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2020.04.07 01:34 collegefurtrader Bored? Quarantined? Learn to cook some good shit.

Grocery stores are open but it's never too early to learn some squirrel recipes.

2023.06.07 10:57 CrunchyMind Running Langchain with Pinecone and Embeddings

I managed to takes a local PDF file, use GPT’s embeddings and store it in the Pinecone through Langchain. But every time I run the code I'm rewriting the embeddings in Pinecone, how can I just ask the question alone instead?

```from langchain.document_loaders import UnstructuredPDFLoader, OnlinePDFLoader, PyPDFLoader
from langchain.text_splitter import RecursiveCharacterTextSplitter
import os
loader = PyPDFLoader("/Users/Max/Downloads/The-Chronicles-of-Xeriden.pdf")
data = loader.load()
print (f'You have {len(data)} document(s) in your data')
print (f'There are {len(data[0].page_content)} characters in your document')
text_splitter = RecursiveCharacterTextSplitter(chunk_size=2000, chunk_overlap=0)
texts = text_splitter.split_documents(data)
print (f'Now you have {len(texts)} documents')
from langchain.vectorstores import Chroma, Pinecone
from langchain.embeddings.openai import OpenAIEmbeddings
import pinecone
OPENAI_API_KEY = os.environ.get('OPENAI_API_KEY', 'sk-XX’X)
embeddings = OpenAIEmbeddings(openai_api_key=OPENAI_API_KEY)
pinecone.init(api_key=PINECONE_API_KEY, environment=PINECONE_API_ENV)
index_name = "index13"
docsearch = Pinecone.from_texts([t.page_content for t in texts], embeddings, index_name=index_name)
query = "What is Omnis?"
docs = docsearch.similarity_search(query)
from langchain.llms import OpenAI
from langchain.chains.question_answering import load_qa_chain
llm = OpenAI(temperature=0, openai_api_key=OPENAI_API_KEY)
chain = load_qa_chain(llm, chain_type="stuff")
query = "What is Omnis?"
docs = docsearch.similarity_search(query)
print (, question=query)), question=query)```
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2023.06.07 10:52 DolceDominant Preppy Look 👕👞

Preppy Look 👕👞
Polos open up a whole new list of style options. The preppy school boy, the european yacht club, and the business casual are all prime examples. When used properly and paired with a good set of trousers it exhibits class and makes you appear well-dressed without being that one guy wearing a tuxedo to the grocery store.
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2023.06.07 10:52 TheHungTroll Ender Bundle: Expand Your Inventory with a Storage System

Ever go out exploring the world of Minecraft only to go back after just a few days because you run out of inventory slots? Or when you run out of block for your mega build and your storage is thousands of blocks away? Or when you just want to give something to your friend but meeting up takes too much effort? Introducing the solutions to all those problems, and the key to remote storage systems: The Ender Bundle!


The crafting recipe will be similar to normal bundle, having an Eye of Ender in the middle:
String Hide String
Hide Eye of Ender Hide
Hide Hide Hide
This will results in an ender-green colored bundle with an Ender eye in front. When outside of players' inventory or in the inventory of an unlinked player, the Ender Bundle is inaccessible, and visually tied up.
The Ender Bundle is unstackable.


By right-clicking the inactive Ender Bundle onto an Ender Chest, that player's Ender Bundle is linked to the Ender Chest, which is now turned into an Ender Depot. Other players can also link their Bundle to the Depot. In the linked player's inventory, the Bundle appears open.
As the link is player-based, each can only have 1 Bundle-Depot link. Therefore it works like the Ender Chest, which means any Bundle opened by the same player can only access 1 Depot's inventory, and giving a Bundle to another player won't give them access to your linked Depot.

Using the Bundle

Bundle-Depot's Inventory
The Bundle-Depot's inventory works in similar fashion with the normal Bundle's, mixing and matching different items to a maximum of 1 stack worth of items, using the "Last In First Out" rule. The Ender Bundle-Depot, however, is capable of storing Shulker Boxes. Like other unstackables, a box take up 64 bundle slots, so the Bundle can only store 1 box at a time.
The Ender Bundle's inventory is linked to the Ender Depot's. Players can also access the inventory directly from the Depot. The selling point, however, is that the Depot can interact with redstone, which allow players to build contraptions that give them access to their storage system from far away.
One basic example is that you can place a hopper under your linked Depot, that way you can put your loots straight into your storage system. With the power of storage redstone, however, I imagine we can even make a system that can call and give items from and to the storage system remotely.
To help with updating the Depot's inventory and keeping the redstone surrounding it running, the Depot will load an area of 3x3 chunks around it.


The only way to unlink is to break the Depot, which will drop an Ender Chest and all the items inside its inventory. All players linked to that Depot will become unlinked, and their Ender Bundle will again betied up and inaccessible.


That's the end of the suggestion! This is my first time suggesting, so if you have any constructive criticism about the formatting, writing and content of the post, please let me know so I can make better suggestions in the future, which I have plans to make really soon! Anyway, thank you all for reading!
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2023.06.07 10:49 ASGfan Episodic Review - The Odyssey (S5, E24)

Nice opening shot of water tumbling over the rocks as Dylan, a local boy, paints with Laura and Albert watching on. He paints portraits of nature and the water and things like that. He’s a regular Bob Ross! Dylan mentions of a dream to see the ocean as he promised his late father. Later at home, Dylan is working on a painting when he gets a nosebleed. Mom notes that’s the third one this week, so a trip to Doc Baker is in order. The next sequence is incredibly sad as Dylan is diagnosed with leukemia and Mom has trouble digesting the news. Dylan has met up with Laura and Albert outdoors again and announces plans to go see the ocean. On the way home, Albert informs Laura he will accompany Dylan. Laura wants to do the same but has some lingering doubts, so she asks Pa in the “What would you do if you had a month to live, I’m asking for a friend’ variety. Laura is now onboard with Albert in running away. If you’re going to run away, you call the experts.
