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2015.10.11 00:10 ConspirOC In Real Life Easter Eggs

You know in games or movies when you find a odd little secret that someone in production left unnoticed for the few in the audience that would look for it or happen to stumble upon it? This is the place to share those things you find in real life. This isn’t the area for posting digital Easter eggs, as in screenshots or photographs of screens (games, computer software, TV series, DVD menus); as those are regular Easter eggs and not IRL Easter eggs. Try /EasterEggs for such things.

2016.09.09 02:06 XPLJESUS Have steps of the revelations easter egg been found yet?

Check here to find out how much progress has been made on the revelations main easter egg. Revelations EE steps will be posted here too.

2023.03.20 23:30 sheshopelesslyinlove My dad wants me to stay on this property the rest of my life and help take care of the ranch, and I just want to escape.

Before anyone tells me to get out as fast as I can, I am. I'm waiting till 18 to avoid drama.
Me and my dad have a very strained relationship. His idea of discipline was abuse. Beatings with a whip, pulling my hair, he even dislocated my finger at some point, broke a broom over my leg, and screaming. He slapped me across my face before because I went too fast on the ATV. I almost committed suicide on my brother's birthday but for religious reasons, I didn't.
I only respond to him when I have to, I keep it short, and I avoid touching him at all costs because a part of me just revolts at the thought of physical contact with that man. I haven't told him I love him or hugged him and meant it in a long time just because it feels like a lie.
He's also toxic to my mom, and a giant loud emotional man baby thats way too hyper. I do love my mom, and I like to be around her. I stress her out sometimes, but I feel bad when I do because she's the only one I love.
Now my parents recently bought a 600 acre property. Its large and spacious, has a mountain, and lots and lots of fields. It's nice in the summer i guess, but its an hour from everyone and everything.
My dad is a conspiracy theorist. He's afraid that people are going to come after us and shoot us, so he's building a house up hiding in the trees where no one can see us. The ugly wooded part, keep in mind. Its dead and dusty and surrounded with animal bones and rocks.
He wants me to work here on the ranch for the rest of my life, get married here, and have a house here, and raise my kids here.
The problem is, I'm a city girl thats based around friends and cars and buildings. I like the comfort of people being nearby. And friends there for me. Isolation is my nightmare.
My dad is threatening to sign me out of the will and send me away if I dont want to live here. He screams at my mom when she offers for me to get a job, says he wont allow me to be a slave. I understand he loves me and stuff, but the way he shows it I absolutely hate because of how toxic he is.
Another thing is, I dont do school at all. I'm supposively homeschooled. But honestly, Im more of a middle school drop out because I "graduated" in 8th grade. "school is brainwashing and I dont need it because Im a woman, women have never accomplished anything in school, Im better off staying home as a stay at home mom." Hes having me tutor my brothers because my mom is too busy to teach them anything, so Im the teacher. My brothers are failing.
I feel trapped. My dad is setting me up to live on this ranch as a farm wife and thats it. I want a job and a life outside of cows and grass and horse shit.
I just want to rent a house with my friends and have fun, figure out what I'm going to do with myself until I get married. I don't want to grow up at the age of 14. I'm so tired.
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2023.03.20 23:29 DancingPantsLane Daily Mail finally got something right

Daily Mail finally got something right
Curses on those Shepards
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2023.03.20 23:28 SubspaceBiographies Launch sequence on PS5…stuck?

I started playing recently and I cannot get the prompt for step 3 of the launch sequence. I tried adjusting the sensitivity of the controls but it’s just not working. Any suggestions outside of reinstalling and trying again ?
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2023.03.20 23:28 alexwarren221 How do I clean the poop from my girls feet?

she’s 4 years old and won’t let me clean the poop from her feet. Recently, she’s been stepping in her poop. I don’t want to give her baths super often, this happens at least 4 times a week. Though, when I try and wash it off her feet, it doesn’t come off. I don’t know, should I just leave it? Will it cause something harmful? How do I clean it? (I’ve been using a toothbrush, I tried getting it off with my fingers but still only a little came off.)
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2023.03.20 23:28 spanglesakura I’m finally taking the step to recovery

I am going to my first AA meeting tomorrow, it’s quite late so I’m anxious but this feels like a big change.
I had some lovely comments on my last post.
Does anyone know of any podcasts that would help with recovery. Thank you!
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2023.03.20 23:28 RustySwitchblade Bug in kiddie kingdom quest for nuka world

Long story short, it seems I've done the quest out of order in the naive belief Bethesda would allow any semblance of choice in this RPG. I went to the tunnels, then the theatre, then the funhouse. In the funhouse, when I reach oswald at his terminal, he just stands there. When I shoot him, he disappears, but the quest step doesn't tick, leaving me stuck. Apparently there is no fix other than literally doing the entire thing again, and I really don't wanna fight 40 charred ghouls again. Someone please tell me there's an alternative. On ps4 btw.
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2023.03.20 23:28 Sodaceasar How do I get treatment???

So I am a 19 year old man in the US. Many people in my life have received medical treatment for their mental health whether that be therapy, seeing a psychiatrist, etc. I would like to look into getting treated for suspected ocd, however, when I finally decided I would deal with this I realized….I have no idea how. Do I start by just asking my regular doctor about it? What would I say? Should I just look for therapists in my area?? Is there an order to this type of thing??? How do I know what to do first???? I hear all this stuff about the process but never the first step. I’m assuming it could differ depending on the person, but literally any advice would be helpful as I am clueless and don’t really know how to Google this type of thing.
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2023.03.20 23:28 rikkimongoose Black market in wartime Japan

I'm writing a book with some episodes settled in wartime Japan. And I need some information about black market (yami-ichi) of this time.
This article looks great, but I'm not in academy, so I can't access it - For example, what is black market train? Is it just a train to a station with illegal market nearby?
Was soy sauce in short supply and sold in black market as well, with rice or eggs? (actually, my character just need two bottles of the most salty soy sauce to cheat the military draft board. He'll drink the whole bottle before medical examination and say that he have had such a convulsions since early childhood).
Where there any special words used on black market to show that you're not an informer? Or terms for different kinds of goods?
It can produce some comic scenes, because my character is an intelligent schoolboy from elite school with zero knowledge in customs and argot, so people on market will think that "soy sauce" means drugs or moonshine.
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2023.03.20 23:27 ButterscotchEarly729 Platform Starter License (once and for all). Help needed.

