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For discussion of the Suzuki DRZ400 and Kawasaki KLX400

2023.06.06 04:43 MeltedBeef Himalayan, 390 Adventure, or KLR 650

Getting a new bike soon. Have had several old school dual sports but it’s been a solid 15 years and those bikes were 20+ years old. In my head I’ll be on the dirt more than anything but realistic miles often end up around town for quick trips to the grocery, etc. I don’t need or want to ride the interstate but do have plenty of 65 mph rural highways around. Western Colorado in the mountains. Thoughts? (I’ve seen similar posts but thought I’d put it up for fresh consideration as there’s a lot of interest in these bikes).
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2023.06.06 04:05 Xer0cool Just picked her up.

Just picked her up.
  1. Time to dig into it and get her running smooth. Any tips in advance would be greatly appreciated 👍
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2023.06.06 02:06 NuttyToe Running Right?

Running Right?
Hey all, interested in purchasing my first motorcycle soon. I have an extensive bit of car knowledge but new to motorcycles and small engines. It sounds to me like this is knocking almost but was hoping someone could tell me if that's just how they sound and if it seems healthy? 1981 Kawasaki 650 35k miles.
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2023.06.05 22:27 JULES15116 Worth it? ‘09 328i xdrive with 143,00km (88k miles)

Worth it? ‘09 328i xdrive with 143,00km (88k miles)
Is his car worth it? 2009 BMW 328i xdrive with 143,00km for $7700 Canadian. The car seems to be in good shape and has had a good amount of maintenance done recently which makes it more compelling. I would try to negotiate. Please be honest. I’ve heard the E90/N52 seems to be a reliable choice if well maintained.
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2023.06.05 22:24 JULES15116 Worth it? 2009 328i xdrive with 143,000km (88k miles) $7700 canadian

Is this car worth it? 2009 BMW 328i xdrive with 143,00km for $7700 Canadian. The car seems to be in good shape and has had a good amount of maintenance done recently which makes it more compelling. I would try to negotiate. Please be honest. I know there tends to be a lot of BMW hate on this subreddit but the E90/N52 seems to be a reliable choice.
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2023.06.05 14:18 Hoogs Episode #759 - Timothy O’Donnell Is Lucky to Be Alive: Honing Mental Fitness, Finding Joy in Training, and Surviving a Heart Attack Midrace - June 5, 2023

Episode Link YouTube Link
Episode Description:
In the U.S. alone, one person dies every 33 seconds from cardiovascular disease.
Over 650,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. In other words, America’s number one killer claims 1 out of every 5 deaths.
Not all heart attacks are fatal. But when your heart’s left anterior descending artery becomes 100% blocked, the result is a massive heart attack known as The Widowmaker.
Few survive its fatal clutch.
Today’s guest Timothy O’Donnell beat the odds.
A professional long-course triathlete with over 50 podium finishes, including more than 25 wins at major events throughout the world, Tim is the 2009 ITU Long Distance World Champion, placed 2nd at the 2019 Ironman World Championships in Kona, and became the first American to finish that race in under 8 hours.
Tim’s impressive 20-year athletic journey (and more importantly his life) nearly came to a tragic end in 2021 when he suffered a widowmaker heart attack in the middle of a half-ironman race. Somehow, Timothy was able to finish the race, placing 11th, and making it to the hospital in time to make a full recovery.
A year after his heart attack, Tim returned to racing at the Ironman 70.3 in Chattanooga, placing 6th overall. The next month he took 3rd place at Ironman Des Moines, defying all odds and qualifying for the Ironman World Championship.
Tim’s journey is nothing short of astonishing. Today he opens up about the strange dichotomy between his elite fitness and near-death experience, his decision to return to racing, and the critical importance of lifestyle choices for endurance athletes of all levels.
We also talk about his experience at the Naval Academy and tenure as a Naval officer, triathlon professional athlete representation in the media today, his thoughts on the Norwegian Train, the future of triathlon, advice for amateur athletes, and more.
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2023.06.05 13:49 Miserable-Low8792 Kawasaki Ninja 650 KRT crash bar/ frame sliders

I’ve been looking for a crash bar for my new ninja 650 krt. I could get some frame sliders but the crash bar would be a lot more protective right? I can’t seem to find any good ones that have a reasonable amount of reviews that aren’t on eBay. Is there any you would recommend or should I just get frame sliders and if so which ones?
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2023.06.05 07:03 drericbergscientolog Exploring the Powerhouses of Two-Wheeled Freedom: The Big 4 Motorcycles