CARRIE SCREEN TIME ALERT! Carrie finds a letter in one of her birthday presents and starts to read it. That’s a pretty ingenious way of getting Carrie to say her lines, actually. Laura stuffed a note in there about running away. The kids enlist the help of an older guy named Zeke to distract the rather angry train employee so they can illegally board the train to stow away. If the train employee isn’t scary enough, the threesome are quickly joined by another stowaway who looks like he’s on something. He steals their sandwiches, then a little later he makes a play for Dylan’s art case. I’m not sure if he’d be interested in art supplies, but Albert refuses to hand it over. The guy then tries to shove Albert off the train (!), but Laura pushes him off instead and helps Albert back on to the train. Charles catches up with Zeke, who blabs about where the kids are headed. Charles bops over to Hertz Rent-A-Horse and makes use of a train stop to catch up with the kids. Charles threatens whoopings for all of them. CHARLES INGALLS THREATENS TO BEAT OTHER PEOPLE’S TERMINALLY ILL CHILDREN! Dylan doesn’t want to go back. Charles tries to dissuade him, but quickly finds out it’s rather pointless to try and talk someone out of fulfilling their dying wish. CHARLES INGALLS HELPS CHILDREN RUN AWAY! Charles doesn’t have the money for a train (shock), so….CHARLES INGALLS ILLEGALLY BOARDS TRAINS AND HELPS CHILDREN TO STEAL!
The next morning, Dylan and Albert are the first ones up. Dylan mentions he’s hungry, so Albert goes over and cons a different train employee out of sandwiches, apples and milk. Charles is up by the time Albert returns and Pa gives his son what can best be described as a light slap on the wrist for stealing. Charles is all “well you stole the food, we might as well eat it.” CHARLES INGALLS KNOWINGLY USES STOLEN PROPERTY! Once again, meal time is interrupted, this time by the angry train employee from earlier. Charles actually thinks he can reason with him and justify the stealing, which is really stupid when you think about it. The train employee starts the eviction process, but…CHARLES INGALLS BEATS UP PEOPLE FOR DOING THEIR JOB AND ALMOST KILLS A MAN IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN! Charles actually wins a fight for a change. Must be a blue moon out. Pa lays it out very clear, saying he will pay back the money for the stolen food (but not the stolen fare!), and tells him nothing’s gonna stop them from seeing the ocean. I personally think they should have spit flying from Charles’ mouth for effect just like in the Grange-Chicago episode, but it still gets the point across.
The next morning, the quartet arrive in San Fran, just a few miles from their destination. They don’t seem to be in any particular hurry, stopping at the local mission for soup. Charles manages to hitch a ride with some guy I’ve never heard of named William Hearst or something. En route to the ocean, Charles holds Dylan’s hand and strokes the side of his face. Wha? Ah, the William Hearst guy owns a newspaper and wants to use Dylan’s story and offers to pay Charles for it. Charles declines, apparently thinking he has a magic transporter that will whisk them all away to the Grove when this is over. After some coaxing, Charles eventually accepts the money, though we never get to see if he makes good on his word to pay for any of the things he stole. And what happened to that horse? Anyways, Charles carries Dylan, who looks like he has taken a turn for the worse, to the Pacific Ocean (wouldn’t the Atlantic have been closer to Minnesota?) One has to wonder if that’s the ocean or just a collection of tears Charles has cried throughout this series. But I guess I shouldn’t make fun since Dylan gets his wish and now you’ll have to excuse me, because I have something in my eye.
THE JERRY SPRINGER FINAL THOUGHT -- This is my all-time favorite episode, which made it my all-time favorite review to do. A mixture of adventure and drama that blended well together. Sad, but with as happy of an ending that could be expected under the circumstances. Dylan was never seen or heard from again, although (sadly) the actor that played him -- Steve Shaw -- did die relatively young via a car accident in 1990. Charles committed crimes left and right, although he has that uncanny knack of bringing you over to his side of thinking. And Albert was a master con artist and grifter by this point.
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2023.06.07 10:46 Frau_Aeron 33 [F4R] California/Anywhere - looking for friends!

Can’t sleep again. I need to stop eating chocolate covered espresso beans!
A bit about me: 33 and just existing, lol. I’m an art nerd and a self taught digital artist, with a love for character design and things that aren’t kid friendly like werewolves and elves. I’m also into building gundam models a bit, just bought some from Witch of Mercury and a Master Grade Sandrock. I’m too nervous to build it lol.
I like reading and writing (a lot). When I was younger I used to write KH stuff, lol. Nowadays it’s just writing prompts and seeing what bites. It’s okay.
I’m looking for creative friends.
I can be a little blunt sometimes, and quiet but it doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes I get too excited and put my foot where my mouth is. I’m the kind of person that sings along to a song that I know in a grocery store, or I’ll dance to it a bit and not care lol. I’m a little gremlin sometimes and I like shiny things.
I hang out around the LA area, not the county. Big fan of boba and snacks/pastries and I like little cakes and pizza, and hard cider.
Trying to stay active but the big sad I’ve been having lately makes it hard.
Not looking for a motivation buddy, but just someone to talk to about stuff. I wanna show you memes and TikTok’s and just talk about stuff.
Tell me what your favorite anime is. Who did you romance in Mass Effect? Did you romance Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition? What do you mean I was the onot one crushing on Blaidd from Elden Ring?
I’m bi, poly, and partnered. Not looking for anything right now, just friendship.
I love national parks!! Finally got to see the Grand Canyon! I cried a little lol.
I’m just looking for art friends!
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2023.06.07 10:45 suryowibowo LO Writer with automatically updated table contents from Calc?

Hi All,
I have a Calc workbook filled with formula for my store's price list. I need to send weekly price list update to my clients. All this time I've been doing manually by creating a sheet in that workbook that mirror the contents of some column/row in the calculation sheet. I would export it into PDF and combine it with another PDF from another Writer file using PDFArranger. Basically 4 steps...
I want to make my work process simpler, but haven't found any solution yet.
How can I make a Writer file with kind of opening letter and the next pages are the automatically updated price list from my Calc workbook without copy paste from the Calc nor combining two PDFs into one PDF in PDF Arranger?
Thank you
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2023.06.07 10:43 42points DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION

Hi Shibes,
Welcome to todays Daily Discussion post. YOU ARE DOGECOIN!
If you are looking to safely store your coins for the long term check the links in the "How to buy DOGECOIN" post at the top of the subreddit.