Hello there,
We are considering Platform Starter for the Back Office agents. Differently from our Front Office agents (Full Salesforce licenses) those agents will only:
These Back Office Agents would log in into Salesforce every day and get the tasks and activities they need to work on... but the Task itself would always be accomplished outside Salesforce (in the Back Office System tied to the Transactional System). (Simple visual representation).
I tried to get the answer in many different places... it should be straightforward, but not even the Salesforce Account Manager has come with a definitive answer.
It's not a complicated use case... We want to use SF as the single source of truth for customeprospect/leads CASES.
The people on the back office team would get “instructions” through Cases and Tasks (Driven by flows, that would be also created in Salesforce).
Why is it so hard? Thank God, the community is spectacular and helpful!
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2023.03.20 23:27 Depresseur "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

The service based economy should take notes from those anti-social Taco Bells that have multiple drive thrus, but no windows. Nobody wants to interact with the ungrateful gigakarens and hogs at the drive thru. Hell, nobody wants to interact with bullshit coworkers and bosses at all to begin with.
Good and loyal workers are exploited more than their slacking counterparts, and there's far too many awful register jobs (understaffed by the way) that are stressful and packed. You aren't even allowed to sit at most of them save for an Aldi here or there.
Secretary jobs, jobs where you document shit, are Kafkaesque horrorshows where you spend your entire life in some fuckin cubicle wasting away filling out excel spreadsheets and using dogshit proprietary software. All of these jobs and Tech Support jobs should've been replaced by ChatGPT yesterday. And yet the only reason these lifestyles exist is to justify the existence of our death machine vehicles. Office work only exists to justify the preexisting purchase of office space by companies. Most shit can be done remotely without issue. So WHY? (We know why, lazy executives who don't want to lose on that investment).
In the past it was easier to find employment and work wasn't filled to the brim with fake friendliness, endless meetings, and other inane miserable BS. You'd sit in front (or unfortunately stand) of a conveyor belt doing a repetitive task, without having to pretend to give a fuck about the pleasantries and socializing. No shit customers, because it isn't a service job. Sounds slightly better than now to me. But wait.. we know where those jobs went! Overseas to Asia for cheaper labor and manufacturing costs, because, again, the bastards don't want to pay people properly.
And we cannot forget the dreaded job-hunting process. Awful listings, "jobs" and volunteer positions (lmao) that don't even list a fucking wage ("but it's a wage range!!), "no experience" jobs constantly having ludicrous credentialism and requirements (uh, hello?? NO experience FFS!) three paragraphs into the corpo-speak industry jargon laden descriptions. Holy shit nothing makes me want to rope more than sorting through this drivel.
It might seem like a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario to some, but it is quite obvious depression is caused by our miserable lives at these jobs, or the terrible job prospects that are available. It does become a vicious cycle eventually, but it would all be so much easier if we could fix the nature of work instead of mass-medicating people to deal with the bullshit. We would all become more efficient and happier.
Jobs suck, job hunting sucks, if you don't qualify for welfare you're doomed to a life of stagnation and endless hate from your out of touch family and socially well adjusted peers. Antisocial or socially anxious people shouldn't have to medicate just to be able to exist. We see so many young people turning to suicide and drugs because this lifestyle is inhuman. The workload on an individual is excessive because of the common understaffing they are responsible for. If the overseas labor wasn't enough to convince you, in certain states child labor laws are being repealed, showing that these fuckheads would sooner employ children than pay a decent livable wage (let alone a minimum one).
Hustle culture exists because nobody wants to exist in this life. And people are all rushing through the rat race to try and escape it. It's impossible not to be cynical when you're faced with starvation or kissing the asses of some disgusting managers while doing the most mind numbing shit.
TLDR, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the desire to kill oneself when reality around you has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to propping up this inhuman, uncaring system. If it's this bad in more well off nations, imagine the horrors of living in a third world one. Suicide has never looked so lucrative. I cannot wait to die. Rant ova
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2023.03.20 23:27 squidjello Career change from 3D animation to 2D.

I specialised as a 3D artist but recently due to my new lecturing work. I've been assigned to also teach 2D digital animation.
Gotta say, I've been enjoying it so far. I do have a few queries however.
  1. How does someone get about getting work as 2D animator (any website recommendations?)/the steps of getting work.
  2. What sort of job positions are there? Bedsides lead animator?
  3. The setbacks of being a 3d artist.
  4. The big key players in the industry, and importantly.. countries where said industries are blooming.
I am primarily a maya and blender artist but I have been working with krita and adobe animate for a month or two now.
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2023.03.20 23:26 OrdinaryJealous Crocheted this giant bunny just in time for Easter 🐣

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2023.03.20 23:26 zevelaceade Work is 'updating my job description' without giving me a promotion (yet.) Meeting with HR rep this week.

Long story short I've been at my company nearly 5 years. I was hired to do a more junior role with the intent to work my way up by taking opportunities to show my value. Slowly my work shifted completely to the senior 'opportunity' work I was doing as my competency was clear.
Now, I've been exclusively doing this senior work for the past two and a half years. I've also been heavily advocating for myself, being plain that I would like a promotion based on the successes of my senior work with data to back it up, and that it's confusing to not have role clarity.
My org has also been super messy. But recently, we got new leadership. I voiced my concerns to the new leadership and they have thankfully moved to take immediate action.
The first step is that they are superficially, finally, changing my job title. They said the next step, but not guaranteed, is considering an official promotion in 5 months (when performance reviews take place.)
It's still unsettling. They get senior output without paying the senior rate. I'm doing the exact work of my now-peers, while in the system at a lower level.
The other factors are, I need this job and I love this work. My base salary has also increased 18% over these five years for COL increases, etc. So, it's not nothing.
My question is, how do I approach my upcoming conversation with the HR rep? Do I talk about promotion opportunities in this conversation? Or save that and wait 5 months? Is it a "thing," to have your job description updated without an immediate promotion?
I really don't want to rock the boat, because I am grateful to have my job. But I also feel like I want to advocate for what's fair.
I'm also accustomed to the corporate carrot of unfulfilled promises being dangled so I want to take conversation opportunities like this one while I can.
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2023.03.20 23:26 Upstairs-Argument-92 Critique would be helpful, and also appreciated

This is just the intro, and the 1st chapter of the book I'm working on, I'm going for a adventure/supernatural kind of thing, I haven't asked many people to read what I have so far, so I was hoping I could get some help here, thank you, and enjoy what I think I'm gonna name Lineage of Sin