Exploring the Powerhouses of Two-Wheeled Freedom: The Big 4 Motorcycles

When it comes to the world of motorcycles, there are a few brands that have earned legendary status and command widespread recognition. Referred to as the "Big 4," these motorcycle manufacturers have dominated the industry for decades, captivating riders around the globe with their iconic designs, superior performance, and unwavering commitment to innovation. This article delves into the origins and offerings of the Big 4 motorcycles—Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.
Dr. Eric Berg Scientologist explained that Honda Motor Co., Ltd., established in 1948, has grown to become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. Renowned for their reliability and innovation, Honda motorcycles offer various models catering to diverse riding preferences. From the iconic Honda CBR sport bikes to the versatile Honda Africa Twin adventure bikes, the brand's lineup combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance, ensuring a thrilling experience for riders of all levels.
Yamaha: Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., founded in 1955, has consistently pushed the boundaries of motorcycle engineering. Yamaha motorcycles are celebrated for their exceptional handling, sleek design, and robust engines. Whether the adrenaline-pumping Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike or the adventure-ready Yamaha Ténéré, the brand's motorcycles embody a perfect blend of performance, durability, and style. Yamaha's dedication to the sport and off-road motorcycles has made them a favorite among riders seeking high-performance machines.
Kawasaki: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine Company, established in 1961, has a rich motorcycle manufacturing and motorsports history. Known for their speed and agility, Kawasaki motorcycles have become synonymous with power and performance. The brand consistently delivers exhilarating rides from the formidable Kawasaki Ninja sport bikes to the rugged Kawasaki KLR dual-sport motorcycles. Kawasaki's commitment to technological advancements, coupled with its aggressive styling, has helped them maintain a prominent position in the industry.
Suzuki: Suzuki Motor Corporation, founded in 1909, has a strong presence in motorcycles and automobiles. Suzuki motorcycles are revered for their balance of performance, reliability, and affordability. The brand offers an extensive range of motorcycles, including sports bikes, cruisers, and off-road machines. From the sporty Suzuki GSX-R series to the versatile Suzuki V-Strom adventure bikes, Suzuki motorcycles cater to riders seeking excitement and practicality.
Each of the Big 4 motorcycle manufacturers has made significant contributions to the industry, creating motorcycles that resonate with riders worldwide. These brands not only strive to provide exhilarating experiences on two wheels but also prioritize safety and environmental sustainability through the incorporation of advanced technologies.
It's worth noting that the Big 4 have expanded their offerings beyond motorcycles, with each brand venturing into other areas such as ATVs, scooters, and even electric motorcycles, showcasing their adaptability and commitment to evolving market trends.
Ultimately, the Big 4 motorcycles have left an indelible mark on the motorcycle world, captivating riders with their innovative designs, superior performance, and unwavering passion. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, the Big 4 brands continue to offer an array of options to suit every riding style, ensuring that the spirit of adventure on two wheels lives on.
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2023.06.04 19:01 Alien_Biometrics Looking for a bike that’s good for touring. Leaning towards an adventure bike, but open to sports touring or a bagger. Must be under $15k msrp.

Here’s my bike history so one may extrapolate a suitable fit.
Kawasaki Ninja 250r 2009 (sold)
Yamaha R6 2009 (in friends garage)
Yamaha Yz-85 2006 (sold)
KTM 1090 Adventure R 2018 (deceased)
KTM EXC-F 500 2022 (current bike)
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2023.06.04 16:08 4mless-deva Is this too good to be true?

Is this too good to be true?
Recently unemployed, and got an email for my first potential freelance gig. Unfortunately I have already been a scammed from a previous employment fraud (that I’m dealing with rn) involving a work from home position, I really just need some insight if this is how things are usually done. Is there a certified way to make sure the checks arent fraud? Does this seem real in your opinion? Again I’m new to this and I don’t want a repeat of what happened last time? How do you make sure you get paid for your work? etc
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2023.06.04 00:56 Makerstate1 Sport riders, which bikes have you had the longest? Which are the most comfortable?

I'd love to ride a Kawasaki 650, but I had some upper back issues in the past and I'm wondering if I should think more long-term about which bike I get. Are there any comfortable sport bikes that you've ridden for years?
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2023.06.03 23:20 ArkadeSoCal I got me a problem n I even pay for it. Help

I got me a problem n I even pay for it. Help
I got me this 1982 Kawasaki xj 650 last week. Bike it’s on one piece. Not many parts Missing. It looks like somebody was tweaking on it. It got few electrical parts replaced… like they were trying to get it to work by just replacing parts one by one. Any ways I got the old gas out of the tank. Oil changed did it too. I bought a new battery… and just rebuild the carburetor which they were in pretty bad shape… I didn’t have spark. Now I do…. I got compression on all cylinders… after all that I try turning it on. N this is what I get…. Can somebody please guide me the way to go
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2023.06.03 23:15 ZimmermanTelegram What am I looking for?

Currently ride a 1985 Honda Magna which is a blast, but I'm looking for something that corners better than it. I'm thinking some kind of sport touring bike but a lot of them seem pretty tall compared to the Magna, even though I'm 5'11. I did sit on an MT-07 once just for giggles and while it seemed semi comfortable I don't think I'd want to ride for many miles on it.
Open to ADV bikes too but they also seem really tall, I had to stretch to get both feet down on a KLR 650
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2023.06.03 20:42 jetpowerace I need help with my father in laws 1996 Kawasaki KLR 250.