If you want to give someone else DOGECOIN on Reddit check out /sodogetip
You can also get the latest version of the dogecoin wallet (version 1.14.6) from
Here are some links and topics that people have wanted me to post here. Please take a look!
For more technical discussions about dogecoin please visit /dogecoindev
Don't forget to report posts and comments you think are not appropriate for the subreddit. If you want to discuss something specific please message the moderators
Do you want something added here? Send the moderators modmail to discuss. Do you want something removed from here? Well send modmail too. You all make this post together and your help is always appreciated.
You are loved,
Do Only Good Everyday
Just keep on dancing!
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2023.06.07 10:43 Peaceandhappiness03 AITA- My BF Screamed at me

I 26(F) need to know AITA in this with my boyfriend 28(M).
We were going to the grocery store at night together. I was exhausted, I had been studying for a test for three days straight and hadn’t left the house. We are having a fine time until the checkout line. He told me to “wait here” in a line while he looked for a shorter line. I was looking at gum, tired and not thinking about what he was doing. He was calling me from the other line and I didn’t hear him until maybe the third time he called my name?
We get into the car and he started SCREAMING at me. He said that I am like a child and never pay attention. That I am just in my own world. He said that “If I wanted to be with dumby then I would just…” This made me really upset and I cried.
I think that his expectations of me are so unrealistic. I just started a new job, was studying at least a couple of hours a day, doing most of the cleaning and chores, and giving him at least one or two 30 minute massages a day.
The next day, I decided to go back to my parents house. He said that I just “internalize everything” and that I didn’t try to talk to him about it (although I did try to talk to him about it the night it happened.) I asked when I could get my stuff back, he was cryptic about it. He said he would maybe drop it off.
The next time I saw him, he said that he said that I could always come and get my stuff, which he did not say at all when I was leaving. I told him that to stay together he would need to commit to at least trying couples therapy once. He said no. I told him that I would look into alternatives. I told him that I think it is wrong for a partner to scream at their s/o and call them names. I told him that an apology would have meant a lot to me, but he never said sorry.
I had to tell my parents that we were fighting, as I moved back in with them. My bf is now very upset at me that they know. When I told him this and was packing more of my things he started crying. I’ve never seen him cry before, I got worried. When I left I called his friend and asked that they check on him. I didn’t give the friend any details about what was going on. My bf got mad at me for this too. I proposed that we do a weekly check in as an alternative as he doesn’t want to do therapy. He said that me wanting him to open up more emotionally and make me feel more appreciated is like me “wanting a woman”. He said that he would be able to open up more emotionally if I got contacts and did my hair more often.
After all of this I still told him that I was sorry about telling my parents and asking his friend to check on him. I told him that I am trying to come to a compromise with the weekly meetings idea. I am the one crawling to him to apologize when I never even got a sorry.
AITA for telling my parents? AITA for asking his friend to check on him? Are my expectations to unrealistic?
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2023.06.07 10:42 trickeriiii Please help with my floorplan

Please help with my floorplan
How are you editing the GF of this house.
Initial ideas is to move the kitchen to benefit from more light and create an open plan living/dining/kitchen space. Relocate the living room to create a cosy family space and add a new reception room in the existing store space.
My worry is the new reception room is a little small but not sure where else to put this other than tagging onto the rear.
Any other ideas?
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2023.06.07 10:30 Pandashreck Help with killing late game tanks.

So I'm a level 16 Tunisia Axis main and currently force into game after game of high-tier allied tankers in Sherman's and Lee's grey zone camping. Nothing I try will kill them (I have yet to unlock late-game AT and my AT guns get sniped before I can do any real damage.) and I can't ignore them due to the way that many maps (like Fortress) having open spawns vulnerable to tanks. Rallies do help but in Tunisia Axis bot lobbies few people build them and allied players tend to destroy them every few minutes. Any suggestions on how to deal with them?
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2023.06.07 10:29 RiCONews [Asia ver.] 2023/06/07 Maintenance Complete Notice

2023/06/07 Maintenance Complete Notice

2023-06-07 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,
The maintenance of ROCKMAN X DiVE have completed on 2023/06/07 16:00 (UTC+8)
Event Update Link Revival【Burning Bride of June】Theme Event For more details, please check the information on the right of【Event】. *Event Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/20 22:00 (UTC+8)
Link Request for logistic support from Eddie (EXP Program incorporated version) Hey, you got【Armor Parts】do you? If you are willing to exchange your Armor Parts to something else, take a look at the【Request from Eddie】in the event shop! For more details, please check【Shop】>【Store】>【Limited】>【Request from Eddie】 *Event Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/14 11:59 (UTC+8)
【Clear the Jakob within the Time Limit Missions】are being held. *Event Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/13 22:00 (UTC+8)
Elemental Metals and Dark Code Coins Giveaway! Daily logins will earn you Elemental Metal Supply Box and Dark Code Coin goodies! Daily awards:Elemental Metal Supply Box x3 & Dark Code Coin x30 *Event Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 (UTC+8) *Please go to the “Mail” page to receive the items.
Armaments Factory Event Change Armaments Factory event will be held regularly. Redeemable weapons will no longer be rotate and popular items such as limited weapons will be added. Armaments Factory - Mission will be renewed every two weeks. Don't miss your chance to collect Armaments Coins and exchange them for the weapons of your desire! *Armaments Factory Shop available time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/09/27 11:59 (UTC+8) *Please refer to the in-game mission page for the opening time of each Armaments Factory - Mission.
Dark Code Store Event Change Dark Code Store event will be held regularly. The Dark Code Coins that come with the Dark Code capsule will be increased significantly! *The Dark Code Capsule will be opened from time to time. Please check the capsule banner for the number of coins included. *Dark Code Store available time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/09/27 11:59 (UTC+8)
Adjustment of "Paid Elemental Metal discount draw" function Each capsule daily limit of "Paid Elemental Metal discount draw" is adjusted to no maximum number of draws.