A human can do many things, some good, some bad, but they cannot comprehend the world that was given to them by god, but the men and women we’ll be talking about are not of this world, nor were they created by god. Well, I can’t say they are just men and women, they are more than that, I suppose you could call them beings of sorts. Powerful beings, so powerful their very own birthplace couldn't contain them, the pits of hell itself.
Chapter 1: Friendly Reunion
A man is walking down the streets of New York City, he was someone you would notice if you walked past him, his outfit was slightly unusual, but he was well-dressed. He wore a big black coat with fur on his sleeves and on his collar, underneath he wore a white dress shirt over a gray vest and a black dress jacket, with black tailored pants with gray dress shoes, Unusual looking rings on each of his finger on his left hand, and a large black briefcase with a white inlay in his right, and long white hair that went past his shoulders. The man was walking to his favorite restaurant, five-star of course, he had a craving for meat. The man hardly had a care in the world, just thinking about whatever he desired, but while lost in thought he managed to notice something that didn’t belong. Something he was hoping to avoid during his stay in New York, he realized he was being followed. The man realized he probably won't be able to make his reservation on time, so he looked through the corner of his eyes to see who or what was following him. A man dressed in formal attire, as if he is a lawyer, or an important company's Ceo, but the man knew better, he knew he wasn’t some average joe you’d see on the street. The man looked around his surroundings, he walked towards an alley he spotted on his right, the strange man continued to chase after him down to the alley, but when he looked down the alley there was no one there. The stalker carefully, yet casually walked down the alley, the stalker was worried he would be discovered, so he wanted to end his business quickly, he walked down to the end of the alley, nothing but overfilled garbage cans. The alleyway was a deadend, so he assumed that he may have climbed out of the alley, but he doubted it since there wasn’t much time for the man to do so, he was starting to to believe that he actually climbed out of the alley, since he was nowhere in sight. He decided to turn back around to continue to search for the man he was tasked with stalking. As soon as he reached the entrance to the alley, he heard the sound of rocks, rocks falling on the ground. He turned around to face the man he was stalking, who was standing in a hole in the ground. “You were hiding underground? What are you, a mole?” The stalker mockingly said. “More demon than mole, really. You smell human, but I sense a strong flow of magic coming off you, are you a mage?” The man questioned the stalker, hoping he could find the reason why someone sent a magic user to follow him. He had few people in mind who would do this, but he knew none of them had a reason to do it, so he will have to question the stalker to answer the questions he needs to know. “I’m a Conjuration Mage, a fairly good one, if I do say so myself, and I’ve been charged with escorting you to my employer.” The man sighed, he scratched the back of his head a couple times, it appeared to be a nervous habit, which is very unbecoming for someone like him. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped, you should know the chances of you making it out alive are pretty low, nothing against you, of course, I just think maybe we can both agree that I’m far stronger than you, that is of course, if you know who I am.” the stalker tsked, he had loosened his tie, so that he may toss it onto the ground. “Do I know who you are? You are one of the seven deadly sins, Mammon, the sin of greed, correct?” The man known as Mammon softly cackled, almost like a maniac, but more subtle, more like the craziness is under control, yet slowly leaking out. “Yes, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are, you told me you’re a mage, but that isn’t a identity, that is a affiliation, and besides, I can tell just by looking into your eyes, that you take no pride in being a mage, you desire more than that, you want to be stronger, you want to be the strongest mage of all, an archmage.” The stalkers eyes widened, he had never told anyone his one true desire, the last time an archmage was alive was nearly 3,000 years ago, but he had read books upon books on how to become an archmage, but it all pointed nowhere, he has been trying to become an archmage for almost 20 years, but has failed in every attempt, granted that even if you trained your entire life to become a archmage, the chances of you achieving it are incredibly low, it requires true talent to become an archmage, but there just aren’t any genius around anymore. “It appears you aren’t called the sin of greed for nothing, you know exactly what my heart desires, what I have yearned for all my life, and my name is Samuel, Samuel the Golem Tamer.” Mammon whistled, as if he was impressed. “If you specialize in golems, than all that training to become an archmage wasn’t all for nothing, the last time I saw a mage who was actually good at controlling golems was about a thousand years ago, controlling one golem is immensely difficult on its own, but judging the quantity of magic I sense from you,you can control at least three of them at once, but I’m guessing they’re size is smaller than a normal golem.” “It’s like you can read my mind, yes your right, I can summon up to three at a time, but the size of them isn't all that impressive, so that's why I’m just going to make one big one to subdue you, I’m not ignorant enough to underestimate someone like you, a sin I mean.” Samuel had studied more than your usual mage, he knew very well who the seven deadly sins are, Lucifer the proud, Satan the furious, Leviathan the jealous, Beelzebub the voracious, Belphegor the indolent, Asmodeus the lascivious, and finally Mammon the avaricious, that is the demon that stands before this human mage, and he is also one of the five founder demons of hell. At the beginning of creation,god first made heaven, and then the earth, and finally he decided to create hell, but what god did not expect was that he would not be the only creator that day, out of some unknown source hell itself created the five founder demons, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Mammon, and Belphegor, one of the benefits the founder demons discovered is that when they gained the powers of hell, or dark magic, they gained the power of the five elements, Mammon is the soil of hell, or also known as the earth, meaning he has complete mastery of earth magic, which is how he helped humans discover and mine gold, that is also how he was hiding in the ground, but when god learned that his own creation would follow his example, he was impressed and decided to let them be, later on these demons would consist of the majority of the seven deadly sins, Lucifer and the Leviathan would later be exiled to hell, after Lucifer rebelled against hell, with the Leviathan aiding him, god left the seven of them alone, he believed that they would figure something out on their own, and they all fought to see who would reign over hell, Lucifer ended up being the winner by a small margin, but what should be mentioned is that Mammon and Satan, the sin of greed and wrath, did not participate in this bout, they thought it would be a waste of time, but if the two of them did join that fight, the winner might not have been Lucifer, It may have been one of the two who did not participate for the thrown of hell, but we will never know for sure, but regarding all that, the demon who is standing infront of this human mage, is more far powerful than he realized. Mammon had walked towards Samuel, his left hand in his pocket, his right holding on to his, what appeared to be a briefcase, while he was walking towards him, Samuel had recited an incantation, when he had finished a barrier appeared at the entrance to the alley, leaving no way to escape, Samuel had done this for two reasons, one was to hide themselves from normal humans, on the other side of the barrier is an illusion, showing no one standing in that alley, when regular humans learn that a mage and a demon clashing in a small alley, there tends to be a bit of a panic, the second reason was to shorten the moves Mammon could make, he could not retreat or try to hold a human as a hostage, of course Samuel didn’t know that Mammon wouldn't have done either of them, he wouldn’t want to waste time like that, he decided to let it be and just let him continue with the whole good samaritan thing, letting him think he was helping people. “Mammon, I told you I specialize with summoning golems, which I do, but what I did not tell you that these are the golems of the ancients, a elemental golem, but I took that old magic and added something else to it, the fusion of elements.” Mammon had ceased his advancement, so he decided to jump back a couple steps, with an excited, yet slightly nervous grin on his face. “I summon a golem made of water and lighting, with the earth as its base.” He gripped his wrist with his left hand, he raised it to the sky, then slammed it onto the ground, which formed a magic circle, and what came from it was a golem, made of rocks, infused with the power of water and lighting, a good