages early. Don't ask why this thing sucks so much. I will continue, and today I will make more pages. submitted by The_Classic_Guy_MC to LodedDiper [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 00:00 shlexius Frequent stuttering, crashing, with a 4090 and i9 13th Gen

For those who don't feel like reading today:

Hi, I do some work in Photoshop, and noticed that sometimes it just hangs, freezes and I need to unfocus the window (tap the Taskbar) and refocus for it to do anything, otherwise my GPU just resets. This was acceptable, I just thought it would be some Photoshop issue that I couldn't be bothered to look into for more than 5 minutes, it was very often (every time I'd insert an image and try to "Transform" it), but I lived with it.
Until recently, in the last month or so, it seems it is happening to more applications, for example, in Roblox, sometimes, it just goes to about 2-4FPS, but as soon as you unfocus, it's up to it's usually high FPS count. Refocusing just causes it to go down to 2-4FPS again, but sometimes this doesn't happen and it's totally fine.
Then with Overwatch, sometimes when I Alt+Tab, it just freezes, then says "Rendering Device has been lost! Closing." or something like that, my entire GPU resets and Overwatch closes, can be very frustrating mid-game.
While this may be unrelated, I thought I'd also include it, as it may point to what the issue at hand is: The PC takes over 15-30s to POST (make a beep sound), then another 15-30s to boot to Windows, which on the hardware is not very common. The CPU light on my motherboard flashes red 3 times every boot.
I've also noticed that when Overwatch crashes, or my GPU resets, Discord closes and sometimes just freezes with a black screen and some deformed Discord UI. Probably as it can't handle the GPU resetting, but I thought I'd also include this.
My hardware specification is listed below:

Type of Component Name
Processor Intel Core i9-13900K
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (Gainward)
Memory 2x Corsair Vengeance DDR5 (2x32GB)
Storage 2x Samsung 980 PRO (2x2TB)
PSU Corsair HX1000i
Operating System Windows 11 Home

Also, I have tried troubleshooting, from reinstalling drivers, updating BIOS, reinstalling Photoshop and Roblox, changing the position of the RAM sticks and some other stuff I can't recall.
I'd really appreciate anyone's advice as these have been issues I've had for a while and just want to get others' opinions on them.
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2023.03.27 23:46 GreatHornyToad420 Roblox Voice Chat Not Working!

Alright, Using my mic in discord is perfectly fine. In roblox it comes through as working, but when speaking the green light doesnt come up nor do people hear me.
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2023.03.27 22:40 Goanimate2000 hi

hello world. i'm GoAnimate Official (or gao)
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2023.03.27 22:36 WholeWolf3253 BE CAREFUL WHEN MAKING DECALS

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2023.03.27 20:09 chrono4111 A rant about there being way to many hackers in this game.

I want to start off by saying I WANT to like this game but I just can't with the current state of things. I don't know where else to post this because nowhere else seems to care at all. I'm not trying to be toxic but I'm just fed up with the state of this game.
There are way to many hackers in 3rd sea for this game to be enjoyable anymore. Every server has like 2-5 of them fighting over the same enemies. They make it impossible for regular players to do any farming. Go to Cake island or Haunted castle. Watch the hackers blink through walls and teleport directly on top of enemies. Watch them immediately pull the entire group of NPCs around them to a tight group and then instantly kill them. You won't be able to get more then a hit or 2 on the NPCs before they all explode. Now you have to wait 30 seconds for them to re-spawn and oh hey the hackers are back. They absolutely RUIN this otherwise good game. Pirates invading the castle on the sea? Nope. Hackers show up and kill the enemies immediately so you better get good at making the last hit or you get nothing. Not even Fragments. They even fly through the island to hide when no NPCs have spawned.
Want to play a game with them? Buy a random fruit from the mansion and drop it outside of the safe zone. Watch as all the hackers on the server flock to your location, and teleport on top of the fruit to pick it up.
What's even worse is the developers don't seem to care at all about this issue. The official twitter page and YouTube page are absolutely silent about this problem. Getting into the official discord is an ordeal as well. Most of the time it's full. Even when you get to join people are flooding the chat with things like trading fruits and politics. The players don't even seem to care.
You can't even report the hackers unless you have a certain level of engagement in the discord. You need a Mee6 level of 3. Why do I need to participate in your discord when the only reason I joined was to report hackers in your game to you? To calculate this you need 475 Mee6 EXP to be level 3. You get 15-25 per message you make in the discord. If we assume the absolutely highest EXP per message you need to submit 19 messages to even make a report and that's if you're lucky. That means I have to submit 19 completely arbitrary messages in a discord I don't even want to be in to make a report?? You also have to provide video evidence of the hacks. You want me to record every moment I'm playing the game, upload it to a video sharing site just to get one player banned? They'll just immediately make a new Roblox account and hack again. Reporting them will take me longer then it will take them to create a new account. And all of this is only taken into account if the devs are taking action on the reports.
Log into almost any server and see the hackers for yourself. Why is reporting hackers such an ordeal? Why aren't there things in place to stop them? Why are exploiters running absolutely rampant in this game? It was never this bad when I played on First or even Second sea.
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2023.03.27 17:41 throwitallaway9100 My (20F) boyfriend (22M) talks to minors on Discord