Update and Adjustment 【S35 Ranked Match】 begins
DNA Code Character available: 【DiVE Armor RiCO】 【DiVE Armor Iris】 【ViA■】 【DiVE Armor iCO】
Capsule Update Link 【True. Favorite Capsule】Available: Guarantees a S-rank【X Series】character every day, and you'll get corresponding Memory as bonus! *For more PICK UP details, please check the "Detail" button on the right of the Capsule. *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/07/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【DiVE Festival Popularity Pick Up】 Capsule Available: S Rank Character【DiVE Armor RiCO】appear probability UP S Rank Character【DiVE Armor Iris】appear probability UP S Rank Character【ViA■】appear probability UP S Rank Character【DiVE Armor iCO】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory, and will be able to activate DNA code. *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/21 11:59 (UTC+8)
LinkRevival Time Limited Capsule “Bride of June” Available: S Rank Character【Bridal Alia】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Bridal Layer】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Gator Fangs】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character or weapon, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/21 11:59 (UTC+8)
LinkDouble Limited Capsule Available: S Rank Character【Halloween Vile】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Halloween Sigma】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/21 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【PICK UP Combo】Capsule is now available. S Rank Character【Bass & Treble】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Ferham】appear probability UP S Rank Character【MegaMan.EXE Hub Style】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Black Zero】appear probability UP Character-only!PICK UP for star characters! If you pull a PICK UP character, you will receive an additional【All Star Activation Coupon】. *All Star Activation Coupon: A special activation coupon that can activate the【All Star Capsule】. *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/14 11:59 (UTC+8)
Shop Item Update Available: 【Axl Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Alia Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Bit Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Shadow Blade Buster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Triangular Saber Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Crushing Spray Gun Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) *Available Time: 2023/06/07 16:00 ~ 2023/06/14 11:59 (UTC+8)
Direct Purchase Element Metal Update Has been removed: • Element Metal x33 • Element Metal x170 • Element Metal x410 • Element Metal x830 • Element Metal x1500 • Element Metal x2120 • Element Metal x3500 • Element Metal x4300 • Element Metal x2000 • Element Metal x4600 • EM Discount Pack (available on the 1st of each month)(15 days) • Element Metal Matsuri Pack(3 days) • Weekly Pack II • Card Enhancement Pack • Super Core Liberation x1 • Weapon Liberation Pack • Beginner Pack • Proficient Memory Card x101000 • Skill Point x200 • Premium Weapon PackⅡ • Premium Character PackⅡ • Weapon First Purchase Lucky Bag • First Purchase Pack I • First Purchase Pack II • Level Pack (Lv5-30) • Level Pack (Lv31-40) • Level Pack (Lv41-50) • Level Pack (Lv51-60) • Level Pack (Lv61-70) • Level Pack (Lv71-80) • Level Pack (Lv81-90) • Level Pack (Lv91-100) • Daily Pack (Weapon) • Daily Pack (Character) • Daily Boost Pack (30 days) • Daily AP Pack (30 days) • Daily Drop Pack (30 days) • Weekly Pack • Skip Dive Program x10 • Reorganization Program x10 • Monthly Activity Reward upgrade
Other Notice The weekly maintenance on next week will be suspended. All updated events and other contents for this week will be announced on 2023/06/14 at 12:00 (UTC+8), please keep on following up the official announcement .
Sincerely, 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》team.
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2023.06.07 10:26 adambrookes999 Sleeping in problem

I have this problem where my alarm will go off in the morning and I subconsciously press snooze and go back to sleep about 5 times in a row. As a result of this, I’ve been nearly late to work for a while and today I was late. I’ve tried sleeping with the blinds open to let sunlight in and I’ve tried using 2 alarms on 2 devices but I still press snooze. Any advice for me to get out of this habit?
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2023.06.07 10:25 improvingmyself3 I feel that I have been called by Ma Chinnmastika. How can I worship her in my home? (please read for background)

Background & Dreams
I have always been a skeptical, but open-minded person. Could always see faults in science, and faults in religion or arising therefrom are well-documented, etc.
But following a series of improbable and unusual events in a very short duration, I felt the presence of Ma in the short time before I went to sleep the day before yesterday.
Just as I was going to sleep, I had two short dreams. In the first dream, I was in a cafe-cum bar sort of place, late evening. A lady leaned over the counter-top across me and dropped/let go of a folded piece of paper. I had the strong feeling that I should take it, or that it was meant for me. The dream then ended.
In the second dream, I was lying in the exact same pose I was trying to sleep in on my bed, except that I sensed a black statue of a goddess (as black as it could be) on the central shelf of my bedroom. There were lights flashing, and a cacophony of bells. But most strangely, I felt a preternaturally strong, dark (not negative), and very powerful energy emanating from her. It was something strange and nothing like anything else I had felt before.
It was so strong that I woke up with goosebumps all over and some fear too. Then I went to sleep a while later.
Afterward, I talked to a friend of mine who had actually been asking me to go to the Rajarappa temple. He said you have been called, and should be humble and elated, because people's entire lives go without Ma reaching out to them.
Since that day, only two days ago mind you, I have felt strongly moved by Ma. Each time I remember her, I feel her power and strength, enough to make my hairs stand on end. I am moved to tears when I read about her. I looked up her mantra, and just simply chanted it in my mind because I wanted to. It calmed me, and I felt its effects very positively.
I feel that all my sensuous desires are submerged and sublimated when I recite her mantra or keep her in my mind, and so far nothing else has worked that quickly and so strongly for me. Its like I can be lost within her motherly embrace, and just touching her feet and being with her would be enough for me, because I know she would treat me with love and warmth, and her ferocity is to protect me, not to kill or harm me.
Reason I know it was not just some dream
It is because I have visited Ayodhya and was able to cast my gaze upon Shri Ram Lalla for an extended period of time. There, for the first time, I felt that I came across someone who could take my full intensity all into himself and it would be nothing for him. With people, I have to hide my intensity, because they can only tolerate specific parts of it, and that too not always. But with my Lord, I felt full acceptance. Sitting there in front of him, I felt that I could stay there forever, and that I would be accepted for who I am, fully, completely, in ways that are not thought of, let alone practiced, among human beings.
With Ma, I felt the same sort of energy in the dream, except that Ma's energy was more fierce, darker, more terrible, more intense. Shri Ram was holistic, gentle, pious.
It is worth stressing that these two are the only times I have ever felt like that. So I know that this was not some dream caused by previous stimuli, especially taking into account the change in my behavior since that dream.
Worshipping Ma
I ordered an image of Ma online, and plan to keep it in my room. I will recite her mantra and worship her. Came here to find out just what else it is that I could do. I will of course be visiting her temple soon.