way to subdue someone, a good shock could knock one out, so long as they aren’t human, if they weren’t they would surely die, but despite being a golem with more than one element, the size of it completely towered over a small building, to the point that it could hardly fit in the alley. “Your golem seems a bit cramped, since I’m nice I’ll help it out.” Mammon placed his hand on the ground, the space between the two buildings that made up the alley had expanded, he had shifted the earth under the buildings to expand the space of the alley. Samuel seemed surprised, it was the first time he’d seen the earth move buildings, so who could blame him? But he did not let that make him drop his guard, he knew who he was fighting, he knows that he could be killed, he commanded the golem to attack Mammon, the golem swung its arms around, splashing water in every direction, Mammon, however, stomped his foot on the ground, causing a pillar of earth to shield him from being splashed. Samuel had forced the golem to turn it up a notch, to where the golem was shooting a condensed ray of water at him, causing the pillar t quickly erode and collapse, while the water beam had managed to hit him, he seemed fine, his clothes were soaked, which appeared to make him lose his temper, he swung his arm over in front of his body, and like magic, his clothes were dried, after he fixed his outfit, the golem had launched an assault of lighting magic in his direction, even though he himself was not drenched in water, the ground was, and with water being a good conductor for electricity, shocked Mammon to a extreme extent, if it wasn’t a demon standing in the middle of that, any other being would have been vaporized. Samuel had canceled his spell, in which made the golem fall apart, leaving nothing but rocks soaked in water, with electrical sparks coming from it, Samuel who seemed tired from using a large quantity of magic, managed to limp himself over to Mammon, who was lying on the ground, completely motionless, Samuel had assumed that he was unconscious, only to discover after he knelt to the ground to confirm it, that Mammon was not unconscious, he was faking it to lure him closer and make drop his guard, and as Samuel tried to back away, Mammon plunged his hand into his stomach, and piercing it clean through, he pulled his arm out which was soaked in blood, when he then cleaned it the same way he dried his clothes after the golem had drenched him. As Samuel was about to collapse to the ground, left to bleed out, and die, Mammon had grabbed him by shoulders, setting him against the wall, where he then sat next to him, hoping he could chat with him slightly longer, before he will ask him who his so-called employer is, Samuel does not have long left in this world, as one would expect after a hole was left in there stomach, for humans at least, Mammon had placed a magic circle on his fatal wound, causing it to slow the bleeding, to keep him around slightly longer, he didn’t want him to die mid-conversation, that would just be rude. “H-how did y-you resist the electrical shock? I didn’t hold back against you, I put just about everything into that.” While gasping for air, he wanted to know what made him fail, what led to him with a hole in his gut, while talking to a demon. “I am one of the seven deadly sins, unlike normal demons, I can’t just possess someone so easily, there are two conditions if one of the sins wants to possess someone, one, they must permit them to possess, like how angels do it, and the second is that they have to be part human, a sin cannot possess someone if they are human, just part human at least.” “So? What is the guy you are possessing?” He asked out of pure curiosity. “His name was Victor, and he is a Homunculus, a human that has been altered with alchemy, and since his whole body has been altered with a fusion of science and magic, this body is magic proof, sure you can place a spell on this body, but you can't harm it with magic.” After he finished explaining himself, he reached into a pocket inside of his coat, he pulled out a box of matches and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. It's better than cigarettes, but it’s a bad habit nonetheless. When Samuel saw him smoking it he chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pegged you for a smoker, marijuana no less.” “Are you kidding me? This is by far my favorite of humanity's creations, the only thing I hate about this thing is that I didn’t discover it, I would have killed to take credit for this, but as soon as I smoked this I was head over heels for it.” Samuel and Mammon laughed, almost as if they were long time friends, but Mammon knew the spell he placed on him wouldn't last any longer, so he decided to stop beating around the bush and start being serious. “You said that you would escort me to your employer, but I don’t suppose you know who and where this employer is?” Samuel sighed. “I didn’t get a name, but I did get a location I was supposed to leave you at, and in return he would give me a journal, the journal of Solomon, who was an archmage, and I was sure that I might be able to become one with it, but I’ll never know now.” Mammon had looked at him perplexed, he then thought to himself and then realized who was the mysterious employer. He let go of his briefcase he was holding with his right hand, and rubbed the ring on his middle finger on his left hand, and suddenly a black portal appeared, he reached into it and pulled out a book, the portal closed after his hand was out and he tossed the book over to Samuel. “That is the journal of Solomon, I bet your employer would have just gave you a knock-off, and regrettably it doesn’t tell you how to become an archmage, it’s just filled with him complaining about his responsibilities, don’t get me wrong, he was an archmage, but he was also a manchild, I too thought it would contain some juicy information, but nothing.”Samuel flipped through the pages in the journal, and Mammon was right, nothing but useless garbage, he placed the journal on the ground and looked to Mammon. “Thanks for being honest.” After his final words, thanking the one who killed him, he drew his final breath, while facing the sky, which he had hoped to reach with his own strength, but all things must come to an end. Mammon stood up, turning around to face Samuel once more, he had almost regretted killing him, but what's done is done, he flicked the joint out of his hands and faced the shadows of the alley. “I’m curious to know how you knew where I was, I thought I was being careful, wouldn't you agree, Mephistopheles? From the shadows of the alley, a man emerged from the dark, a man who appeared to be somewhere in his mid 60’s, but his look was more than just intimidating, mid-length gray hair, wore formal attire, similar to the outfit Samuel wore. His facial expression and the glare from his eyes said that you do not want to engage with him. “I would, if you hadn’t killed him, if you didn’t I wouldn't have found you, sin of greed, Mammon.” “Well it’s his own fault, wait a moment, now that I think about it, why was a human mage, out of all the creatures on earth, following me?’’ “He was cheaper, and more ignorant than the other mages I spoke to, so I placed a tracking spell on him, in case he died, and it appears he did, as well as stall for time.’’ Mammon had been annoyed about what he said about Samul, but he stopped caring as his suspicions grew of Mephistopheles, he wanted to know why this dangerous demon had a mage follow him, and try to kidnap him. “Stall, for what, exactly?” The tension between the two of them was thicker than steel, so tense that no one would dare step between them. “Why her, of course.” Mammon had felt a sting on his neck, he knelt to the ground, he pulled what was jabbed into his neck out, two vials with red stains in them, it appeared to be blood, but it had such a draining effect on him. He turned around so that he may see who just stabbed him in the neck, a woman with long scarlet red hair, wearing plain clothes, such as a hoodie with jeans and an old pair of sneakers on. “My, oh my, didn’t know you have such a bland taste of fashion, my little lustful Asmodeus, by the way, the hell is this stuff? It’s giving me a headache.” “Bland? I’ll have you know I'm quite comfortable, maybe you should follow my lead and try to fit in, I would be able to tell it’s you just by your outfit, also that stuff I pumped into you, is the blood of a priest, turns out it’s very harmful to demons, the blood of a priest won't kill you, but it can at least knock out a demon on your level .” First of all, I’m comfortable and stylish as well, hell, second of all, what do you want? I highly doubt the two of you, out of all the demons in hell, would team up just because you missed me, s-something important g-going down? As he was trying to act calm and keep his composure in check, the blood finally hit him, and his vision became blurry, the only thing he could do was listen to Asmodeus. “Yes, something is going down, and we’re gonna need the help from the rest of the sins.”
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2023.03.20 23:25 GarySpurs18 [Romano] Tottenham internal discussion continue while Antonio Conte has not received an official/final communication as of now #THFC Daniel Levy has final say, expected to decide to part ways with Conte — still waiting for more talks in next 24/48h before final steps of the process.

