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This is the subreddit is for pics of YOUR Christmas tree! :)

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For the people who love the time when the Christmas Holidays come around Santa comes and visits us and we celebrate Christmas!

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Post pictures of Cats in Trees!

2023.04.01 21:56 FakeAre 26 and I'm not If I'm doing anything right

Hey there,
I hope y'all are doing well.
I am seeking help to see if my budget is wrong, incorrect, or crazy.
For context, I am 26, live alone and rent in the GTA, and make $100k/year (take home $5600/month) and perhaps it's a matter of loving YNAB but I always feel poor.
As such, I am hoping you can help by looking at my budget and seeing if anything is out of touch or if there are things I can do better.
Anyway, here is my budget:
Category Monthly Allocation % Of Pay
--Cost of Living $ 2,335.71 41.71%
๐Ÿ  Next Month Rent $ 1,975.00
๐Ÿ’ป Internet $ 56.50
๐Ÿ’ก Hydro $ 67.00
๐Ÿ“ Tenant Insurance $ 36.36
๐Ÿ“ž Phone $ 62.15
๐Ÿ’ช Gym $ 72.30
โค๏ธ Health $ 66.40
--Core Costs $ 600.00 10.71%
๐Ÿง€ Groceries $ 450.00
โ›ฝ Transportation $ 100.00
๐Ÿ’‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ Vanity $ 50.00
--Subscriptions $ 190.00 3.39%
๐Ÿ“ƒ Subscriptions $ 140.00
๐Ÿ“† Annual $ 50.00
--Big Purchases $ 700.00 12.50%
โœˆ๏ธ Vacation / Europe $ 400.00
โ˜• Large Purchase $ 200.00
๐ŸŽ Gifts $ 100.00
--Spending $ 774.43 13.83%
๐Ÿ› General Purchases $ 125.00
๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธHome Decor $ 125.00
๐ŸŽฎ Entertainment $ 150.00
๐Ÿป Dining Out $ 224.43
๐Ÿ‘” Clothing $ 150.00
--Savings $ 1,000.00 17.86%
๐Ÿฅ Emergency Fund $ 1,000.00
๐Ÿ“ˆ Investing (Pending Emergency Fund Top-Up) $ -
Thanks in advance folks, I appreciate you taking the time to help me out here.
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2023.04.01 21:55 Key-Terrible Gameplay Ideas

I am looking for gameplay ideas or like story ideas to play in Sims 4. I more often than not find myself bored of my storyline within 5 minutes of playing. Maybe it's my storylines that are making me bored and the lack of creativity. I do enjoy making the sims and sometimes decorating their homes, but I find it very difficult to play actual live mode for more than 10 minutes tops. I am open to any suggestions for stories to act out or gameplay ideas.
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2023.04.01 21:55 ImagineFocus Help settle this debate. Whoโ€™s right?

My fiancรฉ and I have a rabbit who is old and had a wonderful life and will most likely pass away in the near future due to old age. I asked my fiancรฉ what she would want to do with him once he passes. She wants to cremate him and put him in a beautiful vase. Instead, I would like to remember him and repurpose his coat into nice decorative art. She thinks Iโ€™m morbid and wrong for doing this to a pet. However, she feels that burning his remains and placing his ashes on display is better?
She said sheโ€™s open to hearing what others have to say. So Reddit, which method?
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2023.04.01 21:55 Ownage4 The Tree of Life (request of Daโ€™at situated one rank above Tiphereth)

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2023.04.01 21:54 Fubukiyo Cloudy end product?

Cloudy end product?
I just finished boiling just under two gallons, put it in a jar, and water bath canned it for 15 minutes. I'm curious as to why there seems to be a cloudy look to it? I filtered it through a fine mesh reusable tea bag(basically a cheese cloth) and then put it in the jar to water bath it got the 15 minutes, and this is it maybe an hour later. It's still warm, but not hot. Anyone have any ideas what's happening? Also, it's from a maple tree! Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.01 21:53 MissChaos2 the camp mystica characters of terratale now have profiles! ask them questions bc im bored and crave loredumping!