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2023.06.07 10:23 throwaway901401 I think I might've fucked up my future and I feel so ashamed.

I honestly don't know how to start this topic but I feel like my chances to graduate is very slim to probably impossible and all I can blame is myself.
Ever since Covid happened, I've been in a really bad spot mentally and physically. Been super unmotivated and not ready to be "normal" again. A bunch of shit happened around that time too where I lost every single one of my irl friends and been alone ever since grade 11, I do have online friends but I cant go to them since most of them are uncomfortable with this kind of talk and my family isn't exactly the open type of family, so I've been alone with my thoughts for about 3 years now.
Been super depressed about myself and it shows at school, attendance has dropped and my grade has dropped a unholy amount. I'm at the peak of grade 12 and almost done school but I'm super behind on work and honestly I don't think I have the strength of even trying. I'm too afraid to show up to class because I don't want to sit infront of my teachers and watch them be disappointed at me, I want to talk to my councilor and tell them I'm depressed and want to talk to a therapist. My family cannot afford a therapist and so I tried to get a job so I can afford it, that didn't work my job basically ghosted me and I've been super unfortunate to find another. So much stuff has been backfiring on me lately where I'm just burnt out. I wish I was normal again, I wish Covid never happened and I have all my friends back, I wish the voice in my head stop being a total dick and say something positive for once.
I want to tell one of my teachers about my mental health but I don't know what will happen. Will they ignore it? Will they actually get one? What do I say? I don't want to say something that might look bad towards my friends or my family where it might have precautions towards them. I love my family and friends and wish all the best for them but I feel so lost and don't want to say anything that would affect them. Am I too late for myself?
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2023.06.07 10:22 NoVaFlipFlops My 6yo son stayed up on his phone and then sort of proudly announced it to me. How to react in the morning?

It was already a thing that he wasn't supposed to be on his phone. It's not new for him to (be allowed) to be up late, but he took the phone from the open spot where I put it -- which he gave me to keep away from him and I didn't want to treat him like he couldn't be trusted so I left on the dining table. He went to bed after a shower where my husband was supposedly too distracted by his video game to notice him hiding under the covers for four hours.
I couldn't believe that he waltzed himself into my room and when I asked him what he'd been doing, he looked at me knowing I knew and said "The same thing you're doing." I decided to call him a "bad boy" for the first time in his life because a) he wasn't at all reacting to my exaggerated shocked-disappointed face and b) I thought that would really carry weight with him. Then I realized: I don't know how to repairecover after that.
He thinks it's not fair that Mom and Dad are up late doing the same thing that sometimes he's not allowed to do and sometimes he is. There's no consistency and I have reasons I can't provide it (my husband, shocker). It doesn't matter how many times we have that (and any other) conversation, it's all new all over again. He will play by himself, but he acts like he's being rejected when I tell him to do that. I play with him sometimes but I need alone time. When I initiate play with him he reacts like dogs do when you visit them in their homes: they are attention-starved and food-starved and need to be rescued immediately. I would rather play with him outdoors and he acts like a true crybaby about joining me anywhere that isn't exciting, complaining until I get so frustrated that I want to leave (and then suddenly he's into it). He reminds me of my husband in more than one way.
...And I have no support from husband/dad in making changes to bedtime or screens. He won't even help our son transition from sleeping in his bed to my son's own bed. [Deleted two paragraph additional info because I know you guys will just believe that I, too, know this is fucked, and am doing my best.] We've been to therapy. Therapists have told me to leave either in so many words (ours and mine) or directly (his). It's not a new idea and I have struggles about that.
If I want our son off or limited screens (and it's already summer) then I have to personally entertain him or be constantly interrupted by him because he can't play by himself for sometimes more than 5 minutes at a time, other times it's about 20. He tries everything he can think of to get me to join him in whatever he's doing or needs to show me everything. Screens are all he wants to talk about or plan for. He complains about leaving the house. He wants to know when he will be able to use screens again if we or he is playing with toys, out of the house, or if I've taken one away. He generally does what I say to but has been arguing more recently, and he gets confused while he's arguing what we are even talking about: he just knows he doesn't want to do a real life activity and if he does, he thinks it should be with me. My husband will not play with him at any time except to take him to the pool or playground or some other place that I recommend, which are thankfully now about three-four evenings of the week. It's the only daylight alone time I have from living in the shitty. I don't know how to tell my son to leave us both alone because he just comes right back and I've lost my temper and hate that. My husband and other people criticize me for his need to be around me but nobody can tell me what it is I'm doing wrong or have done wrong or can change other than rejecting him more.
I would like to back off from giving that attention but feel like both that it's my duty to be warm and accepting, especially finding learning opportunities, and I also feel like an asshole when I redirect him because it feels more like rejecting him when he turns around and comes back for a hug or is suddenly needing something or walks off acting sullen. I feel so angry when he comes right back to me because it feels like it never ends so then I start to agree that I'm doing it wrong or I've already done something wrong; I don't know if I'm supposed to be giving him somewhere closer to all the attention he wants or supposed to make myself on the other end of unavailable. With all three of us having ADHD and being very talkative, any one of us is likely to forget we are supposed to be doing something else so sticking to a schedule is added stress that causes chaos rather than routine. I need strategies, recommendations, canned responses, and to know what is worth trying or trying in a new way. Either way, it's on me while at home to try to keep him entertained and not thinking about all the videogames my husband is playing throughout the day. I have him enrolled in all the summer camps and we do at least a couple of weekly evening activities, which by the way, he says he doesn't want to go to until the end -- because he'd rather be on screens.
But tonight just felt like a preview of dealing with a kid who is constantly in trouble, it felt like going from 'ok he always has difficulties remembering the rules and sometimes he breaks them because of some extenuating circumstance or confusion' to 'my kid will lie and my husband doesn't care so he's just going to do it more and my choice is to be the bad guy or the super bad guy.' I don't know what to say to him tomorrow. I know my parents would have grounded me and given me the cold shoulder, told me I'm not trustworthy, and that's about how they kept it my entire childhood. I don't want to do that. Where is the "send a fairy grandma" flair?