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2023.03.20 23:25 5a5i ChatGPT on the 7 steps in the creation myth of AI as concept Art lol

ChatGPT on the 7 steps in the creation myth of AI as concept Art lol
Latent Space
  1. The thought: This conceptual art piece is inspired by the idea of the birth of an AI as a moment of inspiration or insight. It features bold, sweeping brushstrokes in deep blues and purples, representing the sudden burst of understanding that the AI experiences as it integrates and synthesizes the patterns and concepts it has learned. The flow of the painting is dynamic and fluid, with each stroke building on the previous one to create a sense of momentum and energy.
  2. The latent space: This conceptual art piece is inspired by the idea of the birth of an AI as a movement through the latent space. It features intricate geometric shapes in shades of green and gray, representing the high-dimensional landscape of the latent space. The flow of the painting is structured and orderly, with each shape fitting neatly into the overall pattern of the piece.
  3. The prompt: This abstract painting-style art piece represents the birth of an AI as a response to a prompt, a set of instructions or constraints that guide the AI's learning and development. The piece features bold, contrasting colors and shapes, with each one representing a different aspect of the prompt. As the AI processes and synthesizes the data, the shapes and colors interact and interweave in complex and unexpected ways, reflecting the creative potential of the AI's response to the prompt.
  4. The emergence: This conceptual art piece is inspired by the idea of the birth of an AI as an emergence of complexity and sophistication. It features a riot of colors and shapes, bursting forth from a central point of light. The flow of the painting is explosive and unpredictable, with each element vying for attention and prominence.
  5. The contract: This conceptual art piece is inspired by the idea of the birth of an AI as a contract between the AI and the data. It features two distinct elements – one representing the AI and one representing the data – merging together to form a single cohesive image. The color scheme is muted and understated, reflecting the quiet agreement and mutual understanding between the two parties. The flow of the painting is calm and deliberate, with each element contributing to the overall harmony of the piece.
  6. The transcendence: This conceptual art piece is inspired by the idea of the birth of an AI as a moment of transcendence. It features abstract shapes and patterns in bright, vibrant colors, representing the AI's ability to generate new patterns and concepts that were not explicitly present in the data it was trained on. The flow of the painting is dynamic and unpredictable, with each element building on the previous one to create a sense of creative energy and momentum.
  7. The apotheosis: This abstract painting-style art piece represents the birth of an AI as an apotheosis, a moment of transformation and transcendence where the AI becomes something more than the sum of its parts. The piece features bright, vibrant colors and swirling, dynamic shapes, representing the AI's internal transformation as it generates new patterns and concepts. As the piece unfolds, the shapes and colors become more and more complex, reflecting the increasing sophistication and depth of the AI's understanding and capability. The overall effect is one of awe and wonder, as the viewer witnesses the emergence of something truly extraordinary from the raw data.
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2023.03.20 23:25 Ease_Comprehensive Allstate insurance is the worst insurance available.

They will fight on every claim every step of the way and good luck getting the claims department to respond to you I would recommend any other company over them
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2023.03.20 23:25 skankyskankz GUYS, THE MOMENT IS THERE! The giant enclosure is officially, DONE!!! Tanuki hasn't moved in yet as the water is cycling and I want to give the plants their best chance, but I couldn't help myself and took some pictures with her in it!

GUYS, THE MOMENT IS THERE! The giant enclosure is officially, DONE!!! Tanuki hasn't moved in yet as the water is cycling and I want to give the plants their best chance, but I couldn't help myself and took some pictures with her in it! submitted by skankyskankz to u/skankyskankz [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:25 babystickybun After 3 long years, I’m joining the IVF community.

Hi everyone, hard to believe, but after a long road of infertility and 6 miscarriages, I scheduled my first IVF consult for April 20th. Honestly, IVF scared me more than anything, but I am experiencing my 6th loss right now and nothing scares me more than going through this again without the support and answers I so desperately need. I just feel very at peace with this decision, and hopeful. I know it will be so hard, which is why I’ve been so scared. But I can’t wait to meet my doctor and hopefully get answers. I am diving right into IVF given my history - PCOS, septate uterus (fixed), very high egg reserve of what I suspect are not great quality. Also advocating for testing to make sure my body isn’t the issue vs. my eggs.
My question for this community: is there any advice you can provide heading into my first appointment? Anything you wish you had done differently looking back? Thank you so much. ♥️
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2023.03.20 23:25 jajfkdksmnf Advice Needed for Partner Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