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2023.04.01 21:53 mjohn4244 It amazes me just where a damn cactus will grow. The 2nd picture is from 20 ft in a tree

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2023.04.01 21:52 rakanikan Weโ€™ve just received another postcard from Scott the Dot and we hope he doesnโ€™t get bamboozled!

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2023.04.01 21:52 Charlettmoon Osterran Calendar

So I've been translating the official Octopath Traveler Tabletop RPG rulebook for the past two weeks, and when I'm bored of doing Character Creation and Number Crunch copying, I start looking up the lore parts, and figured I should share the Osterran Calendar with everyone who might be interested.
There are 12 months. Each one is 30 days long with 5 weeks. There are only 6 days in a week, one for each element.
It goes, in order, Light Day, Wind Day, Thunder Day, Fire Day, Ice Day, Dark Day. Dark is the Sabbath.
The months kinda run alongside ours, and are named for each of the Orsterran gods/goddesses. Interestingly, they are also named in order of their birth, so Alephan is the eldest, and Aelfric is the youngest. The only difference is Dreisang and Dohter are twin brothers, with Dohter being a few seconds younger. (So if we fight Dreisang in Octopath 1, does that mean that's what Dohter looks like? Are they identical twins? Inquiring minds want to know!)
The First Month is Alephan's, (Mid January to Mid February IRL), and it is the beginning of the New Year.
The Second is Dreisang's, (Mid February to Mid March), and it contains the Festival of Temperance (It's similar to Lent, according to the book)
The Third is Dohter's, (Mid March to Mid April), and it does not contain any special festivals, (It's a time of Spring, so I think there are probably a lot of local festivals.)
The Fourth is Draefendi's, (Mid April to Mid May), also a generic time with no festivals.
The Fifth is Winnehild's, (Mid May to Mid June), and it's the time when kingdoms begin preparing for war.
The Sixth is Brand's, (Mid June to Mid July), the rye has been harvested, food is plentiful, and it's time to go back to killing each other (Literally "Time for War".)
The Seventh is Sealticge's,(Mid July to Mid August) and a night festival is held honoring her closeness to the darkness. (Probably fitting a Tanabata-esque festival in here for the Japanese readers?)
The Eighth is Steorra's, (Mid August to Mid September) nothing special here, (but given who the month is named after, I bet there are local festivals honoring the stars.)
The Ninth is Balogar's, (Mid September to Mid October), and this month has Saints' Day. According to the book, it's similar to IRL All Saint's Day (interestingly, no Halloween.)
The Tenth is Aeber's, (Mid October to Mid November), and there's nothing going on here, (but I bet this would be a good time for a Halloween local festival, given thieves and dressing up.)
The Eleventh is Bifelgan's, (Mid November to Mid December), and also not special, (but I'm expecting a harvest feast festival before the winter. Most likely celebrating the giving and sharing of food, reminiscent of the "Trading" Bifelgan does.)
The Twelfth is, of course, Aelfric's, (Mid December to Mid January), and contains the Sacred Flame Festival, celebrating the coming of the First Flame to Orsterra (The book doesn't mention it outright, but sounds very similar to Christmas, given the time frame it's held in.)
Given that Ophilia went out to do the Sacred Flame ceremony, It was probably either around Aelfric's Month, or perhaps needed to be finished before Aelfric's month, which might put the time of Octopath 1 around September to NovembeDecember, around fall-time. This is all speculation on my part, however, so I'd love to hear what you guys think!
There are other blurbs about the gods, but I'm already getting tired, so I might add it in a comment here later. Hope it's an interesting read!! :)
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2023.04.01 21:52 rakanikan Weโ€™ve just received another postcard from Scott the Dot and we hope he doesnโ€™t get bamboozled!

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2023.04.01 21:52 necessary_leg1109 Probably one of the most 'alien-like' species, the ribbon worm spits a living, tree-like proboscis to hunt prey

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2023.04.01 21:52 Roughneck16 Who is your college of engineering named after?