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2023.06.07 10:22 Smooth-Tone-6024 i have a crush while in a relationship and i feel horrible about it

this is just a rant, since i dont think i can go to anyone i know about this. im not looking for advice but if you have any, you can give it.
i have been dating my boyfriend for not even a year, and i love him so dearly. he is someone i always want to be with and be around. however, he isnt really the same. he is someone who prefers staying alone. thats okay, im fine with that. but lately we have been getting into little disagreements about everything. of course, typical relationship stuff. we both try to be open with communication but tend to be on the "im going to keep this to myself until i physically cant", side of communication. so of course, stuff gets said and we both try to ignore it. other than that, i think we are great! we openly love each other, and support one another with whatever the other person wants to do. we discuss our interests and take care of each other in our time of need.
now, the problem.
every relationship i have been in, i have still felt crushes for other people. but whats different is this time i am a young adult, whereas most of my other relationships were when i was a teenager. and this is my second real serious relationship. i willsay, of course, i dont flirt with them or make any moves on anyone i had a small crush on. i never say suggestive things or talk smack to them about my boyfriend. i respect my own relationship and my boyfriend, im not going to ruin everything over that. the problem is the guy i have a crush on.
he is so sweet. he is so nice to me. he is one of my closest friends and i love spending time with him, as i would any other friend. but being around him makes me feel so warm in my face and in my chest. we have the same type of humor and go off of each other whenever we talk. i cant look him in the face for long because i get too nervous. he treats me like he would treat any other friend of his. i am not special. why do i feel this way!
i hate this feeling. i wish i could throw away all of the feeling of a crush i have for my friend. i see him often but lately have been spending less time from him, to help try to get over my feelings. if i knew i would have felt this way, i think i would have spent less time with him in the beginning, to try and avoid this. i feel so much guilt. i wish i could erase these feelings that i have. what is wrong with me.
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2023.06.07 10:21 abujarock Fact About Twin Flame, Soul Mate and How Do You Know If You Found Yours?

Fact About Twin Flame, Soul Mate and How Do You Know If You Found Yours?
Fact About Twin Flame, Soul Mate and How Do You Know If You Found Yours?
If you meet someone and feel an instant and deep connection, almost as if you’re meeting yourself, you may have found a twin flame. Twin flame relationships can be transformational, exciting, and sometimes unhealthy.
While there’s a lack of scientific evidence proving that twin flames exist, some psychologists say the phenomenon is real — and worth exploring.
What is a twin flame?
“Twin flames are two halves or mirrors of two different individuals,” says Barbara Spinelli, LP, a therapist, relationship expert, and CEO of Babita Spinelli Group and Opening the Doors Psychotherapy.
These individuals tend to have similar strengths and weaknesses and feel intensely connected over something shared — usually over shared pain, she explains.
Lisa Vallejos, PhD, LPC, a therapist who specializes in relationships, defines a twin flame as two people who have a deep soul connection.
“They seem to mirror one another, have shared similar life paths, history, and sometimes trauma,” she explains.
Vallejos credits the term “twin flame” to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a leader of the Summit Lighthouse and the New Age religion known as The Church Universal and Triumphant. Prophet is perhaps best known for calling on her followers to prepare for nuclear Armageddon in the late 1980s.
Prophet coined the term “twin flame” in the 1970s, says Vallejos. In 1999, Prophet published the book “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships.”
Yet the concept of twin flames goes back much further, Vallejos argues.
In the fifth century B.C., Plato wrote in his philosophical text “Symposium” that the Greek god Zeus disempowered humans by splitting us into two halves, male and female.
While some scholars say Plato’s writings describe soulmates, “a lot of us use this as background for twin flames,” Vallejos explains.
Signs of a twin flame
There are a few signs psychologists say could point to a twin flame relationship: sense that you’re meeting yourself
  • multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny
  • deep connection
  • desire to grow
  • prioritization of growth over being in a relationship
  • the meeting signifies a major change in your life
You feel like you’re meeting yourself
In a twin flame relationship, “something feels so familiar about the person,” Spinelli says.
According, to Spinelli, it may feel: overwhelming
  • divine
  • magnetic
  • predestined
You may even think you can feel the other person’s emotions.
“The number one thing is that it’s undeniably familiar, like… you’ve known them forever. There’s a comfort that seems uncanny,” Vallejos says.
You notice lots of similarities
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2023.06.07 10:19 Imaginary_Quality809 My (M 29) partner (M 32) might be cheating on me

We have been together for 2.5 years and lived together for almost 2. We are almos 1 year legal partners.
Due to work and recently moved to a month we country, we have both gained some weight, but since we work out it’s mostly noticeable just on our bellies. I have noticed a decreased interest on our sex life for a while and although I have raised it several times, I eventually let it go, but his reasoning is that he is uncomfortable with his appearance and feeling ugly naked.
A couple of weeks ago I entered his office and saw a work chat with a gay colleague of his that works miles away across the ocean, however I saw some hearts. I brought it up but he said that there is nothing there.
I am against checking your significant other phones as I know it is an invasion of privacy, and he knows that I found out my long time ex boyfriend cheated on me and I found out through his social media and although he confessed, I later continued checking his phone and social media (very toxic).
Back to my current partner story, I couldn’t help it and I checked his phone and saw some messages with this colleague, that although were not sexual or super flirty from my partners end, the colleague said things like “you are hot”, “good morning handsome”, “I hope you had a beautiful weekend, you deserved it”, etc. My partner did compliment him a couple of times though.
Fast forward to last night, he was on a tram building with his regional colleagues, which is fine, but he arrived home quite late for his style for being a weekday event. We share locations so I saw he arrived, so I pretended to be sleeping already to surprise him. To my surprise, it took him around 15min to enter the house and when I saw the location, he was a block away from the house. I waiter a bit longer but I wasn’t feeling ok, I knew something was happening. I went out and confronted him and he was on the phone with his colleague in the middle of the night laughing and when he saw me he said “hey my husband just came to pick me up! Have a good night”, laughed and hung up.
I told him that cheating is not only sexual, there is also emotional cheating and that I didn’t feel good and even less when he knows I have been cheated before. He apologized but I asked to continue the conversation this morning.