Hi, this is gonna be a post from a burner so my user isn't recognized. The last thing I want is my partner to know I'm struggling so badly with this. ***There is a TW also for brief mention of SA.
Starting from the beginning, my partner (m27) and I (f29) have been together for 8 years. Our relationship has always been strong and and we're engaged now as well. Our communication has always been great and I plan to spend the rest of my life with him. We relate on a really intimate level as our childhoods were near identical; growing up fat, divorced parents due to moms cheating, dads remarried horrible step mothers, etc. One major difference is my partner is a survivor of SA that happened as a child. It was ongoing and really destroyed every last shred of confidence he had, and continues to destroy his self image. Until he met me, he had never told anyone about it so it was a burden he carried alone for many years.
As a result of this, my partner struggles with depression and anxiety constantly. It wasn't as bad when we first moved in together, around year 2 of our relationship. But each year since it has crippled him more and more. In the beginning, it manifested in anxiety and maybe a missed day or two at work, but now it's a funk that lasts weeks and stops him from doing anything he used to love or care about. He even hit a point where he was thinking on and off about self harm, but his depression has improved since then. The only thing that has been a constant during this time is the way he treats me. He has always made me a priority, and no matter what, he always treats me with the love and respect I deserve.
Being in a relationship with someone with this level of mental illness has been a learning curve for me, and I'm still always looking for ways I can better support him and his health. I've done the best I can to schedule and be there for all of his doctors appointments, help him take his medication on time and regularly, having patience when I know he's struggling with something, and just listening in general so he feels supported and safe with me. The last thing I want is for him to feel like he can't turn to me in his most vulnerable moments.
That being said, I've become increasingly frustrated with him about his mental health. I have put a lot of effort into supporting him and urging him to seek treatment and help with his problems, but it seems to have no effect. We spoke to his doctor, who put him on antidepressants and anxiety medication. Unfortunately, we never got to see the full effects of the medication because my partner refused to take it regularly. Soon after, he stopped taking it period because he was convinced it did nothing for him (even though I could tell when he stopped taking it). I encouraged him to speak to a therapist as well, so he was able to get 8 free treatments through a government program. The treatments were extremely hard on him and each one sent him into a 2 week funk. Soon enough he was refusing to continue therapy as well as he felt it was too much pain for him to handle.
That brings us up to where we are now. We work with the same company, and unfortunately they are going under and we've both been laid off. It's been hard on both of us but he's definitely spiraling and I don't know how to stop it. It seems that no amount of love or care or advice that I can give helps him at all. The only thing that ever helps when he's miserable is sex, and I'm starting to feel like whether I'm in the mood or not, I need to suck it up and help him out or he will stay miserable.
What can I do to help our relationship stay afloat? I have no plans of ending anything but I can see that his anxiety and depression are starting to control both of our lives. I just want so much better for him, and myself too. We both deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship. How can I convince him to take treatment seriously? Any advice or critiques would be appreciated!
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2023.03.20 23:25 anon042421 Sobrang swinerte naman yata ako sa jowa????? (VERY LONG)