Ours is named for Ira A. Fulton, a super-successful businessman and philanthropist who gave us a boatload of money.
Arizona State also has a Fulton engineering college. Visiting that campus in the winter made me wonder why I didn't go to ASU instead (more palm trees and less snow.)
Do people at your school use the name of your college of engineering as a byword for the engineering department? I've heard NYU students say "Tandon" as shorthand for engineering.
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2023.04.01 21:51 harris0n11 Does Fort Wayne pick up limbs, logs, etc from downed trees at the curb?

Basically title. Iโ€™ve found conflicting and outdated posts on the 311 site. I know generally theyโ€™ll pick up sticks that are cut and bundled but Iโ€™m talking like large logs and pine tree limbs. Any information would be helpful thanks!
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2023.04.01 21:51 fecundity88 recommendations on shallow well pump

I live in the suburbs of seattle and have a shallow well, 7 foot head on my lot that fills with spring water up to about the beginning ofAugust before it dries to a trickle . I need to pump the water from a concrete basin to garden hose to water mainly flowers, shrubs, small trees. Needs to be electrical and Im thinking in-line pump?. Any and all recommendations welcomed. Water was tested last year and is surprisingly very clean. Im inspired by all your homesteads, I will be enthusiastically joining you in a few years.
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2023.04.01 21:51 setgoesup I now have two autographs and no monies!

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2023.04.01 21:50 ToastieShoes Enemys always behind me??

I just got the f80A5 in USA tech tree about a week ago, and it seems that almost every game i play, theres always some strike craft, whether it be an me262 or even an attacker or whatever, behind me as soon as i get anywhere near the battlefield. I climb at about a 40degree angle and i normally get to about 10,000 feet by the time i get to the battle, but theres always that strike craft right above me that dives onto my tail and kills me. any tips or ways to combat this? cuz im really tired of it
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2023.04.01 21:50 No-Comment2809 Damage to HOA sign on our property.

Our HOA entrance sign includes a brick wall and is located on our property. A tree from our property fell and damaged the wall during the storms last night. We received an email from the HOA asking how we plan on handling the clean up and damage. Who is responsible for storm damage to the wall? We would prefer the wall be removed if we will be expected to contribute to upkeep. Thanks for your help.
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2023.04.01 21:50 Reddidnothingwrong Part 2 - A Warrior, A Thief, and A Mage

The man in the cabin is the magely embodiment of "I don't have time for this shit." A character so stubborn and uncooperative he refuses to even let the author describe him physically.
He leans over a mortar and pestle, crushing ingredients the author is also not allowed to identify (and certainly is not just too lazy to come up with) when there comes a knock at the door.
"Absolutely not," he mutters to himself, continuing his mysterious task and ignoring the second knock.
The door flies open.
"Stop right there!" the guard demands.
"I am doing nothing illegal," he lies.
"Be that as it may, the King has need of your presence!"
He barely glances up.
"As Court Mage-"
"As WHAT?" this time he does look on at the speaker, in shock and horror.
"You are the one they call Ren, are you not?"
The revolted stare is confirmation enough, for some reason.
"King Olaf has named you Court Mage. Therefore-"
Ren's face contorts as though he has just bitten into something very sour, and bitter, and possibly rotten to the core.
He lifts his hand and incinerates the guard. With a flick of his fingers the door has shut again, and he returns to his task while shaking his head in disbelief.
There comes another knock.
"Oh for the love of-"
"STOP RIGHT THERE!" the second guard demands, throwing open the door. She pauses momentarily upon noticing the charred corpse on the floor. "What is that?"
"What is what?" Ren replies facetiously.
"Was that a guard?!"
"Baseless accusations."
"Well, I was just here to fetch you for the king," she draws a sword, "but it appears you have viola-"
She bursts into flames.