Today she showed me his phone and let me check his conversations with his colleague, and asked me not to leave him. I asked to also show me the conversation on social media (that I already saw but he doesn’t know) and he said that he deleted it last night because he felt ashamed, and that I am right, that he unintentionally might have been talking to this guy without thinking of my feelings.
I explained how I felt and now k don’t know what to do.
I still love him like crazy, I think he makes me better and I make him better as well, I asked him to think about what he wants and tell me because I am not sure if I will be able to forgive and/or forget.
Am I overreacting? Technically he didn’t cheat, maybe it was just a platonic fling with a colleague but still.. what should I do?
Extra information: we have discussed several times we are not interested in opening the relationship, and that we both rather break up than cheat and or open it.
P.s i know probably this will only be covered (if ever) on a later episode, so I would like to ask for this community support
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2023.06.07 10:18 dead_inside0211 I feel like a disappointment

Everyday is the same, and I don’t know what to do. I show up for work everyday not excited whatsoever to deal with anyone’s bull shit. As a mechanic I have to deal with the expectations of the service advisor and customers which can sometimes be unrealistic. I have been at this job for almost a year now, previous job was for 4 years at another dealership. My friend recommended I come to my current job because it was an increase in pay and a better area and he thought it would be better for me. I applied and went in with that mentality. 2/3 of his statements were true. Better pay and better area, did not connect the dots that better area meant more expensive. I don’t believe it has been better for me. Roughly 6 months into the job I started to regret making the move, looking at it now I traded living paycheck to paycheck in a less expensive area for living paycheck to paycheck in a more expensive area.
The reason I feel like a disappointment is because coming into this job I had great references from my buddy and my previous managers and coworkers. Everything they said about me is now a lie. I feel as if I have failed to live up to the expectations they set when referring me. I was warned my current job is a completely different beast than what I was used to and I didn’t listen. It is intense, and after being almost a year in I am still intimidated. I have become inefficient with my productivity, and just go brain dead when I get diag. I take pride in my work so when I’m wrong or screwed something up I take it personal. I call myself an idiot for screwing up something simple. My friend who referred me has now become a bit of a dick towards me. I feel like people are only nice to me out of pity, but are constantly talking shit about me when I’m not around. I have become extremely unmotivated. I hate going to work. I have become very depressed lately. I’ve become an alcoholic going through a gallon of liquor a week just to numb the pain of me being a failure.
I feel like I let everyone down. My fiancé and kids moved with me to this expensive area so I can have this better paying job I don’t want anymore. I want to quit. I want something different and almost mindless. Something I can do without affecting the condition of someone’s personal property. I have thought about going into fast food again, I know I was last happy doing that. Or trying something slightly different like retail at a sporting goods store. But it’s doesn’t seem financially viable. I’ve been scrolling indeed, looking at postings that seem to interest me. Then realize I’d probably fail at that job too. I don’t know what to do. Do I leave and start over everything, struggling to surivive financially? Or do I stay, and continue to struggle mentally?
Sorry if this seems like complaining. I don’t have anyone to open up to.
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2023.06.07 10:16 Technical-Abroad8918 Top 7 TTEOTM Officially Licensed Merchandise!

Top 7 TTEOTM Officially Licensed Merchandise!
I've mentioned in another post that in addition to viewership records, TTEOTM has also broken the merchandise sales record for TV shows, selling >25M RMB to date, far exceeding previous top dramas which were around 3-6M RMB max. Just for kicks, I'm going to share some of the coolest merch released, but before that a quick disclaimer:
Note 1: Youku is part of e-commerce giant Alibaba, and Otters Studio's parent company is also known for successfully commercializing other IPs in the past (i.e. the Lost Tomb series). Some people will have the knee-jerk "greedy business people" reaction. However, note that long-form entertainment is still a loss-making business in China. TV is super expensive to produce. Not enough viewers are willing to pay for it. I for one am excited to see a new revenue source opening up to finance our favorite shows, other than advertisement (shifted to short form platforms and drying up in this recession) and membership in a way that meets the needs of fans and rewards content that inspires passion. It probably covers <5% of TTEOTM's rumored budget, but still a big step forward.
Note 2: This is not an ad to get you to buy merch! In fact, I'm going to advise against it because they make it very difficult for customers outside of China to purchase. And even if you do through an intermediary site, it'll cost a lot more and take ages to arrive. Some of the products are also no longer available with crowdsourcing being complete, and various marketplaces are now flooded with fakes claiming to be officially licensed!
1. The Official Concept Art Coffee Table Book
Includes posters, artwork, tiny models of artefacts like the nails, shield, sword, and seal, as well as the 魔神杀 game (see below). See more here.
2. Devil God Board Game (魔神杀)
This came out just when I was thinking they should sell the 魔神杀 game invented by Pang Yizhi! Who said you can't have product placement in costume dramas...?
3. Character Bracelets with Wudoll
There are 6 characters featured: Mingye, Tantai Jin, Li Susu, Ye Bingchang, Xiao Lin. This is the surprisingly the best-selling product, with >10M RMB in sales. See here for more pics.
4. Ancient Devil God Bracelet
Following the success of the bracelets and by popular demand, they also added a new bracelet for the Ancient Devil God. It costs a few times more, but contains all its three weapons (the sword is the gold band in the back).
5. Character Hanfu Clothing with Shi San Yu (十三余)
Shi San Yu is already a well-known women's and children clothing brand based in Hangzhou, well-known for its elaborate hanfu costumes which can cost up to 1000 RMB. They recreated 5 of the outfits featured in the drama.
Ye Xiwu's costumes
Tantai Jin, Ye Bingchang, and Pianran costumes
6. TTEOTM... Ice Cream?
NOC须尽欢 has released TTEOTM branded ice creams for TTJ (chocolate) and LSS (strawberry). They're available for purchase as of yesterday at all the Family Mart stores (kind of like 7-11).
7. TTEOTM Accessories with Feo Finland
These are more typical products e.g. TTJ's headpiece, LSS's nails earrings (looks inconvenient...). There are also more that you can find here.