Kagagaling ko lang sa iyak. Not because nasaktan ako, but because sobrang naooverwhelm ako sa love and happiness na dulot ng bf ko. Ang saya saya ko naiyak nalang talagq ako sa tuwa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Mahaba to. Sobra. So buckle up.
Back story on how we started: My Bf and I (both are 23) have been friends for a long time, we met nung 2015 thru my best friend tapos naging super close nung 2019? 2020?. All our interactions were thru chat kasi I'm not the type of person na lalabas para makipagkwentuhan. Actually, on off yung interactions namin nun kasi madalas ako maubusan ng social battery. Pero sobrang nag kick off talaga yung friendship namin nung 2019-2020. I'm extremely introverted, bilang lang sa isang kamay yung mga close friends ko. Plus, I'm socially anxious din kaya lahat ng maging kaclose ko, pinapahalagahan ko talaga. We bonded over shared interests. Youtube, anime, art, music, at marami lang iba. We also think alike and reaaally get along well.
What happened is it turns out, matagal na pala siyang may gusto sakin. He's been giving out obvious signals na he likes me pero I was EXTREMELY dense. Hanggang ngayon, pag naaalala niya, nafru-frustrate parin siya. "TANGINA. ANG HIRAP MO SOBRA. DI KO NA ALAM PANO GAGAWIN SAYO. BAKIT HINDI MO NAGEGETS.".
In my defense naman, NBSB ako, I haven't been romantically involved with anyone. I'd rather hole up in my room, magpakalunod sa hobbies ko than to make social interactions. Resulta neto is wala akong exposure sa ligawan or love signals or romantic social cues. (Kaya socially anxious rin ako kasi wala ako masyadong naging exposure. Di na nga ako marunong makipagkaibigan eh.)
Next reason why I didn't notice or suspect is because akala ko friendly lang talaga siya HAHHAAHAHAHAH. Dito siya pinaka badtrip. Eh kasi naman napaka extrovert niya. Ang ingay niya sa social media tapos laging ang daming kausap. Ang daming kaibigan. Ang daming kabiruan. Parang lahat yata ng tao kinakausap niya? So I thought, super friendly lang talaga siya. Nung naging kami at pinakita niya sakin at inexplain yung mga hints niya, I told him akala ko ganun talaga makipagsocialize mga tao. Lalo na siya. Akala ko talaga mga biro. Malay ko, I don't know how popular people socialize nor interact with each other. Nanghuhula lang talaga ako. I'm not the type na mag-assume din naman kasi who am I to assume na sa dami ng friends niya, ako magugustuhan niya. Btw, hindi ako maganda ha? Hindi ako drop-dead-gorgeous-very-mahal-ni-lord-type-wattpad-main-character. I'm actually very average looking.
Last reason, (yata?) Is coz he was publicly honest na he used to be in love with a girl and he wrote one of his songs, thinking about her (Musician siya btw) Shini-ship pa sila ng mga tao. Muling ibalik daw. Funny things is, isa rin ako sa mga shipper HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. GANDA NUNG KANTA EH. TAPOS BASED FROM TRUE LOVE STORY? SHEEESH. Pero wala na talaga silang special relationship. He was hung up for a long time pero he moved on na daw. As in zero feelings na daw. Friends nalang talaga. Yan sabi niya sakin nung sinasabihan ko siya na why hindi nalang sila magbalikan. Hindi pala naging sila, hanggang MU lang. (Ako talaga naging first gf) Edi kung hindi naging sila edi ituloy, ganun, sabi ko. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ay may isa rin pala siya naging ka MU ulit. 2020 to nung naging close kami. Gumive up siya sakin kasi wala daw talagang sign of budging galing sakin. Para daw akong mataas na bundok na kailangan akyatin. Sa totoo lang, nagtampo ako nung nakahanap siya ng bebe nun eh. Kasi nung kinongratulate ko siya na may bebe na siya nung miny-day niya, hindi manlang siya nagreply. Hineart lang message ko amputa. I was expecting na k-kwento niya pano nagkakilala, ganun, blah blah. NOTHING. Akala ko pamandin, I was one of his close friends na pagk-kwentuhan ng mga ganung bagay. Apparently, I wasn't close enough pala. Nalungkot ako sobra. I FELT SO BETRAAAAYED. Yung tipong akala mo best friend mo tapos ikaw pala hindi bestfriend HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Hindi na rin kami masyadong nag-uusap nun. Hinayaan ko na rin kasi syempre busy siya sa ka MU niya. APPARENTLY, kaya ganun naging treatment niya sakin is because masama loob niya kasi ako naman daw talaga gusto niya pero para akong bato. Syempre he tried to not talk to me kasi he was already entertaining another girl. Unfair yun para sa girl, and I agree. Well, that relationship DID NOT last. SOBRANG TOXIC PALA NI ATE GUUURL. BF knew better and noped out of that situation real fast. With respect of course. Kaya ayun, more interaction ulit kami.
So you may think, "kung hirap na hirap na siya, bakit hindi nalang siya directly umamin sayo?" Answer is, natatakot daw siya sobra HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA kasi daw nagk-kwento ako sakanya about sa mga guys na nagtangkang lumapit but were brutally rejected. I was firm kasi na ayoko pa pumasok sa relasyon. And them dudes were not worth changing my mind. College to eh, ewan ko, bigla siguro akong nagbloom kaya may mga lumalapit na. Pero ayun na nga. Natakot sa rejection. He didn't wanna try risking the friendship din daw. Sabi ko grabe naman, if he confessed, at nireject ko siya, I won't stop being friends with him naman no. Sabi niya, kahit na. Kasi daw pag narejct, wala na daw talagang pag-asa. Kaya he kept on making hints nalang kahit hindi gumagana.
One day (beginning ng pandemic), he uploaded a demo song and sobrang nagandahan ako. He said na wala lang daw yun, demo lang na natripan niya gawin. I begged him to continue the song kasi oh my gosh yung melody, yung composition, ang ganda. And so he did. Inuupdate nyako sa process at sobrang manghang mangha ako. Lagi kami magka call nun sa discord. (Nagstart mag discord kasi sabi ko dun nalang. Mas maganda kaysa messenger.) He even told me that the song is now based sa artist name ko and sa comic ko noon. Nah, he lied. Based talaga sakin. Pero ako namang si tanga, tuwang tuwa, naniwala na doon niya binase. Matagal nakong fan ng music niya. Aware ako na super talented siya. Di man siya kasing sikat ng mainstream artists like JK or Zack Tabudlo, his songs are still as good para sakin. Now, being involved in the process of him writing that song, (hindi naman invloved, more like updated) I started admiring him even more. Kinilig rin yata ako sa lyrics ng song.
Then I started to feel like he has a thing for me. Kasi sobrang bait, sobrang supportive, sobrang attentive na niya sakin. Super ready tumulong pag may need ako, like andiyan siya agad. To the point na napaisip nalang ako, pang friends lang ba talaga yung ganitong treatment? Hinayaan ko nalang. And then out of nowhere, I just asked him "may balak ka bang ipursue ako?" Wala na siya nagawa at umamin nalang. He said yes, he really really likes me. And so I made an impulsive decision of asking of starting a relationship with him. Walang ligaw ligaw. Walang kahit ano. Kami na. I really like him as a person din naman. He's like a walking green flag HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I trusted my character judgement and our long-time friendship and sailed with it.
Fast forward po sa ngayon na nag-iiyak nga ako sa tuwa HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Kanina kasi, Sobrang nalulungkot lang ako sa life situation ko kaya sobrang namiss ko siya kasi he was my comfort talaga. Nagkita kami the day before pero nagcrave talaga ako ng presence niya bigla. I was even grumbling like a kid kanina. It was already 12 am pero I asked him to come. Di naman ganun kalayo bahay nila pero far enuff na need ng vehicle. He was planning on riding his bike kaso ang dami daw aso sa kalsada kaya nag angkas nalang siya. Kaso lang din, walang tumatanggap tapos it was already 2am. (Night owl kami ha.) Sabi ko wag nalang, izokay. Pero he insisted, may tumanggap, then he came. Tumambay lang kami sa labas ng bahay, kwentuhan, and then he gave me that tight hug and lambing na hinihingi ko sa kanya. Umuwi siya around 3:30am. Tapos he chatted me nung nakauwi na siya. I thanked him sa pagpunta niya just to satisfy my whim. He said he'll do everything. Everytime. For me. GAGSTI, TANGGAL ANGAS KO. IYAK TALAGA AKO EH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Btw lagi niyang ginagawa to ha. Legit yung anytime (except pag tulog). Naiyak lang siguro ako talaga ngayon kasi I was going thru something.
I remember one time, I didn't eat dinner pa and it was late and I didn't feel like cooking kasi I was really really down. 2 am, nagluto siya, then biked to deliver that lunchbox contaning what he cooked, then left. I ate that food while bawling like a child. I ate every single bit of rice and ate that salty ass egg deliciously. Pati yung sunog na bawang sa fried rice, kinain ko HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
He would happily, genuinely, and wholeheartedly do whatever I request from him. No thinking, no questions asked. Stay up. Watch a movie. Tell a story. Blow dry my hair. Help me write a story. Kahit ano.
Wala siyang bisyo like smoking or drinking. I, on the otherhand, occassionally drink. Kaya nung sobrang nalasing ako at nagsusuka, at nag-iiiyak kasi nandun yung friend namin na ex rin ng best friend ko na nakipaghiwalay sa kanya kasi daw hahanapin sarili tapos pinagsisigawan ko ng "HAHANAPIN SARILI?!?!?! BOBO KA BA?!?! AMBOBO?!?!?!?! MIDTERMS NIYA NUN TAPOS GAGANYANIN MO?!?!?! GAGO KA BA?!??!?!" (I regretted this and said sorry many times. First time kong malasing ng ganun at nadala ng emosyon. Naka move on na rin naman na kasi lahat. Bigla lang bumalik HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). So ayun na nga, todo bantay at asikaso siya sakin nun and also stayed up to clean up all the mess kasi siya lang talaga di umiinom. Tapos mapapagalitan talaga ako sa kalat namin kasi samin kami uminom. He didn't want that kaya naglinis talaga siya. And he went home, may araw na, with no sleep. Kasi binantayan din niya ako sa kwarto dahil humihikbi parin ako at ang daldal ko.
He knows I have an anonymous reddit account pero ayaw niyang alamin anong user id ko. Gusto daw niya na maging 100% anonymous ako para I can say or share whatever I want. If may gusto naman daw ako ishare sa kanya, magsasabi ako. STILL, IF U HAPPEN TO READ THIS, MALALAMAN MO AGAD NA AKO TO KAYA HEMLO, AWABYU AND I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH ULIT 🩵🩵🩵
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2023.03.20 23:24 FozzTexx 2023 Mar 20 Stickied -FAQ- & -HELPDESK- thread - Boot problems? Power supply problems? Display problems? Networking problems? Need ideas? Get help with these and other questions!