I need help with my father in laws 1996 Kawasaki KLR 250.
I was driving the bike around and my father in law handed me the factory signal lights that haven't been on the bike since he bought it. I'm pretty handy so I figured it would be easy. The front signal lights bolted on and the wires where right there. But the problem arose with the rear one's, because there are only two wires but there are two wires per signal light. In addition to this the front signal lights don't blink they just stay on (relay messed up?).
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2023.06.03 20:16 DOGELIKESITHARD Not so adventure kawasaki Versys 650 😆

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2023.06.03 16:59 650cc_espresso Tips and tricks for riding in cross-winds.

Hello everybody.
So I just came back from a small loop of about 150km (90miles) around Bucharest (where are you from?) but it was super windy with mostly cross-winds of around 30-40km/h (20-24mph)
I felt like taking on a left-hook, then right-hook, then body slam, then repeat and so forth.
Do you have any tips and tricks for riding in high cross-winds ?
(I am riding a Kawasaki Versys 650)
I had some brown-pants moments during the ride :P.
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2023.06.03 16:44 650cc_espresso Drone like/whining noise at higher speeds

Hello, I ride a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LTE.
I recently had the chain slack be adjusted from quite a big value back into speck (6.5cm back into the 2.5-3.5cm range.)
Today I went for a longer ride and at higher speed there is this whining like sound, like a small quad-coptedrone is following me - buzzing of the rotors (I'm not crazy ... I think).
And when I pull in the clutch and let it coast at higher speeds the whining is more apparent (cut out the noise of the engine).
I hope this is just the chain readjusting to the new tension after its been very loose but what else could it be ?
Have a great day !
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2023.06.03 12:53 ItchyBallsToScratch Hey, I want this column to be the row names (I retrieved this data from my excel file). I tried several ways but I couldn’t fix it. Can someone help me out?

Additional info: When I put my cursor on the “…1” I see the following: “column 1: character”.
Column one exist of year counts of Dec’ 2002 to Dec’ 2022. I want them to be row names because the ‘tickers’ of the companies are column names.
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2023.06.03 12:51 mikejordan_23 Dewinterize your bike?

What kind of maintenance do you guys do after the winter for your bike? I live in northeast US. I was out traveling, so will be getting back home soon. Wanted to make sure the bike is in good condition to drive again. Oh, btw it's a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650.
I did a full synthetic oil change and sparkplug change last summer. I know I'll need to get new tires this year.
Any tips?
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2023.06.03 04:53 Quixus 650 cc bike pricing

Can someone explain what Kawasaki was thinking when they came up with the prices for the various 650 cc bikes?
Z650: cheapest. Least amount of features, right?
Ninja 650: OK, same features but more plastic means more expensive than the Z650
Vulcan S: Here it gets weird. No LED lights, not a full TFT instrument cluster, no app support and as of 2023 no traction control but it is more expensive than the previous two.
Versys 650: Back to the full feature set but longer suspension. The price increase from the Ninja seems a bit large but it makes sense that it would be more expensive.
[edit]For clarification I am talking about the German pricing. Actual numbers in this comment.[/edit]
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2023.06.03 04:37 Jokerninja650 2014 ninja 650

I’m needing help with my 2014 Kawasaki ninja 650 I’ve taken it to multiple technicians and can’t figure out why it doesn’t run I have replaced the fuel pump injectors and the entire throttle body assembly and it’s still not getting any fuel will run off of starting fluid but won’t run on its own any help is appreciated
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2023.06.03 00:34 afewspicybois SWM Silver Vase vs DRZ400SM?

For background, I rode dirt bikes from when I was 5-17, got back in to riding a few years ago. I’m looking at upgrading my bike at the moment, currently on a Suzuki GW250, but just want something a bit more fun
So I really had my eye on a DRZ400, but I guess the biggest issue buying secondhand is that they’re mostly owned by young blokes (so, they’ve been absolutely flogged). I can’t afford to buy new
I had a bit of a look and there’s an SWM Silver Vase secondhand, fairly cheap, looks in decent enough condition. I’ve read up on their history and note the concerns about Chinese ownership, but I’m wondering, is it going to be an alright bike from a mechanical point of view? I mainly ride to the gym (10 minute round trip) and every other weekend, so it’s not seeing daily use, but I don’t want something that’s going to die in a year
Yes, I understand I might not be buying the same reliability, but surely the SWM is a bit better than a braaap or something like that? I’m not interested in buying a braaap to be clear and I’m concerned the SWM is of similar quality
Other options considered were the Suzuki DR650 or Kawasaki KLR650, but I figure they’re getting to be quite big and realistically mostly doing short commuting on a 650 seems like I’m going a bit too big
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