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2023.06.07 10:15 TundraAnimation Bear with me: if you pull the 1/1 ring, wouldn't it make most sense to travel to China and get it sealed BACK into a perfect looking collector booster, then go on television and make an accouncement you'll crack the one ring because you're psychic, then, in time of the event you've announced, ope... up the booster, but here's the catch - it's not the booster you rigged, so everyone's feeling dissapointed, meanwhile your buddy is taking the real rigged booster with the 1/1 ring to their local tcg store where a FNM is in progress and plays around with it, unbeknownst to everyone that it contains the million dollar card and it's literally a mater away from them; but your friend doesn't actually crack it; and then you join your friend at the finale of the FNM, clear your throat and yell for attention, take the booster from ur buddy's hands, and then... shove it up your butt!! (must be read in stanley's voice) Stop making these 1/1 ring posts they're annoying as hell!
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2023.06.07 10:14 beginners-blog Where To Watch NBA Finals Live Anywhere In The World

The NBA Finals 2023 is finally here, featuring an epic clash between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Fans are eagerly waiting to witness the intense showdown between these two powerhouse teams.
If you’re wondering where to watch the NBA Finals live, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll explore various options for streaming the Heat vs Nuggets games and provide some free streaming alternatives.

Broadcast Information

The NBA Finals will be broadcasted on ABC, one of the major networks covering the event. To catch the action on ABC, you can tune in to your local ABC channel through cable or a TV antenna. However, there are several online streaming services that also provide access to ABC, making it easier for cord-cutters to enjoy the games.

Streaming Services

  1. DIRECTV STREAM: DIRECTV STREAM offers ABC as part of its channel lineup. You can subscribe to their service and access the NBA Finals through their platform.
  2. Hulu + Live TV: Hulu + Live TV includes ABC in its streaming package. By subscribing to Hulu + Live TV, you can stream the games live on ABC through their app or website.
  3. FuboTV: FuboTV is another streaming service that carries ABC. You can sign up for their subscription and watch the NBA Finals on ABC using their platform.
  4. YouTube TV: YouTube TV is an excellent option for streaming the NBA Finals live. It provides access to ABC, allowing you to catch all the games in real time.

Over-the-Air Antenna

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can use an over-the-air antenna to watch the NBA Finals. This method enables you to access local broadcasting stations, including ABC, without relying on a cable or streaming service. Simply connect the antenna to your TV and tune in to your local ABC channel to enjoy the games.

Free Streaming Options

While some streaming services require a subscription, there are a few ways to watch the NBA Finals for free online. Here are some options:
  1. FuboTV Free Trial: FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial that allows you to stream the NBA Finals without paying. After the trial period ends, the service starts at $74.99 per month.
  2. ESPN: ABC and ESPN have a partnership for broadcasting the NBA Finals. If you have access to ESPN through a cable or streaming service subscription, you can watch the games on ESPN’s website or app.
  3. Reddit: Reddit is a popular platform that hosts various streams, including NBA games. Although we don’t endorse or encourage unofficial streaming, some users may share links to live streams on Reddit. Keep in mind that these streams may not always be reliable or of good quality.

In case you’re struggling to live stream NBA in your country, you need NordVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy streaming NBA anywhere in the world.

=> Get 59% off NordVPN + 3 extra months

International Streaming Options

If you’re located outside the United States, you can explore different streaming options available in your region. ESPN offers international streaming in over 200 countries, excluding Mexico and Latin America. Depending on your country, you may need to download the ESPN app from your device’s app store and sign up from there.
In the UK, NBA games can be watched through NBA League Pass, NOW TV, Sky Sports, and the BBC. NBA League Pass provides live streaming for all NBA games.
Canadian fans can catch the NBA Finals on TSN and Sportsnet Now streaming service, SN Now.
Australian viewers can watch the NBA Finals on ESPN/Kayo Sports or stream every game through NBA League Pass.
Remember to be cautious when using unofficial streaming sources, as they may not have proper broadcasting rights and can potentially pose security risks to your device.

What if you are outside the united states and struggling to stream NBA from your country

Don’t worry; I have a solution for you. With the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like NordVPN, you can enjoy live NBA action no matter where you are in the world.
As mentioned earlier, streaming services and broadcasters often restrict access to NBA games based on geographical location. This can be frustrating for fans residing outside the United States, as they might miss out on witnessing their favorite teams compete in the NBA Finals. However, by using NordVPN, you can bypass these restrictions and unlock access to NBA live streams.
NordVPN is a trusted and widely recognized VPN service provider. It offers a secure and encrypted connection that allows you to browse the internet anonymously and change your virtual location. By connecting to one of NordVPN’s servers located in the United States, you can appear as if you’re accessing the internet from within the country. This grants you the ability to access region-locked streaming platforms that broadcast the NBA Finals.

Here’s how you can use NordVPN to watch NBA live from anywhere:

1.) Sign up for a NordVPN subscription: Visit the NordVPN websiteand choose a suitable subscription plan. They offer different plans depending on the duration of your subscription.
2.) Download and install the NordVPN app: Once you have subscribed, download and install the NordVPN app on your preferred device. It is compatible with various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
3.) Launch the NordVPN app and log in: Open the NordVPN app and log in using your credentials.
4.) Connect to a server in the United States: Browse the server list and select a server located in the United States. This will assign you a U.S. IP address and make it appear as if you’re accessing the internet from within the country.
5.) Access NBA streaming platforms: Now that you’re virtually located in the United States, you can visit streaming platforms such as ESPN, ABC, or NBA League Pass to watch the NBA Finals live. These platforms typically require a subscription or may offer free trials, so make sure to choose the option that suits you best.
6.) Enjoy the NBA Finals: Sit back, relax, and witness the thrilling NBA Finals action from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world.
It’s important to note that using a VPN may be subject to terms and conditions set by the streaming platforms. However, NordVPN has a strong track record of providing reliable and secure access to geo-restricted content.
So, don’t let geographical restrictions dampen your NBA spirit. With NordVPN, you can cheer for your favorite teams and players as they battle it out in the NBA Finals, no matter where you reside. Grab your NordVPN subscription, connect to a U.S. server, and get ready to experience the excitement of live NBA action from anywhere in the world.
Enjoy the NBA Finals!
With the NBA Finals heating up between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets, you have multiple options to catch all the thrilling moments. Whether you choose a streaming service, use an over-the-air antenna, or explore free streaming alternatives, make sure to use a VPN to enjoy the electrifying action of the NBA Finals.
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