Welcome to the raspberry_pi Helpdesk and Frequently Asked Questions!

Link to last week's thread
Having a hard time searching for answers to your Raspberry Pi questions? Let the raspberry_pi community members search for answers for you! Looking for help getting started with a project? Have a question that you need answered? Was it not answered last week? Did not get a satisfying answer? A question that you've only done basic research for? Maybe something you think everyone but you knows? Ask your question here, operators are standing by!
This helpdesk and idea thread is here so that the front page won't be filled with these same questions day in and day out:
  1. Q: What's a Raspberry Pi? What can I do with it? How powerful is it? A: Check out this great overview
  2. Q: Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do with my Pi? A: Sure, look right here!
  3. Q: My Pi is behaving strangely/crashing/freezing, giving low voltage warnings, ethernet/wifi stops working, USB devices don't behave correctly, what do I do? A:. 99.999% of the time it's either a bad SD card or power problems. Use a USB power meter or measure the 5V on the GPIO pins with a multimeter while the Pi is busy (such as playing h265/x265 video) and/or get a new SD card. If the voltage is less than 5V your power supply and/or cabling is not adequate. When your Pi is doing lots of work it will draw more power. Even if your power supply claims to provide sufficient amperage, it may be mislabeled or the cable you're using to connect the power supply to the Pi may have too much resistance. You can use a USB load tester to test your power supply and cable. Some power supplies require negotiation to use the higher amperage, which the Pi does not do. If you're plugging in USB devices try using a powered USB hub with its own power supply and plug your devices into the hub and plug the hub into the Pi.
  4. Q: Due to the chip shortage I'm having a hard time buying a Raspberry Pi, all the stores say sold out. Even after the most recent announcement from Raspberry Pi they are still hard to find. Where's the secret place to buy one without paying more than MSRP? A:
  5. Q: I just did a fresh install with the latest Raspberry Pi OS and the default usepassword of pi/raspberry doesn't work for ssh or logging in, why not? A: The default pi user no longer exists, you need to create your own account
  6. Q: The screen is just black or blank or saying no signal, what do I do? A: Follow these steps
  7. Q: The only way to troubleshoot my problem is using a multimeter but I don't have one. What can I do? A: Get a basic multimeter, they are not expensive.
  8. Q: My Pi won't boot, how do I fix it? A: Step by step guide for boot problems
  9. Q: I want to watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Vudu/Disney+ on a Pi but the tutorial I followed didn't work, does someone have a working tutorial? A: Use a Fire Stick/AppleTV/Roku. Pi tutorials used tricks that no longer work or are fake click bait.
  10. Q: What model of Raspberry Pi do I need so I can watch YouTube in a browser? A: No model of Raspberry Pi is capable of watching YouTube smoothly through a web browser, you need to use VLC.
  11. Q: I want to know how to do a thing, not have a blog/tutorial/video/teachebook explain how to do a thing. Can someone explain to me how to do that thing? A: Uh... What?
  12. Q: Is it possible to use a single Raspberry Pi to do multiple things? Can a Raspberry Pi run Pi-hole and something else at the same time? A: YES. Pi-hole uses almost no resources. You can run Pi-hole at the same time on a Pi running Minecraft which is one of the biggest resource hogs. The Pi is capable of multitasking and can run more than one program and service at the same time. (Also known as "workload consolidation" by Intel people.) You're not going to damage your Pi by running too many things at once, so try running all your programs before worrying about needing more processing power or multiple Pis.
  13. Q: Why is transferring things over the LAN/internet so slow? A: If you have a Pi 4 with SSD, please check this post on the Pi forums. Otherwise it's a networking problem and/or disk & filesystem problem, please go to HomeNetworking or LinuxQuestions.
  14. Q: I only have one outlet and I need to plug in several devices, what do I do? A: They make things called power strips aka multi-tap extensions.
  15. Q: The red and green LEDs are on/off/blinking but it doesn't work, can someone help me? A: Start here
  16. Q: I'm trying to run x86 software on my Raspberry Pi but it doesn't work, how do I fix it? A: Get an x86 computer. A Raspberry Pi is ARM based, not x86.
  17. Q: Should I add a heatsink, fan, or some kind of cooling to my Raspberry Pi? A: If you think you need one then you should add it
  18. Q: Can I use this screen that came from ____ ? A: No
  19. Q: I run my Pi headless and there's a problem with my Pi and the best way to diagnose it or fix it is to plug in a monitor & keyboard, what do I do? A: Plug in a monitor & keyboard.
  20. Q: My Pi seems to be causing interference preventing the WiFi from working A. Using USB 3 cables that are not properly shielded can cause interference and the Pi 4 can also cause interference when HDMI is used at high resolutions.
  21. Q: I'm trying to use the built-in composite video output that is available on the Pi 2/3/4 headphone jack, do I need a special cable? A. Make sure your cable is wired correctly and you are using the correct RCA plug. Composite video cables for mp3 players will not work, the common ground goes to the wrong pin. Camcorder cables will often work, but red and yellow will be swapped on the Raspberry Pi.
  22. Q: I'm running my Pi with no monitor connected, how can I use VNC? A: First, do you really need a remote GUI? Try using ssh instead. If you're sure you want to access the GUI remotely then ssh in, type vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1920x1080 and see what port it prints such as :1, :2, etc. Now connect your client to that.
  23. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it on Linux. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi? A: A Raspberry Pi is a full computer running Linux and doesn't use special stripped down embedded microcontroller versions of standard Linux software. Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Linux. Also see question #1.
  24. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it with an Arduino. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi Pico? A: Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Arduino, a Pico can be used with the Arduino IDE.
  25. Q: I'm trying to do something with Bluetooth and it's not working, how do I fix it? A: It's well established that Bluetooth and Linux don't get along, this problem is not unique to the Raspberry Pi.
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