Posting this here because it wouldnt let me post on relationship advice 💀
To me it feels weird- but basically my (20F) boyfriend who is 22 plays community games online and is in some discord channels for them.
These games are on Roblox, and so there are a lot of kids on it. Honestly, I find the whole thing weird and kind of cringey. But, I found out that he has been having long talks with some girls who are like 17, some of their calls last for hours, all at the middle of the night.
I confronted him about this and he said it is strictly just about the game they play, and he showed me the chats and nothing seems too off, just that they seem very close and the girl seems to be teasing him slightly (like calling him names and whatnot, I dont think its flirtatious)
Idk, it makes me uncomfortable and Im not sure if thats just my problem? I dont know how to bring it up to him again without sounding confrontational, because I dont even know if I am just super paranoid. I think its causing some issues with our relationship, he really prioritizes this game and it upsets me. Idk how to handle this :’)
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2023.03.27 17:38 cactusflowergel 30 [F4M] I'm pretty much a well-rounded person looking to switch things up 🫶

I'm happy about my life. I wake up at 6AM then brew myself coffee while warming the breakfast i have prepped the night before. I get a few cardio done on my treadmill while listening to Taylor Swift. By 8AM i'll be working while chatting with my discord friends and defending my designs to stakeholders. After 5PM, I usually play some Valorant with friends or some AAA games, grab dinner by 7PM, facetime buddies and write in my journal how my day went. I'm a pretty chill person in general but sometimes i'm a bit suplada too 😅
I am interested in a lot of things tbh. I love science, astrophysics, architecture, technology, makeup, and gaming. I currently own a NSW and a gaming PC. I usually travel overseas yearly but I generally avoid the outdoors haha. I'm looking for connections-- mainly friends. If the vibe is there for being more than friends, that's a win-win sitch. But really, for now, I want friends 😄🫶
More about me: - pretty short, below 5 ft, morena, smart, cute, funny
About You: - a decent conversationalist - confident that he's smart enough paired with values that are modern yet grounded - okay with someone speaking a mix of both english and filipino - game to make friends too and invest on it vs pump and dump type of connections
PLUS POINTS BUT NOT REQUIRED: if you're from the top 4 unis, or you play games
‼️introduce yourself in the DMs please 😉
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2023.03.27 15:31 akb006 isn't it a overprice of dragon fruit??

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2023.03.27 14:00 JetFlip09 Roblox free builder wanted!

Hiring a Roblox builder that will do it for free!
can someone help me build this for my roblox game for free and if anyone do this and the game gets famous i will reward them with robux and credit in game(with some admin power :0 )!
The idea for The lobby for Chronicles of Abyss(the game name) could feature a dark and foreboding atmosphere, with torches flickering and shadows dancing across the walls. As players enter the lobby, they are greeted by a grand statue of a powerful hero, standing tall and holding a legendary weapon.
Surrounding the statue are various NPCs, offering quests and providing information on the game's mechanics. The walls of the lobby are adorned with intricate tapestries depicting the history and lore of the game's world.
Players can also gather in groups, chatting and strategizing before embarking on their next adventure. The lobby could also feature interactive elements, such as puzzles or mini-games, providing players with a fun distraction while they wait for their party to assemble.
Overall, the lobby of Chronicles of Abyss should set the tone for the game, immersing players in a world of danger and adventure from the moment they step through the door.
if anyone does this i appreciate it the most dm me on discord for more info: Please 2.0#7619
thanks again who does this :D
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2023.03.27 11:42 KingStop21062001 "pedophilia is different from lolicon"

All you fucking lurkers need to look at is Roblox before lawsuits were filed against condo owners, and how they affected children playing Roblox.
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