"Our mage should be here soon," Olaf decides, neglecting to mention how many of his royal fetchers tend to be lost in this process, "now may I present to you, our warrior!"
Rolf sighs deeply at the sight of the yellow-haired man in the golden armor. He might look the part, were it not for the fact that his head was empty and there were no thoughts behind his eyes. The titular warrior lifts a decorative lance into the air.
"It is I!" he announces, "Alfredo!"
"You're going to send your own son to fight a dragon, sire?"
"I have another one," the King points out.
Rolf says nothing, so unprepared was he for this take on parenthood.
"Now all we need is a thief..."
"Sire!" yet another guard announces, entering the throne room with a dark-haired waif and holding a large sack, "this woman was found robbing the treasury!"
"I thought you said we were out of gold!" the King objects, with a disgruntled look at his advisor.
"We are."
"Plenty of gems left, though," the woman points out.
"I see!" the King nods, "Release and pardon her immediately. We have need of her services."
"Robbing you?"
"Fighting a dragon!"
Rolf inspects the thin frame and almost feels bad for the woman. Judging from the look on her face, however, she does not feel bad for herself.
"A dragon?" she repeats with a grin.
"Wouldn't it make more sense for the other two to fight, and the thief to steal back the statue?" Rolf suggests, as though his suggestions carry any weight. Despite being hired specifically for the purpose of making suggestions.
"Aht aht!" the King interrupts, predictably, "Silly Rolf! She's a thief, so obviously she will be assassinating the dragon!"
"... Wouldn't that be an assassin?"
"I wonder how our mage is doing?" Olaf wonders, giving the author an excuse to cut back to the cabin.

The guard pauses, steps over the ever-growing pile of charred corpses.
"How many of you are there?" Ren demands.
"Infinite," he replies, in a tone so confident that the "Court Mage" has to wonder whether this truly is the case.
"Fine," he sighs and puts away the potion he is working on, "what do you want?"
The guard does not answer right away. He seems to be investigating the burnt remains of his brethren.
"Are those-"
"That's neither here nor there," Ren claps his hands together to redirect his attention, "what does Olaf want?"
"Our Royal Highness, His Majesty King-"
"What does Olaf want?" he repeats.
"You'll have to come with me and speak to him directly."
"Not to be dramatic," Ren replies, "but I would rather peel off all my skin and set myself on fire than come-" he stops to consider, "come to the castle?"
"And speak to the king, yes."
Ren drums his fingers on the table, deep in thought, then sighs in a rather exaggerated manner.
"I suppose there's no helping it," he replies, in a tone of false exasperation, and begins to gather his things.

The dragon returns to the summit, the wind kicking up dirt and rocks from beneath his wings as he glides easily into the enormous mouth of the cavern. Even in the dim light of the setting sun, the shine from the mountains of gold - melted and recrafted into forms more pleasing to the dragon than the likeness of one particularly offensive human - would sting the eyes of any foolish enough to wander too close to his hoard.
He tosses the statue into the pile, hard enough to express his disdain for its inspiration, but not enough to damage it. He considers melting it down like the others. Considers, but does not.
The threads of fate wrap around the statue and call out to him. This one is important. It must be left as is. Why? He does not know yet. But he learned long ago not to second guess what the threads of fate choose to say.
Still, that doesn't mean he has to look at that face. With a great sweep of his tail he knocks it onto its side and covers the head with scattered gold. He considers, then reaches with one talon and carves a name into the pile where it can be seen from the entrance.
"N E R O"
He lays his head down and goes to sleep.
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2023.04.01 21:49 ScarletFireFox Lilapsophobia

The fear of tornadoes and hurricanes is known as lilapsophobia. I have no doubt that I'm suffering from that. Yes, tornadoes are to be feared because they are dangerous. We all know that. I like to watch coverage of tornadoes as it is fascinating learning about something scary. I started watching the weather channel coverage of tornado outbreaks when I was living in California where I never had to worry about those kinds of storms. When I had to move back to Tennessee 2 years ago, I had my childhood fears return. Whenever we were under threat for tornadic weather, I would start having panic attacks. I would be scared before the weather would start. When it comes to a slight chance for that kind of weather, I'm calm. Whenever we are put under an enhanced risk, I start getting scared and upset. I live in Rutherford County in Middle TN, so we don't live in classic tornado alley like Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Texas. However, I do know that the strongest tornadoes can happen, but are pretty rare. Yesterday was just what I feared. We may have not been in the worst of the threat, but a strong tornado was possible for Middle TN. To make matters worse, it was expected to take place in the middle of the night. Usually on days like that, a thin vertical line of storms gust through and are over before we know it. The takeaway I got from watching coverage of killer tornadoes is that the supercells that are more scattered and horizontal would be the ones that would produce the really bad tornadoes. It would be shaped like bird wings with a little notch or circle behind it and that is where the tornado would be. Yesterday, it was looking just as I feared and these cells were more horizontal as they marched across the Volunteer State. Things I tried telling myself to calm myself down was that the odds of a large tornado hitting our exact location were very slim and how our county was on the edge of the tornado watch and not in the bullseye. FYI, before anyone assumes I'm a dependent, I'm not still living with my parents because I'm dependent; They depend on me(I basically had to move back here to help my Grandfather after I lost my Grandmother in January 2021). I was watching live coverage(Ryan Hall Ya'll on Youtube) and there was this storm that was several counties over producing a large and destructive tornado. A wedge tornado was reported(one of those big, wide ones). I woke up my Mom. She was at first annoyed, but decided to stay up and watch knowing how terrified I was. I rounded up our two cats(we didn't have a cage for them, so it was extra stressful). My parents went to get my Grandfather. We were to hunker beneath the stairs in our laundry room. I was crazy hysterical and delirious. I did not like how I handled it at all. It was a close call. The supposed tornado was passed about a mile north to us. At that moment it lifted before it would touch town again and cause damage to houses a town over. I was shaken(I was also a little tipsy as it was Friday night, so that may have made me act extra nutty where I at one point was chanting "ohmygodidontwannadieidontwannadie It cannot end like this!"). I was never more scared in my life, hearing the wind and the thunder and that terrible alarm going off on our phones. After that was over, I was weeping myself to sleep, from relief and feeling traumatized by what would have been one of my greatest fears coming true. Before, I looked up "storm anxiety" and lilapsophobia on Youtube to find helpful advice and hearing from other people who struggle with it. I can't figure out why it is so bad for me. I have never seen a tornado in my life(throughout my childhood in TN or FL and certainly not in California), let alone actually been in one. I would feel bad to declare myself as traumatized from last night because it is not like I was walking out of rubble. I heard accounts from other people with this fear who actually survived something. The only damage around here were to trees. Readyville was not so lucky. I'm a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and I wondered if me focusing so much on the weather may have gotten me that big scare last night. I know I shouldn't think like that. I started getting more into the weather after last Friday's Rolling Fork, MS disaster. Otherwise, I want to focus more on things that I enjoy instead of those nightmares. I would not be nearly as afraid if we had a basement. From the years of watching coverage, I learned that underground is the only safe place to be in the case for the strongest tornadoes. I wonder if anyone else around here has this fear and how do they cope?
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2023.04.01 21:49 Daksport2525 Large tree with a thick stump at the local greenhouse

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2023.04.01 21:48 hexarchon HexArchon [SMP] {Custom Worlds} {Custom Items} {Custom Mobs} {Custom Skills} {Custom Abilities} {Custom Enchants} {Boss Fights} {Dungeons} {Quests} {Land Claiming} {Furnitures} {Decorative Heads} {Events} {Dynmap} {Wiki}


HexArchon is a Custom MMO-Inspired SMP with several gameplay features such as unique Custom Mobs, Items, Enchants, Boss Fights, Abilities, Quests, Worlds, and other areas to explore such as the Skylands and Dungeons.



๐Ÿ“–Our Values

We are a group of people with the ambition of creating something new and unique. We are always committed to putting quality work into gameplay. We love listening to community feedback and creating something that people enjoy.
Here are some of the values that we have pledged to:

๐ŸŽฎGameplay Mechanics



We strongly prioritize server performance and responsiveness. Not only do we put focus on resource utilization during development, but we also have powerful top-of-the-line hardware that the server runs on.
The server is run on dedicated hardware with the following specifications:
We guarantee strict, zero-lag gameplay. If you are having any issues with lag, open a ticket and we will gladly help you out - even if itโ€™s not the serverโ€™s fault.


Thanks for reading! We hope to see you on :)
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2023.04.01 21:47 Breachbillgates Post Malone Lyrics I Thought I Understood

What do you guys interpret the chorus from โ€˜Lemon Treeโ€™ as?
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